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10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

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10 Amazing Charts That Demonstrate The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American WorkerThe middle class American worker is in danger of becoming an endangered species.  The politicians are not telling you the truth, and the mainstream media is certainly not telling you the truth, but the reality is that there is nothing but bad news on the horizon for workers in the United States.  In the old days, when the big corporations that dominate our society did well, that also meant good things for American workers since those corporations would need more of us to work for them.  But in the emerging one world economic system that our economy is being merged into, those corporations have other choices now.  For instance, the big corporations can now choose to limit the number of “expensive” American workers that they employ by shipping millions of jobs to the other side of the world.  And from their perspective, it makes perfect sense.  They can make much bigger profits by hiring people on the other side of the planet to work for them for less than a dollar an hour.  If they can get good production out of those people, then why should they hire Americans for ten to twenty times as much, plus have to give those Americans health insurance and other benefits?  Another major factor in the slow, agonizing death of the American worker is technology.  We live during a period when technology is advancing at a pace that is almost unimaginable at the same time that it is steadily becoming cheaper and cheaper.  That means that it is going to become easier and easier for companies to replace workers with robots and computers.  As I have written about previously, it is being projected that our economy will lose millions of jobs to technology in the coming years.  Yes, some of us will still be needed to help build the robots and the computers, but not all of us will.  And of course the overall general weakness of the economy is not helping matters either.  The American people inherited the greatest economic machine in the history of the world, and we have wrecked it.  Decades of very foolish decisions have resulted in the period of steady economic decline that we are experiencing now.

America is simply not the economic powerhouse that it once was.  Back in 2001, the U.S. economy accounted for 31.8 percent of global GDP.  By 2011, the U.S. economy only accounted for 21.6 percent of global GDP.  That is a collapse any way that you want to look at it.

Today, American workers are living in an economy that is rapidly declining, and their jobs are steadily being stolen by robots, computers and foreign workers that live in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  Politicians from both political parties refuse to do anything to stop the bleeding because they think that the status quo is working just great.

So don’t expect things to get better any time soon.

The following are 10 amazing charts that demonstrate the slow, agonizing death of the American worker…

#1 Wages And Salaries As A Percentage Of GDP

Wages And Salaries As A Percentage Of GDP

As you can see, wages as a percentage of GDP are hovering near an all-time record low.  That means that American workers are bringing home a smaller share of the economic pie than ever before.

#2 Average Annual Hours Worked Per Employed Person In The United States

Average Annual Hours Worked per Employed Person in the United States

We are an economy that is rapidly trading good paying full-time jobs for low paying part-time jobs.  The decline in average annual hours worked that we have witnessed represents the equivalent of losing millions of jobs.  There has been an explosion of “the working poor” in the United States, and this trend is probably only going to accelerate in the years to come.

#3 Manufacturing Employment

Manufacturing Employment

As you can see, there are less Americans working in manufacturing today than there was in 1950 even though the population of the country has more than doubled since then.  The United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001, and yet our politicians stand around and do nothing about it.

#4 Employment-Population Ratio

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

This is one of my favorite charts.  It shows that there has been absolutely no employment recovery at all since the end of the last recession.  The percentage of working age Americans that have a job has stayed under 59 percent for 44 months in a row.  How much worse will things get when the next major economic downturn strikes?

#5 Labor Force Participation Rate

Labor Force Participation Rate

This is how the Obama administration is getting the “unemployment rate” to magically go down.  They are pretending that millions upon millions of Americans simply do not want to work anymore.  As you will notice, the decline of the labor force participation rate has accelerated greatly since Barack Obama entered the White House.

#6 Duration Of Unemployment

Duration Of Unemployment

The average amount of time that it takes an unemployed worker to find a new job has declined slightly, but it is still far above normal historical levels.  It is a crying shame that it takes the average unemployed worker two-thirds of a year to find a new job, but this is the new economic reality that we are all living in.

#7 Delinquency Rate On Residential Mortgages

Delinquency Rate On Residential Mortgages

Since there are not enough jobs for all of us, and since our wages are not rising as rapidly as the cost of living is, a whole bunch of us are falling behind on our mortgages.  As you can see, the mortgage delinquency rate has only dropped slightly and is still way, way above typical levels.

#8 New Homes Sold

New Homes Sold

American workers also don’t have enough money to go out and buy new homes either.  Yes, new home sales have rebounded slightly this year, but we are nowhere near where we used to be.

#9 Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit

Millions of American families continue to resort to going into debt in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  After a slight interruption during the last recession, consumer credit once again is growing at a frightening pace.

#10 Self-Employment At A Record Low

Self-Employed As A Share Of Non-Farm Employment

Since there aren’t enough jobs for everyone, why aren’t more Americans trying to start their own businesses?  Well, the reality of the matter is that the government has made it exceedingly difficult to start your own business today.  Taxes, rules, regulations and red tape are choking the life out of millions of small businesses in the United States.  As a result, the percentage of self-employed Americans is at a record low.

As all of these long-term trends continue, the middle class will continue to shrink, poverty in America will continue to explode and government dependence will continue to rise.

The numbers don’t lie.  Today, the number of Americans on Social Security Disability now exceeds the entire population of Greece, and the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain.

We are in the midst of a horrifying economic collapse, and the next major wave of that collapse is rapidly approaching.

Are you ready?

  • DownWithLibs

    Off Topic:

    I am currently trying to get in shape so I can make it over the FEMA camp wall in one shot. Thinking of adding Parkour to my routine.

    • Handog

      Don’t try to hop the fence. You’ll be cut down in a flurry of machine gun fire.

      Dig a tunnel from the barracks to the other side of the camp fence.

      Watch the old Hogans Hero re-runs for more detail.

      • R R

        The american worker at the very least is being replaced / lower positions or wages.

        Check: Dailyjobcuts com

        • Pauly

          Automation has increased productivity but none of that is being shared with the workers.

          • Syrin

            Why is that? Unionization has destroyed the quality of workers, increased expenses, and driven manufacturing overseas. You’d be an IDIOT to NOT use automation at every possible turn.

          • Gay Veteran

            yeah, we should just go back to the Gilded Age when workers were treated like dirt.
            of course we’re entering a new Gilded Age

          • Handog

            Workers are still treated like dirt, IF they’re lucky enough to be working.

          • JAH666

            It DOES sort of remind one of the class structure of the Gilded Age does it not?

          • Conde Nast Traveler baby….hotel nites that are definitely not motel 6 or even a choice hotel at 400,500, 600 or even a thousand a nite.and not a problem if its done as a corporate tax expense.

          • unions have destroyed the USA. you receive no extra credit for your gayness

          • Gay Veteran

            and you receive no extra credit for your ignorance of how CORPORATIONS are destroying this country

          • Your mama

            Nice spawn. If you retards could read a book or 2 you would see that this is all directly related to less unionization.

          • unions destroy every industry they touch. you are a spawn waste product

          • Adrian

            Really? They’ve raised the working person’s standard of living until they were destroyed by Reagan. Ever since, we’ve been in freefall mode in terms of seeing a stable middle class being reduced to working poor status, turning to living off of credit just to get by, and now the credit market’s dried up, the American worker is being squeezed to death. You don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • Paul V Sutera

            Yeah unions have 70 years of prosperity in their record. They help workers and still must negotiate with management, which can still close shop if they want. So unions are not so powerful but necessary across the whole world.

        • Adrian

          It’s called the new normal. What has Obama done for the middle class in this country?

      • markthetruth

        Have the Mexican’s dig it for you though. They are expert’s at it !

        the end…

        • Erick Perez

          Yes, we can dig in your mother too!

        • Handog

          Jumping fences as well.

    • Tim

      You’d probably be too weak from starvation to escape. Just kidding. I don’t know if it will get to the point where we’re taken to internment camps. I certainly hope it doesn’t get that bad. But it has happened in past. There is a book that everyone should read. It’s called “The Real Lincoln: A Second Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda and an Unnecessary War” by Tom DiLorenzo. Lincoln actually had political opponents imprisoned. The book was a real eye-opener for me in that what I was taught in the public school system was mostly fiction.

      • dancingontheheadofapin

        Two more good books to read: “The Naked Capitalist,” by W. Cleon Skousen. (130 pages, a short commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley’s book (1300 pages)”Tragedy and Hope. A History of The World In Our Time.”
        The second book: “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, another very short book.

        • Your mama

          This is your main problem I think: way too much fiction

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            I don’t have a problem, “Your Mama.” If you know how to read, I would advise you to get your head out of the sand and read not only the books I listed, but also George Orwell’s “1984” and “Behold A Pale Horse” by William Cooper. Cooper was murdered for exposing the government by writing and publishing this book. Do a search for William Cooper or go to You Tube to see some of his videos. The two books I listed in my previous comment are short books, so for those with a short attention span they will be fine. If you want to really understand what is going on read the two in this comment. Orwell’s book was thought of as fiction when it was written because no one believed it could happen. Do yourself a favor and get educated.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            Believe not the written word of mankind. Reading is the reward for and your payment to the propagandist. Life is the only reality for the moment. Let your neighbor’s lives be your evidence.

            All information from the Government and all information from the
            media is colored and changed for the benefit of the speaker and the
            writer. Nothing we are told is real.

            Judge by reality, not by hearing and not by reading.

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            Read not the written word of mankind?? What about the Bible?? If we do not know history, we are doomed to repeat it. Before written history was oral history, which was handed down from generation to generation. Some of the books of the Bible were written many years after Christ left this earth. Those histories were passed down. How would anyone know about anything beyond their own sphere of existence of the nation and the world unless there was communication? Observation is subjective as is most communication. Learn from it and then make decisions based on common sense.

          • Don_in_Odessa

            The Bible is the written word of God….Big, Big difference!

        • Major General Smedley Butler…WAR IS A RACKET. Short pamplet…find it on line. Then try Plato.

        • LOVE Bradbury. A definite must-read. Also good is Steinbeck “Grapes of Wrath.”

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            Read numerous Steinbeck books, but “Grapes of Wrath” was especially moving.

      • no wonder 0 identifies with lincoln so much. now I get the picture.

        • yeah, obama’s next book will be called “My Struggle” LMAO

    • MeMadMax

      No no no, watch “The Great Escape” or read about Stalag 3 camp here: http ://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Stalag_Luft_III Now thats how you tunnel in a prisoner camp.

    • seth datta

      Its okay. Obarmy hires the cheapest contractors. Wait 10 years and the walls will come crumbling down by themselves.

      • Same ones that did all the contract work for us during Bush in both Iraq and Afghanistan…some like our defense contractors built drones that did not even fly……not in the contract.

        • you must work (and do nothing) for the government. I am superior to you, completely superior.

    • chilller

      I’m honing my sniper skills so I can pick off fema guards from a mile out and free fellow Americans.

      • GSOB

        You can also target practice,shooting the cameras at every intersection

      • xander cross

        Yeah right.

      • Syrin

        That’s hard to do without ammo. Can’t buy any anywhere right now.

        • K

          Expensive, but still available if you know where to look. If you have need, let me know what caliber.

      • DownWithLibs

        Rock On Chiller!!!!

      • gem39

        Me, too.

    • Train yourself NOT to be caught in the first place. Learn to live underground and on the run.

    • gem39

      I agree. Get physically fit and let’s dig tunnels–oh, yes, I forgot they have meters that read ground deformation. The only thing to do is have some relative in the special forces rescue us with lots of air power.

    • You are already in your camp…its called your home..why bother to feed you and incarcerate you when you do a good job of it yourself?

    • Surging

      I am happy too hear someone knows about these concentration camps, FEMA camps are created too stop the people from crumbling the capitalist government USA IS TURNING INTO A DICTATORSHIP SLOWLY

  • markthetruth

    Moore’s Law will soar = Today’s video games will be Reality = new societies will form in cyberspace.= Nature Destroyed.

    Enjoy it While it Exist !

    the end…

  • MeMadMax

    All it takes is for OPEC to dump the dollar for something else(petro-dollars) and its Game Over. China could trigger that very easily and simply: just plain stop buying our debt. This would cause inflation to more than likely start rising at an uncontrolled rate(not quite Hyper, but close), which would cause OPEC to start looking at something else, and then our problems would multiply as the rest of the world would then start buying oil with some other form of currency and the dollars start flying back home. I actually hope this happens, the sooner the better, as it would usher in a real recovery sooner instead of this miserable existence that we live in now….

    • Midwesterner

      I mostly agree with you except China has already stopped buying our debt, that is why the FED stepped in to buy it, no one else wants it. As far as consequences of OPEC exiting from the US Petro Dollar, absolutely correct but Iraq and Libya tried that and we know what happened to them. Iran sells its oil for gold, not Dollars, which puts them on the radar too. As long as the most powerful military in the world is backing the Petro Dollar, they will be able to keep the game going.

      • MeMadMax

        Incorrect, china is still buying debt, they have to unless/until the yen gets a good foothold. The segment that has stopped buying our debt is the personal type, as in individuals/small groups and the like. Although you would be correct in saying the Fed is buying the bulk of the debt however. And the opec deal all falls on saudi arabia, I think they will pull the trigger after they get a nuke. They are actively shopping for one(and not hiding it), along with Bahrain.

        • Your mama

          Really? You don’t think the bush gang has given their boyfriends in S.A. a few nukes by now?

          • MeMadMax

            Nope. They would advertise the fact directly to Iran by now.

      • MeMadMax

        Ugg, I mean Saudi Arabia will pull the plug on the dollar once they get their hands on a nuke AND a stronger currency takes hold. In that case, a nuke would be an insurance policy for doing whatever they want without worries of attack either from Iran the US or anyone.

        • they have several nukes thats why they did not receive scud missile attacks during gulf two

          • MeMadMax

            mmm, no. Saddam lost most of his scuds during the first gulf war. There were hunter killer parties of Apache helicopters that destroyed most of them, hundreds of them… When gulf war 2 happened, patriot missile was on the scene and reliable, you also had the 5th fleet stationed 24/7/365…

          • MeMadMax

            Also, everyone would know that the Saudi’s have nukes, particularly Iran.

  • Paul

    There is probably an Obama drone flying over Michael’s house as we speak.

    • Cindy Dusine

      And an IRS audit notice as well!

    • Your mama

      Nobody cares about this clown. He has maybe 200-300 readers total. His gold coin and water filter biz has really been going down hill since the re election

  • K

    The facts are there no doubt. The charts are well done. Now how do you get 80% of the American public, to pull their heads out of the sand to read them. Also for those who agreed during the Cyruss crisis. That part of the game was the Russians wanted use of Cypress facilities for its’ new Mediterranean fleet. The first Russian task force docked in Cypress today. First time since USSR collapsed, that elements of the Russian pacific fleet have entered the Med.

  • Felicia

    Contradiction. The increased number of women in the workforce quadrupled from the Rush Limbaugh era of the 1950s. A majority of middle class women are making more money than ever before in history, more women are in top position jobs and more women are enrolling in college.
    The visible minorities are the marginalised groups, but affirmative action will increase the job prospects for the visible minorities in America.

    • Syrin

      You’re kidding right? You know WHY more women are in the work force? Look at that graph showing wages. They HAVE to be. Affirmative Action is why we have the worst president in history occupying the WHite House. Affirmative Action forces employers to hire unqualified people at above market salaries, and they can’t fire them because minorities are no longer protected classes, they are privileged.

      • Angela

        That is racist. Diversity is our strength. Diversity is good. FYI, if it wasn’t for affirmative action, I would have been neglected for hiring. Because I am a girl, I face discrimination in the patriarchal society. Did you know that a woman earns 45% less than an average white man working the same job?

        • Syrin

          Diversity is not good. Multi-culturalism has proven to be a failed experiment leading to violence.

          Read and learn. Stop blaming men for your problems: “Generally, women value relationships more than their careers or money, enter and leave the work force at a much higher rate, work part-time at a much higher rate, and work in professions with much lower compensation. As he explains in his book,Why Men Earn More, nearly all of it boils down to differences in occupation, and men overwhelmingly dominate jobs that

          are in an unpleasant environment (sanitation vs. child care)

          require harder-to-attain skills (physics vs. philosophy)

          require longer work hours

          demand financial risk (entrepreneur vs. teaching)

          are inconvenient (i.e., relocation)

          are hazardous (construction vs. librarian)

          Due to the simple laws of supply and demand, these occupations pay more and contribute immensely to the pay gap. But again, government statistics completely neglect occupation — making a raw comparison of all working men and women instead (e.g., the female receptionist is lumped in with the $21,000/hr Lebron James and little-guy Michael Moore).

          Wage gap statistics also do not account for time commitment. On average, women work far less than men because they choose to have much more balance in their lives. A study by the Center for Policy Alternatives and Lifetime Television found that nearly 85 percent of women took advantage of flexible work arrangements offered by their employers. And a decade after graduating college, 39 percent of women leave the work force or work part-time, versus 3 percent of men. Aside from the obvious benefits of working longer, workers who average 44 or more hours per week earn approximately 100 percent more than workers who average 40 hours.”

          • Craig

            Syrin don’t feed those feminist trolls. The Rockefellers are doing an exceptional job wiring their brains for deviant purposes.feminism is not women’s rights. It is a sinister scheme devised by corporations to destroy the family unit.

          • Syrin

            I think you may be on to something.

          • have you noticed how they won’t follow up? just post some out-of-date sociological stats and then won’t follow up with a good old rousing healthy and intelligent discourse?

          • Your mama

            Shut up pig. Why don’t you move to Germany. This is the melting pot son. Get the funk out if you don’t like a little brown

          • TX4Life

            It’s not a melting pot when groups of people refuse to melt. More like a salad.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Here’s an example of discrimination against a woman brought to you by the PC affirmative action police in Philadelphia. A trilingual college-educated Hispanic/Uruguayan woman I know applied for a job with the city, which was enthusiastic when they saw her Spanish name but quickly lost their enthusiasm when they saw that she was a WHITE Hispanic woman. The idiot affirmative action Democraps couldn’t wrap their racist heads around the fact that a woman could be both white and Hispanic. She didn’t fit their narrow view of what a Hispanic woman is supposed to look like. So much for “diversity.”

          Conclusion: some of the worst bigots are government Democraps who support affirmative action quotas.

        • 45%? Perhaps in some instances but not as a whole. Refresh your research. And you only face discrimination in a patriarchal society because you believe you do. Get rid of that chip on your shoulder; believe in yourself and remember the wise words of Eleanor Rossevelt–“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

      • Tracy Cadbury

        The health and educational achievement of future generations is directly
        related to the physical and intellectual condition of today’s girls,
        who will bear and raise the children of the next decade.

        • Syrin

          We call that true but unrelated. Also, we call that incomplete. Look how well children raised in fatherless homes turn out. Stop staring at your ovaries, and get back into the real world Gina.

          • Shirley Patterson

            single parent mothers are marginalised. quit using sexist talk. i would be happy if men were unemployed and dying. men are nothing but r-a-p-i-s-t-s and worthless.

          • Syrin

            Got it Gina. You represent your side perfectly. Nothing can make you happy. Where most people have a soul, you have a large gaping wound full of piss and hate. I’m sure you bring misery to everyone you encounter. Typical raging feminazi.

          • Craig

            Your types would refuse to be drafted in the army to fight World War 3 though…Just saying.

          • lmao

          • wow…where did all these new people come from? Felicia, Tracy, you sound like you had just plagiarized a Sociology textbook. I think you are missing the whole point of this article (as well as the stats) in that our jobs and productivity have been shipped offshore and we are simply living on a falsely inflated economy and borrowed time. “Affirmative Action” is just so much more politically correct mumbo jumbo that actually punishes companies and employers rather than helping the marginalized in attaining opportunity. The problem with so many ideas set forth by….well, idealists–is that they SOUND all good but in all reality we DON’T live in a Utopian world; MLK’s dream is great for inspiration but the reality of such dreams will always fall short.
            Tracy, you post about the future of our next generations being in the hands of todays girls (loose quote, sorry) is a scary and sobering thought. So many young people are caught up in what I call the “Matrix”, an unreal technological world unattached from down to Earth reality; a narcissistic generation that cannot live without constant input, affirmation, attention, etc. from their peers. So many young people have NO real life skills WHATSOEVER. How IS this next generation going to function? Are they going to go to college, get a government job (pretty soon it looks like all jobs are going to be government jobs) pay other people to cook, clean, and raise their children? Already happening. I am almost 50 years old, I’ve seen a lot and the world change so very much in my life; but I can assure you the best thing you can give to your children/the next generation is STABILITY. Not a $400 phone, not the best day care ever, not the best labels out there, but the stability, love and encouragement of parents/caretakers that are totally committed to the upbringing of their young.

          • JAH666

            Well said, well said!
            Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out!

          • I’m not exactly a feminist, but I’m not patriarchal either. No particular bias, my POV comes from real life and observation. Stats are just horrible for children raised in fatherless homes.
            When our kids were young, we chose to live SIMPLY in order to give to them stability.

        • Roseof13

          The mental, spiritual and emotional health of future generations is directly related to the amount of time, care and input they enjoy from wise women who understand that a woman does not need to compete with a man and raising a family is the highest art.

          Equal does not mean same. We are not the same, but we are equal in terms of honour we deserve for doing that which is our main purpose and mission.

          A full time mother is a physical therapist, nutritionist, psychologist, healer, artist, spiritual leader, etc, etc..

          Opportunities for further learning and sharing abound in a women’s realm.

          What happens to the children who are being raised by the internet, TV and their peers?

          Are we better off after this drive for women to prove their equality by competing in the realm of career?

          Men need to honor and respect our realm and both men and women need to come together and learn (or re-learn) how to have peace in our homes.

          • Craig

            Good point Roseof13…..The economy is going down, jobs are being lost by the tens of thousands and the only solution given from these radical feminists is they should get jobs :-/ Radical feminists are a bunch of whining, entitled and spoiled women who can’t find a decent man and when the thugs and dunces wear out their bodies, the feminists spew hatred all over the place like the stuff squirted on their face in the rave parties.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Craig: Tom Leykis has had a lot to say about the type of bitches you describe. When they’re still attractive, they waste their youth on every type of loser, reprobate and scumbag they can get their hands on (or as you put it, “thugs and dunces”). But when their youth and looks gone are gone and they are 50 or 60 pounds overweight (all that boozing, binge eating and cigarette smoking takes it toll), they want a decent, responsible guy to support them financially. They go from spreading their legs for drug addicts and sociopaths to saying that they won’t date any guy who makes under 100K (as if a guy who makes that kind of money wants to date a frumpy, obese bitch in sweatpants).

          • I salute you! Well said!

          • TX4Life

            Well said.

      • xander cross

        You do realize that white women are minorities as well right? See, you’re the racist because you actually blame black people for something that white people created in the first place. Affirmative action benefited white women more so than black women and men. Also, affirmative action did not cause Obama to be president. Interesting, Obama is half white (bi-racial) and yet, you call him black. You don’t claim his white side from his mother. Interesting racist you are. When I think of worst president, Ronald Regan qualify because he created the private prisons and expanded the “war on drugs”.

      • Your mama

        Racist^You nailed it. Anyone who bitches and moans about affirmative action just has to look at Obama. At least it’s one government program that seems to work. Pretty amazing really.

    • you are clearly a racist

      • xander cross

        So is alex jones and ron paul.

    • Shirley Patterson

      women are oppressed in the capitalist, patriacrhic society…men stare at our boobies and tell us what to wear…men are evil…white middle class men get richer from the oppression of women.

      • Syrin

        I bet you make even your fleas miserable, don’t you? How long have you been a hate filled bigot? Did you get indoctrinated into becoming a feminazi in college, or were you a freelancer?

      • Craig

        Yadayadayada….what does that have to do with the real issue of the economic crisis???? Quit whining and hating on men for no legitimate reason feminazi!! Radical feminists seem to be the instigators of a civil war in America.

      • Richard

        You could do yourself a real favor to begin with by stopping trivializing women and calling your body parts by dumbed-down baby names.

        • Overtaxed Peasant

          America’s education system is dumbed down I’m not amazed @ Shirley Patterson

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          I love boobies! err, sorry.

          I am entirely infatuated with human female mammary glands.

      • GSOB

        We are all of us, evil.

        Eve was deceived but Adam disobedient. Women can be saved from this stigma of leading the human race to sin and death, only through repentance in Christ,… and then even more hope for some of those sisters – rearing godly children in the Lord.

        The fall came to mankind by Eve’s actions and so the Lord incarnates himself in the virgin Mary’s womb to make the ultimate sacrifice for sin – once and forever, but not for all sinners.

        This incarnation of God to be the God Man, is Jesus, who came that he would destroy the works of the devil.

        Sisters in the meetings of the saints are wearing head coverings You don’t see the men complaining about that.

        The man God created first then the woman, and she out from the man. The woman was to help and be one with the man. Not the other way around. The genders are different by design. The order of creation is dripping with meaning.

        In a godless society like ours, the culture wants to blur these distinctions in the name of worldly equality and pay.

        Just remember – the female, the bible says, are more fragile and instructs Christian men to dwell with them in understanding.

        Perfection is but a foretaste in this life but wait until His kingdom is manifested in all of it’s glory.

      • Two can play the troll game. Men will respect you more if you shave your legs and armpits and lose a few pounds.

    • Craig

      you’re actually bragging about women taking away other people’s jobs in an economic crisis? That is why I walk straight and don’t look at those feminist fundraisers on the street asking for money. I spit on Betty Friedan’s grave and I would spit on radical feminists like you.
      America is losing jobs and families are being destabilised because of the economy.
      Feminists can no longer contribute anything meaningful to society. It’s like society rewards the deviant people and punish the ambitious Americans who uphold family values. I don’t mean to sound sexist or homophobic but the inconvenient truth is that someone in the upper echelons of politics and business is trying to destroy the family unit.
      Arguing with a feminist is like arguing about religion. It leads to nowhere and leaves a lot of bitterness.

      • It gets worse. I think they are Soc students as well.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Here’s one thing radical feminists contribute: a lot of cellulite.

    • robert chavis

      So, it’s true. Affirmative action does includes white women as minorities. All of these years of white people blaming affirmative action on black men.

    • sharonsj

      Another clueless poster. The average working woman earns 80% to 60% of what a working man is paid.

  • GSOB

    Come Lord Jesus

    • DownWithLibs

      Yes!!! A great day indeed!!!!

    • sometimes thats about all you can say!

    • MelWhimZ

      Exactly! That is my prayer!

  • Stezie

    I wouldn’t call these charts “amazing”; more like “depressing”, etc.Still, without industry, we’re screwed. How much longer can we keep outsourcing?

    • Syrin

      As long as other nations treat businesses with respect instead of crushing taxes and regulations like we do. We have the most business unfriendly administration on the planet. You’d be stupid to stay here if you had an alternative.

      • Your mama

        Turn off beck. Read a newspaper

    • Craig

      Until the radical feminists Felicia and Stacy keep whining about their entitled jobs being at stake.

  • GSOB

    I have been young, but now I am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

  • 2Gary2

    Don’t cut the corporate income tax rate. There is a big difference
    between the headline rate of 35%, which is indeed tops in the OECD, and
    the effective rate of 12.1%, one of the lowest in the OECD.

    • Syrin

      Still can’t explain why we need taxes when the Federal Reserve creates $80 billion out of thin air a month. Why not create a trillion a month and be done with it? Can you even ATTEMPT to answer the question? Doubtful. If you COULD, you’d be forced to realize that pretty much your entire economic theory and premise is rotten to the core, you tax lovin’ (for other people) bastage. Tell us, how much money did you collect from other people and businesses last year, that you completely did not deserve?

      • sharonsj

        Taxes run the country. The Federal Reserve money goes to the banks. One has nothing to do with the other. You have no clue as to what’s going on. You especially have no clue that the major corporations pay little or no income tax.

        • Syrin

          Ah, another indoctrinated Sorobot sharing her ignorance with the world why declaring others to be ignorant.

          So explain to us then, sharon. If taxes run the country, how is it that we have multi-trillion dollar deficits annually? I’ll walk you down the path of obviousness. You’ll get there eventually.

        • JAH666

          Get on Netflix or some other site and watch:
          End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless
          After you educate yourself, then come back and Syrin and I will help you get over the rest of your indoctrination.

          • TX4Life

            Yes! I have it recorded and it is bone chilling.

          • Squeenix

            Syrin and I? You and you alter ego? Too bad bitching on the internet will help no one!

        • stopthesocialism

          Fed Reserve money goes to buy treasuries. Treasuries are issued to fund the budget deficit. Deficit spending goes to SS checks, Medicare, Medicaid, Military paychecks, food stamps, welfare, etc.

          So yes, Federal Reserve money does go to the people getting government checks and services.

          Just look at the price of gas, or the price of a Big Mac over the past 10 years, to see how money printing is causing price inflation.

  • People are on the way out… robots are coming in. I knew this back in 1961.

    • JAH666

      I too saw this coming. Advancements in robotics/automation have been presaged since the early 60s. The increases in processor capabilities in the last decade or so are accelerating the trend. The next big breakthrough is imminent, as software engineers think that they are close to a big AI advancement.

      • Syrin

        Did you see military ROBOTS will patrol the next World Cup?

  • Never thought I would say this, but I’m rather happy to be here in the Middle East right now!

  • Craig

    People, let us cooperate. The economic crisis is serious business. I am appalled that radical feminists are infuriating people on this blog, but the powers that be allowed gender competition to broaden the tax base. Please make valid arguments and stop with all the senseless whining of entitlement and finger pointing. Americans are losing jobs and arguing over propaganda taught in college courses leads to nowhere but hostility.

    • sharonsj

      What are you talking about? Women had to enter the workforce to help support their families because our economic policies make it impossible for just one breadwinner.

      • Tom

        that totally had nothing to do with Craig’s post…..

      • Your mama

        Thanks Reagan and bush. The party for the family?

      • dancingontheheadofapin

        Women entered the job force during WW11 because the men were off fighting for our freedom, so they were the ones to do the manufacturing jobs. Remember Rosie the Riveter? Women also went in the military. Many were nurses and pilots during the war. It wasn’t a matter of gender competition, it was a matter of our country’s survival. And now today, it is a matter of economic survival due to the flawed policies of government.

  • chilller

    Middle class Americans make up the 70% of consumer consumption which drives the biggest economy in the world. What happens when you take away the jobs of that 70%?….it’s all explained right here in Michael’s articles.

    • Tom

      If America falls, the entire world is in trouble.

      • Gay Veteran

        right, tell that to the families of the 10s of 1000s of Iraqis who died because of our war of aggression against Iraq

        • no apologies. do you apologize to the Vietnamese, how about the Germans in Dresden? Who the F are you kidding

          • Your mama

            Fukk yea you should apologize to the Vietnamese

          • chilller

            While in jr. high 45 years ago, I remember a teacher telling us a study of the American economy revealed our economy would collapse if there were suddenly no more wars. Goes to show how long the miscreants have been stacking the deck. No wonder there are so many countries who hate us…the rest just fear us…

          • Your mama

            No doubt. The pigs at the trough learned a lot from ww2

          • Gay Veteran

            of course no apologies are expected from psycopathic warmongers

        • Samuel

          America was already crumbling and the gov’t fought those wars to upkeep the corporate military economy. It is tragic. The sheeple were herded to fight a war which increased the deficit of America.

        • Your mama

          Try hundreds of thousands of civilians murdered

  • Jack Lohman

    Depressing. What this shows is that “they have won”, including the politicians who get a piece of the action in the form of campaign bribes. ONLY public funding of campaigns will fix it, and ONLY a near-100% turnover in 2014 will accomplish that.

  • Sam

    I’ve said it here before and I’ll say it again, America is not the centre of the universe! This is a GLOBAL issue, not just an American one!

    • Jack Lohman

      Americans THINK America is the center of the universe, and as long as that persists we will be shot at. Oh, and as long as the politicians get a piece of the defense loot.

      Perhaps we need a one-world government that allows only good guys in.

      • Sam

        Well said guys. I don’t want Michael to think I’m having a go at him because his articles are very good and he does write articles on Europe, I just don’t like when he starts sentences with “Most Americans… or American jobs…” or refers to the American dream or way of life etc.

        I understand that Americans are brainwashed from an early age into believing theirs is the greatest country in the world and have to pledge allegiance to the flag every day, but a higher level of consciousness and awareness is required for what’s coming

    • JAH666

      As long as 51% of Americans listen to the MSM Propaganda Ministry they will not understand the global nature of the problem, Sam. I won’t say that all those 51% are stupid, but they are being kept deliberately ignorant.

  • ImmColl

    Everybody laughed at Ross Perot but he was right way back when…….the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the US continues…. thanks NAFTA and politicians who said how great it would be.

    US is a consumer economy which means service jobs.
    Less consuming means even less service jobs so good jobs go then even the low paying jobs start to disappear. Next step is economic collapse. Can’t happen???? Tell that to Greece, Spain etc. they thought the same thing.
    Also gov’t solution is to keep trying to squeeze more taxes out of the middle class while protecting tax loopholes for rich. Again, less comsuming because the engine that drives the economy, middle class, has less and less money due to increasing taxes, cost of living increase, wage stagnation……and so it goes.

    • xander cross

      That is a scandal and yet, no one especially conservatives did anything about it. The problem is that you all pick and choose which type of politician you support, even if they’re all corrupt according to this site that is against obama on everything and support anything that Citizens United and priviate prisons making billions of dollars of money from the free market.

      • otter1111

        Bill Clinton signed Nafta into law.

        • Your mama

          It won by one or two votes. He has since said that signing nafta was his worst mistake as pres. I’d say he’s right about that. Pigs

          • TX4Life

            Yeah, I’d say signing NAFTA was only slightly worse than his decision to pressure banks to loan money for homes to those who had little chance of ever paying it back. Both have profoundly affected our country for generations to come.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Everyone from GOP hack Rush “Pillhead” Limbaugh to Democrap Al Gore insisted that Ross Perot was wrong, wrong, wrong for opposing NAFTA (No American Factories Taking Applications). Pillhead even called Perot a racist, but Perot was absolutely right.

      “We have got to stop sending jobs
      overseas.”—Ross Perot in 1992

      “If you don’t care about anything but
      making money, there will be a giant sucking sound going south.”—Ross Perot in

      NAFTA was a giant nail in the coffin of The Banana Republic of America.

      • Tom

        NATFA is a nail to Canada too. Canada has oil sands but Chinese workers and Chinese employers manage the majority of the oil sands. And just criticizing or saying that is considered racist.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Tom: Very true. And I would add that globalism is such a race to the bottom that some companies have moved to México but decided that Mexican minimum-wage workers were “overpaid” and ended up moving to countries that have even more poverty (including Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador). NAFTA raped the BRA and Canada, and it also did a lot to increase the poverty in México.

          • El Pollo de Oro

            Globalists love Third World working conditions……that is, until their CEO gets kidnapped in Guatemala City by a gang of thugs with the help of the corrupt, low-paid policías who are working with the kidnappers.

  • Anna44

    In the last 2 & 1/2 years, my experienced & educated husband had 4 interviews. He got each job- signed on the dotted line only to find out weeks/months later- the job dissolved as the money the company was expecting- disappeared. (government, profit, retirements) Four times this has happened. Companies are becoming smaller if they can. They are merging positions to keep the employees to a minimum. If you do get to step foot in their world- you’ll be the first eliminated when they lay off. That has happened to 2 friends who only worked a week only to be let go with 30 others. I am afraid our best years are behind us and we aren’t even old. Sure feel old.

    • Jodi

      Yes, merging positions is true. Recently, the company I work for just got rid of somebody & replaced her with a woman I work with. She now spends half her day doing her old job and the other half doing her new job. The sad part is I only work with 10 people. I really felt bad for the woman who was let go.

    • JAH666

      I feel for you both. I just turned 57. Had to start my own business ten years ago when I lost my job with an IT firm that I had held for one month shy of ten years. Couldn’t find a job in my field then, too many young hotshots entering the industry that could be hired for half what I was earning. Couldn’t find a job today if my life depended on it, too old. No firm is going to hire men or women over 55 no matter the experience, health care costs are too chancy.

    • ian

      you are living in the wrong area of the country then. I just applied for 10 jobs in the last 2 months. got 6 call backs, and 3 job offers.

      • dancingontheheadofapin

        WHERE do you live?? What state? What kind of jobs?

      • are you in North Dakota or Texas?

        • ian


          • Your mama

            Pot trimmer?

          • dancingontheheadofapin

            Troll Alert!!

          • ian

            nope. real tax paying hard working human.

          • Congrads and thanks for not tax dodging like the Mittster. Or offshoring your profits like GE and Apple. They keep doing that wrecking any chances of defined contribution plans.

    • Guest

      @Anna44: I feel your pain. The last 3 jobs I have held in the past 26 years all have gone by the way side. The job I currently hold is on shaky ground. We have been told to work with less; meaning we have been whittled down to a skeleton crew. All the signs are visible for it to go by the way side.

  • Excalibur

    It’s easier to buy a gun, not that I want to see guns more difficult to obtain, than it is to start a business.

  • energizedmortal

    When is the economy going to collapse? It already did for billions of people all across the planet. Of course global elites that are making record profits say that things could not be better.

  • JAH666

    These charts that we see here tell the story…
    America and the entire world is reaching the end of the Ponzi scheme fiat currency fueled course it was placed on many years ago. The slow and agonizing collapse of that scheme is happening all around us. Here are a few things to watch for: 1) as more nations turn from the Dollar, the Fed will find it harder to prevent runaway devaluation. 2) as US oil/gas production increases, manufacturing will slowly increase in North America. but 3) advancements in robotics/AI automation will preclude an increase in employment. Thus, the middle class will not rebound, the Dollar will join a rapidly growing group of increasingly worthless fiat currencies, and more people will join the permanent underclass. Michael’s analysis is correct, we will see an agonizingly slow economic collapse that IS going on, and WILL continue until TPTB come up with a new plan and allow the old-system world economy to seize up completely. Then they will ride to the rescue and implement the new-system world economy. What will follow is anybody’s guess, but I doubt it will be a “new golden age” for the average person living on planet Earth.

  • Best way to destroy a country: Attack its financial and manufacturing foundation from within. These idiots have known for decades what they were doing. We are now just seeing the impact. God help us.

  • 100% TERMINAL DECLINE BY DESIGN! that’s what happens when the people are stupid enough to allow PRIVATE BANKERS to control the issue of currency for their country, while charging them interest on every dollar “printed”…. when in fact Governments could print all the INTEREST FREE money they want!

    FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING. The REASON 99.9% of the world is in debt slavery…. and the REAL reason they want to invade Syria and Iran… to force the DEBT BASED URSURY BANKING SYSTEM on a sovereign debt free nation.

    • GSOB

      Nailed it!

      Also, the erosion of our global- oil for dollar status – …..These form a two edged sword, slowly thrust into the belly of the beast.

    • JAH666

      Sure looks like a duck, Chris…

    • A more noble rent extraction would work but most of you would consider it too socially minded…Read Progress and Poverty by Henry George…Priests that spoke about it during the Guilded Age were them prohibited from saying mass.

  • xander cross

    So, if the politicians not telling you the truth, then why do you all believe anything that they say on tv about the IRS so called scandal? It’s like you all pick and choose which type of politicians to believe in. Also, if the so called elites are more powerful than the US government, then why focus on obama if he is just a puppet according to you.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The American people inherited the greatest economic machine in the history of the world, and we have wrecked it.

    “We”, The American People, did not wreck the economy the government wrecked it. The people and the government are not the same thing.

    Also, these charts should halt, immediately, any further talk of amnesty.
    How could amnesty-ing 20 + million people plus those they are allowed to bring in due to family reunification — do anything but put further pressure on an already fragile economy — unless the government plan is to collapse the entire system.

    I don’t see it any other way.


    • danlc

      You get the government you deserve

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I didn’t vote for this government. Other people did. Therefore I resent the “we.”

        • danlc

          you is a general term…there was no we in there, kimosabe.

          No voting for these schmucks doesn’t get you off the hook either…what did you actively do to prevent them from gaining power and what are you doing now to get rid of them.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Sorry, Comrade, I don’t believe in Collective Guilt — for a collective I’m not a part of.

            You can answer at will, I won’t read or respond to your answer.

            All the best, Comrade.

          • danlc

            ah, typical…run away, girlie…but you’re still part of the herd. mooooooooo

    • (first, as part of the declining middle class…this article is true, though I don’t recall a mention of highest corporate profits on record)
      as to the amnesty issue. (and I am for legal immigration, not legalization of unregistered crossings) though after reading this article, I have just considered a new perspective on immigration.
      you see, I believe there are forces trying to take us (middle class) further into captivity…. but consider this. this article asserts jobs are leaving because of “slave wages” overseas. yet Illegals work for slave wages also. by allowing a greater influx of low wage workers… eventually all Americans will HAVE to work for low “slave wages”
      while this is bad for the quality of life for the American worker… I contend, by the predictions of this article, that companies will leave in droves… and new business will not open, due to regulations… so low wages are better than no wages… perhaps amnesty is actually an attempt (however misguided) to SAVE the american worker’s ability TO work.

      • Your mama

        Republican wet dream. This is it folks. This is what you have voted for. Kill the unions, kill the middle class. Now get to work at target slave.

  • WarriorClass III

    Michael, why are you deleting my comments?

  • What the charts show is the decline and fall of the American Empire.
    This goes all the way back to the 1960s.
    We have to face reality sometime, right? Wrong! The people in charge have been postponing things for many years. But it will happen.

    You have economic forces waging war on our way of life. We are responsible for that happening by allowing these people into positions of power where they can make it happen.
    On the other side of the world are peoples with a whole different set of values than us. With a huge population and no way to feed them, these peoples are capable of producing goods much cheaper than anyone else. They are literally willing to do anything to get those jobs and keep them.
    We, on the other hand, are being sold into slavery because those people work for almost nothing.
    The game rules set by Congress allow this to happen. Don’t blame Corporations for doing what comes naturally to companies everywhere.
    Blame the people that allow it to happen and make it economically feasible by our rules.
    We had a solution in the last depression and it didn’t really work that well. We called it isolationism. We used tarriffs to equal the playing field. Got bad news, tarriffs will now make goods go up 1,000 percent if we install them again.

    I cannot belief the government people can be so ignorant that they do not understand where there bread is buttered but that is what is happening.
    Basically, we are going to have to start all over from scratch and that is going to be a very hard road to travel. Maybe this time, our government will be wise enough to protect their own people first.

    • Gay Veteran

      blame corporations? the merger of state and corporate power (which is what we are seeing) is call fascism

  • JAH666

    Decided to post another comment… boy-o-boy this article has lit the fires, Michael! The trolls are at work, and the extensive thread with all the Women’s Rights Inequality rants! Ye, gads! Great stuff! Gary is busy too, I see…
    I’d like to run a hypothetical past you. Charts 5 and 6 may tally with a slowly evolving quasi-movement (that I assume is world-wide) that has earned the moniker: “Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out”. It has nothing to do with drugs, new age mysticism or Timothy Leary. It centers around; “tuning in to alternative narratives, turning on to self-reliance and low-cost/low-impact living and opting out of the status quo culture of consumerism”. This fits in with the ideas you have been trying to encourage for several years. I wonder how many of the millions that are no longer “counted” as being in the work force have “opted-out”? Count me in!

    • Tom

      The article keeps on repeating the world “middle class families”. Feminists despise the word “families”. The family unit is the foundation for a healthy economy. When the family unit is damaged, it affects the economy. Why? Stats for single parent households and single persons have lower incomes than traditional families.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    American Holocaust
    Ron Paul Coalition
    Federal Reserve
    Ron Paul Army
    H Ross Perot
    Ralph Nader
    Wall Street

  • Johnny

    Dow new highs again. Gold down multi year low.

    • bet you did a lot of research, LMAO

      • Johnny

        Just a little more realistic than Michael.

  • Johnny

    Headline of my local paper about dramatic jobs increases in the area. Does anyone realize all the predictions still not happening? LMAO. In February a post how market insiders bet on market collapse in 60 days. Nope. Was supposed to happen last month. Wrong. . Gambling revenues down? No they are higher. Google it. People learn to have faith. Gold down to about 1350. Love it

    • odds are 100% you are an effeminate lib male or bulldyke lib female

      • Howard

        Liberal feminists love to mentally castrate boys:

        http:// www .bestgore. com /torture/feminist-childcare-boys-russia-orphanage/

    • El Pollo de Oro

      I remember when, in 2007, the Bushbots were still insisting that the economy was in wonderful shape and that Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Ron Paul and Peter Schiff were wrong, wrong, wrong to be so pessimistic. The neocons and Bushbots resorted to the usual boilerplate that neocons say: “Why does Peter Schiff hate America? Why are Alex Jones and all these libertarians so pessimistic? Our economy has never been better. Why can’t Ron Paul see that deficits are a good thing?” Then came the mega-crash of Sept. 2008. Oops!

      Now, the Obamabots are the ones who are in total denial and are saying the same type of things the Bushbots were saying five and six years ago. Yet some people still can’t figure out why I have zero faith in establishment Republi-Cons or establishment Democraps.

  • piccadillybabe

    Wow, when I see those graphs, ya gotta ask yourself, how have I survived all those years? It’s a downright dismal picture. I am finally hearing officials in my local area starting to ask serious questions as to how to pay debt back and not have it recur again in the same way due to the cost of everything being beyond the scope of most people’s wages these days. Nowdays if you have a job, you are more than likely baby-sitting the technology at half the pay you used to get. We need to cut the cost of healthcare, education and energy needs in half or less to keep up with the loss of income everyone is experiencing.

    • dancingontheheadofapin

      Need to start with Tort Reform and Big Pharma.

  • fuqdisqus

    The stupid slob slaves of the “middle class” deserve to be crushed into penury. They have consistently voted against their own self-interest, always swallowing boss class lies about there not being a class war.

    There is a class war and you’re losing it, you stupid slob slaves.

    • jaded

      We can’t help it that most of the population are ignorant morons

    • TaxpayerX

      Very retro, 1930’s rhetoric–entertaining if not informative.

  • Pizza Mario

    Our neighbor up north has their own financial predictions:

    Extracted from Financial Post

    Title of newspaper article:

    Link spaced out to prevent spam.

    http:// business .financialpost. com/2013/05/16/11-charts-that-show-canadas-economy-is-entering-a-world-of-hurt/

  • mountainsaint

    There is no mention of the 38,000,000 illegal aliens who are stealing nearly 100% of all new low-end jobs. The high-end jobs are being given to the visa holders…When you add the twenty-two million unemployed to the 90,000,000 long term unemployed, you have a serious unemployment problem.

    • Howard

      because in America and Canada and eventually in Europe it is treated as bigotry and hate speech to even mention the word “illegal” when it comes to the politically correct term of undocumented residents.

    • Adrian

      Complete nonsense. What about all the outsourcing of our jobs from the “loyal” American corporations who smell lower wages and more money overseas? You said yourself that immigrants take low wage jobs. The high end jobs are being given to engineers, you know, the things most American’s can’t do because so many of them major in business trying to get rich. If that’s where the high end jobs are going, maybe we should invest more heavily in education and stop trying to drown it in the bathtub? Just a thought.

  • the last graph analysis falls flat on it’s face when looked in context of what you presented in # 1-9.

    Why start a new small business when if you do your pro forma you find that 1) you have a poorer population from which to extract money from. 2) how do you market to a population of which a third not have zero savings and have shifted funds to pay off the not so good gamble of giving their sons and daughters a college education and 3) the large monopoly corporations are wielding even more power and getting benefits that you as a small business can’t even touch…how many of the small business owners you know have the $$$ for their own corporate lobbyist? Until legislators and congress decide finally to level the playing field and put up trade protection we will continue to lose jobs to the rest of the world and make ourselves a very poor country…unless we have another tech miracle.soon.

  • Bruce

    UNLESS and UNTIL significant tariffs are placed on all overseas goods we stand ZERO chance of putting our people back to work. Without making the playing field equal we are doomed

  • seth datta

    This is taking place worldwide. But yes, it is true that ob@ma is part of the plan to introduce neo-serfdom to the masses. You didnt build that…….slave.

  • seth datta

    TSA= the sexualisation agency

    IRS= irresponsible raping of salaries

    CIA= can’t investigate anything

    FBI= federal bureau of incompetence

    NSA= national shady agency

  • WarriorClass III

    This is simple supply and demand. The ever increasing amount of legal immigrants into the US directly completes with the American Worker. The most direct attack on America is the expansion of legal immigration to this country. Almost half the people currently living in the US are here as a result of the Immigration Reform Act of 1965. The work and student visa program, green cards and refugee programs make illegal immigration look puny. Contrary to the current meme, our country was not founded by immigrants – it was founded by colonists that forged a new country out of the wilderness for themselves and their posterity. It is our inheritance and it is being sacrificed at the table of political correctness, just as surely as Esau gave up his inheritance for a pot of stew, Americans are giving up their inheritance for the porridge of a false self-righteousness of “multiculturalism” that is nothing but the death of the American way of life and freedom.

    These brainwashed Eurotrash socialists and third world bottom-feeders have no history or tradition of natural rights, and in fact have never heard of the concept, or understand that the Constitution was an attempt to codify those natural God-given rights. They do not understand what our Founders understood – that men who are drawn to centers of power are by nature the worst among us, and that laws are needed to keep them in check. They do not understand or respect that the Constitution was written as a witness against the fallen nature of man, and that it is as timeless man’s nature, which has not changed, and will not be out-dated until that nature has become angelic.

    The descendants of America’s founders are being replaced with a foreign people, and this was by design. The American gun-owning, freedom-loving middle-class was the biggest obstacle to One-World-Government-equally-distributed-misery plans of the international bankster cartel. It was no accident that American wages started stagnating in 1970 and have decreased ever since. Simple supply and demand. Since that wasn’t enough, more jobs were moved overseas and more foreigners were moved in to take the jobs still here.

    Ben Johnson said this about the The 1965 Immigration Act in an article for FrontPageMagazine in 2002:

    The 1965 Immigration Act: Anatomy of a Disaster By: Ben Johnson | Tuesday, December 10, 2002

    “Despite the overwhelming assurances of the bill’s supporters, the 1965 Immigration Reform Act has remade society into the image its critics most feared. Immigration levels topping a million a year will increase U.S. population to 400 million within 50 years. Meanwhile, exponents of multiculturalism insist new arrivals make no effort to assimilate; to do so would be “genocidal,” a notion that makes a mockery of real genocides. Instead, long-forgotten grudges are nursed against the white populace. Native citizens take to flight as the neighborhoods around them, the norms in their hometowns, are debased for the convenience of low-paid immigrants and well-heeled businessmen. All the while, indigenous paychecks drop through lower wages and higher taxes collected to provide social services for immigrants. And this only takes into account legal immigration.

    “Americans must realize demographic trends are not inevitable, the product of mysterious forces beyond their control. Today’s population is the result of yesterday’s immigration policy, and that policy is as clearly broken as its backers’ assurances were facetious. A rational policy will only come about when native Americans place the national interest above liberal howls of ‘prejudice’ and ‘tribalism.'”

    Its only gotten worse since Ben penned this article.

    At a time when unemployment is at an all time high, “Conservative” Senator Ted Cruz wants to expand legal immigration, most of who will vote Democrat or Big Government Republican once they get here and take your job.

    This is a war against the American People and Culture, and the Americans are loosing badly and don’t even understand why. Most Americans blame only illegal immigration which is a fraction of the problem, and miss the bigger picture of legal immigrants.

    I often hear people ask the question of how America became such a divided Nation. Now you know.

    • Adrian

      WarriorClass, what’s your take on corporate outsourcing of jobs to the Third World for lower wages and thus a healthier bottom line for those companies? NAFTA is also a boon to many companies who now have access to dirt cheap labor. Do you see the fact that our manufacturing base has fled this country, despite a lower tax rate than we’ve had in 70 years, as perhaps a major reason why jobs are so scarce? How many jobs do you think an immigrant is qualified for and that will “steal” from an American? Most of them I see are picking fruit, cleaning up trash alongside the road, or working janitorial or construction jobs, and oftentimes they are cheated out of their wages by crooked foremen.

      • WarriorClass III

        I guess what you see is dependent upon where you are. In the energy sector, I see lots of immigrants like Indians, English, and Asian taking the good engineering jobs while American grads are left unemployed or underemployed. The big oil companies are really bad about this and as a consequence many American engineers end up working for subcontractors that typically pay a lot less. All in the name of diversity, ya know. The only exception is the Affirmative Action grads…minorities that depend on Asians or the few Americans to do the actual engineering. The reality is they don’t want to give Americans the really good paying jobs unless they have to, and they do still have to, but they resist it when possible. It’s all part of the planned destruction of the American middle class, which is the gateway to tyranny in America.

  • royals85

    Maybe an economic collapse is coming. I can’t predict the future, but the signs are not good for our Warfare/Welfare State. I’m of the opinion that God will not let evil prevail in the end. Many will stand-up to the evil that is the FedGov and I don’t believe that many will fight for them when push comes to shove. We may find out in the future, but I hope not.

  • does everyone from Michael’s church add commentary here? lololol

  • Jim Murphy

    These are easy problems to fix as long as you are willing to completely change the employment and operating system that mankind is and always has been using.

  • Satya Pal Bindra

    This is an opportunity and good news for American to arise, awake and stop not till the whole world becomes equal partner. You should be proud of by giving an opening to have nots for living. Let us do every thing possible to make our world where there is no discrimination. By helping the so called exploited slave labour to get them their rights you help yourselves and the rest of the world.

  • Satya Pal Bindra

    Taxes, rules, regulations and red tape are being posed as the enemies of self employment and barriers to American jobs. Lasting solution is let us unite together and try our best to have one system for the entire world to realize the dream of one world common world and interdependent world. There is enough for every one needs. Let us leave behind our greed. Truth is by sacrificing for and giving to have nots is the way forward for peace, prosperity and lasting sustainable livelihood of all.

  • Mike Sharkey

    No problem, just keep waiving your made-in-communist-china American flags, while chanting “USA-USA-USA…”, and everything will be fine.

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