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10 Reasons Why It Has Become So Soul-Crushingly Difficult To Find A Job In America Today

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Have you been unemployed lately?  If so, then you probably know how frustrating it is to try to find a job in the United States today. It now takes the average unemployed worker about 33 weeks to find a job.  There are millions of Americans that have not been able to find a full-time job even after searching hard for an entire year.  Some areas of the United States have been devastated so badly by the economic downturn that they are starting to resemble war zones.  Unless you have been there, it is hard to even try to describe the extreme frustration that one feels when you are unable to pay the mortgage and feed your family.  It can be absolutely soul-crushing.  But it is not the fault of those who are unemployed.  The truth is that our economy is dying and it is not producing nearly enough jobs anymore.  Unfortunately, as you will see from the facts listed below, most of the things that are causing our economy to die have no realistic chance of being changed any time soon.

The following are 10 reasons why it has become so insanely difficult to find a job in America today….

#1 There are a lot fewer job openings in the United States today.  The number of U.S. job openings declined once again in December.  Prior to the most recent economic downturn, there were usually somewhere around 4.5 to 5 million job openings in America.  Today there are about 3 million.

#2 There is a lot more competition for the very few job openings that are actually available.  According to Gallup, the U.S. unemployment rate has been hovering around 10 percent for over a year.  When Gallup includes “underemployed Americans” that have part-time jobs but really want full-time jobs in the numbers, they get a lot worse.  Currently, Gallup says that 19.3 percent of the workforce is either unemployed or underemployed.

#3 The U.S. economy is producing an extremely low number of new jobs.  The federal government says that only about 36,000 jobs were added in January.  Well,  an increase of 150,000 jobs per month is necessary just to keep up with population growth.  We continue to fall farther and farther behind.

#4 All across the nation, state and local governments are rapidly cutting jobs.  Government jobs used to be considered some of the safest jobs available, but today state and local governments all across America are facing horrific budget crunches.  In fact, things have gotten so extreme that some cities are cutting their police forces by up to 50 percent.

#5 U.S. businesses are being absolutely crushed by regulations, and yet the government just keeps piling them on.  For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is projecting that the food service industry will have to spend an additional 14 million hours every single year just to comply with new federal regulations that mandate that all vending machine operators and chain restaurants must label all products that they sell with a calorie count in a location visible to the consumer.  These kinds of ridiculous regulations are chasing U.S. businesses out of the country at a blistering pace.

#6 When you combine all forms of taxation, businesses pay more taxes in the United States than just about anywhere else in the world.  Some of the biggest corporations have figured out how to get around this, but many other businesses are being absolutely crushed by this.  All of this taxation is also chasing businesses out of the country.  Now Barack Obama is at it again.  He has just proposed an increase in unemployment taxes.  This is going to make it even less likely that businesses will want to hire more employees.

#7 Advances in technology mean that less workers are needed today.  A robot can do the labor that a hundred workers used to perform.  A computer can do the work that a thousand people used to perform.  Our society now needs less manual labor than it used to, and that is not going to change.  In fact, our society is only going to become more computerized and more automated.  That means that the ultra-wealthy do not need as many of us to work for them.

#8 Nations such as China are taking jobs away from us.  Tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs are moving to China.  There is a reason why Barack Obama mentioned China four times during his State of the Union address.  China now even makes more beer than the United States does.  China has been very shrewd.  They have invited international corporations to come over and take advantage of their vast population by paying them slave labor wages.  The U.S. middle class is being shredded by this.  Why should companies pay U.S. workers 10 or 20 times more than they could pay a Chinese worker?

#9 Every single year, the U.S. buys hundreds of billions of dollars more stuff from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  This is called a trade deficit, and it is killing the U.S. economy.  The hundreds of billions of dollars going to the rest of the world could be going to U.S. businesses, and in turn U.S. businesses would need more workers.  But instead of fixing our trade balance problem, our politicians continue to insist that “globalism” is going to be really, really “good” for us.

#10 Every single year the U.S. federal government spends hundreds of billions of dollars just on interest on the national debt.  This is money that we don’t get any economic benefit from.  If we were not in so much debt, the U.S. government would be able to spend that money on goods and services inside the United States and that would support a lot more jobs.  This is just one of the ways that our horrific national debt is a tremendous drag on our economy.

  • Please take time to pray for our country and the alarming number of people in it who have been unable to find work and support their families…remember to pray especially for those who have already lost their homes.

  • Jj

    Fewer jobs. Not less

  • In #2 of this list 13.9% unemployed & underemployed TRUE
    What about the 5 million if not more that have just quit looking?
    Now what is the %
    Not 9%

  • flubadub

    You can’t overstate the impact of #7 – advances in technology.

    Talk to anyone who’s worked as a machinist or tool and die maker for more than 20 years and they’ll tell you how programmable metalworking machines have reduced needed man hours to a few percent of what they once were. Machines don’t pay taxes and they don’t buy houses. This is one reason why tax CUTS for business should be replaced with targeted tax CREDITS for hiring taxpaying employees.

    Where are the Luddites now that we need them?

  • sunglassLinda

    #11 Every year the Federal Government allows millions of immigrants into this country. They have to work somewhere. Every job that they take is one less job for an American. Talk to any professional engineer. And this does not take into acccount the illegal ones.

  • john

    This article, and many others I have read makes me realize how blessed I am. God bless the unemployed.

  • Manny

    At least the wealthy.1% are lining large and that is most important

  • mondobeyondo

    I hope I get a job soon… so I won’t have to post so often on this blog (hee hee… snicker)

  • impeachRonPaul

    Healthcare costs here are crazy. We are the only industrialized nation without a national plan. Republicans insist employers shoulder the costs and it is driving them away. While republican law makers enjoy insurance paid for by us (Ron Paul 25 year career politcian) we are left in the cold.

    Why would anyone hire here if they have to pay health insurance? It makes us uncompetitive.

    We need a universal plan now.

  • peoples republic of walmart

    as long as folks keep spending all there money at walmart and family dollar, it’s only gonna get worse, 12% unemployment by december

  • scott bowlan

    the u.s.economy is collapcing do to imports.


  • Concerned Reader

    The job market is getting so cut throat that my cousin that works for Subway told me that his manager deliberatly leaves two job openings at his store closed so that he and the other workers can get extra hours.

  • Gary2

    No government contracts to companies who pay crap wages but their CEO’s make millions. Much higher taxes on the rich to support a stronger social safety net similar to northern European/Scandinavian nations. Quit giving tax cuts to the rich they obviously do not work in helping the economy. I am seeing more and more people also saying this and that we need to tax the rich more. You do not hear it so much on the mainstream media as the rich own it and do not want it getting out that the majority of people want them taxed much more.

    I think we need a tea party of the left to counter the Kochk brother funded tea baggers on the right.

    Pass employee free choice act to enable employees in low wage crap service jobs to unionize and FORCE higher pay. I would like to see McDonald’s outsource their USA restaurant operations to a foreign nation. Slap a 100% tariff on anything not made in USA. Stop all corporate welfare period.

  • Bob Roberts

    I feel for the unemployed. I have been through this myself, as have many in America. The solution is self responsibility. We need to stop depending on others and especially the Fed Gov’t. There are many good, valid, solid network marketing companies in the US. Most of them are experiencing exceptional growth – because of the situation in the economy. Yes it is hard work, requires learning new skills, and much more. But the reward is freedom from the system. I encourage all unemployed to find a good network marketing company (many have been around for over 30 years)and make the commitment to be successful and set them self free from the system. They are valid companies and are always accepting new people. They provide all necessary training to learn the business and be successful. In the mean time, we all need to be praying for all of the unemployed that want to provide for their families.

  • How can the Americans reverse the trend? Can the US government reinvest in education and innovation? That’s the only hope remaining.

  • Perry

    If my math is correct, 14 million hours divided by 2,080 hours (40 hours x 52 weeks) equals 6,730 new full-time employees (or more likely, 13,460 half-time employees). Isn’t this a good thing? Don’t we need more jobs?

  • Stu

    I’m Canadian and hearing all these things that your politicians are doing wrong and working against the country. My question is why? I don’t think they are so idiotic that they don’t know what is going on, whereas the general public knows what the problems are. Is this an illuminati thing??

    • P Kennedy

      Oh, I was BORN in Canada and except for social assistance for the childless it’s no better there. Jobs can’t be had to save your life there either, at least not if you’re First Nations.

  • Flavius

    Don’t blame me, I voted for Ross Perot…

  • Louise in MO

    I have an acquantance who is from Vietnam. She just returned from a month long visit to see her extended family. I asked her how the economy is in her native land. Following are some facts she related:

    “People in Vietnam work long hours for little pay compared to here in the USA. My cousin works in a grocery store and has only one day off per MONTH. Her pay is $200.00 per month.”

    I asked her if she bought any clothes while there. “Oh no, the quality is very poor…much better here in the USA.”

    Do people ever buy a home? ‘No, the only people who have their own homes are those who are very wealthy…usually left to them by their wealthy parents.”

    This 35 y.o. woman works as a nail technician and works at least 60 hours a week, often with no day off. She makes $250-$3500 a week before taxes. She considers herself very lucky.

    Are we headed in the same direction? Will we work extended hours with less than adequate pay? I often hear that workers here in the states are having their hours cut on a regular basis.

    I believe some, not all, companies are using the bad economy as an excuse to cut pay and cut hours. Some continue to make a good profit while impsing these cuts. I don’t know how you could stop these practices.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Face it… people are becoming obsolete. I have seen this coming since 1961, when I first read Asimov’s “I, Robot”.

    The “Terminator” scenario is now being seriously discussed at DARPA.

    There already are factories where robots work around the clock, producing more robots. Total vertical integration from raw ores to recycled scrap should arrive by 2050.

    And then… it could be very quick for us.

  • James

    If the U.S. used to be able to buy the things that we made here before the exportation of our jobs. What makes these corporations think we can still buy the same things at the same or higher prices, when a lot of people are out of work. Is the money to buy these things going to come out of thin air? I wonder where these corporations are making money if we can’t afford to buy their goods anymore?

  • I was unemployed myself for a long time. Even with a college degree and many years of experience I could not land a job that payed more than 12 bucks. So I started looking to get in business for myself. Of course buying into a franchise was out of of the question. BUT… I found a great company that helps me and many others to put food on the table while we assist others in preparing for the difficult times ahead. My team is looking to expand nationwide This can be full time or part time, you set your own schedule.

  • Johnson

    Go to the link below to download a free PDF copy of this book on how automation & technology is affecting the jobs picture.
    What will the economy of the future look like?
    Where will advancing technology, job automation, outsourcing and globalization lead?

    Is it possible that accelerating computer technology was a primary cause of the current global economic crisis–and that even more disruptive impacts lie ahead?

    This groundbreaking book by a Silicon Valley computer engineer and entrepreneur explores these questions and shows how accelerating technology is likely to have a highly disruptive influence on our economy in the near future–and may well already be a significant factor in the current global crisis.

  • John S

    Don’t blame me, I voted for the American in 2008.

  • David Cripe

    Official Unemployment
    Rate Is An ‘Official’ Lie,
    See this link;

  • john w

    #8 “Nations such as China are taking jobs away from us.”

    Excuse me, but last time I checked, the Chinese weren’t doing much of anything – American companies were rushing as fast as they can to any country that provides them with slave labor. And American consumers are rushing to spend their money of things they don’t need that have been made in the slave-labor countries.

  • We’re approaching a fork in the road, in which we can go one of two ways. One in which robotization creates extreme wealth for a few and strips everyone else of their basic freedom and dignity, locking them in welfare dormitories essentially indistinguishable from prisons, just for being surplussed humanware, or one in which robotization gives everybody the freedom to seek full self-actualization.

    Read Manna to see what our future could look like.

  • The Illuminati through BHO have found the best and quickest way to destroy America-thru taxes and regulations. A friend retired from the IRS said that taxes were unfair and overly complex. Most of the revenuers aren’t familiar with the rules they are supposed to enforce. The party is over, folks. it’s BOHICA time. Bend over, here it comes again.

  • flubadub


    Thanks for the link. Best line in that book (so far) is this: “Offshoring is the small wave that distracts you. Automation is the big one further out that you don’t see coming.”
    Although there is a huge cost in jobs lost to foreign labor, jobs lost to technology will ultimately exceed even that cost.

  • Rocky

    In my opinion, the beginning of the end for the American worker was when Clinton signed NAFTA into law. We may well have passed the point of no return, it was great while it lasted. WE let our elected officals do this to us!

  • roger in florida

    The solutions are known and simple:
    1. End the wars and bring home all the troops, cut defence budget by 50%, save $700Bn annually.
    2. Institute 20% VAT, this would immediately raise prices of imported goods by 20% thus encouraging local manufacture.
    3. Disband Dept. of Education & HUD completely, reduce Dept. of Justice 90%, EPA 90%, all remaining Federal employess 25% paycut.
    4. Have PBGC take over all public pension assetts and liabilities, maximum pension payout is $50,000.00 per year under PBGC.
    5. Scrap income tax and corporation tax.
    6. Make Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security self funding by payroll taxes at whatever rate is necessary to cover costs.
    Chance of any of this happening? Zero, we are headed for chaos, civil war and breakup of US into white/nonwhite states.

  • Magnolia

    We spent over a week in Savannah, GA and Tybee Island, GA during the holidays. While we were there, we watched cargo ship after cargo ship bring in thousands upon thousands of containers from around the world. The Georgia Port Authority is reported to be the fourth largest container port in the U. S. Just standing there on the Savannah River and watching ship after ship roll into port revealed to us how many millions of jobs have been sent overseas.

    Think about it……go through your home……look at the tags in your clothes, your dishes, appliances, furniture, etc. 99.5% of everything you see will be made in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, India or Peru (while the majority will be made in China) Try to buy anything made in the USA. There are a few things that you can still buy that are made in the USA (Lodge Cast Iron, Anchor Hocking Glassware and Corelle Dishes), but it takes quite a search on the internet. Even Lodge Manufacturing, who manufactures their cast iron in Tennessee, has sent their new enameled cast iron line to China. Many companies are sending part of their lines to China while making part of their line in the USA.

    Even more frightening are the numbers of American vitamin manufacturers who import their ingredients from China, to be assembled in the USA. Many vitamins on the shelves today have ingredients made in China. In Dollar General, many of the cosmetic products and cleansers are made in Korea. Consequently, if you take a closer look, you will notice that on the store shelves, many companies do not report where a product is made – only where it is “Distributed By”. “Distributed By” and “Made In” are two different things. It’s a shame because this country could be 100% self-sufficient in every area of businesss, industry and agriculture. We could produce ALL of our own food, clothing, machinery, furniture, technology, etc. – and we are throwing it ALL away for a few more bonuses in the pockets of a few greedy men. In the end – GREED, selfishness and sheer materialism will destroy this country. It’s not about the people, it’s about the bank accounts.

    • It would help if all these “made in China” things weren’t hella CHEAPER than their US counterparts. It’s time-consuming and difficult and usually more expensive to try to find “made in the USA” things. It’s a vicious circle, I know, but Americans are too broke to buy American-made items.

  • Jason

    And this is what it looks like when you harvest a tax farm….prime capitalists (200 billion+) have been moving their capital to China and India for some time…the move is almost complete and then final decline of America….but wait, google Albert Pike and his vision of three world wars in 1871 and we may jsut get this third one on jsut in time to keep the first truly global empire alive….

  • Colin

    I often hear these questions asked about a growing population – where will these people live? what will they eat and drink? will they be having a higher standard of living? – and I feel they are missing one of the most important questions, where will these people get jobs?

    I feel that what is happening in our country is being experienced in every other country or territory in the world. Our population is far too large for both ourselves and nature. Larger numbers of people means fewer resources for everyone.

    I personally feel that I will never have a job again. I am 38 years old, approaching 39 quickly, and I feel I don’t have all the resources needed to even succeed in this new economy. I don’t make friends easily, and I am not a member of a network. I am thankful for whatever assistance I can get from the government, for now.

    I feel anger and humiliation when I saw our leader plead and implore the business leaders of our country to hire more Americans and place more investment in America. I feel this is unprecedented for I have never heard, seen, or read of any other president doing this. I think many Americans wanted a FDR, a man who would challenge corporations and his Congressional opponents, in the White House. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama is not this man.

  • Frieda

    The points made in this excellent, coherent article really summarize how things are now, but let’s just wait and see what the next years bring.

    The last three jobs I have applied to, had hundreds of applicants, and I know this because the rejection letters stated so. Having a masters, is actually a hindrance (classical studies)to most specialized jobs. Further, having to pay thousands for a supposed career change has barely made a dent in the job search. It’s awful. Having to attend community college for extra classes, in the hopes of sharpening my skills is a Sisyphean task. After 2 years of being unemployed, I’m just not seeing the “change”, Oboma the great rhetorician promised. The only change is that the middle class is in tatters, outscourcing is rampant, and the Banksters own us.

  • J

    As technology gets better, quicker, faster, smaller, and more efficient, the displaced worker will loose purchasing power and this trend is not going away. The type of money we use will fail and will collapse. We need to change the kind of money we use or go toward a Resource Based Economy.

  • tom

    i hear you mondobeyondo. i hope to get busy soon too so I don’t blog so much. Its a passtime from being bored as hell. I can’t describe how many interviews I’ve had where I’m one of dozens applying for the same job. You learn a lot on here for sure but its not paying the bills.

  • David

    Please refer to this link

    US unemployment to remain high for years, says Bernanke.

  • David

    Another thing never brought up here beside the Economic collapse is The thread of Terrorism to add to the rest of crisis.

    Janet Napolitano: US terror threat highest since 9/11

  • Buzz

    The personal tax rate is the lowest its been since 1950. Obama just extended the tax cuts for the wealthy for 2 more years in a
    depression. His stimulus package was mostly tax cuts. The corporate tax rate is high but the effective tax rate is close to zero for major corporations like Exxon which paid ZERO federal taxes last year. Corporate taxes as part of the GDP keeps declining.

    Corporate profits under Obama are the highest they’ve ever been while main street burns.

    Obama has stocked his administration with the same Wall street executives who helped wreck this economy.

    Seriously, you guys need to stop watching Fox.
    How anyone could buy that this guy is a socialist is beyond me. I agree 100 percent about a coming collapse but to say its because Obama is too liberal is a freaking joke. Stop playing this red/blue game. There is only one color that matters in Obama’s world is GREEN.

    You are being played by corporations who try to con you into believing that you might get rich some day if you let corporations do whatever they want without paying their fair share when you’re really making sure that the divide between rich and poor stays at its all time high. Please wake up.

  • Richard Allen

    Maybe its time to man up and stop being wussies.

    Face the fact Americans have been dumbed down, and the skills needed today require massive personal change.

    We waste so much time in America well its over. Spend your time on the computer educating yourself…No more gamers unless you make a full time living from it.

    Live small,light and mobile. Buy on credit only if you can make money from it.

    Who cares about Jersey shore or LiLo, let them fade away fast You have better things to do….like get a JOB.

    We need a good swift kick in the pants….maybe Amy Chua’s book on Tiger Mothers came out just at the right time

  • therealjames

    Don’t lose hope dear Americans, the coming of crisis of Capitalism is almost be at hand!

    Be ready!

  • ..
    1) NAFTA (Ross Perot was right)

    2) Illegal immigration

    3) Outsourcing

    4) Lowering of tarrifs

    5) Change in trade policy with Communist China and others.

    6) Globalisation and Socialism

    7) Washington DC

  • My sympathies to those out of work and still looking, but I’m getting tired of this national, political obsession w/ jobs and job creation as if it were the independent variable that can just be increased at will by the gov. Reminds me of the line from John Wayne’s movie “McLintock!”, when a young guys asks to be given a job, “you got it all wrong, I don’t give jobs, I hire men”
    Wish the govt would stop giving jobs and get out of the way for industry to hire men (and women). Or creating the demand instead of the supply.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Michael Crouch

    How’s that “Hope and Change” thing working out!? All you good little liberals!? Guess it’s all Bush’s fault huh?

  • impeachRonPaul

    1) Unregulated Capitalism
    2) Churches taking civil rights with help of republicans

    3)Lack of investment in education
    5)Perot is a religous right fascist

  • karen

    First I would like to thank the folks of this web so much for speaking the truth, people are more happy hearing lies the truth gets you slammed. I wished people would do their homework, the info is there if you want to know what is really going to happen, this is all in the Great Game, go research, all that is happening in this world is done on the Great Chess Board, go search Albert Pike and world war 3, the world is ran by a few that own everything, read the Sheeple letter, find out for yourself. People need to work together, communities need to work together, you can over come much but you have to try, peope just don’t care anymore they live in this dream world that all is well but is is not and it is only going to get worse. Word to the wise food riots coming in the spring, to this country!!!

  • Ron Paul was right all along.

    Roger in Florida has the most intelligent, logical approach. Good job.

  • Me

    Reason #11: With the number of people increasing who are working two or three jobs to pay for their living expenses and support a family, that is fewer jobs to go aroundjob seekers to fill. Think about it: if you were unemployed and qualified for any number of jobs, but those jobs were already filled by people who are holding TWO or THREE jobs, then there are many fewer job opening to fill compared with decades ago when few people had to work several jobs just to pay their bills.

    Reason #12: Overqualified individuals working in retail/fast food type of jobs because jobs they qualify for no longer exist – well, those people are taking away opportunities for those at the bottom of the food chain, i.e., those with few skills and only a high school education. Someone with an impressive resume, credentials, college degrees, and experience can fill any of a number of job openings available at any given time. Someone who only knows how to clean an office building, take fast food orders, or drive a delivery truck is only going to be able to fill job openings looking for someone with those very narrow qualifications.

    • Paige

      Actually, no. People with credentials and tons of impressive college degrees aren’t getting jobs because all that matters in this economy is RECENT WORK EXPERIENCE with work-related references. Not academic ones from professors or your high school teachers who got you INTO the upper tier college. Yalies and Princetonians working at Taco Bell and Wal-Mart if and only if they can GET it, because the degree alone these days is almost worse than being a high school graduate with no experience at all.

  • steven

    regulation, as one pointed out earlier, can be a source of job creation. why don’t corporations like it? it cuts profits. however, it has little effect on marginal profits- because regulation is largely a fixed cost- companies will still hire as long as the marginal benefit of a worker exceeds his wage. the jobs generated by regulation easily would outnumber the jobs cut by inflation. there are very few industries who would be fundamentally altered by regulation- i would like to see an administration call big business’s bluff.

    the one exception would be banks- regulation prevents them from ripping its customers, most of whom are at a spectacular informational disadvantage, off. and i hardly feel bad for doing that- as michael lewis so simply pointed out, shuffling money around is of zero social utility.

  • Kevin


    “because regulation is largely a fixed cost- companies will still hire as long as the marginal benefit of a worker exceeds his wage. the jobs generated by regulation easily would outnumber the jobs cut by inflation.”

    Personally I like regulating corporations. The problem is with globalization it’s not a fixed cost because the wealth creating facilities (manufacturing) in the developing world have few to none regulations. Unfortunately due to the delta in labor costs if we abolished OSHA and the EPA companies would still flee the US for 50 cent per hour virtual slaves. China kills a couple of hundred miners per year. That’s what you get when you abandon regulations.

  • Elliott Teesdale

    Strange that there is no mention of the 15 Million illegal immigrants sucking jobs, in addition to the 1.2 Million Leagal immigrants we suicidally admit on an annaul basis. The Author is either duplicitous or stupid.

    • Well, the immigrants aren’t per se “sucking jobs” but rather making it impossible for anyone educated who DOESN’T speak their language to GET jobs because all the jobs remaining are jobs dealing with the illegal immigrants! Social workers, school district truant officers, police officers, law enforcement personnel, school district personnel, all of those jobs that may or may not be available are only available to those who can communicate with the foreigners in THEIR language. That’s the problem, not the immigrants per se taking “my” job. Chances are those immigrants aren’t taking MY job per se because they don’t possess New York State teaching licenses in Math. What happens, however, is that their presence in the population makes it so that to BE a Math teacher you almost HAVE to be bilingual. I mean, no one who’s qualified to get teaching credentials tends to be qualified to pick cotton or grapes or get jobs in hotel housekeeping, anyway. We’re not competing for the SAME jobs; their presence in the population as a majority makes it impossible for ME to get MY job “serving” THEIR kids.

      • Alex

        excellent point !!!, I am from Canada, hold MA in Social Science from one of the top schools. To teach in certain private institutions even post secondary level courses in major Canadian cities you almost required to be bilingual- Asian languages, to meet the needs of the ever growing Asian student population over Caucasian.

        • P Kennedy

          I was born in Canada, but I’m not there NOW so that makes me “from” Canada. The middle of this country doesn’t understand proper English so everyone keeps asking me where the hell I’m “from” so when I say “Canada” I wonder why they’re asking where I was born. Did you mean you’re THERE NOW or that you’re actually born there?! Where I live NOW or where I got my education as an adult is not the same as where I’m “from.”

  • Bill Fuss

    Corporate America was used to Government bending to the political pressure from GOP Bush’s Administration. Time comes when everyone has to lived up to the laws of manufacturing and paying the taxes smaller business have figured out how to live with and withstand International competition. The pratice of throwing out International competition is a master cover up of the truth. We all have been fouled by these lies. It is about time for Corporate America to live with rest of American working class.

  • Sheldon Plankton

    You’ll notice an abundance of these stories about how our current financial crisis is the product of those ‘damned gubmint regulations.’ This laughable but sadly effective BS is clearly part of the continuing and concerted effort by big money to propagandize the masses into supporting policies that work to impoverish the masses and further enrich the rich. Remember: the rich own the government, and it does what they want. It’s as if I wrote an article complaining about MY dog crapping on my neighbor’s lawn, and asking why MY NEIGHBOR won’t solve the problem!

  • Kevin

    Bill Fuss

    The US is is hemorrhaging wealth due to “Free Trade” with slave labor nations. The reason so much emphasis is placed on small business in the US is because big business cannot compete with slave labor fueled developing world tariff free imports. Big business, the traditional supplier of “good jobs at good wages” has been abandoned. Most often the small business is in the non globally competitive service economy (which ultimately feeds off of wealth creating manufacturing) traditionally far less profitable paying far lower wages and benefits. Otherwise the small business is in a local market too small to be in competition with global slave labor but also too small to employ a sufficient number of people. No nation long survives with a high standard of living with Mom and Pop jobs outside of those few that geographically sit on an extremely abundant energy and or mineral resources. The developed world falsely maintained their standard of living with an ever expanding supply of cheap money through debt. It’s now obvious to even the most naive that such a policy cannot be maintained indefinitely.

    If you want to see the results of the intentional lowering of tariffs with slave labor nations just look at Detroit, Allentown Pa (“We’re living here in Allentown and their closing all the factories down”), Camden NJ or any host of other cities. One glance at the news shows state by state reporting pending bankruptcy. The Federal government is bankrupt only surviving because of it’s unique ability to get money out of the thin air. Small business cannot replace “Big Business”.

    The above isn’t an excuse but rather a deep dark self inflicted reality. One by one the power elite manipulated the countries in the developed world to open their internal markets to virtual slave labor nations. We’re seeing and feeling the results.

  • The Unicorn

    I know this is going to step on a few toes.Guess what? its the truth and I hope anyone that disagrees checkout whats actually going on and not the lies spread from the top on down all the way to the soccer mom screaming “Go team go RA RA!!.”

    Our public and to some degree private educations systems K-12 and to a big degree higher education is nothing more than a “BIG TOILET”

    They just fill you full of Sh#t! and then flush you down the sewer.Then your expected to find a job.Your average peasant in China has more practical jobs skills then the average American with a 2 year degree.

    Its a shame and a waste of a valuable opportunity.

  • Kevin

    The Unicorn

    Well probably not the average peasant in China but I do agree the standards in the US are low.

    We had a South Korean engineer at work that told me that a lot of his core college courses in the US were easy because he had them in HS back in Korea. Kids there did not take off for summer and after school every day went to the library to study. Their parents brought them dinner at the library where they stayed until 9 PM.

    Compete with that!

    • Growing up in the Bay Area, all of my classmates at my college-prep high school were Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Philippino or otherwise SouthEast Asian and yes, American-born ones but their parents weren’t, so basically I grew up around that same mentality. Yeah it’s hella hard to compete with. All of their Stanford/Berkeley/UCLA/Harvard/Cambridge degrees lo these 22 years later, seem to be worth more to them in the job market than my Yale/Cornell ones just because they’re Asian and I’m American Indian – and employers and interviewers simply SEE Asian faces at the interview and automatically ASSUME that their work ethic must be better than mine even though we grew up and went to school together!! What I’m saying is that even the American descended counterparts of the Asians have the advantage in the job market over here. They get all the jobs first here too.

  • YakieDackie

    To blame government regulations such as FDA food labeling for the outsourcing of jobs is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
    Most corporations in this country PAY NO TAXES! That is an indisputable fact.
    Corporations outsource jobs for one reason and one reason only: CHEAP LABOR!!!

  • jOE

    I dont think people grasp how domestic regulations hurt middle class not wealthy class.

    More often than not the wealthy class use the regulations to shut down competition, which is evident when one looks at the heads of these regulation-boards and where they previously came from, i will only give 1 example: 11 of the past 20 head of commissioners of the FDA went straight to lobbying for drug companies after leaving their post.

    The bill past in 2010, the “banking regulation” bill, is a fraud; all the bill did was put a federal reserve feeding-tube to the 5 major banks, so that way they can get unlimited banker bailout without asking congress.

    Simple as this, bring back Glass-Steagle Act, levy heavy tariffs, lower domestic taxes and regulations (unless its on companies like GE) and begin to bring back jobs. Along side that we need to implement a good immigration policy, because immigrants lead to lower wages, unless they are imported correctly and soundly.

    Thank you, please go learn if this does not make sense.

  • john

    This is a horrible web site. Complete trash… I feel bad for the writers, owner, companies that pay money to have their advertising up on this site.. etc. Please.. subscribe to wallstreet journal or take a business/economics class. Thank you

  • Spencer

    Great Article. The Liberal/Socialists are happy- never let a good crisis go to waste.

    We have been preparing for the economic collapse for some time…we moved out of California to a State that is friendly to Agriculture.

    We bought a very small house- easy to heat/cool, low taxes, etc.

    We always plant a garden, now it is bigger than before, and we added poultry.

    We both work, and will do so until one or both loose employment.

    We invested out of the stock market, where the Government can’t get to our money.

    We are still looking for ways to preserve our hard earned wealth- so that the likes of Obama and Micheal Moore can’t take it.

  • Dick Turpin

    Guess what – borders are coming down fast – that means it’s no longer useful to focus on YOURself, YOUR family, YOUR country, etc. You have to think globally – period. You have to think about the the entire global community – that should be your focus, not YOU or your family or your country – but ALL of it all at once.

    In practical terms – you have to be mobile, you can’t have a mortgage hanging over you, you must speak multiple languages, you must be comfortable interacting with many different cultures.

    This is no time for family values-American dream-suburbia-type living. That approach worked for awhile, from about 1950-2000. It’s totally different now. The dream is totally different. And it only appears to be a nightmare to those who are still stuck in the “old” dream.

    Good luck!

  • Guest55

    “In practical terms – you have to be mobile, you can’t have a mortgage hanging over you.”

    Haha Now try selling that theory to people who try to have a mobile lifestyle yet constantly get harassed for trying to do so. Can’t park here, move along, etc. Can’t park here, we’ll zoning law the f**k out of you. ad nauseum

    Think we better scrap some of those old laws that go with the old dream before we can become mobile hassle free. Because there’s very, very few interested in paying for a shoebox studio apt (That usually requires an immobile lease)when the rents compete with their existing mortgages in price.

  • Guest55

    And as far as technology goes, machines don’t buy goods and services. They just sit dormant when not doing their specified function. So to all those companies shelling out millions to displace workers, it will eventually come home to roost. Enjoy bankruptcy court!

  • klu57

    Try to find a job at 57 years old with no work
    history for tha p;ast five years! Not going to happen. I am so disgusted these days. The US is going to Hell very soon!

    • FUEconomy

      It’s the same for a 24 year old… with no work history for the past 5 years. You can’t get a job without work history… yet if you’ve never been able to get a job how are you supposed to have work history. Even for those older with Lot’s of experience, they can say “You have too much experience for us we need someone with less”. It’s ridiculous.

    • Robert Jackson

      It is the same for a 35 year old who graduated top of their class and was self employed from 18 to 28. I can’t even get an interview, an email or phone call.

    • Jonathan Hopkins

      it is also hard for a marine with a college degree and 8 years experience. You’re better off outsourcing yourself too. When in Rome…

    • P Kennedy

      Oh no, ALL they care about is recent work history. You could have three master’s and two PhD’s and if they were all earned in the 90’s then you’re screwed. Unemployable. On the streets or living in your car.

  • Luke

    America sucks right now. Thanks, wall street! I hate my life.

  • This article is not trash, Indeed, it’s nothing but the truth…America is perhaps at its worst right now.

  • q q

    OVERPOPULATION is the problem. Too many people are breeding at an alarming rate and have continued to do so for a very long time. This is the reason why NEITHER conservative or liberal policies work. Simply put, too much demand, too little supply.

    This problem exists all over the world, including Europe and Asia. Overpopulation is what leads to other problems as well: money running out, competition increasing (along with nepotism and networking increasing) migration increasing, supplies running low in all aspects of life, originality running out, niches no longer existing, government regulations and red tape increasing, bills going up, water, mineral, gas and other natural resources running out, global warming increasing, job vacancies decreasing etc. Feel free to add more to the list.

    We need to stop blaming the politicians and the elite for all of our problems. Yes, they are to blame for a large number of the problems they have created such as greed, but at the same time we also need to take RESPONSIBILITY for playing our part which also contributes to the same problems. Everyday more and more people are having children for whatever selfish reason it maybe. Some do it to exploit the benefit system while others do it for the need of their maternal/paternal instincts. But whatever reason it maybe, the increasing population rate is DAMAGING and creating more SUFFERING in our world. There are already enough people in the world as it is. We do not need anymore people.

    It is time that people use their intellect over their instincts and contribute less harm to our society.

    • Good to see a non-superficial reply to superficial analysis. Don’t forget that cheap oil enabled massive economic/population growth, and now that oil production is peaking globally (flat since 2005) said growth can’t continue.

      An economy based on perpetual growth & debt repayment is inherently unstable, and rising oil prices in 2008 finally derailed it. This time it’s a geological oil shortage, not a political one, as when U.S. oil production peaked in 1970 but we could still get cheap oil from foreign countries.

    • Daniel Dupuy

      Overpopulation is a myth. We could all fit in the state of texas if we wanted to; but there’s money in squeezing everybody into dense cities. The government pays farmers to NOT grow crops because they can farm so efficiently that prices will become next to nothing. Water might be a problem but we could always filter sea water. More jobs are created as a result of larger numbers of younger people because of the way the system is set up at the moment.

  • James

    America is the worst is now.

  • Eattherich

    Your source for #1 says job openings since 09 rose 30% or so…..

  • You’re leaving a huge factor out of the equation: the effect of “Peak Oil” on energy prices, and the subsequent need of employers to cut costs. Without cheap energy the economy can’t afford growth-as-usual, which includes jobs-as-usual.

    This *global* recession was not just caused by financial games in America. Economist Jeff Rubin does a particularly good job of explaining the core problem.

  • Smart Money

    It is waaay harder to get a job in 2013 than 2011. It feels like 2009 again.

    • P Kennedy

      Try 2016. Even worse.

  • laura

    Population control is something to be considered. There should be an limit on the number kids you have or you pay higher taxes. If you have more than 2 kids you will not qualify for any government assistance. Something needs to be done and soon. Resources are running out slowly. I think people who have one kid or no kids should get a tax credit and money back. I am employed and stressed out to lack of staff due to cut backs. I have been trying to find another job and will even take a pay cut to be home more with my family. I have been looking for a year now and nothing. I have had 4 interviews with no offers. It is getting scary.

    • P Kennedy

      I would love it if there were some kind of reward for NOT having had kids when I couldn’t keep a job despite multiple college degrees from top universities. But no. Everywhere I go that gets one PENALIZED in ways like: being on income-based housing wait lists FOREVER for having “no priority”, having no cash assistance whatsoever when one loses one’s job even if the employer was so wrong that you’re SUING them, etc. I need to take my French passport and GO somewhere where the government HAS to support me while I try to find and keep a damn JOB with all my degrees!!

  • Marie

    Very interesting that you omitted immigration from your list.

  • marcayla

    Idky it’s such a big production nowadays to find work. Its like…just give me a job how hard is that? ¬_¬ Apparently too hard.

  • P Kennedy

    Depending on what part of KKKanada you are in, you could live on social assistance forever. If you’re First Nations in KKKanada you would not even get that job as a line cook with all your degrees. I was born in KKKanada, came BACK as an adult with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, law degree, and Math teaching license, and couldn’t get a job AT. ALL. So don’t think for a minute you had to be BORN THERE. That only makes it WORSE.

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