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10 Signs That The American People Are Starting To Freak Out About The Condition Of The Economy

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All over America, restlessness and frustration are growing. It has now been almost three years since the great financial crash of 2008, and yet the U.S. economy is still a complete and total mess.  In fact, there are all sorts of signs that things are about to get even worse, and the American people are just about fed up.  Virtually every major poll, survey and measure of consumer confidence shows that the American people are becoming more pessimistic about the economy.  Millions of hard working Americans that worked their fingers to the bone for their employers and that did everything “right” are sitting at home on their couches tonight staring blankly at the television.  Many of them still have a hard time believing that they were laid off and that there is nobody out there that wants to give them a good job.  There are millions of other Americans that won’t get much sleep tonight because they will spend much of the night rolling around in bed wondering how they are possibly going to be able to pay the mortgage.  We have never faced such an extended economic downturn in modern U.S. history, and a lot of people are starting to freak out about the condition of the economy.  As Gerald Celente likes to say: “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose – they lose it.”

Every single month, the number of good jobs continues to go down.  Wall Street actually rewards companies that have a good “outsourcing strategy”.  As I have written about previously, a growing percentage of the jobs that are being “created” these days are very low paying jobs.  But you can’t support a family, pay a mortgage or even afford decent health insurance on what you would make stocking shelves at Target or passing out buckets of chicken for KFC.

The American people keep waiting for “hope” and “change” to show up, but all they get instead are more helpings of “despair” and “frustration”.

Sadly, most Americans still cling to the hope that if the “next election” will just turn out the right way that things will be okay.  But the truth is that things seem to stay on pretty much the same course no matter who we put into office.

For many years the status quo seemed to be okay for most people, but now we are starting to reap the results of the economic seeds that we have sown.

Now our economic decline is starting to accelerate and people are starting to panic.  Most Americans may not know why all of this is happening, but what many of them do know is that something in their gut is telling them that things have gone terribly, terribly wrong somehow.

The following are 10 signs that the American people are starting to freak out about the condition of the economy….

#1 Things have already gotten so bad that Americans will literally trample one another just to get on a waiting list for rental assistance vouchers.  Just check out the following excerpt from a local news report about a recent incident in Texas….

At least eight people were hurt Thursday morning while scrambling to line up for a limited number of Dallas County rental vouchers — after waiting for hours in their cars.

People lined up Thursday morning to apply for Dallas County Section 8 housing vouchers. Dallas County sheriff’s spokesman Kim Leach estimated the crowd at about 5,000.

Video of this incident is posted below.  One of the people that was trampled was a pregnant woman….

#2 Almost every measurement of consumer confidence is going down.  For example, the Conference Board’s consumer confidence index fell from 61.7 in May to 58.5 in June.

#3 The Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index has fallen to 63.8 after being at 71.5 in June.  It is now the lowest that it has been since the last recession “ended”.

#4 The Rasmussen Consumer Index is down 9 points from a month ago.

#5 A recent poll taken by Rasmussen found that 68 percent of Americans believe that we are actually in a recession right now.

#6 According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that lack confidence in U.S. banks is now at an all-time high of 36%.

#7 In many areas of the United States this summer, just about anything that is not bolted down is being stolen by people that are desperate for money.

#8 According to one recent poll, 39 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy has now entered a “permanent decline”.

#9 Another recent survey found that 48 percent of Americans believe that it is likely that another great Depression will begin within the next 12 months.

#10 According to a brand new Reuters/Ipsos poll, 63 percent of Americans believe that the nation is on the wrong track.  That figure is three percent higher than it was last month.

One of the only things preventing chaos from breaking out in the streets of our cities from coast to coast is government handouts.

Today, almost 20 percent of all personal income in the United States comes from benefits provided by the federal government.

You don’t believe this?  Just check out what the New York Times recently had to say….

Close to $2 of every $10 that went into Americans’ wallets last year were payments like jobless benefits, food stamps, Social Security and disability, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics.

There are tens of millions of Americans that are living “on the edge”, but at least the massive government handout programs are enabling most of them to survive.

So what happens when the checks from the government stop coming?

Look, I am not advocating that the “welfare society” that we have become is a good thing.  Today, Americans receive more in direct government benefits than they pay in taxes.  That is not even close to sustainable.

What I am pointing out is that tens of millions of Americans that are deeply suffering are currently being pacified by these government handouts.  Once the handouts are cut significantly or taken away completely it is going to unleash a lot of anger and frustration.

Of course what the American people really need are good jobs that will give them dignity and allow them to provide for their families, but millions of those keep getting shipped out of the country.

So the only thing that millions of Americans still have to hang on to are their government benefits.  Once that changes a whole lot of people are going to throw a fit.

In fact, we are already seeing some really bizarre behavior across the United States.  In many areas of the country we are literally watching society crumble right in front of our very eyes.

If you doubt this, just check out these two articles….

1) “Americans Gone Wild

2) “18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

But not all Americans will resort to lawless behavior.  In fact, there are a lot of really good, hard working people out there that this economy has left behind.

There are some people that have put in decades of hard work only to see their dreams shrivel up over the past few years.

Some of the stories people send me are absolutely heartbreaking.  I have looked at each and every comment that has been left on The Economic Collapse over the past couple of years.  Needless to say, it has taken a huge investment of my time to go through more than 20,000 comments.  But in the process I have gotten a very good idea of what people are going through across the nation.

So how badly are people hurting?  Well, a reader identified as “Anna44” recently shared with us what some of her family members have been going through in this economy….

My B-I-L was a dealership owner/manager who worked long hours over 38 years and had to close his doors when Saturn was dissolved. When his dealership went under, 72 others lost their job. That’s 72 families who took a hit. He lost his home, everything. A few of his former employees lost their homes as well eventually. They were not lazy or WORTHLESS. It took him a year and a half to finally find something, but now he lives in a hotel unable to qualify for a house or apartment. This is an educated man who competed nationwide for top dog and got it more then once. His biggest fault? He’s almost 60, young enough to need the work, but too old to be hired.

As for my husband- 26 years AF officer, handling millions & billions on International & National levels has just entered his 7th month of unemployment. Two tours abroad- lazy he is NOT. He doesn’t qualify for unemployment, nor is he counted because he gets a retirement check. He wants and needs to work- yet there is little out there. If he doesn’t find something soon, we too will lose the home we sunk every cent into after 20 years of saving for it!

All across America tonight there are similar stories.  People have done everything “right” all of their lives and they are frustrated that now they have been pushed to the edge of poverty by this economy.

Unfortunately, it looks like things may soon get even worse.  Economist David Rosenberg recently told CNBC the following….

“We’re just one small shock away from the economy going back into recession.”

That is not what the American people want to hear.

What they want to hear is that things are about to get better.

What they want to hear is that things are going to get back to normal soon.

Sadly, that is just not going to be the case.

The economy is going to get worse and worse, and the frustration and the anger of the American people is just going to continue to grow.


  • Johnson

    Check out this good story:

    Down but not out: Voices of the long-term unemployed

    • moses737

      All I saw in these people were total blindness and confusion. As most of them don’t even know that they are being set up for a total enslavement and takeover of the International Bankers/Illuminati/Oil Barons. Most of the 6000 people who blogged were totally dumbfounded and very spiritually ignorant of what is going on and this broke my heart. As many of them don’t know God or the HOly Bible prophecies. So they are ripe to be total beast chipped zombie slaves who will serve Satan and his antichrist beast leader; according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11.

  • John B.

    “Once the handouts are cut significantly or taken away completely it is going to unleash a lot of anger and frustration.”

    That may happen. But what also may happen is those living on government handouts get jobs, or start their own businesses. No doubt a certain percentage will turn to illegal activites, or perhaps they’re already involved in illegal activites in their spare time.

    Here’s another thought. What if the government just sent everyone a check for a million dollars? Would that improve the economic situation? Of course not, it would be a disaster. So we can easily see that having the government hand out money is not the answer.

    • Mike

      Where would they get the jobs from if the handouts were taken away? Alot of those people have jobs already, but don’t earn much. Also, they could try to start their own businesses, but in an economic depression, a majority of those people are bound to flop.

    • Mike

      I am not trying to say that government spending should not get cut. I think that the debt ceiling should NOT be raised, because the debt is becoming a noose around our necks, and with the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air to loan to the government, we could possibly have hyperinflation in the future.

      What I was trying to imply, and will state clearly in this reply, is that we need to have some minimal means of support for the mass numbers of people who will get thrown out onto the streets. Maybe churches and other charity organizations could set up dormitory style houses to cheaply house these people (with some help from the federal government) and feed these people with a combo of government surplus food and food that they themselves will get from working on government gardens. They should be required to work not just in gardens, but in their cities, picking up garbage, cleaning graffiti, etc. We can’t simply forget about these poor souls, but at the same time we need to instill a solid work ethic in them.

    • John! Wake up! You are having a dream. Yes, anyone can “start a business.” But that doesn’t mean that anyone will buy what you are offering. We have been eBay selleers for over 10 years. We have a 100% rating, over 2,200 positive feedbacks, are Power Sellers, and have Top Seller status. By all measures, we know what we are doing and are “successful.”

      But guess what. We used to sell LOTS of nice stuff. But NOT anymore. The business is TANKING! Why? Because people are NOT buying. We went for years without having to tap our reserves. Now we do it every month. Why? Because people are not spending because the either don’t have a job or they have some crappy job that just gets them by. Didn’t you read the above article? Passing our chicken buckets at KFC ISN’T A JOB.

      We also make websites for small startup businesses. My wife does the sales and marketing of our services and is seeing a new opportunity-killing trend. People either buying their websites from India or people selling brokered website services using slave-wave Indians. NICE! It’s so heartening to see fellow Americans outsourcing opportunities to foreigners instead of keeping the money here in America where that $500 for a website can be used over and over and over again. Instead, the $500 leaves the nation, never to be seen or used again by an American!

      “But what also may happen is those living on government handouts get jobs, or start their own businesses.” You’re living inside a daydream based on an old, dead model of what America USED TO BE. I don’t know how big your pile of money is, but since current events form future trends, your pile of cash is going to run out, just like everyone else’s.

      • John B.

        I am doing just fine despite of the Obama depression. Most businesses do have slow periods from time to time. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for your business.

    • Karmakaze

      “What if the government just sent everyone a check for a million dollars? Would that improve the economic situation? Of course not, it would be a disaster.”

      IF? Have you not been paying attention to the bailouts? Oh right, government handouts to the rich don’t count.

      • John B.

        Most of the money loaned to the big banks has been paid back. As to the question of whether they should have been bailed out by the taxpayer in the first place. Since the taxpayers voted Clinton into the White House. And Clinton is the one that forced banks to lower their lending standards creating the subprime mortgage collapse. Yes the taxpayers are ultimately responsible.

        Clinton also signed NAFTA, the China fee trade agreement, and repealed Glass-Steagall. Of course Obama is doing even more damage by spending too much money, and using the EPA to shut down many industries.

        Be careful who you vote for, it does make a difference.

    • sharonsj

      John B, I started a small business last year. And guess what? There are very few customers. Everybody is going broke. Any other bright ideas?

      • John B.

        Work harder at it.

      • John B.

        Are you advertising on all the free internet services like Craigslist, Citysearch, Google Places, Merchant Circle, Superpages, Yahoo Local, Dex, Manta, Yellowbook, localdatabse, etc.?

        Have you tried any of the pay-per-click services like Google Adwords, or Google Boost? We started using Google Boost recently, and it works extremely well: **************

        Do you have your company name and number graphics on you vehicles? Consider parking near a high traffic area like Costco, Wal-Mart etc.

        Have you looked into a coupon drop with your local newspaper?

      • Jean

        This may not help you personally, but I think it’s important for each of us as individuals to TRY to patronize businesses that are in the US. In many places the grocery stores are switching to these “self-checkout” lanes. Whenever I see those I think – OK, so how many people did you lay off when you opened that thing up?? And you know what, I refuse to use them. If we all did that, there are a few jobs saved.

        For other items, it can be difficult because of prices, or what you need not being available, but at least TRY! For example, I am looking for some yarn, for some knitting projects I have in mind… I have had to do a lot of searching on the Web to find websites that carry yarn with sheep raised in the US and/or processed (spun and dyed) in the US … but there are a few places out there. Normally, the costs are higher – but I’ve made a pledge to myself that in the next year I will not buy any yarn that is not of US origin or processed (preferably both). We’ll see how that goes! It’s gotten nearly impossible to find fabric made in the US anymore, alas!

  • Prophet

    “We are just one small shock away from the economy going into recession.” – Where has David Rosenberg been living the last 3 years? This nation is in the middle of a depression. The bailouts, unemployment checks, low interest rates (for the banks only), food stamps, and other government handouts are the only things keeping this economy from going into complete free fall.

    The numbers all prove that we are in a depression. Unemployment keeps rising, incomes are stagnant, housing is still falling, and more and more jobs keep being outsourced.

    • moses737

      Yes prophet! But why is all of this happening? A True Prophet would know. He would know that this is all a sign of the times; according to the Holy Bible and what God is speaking to His True Church and people. Also go where other prophets are sometimes; which is and you will see why all of these things are happening.

      It is being done for the total collaspe and conquest of the Great American Empire; and the enslavement of the whole world under the Antichrist Beast System; where billions will be forced to take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in their forehead or hand; according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, which tells you what will happen to you if you take their evil and wicked Mark (chip).

  • bobbobbobbob

    u r rt but u still refuse to blame the blue dogs and the wasp corpterrorists rebuplicans. the real question is why your readers still believe in the rebuplican lies. DO U THINK THOSE HOME COMING SOLDIERS ARE GOING TO DIE IN THE STREETS?? those professional terminators will rock u.remember the store in ny –no word spoken just 4 dead. why dont u want o-care? why do support the party that completely believes in destruction of good jobs(outsourcing)?remember mcpain wanted to dissemble GM? what planet do u live on? killo-care?? u r loosers!!!! CHINA RULES

    • Dr. Ectomy

      Are you old enough to vote? Do you bother to research the propaganda you seem to embrace.

      You’re fixin’ to get a big lesson. Remember it!

      And by the way, May you continue to live in interesting times…

    • kent

      “Stupid is as stupid does.” You lack the common sense to put 2 words together.

  • Cheryl

    Americans largely live their lives out of touch with reality and nature so it’s bound to happen they will absolutely go insane for what is to come.

    • moses737

      Yes Cheryl and they will freak out and go insane because they didn’t prepare themselves; because they didn’t get to know Jesus. They have spent most of their time; having fun and enjoying their lives; and not giving their Creator God any time. And therefore; the God of nature that they serve will deny them and allow them to fall into tribulation and great distress, because it is Satan who has created all kinds of false beliefs and religions to totally capture them and bring them into the main religion that they have. The Luciferic religion of the Antichrist beast system.

  • InArizona

    There is no reason to freak out!! We have lost everything, our homes, our jobs, our credit. We have given the bank back two homes, changed cities, and my husband has taken a job at half salary that does not provide health insurance.

    Times are tough, but we have rented a nice home at lower rent than our mortgage. I have to say that it is much easier to manage life now, now that we do not have the worry of the negative equity home loans hanging over our heads and huge mortgage payments.

    I know strategic default is not for everyone, but for us it was a no-brainer due to job loss. I also have to say the stress reduction has been a God-send!

    Now we just pay our rent and work on our food storage while we live in a beautiful home we could never dream of owning. We also now have a pool and life is good!

    (Now when I say half-salary… it was half a small salary.. and yes; we have children .. and no; we do not get ANY assistance of any kind, it can be done!)

    • greg

      That’s real fair for the rest of us that are still trying to do the right thing. Strategic Default…you are the reason that the economy is not rebounding. Until people like you go back to renting and stay out of the real estate game, this country will never repair itself. Live within your means and STAY THERE!

      • InArizona

        you sir are an ass! you didn’t read WHY? Because of job loss.. an 11 year job for my spouse and a 7 year job for me.. six figures together. So I think we were well within our means to own a home!

        Save your judgements for someone else, I was trying to be positive for others out there that might find themselves in the same boat… and you come along and tell me I am the problem? Get real!

        We bought our home in the 90’s with money down and traditional loans LIKE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO, I did not cause this issue you big jerk go bark up someone else’s tree!

        And if you think for one minute, if it was in the bank’s best interest, they wouldn’t excercise their option for contractual default? Get real! companies, banks, & people do it ALL the time! It is right there in the contract, if you stop paying they get the house…duhhh!

  • Colin

    Ford is hosting a jobs lottery in Louisville, Kentucky. 17,000 people lined up to receive one of 1,800 winning tickets. Each of the tickets will give the winner a pre-employment testing which may lead to a hire.

    While Ford is hiring workers for a manufacturing plant, hundreds of others in this industry are losing their jobs or being given lay-off notices.

    25 jobs at Mayline
    184 jobs at Unilever
    200 jobs at Thermo-King
    159 jobs at Baldwin Hardware
    100 jobs at InterMetro
    1,900 jobs at Goodyear
    200 jobs at Covieden

    If I do my statistics correctly, this is a negative job growth. The number of jobs being created is much smaller than the number of jobs cut.

    • moses737

      Face it Collin. The New World Order driven International Bankers are saying to themselves; once we crash the economies of the world; we can have our One World (Luciferic) Government where we can enslave all of them. As they are our subjects and serfs and future slaves. And their next grand finale; their mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand.

  • Maria

    We downsized to a smaller home 4 years ago. Planted 20 fruit trees which are just starting to produce. Planted berries and grapes. We expand the garden a little each year too. Still, all of our “homegrown savings” cannot keep up with the inflation. We can barely supplement our own grocery needs, much less help our neighbors. It is getting tough.

    When people can no longer feed their families, that’s when the real problems begin. Hunger is going to tear this country apart.

  • dar

    O.K., my question is, can anything be done about what is going on in this country? So many people aware, calling representatives, congressmen ect. you name it and the government still does what it wants. The office of the president is becoming a dictatorship seat, the police state is growing, TSA gone wild ect., and NOTHING is or seemingly can be done about it. ALOT of angry, frustated Americans out on the blogs, alot of tough talk, but in all reality, what can be done? It seems as though we have turned into a nation of “sayers” and not “doers.” In my opinion, no one will do anything untill unfortunately it is too late. It’s comparable to a reallity T.V. show where you’re at home with a bowl of popcorn checking the news and blogs for the next big event further signaling the collapse. Really, in all honesty, what can the American people do besides watch it all unfold? Prepare?, yes, we can do that, but who will protect you from a mob of who knows how many people? If people find out you have food or anything else of value, they will get it or get you no matter how well your armed and If they don’t get you first, the nwo will for sure. I’m scared more for my young son and daughter, and all other children out there more than for myself! What can we do people? Everyday further down that hole we go, so what can we do? I hope Ron Paul wins the presidency, but is that going to stop them? May God Bless you and help all of us in Christs name.

    • moses737

      Dar. Its all spiritual. You have to really know God and His Holy Bible to see what is happening. Their end-game is to collaspe the economies of the world; in which America is their #1 objective. And then they will eventually have their One World Luciferic Government; where their antichrist beast leader will rule the whole world. And if you take their coming mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand; according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, you will be tormented 24/7 in hell, because it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader.

      The politicians are all in the devils mentioned above, pockets. They have sold out the American people; and they are also intimidated by these devils. So all you and I can do is get closer to God and know that in the end; He will prevail and defeat them all and have them plagued for 42 months of hell on the Earth; and then the lowest parts of hell imaginable.

  • schlomo

    For anyone reading this who is in dire straights, please read about couponing or watch videos on it on youtube, look up ‘coupon mom’. While I don’t do it, I see families buying cartloads of food and items for literally a few dollars and you probably can too armed with the knowledge to do so. Stores like CVS and Walgreens will be discounting their seed packets by late summer, so stock up on them for next year. You can also remove and save the seeds from any food you eat, especially seeds from organic food. Start a garden. When I was in my early twenties I had a large garden and grew far more than I could eat, with minimal work after the initial tilling and planting. And you can find some great high quality clothes at thrift stores, as I often do. Bottom line: you can greatly reduce your costs without any loss of quality.

    • Just me

      I wouldn’t count on seeds from stores other than Heirloom seeds sprouting the following year. I think most are treated and packed for just that yr.

    • BRAVO schlomo!!! Really! Anyone with a back yard that gets enough sunshine should do this. It’s a real DUGH!

      We live in a townhouse community with an association (yes, it’s a communitarian setup) with “common ground” areas. The commonground just behind us and to the south has a thick row of trees that has gotten so high, we no longer get ANY direct sunshine. I used to have flowers and potted veggies. But without any direct sunshine, the plants grow, but do not produce flowers that become veggies.

      AND, because the sun blocking trees are on common ground, I’m prohibited from cutting or trimming them. That would be a violation of the Green Acres Laws, here in New Jersey.

      So, we support our local farmer’s market – which aspects of the new Food Safety and Modernization Act want to get rid of.So, if you have a yard that gets good sunshine GROW FOOD!!!

    • Jean

      Good advice there! Other suggestions on cutting down food costs – try going vegetarian for SOME of your meals (not necessary to do it full time, if you don’t want to) and it can save you a bundle! I’ve implemented that in the past 2 months and my grocery bill has been HALVED! I still buy some meat/chicken or fish, but now only pick one for the week and stretch that out to go for 2-3 days.

      Think “peasant food” – things like rice & beans, soups & stews (especially with homemade bread) and go a long way to helping out your food budget and you can learn to make some really tasty stuff.

      As long term storage items, I would also be sure to include SALT (even if you are on a no-salt diet, it would be good for trading if the economy goes belly up) and some other spices. At least have some chili pepper seeds in your seed collection, as they grow very easily, can be dried quite easily, and add a lot of flavor to otherwise bland, cheap meals… even if you just use a tiny amount.

    • so true schlomo…but keep in mind for seeds to come back true they have to be non-hybrid.

  • mondobeyondo

    What happens when the government checks stop coming?

    You don’t want to know. And that’s why there’s bound to be some kind of a deal on the debt ceiling stalemate before August 2nd. Neither Obama, nor the Republicans nor Democrats can risk what would happen if it all breaks down.

    Someone’s gonna blink. I’m betting it will be Obama and Co. The Republicans took a hard right turn in the November 2010 elections, got a few Tea Party activists elected, and aren’t about to cave in to higher taxes. The Republicans aren’t going to back down.

    The Democrats SAY they won’t back down either. Obama says he won’t cave in. But the country’s future is at stake. We can’t risk a government default. If that happens, there will be Hell To Pay.

    If you work for the federal government, or receive government benefits or assistance – these are sleepless nights.

    • John B.

      How in the world can an organization with $2.5 trillion in income default? The only thing that will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised is that government will be forced to live within it’s means. NO MORE FREE MONEY HANDOUTS! And won’t it be great when we stop handing out billons to foreign countries that want to kill us all.

    • moses737

      If the government checks stop coming, REVOLUTION!! And if this happens; martial law will prevail, which they would love to see, so that they can bring about their One World (luciferic) Government sooner; and not later. That is probably their #1 objective for the people of our nation. We will be rioting like they are doing in Europe and the middle east. They are the masters of chaos. But those of us who know God won’t riot. We will be praying while; most of the nation is in flames.

    • Karmakaze

      There is already hell to pay. It’s just a matter of when.

      Obama wants to put it off until he’s out of office just like Bush did. The Republicans want to dump it on him.

      What you have to realise is what you are seeing is NOT an accident or an unforeseen consequence of bad government. This is what was MEANT to happen. The Republicans since at least the 80’s have been openly bragging about wanting to destroy the government -“Drown it in a bathtub” – and the Democrats have been their silent partner ever since.

      What you are seeing is the final step in the fascist takeover. All the money and power has been given to the corporations, now they just have to kill off the government. They’ll use you to do it.

  • ScoutMotto

    “Hope and Change?” thought it was “Grope and Strange.” The mainstream media will continue to pour happy sauce on the rotten meat until the people see it is not edible.

  • We are one shock or bump away from the masses realizing that that ere in Great Depression 2.

  • Mark

    I have been in the rental market since 1981. Tenants have looked at section 8 housing as a gold mine if they recieve it. Welfare is used as an early retirement package by some. It sad that our system has destroyed the desire to create new ideas with an ever growing section of people. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • Ben Dover

    The 48% are the optimists. Great depression2.0 started in 2007 (some say 2000) and only let up slightly for a while.

    But then, everyone reading this already knows that.

    Damn those people who lose it just because they paid on a home for 20 or 25 years and have it taken from them and get nothing (or a demand for the “excess balance”) out of a almost paid-off mortgage. Have a heart. How does anyone expect the banksters to endure life without such basic staples as yachts and private jets?

  • Quartermain

    I’m used to anger and frustration, but many are not.

  • And the politicans blabber on , with no answers not even adressing the real problem. BRING THOSE JOBS BACK FROM OVERSEAS, It would not take much to do it, unless our political heros are a bunch of NWO, globalist. Globalism is & will turn the entire world into one giant crimeriddled,corrupt,hellish sewer. So people need to start raising hell about a tax cut here and there , and tell these politican’s to stsrt adressing the real problems or vote their asses out. And quit buying into this republican democrat bull. the two party systrm is there to keep us bickering amongst ourselves, while they carry out the bidding of the banks & and multinationls. Ron Paul 2012

    • Hey, Captain Call, good to see you back in the saddle. Yes, we are being lead by NWO Globalist GHOULS. Unfortunately, “bring the jobs back” is unlikely. Here’s why.

      The big companies that sell to the big box stores are being told what the prices of their products will be. I used to be in the toy business and was always dismayed when Wall-Mart or Target wound TELL US how much a toy would retain for. So, the ONLY way the big businesses can offer product to the big box stores (that’s where the get the BIG bult orders – Mattel will not sell DO NOT see the jobs to Mom & Pop toy stores any more) is to use slave wave labor from the thrird world nations.

      The net result is that the big companies that have outsourced their labor hav ebuilt their business models on less than $1.00 per hour labor. Now, like crack or heroin addicts, that are TOTALLY ADDICTED to CHEAP SLAVE-WAGE LABOR.

      Unfortunately, I do not see ANY jobs coming home. I wish it was otherwise, but reality can is a BITCH.

    • veryconcerned

      ….this greatly used availability of imported cheap products is one thing that is killing us….these unnamed countries that are taking our ideas for products can be produced here,can be manufacted here
      ….we don’t give it any second thoughts when seeing what we covet when we buy things that seem soooo cheap!!
      ….somebody out there has the expertise to start up manufacturing of similiar items,especially “basic survival” items like water filters….basic non gmo gardening books….non religious flyers to inform and energize our neighbors into REALLY planning for emergency senarios[we need to get our neighbors on the same page]

  • Maria

    This is a great interview with Jim Rickards. He basically covers the corruption of the world’s major banks from top to bottom.

    The debt is still being created by the banks! Because they know they can get governments to bail them out! The countries of the world need to default. Put these banks out of business once and for all, and get rid of the central banking system.

    We do not have to be their slaves!

  • xander cross

    I agree with this article. You cannot pay rent or mortage having over five hours a week at a job. Most of these jobs cut hours so that the managers can make bonuses for themselves. Also, when you only have like ten hours, or fifteen hours a week, that is not going to pay rent. So I understand completley this article points. I am truly glad that I found this article long ago and I have been telling people about this site and that it will help you get prepared mentally and physically. Thanks Michael.

    • Michael

      Thank you Xander for being a regular reader. Everyone that visits this site regularly is truly appreciated.


  • Dave in Scenic City

    Please, sir, devote a few articles describing how we noble unemployed and underemployed can organize in groups to survive. I’m talking about forming local businesses (not restaurants or nail salons, BTW), pooling resources including capital outside of the multi-national banking system, investing and buying locally, etc. Of course, churches could/should be fulfilling this role but, by and large, they are not. Further, there exist many high-integrity folks who claim to be “unbelievers” or who are “believers” but are not part of such an organization. Bottom line is that we have the talent, education, and even the resources to do it if we build one step at a time and keep our resources out of the hands of the government/corporate succubus. I look at our past history and wonder what’s really happened to our ability to stand and walk as a community. Our ancestors did so much more with so much less.

    Peeling back layer after layer of the endemic corruption in our society gives us a better understanding and may guide us in our political orientation but it does not (IMHO) help us to address what we can/should do RIGHT NOW or as you might refer to as “what the Lord has put on the table before us”. Pls consider.

    • veryconcerned

      ……look for ,or start a group….you could be the spark that brings this country back from the brink
      …..we really need neighborhood flyers to inform and educate for worse case senarios
      …..we will need a food kitchen for each neighborhood to feed the kids
      …security enforced by the “sheepdogs”
      …leaders to keep things running smooth and safe
      ….nurses to keep us from getting ill
      ….the priorities need to be sorted out…it is complicated but it is a bottom line thing like prepareing for an earthquake or even a weekend camptrip….i could go on but i don’t even know if this will go thru as i haven’t”logged in”…[if that is nessesary]
      ….well for now ,hope this helps!!!

    • Great points…I think Charles Hugh Smith has a book on that…

      Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation

      He also has a great website that educates and is fair.

      Near the bottom of the website are archived articles. You tell me…smart guy, good guy.

  • iamawake1990

    Too many people are chasing too few resources. There are simply not enough jobs to go around and it is only going to get worse. Once we start to bring our troops home, where are they going to find work? I believe the elites in the world have figured it out, unless some new way of creating food, energy, and other resources is discovered soon, the population is going to have to be reduced to counterbalance the problem. Maybe that is why all of these little skirmishes are popping up all over!

    • veryconcerned

      ….there is going to be a need for people experianced with tactical defenive strategy if we have hyperinflation,or other threatening happenings….so our soldiers will be needed
      ….but as with all power factions we will need checks and balances,to keep any corruption or abuse of power from happening
      …i had the same thought of …what to do with an influx of troops returning….i thought we could start a job share situation…where we take turns if we can afford it with the [same job]…it would be complicated because i am in a union,but also there is a co-op idea floating around ,it is a “list” of needs,say ,like for instance i need some drywall done…and also i have foundation experiance…a data base puts the two needs and abilities together to match people up….the possibilities are endless
      …..someone has spare rooms…matched with a homeless family who has work experiance in an area needed by the homeowner…its a win/win situation….of course this will need checks and balances also because as we all know that conflicts arise ,everyone knows that “roommates” can be annoying,disruptive to our comfort zone,so there might be some shuffling going on to keep people at ease
      ….well i am kinda shooting from the hip here but seeing that we need to act i felt the need to put in my 2 cents
      ….any input and ideas?…..any assertive leaders out there?

  • xander cross

    I am a black male and that is not representation of most black people. Most of those people live on assistance through the government and yes, their behavior is wrong. The media focus on this on purpose to make black people look like animals, but they don’t show when other races do things are animalistic like dismembering an 8 year old boy. My point is that this is an media attack to have blacks and white against each other while the elite laugh at us. It’s good to point out things, but also, is bad when we all (all races of skin) are being destroyed by the elite.

    • InArizona

      Thank you Xander!

      I have seen it for so long, divide and conquer! We all need to stand together, encourage one another, and try to survive this. We cannot allow ourselves to be divided by race, gender, etc.

      We must join together and start an economic system that does not rob us blind. Barter systems are the only way we will be able to thrive. We can start small, our neighborhoods and progressively get larger. I am sure you have some skill you could swap out for eggs or veggies? Something. This is how we will survive this!

    • Dr. Ectomy

      Very true and fomented at the highest. If we all were to bring our sights to bear on the fed ar once…It would not go well for them.

      Keep us divided and conquered…And it seems so easy for them.

  • #5 A recent poll taken by Rasmussen found that 68 percent of Americans believe that we are actually in a recession right now. This one was a WTF moment for me. The fact that its only 68 % boggles my mind.

    It just shows how dumbed down the american people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Just me

      The other 32%(probably more) work for the government,state,counties and other municipales and they think the good life will never end, in the town near me everyone either works for the prison system, state or county hy-way or in some other public job or work in the medical field. they’re so brain dead that they can’t get it in their heads that they may have job security and making the big bucks, but the time is coming when their pay check will not buy a meal.

      • Jean

        Not brain dead here… I’ve had a career in public health for over 20 years, worked for a city, a county & a state government and currently work for the Feds. Do you honestly think someone in my position is naive and unaware of what’s going on and feels “secure”? Nope!

        Let me tell you what I know: last year I was told 6 or 7 times I might lose my job due to government shutdown (I was finally told “officially” the day before they made the last continuing resolution at something like shortly before midnight of the day before it would have happened). Again… nobody is telling any of us what will happen if we go over the debt limit, but most of us are assuming we’ll get laid off or rather just a “don’t bother showing up to work tomorrow” with no real notice.

        SO, why aren’t I and others like me looking for jobs outside the government? BECAUSE THERE DON’T SEEM TO BE ANY!

        I am 60, got excellent skills & education but even with that at my age and with no jobs out there do you think I have any choice but to try to hang on in there, do my job, and hope for a miracle? Despite the general public’s assumption about government workers… I have no pension other than social security, if it’s still there… because most of the years I worked for a local government agency that did NOT have pensions.

  • Steve

    Good post! Keep getting out the truth that the main stream media sugar coats.

  • Gary2

    Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax the rich.

    It should be a no-brainer by now.

    Democrats should take note of a poll that hit swing states Ohio, Missouri, Montana and Minnesota and asked voters about raising taxes on large incomes to reduce the deficit. The higher the income proposed for taxes, the more willing voters were to increase the tax burden. Sixty-six percent of Ohioans were willing to raise taxes on those who make over $150,000 a year, while 78 percent of them would tax millionaires more.

    Overall 81% in the country say tax the rich. There is even more popular support for an additional millionaires and billionaires tax.

    I define rich as over 200,000 and especially over 500,000. They really need to be taxed, just not as much as millionaires and billionaires.

    From the OFA meeting in July-Rest assured, the rich will be taxed hard. Jim Messina conf call with OFA WI leadership and passed to us.

    I love it!!! Take their ill gotten wealth and give it back to the people.

    Tax the greedy to help the needy.

    repubes are going down hard. I will be pissing on their demise. HA HA HA

    • bobbobbobbob

      makes sense

    • Dr. Ectomy

      You are the very reason we are in a mess. You preach disharmony and blame the wealthy and their “ill gotten gains”.

      You are spiteful, envious and pathetic and I hope you get everything you deserve.

      I am far from “rich”.

      • sharonsj

        Love the use of “spiteful, envious, and pathetic.” Does that apply to corporations such as ExxonMobil, which makes billions but PAYS NO TAXES?

    • Karmakaze

      “The individual income tax has been the largest single source of federal revenue since 1950, averaging just over 8 percent of GDP”

      “Revenue from the corporate income tax fell from between 5 and 6 percent of GDP in the early 1950s to 2.1 percent of GDP in 2008.”

      There is the problem, in a nutshell.

      Notice how while corporations have paid less and less of their share, they have taken more and more of YOUR share (in the form of subsidies, bailouts etc) and they have reduced your real income, increased your income tax, and then given it to themselves.

      Your government hasn’t been working for you since at LEAST the 1950s

    • Grumpy


      Really, Gary, get a new schtick. While you’re at it, make an attempt to learn about how ‘money’ actually works in today’s world. I’ve stated it before: if you taxed every US billionaire 100% of their income AND CONFISCATED ALL THEIR PROPERTY, you’d have enough money to fund the Feral Gubbermint for ONE YEAR.


      If you understood anything about the world monetary system, you’d know that the system itself needs to be replaced by a commodity-backed, exchangeable currency – NOT debt-based currency ‘notes’, as are currently used, abused, and stolen by the same people you want to give more of them to.


  • Arivernameddenial

    We ain’t hearing a thing about the economy getting better. I am spending more time on my knees- my heart is on its knees most of the time. I am doing 5 or more jobs just to make a living. If I can turn a buck, I am doing it legally. I have noticed that more people are scrambling to do the same thing. I do not know if it will get better. What is better? Live one day at a time and try not to worry as Jesus suggested. Go with God!

  • patriot alice

    It depends on your environment… When I’m in the company of private sector people you are right…When I’m in company of public sector people, they seem to have a certain reassurance/arrogance about them….

  • imaplaneiac

    A signifacant reason for the dilemma many Americans find themselves in is their lack of common sense! If one has self-disciplen and prudence, he would LIVE WITHIN HIS MEANS! He would start saving – putting money aside – early in his career. Ever heard about the ” Law of the 72s ” , or ” compound interest “? In other words, train yourself at an early age to control your lust for ” things / stuff “. If you want to buy or need a new ” toy ” … make sure you cover your bills FIRST, BEFORE making that purchase! Pay cash for it, if able! Or use your credit card – I have only ONE – to your ADVANTAGE! I acquired my first credit card EVER, at age 50. This card is an airline frequent flyer ( FF ) miles type card. In fact, when I buy gasoline or food, I earn TWO FF miles; instead of the normal one mile! The result? In the 11 years I’ve had this credit card, I’ve earned SEVERAL ” award trips ” ( aka FREE TRIPS ); several domestic and several international trips ( to Japan and Europe )! Fellow bloggers, we’re talkin’ BIG bucks here! BTW, I ALWAYS pay my monthly credit card balance ON TIME!

    Another tip – GET OUT OF, AND STAY OUT OF, DEBT! Since I saved …, managed my finances and purchases, and prepared … since my teens,
    I’ve reaped what I’ve sown! I’ve now living DEBT FREE for about 18 years! I own my ( modest ) home. In fact, preparing for the crash of the dollar – mainly from what I’ve learned on this web site over the past few years – I’ve recently had a new roof put on my home; replacing the 20 year rated shingles at 19 years! My contractor advised me that I did so JUST BEFORE the source where he buys all of his roofing material raised his prices 15% – due to the devaluing Dollar! Cha-ching – doing this saved me hundreds of dollars! This is another reason why you should maintain and manage your financial resources; allowing you flexibility to save yourself additional expenses!

    Fellow bloggers, I’m not a ” brainiac “. In fact, my ” formal ” education went as far a one year in of Junior College!

    I’ve buried several immediate family members, over the years. And I can report that none of them took a U Haul loaded with their ” stuff ” with them into Eternity!

    The conclusion: many folks can blame only them selves for putting themselves in, for any of a myriad of reasons, financial jeopardy! Nobody FORCES you to make this or that purchase! If you fail to live within your means, you have no one to blame but YOURSELF! Obviously, this also applies to the folks allegedly ” managing ” any level of government!

    • moses737

      Sorry ImaPlaniac – But it is too late for all of those solutions. The International Bankers/Illuminati/Oil Barons love it when people try to figure it out on a natural plateau and not spiritually. That gives them more time to collaspe the Great American Empire and the economies of the whole world. Its like the tv movies and the news media and Hollywood that is proccupying the masses while they are planning their world takeover. But because most of the people don’t under stand Bible prophecy; they are at a total lost for what is really going on.

      As this will be the final plan; of the collaspe and destruction of the Great American Empire. And then, their mark of the beast system will finish freedom off all together. As you could very well be their zombie beast chippped slave

    • Karmakaze

      “If one has self-disciplen and prudence, he would LIVE WITHIN HIS MEANS! He would start saving – putting money aside – early in his career. Ever heard about the ” Law of the 72s ” , or ” compound interest “?”

      Please don’t tell me you are serious? You do realise this depression started because of the banks? And you expect us to trust them to look after our money?


  • imaplaneiac

    Oops – made a few ” typos ” in my comments; includung ” self-disciplin ” ! Nobody’s perfect, folks!

  • wolfess

    That is not what the American people want to hear.
    What they want to hear is that things are about to get better

    I think it’s gone beyond the word ‘hear’ — for myself, I want to SEE … that things ARE getting better; I want to SEE things get back to normal; I don’t want to ‘hear’ anything, I want to SEE our politicians in ACTION making things better for those of us on Main St.

    Power to the Peons NOW!

    • Just me

      you’ll not see any changes til we start at the top’
      #1 Term limits for politicians.
      #2 make lobbying illegal
      #3 no campaign money from any business and none over 100.
      #4 no personal money can be used, if a person wants to run for office, he does it on contributions.
      #5 Congress, cops, judges and everyone in this country abides by the same laws as we do, ne exceptions, no diplomatic immunity.
      #5congress pays into SS just likle we do, no gol den parachutes after a couple yrs.
      #6 mandatory sentences for any politician who is caught doing any crime or lying to the public and their salary stops til the investigastion is over.
      #7 cut their salary and staff by 50%

    • moses737

      Sorry Wolfess but those who rule you and everybody else that doesn’t know Jesus want you too continue to have hope; so that they can finally crash the system and enslave everybody. But those of us who know Jesus and His Almighty Father know that these things are a fulfillment of the HOly Bible and the end of the world; as we know it. And next; they will eventually force everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in their hand or forehead. That way; they will have total control of everybody who has it.

  • StandUp

    Well said. We and only we are in control of our lives. Our decisions have put us where we are today. God did not put us here nore the gov. We have done it to ourselves. Maybe we have to change our belief system in order to change. Why do we believe the way we do? Our thoughts and actions have not served us well so far.

  • Michael B

    Great article!

  • Nastradamus

    CHANGE will come. Count on it. MANY CHANGES will come. They are a long time coming. But first, there must be a historical reckoning. History is clear on such matters: reckless abuse must be reckoned, no exception.

    And since the abuse, the hubris, the errors, the stupidity, and even the criminality America practiced the past 15 years are so very great, the reckoning will be as great. Along the way, there will be political upheavals to accompany economic and social earthquakes.

    The changes will come, but only after the dusts settle. Just like the era of 1930-1945. Historians call it the Fourth Turning. It cannot be avoided. Better accept it and stop the national delusion.

  • Anne

    I read stories like the Anna44 story and just don’t feel alot of compassion. I happen to know that military retirement pay is enough to live off of (family members getting it). If someone is gambling that they will have that plus other income indefinitely and chooses to basically, buy a house they cannot afford, that is the choice they made. Americans all want to out do each other with what they own instead of living without debt, having savings and living simple lives.

  • Had Enough

    Let’s face it, the America we once knew is gone. It vanished when the working class citizen became the provider for the welfare class. When outrage became politically incorrect and we guarded every word we said or be labled a racist, the middle class and the rich have become responsible for every dead beat out there that finds a socially acceptible way to sponge off the system.Why wouldn’t it fail? Why has Greece failed? Because hard work should provide for the man who earns it’s benefits! There are no free lunches! Eventually the working man is without work as we’ve seen and then everyone suffers. No. Government won’t save us. Those that prepare have the cutting edge over those that don’t. It’s as simple as that.

    • John B.

      Hard work provides the real wealth of the nation. Not from the money they earn, but from the value of the products and services they produce. This is why having the government hand out free money is so destructive.

    • Mary Just

      It vanished when Americans became cowards

  • J

    We keep talking about how everyone did everything “right” and look what it ultimately got them. The problem is people didn’t do everything right, they did what society told them to do. It’s time for people to start thinking for themselves, and stop listening to the bullshit that is promulgated onto the masses.

    Also, I think you should refrain from quoting jokester economists who say things like “going back into the recession”. The recession never ended, so individuals who makes comments that suggest that at some point it ended have absolutely no credibility.

    • Book

      Well, by the technical definition of “recession”, it did “end”. Just sayin’.

  • Tristan

    Whats really crushing are the rents. Im in the western United States in Northern Nevada, not as bad as Vegas but still an obvious depression here in comparison to other more stable places. U6 Unemployment is like 20 per cent, But heres the thing. RENT. Home prices here have crashed severely… some of them losing 75 per cent of their value since 2006 and going from 220,000 to 65,000. Yet funny thing, since we are now in a society full of people who’ve been trashed by the 2008 implosion and have bad credit, Somehow Rental prices have STAYED AT THEIR 2006 levels as if the housing bust never happened, and this my friend, makes me angry. I can understand property owners wanting to soften the blow to their investments but can we get a little mercy? looks like not. We’ve been looking for rents, and we can’t find anything reasonable. We can afford to buy easy, but the 2008 bust busted our fico.

    • InArizona

      I am in AZ and yep it is like armagedon out here with the house prices and yep, the rents haven’t gone down too much.

      I have a suggestion for you: Try to find someone that is losing their house. Make a deal with them to rent it from them cheap (you would be surprised at how many people on craigslist are looking for short-term renters until their foreclosure completes!) When the bank send the auction/foreclosure notice, they give the tenants a chance to respond to the bank and state whether they are renting and what they pay in rent. Some of the short sale/auction buyers are looking for renters and will buy the home with you in it, some banks will allow you to stay in the home until they are ready to sell it (this could be years if it is BofA or WellsFargo)!

      You only need 4 years after foreclosure to buy a new home, just keep your other bills/cc’s current and your score will recover! And don’t worry, the house prices will continue to drop over the next 3-4 years and won’t even recover to the 2004 prices for another 10-15 years. So you haven’t missed the boat on the cheap homes!

      It isn’t perfect, but it is an idea!

    • greg

      Yeah, I noticed that. I’m across the border in the Sierra’s. Zillow has a rent estimator now that says I can buy my house for $600 a month or rent it for $1350 a month. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Grasshopper

    I think this is great you do this for us. It allows us to spread the word to others.

    The information is hard swallow at times, but what bad news isn’t? What a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that bad things just don’t happen over night. There are many things like this in life. I just didn’t gain 40lbs over night, it was bad eating habbitts over a period of time that got me like this. Lol

    For some reason some of us can’t see how bad decisions or habbitts are going cause major problems down the road. We must protect ourselves and family while these things are happening.

    It is like a wise person once told me, bad things just don’t pounce on you like an eagle does a fish in the water. Bad things are more like what happens to cows going to be slaughtered. They are taken through these mazes of gates at a nice calm pace so they are not stressed (bad for the meat) and before they know it, their herds are poking through this device and wham!! This is what is happening to us.

    Wake the folks up around you before they are slaughtered.

  • sycophants and quislings

    As the depraved pornographer Snoop Doggy Dog says, “Let the pandemonium begin y’all”.

  • Lennie Pike

    Paper money opens the door for destroying criminals to completely take over, they enter immediately upon it’s introduction, and quickly gain complete control.

    They were easily able to afford the payments to Congress needed to export our economy among other economic crimes.

    The big crime is soon coming.

    Everyone will just sit there and take it, fighting each other and letting them go scott-free because as the article states – they do not understand what has happened and never will.

  • Uncle B

    China has nuclear-electric bullet train networks that run on time, every time, and at 320kph.They are foreign oil free and a full 400% more efficient than American rubber wheel and gasoline schemes. China has cheaper to build, cheaper to operate, LFTR reactors, coming online as we speak(Google LFTR reactors) China prepared a whole modern city which was left vacant,until Ford Motor Company of America invested $360 millions U.S. in a ‘Pilot Plant’ to build transmissions for Ford products world-wide, right beside the near vacant city! W9ll Ford eventually follow GM(America) and ship Chinese made engines as well? Whole cars?
    China trades openly, in Yuan with Siberia for petroleum products. First, this irks American money men, they wish world trade be conducted in U.S. dollars! Second: This opens all of Siberia’s natural resource wealth to trade with China directly in Yuan, and paves the way for Pan Eurasian bullet-train networks, to be daisy-chained from sea to sea to sea. Will LFTR reactors form the back-bone of a new Asian Empire? An Empire that already casts long shadows over the American economy? Is this the “Why?” of American suffering, joblessness, poorer education, today?
    Most American generated capital has been moved to Yuan, re-invested in China or other parts of Asia! Look at the photos of Detroit City, the ruins, the Third World conditions even compared unfavorably to Johannesburg in Africa, ************! now turn your search to the skylines of Shanghai – is that what American capital, American technology built? in only decades? The same decades that destroyed Detroit City? Did the Capitalist sell out America?
    Face facts! Americans are relatively expensive labor, low producers, that demand higher wages, better job conditions. They are no bargain compared to the Asians! Even the Mexicans have proven more profitable to the Capitalists. America dies because large groups of immigrants providing cheap labor to the Capitalists have dried up!All the while the Cheap Oil Era closed, marking the end of the Golden Age for America a totally foreign oil dependent economy.
    Why not LFTR reactors for America? First, the current nuclear industry has far too much invested in the 1950’s style reactors they now build, Second: “Legacy Inertia”, the same thing that prevented GM(America) from producing a car to compete with the likes of even Toyota, prevents change, even of ideas! Yes, they are so stuck on stupid! In fact they are wallowing in it even as China makes astounding progress in the field!
    Had the U.S, turned away from the oil baron’s son, George Bush, refused the Iraq fiasco, and invested the same $650 Billions of U,?S, dollars in conventional proven Solar/Thermal applications across the South Western U.S.A., today America would have a surplus of cheap electrical energy to compete shoulder to shoulder with Asians for jobs. All Americans would be fully employed at well paying jobs and America would be climbing ever-upwards on this renewable, or perpetual, if you think about it a moment, natural resource.
    Why did we bomb one of the oldest civilizations in the world back into the tenth century? Do you see lower prices at the gasoline pumps in your town for it? Is Iraqi oil being sold by large Multi-national corporations at world prices even to China as we speak? Your brown spot feeling sore? Mine is!

    • bobbobbobbob


    • Nostradamus

      What you said is true.

      China proceeds to modernize its country and give its citizens hope. It does things carefully, prudently, scientifically, calculating and forecasting. It gave up socialist ideology and give its economy a good capitalist kick. It works to its own national interests, and I mean *national* interests. In short, it’s doing what the US and other developed countries did after the war.

      Or much like Japan, Asia Tigers, western Europe did.

      Absolutely smart and nothing wrong. Let’s congratulate them.

      America’s problem is due to America’s own stupidity. And blaming China is even more stupid. Only a people who worship themselves blame others for their own failures.

  • BigM

    Wow Michael,

    It hurts to hear the truth. But the reality of it all is that we all need to prepare best we can.

    Unfortunately, my wife has both index fingers in each ear and all the while saying “blah blah blah”. She just doesn’t want to hear all this doom and gloom.

    I wish I wasn’t alone on this in my house. But I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to other households that have a spouse not willing to listen and act! All I can do is pray at this point, and do what “I” can.

    • Jaxx

      I also have a wife that refuses to hear. It perplexes me that she-and so many others- can act like this. It’s as if they believe that refusing to acknowledge the inevitable turmoil ahead, that somehow it will just go away. At least she makes no comments of derision as I have stockpiled sale items of canned goods, dry beans, rice and stacks of water bottles.

      Living within 50 miles of Washington has left us within the cocoon. We are always the last to see and feel the downturns in the economy. Obviously with the thousands and thousands of federal workers here, lobbyists, corporate headquarters of companies petitioning the govt and all of the jobs needed to service these peoples needs–we logically are the last to feel the pains ( not to mention that this is where the rest of the countries tax money is headed). Do some research sometime and you’ll find a disturbing fact–11 of the top 20 richest counties in America are located in the suburbs of DC.

    • veryconcerned

      ….people block out bad news …but they listen to people they emulate or aren’t emotionally connected to
      ……try getting someone she knows to slip her the john.f.kennedy secret society speach/video
      ….everybody respects him….watching it more than once will hit the logical side of the mind with”wow what is he trying to warn us about?”…also the eisonhower speach on the military industrial complex….if what these respectable people are telling the TRUTH then it might be the spark that helps your wife open to the REALITY of doom and gloom!!!!

    • PlatosCave

      Dude! All mine can do is call me a loser and turn up the Bachelorette or American Idol.
      Like the guy in Zeitgeist said that all the resources are the same and the people and machines are ready to work but all is halted; for what?

  • Nickelthrower


    Yes, things are going to get worse but what has helped my family through this difficult time is an attitude adjustment. As far as we see it, we are trapped behind enemy lines. Though the people and institutions around us appear to be friendly, we know that we are being hunted.

    We know that to some we are nothing more than bodies that would fetch a good stipend were we put in prison.

    We know that to the local authorities, we are nothing more than sheep to be fleeced should we speed, run a red light, jay walk, spit on the sidewalk, etc.

    Banks, pawn shops, payday lenders, etc, too, are trying to rob us in any way that they can.

    The restaurants and grocery stores are full of processed crap that they try to pass off as food to the unsuspecting.

    The TV, radio and movie theatres are nothing but state and corporate propaganda machines.

    Yeah, I am a soldier trapped behind enemy lines. Though the people and institutions around me appear friendly, they all wish to do me harm. I must be ever vigilant.

  • r.bitting

    The suffering is only going to get worse. It’s up to us as fellow americans, who still have the means, to help our brothers and sisters in their hour of need and not stand idly by. This country was founded by ordinary americans who God used to do extraordinary things ( you know people ” the American way ” ). Now, when it appears all is lost and America is fading away, ordinary Americans who will follow the prompting of God’s spirit, are in position to do extraordinary things by extending themselves to those around them. As you begin to see society get worse and worse, the temptation will be to forsake others ( self preservation ). Don’t let this be the case with you. Feed The Children is a great organization that helps American families with food. I’m sure there are many others as well. Find one and begin to be part of America’s solution. There are already too many that are part of the problem. ” And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold, but he who endures to the end will be saved ” Matthew 24:17…..

  • mondobeyondo

    Gonzalo Lira’s post on his blog, about “Full Spectrum Decay”, is worth a read.

  • J. Robert

    I have done a very long paper on the fraud of anthropogenic global warming for myself and friends, a good portion of it dealing with the economic aspects of it. I would be more than happy to contribute articles for free to your site, it you want to contact me.

    Regards, Jim

  • Anna44

    Thank You.

  • arifkarim

    Its strange. I knew americans were hardworking people. But It seems banksters worked even harder to get rid of u people completely out of work. Mission accomplished.

  • Michael

    A reader named Alex sent this comment by email….

    What is going on in the U.S. is absolutely shocking and I am appalled at the crimes of my country. I was born in the former U.S.S.R. and I only know from my parents, history, and personal diaries of great Rabbis of the past, that grew up in that system and the Czarist regimes (which ironically were far better for Jews than the U.S.S.R.). With that said, that is why it is shocking what is happening in the U.S., for we are becoming no better than what the U.S.S.R. adhered to: TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY CITIZEN EVERY SECOND OF THEIR LIVES. But today, with technology, there is no escape. Maybe it would be greatly fulfilling to live like the Amish? The idea sounds better and better every day. G-d Save the U.S. and all its true friends and allies!

    • Too Many Fat Asses In The USA

      Quite true. I live in a neighborhood populated by former US.S.S.R. citizens. My Russian barber tells me and his friends say that what is happening in the US “smells like” what the U.S.S.R. shortly before it’s collapse.

      There is only one way out of this mess for the average “citizen”. Drop out and get out of the system as quickly as you can. After all, for the bottom 80% of the populace, what the USA plutocracy done for you?

      Think about it. For the average person, an air of unprecedented uncertainty hangs over all areas of life: shelter (upside down housing), food (poisoned by big Agra), transportation (peak cheap energy translates into high gas prices for the foreseeable future), income (this article and many more by Michael document how expendible the average worker has become), retirement (casinoland), marraige (50% divorce rate).

      Some will recall in the 1960’s a popular saying was “tune in, turn on, drop out.” This referred to turning in and turning on to drugs. Today, that could be updated to: tune in (to possibility beyond the current system), turn on (to unprecendeted freedom from the current paradigm), and drop out of everything you’ve been told to do.

      Collapse or no collapse of the USA, there is no way the average individual is going to win playing the current game. Pursue all the trinkets dangled in front of the American public at your own risk.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “We’re just one small shock away from the economy going back into recession.”

    No, not true. There is no economy to go back to a recession, we have not recovered from the recession that began in 2007. The reality of the situation is we are just one small shock away a swiftly rolling series of shocks that unleash a depression far greater than the Great Depression. After the crash of 1929 the economy did not fall into a true depression until 1932. There is always a delay factor.

    What we have witnessed over the past 4 years and what we are witnessing right this very minute are sign posts on the road to collapse. Prepare, prepare, prepare as best you can.

    • Just me

      exactly right, we’re slipping from a severe recession into a deep depression and with most of the media in Obamas pocket people think things can’t get any better and are great all over.Just hang on and the jobs are coming to your town.

  • Anna

    I’m just an average person, and I dont pretend to know every aspect of what everyone is saying, or understand the fanciful political mantras. I’m just a scared mom, who works hard for almost no reward. I work for minimum wage, barely see my child, and for what? So I can just make all my meager bills every month? I sacrifice my ability to see my daughter grow up every single day while ceos sit on their back sides getting paid more than I can dream; while I lug around heavy boxes and do more REAL work than they’ve even known in life. I actually had an idea, one that could make jobs, and save the environment in one fell swoop. I wrote about it to the president, like I thought I should. I have heard nothing but silence in return. Life in america isn’t how it should be at ALL. People are scrounging for whatever crumbs the corporate types deign to give us. None of us have actually ever known freedom. Its supposed to be 2011, so why does it feel like 1984?

    • el press

      what did you expect Anna
      You wanted equality and the right to vote..
      Well you got it
      What you dont need a man? except for child support?
      Well you got it
      So when you hear “you go girl” dont forget to add “to work”
      Apparently getting an education and a career is far superior to seeing and raising your child 24/7 and cooking and cleaning house for a MAN
      Was the prospect of His boot stomping on your face forever less appealing than the fascist system YOU voted for stomping on your face forever?

      • Steve

        Wow el press. Pretty freakin’ harsh. And how do you know what Anna voted for? You’re making an ass-outta-u-and-me assumption there. She said nothing about the things you rant about.

        You just sound like a hater. Have a nice life, however I’m sure that’s lost on you.

      • sharonsj

        el press, what are you proposing? That women give up the right to vote? She already has a job and yet you think it’s not enough. You want her to find a man who will support her so she can stay home and cook and clean.

        Well, easier said than done, especially when most Republicans (and some Democrats)–who carry on about the family and religion–have made it impossible for a family to be supported by only one person. Over the last 30 years, big business has bought Congress so that all the laws favor them. We used to get the crumbs, and now we don’t even get that.

        Instead of bitching about women–and I wonder what you think of your own mother?–get out and do something about the problem.

        • Robin1345

          you said, “most Republicans (and some Democrats)–who carry on about the family and religion–have made it impossible for a family to be supported by only one person.”

          Really? No, it became impossible because the work force almost doubled so real wages could stagnate until they were half of what they were. You can’t make it on one income now because women decided their mission on God’s Earth was to be wage-slaves rather than wives and mothers. Pretty stupid, huh? 🙂

      • Are you seriously implying that she should rather take a boot to the face by her signifcant other, rather than getting trampled by corporate world. You are a pig, plain and simple. Let me say this. I am a man, making minimum wage and working in excess of 40 hours a week.

        It really sounds like you are criticizing women for working. Go back to the 18th century where you belong.

      • Bonnie

        El Press you sound like a typical Male a-hole.
        Don’t you think this young mom was too young to
        be involved in Woman’s rights?

        I’ll bet you don’t need anyone to stomp on your face. Nature probably already did that.

        Your hatred for females is quite evident.
        You are one sickening human being.
        Funny how you are not blaming the Elite for the problem. You blame a young mother already having a difficult time and on minimum wage!
        Big Man!

      • Rick H

        I agree with el press.
        For 30 years white women have been the main beneficiaries of Affirmative Action at the expense of white men.
        I wonder how much of this economic situation is the result of cry-baby feminists.

      • You my not-friend are a part of the problem. She doesn’t share anything outside of the fact that she is an average MOM…it is guys like you that got us here…I WORK my mom butt off from HOME simply because we NEED two incomes just to make it…wish I could just do housework, I would have more free time, less stress and less worry. It ain’t about being a single parent (lots of dads out there too) its about the economic policies that were put in place in the 60’s and 70’s by the very same guys that think women belong barefoot and pregnant. And it is guys like you who belong in jail for even suggesting that getting punched, kicked and beaten is preferable to being a single parent…may you get what you sow El

      • Annie

        el Press, when I read your response to Anna, my mouth dropped open and my chin hit the floor…where do you get off attacking Anna??? Quite obviously you don’t know how to read since she said nothing and gave no indication of anything that you assume about her. What happened to compassion and a helping hand, even if only to offer an idea or a word of understanding? And to imply that she should be stomped on by a man? You are NO excuse for a human being, much LESS a man.

    • Anna, your situation is what it is, and there is no reason for El Whatever to be ugly about it. Gods best to you…may you always find a way for what is best for you and your family!

    • When I grew up most women did not work. They had the most important job in the world; they were keeping the family together and making sure that society functioned in a way that the next generation would prosper.
      You rarely saw fat, disfunctional, or disrespectful children. When dad came home you sat down to dinner, you learned manners and speaking for the family’s I grew up around, you ate healthy.
      Women somehow became convinced that they were being abused and weren’t living up to their potential.
      I knew some very happy women when I was growing up, now I see a lot of bitter women with nothing to look forward to except struggling as you are.

    • Jackro

      Unless you are trapped in your area because you own a home that is underwater, or you choose to stay there, because of family, ect. Then you are choosing your fate. There are many jobs available for a much higher rate than minimum wage. I see them here daily. At the very least, consider waiting tables. I never made less than ten bucks an hour(reporting only 8% of the total sales for the night-hidden money). When I would work the night shifts. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped. If you are a hard worker, then you have to stand up for yourself and find someone that will pay you what you are worth.
      That could mean moving, but a better life is worth a move.

  • I think it’s awesome things are falling apart so the changes “we” want can happen.

    The Bible is the only way now. We must accept the New World Order despite their evil, because it’s part of God’s ultimate plan.

    Man will learn to not trust and accept the rule of Governments and Worldly community action- the easy way or the hard way. Pick one.

    All Human Constitutions are Evil!!!

    Man is not meant to live under a Government ran by other men. God’s 6000 year experiment of man’s self rule is almost up, and IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

    • MDK

      You know something, you’re right on.

      It IS coming. There’s no sense in trying to stop it at this point because things are too far gone.

      So what do we do?

      We grab the bible and do what the 2008 Constitutionalist Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin has done: We pick a liberty loving state and circle the wagons around it.

      As we trust in God, He will guide us and provide for us. Because God is faithful.

    • Bonnie

      The changes you are talking about is The Elite
      wanting the world’s workers to work like the slaves in China work—-for nothing!

      Greece has about had it! No money to pay for much.
      Social Security is being cut way down. And wages are going to be cut. There is no money for the average person. The average workers has no choice but to take what bones are thrown at him!
      This economic depression is satisfying the greed of the ELITE! Steal everything they can anyway they can and the hell with the average worker.
      They are robbing every First World nation blind.

    • KP

      Who are you, SmokeDogg? You sound awfully familiar… 😉

    • Brandon



    • Jackro

      Sorry SmokeDogg, but we haven’t be living under the Constitution as it was written for over 100 years. The states no longer have the majority of power. The legislative branch seeks to serve the executive branch, and the judicial branch looks for the nuance of law to twist what the founders created. I simply reject the idea that our Constitution, which is based in freedom, has “failed”. Instead WE THE PEOPLE have failed to stand up for it for so long that we no longer understand just how powerful it is.

  • William

    Nothing will change for the better as long as stupid voters sent the very same fools back to the US Congress. Who do you think caused this mess???

  • Money Baggins

    Economic problems? I don’t see them. I and my coworkers are busy buying up Beach front property. All that money we made from the bailouts bought these for us. We rip them down and construct homes three times as large as the old ones. They are probably 7 times the size of your living area. We need to add pools also, because we can.

    You clearly aren’t working hard enough and bought homes you couldn’t afford. You should follow our example and only buy a home with cash.

    Come over, and I feed you cake.

  • Jeannon Kralj

    Nice article but depression is a more accurate word than recession. Truth please. Really frustrated hearing all the political theatre out of the District of Criminals. They have done zilch to get laws and rules off the books immediately that reward companies for operating overseas. The have done nada to stop all the tax breaks for corporations outsourcing our industry and jobs. They have done nothing to indict and and convict and put in prison for life people like Jamie Dimon and Ben Bernanke and all the government and Wall Street liars, cheats and theives. Webster Tarpley has some ideas about what we should be protesting for and I think it is important to have a plan. Many of the evil rulers actually want us to riot in the streets willy nilly. No, lets riot in an intelligent way. There can be no recovery unless we become a producing economy again. Forget all that “free market capitalism” and libertarianism garbage. Put put stiff tariffs on imports and kick out all the foreign take-over of our infrastructure criminals. Close our border and do something God honorning with the illegal aliens that are here. Either send them back home or make them learn English, become a citizen and work. Churches are a bad joke as far as all their talk about “peace and social justice”. They ought to be helping the registered members of their churches with a job bank, even for small little temporary jobs people have for unemployed people. Our money system is crooked and we must get like North Dakota with state banks that are completely USA sovereign int heir operations. Read Ellen Brown.
    People who are out of work and maybe out of a home need to somehow ban together. I think some kind of “Hooverville” living situation in a rural area could work. Watch the old movie “Our Daily Bread.” Collectivism can be a weapon against the banksters. The banksters own congress so do not waste time listening to all the actor congress puppets. They are killing you and me.

  • John Eagle

    People are apathetic and inert because of environmental items that cause them to be that way.
    Floride in the water is the easiest thing to get out of your body by simply constantly badgering the authorities that put it in the water to stop it! Badger them at the local, state, and national level. Never stop. Bring it up everyday in conversations with someone. Start with this and after your (and others victories in this matter) go on to the other things that are harder to get changed.

  • Bankers_Nemesis

    Number six on the list:

    “#6 According to Gallup, the percentage of Americans that lack confidence in U.S. banks is now at an all-time high of 36%.”

    This number is very low, especially considering the events of 2007-2008, which exposed the treachery (treason?) of the big commercial and investment banks. The problems with government and the economy are largely due to the control by the banking establishment and their allies in the multinational Corporate sector, working for their interests and against those of the common working class. The banking system needs to be completely burned to the ground and rebuilt. Of course this will come with the worst widespread chaos we all fear, and potentially destroy the modern economy that is based on the division of labor and significant foreign trade.

  • Jack

    The following is for you hypocrites,who stand smugly in judgement over your neighbor(s),castigating them for their borrowing and spending habits:

    “The entire world economy rests on the consumer;if he ever stops spending money he doesn’t have on things he doesn’t need — we’re done for” – Bill Bonner – author,publisher and columnist on economics and money

    Perhaps now,you will see fit to remove the plank from your own eye?

    “No man is an island!” – John Donne

    • a cruel accountant


      If people saved instead of borrowed they would not own anyone and we would not have this problem.

      Borrowing is the problem because it just pulls demand from the future into the present. Then when the future comes you have no demand and a ton of debt.

      Guess what the future is now!

      • Jack

        @a cruel accountant

        At most,only 5% of the world’s money supply is in the form of actual notes or coins.
        The other 95%,is in the form of promissory notes and other IOU’s.
        At only 5%,it is mathematically impossible,under the current system,for ANY nation or population to zero out their debt.
        There is simply not enough actual money in existence to both spend and save at the same time.
        And this is how the banks want it!
        The banks have no intention of permitting governments to print or coin,a sustainable amount of actual currency.

        Bankers are like drug pushers,buy their product(credit),at their price(debt),or no fix for you(poverty).

        I’m sure you’re familiar with this old coin toss trick:

        Heads I win,tails you lose

        Well,the banks have been tossing this coin,and successfully playing this trick since the year 1694.(establisment of the Bank of England)

        People first need to acknowledge,then accept the fact that:

        There is no political,economic,social,public or personal policy that is able to fix the current system.
        There is simply no solution or remedy to be found WITHIN the current system..PERIOD!

        Pointing fingers of blame at our neighbors and chiding them for “living beyond their means” is hypocritical.
        Save or spend,we are ALL bound by the SAME chains!

  • windy

    just stumbled in – find it somewhat uplifting to see so many of you aware and preparing for what is sure to come.

    I think it’s gonna be OK for people who are ready,

  • MDK

    I agree with the overall consensus that the economy of the United States of America and the world beyond is about to collapse. I agree that an economic storm is coming unparalleled by any other in history. I agree that suffering is going to be a common occurrence.

    I know it.

    I believe it is paramount to understand the condition of our country, but what does “theeconomiccollapseblog” suggest we do? Where is the encouragement? Why the single-edged sword? The double-edged sword has one edge that cuts with the truth but it also heals with the other edge. Why the straight up pessimism?

    From the comments I’ve read, there are a lot of people reading this blog that are afraid. I would like to see some hope on this blog. Some blogs about faith and weathering the economic storm with friends and family. I would like to see victory and perseverance inspired. I would like to read about how to prepare for the coming storm.

    Increasingly more and more people are becoming aware as to how bad things really are. So in addition to writing about how bad things are and how bad things are going to get, I suggest writing about how to prepare for what is coming using hope, faith, and preparation.

    May America once again bless God!

    • Berean Steward

      It is of the utmost importance to prepare for the continuing economic collapse. This change rate of collapse may continue to gradually decline, or in just within a few seconds it might spiral down so fast that the Great Rude Awakening Landing (GRAL) will shock most of the people who have been asleep in their unpreparedness to what has been taking place in this country and the world.

      What could possibly happen to bring about total collapse within a few seconds? Not only will the collapse of the dollar bring about economic Armageddon, but we are in danger of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that might be caused by a nuclear attack from an outside enemy nation, or by a Corona Mass Ejection (CME) from a solar storm. An EMP attack will affect the entire electrical grid and all digital circuitry. This means the only transportation will be by diesel analog cars and trucks, row boats and analog motor boats, and bikes. Trucking food supplies to neighborhood stores will stop.

      There will be no refrigeration, internet, lighting, gas at the gas pump, heating, U.S. Mail Service, or long term telephone service (You will no longer have to worry about creditors harassing you by mail or by telephone) or anything that is run by electricity on the grid, or off the grid such as digital circuitry that is in modern vehicles. This means that you will be left alone with your family and your neighbors in your community. Your bike, and grocery cart will become valuable items to have if this even happens. You will not be able to rely on the government to come into your community to feed you your daily bread. This is because they will be off the electrical grid too. Even the county workers will be limited to how they can be of service to you. We will all be in the same boat, and being in the same boat, means that some will end of up surviving but some will not survive.

      The ones who will die off first are those dependent upon the grid, who need electricity and medications and certain foods to survive. These might include babies, children, and the elderly.

      Those who live in the cities, will find themselves in a death trap, as violent gangs form and take over territories in order to survive. Yet, if a person in a city is well prepared before an event, they can survive, but not as well as their country cousin, because every one knows that a country boy can survive.

      This is just one of many worst case scenarios that we are faced with today. I do think we are more in danger of being harmed by nuclear radiation from a nuclear power plant in the U.S.A. than an outside EMP attack. In either scenario, we still must realize that they are likely to occur. Therefore, we must prepare before it is too late to prepare.

      Many of us have prepared, and are still preparing. To those of you, who are beginning to wake up, start preparing today. And the rule is to prepare in some way every day. The more you prepare the more safe and secure you will feel, and even though we cannot control fully the outcome of every event, we still must do our best to increase our chances of survival by preparing today.


    • Jean

      I’ve been thinking along the same lines (that this blog is way too pessimistic and not enough suggestions what to do to help). I’ve been thinking all this talk of stashing away gold and silver isn’t going to help anyone if TSHTF, really!

      So! here’s a few positive suggestions on how to help yourself and your family survive:

      Nobody can steal knowledge from you, so go out there and learn some good things which you can take with you wherever you go! I would suggest:

      1. learn something about nutrition, so you have a better sense of what you need to stay healthy (not just the “diet” idea, I’m talking about balanced nutrition and what foods would give you the biggest nutritional bang for your buck)

      2. learn to cook peasant food! By this I am referring to rice (or other grains) and beans, soups, stews, homemade bread. Cheaper meals than many alternatives. Also if you have the ability, learn to hunt & fish and how to properly prepare what you catch and cook it.

      3. learn to garden and experiment with what you can do while you still have the OPTION to do so, and not the necessity.

      I don’t care WHERE you live, it’s possible to do some kind of gardening (I’ve successfully planted squash in a used plastic tub on a third floor porch in a poor inner city neighborhood and I’ve known poor people to grow all kinds of veggies in the previously grassy spots between a sidewalk and the gutter). I currently grow lettuce and peppers and tomatoes in an area which is almost entirely SHADE, which is not supposed to be possible… but I experimented and it worked for me. (I am in VA, which is too hot to grow some things in the sun… they fry up).

      4. try camping. Great way to learn how to build a fire, even in the rain, and how to live in less than “ideal” circumstances.

      5. if you have kids, consider carefully whether you may be coddling them? I see this a lot nowadays. Ask yourself: do they have chores? do they eat what the rest of the family does? Do they always get their wants met, not just their needs?

      Coddling is not healthy for children. If you help them to be mentally flexible (not rigid in their thinking and always having to have things their way), learn to eat a wide range of food, contribute to helping the family with things that need doing, and spend some time outdoors playing so they get exercise and grow strong … they will be MUCH better able to adapt to hard times!

      Take care now and hang on in there!

    • Jackro

      You wanted exact things to do.
      1. Store up a years worth of food(not all a once, but bit by bit looking for sales).
      2. Inform your friends to do the same
      3. Have home defense plans in order
      4. Have a bug out plan in case your area collapses into chaos.
      5. If you have the extra means, then get out of debt.
      6. If you still have the means, invest in silver and gold(eventually the currencies will collapse and there will be a global reset 6 months or longer)
      7. Learn how to grow your own veggies, even if it is a small window box, every little bit helps
      8. If you still have left over resources, then set up a “contingency store” for those that cannot afford to set one up for themselves.
      9. Have 1 gallon of water per person/per day stored up to last you at least a week, if you have water near by, if not then stop when you run out of room. Only get the heavy duty plastic, the other crap falls apart quickly.
      That should give you a lot to work on for a long time to come.

  • Tom Lowe

    I’ve been unemployed since 1987. Never got to have a family or a house. And now you worthless freeloaders have the gall to whine ….

    • POA

      Almost two and a half decades and you couldn’t find a job? Where in the heck were you looking? Under yer bed?

      This sounds like your doing….just sayin..

    • Highspeed

      How on earth could a man be unemployed for 27 years? How have you made it? What do you do? Did you want to work and couldn’t find any? That is not believable to me. I am 53 years old and heve always been able to find work if I was willing to do it, are you able and willing?

    • Just me

      If you’ve been unemployeed since 1987, then you’re either filthy rich or living off the system or someone else.

  • Piglet

    People are doing some rather desperate things to get by. They’re even stealing railroad spikes and tie plates (inserted between the rail and the wooden tie) from active, in-use railroad tracks.

    • Rhinehart Fox

      I got laid off when the dot com bubble burst in 2001. I was 46 at the time. I didn’t get a full-time job for a year. What I did do was whatever it took (ethically speaking) to earn income. I did a couple of roof jobs, skinned deer, worked for a tree service 1 or 2 days a week. I also signed up to substitute teach though it proved to be the least profitable way to spend my time. I dismantled cars in preparation for crushing at the local junk yard and I obtained my license to sell insurance. We never lacked for anything essential or missed a payment the whole time. When I finally did find a full time job, it was commercial construction for half of what my previous job had paid. That was four jobs ago. I’m now making the highest salary of my working life but I doubt that this company will last to the end of the year. In prep for that possibility, I am stockpiling firewood. The point is that you do what it takes to survive and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. If you sit around waiting for someone else to take initiative, you deserve what you get. “If a man will not work, neither shall he eat.”

  • Gary2

    If people like Walker and the other low G.P.A. tea bag governors are allowed to get their way this is the beginning of the end of the middle class and the American worker being paid a decent wage.

    Make no mistake, private sector Unions are next. Once they are gone Corporations will be able to
    decide what they want to pay (and here’s a hint…it won’t be more) how many hours they want you to
    work and the conditions /safety will not even Read More… come into play any longer. Overtime and vacations will
    be a thing of the past.

    Meanwhile if you thought that the average CEO making 42 times the average worker 25 years ago
    and now the average CEO being paid 441 times the average worker is bad . . .you just wait.

    We need to pass the employee free choice act now and FORCE these low pay scum bag walmart, mcdonalds, etc to pay a LIVING wage. After a few days of closed stores due to employee strikes I am confident the CEO’S will see the light and have to raise pay. What are they gonna do-outsource to China?

    • Gary2
    • Prepping for the Future

      If people like Gary and the other low G.P.A. useless progressive liberals read communist are allowed to get their way this is the beginning of the end of the middle class and the American worker being paid a decent wage. You will all be equal paid wage slaves.

      But no one ever thought Gary was smarter then the average mouse. Gary still whining like a spoiled brat. Go do something with your worthless life beside spreading communist failed BS system. Gary you are fool.

    • Jackro

      You are thinking way off base.
      60%+ of the jobs in the USA are not UNION labor jobs, and usually, they make out BETTER than the union guys do. My wife brings in 80K a year with three weeks vacation and half of her health care paid for. I am the stay at home dad. She doesn’t work swing shifts, and gets paid overtime at 60 bucks an hour.
      You are limiting yourself if you think that some union boss gives a rat’s rear end about your living conditions or working conditions. They just want to make their living on your hard work.
      Try looking up how much they make vs. what you make. See if they “lose” income when you go on strike(I know, THEY DON’T). Instead you are paying someone else to make a “deal” for you, but it is the same for every person that you work with, including the guy that shows up late, is drunk on the job, does sloppy work, or doesn’t put in any effort. While you, the hard worker does your job and his. Why are you happy to have a system that pays you the same rate no matter what your work ethic is?

      It is a foolish thing to give another man the authority to make decisions, regarding YOUR income, when you can do it yourself with much better results.

  • Anna44

    If I may, I would like to address comments such as Anne regarding our circumstances. I suppose she and many others have jumped to the conclusion that our family was living beyond it’s means.
    We have lived a simple life for quite some time.
    If everything had gone according to plan, his retirement check would have been enough to get by.
    But plans in today’s environment don’t always work out.

    How did my family get here?
    SLOWLY, like Grasshopper indicated.
    It started 4 years ago because of an unexpected physical separation for DUTY that drained our savings. Then the equity gone in our modest home within 2 years. Next, medical bills hanging over our head from a car accident leaving me disabled. Finally,his position eliminated from budget cuts to the Air Force, and my job down to 8-12 hours a week because of a weak economy.

    We are not flashy people. I drive a 1997 CRV- and bought one pair of shoes in 4 years- black sneakers for work. We are living off the deep larder I prepared 3 years ago, and our garden. What is driving my family to the edge? Property taxes, medical bills, legal & HOA fees. Loss of income. High utilites. The cost of gasoline. Car repairs. Eyeglasses, dentist & physical therapy. (even the co-pays are making a dent in what we have left)

    We did everything right and I’m shocked we were able to hold on as long as we did as each punch hit. But now it’s getting scary. Everything we worked & fought for is at risk even though we have done nothing wrong to deserve it. And that hurts more then anything. We understand the “judgement” of others, they don’t know. It would be even fair to say we were on that same high horse 5 years ago. But unexpected things happen–one after another after another.
    All we can do as a family now is….keep standing as our faces are covered from dust by those riding by wondering why we were foolish enough to be thrown off of our own high horse. That’s okay. We’ll all be walking together soon.

    • Jackro

      I sympathize, since I too am disabled and only 42. If your medical bills are too massive to ever pay, you have two options.
      1. Bankruptcy, I know it is a ugly term, but it is a very real option with stuff that you can get removed
      2. Negotiate with the hospital. Take them your financial statements and show them what you earn and what your expenses are. A doctor or hospital writes off millions every year for those that cannot afford their medical bills.

  • Aridzonan_13

    The Pin Striped Bandits on Wall St. are being subsidized to take the US into third World financial status. They’ve been doing it for over a decade via “Naked Shorts” stock counterfeiting. They’ve found they can make more money shorting the US middle class out of existence, stealing their property via FraudClosure and reaping the benefits of de-facto monopoly status. BTW, there is no Federal Gummint, just a handful of corporations that decide where all the public moneys go. I call it FedGov.Inc (note domain suffix). Proof being, no real investigation into any major financial FUBAR for the past decade. Any real investigation would reveal the corruption is systemic across the public and private sectors.

  • Nick Zender

    “People have done everything “right” all of their lives……..”

    Not so. have you owned and used one or more credit cards all of your life? then YOU have been spending that which does not belong to you.

    Have YOU taken out a loan to buy a new or used car? then you have used that which doesn’t belong to you to purchase something YOU WILL NEVER OWN.

    Have you bought a house? then you again have used that which does not belong to you to purchase something YOU WILL NEVER OWN.

    “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom, When half of the people get an idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    Do you want to meet the person who pushed you to the edge? look in the mirror. there you will see the one who is responsible for subsidizing YOUR destruction.

    The Bankruptcy of the US was visibly inevitable in 1913 and declared in 1933. the only thing that comes as a surprise is that it took this long to get where we’ve come to today. the “assets” have almost been completely liquidated. the coming hell will emanate from the hearts and minds of men who chose to worship the creation instead of the creator.

    Blessed is the nation whose god is The Lord.
    That nation ain’t America any more.

  • @Tristan, most landlords pay mortgage payments. Those are fixed, EXCEPT for insurance and property taxes which have actually gone UP in many areas rather than down with the market, as municipalities try all kinds of BS to bring in revenue. Also if the landlord pays for water or heat, the price of all utilities is up, not down last I checked.

    For the landlord whose properties are paid for, he still has utilities, insurance and taxes. Not to mention repairs (and painting and cleaning if the tenant moves out). It’s not like he has a free house.

    Not only that but it is harder to find good tenants. I’m keeping properties vacant longer trying to find someone who has actual income, or who isn’t trying to fool me in some way. More and more people are coming to me asking for short term leases (6 months or less). Not sure why, but it’s really becoming common.

    People are doubling up with their relatives (having a pile of people move in with your tenants makes the water bill go up significantly), tenants lose their jobs and quit paying rent, people stay home when they’re not working and put more wear and tear on the house, sometimes they start taking in other people’s kids as an unlicensed daycare, and there’s more cars clogging up the parking on the street because there’s extra people living there, etc.

  • veryconcerned

    ….with more people unenployed …the larger the resistance to tyranny…we have more time ,more availability to knowledge to combat this legacy we are leaving to our decendants
    …gaining knowledge and courage are the first steps….then burnout from too much doom and gloom….i’ve seen it in me and in other people
    …this will pass…..the ”WE ARE CHANGE” ACTIVIST GROUP IN YOUR AREA WILL BE [WHOOPS] a breath of fresh air …they are like minded people from all walks of life…no ridicule for having passion about tyranical goings on
    ….and it will get you outa the house…they can answer a lot of questions in your weak areas,and you don’t have to commit to participating in demonstrations and all that
    …..there is never a lull in conversations…’s really like being with people you have been friends with a long time,yet, you just met

  • Daniel

    Nothing happens by accident. What is going on in the US is a deliberate takedown. They have no plans to right the ship. All for one and all for Israel. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. Ron Paul who stated he didn’t believe 911 was an inside job can kiss by bare butthole.
    Wake up and smell the fascism.

    • Nanette

      Yup . . .

  • MABanak

    Good analysis. The only weak spot in this otherwise strong report is the anecdote about the Saturn dealership. It is always a sad thing when a business goes down. But the Saturn’s decline appears to be a simple matter of the consumer making market choices that the manufacturer could not survive.

  • Kevin2


    “What are they gonna do-outsource to China?”

    No. But what they will do is just raise the price of the product because unfortunately the service economy does not have a high profit margin. Personally I would gladly pay more if the employees made a higher salary. Your attempting to squeeze blood from a stone. The problem is that the high profit margin jobs left with manufacturing to the third world.

    I like organized labor and my hero is Walter Reuther. China needs a similar man or woman but they would not last too long.

  • Money Baggins

    I don’t trust the banks anymore. The have crashed the stock market, the housing market, job market, etc.

    I took out my little 401k money and spent it on boats and hoes.

  • Mr. G

    Anna44 – Do not worry about the “judgement” of others. You have to get yourself into one of these situations before you appreciate that it “really can” happen to anyone. No one is completely in control of his or her life! You do the best you can, and ride it out however it turns out.

    There is a fair chance that you will be expelled from the life of middle class ding-dongs forever. Consider yourself lucky.
    Let me give you a tip – poor people and rich people are much alike. It’s only the middle class that feels bad because they can’t fit in any more. I have known lots of rich and poor people and I like both better than the middle class. Most people can’t figure out which kind I am!

    You people who want to tax the rich need to define who they are. There is a big difference between a guy who owns sub franchises and brings in a mid-six figure income and the elitists who are in control and are bringing this place down.

    In fact, the “rich” that people hate are not a matter of money alone – they also are who they are because of connections, Ivy League diplomas, pragmatic materialistic philosophies, social skills, and so forth. I know some pretty rich people who have only a little more influence than I do .

    The ones who are influential are largely sociopaths who believe themselves to be very special and the natural-born leaders and judges of all humanity.

    These people are truly sick and they are sucking blood from almost every company and insitution now. Like insects, they customized our society to suit them decades ago and they have been slowly using their glad-handing to gain for themselves. They can literally spot each other and it is like they have a secret handshake. The rest of us are What’s for Dinner!

    I am not overly religious but it is so ugly that I expect either God or nature to intervene and close this freak show.

    Mr. G

  • Benita

    We are in a slippery slope down hill and there are no brakes in place. We have been lied to repeatedly by Washington. Washington is Broke, but we have 800 million dollars going to Pakistan, 40 billion promised to the UN, but 70 million of us may not recieve social security benefits because its being used as a wielding tool for the debt ceiling. As someone said the other day if 1million dollars was given to each American Citizen, there would be enough to pay off mortgages, buy homes, encourage growth spending, an buying, it would send the economy over the top. Washington does not want us out of the depression, it wants to control us and our families and our jobs and our lives. Did anyone see, any of the the senate, the congress, the president, or anyone else getting a big fat government check off to take a pay cut? Pelosi, Reid, and Frank, along with the rest still get their insurance and retirement benefits. They are still collecting their big buck checks. How come we have to bite the bullet and they dont? if we are broke how come they dont have to take a pay cut? Sorry something stinks in Washington, and it aint fish.

    • Jackro

      Give each person 1 million dollars, and the economy will CRASH, because there will no longer be an incentive to WORK, which makes goods, which employees people, and eventually that million dollars runs out, because of too many dollars chasing too few goods. Sure if sound great, but apply LOGIC to the mentality of many lotto winners, and you will see that in the end they ended up worse off than when they started. No effort and no trial for money, leads to no appreciation, and when that money bubble runs out of cash what then? Another million to everyone?

      Also, what happens to all the tax receipts that the government gets from income? No one needs to work, so no income. BOOM, instant economic meltdown.
      In 5 years the top 10% of wealth creators will simply have all the money again, and the same problem will be there.

  • dk

    It is not only in united states,but all over the world,people are afraid of rising expenses and declining income.This is all due to imbalance in distribution of wealth.In last few years rich are getting richer at an alarming rate,so does they are capturing unlimited power and monopoly to regulate the markets for their own benefit.They are capturing new earning evenues for themselves with their extra money,destroying small business and jobs.If few people want to regulate everything then it brings misery for working and middle class.Money is in the system,but few powerfull people are holding it now.

  • Rusty

    I can see what is wrong with the USA, by the comments on this blog. You all sound like socialists, share the wealth and we will be alright!

    • Mary Just

      You are a Socialist genius

  • hmmm.

    Globalization seeks to promote two classes of people on this planet; the rulers and the slaves. The wealthy have made democracies obsolete through political bribes, contributions, blackmail and graft. The goal is to attack the wealth left out there that they do not own (middle classes of the world) and steal it legally for themselves. Think bank bail outs, unending wars, raids on your treasury, too big to fails, DHS, FEMA, suppression of your rights etc. Eventually there will be a world-wide minimum wage. All countries as we know them today will become regions, and each region will be equally poor. Slave states will reverse auction their slave wages down to secure capital for projects (jobs for starving laborers) away from other slave states. All of the currency will be fiat, so the wealthy will just laugh their butts off! I have a feeling this system will be in place by 2035 or so.
    After they have stolen back their fiat currency (i.e. you labor) from you, they will start to attack each other. The least wealthy elites Vs. the most insanely wealthy people ever will hire armies of poorly trained slaves to fight each other and protect their “assets.” the poor will be used a cannon fodder for pennies to send back to their starving relatives. There wont be a revolution because the soldiers will all be chipped and drugged, as will the mass populations.

    • Mary Just

      This can only happen when the citizens are cowards which they are.

  • Just had a phone call from a Canadian business services company we have worked with for 8 years now. The owner related to me that his business is suffering worse than at anytime since he started 18 years ago and it is primarily due to our lack (USA based business) of sales which basically fell off the cliff starting about March of this year. Our services are those that a growing business or one that is trying to expand would use so that should tell you in what direction things are headed or are already there! If they are not using our services, they are not going to be hiring new employees.

  • Server

    This system we live in has been a con for a long long long time BUT it could function because the one piece of the puzzle that everything else is dependent on was abundant and cheap. What’s that? It’s energy, the absolute basis of all work. It is the fundamental basis of the economy and the excess needed to create is no longer there.

  • Mary Just

    You did nothing when 40 million illegal aliens invaded, colonized and are now conquering your country. You did nothing when the evil, socialist, liberal progressives Demonrat Party members dumbed your kids down the the point of 5th graders when they graduate. You did nothing when benefits were handed out to everyone including illegals who never paid a dime in tax. You did nothing as your country turned into a police state where a person can go to jail for looking at a cop the wrong way and the government spies on all law abiding citizens. You did nothing when your country went 10s of trillions of dollars into debt handing out benefits to illegals. It is so bad that 10% of NY’s in the working age of 18 – 62 are on Social Security Disability.

    So if you cowards want to see who is responsible for the demise of your country just stand in front of a mirror.

    • Nanette

      Got that right . . . and amen. But what can we do? What have you done? (besides write stuff on blogs). I’ve emailed and called Congress, signed petitions, informed my co-workers . . . you name it. Has any of this done any good . . . (rhetorical question)?

      • Jackro

        I can at least say that I started a now thriving Tea Party to fight the runaway spending. Will it be a long term solution? Who knows, if we don’t learn how to negotiate to the next election, then I really doubt it.

  • There are some very outrageous comments on this topic, but the truth of the matter is that most of America fell for the non-sense they were being fed.
    For the past 25 years I’ve been telling people that the economy would collapse once the service side over took the production side, and we outsourced everything. All I ever heard was that I did not know what I was talking about.
    The problem is not CEO’s, but rather the person in the mirror. If you continue to elect the same politicians, stand by while judges take the law from the people, and the servant of the people is given immunity from the atrocities they typically committ we have no solid ground on which to stand in any scenario.
    What did you think would happen once you relinquished your sovereignty to the state and bought into the propaganda that what the government called regulation was for your protection? Government regulations are nothing more than prohibitions placed on the people so they cannot seek remedy and relief.
    If you want to learn what happened in America, study the law, and understand that this nation was not meant to be a democracy, but is in fact a Constitutional Federal Republic. If you understand these things then you will begin to realize that blasting the Constitution was part of the agenda to ensure that the working people would have no recouse. The ignorance would prevail, and all we would have left is to beg for a job, or the right to live unencumbered by the state. At that point anyone with the means to reach your representative could buy your subjugation.

  • Gary2

    in the last year there have been 19 national polls on how people think we should fix the deficit. The lowest was 53% and the highest and most recent was 81% which are the percentage of people who say to TAX THE RICH in order to ease the deficit.

    Let me be as plain as I can.

    The rich will be taxed hard either willingly or not, they will be taxed.

  • Gary2

    Just imagine how wonderful the country would be with out conservative/repubes holding the country back.

    It would be like a patient with a large tumor destroying their body and then a surgeon completely removing the cancerous growth. The body heals and is better than ever.

    Imagine the relief the person feels knowing they will live.

    One can dream happy thoughts…

    • Nanette

      Again, Gary2, you live through the looking glass. Everything you espouse is 180-degrees backwards . . . no wonder the country is in dire straits . . . too many like you . . .

  • Georgiaboy61

    Why does an economy exist – to serve people, or to be served by people? The uber-wealthy elites who have taken the commanding heights of the global economy believe that human beings are a commodity to be used up, like any other, as a cost of their relentless and never-ending drive for power and wealth. We get this system because we tolerate it. We meekly submit to having more and more of our liberties taken away, and a government (at least here in the USA) that increasingly resembles a criminal enterprise more than a political entity designed to serve its citizens. Vast areas of government, the courts and the law, have been hijacked, taken over by a criminal class unresponsive to those they serve. Of course, believing themselves to be above the law, the elites expempt themselves from the very same laws that they insist the rest of us follow. It’s how they keep us in line. One day, in the not-too-distant future, a tipping point will be reached when enough people see that we’ve become a nation of men, and not a nation of laws – and many citizens will simply begin disregarding the law, just as our elites do. What will happen then? One possible answer is that the eddifice of civil society will finally topple to the ground in ruins – and the USA will begin to resemble a third-world hell place like Somalia or if we are lucky, Bolivia.

    If we wish to remain free, we – meaning everyday citizens – must seize control of our institutions again, and make them work in a just, fair manner and not as the private piggy banks of the rich and powerful, or an assembly for passing politically-correct whims and debating unimportant minutia as our version of Rome burns.

  • RobertL.

    The citizens one last chance is to vote enmasse for Ron Paul. It really is that simple. Anybody have a better suggestion? I don’t think so!

    • Kelby

      He’s been endorsed by Reagan, the president that saved us after the last worst president ever, Carter. 🙂



    Nothing better to see on local news than poor blacks and white trash stampeding over each other like steers to market for some free housin’!

    This was done intentionally to embarrass these people so they could be caught on camera running each other over. And I am quite sure this will be more ammunition for reactionary rightwingers to further prove their case as to why “entitlements need to be cut”………..

  • The problem:

    1. Fractional Reserve Banking (money issued as debt to benefit the usurer)

    2. National Debt (see #1)

    3. Taxation of labor and capital. Leads to outsourcing and offshoring.

    The Keynesian Solution:

    1. Stop bailing out banks. Use the public money to create real jobs to build infrastructure.

    2. Implement a sin tax on usury like the Robin Hood Tax.

    The Ideal Classical Liberal/Progressive Solution:

    1. End fractional reserve banking with something like the Zarlenga plan or scale it back to something like a 1:5 to 1:3 reserve ratio which Lincoln suggested. As reserve ratios are scaled back, the government should print debt-free Greenbacks to pay off the national debt and create public sector jobs in order to prevent the deflation that scaling back reserve ratios would cause.

    2. End income taxes, capital gains, and payroll taxes, which act as a negative trade tariff, sending jobs overseas.

    3. Use sales taxes, which act as a uniform trade tariff, taxing domestic and foreign production equally. They also tax consumption, making natural resources more affordable since excessive demand is reduced by the taxation. Make the sales tax progressive with a citizen dividend, like the Fair Tax, which is promoted by people like Thomas Paine and MLK.

    4. Use land value taxes or property taxes. These taxes encourage efficient use of land and makes land more affordable to citizens. Make these taxes progressive with a citizen dividend. Property taxes are supported by most all classical liberals, including people like Thomas Jefferson, and modern day conservatives like Milton Friedman and David Nolan. States like New Hampshire are funded strictly on property taxes.

    5. Implement progressive taxes on the monopolization of capital and usury. Small business should not be taxed. Large corporations should be taxed. Banks should also be taxed.

  • Grow up losers.

    All you losers crying about your min wage jobs are pathetic. It’s not my fault or the worlds that your a bunch of stupid scrubs that can’t get a real paying job. I made 73,000 last year and busted my a## to make it. There will always be winners and losers in this world and all you broke a## crybabies are losers face it.

    • ZombieDude

      Spoken like a true eleven year-old with a mental deficit.

  • I’ve written an article as a response describing the problem and various feasible solutions which would help.

  • gaetano

    Well, It’s a shame to have to read the stories of all these people that are suffering. I am now 68,. I have had heart stents put in, and I developed cancer 3 years ago. I have 6 children. all are gone except for a 16 year old. I,at one time, owned 13 restaraunts. I made lots of money. I put my children thru school. I worked just like everyone else that wanted to get ahead and do better in our world of today. MY only bad habit was to spend all that I earned, knowing that someday everything would probaly come tumbleing down.I blame myself for my mistakes in life.What I won’t do ,is feel sorry for myself. I will keep going as long as the good Lord lets me.Sometimes I cry, when I am alone, thinking of what my children and grand children will have to endure in the future when I am gone.My advice to all those suffering is for you to keep fighting to stay alive and take care of the ones you love. Do your best, and by all means,have GOD in your heart. Now ,I know you will call me a religious freak,and that is your right. BUT, it won’t bother me what you think. I will now tell you what my biggest fight is at this time of my life.I will not blame those individuels who voted for Obama. I will only blame those that voted for this man without knowing or seeing that he was a fraud. There are those of you that still believe this fool.So the next time you vote ,think about what is happening in our country today and think about who is the present person in our government today,that is causeing this to happen. Don’t go back and blame other presidents for what is happening today. What more can We lose by trying someone else. MAY GOD BLESS ALL AMERICANS and I wish you well.

  • I fell so bad for all the people that had faith in our Goverment.we all have been taken for fools.all I can say is that we better prepare for what is coming ,because we will all have to help each other.there are so many people that are not seeing what is family and I are saving food and gardening.I wiill have chickens and other animals soon.anyone who has awell will need a hand pump when the electric goes.good luck I pray that we will smart enough to take care of ourself and anyone that needs our help.I love you all.

  • Amy

    Migrating to africa

    Iam sorry to say this but your companies are moving to africa.kfc,monstanto,cargill and many others.the reason is because labour is cheap can employ a labourer for 100dollars a month. Globalization is the word. So guys,pack up and move to can leave on 300dollars per month.


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