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10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve

What would happen if the Federal Reserve was shut down permanently?  That is a question that CNBC asked recently, but unfortunately most Americans don’t really think about the Fed much. Most Americans are content with believing that the Federal Reserve is just another stuffy government agency that sets our interest rates and that is watching out for the best interests of the American people.  But that is not the case at all.  The truth is that the Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel that has been designed to systematically destroy the value of our currency, drain the wealth of the American public and enslave the federal government to perpetually expanding debt.  During this election year, the economy is the number one issue that voters are concerned about.  But instead of endlessly blaming both political parties, the truth is that most of the blame should be placed at the feet of the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve has more power over the performance of the U.S. economy than anyone else does.  The Federal Reserve controls the money supply, the Federal Reserve sets the interest rates and the Federal Reserve hands out bailouts to the big banks that absolutely dwarf anything that Congress ever did.  If the American people are ever going to learn what is really going on with our economy, then it is absolutely imperative that they get educated about the Federal Reserve.

The following are 10 things that every American should know about the Federal Reserve….

#1 The Federal Reserve System Is A Privately Owned Banking Cartel

The Federal Reserve is not a government agency.

The truth is that it is a privately owned central bank.  It is owned by the banks that are members of the Federal Reserve system.  We do not know how much of the system each bank owns, because that has never been disclosed to the American people.

The Federal Reserve openly admits that it is privately owned.  When it was defending itself against a Bloomberg request for information under the Freedom of Information Act, the Federal Reserve stated unequivocally in court that it was “not an agency” of the federal government and therefore not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

In fact, if you want to find out that the Federal Reserve system is owned by the member banks, all you have to do is go to the Federal Reserve website….

The twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, which were established by Congress as the operating arms of the nation’s central banking system, are organized much like private corporations–possibly leading to some confusion about “ownership.” For example, the Reserve Banks issue shares of stock to member banks. However, owning Reserve Bank stock is quite different from owning stock in a private company. The Reserve Banks are not operated for profit, and ownership of a certain amount of stock is, by law, a condition of membership in the System. The stock may not be sold, traded, or pledged as security for a loan; dividends are, by law, 6 percent per year.

Foreign governments and foreign banks do own significant ownership interests in the member banks that own the Federal Reserve system.  So it would be accurate to say that the Federal Reserve is partially foreign-owned.

But until the exact ownership shares of the Federal Reserve are revealed, we will never know to what extent the Fed is foreign-owned.

#2 The Federal Reserve System Is A Perpetual Debt Machine

As long as the Federal Reserve System exists, U.S. government debt will continue to go up and up and up.

This runs contrary to the conventional wisdom that Democrats and Republicans would have us believe, but unfortunately it is true.

The way our system works, whenever more money is created more debt is created as well.

For example, whenever the U.S. government wants to spend more money than it takes in (which happens constantly), it has to go ask the Federal Reserve for it.  The federal government gives U.S. Treasury bonds to the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Reserve gives the U.S. government “Federal Reserve Notes” in return.  Usually this is just done electronically.

So where does the Federal Reserve get the Federal Reserve Notes?

It just creates them out of thin air.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to create money out of thin air?

Instead of issuing money directly, the U.S. government lets the Federal Reserve create it out of thin air and then the U.S. government borrows it.

Talk about stupid.

When this new debt is created, the amount of interest that the U.S. government will eventually pay on that debt is not also created.

So where will that money come from?

Well, eventually the U.S. government will have to go back to the Federal Reserve to get even more money to finance the ever expanding debt that it has gotten itself trapped into.

It is a debt spiral that is designed to go on perpetually.

You see, the reality is that the money supply is designed to constantly expand under the Federal Reserve system.  That is why we have all become accustomed to thinking of inflation as “normal”.

So what does the Federal Reserve do with the U.S. Treasury bonds that it gets from the U.S. government?

Well, it sells them off to others.  There are lots of people out there that have made a ton of money by holding U.S. government debt.

In fiscal 2011, the U.S. government paid out 454 billion dollars just in interest on the national debt.

That is 454 billion dollars that was taken out of our pockets and put into the pockets of wealthy individuals and foreign governments around the globe.

The truth is that our current debt-based monetary system was designed by greedy bankers that wanted to make enormous profits by using the Federal Reserve as a tool to create money out of thin air and lend it to the U.S. government at interest.

And that plan is working quite well.

Most Americans today don’t understand how any of this works, but many prominent Americans in the past did understand it.

For example, Thomas Edison was once quoted in the New York Times as saying the following….

That is to say, under the old way any time we wish to add to the national wealth we are compelled to add to the national debt.

Now, that is what Henry Ford wants to prevent. He thinks it is stupid, and so do I, that for the loan of $30,000,000 of their own money the people of the United States should be compelled to pay $66,000,000 — that is what it amounts to, with interest. People who will not turn a shovelful of dirt nor contribute a pound of material will collect more money from the United States than will the people who supply the material and do the work. That is the terrible thing about interest. In all our great bond issues the interest is always greater than the principal. All of the great public works cost more than twice the actual cost, on that account. Under the present system of doing business we simply add 120 to 150 per cent, to the stated cost.

But here is the point: If our nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good.

We should have listened to men like Edison and Ford.

But we didn’t.

And so we pay the price.

On July 1, 1914 (a few months after the Fed was created) the U.S. national debt was 2.9 billion dollars.

Today, it is more than more than 5000 times larger.

Yes, the perpetual debt machine is working quite well, and most Americans do not even realize what is happening.

#3 The Federal Reserve Has Destroyed More Than 96% Of The Value Of The U.S. Dollar

Did you know that the U.S. dollar has lost 96.2 percent of its value since 1900?  Of course almost all of that decline has happened since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

Because the money supply is designed to expand constantly, it is guaranteed that all of our dollars will constantly lose value.

Inflation is a “hidden tax” that continually robs us all of our wealth.  The Federal Reserve always says that it is “committed” to controlling inflation, but that never seems to work out so well.

And current Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that it is actually a good thing to have a little bit of inflation.  He plans to try to keep the inflation rate at about 2 percent in the coming years.

So what is so bad about 2 percent?  That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Well, just consider the following excerpt from a recent Forbes article….

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) has made it official:  After its latest two day meeting, it announced its goal to devalue the dollar by 33% over the next 20 years.  The debauch of the dollar will be even greater if the Fed exceeds its goal of a 2 percent per year increase in the price level.

#4 The Federal Reserve Can Bail Out Whoever It Wants To With No Accountability

The American people got so upset about the bailouts that Congress gave to the Wall Street banks and to the big automakers, but did you know that the biggest bailouts of all were given out by the Federal Reserve?

Thanks to a very limited audit of the Federal Reserve that Congress approved a while back, we learned that the Fed made trillions of dollars in secret bailout loans to the big Wall Street banks during the last financial crisis.  They even secretly loaned out hundreds of billions of dollars to foreign banks.

According to the results of the limited Fed audit mentioned above, a total of $16.1 trillion in secret loans were made by the Federal Reserve between December 1, 2007 and July 21, 2010.

The following is a list of loan recipients that was taken directly from page 131 of the audit report….

Citigroup – $2.513 trillion
Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion
Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion
Bank of America – $1.344 trillion
Barclays PLC – $868 billion
Bear Sterns – $853 billion
Goldman Sachs – $814 billion
Royal Bank of Scotland – $541 billion
JP Morgan Chase – $391 billion
Deutsche Bank – $354 billion
UBS – $287 billion
Credit Suisse – $262 billion
Lehman Brothers – $183 billion
Bank of Scotland – $181 billion
BNP Paribas – $175 billion
Wells Fargo – $159 billion
Dexia – $159 billion
Wachovia – $142 billion
Dresdner Bank – $135 billion
Societe Generale – $124 billion
“All Other Borrowers” – $2.639 trillion

So why haven’t we heard more about this?

This is scandalous.

In addition, it turns out that the Fed paid enormous sums of money to the big Wall Street banks to help “administer” these nearly interest-free loans….

Not only did the Federal Reserve give 16.1 trillion dollars in nearly interest-free loans to the “too big to fail” banks, the Fed also paid them over 600 million dollars to help run the emergency lending program.  According to the GAO, the Federal Reserve shelled out an astounding $659.4 million in “fees” to the very financial institutions which caused the financial crisis in the first place.

Does reading that make you angry?

It should.

#5 The Federal Reserve Is Paying Banks Not To Lend Money

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is actually paying banks not to make loans?

It is true.

Section 128 of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 allows the Federal Reserve to pay interest on “excess reserves” that U.S. banks park at the Fed.

So the banks can just send their cash to the Fed and watch the money come rolling in risk-free.

So are many banks taking advantage of this?

You tell me.  Just check out the chart below.  The amount of “excess reserves” parked at the Fed has gone from nearly nothing to about 1.5 trillion dollars since 2008….

But shouldn’t the banks be lending the money to us so that we can start businesses and buy homes?

You would think that is how it is supposed to work.

Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve is not working for us.

The Federal Reserve is working for the big banks.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea what is going on.

Another example of this is the government debt carry trade.

Here is how it works.  The Federal Reserve lends gigantic piles of nearly interest-free cash to the big Wall Street banks, and in turn those banks use the money to buy up huge amounts of government debt.  Since the return on government debt is higher, the banks are able to make large profits very easily and with very little risk.

This scam was also explained in a recent article in the Guardian….

Consider this: we pretend that banks are private businesses that should be allowed to run their own affairs. But they are the biggest scroungers of public money of our time. Banks are lent vast sums of money by central banks at near-zero interest. They lend that money to us or back to the government at higher rates and rake in the difference by the billion. They don’t even have to make clever investments to make huge profits.

That is a pretty good little scam they have got going, wouldn’t you say?

#6 The Federal Reserve Creates Artificial Economic Bubbles That Are Extremely Damaging

By allowing a centralized authority such as the Federal Reserve to dictate interest rates, it creates an environment where financial bubbles can be created very easily.

Over the past several decades, we have seen bubble after bubble.  Most of these have been the result of the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates artificially low.  If the free market had been setting interest rates all this time, things would have never gotten so far out of hand.

For example, the housing crash would have never been so horrific if the Federal Reserve had not created such ideal conditions for a housing bubble in the first place.  But we allow the Fed to continue to make the same mistakes.

Right now, the Federal Reserve continues to set interest rates much, much lower than they should be.  This is causing a tremendous misallocation of economic resources, and there will be massive consequences for that down the line.

#7 The Federal Reserve System Is Dominated By The Big Wall Street Banks

Even since it was created, the Federal Reserve system has been dominated by the big Wall Street banks.

The following is from a previous article that I did about the Fed….

The New York representative is the only permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee, while other regional banks rotate in 2 and 3 year intervals.  The former head of the New York Fed, Timothy Geithner, is now U.S. Treasury Secretary.  The truth is that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has always been the most important of the regional Fed banks by far, and in turn the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has always been dominated by Wall Street and the major New York banks.

#8 It Is Not An Accident That We Saw The Personal Income Tax And The Federal Reserve System Both Come Into Existence In 1913

On February 3rd, 1913 the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified.  Later that year, the United States Revenue Act of 1913 imposed a personal income tax on the American people and we have had one ever since.

Without a personal income tax, it is hard to have a central bank.  It takes a lot of money to finance all of the government debt that a central banking system creates.

It is no accident that the 16th Amendment was ratified in 1913 and the Federal Reserve system was also created in 1913.

They have a symbiotic relationship and they are designed to work together.

We could fill Congress with people that are committed to ending this oppressive system, but so far we have chosen not to do that.

So our children and our grandchildren will face a lifetime of debt slavery because of us.

I am sure they will be thankful for that.

#9 The Current Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, Has A Nightmarish Track Record Of Incompetence

The mainstream media portrays Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a brilliant economist, but is that really the case?

Let’s go to the videotape.

The following is an extended excerpt from an article that I published previously….


In 2005, Bernanke said that we shouldn’t worry because housing prices had never declined on a nationwide basis before and he said that he believed that the U.S. would continue to experience close to “full employment”….

“We’ve never had a decline in house prices on a nationwide basis. So, what I think what is more likely is that house prices will slow, maybe stabilize, might slow consumption spending a bit. I don’t think it’s gonna drive the economy too far from its full employment path, though.”

In 2005, Bernanke also said that he believed that derivatives were perfectly safe and posed no danger to financial markets….

“With respect to their safety, derivatives, for the most part, are traded among very sophisticated financial institutions and individuals who have considerable incentive to understand them and to use them properly.”

In 2006, Bernanke said that housing prices would probably keep rising….

“Housing markets are cooling a bit. Our expectation is that the decline in activity or the slowing in activity will be moderate, that house prices will probably continue to rise.”

In 2007, Bernanke insisted that there was not a problem with subprime mortgages….

“At this juncture, however, the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime market seems likely to be contained. In particular, mortgages to prime borrowers and fixed-rate mortgages to all classes of borrowers continue to perform well, with low rates of delinquency.”

In 2008, Bernanke said that a recession was not coming….

“The Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession.”

A few months before Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapsed, Bernanke insisted that they were totally secure….

“The GSEs are adequately capitalized. They are in no danger of failing.”

For many more examples that demonstrate the absolutely nightmarish track record of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, please see the following articles….

*”Say What? 30 Ben Bernanke Quotes That Are So Stupid That You Won’t Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry

*”Is Ben Bernanke A Liar, A Lunatic Or Is He Just Completely And Totally Incompetent?

But after being wrong over and over and over, Barack Obama still nominated Ben Bernanke for another term as Chairman of the Fed.


#10 The Federal Reserve Has Become Way Too Powerful

The Federal Reserve is the most undemocratic institution in America.

The Federal Reserve has become so powerful that it is now known as “the fourth branch of government”, but there are less checks and balances on the Fed than there are on the other three branches.

The Federal Reserve runs the U.S. economy but it is not accountable to the American people.  We can’t vote those that run the Fed out of office if we do not like what they do.

Yes, the president appoints those that run the Fed, but he also knows that if he does not tread lightly he won’t get the money from the big Wall Street banks that he needs for his next election.

Thankfully, there are a few members of Congress that are complaining about how much power the Fed has.  For example, Ron Paul once told MSNBC that he believes that the Federal Reserve is now actually more powerful than Congress…..

“The regulations should be on the Federal Reserve. We should have transparency of the Federal Reserve. They can create trillions of dollars to bail out their friends, and we don’t even have any transparency of this. They’re more powerful than the Congress.”

As members of Congress such as Ron Paul have started to shed some light on the activities of the Federal Reserve, that has caused many in the mainstream media to come to the defense of the Fed.

For example, a recent CNBC article entitled “If The Federal Reserve Is Abolished, What Then?” makes it sound like there is absolutely no other rational alternative to having the Federal Reserve run our economy.

But this is not what our founders intended.

The founders did not intend for a private banking cartel to issue our money and set our interest rates for us.

According to Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Congress has been given the responsibility to “coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”.

So why is the Federal Reserve doing it?

But the CNBC article mentioned above makes it sound like the sky would fall if control of the currency was handed back over to the American people.

At one point, the article asks the following question….

“How would the U.S. economy then function? Something has to take its place, right?”

No, the truth is that we don’t need anyone to “manage” our economy.

The U.S. Treasury could be in charge of issuing our currency and the free market could set our interest rates.

We don’t need to have a centrally-planned economy.

We aren’t China.

And it goes against everything that our founders believed to be running up so much government debt.

For example, Thomas Jefferson once declared that if he could add just one more amendment to the U.S. Constitution it would be a ban on all government borrowing….

I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its Constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.

Oh, how things would have been different if we had only listened to Thomas Jefferson.

Please share this article with as many people as you can.  These are things that every American should know about the Federal Reserve, and we need to educate the American people about the Fed while there is still time.

  • SubVet

    Although the “Federal Income Tax” was started officially in 1913, they had to wait until that generation died off before changing it to what it has become…

    It was a slow and gradual transition through deception under “color of law”.

  • http://TheEconomicVoice Gregge Johnson

    MY mother in law worked at the pentagon and I have spent the last 40 years of my life explaining this AS the awnser Who owns the federal reserve? 4 men are of jewish heritage,, 1 is from hong kong,, 2 muslims from sadi arabia,,, and the cathlic church empire owns 40%

    • minoo

      Do you know who they are? Can you tell me? I am just curious.

  • http://EconomicCollapse Already Gone

    If Anybody is interested in knowing alot more of who is behind the federal reserve check out this website it is outdated but has alot of interesting info.

  • http://EconomicCollapse Already Gone

    After reading this article i strongly recommend everybody read it if true it is exactly whai the author of this blog has been talking about

    • Paul Wachtler

      Hey Already Gone, I tried this site but it may have been taken down! P.

  • David M

    So, the system has been rigged for a long time. Well explained for the masses BTW.

    Two questions…
    1) How many people are in the upper echelons? Many working for the Federal Reserve in all the small jobs (janitors, etc) must be clueless about what the outcome will be. Otherwise the truth would get out.

    2) We know that other countries are backing towards the door, getting out of the Dollar. Which might lead towards the supposition that there isn’t a global plan. They aren’t going to take the hit. OR does it support the theory that there is a plan to ruin America? Russia, China, Saud, would get out whether this is planned or not.

    My hope is that there’s just too much greed and corruption and we logical humans are looking for conspiracies when there are none.

  • Michael

    I read somewhere that the Fed could not directly buy gov’t debt. It buys up banks’ junk investments, and the banks use the free money to buy gov’t debt.

    Does anyone know if this is true?

  • Paul

    Sorry guys, it is the government that spends the money. If the government would not spend more than it got, there would be no debt crisis.

    Who is the government?
    Who are the lobbyists?
    How are those people elected?
    Whart criteria are put on senators? Big mouth? Good sales person? Rich? Responsible?

    Every people has the government it deserves.

  • David Forde

    Sadly Edmund is very correct. The majority of people will have NO interest until it is to late!

  • Ralphieboy

    Only two years ago did I begin to fully understand the scam and structure of the Federal Reserve, and I am a guy who studied economics in college and who presently runs a successful international business . That’s pathetic. Better late than never. And aside from Ron Paul, name any other politician who even raises any discussion of this inherent evil. As long as these oligarchs remain in control, and as long as the sheeple permit the continuance of the greatest scam of the ages, we nave no right to claim we are living under a constitutional republic. That ceased to exist in 1913. Problem is, the bread and circuses have been , for the most part, pretty good since then, so nobody has paid much atention, so shame on us. An economic collapse may just be tbe thing we need to wake us from our shameful stupor.

  • Greg Bays

    Search “Making Friends Through Ron Paul” on Facebook Groups and join the American R[ƎVO˩]UTION! Ron Paul 2012!

  • a viewer from germany

    We in Germany are also aware of this ponzi- scheme of Banksters. more and more people realize the facts. In Greece they now burning the greman flag, dont knowing theat we are in the same boat (the normally people). We also know that the greece people had no benefit at all, just the corps and the banks. we are VERY concerned about the fascist regime in the US now, they occupy your land now via new toll road systems, cameras and so on. if you didnt support ron paul, i think this will be a devilish new world order with sharia hangmans for those who resist the globalization. We are watcher in the Ring (like Iron Maiden sung it in “revelations”). For those who reckon… will it be someone from the royals? who owns the fed?
    it can be 2033… watch, read and pray to the lord. greetings.

  • Lennie Pike

    The alternative is in the U.S. Constitution – Section 1, Article 10.

    It used to be mandatory reading in public schools.

  • JDubya

    Having the Fed in control of the money supply is vastly better than having it in the hands of the Treasury. The President through his puppet Sec. of the Treasury (Geithner) would be able to fiddle with the money supply for purely political reasons.

    I urge all the read the linked CNBC article that Michael refers to. The article concludes that the Fed isn’t perfect, but it happens to be the best system thus far.

    • Lennie Pike

      “vastly “better” ??????????

      We can’t vote out the Fed.

      We can’t vote out the Congress because we can’t vote out the Fed.

      If Congress controlled the money, the Fed would not exist and we could at least then vote Congress out of office.

      If the money unconstitutionally remained fiat, economic problems would still be terrible – you’re correct, but where you’re wrong is that it would still be better than with the fiat money controlled by the Fed because the Fed is evil and they’re on a mission – a mission NOT from God.

      • Lennie Pike

        The solution is Section 1, Article 10 of the U.S. Constitution.

        I hate it when people say that Congress would do no better than the Fed with the same fiat money system, when it’s obviously the fiat money system that causes the destruction. That observation always seems like an intentional effort to confuse.


  • http://DailyCrux bill porter

    The United States Bank was the predecesor of the Fed.
    Andrew Jackson, a populist if ever there was one, understanding the nature of the beast, vowed to, and succeeded in, killing it; consequently, the American people were left free from this parasytical monster for over 80 years- a period that witnessed the greatest increase in the standard of living for ordinary people the world has so far experienced. It wasn’t a coincidence.

  • Bill

    Come on people FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for our America.

    Let this article be the spark that lights your fire. Tell all you know. Take a stand. Don’t be afraid to say you are in the fight.


    • bongstar

      apeal to your congress men and representitives to repeal and out law legal tender laws!!!!!! this is the only realistic way to reign them in.

      • http://N/A Gootman

        I think you are an intelligent person,irregardless of gender,but I can tell
        that you really are a Bong Star.

  • Bill


    Here is more info on the frs:


  • Rodster

    So Warren Buffet the 0.5% a liberal democrat, Obama supporter made $154 MILLION from the Gov’t’s mortgage settlement. The rich get richer and they are Dems !

    “Buffett’s Bank of America”

  • Per-David Nygren

    Amazing how so many people can´t see the forest before the trees.

  • Stephen

    I believe we are being set up for World Government, and One Currency.
    read below.
    The World Banking Politburo
    By Stephen J. Gray

    ‘I believe the world is ready for a shift to this more “systemic” vision of IMF surveillance’ [1]
    “Address by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director,
    International Monetary Fund,
    At Bretton Woods Committee Annual Meeting
    Washington D.C., February 26, 2010”

    It would appear from the words of the former managing director of the IMF that the world is prepared for “ IMF surveillance.” The IMF is funded by tax-payers dollars from various countries, so one wonders when did the people anywhere decide that unelected bankers should be watching over them? Especially when it was out of control bankers that caused the financial crisis and then were bailed out by tax-payers dollars. Are we the new tax paying slaves who need to be watched over by bankers who operate in the global markets?…
    read full article at link below

  • Len

    Indeed, the FED is the biggest problem facing all Americans. It is ten times bigger than all other big issues combined. It no longer takes a rocket scientist to realize that our politicians are terrified with what the “financial elements in the larger centers” (see FDR letter to Edward Mandell House; 1933) can do to force all politicians to do what they are told. Libertarians, Independents, Republicans, Democrats, no matter what the background, they all learn that their political future hangs in the balance depending the scope of their attacks on the FED, or the level of co-operation delivered. There is only one way a candidate like Ron Paul to become President, and that is for the 99% to finally come together and rout the Multi-Headed hydra off our land.

    JFK really threatened these
    “financial elements” when he tried to create real money, with EO 11,110, and if you are willing to analyze his life, in perspective, you must realize that the Military Industrial Complex, along with virtually every branch of government is still owned by the identified “financial elements in the larger centers” and it will stay that way until we find enough patriots in Congress to fold the FED into the Federal Government where it will then have the power to create money that is free of debt, and our citizens will finally be free of slavery, as was intended since 1776. For conclusive proof, see (copy and paste the link)
    If you have anger management problems, let someone else read this discussion for you and then brief you on its content. In simple words, this pamphlet spells out the biggest menace facing our nation and offers a way to solve the disaster once and for all. We must now answer the question, do our soldiers at war really fight for our freedom, or are they “patriotic” mercenaries helping the global “financial elements in the larger centers” maintain their stranglehold on a globe that cries for a chance to find jobs and be free again? This year will tell the tale. I surely hope it doesn’t have to get ugly as these powerful forces rattle their swords in an effort to replace every leader who is not buckling to their tune. Hey, have a nice day. OK

  • Phoenix

    Thomas Paine, an American patriot, wrote “Common Sense” during the revolutionary war . This pamphlet roused Americans to discover the philosophical case for revolution and freedom. Jean-Jacques Rousseau laid out principles in his Social Contract of the ideal society and how we could achieve governance that best suited the needs of the entire populace. The Declaration of the Rights of Man were laid out prior to the French Revolution that specified exactly what was expected to result after the tyrannical monarchies are abolished. Isn’t it time for a 21st century manifesto that follow in the footsteps of the Declaration of the Rights of Man, of Common Sense, and of the Declaration of Independence? Isn’t it time for a second Enlightenment?

    Every couple of decades, a cause arises to stir the people in the ever perpetuating battle of tyrants over freedom and every couple of generations a cause so large emerges that entire paradigm shifts are brought about by the people, led by those with drive, creativity, and vision. Today, those tyrants are the perpetuators of our faux-democracy and their economic tyrant counterparts-the banking elite, both inexorably and perpetually advancing no other agenda than developing an ever-growing disparity of power and wealth. Slowly but surely, and ever more quickly, they erode all progress made by the revolutionaries of past that fought to overthrow the aristocracies, monarchies, and religious oppressors of the time.
    We are still part of the constant struggle of the General Will of society- a drive to progress the well-being for all of society, with the Particular Will- the drive to progress one’s own well being, even at the expense of others, and of society as a whole. Today, the vast majority of our politicians are driven not by the sincere need to better society, based on a value system of rationality but by their hypocritical allegiance to their selective constituents at the expense of society’s welfare. The banks- the financial circulatory system of our economy, are run not by those who wish to create an economy most conducive to the nation’s well-being but by those who run private industries that wield the power to manipulate the movement of money. When selfish people are in an industry that allows a concerted funneling of money into their pockets, what outcome do you expect? And no less, when these same institutions are backed by the very government that was founded to be one by the people and for the people, there is nothing other than absolute proof that corruption by any means have utterly destroyed the visions of the freedom fighters of our ancestors’ time. Society may always evolve towards higher and higher ends, but only when there are ample counter-points to the aspects of the society that are flawed. The greater embeddedness of the problem, the greater the counter-force necessary to root out the problem, until there is nothing left but revolution. Are we at that point yet? You decide. But are we even at close the momentum needed to provide true change? Without the possibility for debate, we are certainly not.
    So, at what point are we in this movement?
    The time where only the most dedicated are left, the point where the synergy of our most meritorious will effectively culminate into the next phase- the phase of leadership, the phase of vision, the phase of philosophy, the phase of change, the phase of the movement!

    Thus far, we have been successful at creating awareness of the general problem, and have inspired an entire generation to realize that our society is built to benefit the absurdly small minority of the population and that this must be changed for the sake of the advancement of civilization itself. We have been experiencing none other than a devolution into the aristocracies and despotic governance of the past- the very forces we transcended that arose into the Enlightenment.

    Now, Phase 2!

    Like Thomas Paine, Robespierre, Thomas Jefferson and the other brave freedom fighters of revolutions past, we must not only look to changing a regime (or a president) but look to the future, to higher heights, to a greater fulfillment of humanity’s potential by assessing the flaws of the status quo and through a dialectical debate, philosophy, and creativity devise a new system, one more perfect than the last. Don’t fall prey to the psychological manipulation that our elections provide the sufficient change we need. It is the very system that the elections are built on that must be changed. We must transform the fundamentals.
    I, the writer of this pamphlet can provide some ideas to begin with. But what needs to happen is this “leaderless movement” needs to develop not a single leader, but an entire collective of leaders. A movement of followers raises awareness. A movement of leaders changes everything. How can we become a movement of leaders? Write more pamphlets. Don’t just say “down with x” or espouse blind revolution. Let’s utilize the most potent force for change- the dissemination of ideas. Let’s do the most daring thing of all and not just elect representatives in our system, but actually change the system itself. Which of you reading this is a Rousseau or a Jefferson? Who of you will rise as a hero and change history?
    Let’s use crowdsourcing as well as the scientific method to discover what works based on a value system of rationality and the General Will. Both have proven effective in bringing change to technology and academia but have never been applied to governance and economics.
    Capitalism brought us great prosperity by empowering individual entrepreneurs to utilize their hard work and creativity to create solutions to needs, creating jobs and progressing technology. While these positive traits allow the fulfillment of entrepreneurs and incentive system for effective production, this ideology in pure, blind form has no impetus to treat people as human beings but merely as commodities. Completely unfettered, the impetus for few to enrich their power disproportionately lead to a highly stratified society of a rich upper-elite and the working masses with the exponential function of money begetting more money, as eventually all wealth is funneled upwards.
    The counter-point- Communism- was devised by Marx as an ideology directly concerned with addressing these issues and providing the so-called remedy. The outrageous fallacy in this ideology is that by denouncing it outright society would rise to higher fulfillment of humanity’s potential. Reversing the aspects of capitalism that are negative is absolutely necessary, but by denouncing it utterly, the positive parts become casualties- the freedom of entrepreneurs to empower themselves to invent, produce, create, and trade. Consequently, communism is plagued by cronyism and a stagnancy, eventually succumbing to the arbitrary whim of tyrants and an almost religious zealotry toward the State, (which is in the same category as monarchies, aristocracies, oligarchies and oppressive religion as enemies of freedom)
    Therefore, we see in history dialectic. Thesis-Antitheses. The answer lies not in nuanced changes in either, but in an entirely new model outright- a Synthesis. The best, most effectively run and legitimate government is a government of Meritocracy. Cronyism, nepotism, faux-elections are all enemies of legitimate government.
    The markets consist of businesses and individuals providing goods and services that fill a need in society. When the economy itself is hijacked by money manipulators under the guise of “Free-Markets” we are being none other than psychologically manipulated by language. It is an Orwellian attempt to induce a masochistic support of this system by the 99% who suffer from it. There is nothing “free” about allowing an elite minority of selfish individuals to wield the power of the economic well being of an entire society. What do these money-managers create? What are their innovations? How have they improved society? Their only creations and innovations are craftier and craftier techniques to move money around (into their own hands). Invariably, the consequence is a systematic transfer of wealth upwards. In the most blatant example of double-speak- trickle-up economics,was labeled as “trickle-down.” The implicit feeling that something isn’t right with these people and this system is ripe in all of us. But what many of us have thus-far failed to do is diagnose the disease; all we have done is address the symptoms.
    In our collective unconscious, in our culture, we have a pernicious construct: That money in and of itself is the outright measure of success and it is directly correlated to it- the richer you are, the more successful you necessarily are. It is this ingrained culture that empowers the oligarchs and banksters of Washington and Wall St to control society. When we subscribe to the mainstream-media endorsed precept that an overpaid money-manipulator on Wall St. making $20 million is somehow more successful than a Scientist that makes a breakthrough discovery, yet earns a “modest” $150,000 a year, we subscribe to a game rigged against society for the welfare of the elite few. Let’s change our culture, let’s change our standards, let’s change our minds.
    In 2008, a dilemma was faced- and the choice was to bail out the perpetrators of the collapse under the auspices that if they were left to fail then our system as a whole would fail. Does this not indicate in a painstakingly obvious way that the system itself is doomed in due time? A truly legitimate system would never need a bailout to maintain its perpetuity. Are we going to wait for the biggest economic crash in history before we take realization to this?
    Just as the scientific revolution and philosophy of the Enlightenment broke the shambles of religious persecution and monarchic control, it is time for a similar process of discarding what doesn’t work while perpetuating and devising what does, to our governance and to our society.
    Do not merely nod your head if you agree. Write your own pamphlet. Create your own philosophical idea. Disseminate the message. Debate. Get inspired by the brave revolutionaries of past.
    The culmination of unrest has begun. Now, the phase of leaders, ideas, vision, and true change will come. We will either die in oblivion, and the history of mankind will be told as a triumph of tyranny over enlightenment, or we will continue to fight teeth and nail to begin what is nothing short of a revolution. Don’t be a bystander, don’t be a follower who claims to be inspired by their heros. BE a hero yourself, inspire others, and write history.
    Let us explode with intellectual energy, a Jacobin club of the 21st century where ideas that completely overhaul the status quo take precedence in our actions and our consciousness, a second American Revolution- A second Enlightenment.
    -What is YOUR idea to eliminate the monetary system that enslaves you?
    -What is YOUR idea to disseminate the message?
    -What is YOUR idea on how we can create a new government system?
    -What is YOUR revised economic theory that espouses the betterment of humankind?
    -What is YOUR idea for a future system that has never been implemented, but represents the pinnacle of what humanity can ever achieve?

    Disseminate this message, add to it, improve it. Perfect it.
    The Movement

    • Lennie Pike

      My idea is not to create a new government system – it is to return to the system we had taken away – that of the U.S. Constitution – what was wrong with that system?

    • Patrick Henry

      Phoenix, I respectfully wish to add a few words of caution. You mentioned a Jacobin club for the 21st century. The Jacobins preferred le guillotine. I know “club” meant a group or organization, but understanding what a real revolution may unleash and that the French “left” were very different from British “liberals” like John Locke, both of whom opposed monarchy and feudalism. The French wished to replace the ancien regime while the British Enlightenment wished to decentralize power and protect individual rights, not collective rights. The path the movement takes, either collectivism or individualism, will make all the difference. I hope you and all others understand this key point.
      Give me liberty…!

    • http://N/A Gootman

      Yes,it is time! However as a previous reply
      indicated,that our general population just doess not care,they are not hungry enough yet.

  • OH NO

    I agree with most of what he said but SS, MC are not entitlements bought and paid for by the taxpayers if you didn’t put into the system you shouldn’t collect except for the disabled, they have spent all the money and they can’t pay it back! If you start a savings account and the banks spend everyone savings are you entitled to get it back! hell yes, start with congress cut their pensions, benefits, it’s the taxpayers paying for it we didn’t vote for their entitlements they voted it in for themselves, cut foreign assistant,earmarks, bailouts,subsidies, if you let them cut are so called entitlements they will never cut or reduce goverment spending.

  • Mark

    OK end the Federal Reserve…Now how are you going to keep the economy regualated and who are you going to borrow more money from while Obama is over spending what he takes in from tax dollars…The Federal Reserve does not need to be ended…The over spending and borrowing does.

    • Lennie Pike

      It’s not a matter of one or the other – the Fed and borrowing both need to end.

      The economy now is not being regulated, the can is being kicked down the road, and every kick will cause greater suffering when the time comes.

      Let the time of suffering come now by kicking the Fed out, eliminating borrowing and returning to sound money.

      It won’t be as painful as everyone thinks.

  • S.Quade

    If the Fed closed its doors tonight, tomorrow a new banking system would be organized. We’d be in deep s–t for a while but everything would eventually straighten out and we would have to be paying double and triple for every dollar the fed “prints”.
    Read up on fractional reserve banking, and you’ll see what a mess the federal reserve has foisted on the world. They are called “central banks” but they are vampires.
    Google ‘fed banking cartel’ and look carefully at the titles that come up. Don’t stop at the first page or the second page; astonishing things show up on successive pages.

    • S.Quade

      that should have been “we wouldn’t have to be paying double and triple for every dollar the fed “prints” (as we are paying now).

  • USLibertine

    You know, the inevitable is total collapse and warfare. It’s only a matter of time before the Road Warrior world becomes reality. Guns and Gold my friends.

  • Now Is

    When the world gets on the same page, and we change to a Resource Based Economy with Sun Energy
    warming and cooling our needs for free, when we use the Geo-thermal power of the earth, when we encourage farmers to feed the world, when we have Free Education and Free Health Care;eliminating
    harmful food to be available to feed everyone,
    including animals, when we ALL work together
    without greed and hoarding. we might have chance to survive…

  • Steve Mawson

    This is all good but you have written this before.

    I still don’t see solutions from you here Mike. What are your proposed alternatives ? In detail, come on you must have them and have been formulating them for years.

    I have one….TAX THE FED at the highest tax rate there is. It will only further complicate the already ridiculous tax system, but then, who cares right ?

  • Alfonso

    Indeed, the Jesuit Papacy is the secret master of the American Federal Reserve Bank. All American debt (created by the magic wand of unlimited, unsecured credit) IS OWED TO THE JESUIT PAPACY!!!!! All American debtors are slaves to the papacy holding the collateral for that debt—all the land and labor of Rome’s 14th Amendment American Empire (1868-Present) –

  • Charles Savoie

    Fine article and shows how bought off Congress is that it won’t allow any substantive investigation of the FED. The most important fact about the FED is that it was founded by the same Secret Society that controls the Bank of England—The Pilgrims Society, explained at depth in “The Silver Stealers.” Also see in Archives of the series “Meet The World Money Power.”

  • D Johnson

    We don’t need no stinkin Federal Reserve Bank.

  • therooster of Christ

    The USD’s role as a currency has been a stop-gap measure on route to the dollar fulfilling its ultimate role as a real-time measure for real-time gold-as-money. It’s here and now in front of your very eyes, folks, although still invisible to most. Modern day bullion based payment processors, as a fact, use the USD as a real-time measure to determine how much bullion weight to transfer from account to account when someone buys something from another account holder and the service or item is priced in a fiat currency. Something must bridge the two paradigms and that something is the USD price of gold in REAL-TIME !

    • jefferson

      Right on Rooster ! Real time is the key !

    • Lennie Pike

      A Lie – want the reason why? I’ve won trophies for my game face alone.

    • Lennie Pike

      Clue – what used to be a paradigm is now a paradollar.

      • Lennie Pike

        Make that a pair o’dollar – at least!

        • Lennie Pike

          2nd clue – factual evidence of the suppression of the dollar price of gold and silver will be given if necessary.

          The entire system is fraudulent and designed to enslave. It will soon be attempted on a global scale.

  • Hornitos

    There is a difference between when the Fed says it is, what you think it is, and what they actually do. The Fed is a GSE, government sponsored enterprise, and the assets (toxic) which it holds have the implicit backing of UST (taxpayer money). Now the Tea Party (sic)questions this relationship, as should all right thinking Americans. Stop the Fed means cut the cord between government and banking, although the function of the Fed would be done at Treasury, at least we the people would have some transparency and control.

  • Kenuck

    Let’s just create our own “Public Reserve”..our own banking system and big citizens credit union..bypass these pricks.

  • Steve Mawson

    Mike, whilst your articles are verbose and detailed, your responses to questions when put, that are direct to you and more than a vague compliment or hey good one, type comment, go unanswered. I’ve asked you several times what are your solutions to the many many problems you harangue on a daily basis, yet no reply is ever given.

    Please reply, lest some of us form the opinion that you are no better than the God Botherers on here who have 0 in the way of helpful constructive ideas, and can only blab on about this all being god’s will. pfffiddle.

    • Michael


      I apologize – if I answered every email that I get and every comment that gets left I would have no time for anything else. :)

      On a national level, I have talked about shutting down the Federal Reserve many times and going away from a debt-based monetary system. But of course the odds of that happening in the United States today are between slim and none.

      On a personal level, I have written many articles about how to prepare. The following is one of them….


      • therooster of Christ

        The asset based money system is already here and being used each and every day. It’s not what you expected because we have all grown accustomed to a top-down system. Enough is enough. We’ve been supply driven “since the apple was shoved in our faces”. The new gold-as-money system is a product of real-time valuations and is developed in the marketplace and by the market. Stop looking for a top-down answer. You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins. Real-time is key and reverses Gresham’s Law, which is/was predicated on fixed values for bullion

        • Lennie Pike

          In a monetary system backed by gold, or better yet that is comprised of physical gold so that no one has to be trusted in vain as they were from 1913 to 1971, contrary to your claim, the value of gold is not fixed – market forces determine the value of gold which usually results in it’s value slowly increasing as work (money) is performed. There is a historical record of this occurring – requiring less and less gold to purchase the same amount of goods and services as work (MONEY!) is performed.

          This system is the only honest monetary system that can exist and is the opposite of the current monetary system – that of a small group of powerful and necessarily violent men determining the value of their fraudulent papre money to suit their deceptive strategy of stealing money (WORK!)from it’s rightful owners – those who worked for it – those who created the money.

          For that very reason money has to be either physical gold or actually backed by physical gold.

          Just ask the pricks that control the fiat system – if you can get a straight answer from them.

          The Western World led by these fiat money banker criminals has become exactly what Nazi Germany was. The exact same type of people have taken over and they are using mainly the U.S. Military to made possible by workers to do it. The reaction, or lack of one, from most citizens (way to go Greeks) is the same as that of the Germans in the 1930’s as they watch it happen.

          • Lennie Pike

            Minting a few actual gold coins and silver coins after 1913 was a stroke of genius – it had to be done – all good con artists know they have to produce something of value to attract the mark – ones step backwards in exchange for two steps forward. Just like Bernie Madoff, a few got paid real money so they could later be robbed.

        • Lennie Pike


          Was the “new gold as money” = “paper money same as gold”, a product of real-time valuations and developed in the marketplace by the market when at least 10 trillion Dollars was created INSTANTLY!!! to bail out the gambling habits of the banksters of the world?

          Aren’t the banksters these actual “MARKET FORCES” THEMSELVES since they have 100% control over the creation of fiat money?

          I guess it did take some “real-time” to pull that off – probably about 1 minute to create that moneygold / goldmoney electronically by making a few keystrokes on a computer.

          Real money requires real work – money is work and work is money. That one minute which was spent at the keyboard is not considered real work by most real worker’s standards. The real work will come when that money is used to pay for real work performed, which is when the theft will occur – the worker will think he is getting paid in full but due to the inflation caused by creating the new money he will be getting robbed intentionally.

          So you should have no objections to the correction I have made to your name to “chicken” – I say you are afraid of work, or more likely think you are more important by right of birth than those who actually work, and that real work is beneath you and is the responsibility of the little people – they exist to take care of and support you financially.

          Or it could be possible that you do actually work – the only problem with that is that if you believe that the current fiat unconstitutional monetary system is just fine, then you must be one of the few who benefit from it at the expense of those who are abused by it, because if you are not one of those who benefit from it, you would be against it.

          So, even though you may do SOME work (and I bet it is not very strenuous) a percentage of your income, and I won’t use the term money because money is work, is stolen from those who do not steal any money (I used the term money because you would have to work for it) from you.

          It doesn’t really matter very much what the percentage of you income is stolen from others – there are enough of you doing it to cause total destruction of everyone lives (including yours) after enough time stealing has passed. We have reached that point now – thank you very much.

      • Lennie Pike

        Liars and the nature of a Liar never ceases to amaze me. I’m not talking about those who intentionally lie and aware they are lying as they lie – we all do that from time to time. I’m referring to those for whom a lie sounds like the truth. The lie can be a very obvious untruth but it won’t phase the Liar in the least – he must believe it is true.

        I just watched an interview of Hank Paulson on CNBC (the only network that would accept him I think), and everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. The lies were so obvious that you have to believe that he thinks they were truth – no one could possibly have the courage to lie like that.

        Every time he would finish lying, he would make all kinds of weird facial contortions including sticking his tongue out of his mouth. One can see that there is something way abnormal going on with the speech also approaching that of Linda Blair – demon possession, or just born that way? Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner – same thing. You can’t call these people our leaders – a leader produces positive results for the citizens. These psychopathic liars are the ones that have control over all of the facets of our lives – except for the spiritual.

    • Lennie Pike

      Here’s a solution for you from one of the God Botherers: The United States Constitution – based on God’s Law.

      I believe Michael has at least once mentioned returning to the U.S. Constitution and morality – especially by taking power away from the people behind the federal reserve and returning to sound money.

      Whoever has control over the fiat money has complete control – just ask Amsel? Rothschild. Kicking these evil parasites out of our country is the only way to take the U.S. off the planned path of destruction – so there are not solutions – there is one solution.

      I would think that after reading this article, one would be able to deduce on their own without any further explanations the “solutions” the author is advocating.

      The destruction of the U.S. and the U.S. Constitution is intentional so that the destroyers can control the entire world – just as the Bible predicts.

  • David Sims

    I don’t think Ben Bernanke is incompetent. I think he’s a deceitful manipulator. His incorrect forecasts of the housing market and so forth were probably wrong by intention. Their aim was to make a lot of other people make bad choices about spending money, so that the bankers could profit the more.

  • Patrick Henry

    What’s the end game…how will the New World Order operate?
    Fiat currencies will become worthless so how will mortgages be paid, assuming banks don’t wish to be paid in worthless paper? You can bet your arse the loans will be called and “property owners” will be forced to choose between foreclosure or a government-backed refiance. Owners will in effect become renters with 50-year notes whose principle never get paid off and private property will pass to our overlords. This is the end game…this is the Road to Serfdom!

  • me are discussing and debating digital entries into computers,oh, and you are demonizing people who actually care for their own families and those of this couldnt fit, or even walk in their shoes! Start composting, since you seem to be so concerned with “green.” ENVY?

    • Lennie Pike

      Sounds like you are defending the western banking cartel. If so, the consequences of digital entries into computers to create money out of thin air go a tad further than the physical act of hitting the correct keys on the keyboard. You are correct that no one gets hurt from the actual act of using the keyboard of a computer.


      So these people care for their families? Great.

      Millions and millions of other “families of this earth” have been killed by them so that they can take care of their families.

      Anyone would have to actually be one of these people to even want to “walk in their shoes”, because otherwise they would not be willing to abuse their fellow human being to such an extent due to having a conscience, and fear of that severe level of disobedience to God.

      As far as composting goes – no problem, but the issue is not of envy, or the love of money – it is of being under the control of these criminal satan worshipers in every facet (other than spiritual) of our lives.

      • Lennie Pike

        I wonder if this “me” is actually “him”? Is it him me? Or is it just someone else?

        If it is you, why don’t you all just go ahead and bust your move on the world right now and end the suffering?

  • olde reb


    A pro se qui tam Complaint has been filed under seal and in camera naming the Federal Reserve as having received the value of inflation as hidden profit in violation of criminal laws.

    The value of $7 trillion over the past six years is claimed to have been hidden in the accounting records of the FRBNY handling of Treasury security auction funds.

    In a simplistic succinct scenario, the payment of government (deficit) bills is essentially paid with money off of the printing press. That money is then in circulation and, after moving through the financial structure, eventually becomes the funds that will be used to purchase the (deficit) security owned by the Fed and sold at the auction. These funds are mingled with the funds from securities rolled over from prior years for concealment. The first case produces inflation and a national debt. The second case does not.

    The Federal Reserve scam is detailed at RIP OFF BY THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

    Whistleblower actions have been routinely dismissed if not represented by approved professional counsel. Would you believe that a search of the metropolitan area has not found a firm that wants to be involved ???

  • kevin

    what we need is a president that ends the federal reserve! America is slowly but surely becoming the great depression. if americans care about saving money then vote RON PAUL. people need to wake up and understand that ron paul is with us and cares about every person (especially the middle class). wake up and spread the news. why do you think msm isn’t covering ron paul? he wants to end the fed thats why!

  • Joe V

    When George Bailey got all depressed he started being mean to his kids and then he wanted to kill himself. This happened because the greedy banker in town wanted to ruin George and get rid of him so he could own and control the whole town.

    These days the solution to this would be to declare George to be “sick” and put him on an anti-depressant.

    But the real solution would be for George to get all his fellow citizens living in Pottersville to form as large mob carrying torches and pitchforks. Then they go over to Potter’s bank and drag him outside and lynch him. Then they change the name of the town back to Bedford Falls. Problem solved.

    It’s a Wonderful Life.


    The most disgraceful example of greed that goes beyond the limits of any rational people. The Federal Reserve Bank has yet to see the consequences of financially sodomizing America for nearly 100 years of sustained misery.

    What comes next are the civil and criminal charges, the attachment of their assets and being thrown off the bus into the abyss.

    For a look into what these criminals face and all those who assisted in this national disaster, follow the link below;

  • Andrew D. Smith

    the Federal reserve is ion place due t5o an ilegitament act from congress in 1913 when there were not enough members present to conduct a legement sesion of congress. Check it out for your self and see.

  • Robert W. Dolan Sr.

    It is great that we know about the Federal Reserve and it’s grip on the economy, but what can we do about it? Certainly , our shiftless Congress will never do anything to correct the situation!

    • norm H

      What Can you do about it? look at the candidates in the upcoming election. I only know of one that wants to end the Federal Reserve and thats Dr Ron Paul. Be smart pass this information on so you can help save america from total economic collapse. Your children will thank you later!

  • Kenuck

    Well..get rid of it..or bypass it..what is “money” anymore anyway?

    • Robert

      brilliant suggestion Kenuck… what does that leave you? Trade your beans?

  • http://n/a RubyBlu

    Here’s a rather simplistic but effective plan: 1) Shut down the Federal Reserve! 2)STOP the out of control spending and bailouts 3) PAY off the debt. Sounds a little naive? Well, all stable functioning companies – and households – adopt and stick to this plan.

  • Roslyn Smith

    We have to wake up the American people before it gets any later. The time for action is now.

  • Robert

    close the Fed, pay off the debt, get rid of waste, including the poor leadership of democrats and especially the muslim in charge

    • / Killer



    Added to this is a GREAT article!

    • Michael

      Thank you – I appreciate being featured on your site. :)


  • Bob

    Nine of the ten points are well done. Point #8 is inaccurate and misleading, at best. As a lawyer, you should have done you homework before publishing this. 26 USC, The Internal Revenue Code, is absolutely within the confines of the Constitution. What is being done is a criminal misapplication of these statutes and implementing regulations. The IRS doesn’t even follow its own Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), and routinely–either through ignorance or willfully–violates its procedures. This massive fraud is aided and abetted by the mass media, the accounting profession (so-called CPAs), the BAR (so-called “Tax Attorneys), misinformation on the IRS’ own website, and propaganda spouted through the “entertainment” industry. Hundreds of thousands of private sector businesses and their payroll departents are also bamboozled, intimidated, and lied to by the IRS. This fraud is hammered home to ignorant American Citizens by the corrupt DOJ (sic), and judiciary, creating a climate of fear not unlike the secret police of totalitarian states in recent history.
    The Sixteenth Amendment, contrary to popular mythology, did NOT impose a personal income tax on the fruits of people’s labor not engaged in a revenue taxable activity or a federal privilege.
    The essence of the ENTIRE tax system UNDER THE CONSTITUTION being: that the Federal government is NEVER ALLOWED to directly demand money from the citizens in the name of tax. IT IS STILL FORBIDDEN. The reason why is that the Founding Fathers understood completely that this is the pentultimate definition and very essence of TYRANNY; because no individual, regardless of how wealthy or powerful he or she might be, can withstand the might of the State if it is allowed to bring that might to bear against the individual in disputes over nothing but money. (Ask Mikhail Khodorkovsky !) The game is always rigged ! Its always the same – throughout history, and still today, even here in America – just look at the IRS. That is why the Founding Fathers absolutely prohibited it in the Constitution !
    Most Americans fear the IRS out of ignorance of the law. Knowledge dispels hysterical fears of the unknown and makes possible the vanquishing of our foes.

    In the early 1890’s Congress passed a law that tried to impose a direct income tax on the interest and dividends from stocks and bonds, paid by companies to shareholders, and on interest earned on deposits at U.S. banks. This tax was challenged immediately, and the challenge was settled by the Supreme Court in 1895 in the Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan & Trust Co. decision.

    This decision states that it is UNconstitutional for Congress to try to impose a federal tax on the income of the U.S citizens derived from those sources, because that would be a Direct Tax WITHOUT APPORTIONMENT, which Congress is not authorized to enact, and is in fact, specifically prohibited by the Constitution (Article 1 Section 2, Clause 3).

    Excerpts from the decision:

    “…Ordinarily, all taxes paid primarily by persons who can shift the burden upon someone else, or who are under no legal compulsion to pay them, are considered indirect taxes; but a tax upon property holders in respect of their estates, whether real or personal, or of the income yielded by such estates, and the payment of which cannot be avoided, are direct taxes …”

    Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co. (1916)Hot!

    This Supreme Court case, Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., is the very first decision handed down by the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of the Subtitle A income tax laws enacted in 1913. HOWEVER, it is not a case about any individual (Brushaber) paying income tax directly, it is a case about contesting the legal duty TO COLLECT INCOME TAX, not pay it ! This decision, together with the Stanton decision, a case about a CORPORATION paying the income tax on its MINING (of commodities) activity, handed down consecutively, immediately after this one, are still the recognized, controlling Supreme Court decisions on the issue of the constitutionality of the income tax laws.

    In the very first sentence, of the very first paragraph of this decision, it clearly states:

    “As a stockholder…the appellant filed his bill to enjoin the corporation from complying with the income tax provisions of the tariff act of October 3, 1913.” Brushaber, supra at 9

    Do you know what a TARIFF is? A TARIFF is a tax laid on FOREIGN GOODS entering America and on FOREIGN ACTIVITY occurring IN America.


    And then, on page 21 of this (Brushaber) Decision, the Supreme Court tells us how the tax is to be collected:

    “2. The act provides for collecting the tax at the source; that is, makes it the duty of corporations, etc., to retain and pay the sum of the tax on interest due on bonds and mortgages, unless the owner to whom the interest is payable gives a notice that he claims an exemption.. This duty cast upon corporations, because of the cost to which they are subjected, is asserted to be repugnant to due process of law as a taking of their property without compensation…”
    Brushaber v. Union Pacific R.R. Co., 240 US 1, 21 (1916)

    Clearly, even under the 16th Amendment, the income tax actually enacted by the tested legislation, is done so as an indirect tax. It is not a direct tax without apportionment, as deceptively and fraudulently claimed by the I.R.S. The Eisner v Macomber decision confirms this.

    Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., 240 US 103 (1916) (Entire text of ruling)

    “…by the previous ruling, it was settled that the provisions of the 16th Amendment conferred no new power of taxation but simply prohibited the previous complete and plenary power of income taxation possessed by Congress from the beginning from being taken out of the category of INDIRECT taxation to which it inherently belonged..” (emphasis added)

    This decision was handed down immediately after the Brushaber decision (it was the next case decided) in 1916. It confirmed the holding in the previous case (Brushaber) that the income tax legislation that had been enacted by Congress was (is) constitutional because it was (is) enacted under a scheme of INDIRECT taxation, clearly stating that the power of income taxation possessed by Congress is inherently indirect.

    NOW, while the income tax legislation tested by the Court in these cases in 1916 was laid in the form of a tariff, which is one form of an impost authorized under Article 1 Section 8, Clause 1, this Stanton decision addresses a different aspect of the legislation than was tested in Brushaber. In the Brushaber decision, the Court tests whether or not the burden to pay the personal income tax was constitutional. It found that the burden (is) shifted from the federal tax collector who collects the tax (defined in the law at Section 7701(a)(16) as a “Withholding Agent”, who is made liable under Section 1461for the payment of the federal income tax that he has collected from other persons), to the actual underlying taxed subjects who pay it, and that therefore, it was a legitimate exercise of the indirect taxing powers possessed by Congress under the actual scheme of tax that was enacted by the legislation that was tested and upheld by the Court.

    HOWEVER, in the Stanton decision the Court addresses a different aspect of the same legislation. In the Stanton decision the Court addresses the legitimacy of the income tax as it applies to the corporate profits of a mining company, Baltic Mining Co. The company argues that the tax on its income, derived from mining operations, is unconstitutionally direct. The Court rejects that argument stating conclusively:

    “We say wholly fallacious assumption because, independently of the effect of the operation of the 16th Amendment, it was settled in Stratton’s Independence v. Howbert, 231 U.S. 399 , 58 L. ed. 285, 34 Sup. Ct. Rep. 136, that such tax is not a tax upon property as such because of its ownership, but a true excise levied on the results of the business of carrying on mining operations. (pp. 413 et seq.)” Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co., 240 US 103, 114 (1916)

    the personal income tax is clearly laid and collected as a tariff, and cannot also be construed to be an excise (as it applies to citizens), because citizens are not subject to the payment of any excise tax (or any other tax for that matter) on their constitutionally secured right to contract (work) and to earn a living without government interference or direct taxation of the earnings.

    SO, the court does indeed seem to uphold the corporate income tax as an indirect excise, rather than as an indirect impost (tariff), ignoring the fact that the legislation originates as “the income tax provisions of the tariff act of Oct. 3, 1913”.

    But, THAT REASONING CAN ONLY APPLY to justify a CORPORATE income tax, NOT the PERSONAL income tax on individuals.

    Flint v. Stone Tracy Co., 220 US 107 (1911) (Entire text of ruling)

    .”Excises are taxes laid upon:

    the manufacture, sale or consumption of commodities within the country,
    upon licenses to pursue certain occupations, and upon
    corporate privileges;

    .. the requirement to pay such taxes involves the exercise of the privilege and if business is not done in the manner described no tax is payable…it is the privilege which is the subject of the tax and not the mere buying, selling or handling of goods.

    Only corporations and those individual citizens enjoying government granted privileges or holding certain licenses are subject to an INCOME tax, when it is imposed as an Excise (under Title 26 Subtitles D & E (ATF) and Title 27 – A.T.F.), according to the Supreme Court !

    These rulings have never been overturned !





    Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189, (1920) (Entire text of ruling)

    ” This case presents the question whether, by virtue of the Sixteenth Amendment, Congress has the power to tax, as income of the stockholder and without apportionment, a stock dividend made lawfully and in good faith against profits accumulated by the corporation since March 1, 1913.

    “It arises under the Revenue Act of September 8, 1916 (39 Stat. 756 et seq., c. 463 [Comp. St. 6336a et seq.]), which, in our opinion (notwithstanding a contention of the government that will be noticed),
    plainly evinces the purpose of Congress to tax stock dividends as income.“

    “Thus, from every point of view we are brought irresistibly to the conclusion that neither under the Sixteenth Amendment nor otherwise has Congress power to tax without apportionment a true stock dividend made lawfully and in good faith, or the accumulated profits behind it, as income of the stockholder. The Revenue Act of 1916, in so far as it imposes a tax upon the stockholder because of such dividend, contravenes the provisions of article 1, 2, cl. 3, and article 1, 9, cl. 4, of the Constitution, and to this extent is invalid, notwithstanding the Sixteenth Amendment.” Eisner v. Macomber, 252 U.S. 189, 219-220 (1920)

    So, as a lawyer you surely are aware that these SCOTUS decisions CONTROL. And please don’t trot out that stupid decision made by the 10th Circuit, either. There are enough lemmings out there going over the cliff, so let’s get the truth out there, OK?

    • Josh

      Only thing is, a tariff is essentially the same as an imposed tax on American citizens for the special interests its designed to benefit. It drives up the price of foreign goods that would originally have been cheaper than our own and would have driven the price down. Its essentially price fixing

      • DAVE


  • Bob

    The links to the above comments unfortunately did not come through, so the entire text of the above decisions must be researched by the reader. Actually, that’s good. Don’t believe me, SEE FOR YOURSELF. And thank you for taking the time to read this and inform yourselves.

    • Kate

      Thanks for the research and analyses. Made me think.

  • SLibertarian

    Appoint me as director of The Federal Reserve.. I’ll fix it all!

    My first act as director? Fire everyone. Then hire a demolition crew to destroy the building.

    I’ll even work for free.

    • littlehand

      I like that idea if it were up to me you would be hired! lol

    • Elise

      Got to love a libertarian! I could cry thinking Ron Paul will never be our president.

  • JoshL


    The Federal Reserve System’s structure is composed of the presidentially appointed Board of Governors. I believe these people must be approved in the senate as well?

    My question is, does the Fed HAVE to be a “cartel” or is this one of those things where the country could wise up, vote for a President and a Senate who would appoint honest people and then the system would work, or at least work better.

    I am trying to reconcile the talk about the Fed being owned by secretive private banks and then the fact that the President and Congress appoints the chairman and the Board of Governors. Is it your thought that the President and Senate are corrupt or am I just missing something else that explains this fact away? Thanks!

    • Byron Johnston

      All owned by the Rothschilds
      Rothschild Bank of London
      Warburg Bank of Hamburg
      Rothschild Bank of Berlin
      Lehman Brothers of New York
      Lazard Brothers of Paris
      Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
      Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
      Goldman, Sachs of New York
      Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
      Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

      Now ask a question – Where is the Federal Government of the United States listed and how much does it get? I will answer it for you, it is not listed because the Federal Reserve is private and it receives nothing.

    • DAVE

      the fed doesn’t have to be a cartel but it currently is undeniably a cartel designed to protect and insulate itself from all of our natural problems such as competition and cycles- capitalism does not favor competiton as we are told, it actualy helps stiffle small up and comers from getting started, look around at our “small bussiness” growth only illegal or unethical bussinesses are free to function without financial restrants, premits, property, and taxes all slow the small guy but don’t even hinder wal-marts

    • Grace

      Keep reading and figuring it out for yourself. This should be the beginning of your education, not its only source. That’s how you’ll make a contribution to the conversation.

  • Banished Jester

    My question is why aren’t we the sheeple not slaying the men responsible for these crimes? Why aren’t local militias rising up and storming every federal reserve branch and taking out the leadership? Why are we the sheeple of the world not taking our futures into our own hands and putting an end to this progressive monstrosity that has become our U.S. government? The crimes these men have committed are in the least worthy of the death penalty. Why has no one filed murder charges against the president of the United States? WTF is going on here?

    • Shadowchylde

      *********** the leadership of the Fed would not work much in the same way ********* leaders of drug cartels won’t work. There are always new people ready to step up and take over and they are no better than the people currently running the Fed…

    • DAVE

      remember the civil war, no one can or wants to invite total devistaion to our home and that is what any millitia would ask for, they were resurected and demolished viciously, slavery neaded to go but so much trouble and murder happened that we started a worse system-capitalism= cruelty has to be financialy motivated to be just

    • Grace

      Why is taking up arms the only solution? Being a woman, thank you, that’s not my first thought of defense. Really, I’d no sooner want an idiot waving a gun around than the Federal Reserve stealing the wealth of the nation. Any other thoughts on how to bring about change? I’d say shooting and killing is barbaric – also it makes one a target. If they’ve been successful in shifting the ground from under us, it’s because they’re using tactics as weapons and not guns. Unity in conspiring, not murdering their cohorts. Got to stick together to be effective.

      • Paul

        very true. can change come through peace?

      • Dave

        Appreciate your ideas, however; peaceful tactics will work if you have deep pockets. When you have the wealth of the richest nation in the world as your weapon, things can stay quite peaceful while the money flows. I know I can’t match that level of peace, can you? Also, ” I’d say shooting and killing is barbaric – also it makes one a target.” when or if all the chaos happens (I pray it is not the case) unfortunately people like you will be the target. Could be why the second amendment is such a target lately.

        • Elise

          At this rate we are more likely to annex our own government then our government paying off the debt. And Obama’s recent resistance to answering Rand Paul’s filibuster is a stark reminder that American’s are closer to revolt than we may individually realize. I’m sure a lot of the anti-gun lobbyists are paid for by the banks and Obama isn’t keyed into why. But it’s terrifying that he’s fighting to remove our guns, while refusing to write strict policy on the use of drones. Notice there is no talk of developing that technology for disaster relief? But in 5 years you bet they will be smaller and equipped with mace to disperse protesting crowds.

      • prezOworst

        Ok Grace you send them floweres and say please when your starving. Wake up this is Darwinian. Wolf pack.

      • Bruce

        Dear lady, If you think for one second that ANYTHING other than force will turn this around then you are in denial.

        • charles behlen

          The media should be forced to put a face on the Fed. The men who run this scam should know that we know who they are and where they live. There’s strength in numbers and that should make them afraid. That’s the first step.
          The people should demand that svery elected official put the Fed’s feet to the fire during Congressional hearings. Grayson and Ron Paul are doing their bit, but more representatives need to get on board. The people should consider our elected officials gutless sellouts if they fail to confront the Fed with the enormities they’re committed.

        • Dave

          Bruce, if you think that storming the White House will actually change the country for the better, I am afraid you are delusional and in denial as well.

          EVERYTHING in this world, needs direction to function. If it weren’t the Fed, some other institution or body would be in its place.

          Different “Feds” exist all over the world – everywhere – and in all shapes and sizes. Pretending that “oh if only we slay this one dragon everything will be fine” is insane IMO. Unless you dream of a war-torn world in constant anarchy.

          • Ryan

            The Feds are already creating a war-torn world. Why do you think the U.S. invaded Iraq? Because if Saddam sells oil in anything other than USD, it lowers the international demand for it. Less demand means the Feds can’t print as much money. That’s how corrupt it already is. We invaded a country based on blatant lies to replace Saddam with a “democratic” government that will sell oil in USD in accordance with Nixon’s deal with Saudi Arabia, and ergo the rest of OPEC. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people died in that war and the thousands more in the ongoing insurgency.

            I’m not saying an armed revolution is the only way to end this problem, but it’s a pretty grave situation that needs a drastic solution.

          • John Coffey

            Take a look at this and you tell me what’s about to happen….


      • atliberty

        Yes eventually they must be restrained, forced out of power and that can be violent. They will not step down on their own. I believe we need to organize and unite as the majority and that is the only way we can demand that the national debt be erased because it was caused by unconstitutional criminal cabal. Then we can create a new debt free monetary system similar to greenbacks printed when Lincoln and Kennedy were presidents. I have started a web sight wethepeoplerule(dot)net to help bring about a national people’s referendum process so we can document a majority will. I hope you check it out and spread the word.


      • ZeN

        “Let us hope our weapons are never needed –but do not forget what
        the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An
        armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the
        final defense against tyranny.
        If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only
        the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of
        our rulers. Only the government — and a few outlaws. I intend to
        be among the outlaws.”

        — Edward Abbey, “Abbey’s Road”, 1979

      • Dennis Robinson

        Yes George Washington and all those others that went to war to earn their freedom were barbaric, they should have played a game of chess for it or gotten on their knees and groveled and begged for it, but shooting people and all that nasty stuff was just so terrible.
        And what’s really terrible is you actually believe that rhetoric you posted.

    • paul

      So tell me what do you think the next step for change would be? Where do we start? we need to gather masses of people who think the same as us and get everyone on the same page and start taking it to the streets. whatever it takes , please get back to me with your ideas.

      • el

        I’m sure the resistance will be technological. Though chaotic I think it’s the nerds on 4chan, the Anonymous hacker kids, that will mature over the next few decades and bring about revolution. I think those kids have more power than they realize, and behind anonymity they can get more done than any of us protesting in the street and getting added to terrorist lists. oooo maybe we need to hire the local nerd kid on our block and pay him under the table to train our kids for the war.

      • prezOworst

        These people own everything.. CIA, Navy Seals. Forget it. People tend to disappear, put in jail, committed to crazy farm, have a heart attack, suicide. Get my point.

        • You

          We are willing to die to end the lawlessness that is the federal reserve.

    • Bruce

      The people are not up in arms because #1 They DO NOT know the truth. #2 Because American Idol, Dancing with the stars has mezmerized their reality. #3 Because people are giving every ounce of their time, attention and effort to keeping their head above water !!!

      • charles behlen

        I’ve tried to explain to my daughter why she, a woman with a college education, must live in a one-bedroom apartment and work as an underpaid photojournalist while her grandparents, who were high school dropouts, managed to buy a home and support two children when they were her age. It’s called the Fed, and it’s been draining the life blood out of our nation for almost a century.

    • pretty ok guy

      too true! been asking that for years. A firm hand is the only thing foolish children will understand.

    • Truth

      I don’t think armed militias are the key. I think it’s time to breed more people like Kennedy who will try to do this the right way. Violence should be a last resort; however, that is not saying give up either. Keep fighting for honest politicians who will fight for us and FIGHT THE BANKERS.

    • a once free person

      You people are blind. Read up on the rothschilds and how they intertwined with the federal reserve. Money is a made up entitytthat states how much power one has. If you control the money you control the people. If you control the people you control the power. It cost more to make a penny than a $50 bill.but a bill of that value is worth more because it states so. What happened to the gold standard anyways? The only way to stop this is by performing the radical and using force if that’s what it takes. Molon labe… wake up

  • Mr. Wu

    Muslims do not believe in Usury. It is against Allah!

    • Grace

      They believe in convincing people by suicide bombing them to death.

  • Pauly

    I want my endless homework project, filling w/ the IRS to end.

  • Peter Litwin

    Not simply scandalous, but criminal and evil to the core. This is a blanket of evil that currently enshrouds our planet in darkness, despair, and oppression. We are all systematically growing poorer each day thanks to the central bank.

  • Sandy Davison

    This is by far the best site I have ever seen in explaining the Federal Reserve System and the disasters it has created.

  • Kent

    Abolish the Federal Reserve and The IRS. Shoot, I advocate tar and feathering just like the good old days when our country was founded. To be tarred and feathered was quite painful. Why is corporal punishment not embraced in this country when evil men and women continue to destroy our country. They are traitors to our country.

    • fourdemocracy

      You can’t run a modern country without taxes. We aren’t Somalia. I agree the Fed banking system has been corrupted and is robbing us.

    • Grace

      Why be an animal about it? That doesn’t sound any better. What “good old days.” When we killed all the Indians and took what was “ours.” I’d say watch who you are as well as who you’re fighting.

  • VA

    The FED is part of the conspiracy. Read the book “None Dare Call it a Conspiracy” by Gary Allen.

    The conspiracy wants us all poor and a small group of rich people rule the world. It is real. Get informed and inform all your contacts.

    • fourdemocracy

      Thank back to the Revolutionary War to get rid of corporate powers (East India Trading Corporation…King George).

      Only now we have more dangerous weapons and enemies. The British London, elite bankers (previously our banks but there because of their lack of regulations and laws) are behind it again.

      Think of Alaska, the Gulf, etc. oil spills and now the NE power grid crisis. British. We are Nigeria to them.

      Kick them out.

  • Andy

    Here’s an idea. Since the piece of crap mainstream media will never print an article such as this, we should all print as many of this article as we can and spread them all over the place. Hell put em in mailboxes around your community! If we work together we can easily overthrow this failed system! PRINT THIS ARTICLE ABOUT THE DESTRUCTIVE FEDERAL RESERVE AND SPREAD IT LIKE A WILDFIRE!!!!!
    OH AND RON PAUL 2012!!!!

    • fourdemocracy

      I’d like to believe Ron Paul would save us. He will not. Why? He just tells us what we want to hear (like Ross Perot). In the end he is a Red Herring to raise money for the Republican Party…and keep people in the party. He is a friend of Mitt Romney (Vulture Capitalist).

    • Grace

      Hopefully, you will follow your own advice. Everyone can revolt as they see fit – the important thing is to do something.

  • Bill

    Research Ron Paul. He is the only candidate who
    1.Wants to audit the destructive Federal Reserve which is owned by the bankster mafia. Then through the found evidence of the biggest scam in U.S. History, the Fed will end.
    2.Will restore monetary policy to congress with total transperacy as stated in THE CONSTITUTION!
    3.Restore personal Liberty and Freedom as our Founding Fathers intended.
    4.End all of the Unconstitutional wars which do not and have not increased our national security.
    5.Bring sanity back to America and stop the Propaganda which is designed to benefit only a small group of wealthy individuals and is currently working very well for that group.

    • James

      All of the reasons you mentioned is why A. He will never be elected, and B. if he were, he’d be killed in broad day light like Kennedy

  • unitetobringdownthefederalreserve

    We must work together to bring down the Federal Reserve. Please consider working with us at

    • Paul

      I have recently become aware of the thrive movement. how do i join? I want to start taking active steps toward change…no matter how small the beginning may be. please email me back or respond here. I have many contacts who are concerned about the same issues that are delt with in the thrive movie. The time is now. please respond.

  • unitetobringdownthefederalreserve
  • Meat plow

    The elite of the world have put in place acts (or so called laws) to prevent the overthrowing of any part of this system. The courts uphold the acts or bills and the militarized police are used to enforce the treasonous so called laws. It’s too late In the game to think your going to change it, this was inacted a hundred years ago and scociety has been quelled into thinking this is the norm for generations now. We are over the edge and already falling without any fall arrest, just enjoy the ride and shoot em when they come for you. You can’t stop this unless your wanting to die for the cause and be labeled a domestic terrorist because we are too far down the rabbit hole and our heads were up our asses for too long while they set up this agenda 21 world governance 1984 militarized police state system ruled by reptilian shapeshifters. Lol.

    • Grace

      peasants can do it – you’re going to die anyway. I wouldn’t want you on my team, because you’d certainly just watch your own back – you’re no different than those in power. It’s a value issue; we’re not sheep to slaughter unless you want to turn over, have another beer and say “there’s nothing we can do.” Information is power – so are numbers, so is thinking for oneself and speaking out. Ever hear of the American Revolution?

      • Realist

        Someone mentioned earlier the answer to causing The New Revolution. Hunger. Horror. Death. The suffering has yet ripen enough to pick a fight.

    • Rich

      Voting would be the preferred method for
      changes. Which means the campaign
      financing of our politicians must change.
      Legislators are not dependent on voters
      but on there funders for reelection and
      there careers after they leave office.

  • Bob Marshall

    Why is Ben Bernanke on the board of governors of the IMF and Timothy Geithner an alternate? Could it be because the U.S. taxpayers give 30% of the funds that the IMF receives. So, where doour tax dollars really go?

    • fourdemocracy

      To London banks (Rothschld dream of world ownernship for Zionists).

      Those Vulture Capitalists under “de-regulation” of London are bankrupting whole countries such as Greece, Congo, Iceland, etc. Why not us? We fight their wars and protect them.

      They are bleeding us of our wealth. It is a huge drain of our tax dollars also. We bailed out banks and financial institutions who are not paying us back. They bought other banks, keep people here from borrowing money, etc. It is a banking cabal. All done without a foreign army.

      We should ban them (billionaires who profited off us and other countries) from the US and demand payment back. The British banned Singer from there.

      Monopolies are illegal here. It is being ignored. They are huge banking monopolies and financial institutions…international banks too big to fail and too big to go to jail? Many thugs and robbers went to jail during the S&L Crisis. Why not now? They are now international.

      The banking corporations also have charters which are ignored in the states. Investors, shareholders, and the community have all been ignored.

      It was Ronnie’s dream of de-regulation to steal. Forgive him…he had a disease. What is the excuse of our other leaders?

      The World Bank is another part of the Banking Cabal to get other nations resources, wealth, etc.

      They are in the end just criminals and liars.

      Read: Greg Palast’s book Billionaires Bandits and Ballots.

  • jerry

    When I look at my retirement funds, they are still down 20%. Also my house is about 15% below in value…..Also, my take home income is $200.00 less now from just a year ago due to health care alone…..

    But what is everyone is for getting is the costs of goods (gas, food, entertainment, eating out, insurances, schooling, etc.) that have gone up while income has gone down…..This is a double edge hit….

    The uncertainity is a very big problem….you do not know how to plan for anything because you don’t know what is going to happen next…forget the kids for the future….its a matter of survile right now…..abosultely terrible….

    Need a new president………

  • Shaggy

    All of this is true. Are you jealous? I respect it. These are very smart people, smarter than all of us. I don’t hate them. I just wish they would give us a break. They deserve to rule us. It has always been this way. The rich and powerful screwing over the weak and poor. The Polar Shift is coming and then we will just start all over again. People calling for Revolution, may be the one’s in power once shit hits the fan. Until human beings fundamentally change, the cycle will continue. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Can I get a think tank job?

    • Paul

      I have been calling for a revolution like many of us have been for a long time. How do we communicate to the masses about how to begin to change fundamentally? most people are so comfortable in their own lifes that most wouldnt care to change….the establishment has us so wrapped up that we dont even know were being played…..please respond with your ideas.

      • Tim Archer

        We’re not there yet. The time will come. We just need to wait. When the pain and mistrust becomes ubiquitous is the time when people will look for someone to lead them to prosperity.

  • Mark Horschwitz

    After collapsing economic system and the lack of legal action against its perpetrators, I understand that there is some anger at the Fed. But this very interesting article is misquoting several matters to serve its argument. First of all, it states “all you have to do is go to the Federal Reserve website….” but that link isn’t to the Fed site. It sends you to whereas the Federal Reserve site is (not surprisingly) – yes, a gov site. As for ownership, it was enacted by the (democratically elected) government in laws which spell out its remit – it must work within these limits or be breaking the law. So who owns it? Well, the people. And if that weren’t so, which would matter most – who owned it or who controlled it? The Board of Governors controls the Fed. Quoting the ACTUAL Fed site: “The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is a federal government agency. The Board is composed of seven members, who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.” Board controls Fed, Board is appointed by the Government. Over to you!

    • Neutral

      Who or what determines which names get considered for appointment?

      • Tyler

        The president it says right there

  • Mark Horschwitz

    Just so that I’m not picked up on mentioning the Banks, they are “members” of the Fed, not owners.

  • Bob Marshall

    Every country that is a member of the IMF has a central bank. Ben Bernanke is on the Board of Governors of the IMF and Timothy Geithner is an alternate. The U.S. taxpayers are the largest contributor to the IMF. More people should read both END THE FED by Ron Paul and THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G.Edward Griffin. The man to thank for our socialist type government today starts with Colonel Edward Mandel House and his book, Philip Dru, Administrator.This is where these plans originated.Plans that were carried out by Wilson, FDR and their administrations. First in 1913 and again in 1933.

    • Paul

      Send me links so i can learn more. do you have more ideas about how to change this system and what we would have to do to even begin tackling this huge problem.

  • plasticmoney888

    Carry trade.

    The banks are able to make large profits very easily and with very little risk.

    There is no little risk. Its a no risk operation. No person in is right mind would buy these bonds. The only reason large Bank can do such Cary trades with out any risk is that they know it’s not a real market and that Bernanke is on the bid side at a higher prices. For the media he is taking rates down to stimulate the economy.

    Imagine all the money moving away from the economy and going in to gold bars stored in vaults.

    A trillion of interest income not being spent in the real economy from Seniors losing there income and savings toward mal-investment, higher commodity prices and speculation including the biggest and on going Bond Bubble in history. The FED will soon have purchase 3 trillion dollars worth of assets mostly Bonds.

    The problem with driving your own currency down artificially is that you are chasing out the currency out of your own underlying economy for better returns.

    This way Bernanke ends up stimulating other countries. Like selling dollars and buying Australian dollars and get 4% or go to Brasil etc …

    It is dangerous and immoral to give so much power to a Pro Central Planing team acting like financial dictator.

  • plasticmoney888

    Number two 2 omits an important point. The government gets back 98% of the interest earned by the FED.

    • Grace


    • prezOworst

      Oh and your sure!!!!

    • you’re an idiot

      go F&*% yourself. how stupid

  • Larry




  • slopupy

    Thomas Jefferson yapping against borrowing…that’s rich. Given the fact he personally spent way beyond his means, and died woefully in debt.

  • Craig

    though I’m not a 9/11 truther or cons. theorist, I do recognize tbe fed. reserve as the worst domestic threat to our country. Basically, we are slaves to the fed. and our debt crisis will not cease unless the fed. is broken down and forced out of existence.

    • Paul

      how do we do that? whats the next step to take all these idead and actually turn them into actions.

  • Fior Gael

    The progressives: killing the country since 1913. I thought everyone hated big banks…talk about manipulation of crises. Between Bernacke and Barney Frank and Tim Geitner (sp?) and our un conventional administration are we not doomed?

  • I Am

    Unfortunately if you or I or anyone else try to do anything about it we , like others before us, will simply be eliminated. So complaining is all one can do. Just don’t make too many waves. Only God almighty is able to resolve this and He hasn’t chosen to.

  • RufusFirefly

    Wee operated without a fed before 1913. We can do it again

  • 4thaugust1932

    There is about $1 trillion dollar bills and coins in circulation as on June 20, 2012
    There is about $15 trillion dollars worth of credit supplied by banks.
    There is about $55 trillion dollars in total debt, again, supplied by banks.
    What backs the dollar is the faith that the $14 trillion dollars will some day pay the $55 trillion dollars (plus $217 trillion dollars derivatives contracts) off.

  • AllaHaRa

    If you want real change then the people must be willing to Boycott the use of these banks as well as anything that helps fund “The Problem”. Remember the people are the government. They only need to take back their self control so that they may have liberty. They must be willing to let go of the materialistic distractions that keep them seeking out more money. Only then will they be able to dissolve their Apathy into action. If you want this done in a Peaceful manner then we must take control before the storm and not during it. Otherwise the elite will have the upper hand through crowd control and thus genocide. There is no need for arms when We The People are the ones who Really make civilization work. Though I will say that it would still be a VERY good idea to keep arms. If all the sheep stop responding to the herder (debt machine and media -propaganda) and the sheep dog (police – fear) doesn’t work due to the sheep having its own defense then either the sheep will be killed off (genocide), left to roam (anarchy), or there will be a compromise (NWO). I believe we as a collective can make a compromise happen by choosing what we wish to support or shun. We only need to let go and drop off our high horse long enough for the elite to catch the drift. So what to boycott first then besides the banks… Follow the money.. If the elite are financing the media then the media has been compromised.. Boycott it. . If an organization is supporting GMO and Monsanto boycott it.. This is very simple.. We can change the culture and we can make the elite dance to our tune and they can still stay in power..They only need to change (adapt). For money is not the real issue.. It is only a tool for the end result (power).

    • guest

      The elite are so skilled at keeping the sheep divided, ignorant and distracted (media, entertainment, food) that they will never be united enough to make the changes and boycott the banks etc….

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