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  • sharky

    Inflation is the banks and the government stealing from the citizens.

  • Chad Washington

    One of the best articles I’ve ever read, honestly. RON PAUL 2012 )he advocates debt-free money.

  • Scott Lewandowski

    I’m curious what your source is for this chart. Also any idea why it is so different from this one? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/20/US_Historical_Inflation_Ancient.svg/800px-US_Historical_Inflation_Ancient.svg.png

    • Derrick

      Scott – The answer as to why the chart doesn’t look like the top one is because your chart referenced is representing values from a baseline. The one above is a year-over-year representation that pins the new total on to the existing total. Therefore, both charts are technically correct, they just represent the data differently. The one you have linked is the one the Federal Reserve would like us to use, since the graphical view is a little less frightening. Reality is that the dollar has lost 98% of its value since 1913.

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