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12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing

What we are now witnessing is the slow motion unraveling of America.  Our economy is dying, the American people have lost faith in the government and in almost all of our other major institutions, and our society is collapsing.  Most Americans don’t understand why all of this is happening, but most of them do realize that something has fundamentally changed.  Earlier this year, McDonald’s held a “National Hiring Day” and a million Americans showed up to apply for jobs.  Only 62,000 of them were hired.  That means only 6.2% of the applicants got jobs.  So what are we supposed to tell the 93.8% that didn’t get hired?  Are they supposed to have any hope for the future when they can’t even get a minimum wage job at McDonald’s?  When I was a teenager, I went over to McDonald’s one day, filled out an application and was instantly hired.  My, how things have changed.  Now we have millions upon millions of young people that are staring directly into a very bleak future.  The level of frustration in this country is rising to frightening levels and large numbers of people are already showing that they will stoop to anything in order to survive.

In a recent article entitled “18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating” I focused primarily on the chaos that has been erupting in many of our urban areas.  But the truth is that, as you will see below, there are signs that society is collapsing coming out of very rural areas as well.  This phenomenon cannot just be pinned down to one area of the country or to one group of people.  From coast to coast people are already starting to lose it and the economic collapse has only just begun.

The cold, hard reality of the matter is that what we are experiencing right now is rip-roaring prosperity compared to what is coming down the road.

So if people will behave this wildly now, what is our society going to look like someday when there are millions of Americans that have not had anything to eat for several days?

That is something to think about.

History has shown us that when people are really, really hungry they will do just about anything.

But right now we are not even close to that point and yet people all across America are going crazy.

The following are 12 more signs that society is collapsing….

#1 In my previous article, I detailed how the “mob robbery” phenomenon in Chicago is spinning wildly out of control.  Well, just this morning, the brother of Billy Corgan (the front man for the Smashing Pumpkins) was mugged and had his iPod stolen by a mob of teens while he was riding a Red Line train in Chicago.

Things have gotten so bad that now even The Wall Street Journal is taking notice of the rash of “mob robberies” that have been happening in Chicago.  The following is how a new article in the Journal described one of the recent attacks….

In another incident last Saturday evening, Krzysztof Wilkowski, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.

At first, he said, he thought it was a prank, but then he looked up and saw 15 to 20 young men approaching. “My first reaction was, ‘I’m about to get robbed, what do I do?’ ” Mr. Wilkowski recalled in an interview.

The 34-year-old insurance company employee from a Chicago suburb grabbed the keys from his ignition and held tight to his phone. A few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone.

#2 Sadly, “mob robberies” are not just happening in Chicago.  The following is a video of a mob robbery that took place in Stockton, California….

This next video is an Associated Press video report about how police have become extremely concerned about the “flash mobs” that have been plaguing Philadelphia lately…..

This is a very, very disturbing trend.  Once these videos go up on YouTube, other groups of young people “copycat” them all over the country.

The next 10 signs are from some of my readers.  In response to my previous article that discussed how society is collapsing, a number of people left comments that described what is happening in their particular areas.  Sometimes so many dozens of comments get left that some real gems get overlooked.  The following is a sampling of what my readers have been sharing about how society is collapsing where they live….

#3 Golden Child (Third Richest County In America):

About a month ago I was robbed in broad daylight walking to the store on a picture perfect 75 degree sunny day at 1 PM by two high school dropout teenagers on the path in my nice suburban town which is located in third richest county in America! A few months before that I was beaten unconscious by random drunk young people on the path near my home that I woke up in the hospital getting stitches in my face. This will be one dangerous summer for places all across America.

#4 Chris (Fargo, North Dakota):

I live in Fargo,ND and we have been having a rash of crime lately. In the past 6 months we have had multiple gas station robberies, bank robberies, and the latest, a shooting at one of our three movie theaters.

#5 Sue (Ogden, Utah):

I am a teacher in Ogden, Utah and this last winter I had a second grade student tell me that if I didn’t tell him how old I was that he was going to “shoot me in the back of my head.” He was suspended from school because that is a threat of violence, but nothing changed. His parents are active gang members.

#6 Heather (Columbus, Ohio):

I live close enough to Columbus, OH to follow the news there. (Thankfully far enough away not to be regularly affected by it.) Every day there is a new report of a violent crime. I believe we are up to 70 or so murders on the year. 10 years ago this wasn’t the case. I could (and did) walk into the worst part of the city and be safe as long as I was vigilant. I wouldn’t try that for the world now. I used to be a bank teller there and there’d be maybe 1 robbery a month throughout the city. It’s at least one a week now, probably more than that. And it’s no longer the downtown banks that are getting robbed–it’s the suburban ones.

#7 The Baroness (Atlanta):

I live in Atlanta Georgia. Everyday there are signs. Today’s headlines are: Babysitter kills toddler, 2 shot outside teen party, Brick thrown from I-75 overpass and several more.

#8 Gas Panic (Unknown):

The first, a 21 year old pizza delivery girl who was held with a knife to her throat while making a delivery. They took all the money she had on her and even took the time to search her car! The second was a 30 year old woman who told me she was walking down the street and was solicited by a pimp telling her she could “make good money”. After she told him to get lost, he stabbed her in the back of the arm. She needed over twenty stitches and showed me the wound.

#9 NS (Fairbanks, Alaska):

Even in Fairbanks, Alaska, there has been similar “mob robbing” going on. Yes, it is spreading everywhere.

#10 Katherine (Unknown):

I’ve also seen a huge increase in theft, vandalism, sexual assault, and violence just in the past couple of years. This is in a city that used to make the list in top places to live in the U.S. year after year.

#11 Doktryn (Richmond, California):

I live in Richmond California aka the city with the 2nd highest murder rate next to New Orleans, aka the city where the probability of you being killed is 5x higher. It is getting very serious out here, and luckily I don’t live in the rough part, however I go to the rough part to try to witness and preach. People are walking zombies. At any point their lives can be taken but the fact is, this is all they know. It is completely hopeless and when you wrote about “American Hellholes” I live in one. Richmond, CA is a post-industrial warzone. I work in the manufacturing industry, and I got here not long ago, but if you just drive through the city, the boarded up homes and abandoned warehouses tell the tale of how a deindustrialized city quickly turns to a battlefield.

#12 IWillSurvive (Rural America):

In my area we have been able to sleep well enough and always known our neighbors – up until a few months ago I did not lock my cars or my home most of the time – there was no need. That has changed, neighbors are now siphoning gas out of cars from desperation, and stealing scrap lumber, metal, livestock, produce and anything else they can get their hands on to sell or eat. Over the last year or so the police departments of some areas have started taking these seriously and actually investigated and caught a few. They are sometimes groups of people working together to amass resources to sell. We now keep a vigilant eye on our little flock of chickens and we have a colony of rabbits as well. We no longer “free range” them on our property at all – the risk of theft is too high if others know we have them. We keep any resources away from the road on the back side of our property – we also keep two German Shepherd Dogs for guarding our property. Living in the country is NOT what it used to be.


Sadly, this is just the beginning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As the economy collapses, the chaos is going to get a lot worse.

I wish that wasn’t true, but this is the world we live in now.

The recent article I did about the “economic hell” that American families are going through right now got a huge response, but honestly what we are experiencing right now is not even worth comparing to how nightmarish things are going to be when our economic system fully collapses.

We have been on the biggest debt binge that the world has ever seen.  Our debt-fueled prosperity has enabled us to enjoy an unprecedented standard of living.  But the largest debt bubble in the history of the world is going to pop, and when it does the party is going to be over.

You better get ready.

  • Greg

    What I see in the near future? “Soylent Green” just like the movie. The haves, have, most of us, have not, the masses out of work, over-population, housing getting worse, lack of food, inflation, we will be fed by the fed.

  • laosuwan

    this is new? Amberica has always been like this – violent, dangerous, fearful. This kind of stuff has always taken place from earliest period in history what is now new york until today. violence is part of the culture, always has been. I live in Asia but got stuck in a mob in the hell hole Reno Nevada during New Years Eve when the iranians took your embassy hostage. Unbelievable violence broke out in the streets when the police rudely tried to make people go home after 12 a.m. And the lady who writes about Richmond, California…I had the experience to run out of gas in my rental car there 30 years ago and it was exactly like what you are describing today, 30 years later. I say stop idealizing a past that never existed in your country. It has always been like this. If you were like my American friends listening to Howard Ruff and people like that you will still be looking at your textured vegetable protein and freeze dried soup that you never used or needed. I will say that I agree the culture and morals are more depraved now than ever. What can you expect from a nation where the most popular television show is a graphic violent murder fest about a serial killer, who is the GOOD GUY.

  • diana

    I am from Lima, Ohio and late last month a 19 her old stabbed her 4 year old half-sister to death (when the police arrived there was nothing left of the child)and her mother barely made it alive. Things are falling apart fast.

  • moses737

    The International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins are imploding the economies of the whole world. And they will be in the lowest parts of the lake of fire and brimstone in the very near future. Yet, in order for you to escape the wrath of God; you must know Jesus for yourself; and you must be strong enough to reject their Mark of the Beast chip; that will make you their zombie lakey slave.

    And Revelation 14:9-11, says that if you take their Mark (chip) you will be tormented in the lake of fire and brimstone; day and night, 24/7, because it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader and leaders. Serve God instead and live like a god or goddess on the renovated and beautified Earth after Armageddon and the End. But the antichrist beast leaders and his leaders and helpers will be tormented 10 times worse than your average beast chipped zombie lakey slaves.

  • Eve

    We’re all on our own.
    Jesus isn’t going to swoop in and “save the day.”
    Stop living with false hope.
    It postpones you taking action and while it may help you feel better, it isn’t reality.
    We are on our own.
    Time to be self sufficient.
    People better grasp that reality….and soon.

  • sunlight

    Enough of the racial divide. United we stand, divided we fall. Fairly recently a research co. called the house. When the matter of my race was asked my response was HUMAN.
    We are all of the human race! Researcher didn’t get the answer wanted and try as she might could not pull out of me the matter of pigmentation. That is so unimportant. What really counts is a man’s CHARACTER. How and why does a character go bad?
    Next, the media (words, music, telescreens, commercials) for the most part as I see it corrupts and pollutes the mind, influences your thinking in some not so nice ways. Shut that crap right off!
    Life imitates art. Put some good inspiration/art in your life. Be the change you want to see in the world and reject that which brings people down. One way I do this is by not consuming from companies like wallyworld that treat their employees like wage slaves never able to rise above poverty. SHAME on these companies! (ya’ll need to read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.)

    • FUKyiah

      Is this the same “wallyworld” that provides poor people with cheap goods? Shame on them!

  • Winston Smith

    I do disability claims, used to do social security and Medicaid, now just Medicaid….just got an illegal alien case today that I have to work on and likely, based on issues, will approve a 20 yr old illegal alien! If politicians really wanted to do something, they would cut that out. Normal people finding out about that sort of thing, but do little to demand change. Plus, Medicaid is open to people now that work full time. So, Govt money and insurance going to pay for bills in medical facilities largely owned or dependant on Govt money-robbing Peter to pay Paul.BTW, when a social security number starts with 990, means illegal alien that your Govt has created out of thin air for them to use..

  • tryon-in-Canada

    We’re entering a new Dark Age, and only the fit and foreseeing will survive. First thing you need are friends. Don’t leave home without them!

  • One Answer

    One way to fight back would be to cut the illuminatis’ main blood line and support. If people stopped paying their Federal Taxes. Why would anyone give thier hard earned debt notes, to a PRIVATE owned Printing corporation called the Federal Reserve Corporation? What do you have? Worthless service (No jobs) backed bank debt notes they printed for free. Imagine if you stopped excepting and using them notes, and started using something else or an alternate local currency, what would happen? Greed and lust for money is what has and is bringing on the doom & gloom future you all see coming. God never needed money.

  • dagyboy

    ron paul will not save the usa, your country is in ruin because of the sins of its peaple. if you want 2 see changes then start with your own heart and come b4 god in repentence.

  • Nenita Kellogg

    The key reason to invest in microcap stocks is the chance for remarkable profits. On the other hand, there are lots of risks to being small. penny stock corporations are in a start-up stage, and due to their small size they do not have access to identical amount of money as larger enterprises, specifically in a credit crunch similar to todays market.

  • Robert

    I Will trade my US passport for a Swiss passport.

    Any takers?

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  • Lance

    If journalism still had any enterprising spirit, a comprehensive investigation into the systematic under-reporting of violent crime by police across the country would be an excellent series of stories and perform a great service.
    In St. Louis, violent crimes in one year were under-reported by some 7,500 because a phony “Crime Memo” report was substituted for the FBI approved standard incident report. Once that came to light, police began to refuse to write incident reports for many crimes, to void reports once taken, to downgrade felonies to misdemeanors and to aggregate 28 car burglaries along a city street, reporting the 28 crimes as ONE incident. Suspicious deaths are listed as natural cause or suicide with no investigation by homicide. This has been going on across the country for some time as there has been tacit collusion between politicians, law enforcement and the real estate industry to keep a lid on how bad things really are. Consequently, many citizens do not even bother to call the police any more, further suppressing the actual crime rate.

  • peony

    This site employs a well known technique for making a point using anecdotal evidence.

    Several years ago a group seeking to cap awards for lawsuits assembled a dozen or so examples of huge awards for seemingly frivolous infractions of the civil code. Readers of the list (including a passle of politicians) obligingly perused the few examples and assumed that ALL lawsuits were similar in nature. We are still struggling with that impression. (Check out the cost of your doctor’s malpractice insurance…which you are paying for!)

    Gohengis Kahn wiped out a huge percentage of the human race in his day. The American Civil War killed or maimed 25% of the able bodied men in the USA. The black plague killed about 1 in 4 of the entire population of Europe. 200,000 people have been killed in the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank God, or whomever, that only a few thousand were OUR guys…and soon we’ll stop trying to kill our way into civilizing those two countries. I could go on and on.

    My anecdotes trump your anecdotes a thousandfold. The veneer of civilization grows thicker with the passage of time and the realization that we live in a global community.
    300 MILLION of your fellow citizens lived peacefully today. They will live peacefully tomorrow. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Except perhaps in Chicago. He said sarcastically.

  • Josie

    I see videos and articles of these violent attacks and way more every day and whether you call it racist or not, the FACT is that almost every one of these crimes is committed by minorities, 99% of the time, blacks. This is not something I am making up, this is 100% true. Most of the media covers this up and tries to act like it isn’t happening. Maybe they believe that white people are so dumb that we won’t see what’s going on. Well, I see it and I am sick of it. I have an alarm on my house, a camera system, and I have and have a carrying permit for a 40 cal. I even had to pull my child from public school because the schools here are almost 70% hispanic and 19% black. The kids are out of control. They hate white kids, pick on them, and jump them in groups any chance they get. It is disgusting that kids have to be afraid of going to school to the point that they hate it. There is nowhere to go either, most places are getting bad. I already sold my house in a nice area that became infested with minorities and went to he** to the point of drive by shootings. My neighborhood now is getting bad due to low income apartments nearby. Something needs to be done, now.

    • ria91

      Josie and what do you think caused these minorities to act out= the american government. it all has to do with the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.There is no middle class no more wake up. As someone of color of the middle class i can tell you why. These people you speak of did not come from trust funds they re parents probably dont have a 401k and probably will end up pregnant why? you ask because they live in a country which for the past decade or more has cared more about war than it does for education health care as someone who researches history and has reviewed the rise and fall of the economy this only happened when a republican got in office who does not only care about black people but the good of all people everywhere.Right now we’re like i forgot but more than 10 when it comes to being ranked in education in the world. The reason why you are seeing this minority rise up is cause they dont have the same oppurtunity as your kids do due to Jim Crow laws that were enforced before the civil rights. Look up something called the grandfather clause please. Up until recently the last 50 years minorites have been living in a society that was trying to keep them down. Recovering from slavery that lasted from the late 1600s in america to 1960s isnt easy darling. Its gonna take longer than fifty years. Then the crack use of the 80s broke families apart because it was being distributed by drug dealers who wanted to feed their families because of the economic time who was president then Reagan a Republican. So you see my dear do your research before you go pointing fingers because you have three more pointing back at yourself. These people you speak of corrupting your kids are a product of America even the Hispanics.

      • FUKyiah

        Your comment is so stupid that it is not even worth responding to. I just wonder how many brain dead economic illiterates who are foolish enough to waste one minute of their life reading your incoherent comment will actually believe you. It scares me!

  • Derby00Girl

    All you white people make me laugh. You talk about illegal aliens, you invaded on us Native Americans like a plague centuries ago and put us through hell. How do you like it now? Reap what you sow.

    • timweiss

      And what about us white people who only wish to sow peace?

    • FUKyiah

      All white people are evil…natives NEVER killed each other or stole land from each other….you are one naïve, racist idiot!!!!!!!!!

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