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12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing

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What we are now witnessing is the slow motion unraveling of America.  Our economy is dying, the American people have lost faith in the government and in almost all of our other major institutions, and our society is collapsing.  Most Americans don’t understand why all of this is happening, but most of them do realize that something has fundamentally changed.  Earlier this year, McDonald’s held a “National Hiring Day” and a million Americans showed up to apply for jobs.  Only 62,000 of them were hired.  That means only 6.2% of the applicants got jobs.  So what are we supposed to tell the 93.8% that didn’t get hired?  Are they supposed to have any hope for the future when they can’t even get a minimum wage job at McDonald’s?  When I was a teenager, I went over to McDonald’s one day, filled out an application and was instantly hired.  My, how things have changed.  Now we have millions upon millions of young people that are staring directly into a very bleak future.  The level of frustration in this country is rising to frightening levels and large numbers of people are already showing that they will stoop to anything in order to survive.

In a recent article entitled “18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating” I focused primarily on the chaos that has been erupting in many of our urban areas.  But the truth is that, as you will see below, there are signs that society is collapsing coming out of very rural areas as well.  This phenomenon cannot just be pinned down to one area of the country or to one group of people.  From coast to coast people are already starting to lose it and the economic collapse has only just begun.

The cold, hard reality of the matter is that what we are experiencing right now is rip-roaring prosperity compared to what is coming down the road.

So if people will behave this wildly now, what is our society going to look like someday when there are millions of Americans that have not had anything to eat for several days?

That is something to think about.

History has shown us that when people are really, really hungry they will do just about anything.

But right now we are not even close to that point and yet people all across America are going crazy.

The following are 12 more signs that society is collapsing….

#1 In my previous article, I detailed how the “mob robbery” phenomenon in Chicago is spinning wildly out of control.  Well, just this morning, the brother of Billy Corgan (the front man for the Smashing Pumpkins) was mugged and had his iPod stolen by a mob of teens while he was riding a Red Line train in Chicago.

Things have gotten so bad that now even The Wall Street Journal is taking notice of the rash of “mob robberies” that have been happening in Chicago.  The following is how a new article in the Journal described one of the recent attacks….

In another incident last Saturday evening, Krzysztof Wilkowski, after shopping on Michigan Avenue, was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.

At first, he said, he thought it was a prank, but then he looked up and saw 15 to 20 young men approaching. “My first reaction was, ‘I’m about to get robbed, what do I do?’ ” Mr. Wilkowski recalled in an interview.

The 34-year-old insurance company employee from a Chicago suburb grabbed the keys from his ignition and held tight to his phone. A few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone.

#2 Sadly, “mob robberies” are not just happening in Chicago.  The following is a video of a mob robbery that took place in Stockton, California….

This next video is an Associated Press video report about how police have become extremely concerned about the “flash mobs” that have been plaguing Philadelphia lately…..

This is a very, very disturbing trend.  Once these videos go up on YouTube, other groups of young people “copycat” them all over the country.

The next 10 signs are from some of my readers.  In response to my previous article that discussed how society is collapsing, a number of people left comments that described what is happening in their particular areas.  Sometimes so many dozens of comments get left that some real gems get overlooked.  The following is a sampling of what my readers have been sharing about how society is collapsing where they live….

#3 Golden Child (Third Richest County In America):

About a month ago I was robbed in broad daylight walking to the store on a picture perfect 75 degree sunny day at 1 PM by two high school dropout teenagers on the path in my nice suburban town which is located in third richest county in America! A few months before that I was beaten unconscious by random drunk young people on the path near my home that I woke up in the hospital getting stitches in my face. This will be one dangerous summer for places all across America.

#4 Chris (Fargo, North Dakota):

I live in Fargo,ND and we have been having a rash of crime lately. In the past 6 months we have had multiple gas station robberies, bank robberies, and the latest, a shooting at one of our three movie theaters.

#5 Sue (Ogden, Utah):

I am a teacher in Ogden, Utah and this last winter I had a second grade student tell me that if I didn’t tell him how old I was that he was going to “shoot me in the back of my head.” He was suspended from school because that is a threat of violence, but nothing changed. His parents are active gang members.

#6 Heather (Columbus, Ohio):

I live close enough to Columbus, OH to follow the news there. (Thankfully far enough away not to be regularly affected by it.) Every day there is a new report of a violent crime. I believe we are up to 70 or so murders on the year. 10 years ago this wasn’t the case. I could (and did) walk into the worst part of the city and be safe as long as I was vigilant. I wouldn’t try that for the world now. I used to be a bank teller there and there’d be maybe 1 robbery a month throughout the city. It’s at least one a week now, probably more than that. And it’s no longer the downtown banks that are getting robbed–it’s the suburban ones.

#7 The Baroness (Atlanta):

I live in Atlanta Georgia. Everyday there are signs. Today’s headlines are: Babysitter kills toddler, 2 shot outside teen party, Brick thrown from I-75 overpass and several more.

#8 Gas Panic (Unknown):

The first, a 21 year old pizza delivery girl who was held with a knife to her throat while making a delivery. They took all the money she had on her and even took the time to search her car! The second was a 30 year old woman who told me she was walking down the street and was solicited by a pimp telling her she could “make good money”. After she told him to get lost, he stabbed her in the back of the arm. She needed over twenty stitches and showed me the wound.

#9 NS (Fairbanks, Alaska):

Even in Fairbanks, Alaska, there has been similar “mob robbing” going on. Yes, it is spreading everywhere.

#10 Katherine (Unknown):

I’ve also seen a huge increase in theft, vandalism, sexual assault, and violence just in the past couple of years. This is in a city that used to make the list in top places to live in the U.S. year after year.

#11 Doktryn (Richmond, California):

I live in Richmond California aka the city with the 2nd highest murder rate next to New Orleans, aka the city where the probability of you being killed is 5x higher. It is getting very serious out here, and luckily I don’t live in the rough part, however I go to the rough part to try to witness and preach. People are walking zombies. At any point their lives can be taken but the fact is, this is all they know. It is completely hopeless and when you wrote about “American Hellholes” I live in one. Richmond, CA is a post-industrial warzone. I work in the manufacturing industry, and I got here not long ago, but if you just drive through the city, the boarded up homes and abandoned warehouses tell the tale of how a deindustrialized city quickly turns to a battlefield.

#12 IWillSurvive (Rural America):

In my area we have been able to sleep well enough and always known our neighbors – up until a few months ago I did not lock my cars or my home most of the time – there was no need. That has changed, neighbors are now siphoning gas out of cars from desperation, and stealing scrap lumber, metal, livestock, produce and anything else they can get their hands on to sell or eat. Over the last year or so the police departments of some areas have started taking these seriously and actually investigated and caught a few. They are sometimes groups of people working together to amass resources to sell. We now keep a vigilant eye on our little flock of chickens and we have a colony of rabbits as well. We no longer “free range” them on our property at all – the risk of theft is too high if others know we have them. We keep any resources away from the road on the back side of our property – we also keep two German Shepherd Dogs for guarding our property. Living in the country is NOT what it used to be.


Sadly, this is just the beginning.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As the economy collapses, the chaos is going to get a lot worse.

I wish that wasn’t true, but this is the world we live in now.

The recent article I did about the “economic hell” that American families are going through right now got a huge response, but honestly what we are experiencing right now is not even worth comparing to how nightmarish things are going to be when our economic system fully collapses.

We have been on the biggest debt binge that the world has ever seen.  Our debt-fueled prosperity has enabled us to enjoy an unprecedented standard of living.  But the largest debt bubble in the history of the world is going to pop, and when it does the party is going to be over.

You better get ready.

  • Ricardo

    “when it does the party is going to be over.”

    it will be a good thing, your “party” left our planet a ********** mess

    • Ben Dover

      You sound like a USA hater or environmental nut. If you dislike USA you will really LOVE whatever replaces us on the world stage.

      • Jeffery

        It really has nothing to do with being all excited over this economic mess. Its really about understanding it. We have a lot of issues, that need to be addressed, not just saying recovery.
        Go search: DailyJobCuts

        Give it a quick look. We need some serious economic programs

    • Stine

      By “your party” I hope you mean the elite bankers, because certainly the average American is not partying much these days. Real Americans do not want what the bankers want, they’re polar opposites in fact. I’m not sure if you’re blaming Americans – but if you are, you really shouldn’t be. The Federal Reserve has been the cause and “cure” of every debt bubble since its inception in 1913. We Americans have just been being robbed gradually along the way.

    • Parmalat

      I wouldn’t blame it on ordinary people. There is indeed something bad that started in America, but I don’t think it’s ordinary people who started it.

      The problem is – will the sacrifice of ordinary citizens (be them US, Muslims, South Americans, Europeans) manage to shake the masters of slaves who bring destruction slavery on Earth by corruption and by intrigue?

      We must all fight to make our sacrifices count.

      • Handy

        You know, one thing I never see anyone ever talk about is how this country was started. I’m not talking about the constitution or the the founding Mason fathers either. I’m talking about all the blood letting of the Indians. The utter lies and destruction that came upon them by the founding fathers of this country and their deceived stooges. How many human beings had to be slaughtered to make what we see today? How many slaves did it take(humans too) to build this country? And after that then we too were made slaves to the almighty dollar! This country glorified greed and covetousness and Idolatry. And now we wonder why things are now the way they are??? It is sin on a level rarely seen in history. This country lived lasciviously while others had to do with less. This county cared very little for those that got trampled under it’s feet as it stole there lands and destroyed their families. This country has so much blood on it’s hands. True history shows that the military machine has truly done it’s job. And the people of this land have been lied to and believed the lies. We have no one to blame but ourselves. The sins of this nation are catching up to it. God does not forget. The wicked are his sword! Pray always that you would be counted worthy to escape the things that are to come upon the earth, and to stand before the Son of man. Now please understand that not all of us were part of these things. But sin is sin, and we all fall short. The time to choose is now, for we are not promised tomorrow.

    • Jonny

      What you don’t understand Ricardo, is that when the United States goes down, whatever chance the world had against chaos will be gone.

      Most of the world doesn’t give a HOOT about the environment. Socialist nations are the worst polluters and least environmentally saavy in the world.

      Nuclear disarmament and military adventurism will come back in full force after the world’s policeman – America – is no longer on duty. I promise you that nuclear arms will proliferate like wildfire in the absence of the US. So will the militarization of space.

      Small nations like Taiwan and South Korea who relied on the shield of the free world are doomed to face destruction. Africa will lapse into the most brutal expoitative phase in it’s long history of being exploited.

      Hang on folks. Your impending poverty and loss of American Dream are only the tiniest tip of a very big iceberg.

      • Handy

        Jonny, I’m sorry but you are very ignorant of the way things really are. Do you not know that this county sells more arms and military equipment than any other nation on earth! We arm the rebels all the time. It is a well known fact that this country is deep into selling drugs. That is what Afghanistan is all about. Do you not remember the Contra affair?? Do you think for one moment that it was an isolated affair?? That kind of thing happens all the time. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. The companies of this nation helped Hitler and sold him his oil and steel. Even Bush senior was caught in the act of trading with the enemy and his bank was seized. It is time to put down the jug of poisoned cool-aid and turn off the T.V. They are now in the process of controlling the Internet because they know that the truth will set you free. They don’t want you to know that they have been lying to you and me for all of our lives. They have re-written history to suit their needs. They need dumb sheep to do their bidding. It’s time to wake up. Time is short.

  • Charlie

    You said a mouth-full there, brother.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Thank you for bringing this ‘flash mob’ phenomenon to my attention. I rarely visit a metro area so I had no idea this has become such a widespread problem. It is frightening sign of societal decay.

    “The cold, hard reality of the matter is that what we are experiencing right now is rip-roaring prosperity compared to what is coming down the road.”

    I agree 100%. I’m guessing unemployment + underemployment in the 50% range within in 2 to 3 years, scarcity of affordable food and fuel in many areas, and dramatically reduced security services (police & fire). That’s why it is important to prepare. The list never changes: food, seeds, preservation supplies, water, water purification, basic medical supplies, firearms, and precious metals if you can afford to invest. Equally important are family, trustworthy friends, and good relations with the neighbors. Get to know your neighbors.

    Keep reminding us of the trouble on the horizon.

    • Paul


      Luxembourg was attacked many times in its past. Until its fortress was razed. Then nobody showed any interest anymore and Luxembourg was able to prosper.

    • bert

      hey muddy, is your mojo werkin’?

  • a cruel accountant

    This is totally one sided. In the big shittys during the seventies crime was much worse. I will start worrying when you see flash mobs of 40 year olds mugging people on the street.

    Crime is actually going down.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Cruel Accountant,

      Flash mobs of 40 year olds? It is the disconnected from civil society youth that spray the graffiti on the walls, break windows, mug, steal, rape, burn, and pillage.

      However, you are correct. There is less per capita crime today than 40 years ago. I suspect that is about to change.

    • JohnFromIreland

      You’re quoting a California based “Pulitzer” prize winning news website and you actually believe them? Do you believe Fox news? or your Public “Representatives” too?

      The author is simply pointing out how things are now and has always said things will get worse.

    • Randome-11

      Medias in the US are much like medias in France, uses the term “youth” and “young people” but many of those “young people” are that young.

      In 2002-2003 France, cop recruted from the local “suburb” was caught red handed carjacking, he was 40 year old.

  • You write some of the best articles! Keep it up!! Wake these people up.

  • ARMel

    I agree with Forte, your articles are excellent, I really appreciate your work! The same stuff is happening here in the south as well, and we keep 2 large mastiff breed dogs in our fenced yard to ward off trouble.

  • Somon

    Educate yourselves about National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51:



    Subject: National Continuity Policy


    (1) This directive establishes a comprehensive national policy on the continuity of Federal Government structures and operations and a single National Continuity Coordinator responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of Federal continuity policies. This policy establishes “National Essential Functions,” prescribes continuity requirements for all executive departments and agencies, and provides guidance for State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector organizations in order to ensure a comprehensive and integrated national continuity program that will enhance the credibility of our national security posture and enable a more rapid and effective response to and recovery from a national emergency.


    (2) In this directive:

    (a) “Category” refers to the categories of executive departments and agencies listed in Annex A to this directive;

    (b) “Catastrophic Emergency” means any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions;

    (c) “Continuity of Government,” or “COG,” means a coordinated effort within the Federal Government’s executive branch to ensure that National Essential Functions continue to be performed during a Catastrophic Emergency;

    (d) “Continuity of Operations,” or “COOP,” means an effort within individual executive departments and agencies to ensure that Primary Mission-Essential Functions continue to be performed during a wide range of emergencies, including localized acts of nature, accidents, and technological or attack-related emergencies;

    (e) “Enduring Constitutional Government,” or “ECG,” means a cooperative effort among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Federal Government, coordinated by the President, as a matter of comity with respect to the legislative and judicial branches and with proper respect for the constitutional separation of powers among the branches, to preserve the constitutional framework under which the Nation is governed and the capability of all three branches of government to execute constitutional responsibilities and provide for orderly succession, appropriate transition of leadership, and interoperability and support of the National Essential Functions during a catastrophic emergency;

    (f) “Executive Departments and Agencies” means the executive departments enumerated in 5 U.S.C. 101, independent establishments as defined by 5 U.S.C. 104(1), Government corporations as defined by 5 U.S.C. 103(1), and the United States Postal Service;

    (g) “Government Functions” means the collective functions of the heads of executive departments and agencies as defined by statute, regulation, presidential direction, or other legal authority, and the functions of the legislative and judicial branches;

    (h) “National Essential Functions,” or “NEFs,” means that subset of Government Functions that are necessary to lead and sustain the Nation during a catastrophic emergency and that, therefore, must be supported through COOP and COG capabilities; and

    (i) “Primary Mission Essential Functions,” or “PMEFs,” means those Government Functions that must be performed in order to support or implement the performance of NEFs before, during, and in the aftermath of an emergency.


    (3) It is the policy of the United States to maintain a comprehensive and effective continuity capability composed of Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government programs in order to ensure the preservation of our form of government under the Constitution and the continuing performance of National Essential Functions under all conditions.

    Implementation Actions

    (4) Continuity requirements shall be incorporated into daily operations of all executive departments and agencies. As a result of the asymmetric threat environment, adequate warning of potential emergencies that could pose a significant risk to the homeland might not be available, and therefore all continuity planning shall be based on the assumption that no such warning will be received. Emphasis will be placed upon geographic dispersion of leadership, staff, and infrastructure in order to increase survivability and maintain uninterrupted Government Functions. Risk management principles shall be applied to ensure that appropriate operational readiness decisions are based on the probability of an attack or other incident and its consequences.

    (5) The following NEFs are the foundation for all continuity programs and capabilities and represent the overarching responsibilities of the Federal Government to lead and sustain the Nation during a crisis, and therefore sustaining the following NEFs shall be the primary focus of the Federal Government leadership during and in the aftermath of an emergency that adversely affects the performance of Government Functions:

    (a) Ensuring the continued functioning of our form of government under the Constitution, including the functioning of the three separate branches of government;

    (b) Providing leadership visible to the Nation and the world and maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people;

    (c) Defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and preventing or interdicting attacks against the United States or its people, property, or interests;

    (d) Maintaining and fostering effective relationships with foreign nations;

    (e) Protecting against threats to the homeland and bringing to justice perpetrators of crimes or attacks against the United States or its people, property, or interests;

    (f) Providing rapid and effective response to and recovery from the domestic consequences of an attack or other incident;

    (g) Protecting and stabilizing the Nation’s economy and ensuring public confidence in its financial systems; and

    (h) Providing for critical Federal Government services that address the national health, safety, and welfare needs of the United States.

    (6) The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government. In order to advise and assist the President in that function, the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (APHS/CT) is hereby designated as the National Continuity Coordinator. The National Continuity Coordinator, in coordination with the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), without exercising directive authority, shall coordinate the development and implementation of continuity policy for executive departments and agencies. The Continuity Policy Coordination Committee (CPCC), chaired by a Senior Director from the Homeland Security Council staff, designated by the National Continuity Coordinator, shall be the main day-to-day forum for such policy coordination.

    (7) For continuity purposes, each executive department and agency is assigned to a category in accordance with the nature and characteristics of its national security roles and responsibilities in support of the Federal Government’s ability to sustain the NEFs. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall serve as the President’s lead agent for coordinating overall continuity operations and activities of executive departments and agencies, and in such role shall perform the responsibilities set forth for the Secretary in sections 10 and 16 of this directive.

    (8) The National Continuity Coordinator, in consultation with the heads of appropriate executive departments and agencies, will lead the development of a National Continuity Implementation Plan (Plan), which shall include prioritized goals and objectives, a concept of operations, performance metrics by which to measure continuity readiness, procedures for continuity and incident management activities, and clear direction to executive department and agency continuity coordinators, as well as guidance to promote interoperability of Federal Government continuity programs and procedures with State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, as appropriate. The Plan shall be submitted to the President for approval not later than 90 days after the date of this directive.

    (9) Recognizing that each branch of the Federal Government is responsible for its own continuity programs, an official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President shall ensure that the executive branch’s COOP and COG policies in support of ECG efforts are appropriately coordinated with those of the legislative and judicial branches in order to ensure interoperability and allocate national assets efficiently to maintain a functioning Federal Government.

    (10) Federal Government COOP, COG, and ECG plans and operations shall be appropriately integrated with the emergency plans and capabilities of State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, as appropriate, in order to promote interoperability and to prevent redundancies and conflicting lines of authority. The Secretary of Homeland Security shall coordinate the integration of Federal continuity plans and operations with State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure, as appropriate, in order to provide for the delivery of essential services during an emergency.

    (11) Continuity requirements for the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and executive departments and agencies shall include the following:

    (a) The continuation of the performance of PMEFs during any emergency must be for a period up to 30 days or until normal operations can be resumed, and the capability to be fully operational at alternate sites as soon as possible after the occurrence of an emergency, but not later than 12 hours after COOP activation;

    (b) Succession orders and pre-planned devolution of authorities that ensure the emergency delegation of authority must be planned and documented in advance in accordance with applicable law;

    (c) Vital resources, facilities, and records must be safeguarded, and official access to them must be provided;

    (d) Provision must be made for the acquisition of the resources necessary for continuity operations on an emergency basis;

    (e) Provision must be made for the availability and redundancy of critical communications capabilities at alternate sites in order to support connectivity between and among key government leadership, internal elements, other executive departments and agencies, critical partners, and the public;

    (f) Provision must be made for reconstitution capabilities that allow for recovery from a catastrophic emergency and resumption of normal operations; and

    (g) Provision must be made for the identification, training, and preparedness of personnel capable of relocating to alternate facilities to support the continuation of the performance of PMEFs.

    (12) In order to provide a coordinated response to escalating threat levels or actual emergencies, the Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions (COGCON) system establishes executive branch continuity program readiness levels, focusing on possible threats to the National Capital Region. The President will determine and issue the COGCON Level. Executive departments and agencies shall comply with the requirements and assigned responsibilities under the COGCON program. During COOP activation, executive departments and agencies shall report their readiness status to the Secretary of Homeland Security or the Secretary’s designee.

    (13) The Director of the Office of Management and Budget shall:

    (a) Conduct an annual assessment of executive department and agency continuity funding requests and performance data that are submitted by executive departments and agencies as part of the annual budget request process, in order to monitor progress in the implementation of the Plan and the execution of continuity budgets;

    (b) In coordination with the National Continuity Coordinator, issue annual continuity planning guidance for the development of continuity budget requests; and

    (c) Ensure that heads of executive departments and agencies prioritize budget resources for continuity capabilities, consistent with this directive.

    (14) The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy shall:

    (a) Define and issue minimum requirements for continuity communications for executive departments and agencies, in consultation with the APHS/CT, the APNSA, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Chief of Staff to the President;

    (b) Establish requirements for, and monitor the development, implementation, and maintenance of, a comprehensive communications architecture to integrate continuity components, in consultation with the APHS/CT, the APNSA, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Chief of Staff to the President; and

    (c) Review quarterly and annual assessments of continuity communications capabilities, as prepared pursuant to section 16(d) of this directive or otherwise, and report the results and recommended remedial actions to the National Continuity Coordinator.

    (15) An official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President shall:

    (a) Advise the President, the Chief of Staff to the President, the APHS/CT, and the APNSA on COGCON operational execution options; and

    (b) Consult with the Secretary of Homeland Security in order to ensure synchronization and integration of continuity activities among the four categories of executive departments and agencies.

    (16) The Secretary of Homeland Security shall:

    (a) Coordinate the implementation, execution, and assessment of continuity operations and activities;

    (b) Develop and promulgate Federal Continuity Directives in order to establish continuity planning requirements for executive departments and agencies;

    (c) Conduct biennial assessments of individual department and agency continuity capabilities as prescribed by the Plan and report the results to the President through the APHS/CT;

    (d) Conduct quarterly and annual assessments of continuity communications capabilities in consultation with an official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President;

    (e) Develop, lead, and conduct a Federal continuity training and exercise program, which shall be incorporated into the National Exercise Program developed pursuant to Homeland Security Presidential Directive-8 of December 17, 2003 (“National Preparedness”), in consultation with an official designated by the Chief of Staff to the President;

    (f) Develop and promulgate continuity planning guidance to State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector critical infrastructure owners and operators;

    (g) Make available continuity planning and exercise funding, in the form of grants as provided by law, to State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector critical infrastructure owners and operators; and

    (h) As Executive Agent of the National Communications System, develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive continuity communications architecture.

    (17) The Director of National Intelligence, in coordination with the Attorney General and the Secretary of Homeland Security, shall produce a biennial assessment of the foreign and domestic threats to the Nation’s continuity of government.

    (18) The Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Secretary of Homeland Security, shall provide secure, integrated, Continuity of Government communications to the President, the Vice President, and, at a minimum, Category I executive departments and agencies.

    (19) Heads of executive departments and agencies shall execute their respective department or agency COOP plans in response to a localized emergency and shall:

    (a) Appoint a senior accountable official, at the Assistant Secretary level, as the Continuity Coordinator for the department or agency;

    (b) Identify and submit to the National Continuity Coordinator the list of PMEFs for the department or agency and develop continuity plans in support of the NEFs and the continuation of essential functions under all conditions;

    (c) Plan, program, and budget for continuity capabilities consistent with this directive;

    (d) Plan, conduct, and support annual tests and training, in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, in order to evaluate program readiness and ensure adequacy and viability of continuity plans and communications systems; and

    (e) Support other continuity requirements, as assigned by category, in accordance with the nature and characteristics of its national security roles and responsibilities

    General Provisions

    (20) This directive shall be implemented in a manner that is consistent with, and facilitates effective implementation of, provisions of the Constitution concerning succession to the Presidency or the exercise of its powers, and the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 (3 U.S.C. 19), with consultation of the Vice President and, as appropriate, others involved. Heads of executive departments and agencies shall ensure that appropriate support is available to the Vice President and others involved as necessary to be prepared at all times to implement those provisions.

    (21) This directive:

    (a) Shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and the authorities of agencies, or heads of agencies, vested by law, and subject to the availability of appropriations;

    (b) Shall not be construed to impair or otherwise affect (i) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budget, administrative, and legislative proposals, or (ii) the authority of the Secretary of Defense over the Department of Defense, including the chain of command for military forces from the President, to the Secretary of Defense, to the commander of military forces, or military command and control procedures; and

    (c) Is not intended to, and does not, create any rights or benefits, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by a party against the United States, its agencies, instrumentalities, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

    (22) Revocation. Presidential Decision Directive 67 of October 21, 1998 (“Enduring Constitutional Government and Continuity of Government Operations”), including all Annexes thereto, is hereby revoked.

    (23) Annex A and the classified Continuity Annexes, attached hereto, are hereby incorporated into and made a part of this directive.

    (24) Security. This directive and the information contained herein shall be protected from unauthorized disclosure, provided that, except for Annex A, the Annexes attached to this directive are classified and shall be accorded appropriate handling, consistent with applicable Executive Orders.


    • 007

      God Bless President Obama and central planning.

      Hope you find a lifeboat!

      Welcome to the Obama great depression!

  • Jordi

    Thanks for making us aware of how daily life in America looks like in some places. It’s incredible how the main news media avoid talking about these problems. I never read about mob robberies before checking your articles.
    It’s true that we should try to get ready for a full economic collapse, but how? I mean, if the system fully collapses there will be no place secure enough to hide for too long, I can not imagine how you would escape from such a situation. Unless a UFO takes you to another planet, I think that it would be really hard to survive for too long in a situation in which our civilization collapses. The majority will not make it, and there is no special reason to think that you would not be among those who didn’t make it. I just hope that the collapse takes place gradually and not suddenly, since that would make things much worse. All those survivalists who believe that survival could be achieved by stocking up food or ammo are completely wrong in my point of view; that would allow them to survive a year or two maybe, but for the rest of the time you would need to be ready to fight for basic resources on a daily basis, and the majority of us are not navy SEALS, so we do not have the training or the physical endurance to last for too long on extreme adverse circumstances.

    • Parmalat


      What should we expect?! Tens of NATO soldiers die every day in Afghanistan and Iraq, 7-8 helicopters were shot down in the last two weeks alone, do we see any of these in the corporate-controlled media?!

      When Romanian soldiers died in Afghanistan, the news first appeared on Jihadi websites. In a few hours Romanian media took the news from press releases of the Defense Ministry (there are too few Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan for the Ministry to be able to cover the news), while Western media as CNN, BBC etc… didn’t say a word.

      They are keeping everything away from us.

  • mark

    I have been grinding flour and stocking up for the last 25 years. We live a good distance from the grocery store and we keep our store at home. We just rotate our food and always replace the food that we use. I raise beef and grow a large garden. We can from our garden and my next project is to install a micro hydro power system to produce some of our power needs. I have 25 cords of wood stacked up and 2000 gals of diesel for equipment, truck and the diesel jetta sportwagon. I store lots of water and have gravity fed spring water to the house. I store lots of hardware for use on the ranch. I also have a 100 ton plus pile of well rotted manure/ leaf mulch always being made. We keep lots of extra shoes and boots, jackets, clothing and all the things that we might need to live. I can feed neighbors for quite a while if needed. Every year I plant more fruit trees. I have 260 acres and are surrounded by many square miles of forest land We have done this for years in case off power outages, natural disasters, layoffs,and trucking strikes. But the coming economic problems with the violence that could be associated with it is depressing. As I am getting older I will keep doing this for my adult children and theirs. I love the the quiet life in the country and the hard work with it. But it does not sound like it will be quiet much longer and the enjoyment will no longer be part of life. This is so sad to see where our great country seems to be headed. We have spent our way into this mess with progresive and socialist ideas that have never worked. Man needs to be free to create positive ideas and it seems that our freedon is slipping quickly away. Teach our young what freedom is so that they will always strive to keep it.

    • Jonny

      I am impressed by your industriousness Mike. I truly am. You are more prepared than 99.99 percent of the rest of the country.

      You might think about what you’re going to do when they confiscate your land and property and give it to someone else. Look at Communist China. I can promise you that not one person managed to avoid the Maoist Revolution by becoming self sufficient on his/her own land.

      You might want to think about emigrating to the South Seas before it’s too late to get out of America.

  • Paul

    I don’t read much news here. I heard such stories about America, and read books and documentaries about it when I was a kid almost 30 years ago. So, from afar America was always a country of violence.

    A few years ago I had the chance to visit the USA and found an interesting book from a local author, where she said that violence is a widely accepted way of life in America, while on the other hand any piece of naked skin or touch is abhorred.

    She had this theory that if kids were allowed to hug more, there would be less violence.

  • Johnson

    I recently read an article in the WSJ that reported a decline in crime in 2010? Many thought it was because the police are lying and/or not reporting many crimes.

    Also, there is a lot of teen unemployment, particularly among minorities. Meanwhile, you see all the people with the latest gadgets and living the high life on TV. The only way for you to share in that is to steal.

    This is what happens as the elite rich in our country work in isolation and seal themselve sinto gated residental complexes when they go home.

    June 6, 2011
    Teens Disappear from the U.S. Workforce

    • 007

      “The only way for you to share in that is to steal”.

      Spoken like a true Marxist.

      God bless, comrade Obama and central planning.

      Hope you find a lifeboat.

      Welcome to the Obama depression!

      • Billy Z

        Wake up, dude. This started far before Obama was even born. Obama is just the spokesperson / reality TV star who sells the whole thing to the brainwashed public. Blame Obama? Sure. Just don’t fogrget Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon…

        But if you want to engage in partisan bickering while Rome burns, be my guest. You can listen to your “Best Of Rush Limbaugh CD” and take in the Post-Apocalyptic wasteland that used to be America.

  • NUF

    This is nothing more than a manifestation – a microsm, an outgrowth – of the violence that has been visitied upon the populace by Wall St. and CorpUSA.

    But then again, punks from Wall St, in $3,000 Armani suits, who steal your livelihood look ever so less threatening than
    the local gang-banger who steals your ipod, right?

    As above, so below.

    ‘nuf sed.

  • cdhtexas

    Like your website and your articles. I am a farmer in a town of 750 people in south central Texas. This is as rural as it gets. Drugs are everywhere, crime is daily (mostly in the form of theft, believe it or not, I have had two hogs stolen) but I have to tell you of an incident that just happened recently.

    A grandmother, I’m a grandfather raising a grandson and that is prevalent, arranged for a 40+_year old man to sleep with her granddaughter for $100.00. She charged the man $20.00 to use her (the grandmother’s) bedroom. The young girl, age 17, has been repeatedly treated for mouth infections due to the high number of oral sexual encounters in the past tweo years. All this to bring in money for the grandmother. On top of all that the grandmother is a “prominent” figure in a local church and children’s “mission”.

    So much for small town America.

  • Ben Dover

    Sadly, crime has not gotten bad yet. It will get much worse, to the point where weapon carry laws are ignored

  • primrose

    Now that Glenn Beck is leaving FOX, this is one of the few places we can get the truth. Thanks for keeping us informed. Forewarned is forearmed. IMO, in the not too distant future, we will be on our own and the DGI’s who refuse to prepare will whine and cry foul because “nanny government” let them down. It ain’t rocket science. All we have to do is look around at what is going on in the rest of the world.

    • Paulb

      Truth?? Glen Beck??? You’re kidding right?

      • Andy

        I know, right?

        Had to read that twice to make sure it wasn’t sarcasm.

  • Wow, to read this one would think that the world is a place filled with weak minded mush melons.

    First, the “crime” rate in rural areas is not going up. It may be in areas where people are afraid to defend themselves, but in the “non-ranchette” world where real Americans live it is the same as it always has been-come on my property at your own risk. If your intention is to steal and cause harm , if the early warning system pit bulls don’t get you the bullets will.

    Second, much of this is hype intended to cause fear. With our instant communication it might seem as though there is a lot more mayhem, but many of the “sensational” videos are quite unremarkable. Humans have always been cruel, we just have more access to the proof.

    Third, some of the posters say that they have personally been the victims of physical violence. And you don’t have a gun yet???? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. If you are accosted, shoot the criminal bastards.

    Finally, fear arises from a lack of knowledge and from an inability to act positively to protect one’s interests. Get educated, then get armed. This is still America. The only way another person can take your constitutional rights is if you fail to claim them. The rights come from God and no man can take them. If another person, or criminal state entity, tries to take those rights they are acting in violation of the law and you have the right and duty to correct the injustice immediately and with prejudice.

    Know your neighbors, keep your family and friends close. May God bless you all.

  • Charles_Texas

    I live in Texas and in a rural area. Texas seems to be doing better than most of America these days because I haven’t seen as much crime (flash mobs, etc.) I’m not going to say it hasn’t happened, but I haven’t heard about it. One thing I will say, living in Texas means anyone who wants to rob you is taking a risk. They know that Texans have guns and WILL use them. I don’t worry when I go to the restaurant becuase I know there are more than a few weapons in the room. Although rustling has been a bigger problem the last few years, it is still looked on with disdain and people are aware of the consequence if caught. Being caught does not necessarily mean caught by the police.

  • laura & Jane

    Back in the 70’s till recent it usually was one to three people robbing banks, convenience stores/gas stations, mob robberies were unheard of then. Back in the early 90’s most gas stations along interstates in Fla. (maybe other areas) closed by 10pm because of robberies to buy drugs. I go out early in the A.M. not too far from home and do banking, groceries pay bills and home by 11 AM or so. This country is over and done, trashed with zero hope, zero future. All political/patriot activities have been and are now in vain. Politicians on all levels are liars, crooks and criminals with few if any honest ones, otherwise they’d have a real job. Voting is useless and we haven’t voted in twenty years. America is over folks so prep. and live for self/family.

  • a cruel accountant: Yes, the crime rate is going down. However, the brazenness with which crimes are being committed is going up. Instead of trying to hide what they’re doing, criminals are flaunting it, which indicates they have lost fear of the law in addition to respect for the principles behind the law. They no longer believe they’ll be caught and punished, so they do whatever they think they can get away with.

  • Dr. Nancy

    Please please everyone get prepared. Here’s what is helping me get prepared:

    How You Can Profit in Spite of Today’s Economic Crisis —

    Watch This Free Video Now:

  • Rhinehart Fox

    It is true that the crime rate has been going down over the last few years, but I believe that we have turned a corner. Also, the improved emergency medical technology has suppressed the death (murder) rate. People survive injuries that would have been fatal 10-20 years ago. Economic hardship, coupled with an amoral attitude equals desparate behavior.
    What really puzzles me is how few people seek professional training to cope with it. I teach unarmed self defense and have assisted in teaching firearms classes for a good company. One would think that the public would be eager for this but few of our classes are full. When TSHTF its too late. Prep now, especially regarding situational awareness. Don’t put off Concealed Carry applications where required but also get trained by a pro. You have no idea how difficult it is to react under stress and you will sink to your level of training during a life-threatening incident.

  • Golden Child

    Correction. I just found out that Howard County is no longer the third richest county in America, we have dropped slightly to the fifth richest county in the country. If anyone believes what I wrote didn’t happen to me, this is video evidence of the type of random violent incidents that have been becoming more commonplace where I live in affluent Howard County, Maryland:,0,5684397.story

  • Mr Carpenter

    A friend sent me this email this morning.

    With each passing year, the instability in the world seems more and more obvious. Natural and man-made catastrophes claim countless lives; political balance shifts; wealth and status come and go. It all causes us to ask, Is anything unshakeable?
    As overwhelming as these things seem, let me give you an even bigger example. In today’s passage, we see that the heavens and earth will be shaken. It will all be destroyed—burned, to be exact. Thankfully, we have the promise that God will create new heavens and earth, but in the meantime our world will undergo great turmoil.
    Instability can create feelings of insecurity and fear unless we focus on truths we can stand upon with certainty. The Bible refers to Jesus as a rock and firm foundation (1 Cor. 3:10-11; Eph. 2:20). And we know that God is unchangeable and sovereign; nothing can undermine or move Him. His Word is truth, and it will last forever.
    As Christians, we know that our eternal relationship with God is secure. We’ve been adopted as His children, and nothing can rob us of this position. What’s more, believers are assured of an eternal home with Him. Though we may at times feel unsettled by our circumstances, we can rejoice when trials bring us humbly to the cross of Jesus—there, we will find true peace and safety.
    What assurance we have as God’s children! We can rest in peace and full confidence, knowing that our hearts are secure in Jesus Christ. King David said, “I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken” (Ps. 16:8).

    Here is how I responded:

    Yes, we must cling tightly, ever so tightly, to Jesus, because there is nothing else we can do! Better to stand on a rock and cling to it during a storm than try to stand on sand while the waves pound you and knock you into the sea to flounder.

    I pity the people who do not understand (and who call us fools) and often ask myself – how do non-Christians have any hope or happiness at all? It confounds me. Yet most people do not care to listen. I read recently that only some 1% of the Christians in our country, are converted TO Christianity after their teens. I also have read that currently only 10% of American mainstream church youth continue on with Christianity after leaving their parents homes. Obviously at this rate, within two generations, Christianity will be an extreme minority in this country.

    Yet millions of Christians continue to plant seeds, water them, etc. in an earnest attempt to follow Christ’s Great Commission. Which we are not given leave to stop doing even though the odds are increasingly tiny that we might see success.

    With that in mind, I have to wonder if the Holy Spirit has begun to pull back from humanity in anticipation of the end of days. God’s word reminds us that towards the end of the last days, which we have been in for 2000 years, people will either want to hear only what their itching ears want (i.e. apostasy), all the while they will “think” they are “good Christians” (God will not be fooled nor mocked) and also that there will be a great falling away of faith. I recently saw some interesting graphs which demonstrate this.

    For example, New Zealand:


    In 18 years (1990-2008), the Christian church in America has lost over 10% of its adherents, according to a file I found online (can’t reproduce it here). Even more alarming is the fact that in the 2010 US Census, fewer than 48% of people described themselves as Christians, which was down from some 78% in the 2000 US Census! So if those figures are both accurate, the great falling away in America has transpired between 2008 and 2010! Was it because of the economic collapse which manifested itself starting in the fall of 2008? If so, then truthfully, the large proportion of people who have fallen away, were only looking at God as some celestial Santa Clause, and “because he withdrew his material blessings” they apparently fell away. Or am I being too harsh?!

    In (once) Great Britain, the general consensus is that some 5% or fewer of the population consider themselves Christian, and many (very many, sadly) churches in Britain unfortunately are the “itching ear” category. Likewise the continent of Europe, where in some countries it is thought that Christianity makes up some 2% of the population. Some 100 years ago, the vast majority of Britons and Europeans considered themselves Christians.

    The bottom line is that we must trust God to carry us through, and be unshakeable – correct. My one short sentence description of God’s meaning in the Book of Revelation is that God is telling us to trust Him to carry us through to Him. Do not be shaken.

    • Nexus

      Stuff religion – retreat of the naive and foolish. Things only happen when you get up of your ass and do it. Mumbling to an imaginary entity is pathetic. Also you are amazingly arrogant and make the assumption you are superior.

  • SC23

    Ummm whoa..

    “There is a risk that a U.S. debt default may happen. The result will be very serious and I really hope they would stop playing with fire,”

  • Jack Vegas

    Hey cruel accountant – You actually BELIEVE those crime statistics? I’ve got another good one for you. The economy is recovering. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh man. I crack myself up.

  • Tim

    I have been trying to prepare for all of this by gaining garden skills, precious metals,unfortunately guns too, can foods storage, etc.., I have also started to document it weekly on cartoon newscast I have created. Please tell me what you think and good luck.

  • HerrLT


    I always enjoy your articles and your interview on RT. Are you an expat, if so, where? I lived in Brazil for over a year and it taught me how to keep vigilent when walking the streets at night. Once, I had to dart into a bar when two youths in bicycles came speeding in my direction. Down there, the norm (at least where I was) was to be assaulted by a group of young people on bicycles who rode off after stabbing/beating you. In spite of this Im considering getting a permanent visa there to escape if the S does hit the fan hard here. To live cheaply for a few months, what dollar/buillion amount would you consider safe to get out of the country with? Anyone?

    • Michael


      Actually I still live inside the United States. I believe that this is where I am supposed to be.

      There are many areas of the United States where I would not want to be living right now, though.

      In the future we are all going to have to be really flexible and ready to move if necessary because the world is going to be a really crazy and unpredictable place.


      • Surazal

        What’s your avatar supposed to be? Some weird, anthropomorphic cog? Love the blog, read it all the time.

  • Wantstoknow

    I know it is a kinda lame question but this goes to Michael, the writer of these articles.

    Your articles are great by the way, I read them and click on all the ads every day.

    My question is do you ever get any threats? harassment? from people who want to prevent this type of info from getting out there?
    such as politicians? banksters? or the elite?

    Just curious!

    • Michael


      I think they have bigger fish to fry.

      Hopefully they don’t consider me to be important.


  • Golden Child

    I didn’t always live in the “third richest county” in America. I’m not sheltered to scary random crime and rampant in violence in America either. I was born and raised in what was very much the heart of the ghetto in San Francisco in the 80’s and early 90’s. My old neighborhood had a murder rate of 200K+ murders per 100,000 people during that time. People used to get brutally gunned down a few feet away from our home every month when I was growing up. Living around the corner from murder, death, hard drugs, prostitution, alcoholism, domestic violence and ghetto insanity is not fun to say the least. I was lucky enough to come from a good family. Many of my neighbors in my age group were prepubescent drug dealers and killers. We literally never walked down the block when I was a kid:

    However, what caused the surge in violence in the 80’s and 90’s was Reagonomics and the advent of crack cocaine. People in American inner cities were killing each over rather large sums of money in the wild, wild west of the drug game. There are many pockets of America that never recovered from the Great Depression of the 30’s and exist in a permanent state of social disorganization, poverty, neglect and high crime. Where I used to live has been gentrified and taken back by wealthier lighter-skinned people like many formerly dangerous high crime neighborhoods in cities like SF, DC and NYC.

    Sadly, today our economic problems don’t seem to be cyclical. The economy isn’t getting better anytime soon. They are laying off dozens and dozens of police officers from Oakland to Newark, New Jersey. How on earth is that going to decrease crime? It’s bad enough that most cops are being laid-off in the most dangerous places in America. America will return to being as violent as it was when I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s because things go in cycles. But as I said before, this economic downturn is NOT cyclical. So unless things change in terms of the economy and the job market, we can expect crime to become permanently worse in the near future.

  • Charlotte

    So what’s the common thread between these “young people” that everyone is afraid to say? Will you open your eyes and make the observation without fear of being deemed “racist”. As long as we don’t, it’s only going to get worse.

    • Backatyou

      Charlotte in case you haven’t noticed, WHITE people are the “new” poor and desperate.
      It was only a matter of time before the elite fleeced the Middle class.
      In case you doubt, take a look at a documentary called
      “Oxycontin express” by Vangaurd, it is all American white trash, pill pushing, popping hillbilly poor in Florida, West Virgina, Mississippi and the list goes on and on.

  • prisoner #6

    @cruel accountant

    How do you compare the survey of 1 city (Milwaukee) to the (albeit informal) general, nation-wide survey of this article?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

  • Tigerlily

    I live in a small county with approximaly 8,500 people, the sheriff announced today that due to budget cuts, the police force is cut down to two deputies who would man the phones at the station from noon until 8pm, the only time the deputied would respond to a call was if there was an imminent threat to life. So all those neighborhood home robberies that we have been expiriencing are no longer something the police will respond to. This will continue until the new fiscal year.

    • josh

      the same thing is happening in my area, police are getting cut, wont respond to certain calls, wont go out into the country anymore.

  • DownWithLibs


    I appreciate your articles, but sometimes they can be very depressing!

    • Michael

      I don’t mean to depress people.

      I hope to wake people up so that they can address what is really going on.

      I believe that all of us can have hope and a future.

      But we all have very important choices to make.


      • Parmalat

        There is still hope around the world while people like you exist, Michael.
        Maybe we are only a few people, maybe we lack the resources to make our voice heard over the thousands of billions of $ that corporations throw in this war against mankind, but one thing is for certain: when the system falls – mankind will be looking for alternatives.
        We have got to stand still, we are the few people that have not been blinded by corporate illusions. The planet depends on people like us to bring back social equilibrum.

  • My husband and I have had several discussions about this subject as we have watched our own situation deteriorate, and It is interesting how different people have different views. I believe that inside most people are basically good and will help one another as much as they are able and wont completely insane and turn into serial killers when society collapses. My husband thinks that everyone will turn into roving bands of theives. I think that when people feel basically safe and have food and shelter, they dont get really revolutionarily violent, but when they are hungry enough, heck when I get hungry enough I might join them! But I still think most of us are basically good people.
    Everyone is going to have to re-sort out our priorities, tho. I was amazed when Katrina took out New Orleans, there were people without clean water and food, and what were people looting? TVs. can eat TVs. I liked the quote recently, I can Ipods. When it all goes down, basic necessities will be the priority. No point in crying over broken Ipods, but maybe spilled milk will be something to cry about.
    Thanks for a bunch of great articles Michael!

    • sorry for all the typos and incomplete thoughts! That will teach me not to proofread my posts…

  • 005

    Micheal, you don’t have to post this comment, was just wondering of articles done about the Chinese will/won’t drop their dollar reserves.
    I’ve seen articles arguing both points of view, and what could be the outcomes.

  • Merodach

    In terms of racial and ethnic composition, the United States resembles Yugoslavia more than it resembles Russia, so we shouldn’t expect it to be as peaceful as Russia was, following the collapse. Ethnically mixed societies are fragile and have a tendency to explode. However we will go through a slow decline just like Pakistan. There will be widespread blackouts,brownouts,high crime,lawlessness and self defense militias set up. Our government is not up to task to keep the nation together is a slow decline. Pakistan has high inflation,militias,separatist and insurgencies. Also on top of that the government has lost control of sections of the nation. And places that are under control misery and crime is rampant. This is where we will be heading. As the economy gets worse we will be forced to bring our troops home with nothing to do ,massive layoffs for cops which will lead to high crime and the creation of self defense militias. This will create a cauldron of chaos.It will be like the 1970s on steroids. We will be much worse then Mexico.

  • Prophet

    The collapse of society has happened many times anciently. The Scriptures teach us that immoral societies must face the consequences of their actions… unless they repent and turn back to God.

    The consequences of sexual promiscuity are evident in these videos. Many of those kids probably come from households without Fathers. A Father and Mother in the home, teaching correct principles, is the foundation of a strong society.

    • Agree

      I totally agree with prophet.
      When i was younger i could not see the purpose of church or religion. No one could tell me about repenting and turning to God.
      Now seeing that the collapse is on its way and coming fast, my eyes are now opened.
      I can never go back to being the selfish, amoral person I was.
      But i believe it is God who opens eyes and hearts …. Not man.

    • Billy Z

      I agree that an amoral or immoral society will eventually collapse. But most of the “Religious” people I know are no better than your average person. They are just more brazenly hypocritical.

      I follow Jesus Christ: the most anti-Government and anti-ORGANIZED Religion person who ever lived.

  • Approximately 48 percent of Americans say they think that a Great Depression is either very or somewhat likely to occur within the year, according to a CNN Opinion Research Poll, the highest percentage of respondents that have stated that level of certainty since CNN first started asking the question in October 2008.

    • mondobeyondo

      June 2011 = September 1930 (more or less)

      If you think we’ve hit bottom… ha ha ha hee hee hoooo!

      Put your faith in Jesus Christ, and you’ll have comfort during the F5 financial tornado that’s headed our way. Put your faith in Judas Priest… and, well, you’ve got Another Thing Coming.

      • San Diego sk8er

        That comment is awesome. I’m a metal head turned Christian so that comment was very relatable! Lol

  • mondobeyondo

    “…government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1863


    Abraham Lincoln may have been a great President, but he was an awful prophet. Government of, by and for the people, died in America a long time ago. It has perished from the earth, replaced by government of Wall Street, by international bankers, for their eternal profit. What a sham(e).

  • The Unicorn

    I hate to burst your bubble but the local,state,fed.,law enforcement are not here to help you.In this case they actually prevented this Marines wife from giving first aid or calling 911 for almost an hour.

    They have a license to steal,rape,murder and rob at will.The mob-robs are just the tip of the iceberg.What our goverment is doing is the giant part hidden in lies underneath.

  • mondobeyondo

    62,000 new hires at McDonald’s is not the sign of a recovering economy.

    Now, if there were 62,000 new hires at IBM, or Google, there might be a real recovery. Yahoo, I don’t know about – last I heard, they were laying off employees.

    BTW, what happened to Motorola? Intel? Honeywell? These were all once big IT companies in America. Yes, it’s true. The antique 3 year old laptop I’m using to type this comment, has a sticker that says “Intel Inside”. Did they all get outsourced? Did they go out of business? Perhaps they relocated to Shanghai and are now known as “Panda Electronics Cooperative”…??

    • Nexus

      62,000 jobs at McDonalds is a sad commentary on the state of the US economy and the fact that so many people applied.

      Companies in the US all tend manufacture off shore – half a million new IT jobs created in Taiwan over the last decade to assemble Apple and many other consumer products. Over 45,000 factories have closed in the US and over 6m jobs shipped overseas. What is left has been highly automated to eliminate even more jobs.

      Design may still be done in the US but they are off shoring that as well. There are hundreds of millions of phones manufactured each year and not one of them is manufactured in the US.

      62,000 hires at Google, IBM, etc, would not be much to write home about and besides they would be more interested in importing Indians to displace Americans as they are cheaper (not better).

      It would be more impressive (and very surprising) if manufacturing jobs were created. After all you can only pay your way in the world if you manufacture things that people overseas want to buy. The US borrowing binge is at an end.

  • China Agency Says US Already Defaulting on Debt

  • Maria
  • You know, I have trouble sleeping at night…
    really! I have a drug operation going on behind
    my 8 acre property, and I’m always worried that
    some lowlife drug dealin’ scum will try to
    break into my home to bind me, torture me, kill
    me….you know, BTK. I did serve in the Marine
    corp from 1976-1979 (back in the ‘old’ corp).
    Anyone trying to break into my home is gonna be
    in for a BIG surprise! I am NOT gonna go down
    easy. Like the poster above, I do all of my
    time away from home early in the morning and
    not for very long intervals. I lock my guns
    up when I’m on my Harley or I take ’em with
    in my pickup. You know, I’m so sick of
    worrying, I actually almost look forward to
    someone trying something. Some nights I spend
    the night outside my house, camo’d out like
    a mofo and armed to the teeth, hoping to
    surprise some fool some night. All they are
    gonna here is BOOM! The shotgun’s already
    racked, sorry to say….I will shoot first,
    ask questions later, ‘kill ’em all, let
    ‘god’ sort ’em out’.

    • hey, now, I knew BTK. Whats scary was that that Joe citizen was Mr. Normal. Church deacon, city employee, I think also involved in scouts. Neighbors with a drug op…..holy cow, call crime fighters!

  • SmokeDogg

    Come on ECB, People have been using Flash Mobs to protest too. They arent all bad. Let’s be real.

    In fact, I think some of these Criminal Flash Mobs are Government Provocateurs to get the Average brain dead American to say “All Flash Mobs are Bad. Please ban them for ALL REASONS?”

    Did you know that Black Men in America under the age of 31 have a 43% unemployment rate? I’m surprised there hasnt been Riots yet. The Employers purposely dumped their young Minority Male staff to start Riots.







    They want Riots so they can collapse United States of America like the way they collapsed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. They want an “American Federation” of United States, Canada, and Central America like the “Russian Federation” of Russia and former Eastern Bloc Republics.

    The timeline isnt years they want this done in 12-18 months, and that’s why they are dumping our currency so we can hyperinflation to cause civil unrest. That’s why they are puposely instigating Middle Eastern revolution so we can have high gas prices. That why they are working behind the scenes to get Saudi Arabia to have a Revolution so we can have $7 a gallon and higher gas prices IN EVEN HILLBILLY AMERICA.


    I want the North American Union so I can make real money again, but then I will turn against them too because I’m a Christian and The people who want NAU wants to exterminate Christians.

    I then Will turn against the Antichrist Beast system, until I get my God on Earth without the Illuminati contrived Evils of: Capitalism Communism, Socialist, Racism, Fascism, Corporatism, etc..

    The Jesus will rule Earth one day, and your Capitalist/Corporatist economics WILL BE ILLEGAL AS IT GOES AGAINST THE BIBLE.

    I want collapse, because Iam a Black Slave. A Black Slave to poverty. Despite how hard I try, work and toil away, I can never get ahead. I came from the Slums of Camden, NJ and got 2 College Degrees, tried to open up businesses, etc.. to only still be poor.



    Please Lord forgive me, for condemming a Fellow college educated Black Man who was unemployed for 3 years this week for Burglary when I served on that Jury. I know he did the crime but please can you help him. It was just a $600 item he stole- just a thing. I know he has to be punished by principle, but please dont mark him with a felony and unfair jail time from the evil American system.





    • mondobeyondo

      Flash mobs are not just a phenomenon among African American youth, there are Hispanic and white flash mobs as well.

      It is about economics, not race. All that people want is a chance to succeed. It has always been that way… “land of opportunity” and so forth. But more and more, the common folk are being denied even a chance at success. “Go to college, get a good job”. They forgot to mention the $75,000 student loan debt after you graduate.

      Conditions in this country are really beginning to suck…

    • SmokeDogg

      Wrong it isnt about economics or race, it’s about population control. Eventually they will try to kill most of the rich off too. It’s about getting the world’s population down to 1 Billion or less. 500 Million would be optimal.

      And, Liberals in this population control movement like Ted Turner want 250-300 Million.

      However, they use Minorities as their guinea pigs. Look at the minority community today. This will be Whites in 15 years. They use the minorities because they have brainwashed whites to hate them and not care for them, and when they see their problems dismiss it as “What a Lazy Nig–r” When in all reality they are using the stereotypes of criminality and “laziness” as a cover to disguise the fact that minorities as experiments to one day bring down the white and rich standard of living to the 3rd World- this makes it much much easier for them to have their familes broken up, jailed, and killed in a eugenics pogrom of population control.

      Their next target in America- White Middle American Christians. The elite hate White Middle American Christians, becuase they had garned enough wealth to travel the world and proest them, and travel the world and prosteltyze to Millions.

      They will make the poor, make them into demon Racists that need to be exterminated, and break up their families. The same with Hispanics too.

      It’s worked in the Black community, it’s working in the Latino community, and now they are going to do it in the White Community.

      But hey, that’s what happens where you allow yourself to be brainwashed.

      Flash Mobs in protest arent popular with Blacks, but Criminal flash mobs are. I think these Criminal flash mobs will become riot flash mobs too, and when the riots starts then that gives them the political impetus to make the changes.

  • Steve

    We’re just weeks away! Buckle up! China has declared that the USA has already defaulted on its debts:

    • mondobeyondo

      Scary stuff, to be sure.

      Naturally, the U.S. government, collectively, will just dismiss it as hype and propaganda.

      “Heat up that wok and cook up some more stir fry!”…


      WHOOOOOOhhhhhhhh hold up.
      did you just say China is warning the United States?
      Oh no you did not say that!
      China may own our debt, But listen up world, and all you little countries you all better watch it when you threaten OUR country!
      Just a few neutron bombs and china will be history!

  • a cruel accountant

    @ prisoner #6

    Just check out the FBI’s website you will find plenty of info indicating crime is decreasing.

  • What you smokin?

    Smokedog wrote:
    I want collapse, because Iam a Black Slave. A Black Slave to poverty. Despite how hard I try, work and toil away, I can never get ahead. I came from the Slums of Camden, NJ and got 2 College Degrees, tried to open up businesses, etc.. to only still be poor.

    Ah Smoke, Question, What makes you think that black people are the only slaves to poverty?
    There are plenty of white folk hurting just as much as you. Plenty of white people have worthless degrees and enslaved to student loans and mortgages and medical bills, car loans.
    Look around the tri-state and try to see past the black and white issue. See the different towns with closed businesses, homes in foreclosures trailer park white kids hanging out in front of quick check instead of work or school.
    This depression has hit all of us black and white.
    The rich white and blacks are amongst us too but they are in hiding.

  • Gary2

    these are what happens in societies where the wealth and income is so unequal. the top 400 have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million? This is obscene.

    Here is the repube presidential candidate proposes:

    “Pawlenty stimulus plan for millionaires…Bush tax cuts on steroids” –This is your republican party. They are disgusting immoral scum.

    GOP=Grand Old Plutocracy.

    This right wing cancer is destroying this country.


  • Gary2

    Here’s the thing with republicans-you can’t polish a turd. No matter how gussied up the right may be they are still a turd and only want to give tax cuts to the rich.

    They (right wing) need to be flushed and the toilet cleaned.

  • Teknikid


    I appreciate you sounding the alarm. I’ve read several of your articles and will continue to do so. I think they are linked from another site that I frequent.

    I think what I’m most afraid of is my house being pillaged while I am at work. I have made preparations for the coming collapse and am still preparing. But it’s just me in my house. I’d almost be willing to take in a roommate again just to ensure we are protecting each other. It would have to be someone I’ve known a long time, and is not afraid to use a firearm.

  • Godlywarriorz

    Urban gangs are bad, but violence was severe in Cleveland east in 1970-74: about a murder a day near me (at a top university!) It looked no worse on a recent visit, but now many blocks in the tough black zone are abandoned. All such inner-city hell-holes need to be flattened.

    Seize the land to restart with White Christian folks. Grow veggies with our armed planters-builders (of their new cottages). Dont let city bylaws rule you! Keep out ex-residents & big-time “developers” – another alien invasion, the banksters! (Know the rot of Federal Reserve usury banking via false paper money they print to enslave folks. End this crap!) Selling food, demand silver coins, not paper. (Never use GMO seeds either. Dangerous. Crush the Monsantos.)

    With that as a base, do other enterprises too. Make things, and stop Third World imports – by any means that works! Note: IF the US dollar goes to low value, we’re working for little with respect to China, so industry will grow here to replace “costly” China imports! But do not compete with Third World! Tax their goods into N America!

    Now theft & drugs hit rural US. Teach our rural kids to HATE DRUGS. It’s a toxic alien invasion even if a drug (like marijuan) itself is not so toxic in limited use! Teach that it’s part of alien invasion, even if locals are hired as local pushers. Teach kids a new “action game” to “tell on” pushers seen. Tell you. (And you make sure they’re terminated.) It’s the only foolproof way to stop the toxic alien invasion wedge, usually starting via weak collaborating minds among our own, often guys who think it’s cool to be in a MC gang. (Instead be klansmen!) If drug pushers moving into clean rural areas were to be routinely found strung up on power poles, they’d stop invading! (Even better track them to get hire-ups, often in cities, where some cops often collaborate. Trust no one, least of all, federal “authorities” [see more])

    ASK & ASK AGAIN – What races do most of harm?
    (FBI statistics overwhelmingly named nonwhites, new data may dull it: “hispanics” list as white)
    and the “invasion” grows due to bad immigration law since 1960s! Lax enforcement too! Make drug pushing something kids enjoy taking out. Heads of such folks might be stuffed and mounted like big game trophies. Alien invaders and various defective “officials”/bankers/global-CEOs too. Especially aim at top honchos, many wearing Armani as one guy here stated! Note the alien invaders depress our living, and really need to go home and clear out their homelands too! As for heads, the Bible gives a great example of a defective group: many heads got put in baskets!Read 2 Kings 10. (I bet more bad-heads could be found in District of Criminals, or New York.)

    Someone said mainstream news downplays crime, and also glamorizes it, talking big bucks for this n that. TURN OFF MAINSTREAM TV. START TO FORM OUR SHOWS, online, then on air/cable.
    Start teaching kids our God-given rights. Home schooling on daytime TV could benefit many. Use ads by local folks, not global corporations.
    (IF mainstream media distorting things were to have transmitters fall in cities, not woods, would anyone hear?…. or care? Not me!)

    Oh, and those former MC gang guys who form hot new “klan-style” groups might put “tax” on the import of foreign products that destroyed US industry. Big potential profit in that: such imports are many billion $$! They might put the squeeze on bankers too! And corporate execs who kill jobs or push money scams! Skilled angry hands might do a lot for the rest of us if they’d focus for our community, not just making a quick buck pushing drugs, or prostitutes, gambling or various scams at the expense of our communities. They could be Christian “knights.” The Lord is a man of war. Ex 15:3. Even Jesus comes bringing a sword Mat 10:34+. Find who is the enemy! Our “marching orders” for end time is to get out of “babylon” (global manmade law and focus on merchandizing/consumerism). Rev 18

    The man who spoke of waiting patiently as a Christian, sure of the fact this world will end but a new one is being made, missed the boat. (He is probably awaiting “rapture” a false dogma to get folks to DO NOTHING!) This Planet will NOT end, but the present system will end, when the Lord returns for his Day of Vengeance not yet begun (Is 61:2b omitted when Jesus read Isa 61:1-2a at his ministry start Luk 4:18-19.)
    In this vast vengeance all his enemies will be fired upon… but the planet itself survives.

    Lord’s Prayer aims at establishing his KINGDOM (not a democracy of manmade law!) on Earth! He will return to stay here (we don’t meet him in air to fly off!) to overthrow other regimes (I Cor 15:24-25) and enforce his regime worldwide (Zech 14:9). He returns a Warrior! Rev 19:11-21

    Oh, as for money. Don’ wait for your gold & silver to rust (James 5:3) as it addresses the EVIL ones who underpay and cheat: their money is “cankered” or corrupted and a witness against them! If you personally have no such gold or silver, it will not “rust” away.

    But the fraud of paper money is another story!
    It has constantly shrunk since introduced! It is a rip-off to own; usury is not to be paid by the “elect” (see Romans 8:28-30 on image of such ones predestined and forknown; not “Jews”)

    Right now US Congress might stall on another borrowing binge, but most likely it will once again agree to it. In any event the massive US debt CANNOT BE PAID EVER. Debt is the basis of Federal Reserve so-called paper “money” that less and less folks want, especially outside US.

    At some point rather soon, nobody will want to loan to bankrupt US govt. The Federal Reserve will just keep printing and lending. If not, the US treasury will directly print “money”… and so it has nowhere to go but price inflation in the longer term, even with a temporary reversal. US sought to unite with Canada (crazy for them to tie to a sinking much larger ship!) and Mexico for one currency, but that would only delay the fall in value a little while (since both produce energy and other key things like food). A world paper money might be made, but that too will fail – to keep the system in growth mode requires constant money inflation.
    Naturally perceived conflict/chaos/”terrorism” in US would depress the value of US paper money and specific other land/corporate investments…
    especially in the actual last-days “Babylon” city! Hence we are ORDERED to get out or suffer!
    Rev 18:1-19:3 Be outside The Babylon city and daughters (eg. Cleveland!) Redevelopment of such areas will fall to the new KINGDOM REGIME.

    In any event we are to be separate and obey all of God’s Laws and calendar. So… let’s do it!

    PS: Our FAILURE to keep God’s Orders and Law is why we suffer others overpower us, as warned in Deuteronomy 28. We also need to show the SIGN that God asks for. Do you know what that is?

    • xander cross

      wow. racist post can be published on this site.

    • Tom

      What a nut job posting.

    • NaziKlr

      I love this guy, white people (who created this mess and I’m a Euro Mutt) are superior then the Black or Mexican communities who sit by with no education, health care or jobs. Yeah, it’s THEIR fault.

      The only one that needs to leave the country is YOU.

    • Keneder Olaj

      @godlywarriorz, uh yeah, listen, don’t be such a dweeb about the cannabis, OK? every good human being who hasn’t volunteered for lobotomy status knows that cannabis is NOT a drug. oh and it can cure cancer. yeah, really! this name rick simpson. his video run from the cure will open your eyes, also read Genesis 1:29

    • Champagnevelvet

      White, so called Christians, rant and rave about Christian like behavior, yet we see that they have created chaos across the globe. And this second class categorizing of those who are not white is very telling. Godlywarriorz, please take your racist, unchristian like comments back to the church from whince they came. Thank you.

  • Madeleine

    My understanding is the 62,000 McDonald’s jobs are all part-time positions with no benefits. This is becoming the norms in corporate America: Jobs are filled with part-timers or independent contractors. Full-time staff positions with benefits are becoming extinct. If you have one of those jobs hold on to it for dear life.

    I lost my full-time job with benefits more than two years ago when the company closed. I’ve had no health insurance since then; I couldn’t afford the $250 per month Cobra premiums. I have since had a part-time for six months with no benefits (as a 1099 independent contractor with no taxes deducted) but that job ended last month.

    I’ve been looking for a full-time job for almost two years. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees, both from Ivy League schools, and 20 years’ experience in my field (media). Dumbing down my resume and chopping of 10 years hasn’t helped. Every job I have interviewed for has been an independent contractor, part-time job. I tried to start my own business two years ago but have made virtually no money, and have all but abandoned it.

    Never in a million years did I imagine I would be on food stamps but I just signed up because my savings and 401(K) are now gone. At the moment I have no income and will only be able to pay my rent if I beg a family member for help. My unemployment benefits of $1,600 a month ended last summer. That amount covered only my rent and electric bill.

    The American dream has become a nightmare. I dread what the next few months will bring.

    • Laura Schrand

      Madeleine, your situation breaks my heart. I know there are increasing numbers of us Americans that it is just getting harder and harder every day for. I’ll be sending up prayers for you. That said, I know every one of the people in this evil regime that had a hand in this will burn in Hell for eternity.

    • deegee

      I don’t know too much about the US constitution but isn’t there something about “Governing for the people?”The personal hate between the 2 poltical parties seems as if they were on a different planet!

  • Vincent

    Smokedogg & Godlywarriorz both grasp Biblical Last Days scenario and evil of current system, but one speaks of blacks oppressed, the other from a white viewpoint and need for local order via “klan-like” groups to keep alien danger out. Both have much truth, and the core evil is not black or white, but the offspring of Satan: tares (finally to burn, in Mat 13:37-43) except it doesn’t define there exactly who they are! (It does in another place, but if you mention that, “they” get forceful via organizations!)
    Just hunt your Bible for clues to the satanic offspring of first prophecy Genesis 3:15. These days I bet you can get help (and error) online, or use Strong’s Concordance for terms like: the Evil one, the devil, etc. as well as Satan.

    As for the last question of Godlywarriors, the answer is…

    THE SIGN WE KNOW GOD IS KEEPING SABBATHS! At least that is what Ezekiel said, Ez 20:12 & 20, and it’s also in Exodus 31 and probably others.
    (Since God never changes, Malachi 3:6, this must refer to the original (“saturday”) Sabbath that commercial churching dropped way back after Constantine made christianity a religion of the roman empire, but they kept the pagan calendar, its holy-days, and Sunday of the sun-worshippers! (Rome made Sunday official day off work back around 321 AD. The Roman church told folks to keep Sundays around 364 AD at Council of Laodicia (?) -recheck details, this from my memory.) Anyhow, mainstream churching ignored God’s simple order 1600+ years! So we suffer!

    Much can be known on Second Advent Time (ones of light are NOT to be surprised, I Thes 5:4-6) and I know it will be so soon most folks alive now will see it! Prepare for Kingdom Law = all the laws, examples, & prophecies in the Bible.
    Use this and Sabbaths as basis for (separated) communities out of “babylon,” using for trade Bible “money” (Heb. Keceph is silver!) and dump paper-electronic “money” of governments. (Gold is too coslty for daily trade and the Fed Res. banker scam artists drove US into bankruptcy in 1933 and demanded all the gold circulating be given to Fed Res. Eight private “class A” owners personally have it all! This was the Biggest gold-heist in history!! The US treasury has none, and Ron Paul just demanded of the Fed. Res. if it had any gold. No, none! (Websearch news a few days ago)

    • Dave

      Oh no–another guy who thinks keeping the 7th day is at the root of all evil–Hey pal–read your Bible instead of all the literature and nonsense put out by your “church” organization.

      • Dave

        Make that not keeping the 7th day–whatever1

        • Handy

          To all those that think that they will be saved by serving a day you ought to remember that that scripture was given to the 12 tribes. Are you of the 12 tribes of Israel?? I am a gentile by birth in the flesh and was not commanded by any of the Apostles to serve that day. I was born again by the Spirit of God through Christ Jesus. He is my Sabbath, not some day in the week. Please go read your bible again and quit listening to False teachers.

          Hebrews 4: 4-9 4 For he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works.
          5 And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest.
          6 Seeing therefore it remaineth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief:
          7 Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.
          8 For if Jesus had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.
          9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

          Romans 14:4 – 13 4 Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.
          5 One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.
          6 He that regardeth the day, regardeth it unto the Lord; and he that regardeth not the day, to the Lord he doth not regard it. He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks.
          7 For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.
          8 For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.
          9 For to this end Christ both died, and rose, and revived, that he might be Lord both of the dead and living.
          10 But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
          11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.
          12 So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
          13 Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.

          I do hope that this will help a bit. May God help you see and understand in these last days.

    • Handy

      I believe you are speaking about he Great Whore who rides the beast. Yes I know who she is. At this time I can see why John marveled when he saw her. He would have never believed it had God not shown him.

      Rev 11:8 8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

      I think you all can figure it out from there. Also you need to read the comment I left below.

  • I feel uncomfortable with your focusing on mobs of American citizens at this point rather than the SWAT teams. Why? Because when you begin to promote unruly mobs as the problem and not the cause of the problem, dumb downed Americans will want more authority and NAZI participation putting the final nail into the coffin. Such is why you shouldn’t be focusing on Americans crime during survival mode, it’s very dangerous what you are promoting here. They are just trying to survive and you are attempting to make people fearful of natural human instincts.

    Get a grip sir and use some common sense. We should fear the tyranny of this government and not the little people trying to survive from its effects.

    • Michael


      You make a valid point.

      However, hopefully I have focused enough on the tyranny of the government in my articles that people know where I stand.


    • Mark C

      Stealing and assults is survival mode!!!
      Your an idiot, Yea we need to fear your
      facist president you and your idiot freinds
      voted for!!

  • Fed Up

    Ron paul is our only hope.
    He is the only one with the backbone and courage to make the radical changes needed for our economy and country.

    • moses737

      I totally agree – Fed Up – He is the only honest man left. Him and the Pizza Tycoon. But then too; who would dare vote for a Pizza Tycoon. I wouldn’t. And I am black. But Ron Paul is a very good man and he would would be an excellent President if the Internatinal Bankers/Illuminati don’t kill him for him trying to shut down their illegal and golden cash cow – The Federal Reserve.

  • Gary2

    House WIC Cuts Would End Food Assistance for 200,000 to 350,000 Low-Income Women and Children.

    Damn these immoral scum republicans to hell.

    • Joe Smith

      People who get free stuff have no appreciation. 90% of them are free loading scum…..thank you liberial democrats

      • denny

        Hey, Joe, Read the stats. They’re laughable – your ‘conservative’ millionaires get the most freebies from government. You’re a rich man’s lapdog. Go on, give ’em more of your tax money.

    • Prepping for the Future

      Gary John Stossel did a great program on our first Thanksgiving perhaps you should study it. People are lazy and if you give them a free ride they will take it and not advance them self. Maybe you should study Macolm X when he told his people to get off food stamps it was a Government trap to keep them in poverty. Feel good handouts are killing this country that and all the useless Green agenda that is turning America into a 3 rd world slum. You liberals cry about the war when Bush was in office but the useless Main stream press is not howling about Obama starting a war without Congressional approval. Time you grow up and face reality.

  • Scaredy Cat

    I’ve been following you for a while and I believe what you’re saying is true, but it feels so hopeless. I’m just trying to survive day-to-day NOW. I’m unemployed. Not a lot of extra money to seriously stockpile or buy lots of supplies. I try to buy a couple extra cans of food here and there when I can. Even though I know it’s coming, I don’t have the advantage of being able to have lots of things gathered already, or being able to just up and move. Plus, I live in an apt so no real storage space. Lots of good people out there are going to get screwed soon….it’s like being tied to a railroad track and you see the train coming but you can’t move. Where is the joy in life when you’re just waiting for the day the sky falls?

    • Missy

      I just wanted to reply to your heartfelt comment Scardy Cat. I really sorry that you are unemployed. My brother in law is in the same situation. He is looking for a job in accounting for almost 2 years. He is doing some work at a hardware store to provide for his family. Many people are in the same situation out there. But, I want to say, don’t loose hope. Jeremiah 29:11 gives me hope. “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Ask in Jesus’s name for him to provide for you. He will. I went through a really tough time in my 20’s where I was changing jobs, and I was without a paycheck. I didn’t even have enough money to ride the bus across town for my new job. I made it there, and the Lord provided me a job that included free lunches. That one meal kept me going through the hard times. There is a unique show out there called Extreme couponing. I am sure you have looked at all those avenues. I think when I look back, I was trying to afford my own place, when I should have been renting with some other ladies. I know you must be trying to cut costs in every direction. Just know that there is hope. I hope you don’t mind me praying a small prayer… “Lord, I pray for the man or woman (Scaredy Cat that you would provide them a job. I pray that you would provide for every person who has visited this site and needs extra food, or a job. Lord we depend on you, and I pray that you would send an extra measure of your glory on them. Show favor for them at job openings and with their current employers. I pray that every person who has visited this site would be able to come across some great deals at the grocery store so they could get prepared as best as possible. Lord, you are wonderful in every way. Let you get the glory. We trust in you. Please bless them. Show them the way, show them the things they need to know. Provide for their families. We love you! In Jesus’s name Amen” Matth 19:26 26 Jesus looked at them and said , “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Huge Blessings Devan

      • Handy

        Please remember my brothers and sisters that Our Lord did not pray for the unbelievers. He prayed for his own.

        To those that have not know Him please read the book of John. I know how it feels to have no hope. But if you have any faith in God then please take the time to get right and repent of your sins. Time is short. Even if you make it through all this we all still will face death.

        John 17: 1- 1-10 These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:
        2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.
        3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.
        4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.
        5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.
        6 ¶ I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word.
        7 Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me are of thee.
        8 For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.
        9 I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.
        10 And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.

    • Jonny

      Scaredy Cat,

      I’m in the same boat you are friend.

      The BEST thing you can do right now is turn to God for answers. The God I turned to is the God of Abraham and David. Listen to people like Missy. She’s giving you good advice.

      Get yourself a Bible and start reading. The only solution YOU have is to get your own mind right. All the rest of it, you and I have no control over at all. Not a bit of control. But you can control your own attitude and how you respond to the situation. And the way you get your attitude right is by basing it on something that is solid and transcendant. Not human reasoning.

      Scaredy Cat, you may not realize this, but I’m old enough to know it’s true. Christians in America have been WARNING about these days for decades now. Since I was a little kid, I’ve been hearing this was coming. Since the late 60s. Other people laughed and made fun of them. But not so many people are laughing and scoffing now. And in the future, they won’t be laughing at all. Crying maybe. Pleading maybe. But not laughing.

  • I have been reading this blog for some time now. I must say that I could not be more commiserate with the author. We have ended up with a completely inept and under staffed police force like we are seeing in Chicago. On the other side of the spectrum we have police terrorizing city streets with a hail of bullets. I recently posted a short article about the “Memorial day Miami Beach” massacre at

    Hunter S. Thompson said it best in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

    “He’d report us at once to some kind of outback Nazi law enforcement agency and they’ll run us down like dogs.”

  • john w

    If you need some relief from all this depressing reality, watch Terry Gilliam’s 1985 movie “Brazil”. Kind of a tongue in cheek look at a future society that looks a lot like where we seem to be headed. I wonder if Gilliam thought it would ever really come true.

    Then when you finish watching the movie, stop calling each other names for a few minutes and start focusing on all the good people around you and start planning how to keep life as good as possible.

    • Andy

      Best movie about the ‘future’ ever made.

  • Steve

    Please check out the ideas of the Great Conservative economist Martin Hutchinson for the SEC regulations necessary for a transparent stable financial market that will not crater again due to Wall Street banksters. (Bring back Glass Steagel, outlaw derivatives no one understands, outlaw “naked shorting”, require buyers of credit default swaps have a direct insurance need in the counterparty, treat CDS like insurance and require reserves to be set aside like every other insurance firm).


    System Of A Down – Boom!

  • schlomo
  • JJ

    Being too soft on crime is what has caused this. The three societies in history with the lowest crime rates were the Soviet Union in the 1930’s, Nazi Germany 1933-1945, and Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The thing these three regimes had in common is that they didn’t tolerate crime.

    We should follow suit.

    • Handy

      Ahhhh I do agree, and ohhh so does the Bible…HMMmmm

      Ecclesiastes 8:11-13 Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed quickly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to do evil. 12 Although a sinner does evil a hundred times and may lengthen his life, still I know that it will be well for those who fear God, who fear Him openly. 13But it will not be well for the evil man and he will not lengthen his days like a shadow, because he does not fear God.

    • Unknown

      I don’t quite agree that the Nazis had a low crime rate, since they were mafiosos themselves, don’t forget that countries the Warsaw pact also had low crime rates, as well as Libya before the war.

      • Unknown

        Also, When there was Yugoslavia, it had a low crime rate before the CIA/German funded nationalists came about.

  • George

    There’s another area of concern that I don’t think is getting much coverage. That has to do with retirement. I recently read an article that stated less than 10 percent of those nearing retirement (and we’re talking large numbers here) have $250,000 or more in savings. And that’s NOT a lot of money today! If you may live for say 30 years after retirement that’s a little over $8,000 a year. My family’s current monthly food budget (2 adults) is about #$600 ($7,200 a year). And Social Security won’t help much if it’s even still around. Many folks have counted on the equity of their home and we know where that plan has gone.

    Folks say they’ll have to just keep working. Nice strategy, but no shoe-in. Will their health allow that? Will their company still be around? Will their field still be around? Will their skills be outdated? Will a younger, less expensive, better qualified employee displace them? And while some actually enjoy thier jobs I think most don’t. Want to work ’til 80 at a job you hate and not enjoy the rewards of retirement (i.e work ’til you’re almost dead).

    Talk about a potential for civil unrest. Who’s going to care for these folks???

    • Handy

      This is the reason Jesus told us not to take thought of tomorrow. If you put your trust in mammon, you will fall. I have known for many years that it was foolishness to trust in a man made system. Even the family has been destroyed. We were to honor our mothers and fathers and take care of them in their old age. But we were fooled into taking the bankers 30 pieces of silver so that we could trust in money and our selves. And now the deal with the devil is up. My hope is that they will repent and turn back to the Lord.

      Hebrews 13:26-14:1 26 Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.
      27 And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.
      28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:
      29 For our God is a consuming fire.
      1 ¶ Let brotherly love continue.

  • Susan

    I live in Texas. I was born and raised here. We are a right to work state so there are still a few jobs out there. My husband and I paid for our home about ten years ago when we bought. I don’t say that to boast. It was a better time to make money back then than now. We lived a frugal life and still try to. I really don’t have patience for the people who went out and bought $300,000 or $400,000 homes on a $50,000 salary and took out a mortgage. If you sneeze you lose it. It always amazes me the number of people that did not understand anything about their mortgages. But, that is another story. It is one thing to lose a job and only be able to find one that is part time. That is a game changer. I think in the days ahead it will be very hard on all of us. Our country only has two choices left. If Ben Bernanke doesn’t do quantitative easing (QE3) our country will go into a full blown depression that will make the 1929 look like a piece of cake and if he does do QE3 we will have hyperinflation. So either way we are in for terrible times. I am a Christian and the thought of having food to eat while others suffer is not appealing at all. But, no matter how much I try to prepare I won’t be able to feed everyone. I have never had the outlook that just my family matters. Everyone matters. They are children of God, made in his own image. And, we do not know who the Lord is going to save so we must be a light to this dark and dying world. I think we are entering uncharted waters noone has ever gone thru in this country. One thing that has presented a great problem in our state is the number of illegals here. We began to have a massive influx during George Bush and it got progressively more under Obama. They don’t address the health concerns there but most of them when they come here illegally have never had shots so many diseases that had been eradicated are coming back. Secondly,our crime is now off the charts due to violent drug gangs. We have drive by shootings all the time in our once small town. I am not mentioning the prolific use of food stamps, welfare, free electricity, housing that illegals get. I e-mailed a senator in my state about these concerns and he wrote me back and said pretty much he agreed with me but there wasn’t much he was able to do about it. Excuse me. We are rewarding lawbreakers and punishing American citizens and taxpayers. Example, I just got back from the grocery store today and bought hotdogs for supper because I couldn’t afford much else and saw a family of illegals buying not one but two shopping carts full of groceries. It is an in your face attitude most have now. They know our president in chief in their corner and not the American citizens corner. And, believe me the ones that argue they need to come out of the sahdows are being deceptive. The ones I meet in Texas are not in the shadows here. You see them everywhere. I wonder what is going to happen when the entitlement programs are gone crime wise. It is going to be horrific. That is why it is especially important to vote a conservative into office that believes in limited government, strict immigration laws, pro business.

    • FUKyiah

      I live in Canada but follow American politics very closely. I cannot believe what I have been witnessing. I feel like I am watching the deliberate destruction of a country in slow motion. Very sad and scary. You need a principled conservative in office, not just another Republican. Some Republicans who were put in office by the Tea Party sold out, like Dracula hair boy, Paul Ryan. To all the liberal drones who voted to destroy your own country, I actually take some pleasure from the fact that you will suffer from the collapse of your economy….IDIOTS!!!

  • Jonny

    Folks, there comes a time when you have to look deeply at your loyalties and your attachments to things. It’s been very hard for me.

    I come from a very military family. Tracing back from myself and my first cousins. Virtually all of my paternal family and half my maternal family line served in the military in every single war and conflict since the Spanish American War.

    But over the past ten years, I’ve had to slowly come to grips with the FACT that everything my family believed in and fought for… has turned into waste and vanity. Why???

    For the first half of the 20th century, Americans were vigilant. But things began to change in the early 60s. We went to sleep. Some people continued to warn us even up to now, but we largely ignored them. Most of those warning voices are gone now, or silent, and many people no longer remember. The newer generations are as next to blind as you can be.

    We had NOT a “failure of Capitalism”. What we have is a failing 80-year experiment with economic and cultural Marxism. Nothing like what they had in China or Russia. Though it was only on a very diluted scale; ala’ “Democratic Socialist” – we fell for everything the founders warned us about. Just that mild experiment with socialism is now bringing a harvest of disaster.

    Ultimately it is not about Capitalism vs. Socialism. It is about how we didn’t live up to our core values and threw our culture in the trashcan, and how we pretended we could continue to nurture prosperity and freedom while embracing humanism and secularism and injustice in many forms.

    It is my premise that all humanistic forms of reasoning inevitably lead to the left, and the left road inevitably leads to tyranny. It can’t be any other way.

    • Jesse

      God Bless you Jonny.

      ‘eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,’ means being able to make up what is good and evil on a whim. This is THE sin.

  • Eric

    Whats sad, is we’re seeing this in very prominent communities.

    In northern Colorado, just this last weekend we had a random drive by shooting near the university, that left a 21 year old woman in critical condition.

    The next night involved a fight downtown, that left a 24 year old male dead from blunt trauma to the head.

    What is happening? Something very eerie is in the air these days. It’s very interesting to see so many in my community who say the same thing. I feel its a change coming that none of us have ever truly seen the likes of.

    We will continue to prepare for what is ahead of us. The final judgement of this nation is near, I believe.

  • jeremy

    I see that alot of you are scared. God warned us that these things would take place. The only thing you can do is to put your trust in God! Put your faith in him, really put your faith in him and believe in him and he will guide you.

  • paul

    I live in a rural area in North Palm Beach County FL and it’s not the people but the cops who are ripping people off at 3am.

    • I can relate. I was driving an hour and a half to work and I am a law abiding citizen, very honest. I was stopped by a policeman who verbally abused me, told me to open my trunk for drugs (which I hate like the plague), wouldn’t let me get my purse to get the proper insurance ids, and when I tried to speak said “you have 2 chances to admit you are doing drugs or we will throw you in jail.” Mind you, I told him where I worked and that I was driving home (1 1/2 hours away) and he made me wait about a half hour after that in the car. All of this just because I weaved barely over the road line in rain. He told me he videotaped it. There was another officer there who felt sorry for me but didn’t do anything. This scared me so bad, I left my job, because I was so shocked that I was scared to drive that highway. I had a lawyer, they said “oh this happens, don’t take it offensive. Really? Please, is this normal to you all? I don’t think so, and a lot of counties are hurting for money, they stop you for anythng. Anyway, it cost about $500 FOR NOTHING. FOR A TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE BUT A LEARNING ONE INDEED. THIS WORLD IS CHANGING, AND YOU NEED GOD MORE THAN EVER.

  • Joe B Virginia

    I’m a +50 year old Marine Veteran who’s fairly well armed and have taught my daughter how to use firearms.

    I only question if I’ll be able to stockpile enough to weather the coming storm.

    • Sam S

      You can NEVER have too much ammo!

  • monalisa

    We all need to speak out without fear and be more proactive in countering the evil with good–and pray, fast, and trust in God–most of which Glenn Beck has been recommending for…years?

  • Sylvan

    don’t worry Chuck Schmuer will diarm the police to make sure no one is shot for just “doing their own thing”

  • moses737

    Our nation has been taken over by the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins. And now they are destroying us economically so they can have their Luciferic One World Government. And their grand finale will be to force everybody to take their Mark of the Beast chip in their forehead or hand. And according to the Bible in Revelation 14:9-11, if you take this zombie making and mind controlling Mark (chip) you will be tormented in hell for 24/7, because it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader and their Luciferic leaders.

  • Tim Obrien

    Freedom is lost. Americans only have themselves to blame. They did nothing when the socialists progressive communists took control of the school system. They did nothing when 40 million illegal aliens invaded their country, soon to be 100 million. They did nothing when their country went 10s of trillions in debt with their currency about to be worthless.

    In times of universal deceit all one has to do to be considered a criminal is speak the truth.

    • moses737

      Yes Tim, even now; one of those 40 million illegal aliens are putting a new roof on my neighbors house, just 2 door down. And they will do it for half the actual cost. And the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins hate seeing native born Americans, black or white to have jobs. These devils mentioned above are bankrupting true Americans and giving it to foreignors. And it is our Congresses and our Senates fault. When we think that we have voted for somebody that is going to change things; the NWO globalist says, “Keep things the way that they are. We want an economic collaspe, that will be greater than the great depression.”

      Why? So they can then have their One World Luciferic Order; to enslave us all. And their Grand Finale, will be to have everybody to take their zombie making and mind controlling, mark of the beast chip in everybodies forehead or hand. And Revelation 13 and 14:9-11, says that if you take it, you will forever be tormented in hell. Why? Because by taking the Mark (chip), it will mean that you have sided with, and joined Satan and his hellish antichrist beast leader, and their leaders.

      • Handy

        Let us not forget that those Illegals are human too. I do not agree with the way things are going but please remember that most of them left Mexico because it is a failed state. And let us remember that it is the Money Masters and their puppets that got them there. I’m not saying that they are blameless but please don’t give into the hate that the Banksters are creating. If we where to put ourselves into their shoes for a month I think we would at least have a better understanding. I don’t agree that they should receive anything from the system if they come here the wrong way. But that saying, remember that in these last days the hearts of many shall wax cold, but he who endures to the last shall be saved. Do you not see that the Banksters have been playing this game of hate thy neighbor for a very long time?

        • FUKyiah

          Wow! You have quite an impressive understanding of the scripture! “He who endures to the last shall be saved!” That is my favorite Bible verse….thank you for making it up! Thank you for informing me about the “Banksters”….you are a gift to humanity!

      • Champagnevelvet

        unless you are a native american, you too my dear are a so ca;;ed illegal ailien.

        • jeremy

          so whats that supposed to mean?

          saying that anyone whos a european is an “illegal alien”. please. we made this country and its prosperity if you don’t like it leave.

        • FUKyiah

          I thought the natives did not believe in private property ownership….so why do you call people of European descent “illegal aliens”? Is it their skin colour? Who really is the racist?

        • tscull

          But wait. Indians came over the land bridge from Asia a few thousand years ago. They didn’t spring up out of the ground like weeds either! Also, it is now being discovered, though suppressed by tribal governments and the feds, that there were white people from Europe on the North American continent BEFORE the Asians came over the land bridge. What about that? Looks like the “natives” were at one time the “invaders” as well!

    • Unknown

      You call them Communists? Dude, you really don’t know how Communism or even Socialism is supposed to work, and my father grew up in that kind of state. At least those countries had a strong educational system and was free of charge

      • FUKyiah

        Hey dude, what state did your father grow up in? A delusional one?

    • FUKyiah

      I agree with your comment, except many Americans are trying to reverse the decline and are being criticized by their corrupt political “leaders” for doing so. You better hope there is a bar with happy hour in hell, John Boehner!

  • I will link to this article from my Old Jarhead blog. Unfortunately, we are approaching a tipping point.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

  • Matt Smith

    Blah, Blah, Blah! So what are any of you doing about it??? Appears nothing.

    • Dizzy

      And you have some ideas, smartass?

  • I have a web site where I give advise on penny stocks and stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. If their is anyone that is interested in these type of stocks you can check out my web site by just clicking my name. I would like to comment about double digit inflation. I am very disturbed by the lack of progress on cutting the budget deficit. It will require large tax increases and budget cuts to bring the deficit under control. When nobody will buy the debt obligations of the united states than the buyer of last resort will emerge and who might be that buyer of last resort’ the government itself. in other words the massive money printing will have begun welcome weimar republic two thousand ?

    • moses737

      Thanks James. But the New World Order International Bankers/Illuminati are consuming our disposable income with these new gasoline prices that is making the American middle class poorer. They are doing this to destroy our middle class and have us in dire straights. But don’t worry. They will be screaming and yelling their heads off in hell when they are defeated and shown how many lives and nations that they have destroyed over the centuries. And the Great God of Heaven will have us in great glory when we inherit the beautified and renovated Earth once Jesus and His mighty angels from heaven defeat them in the very near future.

      • Owen

        Moses, that is exactly how I see it as well.Your comment is right on the money…

      • FUKyiah

        Here we go again….another conspiracy kook. The “Illuminati”? Oh, you mean the secret society of global “elites” that you read about all over the internet? No, idiot. Your own government is creating your economic “paradise”. Try thinking for yourself just for once.

  • Patricia

    I agree with you about the state of the economy, but don’t understand where you (and others) get your figures about rising crime rates. Everything I read says crime of most sorts is declining. Here’s a chart from Wikipedia:

    Where do you get your statistics??

    Despite the recent stagnation of the homicide rate, however, property and violent crimes overall have continued to decrease, though at a considerably slower pace than in the 1990s.[6] Overall, the crime rate in the U.S. was the same in 2004 as in 1969, with the homicide rate being roughly the same as in 1966. Violent crime overall, however, is still at the same level as in 1974, despite having decreased steadily since 1991.[5]
    Crime Rate[5][10] 1960 1961 1963 1965 1967 1969 1971 1973 1975 1977 1979 1981 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009
    Violent crime rate 160.9 158.1 168.2 200.2 253.2 328.7 396.0 417.4 487.8 475.9 548.9 594.3 537.7 556.6 609.7 663.1 758.2 747.1 684.5 611.0 523.0 504.5 475.8 469.0 472.0 429.4
    Homicide rate 5.1 4.8 4.6 5.1 6.2 7.3 8.6 9.4 9.6 8.8 9.8 9.8 8.3 8.0 8.3 8.7 9.8 9.5 8.2 6.8 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.6 5.7 5.0
    Property crime rate 1,726 1,747 2,012 2,249 2,736 3,351 3,769 3,737 4,811 4,602 5,017 5,264 4,637 4,650 4,940 5,078 5,140 4,740 4,591 4,316 3,744 3,658 3,591 3,432 3,277 3,036

    Crimes per 100,000 population

    SOURCES: US Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004),[5] Federal Bureau of Investigation, (2009)[10]

    • FUKyiah

      You are so right……..I also believe EVERYTHING the government tells me.(!)

  • Ms. Wiseman

    The borrower is slave to the lender (Bible). What passes for money is not money – it is debt that must be paid back to the bankers (the top). We Christians have been slothful and have not tended to the warnings God gave us. The slothful shall live under tribute (Bible). What passes for an economy and civilization is nothing more than rebellion against a Holy God. America and the West have to fall. The top pays the worker with “money” they created…the worker spends it and it goes right back to the top but because the top added interest to their phony money which must be paid back, the worker over time gets less and less and works harder and harder. The Solution? Like I said, the Nations have to Fall. In the meantime, be as independent of THEIR system as possible. Read; acquire knowledge; learn some new skills to provide your own income for your family and loved ones; be charitable; do not put your trust and confidence in men in public office. When they ask for more of your hard earned dollars, you know… “for the children”… “for security”… “so the police can protect you”… know that THEY are lying to you. The police is not here to protect YOU. The police are Law Enforcers. That is a historical fact. When the revolution comes, the police will defend the STATE no matter what.

  • Greg

    What I see in the near future? “Soylent Green” just like the movie. The haves, have, most of us, have not, the masses out of work, over-population, housing getting worse, lack of food, inflation, we will be fed by the fed.

  • laosuwan

    this is new? Amberica has always been like this – violent, dangerous, fearful. This kind of stuff has always taken place from earliest period in history what is now new york until today. violence is part of the culture, always has been. I live in Asia but got stuck in a mob in the hell hole Reno Nevada during New Years Eve when the iranians took your embassy hostage. Unbelievable violence broke out in the streets when the police rudely tried to make people go home after 12 a.m. And the lady who writes about Richmond, California…I had the experience to run out of gas in my rental car there 30 years ago and it was exactly like what you are describing today, 30 years later. I say stop idealizing a past that never existed in your country. It has always been like this. If you were like my American friends listening to Howard Ruff and people like that you will still be looking at your textured vegetable protein and freeze dried soup that you never used or needed. I will say that I agree the culture and morals are more depraved now than ever. What can you expect from a nation where the most popular television show is a graphic violent murder fest about a serial killer, who is the GOOD GUY.

  • diana

    I am from Lima, Ohio and late last month a 19 her old stabbed her 4 year old half-sister to death (when the police arrived there was nothing left of the child)and her mother barely made it alive. Things are falling apart fast.

  • moses737

    The International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins are imploding the economies of the whole world. And they will be in the lowest parts of the lake of fire and brimstone in the very near future. Yet, in order for you to escape the wrath of God; you must know Jesus for yourself; and you must be strong enough to reject their Mark of the Beast chip; that will make you their zombie lakey slave.

    And Revelation 14:9-11, says that if you take their Mark (chip) you will be tormented in the lake of fire and brimstone; day and night, 24/7, because it will mean that you have sided with and joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader and leaders. Serve God instead and live like a god or goddess on the renovated and beautified Earth after Armageddon and the End. But the antichrist beast leaders and his leaders and helpers will be tormented 10 times worse than your average beast chipped zombie lakey slaves.

  • Eve

    We’re all on our own.
    Jesus isn’t going to swoop in and “save the day.”
    Stop living with false hope.
    It postpones you taking action and while it may help you feel better, it isn’t reality.
    We are on our own.
    Time to be self sufficient.
    People better grasp that reality….and soon.

  • sunlight

    Enough of the racial divide. United we stand, divided we fall. Fairly recently a research co. called the house. When the matter of my race was asked my response was HUMAN.
    We are all of the human race! Researcher didn’t get the answer wanted and try as she might could not pull out of me the matter of pigmentation. That is so unimportant. What really counts is a man’s CHARACTER. How and why does a character go bad?
    Next, the media (words, music, telescreens, commercials) for the most part as I see it corrupts and pollutes the mind, influences your thinking in some not so nice ways. Shut that crap right off!
    Life imitates art. Put some good inspiration/art in your life. Be the change you want to see in the world and reject that which brings people down. One way I do this is by not consuming from companies like wallyworld that treat their employees like wage slaves never able to rise above poverty. SHAME on these companies! (ya’ll need to read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich.)

    • FUKyiah

      Is this the same “wallyworld” that provides poor people with cheap goods? Shame on them!

  • Winston Smith

    I do disability claims, used to do social security and Medicaid, now just Medicaid….just got an illegal alien case today that I have to work on and likely, based on issues, will approve a 20 yr old illegal alien! If politicians really wanted to do something, they would cut that out. Normal people finding out about that sort of thing, but do little to demand change. Plus, Medicaid is open to people now that work full time. So, Govt money and insurance going to pay for bills in medical facilities largely owned or dependant on Govt money-robbing Peter to pay Paul.BTW, when a social security number starts with 990, means illegal alien that your Govt has created out of thin air for them to use..

  • We’re entering a new Dark Age, and only the fit and foreseeing will survive. First thing you need are friends. Don’t leave home without them!

  • One Answer

    One way to fight back would be to cut the illuminatis’ main blood line and support. If people stopped paying their Federal Taxes. Why would anyone give thier hard earned debt notes, to a PRIVATE owned Printing corporation called the Federal Reserve Corporation? What do you have? Worthless service (No jobs) backed bank debt notes they printed for free. Imagine if you stopped excepting and using them notes, and started using something else or an alternate local currency, what would happen? Greed and lust for money is what has and is bringing on the doom & gloom future you all see coming. God never needed money.

  • dagyboy

    ron paul will not save the usa, your country is in ruin because of the sins of its peaple. if you want 2 see changes then start with your own heart and come b4 god in repentence.

  • The key reason to invest in microcap stocks is the chance for remarkable profits. On the other hand, there are lots of risks to being small. penny stock corporations are in a start-up stage, and due to their small size they do not have access to identical amount of money as larger enterprises, specifically in a credit crunch similar to todays market.

  • Robert

    I Will trade my US passport for a Swiss passport.

    Any takers?

  • Lance

    If journalism still had any enterprising spirit, a comprehensive investigation into the systematic under-reporting of violent crime by police across the country would be an excellent series of stories and perform a great service.
    In St. Louis, violent crimes in one year were under-reported by some 7,500 because a phony “Crime Memo” report was substituted for the FBI approved standard incident report. Once that came to light, police began to refuse to write incident reports for many crimes, to void reports once taken, to downgrade felonies to misdemeanors and to aggregate 28 car burglaries along a city street, reporting the 28 crimes as ONE incident. Suspicious deaths are listed as natural cause or suicide with no investigation by homicide. This has been going on across the country for some time as there has been tacit collusion between politicians, law enforcement and the real estate industry to keep a lid on how bad things really are. Consequently, many citizens do not even bother to call the police any more, further suppressing the actual crime rate.

  • peony

    This site employs a well known technique for making a point using anecdotal evidence.

    Several years ago a group seeking to cap awards for lawsuits assembled a dozen or so examples of huge awards for seemingly frivolous infractions of the civil code. Readers of the list (including a passle of politicians) obligingly perused the few examples and assumed that ALL lawsuits were similar in nature. We are still struggling with that impression. (Check out the cost of your doctor’s malpractice insurance…which you are paying for!)

    Gohengis Kahn wiped out a huge percentage of the human race in his day. The American Civil War killed or maimed 25% of the able bodied men in the USA. The black plague killed about 1 in 4 of the entire population of Europe. 200,000 people have been killed in the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank God, or whomever, that only a few thousand were OUR guys…and soon we’ll stop trying to kill our way into civilizing those two countries. I could go on and on.

    My anecdotes trump your anecdotes a thousandfold. The veneer of civilization grows thicker with the passage of time and the realization that we live in a global community.
    300 MILLION of your fellow citizens lived peacefully today. They will live peacefully tomorrow. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Except perhaps in Chicago. He said sarcastically.

  • Josie

    I see videos and articles of these violent attacks and way more every day and whether you call it racist or not, the FACT is that almost every one of these crimes is committed by minorities, 99% of the time, blacks. This is not something I am making up, this is 100% true. Most of the media covers this up and tries to act like it isn’t happening. Maybe they believe that white people are so dumb that we won’t see what’s going on. Well, I see it and I am sick of it. I have an alarm on my house, a camera system, and I have and have a carrying permit for a 40 cal. I even had to pull my child from public school because the schools here are almost 70% hispanic and 19% black. The kids are out of control. They hate white kids, pick on them, and jump them in groups any chance they get. It is disgusting that kids have to be afraid of going to school to the point that they hate it. There is nowhere to go either, most places are getting bad. I already sold my house in a nice area that became infested with minorities and went to he** to the point of drive by shootings. My neighborhood now is getting bad due to low income apartments nearby. Something needs to be done, now.

    • ria91

      Josie and what do you think caused these minorities to act out= the american government. it all has to do with the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.There is no middle class no more wake up. As someone of color of the middle class i can tell you why. These people you speak of did not come from trust funds they re parents probably dont have a 401k and probably will end up pregnant why? you ask because they live in a country which for the past decade or more has cared more about war than it does for education health care as someone who researches history and has reviewed the rise and fall of the economy this only happened when a republican got in office who does not only care about black people but the good of all people everywhere.Right now we’re like i forgot but more than 10 when it comes to being ranked in education in the world. The reason why you are seeing this minority rise up is cause they dont have the same oppurtunity as your kids do due to Jim Crow laws that were enforced before the civil rights. Look up something called the grandfather clause please. Up until recently the last 50 years minorites have been living in a society that was trying to keep them down. Recovering from slavery that lasted from the late 1600s in america to 1960s isnt easy darling. Its gonna take longer than fifty years. Then the crack use of the 80s broke families apart because it was being distributed by drug dealers who wanted to feed their families because of the economic time who was president then Reagan a Republican. So you see my dear do your research before you go pointing fingers because you have three more pointing back at yourself. These people you speak of corrupting your kids are a product of America even the Hispanics.

      • FUKyiah

        Your comment is so stupid that it is not even worth responding to. I just wonder how many brain dead economic illiterates who are foolish enough to waste one minute of their life reading your incoherent comment will actually believe you. It scares me!

  • Derby00Girl

    All you white people make me laugh. You talk about illegal aliens, you invaded on us Native Americans like a plague centuries ago and put us through hell. How do you like it now? Reap what you sow.

    • timweiss

      And what about us white people who only wish to sow peace?

    • FUKyiah

      All white people are evil…natives NEVER killed each other or stole land from each other….you are one naïve, racist idiot!!!!!!!!!

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