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15 Signs That You Better Get Prepared For The Obama Recession Of 2013

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15 Signs That You Better Get Prepared For The Obama Recession Of 2013 - Photo by DjembayzYou better get ready, because there are a whole host of signs that economic trouble is on the horizon.  U.S. economic growth slipped into negative territory during the fourth quarter of 2012.  That was the first time that has happened in more than three years.  Several important measures of manufacturing activity have also contracted in recent weeks, and consumer confidence is way down.  There is a tremendous amount of economic pessimism in the air right now, and Americans are pulling enormous amounts of money out of our banks and they are buying up precious metals at unprecedented rates.  Meanwhile, our “leaders” seem very confused about what is happening.  For example, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to insist that we are “in a recovery“, and some other Democrats are calling the latest GDP numbers “the best-looking contraction in U.S. GDP you’ll ever see“.  On the other hand, the Federal Reserve says that economic growth has “paused” in recent months, and therefore a continuation of their latest quantitative easing scheme is necessary.  Well, no matter how hard any of them try to spin the numbers, there is no way that they are going to get them to look good.  Despite four years of outrageous “stimulus” spending by the federal government, despite four years of record low interest rates, and despite four years of unprecedented money printing by the Federal Reserve, the U.S. economy continues to perform miserably.  Later this year the federal government will probably finally acknowledge that we have entered another recession, even though the truth is that if the federal government used honest numbers they would indicate that we are already in one.  In any event, nobody should have ever expected that our debt-fueled prosperity would last forever.  When the debt bubble that we have been living in completely bursts, a “recession” will be the least of our worries.

Hopefully this little stretch of false economic hope that we have been living in will last for a little while longer.  I don’t think that too many people are very eager to repeat the horrible economic pain that we experienced back in 2008 and 2009.  Unfortunately, we never fully recovered from that last downturn and now the incredibly foolish decisions that our “leaders” continue to make have made another major economic downturn inevitable.

Personally, I would very much prefer for 2013 to be a year of peace and prosperity for America.  But at this point there appears to be a great deal of downward momentum for the economy.

The following are 15 signs that you better get prepared for the Obama recession of 2013…

#1 The mainstream media was absolutely shocked when it was announced that U.S. GDP actually contracted at an annual rate of 0.1 percent during the fourth quarter of 2012.  This was the first contraction that the official numbers have shown in more than three years.  But of course the truth is that the official numbers always make things appear better than they really are.  According to John Williams of, U.S. GDP growth has actually been continuously negative all the way back to 2005 once you account “for distortions in government inflation usage and methodological changes that have resulted in a built-in upside bias to official reporting.”

#2 For the entire year of 2012, official U.S. GDP growth was only about 1.5%.  According to Art Cashin, every time economic growth has fallen that low (below 2 percent annually) the U.S. economy has always ended up going into a recession.

#3 According to the Conference Board, consumer confidence in the United States has hit its lowest level in more than a year.

#4 For the week ending January 26th, initial claims for unemployment rose to 368,000.  In future weeks, watch to see if it goes above 400,000.  If we hit that level, that will be a sign of real trouble for the economy.

#5 During the first full week of January, an astounding $114 billion was pulled out of U.S. banks.  That is the largest amount that we have seen moved out of U.S. banks in one week since 2001.

#6 The U.S. Mint was on pace to sell more silver eagles during the first month of 2013 than it did during the entire year of 2007.  Why is so much silver being sold all of a sudden?

#7 The payroll tax hike that went into effect in January has reduced the paychecks of average American workers by about $100 a month.

#8 Several important measures of manufacturing activity along the east coast missed expectations by a huge margin in January.  The following summary is from a recent Zero Hedge article

So much for the latest “recovery.” While everyone continued to forget that in the New Normal markets do not reflect the underlying economy in the least, and that the all time highs in the Russell 2000 should indicate that the US economy has never been better, things in reality took a deep dive for the worse, at least according to the Empire State Fed, the Philly Fed, and now the Richmond Fed, all of which missed expectations by a huge margin, and are now deep in contraction territory. Moments ago, the Richmond Fed reported that the Manufacturing Index imploded from a 9 in November, 5 in December and missed expectations of a 5 print at -12: this was the biggest miss to expectations since September 2009.

#9 An astounding 33 percent of all “subprime student loans” are at least 90 days past due.  Back in 2007, that number was only at 24 percent.  Could this be evidence that the student loan debt bubble is beginning to burst?

#10 Time Inc. has just announced that it will be eliminating hundreds of jobs.

#11 Blockbuster recently announced that they are closing hundreds of stores and eliminating about 3,000 jobs.

#12 Toy maker Hasbro has announced that the size of their workforce will be reduced by about 10 percent.

#13 According to a new Pew Research study that was just released, one out of every seven adults in the United States is financially supporting their kids and their parents at the same time.  Pew Research is calling it “the Sandwich Generation”.

#14 According to one recent Gallup poll, 65 percent of all Americans believe that 2013 will be a year of “economic difficulty“, and 50 percent of all Americans believe that the “best days” of America are now behind us.

#15 According to a different Gallup poll, Americans are now more pessimistic about where the U.S. economy will be five years from now than Gallup has ever recorded before.

So what is Barack Obama doing about all of this?

Not much.

Actually, he is shutting down his much ballyhooed “Council on Jobs and Competitiveness”.  It last convened more than a year ago on Jan. 17th, 2012, and apparently Obama does not feel that it is needed any longer.

Of course we all know that it was just a political stunt to begin with.

Sadly, the truth is that both parties have been leading us down a road toward economic oblivion.  The past four years under Obama have been absolutely nightmarish, and even though the Republicans have been in control of the House for the last couple of years they have done very little to even slow him down.

For much more on the decline of the economy over the past four years, please see this article: “37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy“.

Yes, I tend to criticize Obama’s economic policies a lot, and rightfully so, but neither political party is willing to tell the American people the truth.

40 years ago, the total amount of debt in the U.S. economic system was less than 2 trillion dollars.

Today, the total amount of debt in the U.S. economic system has grown to more than 55 trillion dollars.

It hasn’t mattered which party has occupied the White House or which party has been in control of Congress.  The debt bubble that we have been living in has just continued to grow.

And all bubbles eventually pop.

The mainstream media is endlessly obsessed with the little fights that the Republicans and the Democrats are having, but they never talk about the bigger picture.

The prosperity that we are enjoying today is the result of the biggest debt binge in the history of the world.

We have stolen a giant mountain of money from our children and our grandchildren and we have destroyed their futures.

People can debate about whether the next “recession” has already started or not, but the truth is that what we are experiencing now is nothing compared to what is coming.

In the end, we will pay a great price for our decades of foolishness.

The U.S. economy is going to completely collapse, and the last few years have only been the very beginning of that process.

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administers the oath of office to President Barack Obama in the Blue Room of the White House on Inauguration Day

  • Tim

    And it seems that crime is out of control now. e.g. all the shootings around the nation. What’s going to happen as the economy gets worse and more people become unemployed? The world is going to be a scary place. It’s no wonder that applications for Concealed Weapon Permits have soared here in SC.

    • Day2Day

      Yes they are, yesterday a 70 year old man in Phoenix, shot 3 people including the CEO, because he was losing his mortgage and the meeting didn’t go his way…

      They are portraying him as a man, who was losing everything and lost it…

      Sound familiar to what Ell Pollo is always saying?

      • AS55423

        This is being played out all over the Nation.Fore shadowing what things will look like when the SHTF.

      • Rodster

        “When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT !”

        …….Gerald Celente

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Day2Day: Yes, the incident in Phoenix with Arthur Harmon (the 70-year-old alleged shooter) is very much the type of thing I’ve been talking about (and Gerald Celente and Alex Jones have been talking about). The more the Banana Republic of America slides into this abyss of corruption and widespread economic misery, the more we are going to see some people going off the deep end. I think that when people lose it in the future, the violence will come in the form of (1) civil unrest and mega-rioting like we’re seeing in Europe, (2) horrific violent crime like we’re seeing in Mexico and Venezuela, and (3) lone killers who just plain snap when everything has fallen apart for them.

        A guy I know up in NYC once joked that if had terminal lung cancer, he would blow a bankster CEO away in order to improve his chances of getting into heaven. He wasn’t serious. It was just dark humor. But the very fact that people are even joking about that type of thing shows how angry people are over the amount of corruption and thievery that plagues our banana republic.

    • Hawaiianfive0

      Tim, I have been thinking the same thing. It is really scary. What part of SC do you live? Do you like it? Is the crime really bad there? I am looking to relocate there to the Summerville area, but just wondering how bad it is? Seems like I get some mixed reports when looking it up. Also, sounds like job situation is getting bad and will be even worse in Charleston with defense cuts. Most of Charleston is made up of the military I guess? Also, pay seems low there. Not sure if it would be good move. I’m in Hawaii now and the cost is just too much and crime is going up here. I have never seen it like it is now.

      • Tim


        I live in the upstate of SC. I like it here. It’s cheaper to live here compared to where I used to live–Maryland. And anywhere is cheaper than Hawaii. There is crime here just like anywhere else. The SC state unemployment rate is higher than the national average. And there is a lot of competition for the jobs that are available here. So you should keep that in mind if you’re currently employed.

        I don’t know anything about Summerville. I haven’t been to Charleston, but I’d like to visit some day. There’s a lot of history there! But I wouldn’t want to live there. If a hurricane ever hit Charleston, it would be devastating.

        Best wishes with whatever you decide to do.


        • Hawaiianfive0

          Thanks for the info…I went there recently it is a nice place and I liked it just very hesitant about the job situation and crime seems to be a problem more now there. When it gets worse not sure that would be wise to be in that area. Just not sure because can’t afford to stay in Hawaii….scary times.

      • 2Gary2

        way too backwards and conservative. Maybe if you like going back to the 1800’s…

    • Orange Jean

      Don’t forget a lot of that is based on what the “main stream” media is reporting, which I believe is being done to support the push for increased gun control.

      I say this because I see most of the info the media puts out there on this type of crime is the odd duck person who cracks… but much less is being reported on the much more common crimes of people who are using illegal guns. Locally (southern VA, which is generally pro-gun and we have open carry) we have a lot of reports in the news about homicides or other crime committed that are much more likely to be done using ILLEGAL guns, such as black-on-black drug related homicides. But the “mainstream” doesn’t report things like that as it would be “racist” to make mention of that. Around here… almost a daily event in the urban areas (which is why I live in the boonies).

  • SHTFJan

    Scary stuff Michael. What do we do???

    • Beth

      For me Jan, I live within my means and practice sustainable life skills. I have a plan B, an alternate, for just about anything that is common and perhaps taken for granted as it now is/exists.

      • Ralfine

        The tree huggers are talking about sustainable life style for decades. nobody listened. at max they got the reply that the market will fix everything and that agenda 21 will only destroy the economy.

        if you live sustainably, do it quietly. your savings will make you rich beyond imagination among your countrymen. the gangs will want to robb you, the military will want to tax you to provide you with security against some desert people thousands of miles away.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Prepare. 🙂

      For a list of 50 websites that have great information about how to prepare, please see this article…


      • K

        Great list. You even had some I did not know. To anyone out there, who is trying to get ready. Most complete list I have seen.

  • Tosheba

    Impeach all politicians and public servants not doing their duty to America that can only be described as dereliction of duty.

    • arizonadiane

      Of course, that is what we need to do and want to do, but the question is how?

  • Tim

    “For example, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues to insist that we are ‘in a recovery’, and some other Democrats are calling the latest GDP numbers ‘the best-looking contraction in U.S. GDP you’ll ever see’.”

    They’re not the ones who are suffering. Life is good if you work on Capitol Hill. Allow me to elaborate.

    Most members of Congress are paid $174,000 a year. The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, makes $223,500 a year. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Patrick Leahy, and the majority and minority leaders of the House and Senate each make $193,400. Heck, even the Chaplain of the House of Reps. makes $172,500 a year! Members of Congress also get what’s called a Representational Allowance which may be used for “official expenses” such as travel, mail, office equipment and supplies, etc. The Representational Allowance is funded by the “Salaries and Expenses” account in the annual legislative branch appropriations bill. Last year that account was $574 million! That’s half a billion dollars! And members of Congress have their own staff, many of whom make over $100,000 a year!

    Are you outraged yet? 🙂

    • Ralfine

      And next election you vote the same into office.

    • arizonadiane

      Hannity (with Breitbart) had a great show on last week and I know he is going to repeat it. BOOMTOWN – guess where that is.

  • Whatup

    I traded an old U.S. Army gas can, the kind that would be on the back of a jeep for a 90% silver half dollar today. I am trading and putting most of my small monies into silver coins. I take a small percent and buy a few coins. I have been meeting others that are doing the same. No more faith in the dollar. We all know it is coming. We even talk about not getting a concealed permit because the Gov. will know where to find the guns. I have heard many talking about making sure they do not have any trails to be followed. People are getting secretive and covering their tracks. This is the type of conversations going on in the South.

    • are you the one bidding on ebay against me 😉

      • Beth

        Shhhh! I think you’re both outbidding me, thanks!;)

        • Beth

          OK… might think this is overpriced and ridiculous, but we had to buy the Old Man coin….you know, as in Pawn Stars?

    • ItIsWellWithMySoul

      I sell anything that I am able to get my hands on that will turn a profit on ebay and use that profit to buy silver. I sell clothing my children have grown out of as well as their homeschool books and ect. That is the only way I am able to afford silver but it is accumulating very fast.

      • Beth

        it’s fun, isn’t it, bartering for silver? I’m a bit of a picker as well and enjoy finding vintage/antiques, keeping some (I’m smitten with Fire King Kimberly:) ) and reselling what I don’t need. Coin-wise, I’m also kinda smitten w/ Franklin 1/2’s.

      • Tamara Bell

        Where do you get your silver from??? I’ve started looking around but I’m not certain where to go to.

        • Beth

          myself–I find lots on Ebay. I like to buy in lots, and my rule of thumb is to not get too high over current melt value—for example, I WILL spend up to $3 on a dime, $6 on a quarter, 12 or so on a half. I’m not real concerned with the collectors value, although I HAVE got some really gorgeous coins in the lots that I’ve “won”.

          • Gay Veteran

            don’t pay over 15% of the silver value, and don’t forget shipping and handling

          • Beth

            do you mean melt values, as indicated in coinflation?

          • Gay Veteran

            yes, melt value. btw, pre-1965 half dollars contains 0.3617 ounces of silver.

          • Beth

            yep, I think I’m kind of lucky getting them for roughly 12@.

    • Reginald Jones

      You gotta be feeling pretty stupid at this point. How’s that silver dollar working for you?

  • Syrin

    The only thing wrong with this article is that there NEVER was a recovery, we are in a full blown depression, and even Michael is under estimating how bad it will be. Then, 2014 will be one of the worst years in US history as Obamacare takes full effect. The economy didn’t contract 0.1%. It contracted closer to 2.5%. They’ve completely changed the way they report the GDP. (shadowstats dot com)

    -liberalism – destroying nations the world over right now and for centuries

    • Tim

      Where in the article did the author intimate that we’ve been in a recovery? He knows that we haven’t been in a recovery. Read the last sentence of the second paragraph.

    • Gay Veteran

      poor Syrin, still thinks there’s any difference between “conservatives” and “liberals”

      • 2Gary2

        there is a difference–dems just suck–repubes are evil

      • TtT Engine

        No not at all the same. Dems-Satan’s workers. Repubs-mostly spineless jellyfish fake phony Judas conservatives. Liberals-mostly utopian destroyers[God on my terms]. Conservatives-mostly good R/W/B people fighting for God, Country and Family. Christi Fidelis !

        • Gay Veteran

          good peasant, keep on letting the elites fool you into thinking there’s any difference

  • K

    Michael, so the GDP contracted in the fourth quarter. Wonder how much worse the numbers would look. If there had not been a major gun buying frenzy, in that quarter. Most of those weapons are American made, or at least American assembled. Wonder how many jobs will be lost, if they pass the stupid gun ban. And yes, for the most part, those are decent paying jobs.

    • DownWithLibs

      Ever wonder what the real “uncooked” unemployment numbers really are? What do you think…12%, 16%, 22%? Maybe a record high since the numbers have be tracked?

      • K

        I would say you are very close at 16%. And only that low,, because some many have been driven out of the work force.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Good point. Guns have been selling like crazy.


      • Mark

        In the great state of Maryland 750 background checks are perform each day and the minimum waiting time has gone from 5 to 30 days. The number of firearms sold has gone up significantly, which is a good thing considering what lies ahead in the future.

    • Ralfine



  • MeMadMax

    I blame obamacare more than anything for this latest dip. The infinite QE’s will prevent a real recovery until they stop it. After that, wall street will dip down, the banks will scream bloody murder(because QE is just a credit card for banks to go to wall street with), the dollar will hopefully become a little stronger, and the real economy will possibly get stronger… We hope…

    • Tim

      No. Quantitative Easing is what is keeping the system from completely collapsing. QE is what is pumping up the equity markets. QE is what is keeping interest rates artificially low. QE is what is enabling trillion-dollar annual budget deficits. Stop QE and we will experience some real pain.

      • MeMadMax

        Thats basically what I just said….

      • Mark

        The recent QE of $85 billion dollars a month has only recently bought us a -0.1% economic recovery. In the past we have done a lot better without QE.

        Currently without QE the economy will go into a depression. QE is not the cure to an economic downturn anymore than a strict diet of potato chips will cure someone from starvation. Ultimately that person will die slowly from malnutrition.

        • Mark

          By the way Reuters has published an
          article that China wants the money printing AKA QE to slow down.

  • DownWithLibs

    If I hear one more time that we are in a recovery, I am going to slap someone!

    • BM

      we are in a recovery

      • chilller

        SaaaaaaaLAP! SLAP_SLAP_SLAP_SLAP!!!

      • TrueMor

        no wer not.

    • Me Too!!!

    • markthetruth

      It’s called Planned Psychology !

      Repetition ! the more times you hear or see it, you start to believe it and also repeat it to someone else…

      the end…

      • 2Gary2

        like the AM hate machine and fox neus

        • ‘AM hate machine’, ‘fox neus’?? Delusional comments.

        • learn how to spell dummy.

          • 2Gary2

            Fox is not news so I had to get a close word that low information conservatives would get.

    • Jodi

      Me Too!

    • Robin

      Question is……who would you like to slap? lol

    • none


      The economy is in a very full ecover.

  • Former Cal girl

    Drove by a small church in our area the other day and there were about 500 cars in the parking lot. They were distributing food. People were lined up all around the parking lot in the rain with their kids and boxes waiting to get food. Scary. If this is what recovery looks like I hate to see a recession.

    • B T

      The only reason you do not see soup lines today is because now they are plastic cards for food. Can you see the 47 million food stamp recipients in lines around the country? At 2 feet each, that would be a line 17,803 miles long or 6 times across the US from coast to coast.

      47,000,000 X 2 / 5,280 = miles long

      THAT is why there are debit cards and the food stamp program. The government wants to keep the depression as invisible as possible, as long as possible. Fake unemployment numbers, fake Stock Market, fake GDP, etc. Reality would spark a revolution and they know it.

      • arizonadiane

        Agree totally!!

      • cannuck21

        Very good point. I might add that these ‘Food Cards’ are produced and managed by J P Morgan – who make millions of this exercise.

      • SmallerGovNow

        Great post!!! I’m an engineer so I appreciate the math…

  • markthetruth

    Technology – Will make everything so convenient we don’t have to do anything

    Space – We will never have enough

    Time – We never have enough, even though all things are done milliseconds.

    Matter- There’s less on earth because we are turning it into gasses and putting it into space.

    Mentally – People are all confused on what to eat,drink, whats right or wrong anymore.

    Medical – Americans are becoming all drugged up , and are drinking more then ever as noted by all the DWI’s by sports, TV personal, and our authorities and Government personal. Everyone is becoming addicted to something.

    Media- We are being brainwashed from day to day
    and we are in denial.

    Americans are becoming “ZOMBITO”

    PS: energy drinks don’t work.

    the end…

    Americans are becoming

  • Mark

    The recent news that that the US economy has contracted wasn’t any surprise to me. What was a surprise was that the media reported the contraction. What also not surprising is that they suggest that the house recovery will sustain “the recovery”


    • AS55423

      They blamed the contraction on govt spending cuts.

      • Ralfine

        which proves that businesses are those depending most on the state.

  • firehammer

    There’s something about that wig….symbolic somehow.
    Granted… I know squat. It’s just something about it.
    forgive me if I’m wrong. It just creeps me out.

  • Roger Smith

    You all might be interested in getting in on an I.P.O. of a company I’m starting. We only sells 4 products: Tar, Feathers, Pitchforks and Torches. Any takers?

    • Tim

      I’ll buy 1,000 shares.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Add some rope and I’m in

    • Orange Jean

      Considering the fact I have an ancestor who was tarred and feathered for the “crime” of trying to teach people to read… I think I’ll pass!

  • AS55423

    QE and the bail outs bought us time and that’s it.

    • Ralfine

      How did you use that time?

      • AS55423

        I have been prepping for the last 4 years.

  • Ralfine

    It looks like those planes into the WTC have reached their goal of crashing America.

    Latest since the fall of the Soviet Union it is known that extensive defense expenses will crash an economy. And an act of terrorism like that would guarantee the explosion of the US defense budget, removing lots of money from the real economy.

    That’s what’s called asymmetric warfare.

    The US are predictable. China knows that, too. And the North Koreans. They talk a bit tough, and the US starts foaming and making life in the US even less pleasant.

    It’s not over yet. Africa just put itself on the map.

    Expect further quadrillions of tax money paid for new weapons systems, and then being transferred to Belize or the Cayman Island or even Mexico and Afghanistan to buy drugs.

    The American people are probably the largest supporter and financiers of the Mexican drug cartels.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Ralfine: When those planes crashed into the WTC on 9/11, the criminal Bush regime responded exactly as al-Qaeda hoped: by trashing the U.S. Constitution, raping our civil liberties, destroying our economy, letting the banksters get away with murder, running up sky-high deficits, destroying our currency, and turning us into a wretched Third World fascist banana republic. The Bush regime was al-Qaeda’s wet dream. And now, the policies of the Bush regime are being upheld by the administration of Barack “Goldman Sachs” Obama. In other words, no hope and no change for The Banana Republic of America. Yet some Republi-Cons and Democraps still can’t understand why I’m a proponent of third parties.

    • LMAOx2

  • Hawaiianfive0

    Michael, Thanks for this article and your last one. It fits in with what I have been thinking lately and have found with my own research. We can really see the signs now….mass layoffs, business closings, crime going up, pay going down, people seem so desparate and are really struggling. We just do not hear about it very much, so your website is very informative. I also have been thinking that there are elitists controlling everything. They are so networked. I came across someone here in Hawaii that is on some exec boards that is connected to Tides/George’s unbelievable, especially when it is right in your backyard. They are everywhere and pulling all of the strings with everything. My husband and I are trying to figure out the best move to survive and these articles really help to put everything in perspective. We just do not understand why some people do not see what is happening and what we are facing when all of the signs are out there. Things are speeding up….seems right on their plan. The big question like everyone has now is how much longer do we have to prepare before we have a total collapse and do you think there is a chance that the people can ever get the country back? I know at this point we cannot avoid collapse. Do you think there is hope to put it back together the way it should be or do you think that collapse will only enable those that broke it to restructure it their way and they can convice people that? That is what I am afraid of. How do we keep that from happening?

  • WarriorClass3

    “We have stolen a giant mountain of money from our children and our grandchildren and we have destroyed their futures.”

    No, “we” didn’t steal anything, or even borrow anything. This is nothing but fraud by the Government and centeral banksters. You cannot borrow money in my name without my uncoerced signature and I cannot borrow in your name without your written consent either. We have NO obligation to pay back these so-called “loans.” Theft by government does not create an obligation to its citizens. And don’t start with “elected representatives” BS. A false choice is no choice at all; not to mention the fraud in the electoral system.

    • Handog

      No obligation really? The only alternative to paying taxes is a 4×8 room, three hots and a cot.

      • WarriorClass3

        The threat of violence only proves that there is no obligation – it’s just theft.

  • FJL

    The President’s monetary budget and policies must be approved by Congress. Hence, the Bush recession. Obama has been filibustered 390+ times.All but one stimulus program has been shot down. NO, repeat-NO, country has ever in the history of the world been bailed out by austerity moves. Hence, the present Republican recession.

    • LMAO

      • 2Gary2

        you can LMAO all you want it does not change the fact that the repubes are 100% responsible for the mess we are in. Dem left a surplus and a repube fed it all up. .again

        • Hawaiianfive0

          That is false that Dem left a surplus…they didn’t leave a surplus, the debt actually increased as it has for years. The surplus was only for one quarter and even then those numbers are shady…same corruption just different ways they play the game both sides are pretty good at it. Dem has their fair share of blame and Repub have their fair share of blame….either way it’s not being fixed, so we are all screwed so it this point everyone needs to stop the blame game. At this point that does nothing to accomplish things now.

  • Jodi

    I’m sure Obama will give himself a pat on the back during the State of the Union address on his progress of the economy.

  • Jagrick

    Wow, you had all that? I am sure glad i haven’t.

  • arizonadiane

    I never believed we got out of the “recession”, which in my opinion has always been a depression but no one dares say that. What is different from 1920’s depression? They had no jobs, they stood in soup lines for food. We have no jobs today, and they stand in food bank lines for food. No difference.

    So, here we are again. Government is making it worse but heaven forbid they talk about it. And yes, Obama has absolutely destroyed what might have been some type of recovery by his policies. How many coal plant are being closed – we even have EPA talking about closing coal fed power plants in our area be closed. Either pay millions so for cleaner air, which they already have done, but it is not good enough. We need to make the parks and Grand canyon haze free. Give me a break! Haze is haze and weather related. But the cost to the people in these rural areas will go sky high. Again, all part of Agenda 21. They want people to pack into the cities so they can “sustain” the rural areas. Among a whole lot of other c r a p.

  • ian

    Strange. Everyone i know is gainfully employed, and doing rather well.

    • condaggitt

      I guess they all dream about how to say You want fries with that…in a more sellable voice.

  • Rancher

    So what else is new???

    Talk and posting stats is easy.

    Getting off your butt and actually outfitting yourself with well rounded long term supplies and gear to out last most any crisis is what is so hard for arm chair bloggers to actually do….

    If you did that then you would be worthy to visit with about joining with some of us others who did all that and more years ago when prepping was not so cool and needed and stupid TV shows were being run trying to undermine the wisdom in it.

    Again posting is cheap and a way to vent without really responding to the dire situation you realize. I can post at time because…I/we are done prepping and now can enjoy life not worried about things falling apart.

    Now that is true life insurance…baby 😉

  • condaggitt

    The Recession is OVER!!!!! No more Jobs council

    Al Jazeera America Has Received More Than 8,000 Applications

    Lots of competition for just 160 positions.

    Within 24 hours of posting openings for the majority of their new positions, Al Jazeera America received 5000 applications for open positions, a number that has grown to 8,063 over the past three days, a
    network source told BuzzFeed.

    Al Jazeera caused a stir earlier this month when it was announced that the Qatar-based network had bought the struggling liberal channel Current from Al Gore for $500 million, and would use it to expand into
    American coverage.

    It further stoked speculation in the media world when it posted 160 digital and editorial positions.

  • We were in a depression starting back in 08. Which means we are about 5 years into this thing. The velvet glove is coming off, and you will see the real ugly hand underneath. Better prep now – hurry!

  • smallergovnow

    another great article Michael, cheers…

  • I have said it before and I will say it again. The problem is discretionary income for the average person. The amount of money available is barely enough for the majority of people to live on.

    This administration is making big mistakes. The biggest mistakes are the attacks on people’s income levels.

    Such as: No raises for almost 3 years for everyone on Social Security and Pensions. These people are supporting their children! COLA is a fraud. It hasn’t addressed the real income of old people. The latest raise amounts to between $5 and $6 a week for the average person. And that is optomistic. Obama’s Health Plans are unrealistic. You are taking away the little discretionary income of the common people. This is going to be reflected big time in the retail markets.
    Obama wants to disarm the people. That won’t happen. What will happen is discriminatory application of laws that prove that the law is a farce. There will be a quiet rebellion and it will involve the majority of the common people of this country.
    People will resort to gangs in the big cities for protection against the established law makers like the courts and the police because they will be proven to be what they really are, a massive fraud tilted towards the wealthy.
    The immigration reform is going to put an entire shadow economy out of work. They will not take kindly to being painted into a corner with no food and no housing. Who dreams these things up? Certainly not anyone that has been a part of this illegal activity.
    It will mean a dramatic rise in the cost of producing food.
    Just when you think things cannot get any worse, I think our enemies abroad have ideas of viciously attacking this country. At least that is the way it looks to me. These enemies sense that we have weakened. They plan to take advantage of that weak appearance.
    I hear that the government wants to lay off Marines!
    The only way to get this country back on track is to fire a whole bunch of people in government.
    I suggest we go back to the values of our past. That includes protecting our middle class against foreign economic wars. It includes getting back to God. It means getting rid of the aethists in our courts and our government.

    Without the protection that God has given this country there is nothing we can do against what is happening.
    Getting back to God means doing away with killing children with abortion. That is an abomination that should never been allowed by our courts.
    Reform means we have to have a set of morale values. No more lies! No more dishonest politicians blatently doing bad things in public view.

    All of what Michael discusses are side effects of the current way our leaders visual things. Most of which date back to the 9/11 event. To solve them we have to get to the root of the problem. Our leaders ARE the root of the problem.

    • Gay Veteran

      David , how many unwanted babies have YOU adopted? None? STHU

      • TtTEngine

        So we are free to murder unborn babies until all unwanted living babies are adopted ? That is really a pathetic state of humanity and profoundly faulty logic. 98.5% of the 4,000 babies murdered in the U.S.A. each day are for done for reasons of convenience. 55 million and counting. Culture of death. God spare America. Christi Fidelis !

        • Gay Veteran

          If you have not adopted an unwanted baby then you do NOT have the moral authority to comment on abortion.
          All you want to do is impose a burden on others that you yourself are unwilling to take on.

          • TtT Engine

            Illogical, immoral and violative of God’s Commandments. Abortion is murder. Murder is gravely evil. Liberals make up their own rules. God on my terms. Culture of death. Christi Fidelis !

          • Gay Veteran

            hypocrite! All you want to do is impose a burden on others that you yourself are unwilling to take on.

          • Who’s God? The idiocy usually runs strong in anyone who has to resort to religious arguments in a debate.

  • Karen

    Something else folks need to know obamacare or the affordable act for insurance if you do not have insurance for yourself or your family by jan 2014 you will be fined each amount will depend on the size of your family and this goes for single people come income tax time next year the fines will be taken from your income tax also if you smoke cigarettes depending on your age say a 60 year old will be penalized over 5,000 dollars and if you are obese or any unhealthy habit the medical society deems unfit you will be penalized and the government passed executive actions where any vet from the Iraq or afghan war also the Vietnam era are considered mentally ill and cannot buy a weapon.

  • Dani

    I would like someone to clarify what it really means when he writes that we are stealing trillions of dollars from our children. He uses that phrase a lot and it sounds pretty bad, but what are the implications?

    I’ve heard the phrase so much but to it is essentially meaningless. Can someone explain it in terms of actual economic consequence and not with more trite cliches? I don’t ask this with sarcasm, I’m fairly young and not well versed in economics. Everything I know I’ve learned from sites like these so I am looking to expand my education here.

  • I have done what I can to prepare and insulate my family as much as possible from this. So, I will watch from the sidelines as my country careens into the ditch, all the while being told “Things are getting better” followed by “The rich need to pay more” to “It’s not my fault.” I have no sympathy for anyone who fails to see this coming. I will make sure my family will be taken care of. Everybody else had better do the same. The pols deserve damnation.

  • Karen

    Folks me again I have read many of the comments posted and you Michael the owner of the blog I want to tell you all something and I hope you take this to heart I cannot tell you where or when because I do not know but I know some things and I can’t tell you how I know them but many think that they are safe and the government can’t harm them and it is good you are prepared but remember they have one up on you and by no means ever give up they can pit the person living next to you or someone down the street there are many engineered viruses and prions. Also contagions that can be spread into the air they have ways to make you sick just keep healthy.

    • 2Gary2

      are said prions a STD?

      • Orange Jean


        Prions are a type of microorganisms… (as are bacteria, viruses, etc). I haven’t heard of any that are specifically STDs, but you never know.

        Mad cow disease is caused by a prion. There are a number of others that they know of, it seems many are caused by cannibalism (in mad cow, they were feeding cows with cows).

  • leeholsen

    I am looking forward to it. I vowed to myself if another recession came, I’d be ready and I am.
    I’m set to actually make money buy shorting the s+p and going long the vix while most people get hit all over again without expecting it.
    I figure a 25% decline, about average for a recession; and I’ll make enough to retire and give enough away to some disabled vets I know that their lives will be changed. If the next recession turns into another fiscal crisis; I’ll be changing lives of disabled vets all over the country.
    IMO, it’s too late to save the country from the fiscal realities it will have to face; but I can sit it out and help some vets that earned it.

  • frank1569

    In a previous post, it was made clear that BOTH pol parties are owned and operated by the uber-wealthy Rulers of the World.

    Yet here we are, blaming Obama for EVERYTHING THAT’S WRONG again.

    Of course, that’s exactly what the Rulers of the World want us to do – focus our anger on the wrong target while they continue to steal and hoard as much wealth as possible.

    The Rulers of the World are the problem; our POTUS is just their puppet of the moment.

  • ian

    Iam not pro Obama. I just don’t ignorantly for our problems.

  • Mark

    Wow $114 billion dollars withdrawn in the first week. With the fractional reserve multiplier that is a net of $1.1 trillion dollar out of the banking system, interest rates should have soared by now. Wait a minute they haven’t, the fed has just printed some money out to keep the rates low.

  • Benjamin Collier

    Meanwhile…CNN posts a story this morning that home builders can’t find enough employees…


    I live in the country so i can survive, i have some cows and land to grow food on.
    I feel sorry for all who live in the urban jungle.
    When the manure hits the fan , things are gonna get real ugly real fast.
    desperate people will do great evil when they are hungry and have nothing to lose.
    Out here we have a sense of community still , and we got each others back.

  • Dumb&Dumber

    But, but,,,the media and the Obama administration says we are fine. So why all the worry? All is well 😉

  • yahoo

    things are truly disastrous, and everyone in power is lying to us. the atrocities that lie ahead will be like nothing this country has ever seen! silver, nor firearms will have any power to save us. only faith in the One, True, LIVING GOD, can save us! pray for Godly sorrow, salvation, and very real help, in our time of need.

  • piccadillybabe

    Back in the day, my now ex and I bought a nice piece of country property. It took us 10 years of saving and living frugally but we had a dream and a goal of building our own home from the ground up, having a garden, a wood lot and living close to nature. Both of our families thought we were dreamers and never took us seriously. Well, we did it, the whole kitten kaboodle without a speck of support or congrats from anyone. We did it over a period of time and owed the bank nothing. It can be done and it was done all the time back in the pioneer days of America but nowadays, this type of thing is beyond the scope of most people. Some of the best days of my life!

  • 2Gary2

    Michael–you should take one of those Jobs at al jaZzera

  • silly

    America is a nation.. of government..learn to live with it. we did.

  • kenfrombayside

    Our post 1965 “Immigration Policy” is tantamount to genocide against whites. Genocide is the elimination of a undesirable group which America’s liberals have labeled us. Genocide takes many forms such as ovens. Whites are being done in by demographic genocide: having one cultural group invade and displace an established group. Jews, on the other hand, were displaced by violence. In 1943, Jews rebelled in the Warsaw ghetto as they began to realize what was being done to them. I’ve realized this for a long time and hope millions will wake up and see what is being done by the main stream media, politicians of BOTH political parties, and university professors. The first counterattack is to contact your 2 US Senators and rep in congress to tell them no to any amnesty.

  • As much as I despise this turd obama, let’s get real in understanding that recession is a natural state under capitalism. As long as capitalist extract surplus wealth created by labor, workers will never have enough money to keep the economy growing.

    • Waldetto

      What capitalism? The state controls, corrupts, regulates, props up, subsidizes, subjugates, fixes prices, and picks winners and losers in every square inch of our economy!

  • markthetruth

    Except for one thing ! the drugs I’m talking about are FDA approved(government) and prescribed by doctor’s legally.

    the end…

    • Orange Jean

      I agree with that. I have been having problems with pain management (severe arthritis) and every time I turn around I’ve got a doc suggesting I try something else that’s supposed to be safer … and find once I fill the script there are warnings all over the place about “mental health” effects that can be caused if I used the drug. The last 2 things I was prescribed had that issue, I would not put the stuff in my mouth – but I am trying to educate my doctor’s about this by telling them I won’t use it, and sending them info about the serious potential side effects.

      One of those things was called tramadol, which has had recent warnings from FDA about the company not mentioning the risk of addiction (the doc told me this stuff was not addictive), risk of seizures, potential risk of suicidal thoughts – some of those bad things have happened to people the FIRST time they took that drug. That is NOT something I care to put in my mouth.

      Locally last year we had a guy commit a violent crime after being prescribed an antibiotic for an infection, which had adverse effect of making people psychotic. He was charged with the crime originally, but then let go when the court confirmed there were warnings of adverse effects of that sort out there.

      In NC, when I worked there… the SECOND LEADING CAUSE OF INJURY DEATHS (following car crashes) was unintentional poisoning due to use of legally prescribed drugs, taken as prescribed.

      Maybe they’ll start thinking twice about what info they are getting from the drug companies that push that crap… without checking it out carefully first before prescribing. Mostly methadone, prescribed for people with serious health issues with chronic pain (such as cancer). They investigated and found most of the time the people taking it were not former drug addicts and had legal prescriptions and were taking it as directed by their doctors. There is info on CDC’s aobut this because it’s become a big issue nationwide.

      • markthetruth

        Exactly drug companies are selling there drugs for the side effects and the the original purpose of the research. More or less what ever they find out by accident in the trials they then resubmit for a different use to the FDA. I believe trials are paid to be approved and nobody knows all the side affect until years after it comes to the market.

        the end…

    • Ralfine

      what’s the difference? both kinds of drugs create zombies.

  • It’s Bush’s fault.

  • Unfortunately all of the Americans who have been railing against all this foolish behavior of the rest, and who have been living appropriate lifestyles to match, who have been called by the lemmings who surround them “complainers and whiners, and conspiracy theorists and nutcases” will now suddenly be surrounded by hundreds of millions of “complainers and whiners, conspiracy theorists and nutcases”.

    And given their past incontinence, emotional and behavioral, this latecomers to the reality party are going to be just as thickheaded about accepting the consequences of their collective actions as they were in acknowledging them before they manifested. Now they will need some scapegoat to blame.

    I’ll bet that there is no limit to their absurdity. I’ll be that they will blame anyone, do anything rather than suffer the consequences of their own causing. They’d be happy to see the very people who as a group warned them about this and many other things suffer the brunt of the consequences if possible. I bet if you gave them a choice in the matter they’d be happy to see all the “nutcases” who said this and worse was down the pike get blamed for it and put on the chopping block. I bet they’d even come over with a cup to collect some blood.

    Human lemmings are the worst evil on this planet, worse even than the Archons who mismanage them at the expense of the divine beings who inhabit a small percentage of these human bodies. I have to say that while I really do despise the Archons with all my heart, I share their contempt for their meat puppets, the average human lemming. I will not shed even a microscopic tear when they are culled.

  • mdoftilt

    I have been prepping now for about 2 years. It amazes me how blind most people are. They really think that things are normal. I do have a few relatives who say that times are coming that will require us to stick together. When I ask what they are doing about it though they say nothing. I just don’t understand there thought process.
    I wish i could have one question answered. When will the economy crash? The one thing I do think is that it will be sooner than most think.

  • I have no faith or trust in this country at all. I don’t believe anything until I seee it or it makes definite sense.

  • The People Shall Rise Again!

    Uh! Do you not realize that if the people WANT TO, and ENTIRE NATION can collectively REPUDIATE all the debt…just RISE UP and REMOVE all those in office and REMOVE ALL THOSE executives AND their immediate lackeys from their posts.

    JAIL THEM ALL and throw away the keys PERMANENTLY…they can ROT for 50 years in their cells set on an island in Alaska 500 miles from any coastline. YOU the people HAVE GOT THE GUNS

    It’s very simple, RISE UP, REMOVE FROM POWER, then JAIL THEM ALL…Then proclaim LIBERTY and RECLAIM WITH FORCE that which is written in the Constitution of The United States.

  • It has taken the U.S. 100 years to get to this point. No one still knows for sure what happened to the Battleship Maine which blew up in Havana harbor and started the Spanish American War. After that one sided conflict we were a global power. Next came the Federal Reserve and WW1, Warren Harding gave the country supply side economics and the Roaring Twenties. Lowing taxes gave the economy that boost. Hoover raised tariff’s, and left over debt from around the world and the purchase of stocks on credit crashed the economy in 1929. We have gone from boom to bust since that time. Since the 1980’s Congress has piled on the debt, Carter expanded the government with the additions of the Dept of Education, Energy, EPA, in the 1970’s. Our Founders envisioned a simple government that was answerable to the People. What we have ended up with is a monster that is answerable to no one, and accountable to no one.

  • Ozzie

    I agree but like the author says she or he critises Obama economy but less not forget that George W. the war stared and didn’t made bank fallow rules. I think he has much more blame as Obama…

  • Reginald Jones

    Ok. I know I’m late to this thread, but shouldn’t the author come back and admit he’s an idiot?

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