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16 Statistics Which Show That The Number Of Americans Dependent On The Government Is At An All-Time High

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A higher percentage of the American population is receiving government benefits than ever before.  Yes, there have always been poor people that have needed our assistance, but what does it say about our economy that the number of Americans dependent on the government is at an all-time high?  Every night on the evening news we are told that the economy is improving, and Barack Obama is endlessly giving speeches about the “economic recovery” that is supposedly underway.  But that is not the reality on the ground for those on the bottom rungs of the income ladder in America.  People are really hurting out there, and the number of Americans that are turning to the government for financial assistance just continues to increase.  Yes, we should always have a “safety net”, but right now our “safety net” is becoming massively overloaded as millions more Americans jump on to it every single year.  What all of these impoverished Americans really need are jobs, but the U.S. Congress and the past several administrations have been systematically killing job growth in America.  So unfortunately the number of poor Americans is going to continue to rise, and that is really bad news for a nation that is already drowning in debt.

Some people out there want to blame the poor for the statistics that you are about to read, but that is a mistake.  Yes, there are a lot of people out there that are abusing the system, and that needs to be stopped.

But many Americans that are dependent on the government are in that situation because there simply are not enough jobs in this country.

And unfortunately, the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress continue to pursue the same job-killing policies that have gotten us into this mess in the first place.  So millions of Americans that have learned to survive as government dependents are not being given the opportunity to break out of that cycle.  When there is a shortage of decent jobs, it is easy to give up.  Many tend to become more and more comfortable being dependent on the government as time goes by.

Once you become addicted to getting a government check in the mail, it can be very difficult to give that up.  There are some that get trapped in a life of government dependence for years or even decades.

The following are 16 statistics which show that the number of Americans dependent on the government is at an all-time high….

#1 According to the Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that gets direct monetary benefits from the federal government.  Back in 1983, less than a third of all Americans lived in a home that received direct monetary benefits from the federal government.

#2 The amount of money that the federal government gives directly to Americans has increased by 32 percent since Barack Obama entered the White House.

#3 The number of Americans receiving Social Security disability benefits has increased by 10 percent since Barack Obama first took office.

#4 Back in 1990, the federal government accounted for 32 percent of all health care spending in America.  Today, that figure is up to 45 percent and it is projected to surpass 50 percent very shortly.

#5 The number of Americans on food stamps recently hit a new all-time high.  It has increased by 3 million since this time last year and by more than 14 million since Barack Obama first entered the White House.

#6 Today, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one out of every four American children is on food stamps.  This is unprecedented in American history.

#7 In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.

#8 Back in 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income.  In 2010, government transfer payments accounted for 18.4% of all income, which was a new all-time high.

#9 By the end of 2011, approximately 55 million Americans received a total of approximately 727 billion dollars in Social Security benefits.  As the retirement crisis becomes much worse, that dollar figure is projected to absolutely skyrocket.

#10 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system paid out more in benefits than it received in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.

#11 Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

#12 The U.S. government now says that the Medicare trust fund will run out five years faster than previously anticipated.

#13 The total cost of just three federal government programs – the Department of Defense, Social Security and Medicare – exceeded the total amount of taxes brought in during fiscal 2010 by 10 billion dollars.

#14 It is being projected that entitlement spending by the federal government will nearly double by the year 2050.

#15 Right now, spending by the federal government accounts for about 24 percent of GDP.  Back in 2001, it accounted for just 18 percent.

#16 When you total it all up, American households are now receiving more money directly from the federal government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

Once again, I am not blaming the poor.  Almost all of us know of someone that is on government assistance.  Most of them are not dependent on the government because they are lazy or because they want to cheat the system.  Most of them have just had their dreams crushed by this horrible economy and need a helping hand.

It is incredible how anyone can run around claiming that the U.S. economy is heading in the right direction with all of this going on.

Yes, things are going fairly well for the boys and girls down on Wall Street, but for the vast majority of Americans things are looking quite bleak.

For example, things have gotten so bad that the state of Florida is actually considering using ballparks and sports stadiums as shelters for the homeless.

But when it comes to so many people being financially dependent on the federal government, there is a major problem.

The problem is that the federal government is absolutely drowning in debt.

So why don’t our politicians just explain to the American people that we need to start cutting back and reducing the size of some of these programs?

Well, if any of our politicians try to do that they won’t get elected next time around.

The truth is that the American people are deeply addicted to government money.

Any politician that proposes significant cuts to Social Security or Medicare is a goner.

Every poll or survey that is done on this subject shows that the American people are overwhelmingly against cuts to programs like Social Security and Medicare.

So politicians will just keep spending money like there is no tomorrow, and the American people will just keep sending them back to Washington.

But just like we saw in Greece, a day of reckoning comes eventually.

There will come a time when the federal government will not be able to steal 150 million dollars an hour from our children and our grandchildren.

There will come a time when there will not be enough money for all of these growing social programs.

So once the government checks stop rolling in, what is going to happen then?

  • BenjiK

    The simple truth is any economy that requires multiple injections of trillions of dollars is indeed very unstable.

    It seems that the influx of government assistance is a ploy to keep the masses complacent. I have a feeling that tactic won’t work forever.

  • Cinderella Man

    We know what is going to happen when the benefits run out. Anarchy, pure and simple. I am very concerned about the future of this country when we will be divided between haves and have nots, rich and poor, poor and destitute, old vs.young and so on and so on. This economy is a mess. I feel like punching the tv whenever I see CNBC and Fox Business pundits act like we are turning the corner. Yesterday on the CNBC website Jim Cramer is puzzled why arent more dupes investing in the stock market. “Its doing great and people are missing out on big opportunities!” No Jimmmy, we are not stupid even Al Capone called the stock market a scam. Smart investors will stay the hell away until this Europe crisis is calmed down. But I wouldnt count on that anytime soon. As for dependency, I am proud to say that I have been able to buy my own food again. I had to go on SNAP for 6 months and when they sent me a new report to fill out I just tossed it into the trash. So scratch one off the 47 million list. I am truly worried about some of my friends and family. Some are getting their hours cut down to part time, so much that they now can get partial unemployment. Does anyone else know that you can claim partial benefits when your part-time? Might want to look into it. I say use up all the govt. free cheese programs while you can because the double A’s are coming Austerity and Anarchy. See you in the funny papers!

    • gary2

      We are in this mess because we do not tax the rich enough. It is political decisions like cutting taxes on the rich, favoring capital over labor, capital gains taxed at 15% (which is s joke that the repubes keep defending this)

      We need to follow the Nordic example and tax the rich hard and spread the wealth. These Nordic countries are beating the USA in every area so they must be doing something right. We need to do what they do if we want what they have.

      80% of people surveyed choose the Nordic system over the USA when both systems are described with out the countries named.

      The VAST majority of the population including the repubes favor taxing the rich as the first choice in solving the debt issues way before any austerity is undertaken.

      • Ben Dover

        Tax the poor (especially Gary2) hard!!! Make them pay for my caviar and penthouse!!! I need a new Bently–mine is dirty!!!!

      • knightowl77

        That is 80% of Daily Kos bloggers like the Nordic system….it is 35% of everyone….

        • Gary2

          No its 80% of the people period-Google equality preferences Nordic/USA

          • Syrin

            WRONG !!! 80% like the described benefits. You ignore the ACTUAL tax rates and 22% VAT. Awfully convenient.

      • Syrin

        Oh there he is, the resident clueless hatye spouter who never met a fact he could understand.

        You claim we’re in this mess because we don’t tax the rich enough. really? Just because you say so? If you took EVERY dime from the “rich” meaning anyone making over $200,000, we’d still be OVER, well over, half a TRILLION short GARY! That’s called a SPENDING issue you greedy class jealous clueless fool. We’re in this mess because of entitlement programs that CANNOT be sustained GARY. People put 2 years worth of benefits INTO social insecurity and take OUT 10 years worth of benefits on average. To the math challenged regressive such as yourself, that makes perfect sense, but to everyone elese that means 8 YEARS worth of unfunded “benefits”.

        Hey GARY, let’s examine the Nordic system, shall we?

        “Finns face a high personal tax burden, particularly when taken together with municipal tax, church tax and social insurance contributions,” reports Deloitte Touche. Finland ‘s corporate tax rate was lowered in 2005 from 29 percent to 26 percent. Finland ‘s VAT (value-added tax) rate for goods and services is 22 percent.

        Like the Finns, Norwegians face a heavy tax burden, with progressive income tax rates up to 51.3 percent in 2005. The wealth tax will be halved this year and cut again in 2007; the goal is to eliminate it eventually. Corporate taxes are 26 percent, and the VAT rate is at 22 percent.

        Iceland ‘s low corporate and personal income taxes are an exception to the rule, and they will go even lower thanks to reforms that started in 2004 and that will continue through next year. The general rate for personal income tax will be lowered to 21.75 percent by 2007. ”

        NOTICE ANYTHING GARY ?!?!??!?!

        They have a MUCH lower corporate tax, lower top end tax, AND are actually LOWERING taxes, BUT what else is there GARY ?!?!?!?

        Oh yeah! A VAT tax of 22% !!! YEAH !!! Understand what that IS or MEANS GARY !?!?! That’s right, it means UNLIKE America which has the NARROWEST tax base on the ENTIRE PLANET where a mere 1% pays 40% of ALL taxes and then idiots like you say they aren’t paying enough, the Nordic countries have a MUCH MUCH MUCH BROADER tax base meaning people LIKE YOU and the POOR pay MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE in taxes.

        Know what? I actually am ALL FOR IT !!! You greeedy 99%’ers getting essentially a free ride would be FORCED to contribute and the top end tax rates would go DOWN substantially in accordance with YOUR Nordic model.

        Man, you take ignorance to a NEW level.

        QUOTE: “

        • Maybe together we can stop the welfare Fraud. I report about it all the time on my Facebook Page. I paid taxes 33 years laying brick and blocks. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for being honest to the people that maters, the taxs payers,children and the Veterans and old. The hell with the rest of the welfare bums. Thanks Jesse

          • The Real Jesse Lyles

            So, I was about I was looking for myself on google. Yes, I know it’s pretty vain. I found this among many other politically/economically-centered posts. It’s weird. Anyways, my view is that we know supply side works in the long run. Even Keynes would tell you this. I think society has begun to view keynsianism, short run solutions, as a pancea for all ills. I am more of a monetarist myself, but, as one should, have concerns about how it will work. It is effective when you have control over the world’s reserve currency, and you have the majority of people believing in its soundness. I am still working to form an opinion myself, but that is how I see things. I think most rhetoric people spew in discussion are hear-say, lies, and assumptions. I don’t think anyone can definitively say this is right or this is wrong, when their opinions are based off of commons saying without any basis in context or theory. For instance, austrians ignore the long depression, and keynsians ignore the recession of 20/21. So chill, and Jesse, stop making me look so terse.

      • Syrin

        Problem 7. We just might be able to raise more revenue, but you’re not going to like how.

        Countries do exist with both high tax rates and low debts. In 2011, three advanced economies had no net government debt at all; they had surpluses: Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Norway collected 57% of GDP in revenue, Finland 53%, and Sweden 51%. (The U.S. collects 41% of GDP.)

        So it can be done. And how does Sweden, for example, do it?

        In 2010, the average local income tax rate was 31.56 percent. In addition to local income tax, the employee pays a state income tax of 20 percent on annual income exceeding SEK 383,000 [$59,000]. For incomes above SEK 548,300 [$84,000] the employee pays a state income tax of 25 percent.

        And those are just income taxes. The general VAT in Sweden is 25%. The result is that everyone pays high taxes in Sweden. Even the lowest-paid folks are handing over something like 50% of income and up.

        As a matter of fact, Sweden’s overall tax system is virtually flat: all income groups pay about the same rate. For example, the top 10% in Sweden make 26.6% of the money and pay 26.7% of the taxes, for a ratio of 1.00. In the U.S., the top 10% make 33.5% of the money, but pay 45.1% of the taxes, for a ratio of 1.35.

        By this measure, the U.S. tax system is the most progressive of 24 OECD countries. On the other hand, Sweden and Norway have two of the flattest tax systems, with ratios of 1.00 and 0.95, respectively.

        Almost half the households in the U.S. pay no federal income tax at all, or even receive a credit. Including all federal taxes (not just personal income taxes), the poorest quintile in the U.S. paid less than 5% of its income in taxes, but the highest quintile paid about 25%. In Sweden by contrast, even the lowest-paid workers pay 50% or more of their income in taxes.

        In short, to raise something like 45% to 50% of GDP in revenue, the U.S. would have to move to a Sweden-like flat, but high, tax system. To get there, we would have to raise taxes on the poorest the most!

        And even that is not a guarantee. Many OECD countries have VATs and virtually flat taxes, yet also have high deficits and debts. Not everyone is Sweden or Norway. With the exception of Scandinavia, most of Europe has deficit and debt problems as bad as or worse than ours. For all we know, if we try to imitate Sweden or Norway, we’ll become Italy or Greece, instead.

        Read more:

      • Syrin

        Problem 6. There is no guarantee that we even can raise enough revenue to eliminate Obama-sized deficits, especially by targeting the “rich.” You can raise tax rates all you want. That does not mean you can raise revenue all you want.

        As noted above, even under the benign assumptions of Simpson-Bowles, revenues would need to be 21% of GDP. And we have never in our history been able to do that. Not with a 35% top individual tax rate, a 39.6% top rate, a 70% top rate, or a 91% top rate. Not ever.

        When it comes to corporate taxes, we already have the highest rate in the world. Do you think raising it even higher will bring in more revenue, or drive more business overseas?

        The question of taxing the “rich” is not how much we like or dislike them, whoever they are. It’s whether we can get more money from them even if we are ruthless about it. Straightforward analysis says it’s not even possible; the rich don’t have enough money. What’s worse, the rich are getting poorer.

        Read more:


        Pesky thing those facts GARY!


      • Scott

        Nordic countries are beating the USA in every area, LOL, as if the Nordic countries are some sort of global economic juggernaut. Students leave Denmark after getting their free educations for more money elsewhere, and even government officials say those nanny state are unsustainable. They’re being dragged down by the rest of the Euro socialist states. You’re running out of socialist paradises. And Most of the cooked up stats for those countries come from leftist U.N agencies with their fudged numbers.

      • @gary2 the post you had is a big lie. there are 8,247 people with 10 millon dollar our in the u. s. you can take every dime they had and you would get close to 250 billon. that would pay the bills for two mo. then what dumb a@@.

      • xjjnhjnhcnjc


    • dmitry

      Cinderella man:

      very well said..thank you


    • DaytoDay

      “They pit the lifers against the new boy and the young against the old. The black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place.” Blue Collar-1978, I recommend that movie .

      So much for the “Good O’l Days”…

      I’ll tell you, most people don’t even give you the time of day now… And people really think that when society collapses everyone is suddenly going to “band together”… You have to be kidding me…

      Get prepared folks, because when it all comes down… (And it will come down hard!) you best be ready to do what it takes to survive… Because nobody holds your hand through life, and they dang sure aren’t going to when anarchy hits…

  • quick

    This would be a full blown depression way worse than the 1930’s without foodstamps, SS, and UE.
    None of this was available during the 30’s.

    Also – only 30% of the population worked in cities. The balance lived on subsitance farming. So the unemployement rate was effectively for 30% of the population.

    My mom lived on a farm and grew up during the depression. She said they didnt know anything about the depression. Nothing changed for them cause they lived on a farm and grew everything they ate.

    People in the cities were starving, standing in line for soup kitchens, etc.

    This is the mess. Stop borrowing the money and the SHTF. Keep borrowing the money and the SHTF.

    Prep while you still have time.

    • Craig

      Have you seen the adverts for the show coming on cable called “Doomsday Preppers”? It looks interesting. First air is February 7th I believe. I think it’s on the discovery channel, but I could be wrong.

      • BenjiK

        I’m pretty excited about it too! It airs on the National Geographic Channel on Feb 7th at 9pm E/ 8pm central. NGC did a stand-alone special last year under the same name and got such positive feedback that it’s now a regular show.

        • BenjiK

          Sorry, I meant to add this link, it’s the info on the show with some video clips from the original special. Check out the wood-fired truck and the people who turned an in-ground pool into a self-sustaining habitat, VERY COOL!

          • Gary2

            I was just going to call you out for not linking the source! 🙂

    • Ben Dover

      Food stamps are the 21st century bread line.

    • TX4Life

      I think what your mom said was the key to our future. That’s why our household has started increasing our garden production over the past few years. To ease the pain at the grocery store, we are adding fruit trees this year.
      And your point about food stamps, SS, and UE propping the nation up out of a full blown depression is so true.

  • Message to those who have secure incomes — many of us paid into the SS scam for a working lifetime. I will probably not live long enough to get just my contributions back. Omamacare’s deathcare provisions will make sure of this. This site has degraded into a puerile we’re-all-gonna-die diatribe from its earlier critical information content. We who have been financially and morally raped may disagree with your unearned-elitist mutterings. Get real if you want to have any real folks following. On the other hand, pandering to the useful idiot multitude may pay better. Choose: truth or corruption.

    • knightowl77

      “finamcially and morally raped”….You are kidding right…if someone had a hand in your pocket or elsewhere, it is because you let the hand reach in…

      The government is not the solution, it IS the problem….

      btw, I am a real folk

  • “So once the government checks stop rolling in, what is going to happen then?”

    A Zombie Apocalypse?

  • One problem is that that the poverty line and the benefits that go along with it is so high in America. A family of three is considered impoverished here if it earns four times the AVERAGE family income in Mexico. I used to own apartment buildings and work part time and I generated so much passive loss from them that I qualified for HEAP, the federal Home Energy Assistance Plan. I dated a woman once who had three kids, lived in subsidized housing, got free food and utilities and free college tuition. I asked her what she wanted to do when she graduated. She went for another degree so she would not have to work.

    Food stamp requirements have become a consideration as I prepare my finances for financial collapse. For example, The value of your home, 401k, or car (in my state) are not counted as assets, while an IRA or savings account must be ‘spent down’ before qualifying. I hope I never have to apply for benefits, but who knows what the future holds and I am liquidating my retirement plan and paying the penalty to buy a farm directly rather than rolling it over to a self-directed IRA and buying the farm with that.

    • Ben Dover

      I heard am local radio host read a story about someone doing the math and finding that a single head of a household with two dependents making 14K has more disposable income than a married couple with two dependents making 60K.

      USA has the richest, most educated underclass in the world. People who actually need and would make real use of the help are left out in the cold while the professional “poor” suck up all the resources.

      When I owned apartments in a “low income” area, it was always amazing how many pizza delivery boxes, etc were in the trash cans.

    • Gary2

      It means NOTHING to compare the poor in the USA with the poor in other countries. It is the most intellectually bankrupt argument ever and a very false dichotomy.

      People like low information conservatives believe crap like that but any thinking person can see it is a load of BS.

      You need to think relative VS absolute poverty.

      • Syrin

        No, YOU are perhqaps the most intellectually vacuous poster I have ever seen, but you DEAD wrong. In a nation where EVERYONE makes a BILLION a year, then the poor sap making $500 MILLION a year is poor according to your new “relative” model.

        “Relativism” is the regressive means by which they justify the most heinous moral and criminal acts to have EVER been committed. By DEFINITION is is subjective to the whim of every idiot regressive who thinks child molestation is fine when compared “relative;y” to murder.

        It’s 101 stuff, in other words, quantum physics for you.

        • Gary2

          you are funny when you try (and fail) to sound intelligent.

          Face it you are a conservative which means you are of low cognitive ability.

  • Rancher


    What is with the kid pictures you post? Do you think that will effect our countries direction…or mine. If so you are mistaken.

    I see that kid and wonder what toy got taken away. They do not get what is going on so why play that card?

    I do feel bad for them but is a way which is better expressed as to… why in the hell did you create me when you don’t have an established future to provide for me.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet and having a child or being a female will not get you any less grief. In truth probably much more.

    • Gary2

      Another selfish libertarian conservative nothing new here.

      • Syrin

        Says the greedy class war monger whose solution is to steal more of a fellow citizne’s private property while personally contributing nothing but hatred.

      • Prepping for the Future

        Gary do you ever work? Or do you just troll this page posting your nonsense. What did you Dad tell you to be a useless whiner your whole life and use the green eye monster to want a free hand out cause others have a better life then you? Why are you such a pathetic whiner always crying about not getting enough free cheese. Move to favorite country we need real men in America.

  • Tatiana Covington

    There could well be huge numbers of starving welfare clients as well. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Mine, powered by Science Fiction, is already getting going on that one.

  • gary2

    Michael-it is very disingenous for you to keep bashing the poor and the meger government benefits and saftey net we provide to them.

    I know bashing the poor is red meat to a lot of the audience of this site.

    You should be focusing on the number of corporations who are dependent on government handouts. Or the rich who are dependent on gov handout (ie cap gains only taxed at 15% bull*************)

    I am very dismayed at your pandering to the right wing nuts by bashing the poor. I expect this garbadge from AM hate radio and Fox but not you.

    Very disappointed. You can do better. Stop taking lessons from newt on pandering to the fringe right wing nuts.

    • Michael

      I am not bashing the poor.

      I thought I made that pretty clear in the article.


      • Craig

        You have a lot of tolerance for diverse views and even flat out lies about your positions. That says a lot about your character.

        I’ve posted on many economic boards and sports boards. The one thing you are absolutely not allowed to do is make fun of a black person or say anything critical of a black. Even if you’re not racist, you’re still not allowed to do this. This is the one area of our culture we are not allowed to have open discussion about.

    • Ben Dover

      The safety net has morphed into a hammock. BTW, how many have YOU taken home?

    • josh

      gary2 articles like this need to be written for people that do not believe that so many people are getting assistance from the government, like my father. who ironically is getting government assistance.. its just too bad i cant get him to read anything on this site. he has no idea whats really going on. you can lead a horse to water but cant make him drink.

    • Syrin

      Do you even UNDERSTAND the capital gains tax at ALL ?!?!??!

      Man youy take stupid to a new level GARY. It’s AFTER TAX dollars being spent to grow this stuff we call “capital” which is the LIFE LINE of businesses and growth. No capital means no growth which means a hppy regressive like yourself but also means everyone’s pensions tank, GDP reverts top negative numbers, like NOW, but MUCH worse, and all of society gets poorer. I know. it’s a regressive utopian dream where everyone gets poorer in the name of “fairmess” and “jusitce” because we’d rather drag people down than raise people up.

      Too bad the NUMBERS don’t support ANYTHING you are saying, but PLEASE keep posting. Let people see the true GREED and HATE coming from the regressives.

      ANYONE here think Gary is the solution this country needs? Care to see the facts.

      Hey GARY. Show the people what has happened to the economy and people’s pension EVERY TIME they have raised the capital gains tax! I can, so I am SURE you know, right? After all, we DO have this thing called history where we can actually look at cause and effect and results. I know, CRAZY STUFF!

      • gary2

        cap gains are income pure and simple and need to be taxed accordingly. This should also include SSI tax IMO.

        We already have low taxes on the rich, no estate tax, low cap gains taxes and we are still in a depression. Where are all the jobs this is supposed to create. Oh wait, the conservative trickle down is a joke and is proven not to work.

        Tax the rich hard and spread the wealth!

        • Randome-11

          Not quiet, your slogan should be taxe the rich so they stop destroying the economy.

          There is a pattern, the more richer the toffs gets = the less average people make + less total wealth for the country

          There is no trickle down, there is only trickle up.

        • @gary estate tax is a double tax .hey gary go to the store buy 2our 300.oo dollar of food pay for it start walking out the a man stops you and say’s you have to go back too the counter pay the tax again. the way you talking you would be more then happy too.

  • mark

    There will be riots. I have been saying this for a long time that the voters will not give up their government checks. I must report that last night I talked to 2 people over 65 that would be willing to give up social security payments for the good of the country. They felt that it should only go to low income people since the trust fund is broke. That makes a total of 3 people that have agreed with me that this change is needed. They also agreed with me that medicare should only cover stuff like heart attacks, lung problems, etc. Not stuff like knee replacements, hip replacments and other things that are not deadly. I guess we might change if we had enough time, but time will run out before any real cuts will be made. Any cuts that are claimed will just be a slowing of growth in the next years funds for any program. You see that all of this spending is such a large part of our GDP now that if we did really big cuts a depression would start and the riots would just grow larger. They will drive this bus over the cliff so you had better get prepared with a food storage, try to get out of debt and better yet move onto a farm or ranch while you still can. You had better learn how to grow your own food and look out for yourself because Uncle Sam will not be there for you. Since I do not think that Washington will stop spending and change, this is why I think that Mitt Romney would make a better President than Obama or Newt. He will slow down the rate of decline over Obama and manage the government better. Newt is just a hand gernade waiting to pull out his own pin. Who knows who he will take out with himself when he goes off. Ron Paul has some good ideas, but he will not win because as this blog has implied the voters will not elect someone that will make real cuts.

    • mark

      I am concerned about Obama’s speech on the cost and quality of a college degree the other day. He has aready taken control of the student loan industry. Costs can be controled by bringing down to earth the wages of over paid professors and management. The more interesting part is about the quality statement. Are the federal government control freaks going to control course content on the road to earning that degree? They have already ruined our school system from first grade through high school with all kinds of little demands written into regulations. Will federal control of higher education spell the end for this side of our education system? This is kind of like tossing a frog into a pot of luke warm water and then turning up the heat slowly. Before you know it your goose is cooked and along with the frog. This President and those that he surrounds himself with are going to control as much of your life that they can. Vote them out this November and send them packing in January 2013. Our freedom depends on it.

      • whteshark

        You want to bring down college education costs?

        Get the federal Government out of education completely. Let the states handle it without mandates or subsidies or anything else.

        What we need is a decentralization of power from Federal to states to local. This was the original beauty of the Constitution–checks and balances and a separation of powers through federalism…..that was until the 20th century progressives turned that awe inspiring document on its head.

        You know if nuts like Gary want high taxes and a gigantic social safety net in his home state so be it. Hopefully, I don’t live in the same state and I could always move to a low tax state where liberty is a greater priority.

        If the Feds would decentralize and stop with their top down, one size fits all approach and let the states decide their own futures concerning economic and moral decisions, you could end this culture war and save the country.

        My guess is with Feds spending alot less money we could reform entitlements to pay for the current generation and eventually phase them out into state programs instead of Federal programs.

        Returning the country to the sound and original principles of the Constitution is our only hope. Otherwise, it’s eventually going to be neighbor against neighbor when the SHTF.

        • Gary2

          Yeah like the liberty to eat unsafe food, not get medical care, drink polluted water.

          The size of government is not the issue but the effective of it is.

          • Scott

            Like the way the FDA ruins the milk supply?

          • @gary you show me one person in the U.S. that drinks polluted water. that is a libtard talking point.

  • Rhynn

    Yeah but these same people wheedling and crying about their hard luck take their government checks and spend them on cable TV, so they can watch debates and such and then spend the rest of their money on broadband so they can pop up on message boards and bray about how anybody saying there’s a problem is a conspiracy theorist and then mock both people and politicians like Paul that are serious about solving the problem.

    No sympathy anymore. It’s one thing if you don’t have the opportunity or mental capacity to learn and thus know better. It’s another when you have both of the former and simply refuse to acknowledge the latter. And that’s what these tools are doing in this country now. There is nothing less empathy-inspiring than arrogant ignorance from self proclaimed “victims”.

    • josh

      i am now labeled a conspiracy theorist by my parents for “not believing mainstream news”

  • davidmpark

    And what about the disabled: those with stage 3 cancer, severe traumatic brain injury, severe Downs Syndrome, and a host of other things that make working impossible? Well, we all know what regimes and dictators normally do to those folks who won’t earn for and worship the cult leader properly… eugenics.

  • tappedops

    Easy Button… print more money… wow that was easy… and if gas is 7 bucks and bread is 4 bucks, thats not OUR fault…its YOURS…

  • tappedops

    Your really killing it and your turning into a major player (grats)… take a look at this NYT global warming art…you could zap a few more thousand out of their slumber with this one… just a thought… and Thanks again for your sticktoitivness…

  • mondobeyondo

    When Big Brother (Uncle Sam, if you prefer) isn’t busy watching you, he’s busy feeding you and housing you, paying your essential bills, and helping pay for your children’s education. (You certainly won’t be able to on your own.) Very soon, the vast majority will be dependent on Big Brother to stay alive. Laugh at North Korea all you want. We will soon have our very own Dear Great Beloved Cherished Leader(s) in Washington.

    So, maybe that’s why….the debt ceiling has just been raised to something like $16.5 trillion?!? The federal government is insane. They keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

    Good thing Oprah Winfrey isn’t running for President. She’d be a socialist’s dream.

    “You get a car! And YOU get a car! Hey, you in the back row! A brand new Chevy for you! You in the second row? YOU get a car, too!”

  • When the checks start bouncing, it will all come down. The anarchy will make the riots of the 60’s look like a frat party. When there is no more gubermint cheese, they moochers will burn everything in sight.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Maimum dependence upon government is the goal of the left. The statists want a captive voting block ever more dependent upon government to provide food, medical care, shelter, and the latest cell phone. Its the collectivist plan to ensnare a majority in the social welfare system to assure continued electoral majorities in order to cement the fascistic control over the economy and fuel the war machine. And anyone who does not realize fascism is from the left side of the spectrum is an ignorant dolt.

    • Gary2

      If you want to see the ignorant dolt you need only look in the mirror!

      • mb

        Typical response from a liberal. When faced with facts that get in the way, resort to insults. Very second grade of you Gary2.

  • Lazy Ike

    The government is by indirection appropriating dollar denominated assets such a pensions to support profligate spending, much of which is wasted on nefarious projects such as wars of prevention and on Wall Street. When the dollar collapses, the dollar denominated securities will be worthless, being wiped out by inflation. The young can start over, but the older Americans over 55 who are unemployable will be destitute. It will be at that time that anarchy will spread throughout the world. The best template is Germany in 1923 when the Reichsmark was wiped out by hyperinflation. It is instructive that at that time all insurance and annuities became worthless, but the economy did recover under the new currency until the Depression hit in 1929.The US debt is comparable to the WWI debt imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles. The sooner the USA wipes out all of this debt and starts over in an organized fashion, the better, as opposed to a total outright collapse of all facets of society. The only candidate that even discusses these issues in an intelligent and informed manner is Dr. Ron Paul, a man who should be enjoying his later years in retirement, instead he has elected to represent his country in the highest tradition. He eventually will go down in history as a prophet. He knows it, that why he still trudges on. Good going Dr. Paul!

  • All i can say is that i am glad that i like many other people had the foresight to read the writing on the wall and started to take the necessary steps to prepare for what is coming down the road.A big problem that will develop is when the free handouts stop because people on food stamps are so dependent on the government to take care of them that when the handouts stop these same people are going to look to others to take care of them and this will not go over very well.Either way a person looks at it alot of people are going down and nobody can say they were not warned the writing has been on the wall for along time if they chose to be in denial of this current situation
    what can anybody say? and if they try the “well
    i have my wife and kids here approach” it may not matter one way or another because it may fall on deaf ears. Yes a economic collapse is on the way it is just a matter of time but I Will not live in the denial stage as to when it comes to a partial or full blown nuclear war that is sure to follow and it will not be a gradual decline it will be out of the frying pan into the fire. I Must leave now because The “road warrior” is on the movie channel and I do not want to miss any potential survival tips.

  • Tel

    The truth is that the American people are deeply addicted to government money.

    Any politician that proposes significant cuts to Social Security or Medicare is a goner.

    I will once again point out that Social Security is not government money, never was government money and has always been a system where the government is merely custodian of the money that is paid in via payroll tax. There was a promise made, and if we discover that it’s OK to just arbitrarily forget our promises then we no longer have a working economy at all.

    • mark

      You need to read Helvring vs Davis from May of 1937. Social Security never was yours and it has always been theirs. It is just another tax and like all taxes congress can do what they want with it. Sure FDR promised you a rose garden but in the end you are left with weeds. They never figured that the lifespan would advance to where it is today. When Social security was started the average life span was about 58 1/2 years old. It was a great cash cow for them to spend as the wanted for many years. They sure did buy a lot of votes over the years with all of their programs that the social security tax paid for. It seems that the public liked all of the goodies because they kept voting the same old turds back into office.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “I will once again point out that Social Security is not government money, never was government money and has always been a system where the government is merely custodian of the money ..”

      Sorry to be the one to tell you, but they’ve been spending every single excess penny of FICA receipts not needed for current benefits for nearly 40 years on pork. In turn DC has issued the SS trust fund IOUs. That is how Clinton & Newt claim they ‘balanced’ the budget. Now, SS is bleeding red ink and will bleed even more red ink due to the payroll tax cuts that are going into year 2. Who will make good on that huge and ever growing huger pile of IOUs? That’s right, our children and grandchildren.

    • Otown Right Guy

      The Supreme Court ruled that Social Security taxes are “true taxes, their purpose being simply to raise revenue . . . available for the general support of Government.”

      The federal government doesn’t have to give you, me or anyone one dime no matter how much we have paid in. If you believe otherwise, you are probably expecting a visit by the Easter Bunny. Government always lies, cheats and steals. You must always fight it. Do not get suckered by their nice-sounding “programs” which are always unconstitutional anyway.

  • Craig

    Like a poster said on the Mish blog, it is easier for employers to give us food stamps and other freebies than to employ us. That is especially true if the U.S. government is paying for the food stamps and freebies. I’m 55, and I went on food stamps about 8 months ago. In my wildest imagination I didn’t think I would ever do that. I’ve worked all my life, but my income was usually around 36K/year. I didn’t make enough to get rich. I’ve been out of work (electronics technician) for 3 years.

    This is also why corporate and business America has been able to get away with exporting middle class jobs to China, India, and Mexico. Can you imagine if the 25 million unemployed were starving and standing in long lines at church food banks and city food banks? There would be a rebellion against the elites that think nothing of throwing the middle class out of work and offshoring our jobs. The elites also like to import Asians, Africans and Mexicans to do the manufacturing jobs that do exist in the U.S. Most of you may not be aware of this.

    But I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that He has provided for me and sustained me. Actually these hard times have made a lot of us aware of how much we are loved and cared for. But I wish I could eat steak every now and then, but I just can’t right now.

    You do get the sense that the government spending can’t continue much longer. When the USD loses the status of world’s reserve currency, that’s when the game will be up IMHO.

  • Nick

    panem et circenses

    Bread and circuses

    It was the Roman policy of appeasement, providing the citizens with food and entertainment to keep them complacent. Food stamps and American Idol.

    From Wikipedia:

    “In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion, distraction, and/or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace.”

  • denny

    What does one expect people to do? My wife had a small lump removed from her breast – $9000 for three hours in the hospital. The gov’t paid for 70% of it because I’m a fully disabled veteran. What can we do? There are no jobs. Food and fuel keep rising. There’s always a tinge of shame connected with receiving gov’t benefits these days and I’m overly weary of the ‘christians’ who keep trying to shame people who are in no position to respond to the circumstances that the bankers, politicians and Wall St. have put us in. Screw them and Shame on all the billion and millionaires and all who want to be like them. A simple question: Will they ever have enough? Ever?

    • Craig

      They wont be happy until every last job that can be shipped to China or Mexico has been shipped–and then they will think of something they must have forgotten.

  • These are all very scary statistics.

    For example “one out of every four American children being on food stamps” scares the hell out of me.

    Hopefully we put the right people in government to try and turn things around, however every single day looks a little darker.

  • Tel

    #16 When you total it all up, American households are now receiving more money directly from the federal government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

    In theory that can actually work, but I say “in theory” because it requires that the government makes wise investments and thus those investments earn a return. For exactly the same reason that Mitt Romney can be unemployed for a year and still pull in millions, so too the government can earn interest on investments.

    That said, make up your own mind whether the US government has invested wisely. *SHRUG*

  • Craig

    Off Topic.

    If the moderator permits, I thought you all might find this interesting. Pictures from yearbooks from 1950, 1973, & 2005 showing the cultural changes and changing values in America:

    Cultural changes in America 1950 to 2012. Pictures from yearbooks online.

    Western Hills High School Cincinnati, Ohio 1950. Notice the conformity. Women all have short curley hair, and they all have to wear a necklace to get their picture taken. Women wear long shirts down to their ankles.

    Looks like it was OK to talk about God in 1950

    Science confirms spiritual faith–not discount it. Before the false teaching called The Theory of Evolution infiltrates public school. This is in 1950.

    Strong sense of American nationalism in 1950. Juan Williams would go ballistic just because they mention the cotton pickers in the south.

    Church activity even condoned in a public high school in 1950

    My high school in Cincinnati in 1973. Notice how the dress of the girls has changed so much. Now long staright hair and everybody wearing pants. The theory of evolution is alredy being taught, and legal abortion becomes law this year in 1973.

    Cheerleaders in Cincinnati public school 1973. The skirts are a lot shorter now, and girls have the long straight look instead of the short curley hair.

    Me. Sopomore in Cincinnati public school 1973

    Girl from class on 2005 Colerain High School Cincinnati. Imagine if this girl was suddenly on the campus in 1950. They would think she’s from another planet. This girl looks pretty wild to me.

    • Michael

      Great comment!


    • mondobeyondo

      Wow, have times changed! And not necessarily for the better.

      • mondobeyondo

        Guys actually wore neckties for their yearbook photos in 1950?!

    • Syrin

      Back then people believed in self reliance unlike GARY who believes in stealing from others.

  • William

    Be careful not to conflate the dole and the circus with deserved benefits. As a Vietnam volunteer and Vietnam veteran, with deployments with the USN/USMC taskforces to Lebanon in 82,82,84, I more than earned my small military pension doing things in miserable places that most would not, or could not, do. As for the small amount of Social Security I receive, I was FORCED to contribute to S/S for many decades. Yes, there is a huge problem with the unfunded liabilities facing the USA, but watch who you castigate as “receiving benefits”. I do not support, nor have I, the welfare state. No one ever paid my bills, or gave me food……

  • To “keep it real” the economy is getting worse, not better. The USA will one day end up like Greece. Simple mathematics will tell you that more money going out than coming in is not a good thing.

    I was on government assistance for a few years, but used all my free time to build my own business (using the internet to learn without going into debt with college loans to attend a diploma mill). I now earn enough with my business to no longer need any govt assistance. I am not living large, but at least I am self-sufficient now.

  • tiredofthelies

    The reason many of us are desperate is because we have been stripped of all of our assets. 3 years ago myself and all those around me were very well off–then, real estate manipulated crash of our equity and theft of our down payments, combined with an investment that went bad and now being in “clawback”, being sued by th bankruptcy court for the amount of our investment–noone ever talks about these things–WHY–it’s not just the jobs–I’m sick of the lies and cover-up. Anyone who has studied what has happened in the last few years (actually for many years)knows that we have all been conned. If and when the fraud is ever investigated and we are given back what has been stolen, then the economy can maybe recover. This article was slanted and worthless!

  • jd

    U.S. Economy,
    1776 – somewhere between 1970 and 2000’s

  • timothy price

    This article misses the fact that the Federal Reserve shipped out 16 trillion dollars to their banker friends all over the world. So what is the big deal with the US citizens getting emergency support during this amazing theft of our wealth?

  • Michael

    Being dependent from the State is a true problem !!! In FRance, at least 50% of the people are helped or employed by the State…

    It could be a security to give more confidence, but Try to get even a part-time job, and the State will take your benefits. Entreprenership has a BAD REPUTATION !!!! I am disabled in France , i receive a huge benefit from the state, that’s nice, but if i want to have a sustainable career and a true life project, nobody help me !!! i must stay disabled an receive money from the republic and have no project in life.

    It’s a true waste of money !!!!

  • Scott

    The money will never run out, that’s when the printing presses kick in. Government social programs will just be payed with worthless dollars. But the effect will be the same as being cut off, since those worthless dollars won’t buy much.



    This is the third pillar of what the amerikan people vote for, the welfare state. Any candidate in the war party (dems and reps) who promises to keep the warfare state, the police state, and the welfare state in tact usually wins. Anyone who promises to take any pillar of this trifecta away, usually loses. Ron Paul, the one and only candidate who promises to truly cut spending and the debt, is nowhere to be found in terms of the polls.

    Get ready for anarchy when economic collapse and bank holidays begin…………….

  • Annie

    There is a big difference between correlation and causation…

  • Let’s be precise here. It is more on the issue of
    Medicaid and SSI where the freebies are. That is where the real cuts belong.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, if you give me an e-mail address, I’ll forward you an e-mail a friend sent me yesterday about ” The Obama Phone “. Apparently, OWEbama and his Socialist cohorts … are supplying the ” poor ” with FREE cell phone and unlimited FREE minutes! This e-mail has a link … that shows all applicable details. I CHECKED THEM.

    However, working folks, the majority of Americans, don’t qualify for the ” Obama Phone “!

    As for me, I’ve never owned a cell phone – nor will I!! I don’t want ” the feds ” tracking or monitoring me! You know what I mean…

    • Michael

      I would be very interested in seeing that.

      Just check out the “Contact” page at the top of the site – it has a contact email for me.


      • BenjiK

        A simple Google search for “free government cell phone” yielded many results, this being the first:

        • BenjiK

          I heard about the free cell phone deal before but didn’t realize the scope of it until I started digging around. 31 states currently have this type of program in effect and the feds are pushing for 50 state compliance.

          How about this one: H.R.4010 – Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act, sponsored by Tom Udall(D)-N.M.

          And you guys are definitely going to love this: “When Comcast acquired NBC Universal earlier this year, an FCC-mandated requirement was that the cable giant offer cheap Internet access to low-income households.”

          This program was not only mandated by the FCC, a federal agency, but it also mandates that low-income families receive a “coupon” that entitles them to a new brand-name laptop for $150.

          This is just the tip of the iceberg. I challenge anyone to do a little research to see what else our government is subsidizing. Simply do a Google search of “low income assistance” followed by any service or product of your choice.

          I am in no way trying to disparage low-income households, but merely highlighting the current “hand-out” philosophy that our government perpetuates.

          I fully believe in essential assistance to those in need, but the feds are subsidizing and promoting goods and services that most of us deem as “luxuries”, not essentials.

  • newton

    At this point folks; it’s ALL just blue smoke and mirrors. The ENTIRE world economy is built on a sand bar that is eroding and the banksters
    and NWO are sucking the last of it up as we speak.

    ShadowStats says we have ( the USA ) pumped both directly and indirectly over 17 Trillion
    dollars into the worldwide economy over the last 3 years — 17 Trillion ! and yrt folks; here we are – hearing rumblings from the Fed about QE3. In other words as another poster has said; the whole thing is so shaky; they cannot back away from it at this point.

    I have never collected a days unemployment in my life & I’m 62. I’m glad I always had a good job and I do not begrudge somebody taking assistance when they need it. The problem is that too many are greedy & get hooked and never re-enter the workforce; they say things like ” why the hell should I get a 10 dollar an hour job when I make 12 bucks an hour walking to the mailbox?

    It’s a valid point & maybe I’d do the same if faced with it.

    The other valid point is our own Gov’t which is totally and I mean totally out of control. They lie about everything and every set of books is cooked. New cars sales are counted as soon as a car is shipped to the dealer ; foreclosures are counted as ” existing home sales” inflation is “adjusted” excluding food and fuel, unemployment numbers are so cooked that even the states have a hard time recoinciling with the government number and then there’s the Fed

    Who by the way is a private for profit company in the USA — that has NEVER been audited —

    How can all this work ?

    It cannot

    How long can it go on ?

    That’s the 64 Trillion Dollar question

    • mondobeyondo

      More $20.00 an hour manufacturing jobs would make people give up that $12.00 an hour government check.

      Unfortunately, the once high paying jobs are now overseas, and they are not coming back soon, if ever. That’s the price we pay for globalization…

  • Cindy

    CInderella man,

    Guess what? In PA, even when you are due unemployment because you lost your job through no fault of your own, you still can not get unemployment because no one bothers to process your claim and the phone lines are constantly busy. But they will take the taxes out of your check and the politicians will collect their pay and their lobster dinners and their jet setting lifestyles while you suffer because no one cares about your claim.

    Harrisburg is broke, so is Pontiac Michigan, so is Detroit because the states can not print money like the federal government can. It is unconstitutional.

    That is why they will not bother to answer the phone and will not even bother to process your claim because they have the power not you and they will abuse it!

  • Don Levit

    At least the GDP has increased!
    In an article entitled The GDP Deception recently published on financialsense, the author says that GDP is simply money supply times money velocity.
    The money velocity was 2.0 ten years ago. Today, it is 1.6. If the money supply had stayed the same, GDP would have decreased. But thanks to increasing government debt, which increases the money supply, our GDP has grown!
    Is GDP really that simple?
    If so, I am blown away!
    Don Levit

    • Michael


      Well, the more money there is in existence and the faster it gets passed around, the higher the GDP will be.

      So in that sense it is true.


    • William

      GDP is measured in dollars. If the Gubmint used REAL inflation numbers, the GDP growth would be negative.

  • bobbobbob

    every time i review the facts i cee how ignorant u rr. my money is on europe and china.and it will stay there unless mro wins big this yr.only then i will start big again in amerikaka!!!!!!

    • luis

      Hey respect michael you ignorant cun

    • mb

      You, Sir, are the poster boy of the current educational system. I find it amusing that in trying to call someone else “ignorant”, you prove to readers by your mis-spelled words, abbreviations,and poor sentence structure that you are in fact the ignoramus.

  • Oh, Paleeeeze…

    The entitlement dream must end. I am an RN working at a clinic. Most of the knuckleheads I see as patients are coming in on medicare/medicaid for very minor health inconveniences that they feel must be treated with the best and most expensive health care technology can buy. But they won’t consider modifying their lifestyles (smoking, drugs, drinking/eating too much) to stay healthy. Our country’s turning into a bunch of obese losers on welfare who think the government owes them a living. This country wasn’t founded on welfarism and it’s got to END. This is why we’re SINKING fast. Time to toughen up and start pulling like the rest of us.

    • Gary2

      Antenatal evidence is the worst kind. you can not draw broad conclusions from your own experience however true it may be.

      I can not understand why everyone does not already know this as its common sense.

      • Syrin

        You LIVE on anectdotal dreaming. EVERY TIME I present you with actual facts, you slither back into the shadows.

        Meanwhile GARY the facts actually SUPPORT her anecdotal evidence. It’s why you can never present an actual fact based refutation, just piss and hate.

        I can not understand why you do not already know this as its common sense.

    • TX4Life

      It was the same when we were receiving free health care through the military for many years. Because of so many people being seen for minor issues that could be treated at home, my children often had very long waits to be seen when they were truly ill. I also noticed the care providers were initially a little skeptical of how sick my children truly were because they saw so many people coming in with those minor health inconveniences you speak of. I couldn’t blame the doctors/nurses but it made me angry at all the parents that would rush their child into the clinic every time they had a runny nose. I always felt if they would just charge $10/visit the parents might really evaluate whether doctor intervention was truly needed.

    • Senator Ozmo

      I know this probably won’t get read, but I could not agree more. I work hard and struggle like many people, but refuse to accept food stamps or any other assistance. I, unlike some people, have learned to go without and have taught my children to appreciate what they have and not reach for things they cannot afford. I am teaching MY children to live within their means. Wish more people did that.


  • sabretooth

    After paying into Social Security for 45 years I now receive $1,291 a month in benefits. Boy am I living it up on all that government money.

    • crystal

      that’s awful, many people who’ve never worked a day in their life get more from welfare.

    • pisdoff

      that’s still more than what I make working in a month and the idiots on welfare are getting that amount or more with their “pay increase” children

  • shypuffadder

    There is always talk about how much the government is paying out in entitlements, but I find scant little on how much is being paid out in subsidies.

    Why should a person that can profit from their investments pay less taxes? They don’t have to dress for work, they don’t have to pay for transportation to get to work, and they certainly don’t spend hours working on these transactions. Yet, apparently the government helping the citizens that need help is a bad thing to do because they are ALL LAZY CHEATERS.

    Helping the citizens that don’t need help is completely acceptable because that is a subsidy, not an entitlement.

    Two things that are flourishing in this country are willful ignorance and unsubstantiated hatred. Yeah, I know, you know for a fact there are entitlement cheats – because you personally know many – and maybe one day you will come down off your perch and report them; but for now, gotta fill out those applications for government subsidies.

    • Gary2

      Its easier for the right to bash the poor then it is to look at the real issue corporate welfare. They would then need to accept that their entire world view has been and is wrong.

      • Syrin

        Corporate welfare doesn’t exist in a free market society GARY.

        Care to see how many members of this administration are former board members of Goldman-Sachs GARY?

        Care to see who is the single greatest recipient of campaign dollars from the financial institutions in US history, GARY ?!?!?!

        Hint: he thinks there are 57 states, forgot what year it is by THREE years, and forgot what his publicly stated religion is, AND his name rhymes with Nobama.

  • Shamaka

    It seems to be a universal truth that governments around the world seem to be undermining individuality and hijacking self reliance by using expedient government rules and policies. Noone has to have a mobile (cell) phone – its not a “right”. Similarly it is not a “right” to expect the government to support you lifestyle. If you are a single mother, the father should be paying. Why should everyone else support your desire to have multiple partners. If you have a lifestyle which exposes you to risks, you get insurance. If you have a health care system, limit the services to basic preventative and emergency services. Everyone likes to have their pet cause supported but the reality is that no government can support everyones whim.

    In Australia we have people who have undergone “gender reassignment” surgery at tax payer expense. This isnt a “one-off” expense. We end up paying for the rest of their lives as they need to have ongoing hormone treatments (and the list goes on).

    I have colleagues who seem to acquire STD’s on a regular basis. Why should I contunually pay for them? Some others have AIDS – thats a lifetime of antiviral treatments (great for the pharmaceutical companies) and now we are seeing early infectees showing signs of dementia. Who will look after them (perhaps this is why governments want to recognise gay marriage – so they can bump the expenses to the partner)

    • mb

      Very good analysis!!

      • Mad-Max

        I have to disagree. “individuality” – What is that. No man or woman is an island. Our government is a collective effort by all the people to share the resources fairly. No one wants to participate in a bargain that was not run and conducted fairly. Our government is corrupt and incapable of meeting our needs in the 21 century. It merely takes our resources and distributes them to the highest bidder. That’s not part of the bargain. No one “individually” created oil, air, land or even our genes. They belong to us collectively. Trillions of dollars and resources or given away for peanuts and we get back even less. All people aren’t stupid. They know they are entitled to more than just peanuts. And again all over the world they raise up to prove it to those who don’t understand.

        OsiXs (More Power and Technology to the People!)

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    The government of China, because America is going to collapse.

  • Gay Veteran

    Medicare is doomed to fail and will be the first Federal program to fail. It has been going up nearly 8% each year since 1980. That is simply unsustainable.

    The simple fact is that we cannot compete against China’s slave labor and lack of environmental laws. We need tariffs so the jobs will return to America.

    • Paul

      Well, China has a lot of environmental laws.

      You know, who is bribing the local government to circumvent those laws? Right, American and other foreign companies. So they can make more profit.

      China is increasing their minimum wage faster than anyone else. And companies who only pay minimum wage cannot find workers.

      China’s labor law specifies a five day working week and an 8 hour day.

      BTW, did you watch the news recently – about police beating up demonstrants? That wasn’t China.
      That is the USA.

  • Mad-Max

    You aint seen nothing yet. This country will eventually collapse because our government is dysfunctional. Some would like to blame the weak, meek and the poor because they lack the wisdom and foresight to deal with real issues and solutions. Time is running out.

    FIGHT THE CAUSE – NOT THE SYMPTOMOsiXs (Revolution 2.0 – The Smart Revolution)

  • Paul

    why not increase the tax income?

    Maybe this time getting the money from people who have it – the rich?

    China gets tax on money exported.
    They say, if you pay for a service, then the receiver needs to pay income tax. Therefore the receiver will get the money minus the tax, which goes to China.

    So, anybody taking his money out of the USA, would have to prove that he has paid all the taxes. Oh – he only made losses? Then there is no money to take out and all the money there is, can only gotten there illegally and needs to be confiscated.

  • The only thing the Obama Administration and the rest of the country have to avoid looting and rioting is welfare and food stamps. You take those away and a lot of people are going to be pissed and looking for their next meal. It is going to happen in a matter of time, maybe sooner than later. You better be prepared with food stocks and ways to protect yourself.

  • CCB

    (Simple Reply) Idle hands = idle minds = idle hearts = no productivity in all facets of life.
    This is a dangerous combination when mixed with a government that has lost control of exactly how and to who these moneys are being distributed to. Seems as if the Gov. has become apathetic. If this continues, there will be a total melt down socially and economically.

  • Another libertarian conservative nothing new here.

  • Bob Marshall

    I have often wondered how many paid into the Social Security program and die before receiving any benefits.That has never been mentioned as far as i know.

  • read the fine print on your source. The information has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable; however no guarantee is made or implied with respect to its accuracy, timeliness, or completeness.

  • Jeff Mathews

    You have done a very good analysis. It is showing the actual picture of the economy of the U.S.A. However, it is good that people are getting benefits from government schemes.

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