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17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012

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What is the second half of 2012 going to bring?  Are things going to get even worse than they are right now?  Unfortunately, that appears more likely with each passing day.  I will admit that I am extremely concerned about the second half of 2012.  Historically, a financial crisis is much more likely to begin in the fall than during any other season of the year.  Just think about it.  The stock market crash of 1929 happened in the fall.  “Black Monday” happened on October 19th, 1987.  The financial crisis of 2008 started in the fall.  There just seems to be something about the fall that brings out the worst in the financial markets.  But of course there is not a stock market crash every year.  So are there specific reasons why we should be extremely concerned about what is coming this year?  Yes, there are.  The ingredients for a “perfect storm” are slowly coming together, and in the months ahead we could very well see the next wave of the economic collapse strike.  Sadly, we have never even come close to recovering from the last recession, and this next crisis might end up being even more painful than the last one.

The following are 17 reasons to be extremely concerned about the second half of 2012….

#1 Historical Trends

A recent IMF research paper by Luc Laeven and Fabián Valencia showed that a banking crisis is far more likely to start in September than in any other month.  The following chart is from their report….

So what will this September bring?

#2 JP Morgan

Do you remember back in May when JP Morgan announced that it would be taking a 2 billion dollar trading loss on some derivatives trades gone bad?  Well, the New York Times is now reporting that the real figure could reach 9 billion dollars, but nobody really knows for sure.  At some point is JP Morgan going to need a bailout?  If so, what is that going to do to the U.S. financial system?

#3 Derivatives

Last week, Moody’s downgraded the credit ratings of 15 major global banks.  As a result, a number of them have been required to post billions of dollars in additional collateral against derivatives exposures….

Citigroup’s two-notch long-term rating downgrade from A3 to Baa2 could have led to US$500m in additional liquidity and funding demands due to derivative triggers and exchange margin requirements, according to the bank’s 10Q regulatory filing at the end of the first quarter.

Morgan Stanley – which Moody’s downgraded from A2 to Baa1 – said a two-notch downgrade from both Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s could spur an additional US$6.8bn of collateral requirements in its latest 10Q. The bank did not break down its potential collateral calls under a scenario where only Moody’s downgraded the bank below the Single A threshold.

Royal Bank of Scotland estimated it may have to post £9bn of collateral as a result of the one-notch Moody’s downgrade to Baa1 in a statement on June 21, but did not detail how much of this additional requirement was driven by margin for swaps exposures.

The worldwide derivatives market is starting to show some cracks, and at some point this is going to become a major disaster.

Remember, the 9 largest U.S. banks have a total of more than 200 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.  When this bubble completely bursts it is going to be impossible to fix.

#4 LEAP/E2020 Warning

LEAP/E2020 has issued a red alert for the global financial system for this fall.  They are warning that the “second half of 2012” will represent a “major inflection point” for the global economic system….

The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.

In fact LEAP/E2020 has never seen the chronological convergence of such a series of explosive and so fundamental factors (economy, finances, geopolitical…) since 2006, the start of its work on the global systemic crisis. Logically, in our modest attempt to regularly publish a “crisis weather forecast”, we must therefore give our readers a “Red Alert” because the upcoming events which are readying themselves to shake the world system next September/ October belong to this category.

#5 Increasing Pessimism

One recent survey of corporate executives found that only 20 percent of them expect the global economy to improve over the next 12 months and 48 percent of them expect the global economy to get worse over the next 12 months.

#6 Spain

The Spanish financial system is basically a total nightmare at this point.  Moody’s recently downgraded Spanish debt to one level above junk status, and earlier this week Moody’s downgraded the credit ratings of 28 major Spanish banks.

According to CNBC, Spain’s short-term borrowing costs are now about three times higher than they were just one month ago….

Spain’s short-term borrowing costs nearly tripled at auction on Tuesday, underlining the country’s precarious finances as it struggles against recession and juggles with a debt crisis among its newly downgraded banks.

The yield paid on a 3-month bill was 2.362 percent, up from just 0.846 percent a month ago. For six-month paper, it leapt to 3.237 percent from 1.737 percent in May.

Needless to say, this is very, very bad news.

#7 Italy

The situation in Italy continues to deteriorate and many analysts believe that it could be one of the next dominoes to fall.  The following is from a recent Businessweek article….

The euro zone’s third-biggest economy is seen as the next domino at risk of toppling after the European Union’s June 9 deal to lend Spain $125 billion in bank bailout funds. Yields on Italy’s 10-year government bonds reached 6.2 percent on June 13, up from just 4.8 percent in March. By pushing up Italy’s borrowing costs out of fear of default, investors are making a default more likely. 

A recent Fortune article detailed some of the economic fundamentals that have so many economists deeply concerned about the Italian economy right now….

The main glaring risk threats that could propel Italy down the path to become Europe’s next domino is the size of country’s outstanding debt (at €1.9 trillion or 120% of GDP); the mountain of debt it has to roll over in the next 12 months (nearly €400 billion); and the market’s cracking credibility around Prime Minister Mario Monti’s ability to reduce the country’s fiscal footprint and spur growth.

Further, fear around Italy’s creditworthiness, which has recently been expressed by near cycle highs in sovereign CDS spreads and government yields on the 10-year bond, follow some rather glaring negative fundamentals over recent quarters and years:  declining GDP over the last three consecutive quarters; a rising unemployment rate (especially among its youth); deterioration in labor market competitiveness; and increased competition for export goods to its key trading partners.

#8 Greece

I have written extensively about the financial nightmare that is unfolding in Greece.  Unemployment has soared past the 20 percent mark, youth unemployment is above 50 percent, the Greek economy has contracted by close to 25 percent over the past four years and now Greek politicians are saying that a third bailout package may be necessary.

#9 Cyprus

The tiny island nation of Cyprus has become the fifth member of the eurozone to formally request a bailout.  This is yet another sign that the eurozone is rapidly falling apart.

#10 Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to promote an austerity path for Europe and she continues to maintain her very firm position against any kind of eurozone debt sharing….

Merkel, speaking to a conference in Berlin today as Spain announced it would formally seek aid for its banks, dismissed “euro bonds, euro bills and European deposit insurance with joint liability and much more” as “economically wrong and counterproductive,” saying that they ran against the German constitution.

“It’s not a bold prediction to say that in Brussels most eyes — all eyes — will be on Germany yet again,” Merkel said. “I say quite openly: when I think of the summit on Thursday I’m concerned that once again the discussion will be far too much about all kinds of ideas for joint liability and far too little about improved oversight and structural measures.”

In fact, Merkel says that there will be no eurobonds “as long as I live“.  This means that there will be no “quick fix” for the problems that are unfolding in Europe.

#11 Bank Runs

Every single day, hundreds of millions of dollars is being pulled out of banks in southern Europe.  Much of that money is being transferred to banks in northern Europe.

In a previous article I included an extremely alarming quote from a CNBC article about the unfolding banking crisis in Europe….

Financial advisers and private bankers whose clients have accounts too large to be covered by a Europe-wide guarantee on deposits up to 100,000 euros ($125,000), are reporting a “bank run by wire transfer” that has picked up during May.

Much of this money has headed north to banks in London, Frankfurt and Geneva, financial advisers say.

“It’s been an ongoing process but it certainly picked up pace a couple of weeks ago We believe there is a continuous 2-3 year bank run by wire transfer,” said Lorne Baring, managing director at B Capital, a Geneva-based pan European wealth management firm.

How long can these bank runs continue before banking systems start to collapse?

#12 Preparations For The Collapse Of The Eurozone

As I have written about previously, the smart money has already written off southern Europe.  All over the continent major financial institutions are preparing for the worst.  For example, just check out what Visa Europe is doing….

Visa Europe is holding weekly meetings to discuss scenarios in the event the euro zone collapses, joining other companies that are preparing for a potential breakup of the currency bloc.

Chief Commercial Officer Steve Perry said Tuesday that management at the U.K.-based credit-card company meets weekly to explore various possible outcomes, including a total collapse of the euro zone.

#13 Global Lending Is Slowing Down

All over the globe the flow of credit is beginning to freeze up.  In fact, the Bank for International Settlements says that worldwide lending is contracting at the fastest pace since the financial crisis of 2008.

#14 Sophisticated Cyber Attacks On Banks

It is being reported that “very sophisticated” hackers have successfully raided dozens of banks in Europe.  So far, it is being estimated that they have stolen 60 million euros….

Sixty million euro has been stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber bank raid after fraudsters raided dozens of financial institutions around the world.

According to a joint report by software security firm McAfee and Guardian Analytics, more than 60 firms have suffered from what it has called an “insider level of understanding”.

What happens someday if we wake up and all the money in the banks is gone?

#15 U.S. Municipal Bankruptcies

All over the United States there are cities and towns on the verge of financial disaster.  This week Stockton, California became the largest U.S. city to ever declare bankruptcy, but the reality is that this is only just the beginning of the municipal debt crisis….

Stockton, California, said it will file for bankruptcy after talks with bondholders and labor unions failed, making the agricultural center the biggest U.S. city to seek court protection from creditors.

“The city is fiscally insolvent and must seek Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection,” Stockton said in a statement released yesterday after its council voted 6-1 to adopt a spending plan for operating under bankruptcy protection.

#16 The Obamacare Decision

The U.S. economy is already a complete and total mess, and now the Obamacare decision is going to throw a huge wet blanket on it.  All over America, small business owners are saying that they are going to have to let some workers go because they cannot afford to keep them all under Obamacare.  It would be hard to imagine a more job killing law than Obamacare, and now that the Supreme Court decision has finally been announced we are going to see many businesses making some really hard decisions.

#17 The U.S. Election

It is being reported that Barack Obama is putting together an army of “thousands of lawyers” to deal with any disputes that arise over voting procedures or results.  It certainly looks like this upcoming election is going to be extremely close, and there is the potential that we could end up facing another Bush v. Gore scenario where the fate of the presidency is determined in court.  This campaign season is likely to be exceptionally nasty, and I fear what may happen if there is not a decisive winner on election day.  The possibility of significant civil unrest is certainly there.

We definitely live in “interesting” times.

Personally, I am deeply concerned about the September, October, November time frame.

The other day, Joe Biden delivered a speech in which he made the following statement….

“It’s A Depression For Millions And Millions Of Americans”

And what Biden said was right for once.  Millions of Americans are out of work right now and millions of Americans have fallen out of the middle class in recent years.  If you have lost everything, it does feel like you are living through a depression.

When people lose everything, they tend to get desperate.  And desperate people do desperate things – especially when they are angry.

A whole host of recent opinion polls have shown that anger and frustration in the United States are rising to unprecedented levels.  The ingredients are certainly there for an explosion.  Someone just needs to come along and light the fuse.  We truly do live in frightening times.

Let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

  • Chuck

    Waiting for something significant to happen..
    Aside of all the obvious other sig things.

    Something massive IMO is coming but I’m prolly a gloomer.

    • Big Kahoona

      One word Chuck:


      • GaryToo

        oh no its really going down then 🙁

    • Alasha

      Obamacare stands, Ann Curry get the boot and the stock market soars! The plunge protection really know their stuff. lol

  • Rodster

    G-R-E-E-C-E……made in the USA. 😉

    • mondobeyondo

      Greece is the word… is the word… is the word….
      It’s got groove, it’s got feeling….

      (p.s. you wouldn’t get it, unless you saw the John Travolta – Olivia Newton John movie)

      Without some big-time foreign help, Greece is sunk.

      • Alasha

        Shake, shake, shake…. shake, shake, shake… shake your booty. shake your booty. lol. i had to throw that one in ‘specially since i just heard it on the radio this week!

    • Rodster

      My prediction is OdummerCare is going to create higher unemployment than what we are seeing now. I don’t have healthcare insurance and don’t want it. Now I have to pay a Tax Penalty, fine, i’ll pay it. But the question how much? I already don’t make enough.

      I had plans to buy a new vehicle for my business and finance it. Now those plans are off because I don’t know what those fines will be.

      I see other businesses cutting back on their workforce to get under the gov’t minimum of 50 or more employees before they are required to institute OdummerCare.

      Now before the Gary2’s jump in and say it serves businesses right because they should provide jobs regardless of the additional cost. Keep in mind some of those businesses will be under so much pressure they will be forced out of business.

      What’s really criminal are all the Union Crooks and Crooks the White House have deemed as friends who have given vouchers to avoid OdummerCare.

      So we are now looking at Single Payer which is where this was it’s original intent, i.e. more government control.

      The will cause the system to collapse. Hell we can’t pay for pensions, future medicare and social security. The system will implode.

      Unfortunately I feel this was done on purpose !

      So my question is what system do they plan on replacing it with? 😉

      • Gary2

        you are right on one point–we will not stop until single payer is the law.

        BTW–You do not want insurance?? are you leeching off others for your care?

        • David C.

          Gary2, I do not have insurance, nor do I want it. If you are wondering about whether I am ‘leeching off others’ for my healthcare, guess what? The answer is no. Once, I actually did have to go to an emergency room. It was expensive, very expensive. I paid a fee of over $400.00 just to register in the emergency, before any doctor saw me in any way. Over $400 to fill out some forms. No joke. Then, the procedure was very quick and very expensive as well. Guess what? I got a big bill that I had to pay. They didn’t offer to fob it off onto the public, and I would guess that had I suggested that it would have been rejected utterly. People who choose no insurance make a choice, and we ain’t expecting to be bailed out. And we sure as hell ain’t ‘leeching’. You are vile for suggesting that we do. I paid my share and then some for the care I received, and will do so in the future, if forced to obtain health care in this country due to some emergency.

      • Gary2

        the sheer stupidity and lack of any critical thinking skills in your post is stunning. I know most Americans are dumb but you take this to a whole new level.

      • Gay Veteran

        we pay twice the amount for medical care compared to other Western countries

        Big Pharma and the big insurance companies are draining us dry

      • Bona

        Go live in a bunker and you won’t need health insurance.

    • JasonS

      “Grease, is the word…It’s the time, it’s the place, it’s got motion, ”

  • snake

    its happining now people grab your guns and fight for us!!!!!

  • Graham


    “Big banks craft “living wills” in case they fail”

    NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Five of the biggest banks in the United States are putting finishing touches on plans for going out of business as part of government-mandated contingency planning that could push them to untangle their complex operations………

  • snake

    its not only usa but world wide

  • Marco

    Love the articles, keep ’em coming.

  • Otown Right Guy

    #14 Sophisticated Cyber Attacks On Banks

    Yes. That was an interesting, yet strangely under-reported story. This was probably the bank insiders stealing their own depositors’ money. They know they don’t have much longer to operate so they are filling their pockets before high-tailing it out of there.

    • Jodi


  • thom


  • Tony Lamb

    I do watch world events and I listen to what people are saying and I do know our major banks are in trouble especially with derivatives to the tune of 200 trillion dollars and we have the debt to worry about and not just the 200 trillion dollars we have committed/promised to pay but also the 16 trillion dollars we currently owe to lenders and bond holders of our National debt and State debt, city debt, county debt and the consumer debt we all have been living way beyond our means and one day we will pay the ultimate price.
    And we have not even mentioned Europe which is ready to implode economically. With Europe it’s been a slow motion train wreck and it’s a preview of what’s in store for the USA.
    You made it to 2012 congratulations, now you are on borrowed time, use it wisely
    PREPARE for what’s about to come –

  • Scott Christie

    Good article…..
    I agree that this fall will be a turning point for the world economy. As far as the USA is concerned, I believe we are in store for a huge natural disaster. The big west coast quake (Seattle or LA) will deliver a crushing blow to our economy. Time to be a prepper my friends.

    • JasonS

      Scott, Why do you think a ‘huge natural disaster’ will happen this fall? Rather than say, mid-summer or next year? Just pure guess work right?

  • K

    Sadly the October time frame seems more and more likely. With the level of anger growing daily, violence also seems more likely. No vote you can make will change anything. They have all sold out. When the history of the last forty years are written. It will be summed up with one simple statement. They choose poorly.

  • Another Richard

    By the End of 2012 the Dollar will be Dead. This will change the way All Americans live. Tho stil in use, the $ purchasing power will be cut severely – maybe in half – maybe more with an ever declining trend in purchasing power. Those whose only means of procurement of life’s needs that are tied to paper ie. the $, stocks, bonds, CD’s, etc. will see their fortune (large or small) decimated. Those on fixed incomes will be decimated. Those with pensions, 401k’s, IRA’s (notice all these are paper instruments) will be decimated. Well then what is there left that will hold its purchasing power and actully appreciate in purchasing power dramatically? Glad you asked and the answer is Gold and Silver, especially US minted coins prior to 1965 (dimes, quarters and halves). Protect yourself Now. Time is Short. The Wolf is at the door and its name is Financial Collapse 2012.

  • 007

    I truly wish what you were saying wasn’t true, but you make way to much sense. What a compelling argument.! even worse, no one seems to even try to disagree with you.

    My brother is a big bond guy with a major bank. He is scared to death to even invest in U.S. Treasuries. He says interest rates can start rising at any time. When this happens your bonds will drop sharply in price.

    It is scary and frustrating trying to find a safe place to put your money. It reminds me of the crap table. No matter where you put your money you eventually lose.

  • Syrin

    Concerned? We are a 100% lawless nation. Listen to Mark Levin DECIMATE the idiots on the Supreme Court. The regressives have no plan to abide by the law, and we are no longer a nation of laws meaning chaos will now be the RULE. Furthermore, Taxmaggedon will go into place at the end of the year, being the biggest tax hike in the history of the planet, even bigger than Obamatax/care. Health care delivery is going to get FAR FAR worse. I am amazed at how few people understand, I mean TRULY understand that health care quality will drop precipitously. I’m an MD, and the announcements made by my colleagues at lunch about what they will do to their practices over the next year STILL have me in utter dismay. I just opened a business… in CANADA. The loss of rights is ASTONISHING. They can literally decide TOMORROW to tax you if your heart rate is over 75 beats per minute or if you didn’t drink 8 8 ounce glasses of water a day. They can now take EVERYTHING you have, take away ALL YOUR RIGHTS and hell, with Nazi Roberts on board, they don’t even HAVE to call it a tax. We have NO RIGHTS!

    We are on the precipice of global financial collapse, and now this. So we will be utterly devastated economically to the point of no return.

    Hey f*** head Gary. Seen what liberalism is doing in Europe? Greece LITERALLY is starving to death and farmers are giving away food for free just to keep people from dying, hospitals are out of supplies, and there are widespread power outages, just like happened in Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Argentina, Yugoslavia and EVERY OTHER DAMN PLACE YOU F***ING REGRESSIVES HAVE TAKEN OVER! YOUR END GAME IS STARVATION AND POVERTY!

    Gratz, you just ********** this nation up the ********, but I am prepared. I have seen this coming for 4 years now and have taken steps. When I leave, YOU will NOT be able to replace my lost tax revenue and all the jobs my group of 50+ MD’s collectively created. Hope you ticks and fleas can find another host, because all others are leaving.

    • Pitchfork Ready


      I couldn’t agree more. Liberty died with that ruling. The government can force you to do anything and call it a tax to enforce it. There are no limits to government power. Obama has his domestic army now–it’s called the IRS.

      And I feel the exact same way about the Gary2’s of this country. While they’re celebrating I think it may be short lived. This decision is worse than the Dred Scott decision and we saw how that worked out.

    • JDubya

      You know that Canada has universal, single payer healthcare…right?!?

    • Liam

      Aye, aye man! Well said! A true patriot stands up to the tyranny of the blood sucking despotism of the left.

      • Gay Veteran

        so Liam, what were you doing when Bush was shredding the Constitution (which Obama has continued)?

    • Not a Docotor, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn last night!

      For a supposed Doctor, your not very smart. Where are you going? You can’t run from this BS, that by the way your generation has made into this monster. I guess you doctors are not finicially very intelligent though either, 300,000 in debt is not very unheard of for the doc’s. I can’t wait to see this supposed run into other countries by MD’s. You think they can practice medicine for more money in South America? Euorpe? Asia? Where? Come on and quit blowing smoke up our arse.

      Another thing, your not very smart if you fell for the troll Gary, he only exsists because people like you keep feeding him. No wonder the whole medical field is in shambles, the doctors are about as smart as Rush Limpball.

      They need to have a new Nuremburg trial for all the doctors out there. Prescription drugs given by these evil SOB’s has never been so deadly and on such a widely accpeted immoral & accelerated level.

      Facts against these death drug doctor dealers included in 2011

      •For the first time ever in the US, more people were killed by drugs than motor vehicle accidents
      •37,485 people died from drugs, a rate fueled by overdoses on prescription pain and anxiety medications, versus 36,284 from traffic accidents

      •Drug fatalities more than doubled among teens and young adults between 2000 and 2008, and more than tripled among people aged 50 to 69.

      So while your on your moral high ground, I hope you can see all the dead corpses your profession has left us. More than traffic accidents? Wow, I would be ashamed to tell anyone I was an MD right now. Hope the Pharma drug money helps you sleep better at night. Makes Jack Kervorcian look like an angel, in fact at least his patients wanted to die. It will be funny when they look back on this part of history as a time of incredible medical leaps and yet such an out right holocaust of patients for Doctor drug profits.

      My grandfather on the verge of death at the age of 86, told the doctors to go to hell and says the drugs are making him into a blob of nothingness and got off all of them. He was on 23 different kinds, 7 years later, still kicking it with grandma and better than ever. ” I wasn’t cured till I quit the doctor”.

      Now there are some good doctors out there that are pushed by drug companies and even their patients and the blame can be spread far and wide. But when I read this king of ignorance (especially finicial) I just wanted to go of on a MD that is supposedly telling it like it is, when his reality is far from the truth. And frankly the truth is all I have left, so I fight on. Best medical advice I was ever given, quit going down the aisles at the super market-stay on the outside(preserved high fructose food on the inside) and grow a garden and eat the dam thing! Lost 100 pounds and feel alive again! My (old) doctor had wanted me to get on a few prescriptions for my depression and the on set of diabetes, hmm both gone now, wonder why?

      • Syrin

        Hey s*** for brains. Only IDIOTS like you go around and state in the very first sentence how dumb someone is, but to top it off, your first sentence is grammatically incorrect. It’s YOU’RE, you ******** MORON. This post is so full of epic fail, it’s not even worth trying to address the depth of idiocy. ******, I could spend two paragraphs correcting YOUR grammar alone, genius.

        I saw the writing on the wall 4 years ago, something I know douche baggers like you didn’t. It’s why I have a business in the Yukon (that’s Canada, not Pennsylvania, idiot) and am looking at real estate all next week in nations south of here. hey ******* head. When I go, are you going to make up all the tax burden I pay?

        *wipes tears from eyes*

        Wow, that was funny. Seriously, I don’t know of a SINGLE MD who isn’t looking to change professions or retire. The few who are young and can’t are scaling WAY back to the point YOU WON’T SEE AN MD, and in your case, that makes me happy.

        Seriously, when you develop your cryptococcal meningitis and pneumocystis pneumonia, please, I sincerely URGE you to stay at home. Yep, we’re killing people off left and right, yet for some mysterious reason life expectancy is at all time highs, cancer cures are at all time highs, and diseases that were routinely fatal 100 years ago are now cured on an outpatient basis. Yep, you REALLY have your facts together.

        PLEASE KEEP POSTING! Show EVERYONE the depth of YOUR intellect.

        • Gary2

          Syrian–when someone replies to your posts they can not help but conclude your stupidity, and dumbness etc and say that in the first sentence. I almost feel dirty and soiled even responding to you. Put your teeth back in. They will look better in your mouth than on the night stand.

        • Gary2

          Hey syrian–why don’t you take your hand out of your pocket and stop playing pocket pool? Your mental ************** is bad enough!

      • Syrin

        Oh, and by the way, stats are easy to toss out. Do you know WHY drug fatalities are up? I mean do you have ANY clue? See, that’s the difference between the sheeple like you and me. People are now on more drugs than ever in history. They are out of shape, live longer and have more chronic diseases than ever. Our fractured and messed up system leads to people having a dozen providers each of which prescribes meds for legitimate reasons, something beyond your limited comprehension, and people end up on a dozen drugs. What a shock. But hey, I suggest you have your cardiomyopathy managed by your pediatrician since that’s the smart thing to do. Oh, and cars are safer than ever and SURGEONS now can save people who would have died a mere 20 years ago because the medical field is that good so what a surprise, car mortality is down. Yeah, whoops, even YOUR OWN stats are bogus when the actual figures are analyzed rather than spouted out like a mindless Obamabot. Enjoy the Kaposi’s, I’m sure you worked hard to get it. (those in the medical field are laughing their butts off at that last sentence).

        • Gay Veteran

          wow Syran, what is your problem?

      • GaryToo

        careful, your blood pressures rising

    • Great

      The sooner ************ like you get out of my Country, the better. GOOD ********** luck in Canada too with THEIR health care system. YOU are in charge of peoples health? ********** me.

      • Great

        COMMENT WA FOR SYRIN if you didn’t know!

      • Syrin

        Do you honestly consider that a legitimate reply? See it’s idiots like YOU who show up in the ER high on 4 different drugs with no insurance, no job, and a rap sheet a mile long that makes practicing medicine such a joy. You pay NOTHING into the system, but bitch at those who pay for everything. You probably weigh in excess of 300 pounds, and can’t hold a job at Taco Bell because you’re under qualified, but yeah, I’m the problem. See, when the shift to tyranny takes place, they still need me. YOU are the first to get killed off. History is never the friend of you regressives. I’m sure you’re well versed on the transitions that took place in Zimbabwe, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany etc. (had to catch my breath I was laughing so hard at the thought of you reading something besides captions to internet porn). See, you IDIOTS who put these people into power are the first to get killed off. They no LONGER NEED YOU! You are what we call a societal parasite, and when the tyrant takes over, everything becomes much cheaper when there are fewer parasites to feed and take care of. You’re only useful when they need your vote, but once they no longer need that you are expendable. I’m sure you are familiar with the Khmer Rouge (still laughing my ass off). Yep, I TRULY and SINCERELY hope you get to see the full effect of Obamacare on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE. History will show us who is right, and I KNOW with 100% certainty it won’t be you.

      • Syrin

        For those following this thread, this is the prototypical regressive response. Brief, angry, threatening, factually devoid and virtually incoherent. It’s like a trade mark.


    • Syrin

      Well since I have to catch a flight at 6:30 am to go south to look at real estate, one of you intellectual giants will get the last word in! Yay morons! I predict it will be a whopping three sentences or less, have at least one form of lol, in caps, in it, will be factually devoid, threatening, bitter and full of piss and hate. I’ll look like Nostradmus. So when I move out, and still make as much if not more income from Canada, who will tend to your cryptosprodia? Even better, which 40 of you are going to pool your money to make up for the lost tax revenue you parasites can’t ever seem to take enough of while contributing nothing financially, intellectually, morally or spiritually? Yeah Omarxama is really going to have a tough time justifying your existence in a few years, just like all tyrants before him. Seen Greece? They are literally astarving to death, running out of medical supplies and power. Guess who they’ll decide DOESN’T need to be fed? Hint, it rhymes with shmyou.

    • Gary2

      mark levin–right wing d-bag imbecile.

    • Gary2

      syrin–if you are a doctor then you are a doctor of ************.

      I owned you on an earlier post.

      Did you get the orthopedic shoes so you can stand corrected?

      MD my ******* you could not run a paper route. Like I said doctor of ******. Maybe an MD in burger flipping.

    • Gay Veteran

      hey Syrin! we’ve been a 100% lawless nation since Bush the Stupid was appointed president. Remember illegal wiretaps, our War of Agression against Iraq, kidnapping, torture,etc.

      what WTH were you doing from Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2009? applauding Bush like a trained seal?

    • Gary2

      syrian–stop prescribing yourself Oxycontin and wean yourself off it. You may then be able to say something smart.

  • Hey Michael on the header of your web sight,there is a picture of a storm,Do you remember what month it was taken??? Also what do the 7 stars mean?

    • Gary2

      the 7 stars mean that there are 7 stars. duh

  • salvadordaly

    I am being a bit sarcastic when i say this, but, lets just get this ****** on! After todays SCOTUS ruling I am begining to get fed up. I am not 100% prepared, but when will I ever be?, I think what will come out of this world wide collapse will benefit anyone who has prepared to some degree. We have all been backed in a corner and it is time to unleash the fury that is within all of us. If you do what is right and justified for yourself and your family, “Lord be with you!” I have a hard time (way to often) trying to worry about everyone and their welfare, ******** it I am sick of it. that is the exact reason we are in this mess today. I can not take care of everyone, and I refuse to do it any more. If people can not take care of theirselves, than I am sorry! I am not going to be their support any longer. Just a rant but that is how I feel!

  • Omar

    Good points, great citations. At age 25 in Miami Florida, it amazes me how clueless the young people here are, the beach especially, with tourism, has only slowed down slightly. None the less, to those with sense it’s evident that no one from here actually has any money, or prospects. Its all the newly affluent brazilians, russians, and french buying everything up and being snoody about it. Anyways…where can I get one of those nifty “panic” buttons?

  • davidmpark

    We ran on our bank today. Kids thought it was another Christmas; and were crestfallen when I explained what was going on and no puppy.

    This is happening too fast for us. Time IS running out to get ready. Was hoping for at least another two years.

    Prices are up everywhere from two years ago:
    Lumber prices have doubled; a 1X4 was $0.98 +tax each, $1.99 +tax today. 80 lbs. cement has gone from $4.78 +tax to $6.89 +tax. Food is insanely high around here – the generic-brand milk I bought tonight is $2.79 +tax from $1.55 +tax. Metals have skyrocked; Plain stainless steel rods were in the $2-3 range now goes for $8-9. Copper is way high from cents to dollars now.

    I agree on September/October/November being a terrible time. Get prepared before August 30th just to be safe.

  • paul

    “What is the robbing of a bank compared with founding a bank?”, Bert Brecht

  • imnotoldjustolder

    Michael, I just listened to you on the TruNews. My question is this, I have a meager Roth IRA stockmarket fund and I am considering cashing it out. I don’t have a lot of savings – I sent you a msg before (I am the single mom whose son had cancer which devastated me financially so I am rebuilding). I have a small amount going into a 403B, as well. I don’t have a lot to work with. Pls advise. Thanks for all of your help. I read your column daily.

    • Michael

      Good to hear from you again.

      I don’t give specific financial advice (for a while lot of reasons), but I think in general now is a time to be very safe and conservative with your money.

      Personally, I would rather have my money in an emergency fund that I could use to pay my bills than in U.S. stocks which could plunge rapidly if a financial panic strikes.

      But that is just me. 🙂


      • Great

        Hope your son made out ok with that. I went thru same with my mother.
        I just wanted to add to what Michael said, that you also need to talk with a CPA maybe, about any tax consequences, or penalties you may have to pay if you cash out. In the end, this has to be YOUR decision, as it is YOUR money, and we can guess what is happening, but we can’t be sure…. or we’d all be wealthy!

        We have true wealth when we have health and people who care about us, and us them. Hey… one can hope huh?

        • imnotoldjustolder

          @Great – thank you for your input. I did speak with my tax preparer who basically said that if I don’t HAVE to take it out I should leave it alone…. very confusing when you read everything going around about an imminent economic crash. You are right, though, our good health (including my son’s) is priceless.

      • Proftel

        Michael não dá dicas, esse aqui fala:

        Creio que já passou o tempo, agora é cada um por si.


    • CatNap


      I was just talking to hubby this morning after he got off the phone with our 401K company sending in a cashing out request. We’re taking a big hit to get our money out now. The way we see it: You have all your eggs in one basket if they are all in paper. I mean ANY kind of paper.

      What we have done and will do with our 401K money: diversify! Gold, Silver, Food, Supplies, Some Cash, Clothing in sizes up for our kids, etc.

      I know Michael can’t give advice, but I have no qualms about it.

      When you see smoke, there IS fire!

      P.S. Michael-
      I’m sorry I doubted you. Forgive me? ♥

      • imnotoldjustolder

        CatNap – thanks for your reply. I am feeling like that is what I should do, as well. It isn’t a lot of money, but moving it seems like a big step for me because I am alone in this. Then to add more doubt the stock market cranks up 277 points on Friday…

        • CatNap


          I know what you mean about the stock market teasing you.
          But it’s not like you can’t still invest in it in a few years when possibly we see the light at the end of the tunnel we’re heading into.

          (If there is even a stock market then, that is.)

          Follow your gut instinct is my best advice. You know your risk tolerance. Prepping isn’t any different than buying stocks. You’re just betting on a different come.

  • dreesja

    Who is the author of this article?

  • paul

    Companies still make profits and pay dividends to those who don’t work for their money. Money is still plentiful.

    • Great

      For now… and let’s hope it stays that way. The outlook is for VERY stormy weather at the least.

  • Sally S.

    This is alarmist conservative hyper-money oriented BS! It ignores the way communities are coming together in cooperation, collaboration and innovation. Capitalism has run amok and is collapsing – we all know that! It is an opportunity to finally bring equality to our communities and envision an economy that works for all, instead of a select few. Life on Planet earth is ever changing and with the artificial economy that has only served a select and exclusive few this is our opportunity to bring about much needed changes … let’s dispense with the exclusivity, discrimination, racism, sexism that has supported this artificial system and bring about the world that will support our families and communities in a truly just, happier and more supportive way …. and we can do this without guns, weapons, murder and war – we can do this with love, understanding, unity and love ….

    • Pitchfork Ready

      Go to hell, Sally, and take your socialist/communist tripe with you.

      • Gary2

        ah yes another insightful post from a conservative…NOT. Sally has more brains in her little finger than every conservative on this site.

      • Gary2

        thats right if a conservative can’t understand something they resort to calling it communism or socialism. Conservatives are so ******** stupid.

        • uncurable wound

          Proverbs 26
          As a dog returns to its vomit,

          so a fool repeats his folly.

          12Do you see a man wise in his own eyes?

          There is more hope for a fool than for him.

          • Gary2

            yeah I would describe conservatives as dogs and vomit. Good point.

    • Great

      Oh yeah Sally…. NOLA came together GREAT fater Katrina…I eapseically liked the old lady getting beat up by the Police who wanted to take her 22, and the cops who killed the guy on the bridge are pillars of the community…

      No…No…. don’t worry anyone…. all is well.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Sally go round the roses. I’m all for peace, love, harmony, and understanding; but you are either 18 or still believe the summer of love is real.

    • Ian

      Sally is actually right…you guys are deadly incorrect. There is one force that rules the universe and governs everything, That force is love. The planet is bringing forth an opportunity for us to surrender and realize we have ALL been greedy little piggies and we need to cooperate in the coming years or we WILL destroy ourselves.

      This is not a time for stocking up on guns and ammo and cowering in fear and continuing the mindset of ” ME, ME. ME SCREW EVERYONE ELSE”

      This is the time of the “second coming of christ’ and that means the christ awakening within all of us, and those who refuse to let in this universal love and work towards a harmonious world WILL BE DESTROYED.

    • Graham


      Consider substituting your choice of word “Capitalism” with “Corporatism”. There is a distinct difference. Perhaps what is ultimately required is “Capitalism.. with a sense of social responsibility, ethics and moral value”. This would create a fair “balance”.

      On the opposite side of the coin you have Socialism, Fascism and Marxism. Under such systems, the elite stupify society for their own material gain, so it doesn’t work either. Capitalists are creators, but greed has to be seriously tempered. Does the planet have infinite resources to feed unfettered consumerism? No.

      The problem on this planet has been brought about by “radical divisions” in people’s thinking. Most of that thinking is based upon what is termed as the “egoic state of consciousness”. What you are seeing just now is a rapid rise in individual and collective awareness to the systems that are in place to manipulate and control the global population. How free a person are you, or for that matter everybody else? See through all the illusions!

      Study the elite very very closely! A socialist, fascist and/or communist type regime is their ultimate desire as it delivers further control into their hands. As you can observe through the financial collapse, they can alter any market they wish to suck the wealth right out of it, leaving the middle class “struggling”. Where did all their wealth and savings go?

  • Sally S.
  • I have watched my country being destroyed, I am heartbroken. I am now a dangerous man………….

    • Gary2

      then you should go piss up a wet rope dangerous man

  • tappedops

    Mommy… Billy said colladeral defalt swap again…

  • tappedops

    credit defalt swap—sorry…drivs on the brain…

    And whats all the panic about… ever seen a real western where you have to live and die by your gun… theres no right or wrong… no rule of law…kinda like america…

  • mondobeyondo

    “May you live in extraordinary, incredibly interesting times”…

    Yes, I’m worried. Not scared, at least not at this point. But very worried.

    Okay everyone, let’s get back to listening to “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5. You love that song. You know you do! Heh.

    • CatNap


      Good Times Roll by the Cars is the theme song that runs in my mind.

      It’s a catchy little tune when you’re getting your rock ‘n roll hair brushed.

  • Tore

    Hello from Norway
    Scary forcast..
    Who is behind this impressive blog?
    I am a new reader, and find it wery interesting, and will “spread the word”

    • Michael

      Good to hear from Norway!

      My name is Michael and I am the author of the articles on this site.

      I try to keep a low profile and let the information do the talking, but sometimes that is hard to do. 🙂


  • BFH

    How can any sane person deny that the end is near with all the preponderance of evidence at the forefront? The evidence is simply over whelming yet some are so ****ing stupid they cannot or will not see it.

  • bojangles

    Love this article, I believe you may have the timeframe correct. Good article.

  • JAH666

    It does look like “Fall” is going to have a double meaning this year. I’ve talked to many that just want to have ‘one more nice Summer’… They don’t say what comes after that ‘nice Summer’ but they seem to instinctively expect something bad. Not a gambler myself, but mid to late September could be the point where the events begin to accelerate in this slow-motion train wreck we call human civilization.
    Everyone keep an eye open for more “trigger-events”, like mass-scale terror attacks, Scott Christie’s huge natural disaster scenario, a mass exodus of wealth from the US (that gets reported), or some other fast trend that scares the sheeple into awareness. When the sleeping sheeple awake and panic, that’s when the REAL trouble will vastly increase.
    Keep your prep up to date and your ear to the ground!

  • DEFCONStudios


    Let’s not forget about the Buildup to World War III and the strategic positioning of the Geopolitical chessboard. Israel is getting ready to strike Iran before the November elections and both Russia and China have issued ultimatums about Military action against Iran/Syria constituting a direct national threat to their subsequent governments.

    NATO is also preparing for Military intervention in Syria and it’s a question of time before it happens. The Worldwide Geopolitical situation is currently very tense and is eerily familiar to that of the 1930’s.

    As Economies Collapse Governments are preparing to go to War.

  • William

    This is not difficult to understand. The Illuminati Khazar NeoCons got scott free away with attacking America on 911, causing an unnecessary and illegal war based on LIES, thoroughly corrupting the banking and financial activities of the world, and totally subjugating the US Congress. When these Satanists realized that most Americans are BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS, they decided to accelerate their timeline for domination of the world a good bit, given their successes in the past 20 years, and most importantly, in the last 10 years. Now, the final push will come….probably in Sept or Oct of 2012. Maybe another false flag attack with a mini nuke, blamed, of course, on Iran. This will unleash the total destruction of what Americans thought were their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. If you do not believe this, you do not know who Cass Sunstein is, or what he proposes. There is little hope. The US government, particularly the CIA and FBI, has thoroughly infiltrated by these NeoCons. The rule of law in America, always somewhat shaky since 1787, means less and less each day. This is what you supported in national elections since 1992. This is what YOU want. But, when the jackboots kick on YOUR door, it will not be so funny. Of course, these Satanists have a lot of experience in the destruction of a nation. Research Genrich Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich, Lavrenti Beria, Moses Utitsky and Felix Dzernzhinsky. Do you know why TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER has not been translated into English and sold in America??

  • Big Brother

    Agree With Omar on this one.. Young adults (24 here) have no idea what is going.. They are consumed in the Social Media World and can not get there heads out of their iphones. Great article

  • Cinderella Man

    Several things to factor in here… a possible false flag event at the Olympics, Today on the Alex Jones show he interviewed a whistleblower that said the security could be compromized and a possible bio-weapons attack could occur, the west is on fire and who knows what kind of damage this could cause at summer’s end… with the sun at solar max this year the potential for hurricanes to be bad this year goes up… the Obamacare decision this concerns me more than europe this is the deathblow to the fragile jobs market i will count myself lucky if I have a job next year…a war before the election, if Uncle Ben cannot print us out of a downturn before November to counter any bad news from europe (which there will be) then Barry Soetoro just might greenlight a war in Syria or Iran…the results of the election (if there is one) could cause rioting in the streets whether its Obama supporters angry that they lost or people that hate him and want him gone decide that their vote is worthless and its better to use bullets instead of ballots! The board is set the pieces are moving to quote Gandalf whatever happens this is going to be a bloody red summer. “Blood on the streets in the town of New Haven blood stains the roots of the palm trees of Venice, blood in my love in the terrible summer bloody red summer fantastic LA, blood screams the brain chop off my fingers, blood will be born in the birth of a nation, blood is the rose of mysterious union blood on the rise come following me.” – Jim Morrison

  • Eric

    You are wrong. The US economy is showing signs of recovery, particularly in the housing sector. With today’s announcement that the EU central bank will provide loans to struggling banks, the Euro crisis shows some signs of resolution. The financial markets have strongly reacted to the upside. There is a debt crisis, but the world’s economy will mend over time. That is the bet that is being placed by the free-world’s governments. Your posts are way to one-sided.

    • Another Richard

      Eric, the Truth only has One side. The other side is a Lie. Think about it.

    • uncurable wound

      Oh eric…..Whats the point
      Stupid is a s stupid does!

  • Old Tired Marxist Tripe

    The government will save us! Everything government touches turns to a solid gold bar. They love us and care about us so much. I’m so excited about paying more taxes and being forced to buy any product or service the government orders. Have you seen how cool the president is? This is the golden Hopetopia comrades, don’t be down or depressed a glorious future awaits.

  • Tony Lamb

    Panic was in 2007
    Now it’s time to crawl in a hole and cover the hole.

  • D Hall

    Stock up on guns and ammo. With these you can get anything else you need in a world of complete anarchy. Some people will stick up on food and water. I call those people “pantries”. When ever you get hungry grab your Ak47 and take a walk to the “pantry”.

    • Rain23

      We call people like that “robbers” which is why most homes with pantries also provide for self defense. The raider/gang mentality works right now because people generally go unarmed and are not expecting them. Once things go bad that will change rapidly. Those who try to take instead of work will not have the protection of the courts that criminals have now. You will be judged by the person whose property you just invaded. No reading you your rights and giving you 3 hots and a cot plus access to a lawyer who makes endless appeals. Do you really think most preppers are not aware of people with your strategy? Might want to reconsider.

  • Bart

    You could be completely wrong in your forecast by underestimating the will of TPTB to keep this musical chair.. Japan has been dragging their crisis for more than 30 years and still surviving.

    • Another Richard

      Bart, the TPTB has a Plan and an End Game. The game of Musical Chairs Expires on 12-31-2012. We are Not Japan.

      • bart

        We are better than Japan, we can print money and Japan govt can only depend on their saving. Trust me, there will be no collapse in 12-31-2012. Bernanke and his entire team of ivy-league educated elitists know how to drag this as long as you live.

        • Another Richard

          I’m sorry Bart, I can not Trust you. That would be the same as Trusting the TPTB. That is a losing game for everybody. I’m sorry that They do seem to have you or anyone Trusting Them. The losses will be Horrendous by the End of 2012. Trust me, the Financial Collapse of 2012 will be Greater than you or Anybody who currently Trusts the TPTB will be able to ever Recover from. Right now You have a Choice, when the Finacial Collapse occurs in a Few months – You will Not have time to choose a way out, because it Will happen So Suddenly and it wll Sweep away what ever Paper Fortune you have at this present time. I urge you Bart to reconsider the Information contained in this article and take steps Today to protect yourself Now.

          • Bart

            We have been hearing about the coming economic collapse from all these gloom and doom amateurish blogs since 2009.. Nothing else catastrophic really happen.Again end 2012 is going to be another year. In fact, the US economy, US stock markets and USD have been strengthening against most countries since Obama took office. You have to trust this black man is our savior. We have been performing much better the rest.. We have been saved from the 2008 depression and destruction ..Nobody can deny this fact.

  • Dave in TN

    Though I will not vote for either Obama or Romney this November, I do not put it past Romeny and his billionaire overlords to attempt to trigger a market crash in order to tank the economy before the election. Narcissistic multi-billionaires and their chosen servants have little or no allegiance to the country or to the people they impoverish.

  • AssHat

    My arms are getting tired from making all these shotgun shells.

  • Kyle

    I’ve said it before, probably have to say it again, we are completely **************.

  • Nam Marine

    Anyway you slice it……the End Days are here!

  • Alvin

    Good night Matilda, last one out turn off the lighs

  • CinnamonGirl

    About that 9 billion JPM loss……the very afternoon it was recanted on CNBC as not being that great.
    However I have read others saying that if JPM said it lost 2-3 billion, you quadruple that as being the real amount.

  • jayhawk

    The Godless of society wanted the Godless in office. They got a minor variation instead. They’re called luciferians. We reap what we sow.

  • CinnamonGirl

    Hey…are those Jamie Dimon’s eyes at the top of the page glaring at us?!

  • Steven L.

    Most of the people I talk to are still into recreation and that America is too powerful, too smart, and too massive to be hurt by anything. Even people that receive pensions think they are retiring for 30 years at 55, and laugh at any crisis. Where is this grand crisis? It Never ever comes. America still moves forward in power, and it cannot be stopped they say.

  • TexasRedNeck

    Yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling by Roberts may NOT have triggered the doom and gloom so many people seem to think.If you can focus long enough to actually read what it means and the far reaching effects it will have you might see what it PREVENTED.
    The man is where he is because he is VERY intelligent, maybe even more so than most of us.

    • TRN, Justice Roberts purposely and intentionally flubbed the Presidential Oath of Office to which BHO would have promised to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States only he didn’t so the oath had to be re-sworn to at the White House in private out of the public eye and public awareness(no journalists or correspondents allowed). Yeah, he’s one smart dude all right, but it has nothing to do with his intelligence.

      • Oh and just to be fair, BHO should’ve won an Oscar as BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR for “his” role in the affair…

  • Ranchers wife

    Everything that I have seen and read points to this time frame, and like Scott believe we are in store for a huge natural disaster with the all earthquakes and fires. I’ve have been prepping for about 4 years but still don’t feel I am ready, but I guess every little bit will help. Just wish I could convince the rest of my family to do the same. Although I have stored a lot of beans for them.
    We are in for some scary times.And most people don’t even see it coming.

  • Proftel
  • Nadine

    I enjoy reading your articles. I think it is interesting what is going on the the world, and for people who are Biblically literate, we know that the end times are approaching.

    God PROMISES protection for His people during the end times and during famine.

    Instead of worrying about stockpiling supplies, we need to be focused on living God’s way of life, obeying His commandments, and going on to perfection which means developing godly character–mainly LOVE.

    The Bible clearly states–one can have all the prophecy and knowledge in the world, but without love we are NOTHING.

    • Michael

      Yes, those who understand the Bible have a much better idea of what is coming than those that do not.


    • r.bitting


  • Nancy

    I’ve had it on my heart for some time now that the next 6 months will be worse than the first. It’s all BY DESIGN, which makes it even sadder. The “Globalists” want us to THROW UP OUR HANDS in defeat, that is one of their MANY GOALS! Let those SATANISTS come and get me, I have a MUCH HIGHER POWER on my side!!!

  • Tobias

    First of all, Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.

    It is a scientific fact that these brutes (the American populace) must be governed by a sovereign who treats them based on the Laws of Nature: like animals – the herd is incapable of thinking or rationalizing what is in their best interests.

    According to English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679), the sovereign has several important functions: he decides all issues of right and wrong, importantly, without any external reference to religion or political argument – this is the essence of sovereignty. There is no standard above sovereign’s decision, no divine law, no human rights, no moral rights that could annul his decision. This should be so in order that all disagreements among (groups of) subjects be cut short. He can decide anything at all, rules of arithmetic, meaning of words, etc. The sovereign also punishes, including with death, those who disobey in order to make agreements possible and enforceable (in contrast to the situation in the state of nature).

    Summarizing: Americans are indeed a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue.

  • mile

    not to call it a tax…like not calling house price inflation, inflation in order to rip off savers…wass funny in the 80s

  • DAWN


    • ScoutMotto

      There is no need to use capslock so much.

    • Cinderella Man

      good point we can read caps lock is dumb

    • Gay Veteran

      no Dawn, you only want YOUR religion in schools

    • mondobeyondo

      wow… are you doing that reverse e.e. cummings thing or something?

      (fyi, if you don’t know – typing IN ALL CAPS is considered “screaming” online.) And the poet e.e. cummings wrote nearly all of his works in lower case letters. as far as i know. hey, who am i to say? i prefer walt whitman myself.

  • I’ve been hearing this empty rhetoric for the last 15 years. Crash the thing now and get it over with. The same dribble every day is old.

    • Great

      @Ron………….. or is it MO-RON? The word you want is drivel, not dribble.

  • IMHO, this article explains, more succinctly, or concisely, what is wrong in America:

    Why the Middle Class Is Doomed

  • bill

    With all its faults, The United States is a nation of survivors. It survived the biggest military power in the world marching in and burning Washington D.C. to the ground in 1812. It survived a civil war that took more American lives than all our other wars combined from 1861-1865. It survived a depression from 1929-1939 that brought the world to the brink of ruin. It survived a world war from 1939-1945 that tried to change the political future of all people into some awful, backward, place. It survived a cold war from 1947-1989 that, through a minor miscalculation, could have unleashed a nuclear holocaust capable of sending the planet into a modern dark age. Today we’re engaged with trying to survive uncertain political and economic times in what should be a golden age for Americans. We can let fear win out, becoming a nation of every clan for itself, or we can together roll up our sleeves and move forward. Deciding problems are too big, our government too corrupt, our political viewpoints too extreme, and our future some pre-ordained plot, are major steps towards surrendoring to collective hysteria. The old saying, if you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem, rings true. We can boldly walk into the future, or we can meekly try to side step the present, hoping to weather the winds of change as they blow down the house. By being too afraid to tackle the problems other generations took on, we might actually bring forth the dire conseqences so many predict. We’re Americans, and thus we have a feeling from birth of being somehow special and blessed- Two powerful feelings that have always united us across a broad spectrum of people. Should we ever lose this, we have lost all. For those who wish to retreat and start anew, the vision you offer is not American, but some new thing of uncertain outcome. I, for one, would rather live and die an American, building as those who went before me have, towards an American future.

    • Great

      Great Speech…. what is your plan for doing that? ( last line)

      • Art

        Hi, I too am a patriotic American, and a veteran. I love this country. You overlook the deception of Satan. He is the ruler of this world. Praise God He is Suprerme control. Satan is ruining this country so bad God has no choice but to destroy it once and for all. The only thing that lives forever is people, either in Heaven or Hell, by free willl it is their choice. This country is doomed. Hope can only be found in Jesus Christ.

        • Dingo

          Empires do collapse after doing terrible things. Jesus was nailed up on a cross to die by the Romans. He was not very charitable to the money lenders, was he? Are you really still hoping 2000 years and 200 million murders later that he will magically come back to life and save this empire?
          Just practice what he preached.

    • Jenna Thomas

      Bill, you have spoken like a true nationalist. People like you may understandably chose to die here. Others, like myself, who have young children, would rather not sacrifice their children to a nation that is run by a corrupt government and has no future for them. I cannot consider myself a nationalist before my role as parent and provider to the children God has entrusted to me.

      • Rodster

        Beautifully put Jenna. I feel the same way. This Country is finished. It’s going the way every other world power has gone in world history. Just like Ancient Rome, this Country became more and more corrupt, was infected with liberalism and progressiveness. We do need a Global Collapse to right the wrongs and get back to basics.

        The Country was run like an Empire instead of a Business. Which is why we are being schooled by China. At one point in time we were like China. We made things, sold them and if you did not have the money, we loaned it to you. That’s how we became the US.

        Now we have become a Nation of vagina’s, sorry but it’s the truth. Everyone likes to scream they want their fair share and you have the Oligarchy in power who cow-tows to the losers and the complainers.

        I look after myself first and foremost and the Country comes last. When you see the crap that is happening in Washington with the Attorney General and the Fast and Furious scandal and how the left wants to cover it up, it smells of corruption.

        I’m sorry but when I see that along with the assault on Christianity, the embrace of Islam and the OWS losers like Gary2 along with the wreck less debt we carelessly pile on. It all points to one thing. It’s happened to every other super power.

        These are all signs of a Nation in decline and on it’s deathbed.

        • 0UTS1DER

          Progressionism and liberalism isn’t the death of the US – you’ve been living outside of your means since the 70s – actually everyone has been except you were too arrogant to admit it, and still are trying to preserve the status quo.

          Don’t you see that the last 30 years has just been the top 1% of this world consolidating their power?

          Both of your political parties are 2 shades of grey, and you don’t realise that both of them just play off your left and right sides whilst they laugh and continue with their plans.

          You’ve piled on a debt that is completely impossible to pay back under the current system. And even if there was a chance, the US economy is never going to recover. Why? Because there’s no jobs, they’re all overseas. And what about the massive elephant in the room – peak oil? It’s more than likely already happened, and the recession is just hiding it.

          If you want to save your country, you need to wake up and realise that both sides are useless for you, and that the Occupy movement, and everything it stands for, needs to be nurtured, cultivated and developed.

          Educating your masses to realise what is going on, to throw away this materialism, is going to be key, or one day, soon, you’re going to wake up a third world country, literally.

    • nowwthen

      What evidence do you have that the coddled Americans of 2012 even remotely resemble American adults of 1989 and years prior? Look around at the spoiled cell phone toting, texting, interrupting self esteem addicts our progressive culture and relativism based educational system has spawned. Do you see any resemblance to their ancestors – Americans capable of the sacrifices necessary to achieve the wonderful life we have enjoyed over the past half century? The self centered populace led by the self aggrandizing governance has over the past 23 years led us into a financial, moral and cultural latrine that we will probably never escape from.

      • Kev

        nowthen nowthen,to quote the late not-so-great Jimmy Saville,we have the very same problem with our spoilt,entitlement obsessed narcissistic youth here in the UK.Complete waste of food and oxygen.

    • Ian

      I agree with Bill. Our best days are ahead of us if we quit this constant doom and gloom crap. Put away your guns, roll up yours sleeves and get to work as a nation again and quit living in fear of others. We are all art of the same human family and we need to stop acting like babies and start maturing and evolving or we will not survive the times ahead.

    • GaryToo

      ohbummer can cut and paste that for the next state of the nation adress. YES WE CAN!

      • 0UTS1DER

        If you’re from Australia, try stringing together a legible sentence.

        You’re giving us a bad image

    • Louis Cipher

      Great speech, and you’re right. But I for one am still preparing for the very worst, while I live my life like that day will never come.

    • rdknight

      What are you talking about WW2 alone killed 50 to 70 million people-that is a hell of alot more than the Civl War Moron!

      • DavidH

        He said Amricans! He meant Americans only! Before anyone should comment you should read and understand what has been said before you jump. Please!

      • Karen

        rdknight, the key word is AMERICAN lives. Your 50 to 70 million deaths in WWII were not all AMERICAN lives.

    • Willi

      Nice speech and I think a little simplistic. I admire hard work whether by builders of skyscrapers or by slave field workers. Work, especially hard work, is good. While we are rolling up our sleeves, remember, there are people who constantly try to both centralize power and position themselves to wield that power. Besides rolling up our sleeves, we need to reaffirm those basic principles upon which were founded and by which we created the most magnificent nation in the history of the world. Europe was once great and mighty as is/was the U.S. We have drifted away from first principles. So before we continue in our misdirection with our bare arms and fists, let us refresh our principles and hold our leaders to the tried and true, the posited and proven, that we inherited from our genius founders.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    The game is over, but some people are making very good business.

  • Dianne

    Do any of you even consider that the REAL end is near, where you will have to make a decision for hell or heaven? Why take a chance with what is coming. Trust Jesus as your savior now, tomorrow might be too late.

    • David

      I,m with you Dianne the future is in Jesus trust Him and believe in Him and what He did for us all on the Cross.God bless You

    • Nathan

      Amen to that. The only hope for mankind is the return of Christ Jesus. First he will remove all from the earth that call him Lord. After that, God will send judgments upon the earth for 7 years. After the 7 years, Jesus will return to the earth and set his feet upon the Mount of Olives in Jersalem, once again. Last time he came, he came as a servant and a sacrifial lamb. But the next time he comes, he will come as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Only Christ can set the world right again. I can hardly wait.

    • Jennifer B

      Amen to that

    • YES….THE REAL END IS NEAR. Repent…turn from you sins (If you cannot figure out which ones you did wrong…Read Win Worley book: Curses & Soul Ties/Binding and Loosing 9 – 11 Biblical Curses. You were born a sinner from Adamic human race line. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23) He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life & he that believeth not the Son shall not see life: but the wrath of God abideth on him. John 3:36 Whosoever confesseth & forsaketh them (his sins)shall obtain mercy. Prov 28:13 By grace through faith you are saved. Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy we are saved Titus 3:5. THE WRATH OF GOD IS HERE BY EXTREME WEATHER AND THEN BY AN ATTACK IN THE US FROM WITHIN. WHY IS USA NOT DISCUSSED IN BIBLE END TIME? BECAUSE IT IS DESTROYED. Whosoever confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord and God hath raised him from the dead shall be saved. This will open your mind to God’s Truth. Read the KJV bible today and let the Holy Spirit show you God’s love and provision no matter what happens in the USA. Only revival of the soul and mind will heal our land.

      • rdknight

        Yea and the end can drag on for another 100 years easy, the Anti-Christ hasn’t risen into power yet so the end is not that close. What your seeing is the beginning of the end!Read your Bible so you actually know the truth!!!!

        • DavidH

          True….the way is being prepared. When I was much younger I always wondered how an antcChrist could come to world domination. You can’t get the republicans to agree with democrats how is a antichrist going to get nations to come together. Now I know….we will come to a financial collapse which will bring us to our knees. He will bring the world false hope then the end will come. What a terrible time this will be for the unbeliever!

      • Dingo

        what’s the god got to do with it? religion poisons everything. it becomes a club to beat others with.

    • Marylaura

      I’m with you Dianne! This is a very exciting time for the folks that Trust in Jesus and God. Wake up world, but mainly believe and stay strong everyone!

    • Stanley

      Jesus said in revelations that many of us will be taken in a flash of light followed by red sky. Nuclear blast with the red sky being fallout?

      Of course the ones that remain will suffer in a nuclear holocaust.

      Since the dawn of man, from Alexander the Great crucifying 1000 people at the same time just to make a point, from the middle ages and the Spanish inquisition torturing and killing people in the name of God, to the sociopath’s like Stallin, Hitler, etc.

      P.S. in every basic religion it basically states be good to one another and don’t kill each other. So, in every major religion “the believers” kill one another in the name of god. Hey, it’s not my religion, you’re the fools who believe in it. Can’t you read? The bottom line is man is basically stupid and history repeats itself.

      It’s just a matter of time before we have another sociopath in power with our new technological weapons and the USA napalming 1 million women and children in Japan during WWII will look like a picnic.

      Armageddon is appon us. You should all reach around and kiss ur own @ss good bye.

      Don’t take life to seriously, or you’ll never get out alive.

    • speakingnvowels

      **************** people! yes, that is the solution to all of america’s problems… turn your eyes and trust to the invisible man in the sky who is going to descend to our wretched planet to free the righteous souls and teach the rest of us a lesson! rubbish! learn the roots of your religion, of all religions, before you act like the blind leading the blind to a life of effortless chaos. your religion is based off a game of telephone from the 12 scribes of ancient egypt and ur, popularized by an imperialistic leader known as Constantine- who saw an opportunity in taking a cult from the catacombs with a fear based doctrine of the unimaginable. christianity itself was just another ploy by a politician for power and control, in the illusion of caring about the greater good.

      open your eyes people! if you truly wish to make a difference, start with your family. how many of us know relatives who are apathetic or ignorant to our nations current and upcoming trials? start at home, speaking to them about the issues with the factual support readily at hand to prevent resistance of the truth. we are all here on this page because we are truly concerned about what is to come because we have seen the forest for the trees. if we all start at home, pretty soon, every household will become socially aware. and that my friends, is the foundation of a revolution!!!

      • julie

        NOPE sorry man isnt going to fix it in all of his sin– the cup is full its past the rubicon- there is no turning back — its Jesus or you perish sorryyyyy

    • Karen

      All you who laugh at those who believe in Christ might want to reconsider your standing with Christ. If I live my life with Christ, happy and secure in His love for me, and in the end I am wrong, what have I lost? Nothing. However, if you live your life without the hope that only Christ can give, you live each day criticizing others for their beliefs, and in the end, your wrong. What have you lost?

  • Jay Williams


    Very nicely said. Something most of us agree with. What do you suggest we do to save America. It is time to confess we need GOD’ S help and then follow his instructions. With GOD’S help it is time to become part of his solution. He is sending us messages, let’s listen before it is too late.

    • David

      Hi Bill, you took the words right out of my mouth God bless you Bill. America and the World turn back to God before its too late to do so.

  • Bob

    Greed has destroyed this country and the world, plain and simple. It will never be the same. Big corporations own the government. It don’t matter who you vote for, things always get worse for the working class. Corruption is everywhere in government. Wall Street is the biggest gambling casino in the world and the games are all rigged. The only thing left that will fix the problems this world has is an extinction level event.

    • People, do not give up on capitalism. Greed has not infected everyone. The root cause of our troubles lies with the New World Order. These are the secret societies that JFK spoke about so eloquently in 1961. He was aware of who they were. The crisis is being manipulated to bring about their sick prophesy. Watch Keiser Report, Collapse, Capital Account, read about the transition movement. Move your money out of big risky banks. Put it in local and regional credit unions. Learn how to live more energy efficiently. Tell your friends and family. Write Congress. Eventually, we may all need to occupy the halls of Congress to force them to act responsibly.

      • Mind Candy

        Except that what we’re experiencing now isn’t capitalism. Capitalism implies risk if you fail. When major corporations and leveraged individuals can hedge both sides of the market so *they* win no matter who else loses, that isn’t capitalism.

  • Gold Price Chart so beautiful it will make you want to lick your screen. Updated live in 26 currencies:

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  • shypuffadder

    A lot of people want to move to Canada because of the health care law. The question is: Will you be back in August to get your health care reimbursement? Most health insurers are charging 40-60% for administrative costs and are now required to reimburse all administrative costs above 20%. The checks must be in the mail by August 1… either to you or to your employer depending on your plan. If it goes to the employer, the employer will then distribute the money. But if you oppose “Obamacare,” be sure to make a statement and return your portion of the refund. Also, going to Canada would be a wise decision. They have very good, inexpensive health care. Along the line of what we are trying to build here. You’ll love it!

    • John S

      And on the plus side, we no longer will have millions of Canadians coming to the U.S. for health care rationed or simply unavailable in Canada.

    • Gary2

      these retarded right wingers want to move to Canada over Obamacare. They will be in for a surprise as they truly are more liberal that the US. We need to be a lot more like Canada

      • Prepping for the Future

        Move to Canada you worthless crybaby progressive liberal. But your kind never does move. Gary you professional cry babies just want to ruin this Nation I for one can’t wait until 2014 when idiots like you well have to pay for all the hidden taxes in the Health Care scam. Then just maybe you can open your eyes but you a worthless progressive and too stupid to figure out where all the new taxes are coming from and you will blame it on the new President.

        • Bona

          Funny… That sentiment exactly describes Conservatives during the last election cycle.

          @Prepper, you sound like another ignorant Republican with a sharp tongue and no solutions. I got news for you… no matter who is elected, liberal or conservative, we’re all in for a bumpy ride and this collapse has been building for the last 30 years. Stop listening to extreme hate conservative radio and get out of the bunker.

      • Karen

        We should be more like Canada? If Canada is so great, why are Canadians coming to the US for health care and commodities?

  • Jay Williams

    I am not sure what you mean by moderation. Maybe more amplification. We need to demand that our representatives in government do what is best for the US. We do not have time for party politics. Following each election, we should immediately recall any politician who backslides on his promises. It is time the people take charge.

  • Lynn

    Very well said, Thank you!!!

  • Amilcar

    I’m from Portugal, and I’m very afraid about this, since the bailout our salaries have been cut by 30%, the unemployment has reached to imaginary levels. People doesn’t have money, the millions we received is only for paying a debt for banks and powerful people.

    Is this the end of the world ? is this the prophesied upcoming of the new economic order ? the anti-Christ ?

    • Karen

      Amilcar, I do believe we are headed into the end times for this world. If we put all our trust in Christ, He will protect us and see us through till He comes back to take us home. I have found a website that has brought me so much hope and comfort – Please go to this site and be blessed.

  • David

    The great depression will look like the roaring twenties in comparson to what we are facing. Maybe 1 in 10,000 has any clue as to the sh#tstorm on the horizon. Imagine civil war, the American Revolution and WWII combined. Add to the fact that the dollar will be worthless and you are looking at mass famine that will make Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ small and insignificant. If you are not already stockpiling food, weapons and ammo, along with gold/silver…it’s probably too late for you. I lament that my children will have to live through the hellish nightmare that is about to become America. We’re done for.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      I agree that the upcoming crash will make the depression of the 1930s mild in comparison. IMO, the differences between the 1930s and today are that in the 30s 50+% lived in rural areas or small towns, and many knew how to grow and preserve food; while today a large majority live in or near metro areas and have no knowledge/experience with being responsible for their own, most basic, needs.

      • CatNap


        Not only that, they had a moral base that curbed a lot of despicable behavior that is standard fare today.

        You know, that’s what scares me most. The lack of a conscience in 50% or more of the population. 🙁

        It’s literally going to be “dog eat dog” soon!

        I pray for a heart un-hardened to the pain.

        • dan

          back to viking times haha im ready, lock and load


    I see the bad moon arising.
    I see trouble on the way.
    I see earthquakes and lightnin’.
    I see bad times today.

    Don’t go around tonight,
    Well, it’s bound to take your life,
    There’s a bad moon on the rise.

    I hear hurricanes ablowing.
    I know the end is coming soon.
    I fear rivers over flowing.
    I hear the voice of rage and ruin.
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    Don’t go around tonight,
    Well, it’s bound to take your life,
    There’s a bad moon on the rise.
    All right!

    Hope you got your things together.
    Hope you are quite prepared to die.
    Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
    One eye is taken for an eye.

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    There’s a bad moon on the rise.

    Don’t go around tonight,
    Well, it’s bound to take your life,
    There’s a bad moon on the rise.DAMN CCR SAID IT BETTER!!!!!!!!!!WATCH!!!!!

  • David

    I can certainly appreciate Bill’s point of view. The problems are almost overwhelming, but not insurmountable, with enough discipline and wisdom, and God’s good help. Ultimately, there is always room for optimism wherever faith in the Lord Jesus Christ exists. Moreover, fatalism (in any form) is a poor (in fact, very dangerous) ideology to invest a lot energy in, although I recognize we also need to be realistic about the problems that we sinners have collectively created.

    So, here’s a list of things to do… (you may choose to add more points):

    1) just as entangling alliances led pre-World War One nations over the brink to war, so, too, do global agreements compromise sovereignty, leading to entanglements that no single national government can break from from to EVEN EXPERIMENT with ways to solve basic issues. Break some of these, starting with the WTO, and IMF agreements.

    2) Dissolve any and all Central Banks whose very function debilitates national sovereignty with needless globalized debt. How in the world did we ever give financial institutions the capacity to lend to nations? Dumb. Dumb. DUMB!

    3) Declare a Jubilee year for the poorest. Cancel all outstanding mortgages on single-family residences smaller than 3,000 square feet (or some other similar number). This will do more to “stimulate” the economy at the grass roots level than a dozen TARPS and QEs.

    4) Recapture sovereign governments’ ability to print their own national currency, yet forbid them constitutionally to run a deficit.

    5) Find a way to reign in multinational corporations at the national level. Having many of them grow to such size that they can manipulate not simply small countries, but large ones as well, starting with their parliaments, is extremely dangerous.

    6) Recognize that systemic evil is just an extension of individual corruption. Without a commitment to righteousness in the system (judicial, governmental, commercial), we will auto-destruct. Insist, therefore, that legislators enforce the law, not just write new ones.

    7) Make it possible for people who love righteous behaviour to impact others. There is no sense allowing young people to never hear a Christian speaker inside a public school, for fear of Church-State separation. The separation of Church and State was intended to keep denominational influence from becoming THE corridor for attaining secular power. It was NEVER intended to shut faith (much less righteousness) out of public life, which is what it has become.

    8) Pray hard for revival, because when the citizens of any country become too proud, they’re due for a humbling…

    • Jeff Stratton

      Right On! You are the only one with a right heart!

    • Nathan

      I wish a revival was coming. But my gut tells me that is not what is going to happen. I believe the Lord is using this period of time before the time of the Tribulation begins. He is separating the sheep from the goats. Many people in our society have rejected Christ and the principles he stand for. Many of us still hold true to the Christian faith. Jesus is watching us, sifting us, testing us. He wants to see who will accept his mercy and who will reject him. Someday soon, he will evacuate his church from the earth, to save us from the tribulation that is coming upon the earth. Those who reject Christianity will think they won a big victory. They will, all of a sudden, have the world they always wanted: a world without being accountable to God. But they forget a big truth: you don’t get the blessings of God without God. Once God removes his spirit, the blessings end abruptly. So those that rejected Christ will inherit a world without God for 7 years. And for 7 years, God will reign judgments upon the earth. But the good news is that Jesus will return to the earth after the 7 years, to set up his earthly Kingdom. Jesus will rule the earth with justice, mercy, and integrity. Those of us who call him Lord now, will return with him to help him rule the earth. The meek will inherit the earth. That is what I look forward to. Amen

    • Gay Veteran

      “…There is no sense allowing young people to never hear a Christian speaker inside a public school, for fear of Church-State separation….”

      oh, so then it’s ok for them to hear a Mormon speaker, a Muslim speaker, a Hindu speaker, or a Wiccan speaker?

      oh that’s right, you only want YOUR religion in the public schools

      • xander cross

        About time someone finally pointed this out. Imagaine if they allowed everyone from every different faith speak, Michael would be very uspet and write an article about it.

      • Jay

        Hey Gay vermin, since when does Islam, Wicca or any of the other false religions guarantee freedom of speech, the right to peacefully assemble, freedom to believe in God and worship Him accordingly or anything else that America was founded on? Read what the founders said about America being founded on Christianity and the Bible. Then maybe you won’t ask such foolish questions?

        • dan

          christianity is a joke

          • Jay

            dan, a joke you say???
            As the old saying goes, “You can laugh your way into hell, but you can’t laugh your way back out.” Only Jesus Christ can save you from the flames. “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

    • Sue

      Why cancel people’s mortgages? What about those of us who pay rent and do not have a mortgage? We did not buy a house and overpay. We have continued to rent, continued to watch our small business go downhill, yet we are supposed to bail out those with mortgages? Why, so they can sell their houses later on and make a killing. It is stupidity like this that really gets to me. Let’s give to some and screw others. Yes I just love that way of thinking.

      Even today with Fannie Mae’s HomePath financing on REO’s they took away the requirement for an appraisal so the suckers are just lining up to overpay and outbid each other on an REO that needs work.

      My husband and I have been hanging on by our fingernails for almost 6 years. I am tired. I have nothing to look forward to. No hope that things will turn around. Yet I should be OK with giving someone else a free ride. Too bad I do not share in the posters sentiment to just give people things.

      Hey Michael you should write an article on how people are still making stupid mistakes in housing.

      • Michael


        That is a good idea. I will have to rattle that story idea around in my head. 🙂


      • Karen

        Better yet – buy within your means. I bought my home 14 years ago and paid it off 7 years ago. I now have a home to live in and no mortgage to pay. If more people lived within their budget, we wouldn’t be have the problems we see today.

        • CatNap

          I agree.
          A “dream house” is a “nightmare house” if it’s not paid for.

        • dan

          you are right about that

  • Harry Hydro

    Bill, some 7 million people died during the 1929-1939 depression. Today, a depression will big several magnitudes larger with deaths 10x-20x the 1929 depression figures. With total collapse less than 12 months away, what solutions do you have to turn things around in say the next six months? What bold walk do you subscribe to the 350 million Americans that have less than 3 days food on hand as they sit and watch American Idol. Not being able to pick out Greece on a world map, they quickly turn to their favorite TV program and wonder for a moment if they can pay the mortgage and the boat payment this month. Like the Texas Rangers of old, “one Ranger, one riot,” I hope you use your American Spirit to stop the riots in your town. As for me, I plan on being a phoenix, rising up out of the ashes to build a new America.

  • Proftel

    Wow! Sem bloqueio!


    Onde está meu comentário?


  • Proftel

    Michael, grato, apareceu aqui.


  • Proftel


    Abaixo do Equador há gente que pensa e tem as mesmas impressões que você apresenta e de outros aqui concordam pode crer.

    Instinto bélico há em qualquer ser humano.

    A grande diferença é que nosso Governo não gasta com armamentos, investe em bem estar da população mais pobre.

    O Brasil olha para seu umbigo.

    Os EUA se consideram o umbigo do mundo.

    Aí está a grande diferença de concepção.



    • Ameen

      Bem dito, well said!

  • DMyers

    What I have concluded about 12/21/2012 is that it is more a convalescence of natural events and evolutions than it is a metaphysical moment. A large number of vectors are converging at that time. They emanate from a common source, the exhaustion of what has sustained us. In Spenglerian terms we have exhausted the culture from which our civilization grew. At the same time, we have exhausted our physical abundance. The exhaustion of our most essential elements of being is about to reach a crescendo in 2012. Humankind has followed its instincts to a certain end point. And if we repeated the whole thing a thousand times, at least 900 of those would turn out the same.

    • Gary2

      look the myans could not be all that smart if they were wiped out by 50 Spaniards and some small pox. I can not believe anyone believes that 12/21/12 crap. I think on that day I will drop an extra job creator or two in the toilet.

      • davidmpark

        Technically, that wasn’t the Mayan’s the Spanish encountered – the Mayan’s pretty much killed themselves hundreds of years earlier by practicing collectivism and human sacrifice of the best for the sake of the worst… literally. They were death worshipers just like today’s Progressives and Far Leftists.

        The Conquistadors encountered the Aztec’s in Mexico and the Inca in Peru.

      • GaryToo

        for the last time? so they were not smart enough to secure obamacare for theselves and free vaccination.

      • Macnasty

        50 spainards and small pox killed the myans,why don’t you see how many people died from small pox!!!! don’t go away mad just go away

  • tappedops

    Carefull with the word ashes… “And on its ashes…, they will build, A New World Order”

    • Jay

      Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, if the Lord don’t want ya, then the devil must.

  • captain obvious

    I feel sorry for anyone still clinging to a failed two party scam or who believes “representatives” give a rip about you or the constitution whether they are demopublican or republicrats.

  • Iceland has shown the entire planet how to fix it. No one is paying attention.

  • Daniel

    Why don’t you tie a cinder block to your waist and jump into a lake? End your misery as well as all those you’re trying to scare the crap out of.

  • David

    I would like you to consider and judge what I am about to say. This year, on February 29th, a man died in Washington, D.C. His name was Wade Taylor. I believe he was a spritual leader of the Lord’s armies. I believe this office today is distinctly different than in Isaiah’s day. For one, there is a distinction between political and spiritual leaders. I ask you to consider Isaiah 6. In the year King Uzziah died. This was a marker not the reason for the unprecedented visitation from the Lord. The door posts were moved, the house was filled with smoke. There was a great visitation from the Lord with accompanying conviction of sin, repentance, sanctification, a calling from the Lord and a response to that calling.
    It is possible this will be the year of unprecedented visitation, and this was the considered opinion of Rev. Taylor. Not a worked up visitation but the real thing, not of the will of man but of the Lord. If that does happen, I would be very concerned because what followed this in Isaiah 6 was the desolation and destruction of the nation. Take a look at this passage if you please. Thank you.

  • Stop the maddness

    One thing that was very odd about Friday’s stockmarket rally was the new touted that the markets had responded favorably to the good news out of Europe that the banks had put together a great plan to save Europe.
    What’s so strangly familiar to us history buffs, is tbat the same thing happened right before Black tuesday Oct. 1929, the markets had reacted favorably that a cotortion of bankers had invested into the failing markets to shore them uo. And that once again the stockmarket had been saved. But soon acter the markets had been stabiluzed, the bankers withdrew thier money, and the marmets crashed forever known as Black Tuesday, 1929, Scarey to think that The Central Banks around the world are playing the same game today.
    And if history serves us correctly, the next market crash, most likley in the second half of 2012 will lead to wbat some have been calling the greatest depression to hit the world that it has ever known.
    Billions unemployed, left homeless and starving.
    Boarders closed in every country.
    Imports ba.ned and protectionism enforced.
    Immigrants brought in during boom times will be rounded up sentenced and deported for causing falling wages and stealing precious jobs.
    No we are not quite there yet.
    But buckle your seatbelts it is going to be one SCAREY ride.

  • CJHames

    While I don’t disagree with your overall premise that things are going terribly wrong (both economically and morally), your statement “Every single day, hundreds of billions of dollars is being pulled out of banks in southern Europe …” is extremely inaccurate. It’s not even close to that.


  • Ron

    A Peculiar People

    “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.” Titus 2:13-14. Messiah Jesus has purified and taken unto Himself those who have said yes to Him – a “peculiar” people. The Greek word translated into English as peculiar is “periousios”, which in today’s vernacular means “possession”. So as Jesus purifies unto Himself a “peculiar people” He’s actually taking them as His possession; they are His. In other words we who have been redeemed are God’s possession, His “peculiar people”.

    Since God communicates with His children through His word should we consider any portion of His word as insignificant or of having no bearing on the lives of His “peculiar people” today? Certainly not. We learn how to live our lives and interact with others through His Word. When we read verses that seem to be specifically speaking to Israel (His chosen people) in many cases the application can be viewed as a parallel to that of God’s “peculiar people” today. From the very first page of the book of Genesis to the last page of the book of Revelation God’s principles never change.

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14. This verse is used by many who wish to invoke God’s providence on a nation that for all intents and purposes has turned its back on Him. Some Bible teachers and theologians dismiss this particular verse as irrelevant since they believe it was meant solely for the Nation of Israel. In truth the principle of this verse is universal.

    “If my people which are called by my name”. Jesus is the Christ, in the Greek this word is “Christos” and it has the same meaning as the Hebrew word “mashiyach”, which is translated into English as Messiah. Both the Hebrew and the Greek words mean Jesus is the anointed One. God entered His creation and became a man, the man Jesus Christ. He did this so mankind, who had been separated from Him because of rebellion, could be reconciled to Him. Those who believe in Him are referred to as Christians; which comes from the word Christ. His “peculiar people” have always been called by the Title placed upon Him.

    Throughout the Old and New Testaments our God is One God. Jesus is God and we, His “peculiar people”, are His whether we be Jew or Gentile. When God initially spoke the words “If my people which are called by my name” He was speaking of the Nation of Israel. Today we can view those words as being just as relevant to us, His “peculiar people”, as John 3:16.

    “Shall humble themselves”. God’s desire for His children is to be humble of heart. We are not to be abusive, rude, cruel, or arrogant toward our fellow man. As we walk about as ambassadors of the King of kings we put on Christ and walk in the spirit of love just as He walked. At least that’s the idea. There are numerous distinguishing aspects to the Christian life, but it seems humbleness could use some extra attention.

    “And pray”. When it comes to our communication with our Creator, the essential ingredient is prayer. Prayer is continually promoted throughout both the writings of the Old Testament and New. Christ’s Ekklesia is admonished to be in constant prayer. Prayer is our way of communicating our thoughts and our desires to God in a very personal way. But corporately we can all be participants in a prayer that resonates across the land in which we sojourn. “When my people will humble themselves and pray…I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.” God wants to be involved in our lives, especially when our lives reflect His glory. This world is not my home, but until I get to my eternal home I must make the best of the place in which I sojourn. I don’t know about the rest of you, but invoking God’s help in that regard seems prudent to me.

    “And seek my face”. This part of that particular verse from second Chronicles is the most important part in regards to just how much we desire to grow in the Lord. Seeking God’s face is foundational in our walk with Christ. Here’s a little test; how much of your time, or better yet how much of your most “valuable” time, is spent concentrating on your God and Saviour, Jesus Christ? Where is God in your daily routine? Do you have a priority list of the most important people, places, and things embedded in your mind? Is God simply a floater, never knowing exactly where He fits in on that list? In these days of hustle and bustle it seems many Christians have notched God down on their priority list, in fact so far down that He’s no longer visibly on that list. When we become His possession He no longer stands at the door of our heart and knocks; He takes possession of what has become His and dwells within our hearts.

    If you’ve ever heard the expression “I’m not a practicing Christian” you’ve heard someone admit they want nothing to do with God. God knows the heart of every man, woman, and child, He knows who loves Him and who doesn’t. God knows His possessions better than we know ourselves. He knows if we are truly concerned with continually drawing closer to Him, or whether we are simply giving Him lip service. God would surely love for His children, His possession, His people to want Him as much as He wants them. “But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me:” Psalm 40:17a. What the psalmist is saying is that the Lord is always mindful of us, He esteems us, and He regards us as His own possession. Should we not be just as mindful of Him?

    “And turn from their evil ways”. If God’s “peculiar people” who are His possession, will humble themselves, pray, and seek His face, and turn from their evil ways. Whose evil ways? Yes my brethren, when we view this passage as being relevant to our own lives, we realize that God is not addressing the lost. It’s our evil ways from which He wants us to turn. These God breathed words were given to call His people, the Nation of Israel, back to national repentance. Even though Israel rejected God’s call to return to Him, there is no reason to think that God abandoned this concept. By all means God is calling His “peculiar people” back to national repentance. Just like the Nation of Israel, His “peculiar people” (Christians) today have gone astray.

    Since we are assured our God never changes, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.” Hebrews 13:8, why are some folks opposed to Him declaring the same promise (2 Chronicles 7:14) to His “peculiar people” just as He declared to His people (Israel) over 2,500 years ago? God gave the Nation of Israel the land in which they were to dwell. His “peculiar people” of today sojourn not just on one particular piece of real estate but globally. In America, a land that initially was sought as a refuge, a place where Christians could be free from the tyrannies of other nations, kingdoms, and the erroneous doctrines of the Church of England and Rome, we can see God’s mighty hand being the catalyst that brought the pilgrims to America. As America falls farther into the abyss of immorality 2 Chronicles 7:14 becomes more and more relevant.

    Even in a land that parallels that of the land of Israel with a similar stiff-necked people who have turned their backs on their Creator, God is still working. He’s calling His “peculiar people” back to Him when they stray. In regards to America which claims the majority of her inhabitants are Christians, God’s calling His possession back to a national repentance. But God won’t wait forever, and while we are in a state of godlessness He may send judgments upon this nation in order to get our attention. Some of the catastrophic events of America’s past history may well have been meant as attention grabbers.

    God’s “peculiar people” today are called to action – zealous of good works. At its inception, America was established on God’s inerrant word and was subsequently dedicated to God. Over the years since the Pilgrims came to this land America has, as a nation, turned her national corporate back on God. If indeed God’s “peculiar people” are plentiful in this land we must be the ones to initiate the return to Him.

    Will His “peculiar people” come into corporate national repentance anytime soon? Doubtful. For the most part corporate and political America want nothing to do with God, and many of His “peculiar people” have prostrated themselves to the god of this world. “At this particular time in history it’s God’s children who are standing in the way of what God would prefer to do with America.” – Chuck Missler.

    God’s redeemed must first turn from their wicked ways. As believers in Christ, we must stop embracing all the foolishness, and sinfulness of this world and turn away from the wickedness now permeating our land. The humanistic worldview is not for Christians. This foolish embracing includes compromising our faith, blatant apathy which has infected much of the Ekklesia of Christ, and of course the trap of biblical ignorance that so many Christians fall into these days. We must grasp God’s doctrines with renewed zealousness, and promote Him and His doctrines as though our lives depended on it, because in truth our lives are dependent on Him, we are His possession. We must shun this new attitude of political correctness, and when it comes to compromising the Word given to us by our Creator we should form an impregnable block wall in the face of those who would have us fall in line with their evil ways.

    “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:” Revelation 3:17. This verse addresses the Ekklesia at Laodicea but it fits well in describing the current trend of the Ekklesia in America today. For many years now Christians in America have stood idly by as this nation as a whole has continually appeased the evil one. Over and over again we have chosen the “least” of the evils that are continually presented to us for our national acceptance, when in fact we should never have chosen even one evil over another. We should have been resolute in our faith, always standing strong acknowledging and promoting God’s ways as the only choice. If you’re looking for someone to blame for the current state of affairs in America today, look to the compromising, the complacent, the silent Ekklesia.

    God promised to heal the land of Israel – He will heal any land where the populous corporately turns from their wicked ways and seeks the face of their Creator. This truth is evident when we read that God turned from His wrath against Nineveh, a Gentile nation established by Nimrod. When Jonah showed up at their doorstep and proclaimed “forty days and your toast” (I’m paraphrasing of course) that generation of Ninevites corporately repented and was spared God’s judgment. Can this happen in America? Absolutely. Will it? Not unless and until we who are God’s “peculiar people” (Christians) realize we must be the instigators.

    “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9. God cleanses us because He is faithful and just. We can count on God’s faithfulness. Seeing how far America has digressed as a Nation (having been founded on biblical morals) and how some 85 percent of her populous currently stake claim to being in that category of His “peculiar people”, it’s obvious He can’t count on ours. “Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8b. Good question.

    God bless you all,

    Ron Graham
    All original scripture is “theopneustos” God breathed

    My eyes are still giving me fits, please continue to pray for me. Your prayers and gifts are greatly appreciated. If Holy Spirit is leading you to send a gift of support, please send it to Ron Graham – 96 County Road 5480 Salem, MO. 65560. Thank you my dear brethren, God bless

    My past commentaries are archived at the following link
    If you’d like to be on my email list to receive the commentaries just drop me a line and let me know.

    • dan

      wow what that take 2 hours?

  • Eamon

    The intellectual and vastly-more-important moral bankruptcy of the US and the formerly-civilized world is the main reason for all of the above. Yes, temporal pain of an unspeakable kind and degree is dead ahead, but we have merited it by our utterly God-less lives. Merely-temporal adjustments cannot help us now; only a purging of the disordered affections of our hearts can right this sinking ship. We will not like it, but we will reap what we have sown. Godspeed to all who read these words.


    • Michael


      You are right – it was just another can kick down the road.

      I think I might write about that tomorrow.


  • GSOB

    The wet blanket statement is very fitting.
    I’ve been outlining a bugin and bugout plan

  • Christoper

    To all of those who believe in a GOD and this ridiculous “end is near” nonsense. I as well as many others can only hope to welcome you back to Earth where, in reality, we need to make our own positive changes and not passively sit back and observe because some mythical creature in the sky is going to take care of you and your family over and above others. If you feel as though fairy tales compel you, then please go watch Snow White at the theatres or maybe build a bigger chimney so Santa Claus may bring you extra goodies next year just to keep your spirits a bit higher. In the meantime, please read Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion” and stop infiltrating good productive posts with nonsense such as that – it is what harms great Countries.

    • Michael

      And you need to read “The Magic Man In The Sky” and “Discovering God“.

      People should believe in Christianity because that is where the evidence will lead them if they are willing to have open minds.


      • Har


        You should take the outsider test for faith.

        IF you are so confident of your christianity put it to the test…Look at your religion with a skeptical-critical eye as you would look at the other religions you dismiss.

        The bottom line is christianity is a delusion. The evidence isnt there or its contradictory.

        I enjoy reading your articles because you obviously have a financial background and I share your concern about this country.

        This country has many of the problems you describe with financial system AND we could see some serious hard times ahead.

        BUT…when you beat the christianity drum it just makes me shake my head. HOW can you believe such nonsense!?

        Take care.

        • Michael


          I have studied the evidence for Christianity for over two decades.

          To me, it is mind blowingly apparent that anyone that approaches the evidence with an open mind should come to the overwhelming conclusion that Christianity is true.

          So why don’t more people believe? Well, I have also found that most people end up believing exactly what they want to believe.


          • r.bitting

            Michael, ever notice how every time somebody on this or your other blog ( The American Drewam ) attack the christian faith and call it nonsense, they never seem to present their beliefs and the evidence to sustain that belief. Theres a reason for that, they don’t have any evidence to present, thats why they don’t mention what it is that they believe, because they are afraid that they will be asked to present the evidence of their beliefs of which they know there is none. I can’t tell you how many times on your blogs i’ve asked someone who’s attacking my faith in Christ to present their beliefs and the evidence to support their beliefs and I have never had a response to this day. You are correct in stating that they believe what they WANT to believe, because it allows them to justify their behavior.

          • Michael

            Yes, I always thought that if I could just show people all the evidence they would believe, but I have come to learn that most people do not have open minds and most people choose to believe exactly what they want to believe.

            But that does not apply to everyone. There are some people out there that are honestly seeking for the truth.


          • K

            Well said Michael, I stand with you in total agreement. This is part of what I mean, when I talk of the general high level of anger.

          • Dingo

            Christianity wasn’t created by Christ. It was the work of imaginitive scribes taking orders from mere mortals with a quest for power.
            People can be perfectly good and kind and in tune with reality without religion.

          • Michael

            I would encourage you to get educated about these things. When you know the truth it will set you free.


          • CatNap

            I still recommend reading the classic: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis to those skeptics I know.

            Order out of chaos?

  • GSOB

    The wet blanket is a fitting description of what the obama care
    plan has provided us initially. (Forgive me in my spelling erros. Sometimes I don’t know how to spell right, but I know what I’m talking about.)

    Government in the early 70’s starting getting into the private health care business with PPOs and HMOs and the like, with it’s
    regulations and laws, to spread the wealth. I can not help but to believe that when the high courts made their ruling on the constitutionality of obama health care plan, our nations current economic outlook had the most consideration and played out the most in their ruling. Not the constitutionality of mandated healthcare purchasing. At best, that was probaly a distant shucked off after thought.

    Heck, imagine… from their perspective, the constitution, when it comes to health related issues, was abandoned long ago with nanny social plans like SSN, medicare and medicaid. To them, the constitution has evolved for the sake of the people over the decades. Now, it’s all or nothing because it would cost so much more to undo. There is no other system in place to fall back on without upsetting the economy more. It won’t take a natural disaster to start the collapse.

    Millions have been spent already over the years towards putting in place the parts for the 2014 realization date of obamas health care plan. However, this transition of obama’s gift to this country, though it takes a few years to implement, is nothing more but a continual expansion of the federal government into our lives and increasing burden to our working class to support it. People getting hired on as federal employees to staff the government agencies is the cost added to us for the fed doing business in taking care of us. You see, there is no such thing as a free puppy.

    Obamacare is the attempt to make everyone happy and at the same time, it is really government trying to get itself out of a poor mess it has gotten our economy into, by aledgeing that it can get a better handle on things if they can just get more control. Obamacare is built upon this health care theme, but it’s more intrusion and control, which actually started in the early 70’s. It’s all an attempt to lower cost for everyone and at the same time to provide everyone with health care. On the surface, that sounds great. many have bought into it. I run into supporters of Obama and his plans everyday. I see myself and most all of you here as like 1 in 10,000 who knows more as to what is really going on. I still find myself at times feeling helpless as I know these things to be true and see it unfold before my very eyes and time continues. In one sense, ignorance is bliss. I’ve learned long ago though, God does not place a premiun on ignorance.

    It will have a negative affect though. It will cause premiums to rise and coverage to be less and yearly deductibles to rise.
    The window of option will close and we will have a one payer system plan eventually, because of the other economic hardships businesses already face and keep multiplying, because of the politicization of our nation’s economy, will force them to cut back expenses as mush as possible, to stay in business.

    The fundamental premise is that government is here to protect us. What a distortion of that original meaning has been developed over the last 40 years or so.

    All these nanny state programs are well intenioned but poorly executed, and all the history of the government taking steps to help everyone out has led to more finanacial instability . Why? Because of the nature and purpose of governing authorities – such as the federal government, is not consumer driven. Ideally – It’s a force to keep peace so that we in the private sector can operate in the free market economy.

    Redistribution of money is not the hall mark of socialism. All governments redistribute wealth to some degree or another. The hallmark of socialism is the politicalzation of it. That’s why we have a so called CEO, Romney, trying to run on the idea of fixing it.

    We need Ron Paul there in office when the SHTF. It will happen, and when it does, we need Ron Paul to start us out with different policies. If you think about it. The theme of all of Ron’s speeches are nested in warnings and callings for repentance in the politcal stratosphere. I would rather have Obama in office for anopther 4 years than vote for Romney, if Paul don’t get the GOP nomination. Why, because what can be more judgement from God than to put someone in our nation’s highest office that thinks tha mormonism is orthodox christianity! Romney is more dangerous than obama. More versed and reheared.
    Heck.. don’t be surprised if you hear Romney say that obamacare wasn’t such a bad idea afterall!

  • As if your disconcerting list of reasons to be worried were not enough, the situation is even worse for several long-term reasons:

    1. Washington is still essentially in the hands of the rich, who brought us the 2008 crisis, and is protecting the guilty.

    2. There is still no plan to improve upon the solution thought up by Paulson, Bernanke, and Geithner with their Wall St. pals – bail out the banks and let them continue. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders remain completely ignored by those in power.

    3. Despite a brilliant economic reform section in the Green Party platform, the American voter remains utterly in denial about what is going on.

    I believe that the US, with its wealth and power, has the ability to protect itself economically. The problem is not foreigners or lack of resources. The problem is that we do not seem to have the will or intelligence to focus on the problem. Blame it on corrupt leaders or ignorant voters, “we” are the problem. We were taught a lesson by the disaster of Iraq and another lesson by the disaster of BPs poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico and another lesson by the disaster of the 2008 Financial Crisis, but “we” as a society still don’t get it. It is not just that we have not yet found a solution; we have not even started to discuss the nature of the problem with any seriousness.

  • Louise in MO

    The Roberts/SCOTUS ruling shocked me…I was not prepared. I still was holding on to the hope that we would not be thrown under the bus!

  • The US govt will print,give away to all the sheeple to pacify them and it will last a while (since we got the biggest military).
    Problems along the way for sure.
    2016 looks more likely for the real problems.
    JC return? Armageddon? NO man knows the time or day
    Benjamin Baruch among others have confirmed this.

  • Rachael

    America needs to get on her knees. Not just the believers of America, but the entire population must realize THEY are not in control and THEY are the ones gone astray of God’s plan, and THEY must seek forgiveness and seek Him to solve the problems of America. But, we all know this won’t happen, don’t we? Those who are Christians must stick together, help one another and prepare for the worst as we all pray for God’s mercy. The unbelievers will always be the scoffers. Such is life. The banks all gamble our money away, then they cry broke and ask for more, which the governments then gladly hand over (because, after all, the spent money wasn’t theirs, and the bailout money isn’t the government’s either…it all belongs to us, the hardworking taxpayer. The not so hardworking taxpayer manages to have offshore accounts to avoid taxes..Wow. Ain’t America great? Yes, America is past due for a humbling. Cover your heads, all you unbelievers, because you won’t believe what is about to befall us all!

  • Newton

    No kidding hydro, you can lead the horse to water, but brother you cannot make him drink. The populace in this country is mostly ignorant buffoons
    That are only interested in themselves right now, this instant.

    They cannot help it they have re-elected the likes of Harry Reid over and over and over again, they cannot help it they continually support all these too big to fail conglomerates of the banking, manufacturing and political

    They fail to support the local, small tradesman and farmer and credit union, opting instead to waddle by the millions to JPMorgan, and Walmart

    I gave up on 95 percent of the USSA along time ago & now, every time Jamie Dimon loses another 9 Billion, I just smile and continue loading

    the ignorant masse will get what,s coming to them after living way beyond their means for decades, the chickens, they are coming home to roost.

  • Washington

    The Power Behind the New World Order (Full Documentary)

  • Washington

    Woman Sues City Of Tulsa For Cutting Down Her Edible Garden Posted: Jun 15, 2012

  • bobbobbob1

    the chinakids r studying math while u r studying the bible ur day has come andgone

  • You can believe anything.


    • Bona

      You’re an epic fail

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “It’s a depression for millions and millions of Americans.”—Joe Biden

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and el vice-presidente de La República Banana de América (the Third World hellhole that used to be Los Estados Unidos) hit the nail on the head with that statement. Yes, millions and millions of Americans who used to be part of the middle class have been ravaged by this depression. The suffering will only get worse.

    Michael T. Snyder wrote: “When people lose everything, they tend to get desperate. And desperate people do desperate things, especially when they are angry.” That is also an accurate statement. Desperate people do desperate things. They riot, they rob, they steal, they mug, they carjack, they kidnap, they sell drugs, they murder anyone who gets in their way. The BRA doesn’t have the kidnapping epidemic that many Latin American and Caribbean countries have, but it will. Between social unrest, riots and an explosion of violent crime, things are going to get downright bloody in the BRA. Rivers of blood will paint the streets of America cities (and small towns as well) a deep shade of red.

    Americans who have never experienced Third World poverty will find out what it’s like, and they will be extremely resentful and angry—not to mention violent. Get ready for a bloodbath in The Banana Republic of America. Get ready for riots that will make the L.A. riots of 1992 look like child’s play.

    God help this Third World cesspool.

  • Steve

    Interresting.. Now with War in Syria, and the one brewing for Iran. Hmmm now take the EU and Greece, Spain and the rest of the dominos to fall. Add US JP Morgan and 9 billion. Count the Unemployment rate and sinking economic activity around the globe. Throw in Japan with Fukushima ….. Geez… maybe the Myans were telling us something… December 21, 2012 may not be so nice…. and afterward what next.. I think I will start packing BoB Bug Out Bag… Olah..Mexico here I come..:)

  • go a head make my day. fukeashima,s sizzelling about to turn the western hemisphere into a nuclear nightmare. drop the bomb. get it over with our country is ruined. because you fools dont relize the wall sreet bankers own both partys. the rebloodicans and the democraps. tea party are morons. fire the federal reserve, everyone in the house, senate congress. light wall street on fire. in hang all schmuck bankers. our dollar is worth 4 cents. are you awake yet.?? at zero % hello.!!!! no health no dental no retirement just illegal aliens taking your jobs. 21 million of them. right out front of home depot. day laborers.

  • mondobeyondo

    As an active, although unwilling, participant in this collapse (hey, I used to have a normal middle class life! Ughhh!)…

    1) There is no easy way out of this.
    2) Many people expect the government to pick up the “unemployment” tab.
    Oh, how little they know. The government is broke. You’re on your own. They will not help you, because they can barely survive by themselves.

    And finally – the endgame:

    3) Moi: “I want a job. A JOB! Three-letter word, and it’s not even profane!”
    Them: “Okay. Step in line here, and pick a number. You’re number 4,413,228.
    The automated announcer says, “Now serving number 36”.
    Moi: — So, are you’re saying I’ll be here all night???
    Them: — Check back around October 17th, 2013. Here’s a rain check.
    Moi: “I can’t take this anymore! ARGHHHH!!”

  • Fortune Rene Ringquist

    I personally feel that the FEMA camps are what is in store for the people that have no more than a week or two worth of food. What will happen to them once the govt. gets ahold of them is scary. the “mark of the beast”? Me personally, I can survive with what i have and what i can do in the remote part of the country to survive. Although, i must say, I plan to have my frequencies raised enough to go into 5d. All this gloom and doom tells me that we are already going through 4d, and that we are right on schedule. When the Center for Disease Control comes out with booklets on “Zombie Preparedness”, where it tells us what to do and where there are Zombie free zones, and Tennessee comes out with a new law that you can’t use cash to buy used items, and in washington they pass the S510 bill, stating that it is against the law to grow your own food, and our govt, instead of protecting us they are the ones that we have to be protected from, it tells me that we are that much closer to being free. That we are going from the darkest part of the piscean age, into the “light at the end of the tunnel” of aquarius. Pisces, the age where the few rule over the many, the age of chaos, to the age of aquarius, where peace and love will abound, where there will be no sickness, hunger, death, hatred, envy, negativity, and especially no money. Where only the people who can handle the power of manifestation, where your thoughts become real. I plan to be one of the ones that make it into 5d. So while fear runs rampant, i will be smiling and waiting for the ride of my life. We are completing a cycle, and starting afresh, as it has happened so many times before. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    • gl

      of all the people on here…blah-blahing you my friend have the right idea… i am thinking a few cases of instant coffee will barter well… will trade you a jar for some of your rimfire 22 ammo and fishing hooks. ain’t going to be a lot of us…at all.

  • Breeze

    Expect Merkel to go the way of JFK. The NWO will see to that…

  • CaliPrepper

    The link to this article appears on the LEAP 2020 web page.

    • Michael

      Very cool. 🙂


  • Toney

    Steve I agree with all the things you posted. We are living in a time where the monetary systems are being implicated by the Central Banks. This is the plan of the one world order. The coming to the United States of Europe is fast approaching us with devastating results. Then they will change the Monetary systems in north and South Americas. Once that has happen The powers to be will begin working on one world government. Sunday Law will be in forced throughout the western world.The nations of the Middle East and Asia will follow suit. This just the beginning of what the Boulder-berg is putting into place.
    One of the things that may also have a profound impact on the world itself is a planetary pole shift. This will be a unbelievable disruption of the world economy. The US could experience a 20-40 degree pole shift. This will cause millions to lose their lives and destroy the infrastructure of all the countries of the whole. Even thou we have been warn that something of this magnitude will happen.

    The News media has been warning us for years and it appears no one is listening. If this happens nothing else will matter except survival.

  • Rick

    I live in Brazil.. well… the future here is blue.

  • mondobeyondo

    One of the problems with this country, is that there seems to be no direction. There certainly isn’t any vision, and the Bible says that without vision, the people perish. The common perception is that our leaders are inept and clueless. Maybe so, maybe not so. “Hey, we hit an iceberg. The bow is sinking! Let’s reverse course and hit the iceberg from the rear! Then the stern will start sinking. You see, it all balances out in the end! Don’t worry, we’ll be FINE!!”

    Uh huh. Yeah.

    “Been around the world and found that only stupid people were breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding, and I don’t even own a TV
    They put me in the hospital for nerves, and then they had to commit me
    You told them all i was crazy
    They cut off my legs, now i’m an amputee, … .amn you!

    I’m not sick but i’m not well
    And I’m so hot, cause i’m in hell…”

    (“Flagpole Sitta”, Harvey Danger)

    • CatNap

      You’re very creative, Mondo. May you find employment that speaks to you.


  • Bruce

    See related SOTT Rolling Stone article on the middle class’ rolling out of their foreclosed Obamavillas in their Barackmobiles, epitomized by SOTT Mr. Fish’s barbed hook set on the FUEHRERWARD progress the DESPOTUS is making in his own bust of a clunker!

  • Washington

    Jan 31, 2012 George Soros support Mitt Romney, investor/communist and Obamas supporter want Mitt Romney.   It’s not a good day for a republican to get support from communists.  On Fed 2 Donald Trump announced his support for Mitt Romney.  It can’t be a good day for a republican when Obama supporters see Romney as a good option.

  • J. L. Galbreath

    It is about time the derivatives market engaged in by our banks is brought to the front of the banking problems. When are the excessive (16,000 to 17,000 commodity contracts) naked silver shorts that JP Morgan Chase has in their hot little hands and what involvement does our present administration have in this excess?

    What about the China/US governments actions about the decline of the US dollar and the paying off of the US $15 + TRILLION debt with less valued dollars! KYPD cul jlg

  • Washington

    Reality Check: If Healthcare Law Is A Tax Is It Now Invalid?

  • chiller

    The Ovomit care debacle, whether any of you realize it or not, will decimate out standard of health care. My wife, a nurse is thinking about leaving the industry along with countless numbers of doctors who refuse to become the guberment’s health care slaves. Is this a well intentioned idea or a plan to disrupt the most successful health care organization on the planet? Doctors and nurses are already over worked and stressed to the max. This will ensure our level of care is gone forever.

  • MisterC

    #18 Rioting because of a ‘not guilty’ verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

  • gl

    I like the word “dipshitidiot” in this case and one huge “S” on the end of that word. hello! anybody home? you retards better all wake up and prepare yourself to have nothing. how long will you be able to last with nothing to eat? with no water to drink? when the lights go out it will be too late … and when you come sniffing around where i am hold up the only welcome to be found will be traveling at 1435 FPS( 22 cal muzzle velocity )

  • RealityCheck

    Obamacare was created to help the impoverished, not to enslave doctors, WOW, If there was jobs, there would be no Obamacare, Where did the jobs go you ask ? Overseas, Why haven’t they come back ? Fat Cat Politicians , Billionaires and Republapukes have taken advice from there finance advisories to buy stock in the businesses that went overseas, where labor is much cheaper and stock payouts are much greater, They dont want those businesses to come back to the USA in fear of losing there big profits they earn (lol, I said earn)annually, You wanna get ride of Obamacare, !!! Get ride of greed, and you’ll have your little paradise .

    • John Howard

      Yes, it is clear to me that all our problems can be blamed on fat rich republicans and corporations. What we need is more of Obama. We need more government to redistribute wealth and save the environment. It’s just like they said in the government schools.

    • steve

      Government sponsored inflation is the reason for spiraling healthcare costs, education costs, food costs, etc.

      • jayhawk

        No kidding. I get a kick out of the whole idea of ‘Healthcare reform’, despite having nothing ever to do with the extremely inflated cost of healthcare in the first place. Not to mention everyone knows it’s ridiculously high. Obamacare was for one purpose and one purpose alone. To put healthcare in government control. Now they can force things on the people, such as chip implants, or vaccines.

    • RealityCheck minus the Moron part

      *******************************************. Obama is the worst thing thats ever happened to this country. He spends, raises taxes (which is why buisinesses go overseas, and rapidly increases inflation; not to mention the National Debt which he has multiplied.

    • Bubba ZInetti

      Obama’s ‘Jobs Czar’ is one of the most guilty in abandoning American workers and moving jobs overseas, typical that you are just another Obama supporter that doesn’t know what he’s talking about (or how to spell ‘their’). Maybe you should have stayed in school.

    • Cosmic

      Please refresh my memory, wasn’t it the Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton that passed NAFTA? Isn’t that when manufactoring jobs left this country? They are the poster children for the Democratic Party are they not? Our problems are not the burden of just one party but both of them. Unfortunately, it is really our fault, why are we waiting until now to get upset? But from reading your post you seem to be a party loyalist, Dems do no wrong and it’s the rest of the world with the problem.

    • marcus schnell

      try using English, please; it’s still the official language in the US. Also, being completely impoverished, out of work, and not sucking off the system, Obamacare does nothing for me. You really need to get educated before ranting. This nation, nay this world, is in trouble, do not pretend otherwise. Get a clue.

    • John Jacobs

      Now, I’m a Ron Paul supporter so you’ll have to understand that I don’t agree with either party (Republican or Democrat). Many Liberals have to TRY to understand Obama’s fiscal policies, on top of Obamacare, in that they are destroying this economy. Jobs DON’T come from government because they don’t make anything. Government only gets money from what you make in the private sector by taxes. The free market economy doesn’t allow ‘fair share’.. in fact, this whole idea of ‘fair share’ is a flat out lie and misunderstood beyond belief. If you want a socialist economy you better wake up to the realities of socialism. A great example is North Korea and South Korea.

      The problem that nearly all my liberal friends have is that they support Obama and have no idea what it costs to run the government – or know of any of his policies. Sure, all of them point fingers at the rich corporations but they fail to understand that it is government that let corporations write these policies, evade tax loop holes, etc. If you restrict government from allowing lobbyists or corporations to meddle in policy making then you wouldn’t have this issue.

      Capitalism – This is also one thing that EVERY liberal screws up. They think capitalism the main reason for all this mess. Capitalism, by definition, is only allowed in a free market where there is market competition and goods sold at lower prices for cosummers. That is what capitalism is… now there is ‘Corporatism’ which liberals freely choose to label as Capitalism.

      LIBERALS – Wake the hell up!!! Stop being spoon fed by these politicians. You’ll give up your rights and destroy this economy by growing and expanding government! Republicans are just as bad because they want to grow government the same.. it’s just a matter of what departments to cut and what departments to expand.

    • Glenn Blattner

      Your ignorance of thought is only exceeded by your iliteracy. These “fat republipukes” as you call them are the reason there are jobs in America. Until you and your other ignorant Demo-Rats understand this our economy is still surviving on bail outs from the government (aka, taxpayers). Sorry, we need more jobs in America but that won’t happen until someone in the current administration realizes no one is bringing jobs back to America until the corporate tax rates come down. Our corporate tax rates are the largest in international trade. As you continue to promote more government, who pays for more government? Ignorant Demo-Rats need to know the government does not generate any revenue…..none! Everyone penny of government revenue comes from TAXPAYERS! It is easy to see why NON-TAXPAYERS want more government, they pay no taxes. All the while you are complaining about the Republipukes, keep in mind they are the ones funding the Demo-Rat “more government” mantra. You Demo-Rats are like college students with their parents…our parents are stupid, and don’t know anything, all the time they are paying for the students tuition, housing, car, spending money, etc. But then again who needs the filthy rich Republipukes, they’re the only people currently not on the parasite list?

  • stirrednotshaken

    Aussies are by far and away the toughest and strongest of survivors.

    So the world’s going to hell in a hand basket. NEXT?

    • GaryToo

      pffft, Next for aussies is follow the us/uk into whatever war they start like always, were the 52nd state. Next pissoff the chinese by taking that a step further hosting 2500marines in darwin, china doesnt buy our rsources and we follow the rest of world into the handbasket.

  • turnoffyourtv

    The US seems to be a nation of talkers and takers. I love that people care but I tend to see people sitting on their forums and blogs trying to make a change with words in a world of surfs and royalty. I am 22, I own a motorcycle shop that started from nothing. Real change in my life has always been brought about with viable solutions, organization, openness to ideas, goals, finding common ground, understanding that being wrong is not as much a weakness as the inability to see your wrong is. Talking about something on here does not ignite a fire or at least any sort of organized fire under which people decide to live by their own means and change their communities in a logical manner. What is needed to motivate people to physically become involved in their societal change. These good motivational speeches make for a great scene in a movie, but change doesn’t work that way in America.
    If anything, one should crack open the history books and review how the patriot network was created and maintained in America, odd that humans brought about this massive upheaval of the status quo WITHOUT any modern tech. History tends to repeat itself.. The fight for freedom doesn’t end with using our computer as a podium, I fear if that is your idea to bring about change.. well get OUTSIDE and change world you live in.

    • GaryToo

      so exactly what u r doing yourself? what else r U doing?

  • major

    How anyone could for President Dunderhead and his administration of wacko’s is behind any understanding. But vote for him twice?? No one is THAT stupid.

    • John Howard

      I’m sorry, but faith is a powerful force. It may look like stupidity, but it’s really something very wonderful and our dear leader will save us with his executive power if only we can keep him in office for another four years. Better than to let any of those fat rich republican nasties win. I know about these things. I watch TV.

      • RealityCheck

        Well im sorry john, that you missed the whole point of what i was saying, I said, we need jobs back, to remove Obamacare, the GREED must stop, Republicans are the ones that continue to push a FAIL SYSTEM, GAFTA, Now there stuck with it, or lose there investments, What part didn’t you understand and maybe i can help you out..?

        • RealityCheck

          Some Democrats are doing the same thing, Sounds like an interest of conflict.

        • BigMouthBigBrain

          So what is “greed”? Really. Try defining it without subjective prejoritives, presumtions and thinly veiled envy and entitlement.
          “It’s not what’s ‘best’ – it’s who gets to decide what’s best.” Tom Sowell

          So who gets to decide for you?

          • jayhawk

            Greed is when you put your own gain above other things, especially at the cost of the welfare of others. A lack of love for others. Am I to define love for others now?

      • GaryToo

        or you know about these thing because you served 3 terms as PM John Howard?

      • Joseph Cox

        Not really. He’s just making everything worse. And just because you watch TV doesn’t mean anything. For all we know you could have an IQ of 26 and trying to comprehend what’s going on around you and failing super hard.

    • Geoffrey Anderson

      Are you talking about Dubya?

    • Pete

      “How anyone could for President Dunderhead and his administration of wacko’s is behind any understanding. But vote for him twice?? No one is THAT stupid.”

      Yes, THAT was stupid.

      Thank God President Dunderhead and his administration of wacko’s left office in 2009.

  • bob

    chances are we are doomed in the U.S.
    WHY? because for every person that is angry and looking for true change to happen the are at least one partisan idiot from either side of the political spectrum that refuses to remove his/her head from where the sun dont shine. as long as both the DEMS. and the REPBS. have supporters that blindly follow and back them no matter what they do,nothing will ever get fixed. same old shit different’s what they count on in D.C. so while everyone in the rest of the country points there finger at everyone else,on capital hill it’s business as usual. WAKE UP PEOPLE! IT ISNT THE REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP OR THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP! IT’S BOTH OF THEM! TOGETHER! IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE THAT WAY UNTIL YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY ARE ALL CROOKS AND THIS IS THE GREATEST FLEECING IN AMERICAN HISTORY. UNFORTUNATELY IT WILL BE THE LAST IF WE CONTINUE TO FIGHT AMONGST OURSELVES INSTEAD OF GOING AFTER THE TRUE CULPRITS! ALAS,WE HAVE BECOME A COUNTRY OF STUPID SPITEFUL LAZY UNCOMPRIMISING SPOILED ROTTEN CHILDREN! WE NO LONGER DESERVE WHAT THE GREATEST GENERATION FOUGHT AND DIED FOR!

    • 0UTS1DER

      Glad to see someone over there realises that both sides are just complete puppets

  • Tony

    I’ve watched stocks be manipulated upwards since 1993 under the guise of tell a big enough lie and everyone will believe it. I followed the stock market since the 1940’s and can’t ever remember a point in time that stocks were more overvalued than today. A repeat of the ’87 crash should be right around the corner after the U.S. election followed by an erosion in share prices until today’s values drop back to the long term averages or about 75 percent down. For all that remember there was plenty of good news when the long term averages were made. Today it’s all bad news and people trying to put positive spins on bad news to make it look like good news. I see all commodities falling except maybe uranium.

  • Patrick

    I am suprised to see people who like Obama. I guess if your part of the 48% of Americans who are needing government assistance I could see why. For obama to blame congress for everything is lunacy. He does not understand that “congress” is the senate and house. He has the senate and had the house for the first two years of his term. He basically got anything and everything he wanted in his first two years. Hence we are buried in debt. Actual unemployment is over 15% (take out the people who are no longer eligable for unemployment and the workforce reduction obama put in). This guy has violated the constitution and has not done a damn thing to make this country better. Like Reagan said Government is not the solution to the problem it is the problem!! If this in over his head president in name only gets reelected this country will be done for the rest of my lifetime. The only way to fix everything he has screwed up is get the house, senate and white house out of the hands of the irresponsible liberals.

    • Mme DeFarge

      I object to this opinion. I do need government assistance. I qualify, but guess what? There ain’t none. Income wise we’ve qualified for food stamps for over a year, but every time I apply they lose the paperwork and send me a letter saying it wasn’t submitted. Even when I’ve hand delivered it, and watched the caseworker copy it and bring it to her office. I’m down to buying food only for the kids and dad and I just eat the scraps they don’t want. Four years ago, we were solidly middle class, but this is what happens when you’re enslaved in a crashing system and completely dependent on the whim of an employer who one day decides she just doesn’t like you because there are a hundred people waiting in line who would do your job for less. So, I hope you never lose your job or have to endure an emergency situation, because all that help you think is out there that you’re supposed to be able to depend on isn’t there any more! It’s a myth.

      • SerryJW

        I’d love to know where you live. There is still help in CO…God Bless

      • Cosmic

        I disagree with your statement somewhat. Public assistance is for minorities only, so my first question to you is: Are you part of an ethnic voting minority?, if not, then no you do not qualify for public assistance. It is a proven fact that white middle class do not now nor will they ever qualify for assistance. It seems that our government (of which I’m a military veteran) is a government of the minorities, by the minorities, and for the minorities. I am not trying to be offensive or racially bias but the truth is the truth. Should you not believe this, check your local government statistics by race. My question is this: Why aren’t more people outraged by this? Have we become such a nation of wimps that we refuse to stand up for ourselves?

      • Cathy

        I am sorry you were a victim of the economic times. Where I live
        is an area dependent on tourism so there’s lots of low paying
        service jobs. All the living wage jobs have left the area. I am
        lucky since I still work although part-time and pray I don’t need
        medical care or car repair. I also share a living space with two
        senior relatives and they appreciate help doing things. We look
        after each other.

    • MIKE

      I agree OBAMA had house, senate,and president for first two years,if he had a plan to change everything for the better he could have set everything place for recovery.all they done was to pass obama care.Ican still hear nancy Pelosi,screeching we have to pass the bill so we can see whats in it.why they didnt drag her out,and remove her from office i will never know.they are purposly driving this country in the ground.I THINK IF Republicans get in power, will they do anything or just sit on their hands and blame obama,and do nothing?

    • 0UTS1DER

      So I suppose you think that Bush was a good president then? And those wars were a great idea? Wake up. It’s got nothing to do with political sides. It’s been behind the scenes puppetry for years, just appealing to the lowest common denominator from their constituency base

  • What are we going to do? Don’t look for another job, but look for an opportunity to grow and share.

  • Jerry

    All you sheep can go ahead and grab your ankles. REPEAL IT!!!

  • Shirini

    I think you missed a big item on your list: the looming fiscal cliff.

  • Brayden

    I’m in Australia! No problems here!

  • David

    If Americans read the first 2 paragraphs of the Declaration, they’d know what to do…

  • DL

    Like I always say, we Americans will get what we deserve.

    1. Get out of debt. Now.
    2. Get some land in the rural remote.
    3. Grow a garden
    4. Get some livestock. You know, chickens, goats…
    5. Dig a water well AND collect rainwater
    6. Stop watching TV and especially the mainstream media (the US Dept. of Propaganda)…ever hear of reading books?
    7. LEARN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE! You might need to use it one of these days (and esp. for you “leave the country” folks)
    8. Learn low-tech skills: fire-starting without matches, sewing without a sewing machnine; cooking without stoves/ovens/microwaves; chopping wood; fixing your own car/changing tires/etc.; basic carpentry, plumbing and electrician skills
    9. learn a musical instrument, that way you can entertain yourself; learn to draw or paint or sculpt; write a book
    10. walk a mile or two every day and build up your stamina

    • DSmith

      Some good advice. Most of the skills you suggested are becoming a lost art. Those of us who grew up in the 50’s got a smattering of many of those skills. Instead of college maybe learning a skill is better. Long term it could be a more stable future. Everyones skills will be like gold if things go as discribed. People being connected to there neighbors can’t be allowed to be just “a thing of the past”

  • Ed Schmuch

    could you please write these articles on a page from left to right as we do in the US. reading words written in a one word column is very hard for this senior

    • Michael

      If you expand your page to fill the entire screen that should help.


  • TooLittleTooLate

    Doesn’t matter who gets elected…. we’ve already past the point of no return here.

    Obama will lead us head long into the abyss, Romney will manage the decline as long as he can.

    Romney will not address our debt issues in any real way. Business will be as usual… the high power lobbies will get regulations passes to benefit their corporate interests…. nothing will change while the country goes to hell in a handbasket.

    The middle class goes into further decline… more become poor and out of work.

    The banking cartel, re-writes yet more rules when one thing or another implodes playing financial “whack a mole”, each and every time robbing the taxpayers of yet more of their income while solving debt issues with more and more debt.

    What will be different this time is that in Europe, it’s a soverign issue, not a banking issue and, the eurozone can’t come together to solve an issue like the US did back in 2008.

    How can the Euro be fixed when the issue is confidence in the coutries, not the banks…. who will jump in and commit the taxpayers to more debt when the confidence issue is with the country???

    Meh, I live in the country now… I’ve got livestock, a garden and, security…. I’ll fare better than most, I suppose but, I have no illusions either.

    I don’t wish or hope for any of this…. I’m not in that crowd…. I’m not blind either.

    • 0UTS1DER

      You don’t think that Romney’s open declaration of a much firmer stance towards Iran isn’t going to end up with you guys in another war? I’d say it’s more than a little bit likely…

  • Don Ruane

    DL, you forgot the most important purchases, buy guns and ammo, then learn to use them !!!!!

    • Justin Pickering

      Paranoids ready to take up arms against one another at the first sign of difficulties. That’s what you are. You need to learn that you are all on the same team, you gun-toting idiots. You are interdependent. If you go around shooting one another as the economy falls apart, there will be no society worth preserving. Here’s a word of advice. Grow up. Man up. Drop the firearms and help out those in your community to survive for as long as possible. A real man helps those in his community survive during tough times. An angry child hides his own fear behind the sights on a rifle.

      • cwstairs

        Actually, my weapons are for a very specific use. Defense. Anyone I might ever shoot will be someone harming a child or trying to harm or kill innocents. Nobody is going to be shooting at each other. People who have not abandoned their morals will be depending on each other, to ward off the evil of armed gangs who already have evil intent and a “command structure” in place. My weapons are for defense only, when they are in my hands.

  • Sofia

    Michael, on my iphone I can never read previous comment pages. They won’t scroll down. Do you have a solution for this?

    • Michael


      I actually intend to try to make this site more “mobile friendly” but I am a bit tech challenged so it might take me a little while to learn. 🙂


  • Rodster

    “The head of the International Monetary Fund expressed concern on Friday at a deterioration in the global economy, saying the outlook has become more worrying as developed and big emerging nations show signs of slowing down.

    The comments by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde came after the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and China’s central bank all eased monetary policy in a sign of the growing alarm over the health of the world economy.”

  • Jade Queen


    Composting your own effluent should be added to the list. Fish did not sign informed consent for human nonsense in the water.

  • Using the ivamu Standard for Establishing the Value of Money, the ivamu agrees to pay off the entire world wide load of debt and the entire derivitive crisis, PAID IN FULL.

    Using the ivamu Standard, we will FIX the entire economy in a literal 24 Hours, and we will do it all, PAINLESSLY.

    We do not require decades or centuries. Total hogswash.

    “The Economic Crisis is OVER – if you want it (to be)”

    • SerryJW

      A WORLDWIDE JUBILEE is the ONLY answer. The derivatives debt will bring down the entire world financial market. No one can survive debt 15X the world GDP

  • patrea

    theres more to life than money so be more concerned about GOD. OK?

  • John E

    The value of life can exist in the very least perceptions, compared to media hype, as we exist as perceptual beings capable of opening the doors to perceptions which were formerly closed, and is required in moving through life’s hardships. Truth is denied while it is only word/media based. I am going out to volunteer my help today, I am there as here, in small as in big.

  • Cathy

    I have been going through the years of 1929, 2008 and 2010 looking for
    things that might be similar regarding economic crisis. It’s easy for
    the 20’s since that was the start of prosperity for even the average
    person through the stock market. There were few regulations on banks and
    they learned quickly how to speculate for more wealth. In 2008 it was
    more difficult but with bad loans and easy credit it wasn’t hard to see
    a correlation. Then 2010 it was technology coupled with greed and the fast
    trades done within seconds High Frequency Trading it’s called. Now we are
    supposed to have safe guards in place to prevent some of the same players
    using bad credit and loans in the derivative markets to make billions but
    even the regulators are paid by the people they regulate. Look at LIBOR
    for instance. Banks across the globe manipulate the interest rate and the
    Feds say they didn’t know it was going on!
    On a funny note, I also noticed that natural disasters preceded an economic crisis in many instances. You know, like hurricanes, huge snow storms, earthquakes and even world events that signal tensions increasing.
    I would pay attention to the later part of September and again at the end
    of October. Might be a pretty interesting time.

  • Wee R. Scrood

    The center can not hold. We are going down and only the strong and the lucky will survive. I don’t think most people in the U.S. have any concept at all of how bad it can get, and how fast, in the face of financial collapse. Get some food and water stored. Get some guns. Get out of the cities if the sh-t starts hitting the fan. I’m not a survivalist sitting in my underground bunker in the middle of Montana. I’m just a middle aged guy who can read the writing on the wall. I’m prepared to load my car and get out of Dodge in thirty minutes if I have to. Can you say the same thing???

  • I am sure things will work itself out. You’ll see. Like they say, “if there is a will, there is a way.” So I won’t loose sleep over it. good night and sweet dreams.

  • Joan Camara

    Well here it is, 2014….duh

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