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17 Reasons To Be EXTREMELY Concerned About The Second Half Of 2012 – Photo By Victorgrigas

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  • Ya’akov Ariel ben Ezra

    There’s coming a world-wide holodomor, (genocide and extermination by starvation); deliberately put in place by the New World Order “elites”; (if I can smugly address them as such; as there is nothing ‘elite’ about devil-worshippers, [My personal proverb is that “One cannot rise above that which one venerates”; and they worship humanity’s-prime-adversary-loser-god]). This same “one-world” take-over spirit has re-emerged like the phoenix from the days of Nimrod; who also used the ‘environment’ as his excuse as a con-job to the peoples of the world, nothing has changed. But as TRUE CHRISTIANS, born OF and Baptised IN the Spirit of YHVH, we’ll be safe in HIS Kingdom, of which we are citizens. While this earth-kingdom is being destroyed, We WILL be taken care of by the Supreme Creator with whom we have to do. This is and will be Bible Prophesy coming to pass and it is causing many to look up and seek HIM; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Amein.

  • Rex

    So who wrote these 17 reasons? Who is the author?

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