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18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

As the U.S. economy collapses, the thin veneer of civilization that we all take for granted is going to begin to disappear.  In fact, there are already an increasing number of signs that the collapse of society is accelerating.  In cities such as Chicago, roving packs of young people are "mob robbing" local businesses, randomly assaulting tourists and shoppers and are even pulling people out of vehicles.  This isn't just happening in the "bad areas" anymore. Over the past couple of months this type of crime has been common in some of the wealthiest areas of Chicago.  In fact, many Chicago residents are now referring to "the Magnificent Mile" as "the Mug Mile".  But it isn't just in Chicago that this is happening.  During this past Memorial Day weekend, cities all over the United States experienced a stunning wave of mass violence.  We are supposed to be an "example" for the rest of the world, but as our economic wealth crumbles we are witnessing the collapse of society all around us.  So what is going to happen when the economy gets even worse?

The United States used to be a fairly civilized society.  But now very few people seem to care how they treat others.  That is even the case with our own government.  As you will see below, the government is now sending SWAT teams in and dragging people out of their homes over unpaid student loans.

So if the government is going to be so brutal, what kind of message does that send to our young people?

Today our young people are facing a future that looks incredibly bleak.  It is hard to have faith in the "system" when the "system" simply does not work any longer.

What are you supposed to say to a young person when you know very well that there are no jobs and that there is very little hope?

Most Americans don't understand what is causing the collapse of the economy, but most of them do have a sinking feeling that something has seriously gone wrong.

For the last few years the American people have waited patiently for our politicians to "fix things", but they have not gotten the job done.

Instead, our economic situation is still declining.

So now frustration is starting to boil over, and it is only going to get worse.

The following are 18 signs that the collapse of society is accelerating....

#1 In a brand new article, Janet Tavakoli has vividly described the wave of shocking violence that is currently sweeping the city of Chicago.  What she says is happening to Chicago right now is beyond alarming....

This year, all hell has broken loose in downtown Chicago. Years of under-hiring have resulted in a police force that is unprepared for wildings and gang violence. Moreover, concealed carry in Chicago is illegal, unless one follows the Constitution.

Tourists and residents have been attacked by mobs of youths on buses, on beaches, on bicycle paths, near the shops of the Magnificent Mile, and outside their homes. Mobs of shoplifters plagued "Mug Mile" stores.

Terror has descended on many of the wealthiest areas of Chicago.  Some are even calling on Chicago residents to completely avoid areas like the Magnificent Mile during the weekends until more police are brought in.

Mobs of young people are "swarming" retail stores, assaulting shoppers and pedestrians and even pulling people out of their cars.

The following is one eyewitness account of the "wildings" in Chicago that Tavakoli included in her recent article....

At about 11pm last Friday night, June 3rd, I heard shouting, screaming, horns blaring and tires screeching from my apartment...When I looked out my window to the street below I saw a crowd of about 20 young people...directly across the street from the entrance to my building. They were leaning on parked cars and clogging the street. They were screaming at people walking and driving by. I watched them stop vehicles, including taxi cabs, and pull people from the vehicles...It was a frightening scene and I was sure someone was going to be hurt.

#2 If you don't pay your student loans you may find yourself getting dragged out of your home by a SWAT team.

You doubt this?

The following is how an article in The Daily Mail recently described one recent SWAT team raid in California that was apparently ordered by the Department of Education....

A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife - to collect her unpaid student loans.

A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children.

He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife - who no longer lives at the house.

#3 One town in Connecticut was forced to shut down a beautiful new fountain because too many people were using it as a toilet.

#4 This most recent Memorial Day weekend, cities all over America literally turned into war zones.  There were reports of mass violence in Miami, New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Nashville and Boston among other places.

If you want to see video of some of the violence in Miami as it was happening, you can view it here.  The video is quite disturbing so please don't let any small children view it.

#5 One of the hottest books in America right now is a "children's book" entitled "Go The F*k To Sleep".

#6 A teenage girl in Washington state recently shot her Dad with a hunting bow because he took away her cell phone.

#7 In New York City, one 32-year-old man was recently charged with sexually assaulting an 85-year-old woman.

#8 Democratic strategist James Carville recently made national headlines when he told talk show host Don Imus the following....

"You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this . . . People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible."

#9 According to one new study, the percentage of U.S. households that contain a married couple with children has fallen from 44.3% in 1960 to 20.2% today.

#10 In Atlanta, two dozen teens recently violently assaulted two Delta flight attendants on a train for no apparent reason.  The following is how a local Atlanta newspaper described the attacks....

Their "Clockwork Orange" style blitz was over soon after it began. The teens boarded the train, headed to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, at the Garnett station a little after midnight seemingly intent on instilling fear. They succeeded.

“There was blood everywhere, people were hollering and screaming,” a witness told Channel 2 Action News. “We were intimidated. People were terrified. People were trying to run. But there was nowhere to run.”

#11 Federal prosecutors in Indianapolis have announced that they have broken up one of the largest child pornography rings ever discovered.  It was based in Bloomington, Indiana.

Are any small towns still safe?

#12 Barack Obama's food safety chief is defending armed raids of raw milk producers (including a raid on an Amish farmer) and he says that the FDA will "keep doing our public health job".

#13 In Florida, a 45-year-old Polk County sheriff's deputy has been charged with strapping children to a desk and spanking them with sex toys.

#14 In Sioux City, Iowa a 41 year old man recently walked into the office where his boss worked and beat the living daylights out of him.  The boss suffered four chipped teeth and needed surgery to repair his nose.  Apparently the boss was planning to fire the man.

#15 A 20-year-old woman in Oklahoma has been charged with killing the family cat and using the blood as part of a costume she planned to wear to a Lady Gaga concert.

#16 McDonald's recently held a "National Hiring Day" and about a million Americans showed up to apply for jobs at McDonald's restaurants all around the nation.  Well, in Cleveland a horrible fight broke out between some girls and it ended up with three people being run over by a car.  You can view video of this incident right here.  Please do not watch the video if you are sensitive to graphic violence.

#17 All over the United States, vicious restaurant brawls have been erupting with alarming frequency and many of them are being posted up on YouTube for the world to see.  You can see one example of this phenomenon right here.

#18 From coast to coast, "mob robbing" has become a very disturbing trend.

So what is a "mob robbing"?

Well, basically dozens of young people storm into a store together, grab whatever they want, and storm back out again.

Recent examples of this have been caught on video in Washington D.C. and in Las Vegas.

So does anyone still doubt that we are starting to see the collapse of society?

Sadly, things are going to get a whole lot worse.

In response to a recent article entitled "The Coming Economic Hell For American Families", a frequent commenter on my site known as "El Pollo De Oro" left the following comment about the collapse of society that is beginning to unfold....

Yes, it’s going to be VERY violent in The Banana Republic of America. Carjacking, kidnapping, drug trafficking, armed robbery and murder for hire will be major growth industries in the BRA when millions of formerly middle class Americans, now the neo-poor/neo-peasants, become increasingly desperate. The horrifying violence in Mexico will become a fact of life on this side of the border, the brutal kidnappings of the Philippines and Papua New Guinea will plague the BRA as well. Formerly middle class Americans who find themselves living in shantytown slums won’t like their new accommodations, and many of them will turn to violent crime in the hope of improving their miserable circumstances.

The truth is that about the only thing keeping our society together has been the unprecedented affluence that we have been enjoying over the past few decades.

Once that affluence is gone, the true character of the American people will come out, and we may not like what we see.

That is one reason why I pound on the economic crisis this nation is facing day after day.  Once our wealth is gone, there is going to be chaos in the streets of America.

So what are you seeing in your area of the country?  Do you see signs that the collapse of society is accelerating where you live?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below....

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  • Woody

    A smart man once said, the biggest threat to humanity( I guess this means the whole world), is Man. Or words to that effect

  • Survive

    Yes, things are looking grim indeed these days. However, America IS a great land, with lots of love to give still. So, if we stick to our principles, we will do fine. The rest of the world… Preparing for rough times ahead is essential for surviving times of uncertainty. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

  • CasaZaza

    How can you expect people to act in a moral and responsible way, when the government lies, steals trillions of dollars, and openly murders millions of innocent people in their fake war of terror.

    You want a good and just society? Initiate a real investigation of 9/11 followed by public trials and executions – Feels good just thinking about it.

    • FUKyiah

      How do conspiracy kooks always end up on a post with generally intelligent comments? DO YOU THINK GEORGE BUSH IS SMART ENOUGH TO PULL OFF SUCH AN ACT, YOU IDIOT?!?! DO YOU THINK THE SOLDIERS FIGHTING THE WAR ON TERROR ARE STUPID, YOU P.O.S.?!?!

  • http://saphari Robert heartland

    I have been having daymares for the last two decades about what is coming. Practically no one would believe me and my closest friend said I’m letting this doom and gloom consume my life. Oh I thought to myself I should just sit back and enjoy the slow motion train wreck,is that it? Personally I’m a fairly happy person,but I have this extra ordinary ability to see what the future holds because I don’t lie to myself. I’m also loosely with the LaRouche group and I don’t answer their calls sometimes because I’m depressed enough as it is already. I look at this world and I wonder if I’ll be able to keep my self together because I care about my world so much. It may come to a point where I won’t want to go on. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I said to my parents “What a shame for people to get older,but no wiser. They gave me a look as if I was talking about them,I wasn’t.” Good luck America,you are going to need it.

  • I hate CHANGE i liked things the way they were

    I have been reading for an hour fascinated by all of the comments about the demise of society, and I had a thought: who is the enemy? Answer the Illiet (cant spell that word. Sorry) they are also the minority. Who are they threatened by? The mass population of people. Because how could a small number of people take down a huge mass population. Only by having them turn on each other, like I see in the comments. It’s working folks. As a united group it’s impossible. America used to be united. It was such a wonderful place to live. I hate CHANGE. I loved things the way they were. So they can take their CHANGE and stick it up their @$$%$#$%^& money grubbing @^&&%$$$$$$$$$$$$’s

  • I hate CHANGE i liked things the way they were

    Once again……….. I hate
    CHANGE…………I liked things the way they were. When I saw that slogan I new it was going to get ugly.

  • http://saphari Robert heartland

    Hi again, just thought I’d add one more comment. I, from time to time do an informal poll for myself. I begin with the zinger statement “How do you like the Great Depression Now?! ” There is a definite change from what I used to get. Now practically everyone is acknowledging that there is a great depression going on. Yikes! How long before something really big happens? A social earthquake is going to happen,I can feel it. It is not why or how,but when. I can’t wait. The only fault that I find in my fellow Americans is that they trusted their government too much. This comes with a price I’m afraid.

  • JAYnLA

    Actually, violent crime is down here in Los Angeles.

  • J.R.

    Yadda Yadda Yadda! When the Schumer hits the fan, the economy collapses and all those who have not prepared for what is coming comes and goes, the smoke will clear and all those strong enough to be Americans will rebuild it. We are no different than any other country or nation who has collapsed. But this time, the entire world will collapse. We will once again be isolated from the trash of the rest of the world. One Language, One Culture, One People.



    • So..

      Did you ever get to see him?

  • Paul Revere

    These are the daze of Truth vs. Lies and Fables, will the Truth Return and show the Real Ruler is Light— where it all started…

  • Richard

    One can always cherry pick awful incidents and disasters to make a scary story. But the crime rate, even for violent crimes, has fallen steadily for a decade. It certainly could turn around, but throwing fear-filled accounts of evil events, plus random facts on family life, is more the style of tabloid journalism (or armed vigilante groups) than serious discussion.

    • Another Jake

      I with you 100%. Anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence worth considering. Most of what is said here is false or close to it. Random violence has been around since history has been recorded, and has been rampant in the USA since it was founded. Child abuse is tragically the same way. At least this country has laws against it now. I’d call those laws steps FORWARD, not a sign of decay of society. …oh, and Go the F— to Sleep is a parody… for adults not children. To call it a children’s book is just a lie; you can’t tell me that you actually thought it was a children’s book. You knew it was a joke, and you lied.

    • joe

      There are none so blind as those who will not see. If you don’t see where this country is headed, then you must be incredibly young or naive.

  • Bonnie Crowe Hillman

    The Bible states that just before Jesus Christ returns the times will be as “in the days of NOAH “.
    In those days men were acting inhuman , depraved , without a conscience …..

    • danallison

      And when did we not live in such days? When we killed 2 million American natives? When Hitler was in power? When we lost a million in the Civil War? ALL days since the Resurrection are the “last” Days.

      • FUKyiah

        There are more signs of the last days than those you mention….such as a world government (which may be the result of U.S. economic collapse); preoccupation with the occult (Harry Potter, many occult themed tv shows, popular music, etc.); wars & rumours of wars; the election of Barry; the rise of Taylor Swift, etc.

        • UrSeriouslyDumb

          How is the “rise” of Taylor Swift a sign of the end times? There’s dumb and there’s what you said…please leave.

  • Diana Masterlock

    I know that violence has always been around, and probably, increasing each day. But, another reality is true, and it is that the young people have lost hope. They are not anymore what they supposed to be years ago, they don’t have the same opportunities. They go to school, and then they don’t get a job, they study for years, and the don’t have a decent salary after that.. The media (TV, Newspapers) are publishing all kind of violent stuff, real or not, and giving to some part of the population, new and bad ideas. The politicians never do anything to stop that, who can believe in them? Anyway, I think that now it is worst than ever…

  • Ed

    As the old song stated

    “ The revolution will not be televised “

  • topeka


    yeah, the article is anecdotal, and borders on fear mongering, but using statistics to refute the issue is a fool’s errand.

    the government is generating the stats – and most of these incidents will generate only one or two reports, no or few arrests, and fewer convictions. the stats compiled will under report these incidents by country mile. … no, by a country light-year.

    In my local metro, for example, one should figure that every arrest is about two dozen crimes, and every depo hearing represents about a dozen violent crimes.

    At this point, for certain groups, crime is essentially legal.

    No, this has not led to the results expected, but that is because most of the actual people (including minorities and illegals) are NOT violent or criminal (as defined by common-law). Rather they are victims too of their violent neighbors.

    But… what will happen when a Hispanic community is controlled by a drug-fueled war-lord and the only “criminals” who will be arrested are those men who are trying to work to feed their children but who lack the proper visa (illegals), the proper credentials (minority) or the proper permits or payola (whites).

    Oh yeah, it’ll be great. And is this a fantasy, oh sure, just check out the neighborhoods where this is already true!

    Think about it.

    • jaytee

      Exactly right… Here in spoke-a-loo… (spokane washington for the un-imaginative…) the local law enforcement came out on television and announced that they were going to STOP INVESTIGATING PROPERTY CRIME…. break ins? sorry… car prowling… nope… home invasion… tough cookies…. If you could write a bigger blank check to every jerk-on to do whatever they liked with little or no accountability, i’d have to actually see it… while i’m not waiting for the society to melt down, and i may not be the most ‘informed’ or ‘educated’, last i heard was that the WORLD economy was estimated at 100 trillion… The United states debt is 15.5 trillion… OUR DEBT IS ONE EIGHTH OF THE WORLD ECONOMY…. JUST OUR DEBT…. really, think about that folks…. we’re talkin’ about THE WORLD ECONOMY…. Again, i’m not a doom and gloom ‘end of the world’ type, but at the very minimum, we’re looking at a depression of proportions that will boggle the mind… This isn’t something we can just put a band-aid on folks… And those that are supposed to be in charge of making the trains run on time don’t seem to give a damn… If you prepare for something bad, and you’re wrong, what happens…. nothing…. If you prepare for something bad, and you’re right, what happens… you live….

      • TheWorldIsCrazy

        thats right. id rather be prepared and wrong than unprepared and die

  • joe

    I am referring to Richard and Another Jake, not the writer of this article.

  • Matt Smith

    Bring it on – we need to destroy the system in order to reconstruct it to what we need. No mercy.

    • Kevin

      Hell yeah! :)

  • Ciccio

    Those poor disenfranchised ‘yuffs’ -who’s there not only to stop them but even the NAME THEM, be it London or Milwaukee or wherever the monkeyshines happen to enrich a democratic society. (sarcasm alert)

  • Denise

    Yes, these trends are disturbing. To me they are a sign of a lack of hands on parenting and discipline in the schools. However, I also see the other side of the spectrum – the youth in our church who are active in the community and with the younger kids in our church population. The number of twenty somethings who are taking an interest in politics and what is happening to our country. The sad part of this tendency towards violence by these malcontents is the excuse it will eventually give our government to exert even more control and eventually martial law.
    It’s just the beginning of the inevitable. Just as God predicted.

    • Maggie

      I agree with Denise, these are the signs of the coming of Christ but we must remember that He also said “these things must come to pass’ and also that no one knows the time Jesus will return, not even the son only the father knows. So for all those who fear out there remember the battle is already won and read Isaiah 41:13

  • Mark Majdosz

    To Matt Smith…bring it on…no mercy…rebuild what you need? What you need is a kick in the ass…What, you’re not happy with free education, clean water, a roof over your head, abundant food, civil rights, technology that even trolls like you get to use? Please tell all of…what is it YOU want to create and tell me how you will do it, becuase it’s easy to something like “justice for all”, but how do you there is where the problems always seem to show up with socialist, facists and comunists, and its funny how they never seem to get there, and everyone who’s caught in that crap always wants to escape to a place like this (except without the useful idiots who think it’s no good).

  • Pingback: 22 Signs That The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Starting To Disappear :

  • WiseAsASerpent

    “Like fish taken in a cruel net,
    Like birds caught in a snare,
    So the sons of men are trapped
    In an evil time
    When it falls suddenly upon them.” Ecclesiastes 9:12

    “Watch and pray always that you might be counted worthy to escape all these things that are coming to pass and to stand before the Son of man.” Luke 21:36

  • RonB

    “yeah, the article is anecdotal, and borders on fear mongering,” Tell that to the Mexicans in Nuevo Laredo. Nuevo Laredo was a nice place to visit. We did so often in the 1990′s. But then we heard of problems with drug gangs moving in, we were told that “that was b.s.” Well we decided to stop going, and thankfully so, look at the place now, headless bodies laying in the street and bodies hung from the bridges. Not counting all the ones shot up.

  • Lance

    People like to believe crime rates have been falling when in fact crime rates are being systematically under-reported. This has come to light in several major cities but is being ignored when the fact proves inconvenient to those who want to believe all is well.

  • DavidF

    This country’s god has always been money, its religion greed and its sacrifice the poor and as of late the middle class. It was simple years ago when it was just black/minorities being sacrificed now it’s white middle class folk too! Steps have always been taken to keep them at bay (heroin, crack, welfare et al) now there’s more of “them” that “us” and more of them that look like us…Is America falling apart? answer: it has been for a long time.
    We were better off with God and the bible and prayer as a way of American life (even if you don’t believe in God) because we had a moral limit to what we would do…now there is no God of the bible, no prayer and no bible and consequently no limits, no right, no wrong, just get paid by any means necessary…Instead the true form of worship in America is spreading…capitalism, greed, selfishness, sacrificing others for my own benefit and love of money all these are the evils spoken of in the bible oh wait…we don’t follow the bible. Strange that a country founded on the idea of religious freedom (was that a lie???) could get to the point where pornography, gambling, drug use, abortion etc and etc are all legal in one form or another but prayer, and the bible and God are being outlawed… you do the math.

    • Kevin

      I agree strongly…

    • FUKyiah

      Capitalism = FREEDOM, not greed, you indoctrinated idiot.

  • Homer Goodall Jr

    Let the whole thing rot an burn. Remember the Patriot Acts are mirror images of The Nazi Enabling Acts. If Obama was smart he would say “A terrorist action is rumored against “free” elections. I am suspending them and will hold them at a later time.” Like Hitler did.

  • Erick Tippett

    As with all things in history, as Santayana
    said, not learned will be repeated. Why should
    the United States a country that never really
    lived up to its potential and instituted an
    educational system which lobotomized, stulti-
    fied, and stupified its masses with lying fairy
    tales about its history come to any other end?

    Chicago, Illinois

  • mike hale

    For all those that think crime statistics are truly accurate, you are not reading the truth. If violent crime goes down 10 percent a year, guess what, after 10 years there is no crime. The total US debt can never be repaid when half of society not only don’t pay federal income taxes they generally receive a nice pay check from the IRS for amounts up to $5,666 for a family of 5 making less than 48 grand a year. In Tacoma, an immigrant family of 5 making less than 78 grand a year is given public housing. Government spending is out of control and we will collapse, it’s just a matter of time. And time is running out.

    • David b

      The trouble is that they use the previous year’s data to calculate each years figures.

      If you take 10 percent from 100 you get 90.
      Now you take 10 percent of 90 for the next year. You get 81
      Now you take 10 percent of 81 and so on.

      Great trick isn’t it

  • Miley

    Can anyone tell me what wou
    D happen if the USA were to defaut on our debt. Let’s see no cheap sleazy Chinese imports. Everyone gets a new start, our great friends the chime, saudis Arabia.,would have to foot the bill on this hmmm communist regime and a fanatic illegal oil embargo country. And all those poor multinational
    Banks might go broke. I say file for bank ruptcy. Do u know Russia and china give 0 amount of money to foreign aide well now it’s time for these one hit wonders to foot the bill.

  • Kevin

    I hope crime increases..Some people deserve to die! Also maybe the reason that society is collapsing faster because of the gay agenda being pushed on the public and when that gets pushed, then my agenda will have to be pushed as well regardless of how many people like it or not and think we are sick in the head or not…. I also think the world should end ASAP! Maybe this society thing is evident of the Book of Revelations and that we are going to go through the Great Tribulation soon…Soon to meet the Antichrist, etc…xD But seriously though, I believe that is happening…

    • Eric

      You are 100% correct. It’s funny as I look through the Bible and see what was written for our instruction. Then I look at history which has been fulfilled to a T. Then I wonder how anyone could possibly miss the information laid out therein. History proves that every single nation, tribe and or government that has thrown the moral code away and allowed homosexualality to become main stream has collapsed. I’m not saying that they are the cause of the collapse it’s just that when the society gets to the point where it is accepted the whole shabang is ripe for a fall. It’s one of the things that mark the end, of any nation. Violence, crime, hate, no moral sense of right or wrong, no natural affection, war, greed ect. However at this point the whole world is sick to the point of death. The fact that in the mist of all of what’s happening in the world that this is such a hot topic proves my point. People are dying of hunger, wars are raging, social unrest is rampant and people are made because two men want to be together in an way that is contrary to human nature? I mean really is this such a important thing to be concerned about when families are on the streets? Every time that the family unit breaks down, then that nation breaks down and goes away. No family unit no strong families no strong men to protect those families. It was once said “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”. Those who wish to be blind will flame on me for pointing this out but you can not argue with history, that’s like arguing with a sign post because it says STOP. Look at history, God gave Adam and Eve the power of free will, they abused that freedom even though they knew what would die. Sure people have the free will to do what they want but there are concequences to our actions, and it’s not like God didn’t tell everyone what those were. He brought the Flood in Noah’s day, and he wiped out Sodom and Gommorah in Lot’s time. On both occasions he gave fair warning and time to turn around. Then he brought justice upon those who would not turn around and obey simple laws. He will do so again in our time, and those who are doing wrong will have the same stupid looks on their faces when the judgment is given and they are on the short end of the stick.

      • TheWorldIsCrazy

        yep this is exactly what i believe also. glad someone else pointed it out for a change :) but we both know that most people will reject our views…

  • Arthur Russell

    I don’t understand. The original article is a bunch of random, unconnected events described as “evidence” of societal collapse. Then the comments are all about, well, ad hominem statements about the economy. I could say,”The leaves on the trees seem less green, so society is collapsing” and be just as based in apparent truth as all the other statements. Is there any proof of this, or are you all speaking from delusion?

    I take medicine to combat my delusion, so I feel I may be an authority on the topic. If we’re just coming from delusion and wishful thinking, I can go all day. If not, I’d be very interested in the evidence you have to present, that comes from sources who are as independent and unbiased as possible.

  • David b

    This is what happens when the general population becomes a bunch of cowards and those who would fight against these gangs are forced to do nothing.

    It’s your own fault if your government convinces you that you are helpless.

  • lesbian

    hello!,I really like your writing very much! share we keep in touch
    more about your post on AOL? I need a specialist on this house to solve my problem.
    May be that’s you! Taking a look ahead to peer you.

  • Green1

    What a crock of sh..e

  • Dylan

    The only thing this article gets right is the increase in civil unrest. Overall the world is far less hostile today than in centuries past and a degradation of peace in America would be a very insignificant molehill next to the mountains of injustice history has seen. America seems destined to suffer in the economical and social changes to come, perhaps more so than other countries attempting to avoid the very same problems. However, before you curse the mechanisms that have created these problems, appreciate that they’ve been far more beneficial than harmful.
    It reminds me of those who argue against vaccinations because of a small amount of adverse reactions that people attribute to their vaccines, when there is undeniable evidence of their benefits in the absence of many diseases that would have been a death sentence to contract in the past. Diseases that have been wiped out due to such practices.

  • shane

    This article is quite insulting. Its degrading and oppressive towards young people. Articles like this must be scrapped and the authors sent to prison.

    According to the author, only young people take the streets and commit crime.

    The biggest criminals in history are the baby boomers.


    Funny they don’t say what race of “young people” are doing all the brutalizing. Let me go out on a limb and say “blacks”?

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