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20 Economic Statistics To Use To Wake Sheeple Up From Their Entertainment-Induced Comas

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The Dow has closed above 13,000 for the first time since 2008, and the mainstream media is declaring that a strong economic recovery is underway.  Barack Obama is telling anyone who will listen that his economic policies are a huge success, and U.S. consumers are piling up astounding amounts of new debt.  Unfortunately, this euphoria about the economy will be short-lived.  None of the long-term problems that are destroying the U.S. economy have been solved.  In fact, there are dozens of statistics that can be quoted that prove that the U.S. economy is in far worse shape than it was when the recession supposedly ended.  If dramatic changes are not made very rapidly, our nation is going to smash directly into an economic brick wall.  Sadly, most Americans are so addicted to entertainment that they have no idea what is about to happen.  Most of them are “sheeple” that are content to trust that the “experts” know exactly how to fix our problems as they continue to enjoy their entertainment-induced comas.  After all, it is much easier to turn on “American Idol” or “Dancing With The Stars” than it is to think about debt ratios and monetary policy.  But that doesn’t mean that we should not try to wake the sheeple up.  It just means that it will not be easy.

If you went to the doctor tomorrow and he told you to take some little blue pills without telling you anything else, would you take them?

Of course not.

You would want to know what the little blue pills are for.

But if your doctor told you that you have a deadly incurable disease that is about to kill you, and that the little blue pills are the only cure, then you would definitely be interested in taking them.

Well, it is the same way with the American people.  Until they understand just how sick the economy is, they will not be interested in fighting for a solution.

We need to show all the sheeple out there that the U.S. economy has terminal cancer and is headed for death.

We need to show them that the future of our children and our grandchildren is literally being destroyed.

Way too many Americans are sitting around waiting for the government to save them.

It isn’t going to happen.

It is up to those of us that are awake to wake up those that are asleep.

And there are many out there that think that they are awake that are only partially awake.

One very famous author once wrote that “people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, and that is exactly what is happening in America today.  Most Americans simply don’t understand what is happening economically, politically, socially, morally or financially in this nation.

Please help me wake the sheeple up.

The following are 20 economic statistics to use to wake sheeple up from their entertainment-induced comas….

#1 The United States has more government debt per capita than Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland or Spain.

#2 The European Commission has formally declared that Europe has now entered another recession.  German banks are leveraged 32 to 1 and the European financial system is rapidly approaching a nightmare.  Lehman Brothers was only leveraged 30 to 1 when it finally collapsed.

#3 There are clear signs that economic activity is also significantly slowing down in the United States.  For example, new orders for goods manufactured in the United States experienced the biggest drop in three years in January.

#4 U.S. consumers are busy racking up staggering amounts of debt once again.  Total consumer debt rose at an annual rate of 9.3 percent in December.  It is now sitting at a grand total of 2.498 trillion dollars.

#5 The U.S. Postal Service has announced plans to eliminate 35,000 more jobs.

#6 There are more unemployed Americans than there are people living in the entire nation of Greece.

#7 The percentage of American men that have jobs is near an all-time record low.

#8 Right now, there are 88 million working age Americans that do not have jobs and that the government says are not looking for jobs.

#9 The average duration of unemployment in the United States is nearly three times as long as it was back in the year 2000.

#10 In January 2009, there were 2.6 million “long-term unemployed workers” according to the federal government.  Today, there are 5.6 million.

#11 The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has risen by 14 cents in just the past week, and the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the state of California is now an astounding $4.29.  Sadly, the price of gas is expected to continue rising over the next few months.

#12 The U.S. housing market continues to struggle deeply.  Home prices in the 4th quarter of 2011 were four percent lower than they were during the 4th quarter of 2010.  Overall, U.S. home prices are 34 percent lower than they were back at the peak of the housing bubble.

#13 Large numbers of Americans are putting off basic health procedures due to the declining economy.  Just consider the following example from a recent Huffington Post article….

Americans between the ages of 50 to 64 got 500,000 fewer colonoscopies, or screenings aimed at detecting colon cancer, during the recession, compared to the two years before, according to a recent study from researchers at the University of North Carolina’s medical school.

#14 The number of Americans on food stamps has increased by almost 50 percent since Barack Obama first took office.

#15 Right now, 48 percent of all Americans are considered to be either “low income” or “living in poverty”.

#16 The U.S. government is stealing about 150 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day.

#17 If Bill Gates gave all of his money to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days.

#18 Since the Federal Reserve was created, the U.S. dollar has declined in value by more than 95 percent and the U.S. national debt has gotten more than 5000 times larger.

#19 Approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents.  Most of them are doing it for economic reasons.

#20 According to a new Politico poll, only 30 percent of all Americans believe that the next generation will be “better off economically” than the previous generation.

For many more current statistics about the U.S. economy, check out the interesting facts which I documented in this previous article.

Thankfully, there are others out there such as trends researcher Gerald Celente that are tirelessly working to sound the alarm.  Celente is convinced that the U.S. financial system is rapidly heading for a disaster.  Just consider the following quotes from Celente in a recent USA Today article….

“2012 is when many of the long-simmering socioeconomic and political trends that we have been forecasting and tracking will climax,” Celente noted in his Top 12 Trends 2012 newsletter. In an interview he added: “When money stops flowing to the man on the street, blood starts flowing in the street.”

Even some politicians on the state level are deeply concerned about the possibility of a massive financial meltdown.

For example, a bill has been introduced in Wyoming that would set up “a state-run government continuity task force” which would develop plans for how Wyoming would deal with potential disasters such as a “complete meltdown of the federal government”, an economic collapse or a major disruption in food and energy supplies….

State Rep. David Miller, R-Riverton, has seen the national debt rise above $15 trillion and protest movements grow around the country. Wealthy Americans are fleeing the country, he says, and confidence in the dollar has taken a hit around the world.

If America’s economic and social problems continue to escalate and spiral out of control, Miller said, Wyoming needs to be ready. So, he’s introduced legislation to create a state-run government continuity task force, which would study and prepare Wyoming for potential catastrophes, from disruptions in food and energy supplies to a complete meltdown of the federal government.

It would even look at the feasibility of quickly providing an alternative currency in Wyoming should the U.S. dollar collapse entirely.

But for many Americans, the “meltdown” has already happened on a personal level.

Many are going to extreme lengths in an attempt to survive in this economy.

For example, one ex-police officer in Ohio got so desperate that he decided that it would be better to get arrested for bank robbery and be thrown in prison than to be homeless and living in the streets….

Former Columbus police officer Edward Pascucci had been jobless for more than a year and was facing homelessness last summer when he decided to rob a local bank. Making off with stacks of cash, however, never was his intention.

Pascucci told a federal judge on Thursday he’d run out of options, was facing “severe health problems” and opted to avail himself of the services offered by the federal penal system rather than live on the street.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine getting arrested just so that you could get free health care and wouldn’t have to sleep in the streets?

Meanwhile, the Obamas are living the high life and seem to have developed a “let them eat cake” mentality.  The following is from a recent article in The Daily Mail….

The Obama family just finished a luxury ski vacation in Aspen, Colorado. This comes on the heels of a Hawaiian Christmas vacation for the family that lasted a few weeks. The 2011 Hawaiian vacation cost the American taxpayers $4 million and a big increase from the 2010 bill sent to the American people for $2.5 million, according to the Huffington Post.

Over the past three summers, the Obama’s have vacationed in the exclusive Blue Heron Farm in Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. President Obama has a reputation for hitting every golf course on this island vacation spot for the rich and famous.

There is nothing wrong with a President taking a modest vacation, but there is a problem when the political leader of America is taking frequent swanky vacations when average Americans are experiencing economic pain.

Shouldn’t the Obamas be setting an example for the rest of us during these hard economic times?

Unfortunately, Barack Obama seems to believe that the worst of our economic troubles is now behind us.

If only that were true.

During this short-lived bubble of false hope, we should all be working hard to prepare for what is ahead.

A menacing storm is on the horizon and it will be here way too soon.

Let us wake up as many of the sheeple as we can while there is still time.


  • McKinley Morganfield

    Abandon all hope for change. 😉 Prep each and everyday everyday or at least every week. A bit more food and water added to the pantry, water purification supplies, another box of ammo, a 2 gallon can of gas, candles and matches, heirloom seeds and canning jars, salt, pepper, sugar, baking soda, and powder, spare tires and tubes for the bike, coffee and liquor, and so forth. Prep. Its the only positive thing you can do. Stay healthy and alert. Prep. Its probably too late for silver and definitely too late for gold. Think barter items. Prep.

    • Melissa

      I have just started prepping this year. You are right, this is about al we can do, keep trying to wake others up, keep trying but in the mean time, get your house in order and make sure the ammo is ready because there will come a day when people get hungry.

      • babygirlway

        Really? You would presumably shoot someone because they were hungry and you had food? Shame on you. Suppose you did maintain whatever supply you had because you were willing to defend it to the point of shooting someone…how long would that last? A month? Six months? A year? Then what would you have achieved? In the event that people become hungry enough to attempt to steal food from others at the wrong end of a gun, we would be at a point that the only true solution is to look out for and value our fellow man more than ourselves. But what do I know?

        • knightowl77

          apparently Nothing, about the way the world works…

          • Mae Miller

            the way the world works…That’s the point. If we want to change the way the world works, then we have to do things differently. We can’t expect the way the world works to change unless we change the way ‘we’ work the way the world works – that is what got us where we are today.

        • gary2

          conservatives are selfish low information dolts. You can’t fix stupid.

        • Witness the End

          So, if someone comes to my house to steal my food, I should just let them have it and watch my own kids die of starvation?

        • Lennie Pike

          Maybe your six month supply of food you were forced to kill for would give you a six month period of time to get some more food.

          If someone tries to take your food away in those conditions, it’s pretty close to the same as attempted murder.

        • Mae Miller

          Reading the comments here caused me to ask myself what would I do? A couple scriptures came to mind…and I want to thank you all for causing me to decide ‘now’ instead of ‘at the moment’ what I will do. One more part of being prepared that I can check off my list.

          Elijah asked a widow for a morsel of bread, but she told him she had none, just a bit of meal, a little oil to make a meal for her son and herself. But Elijah told her not to fear, to go and make him a cake of bread first, and then to make it for her son and herself. She did – and do you know what happened? The bit of meal, the little oil, lasted for many days. They did not go hungry. But later in the story, her son became ill, had no breath in him. Elijah prayed for him – and the child revived. You will find this story in I Kings 17.

          I, too, am preparing for a rough time, but I can’t imagine turning away a hungry person. What good does it do me to live another day – if I turn my back on a child of God? Whatever I have, I will share – and trust God that it will be all that’s needed. I have never gone hungry, even in hard times, so I know it is true that we need not take thought of the morrow, for sufficient unto that day is the evil thereof. Another scripture just came to mind – “See, I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil…” Choose life, He says, that you may be blessed…

          • Gary2

            I heard Elisa took a ride in the chariot of fire but did not go to the lake of fire.

          • Amanda

            Beautifully stated 🙂

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes. Prep each and everyday or at least every week.

    AND, remember to keep your mouth shut!!

    Keep a low profile and never ever ever talk about what you have or what you’re doing!!

    Keep your property as private from preying eyes as possible and secure it well. And, don’t forget the ammunition, you’re going to need it!!

    • Syrin

      That’s not completely accurate. Rawles would say that one of your most important things to have when the collapse occurs (not if), is a group of like minded people to help do all the chores including gardening, guard duty etc. Just be VERY VERY careful who you let know, otherwise you’ll get a platoon of GARYS showing up demanding MORE og YOUR stuff because they were too bitter and lazy to prepare for themselves.

      • gary2

        and we will get it.

        • Witness the End

          Not likely!

    • When I bought my retreat land in 2009 I offered several of my friends and family the opportunity to buy in. Even though they were all fully employed and drive nicer cars and live in nicer homes, none had the money so I went it alone.

      Not long after I made the purchase they kept inviting themselves to go camping in my woods. I decided then never to let anyone other than my spouse know its location.

      It has taken longer to build doing everything myself, but the peace of mind of knowing none of them will be showing up uninvited.

      • r.bitting

        Yes my friend, it sounds like you have a nice little hideaway to protect you when the bottom drops out, but hiding in the woods, while millions who will need the hope that only comes from Jesus Christ given to them, seems to be contrary to the will of God. Sounds like you are only concerned for yourself. If you are indeed a Pastor, but have no burden on your soul for the lost, then how can the love of God be in you? Go back to Nineveh Jonah, you have a messege to proclaim!

        • Is it not written that the married man must please his wife (1 Cor 7) and that anyone who does not provide for his family if worse than an unbeliever (1 Tim 5)?

          My ministry has led many to the Lord, directly impacted the spiritual growth of hundreds, in thousands indirectly. Perhaps you should apply the scripture to your own life rather than cram it down the throats of others. Only through repentance will you be transformed from the Pharisee you are today to a child of the King.

          • Gary2

            and all this time I thought r bitting was Sad-u-see! (I know spelled wrong but WTF) now you go and call him a pharisee. Darn it anyway. That must make me the Good Samaritan!

          • r.bitting

            You are the same one advising people to run up their credit cards with no intention to pay it back and stockpile supplies so that you can hide out in the woods, not even wanting YOUR OWN FAMILY to know about it’s location ( read your own post, you said it yourself ) and i’m the hypocrite? I’m not being a pharisee if I confront you with the truth, and call into question your advice, or do you think that you should be above that?

          • r.bitting

            Gary…. I am “sad u see”, because you won’t wake up and except the truth about the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for your sin and for mine. I hate the thought of anyone dying in their sin and standing before God without Christ as their savior. Absolutely there are fake Christians, and hypocrites abound ( we all are to some degree ), but judging the sacrificial death of Christ for all humanity based solely on the behavior of some will not justify you on that day. Judging Christianity by it’s abuses will only cost you in the end, and mocking Gods word with the Gog/ Magog stuff will not prove to be a career move for you either. Nevertheless, I will pray for you, not that you care.

          • gary2

            run up their credit cards with no intention to pay it back

            you got that right-wealth redistribution for the masses against the rich banksters. This sure beats violently taking said wealth. My co-worker is going on a nice trip thanks to wells fargo that she will not be paying for.

            Ha ha ha. Maybe she will buy me a tee shirt?

          • gary2

            R. biting-I take comfort in knowing that there is nothing I can do to make God love me more and nothing I can do to make God love me less.

            Now about all your sins…:)

      • Rancher

        But show up the well could do…then what????

      • babygirlway

        You go Prepared PASTOR! Whatever you do…don’t let anyone who hasn’t earned it enter your safe haven! Especially because they had more than you and it apparently rubbed you the wrong way
        , LOL!

        • Prepared Pastor

          Jesus taught me that when someone rejects the truth that I am to shake the dust off my feet and move on. I have met plenty of people who have received the truth and become my new circle of friends.

          • Gary2

            What if you have on a new pair of shoes that are not dusty?? Bet you never thought of that.

          • r.bitting

            That’s great, so you and your ” new circle of friends ” can all hang out in the woods together, assuming of course that they even know where to find you, because, it would seem from your own post, that only your wife knows that is at the present time. There is no way, absolutely no way, that God’s will is for you to be separated from society at the time when society will be the most willing to hear the truth of Jesus Christ, because they will be without hope. Call me a pharisee all you want, i’m called plenty of things on this site and none bother me, but theres no way you can biblically justify some of the advice you have been giving people on this site lately….

          • gary2

            Prepared Paster-maybe you are the Sadducee and r. biting the pharasee???

    • Donald Wilson

      You hit that nail dead center.

      Good luck

  • gary2

    Michael-conservatives are beyond any help. How much of your energy can one waste on their insanity? They are waging a war on women. They will loose big time in Nov. Ayatollah Santorm is even ridiculed by conservatives “nice guy, wrong century” Are the conservatives trying to loose?

    Repeat after me No one cares about your silly social conservative agenda. This is 2012 and not 1860. Conservatives DO NOT represent the majority of Americans who if they would get off their butts and vote conservatives would be regulated to the dust bin of history where they belong. They are so out of touch its laughable.

    I love watching the republicans destroy them selves without progressives needing to lift a figure. Conservatives are going down so hard ! good riddance.

    • Mae Miller

      and the Democrat liberals are going with them…the price they pay for getting in bed with each other…the price we pay for sleeping through it all is the collapse of our economy, maybe our country…

  • gary2

    oh yeah-hows that aspirin between women’s legs for birth control working out??? Repubes are going down so hard. I love it!!!

    I don’t think you conservatives get how out of touch with main stream Americans you are. You WILL find out next election.

  • 1% admirer

    Think alcohol and cigarettes for bartering items.

    • Rancher

      No way on the booze dude. Or ammo. You want to trade booze to some fool so they go get drunk and drop any fears and then come back and attack you?? Think stuff through. Trading in the first place until after the crisis blows over is a such sign of your inability to prep well. Next it reveals your surplus and as well as you to getting shot.

    • Gay Veteran

      coffee, sugar, tobacco, booze for bartering

      • knightowl77

        and .22LR buy the “brick” load

        • BenjiK

          Buy ’em cheap, stock ’em deep….

  • tappedops

    *Saved for later*
    Watching tevoed american idol…

  • Nexus789

    We are all (not just the US) sleep walking into a massive crisis. People that will be better off are those that don’t live in cities and live off the land. The cities will be dead zones.

    • Ian

      I disagree. Cities are where people will bond together as cities tend to have more progressive thinking people. Whereas the country, you will find people who are hoarding and who are fearful of their neighbors. In the cities is where the change is going to take root. At least in more progressive cities like Denver, Austin and San Diego.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Whoa, what naive hubris! You must not live in cities like Denver. ‘Progressives’ are the least prepared people imaginable. They tend to have no food in storage beyond a few days, no water stored or means of sanitizing water, no skills in growing and preserving food, no seeds for growing food, no experience hunting or trapping game, and so forth

        IF there is an economic collapse your’progressives’ in Denver, Austin, and San Diego will become cannibals within 10 days after the stores have been looted of the last bag of potato chips and the last jar of salad olives.

  • chiller

    The current administration is naive. On one hand they realize economic growth is 70% consumer driven so they have the MSM pump up all the rosy good news trying to get people to spend. On the other hand, the spending required by the consumer is cut short by distrust in the entire government, banking and financial systems. It’s like having a flat tire on a car, pumping it up and saying “Look, good as new”, when anyone with half a brain knows that you won’t get far as the tire is still leaking and will soon be flat again.

  • liberranter

    Well, it is the same way with the American people. Until they understand just how sick the economy is, they will not be interested in fighting for a solution.

    Even then most of them won’t be the least bit interested in “fighting” for a solution. If there ever existed a terminally passive civilization (if it could be called that), it is today’s Amoricon sheeple. Anyone who believes otherwise either has not spent ANY time in this country within the last decade, or is hopelessly naive.

    • TK

      Good point, America is lazy and only concerned with self (there are a few who are not sheep, not many though)

  • primrose

    Oh, but the market just soared (+23 whopping points) yesterday. This surely is an indication of recovery. Hahahahaha!

  • Big Dave

    Can you imagine how the main stream media would be reporting the economy if there was a Republican President in office? Think how Bush got hammered when unemployment was 4 or 5 percent. If a Rebuplican retakes the White House the sky will be falling again.

  • Richard Allen

    I was thinking the other day what about batteries for the would you power a laptop for a few days/weeks without electricity?

    My apple uses 24VDC i could put 2 car batteries in series to get the 24vdc and run the laptop.

    Same with the smart phone ipad, I know during the NYC blackout in 06 my GF phone died we found a cigarette lighter plug and charged up the phone and it worked with my car battery jumper gel cell too…

    Or solar cell battery chargers expensive for the phone.

    • John W.

      Just what would you expect to find on the then non existant internet. Better worry about more important things than your lap top.

  • r.bitting

    # 21) Luke 11:23 ( Christ speaking ) ” He who is not with me is against me, And HE WHO DOES NOT GATHER WITH ME SCATTERS ( In other words, by your inactivity and apathy you are demonstrating your lack of concern for the lost, so you are, in effect, scattering, and are against Christ ). Charles Spurgeon once said ” Have you no concern for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself, you can be sure of that “…..BTW, He also said ” Theres enough dust on some of your Bibles to write the word damnation “

    • gary2

      my bible looks nice on the shelf. It adds chaecter!

    • TK


    • Government Guy

      Everyone here knows a fake a mile away. Now I know what Gandhi was thinking when he said he might have became a Christian if he ever met a real one.

      • r.bitting

        Please point out to me where the falsehoods are in my post, Those are the words of Jesus Christ, but if you have a different interpretation, lets hear it.

      • r.bitting

        P.S … Actually Gandhi said that he liked Christ, so do you really think this is what Gandhi would be thinking about a quote that Jesus himself made?

        • xander cross

          Prove that jesus made that quote? You still pick and choose which parts of the bible you like. Hyprocrite.

    • cj

      What you are doing is called PROOF TEXTING(taking verses from the Bible and using it to suit your beliefs). There is a real & true message in the Bible. But you actually have to READ the Bible, especially the new testament in it’s entirety. Then you will find the message. I don’t blame you or the other like minded folks on here for your ignorance. You are caught up in the fantasy of RELIGION. Jesus came here to set us free from the the religious charisma the Pharisees held us in. Those specific words are in Galatians 5. But please, no skimming through this book, read Galatians all the way through. It truly is a breath of fresh air.
      Now, as far as prepping, and protecting your own, I see where most can be confused. Man CAN live without a community. Only in the 19th & 20th centuries, did people attend church weekly. They lived so scattered apart & actually had to sustain themselves through taking care of their livestock, growing food, making their clothing, cooking their meals from scratch(can YOU use a grain grinder?)’ Educating their children, just to maintain life(like breathing, kind of life).therefore, meeting(THE TRUE NAME) was held monthly, provided the weather cooperated. If you are a follower of Christ, you know the story of Noah, God called him to prepare. He was ridiculed. This human nature. With Christ directing your heart, you will see you cannot save everyone from the inevitable.our family has been called to prepare & to attempt to wake the sleeping. When Jesus was here, he asked as many as he could the wake up & follow him. Of course, history shows that some did not. Jesus did stray from his plan to hold the hands of the mocking sleepers, begging hem to awaken. He continued his journey of the message his father sent him to spread. He KNEW those that didn’t follow hhim were damned. But there was little time-he knew his fate. Our family have successfully woken some and have failed to with others. We have offered our home to those who live in a soon to be dangerous area. We have some who will be coming when the economy busts. We Ave some we will have to turn away, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, when they show up, because of ignorant choices(they knew we were preppers & came to us when they saw win their own eyes our economic problems,asking for shelter for SHTF. we agreed as long as they omega with food & protection for themselves. They chose to take their tax money & buy a big screen TV. Really????? If u have to wait till tax time to mke such a purchase, then than should be saint for something.HA!)
      All saying, we are limited in decisions When it comes to the defense of your family. Its been going on for centuries. We have all just been dumbed down so much that we now believe self defense is barbaric. It isn’t. Especially when you warn those of what is yet to come. God doesn’t was his people to be separated from him. But they have free will…..I’m a prepper, mother, wife to an entrepreneur that is also a 22 year law enforcement vet. & former pastor. God bless those of you who are so snarky and are ill prepared.

  • Have an escape route out of the city and suburbs. Remember, your neighbor when hungry will rob you. Don’t forget to stock your shelter with enough food for one year. That sound like a lot but it gives you all that more time. How serious are people thinking about this? My site gets around 400 visits a day and growing. Not everyone is wearing aluminum foil hats.

    • Rancher

      What site?

      Our site has about 6,500 members and 1,600,000 hits. It adds people daily as well.

      Would like to visit your site so please list it. I might have already?

  • Rodster

    I say it’s too late to wake up the masses. The American sheeple have been put to sleep by our leaders on purpose so we can have this.

    We have gone from a hard working society who took responsibility for our actions to people calling 911 because their McDonald’s order was wrong. We have gone from those producing to “take from the greedy to feed the needy”.

    Sadly this has been a work in progress by the elites. Have you wondered why our political process has morphed into “Political Idol”?

  • Tim

    “We need to show all the sheeple out there that the U.S. economy has terminal cancer and is headed for death.”

    That’s exactly what David Walker, then Comptroller General of the U.S., said back in 2007 in his interview with 60 Minutes. Sadly, this nation’s fiscal condition has gotten much, much worse since then. If you didn’t see that segment on 60 Minutes you can watch it here.

  • Be Prepared

    “Shouldn’t the Obamas be setting an example for the rest of us during these hard economic times?”

    Dictators, kings, autocrats, and despots never share in the sufferings of those they control. Why would Obama be any different?

    “Unfortunately, Barack Obama seems to believe that the worst of our economic troubles is now behind us.”

    He knows perfectly well the disaster that awaits us. He set it all up. You can’t be the fuhrer when things are going well and the masses are are content.

  • The Hammer

    Another great article. I think it is almost too late to warn others. When I talk with friends about this stuff, I get the looks of “your crazy! That won’t happen. Not here!”

  • Gary2

    Sorry conservative “parasites” its us progressives who are paying.

    It’s now well-understood that blue states generally export money to the federal government; and red states generally import it.

    Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue States Are the Providers, Red State Are the Parasites

    But the NYT story and that map up there prove beyond arguing that the conservative interpretation of events is 100 percent, 180-degrees, flat-out wrong. America’s real producer class is overwhelmingly concentrated in the blue cities and states — the regions full of smart, talented people who’ve harnessed technology and intellect to money, and made these regions the best, most forward-looking places in the country to live.

    No surprise that conservatives are 100% wrong again-remember the Canadian study proving conservatives are not as smart as the average person.

    Five easy steps for conservatives to take to get progressives to keep funding your red states:

    1. Stop taking more money from the federal government pot than you put into it. If you believe in paying your own freight, then do it. If you can’t, that’s fine — we’ll go back to helping you out — but you have to let go of that producerist superiority crap, because you’re simply not entitled to it.

    2. Admit that we were right. Admit that nobody in America ever makes it on their own, and that we are all in this together, and that there’s such a thing as the common wealth and the common good. Admit that regulation is necessary to keep the unprincipled strong from preying on the weak. Admit that there has never in history ever been any such thing as a free market: markets are created by governments, and need to be overseen by them. And finally: admit that your conservative leaders got us into this economic mess, and don’t know squat about how to get us out of it.

    3. Join the reality-based world. Accept that America’s prosperity utterly depends on how well-educated its kids are, especially on topics like science and history. Accept that evolution happened, and that climate change is happening now. Embrace nuance. Learn something about how to assess evidence and think rationally, without a pre-determined conclusion. Remember that God only helps those who’ve gained the real-world skills to help themselves.

    4. Admit that we love our country every bit as much as you do — and that, given our much greater success at creating strong families, productive 21st-century industries and excellent places to live, we might actually know more that you do about how to make it work better in the future.

    5. Last but by no means least: Knock off the hate-mongering, threats and name-calling. Your heroine, Ms. Rand, predicted rightly that parasites invariably despise the producers they feed on; you should be embarrassed that your own behavior bears her out so clearly. And, just once, say thank you to us for all the contributions we’ve made (or, at least, tried to make) toward your well-being. We don’t ask for much, but a little gratitude now and then wouldn’t hurt.

    Five easy steps. Do this, and we’ll come back and work with you as co-creators of an America we all can love. Until then, though, you can pay your own bills. We’ve decided we have better things to invest that money in — upgraded schools, single-payer healthcare, expanded college systems, mass transit, sustainable technology investments, and forward-looking research to launch new industries that will make us richer yet. And you’ll have a choice, too: you’ll either learn what it takes to produce like we do, or you’ll get to find out what real poverty feels like.

    • Mark8776

      Wow… what a load of CRAP!!! Typical of a lib..

      • Gary2

        such intelligent comments form the conservative. NOT!

        Yep folks that study from Canada is so true.

      • Gary2

        BTW-everything in that post is a verifiable fact and not my opinion. Now I know conservatives live in a fact free zone so I know facts do not matter to you.

        • Witness the End

          Wow! verifiable facts! site your sources!

    • John W.

      You are the one doing all the name calling. Typical regressive which is what you really are. You are so pathetic.

  • William

    Ah, but, Americans, this is what you voted for.
    Maybe the two Shrub tax cuts the nation could not afford, or the two unfunded wars started by the Chimp, or unfunded Medicare Part D, or the specious “Global War on Terror” are all not so funny now, n’est ce pas?? You have been played by the super rich in NY and the City of London, and you do not even know it……..

    • knightowl77

      More tax cuts not less….The Gov’t wastes toooo much money already on idiots and the 47% who pay no income tax already….don’t earn enough to pay income tax…don’t worry the Gov’t will send you a check….no wonder we are broke…

      • xander cross

        We should not being paying income tax alone. That is the problem itself, taxes, there is no such thing as good government.

  • Rodster

    Another other reason why it’s too late. The Lame, leftist media no longer produces straight up news. All the news channels including Fox have for years been issuing news in the “entertainment manner”.

    Have you ever wonder why you have see all the pretty people on TV News local and National? Have you taken a look at the glitzy News Studios that rival American Idol? When I go to Miami the ABC affiliate is one of the more egregious when it comes to entertainment news.

    Have you ever asked why every 10-15 minutes you hear the gong on Fox News, followed by the infamous…”this is a Fox News Alert”? Because the news media thinks you’re too stupid to pay attention so they make the news entertainment because they wager that it will take that to keep you interested.

    Once the news media gets you believing that what you are getting from them is real news you will believe anything they feed you.

    The only time News channels both local and National switch to hard core no entertainment news is when a monstrous disaster strikes like 9-11.

    Since the government-media complex are in cahoots with each other they have purposely dumbed down the American public so they can slide whatever they want under you’re feet and get you to play along. Look no further than the idiots from Occupy Wall Street who like zombies parrot the “We are the 99%”, “Take from the greedy to feed the needy”, “Mic Check”.

    • mondobeyondo

      Gotta love the graphics they put on those national and local “news” shows. Very eye-catching. Throw in a photo of a kitten stuck up a tree, along with some nice feminine font (“Curlz” or “Kuntzler” comes to mind. Definitely NOT Helvetica or Times New Roman!), and then a nice caption at the bottom, like “Awww, ain’t she cute!” Ratings will go through the roof.

    • gary2

      tax the rich and spread the wealth

      tax the wealthy to keep us healthy

      • Mark8776

        Why just tax them??? Take EVERY DIME they have, and then let them live on welfare!!

        Oh wait… A study was already done on that – Even if you take ALL their money, it would run the gov’t less than 6 months…

        • Gary2

          works for me-take it all. no one needs to be a billionaire.

          • knightowl77

            Tell that to George Soros and all the lefty sites he funds…you might have a contract out on you Gary

    • Gay Veteran

      what Leftist media?!?!?!? the media are owned by a handful of corporations

  • Jodi

    I’m currently unemployed an feel like it will take awhile to work again. I’m proud to say I don’t live off of food stamps. I was preparing for about a year before I got laid-off. I felt the layoff was coming. This is how everybody should prepare. You just never know when your time will come. Thanks for this website I feel like I can talk with like minded people, but I don’t give up informing people who are clueless.

  • karen

    I sure try like there is no tommorrow waking-up folks to the nightmare that is fast approaching, and I will continue to do so until that day comes where you will have to stay home. Because the masses will kill you for whatever they can get, give someone a few weeks with out food and they will become VERY dangerous. I have met a few folks that take this very seriously I sure was shocked they are in the military to my surprize, and Bon from babble is right keep what you do a secret, folks on the Discovery channel the preppers telling their secrets are being sought out. And being made to look like loons, I know they are trying to help, and bless them all. Most of all think about your children, I would die for my family, they mean that much to me. I work my A%% off 7 days a week, and I love every minute of it.

  • Syrin

    When the gov’t wages war on the economy and successful, this is what happens as was warned by dozens of CEO’s including Steve Jobs, but hey the GARY’S of the world know better despite empirical evidence, historical analysis, and logical thought.

    War on Drugs – failure
    War on Crime – failure
    War on Prosperity – HUGE success

    • gary2

      yes the Garys of the world know way better. The Canadian study proves that conservatives are not as smart as the average person, much less progressives.

      So yes I am glad you agree that the garys (progressives) know better because we do.

      Your last take issue with the canada study showing conservatives were not too smart sure got shot down by many other posters.

  • Rowell

    The way I look at it is, if the masses of people believe that things are getting better and the economy isn’t tanking, that just gives me more time to get things in order. Let’s face it, the vast majority of people have no idea what’s coming. Nor do they have the intellectual stamina to even consider the notion. They’re just happily munching at the entertainment feeding trough (the television), enriching themselves with Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of and other useless reality shows, all while the country continues to circle the bowl.

    That’s fine. You can’t save everyone. Save yourself, your family, your friends and whoever else will listen. As for the rest, they made their beds. While they’re spending money on the iPhone of the month, I’m paying down the bills that I have. While they’re watching TV, I’m putting food away and fixing the important necesities in my house. While they’re blathering on about how their candidate for office will make the US a better place, I’m getting ready for when it does eventually all come crashing down.

    You can only tell someone to get off the sinking ship before you have to get into the lifeboat yourself.

    • xander cross

      Does that include that nice computer you used to go on this site? Or that nice cell phone that you use as well? There is nothing wrong with having an IPAD, especially if you use it to improve your communication, and financial matters on it.

  • MarkieMark

    Most of you Preppers have it only half right. Do more homework— in the event of a major breakdown in society the Prepper who isolates themself will stand a far worst chance than those who form together with a larger group. Books have been written on this including one by Charles Hughes Smith.

    If food and fuel get scarce, it will not be one or two trying to steal your resources. It will be large well-armed gangs of 50 to 100. They will be at it constantly 24 hours a day coming from all angles allowing no sleep.

    Preppers need to be ready to form militias comprised of their relatives, friends and neighbors. A large militia can patrol 24/7 and repel an attack from a large well-armed gang. A militia can develop a many layered line of defense and out flank attackers. Once it is known a militia is protecting an area the gangs will seek easier targets. The militia can work co-operatively to forage for needed resources. The larger group will have people skilled in a multitude of areas like medicine, weapons, farming, food preservation, ect..

    • Ted

      That is 100% correct MarkieMark!

  • knightowl77


    I commend your efforts to awaken the sheeple. But I have come to the conclusion that there are very few more who will rouse themselves until the proverbial cow manure hits the fan.

    I tried to explain to friends that prepping was just another form of “insurance”, something that you hope you will never need. Like auto, home or health insurance which people buy in case of calamity, prepping is another form of insurance. But unlike auto & home insurance where the money goes and you get nothing for it if nothing happens, prepping is different. In prepping for hard times or disasters, that food, medical supplies and ammo can be used and it can supplement your daily living even if nothing bad happens.
    When I explain that to people, you can see the lightbulb start to glow dimly, and then it goes right back dark…My family knows my thoughts and concerns for what is coming and you can see from their expressions that they think I am one of those kooky “Doomesday Preppers” on Nat Geo.

    Whatever….I do not have a large enough budgement or basement to store supplies for them, so when the SHTF as it will, they are on their own….

    • godsofold

      Ran into the same thing on my end. Sad, but sometimes you just have to know who to cut out.

      Semper Fi & stay safe

    • mondobeyondo

      There are a few people will never be awakened, because they are brain dead. Yes, even deader than Whitney Houston, if that’s possible. There’s not much hope for them.

      The vast majority will awaken when it starts to hurt. When gas hits $5.00 a gallon. When a head of lettuce costs $4.00, tomatoes are $6.00 a pound, and the electric bill approaches $800 a month. They’ll finally get a clue. They will whine about not being able to afford gas to get to work. “Our family can’t afford Happy Meals anymore! We can’t afford to go out to Tiffany’s Cabaret on the weekends!” Sorry about that. Life isn’t always fair, y’know?

      There’s this nifty little invention called a “bicycle”. You might want to buy one, and give it a try sometime. Your heart and muscles will thank you.

  • Ameen

    This article is VERY scary … and SO TRUE!! Every last detail is SO TRUE!!

    • Jodi

      I think if people were prepared they won’t be scared. It’s hard to get ignorant people to understand this. I fear that only about 10% of people are prepared for the worst.

  • Barn Cat

    Most people still won’t wake up. They believe the lies that Obama and the mainstream media tell them. They will be totally surprised and shocked when the collapse takes place.

    • xander cross

      Indeed they will. It’s getting scary out there. Prep.

  • I am Tyler Durden’s contempt for the system

    McKinley and Bon- you guys are paranoid.

    Is the system going to collapse? Possibly, but the Fed has injected so much liquidity that it could be on a permanent state of dollar-injected life support. The only next logical step would be debt forgiveness across the board and starting over from near zero. It’s become a joke that debt upon debt makes prosperity happen- but it’s the only thing supporting the system. Once everyone realizes that money, in and of itself, is an illusion, then we can get back to what a real economy does- relies on production and goods rather than futures and hedges to make profit.

    However, if the worst case scenario of the paranoids comes true, my blades are sharpened, my arrows are straight and my mind is resolute.

  • Rancher

    Prepping is way smart. Buying some silver/gold is as well. Saying it is to late is wrong. If paper money fails you will wish you had a few coins around.

    Do keep your mouth shut around those anywhere near you as well.

    I want to know if those sheep are getting it on in the pen? Picture looks a bit funky with one of them 😉

    Last we spread this site to other sites but I would rather do chores, take a nap or go fishing than to waste my time preaching to dumb sheep about what they elect to ignore before and after said sermon.

    Read and weep baby…we all had equal access to the same information. P/C means Personal Choice around here.

    Sheep are also meant to be sheared and eaten. They will over graze the land and consume all the vegetation until it dies off. Sound familiar?? I raised them and did both to them. We love eating fresh lamb and like wearing wool. I also expect to profit someday from the losses of the human sheep out there after they are fleeced and led to slaughter.

  • Kathy Smith

    ” It is up to those of us that are awake to wake up those that are asleep.” I totally agree Micheal . One way I have been ding that is by referring them to this web site. Keep up the great work. And yes prep prep prep. We cannot prep enough that’s for sure. Bon I agree keep your mouth shut about precious metals & where you stuff is but keep encouraging sheeples to get correct information God help us all.

  • TexasScout

    The Wyoming bill was shot down. Otherwise a great article.


  • Flounder

    If they aren’t awake by now, they are hopeless.

  • Imaplaneiac

    ” People are destroyed for lack of knowledge ” is taken from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible: from the Book of Hosea 4:6.

    • Michael

      I was wondering who would catch that. 🙂


      • justamom

        The most famous Author of all…
        Thanks for another great article. God bless!

        • Michael

          LOL – I am not trying to become famous. 🙂


    • Gary2

      I thought it was in Amos or Titus…

  • Many feel, despite co-called governmental safeguards, today’s economic and ecological systems are so fragile that the bottom is already falling out” says Garry Shanty, marketing director for the PASS “the sudden interest in updating our Survival Guide almost came out of no-where” said Shanty. “People are afraid and don’t know what to do”.
    The PASS Survival Handbook includes both internal and external changes needed to survive. Building a network of like-minded friends, being proactive not reactive to change the focus is not gloom and doom, but “Optimistic Realism”.

    “If one does not prepare now for this inevitable situation, simple everyday living will prove to be extremely unpleasant”. says Shanty. “People must ‘panic-proof’ their lives from these uncertain times and not depend on paper currency, banks, food stores, energy sources, city services, communications and the system as we know it today.”

    There is no charge for the Survival Handbook.

    The PASS, was formed after the 1989 Santa Cruz earthquake by students at University of California Santa Cruz. The group preparing for the chaotic times ahead. The PASS offers a strong upbeat and positive approach to self sufficiency, applicable in any economic or social condition. There is no charge for the Survival Handbook.


  • We have officially formed the right shoulder and final bubble of the Bernanke Top

  • VyseLegendaire

    The Obamessiah’s vacation schedule and cost really is outrageous. I think its the single thing people need to see to know that the US President is simply the headline actor for the motion picture that is the political machine.

    If they’re not awake by now, good luck to them. Not all the sheeple will go to the slaughter but some of them will beg for their death with open arms and others will help them get there. History repeats itself.

  • Karen

    Prep, prep, prep. Please consider these warning carefully. These warnings are all over the place. When it happens you can’t say you didn’t know. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

  • sharonsj

    One can assume that readers of blogs like this one know the economy is tanking. And like many of you, I’ve been prepping as best I can.

    However, I used to comment daily on this site and others, but I’m close to giving up trying to educate people. We all know the news (which isn’t leftist, by the way–that’s just right-wing propaganda), doesn’t give us the real news. You need to read a ton of internet sites to find out what’s really going on. But once you do, and try to explain real facts, conservatives don’t want to hear them.

    Michael’s information is correct, but what do the comments say? It’s Obama’s fault, it’s the liberals, etc. How about blaming our corrupt Congress? How about blaming the corporations that write our laws for their own benefit? How about blaming crazy Republicans who, instead of trying to solve problems, are passing laws mandating shoving probes up *************** because these women are contemplating abortions?

    • TX4Life

      A transvaginal ultrasound is no more invasive than an abortion. Less actually. And they are only used in rare cases where a regular ultrasound cannot detect the heartbeat. If you read a ton of websites, you’d be aware of that. By the way, I wonder what’s in there that has a heartbeat?

      Agreed, it’s not exclusively a left/right fault assignment but certain letters behind the politician’s name ensure a faster collapse.

      • Gay Veteran

        a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound is state mandated rape

  • Eva

    LOVE the title, love the message! It’s one I’ve been preaching for awhile.

  • godsofold

    Michael, this may be another clear sign of how much the economy continues to fall.

  • Imaplaneiac


    Any practicing / actively engaged Christian would immediately recognize where your above quote was taken from.


    When I alert others – and I continue doing so -of the REAL, periloue status of Amerika, one explanation I give them for preparing NOW for the collapse of the Dollar is to consider this a form of financial investing. ( I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog ). I’ve already saved HUNDREDS of Dollars – at today’s prices !!! – stockpiling non-perishables I commonly use ( food, cleaning supplies , personal hygiene articles, etc. ). I tell them that IF the worst ( by some miracle ) DOESN’T occur I’ve only saved myself BIG BUCKS. I urge all those I speak with – there have been several – about the peril we face to do EVERYTING within their control to prepare for the worst! That’s all one CAN do! If they willfully want to live in DENIAL , as do other sheeple, they do so at their peril!

  • My Dear Young Michael, you are starting to show signs of anxiety and stress in trying to wake the masses to reality. Yes, you will enlighten a few thousand, maybe a million or so, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The enlightened are not going to carry the banner untill they are starving and destitute; then they will look for leadership.

    Preppers can stock up for a couple of years but what we are faceing is decades of a downhill slide and there are no shortcuts. The stockmarket is NOT an indicator of our financial stability. It is NOT a measure of our economic growth – what was, is no more. The stockmarket is a speculative casino with a triple zero against “investors”. This is a millionairs roulette table that the newer generatiojhn are being forced into.

    I think the old German philospher, Heigel, who dciscoursed the illuminiti bateing and supplying two opposing political eneities to maintain control was right. This implies that the bankers – the world top money funders are orchastrating this global interaction for their view of control.

    This is of course all moot when it trickels down to the bottom feeders who are manipulated into belief systems of “ain’t it awful, It is all his (her) fault, now I got’cha”. While we engage in this national pastime of what is going on, we lose one more brick in the wall of real progress.

    People are manipulated. Peoople are happier being manipulated since it provides a structure of time – being able to grouse and complain. But they do nothing collectivily. Untill we reach tne living standards of 1917 Russia, 1789 France and other states of the world in dire situations, people are not going to do anything but seek, superstition and rituals of
    empty promise.

    In the mean time, enjoy life as it may be as we are still better off here, now, instead of living in India and other pits of dispair. Take care of your health, find new pleasant adventures in the garden and turn off the TV News. OT.

    • Michael

      Thank you for calling me young. 🙂


  • xander cross

    Defiently keep your mouth shut about prepping esepcially in cities like Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. I remember when me and my wife drove through the city of baltimore, I seen the decay and the people that just sit on the pouch doing nothing. Living in big cities will not be a wise idea for anyone. I am almost out of debt, (note, not credit card debt, about to finish to pay the car off, keeping my light bill very low) and I have been stocking up as well. I have seen what a lot of you guys been talking about with my own eyes and yeah, most people are just watching the television. I worry about this a lot and although, I don’t agree with you all alot on religion, I do ask questions as to how to get out of this mess. I hope each and every one of you will make it through this.

  • The irony of this article just occurred to me. Of all the related sites I peruse, this one provides the least actual information that I can use to better prepare. Yet, here I am reading all the irrelevant Bible teaching and political jabs instead of doing something productive.

    • babygirlway

      Just what exactly are you a pastor of, The Church of Self? What is it you want to hear? It appears that you want affirmation that looking out for yourself and ignoring the needs of others is acceptable behavior.

      • Gary2

        prepared pastor is the typical selfish self proclaimed Christian. He/She/It would not know a christian if Jesus himself came down and kicked him in the butt.

        Jesus would be helping the poor and paster would never give up everything to the poor to follow jesus.

        • xander cross

          Defiently true gary and so is r.bitting is also an example of a selfish christian.

  • Timmy

    I can’t believe I broke my own rule and wasted my time reading Gary’s post AGAIN. Bad Timmy.

    • Gary2

      be careful-you would not want to learn anything…

  • alexxx

    oh how i love this well informing website

    i try to inform anyone that i know they all give me the paranoid look

    read the Inflation Deception and other writings on this subject


  • mondobeyondo

    The sheeple have had the wool pulled over their eyes for the longest time. They will be lucky if they only get sheared. It can (and will) get worse.

    Lamb chops, anyone? How about leg of lamb? Mutton?

    Keep watching “American Idol”… (or as my mom used to say, “If you watch General Hospital long enough, you’ll end up being a patient there”)


    anyone heard about the government might mint a 5 trillion dollar platinum coin to use to buy back debt?

  • JR

    I think this article does a terrible disservice to Sheep. Sheep are beautiful animals…they’re very affectionate, curious and trusting. But if someone who is not their natural shepherd calls them, they do not respond! They will only respond to the voice they know. That alone makes Sheep a little smarter than many people out there.

    Sheep don’t have the ability to reason or to be practical. They have no concept of how to plan for the future. People do! So what will be their excuse when the dung finally hits the fan while they’re busy with their electronic devices?

    • Gary2

      Sheep don’t have the ability to reason or to be practical. They have no concept of how to plan for the future.

      You must be talking about conservatives. So True that!

  • I am Tyler Durden’s contempt for the system

    S&P logged best January since 1991. That and 50 cents will be licky enough to get you a bowl of soup…

  • JustanOGuy

    At this point, I’m spending more time learning from people who already survived economic collapses in other countries such as the USSR. Because at this point, it’s not IF it’s going to happen… It’s WHEN is it going to happen.

    Very interesting stuff…



    Still ragging on the obombers as the only fat cat family walking, huh? I guess amerika would be vastly better off with the BILLIONAIRE FINANCIER spit “let detroit die” romney as puppet in chief sitting in the white house.

    The main point is this. Amerika can’t be saved. It is long past the point of saving. All empires die, and the amerikan empire is no exception. It will collapse from the weight of its own decadence and corruption, not to mention the endless money printing from helicopter “benjamin” bernanke…………..

    The sheeple amerikan population, as well as its roman style government officials, are in a drug and alcohol induced stupor, incapable of self governance, incapable of building a society that has the good of all as its goal, war being its one and only imperative. The amerikan society and its government are fiscally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt. There is no recovering from decadence that deeply entrenched. As a punctuation mark, witness roman officials featuring the governor of CA and the mayor of LA begging the Red Communist Chinese to fix amerikan roads and bridges. If that aint rock bottom, then rock bottom has no definition…..

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Meanwhile, the Obamas are living the high life and seem to have developed a “let them eat cake” mentality’

    Obamas and an little more.





    Still ragging on the obombers as the only fat cat family walking, huh? I guess amerika would be vastly better off with the BILLIONAIRE FINANCIER spit “let detroit die” romney as puppet in chief sitting in the white house.

    The main point is this. Amerika can’t be saved. It is long past the point of saving. All empires die, and the amerikan empire is no exception. It will collapse from the weight of its own decadence and corruption, not to mention the endless money printing from helicopter “benjamin” bernanke…………..

    The sheeple amerikan population, as well as its roman style government officials, are in a drug and alcohol induced stupor, incapable of self governance, incapable of building a society that has the good of all as its goal, with war and wall street commercial banker bailouts being its only two imperatives. The amerikan society and its government are fiscally, intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt. There is no recovering from decadence that deeply entrenched. As a punctuation mark, witness roman officials featuring the governor of CA and the mayor of LA begging the Red Communist Chinese to fix amerikan roads and bridges. If that aint rock bottom, then rock bottom has no definition…..

  • Bubba Schwartz

    How many times has B-O been to Camp David???

  • Ed_B

    “Please help me wake the sheeple up.”

    Why? It is these very same sheeple and the politicians who seek power via propagating the sheeple way of life that have brought us to the brink. Better to de-sheeple the USA and repopulate with those of us who can, have, and are thinking about what to do BEFORE the SHTF and acting on those thoughts. Those of us who can prep more than we need will have any number of family members falling all over themselves to join us AFTER it is the obvious thing to do. Until then, we just keep on preppin’.

    • xander cross

      Indeed. The brainwashingn is complete. Anytime that the Jerry Springer show is the number one show in america for two years straight, you know we got some serious problems. I was younger during the rise of reality television, and I have witness the results of our television induced lives.


    At this late date, why bother trying to wake up the sheep? When the collapse comes, they’ll come around to those who prepped with their hand out, just like they’ve done most of their lives. They will be outraged when the answer is “No”! As far as I’m concerned, I wasted over a decade trying to wake up family and anyone who’d listen. For my efforts, I was widely labeled: nuts, crazy, fear monger, trouble maker, radical, doom & gloomer, and these are the more polite labels. In some circles around the county, I was actually hated. No problem. I knew when I became an activist, I had to have skin like bark on a hickory tree. When the collapse comes, turn about is fair play. Every one of the sheep would do well to give me a wide berth.

    • I hear you. The older ones don’t care because there social security/medicare is ensured so they just want to leave everyone else to twist in the wind. The younger ones don’t care as long as they have a couch, pot, tv/video games/internet access, boilable food and water. Only middle-aged unemployed/underemployed and real patriots seem to care and they are a minority. The elitists know they can count on this situation to keep them profitting from the sell out and sell off of America.

  • Newton

    If you think for even a moment that Bernake & Co
    are done propping this global catastrophy up —

    You got another thing coming

    All you Preppers out there who are just sure ! That the world is collapsing tomorrow !

    I got news for you too.

    Better get ready to do some more waiting. and waiting and waiting and waiting.

    They own the board game and they make the rules
    to said game.

    NOTHING does anything without the express written consent of the house that Bilderberg


  • Nothing matters until tens of millions of Americans, that want but currently do not have, obtain jobs that pay enough income to be reasonably happy.

    We are on track to see that never happens.

    Is escapism a problem? You bet it is.

  • I continue to educate from a safe distance and if I had the resources I would provide for those who have accepted the message, but cannot afford to prepare to a sufficient level. Like you, I have little patience for those who have heard the truth, but rejected it. Eventually, everyone reaps what they sow and they will too.

    • St. Lukes School Teacher

      One good way to educate is from the Obama Christian Muslim Church in Silver Spring, Md. near the metro and you will learn that Muslim Cleric Pastor, Frank Caverty came to America to help president Obama clean up America and to make president Obama a God and Prophet. That is good news gospel for America and the world too.

    • Koolnightes

      TO: Prepared Pastor,
      You sound like a true disciple of Christ…. you keep your distance… no hug from you… and little patience…How many times shall we forgive our brother?? ONE TIME REPLIES JESUS!
      And yes I agree we will all be judged by our words and our deeds… motive will be front and center.

  • mondobeyondo

    This is for all those NFL-watching rams (not just the ones in St. Louis, giggle!) and those ewes addicted to “The View” each weekday morning:

    Things are about to change, in a very big way. Economic Hurricane Katrina is brewing in the financial Gulf. If you are not ready, you will be terrified. You will be shocked. You will not like it, and chances are good you won’t make it through. So get ready NOW. Board up the (financial) windows, stock up on water, food, batteries, etc.

    If you won’t or can’t wake up, well… enjoy life while you can. Because things are… oh, just re-read the second paragraph of my post. Then read it a third and fourth time.

    • Trevor

      And all the freeloaders who never liked the idea of working or paying for their own rent and food will have to work for a living like everybody else, or stay with their family who will not allow drug use and laziness.

  • How do you wake up the dead?

  • The ants get to eat while the grasshoppers starve… that’s what Aesop said. But the grasshoppers will want what the ants prepped. So the ants gotta find a grasshopper costume or be very armed.

    • View from Abroad

      “The ants get to eat while the grasshoppers starve… that’s what Aesop said.”

      Now THIS is really funny – have you ever read about ants? There is no more EGALITARIAN, COLLECTIVE and SOCIAL organized community on this planet than an anthill. Maybe that’s why they exist for about 100.000.000 years, and why they will continue to exist – no Jon Corzines or Bernie Madoffs in an anthill, you know?

      Comparing this highly structured and effective organization to the rather solitary “prepper”, who sits alone in his hole in the earth on a stack of canned goods, clutching his pumpgun in the right and his gold coins in the left seems rather ridiculus.

      The solitary prepper is the real grasshopper in this story…and the ants are the government and its institutions…police, national guard, Army. Now, guess the outcome when the warrior ants will be set on to the grasshoppers?

      • Doxology

        One thing though, the ants can’t print more of their own money.

      • gary2

        Wait-you are ruining the limited conservative world view of gubmit bad.

        These selfish dolts really think that people “make it on their own” and that there is such a thing as the rugged individual (largley a myth).

        Hard to fix stupid but thanks for trying. I keep trying also.

        • Trevor

          Your blood sucking leftist thievery party has murdered 120 million under communism, destroyed Europe with freeloader welfare states that are now bankrupt and is doing the same to the U.S. Too bad the freeloader party always wants everyone else to give up their freedom and hard earned money so the lazy can do nothing!

          • Gary2

            No one ever said communism. Typical of a conservative though-call anything you do not understand communism.

            Michael-looking at a lot of the posts you have to know deep down that the study from Canada proving conservatives are not as smart as the average person it 100% true.

            I feel bad that you are having to dumb yourself down to appeal to the right wingers on this site. How the revenue from the ads is worth it.

        • Trevor

          Your fantasy I-don’t-have-to-work-mentality is coming to its rightful end. All parasites fall off and die in the end. Healthy hard working bodies (freedom and hard work) always survive in the end.)

      • Rhynn

        And again. Why do you people arm wrestle for partisan superiority over each other as if there are actually two different political ideologies in power in America? There haven’t been in over a century.

        Same people. Roles reversed on the surface from where they started out, but still the same people.

        Liberals (Democrats) are only thought to be embracing a Welfare state or petitioning for the 99% by fools. The Democrats are the original 1%. The party of the slaveowners that formed the Confederacy. The Republicans are the party that was founded to prevent the spread of slavery beyond the South.

        The Democrats were responsible in large part for the exploitation of European immigrants to the states in the North at the same time via Tammany Hall. Through that organization they brought much of the modern day financial, warmongering, political, union, and underworld corruption so hated in the elite by the 99% to life.

        The two parties may have obfuscated their original charters over time but let’s not pretend that either one of these parties has anything in common with “the common man” or any real respect for or intention to reward the honest labor and ambition of such a man. They never have and they never will.

  • Galileo

    I’m waiting for the bottom to hit. Otherwise people won’t wake up. I’ve been awake. As an artist (graphic designer) out of work because now companies are hiring freelance graphic and web designers overseas at rates of $1 an hour (sometimes even less), I’ve hit my bottom. I surrendered. I’m not even trying to find work anymore. I’m waiting for everyone else now.

  • Occupied

    Rather than look for individual solutions, join the movement that is activley rejecting the policies of Corporate America as applied in the US and throughout the world. Hiding from the consequences of a collapse is no solution. Find allies and discuss and develop programs that prevent a collapse by replacing the problems community faces because of policies focused on wealth and power preservation with solutions focussed on community health and kindnes. Then begin to implement those programs in spite of the problems, so that in the event of collapse a unified and strong community with clear vision and leadership exists to ensure continuity and security. Join the occupy movement and begin to discuss what can be done constructivly.

  • Portals

    To be honest with everybody, I hope the entire global economy goes belly up tomorrow. I’m so sick of listening about this crap all the time. Let’s get economic collapse done and over with as we will never be able to get down to business until it does.

    This will be an every man for himself scenario. Those who aren’t ready will die, those who are, won’t. It’s as simple as that. It’s so tiring to try to sway the opinions of people who don’t want to listen, so why bother with them anymore? Let them fend for themselves when everything falls apart. You can bet your life that most of them won’t be there to help you or your family.

    It’s not like this is news. It’s been shoved down our throats now for the last few years, over and over again like a bad record, and I dare say that only those who live in caves would be the only one’s who don’t already know about it.

    On the other hand, people should remember that there are a large number of people who know about it but don’t have the funds needed to prepare properly. They aren’t sheeple by any stretch of the imagination, just people caught up in an economy that has placed them in an unfortunate set of circumstances. What many of us who have prepared should be doing now is trying to hone our abilities to be able to tell who the unfortunate people are, over those who don’t care for anybody, not even themselves.

  • james monroe

    The obama administration has a news department that creates,and publish news storys (as they see it) to you and me .and the media is not allow to debate the truth or content of these news stories they publish.
    they are the first administration in history to do this.

    • Steve

      Can you share more details about this? I’m curious to know more.

  • Richard

    People do not want to hear it: I’ve had several friends and relatives ask me to take them off my email list. Rather than being educated with facts and information not reported in the mainstream news, they are happy and content to keep their heads in the sand,and their rears up in the air.

  • Piet

    There could be nothing better to hear than the demise of western economy. It has given us global warming, destruction of forests, contaminated water resources, extinguishing wildlife, grossly obese people, sea-level rise, depleted soils, chemically dependent agriculture, air pollution, traffic gridlock, over-population and tourism.
    The sooner it fails, the sooner this poor planet can start to recover from the onslaught of modern stupidity.
    It’s time we took out the corporates and any bastard who aspires to have more than they really deserve.

  • My neighbors are soon to be either family, or close friends, as I move my wife and child into our new place.. not owned by any bank.

    I’ve got enough land at my place, to grow crops to feed my immediate family if needed, as do my neighbors, plus we’re close enough to the coast that there will be plenty of seafood to eat as well.

    The only worries I will have is people from the nearby medium-sized city stealing from me.

    I will be quick to help anyone who comes to me in need, and just as quick to stop anyone who tries to steal from me.

    If the power grid fails, food will spoil in the supermarkets.. if the refineries stop, trucks stop moving goods.. If that happens, and you can’t grow your own food.. you will either need to barter for it.. work for it.. steal it.. or starve to death.. so you’d better have useful skills..

  • Lee

    And any of this is not shocking news. If you plan to survive you need a remote location, hunting skills, fishing, gardening seeds and shelter. Idaho has remote mountains that the wandering droves of starving people can not get to without starving to death. Be prepared for the worst and pray for the best.

  • 42oinBIGSKY

    Nobody even talks about the real reason for the economic meltdowns and that is our worlds exploding population as we are living amongst diminished resources and overworked soil.

  • Swaginator

    You can tell that the person who is writing this article is biased. Some of these facts have nothing to do with our economic downturn. OF COURSE the deficit is going to increase by that much in 100 years (that’s how long the Federal Reserve has been around), and OF COURSE we have more debt than countries like spain and greece: THEY ARE MUCH SMALLER!! This article is biased, and you cannot say that we are not BETTER OFF than we were 3 years ago. YES we are still in a very VERY bad economic situation, but it has gotten better, even though it’s not enough. Unemployment is starting (I repeat, STARTING) to head in the right direction. I would hate to see someone like Romney or Santorum take the wheel. Obama is laying foundations for a better economy, but it’s going to take a lot longer than even two terms. He’ll have to pass it on.

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