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20 Facts About Child Hunger And Child Poverty That Will Break Your Heart

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Did you know that nearly half of the 44 million Americans that are on food stamps today are children?  Did you know that more than a fifth of all U.S. children are living in poverty and that a fourth of all U.S. children are enrolled in the food stamp program?  Did you know that most of the people that starve to death around the globe are children?  In 2011, child hunger and child poverty are major problems in the United States and they are at epidemic levels in many areas of the world.  The facts that are you are about to read are tough to stomach and they are meant to break your heart.  Most of us need to be touched on an emotional level before we will take action.  As I have written about previously, the world is on the verge of a horrific global food crisis.  Unless a miracle happens, there is not going to be nearly enough food for everyone in the world in the future.  We all need to prepare so that we will be able to feed our own families when that time comes and so that we will be able to be generous and share with others in need.

The food stamp program is the modern equivalent of the old-fashioned bread lines.  Today, the number of Americans on food stamps is absolutely exploding.  Despite claims that the economy is “recovering”, the number of Americans relying on food assistance just continues to increase.

Many food retailers have seen food stamp usage soar to unprecedented levels.  Just check out the following quote from a recent article posted on the website of a local Pennsylvania news station….

“The trend started about three years ago and it has increased significantly we have some stores up 40% from last year,” said Scott Karns owner of seven Karns Supermarkets in central PA.

Sadly, a disproportionate number of those on food stamps are children.  Even as you read this article, there are millions of children in the United States that are wondering where their next meal is going to come from.

The following are 20 facts about child hunger and child poverty that will break your heart….

#1 According to one recent study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010. In the UK and in France that figure is well under 10 percent.

#2 According to the U.S. Census, the number of children living in poverty has gone up by about 2 million in just the past 2 years.

#3 Today, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#4 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

#5 It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.

#6 More than 44 million Americans are currently on food stamps.  That is an all-time record and that number is 18 million higher than it was back at the beginning of 2007.

#7 48 percent of the 44 million Americans that are now on food stamps are children.

#8 According to Feeding America’s 2010 hunger study, more than 37 million Americans are now being served by food pantries and soup kitchens.

#9 The number of Americans that are going to food pantries and soup kitchens has increased by 46% since 2006.

#10 According to Feeding America, 50.2 million Americans lived in “food insecure households” during 2009.

#11 Even with tens of millions of Americans on food stamps there are still large numbers of Americans that go hungry each night. According to the BBC, 15% of all U.S. households experienced a shortage of food at some point during 2009.

#12 More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

#13 One out of every six Americans is now enrolled in at least one government anti-poverty program.

#14 The poorest 50% of all Americans collectively own just 2.5% of all the wealth in the United States.  Statistically, there are more children in poor households than in wealthy ones.

#15 Child hunger is a major problem all over the world. Approximately 1 billion people around the world go to bed hungry each night.

#16 A lack of food among pregnant women in developing countries results in one out of every 6 babies being born with a low birth weight.

#17 Approximately 28 percent of all children in developing countries are considered to be underweight or have had their growth stunted as a result of malnutrition.

#18 More than 3 billion people, close to half the world’s population, live on less than 2 dollar a day.

#19 Somewhere in the world someone starves to death every 3.6 seconds, and 75 percent of those are children under the age of five.

#20 Almost 9 million children around the world died before they reached their fifth birthday during 2008.  Approximately a third of all of those deaths were attributed to hunger and malnutrition.

Most Americans have traditionally thought of “hunger” as something that happens over in Africa or Asia, but that is simply not the case anymore.

There are tens of millions of Americans that would be going without enough food if it weren’t for the food stamp program, school meal programs, food pantries, soup kitchens and the kindness of religious organizations.

Sadly, as the price of food continues to rise there are tens of millions more Americans that are on fixed incomes or on limited incomes that are going to be facing food insecurity.

The average American now spends approximately 23 percent of his or her income on food and gas.  That is going to rise even higher thanks to all of the new money that the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have pumped into the financial system.

Inflation is a hidden tax that is very cruel.  It hits those with limited resources the hardest.

What are most American families going to do someday when a loaf of bread is 10 dollars and a gallon of milk is 20 dollars?

And it is not just the price of food that is going up.

According to consulting firm Milliman Inc., the average American family of four that is covered by health insurance had an average of $19,393 in health care costs last year.

Many Americans (even if they have insurance) are simply avoiding doctors and avoiding hospitals altogether because they can no longer afford them.

Our whole system is breaking down.  As the economy crumbles, frustration and anger are rising.  As I have written about previously, the number of Americans that have “gone wild” seems to be increasing.

The following are a couple more examples of this phenomenon….

*When things start falling apart, people start going crazy.  Just recently, one man stripped naked while riding a New York city subway.  He hurled racial and ethnic slurs at the people around him and physically harassed a couple of people before a cop was able to wrestle him to the ground.

*Another example of this happened in California just a few days ago.  An elderly woman pulled out a gun and held up a pregnant woman outside of a Kohl’s department store in broad daylight on Mother’s Day.  When old women start shoving guns in our faces and demanding our money that should be a sign to all of us that things really are starting to fall to pieces.

Things are starting to get crazy but this is just the beginning.

Someday when the global economy is in shambles and there is a massive global food crisis, what do you think Americans are going to do when they have been without food for 3 or 4 days and their families are crying out for something to eat?

Don’t think that it won’t happen.  The era of endless amounts of cheap food is coming to an end.  There is going to be a massive amount of hunger and poverty in the years to come.

So what do all of you think about this?  Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below….

  • 007

    Tragic, that our economy has so deteriorated to the point where such masses can not (or will not) find work so they can feed themselves and their children. The day the government can’t keep up these modern day bread lines is the day we will see massive riots. These people are also hopelessly dependent on the government. This is the way the.socialist/ progressive deamoncrats like to keep them.

  • Sam

    This is my first time here, so please bear with me.

    First, this is only going to get worse. Just a few minutes ago I read on Drudge Report that the sale of Treasuries will push the national debt over its limit by this Monday, May 16. Hard cuts will have to be made, and unfortunately, welfare may well be one of them.

    Second, the time is now PAST to stock up on supplies. EVERYTHING is going up, not only food and fuel. Those who have stocked up are spending limited amounts on “rotating,” that is, replacing consumed older stocks with newer.

    Third, cities and towns across the country continue to cut back as revenues shrink, and union demands grow. In other words, meals at schools, as well as meals for shut-in elderly (“Meals on Wheels”) will have to be cut. Don’t blame who’s currently in office here, look for the UNION label.

    Fourth, Americans will turn to the kindness of strangers, something that will become increasingly rare as society becomes more vicious and hard. Close families will look to each other, dysfunctional and extended will not.

    Fifth, that bastion of “charity,” the churches, will take the lead in starving others. In my own experience churches have been great at treating badly those whom they take a dislike to. Also, churches MAY take the Mormon line and only help those who are members, and turn away all others.

    Despite the euphoria over the current administration in murdering an already dead terrorist, in a month or two that euphoria will turn to anger. Soon, there will be more muggings, more break-ins, more robberies. With the next financial crisis, we could well see riots break out over that which was once considered trivial. This nation has gone from “do it yourself” to “let someone else do it.” Thus, due to “modern conveniences,” less people know how to grow their own food, can, hunt, fish, and so on. Even these could have been “hobbies,” but they’ve been pushed aside in favor of video games and scrapbooks.

    Hope y’all like your “Hope & Change.”

  • Thomas Malthus

    Our current social system is best described in the 1972 hit song “I’d Love to Change the World”:

    Tax the rich, feed the poor
    Till there are no rich no more

    Having forgotten how to feed themselves, the poor then starve to death.

    Hunger affects children the most because (a) they can

  • Thomas Malthus

    Poverty affects children the most because poor people have more children. If society has a moral obligation to feed my kids*, why should I ever abstain or use contraception? If I’m not white, you’d be racist for even suggesting it.

    * A proposition that I reject, FWIW.

  • Sad… All I can say is live in a city where you have a bunch of Foreigners coming in that bring their money (and spend it) with them.

    This is a Disturbing Post to Say the Least.

    Unfortunately leaving our children with more debt then what we can even pay the interest on is not going to help out any…

  • prestodo

    There need to be more local initiatives to combat hunger and grow food. Urban farming is a trend that must pick up pace as people’s dollars diminish.

    The Babylon system which has been set up around the world, is designed to loot the wealth of people. These people who build-up and promote the Babylon system (Freemasons, Trilateralists, Illuminists, Bilderburgers, CFRers, Globalists, Corpratists, Banksters, etc.) are what Gerald Celente has accurately described as money and power junkies. They are sociopathic and psychopathic, and until there is a worldwide revolution to get out from under their insanity, the general population will continue to suffer with hunger.
    The whole game is rigged by them in their favor, just like a casino is rigged in the favor of the house.
    Suppose you were to play a game of monopoly where 1 person was allowed to collect $2,000 every time they passed go, while everybody else only collected $200. Then also suppose that the same person collecting $2,000 also was the banker, and every time somebody bought some property, that money went straight into the bankers personal money supply, not the banks. Who do you think would win the game every time???

    How you defeat the banksters is to get out of their system of control and encourage others to do the same. Start pushing for state owned State banks based on the Bank of North Dakota. Start pushing for gold and silver coin to be used as legitimate currency once again. Barter and trade as much as you can. Do everything you can to not have to list transactions on your taxes. Stop using the dollar as much as possible, or any other fiat currency.

  • roadrunner

    And as we all starve and go broke, I understand that the State of Utah has instituted a law or policy to accept gold coin for the payment of state debt owed to it. (such as state taxes). I wonder when Utah cities will accept gold/silver coin for property taxes)The only kicker to this plan is…and this is how I understand it, they will accept the PM coins AT ONLY FACE VALUE.If this is so…what blatant crooks these people are. You tender over a gold coin worth over 1000+ USD, and they will only credit 50 dollars face USD to your debt obligation.As far as I am concerned…it will be a cold day in hell first. Thats how I understand it. If any out there know otherwise please add to comments.

  • Paul

    Somebody in France, over in Old Europe, said some long time ago:
    “Every People has the government it deserves”.

  • Matt

    Obama & Geithner & Bernanke will give us a Food Bailout package. No reason to worry.

  • American Veteran

    #6. Who administers the government’s food stamp program. None other than J.P. Morgan, who were given the contract. J.P. Morgan’s income is based on ENROLLMENT. The more on food stamps, the more J.P. Morgan earns. Amazing isn’t it? America’s greatest gangster banker keeps getting bigger.

  • karen

    This just burns my a** sorry, but I don’t mean to refer to people who care about their children but there are MANY people in the US that sell their food aid for drugs I know folks who don’t give a d*& if their kids get fed. They buy junk so they don’t have to COOK, I WORKED WITH A LADY IN CHILD ENFORCEMENT PEOPLE JUST DON’T CARE, I BOUGHT FOOD FOR KIDS BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS DID NOT CARE, CHILDREN IN ORPANAGES BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS DON’T CARE, FOOD FOR CARING AND SHARING, PEOPLE WILL NOT GIVE TO HELP OTHERS BECAUSE THEY ARE SELFISH.

  • Kim

    It’s getting scary! We started a small garden this year and will continue to learn to garden and harvest the seeds too. It’s definetely a skill everyone should learn.

    We are also stocking up on food storage items. My friend works for a company and got us started. Check out The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now)

  • Brady

    It’s a sad truth. But the even more sad reality is that human beings have become so disconnected with the earth that we have forgotten what sustained life for centuries. Growing your own food and living off the land. Please, it’s one of the best things you can do to prepare for this maddness. get NON-HYBRID ORGANIC seeds! Otherwise you will have to go back to the store to get more. It was only a matter of time before the rapid increse in human population over the last couple decades would come crashing down. And starving to death is one of earths methods

  • Mark C

    I got the munchies Dude..

  • Jane
  • It’s amazing to me that Americans lead the world in obesity, and yet our children are hungry.

    There’s so much wasted food because of ‘regulations’, that could be used to supply food kitchens.

    The worst part is as the Dollar collapses, most of the middle class will plunge into the poverty level and be hungry.

    Prepare now for the financial crisis with a long term food storage program, so that you can protect your family. Free Food 2Go

  • Lisa

    As a RN for over two decades, I have one more heart wrenching fact to add to your list. Due to whole grains, corn and soy oil, even the obese in this country are clinically malnourished. Most protien, Vitamin D and essential fats have been almost completely eliminated from the SAD (Standard American Diet). Imagine how this will play out when starvation is also factored in!

  • sharonsj

    Also, the flooding in the Midwest, which is happening now, is wiping out a lot of crops (I think mostly corn). I’ve also read more farmers are planting cotton again (which you can’t eat). Throw in the bee colony collapse in the U.S.–which refuses to ban the pesticides causing it–and we will be facing more food inflation.

    My local grocery has a “meat sale” every October. They warned me LAST WEEK to expect outrageous prices!

  • mondobeyondo

    This is sad. This is truly sad.

    In an advanced and developed First World country, 1 out of 4 of our children wouldn’t be able to eat if not for food stamps??! That should not be happening in the USA. It should not be happening ANYWHERE. But to have so many hungry Americans, living in a country that is a “superpower”…

    And not a word about this from ABC, CBS or NBC. Or even PBS and CNN. To them, hunger is something that happens in Ethiopia or Indonesia. Maybe we should just look in our own back yards. Or front yard, in my case…

    During this past holiday season, a family whom I’d never even seen before, much less met, drove by my house, and asked if they could take some oranges from my orange tree. They saw the oranges on my tree, pulled their car to the side of the road, and rang the doorbell. A young man, his wife, and 2 small toddlers. I said, “Sure, help yourselves, there’s too many for me to eat. Take as many oranges as you need”, which they proceeded to do.

    Hunger is out there. Sometimes you don’t even have to look for it.

  • scrappy

    Terrible, and totally unnecessary, and in fact I believe this whole “economic crisis” is also unnecessary, IMHO.

    We can change this.

    Anyway, this Saturday, if you live in the US, please consider going through your pantry and putting out a bag of canned goods in or by your mailbox as it is the annual mail carrier food drive.

  • As you know from writing these blogs, the majority of Americans are unprepared for hyperinflation, which is a result of devaluing the Dollar by the Fed printing money.

    Your Dollars will become worth less, which causes food and consumer goods prices to increase. I suggest putting as much money as possible towards supplies of water, food storage, silver, guns and ammo, etc.

    To help increase your cashflow to fund your survival plan, get financial education from the Mike Dillard Elevation Group

  • mondobeyondo

    In case you were wondering – no, none of the oranges went to waste.

    The majority of them, I donated to a local food bank for Thanksgiving. The rest, I used to make orange juice.

    It would be nice if everyone else who had excess fruit would do the same.

  • The crazy part is that even if you’re paying attention to what’s happening to increasing food prices and potential hyperinflation, and you buy lots of long term food storage for your family…

    You need to be able to protect your food supply from people who will seek to take it away from you.

    Learn how to protect your family in a crisis. Glenn Beck recommends the SURVIVE IN PLACE Urban Survival Guide

  • Ameen

    Absolutely stunning! Thank you for these erudite, soul-awakening articles!!

    • Michael


      Thank you. Now I just have to go look up what erudite means (just kidding) 🙂


  • laura m.

    Me and several others last week were discussing this and the food stamp/school’s free food agendas. The simple answer: don’t breed ’em if you can’t feed or support offspring! Free school lunches: parents that don’t feed their kids in the A.M. are unfit parents who need to adopt out their kids as they deserve a decent life. Also, the churches have slacked in most everything today, like having orphanages run by the churches like they did in the the 30’s depression. These facilities weren’t ideal, but at least kids were fed and clothed, educated and not living in a homeless/degraded situation. Modern 21st century birth control and easier out patient sterilization are available under medicaid. These moron parents are lower than animals and unfit losers. Laura and Betty

  • flubadub

    The whole time I was reading this article I kept thinking about another epidemic – childhood obesity and the obesity of the US population in general. It’s been said that we are the first society in history to have widespread obesity among our POOR! How much of the food stamp money going to those 44 million recipients is spent on unhealthful and non-nutritional junk food like potato chips, candy, cookies, ice cream, Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos and the sugary sodas and punches used to wash it all down. Maybe we would have a healthier population if the food stamp program was run more like the WIC program restricting eligible purchases to foods generally recognized as beneficial to kids and new mothers.

    Sadly, if that were to be proposed the pandemic of hissy fits among those who would accuse the government of trying to control what they eat would only be outdone by objections from the real beneficiaries of the governments largesse – Pepsi, Coke, Nabisco, Frito Lay etc. as well as the retailers who profit by delivering their junk foods to the consumer.

  • Cutting back on having children should help alot. Then not so many mouths to feed. Why should I be so concerned about other peoples kids, because THEY chose to have them.

  • Julea Meyers

    The thought of my children going hungry just terrifies me, yet on some visceral level, I realize that the more children survive to breed, the more food will be required when they begin to propagate. It’s kind of like a deer herd which expands until a large die-off when they have destroyed their habitat. This has caused great havoc with my religious beliefs as I’ve always assumed that God would provide, if not for me, then for the innocent. We donate to a child service fund and our “adopted” child is in Togo. This is voluntary, but the new tax our school district put into effect is not. We are now paying for evening and week-end meals for “disadvantaged children” and, I assume, their feckless relatives. Our taxes have gone up 12% which adds to the burden we carry. We live in Ohio, now a poor state with high unemployment and even higher taxes. We may lose our home over the ever increasing demands from the Feds and local thieves. Our area is particularly badly off and most of the citizens vote for government entitlement programs, which works for them. They assume that since we’re employed, we can afford to provide for them and that we make too much money anyway. We’re thinking of moving to Texas and letting the Ohio poor think of another way to survive. Sorry, but we’re burned out.

  • Gary2

    And still people like Paul Ryan are called courageous for taking food from the mouth of hungry children (cutting WIC/Food Share etc) so he can give tax breaks to the already obscenely rich.

    The only thing courageous about his proposal is that it puts to rest once and for all who the republicans care about and it ain’t the middle class and the poor. Its now out there for all to see and not hidden behind clever metaphors.

    Did I mention that the insurance industry gave over $700,000 to Paul (mr courageous) Ryan campaign fund? Could this be why he wants to privatize Medicare/Medicaid? Pay back to his biggest contributors?

    I tried to get into one of his listening sessions but was turned away due to overcrowding. My plan was to have my youngest son (11) with me and ask Paul Ryan to please explain to him why it was more important for millionaires and billionaires to get more money than it was for him (my son ) to not go to bed hungry.

    I did nothing wrong and lost a good job due to the republican great recession and now am working for 1/2 my former wage. I am grateful for these programs as I barley make enough to pay the mortgage and utilities and without them and our food pantry we would be hungry a lot of the time. As it is many days I only eat one meal per day and drink a lot of coffee (cuts the hunger feeling)so our food lasts. (hey at least I lost weight but I was not heavy in the first place) It is way more important for my kids to eat then it is for me or my wife. (who also works but makes very little) Together with both me and my wife working full-time we make less than I used to make with just me working at my old job. Trust me being poor really sucks.

    Anyone who votes republican has to consider the immorality of their party when their party is proposing these type of policies. And yes I know the Dems are the lesser of the two evils but less evil is better than more evil.

    I know we do not always agree but I am just trying to make it and keep a roof over our head and some food in our bellies. I truly believe the wealth and income inequality in this country is a huge problem and that reducing that inequality would go a long way towards solving things. Maybe I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

  • Dwayne

    This is the most important qoute of your article “There are tens of millions of Americans that would be going without enough food if it weren’t for the food stamp program, school meal programs, food pantries, soup kitchens and the kindness of religious organizations.”

    Exactly, IF IT WEREN’T for these programs. I work in one of these programs, I see more overweight children than underweight. If any child is starving in this country it isn’t because there isn’t food available to them. I have seen literally thousands of children in my work in the last five years and am yet to see one that is starving.

    Altghough, I do agree usage of such programs is up and some would starve without them.

  • BillyBob


    Will you do an article on taxes and how we are truly taxed about 50% of our income. Income taxes, sales tax, property tax, etc???

    The Tax Poem

    mark as unread

    > Tax his land, Tax his bed, Tax the table At which he’s fed.

    > Tax his tractor, Tax his mule, Teach him taxes Are the rule.

    > Tax his work, Tax his pay, He works for peanuts Anyway!
    > Tax his cow, Tax his goat, Tax his pants, Tax his coat.

    > Tax his ties, Tax his shirt, Tax his work, Tax his dirt.

    > Tax his tobacco, Tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think.

    > Tax his cigars, Tax his beers, If he cries, then tax his tears.

    > Tax his car, Tax his gas, Find other ways To tax his ass.

    > Tax all he has Then let him know, That you won’t be done till he has no dough.

    > When he screams and hollers Then tax him more,
    > Tax him till he’s good and sore.

    > Then tax his coffin, Tax his grave, Tax the sod in Which he’s laid.

    > Put these words Upon his tomb, ‘Taxes drove me to my doom.. . ‘
    > When he’s gone, Do not relax, Its time to apply The inheritance tax.

    > Accounts Receivable Tax
    > Building Permit Tax
    > CDL license Tax
    > Cigarette Tax
    > Corporate Income Tax
    > Dog License Tax
    > Excise Taxes
    > Federal Income Tax
    > Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    > Fishing License Tax
    > Food License Tax
    > Fuel Permit Tax
    > Gasoline Tax (currently 44. 75 cents per gallon)
    > Gross Receipts Tax
    > Hunting License Tax
    > Inheritance Tax
    > Inventory Tax
    > IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    > Liquor Tax
    > Luxury Taxes
    > Marriage License Tax
    > Medicare Tax
    > Personal Property Tax
    > Property Tax
    > Real Estate Tax
    > Service Charge Tax
    > Social Security Tax
    > Road Usage Tax
    > Sales Tax
    > Recreational Vehicle Tax
    > School Tax
    > State Income Tax
    > State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    > Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    > Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
    > Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
    > Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    > Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
    > Telephone State and Local Tax
    > Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    > Utility Taxes
    > Vehicle License Registration Tax
    > Vehicle Sales Tax Watercraft Registration Tax
    > Well Permit Tax
    > Workers Compensation Tax

    > Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, and our nation was the most > prosperous in the world.

    > We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the

    > world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

    > > What happened?

    > Can you spell ‘politicians?’ > > I hope this goes around THE USA at least 100 times!!! > YOU can help it get there!!! > THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT!!!! > GO AHEAD — BE AN AMERICAN

    • Michael


      I think that is a very good suggestion. I will start bouncing that idea around in my head.


  • I don’t have a lot of money, but my husband and I support the City Mission and a poor child in India and we donate to the Salesian Missions whenever we can afford a extra dollar or two. I get more satisfaction from doing this than from owning or buying or controlling anything! Give someplace where the need is desperate! Make sure that 80-90% of each donation goes to help feed, clothe or in any other way care for these folks. People like Warren Buffet and bill Gates donate to causes that ultimately seek ways of “controlling” or “sustaining” the population. Translation? “Killing”!

  • sad

    as long as the world is propelled by greed and population keeps growing, problems will continue to outnumber solutions leaving many to suffer the consequences.

  • Fonestar

    Hmmm.. well, I seem to remember these being the people who used to say, “as long as it’s happening over there.”

    Isn’t poetic justice sweet?

  • Dredd

    I work in law enforcement and am in a lot of “poor” peoples houses. Majority of them on public assistance of some sort. They all have televisions, cable, cell phones and usually more than one current video game system, laptop or pc. If kids are going hungry in the us it’s more than likely rural areas where the assistance isn’t prevalent or mom and dad, usually just mom ( no dad in the picture) isn’t taking care of her kids properly. They have the means to feed Them.

    As for the poverty level

  • keith bruner

    When you look at the facts that are presented here and look at the number of orphans in Africa and India alone… ain’t pretty. Praying is good and so is donating. Find an organisation that will pass on what you donate and not keep half of it for administration. A dollar is good, there is no such thing as “too small”.

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s not necessarily the food itself, it’s the quality of the food.

    You can sprinkle Crisco between two sugar wafers and feed it to a kid, and call it an Oreo cookie (Yum! So good!) But it isn’t good for them healthwise.

    Our children are obese because we are feeding them fast food which is nutritional garbage.
    It’s a socioeconomic matter – has nothing to do with race, etc., blah blah.

    Mom and Dad are too busy working to cook the kids a wholesome dinner (it’s not 1956 anymore!)

    Mom and Dad don’t even know how to cook.

    Mom and Dad don’t earn enough to buy vegetables on a regular basis. Besides, the kids don’t want veggies anyway. Ewww, broccoli and carrots. Give me a Quarter Pounder with cheese! Vegetables are healthier – there’s no doubt about that. I never met a fat kid that ate only broccoli. But morning TV and cartoons emphasize Frosted Flakes, Cap’n Crunch, and anything else that’s sweet and goes with milk.

    And…you ever wonder why a “dollar meal” costs less than a pound of tomatoes or broccoli? Hmmm, why is that??

    Dollar menu: Burger, fries, soda…$1.00
    1 pound of broccoli…$1.39
    1 pound of tomatoes…$1.69

    Weird, I tell ya…really strange.

  • jim Smith

    How many of those children are whelps of recent aliens (legal or illegal)?
    Here in Canada it is the same problem recent arrivals on the dole and indians(aboriginals.

  • Just Me

    when the family farms started dying, so did America.

  • Xander cross

    I remember when 60 minutes did a special about hotel kids living in hotels for months on end. Michael did you watch that special, it came on in march. Very informative.

    • Michael

      Xander – I did not see that special. I wish that I had seen it when it was on.


  • flubadub

    Thomas Malthus,
    Funny but I was just thinking about that song yesterday but from a different perspective. It occurred to me how today’s entertainment industry would probably censor some of what they’d consider to be politically incorrect lyrics.

    “Everywhere is freaks and hairies
    dykes and fairies
    tell me where is sanity.”

    Yes, even the rebellious rockstar icons held these so called unreasonable judgemental conservative beliefs in 1971.

    Check my pulse it don’t change
    stays 72 come shine or rain.

    Summertime done come and gone my oh my.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Ah, the joys of abstinence and sterility! If you must have children, clone and be done with it.

    And always avoid having so bloody many. It’s not my fault that others cannot control their genitals.

  • Morpheus

    That’s what I like about this site. It keeps the real issues right in front of your face. You can’t ignore it. We don’t have to live like this. We have a choice.

    Wake up America. It’s time…

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )

    “Spread the News”

  • Morpheus


    Shame on you!

  • Sam


    What the state of Utah may seem crooked to you, but as a coin collector, it all makes perfect sense.

    Modern gold and silver coins are minted at a “face” value. A silver Liberty is minted at $1 face value, a gold 1 ounce Liberty is minted at $20, and so on. When you buy these coins from a dealer or the Mint, what they charge you is not only for the face value, but also for the “premium.” This premium is based on such factors as collector value, precious metals content, condition, and so on. For example, a 1923 $20 Double Eagle in “fair” condition is worth the face value of the coin, plus the gold content. The same coin graded in “excellent” is worth considerably more, due to it’s higher collector value. If you wanted to sell the coin to a coin dealer, you’d get whatever the coin is currently worth to collectors. However, if you used the coin to pay taxes, twenty bucks is twenty bucks, no matter whether it’s paper, gold, or silver.

    Hope this helps.

  • Gary2

    It amazes me that many of the so called “Christians” seem to not be reading the same bible I do where it says to help each other numerous times. Doesn’t it say that God loves everyone and command people to love one another?

    I pretty much know many self proclaimed Christians are hypocrites in the extreme so this does not surprise me.

    What about those of us who could afford to “feed em” but through no fault of our own now can’t due to the recession? I will be the first to admit that these programs are abused by some people. This needs to be addressed, however, from what I have read on this it is at most 2-5%. If we have so much money that we can keep giving tax cuts to the rich then there is plenty of money to feed the poor.

  • Nickelthrower


    No nation on Earth is more than 3 meals away from a revolution. I dare anyone on this forum to argue that with me.

    That said, unless we want a revolution then we should do everything in our power to work towards food security. Also, feeding the poor is not a liberal/conservative talking point but a very real obligation that we have towards our fellow travelers.

    We ignore the hungry to our own demise.

  • edsl48

    I see plenty of people on Walmart parking lots selling milk that they bought with food stamps for cash. if the parents don’t care for their children why should I?

  • thejerkstore

    I clicked on this article knowing I shouldn’t have. Oh we’ll have food, you just won’t be able to afford it. While I agree with a lot of this people are very resourceful when they have to be. Farmers markets have exploded in the last five yrs, who doesn’t know somebody with a chicken or ten? How hard is it to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, any squash, or bake bread? Thought so. You just haven’t had to do it. Different story.

    We’ll have a collapse, a thinning of the herd, and then prosperity again. It’ll be cathartic. It’ll be great. Wheee!!!

  • SmokeDogg

    Too Bad most of you are blind to the real culprits.

    Its not about Race (they use race as a brainwashing social control/eugenics tool), and believe is or not it’s not about Class (they use race as a brainwashing social control/eugenics tool) either.

    It’s about Evil (Luciferian Church of the Antichrist) VS the rest of the World (Pagans, Muslims, Atheists, False Denominationally based Christians, etc…) VS Good (Gnostic/Evangelical Christianity- The real Christians America will send to camps/ kill with swords in the years to come for “hate” speech).

    The Evil wants everybody who isnt truly evil dead, or 8 out of 8.5 Billion people (get the timing Hint 2030 timeframe cough cough). Population Control- they teach it in schools now that it’s bad to have a kid, and offer Essure permanent birth control.


    But to get you this way they are purposely rigging the game to weaken you, and get you more dependent on them. Also, to get you to be brainwashed enough to vote for their corporate puppet leaders (Liberals, Conservatives, and Libertarians).

    They are crashing the economy by design destroying the currencies to create a Mini but very bad Global Depression in order to bring on world regional government (Neo- League of Nations), but world regional government/currency is the intermediate ground between the old world and the “New World Order” (New Era version of UN).

    2014-2025 ish:

    They will poison your mind to the point to where you’ll become as emotionally cold as the ipod you so love. They will make you so poor that you will do anything they say do. They will destroy your relationships and families to the point to where the family doesnt exist anymore. They will make sure that all chidren are “taken care of” by the state/corporations. They will turn sex from the awesome passionate experience it is today into a “wham bam Thank you Mamm/Dude” process. They will ramp up the process of poisoning you. They will trick you into smoking their (soon to be) government controlled and regulated and taxed Marijuana that will have more chemicals in it than a DOW Chemical plant, rather than healthy organic Marijuana (even though you would still be able to buy that too). They will continue to play with their (secret) earth machines and chemtrails that will one day ultimately take America’s topsoil causing a world wide famine. They will continue to feed you brain dead poltiical and social celebrities to distract you. They will feed you with new kinds of prescriptions and designer drugs- the new “Drug Problem” will be a war on Synthetic drugs. They will continue to replace your jobs with robots. They will continue to rig the economy to be unstable. An Economy where you have 4 years of total economic boom and unlimited prosperity followed by- 5 years of despair and depression, followed by more prosperity years, followed by more bad years, until they finally get the coming SDR Currency (that includes the soon to be North American Union) to collapse.

    Then will be a depression that will make EVERYBODY POOR, AND I MEAN EVERYBODY= Problem.

    2025 ish to 2035 ish

    They will make a 3rd world war for ultimate population control= Reaction.

    2035 ish to 2042 ish

    They will chip most of the survivors= Solution.

    The Antichrist will take his throne and there will be a 7 year administration with oprressive world rule, and then have an ultimate battle called Armageddon and 1000 years of God’s peace on Earth will follow= God’s “New World Order” where:
    Pagans, Muslims, Atheists, False Denominationally based Christians, etc
    will have repented and joined our Globalist Christian state.

    After the 1000 years evil will be unleashed again but worse than last time. God and Evil will fight again, and there will be a “New heaven and a New Earth.”

    You know the future, now its time to figure out how you need to play the future games.

    Now go be a real adult and go make Revolution, because that’s the game today.

  • It’s amazing how bad things are getting, and you have a lot of people that just don’t get it. It’s like their minds can only run on one track at one speed. Well as of now the grocery stores still have food. Sore what you eat and eat what you store has always been the smart strategy. Is this not a case where the poor is getting poorer while the rich get richer? We need jobs for the poor, not more money for the rich, and food in every family table. Whatever policies lead to this is not working.

    Outsource your job search to us. Premium job search assistance –

  • Mama G

    “How hard is it to grow cucumbers, tomatoes, any squash, or bake bread?” Apparently, very hard if you are me. In 2009 I spent $250 on a garden that produced only 1 pumpkin. Last year we got about 6 tomatoes and some really bitter red leaf lettuce. One year we had maybe a dozen potatoes. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. I know my family NEEDS to learn to garden but for the life of me, I can’t make vegetables or fruits grow. It is very frustrating – and scary.

    • eternalsacredgi

      It might be the soil, not what you are doing. You can get gardening info from good websites, organic gardening magazine has one. I used to garden a lot. I lost our home, now i live in gov’t housing, can’t grow any food. I have to go w/out food many days of the week so my kids & grandkids can have what they need. I do w/out medical treatment for many chronic/serious illnesses b/c I cannot afford it. The gov’t cut the WIC program for babies, so many babies will be undernourished. Yet, they give tax breaks to rich & corporations. What cruel ppl are making these decisions. I hope your garden does better. Check out the websites. Make sure the seeds are not too old too. Best of luck to you.

  • Mama G

    Going hungry is near to my heart. When I was a kid we survived on food stamps and the help of Salvation Army. If there was not free lunch then I would have not had something to eat. My mindset is that each should take care of their own yet at the same time I know how I felt when I was little. It is scary not knowing if you are going to have food to eat that night. What is worse is that what people are saying is right. My mother didn’t know how to cook really. We ate Salsbury (I’m not sure how that is spelled) Steaks that came in a foil package or the Turkey in gravy(which I am not sure if it was turkey or not). There was no effort to learn a new recipe or who to stretch the dollar. They knew someone would take care of them if we went begging. The problem with this mindset is simply that the dumb don’t care about changing. They know someone will provide and if things go from bad to worse then there is always violence.

    This is true in any culture, not just ours. God help us. What is coming is going to horrific.

  • Buy American

    The problem of children being hungry in American isn’t due to our economy or the government – it is the parents in 99% of the cases. I currently live in Brazil 150 yards away from a slum of cardboard/plastic shacks. I know what hunger looks like. These kids go to school often with just a piece of bread or some cornmeal in their belly. Lunch is usually rice/beans and supper is corn-meal or boiled maniac root. I have seen people who only eat cactus every day and can’t afford salt to take away the bitterness. Food here costs more than in the US yet somehow families make it on $250/mo and no foodstamps.

    In the US I witnessed how many “poor” people live. I even had to spend a few months on food stamps at one time. $600 in food stamps can last a family of four at least 2 months if they go to the discount stores, buy generic items, eat more rice, beans, potatoes, lower quality meats, etc. I know – I did it. My family can eat well in the US on $250/month, better than most Brazilian eat. I witnessed many poor people in the US buying junk food, name brand products, soda pop, chips, candy, donuts, and other non-nutritious foods. I helped feed the kids of a neighbor mother who would trade her food stamps for drugs and give her kids a bag of chips and koolaid for lunch. The government gives out way too much money for food, there are food banks at many churches, free meals at school, etc. If a kid is hungry in America it is because his parent(s) are stupid, selfish, or simply don’t know how to take advantage of all the help available and use their money wisely.

  • There is an answer to the world food crisis that is quite simple. My company has technology that can solve the worldwide food crisis. The farmers using our organic product are getting a 30% to 600% increases in their crop yields using 40% less water. Imagine if we were able to increase the average American crop by just 30% and cut down on water usage by 40%, what that would do for our farmers, for food prices and most importantly for food supplies. If anyone reading this blog is a farmer or has their own survival garden and wants more information, please email me at

  • Sam
    Yes cities and towns are cutting back, unfortunately they are just raising our homeowners taxes to make up for their shortfall.

  • mondobeyondo

    I agree. People in the U.S. are so used to cheap, easy food. Run to the grocery store, use the debit or credit card, and buy that beef roast. Enjoy it while we can, because – I’ve got a bad feeling about this. (a line that’s in nearly every “Star Wars” movie, at least the first three!)

    Have you seen those news clips of starving people in Ethiopia and Sudan? It’s closer than you think. Laugh if you want. 44 million Americans are on food stamps. If government assistance were eliminated, you would stop laughing.

    And it wouldn’t take much, either.
    1) Have all our Arab oil exporting “friends” shut down all petroleum deliveries to the U.S. for three months, maybe longer. (i.e. something similar to the 1973 Arab oil embargo) Why? Hell, who knows? Because we killed Osama bin Laden?? Yup, sounds good to me!

    2) Rely on our strategic petroleum reserve in the meantime. Fuel up your SUV for $6.00 a gallon in time for your summer vacation to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Omaha, Nebraska.

    3) Maybe it’ll only be 5 or 6 months. Any longer, and we’re toast.

    • ColdHardFacts

      We will be with that kind of attitude. It’s people like you that will doom our nation. If we write ourselves off like this permanently we might as well call it quits.

  • the Unicorn

    Several years back I read where it cost 5.00 in admin. costs to give out 1.00 in food stamps.I have never known anyone on food stamps not to abuse the system either for drugs,trade,car repairs,or cash.Theres a whole population of people in the USA that are totally dependent on the the goverment for everything.Alot of these people seem like they could contribute something to society.Its like once they are in the system the goverment will invent programs to meet their needs.

    There is not a food shortage thats a myth.As a kid from a family of 8 we had a garden every year and used nothing more that a shovel,hoe,an rake we were able to produce 100’s of pounds of food.I have found that true my whole life.We would gorge ourselves on garden produce to avoid letting it rot.

    The war in Lybia is about the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer.With lybia’s oil and the aquifer that would turn Lybia into a Agricultural powerhouse.The powers that be don’t want that.And besides Lybia is doing it interest free.The control freaks can’t have that.

    No child anywhere in the world should starve to death due to lack of access to food.A little kid eats at most maybe 2 adult size bites of food a day,that just a tiny amount.Sometimes while driving around I see churches,etc. spending $1000’s on their landscape and lawns to look pretty while babies starve to death everyday its ashame.Is that what God wants a pretty lawn to look at?

    Why are we so dysfunctional?

    Just a few days ago I was talking to a psychology student thats working on his Masters and he showed me a graph that was being taught to explain why some people suffer and starve an others don’t and the graph looked something like a wave.One end had a small amount of people that were called lucky then the middle had a large section of people that were neither lucky or unlucky(the crest of the wave)then at the end there were the unlucky people.So using that graph he explained that there are only lucky and unlucky people and the majority were like average people.And having compassion for someone thats unlucky made no difference because it all depended on luck.I was unable to grasp the logic but he seemed as if it explained the universe perfectly well?

  • Sam,

    If you knew anything about the history of Christianity you’d know it’s a CONSTANT history of helping the unfortunate without regard to anything about them.

    The ancient Romans once marveled how the Catholics they’d recently been persecuting risked their lives to tend to those dying of the plague. Try learning the entire truth about the topic before spouting nonsense.

  • “America’s greatest gangster banker keeps getting bigger.”

    Yeah, JPM running the food stamp cards is just darn near surreal, isn’t it?

    There is at least a kernel of truth to the Illuminati/bankster “conspiracy theory”.

    If Antichrist is not one of the banksters he’ll certainly be one of their friends.

  • “As you know from writing these blogs, the majority of Americans are unprepared for hyperinflation, which is a result of devaluing the Dollar by the Fed printing money.”

    No, that doesn’t make sense. Hyperinflation is not just “a lot of inflation” but a *total* loss of faith in a currency. It is a political event and could never occur *solely* from an increase in the money supply (that was not itself already part of a hyperinflationary reaction).

  • “Modern 21st century birth control and easier out patient sterilization are available under medicaid. These moron parents are lower than animals and unfit losers. Laura and Betty”

    Laura & Betty, you can stuff your Social Darwinism and Planned Parenthood agenda. If you had any brains (not evolved enough yet?) you would understand that there would be plenty of food to go around if not for the evil of man. Did you not just read that the bottom 50% owns 2.5% of the wealth??

    • Lauren

      I had a total hysterectomy. I am an educated white collar single mother of one child. I used to earn $80,000/year and now am retraining to become an EMT ($20,000/year). Not only can I not afford to purchase many goods or services any longer but I do not pay much in income tax either. My son and I do not eat out. I cook at home. The problem is that we do not contribute much to the American economy. Even if we did, the money would probably find its way offshore very quickly. Americans need to become protectionists. This will not happen anytime soon because both political parties believe that “free trade” is the answer – it is not. “Free trade” is detrimental to our society and that is why starvation will only perpetuate to greater numbers in the near future.

      • ColdHardFacts

        Free trade is the basis of all economies everywhere. It’s a concrete concept of the global economy and is not going away anytime soon…

    • Lauren

      My son will not have a need to take care of you in your old age because we are emigrating to another, wealthier, country. I will not allow my son to be pushed down by the greedy and wealthy American populace. There are better opportunities for educated individuals offshore. Good luck with your future!

      • ColdHardFacts

        Good luck with that! Because America isn’t the only greedy place on Earth. If it’s wealthy its most likely as greedy as the US.

  • “Cutting back on having children should help alot. Then not so many mouths to feed. Why should I be so concerned about other peoples kids, because THEY chose to have them.”

    What a ridiculous, callous, infantile and sinful attitude.

    Has it occurred to you that Americans have been having FAR FEWER CHILDREN already in the last three decades and that these problems didn’t exist when we had many more?!

  • “And still people like Paul Ryan are called courageous for taking food from the mouth of hungry children (cutting WIC/Food Share etc) so he can give tax breaks to the already obscenely rich.

    The only thing courageous about his proposal is that it puts to rest once and for all who the republicans care about and it ain’t the middle class and the poor. Its now out there for all to see and not hidden behind clever metaphors.”

    Gary, you would have credibility if you criticized the great moral failings of both parties equally. Actually, since those of the Democratic Party are far greater, in truth, they would bear the larger portion of your moral indignation if you were informed, honest, and consistent.

  • “People like Warren Buffet and bill Gates donate to causes that ultimately seek ways of “controlling” or “sustaining” the population. Translation? “Killing”!”

    Thank you, Patricia, for that post! God bless you.

  • “It amazes me that many of the so called “Christians” seem to not be reading the same bible I do where it says to help each other numerous times. Doesn’t it say that God loves everyone and command people to love one another?

    I pretty much know many self proclaimed Christians are hypocrites in the extreme so this does not surprise me.”

    What’s your point, Gary?

    What’s your opinion of Christianity itself and Christians who are not hypocrites?

    The Church that Christ founded has condemned killing children in the womb and homosexual behavior from day 1 – do you agree with those teachings? If not – are you sure you are in any position to accurately assess how others are living according to Christian principles?

  • Christ told us He knows not the day nor the hour but apparently SmokeDogg has figured it out. Of course we can make some educated guesses at this point but that was a lot of nonsense. SmokeDogg, do some research on what the early Church Fathers had to say about Revelation.

  • SmokeDogg

    Well, I fundamentally disagree with the Preterists.

    If you understand the real agenda behind everything in this society: The Great Racial Brainwashing scheme- dividing and conquering groups of people, Brainwashed to Immorality, Mass Poisoning of the People, Mass acceptance of Immoral Things, etc… You would realize that Satanic Forces have a full grip on this planet, organizing, and preparing a population ready to serve and die (the overwhelming majority) for the antichrist.

    I’m being practical with my assessment, and not Hellfire and brimstone. I dont believe that we are in the times of a “New Heaven and a New Earth.” Dude, that’s a few thousand years away.

    I’m also going by the spiritual advice given to me by those who see into the future with God’s word.

    We are almost on Revelations Chapter 5 not 20. If we were to go on the basis the Preterists were right, then we would be on Chapter 20.

    The 1000 years= total peace on Earth. I dont exactly call the period between 70 AD and 1070 AD peaceful. Would you?

  • Is this not a case where the poor is getting poorer while the rich get richer? We need jobs for the poor, not more money for the rich, and food in every family table. Whatever policies lead to this is not working. It’s amazing how bad things are getting, and you have a lot of people that just don’t get it.

    Outsource your job search to us. Premium job search assistance –

  • mondobeyondo

    Irregardless of whether you’re Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, Lutheran, Muslim, etc… all people get hungry and thirsty.

    Yes, even atheists have been known to get hungry and thirsty.

    I feel it’s our duty to feed those in need (yes, I did make that phrase up, although I doubt it’s original). Children are pretty much the same no matter where you travel, or what religion they happen to be.

  • Wilkerson, 79, died after his car slammed into a tractor-trailer on a highway about 95 miles southeast of Dallas,Wilkerson’s last blog post, on Wednesday, addressed the inevitability of death.

    “To those going through the valley and shadow of death, hear this word: Weeping will last through some dark, awful nights,” he wrote, “and in that darkness you will soon hear the Father whisper, ‘I am with you. I cannot tell you why right now, but one day it will all make sense. You will see it was all part of my plan. It was no accident.”‘

  • SmokeDogg

    I used to be blind to the truth like everybody else in this Nation. I was raised to be a Methodist, then I became an Atheist. I used to even spit on Churches. I played around with the Atheist idea for a few years, but that wasnt for me, AND IT’S NOT FOR ANY OF YOU EITHER.

    I Love you people as Human beings, and out of love I implore you to learn and seek sollace in the Jesus Christ and not fake politicians, or corporate leaders.

    – From the Atheist so depressed and sick of the world she’s about to cut her wrist after taking a bottle of pills.

    – To the Muslim young man who goes to apply for jobs, yet is discriminated against because of his race/religion, and decides to act out on his anger against the “Infidel.” We are not your enemy my Islamic friends. Learn about Jesus my Brothers and Sisters.

    – To the Muslim Young woman who is treated like an abused child. In TRUE Christ worship, men and Women are partners AND EQUALS that compensate each other through obvious physical and emotional differences to complete the job of life. Liberate yourselves through Real Christ Worship, and not through the Lies of the: Fake American Dollar Churches, Brainwashed Westerners who want you to renounce your faith in the God, Corporations, and Mass Media.

    – To the fake White Middle American brainwashed Christian conservative who thinks being an Asshole to the poor and Minorities is part of God’s plan. By being an Asshole to minorities and the poor, you’re only helping to push people away from Christ. Capitalism like Communism and Corporatism are evil WORLDLY Globalist systems. Capitalism is oppression upon the underprivilged classes by the priviledged classes. CAPITALISM HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FREE MARKETS. THE PURSUIT OF PROFIT IN FACT CREATES SLAVERY AMONG OTHERS. CORPORATISM LIKE EVERY PRESIDENT SINCE NIXON HAS PRACTICED IS EVIL and is a threat to every freedom earthly- or spiritually you have.

    – To the Wiccan/Pagan who finds sollace in Witchcraft and idolatry. You are never doomed with your Ouija Boards, and your worship of Monday Night Football and celebs such as Lady Gaga, etc…. God just wants you to repent, so we can all live together in peace and prosperity. You arent being judged, because the act judges itself with the final judge- God. Who cares what some brainwashed hater in some INSTITUTIONAL TYPICAL AMERICAN DOLLAR HOARDER CHURCH SAYS? WHO CARES IF THEY CONDEMN YOU TO HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE? You still have the opportunity with God to repent, and if you dont repent voluntarily you will repent through God’s destruction and coercion. But repentence must be sincere and filled with love (not out of survival), and followed with actions and deeds.

    – To the Global Racist who has been brainwashed by New World Order Hegelian Dialectic think/speak into hating: Ni-gers, Honk-es, Spi-s, Wetba-ks, Schwartzes, Goo-s, Chi-ks, Savages, Prairie Ni-gers, Manyacks, Pakis, Taco Ni-gers, Mammies, Sambos, Coons, K-kes, Cakes, Kafirs, Towel Heads, Camel Jockeys, etc.. Yeah, I know all of the Racial Slurs- not just American ones. I used to be a PROUD BLACK AMERICAN RACIST, brainwashed and working in a global Racist conspiracy (yes there is a global Racist conspiracy).



    Just remember, Jesus is our representative on Earth. He Brokers with God, and through Jesus the lover of peace you can never be condemmed unless YOU FAIL TO REPENT.

    DONT LISTEN TO THOSE FAKE WALL ST/ Satan’s NEW WORLD ORDER CHURCHES (most Churches are) WHO TELL YOU LIES, AND TRY TO SELL YOU A PITCH LIKE: “You dont have much time to Get saved, give us money.”




    • AK

      Your youngm ohammedan man goes jihadi not because he’s discriminated against, but because his so called “holy book” tells him to do so. He does it because the founder of his “religion”, the so called “prophet” Mohammed, was a mass murderer himself.

      When the Jews refused to follow Mohammed, what did he do? He killed them. That’s how it is.

      Keep your false prophets. Once the Black March begins you will be exterminated.

  • Realist

    We run a church Food Pantry.
    There is no reason anyone should ever be hungry in this country. There is free food available all the time. Just stand at the back door of any Panera Store at closing time and you can get all the fresh $5 loaves of bread and $3 bagels you want for free.
    What we see though are parents too lazy to go out and get the free food. It burns me up when an old lady comes to our pantry to get food for her kids and teenage grandkids and no one has come with her to help her carry the 60 LBS of food we give her.
    And I’m tired of hearing people say the free food is inedible. This week we were giving out premium babyback ribs, Oreos, Cheerios, 10 LB bags of Tyson chicken, USDA Choice pork chops, Del Monte canned vegetables, Pink Grapefruit juice, ect…. all top shelf stuff that many Middle-class Americans pass on because they can’t afford it.

  • Gary2

    Wilkerson, 79, died

    Who is this?

  • mondobeyondo

    It is sad that our children and grandchildren will pay for the mistakes we are making. They had no say in the matter. They didn’t vote to run up the deficit. They didn’t approve of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, maybe Pakistan. They aren’t even born yet. None of them will be able to afford to go to a university.

    But they, along with the rest of us, will pay the price. Our progeny will hate this current generation with a passion.

  • krish

    It seems like most of the readers are from the US and hence seem confused with whats going on. Poverty and hunger has been around as always but its seems to be hitting the US and western economies now. In Asia, Africa and SA its been around and has tormented its people more severely over the last 200 years.
    So whats really happening now ? Its getting redistributed and hitting the western economies in the 2000’s.

    Why now ? Essentially the law of diminishing returns is at work here. Around 700 years back Europe had its share of poverty and hunger as the rest of the world, probably more acute to to climactic reasons. With the rise of imperialism allowing access to easy resources ( read plunder & loot) poverty and hunger was wiped out from Europe. Decimation of indigenous people of North America ( read genocide and plunder) and access to an entire continent has made made the last 2 generations of caucasians in the North american region so wealthy that a little poverty surprises them. With imperialism restricted to a large extant the gains previosly made is subject to the law of diminishing returns and hence the poverty is getting redistributed across the world.

  • Attila

    Not sure I buy the hunger thing, most are just lazy. I can take a back yard and grow more food than my family and I could ever eat. With a little foresight like canning your family can have it over the winter. Some years are better than others for growing but you have to prepare and plan.

  • How many U.S. researches says that children in India and North Asia ain’t having even there parent who make them existence in this world?

  • C

    I don’t see anyone starving, I can’t find a woman my age who weighs less than me, sure their are a few around, but not many, it’s Wisconsin. Still, I work, I’ve worked all my life, I still could not afford a family in this country, since I was poor as a child I want to live in adulthood, I’m not going to risk 18-36 of my pay pretax income without getting to hardly ever see my kids when she leaves me on her whim. She can be expensive, even my cousin complains because her two growing teenagers cost more and more to feed. Hunger in America, hmmm, only 66 percent of men are working today, a historic low, and less than 47% of the total population working overall, free rides anyone?
    Now hunger in other countries! Every other second someone dies from starvation!, mostly children. Heck, in India the women starve baby girls because they don’t want them. Strange world, good luck everyone.

  • laura

    Why have kids at all? I said this back in the early 70’s! America has zero future, no hope for decent jobs even with college degrees many have to go in the service or work for min. wages. There is no future raising a family, period unless you’re one of the few percentage of wealthy folks. People, if you can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em. Get yourself “fixed” in the clinic, like your cat or dog…it’s worth it, fully paid by your insurance or medicaid if your poor.

  • comnenus

    Evolution at work.

  • mondobeyondo

    This is the United States of America.
    There are no hungry people here.
    Everyone is well fed, plenty of milk and honey here. The grocery stores are loaded with every kind of produce imaginable. You can buy your children T-shirts and socks at Walmart, lettuce, carrots and artichokes at Walmart, and aspirin and cold medicine at Walmart.

    OH REALLY???

    Go to a food bank in Phoenix. Or Los Angeles. Las Vegas, Denver, St. Louis, New York City, Detroit, New Orleans….See how many people are buying ramen soup with their food stamp cards. Not everyone is living the prosperous happy life here.

    Once you see the truth, you’ll stop believing the propaganda.

    • ColdHardFacts

      You talk about ramen as if it isn’t good. That stuff is AMAZING

    • starleys

      People in poverty receive money in their basic cash amount to be used for food. Then they receive food stamps. Then the children receive breakfast and lunch at school. Year round in most casese. Then there is WIC for those too young for school. If kids are starving it is neglect, not lack of availability.

  • mondobeyondo

    I almost forgot, you can buy the newest electronic gadgets at Walmart too. Anything you want, practically.

    You asked for a laptop computer? Poof! It is done! Come back later if you need a memory upgrade.

    Now, what were your other two wishes?

  • Mary Bishop

    People, find the recent documentary “FOOD, INC.” and watch it with a small group of friends (you won’t want to be alone with this one). Then discuss among yourselves how we can take back the night…because we are the light, and we can do it!

  • Verdad

    In Texas, people on food stamps have been caught,on holiday, as far away as Las Vegas using their Lonestar Card there and even in far off Bermuda. Before this crises they were all lazy freedloading parasites. Now they need to go live with their families. If you pay people to do nothing, that is all they will do, and have more kids while they are at it.

    • lazymyass

      Just because a handful of people have been caught abusing food stamps, doesn’t mean that all (or even very many) recipients are abusing their food stamps! And it sounds like you’ve already forgotten the main point which is that half of the recipients are children. Seeing as how they are legally not allowed to work, are you really calling them lazy freeloading parasites?

  • Texas has TONS of JOBS

    The people on welfare are the ones who have the most kids. The system rewards them for having more and more kids, all at taxpayers expense. We have generations that have grown up living off the taxpayer and doing nothing.

  • Woah

    Most Americans are obese or fat. Americans have lost all respect for themselves. Gluttony is no no longer a sin but a national hobby. Americans can afford to loose fifty or a hundred pounds. With all the fallow farm land people can go back to living off the land. America has been fueled by the greed of debt for too long. It is time to pay the piper baby.

  • Lauren Moffat

    hey whats up

  • People in U.S. should have cheap food, after all OUR farmers are feeding the world. The problem is that we have NO people in our political who are capable of negociating a deal with any other country to sell our food surplus in order to receive income to support our farmers. Our agriculture system is second to none and these people get mo credit for the surplus they provide to the outside world. Wake up America, Support our agriculture

    • Because of EPA laws(and yes, we do need some regulation), green bean farmers cant spray crops to get rid of pests and diseases. That creates liw yield crops. We then import more green beans into the US from countries that DONT have the laws that save the enviroment, but allow for possibly poisonous food crops in plenty. It also takes those same food crops OUT of the country we bought them from, and thus people(kids too) go hungry in that country. Think about that the next time some politician says “my oponent wants dirtier air, dirtier water, and poisonous crops”

  • Red Sun Sets

    I went to a Catholic school that had a food pantry. The nuns would take us out of class to help them sometimes. What they taught us is that the poor often will not be thankful for what you do. As Jesus said, charity is about giving to those you expect nothing in return from. If you get rewarded, it wasn’t charity. This includes them changing their behaviors that made them poor or being thankful. Sometimes this hard for people to understand.

    It is a crime that children go hungry. They are the future and the community must do everything to ensure that grow up to be good members of society. Sometimes parents fail. This is why community support is so important.

    • starleys

      It is a crime if children go hungry. The parents should be arrested.

  • Kelly

    Everytime I get stopped on the street to donate to Africa, I say, “Sorry I cant, Im a Darwinist”
    I don’t think the person gets it, but I will say this. People are meant to die. Whites have footed the bill for years to help the hoards of browns piling into our white countries. Mexico is invading since they breed themselves out of a home and now are hell bent on taking over our country in the name of “La Raza” Remove all illegals by force, stop donating to Haiti and Africa, let nature cull her own herds. Bring back our troops and protect the borders, kill the Fed, end welfare programs for those who refuse to work, and stop ALL manufacturing in other countries and bring commerce back to America. In the end, white children will suffer the most because when the browns finally out breed us, they will not show us the same mercy as we have shown them. They will wake up hungry and homeless on the steps their forefathers built for them. Otherwise we are doomed. To think otherwise is denial. We may need for the STHTF before we can have this madness end. America needs a reset button, for too long we have been pushing the easy botton.

    • Redds


      You can not possibly be that ignorant. If you spent a little more time learning about history and how all the “little brown” people got here in the first place maybe you would actually have something constructive to add. SMH…

  • AK

    Say “thank you” to all the politicians and “environmentalists” who tell us that we must use crops as fuel in order to fight imaginary global warming. They’ve been destroying thousands of tons of crops that way. Rich agricultural areas with lovely soil has been destroyed with monocultures to fight imaginary global warming.

    Thank them. They got you to this point. And you all voted for them and believe them. The same people, by the way, who tax all of us working people to death in order to finance their out of control welfare states and other boondoggles.

    And if people would think before having sex, they wouldn’t have 10 children who then starve and die of hunger. They would have 2 or 3. The same happened in the industrialization era. The workers had simply too many children, but the “evil” factory owners got blamed. But today religion plays a role in these lesser developed countries. The late pope John Paul 2 once stated that using a condom is a sin. There you have another reason for the problems.

  • Thanks for sharing these stunning facts. Youth Service America and Sodexo are awarding grants to students and schools with ideas for service projects that address childhood hunger. More information on these grants can be found at and

  • MD Khan

    I swear, this is so miserable. That’s why when i grow up i want to be like Bill Gates, but be more richer than him. I want to be the richest person in the world to end children poverty. But just let me say one thing, if someone ever says that children poverty is a joke or it’s something not serious, put your address and phone number on the comments section so that i can beat you up! This is extremely serious, children poverty is serious. Try to save up some money and give a donation to children poverty.

  • Mew Ashley

    So it’s ok to let someone die of hunger? Where’s your humanity people? You all are a bunch of greedy selfish rotten pigs.

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