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20 Signs That The Culture Of Government Dependence Has Gotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control

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More Americans are financially dependent on the government than ever before.  For a variety of reasons, there are now tens of millions of Americans that would not be able to survive without government assistance.  As I wrote about the other day, the insane economic policies of our “representatives” in Washington D.C. have created a situation where there are not nearly enough decent jobs for everyone.  So the job market has become a giant game of “musical chairs” and a lot of American families have been left out in the cold when the music has stopped.  Of course we are not going to let them starve in the streets.  There are also some Americans that simply do not have the capacity to take care of themselves.  It is certainly the compassionate thing to do to give them a helping hand.  However, with all of that said, we also have to face the fact that we have created a “culture of dependence” in this country.  Americans that are now in their prime working years have been taught all of their lives that the government is going to take care of them from the cradle to the grave.  This culture of government dependence has gotten completely and totally out of control, and now nearly half of all American households receive some form of government benefits.  As a result, our debt is absolutely exploding, everyone looks to the government to solve our problems and very few Americans seem to possess a very strong work ethic any longer.

This article is going to make a lot of people angry, but it is imperative that we all comes to grips with the fact that this is not how a society is supposed to work.  Yes, we should help those that do not have the capacity to help themselves.  Yes, the insane policies of the federal government have created this economic environment where very few people can find jobs.  We didn’t want to keep their jobs in the country, so now we are going to have to support millions of displaced American workers somehow.

However, the notion that the federal government is supposed to take care of us from the time that we are born until the time that we die is poisonous.  As you will see below, federal government handouts have absolutely skyrocketed in recent years, but this has just created an environment where people are demanding even more handouts.

The truth is that the government is not your mommy and your daddy.  The government is not there to take money away from someone else and give it to you.  The government is supposed to be the “referee” – not your own personal caretaker.

So should we just start dumping millions upon millions of people off of government welfare rolls?

Of course not.  We cannot do that, because from the time that they were babies millions of Americans have been taught to be completely dependent on the government.  If we just suddenly cut them off they would not be able to make it.  They simply have never learned how.  We aren’t going to let tens of millions of people starve in the streets.  A growing percentage of Americans have never learned how to make it on their own.

That is one of the reasons why this culture of government dependence is so toxic.  People never learn to take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, the American people have become absolutely addicted to government money.  One way not to get elected is to threaten to reduce the government checks that people get every month.  Any politician that is honest about what we really can afford usually does not get a whole lot of support.

Yes, there is nothing wrong with helping the poor, the needy, the homeless and the despairing.

But each year millions more Americans climb aboard the “safety net”.  As I keep warning, at some point the “safety net” is going to break.

The government is not supposed to be your God.  If you have problems, then you need to fix them.

Yes, without a doubt that is not an easy thing to do in this economic environment.  Our government has royally messed things up.

But life is not easy and life is not fair.  Sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have.  If you wait around for the government to be your savior, you will almost always end up deeply disappointed and you will never get anywhere in life.

The following are 20 signs that the culture of government dependence has gotten completely and totally out of control….

#1 If you can believe it, 48.5% of all Americans now live in a household that receives some form of government benefits.  Back in 1983, that number was less than 30 percent.

#2 Way too many Americans believe that the government should just swoop in and solve all of their problems.  For example, the plight of a single mother named Angel Adams made national headlines recently.  Over the years her relationships with three different men have produced 15 children, and she was recently found living in a single motel room with 12 of those children.

As you can see in the video below, Adams is looking for the government to come in and rescue her.  The following is what Adams told one reporter….

“Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

You can see news clips about this case in the video posted below….

After seeing this video, most Americans would respond with statements such as these….

*”The government needs to help that mother out”

*”The government needs to take those children away from her”

*”The government needs to keep women like that from having so many kids”

Do you see the common theme there?

Today, Americans almost always think that the solution to a problem involves the government doing something.

In America, women should be free to have as many children as they want.  But they should also not expect the government to swoop in and rescue them from the consequences of the choices that they have made.

Yes, we always need to make sure that all children have food to eat and a roof over their heads.  But it is not the job of the government to come in and control her life, and it is not the job of the government “to pay” for her to have a comfortable life either.

#3 The amount of money paid out to individual citizens by the government today is absolutely staggering.  In 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income.  Today, government transfer payments account for 18.4% of all income.

#4 According to a recent ABC News report, suicides in rural America are spiking, and experts say that cuts to Medicaid are partly to blame….

Kathie Garrett, co-chairman of the Idaho Council on Suicide Prevention, says the problem has gotten only worse since the recession. “The poor economy and unemployment—those put a lot of stress on people’s lives,” she explains. To save money, people skip doctor visits and cut back on taking prescribed medications. Cuts in Medicaid have reduced the services available to the mentally ill.

“I personally know people who lost Medicaid who’ve attempted suicide,” says Garrett.

#5 By the end of 2011, approximately 55 million Americans will receive a total of 727 billion dollars in Social Security benefits.  In future years, this dollar figure is projected to absolutely skyrocket.

#6 When you total it all up, American households are now receiving more money from the U.S. government than they are paying to the government in taxes.

#7 It is being projected that the federal government will account for more than 50 percent of all health care spending in 2012.

#8 Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

#9 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system paid out more in benefits than it received in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.

#10 The federal government is expected to “take care” of their workers far better than the private sector does.  If you can believe it, the average federal employee in the Washington D.C. area brings in total compensation worth more than $126,000 a year.

#11 Last year, federal employees “earned” approximately 447 billion dollars in total compensation.

#12 Spending by the federal government accounts for approximately one third of the GDP of the entire Washington D.C. region.

#13 The federal government spent more than 50 billion dollars on “housing assistance” in 2009.

#14 The U.S. government now says that the Medicare trust fund will run out five years faster than they were projecting just last year.

#15 The total cost of just three federal government programs – the Department of Defense, Social Security and Medicare – exceeded the total amount of taxes brought in during fiscal 2010 by 10 billion dollars.

#16 Right now, there are more than 45 million Americans on food stamps.  That means that approximately one out of every seven Americans is dependent on the federal government for food.

#17 The number of Americans on food stamps has increased 74% since 2007.

#18 Sadly, one out of every four American children is now on food stamps.

#19 In 2010, 42 percent of all single mothers in the United States were on food stamps.

#20 According to one study, “64.3 million Americans depended on the government (read: their fellow citizens) for their daily housing, food, and health care” during 2009.

After reading this article, a lot of people may get the impression that I am greedy and that I am “on the side” of the rich.

That is not the case at all.

I have repeatedly written about the growing problem of income inequality in America.

I have repeatedly written about the need to reduce the power and the wealth of the big banks and the big corporations.

I have repeatedly written about how our government is run by wealthy people and almost all political campaigns are funded by wealthy people.

We need to level the playing field so that individuals and small businesses have a chance to thrive once again.

Unfortunately, a lot of people out there think that the solution to these problems is to raise taxes on the wealthy and redistribute even more money to those receiving handouts.

Number one, that will never get those on handouts on the road to a better life.  Handouts are never a permanent solution.  A good job is a permanent solution.

Number two, that will only make the culture of government dependence even worse.

Yes, we need to take care of the poor and the needy.

I am a huge advocate of that.

In the book of James, it says the following….

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days.

It is not the job of the government to take care of the poor and the needy.

It is our job.

If you are able to take care of yourself and your family, and you are not actively doing something to help the poor, then something is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with making a lot of money.

But there is something wrong with hoarding your wealth.

Sadly, most Americans have grown accustomed to the idea that they don’t have to take care of the poor because “the government” is going to do it.

That is another example of the “culture of government dependence”.  We have gotten so used to “the government” taking care of others that we don’t even lift a finger ourselves.

We need to stop waiting for the government to fix everything.

The government is not going to fix our lives.

The government is not going to fix the lives of those around us either.

We need to start taking responsibility for our own lives and for our own communities.

Does anyone disagree?


Here is another example from ABC News of an American that completely lost it when she realized that the government was not going to be her savior….

A Texas woman who for months was unable to qualify for food stamps pulled a gun in a state welfare office and staged a seven-hour standoff with police that ended with her shooting her two children before killing herself, officials said Tuesday.

We need to help the American people understand that the government is always going to end up failing them and that they need to fix their own lives.


    “So should we just start dumping millions upon millions of people off of government welfare rolls?

    Of course not. We cannot do that, because from the time that they were babies millions of Americans have been taught to be completely dependent on the government. If we just suddenly cut them off they would not be able to make it. They simply have never learned how. We aren’t going to let tens of millions of people starve in the streets. A growing percentage of Americans have never learned how to make it on their own.”

    You are dead wrong about this, my friend. You really think all these people are slack-jawed idiots who will simply lay down in the street and die if they are cut off from the government teat? No, they will TAKE BY FORCE what they require to survive. The reality is this is how the government manages people who otherwise would have nothing left to lose.

    As Gerald Celente likes to say – When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

    • HeartofShadows

      I agree.
      He shows his true colors like every other boomer.

    • Martin

      Take by force?
      Look how well armed the government and its servants are…

    • Highspeed

      Gerald Celente should take his own advice.

  • Pitchfork Ready

    I agree but it’s a pipe dream to think you can suddenly turn of the spigot of free government goodies.

    He/she who promises the most will often win.

    Neither party wants to lose power so they’ll continue on until whole system implodes and there’s nothing left.

  • SamColt

    Here is the 21st sign:

    State: Mom who shot kids, self denied food stamps

  • Prepared Pastor

    I preached a sermon series on this and believe that everyone will get every entitlement they have been promised by exponentially increasing the money supply. It would have been better for them if they had not been promised anything.

    Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!” – Revelation 6:6

    • Michael

      I love your nickname – “Prepared Pastor”

      Good stuff!


    • godsofold

      This is the Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids.

      “Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation…”

  • Ron Herdberg

    Thanks for the stats! But could you PLEASE get stats on the total amount of dollars being spent on U.S. federal government employees and retirees! It has to be astronomical taking into consideration that U.S. federal government pension contributions far outstrip the amount of money the employees might have contributed. This is so outrageous and should be reported somewhere…so add this on top of Social Security, medicare, medicaid, the defense budget and it goes on and on and on…..we are sunk. Looks like the only ones keeping the government alive are private u.s. corporations; small and large businesses.

  • mondobeyondo

    The time has long passed when your Sugar Daddy Uncle Sam can foot the bill for all your needs.

    Sorry, but Sammy can’t do it anymore. He’s broke. Yes, I know, those entitlement programs were promises made to the American public. But you see, a few things came up. There was this little war in Iraq, another little war in Afghanistan, and all this stuff about corporate bailouts and stuff. Your (formerly wealthy) uncle is now threadbare and poor.

    “But you PROMISED us a comfortable retirement!! We’ve been waiting and saving 40 years for this!” – the masses scream.

    Yes, Sammy did. But this 9/11 thing came up, and Sammy had to use his resources to combat terrorists and threats against our country. And, well, y’know, we’re kinda broke right now.. would you mind accepting a government IOU instead?

    Naturally, the masses protest. “How can we be sure that your “promise” will flop and flail, and eventually end up like that trout I saw at Walmart?”

  • Jeremy

    Do not disagree in the slightest, and you are preaching to the choir. As someone with a very strong work ethic, I feel like an outsider from my generation (28 years old), who expect mommie and daddie and everyone else to take care of them.

    These attitudes are destroying us.

  • “We need to start taking responsibility for our own lives and for our own communities.”

    This would be a worthwhile activity but it would not be a complete or realistic solution to all of the problems exposed by this post.

    (1) Many things need to take place before the private sector could take over the welfare function of the government.

    (2) Many things need to take place before most Americans would give up their welfare mentality.

    (3) Nothing is likely to change, however, without an economic collapse, a major war, or a reduction of the US population.

  • nowwthen

    It’s been said that we are the only country in history with an obesity epidemic among our poor. I don’t want to see anyone go hungry – especially kids – but look at those piles of junk food on the super market conveyor being paid for with food stamps. Maybe there should be restrictions on what kinds of food the government (there’s that word again) pays people to eat. You can bet any attempt at limitations would be fought tooth and nail by Pepsi, Frito Lay, Coke etc.

    • Kathy Smith

      Exactly right I have heard people say ” I didn’t eat this good before food stamps

    • 1. kathy smith: Ridiculous heresay. Where exactly are you getting your “information”? Food stamps BARELY pay a third of what you need to survive on. I’m a vegetarian and I make my own bread/soup/etc. and trust me, second half of the month its beans and rice all the way. I haven’t bought fresh fruit in 3 months. 2. nowwthen: it’s usually “conservatives” who spout this nonsense –conservatives who rail against the “nanny state” but want to tell people what they can and can not eat. Gimme a break.

      • Highspeed

        She speaks the truth. You need to get out more.

  • r.bitting

    Michael, I think most Americans would agree with your article. I think the disconnect comes in living out those so called convictions that many folks claim to have. People need to begin to put others first, and see the great need all around them, and take action. We live in a culture of self gratification and excesses, which flies in the face of how Americans percieve themselves as. People will be quick to point out that America is the most generous nation on earth, very well, but using the rest of the world as your standard, does’nt make you generous, just more generous than them, which is’nt all that generous. Americans spend enough money on Valentines day crap every year to provide clean water for the entire planet. There are many other examples of this sort of thing. American pets have better access to healthcare than many nations do, yet we won’t even help our own because that would mean having to go without some vanity. People need to find a cause and jump in, put others first for once, and when they do, they will find more gratification than any material thing would ever be able to provide. Good article Michael, and timely too.

  • Ken

    I don’t want the government fixing my life or anything. Everything they do, they screw up.





    First, I fully expect this post to be censored like so many others. But none-the-less I shall have a bit of fun at your expense.

    You provide so much material here to work with that I am sort of at a loss as to where to begin.

    First, I will preface my remarks by saying that clearly this woman is not equipped to raise children as demonstrated by her demands that someone, not her and the fathers of these children, “pay for this” and logically speaking, she should not have had any children.

    Second, I find it totally in keeping with extreme rightwing orthodoxy in how you and other rightwingers constantly yammer on how you are “pro life” when in fact you are nothing of the sort. Clearly this woman and this case are exhibit A of why abortion exists, and like it or not, has a purpose, for good or ill. As previously stated, this woman is unfit for parenthood and the only outcome to any of this is the children suffering.

    Third, that is entirely the point here. You yammer on that women should be free to have as many kids as they want, not taking into consideration that the Angel Adams of the world are not suited to be parents. You yammer that government should have no involvement in cases like these. So an unfit set of parents bring children into the world, are unable and/or unwilling to care for them, what happens to the children afterwards? Charity? Ah, no, there is not enough charity in the world to take in all poor children of unfit parents. If charity was the answer then poverty would no longer exist, would it? And if there was, how long does this family stay on charity? Until they are of legal age? What difference is there between mass charity and actual government assistance in this instance? Therein lies the point. You rightwingers care for embryos, but live human beings once they are born; child or not, well not so much as they can fend for themselves from birth to adulthood.

    A great idea here: You and Newt Gingrich can get together and repeal all those “stupid” child labor laws so these lazy five year olds can get to work and start earning their keep around here. They should get jobs scrubbing toilets for a living in those schools in which Gingrich wants to fire all those union janitors.


    First, let me be clear. I personally believe that abortion should only be undertaken in the instances of rape, incest, or safety of the mother. For the Angel Adams of the world, she should be encouraged to A. use birth control or B. put her children up for adoption. If she is not willing to do either A or B, then abortion, sadly, will be the only alternative as clearly she is unfit to be a parent and the only logical outcome for parents like her and the fathers that sire them is that her children would eventually become wards of the state.

    Government is not perfect, it was never intended to be. An honest conversation can and should be had as to what government should and should not do, and what the limits of private charity are and what it can and can not do. But this blind lunacy of thinking that government should not exist for any reason and should not perform any functions what so ever clearly explains why the Republican party, in addition to being a War and Gestapo party, is also the wing of the war/ party that always fields the total whackos and clowns. See Hermain Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Newt “I shall repeal all those stupid child labor laws” Gingrich and all the other republican wackos for details.

    • Bruce R Porter Sr

      Republicans are the WAR party….hmmm, let’s see, in my lifetime WWII-FDR, a democrat, right?
      Korea-Truman, a democrat, right? Viet Nam-Johnson, a democrat, right? Iraq 1 Bush senior, a very liberal republican (RINO), right,but he pulled out almost immediately. Bosnia-Clinton, a democrat, right? Iraq 2-Bush 2,another RINO (a democrat running as a republican)….so we got the messiah from Kenya-a democrat, right? And more Iraq, more Afghanistan, new Libya, another post in Australia, let’s see, we also have troops committed to another African nation, right?
      Looks to me like the demos are doing quite well at involving us in illegal wars all over the place.
      And puhleeze don’t talk about pullouts because of the Kenyan, he is following the Bush agenda to the hilt…..
      Instead of being just a shill for Marxism and corporatism and statism why don’t you remove your head from its current location and do some studying of what is really happening.
      And, BTW, no, I’m not a republican. I’m a Constitutionalist. That’s why I called all of the wars illegal except WWII. And a bunch of research would even bring that into question, but the congress did excercise their Constitutional duty there, where they have just let whomever was prez do what ever he wanted since then.
      While I’m on a roll, it was a Republican that warned us of the “military-industrial complex”..Check it out. Same guy told Kennedy to get out of Viet Nam.
      Our government is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Been a long time since that was true.
      On job creation….the Kenyan chose the CEO of GE to be his “CZAR of job creation”, right? Then GE announced it is going to close plants in the US and move thousands of jobs to China.
      Good democrats taking care of the people, right? Just like the Mafia.

    • Dr. Kenneth Ramsey

      Reed, it appears your only focus is on abortion. Personally, I don’t believe abortion is any business of the government, whether it be federal, state, or local. Our governmental entities should only be concerned that whatever medical treatment is rendered, it is rendered by skilled, licensed professionals. Government spending is completely out of control and has been for decades. Anyone who does not recognize this truth is literally living in la-la land. We need solutions to our federal spending addiction, not further excuses on why it cannot be done. It simply must be done and done quickly. Let’s spend our time, energy, and thought on something other than abortion issues. It has, is, and always will be a waste of our valuable time.

    • Marco

      What about C. Be accountable for your actions and take care of your children! If you keep making more babies, work harder to take care of more of your children and have her family help out. Maybe after the 2nd or third child, her and/or her family should push option A. or B. on their own. Duh!

    • Doc Loch

      These kinds of posts represent the problem with America, as does the “politically correct” article statements like, “We can’t let them starve!”

      Yes, what I’m going to say is as rabid, and fanatical, and downright scarey as it gets, and I’m the guy you can heap all your rage onto with your pitiful verbiage. But even after you do that, you have done nothing, so I will say what needs to be said.

      The only thing that will stop these and all such problems from becoming monsters is one thing…CONSEQUENCES. If having 15 children is has the same consequences as having none financially and mortally (that’s morTally not morally), then there is no INCENTIVE to do either one, i.e. no choice. If, however, sex and it’s pleasures push the balance of consequences to be: It is the same either way (15 children or none) but I get to have sex and immediate pleasure if I have 15 children, then 99% of fools will have 15 children. So, when you take away consequences that don’t override the immediate pleasure, you destroy choice, or push the equation of incentive to favor whichever provides the most immediate pleasure. Is this rocket science? No, but it involves that thing called “tough love” or whatever appellation you want to put to it. With that lengthy explanation, I am the nut-case who says, “Yes, there should be NO safety net unless an individual builds one themself! You must let people suffer and DIE, even!”

      There, I said it and yes, I am sure all you nirvanaists think me a horrible person for it, but you may dream all you like. Your experiment has failed. You will never have a good society for long until you get the guts to stop putting up false incentives by removing, often, harsh consequence.

      Now, have fun firing away!

      • Gary2

        yep-your the problem with the country. Libertarian scum.

        • Michael


          You don’t like conservatives or libertarians?


          • Gary2

            As people they are probably nice, however, their ideology of selfishness is what is ruining this country. Look at the number of times they use the word “I” vs. “WE”.

    • gary2

      Good insight. Se my post on hypocritical charisians.

      You need to remember that about 40% iof what Michael posts is right wing trash propaganda and is beneath someone of Micheals talents. I believe he needs to do this to keep the unsophistacted (spelled wrong) right wingers coming back. Kind of like he is throwing them red meat. The other 60% of Micheals posts are very good.

      The problem lies in not knowing ahead of time if this will be a 60% post or 40% post until you read it.

      Maybe if he would put a disclaimer at the begining of the 40% right wing trash posts the more enlightned of us could skip those.

      Micheal you are too good to let your obvious right wing bias keep comming through.

      • gary2

        Note-if my name is not capitalized then it means I am posting at work. You can see I do not have spell check at work…

      • Michael

        Only 60% of the posts are good? 🙁


        • Gary2

          90% are good, however,40% are so right wing biased it sort of negates what you are saying. Cheer up Michael-I will keep giving you feedback and guidance and help you unshackle yourself from conservatism.


    And by the way, you need to include all the politicians in all branches of government, and their cronies who live off of the nepotism as dependent on government. When Newt Gingrich gets millions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who in turn get their money from the government, i.e. the taxpayers, well, clearly the so-called political class are dependent on government as well.

    • Michael

      I think I have been harder on Newt Gingrich on my sites than just about anyone else out there.





        How about addressing the salient points of my post here? Any ideas on the political class that leaches off of government more than anyone else? See Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and their many taxpayer paid, government contracts for details on this.

        Why is it that you people care more for embryos (as a religious matter by the way) more than you care for live human beings once they are born? How about an honest debate as to the contours, shape, size, and scope of government? How about an honest debate as to what government should or should not do? Do you have any thoughts on this or do you simply not care one way or the other?

        If government should not intervene in the case of Angel Adams and her children, which clearly is your position here, then A. what is government for and B. what happens to those children, who will clearly suffer through no fault of their own? Or C. do we simply take the republican voter position and “let them die” as in the case of citizens with no health insurance? Those children did not ask for Angel Adams and her deadbeat baby daddies for parents…………What is a society to do, if anything in your view, on situations like these? Finally, what type of society do you really want here?

        • Jeremy

          Two words for you: professional revolutionary. Where do you find the time to write these posts?

    • Pitchfork Ready

      We’ll censor Newt on the right when you censor that overgrown boytoy, Barney Frank, on the left. What did he tell people–Fannie and Freddie are perfectly fine right up until they ended up in receivership.

      You want to talk about abortion and welfare, well, there’s going to be nothing left if the system comes crashing down. There’s a limit to how many entitlements can be provided by any country. Europe is proving that right now. You want an abortion?

      Pay for it yourself. Don’t force people who are morally opposed to it to pay for it. And The Democrats marched to war with GW and then marched to war under Obama.

      Libya, Afghanistan ring a bell?

    • Bruce R Porter Sr

      You’re right there. However, Gingrich is a professional politician. He’d be a democrat if he thought that would serve him best. He’s a chameleon. He does whatever he feels serves him.
      He’s a principaled leader….just one principal and that is that he should be king.
      With 2 exceptions all of those running for office represent the bottom of the cesspool and care about only one thing, themselves.
      If the Rs choose Gingrich they have lost 10 votes, my whole family of voting age.

  • it is our job to take care of the poor and needy.
    Okay, it is not the responsibility of the government
    to do so if that is the case why do we pay taxes for
    free health care for illegal immagrants, welfare,
    human services and so on? what i do not understand is how they were so slow to respond to hurricane
    katrina if i remember right it took them two weeks to get there act together but still when there is a disaster in another country there is immediate aid on the way planes full mre’s tents cots blankets
    kitchens. demand at food shelves is at a all high time alot are running out of donations because people have to cut back. to much money is going overseas to other countries that needs to be spent here to help our own. if it is not the responsibility of this government to take care of the poor and needy? then why is billions of our taxpayers money being spent to take care of people in other countries where they hate us? they are not making any effort to make there lives better because
    they know this country will continue to take care of them. take hatai for example this country has spent millions of dollars over there for what?
    Plush hotels and golf courses on one side of the island and on the other side people are still living
    in the same rat hole conditions they were 20 yrs ago
    when the rally cry was to send alot of money over there to make there living conditions better. yes as
    americans we need to take more responsibility for how we live and act but the double standard has to stop sometime and at some point this government needs to demand that other countries and there people start being responsible we are already at the point to where it is going to get harder to play god and be the welfare country of the world. you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink the same can be said about people in africa,kenya,somalia they refuse to accept birth control,they refuse to learn farming practices that would benefit them so if they refuse to help themselves who can help them?

    • expatriot

      I kind of agree with you. Honestly though things are so bad right now, thirty million people out of work or underemployed. There’s not enough resources to address all the problems. People aren’t that giving right now either. If a million families of four have to rely on peoples generosity and good will most will starve to death. Reality bites but lets not get ideology and reality confused. Both parties worship at the alter of their ideology and are totally letting the world and facts pass them buy.

      I know a lot of poor people, one of my friends works part time at a gas station, has no heat in her house and can barely afford the four dollar round trip it costs to take the bus. Her mom died and she has her bills. Even if she didn’t have bills she’d be struggling. She doesn’t qualify for a dime of government money. I hate hearing the right talk like they know the poor. They don’t and generalize way to much, it’s wrong. I’m 29 and have been working poor my whole life. It’s real out here and most of the people doing the talking about it don’t know a damn thing what they’re talking about.

  • Gary2

    Michael-I do not see the problem? The loved (gag) private sector wont pay living wages then the gov needs to step in and either support unionization so workers can FORCE the private sector to spread the wealth through better wages (private sector has record profits/cash)or the gov will need to provide more corporate welfare in the form of medicaid for the poor who work these shit low pay jobs.

    You need to concentrate on the corporate welfare which is WAY higher than welfare for people. That is where the real money is. Think wal-mart having their employees on health care for the poor, think the trillions the FED gave the banks, no price negotiation for drugs in medicare etc etc.. You take the lazy way out picking on the poor. It will play to your base I am sure. Remember Michael-you need boots before you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

    Why are you being so republican and blaming the poor? Do you always blame the victim? some christian, but then again I find most christians to hypocritical to the max. Satan can quote scripture. You can do better than blaming the poor. Yes there are always egregious examples you can come up with. I for one am grateful for what little safety net we have. If not for the gov the poverty rate would be worse, much worse. I am glad we have SSI etc. The private sector is simply a race to the bottom and we all know it. Low wages no benefits or r3etirement etc.

    Any shortfall in SSI can be solved by removing the income cap of ssi taxes and make the rich pay more. Same for medicaid-single payer and problem solved. We can tax the wealthy to keep us healthy.

    • Michael

      I am definitely not in favor of corporate welfare at all.

      And I don’t think that I am blaming the poor. I am just saying that the solution for the poor is not to have the government rescue them.

      And I do believe that the government has a “rule-making role” to play as a referee. None of us wants an economy where anarchy reigns.




        And therein lies the problem. If you take the extreme rightwing libertarian viewpoint to its logical extension, then that is exactly what you will get, anarchy. Peter Schiff, that wonderful paragon of “pull myself up by bootstraps I did it all myself with no help from anyone or government” said it himself, without government of any kind “natural monopolies” would develop and we all know what monopolies breed, they breed ANARCHY……….

        • Michael

          I am not advocating anarchy at all. I just believe that we need to start moving the pendulum back in the other direction.


      • gary2

        So micheal-if the gov should not take care opf the poor then who should? The private sector? (gag)?

        If chariety was the answer then there would be no more poverty. Another poster said this and it is very true.

        I am willing to bet that the majority of the poor work harder thqan the rich they are just stuck in a system that favors capital (the rich ) over labor. Simply look at the capital gains tax rate vs. labor tax rate.

        • Michael

          I am not saying that the government should end all aid to the poor.

          What I am saying is that it has gotten out of control and way too many people have become systematically dependent on it.

          Big difference.


          • Gary2

            I agree that it is out of control (your word). This is why we need to start with ending the corporate welfare which will give us a way bigger bang for the buck then worrying about people on programs for the poor. You need to go to where they money is and that’s not programs for the poor.

            Ending corporate welfare will not play well to the simpletons who watch fox news so they will continue to blow the poor on gov benefits WAY out of proportion.

    • r.bitting

      Funny you bring up the subject of hypocritical christians. You attend church, you have stated as much in your posts. You also mock God in your posts with such remarks as ” God needs to show me the money “. You sir are the hypocrite. It would seem satan does’nt always quote scripture, apparently he likes to use classic movie lines too.

      • gary2

        Just because a person attends church does not make them a christian any more than sitting in a garage makes one a car.

        I think you need to re-read my posts you are questioning.

        • r.bitting

          I think YOU should re-evaluate why it is theres a church there in the first place, and why you feel compelled to enter it.

          • Gary2

            makes me look good to other people.

    • Kevin2

      There is some merit to what Gary2 says. The 7.7 trillion (with a big T) is more or less unaccounted for. The power that be are doing their absolute best to see to it that it remains that way. Yes corporate / banking welfare is multiple times of any handout to individuals.

      Anyone notice that government dependence is climbing as US industrial capacity is eviscerating? Think we have a cause and effect here? Duh. There is a city in NJ with lovely views of the Delaware river that once thrived as a manufacturing center and starting roughly 50 years ago had it’s industry leave. Look at Camden NJ as being ahead of the curve.

      Don’t take political sides on this because both parties are behind the US industrial evisceration to the tune of at least an 80% voting record to de-facto ship the living wage jobs overseas. One industry the Textile barely qualified as living wage yet it fled to virtual slave labor too.

      If you think cutting food stamps and substance welfare is the solution you badly misunderstand the problem.

    • Syrin

      That’s always your soultion. The never ending supply of funds the from the rich. meanwhile the number of rich have dropped substantially meaning that endless resevoir isn’t nearly as endless as you would like to believe.

      NO ONE wants welfare of ANY sort. Corporate, individual or otherwise. You are of the “let’s feed a man a fish, and when we run out, we’ll take fish away from someone else” meantality. Meanwhile the adults would rather teach people to fish, sell fish, prpepare fish and increase the wealth of ALL involved.

      Gary, you need to come to grips with basic econ tenet 101. The private sector is where societal wealth is generated. it is the VOLUTARY exchange of goods and services that benfits all involved with EVERYONE looking out for their best interest. It’s practically a mathematical law. As empire afterempire grew bigger with a more onerous and imposing gov’t, society crumbled as did wealth. Gov’t removes and destroys wealth. Again, econ 101.

      No, you can’t tax a society to prosperity. the opposite is true as has been shown in study after study after study. Raising taxes DOESN’T increase revenue, and it generally hurts those you intended to help.

      The US has 51% of its pop’l paying NOTHING in federal income tax, yet you have the audacity to speak of fairness. Your solution is to ALWAYS take MORE from the minority who actually DO pay. NO other nation has even CLOSE to as narrow a tax base as the US.

      I know this is like asking a pre-schooler to study quantum physics, but read and LEARN. The laws of economics churn on REGARDLESS of your desire of how it “ought” to work or “think” it works or should work. Educate yourself, and perhaps you’ll quit voting for the policies that accelerate the decline.

      Even more scholarly:

      • gary2

        There needs to be fish to catch. There currently are very few such that the best “adult” fishermaen no matter how good they can fish are not able to catch any fish. So unles your gonna pull a Jesus and feed 5000 with a couple of fish and a loaf or two of bread you logic is flawed.

        PS-the fish I refer to are family supporting jobs that another poster Kevin referrs to.

        BTW-the tax burden on the rich has never been lower than it is now.

    • Syrin

      Want to actually get an understanding of how wealth is generated?

      By the way, the first thoughts that come to people’s minds when they hear capitalism are mansions, dollars, expensive cars. ALL are signs of wealth and EVERY person used to have the same opportunities to achieve. Now Goldman Sachs owns this administration the European Central Bank and the Italian gov’t, but if citizens actually got back to the roots of this nation where people are given equal opportunity (NOT equal outcome), then we will continue to decline

      When people think of socialism they think of long food lines, no heat in the winter, rampant starvation, militarized society and yet for SOME reason, THAT is what you advocate.

      Ask Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Lenin and Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China how socialism worked out for them. Hell, ask all of Europe how it worked for them when it was called “feudalism”.

      You know, gov’t regualtions ALONE cost $1.75 TRILLION in just 2008, and that was literally 21,000 regulations ago with some of the worst and most imposing regulations past AFTER 2008. You want to fix society and bring jobs and wealth back to America? Then STOP STEPPING ON ITS NECK !

      • gary2

        when I think of socialism I think of the scandavian countries such as Norway, Sweeden etc that beat our country in just about every measure.

        You are the one who keeps talking about Cuba etc.

        You are clearly parroting fox news and are not thinking for yourself as some of what you say is so obviously incorrect I can not beleive you are saying it.


  • Gary2

    BTW-I DO volunteer delivering meals on wheels to the poor. I mow the lawn in the summer at the local food pantry. So yes I do walk the walk and not just talk the talk like so many do.

    Oh yeah-I am also the working poor.



      Get a “real” job and stop whining!(LOL)

  • Freddy

    Absolutely, without a doubt the number one problem in this country. Unfortunately, those that are dependent on the entitlements and have worked them for generations have no use for your argument; in fact they will deny that there is a problem. Government to them (socialism to us) will alway be the answer

  • 007

    Michael, you are absolutely right on this issue. Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to change the direction of this dependancy culture without an economic earthquake. When the safety net breaks and people get hungry there is going to be tremendous unrest.

    • Michael


      Yes, you are definitely right about the coming unrest. But sometimes I like to write about what “should be”. 🙂


      • r.bitting

        Michael, I think it’s safe to say based on the responses that you hit a nerve on this subject, which convinces me all the more how bad things are going to be here when austerity measures come calling.

        • Michael

          Yes, you are exactly right.


      • Syrin

        Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Unfortunately, I see little room for optimism. We’ll make Zimbabwe look like a apeaceful wealthy nation, especially of the Goldman Sachs Teleprompter Tyrant gets re-elected.

        You notice that they are expanding and opening FEMA camps? Yeah, the gov’t is prepping too.

        • Gary2

          Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

          I knew we could find common ground! That statement is very true and a good way to live.

    • Kevin2


      The safety net the poor need to survive on will not break by itself. The poor will receive government money until the very end because more is just a printing press away. The checks will still come but they won’t buy anything and little will be on the shelves. If the middle class thinks this situation will be the poor running amok while you have something your mistaken. When an economy collapses no one has anything save some real wealthy.

      When the ship sinks we’re all going down with it. In very short order one will not be able to distinguish the former us from them.

  • Steve

    Did you factor in 20 million illegal, illerate, Mexicans into the “increasing wealth inequality” in America.

  • Jim

    I agree entirely. I only wish that the land was more accessible. I live in Canada and things are very bad here as well. I call my home town “Canada’s Little Mexico” because the job market is so terrible. There are so many people struggling to find jobs that the employers have become very demanding, and disrespectful to the point of abusive. And if you don’t like it… move over! Cause the guy behind you wants your job.

    We’ve all been lied to. What ever happened to “the harder you work the better life will be” and “anybody can make it if only you work hard enough”? That’s all a crock of s#!t, Because the cards were stacked against us right from the start. If you don’t have mommy and daddy to pave the way, with education, support, and most of all money, you are completely disadvantaged from day one. Because if you don’t have an exceptional education and golden people skills, in todays world, you have nothing, and will likely never earn much better than minimum wage.

    Buy a house with that! In an inflated market… With poor credit due to the inadequacy of the job market and a total lack of job security. Not a chance… Most of us at the bottom of the food chain are lucky to get by from paycheck to paycheck. I’m 40 years old and will likely never own anything more valuable than my $400 used car. I have a friend who is 52 years old and tells me repeatedly, that being a truck driver, he made the same $14 an hour in 1984, that he makes today. The problem is that for many of us, prices rise almost daily, but the paycheck remains the same.

    On top of that, most people who are brought up in the cities don’t have a clue how to survive without the supermarket. I wish I could just go out in the woods and set up camp and survive on my own, away from all of this mess. The problem with that scenario is that you have to own the land. Here in Canada anyway, you can’t just go set up camp wherever you like. So if you don’t own land you’re pretty much out of luck. I find this very frustrating. I hate being a rat in a wheel just to pay rent and buy low grade body fill from the grocery store.

    Anyway… This is a fantastic blog, and its an honor to partake. Thanks Michael!

    • Michael

      You are welcome Jim! 🙂


  • Armel

    “If you are able to take care of yourself and your family, and you are not actively doing something to help the poor, then something is wrong.”

    That’s so right on the money! I had an ethics professor in college who was also a Methodist minister. One thing he said in class one day has always stuck with me, and it was the following: “I’ve been to many, many funerals in my lifetime and I’ve never, ever seen a U-haul attached to any of the coffins they drop in the ground.” You can’t take it with you when you leave….so how valuable, really, is tangible “stuff?” It’s so much more rewarding to help others if we can.

  • Pat

    Wow! I am almost speechless. That this woman had 15 children, that the state would take then away and that the public thinks that its people like her who are the problem.

    I am black American. My grandmother had 13 kids and I have 56 first cousins. We have had our fair share of problems in the family. But we also have had many of our family go on to become doctors, lawyers, and school teachers. In fact one of my cousins works for the Secret Service as an agent. My mother is a doctor of psychology specializing in child abuse prevention. And my sister has held public office.

    I see this story about this mother as an extreme case of welfare, child protective services and an unfortunate social condition.

    Still, as many of you have the readers have expressed, one can not hide the nation’s economic betrayals behind a welfare mom. Believe me, the American problem goes far beyond welfare moms with 15 kids.

    I think that the news coverage was intended to cover up the Trillions stolen from the American people. Welfare is a drop in the bucket comparatively speaking.

    I wish you all could see what we have here in Europe. You would be outraged at the level of poverty which is common placed here in Europe.

    If you don’t believe me try living here for 12 years as I have. Maybe you living in America do have something to protect even if its the right of a woman to have 15 kids.

    Bless you all.

  • eric

    Phase it out by creating self sustainable programs and lift regulations/permitting/licensing so that alternative building, energy, farming techniques, medicine, education can thrive -lower start up costs and barrier of entry. And yes, support those already dependent while transitioning.
    -side note- Not enough regs? try starting a restaurant out of you home kitchen for some extra bucks.

    Once govt projects are completed, and built by temps, they can apply their knowledge to do the same in the private arena on their own -competing with govt (think ups and usps), others can maintain the project that is now in production -the govt program can fund itself, meaning less taxes for everyone else.

    Example… Say there is a community garden
    initially funded by govt, the garden itself continues to produce goods after paying for the initial cost. So its not a continual stream of financing, instead its a one time cost providing food to people and knowledge to the unskilled.

    If govt ‘permitted’ us to do some of these things, we wouldn’t need govt to provide them.

  • bobcat

    “#15 The total cost of just three federal government programs – the Department of Defense, Social Security and Medicare – exceeded the total amount of taxes brought in during fiscal 2010 by 10 billion dollars.”

    Where did the money go? War and more war.

    Historically, wars are the single most expensive undertaking for any nation. Nothing else comes close. The US has been at war for a decade.

    Lumping SS and Medicare in with War distorts the picture. Indeed money for War is taken from SS!

    No, the government is not going to solve our problems because the government is now run by the bankers and they are the cause of our problems.

  • A damning catalogue for sure. Current machinations in the “Eurozone” dictate we are all in for a life-transforming shock –

  • karen

    Some Words Of Wisdom… A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of goverment. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, and is always followed by a dictatorship, The average of the world’s great civilizations has been 200 years. These nations have progressed through this sequence; from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back to bondage. Sir Alex Fraser (1747-1813) Professor of Universal History.

  • karen

    Folks should read up on famous quotes from are Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, George Washington and so on they warn you of what is to come, when you just plain give-up on yourself. There is a vedio on youtube called how to brainwash a nation taken in 1985 by a KBG agent realllllllllllllly good.

  • SamColt

    “Culture Of Government Dependence Has Gotten Completely And Totally Out Of Control”.

    Alot of people here want to argue and pick a fight with you Michael.

    But when I stand in line and watch a customer in front of me get over $300.00 in grocery’s at a Aldis (which is cheaper food, but charges for bags) and pay with a EBT card but then when asked by the clerk to pay $.32 for the bags, cannot pay. It totally makes me sick to my stomach.

    Americans are spoiled rotten and EXPECT to live like a king regardless of there true social class. I fear the day the EBT card no longer works. I’d be safer on a small boat in the Atlantic ocean during hurricane season.

    • Michael

      Yeah, this topic gets a lot of people riled up.

      But that is okay. I am not afraid to have people disagree with me. 🙂


    • gary2

      antecodatal evidence is the worst kind

  • James

    A friend of mine, who would go over to China and Mexico to set up factories that moved to the locations out of America. Summed it up this way, The titans of industry have know that the rolls of the government programs to help the poor were going to increase. It was decided that in the long run it was cheaper to export the jobs and pay the extra taxes to take care of the poor. In all truth I am poor and would love a job but it just keeps getting tougher everyday. With $233 dollars a week in pay, $932 a month to cover $350 in food $500 for rent leaves about $82 for all the other stuff, like transportation, utilities, insurance and the list goes on. That is the core of the problem, Jobs that don’t pay enough.

  • Dave Diesel ” 81 “

    Michael, You could end the corrupt political
    deceitful lie of the elections and all the
    presidential candidates by making them answer
    this one question,
    “Exactly When, How and Where are You Going to Create 25+ Million Private Sector Sustainable
    Living Wage Jobs In My Useful Life Time ?”

    Plus all the same type jobs for all the school grads, Returning Vets every year.?

    When that question becomes a national mantra
    then and only then will the system change.

    That one question will destroy any politicians career because it is impossible to answer it
    with anything more than “I Cannot Do It.”

    To Begin to make it happen, will require a total
    overhaul of the government,the monetary system,
    the education farce system, the imigration system, the trade policy, the end of supporting
    Israel, end the wars, And the end of the BS lies on TV that totally supports the corrupt system of things. “The people are trying to find the means to live while the government is living beyond its means ” And they will never
    peacefully change, ever.

    There is no point in voting for anyone or staying in school or staying in this country IF
    you want a decent future or a decent job and
    the proof is in that one question. Time to get
    real folks and make the question the mantra.

    Michael, IF you do not do an article on this
    And make them answer the question, then you are
    no better than a politician. Whats it gonna be ? More deceit Or the real Truth ?

  • fuz810

    I believe everyone that owns a pet should have a card proving they sponsor a starving child before they are allowed to buy any pet food, or other pet item incluing medicine. How much money does one need to live? Yes the rich should pay much higher taxes, we all should if we want to save this country, or we will all lose everything.

  • Jeff

    This is a fair and balanced article, and you sound like a compassionate, yet realistic centrist.

    I am 50, born in 1961. I was raised to fend for myself, and have remained that way.

    Self-sufficiency, responsibility, self-control, hard work and paying my own way is all I have ever known.

    • Highspeed

      Well, you had better watch out then because they are coming after you and your family. They will not be satisfied till you are as broke and destitute as they are.

  • Kw

    Envy is is such a dispicable trait. You love playing the victim. I worked hard toget a msters degree in a souhgt after field. I worked a full time job and went to school at night. I also payed $75k in student loans to make what I do. Honwst hRd work made me successful and zome s,umbag like you wants to tell I am the problem and my wealth zhould be taken from me and given to a slacker like you. Maybe you should have made wiser choices and worked harder. Look in ths mirror that is where the blame belongs

  • Kw

    Envy is is such a dispicable trait. You love playing the victim. I worked hard toget a masters degree in a sought after field. I worked a full time job and went to school at night. I also payed $75k in student loans to make what I do. Honest had work made me successful and some scumbag like you wants to tell me I am the problem and my wealth should be taken from me and given to a slacker like you. Maybe you should have made wiser choices and worked harder. Look in ths mirror that is where the blame belongs

    • gary2

      I think you should have taken a spelling /grammer class. (not that I have any room to talk)

      Yes you need to pay your fair share. Your selfish thinking is the problem with this country. You personally are probably a nice guy as am I. Its your fox news selfish rush pillhead bimbo thinking that is ruining the country.

      You should add the word “WE” to your vocabularly. If you count all the times you said “I” in your post you should be able to see the problem.

    • Gary2

      you said “I” or “me” a total of 9 times out of the approx 90 words you wrote. That is 10% of the post you did. Therein lies the problem.

      selfish selfish selfish conservative you are the problem.

  • zeitgeist

    I totally disagree with you that it is mine or anyone elses responsibility to take care of the needy irresponsible people in this country such as the woman depicted in the video.
    That type of mentality is exactly why this country is in its present condition.
    When people know they cant care for kids , they shouldnt have kids !
    I look forward to the total financial collapse of this country. A collapse is the only way this country to ever get back on a viable fiscal path. Of course many will die but thats necessary in order to create a more productive and responsible society .

    • gary2

      When people know they cant care for kids , they shouldnt have kids

      Back in the real world of reality. You are living in some kind of fact free zone.

  • Cinderella Man JD

    Thank you Michael for doing the hard work of bringing up this topic despite it being a controversial subject. I want to say that Im am not against people getting help in the form of food stamps and TANF if they just lost a job and theit unemployment just ran out but for the taxpayers to subsidize their lifestyle I mean them using the government payments as a means to survive, its just wrong. At some point they need to take responsibility for their lives and make attempts to improve them. Im against the earned income tax credit because they get far more money back than what they paid in taxes. Im against the Conservation Resource Program for farmers and ranchers that are already millionaires getting hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for land that they dont use. Im against GE not paying a dime in taxes because theyre Barry’s stooges. You want to talk about fairness Gary2, fairness is EVERYONE PAYING THEIR EQUAL SHARE IN TAXES!!!! Now that I have rejoined the workforce and I see how much gets taken out I almost want to claim 20 dependents or some ****** like that so I can keep MY MONEY not yours Gary2 and Kevin. You guys need to grow up. I felt sorry for you at first Gary you know with your struggles and all that but you seem to think people like my parents need to raise extra livestock to pay for you, you are dead wrong. As for the mother with the 15 kids, tye her tubes already!!! That woman is committing child abuse!!!! I hope she gets her kids taken away thats how the govt. should help her. People need to stop being rewarded for having children they cant afford. END EARNED INCOME CREDIT!!!! PEOPLE DONT USE THE MONEY FOR THEIR KIDS THEY BUY USED CARS AND TVS WITH IT I HAVE PROOF!!!!

  • I’m a lot more concerned about government (and Fed) handouts of millions, billions and trillions to the super wealthy than a few hundred bucks a week to an unwed mother. The super wealthy through their pawns in government in both parties have created an economic system in which decent jobs are being exported by the millions and where the minimum wage is a vicious joke. Transfer payments are a partial compensation for the fact that the wealth of the U.S. is skimmed off by the elite leaving only crumbs for every one else. For many there simply aren’t enough crumbs to survive without government assistance.

    • gary2

      But it plays to the fox news dolts to blame the poor. You can never critize the free market corporations even though they get the majority of all corporate welfare. it would simply shatter their world view.

      • Michael

        I am not blaming the poor. And I think that corporate welfare is far worse than welfare for the poor.


        • Gary2

          How about a post or 2 then? Start with walmart signing their low paid employees up for state health ins for the poor.

        • Gary2

          “And I think that corporate welfare is far worse than welfare for the poor.”

          There is hope for you yet Michael.

          Please devote a proportional amount of time to corporate welfare as you do to bashing the welfare that helps the poor

      • Jeremy

        I promise you this: when I see your level on anger, and how it shapes YOUR worldview, mine is as strong as ever after I read what you write.

        • Gary2

          believing in things that are untrue even stronger still does not make them true.

  • TucsonKK

    So tired of hearing Social Security as an entitlement. My husband and I paid into this system and I will gladly take a full check instead of monthly benefits.
    There is so much fraud in the welfare programs but no one cares and that’s sad.
    What is happening now isn’t pretty millions of people are being layed off and then after savings are spent they loose their homes and are on the street. Children – families.
    Get rid of food stamps = child starvation!
    Get rid of unemployment checks = living on the streets sooner.
    Government has no money except for $650billion
    in the budget for the neocons and the pentagon.
    Government has no money except for WARS.
    Government has no money but can pay huge salaries & pensions for unworking,uncaring,crooked Congress.
    Government has no money except to bail out Wall Street.

    Maybe it is time for the People to take back their government.

  • Loren Hunt

    Well, these discussions are pretty typical. Let’s just screw all the poor people who are taking up all these entitlements. There is never a discussion about military welfare or corporate welfare. What were the bailouts if not massive corporate welfare. Why does this not make all of the sanctimonious people angry and indignant while they are want to cut welfare and entitlements?

  • PatriotAlice

    Boycott America……Save your money, show your family a different kind of love……STOP SHOPPING, it’s the only way to bring the non-sense to an end……Voting doesn’t do it, marching doesn’t do it……BOYCOTT SHOPPING will bring down this house of cards…GLOBALIZATION WILL and MUST END…As far as buying American, the quality just hasn’t been there, most union members I know own newer foreign cars, and buy the best foreign products dollars can buy…Unions should mandate their members to buy domestic products, or else!…I for one, have never owned a foreign car.

  • yikes

    “We need to start taking responsibility for our own lives and for our own communities.”

    That is what I fear, the taps will eventually run dry and then people will take matters into their own hands.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”—Gerald Celente

    “When people get hungry and desperate, things get ugly. And I’ll tell you where it’s really going to get ugly: crime is going to go to levels we’ve never seen before.”—Gerald Celente

    “Hey kiddies, keep spending that money in college. Get that degree as an MBA. You can have a job at Wal-Mart. You can become a cashier or a clerk.”—Gerald Celente

    There are millions of out-of-work Americans who would love a decent job and millions more who are painfully underemployed and barely surviving. Sadly, the jobs aren’t there. The former USA is now The Banana Republic of America, a Third World hellhole—and in Third World hellholes, there is a lot of hardcore desperation. That desperation will only get worse as the BRA continues to crumble and rot, and desperate neo-poor Americans will do desperate things just as desperate people do desperate things in other Third World banana republics.

    What types of desperate things? Here are some growth industries for the BRA: kidnapper, carjacker, drug trafficker, violent home invader, hit man. In Third World banana republics, the 1% pay what I call The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (DPDDTT), which isn’t really a “tax” but rather, refers to violent, illegal ways in which the have-nots take from the haves at gunpoint. DPDDTT is quite common in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Venezuela and Guatemala. For example, when a gang of thugs from Mexico City’s notorious Tepito area kidnaps the daughter or wife of a wealthy businessman from Condesa or Polanco (two upscale areas of La Ciudad de México) and demands a heavy ransom, that’s the DPDDTT at work. And members of the Third World’s 1% have learned the hard way that you can’t count on la policía to protect you from the DPDDTT because many policías corruptos are in cahoots with the kidnappers, the carjackers and the violent home invaders. Of course, the 1% can afford expert, top-notch guardaespaldas (bodyguards). So when the DPDDTT collectors can’t get to the 1%, they typically go after a small business owner like myself. And when they realize that we are also part of the 99% and don’t have the funds to pay DPDDTT, the DPDDTT collectors express their disappointment with bullets, knives and broken glass.

    That’s the future of The Banana Republic of America: widespread poverty, hardcore desperation, high unemployment, stiff competition for even crappy dead-end jobs, and a lot of formerly middle class Americans feeling increasingly desperate and turning to violent crime. The worst is yet to come in the BRA, collapsing empire of the Third World.

    • Gary2

      Hey El Pollo-I need your opinion.

      I posted that when I think of socialism that I think of the Scandinavian countries like Norway/Sweden who are beating the USA (BRA) in almost every measure.

      It seems to me that many low information right wingers equate socialism with Hitler Germany (believe it or not they are that ignorant), communist USSR, North Korea etc.

      Here is the fact as I see it:

      Scandinavian countries are way more socialist than we are in the USA. They (Google for yourself) are beating the USA in literally almost every measure.

      Why do you think more people do not get this?

      I would like to just think they are stupid, and they are that, however, these are facts they can check on their own and not simply my opinion.

      Their world view is way off base as to not be grounded in reality.

      Am I missing something here? You travel around a lot.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: I’ve done a considerable amount of traveling in Western Europe (been to Italy, Spain, England, Scotland, France, Portugal, Gibraltar, Ireland and other countries). And most of the “socialist” countries over there are really capitalist countries with somewhat of a safety net and some protections for the middle class. I always laugh my head off when some neocon clown like Sean Hannity or Rush “Pillhead” Limbaugh compares modern-day Switzerland or modern-day Germany to the old Soviet Union because some of the most entrepreneurial, hardcore capitalist people I’ve ever met live in Milan, London, Berlin, Geneva or Munich. For Hannity and others like him to say that the Netherlands or Denmark is exactly like the old Soviet Union is truly idiotic. But then, what do you expect from a guy who went ballistic and turned red-faced because Signore Obama put Dijon mustard on a hamburger? 50 million Americans lack health insurance, the country is falling apart—and Hannity is worried about what the president puts on a stinking burger. There are some intelligent people on the right who are very good at standing up to the corporatists and neo-feudalists (Alex Jones, for example), but when these neocons tell us that our only two options are people starving in the streets or a Soviet-style communist government, it shows you just how clueless they are.

        Hannity should spend a week in Milan, Italy followed by a week in Guatemala City—and no bodyguards are allowed in either place. The worst thing that would probably happen to him in Milan is maybe a gypsy picking his pocket on the Metro or one of the locals laughing at the dumbass tourist who gets upset whenever folks speak to him in Italian. But in Guatemala City, Hannity might want to keep that “I’m filthy rich and you’re not” stuff to himself in case there are any DPDDTT collectors around.

    • Highspeed

      Gerald Celente should follow his own advice.

  • N. Daniels

    Fortunately for us, Jesus said “My kingdom is not of this world” and “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness and whatever you need will be given to you”. Yes, without a doubt this economy and this government is going to fall, it was prophesied over 2000 yrs ago. Fortunately the solution to the problem was also prophesied, “Leave this world behind and come follow me”. Some will, some won’t. We have been blessed with the opportunity to choose our own future, choose the world and collapse along with it or Choose to follow Jesus and be saved.

  • JohnB

    I don’t see that people have much choice but to depend on the government. The politicians have allowed corporations to force down wages and benefits, loot worker’s pension plans and 401(k) plans. They’ve allowed brokerages and banks to also loot the 401(k) plans and pay people 0% on their savings while making record profits. They’ve allowed the big banks to loot people’s equity in their homes to the point where a majority of people are underwater on their mortgages. If the corporate owned and operated government takes away the people’s ability to take care of themselves, they should expect the consequences.

  • stilo

    Good for you, putting in a quote from the book of James (Jacob, Yeshua’s brother), who also wrote that they needed to ‘show their faith by their good works’. This isn’t speaking to unbelievers as much as it is making an example of them to the believer. They were to suffer the 70 AD ruin of Jerusalem by the Romans, while the believing Jews escaped.

  • Nick Nailer

    Don’t worry! The next war will take care of all of these people.

  • Nick Nailer

    I used to care but now I’m going to get mine before everything goes down. There is only one thief in the Marine Corps, everyone else is just getting their stuff back.

  • mtguy

    In response to Reed, who is obviously a liberal and a union fan. People should get paid what they are worth, not what they consider a “living wage”. If you’re so skilled a worker, start your own company, take the risks of a business owner, share your wealth with all of your employees -evenly now, everyone should get the same wage, yes, even the slackers. You bash conservatives, but why not the elite liberals? Like they are somehow superior and benevolent? THey are buying votes with their handouts, plain and simple. As a small business owner and a guy who has spent the last 20 years volunteering to help the cause of abused and neglected children I can tell you from my experience that giving and a kind heart have nothing to do with which box a person checks during election time. Wake up buddy. THe Dem’s and the Rebub’s are the same- they want to control our lives and in doing so they control their destiny. Not everyone who is poor is lazy, but most do have opportunities to better themselves. As for your union wages, let me give you a little business lession. If I run a company with say 10 union employees and they all ask for a 10% raise, I might have to give them the raise, but I’m not going to be able to afford all 10 employees, so I lay off one or two. I’ll simply have to get by with fewer employees. How did that help the employment situation? Does that make me greedy, just becasue I don’t want to stay within my budget? Look what happened to the US auto makers.
    Lastly, although the solutions are difficult a good start would be a total revamping of our education system- take the control out of the unions and put the emphasis back on the basics of teaching our youth how to be productive citizens, at whatever income level they end up at.
    PS. I’m definitely NOT a 1%’er, just in case you were going to make that silly argument.

  • What I find interesting is that in all the debate and proposed solutions being discussed the writers biases are mostly clearly evident , but something is missing! The missing piece of the puzzle on poverty is the simple fact that the economy is loaded down with DEBT at every level.

    What I find missing in peoples analysis is the BIG PICTURE, the masses simply do not understand the foundational problem of our money supply being borrowed into existence as DEBT! MONEY is supposed to be a STORE of VALUE as well as a medium of exchange, but the key function was dropped when Nixon in 1971 divorced our fiat currency from gold, which has held its purchasing power for over 5000 years.

    By contrast, what is laughably still called a “DOLLAR” today only has about .03c in actual purchasing power today compared to its gold backed original HONEST MONEY based on a specific weight of gold.

    Government and bankers try to maintain the FICTION that the Federal Reserve is maintaining the value of the dollar with inflation deemed to be around 2%, and fiddles with the statistics to try and maintain this illusion, but even if it were true, that still means in 50 years a 100% fiat currency will return to its true value of ZERO.

    Not only is our monetary system a monopoly, it is by design a PONZI scheme, and constitutes legalized counterfeiting (legal tender laws) as well as being “theft through inflation” no matter how slow, it steals our savings and buying power relentlessly. Among politicians only Ron Paul seems to get this, no wonder the “establishment” bankers and media try to ignore him to maintain the status quo for the elite 1% who should by any standard of justice get the same treatment as Bernie Madoff, after all they have “made off” with the wealth of the nation, if not the whole world where the Central Banking model has been instituted.

    • PatriotAlice

      The Feds can devalue by printing trillions, we can combat this with boycott spending country wide, in unity. The ramification would effect every aspect of finance, politics, bail outs, Wall Street, big banking, socialism, religion, imports, globalization, lower sales tax, lower property taxes, you name it. YOU WANT CHANGE? THIS WILL DO IT!

  • jox

    Deeply wrong article. The americans attitude against the governments role in leveling the play field, against the safety net, and against taxing the rich, eventually is going to break your country.

    Please don’t be mislead by some people that put the label ‘socialism’ on everything that don’t please them. You are smarter than that. Look the countries that are doing weel. See their taxes? Their redistribution of wealth? Their safety nets? You are going in the opposite direction!

    • gary2

      I keep telling these call everything they don’t like socialism that they need to look at the scandavian countries who beat the USA in almost every catagory.

      Before some dimwit repube tells me to move there this is MY country too and MY side will be taking control in 2012. Hear Obama speach the other day about leveling the playing field and tyaxing the rich to pay for things? Thats the Obama I voted for in 2008.

    • gary2

      Michael-this poster is squarley referring to you. Please give what was said some serious thought as The poster really summed up this very well.

    • mtguy

      jox: What are those countries of which you speak?
      Socialism: an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy; or a political philosophy advocating such a system.
      “Social ownership” means government ownership. the point to the article is about governement dependence, so the term socialism definitely fits. So, where again are those really successful countries that are socialist? Let’s see, European socialism -oops, not quite. China…nope, Cuba, now there’s a country that’s got it going for it’s citizens. Ok, I won’t go through the entire guessing game, please shed a light on my poor stupid soul.

  • Senator Ozmo


    I could not agree enough, While I have in the past qualified for assistance I refuse. This must have been something I have grown up with, but I think, and detest, the idea of “give me” is so prevalent in this country. I’m currently in a position where I’m making the most I’ve ever made and still struggle to make ends meet. I do all those things that are supposed to be done ex.. pay bills, put food on table, gas in car ect….and nothing pisses me off more than seeing people use food stamps to get their food and then buy beer and smokes. I
    While I can appreciate you believe there should be no one going hungry and without shelter, I am finding it increasingly difficult to give a damn. I’ve struggled and am only a few months away from getting my Master’s, but I continue to see people okay with the idea of the existence they are in accepting handouts and not actually working to achieve anything. I see people trying to “get what they can” from the government (money wise) and then spend any disposable income on items such as ATV’s.

    My thought currently is Scr@w’em. For all those working poor who are doing what they should be doing I salute you. This type of things pisses me off more than not people who take the time and do the right thing only to be upstaged by the lazy, down trotted, and ***** on by those raping the public (Ex. 4.25 for a gallon of milk.) to make their money. I have a feeling the greater the distance between the haves and have not’s grows the more unrest there will be in this country.

    For those who want to attack a political view I don’t prescribe to D or R I believe all government is corrupt.


    • Nate

      Brilliant! I live in a beach community where the streets are overwhelmed with people looking for a handout for their morning coffee followed by their mid-morning vodka. I want to do my part to help out the truly needy, but I have become immune to their calls for help, due to the overwhelming numbers of lazy people who feel like the rest of society owes them something. No one owes you a thing, Go earn it! Example: A women at the grocery store in front of me said to the cashier with a smile on her face, “They took away my food stamps, but thanks to Obama I still get my unemployment.” Are you kidding me? This is how a large majority of our society has been trained to think. I believe in America, but i sometimes question whether or not we have past the point of no return. Do the lazy blood suckers out number the hard working God fearing Americans? If we do not see some major reductions in government spending and policy, in the very near future, our nation is in a whole lot of trouble. Rich and Poor. God Bless America! Its now or never time!

  • Craig

    “#5 By the end of 2011, approximately 55 million Americans will receive a total of 727 billion dollars in Social Security benefits. In future years, this dollar figure is projected to absolutely skyrocket.”

    This statement always has a tendency to thoroughly piss me off. I had money withheld from my paychecks all of may live and my employer also contributed money to social security.

    Where people get the idea that I am a burden on society is beyond me. It is my money and I want it back. I don’t receive a check that is larger than my contributions calculated to last for a period of my life expectancy. This is why everyones social security check is a different amount. It depends on how much money they have contributed. If everyone received the same size social security check then I would agree that it would be a “welfare state” situation.

    The criminals in Washington DC have stolen the money from the social security trust fund and have spent it on their wars and parties for themselves.

    • BH

      Well, um, yes, there is a relationship between the money you put in and the money you can take out. But not anything as direct as what you are implying.

      The system has a strong bias toward those who put in less each month — they receive more than they put in, given life expectancy. Conversely, those who put the most in receive less compared to what they contributed.

      The more important factor is your age. Like any pyramid scheme, those who first participate (who are long dead now) receive many times what they put in. Those who retire in 10 years will receive much less that they put in. Payments are not made from a trust fund of what you contributed; it is taken from current receipts from those currently employed.

    • Ben Dover

      Google it. I think the average SS retiree gets back everything they paid in less than five years.

  • GregD

    Agreed with the piece but it seems one thing was missed. Companies moving out of the country taking jobs and money with them. The govt is part of the blame with stifling regulations, taxes and a downright oppressive attitude toward most businesses, but there is some blame to be shared in this with employees and unions refusing to accept compensation that is more in line with the global competition (quality of labor makes differences understandable, but not so much that it doesnt allow a company to be competitive), and lastly the short sighted nature of the businesses themselves that seeks to keep stockholders happy in the here and now (mostly so execs can get their bonuses), and finally, consumers often not making an effort to buy American—they almost always buy the cheapest product…which ironically puts them in the same class of thought as the executives….

  • Tom

    Inscription on the Statue of Liberty

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
    Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

    We’re getting really good at being that.

    • mondobeyondo

      I agree. We are great at lifting lamps beside golden doors.

  • Dear Readers, you have no choice but to wake up to the collapse. When this happens it is not going to solve anything – in fact it is going to herald decades of misery and with misery will come change, but historicly when this happens it is not pleasant – it just gets worse; these souls will wither and die on the vine. There will be no aid for widows, orphans, nor anybody. There will be no government.

    One possible thing is that the very young children will observe this and may toughen up like the people of the Depression – then again it may all start over. Unfortunately this planet can not continue looting resources.

    To solve the current “entitled” thinking just does not work. Entitlement becomes reinforced by the neighborhood and other entitled relatives and culture. 7 billion people are for the most part entitled in their way of belief.

    When the collaspe comes – then will be the change. I suggest you view the documentary movie: Collapse.(see Ammazon .com)

    Old Timer

  • Paul

    Time for companies to pay their employees sufficiently.

    If they don’t they ought to be taxed so that no profit is left to distribute to share holders.

    • John Parker

      Classic Marxist. You should get a job in the Obama administration.

    • SC

      Totally agree with you! What the corporations are doing is terrible… from withholding and not increasing wages, and then lending the money to us that we should be getting paid so that we can live because our wages haven’t gone up but the cost of living has. Our agriculture has been turned into mass produced poison that they feed us. On and on, it’s all the same problem, the same model of profits over people, and our lives are destroyed.

  • Jane

    When my husband retired, his pension was decreased by the amount of expected Social Security. Now that he is gone, I receive 40% of that pension plus his SS, because it was higher than mine. That was fine when prices were reasonable. Now that they are rising, I really have to stretch. I think, if he had been able to take full pension and invest what we didn’t need, I would be in better shape.
    I am in favor of the government butting out, as the Founding Fathers were. May I recommend a terrific book on the subject? It’s “Why Businessmen Need Philosophy”, probably available on Amazon.

    • r.bitting

      I’m sorry to hear that you lost your husband. May God bless you Jane.

  • Charlie

    It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of control.
    We have been knowing this for some time. I had heard about a movement to exempt people from voting nationally if they receive money from the Government. Conflict of Interest so to speak. Have you heard anything about this? Then maybe we could vote someone in that would do more then collect a paycheck and screw the tax payer.

  • William

    The best example of government dependency is that of hedge fund managers making hundreds of millions, or billions, of dollars each year and being taxed at the rate of 15%.

    • John

      William, any person, even if they’re rich, paying the reasonable “progressive rate” of taxation is NOT government dependency. In your example the government is taking some of their wealth – not giving them anything. How is that dependent? Additionally, I question your estimate of their taxation percentage

    • gary2

      great post

      • Ben Dover

        Tax the poor hard!! They are the ones who ride in the wagon and never help push. Tax the needy to help the greedy!

    • John Parker

      I see, and this makes everything described above OK in your book?

  • The Unicorn

    Gold doesn’t corrode under normal conditions unless there is a lot of heat and pressure.

    • BH

      Gold doesn’t corrode under lots of heat and pressure. Melt, yes. Corrode, no.

  • Mike

    The bible says “the poor will always be”. This is not heaven. People need to work for what they get. If we continue to feed these lackies they will continue to breed more lackies.

    • gary2

      I rest my case Michael about hypocritical Christians.

    • John Parker

      This is the truth. Unfortunately, the breeders can’t handle the truth.

      • Gary2

        your truth, not the truth

        • Johnny B. Bad

          Gary2 must be a lazy breeder.

    • Will

      True. Don’t ever believe poverty can be eliminated. It will always exist. Yet, it shouldn’t be ‘an enemy’, like perhaps starvation.

    • Ben Dover

      I think it was George Washington who said ” The best way to help someone living in poverty is to make them uncomfortable in it”.

    • denny

      Starve ’em. Don’t listen to that Jesus guy. Oh, sorry, you are that Jesus guy. Someone told me he helped the hungry at one time. Guess they were wrong.

      • Gary2

        most Christians are hypocritical in the extreme. Your insight is very true.

        I personally do not believe any republican or conservative can be a true Christian in the Biblical sense as they are way too selfish. Conservatism is not compatible with Christianity, especially the ayn rand kooks.

  • mondobeyondo

    “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help!”

    Of course you are.

  • Pete B

    It is sad that a country built on the idea of independence ,self reliance, and the protestant work ethic has been reduced to this.Each person is responsible to take care of themselves and their families. The Bible says that if a man will not work,that he shouldn’t eat.I’ve been on my own since I was 16,and managed to not only survive,but even prosper due to God’s blessing and alot of hard work.I’ve never been a burden to anyone,and have been a tax paying citizen since 14,with 5 years of service as a Us.Marine before working for the last 20 as a hearing instrument specialist.Noone paid for my schooling,noone gave me money to purchase my home or cars,or to feed and school my daughter,or to bury my other daughter when she died.People need to “man up” and bite the bullet and sweat a little more to earn their daily bread.America is polluted by an overabundance of spoiled, government dependent people,and I see them all the time drinking booze around the pig cooker early in the morning enjoying a life of ease and sloth while I’m driving to work to pay a disprportionate amount of my hard earned money to keep them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.Drop them immediately and make them work.

  • Michale,

    I forgot to mention this earlier.

    Just keep telling it like it is.People would not be reading your viewws if down deep they did not agree, or at least had self doubts about the propaganda from Washington DC.

    “When the going gets tough – the tough get going”

    Old Timer

  • Old Man

    Yes indeed, government dependency has got out of control.

    How about this to fix things:
    – Cut off all unemployment benefits
    – Cut off Medicare, Medicaid and Drugs benefits
    – Eliminate Social Security
    – Eliminate all government financing of education, science R&D, health R&D
    – Get government out of the wasteful highway & railway business
    – Shut down NASA
    – And most important, get out of the central banking and bank regulation business

    That outta leave enough money to buy the full 3,500 F-35 jet fighter load, complete 6 more carriers, and triple overall military inventory in preparation for historical wars with Iran and China at the same time. This is not government dependency. This is called dying for your government.

    • Ben Dover

      Defense spending is dwarfed by SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  • “women should be free to have as many children as they want.”
    This is a really insane statement-
    First -it takes Male and female to make a baby. Or is this little fact being ignored on purpose? So where is the father’s responsibility and support??
    Second – the Right wing is trying to outlaw all birth control and family planning- so women will have no choice except pregnancy!
    Third- the Obama administration is doing next to nothing to support choice.
    Finally- if people are lazy and crazy, why should they be allowed to breed having litters of children they cannot raise or support and ask for others to do the job for them? Nip it in the bud with vasectomies.

  • Jake

    Keep positive, have an open heart. Remember, spread the word, compassion is key.
    If we all change just a little bit, we can turn this world around for the better.

    Economic collpase need not be the end, it could be a new beginning.

    Love and peace,

    • expat

      I’d like a little of what you’r smoking.
      Take you’r head out of you’r bum & take a look about
      see what its really like outside.

  • obamaville 2008

    the reverend Mathus would be proud of this article, Ricardo also.

  • RevBryan

    Michael, I have been watching this for years and there will be no soft landings for many in the “Club of Dependency”, or maybe even the rest of us. Our leaders have taken us down a road that is fraught with numerous dangers and regardless of what we do there is very little hope of turning back.

  • dandy dale

    What would you expect to happen after your government sends the jobs to China, Mexico and India? The Federal Reserve prints 7 trillion to help out it’s Wall Street buddies. Federal Reserve quietly sends another 7 trillion to Europe. We have ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and soon Iran. “It is not the governments job” to be in undeclared wars to maintain the empire.
    I’ll take the contrarian view, “The government is not going to fix our lives”. You fail to see, it already has.

  • a guy said said in above comments that sounds like a perfect solution for politics(not refering to retirment people)anyone on goverment assist cannot vote,if your living on tax payers back you have no intension on work your on ssi or welfare YOU DONT VOTE YOUR OPION DOESNT MEAN CRAP

    • Gary2

      yep back to the 1700 when only white land owners could vote.

      Michael-this is a perfect illustration of the stupidity of libertarianism and conservatives.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        If you don’t have skin in the game, you don’t belong on the playing field; you are just a spectator. Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep discussing what is for dinner. My solution to this dilemma is arm the sheep.

  • Concerned person

    I know you weren’t saying this Michael, but after reading the comments, this long-time lurker had to speak up. I am a mom of three and I am sick and tired of people acting like the poor just sit on their behinds and expect the government to take care of them.

    My husband and I are from Michigan and after years of struggling to get work we left the state. My husband got a job in a factory and we moved to a rural area where the rent was cheap.

    He came down with kidney failure and was fired from his job. The kidney failure was a reaction to a prescription drug (echoes of a post you put up on the American Dream blog, huh?)

    We would be royally screwed if we couldn’t go to the government for help at this point as he didn’t work enough to qualify for unemployment.

    Sometimes you can work and work and still be broke. Sometimes you lose your job because you get sick and through no fault of your own.

    I burn with shame when I pay with food stamps and I know what people think: that all people on food stamps are losers who don’t want to work.

    I agree with Michael that people are too dependent on the government. I hope and pray that the government does something to stop this runaway inflation that has practically doubled the price of groceries in the last decade. It is killing us.

    Think of me next time you see someone pay with an EBT card.

    • Michael

      I am glad that you understood the article. I am not trying to blame the poor. The blame needs to be directed at the government and the Federal Reserve.

      What I am hoping is that more people will not sit around and wait for the government to “save” them. Yes, there are times when we all need a helping hand from the government or from an aid organization. There is nothing wrong with that.


      • Concerned person

        I did understand the article. I think people in this society are so selfish and have no compassion for others because they expect the government and charities to do that for them.

        Guess what people. They don’t. Food stamps barely cover what you need. Medicaid is a joke. Few qualified doctors will accept it. Call United Way and they tell you to call a local chuch. Call a church and they tell you to call United Way.

        The poor are derided for being lazy and unmotivated and that it’s their own fault. My own father has refused to help us, even when we were almost at a point of homelessness, because he said I needed to stand on my own feet.

        One thing that no one mentions: if you come from a disadvantaged background – meaning not just poor but you have awful parents – you are screwed. People don’t acknowledge how much their parents give them – if they don’t put you through college and they don’t help you buy your first house or get you on your feet in some way, it’s really really hard. You will spend your whole life trying to get on your feet and fail in an economic climate like this.

        If I could be working, I would be working. And even when you can find a job it’s barely enough to support you, because prices have gone up so much for everything.

        Yes the Fed and the corporations shipping all the jobs away are to blame and no one cares.

        I’ve been reading your blog for months now and as we struggle as a family with poverty, it has really been an inspiration to me.

        • Michael

          I am glad that you have found this site to be an inspiration. There are a lot of struggling families that read this blog. My prayer is that all of you will be blessed both financially and spiritually.

          I know that there are many Americans that cannot find jobs even though they are trying really hard. There are people that I know personally in other parts of the country that are in that position.

          I hope people understand that I was not “blaming” the poor in this article. I was trying to make some very specific points and I hope that I communicated them clearly enough. Often I end up not being able to communicate as clearly as I would like.


          • Louise in MO


            Another very LARGE group of people who are dependent on the government is ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. They receive FREE everything these days. Pay attention to the fact that NO candidate will touch this fact with a ten foot pole….they mean votes to them.

            I personally know people who work very hard and cannot afford prescriptions because of the outlandish prices set by greedy drug companies. When a person has asthma and needs a prescription in order to keep breathing and it costs $800 per momth…….that says extortion to me.

            There’s no way in hell that the ingredients in that particular medication is worth $800.

            Finally, Michael, You cannot lump all the “poor” together and castigate them for being so. The term “working poor,” is a disgrace to this country. As I recall, we once held the belief in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

      • Concerned person

        Hi Michael,

        Your point wasn’t lost on me. I think ideally communities and religious organizations should be helping and supporting families until they get on their feet, not the government. I do feel it is the government’s job to create an environment where anyone can succeed. The government should be creaing an ideal job climate and for those unfortunate people who need some more help they should be able to turn to family and community.

        But our society is greedy and selfish. The government is too greedy so they are in the corporations’ pockets. So they make it impossible for the little guy to get ahead. This is a corporatocracy not a democracy.

        The ballots we vote with are an illusion.

        Is there honestly a difference between the Dems and Republicans anymore?

        They run on campaigns that are there to distract us – they talk about issues that are really irrelevant right now – gay marriage, abortion, and of course mudslinging about the other candidate’s character. Nobody wants to talk about the elephant in the room – corporations shipping all the work overseas – because they are in the corporations’ pockets and they don’t want to get on their bad side.

        Meanwhile, communities and families turn their backs on the needy and blame them for their problems. One rude person asked me why I didn’t have savings. You can’t save up money if you are living paycheck to paycheck. There is charity out there but with so many people living in poverty there simply isn’t enough to go around.

        I’ve noticed that people either have the attitude that poor people need to get off their butts and get a job or that it’s the government’s job to support them. Why not the obvious? It’s the government’s job to create a level playing field so not only the elite win, but all of us.

    • Gary2

      I do not give a ************ who sees me using EBT. I paid into the system for years.

      If anyone has a problem with me using EBT they can go ********** themselves.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        “Ask not what your country…”

        You obviously can not connect the dots.

    • Ben Dover

      That is what all these “programs” are for. Problem is that everybody sees the rampant abuse and everybody gets painted with that brush.

  • Matty

    The Gov. will drop us like a hot potato when they run out of money.

    • McKinley Morganfield


  • Jane B

    Funny that in communist China people don’t get this stuff?

    Fifteen kids??? this is the Great society?

    Guess I’m just an insensitive racist to suggest that this juvenile woman support her tribe of kids.

  • denny

    Reading most of these comments is painful and difficult. We seem to be blaming each other for the current state of our nation. Look more deeply and you will see that it’s not our fault at all. Whenever you hear the likes of Rush Scumbag or Eric Cantor or Mitch McConnell blaming ordinary folks for our nation’s ills you can bet your last dollar that the people THEY blame have had nothing to do with our collective impoverishment. People seem to forget a few things: CATO Institute study 2002 – Social welfare $57 billion. Corporate welfare $93 billion and I’m not factoring in other ‘entitlements’ that the corporations and the wealthy receive. People have forgotten the main reason we’re crashing financially – Wall Street (Bastion of the elites) removed $15 trillion in wealth from the 99% and put it in their own pockets. Social Security has been paid for and is funded. Both Republicans AND Democrats have looted the fund for a million other purposes and NOT what it was intended for. How many top corporations have paid even a reasonable amount of taxes? Not many. It’s mostly small business and individual citizens in the $40 thousand to $100 thousand range paying the largest amount of taxes. Presidential wars have taken almost $3 TRILLION of our dollars and what do you think a government contract is, say, for Boeing or General Dynamics or Blackwater or Halliburton? It’s nothing more than welfare. $400/gallon gasoline. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like the way a contract should work to me either. The only thing I can see to blame ourselves for is that we have tolerated these thieves, murderers, liars and warmongers for far too long. Think of their depth of contempt for us: As they destroy our nation with their schemes, lust and greed, they have the temerity to blame us. This isn’t ‘leadership’. It’s monstrosities at work. Throw the bums out!

  • Cinderella Man JD

    Wow Gary2 it must be nice to have all that free time to screw around on your jobs computer to talk smack all day to the rest of us. Maybe thats why your poor and will never have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out. GET BACK TO WORK YOU LAZY TURD!!!!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    SS is a ponzi scheme. Medicare is the same. You should expect to receive what you paid for unless you paid to government. For decades DC has spent excess SS receipts and issued an IOU to the SS trust fund; and guess who is on the hook for those IOUs… that’s right you, me, our children, our grandchildren, and now our great grandchildren. The same goes for Medicare.

    We have been electing leaders who tell us there is free lunch. Many want to believe this is true. We the people are the problem; not politicians or bankers or corporations. We have the government and the economy we voted for. Conversely, we are the solution.

    Government is not society, but we seem to forget that when we go to the polls. Bring it all back home in your neighborhood and local community. That is where the renewal has to start.

    “Government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a terrible master.” – George Washington

    • expat

      You & you’rs will be paying twice for ss because
      of what you wrote is correct.
      My real problem is Americans keep electing the same
      Aholes over & over again its the people’s fault,
      these pols are bought & paid for by the large mulit/nat.corporations nothing going to change,voting is a joke anyway no paper trail/not allowed to ask for picture ID what have “we” allowed
      these faceless pols to do to “us”?

  • Eric


    “Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.” – Francis Bacon

    By Eric V. Encina

    Fiat paper notes will not survive an inflation crisis – they will be worthless

    Stack of hundred dollar bills Thinkstock)

    Those who will reject, deny, prohibit, disagree and encroach the rightful distribution of wealth and money to every citizen shall be cursed.


    The annual provision of financial dividend of $10,000 up to maximum $1 Million more or less exchangeable to any currency in the world to be guaranteed to everyone on earth by right of citizenship can physically, financially and feasibly end poverty, hunger, starvation, malnutrition, diseases and problems of humanity. It can also progressively and even drastically end mendicancy, beggary, foreign aid, forceful labor or unnecessary employment, human trafficking and trade flesh, migration and immigration and exodus of peoples, brain-draining overseas employment, competition and tensions on international market and trade, regional and continental wars, separation and breaking of families, violence, rebellion, insurrection and even criminal activities. It can also end unwanted pregnancies and population growth. The time is very ripe.

    There is no hope under the present system if the wealth of the earth in the form of money will not be justly and rightfully distributed to every citizen. Poverty is unnecessary. To keep us in the bondage of poverty both material and financial is insanity. There is no any valid reason to keep us in the irony of poverty in this age of global plenty of huge material and monetary resources.

    Rightfully Right as inalienable of unconditional “dividend” as financial-economic security guaranteed to every citizen: man, woman and children from the cradle to the grave enough for the basic needs, growth and development of everyone. And this is only possible through debt-free fiat money creation by the Government provided by the Constitution. This is not about greed but about monetary justice to every citizen.

    I contest that it is possible to give money to every citizen in the form of dividend or extra basic or supplementary to every man, woman and child in the world from the resources below and from debt-free money creation. I can prove by demonstrating the schemes. One of the hindrances are those higher echelons and bigwig professional pundits who have supercillious educational and academic backgrounds who benefit from the broken system, that distributing the money and creating money debt-free is going to a disaster of run-away inflation while they themselves are too blind to see that the present deflationary-inflationary cycles nowadays are primarily caused by the fundamental flaws of debt finance disaster capitalism and compounded usury.

    Believe it or not, the only last and credible solution for the good of all humanity is the “distribution of wealth” through the mechanism/schemes of Social Credit Economic Democracy in the form of “Non-Discriminatory ~ & Non-Means-Tested Financial/Monetary Dividend/Extra/Supplementary Basic Income (Bail-Out For the People)” to every Man, Woman and Child from the cradle to the grave.

    Everyone will be secured of financial provision by right of citizenship. The time is very ripe. There is no problem of financial resources as per demonstrated below. What is needed is strong political and economic will to do so. The wealth is for all and the money is for all people across the planet without discrimination. We need at least 1 Billion to clamor, demand and claim this financial-economic right. Therefore, we must never doubt as the very last resort that THE ONE BILLION PEOPLE, of thoughtful, committed and zealous citizens across the planet in solidarity, charity and in the noble visions and common and ultimate objectives can emancipate and save the world from the total annihilation of the cataclysm of the debt finance-disaster-corrupt capitalism and sucking usury which is the banking arithmetic of and weapon of mass destruction.

    In the Philippines, it is the right of every Filipino citizen as inalienable to demand and claim annual financial dividend and supplementary basic income guaranteed to every father, mother and child from the cradle to the grave. This is all similarly applicable for all people in this planet.

    Huge financial Resources are Ripe For Distribution Debt-Free To Every Citizen On Earth by virtue of Economic Bill of Rights:

    In the Philippines, the total private bank assets in 2010, which are supposed to be PUBLIC ASSETS are more than P6.4 TRILLION Pesos or P600 Billion. We might also have Trillions of Pesos circulating in the Philippines but also monopolized by the private banking system.

    Even Philippine Central bank or Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas said there is sufficient liquidity of M3 Philippine Peso in the country to help accelerate economic growth in 2012. Meaning there is and there would be plenty of cash money or banknotes circulating in the Philippines. The problem is, the banking liquidity depends on borrowing at interest other than inflow of investment money and money from Filipino overseas workers.

    Philippine peso liquidity has nothing to do with the poor hungry and starving Filipinos in dreadful poverty in the countryside.

    THE FILIPINO PEOPLE MUST HAVE THE RIGHTFUL SHARE according to Divine Providence and our Philippine Constitution OF ALL THESE MONIES – the symbol of wealth of the nation(s) in the 21st century to end our monetary miseries which can never be justified by all fronts and philosophies, and thus to bring about the blossoming of the new civilization free from poverty and hunger.

    US$840 Billion or P47 Trillion Estimated Value of Philippines’ mineral resources are for the Filipino People’s Wealth, and not for the multinationals, the powerful few and the tycoons.

    US$76 Billion Philippine Central Bank (Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas) Gross International Reserves (GIR) in 2011:

    According to Philippine Newspapers, Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI/11/17/2011), the expected initial estimate of net inflow of foreign exchange into the Philippines is going to be US$6.7 Billion while the Philippine Central Bank is expecting US$76 Billion Gross International Reserves (GIR) at the end of 2011.

    But the Philippine Total debts both domestic and foreign are reportedly P6 Trillion pesos with P900 Billion annual interest payments. The debts must written off because the Filipino people do not owe these gargantuan debts.

    The Philippine Private Banks have reached to P6.4 TRILLION Pesos or P600 Billion worth of assets as end of February 2010 and what about in 2011 and 2012? and as they have boastfully attributed such increasing private banking assets through RISE OF INTEREST-BEARING LOANS.
    DEBT SECURITIES ACCOUNTS OF COMMERCIAL BANKS to the peoples and governments with Philippine private bank deposits climbed to 6.5% toP3.3 Trillion as of end-February 2010 from P3.1 Trillion (May 17, 2010, The Philippine Star) as monetary authorities are raising banks’ reserve requirements.

    Deposit requirements refer to the percentage of bank deposits and deposit substitute liabilities that banks must keep on hand or in deposits with the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas or Central Bank of the Philippines and therefore may not lend.

    Deposits maintained by Philippine banks with BSP up to 40 percent of the regular reserve requirements are paid interest at four percent per annum, while liquidity reserves are paid the rate on comparable government securities half a percentage point.

    Just recently, P7.177 TRILLION TOTAL ASSETS OF THE PHILIPPINE BANKS. Trillions for the bankers and debts for the Filipino people. This is extremely unfair in economic justice.

    The data released by the Central Bank of the Philippines or Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas as reported to Philippine Star Newspaper dated October 2, 2011, THE TOTAL ASSETS OF THE banks operating in the Philippines, as of end-July 2011, amounted to P7.177 TRILLION or up 10.7%, higher than the P6.481 Trillion as of end-July 2010.

    The rising assets and profits of the commercial/private banks operating in the Philippines are not because of “savings deposits of the peoples” but of the privately-based creation of money out of nothing using people’s deposits and their bank deposits as plausible screen hiding the creation of money, and charging interest upon the general public and this is very correct to say, that is a legalized robbery since all the money should be PUBLIC MONEY, OR PEOPLE’S MONEY AS THE SYMBOL OF WEALTH OF THE NATION FOR ALL BY THE WILL OF GOD.

    Banks receive bail-out from the Government from the taxes of already cash-starved and poverty-stricken Filipino citizens. And this is fundamentally unfair. The banks are poverty-stricken to be given any bail-out. The bail-out package should be and should have been provided as bail-out for the people, for the Filipino citizens in great poverty.
    Please give our coco levy funds as the rightfully owned by the Filipino farming families in the state of ignominious poverty and crisis. Their children are in the most pitiful situation. Where is the P135 Billion funds for the coconut farmers? Whoever stole this money of the poor must be cursed.
    According to some reports, the Filipino farmers’ coco levy fund have ballooned from P9.7 Billion to some hefty P135 Billion but these funds are nowhere to be found, from the sweats and brow and bloods, at day and night torturous struggles of the bleeding poor Filipino farmers and their families for almost 40 years time.

    What about the gold stolen from the Philippines by the cabal of tycoons and powerful few that are supposed to be for the Filipino people? So many terrible evidences. The mineral resources and gold with their equivalent valued should have been given back to the Filipino people. We are asking the Philippine Government to do this under the spell of curse.

    Former President Ferdinand Marcos and his cronies—the people who plunged us all into these massive debts in the 1980’s —must be held accountable for this appalling crime. However, the IMF and WB and their creation is the ultimate crime of the bankers. There are documents that it was IMF and WB that induced Philippines into massive debts. And Mr. Marcos who tried to fight against IMF and WB, was dethroned from Presidential powers. WHY PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT MARCOS GOT OUSTED

    When Marcos took over the presidency in late 1965, the country’s foreign debts stood at only US$465 million. When he was swept from power in early 1986, those domestic and foreign debts had reached US$26 billion—a 26,000 per cent increase! Today, the Philippine national debts at combining domestic and foreign amounts to more than US$300 billion already or P6 Trillion, with almost P900 Billion Pesos interest payments or US$900 per second of interest, and during the time of Gloria Macapagal, it was reportedly increasing at US$100 Million daily debt increase, and it is all for the interest of the bankers. BILLIONS FOR THE BANKERS And DEBT AND DEATH FOR TH…, TRILLIONS FOR THE BANKERS AS BANKING ARITHMETIC OF…, BAMBOOZLED BY THE BANKERS

    Marcos’ successors, that is, the Philippine presidents from Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Macapagal (now under arrest for the crimes of electoral sabotage and plunder cases) down Benigno Aquino, Jr, had to borrow, and will borrow vast amounts from those private, domestic and foreign bankers, to pay those odious debts that he and they themselves accumulated under debt-finance economy. It has now become a never-ending vicious cycle, mind-boggling and nerve-wracking and hair-raising to every Filipino citizen to see the gargantuan debts of the Philippine Government, and only a miraculous turn of events which I know through monetary reform Monetary Reform Case Study from the Philippines legislation and change of global financial-economic system can help and save us from the dungeon of debts and being buried forever in huge debts under debt finance calamity.

    No Lack of Money and Resources for Distribution:

    Contrary to escalating forms of scare-mongering tactics that earth’s resources are finite or the fear of the scarcity of food, etc, the natural resources are evolutionary, organically renewable, replenishable except in some totally damaged parts of the earth, just as human reproduction is except impugned by artificial methods, and if only there is no control, greed and avarice. Please take a look ~

    In the world today, we have around more than US$600 Trillion dollars circulating everyday, but these hugest monies are not going through to peoples in terms of financial-economic democracy but controlled by the powerful few, magnates, tycoons, global banking and multinational conglomerates and governments engaged in programs that against life, environment and ultimate against God. $600 Trillion dollars are under the spells of greed, avarice, injustice and curse of God.

    US banks alone are reportedly holding $800 trillion more or less in assets.

    Investment banking fees alone made banks $66 billion in 2009. Nearly half of those revenues came from US banks, followed by Europe. That said, the world’s most profitable bank today is the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, which made $16 billion in profits in 2008~The World’s Most LucrativeBusiness Markets | Business Pundit

    In the United States, reportedly, the total US$ monies circulating are around

    US$16 Trillion but these monies do not feed down in just proportion and fraction to most ordinary Americans, but by the powerful few.

    Plenty of money in the United States but purely controlled by the bankers and the super-rich individuals and groups.
    $16,000,000,000,000.00 (TRILLION) was secretly given out to US banks and corporations and foreign banks everywhere from France to Scotland. From the period between December 2007 and June 2010, the Federal Reserve had secretly bailed out many of the world’s banks, corporations, and governments. Virtually none of the money has been returned and it was loaned out at 0% interest.

    To place $16 trillion into perspective, the Gross Domestic Product of the United States, the sum of all goods and services produced in the country in one year, is only $14.12 trillion. The entire national debt of the United States government spanning its 200+ year history is only $14.5 trillion.

    The budget that is being debated so heavily in Congress and the Senate is only $3.5 trillion.

    There was no public debate about whether $16,000,000,000,000 would be given to failing banks and failing corporations around the world.

    When you have conservative Republican stalwarts like Jim DeMint(R-SC) and Ron Paul(R-TX) as well as self-identified Democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders all supporting a bill to audit the Federal Reserve, it seems clear that the Federal Reserve is not presently accountable to any public scrutiny.

    Here is a link to a PDF file of the complete audit, which is quite long (I myself had a hard time getting through it): imo/media/doc/GAO%20Fed% 20Investigation.pdf

    The list of institutions which received the most money from the Federal Reserve can be found onpage 131 of the Audit, and are as follows:

    Citigroup got $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
    Morgan Stanley got $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
    Merrill Lynch got $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
    Bank of America got $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
    Barclays PLC (United Kingdom) got $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
    Bear Sterns got $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
    Goldman Sachs got $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
    Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) got $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
    JP Morgan Chase got $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
    Deutsche Bank (Germany) got $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
    UBS (Switzerland) got $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
    Credit Suisse (Switzerland) got $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
    Lehman Brothers got $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)

    The global economy produces more or less US$30 TRILLION value of wealth production annually but only goes to the powerful and super-rich multinational corporations, global mega-bankers, commercial/financial institutions, millionaire-billionaire-tycoons that and who control money, wealth and population. Individual, organizations, institutions, systems, ideologies, beliefs, practices and policies are, alas, hostile to faith, morality, life ,family and the poor in the third world.

    Reportedly, there are around 7.5 million Millionaires to Billionaires globally with the collective assets of US$25 Trillion, and is expectedly reaching to US$44.9 to $50 Trillion in 2006-2008-2009 and of course in spite of global financial crisis, global billionaires continue to thrive in 2011 to 2012, and much more in the coming years at the expense of the sufferings of billions of poor people in this planet.

    According to global aid statistics that between 1950 to 2009, MORE THAN US$3 Trillion flowed from the rich world nations to the poor world nations in the form of BILATERAL AID-STRING-BASED-ATTACHED or Development Assistance in the form of INTEREST-BEARING LOANS but this aid did not FEED DOWN TO THE POOR AND THE NEEDY AND THE INTENDED RECIPIENTS SUCH AS THE VICTIMS OF HUNGER AND NATURAL CALAMITIES but went to corruptions that in the span of 60 years, the total costs of corruptions all over the world are about US$2.8 Trillion, but in contemporaneous with this corruption imperialism within this period covered, the RICH NATIONS through the tutelage and supervision and structural reform policies and conditions of the IMF-WB, and other foreign and international bankers through their ECONOMIC HIT MEN and sub-agents and their vultures, leeched off and siphoned off via legal and illegal transfers of money and channels around US$5 Trillion with annual interest payments of US$400 Billion annually collected from the third world nations.

    Reportedly, the annual foreign aid totals of US$50 Billion to the third world nations (that do not feed down to the poor and the needy in the third world nations) but the dirty money that flow or streams illegally the other way, from poor countries to rich countries has been reportedly US$500 Billion up to US$1 Trillion per year that go to lodge to the transnational banks or transition economies of the Western countries

    It is also important to mention here that the reported costs of the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS are round US$50 Trillion, and as this crisis goes on, more costs are eventually enormously increasing in the daily basis. This money eventually, by hocus-pocus, goes back to the creators of money, the bankers.

    And I received the information as per below: You be the judge. We need Prosperity Funds.

    WORLDWIDE PROSPERITY SUMMARY —- VERY NICE!!!!! Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:38 pm

    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Our understanding based on facts we’ve gathered from very reliable sources suggest that the old paradigm will end, and a new way of thinking is about to begin. The old world, as we know it, will vanish like a long nightmare should and a new world of abundance and long lasting peace is coming.

    Funding for the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) would come from several sources, some of those already identified are:

    Saint Germain World Trust $1 QuatroDecillion or $1 with forty (40) zeros behind it.

    Philippine Gold 1,500 to 500,000 metric tons (Feb 28 update, May 10 update)

    World Global Settlements Fund $ 47+ Trillion Jan. 18, 2011
    CMKX Diamonds – $3.7 Trillion
    Ed Falcone Fund update Jan 11, 2011
    Wanta Fund update Dec. 12, 2010
    Tropos Fund – update Dec. 9, 2010

    Each of these funds has its own glorious story. But be careful in your research, evil can create their websites, too, for purposes of disinformation. Look, at the top of the page, how they changed the definition of the acronym, i.e. from economic security to economicstability. Why do we believe in NESARA? Because it’s already a law of the land.

    Where would these mind-bloggling financial assistance go?

    Every country will forgive each others debt. Some funds will be used to buyout all oil and pharmaceutical companies. New energy and medical technologies will be made accessible. Income taxes are no longer deducted from your paycheck and licenses no longer required.

    Every living soul on this planet will benefit from it. But they will start with Americans by distributing each a $100,000.00 per month for 11 months as they consider the country a global melting pot.

    This is 20+ years in the making. The White Hats and Asian Secret Societies are making it possible. Casualties on the good side are minimal, while the evil suffered a lot. Most of them are now neutralized or are on the run.

    Majority may not be able to fully adjust to everything that is to come. The massive change that is to occur would be painful to those who have been for years unmindful about global concerns. That’s the reason why those who are implementing these radical changes are doing them gradually, and the internet infrastructure is facilitating that.

    Source: Spiritual Truth Blog (


    Cancel all debts of nations. Advise all nations to create their own money debt-free and provide extra basic income to every citizen: man, woman and child by virtue of citizenship as inalienable within the universal law granted by God as wealth-financial-economic bill of rights from the cradle to the grave.


    THIS IS THE ONLY LAST-OFF SOLUTION before the global suicide en masse or global financial tsunami hits us to total despair.

    WE NEED AT LEAST ONE BILLION PEOPLE IN THIS PLANET to condemn and curse the system and likewise we need the same one billion people to have a uniform and universal belief of the power of the real solution of debt-free money creation, and the distribution of wealth by God-given and peoples’ rights.

    What we also need right now is to completely change humanity, the mindset, the philosophy, the orientation and education to support the idea-scheme of debt-free Government-public banking created money and the provision of financial-economic security to everyone. So many things will change.

    God has created the earthly goods for all men, without exception, no doubt. Hence, all men without exception, have the inherent basic inalienable rights in strict social and economic justice to have such share from the abundance of earthly goods as needed to live as human persons as children of God. God-made-wealth and men-transformed earthly goods could only serve life when these are distributed according to justice and charity

    Please help to take action.

    “There are risks and costs to A PROGRAM OF ACTION, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”. – Former US President John F. Kennedy

    Long live and God bless!

    Sincerely and Gratefully yours,

    Under Negotiation For Extension of Rental Stay Until March 2012.

    Eric V. Encina
    Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer

    c/o Azagra House

    Contact Number 09192335124,

    New Address beginning June 04,2011, Saturday, Philippine time.
    Malvar Street,
    Brgy. Tiza (Village), P.O. Box 8 , 5800
    Roxas City, Capiz Province,
    Mobile Contact Number 09192335124

    Eric V. Encina
    Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer/Financial/Economic Justice Activist
    (Non-Sectarian; Non-Partisan; Non-Profit; Non-Governmental)
    (A movement of poor Filipinos campaigning for Debt-Free Government-
    Created Money Through Social Credit Philosophy and
    Monetary Reform Policy/Scheme/Public Banking Scheme-Proposals)


    A sane banking, financial and economic system as debt-free Government created money must replace the insane/debt-logged/ racketeering and scam-based existing now in the Philippines and all over the world.

    “If I could change the world, the first thing I would do is to make sure that everybody had enough income to meet their basic needs.” – Paul Bathurs.

    cid:image001.jpg@01CC5332.1E677A70 – Eric V. Encina – Social Crediter/ Monetary Reformer/Financial-Economic Justice Campaigner of horrendously debt-shackled, and corrupt-poverty- hunger-starvation- health-disasters-heinously-crime-stricken Philippines under debt finance-disaster capitalism and compounded usury and nasty-muddy politics.

    It is the criterion of a just money system that what is both socially and physically possible should also be made financially possible.

    The aim of the economic and financial system is the service of every man, woman and child. The goal of an economic system should be the satisfaction of human needs, the production of goods (the role of the producing system) and the distribution of goods so that they may reach the people who need them (the role of the financial system). Social Credit monetary reform proposes a technique that would make the production and financial systems serve their purpose without debt and interest.

    Eric V. Encina

    Christmas 25, 2011 Food Sharing With the Poor Filipino Families and Children From Impoverished Villages in the Philippines.

    “Food means life itself to poor people, and taking it away from them is murder.” – Sirach 34:21

    While our housing problem is not yet over as it is too disturbing and worrying for us this November-December 2011 until March 2012 still under negotiation and our appeals and our own predicaments, as mentioned in my previous emails, my wife and I have the traditional Christmas Food Sharing with the Poor Filipino families and children from the neighboring and mountainous villages here in Capiz Province, Philippines. And therefore for this Christmas 2011 food sharing to realize, we need at least $200 in Philippine Peso value for food sharing funds in austerity meal budgeting at least for 20-30 poor Filipino families and children more or less from the impoverished villages for Christmas meal, December 25, 2011, Sunday, daytime, Philippine time. We hope this is not a materialistic-food-based Christmas. The idea is to share food at least once a year to these neglected Filipino families and children from the villages.

    We are usually serving a “single pig roast” usually at $100 in Peso value, and some cooked local foods and drinks and some cheapest cost small gifts for children and families around $100 in Peso value.

    We also welcome in advance if you can consider, if possible, to send us via postal air mail any second hand/old educational books, toys or clothes for these children. We are sure they will be very thankful, grateful and prayerful.

    Usually, they are indeed prayerfully thankful and grateful for good meals. This is only once a year, and we hope and pray this is going to be possible through your possible intermediary, help and sponsorship if you can to help us raise $200 funds for this Christmas 2011 Food Sharing For the Filipino Families And Children from the impoverished villages in Capiz province, Philippines. Please let me know if you agree with me.

    But of course I am very aware that the present crisis caused by the present system is indeed very hurting and in fact excruciating to everyone of us all over the world.

    May I say that $200 in Philippine Peso value for food sharing is only a crumbs and or a pittance of the minutest drop in the mighty ocean or a tiniest fiber of a leaf of a vine. Nevertheless, the gift is indeed sacrificial, and thus it could be food-nourishing to these poor families and children just like what we did in Christmas 2010.

    We hope and pray for your sacrificial, generous and kind participations for this Christmas 2011 Food Sharing with the poor families and children.

    We welcome your possible kindest crumbs of gifts from $5, $10, $20 or general sponsorship of $200 more or less for this purpose. And we owe you a debt of gratitude with all thanks and prayers for life-sharing-saving food with the poor Filipino families and children from impoverished villages in this Christmas 2011. God bless you and rewards you.

    We will send you the photos, if you want, for your records and references. Please let us know in advance if you can send any crumbs of help so that we can estimate how many poor families and children we can welcome and invite. It will be terrible to invite more poor families and children from the villages if the food preparation is inadequate.

    Thank you very much indeed.

    Long live and God bless!

    Sincerely and Gratefully yours,

    Provincial Address: Until November 15/20 2011-Under Negotiation For Extension of Rental Stay Until March 2012.

    Eric V. Encina
    Filipino Social Crediter/Monetary Reformer

    c/o Azagra House

    New Address beginning June 04,2011, Saturday, Philippine time.
    Malvar Street,
    Brgy. Tiza (Village), P.O. Box 8 , 5800
    Roxas City, Capiz Province,

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “MY PROPOSALS TO IMF AND WB in 2012:”

      With complete sincerity Eric, do you think for 1 second the IMF gives a flying f*%k what you propose? Save your time, energy, and money to prepare to survive. And not just for yourself, put some aside for your neighbors.

      • Steve

        The government that can give anything to you can do anything to you.

  • New here. Michael seems pretty balanced. People blame different groups thinking they are separate. The bamkers, gov’t and large corps are one entity. Congress gave industry incentives to take jobs off shore. Why? The fed, a private bank, engineered the 29 crash and now this one with the same process. The bankers stole the money. Not that the money is real. Its numbers on a hard drive multiplied constantly with no basis in reality causing the inflation one woman complained about and sucking money into the hands of the .001%.

    Poor people mostly want to work. Some were raised in generations of poverty and have no conditioning to care for themselves. I am pretty poor myself these days because of a previous wife’s illness but but I grew up and am used to being self employed. Which is penalized by the gov.

  • shypuffadder

    Its sad to see so many black-hearted and misinformed people on this website. Stop listening to the hate that is being aimed at you all day long (at great profit for them), and start educating yourselves. Stop painting all people with one brush. If you are eligible for assistance and you have dependants to care for, and you refuse the assistance that is available to you, then you are an ignorant lackey. Learn something on your own for a change. If you learn, that black cancer of ignorance eating your insides will disappear.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      I’m not “blackhearted”. I give monthly to my local crisis center. In fact I give $250 per month and extra when winter comes calling. Yet, I also believe the first alternative is family, the second is friends,the third is people like me, local government is fourth, state government is fifth, and the federal government has no role to play. Furthermore, it is my experience that 75+% of the needy are in needy circumstances because they made poor choices along the way. I sincerely feel for their children, I have limited mercy for the adult.

    • Gary2

      Excellent post! well said

  • jp

    While I generally agree that this country is headed for a fall, citing out of control welfare mothers as “the sign” is somewhat disingenuous, given the Economic Meltdown of 08 (EM08) which has NEVER gone away. The truth is that we live in the largest criminal welfare state, populated by the largest pool of welfare deadbeats, in history. Banks, car cos, defense, insurance, agri-biz, hmos… ALL receive welfare in the disguised form of outright payment (TARP, subsidies), contracts or government programs such as Medicare. Next to them, crazy welfare mothers are like a molehill to a mountain. Then there’s “special” favors, like loans to banks at 0% that they take and lend back to us at 3%. This is insanity. But all the presstitutes can say is that the banks have paid back their loans. What a con, and am I a child that I can’t understand what’s going on???

    For more, see:

  • Hendrik Mills

    There are numerous works of scholarship that show that private charity, especially Church charity, has for long periods of the past provided for the needs of the truly destitute. One example: The Tragedy of American Compassion, a book by Marvin Olasky. The Catholic Church during the Middle Ages (the ages of Christendom) basically invented charitable institutions. Hospitals, universities, schools for the poor, and orphanages were all pioneered by Catholic saints and their followers, such as St. John of God and St. Vincent de Paul.
    We want godless solutions to our problems? We will get godless men like Obama and worse police-state leaders than him.
    Also, we men do need to learn to be men again. When the going gets tough, acquire skills, be resourceful, work hard to provide necessities, and be frugal. The following luxuries are completely unneeded, and cause us to waste billions: gourmet coffee, junk food in general, body piercing and tattoos, air conditioning in cars, jacuzzis in homes, X-boxes, iPods…the list is very extensive. Be frugal, fear God, work hard to support your loved ones. Quit crying for the government to solve your problems. Forge relationships of mutual help and honesty with those in your locality and Church. And remember that saving one’s soul is more important than saving one’s body from discomfort and inconvenience.

  • PatriotAlice

    Just to clarify: The people who complain about government’s print, borrow and spending policies are not anti government..They are just complaining about the size of the print, borrow, and spending government is doing…We just have to live within our means, like all good citizen should.

  • Mad Max

    By now we all know our government is toast.
    Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you. It’s bad
    for your health and your future. Can’t you tell? You have another choice – use it!

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    Free people shouldn’t act or live like slaves…

  • Mike

    the harder I work, the luckier I get

  • cindy

    I know you have deleted my comments in the past and there is nothing I can do about that but at least let me put in my perspective concerning your post………and I would appreciate it if you would allow it.

    I work as a CNA. I will NEVER make a lot of money doing that. Somebody has to do that job and not many are willing to do it. With baby boomers aging so rapidly, someone has to care for our mothers and fathers who can not care for themselves because of declining health.

    I have been doing this work for years and have worked very hard doing it but yet I have never gotten ahead making anywhere from $8-$12 an hour depending upon where the job is. As I pay for rent, utilities, gas for my car and car maintenance, household needs, hygiene needs, etc., I literally go pay check to pay check with no savings. I truly would LOVE to get to the dentist without getting a bill for several hundred dollars. I am forced to depend on some government assistance because it helps mitigate my monthly expenses obviously and surely everyone knows without a doubt the cost of living has gone through the roof, thanks to the policies of free trade, outsourcing and globalization.

    I have vivid recollection in the late 90’s, living single paying my own way, my $10 an hour was enough to get by. I was not on any kind of government assistance. I did have family to help and they still do. Today however, the same is not true and everyone knows it! Gas has more than doubled, car maintenance has also doubled. The cost of food has risen so much, I literally scream at the prices on the shelf when I see them…….this is why I am a coupon hound. My gas bill was ridiculous. To heat my 2 bedroom apartment, the bill runs anywhere from $120-$150 a month and that is even conserving gas, keeping my thermostat at 62-65. I could not afford to pay that bill without some kind of assistance like LIHEAP. And yet I got a notice in my gas bill that gas prices are rising yet again starting with my August 1, 2011 bill through July 31,2012. Prices are going up 8.6%. With all of these facts of rising prices, the one thing remains the same……..wages have been stagnant for years forcing people to make choices of dependence upon someone or something.

    I told myself that maybe I should get married to a well to do man, but then I would accused of being a gold-digger and everyone knows that men have traditionally gotten paid more than women, even though they both have the same credentials and same experience.

    I have chosen to remain “celibate” in my singleness because I could not imagine having to support a child when I can barely support myself and yet I have endured countless insults and mockery because of my choice of abstinence. You can not win no matter what you do in this life but still I try to do the best I can with the life I have been given and I know I will be cracking the champagne bottles when my life is over!

  • Mike

    Dear Cindy, I would encourage you to find a better paying job. The reason those jobs pay so low is because people take them. Supply/Demand. If you decrease the supply of workers for that type of labor, and the demand does not go down, they would have to pay more money to attract workers for your kind of labor. Anyone who works a job and isn’t getting paid well should seek out a better job period. Success is not determined by your ability so much as it is determined by the choices you make. Best wishes.

    • Gary2

      or unionize and force the scum bag corporations to pay more.

      There are not any good jobs for her to get. What a stupid suggestion, like DUH?

      • kkflash

        Spoken like a true slacker, Gary2. When are you and those like you going to realize that it is those corporations that are providing the jobs that pay for EVERYTHING? Treat the corporations badly here, and they and their jobs go somewhere else. Then what do you have?

        Union demands, and the associated extortion imposed on businesses, are largely responsible for the loss of jobs in this country. They, along with oppressive taxes, excessive regulation, and the workers’ entitlement mentality have got us in the mess we’re in by making business in the US noncompetitive on a global scale. Unions have killed our economy by biting the hand that has been feeding them.

  • Bob Leinir

    I want to thank you for shedding light on this topic which has been ignored far too long because of baseless optimism. Great article.

  • Kevin Beck

    Regarding Ms. Adams: How did she decide to get involved with so many different men so that she became a baby factory? As far as “someone paying” for her children, the answer is: The men that helped you create your children. If she and the first baby-daddy would have stayed together, then there probably would not have been a second child.

    About income inequality: It will always increase when the conditions for the people make it difficult to earn a living. This includes all the government programs instituted to make social advancement more difficult, the most prominent being the income tax. The progressive income tax is the largest barrier to economic advancement for the non- wealthy individuals. It is also the greatest method ever devised to protect the people at the top of the pyramid.

    The next thing that needs done is to eliminate rent-seeking by businesses. If you are able to develop a product that works and that people will buy freely, that’s great. But we don’t need governments forcing people to buy products “for their own good.” If a product has value in the market, then customers will demand it for themselves. But to demand it for others? That’s using force to protect a monopoly. My favorite example is motorcycle helmets. If motorcycle riders want to wear them, then that’s fine. But for government to FORCE motorcycle riders to wear them is coercion that should not be tolerated by any free-thinking person. This is rent-seeking by helmet manufacturers, and is used as an example of a regulation that impedes choice.

  • Bobo

    One of the main things that was missed when welfare was started in the time of the depression, was that when people received the assistance (free money) there was nothing asked for in return. Of course due to the dire situation for everyone at that time, I can understand the sentiment. This idea was then compounded during President Johnson’s Great Society, where even more assistance was offered for nothing in return.

    If they simply required people to perform some form of service for the community and their country that is giving them the free hand outs that everyone else has worked hard for, we would at least get something back.

    They should be sweeping the streets, cleaning the parks, collecting garbage, etc. and required to volunteer to take care of other people in their communities,rather than sitting on their asses collecting checks. Plain and simple!

  • Rook Master

    This woman is the classic example of someone that should never have been allowed to even have children by law which we should have in place to save the country. Sorry, but she is just too damn stupid and irresponsible, let’s face it. And there are tens of thousands of these women all over the U.S. that have conducted themselves like this currently and for many generations past.

    She is completely responsible for allowing these guys to get her pregnant (duh..ever heard of a condom), but now in the video points to all of her poor kids and says someone else has to take care of them. Gee, who will that be. Me,and every other hard working American that is responsible and plays by the rules, instead of the money going to our social security that we will never see.

    I am sick and tired of this entitlement mentality that says people can behave however they want and because no one has the balls to tell them to ******* off, we all pay the price. Her boyfriends should all be rounded up and thrown in jail and forced to work for the rest of their lives under supervision, so they cannot escape their responsibility to pay for those kids until they are grown up.

  • SeJota

    I’ve heard a lot about wealth redistribution over the past few years, and I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Call it whatever you want, but this is how it usually sounds to most Americans: “We are the 99% of Americans who don’t have as much as the 1%, so we’re mad and think the government should take their wealth and property away so that I can have a piece of it. Wealth inequality is a moral breakdown! We should all spread the money around so everyone gets a fair share!”
    I have my toughest critique for those who believe this: You are a thief. When someone takes my money and gives me no say in the matter, that’s called theft—whether they’re using a gun or the government. At the core of this demand is envy. And that’s not the same as jealousy. Jealousy just says, “I want what you have.” Envy is a different beast. Envy says, “I don’t think I can ever have what you have, so you shouldn’t have it either.” Decades of horrible economic teaching and the politics of envy have kept this monster alive and growing and moving forward.

    This way of thinking makes you assume that all rich people are evil and have scammed their way into wealth. That may be true in the tale of Robin Hood, but I choose to live in the real world. Sure, there are some scoundrels, but the vast majority of successful men and women got that way by working hard and serving people—lots of people. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates changed the world in ways we’re just now starting to realize. Their positive impact on the world has helped all of us live better lives, and they made fortunes for themselves by doing so. Why is it that you’re holy if you help one person but evil if you help a million? That’s just stupid.

  • This entitlement culture that has been developing since the New Deal in America has severely weakened the character of American.

    As a former teacher, I see the entitlement attitude among children – black and white, rich and poor. The children are not motivated to do much of anything because they either think that there will be nothing for them in terms of a job once they finish school, or because they are counting on the government to support them. This complacency leads to a lack of morale in their classes and many don’t even care to try, let alone give it there best.

    So, how are they treated? Well, the government pours countless amounts of resources into them (specialized teachers). In addition, the standards of achievement are lowered so that we have the illusion of learning, the illusion of literacy, the illusion of critical thinking and problem solving skills – BUT, in reality, are only creating perpetual children.

    I get to home school my kids – THANK GOD – and my 4th grader and I are studying American History. We read a bit of the Declaration of Independence, written by Jefferson. We learned (yes, “we” because I’m a product of government education…so even in high school I did not learn this!) that Jefferson was chosen to write the document because he was a lawyer, but could write in such a way so that the common man could understand the words. Well, if any of you have read this document, you may need a dictionary by your side because it is complicated!

    My point is when this was written, about 250 years ago, while not every child was educated, the ones who were received a much better education that what is present today. A greater percentage of children are in school, yet the quality of education has plummeted. This is despite, or could it be because of, the involvement of the DOE/

    Yes, the systematic dumbing down of American youth is done on purpose. Yes, the purpose is to create a society of mindless consumers who are slaves to their government. Yes, government schools foster and pour into students this sense of entitlement so that the children can assimilate better into that culture.

    And around, and around we go…

  • kkflash

    I read every comment posted to the story above and feel compelled to reply, but really don’t know where to begin. There are so many foolish attitudes expressed here, and some valuable insights as well, that it’s hard to respond succintly, yet thoroughly. But here goes…

    For starters, this is a very complex world we live in, so any sweeping statements regarding political or economic policies must meet the test of overgeneralization. In other words, there will always be exceptions to any rule, but those exceptions must be just that, and strictly limited. Having said that, my sweeping political and economic policy statement is that NO ONE, not a single person on earth, is entitled to ANYTHING but liberty, which is the right to pursue life and happiness. Notice I didn’t say right to life and happiness, I said the right TO PURSUE life and happiness. Within that right is contained the implicit requirement that your pursuit harms no one else in the process, and therein begins the difficulty in preserving everyone’s one right, liberty. This difficulty leads people to form governments and institute the rule of law, as a means to regulate the harm that one person’s pursuit of happiness might do to someone else’s. Some people, through chance or bad choices, will fail in their pursuit, and some will succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. To try and equalize the outcomes (wealth redistribution) for all is folly, and attempts to do so will not only fail, but will create the additional burden of the cost of redistribution. The more successful will necessarily pay a greater portion of the shared cost of the mutual benefits government provides, but no one who receives the protection and benefits of government should pay ZERO for those benefits. In the US, and much of the world, we’ve come to a point where far too many think the freedom to pursue happiness means they have a right to success in that pursuit, and they have collectively altered the proper role of government to try and assure a great measure of success for all, at the expense of others. Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, welfare (I could go on) are all forms of forced redistribution of the wealth EARNED by those who were successful in their pursuit of happiness to those who were unsuccessful. Ultimately, if you equalize the outcomes for all, you remove any incentive to pursue success and happiness with the diligence and ingenuity that is needed for society as a whole to progress. After decades of gradually increasing reliance on government to do for people what they should be doing for themselves, we’ve come to the tipping point; the point at which the need to work hard to achieve even a basic existence, has been replaced by the notion that we’re somehow “entitled” to more than the liberty to pursue life.
    Assuring that the successful pay the unsuccessful just because they exist is not the proper role or province of government. If those who’ve earned the wealth refuse to share it with those less fortunate, those wealthy will have God to answer to in the end, for as they say, “you can’t take it with you.” But, that is a moral issue and not a governmental one.
    My advice is this. If you are able bodied, you must get up each day and do all you can to support yourself and your family. If you fail, you must rely on the benevolence of those more fortunate, and be humble enough to ask for the help of those who have the means to assist you. If you are successful, you have a moral (but not a legal) responsibility to assist those who’ve failed though they may have given their best effort. Despite the accusations of many here, the concept of charity is not lost on the vast majority of successful corporations and individuals. However, no matter your position or circumstance, you should never ever expect something for nothing.
    Government has no proper role in this exchange, and its role and the associated societal cost must kept as small as possible, because government produces nothing. It is a necessary expense that must be born by all in order to provide collectively for those things that we could not do individually. These things are specifically enumerated in our Constitution, and include providing for the common defense, but do not include the redistribution of wealth to the poor.
    P.S. (As I said above, there are exceptions to every rule, and one exception applies to innocent children, who haven’t the choice nor means to support themselves. The woman in the video with 15 kids, and those like her should be handled without compassion nor cruelty. She and the children’s fathers are responsible for the care of those children they chose to create, but have not accepted that responsibility. The children should become wards of the state, and BOTH parents should be placed in a forced work program in order to help provide for the cost of the children’s care. You see, by bringing children into the world, without the means to support them, these irresponsible parents have overstepped the bounds of their right to liberty, because their actions have harmed others. The chilren are harmed because they lack food, clothing and shelter. All taxpayers are harmed by having to support the kids on the parents’ behalf. Causing harm to others is criminal and should be punished. It should not be consoled with AFDC welfare handouts to the irresponsible. If irresponsible sex leads to children that the parents can’t support, the parents must forfeit their liberty until the children are adult and are responsible for themselves.)
    Remember, freedom isn’t free. It has to be paid for every day.

  • Steve


    • Ron Ashmore

      To Steve:
      As eloquent and thorough as you tried to express your views on the pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness, you mistakenly painted the Social Security Benefit (as many have) as an entitlement.
      In our pursuit, millions of citizens paid into the Social Security program just as one would invest in a 401K or an Annuity upon which you could depend on when you reached retirement age. If that investment in a 40K or Annuity, were stolen or “wrongfully managed” so it wasn’t there when your time for retirement arrived, you should have grounds for a civil suit or possibly recovery due to it being Federally Insured.
      Now, the Social Security Program WAS a VERY SOUND and SELF FUNDED SECURITY! Then, President L.B. Johnson saw a problem. He didn’t have the funds he wanted to send a final barrage of troops and munitions to finish off the North Vietnamese.
      So, he let his over zealous ego get the best of us and STOLE our Social Security Payroll and funded his final feud in Viet Nam at the cost of 45 to 50,000 Soldiers’ lives. We still lost that useless war!
      Our Social Security Fund was never replenished. It started from scratch, but now, it was mixed into the General Budget. At the same time, there was none of the remaining capital left to pay retirees with, so now, Social Security became part of trying to achieve a “Balanced Budget.” Those terms are a JOKE ON DC!
      Ever since then, our politicians have tried to estimate when the Social Security system would go “belly-up” with the influx of “Baby Boomers” on the horizon of retirement.
      Our Government has continued to be fiscally irresponsible with the taxes being taken from our payroll checks. They have used it to fund everything from welfare programs, natural disasters, and payments to undocumented families with dependent children born on US soil.
      Now,Washington has never being held accountable for the original money which had been banked for many years and increased creating a sound and successful retirement fund we know as Social Security.
      Our Elected Officials have known for years that failure was eminent. Unfortunately, we have elected some horrible leaders, in recent years.
      In all your eloquence, you cannot take away the right to expect proper compensation for our investment. Just like work, you get compensated directly relative to the amount of effort you invest.
      With Social Security, we all have invested a percentage of our earned wages for which we were promise “X” amount of compensation based on the years and a percentage of the gross amount we earned.
      Just like the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness; we get out of it in accordance with our effort, or investment.
      So please, don’t take that attitude that we are begging for entitlement, like it were a welfare check and food stamps. We rightfully paid for the privilege of having a return on an investment.
      We have been wronged, and just like Obama’s rhetoric , you cannot explain it away privilege with a “Silver Tongue” or eloquent dialogue.
      Maybe when its your turn to receive Social Security it might behoove you to refuse it and give the money back so you don’t feel like a hypocrite.

  • Ron Ashmore

    When are all you “Do-Gooders” going to get off the backs of those of us who have worked all our lives, paid our share of taxes, including those Social Security and Medicare deductions from our checks! We are not the problem! The Social Security and Medicare programs were healthy and self-funding with plenty of reserve in the coffers to continue growing and helping subsidize the retirement of American workers who live long enough to reach retirement age.
    President Lyndon B. Johnson, emptied those funds into the “General Fund” with no apology! He bolstered up the number of troops and munitions in Viet Nam with those funds at the cost of 45 to 50 thousand lives of our young men and women.
    That money had no oversight committee to account for its demise. There has been no attempt by the Federal Government to replace those funds. All that has been done is to claim that this is an entitlement program, like a welfare check. WHAT an INSULT to the blood and sweat of the American worker.
    The Government has continued to bleed the Social Security Program by giving out funds to undocumented workers and other needy programs which had no part in funding the program.
    If an honest audit were ever attempted (that’s a joke!) to account for the “Stolen Funds” since the time of President Johnson’s administration, it would amount to Trillion$ of Social Security Dollars that will never reach their rightful recipients! What A GROSS INJUSTICE.
    These are criminal acts we only read about that exist in corrupt, third world governments. WRONG!!!!
    This is the US Government! “The land of the free and the brave.” A country whereby we are supposed to trust in and rely on a Federal Government with “Checks and Balances” to protect its rightful citizens. A Nation with the Most Powerful Constitution and Bill of Rights a person could have the privilege of living under its entitled liberties and power.
    Now we, the “Baby Boomers” are taking the blame for the failing Social Security system because so many of us are “coming of age.”
    GET WISE AMERICA! Our Government is corrupt! It stole the money YOU worked your whole life for to subsidize your retirement. The program wasn’t flawed! We got Screwed!

    • Yeah Right!

      WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! CRY ME A HANFULL! The country is broke and your generation and your narcissism broke our economy! Social Security IS an ENTITLEMENT! and you are NOT entitled to it! You paid into it. It went broke! Too bad. Guess you’ll just have to get a job and work until your 90 just like the rest of us are going to have to do anyway! Freelove generation my @ss!

  • Ron Ashmore

    For Bobo;
    Your comments on Dec. 11th are RIGHT ON! Keep giving out money, food stamps and housing allowance for nothing in return and it spreads like a disease. If these people really need assistance due to hard times, then put them to work on jobs that would at least get them away from the 6 pack and the TV. If these people needed the welfare bad enough, they wouldn’t mind putting in a few hours of labor in service to the community. There are plenty of things for them to do that community budgets cannot afford. The work might normally call for volunteers. Why not put these needy people to work showing good faith and their appreciation for the assistance. It also gives them a sense of dignity. If they are capable and don’t want to do their part, then they are going to get real hungry. There will be someone standing in line willing to put in a little effort for the roof over his head and food on the table!
    As Bobo says; “Plain and simple!”

  • Jefferson

    Work a few hours hmm..
    If you want to just pick up some extra cash
    you can either donate plasma $50, medical tests, surveys and perhaps a small gig here and there. to make around $200 bucks (food stamps) a month is just not part of the model

    There is no way of just popping in to work for a few hours and then leaving. You need to be hooked into a 40 hr a week job that then dominates your life. What is worse is that getting a decent job requires considerable resources and time. There are a lot of people who just can’t bring themselves to live this way.

    We have all seen the homeless person sign “I will work for food.” Great idea. But..
    What on Earth would this person do?

    We have to figure out how unskilled laborers or people without jobs can earn a few bucks and contribute to Society without Big bro stepping in and magnifying the disaster we already have.

    Some sort of spartan slave camp in every town?
    either that or we can pay $40,000 a year to hold them in prison when they get hungry enough.

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