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20 Signs You Might Be A Typical American Worker

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Once upon a time, anyone that was relatively competent and willing to work hard could go out and easily get a job that would enable that person to financially support a family.  Unfortunately, that is simply no longer true anymore.  Well paying “middle income jobs” are being rapidly replaced with “low income jobs” and part-time jobs.  As the economy crumbles, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the typical American worker to survive from month to month.  The number of companies that provide benefits such as health insurance has fallen steadily over the past ten years, and paychecks have not been keeping up with the rising prices of food and gas.  Average American families are seeing their budgets squeezed like never before, and many of them are going into huge amounts of debt in order to make up the difference.  Sadly, this is a problem that has developed over an extended period of time and that is not going to be reversed overnight.  Over the past four decades, the ratio of wages and salaries to GDP in America has fallen dramatically.  The typical American worker is not as valued as much as he or she used to be, and if current trends continue even more of us will be working part-time jobs or “low income jobs” in the years ahead.

In America today there is a great deal of focus on the unemployed, but there are also millions upon millions of Americans that are working part-time jobs because that is all that they can find.

It can be absolutely soul crushing to go all the way through school getting good grades, spend a ton of money on an education, and then work for 8 bucks an hour doing meaningless work for some predator corporation that simply does not care about how talented you are.

Today, an astounding 48 percent of all Americans are considered to be either “low income” or are living in poverty.

According to the New York Times, approximately 100 million Americans are either living in poverty or in “the fretful zone just above it”.

A lot of those people actually do have jobs.  Unfortunately, a part-time job that pays 8 or 9 dollars an hour just will not get you anywhere close to getting over the poverty line.

This is not the way that the U.S. economy used to work.  Back in the old days, good paying jobs that would allow you to live “the American Dream” were plentiful.

But now millions upon millions of Americans are scrambling for anything that they can get.  According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, the percentage of Americans that are working part-time jobs but that would like full-time jobs is now higher than it has been at any other time in the last two years.

In this economy, a good paying full-time job is incredibly precious.  If you still have one, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.

Check out the following chart.  It is a chart that shows the level of wages and salaries as a percentage of GDP in the United States since the late 1940s.  As you can see, the slice of the pie being taken home by American workers has been dropping like a rock since about 1970….

Is that a clear trend or what?

And it is going to continue year after year as long as we continue to pursue the same foolish economic policies.

As our politicians continue to allow millions of American jobs to be shipped overseas, competition for the jobs that remain inside this country is becoming extremely intense.

Back in 1967, 97 percent of all U.S. men with a high school degree between the ages of 30 and 50 had jobs.  Today, that figure is down to 76 percent.

As you read this, there are hordes of hard working American workers sitting at home staring at their televisions as they wonder why nobody will hire them.

Right now, if you gathered together all of the unemployed people in the United States, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world.

That is absolutely insane.

But even if you do have a job that does not mean that you are in good shape.  The percentage of “low income jobs” just continues to climb.  Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

Many Americans work as hard as they can and still find that they must turn to the government for financial assistance.  According to author Paul Osterman, about 20 percent of all U.S. adults are currently working jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

And that number is just going to keep climbing unless we change what we are doing as a nation.

Perhaps you are working a “low income job” right now.  Most of us have worked a job like that at least once in our lives.  Hopefully you will find the following list amusing.  Yes, I have exaggerated a few things slightly, but I think you will get the point.

The following are 20 signs you might be a typical American worker….

#1 If you are working three jobs and you still don’t have enough money at the end of the month, you might be a typical American worker.

#2 If your job involves asking the question “Would you like fries with that?”, you might be a typical American worker.

#3 If you shop at the dollar store because Wal-Mart is too expensive, you might be a typical American worker.

#4 If your job requires you to wear a smock, a brightly colored polo shirt or lots of “flair”, you might be a typical American worker.

#5 If people are constantly asking you where the restroom is while you are at work, you might be a typical American worker.

#6 If your employer hires extra part-time workers in order to avoid giving anyone full-time hours, you might be a typical American worker.

#7 If you are required to watch a mindless “training video” after being hired, you might be a typical American worker.

#8 If the company you work for is owned by someone on the other side of the world, you might be a typical American worker.

#9 If a trained seal could do your job and you feel like your expensive education is going to waste, you might be at typical American worker.

#10 If you don’t have any health insurance at all, you might be a typical American worker.  Only about 25 percent of all part-time workers in the United States receive employee benefits such as health insurance or paid sick leave.

#11 If your car is older than your kids are, you might be a typical American worker.

#12 If you can’t afford to buy the things that you are selling to the public, you might be a typical American worker.

#13 If the balances on your credit cards are larger than your bank accounts are, you might be a typical American worker.

#14 If going to Burger King is your idea of “fine dining”, then you might be a typical American worker.

#15 If it costs more to fill up your car with gas than you will make at your job today, you might be a typical American worker.  The price of gasoline has increased by 83 percent since Barack Obama first took office, and the average cost of a gallon of gas in the United States is now up to $3.52.

#16 If you eat your cereal with a fork so that you can save milk, you might be a typical American worker.

#17 If your electricity bill keeps going up but your paycheck never does, you might be a typical American worker.

#18 If it feels like you are losing an organ every time you pay for health insurance each month, you might be a typical American worker.

#19 If you feel like your employer is constantly tempted to replace you with someone younger and cheaper, then you might be a typical American worker.

#20 If you are so poor that you cannot even afford to pay attention, you might be a typical American worker.

Unfortunately, a lot more Americans are going to be forced into working these kinds of jobs if current trends continue.

Since the year 2000, we have lost 10% of our middle class jobs even though our population has increased by more than 30 million since then.  In the year 2000 there were about 72 million middle class jobs in the United States, but today there are only about 65 million middle class jobs.

The lack of good jobs in America has some very real consequences.  In particular, our young adults are really feeling the pain of not being able to find quality employment.

According to a recent poll conducted by Generation Opportunity, huge numbers of Americans in the 18 to 29 year old age bracket are delaying major life decisions due to the poor economy….

-44% are delaying buying a home

-28% are delaying saving for retirement

-27% are delaying paying off student loans or other debt

-27% are delaying going back to school or getting more education

-23% are delaying starting a family

-18% are delaying getting married

All of those things take a lot of money, and if you simply don’t have the money it makes things really tough.

Sadly, the economy is about to get even worse.

As I have written about previously, what is going on in Greece right now is a warning sign for the rest of the world, and we are on the precipice of another major global financial crisis.

There are an increasing number of voices in the financial world that believe that we are going to see a Greek default in March.  So will this actually happen?  I certainly don’t know.  But what some folks are currently saying about the situation sure does make for interesting reading.

In the old days, you could graduate from college, get a good job, work for the same company for 30 years, save up for retirement and count on a comfortable life in your old age.

That paradigm is now totally shattered.  The entire global economic system is in a state of chaos and things change faster today than they ever have before.

If you have a job today, it may be gone tomorrow.

The financial institution or insurance company that you are working with today may be out of business by next month.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly unstable.  That is why it is imperative to try to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on the system.

It is tough to plan in such an environment, but one thing is for sure – tough times are coming and things are not going to get any easier than they are now.

  • r.bitting

    ” And I say to you, my freinds, do not be afraid of those who can kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do, But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who after he has killed, has power to cast into hell, yes, I say to you, fear him! The words of Christ from Luke 12:4-6..

    • Tapper P.

      Why cherry pick? Since we are all economic/tax slaves, this is more fitting:

      “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)”

      Slavery, rape, murder, genocide – post up all of it, not just the feel good quotes!

      • Owen

        OK,to understand the perspective, try: Luke 16:19-31: ‘There was a certain rich man, which was clothed in purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously every day:

        ‘And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of sores,

        ‘And desiring to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s table: moreover the dogs came and licked his sores.

        ‘And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;

        ‘And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom.

        ‘And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

        ‘But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime receivest thy good things, and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted, and thou art tormented.

        ‘And besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

        ‘Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house:

        ‘For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.

        ‘Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them.

        ‘And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

        ‘And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.’

      • Xander cross

        About time someone pointed that out. He always cherry pick the bible to fit his lies.

      • jaxon64

        what’s your point? Slavery 2000 years ago was a historical fact but free men and slave all need spiritual guidance. The bible is not condoning slavery, just offering some spiritual peace and hope of a better life to come for those poor people.

        As for rape, murder etc…the bible explicitly condemns such things. The fact that they are discussed in the Bible is because it is a fact of the times and events described and also of the condition of the human heart which does not follow God. Save your hate and flimsy arguments for a less educated crowd.

    • gary2

      boy God sounds like such a pleasent person. Cast into hell-kill-fear??? Not any God I would worship. What about the loving God? Oh that God who instructed the isrealites to kill people by the millions, man women, children…that God???

      • Landon

        According to Gary2, God shouldn’t be just to the wicked, instead let their evil be rewarded with heaven without any need to ask for forgiveness…

        Worship who you will Gary2, its up to you, but there is only one judge for us all.

  • Rodster

    LOL, Michael that list read like a Jeff Foxworthy list of “you might be a redneck” 😆

    Seriously though I agree with all of the above which is why I started a small business many years ago to pay the bills. I have commented to my friends and customers on many occasions how I felt at a disadvantage being self employed and today I have the advantage.

  • Zazz

    You forgot one..

    If you haven’t upgraded your skills yet expect to be employed like you were 25 years ago, you might be a typical worker.

  • BenjiK

    Thanks to your “flair” comment I now have coffee all over my monitor. Seriously, I was in mid-swig when I read that and just lost it! Bravo Michael, between that and the “you might be a typical American worker” list you made me laugh more than I have all week. 😀

    I think a current Bill Lumbergh moment might go something like this: “So yeah….We’re going to cut your hours so we don’t have to give you benefits anymore. Also, you’re going to have to pay for your uniform….Yeah, if you can do that, that would be great….”

    • Michael

      I like when I can make people laugh. 🙂


      • Eisenkreutz

        Yeah I caught the “flair” allusion also and laughed.

      • gary2

        then you suceed as I laugh at the conservative messages and wonder how anyone could possibly think that way.

  • Cinderella Man

    Yup us wage slaves I mean workers not in the public sector or unions are a bunch of chumps! Today on ABC news GM is back!!! Govt. Motors made 7.6 billion in profits still owe the taxpayers half of their bailout and get $7000 each!!!! Yes we can!!!!

    • TX4Life

      Also, I noticed they failed to mention that GM sold most of Chrysler to Italian owned Fiat within months after the bailout. What a success for America!

  • Eisenkreutz

    Free trade has been an absolute nightmare and not one single word about ending it is spoken by any of the candidates! A sane tax policy would have high taxes on expatriated funds and imports coupled with low taxes domestically to stimulate business. WE CANNOT HAVE GOVERNMENT SERVICES THAT THE REVENUE BASE DOESNT PAY FOR, IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? THE HIGH COST OF HEALTH CARE AND TUITION IS CAUSED BY GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES WHY CANT THE KNUCKLE-DRAGGING NEANDERTHALS WE CALL “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE” EVER UNDERSTAND THAT???

    • TK

      Great point! I am a Kreutz as well.

  • Chip Winand

    I’m a business owner and Texas based entrepreneur who recently found your blog in my endless continuing education in the area of Economics. I don’t think business owners or government will have much say in the ongoing outcome. Americans grow more indebted as globalism grinds the value of their work lower and lower. Why is $8/hr. poverty level here when Chinese can save 50% of their $1.80/hr. wage? One big reason: The Chinese don’t have our level of personal debt to service. Americans spend a fortune on food because our definition of food requires pictures on the boxes. Food stamps in Texas pays a family of three $540/mo. You gotta be kidding me! The uncomfortable truth is that Americans are going to have to become accustomed to less and less because the global genie is out of the bottle and his goal is to bring everyone down to a near equitable level. This is going to be especially tough and painful because our monthly obligations, as a rule, are a series of debt laden expenses which made better sense in a time which has slipped into the fog of the past. American ingenuity is not going away, but the trickle down phenomenon has a lower bottom because of a willing global workforce who are content to wait for “toys” and “treats”.

    • Old Man

      You want some education? OK, here is one:

      “The uncomfortable truth is that Americans are going to have to become accustomed to less and less because the global genie is out of the bottle and his goal is to bring everyone down to a near equitable level. ”


      The so-called globalization, or genie, has been out of the bottle since the beginning of the British Empire some 3 centuries ago.

      But that did not mean ‘everybody down to…”. It mean whatever the business, trade and economic policies of the country involved wants it to mean.

      During the British-run globalization, the empire grew to astounding wealth. Because of it’s brand of policies. That policy required a superpower military and willingness to use it. It was a small price for fantastic wealth.

      More recently, Japan & Germany enjoyed tremendous success from globalization, while maintain high income and standard of living. Both managed to maintain world class manufacturing and export, and keep their considerable social benefit programs.

      English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand managed to thrive under intense globalization pressure.

      Why? You need to broaden your understanding and clear your mind from intense mass media brainwash directed by the elite.

      Americans got downsized by the millions because major business, trade and economic policies are run that way. No other first and second world country run their policies the American way, and many managed to escape the horrific result even everybody is under the same globalization trend.

  • mark

    I saw the writing on the wall when I was a young man. I did not have a college degree so I learned a building trade and went to work as a Plumber. When you work you can make good money. I saw many of the guys I worked with buying a big house with big payments, a new car and a new truck and of course a boat in the drivway too. They lived check to check with their good pay and their wife’s paycheck. They could not afford to be laid off. Instead of going their route, we chose to buy a small home that we could later turn into a rental property. We bought good used cars and no boat. We kept on saving and buying more rental property and over time we could retire and not depend on low paying jobs or government handouts. When you are working, try to live below you means and save if you can for you future.

    • Tel

      The Keynesians would hate you — far too productive and unwilling to be enslaved.

    • McKinley Morganfield


      I’m with you 100%. We (wife & I) did that for 40+ working years, and we’re still working part time today in our mid-60s though we have a comfortable nest egg. We’ve never owned a new car and slowly but steadily invested in rental properties (which btw we maintain in top shape). We were frugal. We never took a real vacation until about 20 years ago. We still rarely dine out. We grow a lot of food and preserve it. People like you and me are the exploiters according to the Gary2s and Obamas of the USSA.

      “When you are working, try to live below you means and save if you can for you future.”

      Unfortunately, savers are punished by inflation and the low interest rate earned by saving. Thank you Federal Reserve.

      • Gary2

        People like you and me are the exploiters according to the Gary2s and Obamas of the USSA.

        And I thank you on behalf of the people who will be helped when you are taxed!

        • Macnasty

          And what if we quit paying what then, or there are no jobs to tax!!!!!

          • Gary2

            just try and quit paying. You will get a visit by the IRS.

  • pavan

    My guess is that the current administration will win a second term. This will give them more than enough time to crush what is left of the economy. Continued $1.3 trillion annual budget deficits, more taxes and more regulations will leave most of us destitute. A major goal of the administration has been to raise energy costs, and they have been very successful. Restricting drilling and nixing the Keystone pipeline have taken their toll. Destabilizing the Mideast contributed, too. Fracking can be regulated out of existence in the second term. By 2016, we’ll wish we had an economy as good as it is now, and $3.50 per gallon gas will seem cheap. Yes, we can … crush this economy.

    • Rodster

      If Obummer wins a second term it’s because the American Sheeple have become so stupid they deserve what they get. And that’s exactly what the libs and socialist want.

      On it’s current course with all the mounting debt every year there won’t be an economy by 2016.

      • Eisenkreutz


      • Tapper P.

        There isn’t an economy now. The real economy has already completely imploded and collapsed.

        What you are seeing right now is a smokescreen. Trillions in printing dollars out of thin air, 0% interest for the banksters propping up Bernie Lomax.

        The US Economy is Bernie. DEAD. The money men are just transferring funds around to simulate life. Moving the arms and legs back and forth.

        Catch 22. If they stop printing, if China/Russia/Iran has its way and displaces the dollar as the reserve currency, it is lights out.

        If they rates rates it is game over. Home prices will drop another 50%.

        The status quo cannot continue regardless because if the money printing continues the dollar will hyper/super inflate.

        It is all bad. Prep and become less dependent on the system right now.

        The only person you can depend on is YOU.

      • Mind Candy

        He’ll win a second term because there’s no serious candidate challenging him. There are Republicans out there that could have given him a run for his money. Santorum, Romney & Gingrich (is he even still playing?) aren’t on that list. It doesn’t matter anyway. Obstructionism in Congress is par for the course now no matter who gets elected. I didn’t mention Paul til now for that reason. If people think Congress is being obstructionist now, can you imagine what it’d be like with Paul as President? That man wouldn’t be able to get away with making a decision more serious than what to have for breakfast.

      • Old Man

        Ah yes. But it were the same Sheeple stupid enough to put GW Bush, along with his Congress in charge for a full 8 years. It was the Bush gang who started wars, borrowed trillions, bubbled up the economy and just about everything else, and implemented fully deregulated free-for-all mad dog policies.

        It was the same voters who gave that administration unfettered unchecked powers. And the result is loss of $10 trillion of national wealth the year Bush left office. Remember?

        OK OK, so let’s blame the whole thing on Obama if it make you feel better. Blame this and vote stupid on that – that’s how you waste a whole freaking country away.

        • John W.

          Pelosi and crew took over the congress in 2007. They could have stopped bush anytime they wanted. As for ten trillion in debt you are exagerating. Bush sucked but your boy Obama is making him look good.

        • McKinley Morganfield

          Sorry Old Man, but as much as I think GWB was an awful president, you might want to do 3 things. First of all check out % of deficits per GDP for each of 8 years of GWB’s presidency and compare it against 4 years of Obama. Next, the republicans lost control of the house and senate November, 2006. And last of all, Obama had large majorities in both the house and senate during his first 2 years and during Obama’s first term the debt burden will have increased nearly 60% from what it was when he took the oath of office.

          I’m not blaming it all on Obama because I think Obama is not in control of his presidency. However, I am blaming Obama for getting behind the steering wheel and agreeing to accelerate the destruction of our economy beyond ‘Chimp’ Bush’s wildest dreams.

      • gary2

        And that’s exactly what the libs and socialist want.

        You are exactly correct!

      • gary1224

        If Obama wins a second term it will be due to the fact that the candidates the repubs are running are so pathetically bad they make Obama look good by comparison.

        Romney is totally clueless when it comes to what the middle class life is like. His vision of America is for the rich to make as much money as they can and if that makes life tougher for those who just want to make a decent middle class living than so be it. (Not really that much different than what Obama’s policies actually are, as opposed to what he says).

        Gingrich is a serial adulterer who wants to establish a colony on the moon while cutting federal spending (voodoo economics revisited?)

        Santorum wants to replace the Constitution and federal law with his version of religious beliefs (The American Taliban)

        As bad as Obama has been (and he has been quite bad), he looks relatively sane to the three loony tunes.

        • Gary2

          my side will easily win. socioeconomic affirmative action will be passed!

          Paid for by a 50% tax on income over 5 million per year.

          Tax the rich and spread the wealth!

          • Gary2

            I meant a 5% tax on income over 5 million. I would prefer a 50% but I need to be realistic.

        • Kelby

          And Ron Paul, the ONLY man who knows the REAL solutions to all our problems, is being marginalized and blacked out by the Lame Stream Media, so much that there’s hardly a chance in hell that he’ll even get close to the White House. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL!

    • Gay Veteran

      Fracking need to be regulated unless you want toxic chemicals in your water

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh, how I wish for the days when a guy could graduate from high school, and get hired on the spot at the Ford factory the next day…

    • Tim

      The good ole days. 😉

  • Michael V

    Michael, when you said:

    “In the old days, you could graduate from college, get a good job, work for the same company for 30 years, save up for retirement and count on a comfortable life in your old age.”

    You need to keep in mind that Gen X and Y are smaller in population then the Baby Boomers. This makes a difference. When the Baby Boomers were starting out, this generation was the largest this nation ever saw. Gen X is approx 75 percent of their parents generation. If you take away 25 percent of a workforce, the revenue generated is no longer there, hence a problem. I just hope that those that were promised pensions will get most, if not all of it.

    The generational shift is also a part of the problem. Less workers and lower pay means less spending. As a nation our nations economy will contract, because, in part, of demographics. We will adjust. We will succeed.

    • Sunshine

      Omitted was all the millions of newcomer foreigners that are also replacing the boomer generation, that typically come from places where there are just two classes, the very rich and very poor.
      Indeed, the typical american workers are having their hours cut back and no raise forthcoming. One seriously wonders WHERE all the money is going with these high priced – shrinking in size- goods and products as it certainly is not going to the labor force!
      Just ask the typical american worker when you go to the big chains who are not hurting for profit.
      Are you treated well? Are you making at least 13$ an hour? Time off with pay? Benefits? If none of the above then why should I support and spend a dime with a business whose employees are demoralized, the employees, the backbone of a business!
      I often ask as I’de rather not patronize a business that treats it employees like wage slaves who cannot live a decent life with absolutely no hope to prosper on a pittance. How can anyone contribute to that? It’s incredibly UNHEALTHY in every way, except the greed at the top.
      This American is not ever going to get used to the poverty-izing of the people. It’s unacceptable.

  • Alasha

    …. If you are so poor that you cannot even afford to pay attention, you might be a typical American worker LOL!

    • BenjiK

      Nice……. 🙂

  • Ken

    “the slice of the pie being taken home by American workers has been dropping like a rock since about 1970….”

    This begs the question: what was happening about 1970 to cause this?

    The answer: The massive entry of women into the American workforce. The increase in the supply of labor suppressed growth in wages and salaries, resulting in their decreasing percentage of GDP.

    • Mike

      Nixon taking us off the last remnants of the Gold Standard in August 1971

  • bojangles

    this on a day when the market is up 120 points,looks like somebody is making money.(not me).just saying….

  • robert

    Why don’t “they” fix the world economy?

    Simple…..DEBT = MONEY to big companys and banksters(white shoes boys)

    This whole “disaster” has been in the works for quite a long time. They want more people in debt so we are easier to control. You tube the “Money Masters” and you will learn a lot from the video.

  • Curt W

    Our government is redefining inflation so that they can deny there is any. Because at this point the fed cannot raise interest rates to control it. 5% APR on $15.4 Trillion is $.77 Trillion a year in interest alone. They have spent their way into a corner with no way out, short of a total default. Good luck folks.

  • also a person needs to remember that there is over 11 million illegal immigrants in this country that are working jobs that they are not entitled to period,and it is just not working in the fields,etc alot are working in landscaping,construction,factories, so this cushion of jobs that people at one time could fall back on as a safety net are no longer there.until people wake up and get rid of these
    bleeding heart liberal democrats that are controlling the senate and get rid of these immigrants that are sucking the life blood out of this counntry nothing will change for the good and it is no joke when people talk about how white americans will in time become the
    endangered species as this country is slowly
    being overcme by minorities and when people have to start fighting with them for food and water to survive alot may not like the outcome
    because these people will turn on the middle class like piranhas and not care one bit as to the outcome don’t believe me then you should watch the riots in africa and surrounding areas
    when the u.n trucks show up with food and water
    it is not a pretty sight,in order to survive it will take courage and savvy and the ability to
    be one step ahead of them.

    • DaytoDay

      Black Hawk Down

    • John W.

      Eleven million? There are eleven million just in Calif. I cannot believe anyone still believes that eleven million number. More like thirty million. Not to mention the millions of legal third worlders are just as destructive to the cohesion and prosperity of the nation. Soon the majority of the population will be non native born with no allegiance to the country. Kind of like most of the politicians who are for sale. If you want to be honest Obama is a pretty accurate reflection of the character of the typical American.

  • Numbers applying to me (26 year old white male, college graduate): 5,6,8 (indian), 9 (130 IQ, degree from university of ct), 10, 11 (1970), 12, (the chips I stock I cant afford) 15 (100$ to fill up car, Ive never filled it), 20; I cant pay attention to societal norms like partying, going out with girls, having fun with my friends, buying cool things I like, because all my time is spent on preparing for the economic collapse that I believe will happen within the next 10 years. Instead of going to the movies, I browse the internet looking for freeze dried food. Instead of buying the new chinese made ipad, iphone, or other chinese made piece of trash, I’m buying thousands of rounds of ammunition. Instead of spending money and going out with girls, I hang out at home with my parents. Instead of going on trips and vacations with my friends, I am at home saving my money for my monthly health insurance bill and wishing I was born in Switzerland.

    • DaytoDay

      Cletus Van Damme,

      You sound like me, minus the college degree (1yr was enough for me) and I’m paying off over 1,000 dollars worth of fees to the corrupt court system…

      Although, I would advise, that getting out and breathing the fresh air from time to time is actually quite liberating. 😉

      • court system? why are you paying to them? I did my education the cheapest way, went to a community college, then commuted to a state college. Have you found a good job without the degree? Seems like everyone I know who just went to high school have great jobs now, and I have trash. I do get out in the fresh air when I work at my other job (a farm).

    • Ken Nohe

      I know this dude from Bangladesh, never had shoes, never heard of the I-pad, struggle to make a living but he seems happy. Has no future? Yes, he knows, he’ll be dead soon so he tries to enjoy life. And maybe so should you!

  • Alan Reay

    If you spend more time at work on the internet than doing your job, then you might be an American worker…

    If you expect to pay less for fuel than the rest of the world you might be an American worker…

    If you feel raising taxes on anyone who makes more than you so your government can give you money or programs then you might be an American worker…

  • Craig

    Very well written sir. You were really creative on your list of reasons. I really enjoyed reading this one.

    I remember the good ole days in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the late 70s and early 80s. Here’s how a typical job search went. You would go to some factory or warehouse. You would fill out the application right there on the spot. Then the receptionist would ask you if you could wait while the manager reviewed your application. The manager would come out and ask you to come back to his office. After a little discussion, he would ask you if you could start Monday. That was it! No background check, no drug test, no I-9 form, no nothing except filling out a W-4 for the tax withholding amount.

    I remember walking into a Manpower spot labor hall in Springfield, MA in 1975. Back then Manpower was still spot labor. I asked for an application, and it was ONE form! It had blanks for basic info and a brief basic work history. At the bottom was a tear-off form for the W-4 withholding amount. That was it! Today if you go to manpower or aerotek or some such place, the application is a book of about 15 forms. Then they want to photocopy everything you have in your wallet. Then you must go somewhere else to take a drug test. They want to photocopy your ID there also. It can be a 2 or 3 hour process. Then you still don’t know exactly where the job is or if you are qualified to work there or how far it will be to drive from your home. How times have changed. Now you can’t even go meet face-to-face with a potential employer. They will just tell you to apply online. Crazy.

    Kids washing with cold water in Kirkland, WA:

    • mondobeyondo

      Yeah, those were the days.

    • DaytoDay


      Thanks for sharing that.

      I agree completely; my dad, his dad, uncles and cousins all worked at AK-Steel. My dad hired in around 78-79 and now, AK-Steel has laid off over 5,000 people since 2009… Many of the guys I worked out with at the gym, had just bought new cars, re-financed their house, bought motorcycles etc…

      I can tell you, it’s a completely different atmosphere now, I moved out to AZ, right when the layoffs began (Graduated high school) and my dad tells me how, unemployment has gone through the roof… The majority of people under 40 have become heavy drug addicts, welfare is rampant and it has become dangerous to even walk the streets… Mainly because thugs from New Orleans have now flocked here, since Hurricane Katrina.

      So, the quiet little sleepy town of Ashland KY (Pop 21k) has now become a crime infested, hell-hole… Although there has been a loss of 10,000 people from the city since the 70s… When all of the steel mills started to shut down, the closing of AK-Steel has accelerated it…

      It’s sad really… So much potential, so many memories, and now, my dad says “If you can’t find work in AZ don’t bother coming back here, unless you want to run the streets and become a crack-head.)

      My dad got early retirement due to disability, so he was lucky… And even he has now lost his house that my grandmother had built, because he wasn’t on a fixed mortgage(Beautiful 4 bedroom brick house with a basement and 2.5 acres of land in the country).

      So, it really is tough times for a lot of people…

  • Colin

    In 1860, the board game “The Checkered Game of Life” was published. This game was a simulation of one’s life through milestones such as completing college and building a family. A century later, this game was revisited by Milton Bradley and was released to the gaming community as “The Game of Life”.

    I played this game as a child, and I thought my life might mimic this game. This was where I was schooled on what road I should take, and what the milestones might be on that road.

    Now, I am 39, and the road I have taken has led to me to failure and to the outskirts of our society. I came upon this road because I am mentally ill. I am miserable and I hate myself. I can not imagine what it must be like for many others who are healthier, and have found that they are no longer on the right road.

    I think we are responsible for where we end up, but I also feel that we are subject to the decisions and actions of others. I feel that every day more and more Americans are finding themselves on a road that is paved with sorrow and despair, a road created by ourselves and by others.

    I feel that we create our own reality. I remember reading the Talmud, and I could glimpse the beginnings of the ghetto culture in those pages. The Jews were isolating themselves from others, and were erecting fences, in this world and in the world of the mind, from others. The non-Jews responded by enforcing this fencing – if you want to fence yourself in, we aren’t going to stop you, but know this, it goes both ways.

    In our society, we measure success by where you are on the social ladder, and, if you are lower down, you are viewed by some with prejudice and are treated to derision. However, some of these very same people are themselves in the same situation, and are, I feel, envious of their good fortune in reaping the government’s largesse and aren’t willing to share this largesse. This view is constantly reinforced every day, and slowly, gradually, this new reality is brought into being. It didn’t take days or years for the ghettos to be built; it occurred over centuries.

    It doesn’t have to be this way, but we make it this way. We are laying down the foundations for a new Game of Life, a game that will have very little relation to its earlier incarnations and will predict a more dystopian vision of our future.

    • DaytoDay

      Stay in there Colin!

      I’m in the same boat with you… But we just cannot give up! Because someday there will be greener pastures, maybe not materially, but God will give our bodies rest, and let our hearts be at peace, as Jesus said,

      “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Mathew: 28-29

  • sensetti

    Michael V

    Bingo, demographics are a major driving force in this downdraft. No stopping the Baby Boomer train, its full throttle, no brakes, and the track ends dead ahead.


  • joe

    I read each blog and come back several times to go through the comments. But I pose questions-Some of the comments echo remarks we hear from some our friends and family. Essentially, it falls into two basic denials: “That’s not true” or “That would never happen here”. Why? Yes, we understand the reluctance to believe things will change but this type of denial flies in the face of all evidence. The second why, is the virtual absence of discussion in the media (Glenn Beck, talk radio and some blogs being the exception). We are rapidly approaching the most serious point for this country in my lifetime (and I am 63) and not many of us seem to notice. If people won’t acknowledge the problem there isn’t much hope that we can either stop it or slow it down.

  • LowDog

    Regarding “losing an organ every time you pay for health insurance each month”, how about adding “If your co-pays and deductibles are so exorbitant that you can no longer afford to go to the doctor after you pay your monthly premiums, you might be a typical American worker.” Untold millions can no longer afford to use the coverage they have except in the event of a near-catastrophic emergency, thanks to big medicine and big pharma.

    • John W.

      If it makes you feel any better when Obamacare kicks in no one will be able to go to the doctor. It will be free but you won’t be able to get any just like Cuba. Feel better now? Of course this will not apply to Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the other elites who rammed this down our throats.

  • No Country For Constitutional Men

    Italy Police Say They Seized $6 Trillion of Fake U.S. Bonds in Switzerland – Bloomberg
    February 17th, 2012

  • Kevin2

    Even those with “good” jobs feel it because those “good” jobs are not a good as they used to be.

    My son is a journeyman electrician making $21 / hr + benefits. If he had his skills 35 years ago when I started in industry (real industry) the likes of DuPont, Shell, Monsanto, Hercules, Chrysler, GM, Mobil or Texaco would have hired him for his trade in a minuet. His income would have been over a third greater.

    Less are working and those working are making less.

    • DaytoDay


  • No Country For Constitutional Men

    I have one sign that we might just be a banana republic! It’s now made ZH, and is a very big deal, but my earlier posting can’t be found. What gives?

    $6 Trillion In US Bonds Seized In Zurich, Said To Pose “Severe Threats To International Financial Stability”

  • Rancher

    I believe you over looked a truly real and good point. That is this.

    Today’s cross cut of the youth and middle aged workers are a far cry from those of the past.

    Today a vast amount sport all kinds of tattoos ( look foolish and cost money) and or have some sort of thingy stuck in their ear all day or feel they can/should be able to text or talk on the phone any old time even while doing the interview or dress in ways which reduce their employment odds or have an entitlement attitude going into the job world of how much will you pay me rather than what is it you need done for you.

    Not the same pool of workers I joined in 1970 at the peak of your charts. Not only has the wage dropped but so has the quality of the masses in this country. It is not just the employer it is also the sub standard entitlement mental illness disorder which so many people have contracted in today’s society.

    • Michael

      Yes, you make a good point.


      • Rancher


        Perhaps an article emphasizing the cross cut of today’s youth and much of today’s middle age.

        Start out with some of those Walmart pictures of the zombies who cruise the isles looking to breed.

        Then the great pictures of grown children calling home saying they can not find a job and no one will hire tattoos (body art), faces and bodies with rigs, studs and other sub human things like bones through their noses, purple hair, Mohawk cuts, misfitting ugly clothes and a cigarette or crack pipe in the hands.

        I almost forgot the massive obesity or fat whale look as I prefer which is ever growing in our society. Why hire a heart attack prone, knee surgery prone, diabetes ridden prone, back damage prone, takes two seats up, calls in sick all the time, needs a ten minute breather after one flight of stairs or someone who needs help to get back up on their feet after bending down to pick up the twinky they dropped person? The lack of good steady work out put and insurance risks would give me way good reason to skip them over. Whoops I forgot that warm beautiful morning glow which come from meth….

        • Gary2

          Rancher-I think we found common ground again! I agree that Tattoos are nothing but tramp stamps and is akin to putting graffiti in a building. The piercing also need to go. Agree with the overweight problem also.

          Rancher what is this world coming to that we have started to agree???

        • Gary2

          PS-Rancher-go to the people of walmart web site. WOW talk about zombies prowling the isles…

          • Kelby

            LOL i saw that site – *************************, do those people have ANY SHAME????

    • WM

      Rancher: You make a good point, as does Michael in another great article. I heard the comment the other night by a co worker taking over for me ( shift change) that ” If you make 6 parts per day or 20 parts per day, you still get paid the same” (we operate CNC machines).

      This guy has been with the company many years, moves like he has honey stuck to his shoes, and his attitude is sickening, and he is in his mid 50’s.

      I know the young entitled generation is even worse.
      The attitude I see amongst many of my co workers is really discouraging. They obviously do not read this post, although I try to get them to. They are fat and happy now not really seeing the dark storm clouds coming. My company is a German, global company and it would be a drop in the bucket for them to pull out of tax burdened Connecticut and relocate down south or to Asia.

      Like you also said, many coworkers are texting while machines are running, or have to bring their music with them, and I see many lazy people that just want to get bye. My Dad is very old school and taught me when you are at work, you give it 125% every day and you WORK. It has come to my knoledge recently that I am one of the top (3) producers for the company of over 150 employees. This is perhaps why I get a lot of sarcastic comments thrown my way, the lazy people don’t like it when you are doing more than them, and they feel threatened that they may someday have to get out of their comfort zone. Oh well, enough ranting.

      Regarding what this article says, is true in my life. Never in my wildest dreams would I think that living as humble as I do would I still be struggling just to pay the basic needs of life to survive. I have to work a second job or overtime just to have any “extra” money. For me, since the housing crash it seems things have gotten very difficult since then and getting worse.

      • Gary2

        WM correct-when you are at work you are being paid to work, not text and goof off!

  • El Pollo de Oro

    A glimpse into the grim future of The Banana Republic of America:

    If you serve Nutraloaf to people in orange jumpsuits, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you decided that being a kidnapper, carjacker or professional kidnapper is preferable to working in a sweatshop, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you just finished beheading members of a rival drug cartel, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you spend your free time listening to narcocorridos and are employed by the Sinaloa Cartel, La Familia Michoacana, or Los Zeta, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you refer to El Chapo Guzman as “jefe” or “patrón,” you might be a typical American worker.

    If you work as a “guardaespalda” (bodyguard) for a businessman who has paid ransom for at three of his relatives who were kidnapped in recent months, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you think that “La Reina del Sur” is a role model for your daughter, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you share your profits with a crooked cop every time you mug someone, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you often have people bound and gagged in the trunk of your car (the one you drive on dirt or gravel roads), you might be a typical American worker.

    If collecting a ransom means dinner for the wife and kids, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you live in a developed country that became a Third World hellhole, you might be a typical American worker.

    If you ignored the warnings of Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Justin Raimondo and Paul Craig Roberts and had to find out the hard way that they were right, you might be a typical American worker.

    • Alasha


  • Cinderella Man

    Michael V, Yes us Genxers are smaller in population than the Boomers because they were the first generation to use abortion as birth control. Now they might regret not having enough worker bees to keep funding the ponzi scheme. How can we define sucess when the average per capita income is $25,000 and food stamp usage is the highest it’s ever been, dollar stores are booming business, student loan debt tops 1 trillion half or country’s income is under $32,000 an year, over 68,500,000 US households have reported incomes below that figure? Wages are stagnant in this country. I have been told I was getting a raise after 90 days of employment now I find out that my company is advertising my position in the paper. So they want to hire another employee that we dont need at this time instead of paying me more! I dont see the logic in this. I think every worker in this country needs to remember that youre only as useful to your employer as they see fit. Step out of line and they will replace your ass!!!

    • DaytoDay

      Cinderella Man,

      That is true.

      I remember when you were saying, that things were finally starting to turn around for you, and yet, another dose of the cruel reality we live in…

      I am paying off thousands of dollars of fines to corrupt courts and the other day I got in a car accident (Only have liability) my transmission is getting ready to go, and now my front right headlight is smashed in, causing heavy damage on the right side.

      So, I feel your pain… It’s like your down and out, and life just keeps kicking you in the ribs… Because it’s “fun”… But I believe things will turn around… They have too.

  • Gary2

    One of the items we are discussing for Obama’s second term in our OFA (Obama For America) meetings is a new socioeconomic affirmative action program. It would give poor people a leg up.

    Funding looks like it could be done with a 50% tax on all income over 5 million per year. I of course support this 100%.

    More info to follow. I wanted to leave the conservatives with something to think about this weekend.

    We (liberal progressives) will be winning and taking back this country from the devastating conservative policies that have brought so much pain and suffering to people.

    • g nestrick

      You liberal-progressives, also known as the GODLESS IMMORAL , are the nails in the coffin of the death of this country

      • Gary2

        no I think it is gog-magog who are immoral.

  • Gary2

    Michael-is this a picture of you back in the day?

    • Michael

      Nope it is definitely not a picture of me. 🙂


  • Gary2

    I think it is worse than millions of people working part time as that is all they can find.

    What about people working full time for shit wages? Or having to work 2 full time jobs to make it each month?

    And the repubes want to cut minimum wage even more. Minimum wage should be 12 per hour. Business wont pay they can go out of business. We do not need crap low pay jobs. I see companies closing shop in Canada and now going to low wage USA. The race to the bottom. USA is the new Mexico to Europe/Canada. Sickening. Thanks conservatives.

    • Curt W

      Gary, I think it is exceptionally short-sighted to blame conservatives for all the problems. Both parties have made huge mistakes over the last 30 years. Both parties seem to be overly exited everytime they sign another free trade agreement. Both parties add amendments to bills to favor a large business in their area. Both parties are to blame for the 72,000 different exceptions in our tax code. Both parties spend money like it is an unexhaustable river.

      • Curt W

        Gary, The minimum wage does effect the cost of goods you purchase. You do realize this don’t you. If the minimum wage goes up to $12/hr. then the dollar menu at McD’s changes into the $3 dollar menu. Every single thing you purchase will go up in price. The reason everything at walmart is made in China is because they can make it there and ship it half way around the world cheaper, than paying you to make it.

    • Rodster

      And the socialist genius weighs in again. Why $12 per hour? Why not get it over with and force companies to pay $50 per hour along with 40 hours per week and full healthcare benefits. If we’re going socialist lets do it the right way.

      • Gary2

        I actually think the minimum wage should be $19 per hour. It has lost a ton of purchasing power over the years. Mcdonalds will not eliminate the dollar menu as no one will pay 3 for their crap.. Business can charge as much as they want but no one will be buying.

        • Rodster

          Screw that just force those rich corporations to pay $50 an hour with a mandatory 40 hour work week along with full health care benefits. That way people can buy cars, TV’s etc to feed the economy. If they can’t pay up take the money away from them or shut them down.

          If your going to raise the minimum wage just do it right.

          • Gary2

            works for me.

  • Gary2

    Michael-thank you for a very well written and balanced article. I really enjoyed it. This is the Michael We all know and love. I do not know who that other Michael is that periodically writes those other posts bashing the poor and is horribly right wing biased. Do you have an evil twin??? 🙂

    • Michael


      I don’t bash the poor. I just believe that the ultimate solution lies in making the economy great again and getting everyone into good jobs.


      • Curt W

        If the US cut spending until we paid all our bills and interest and had an extra Billion to apply to our debt every year, It would only take 15,400 years to be debt free.

        Good jobs returning to the US must entail, either repealing all Free Trade Agreements, or bringing the other 95% of the world population up to our level of wages. Good luck with that.

      • vancouver mark

        If that’s really your “ultimate solution”, Michael, then we see things very differently indeed.

    • hefsmaster

      Quit your brown nosing there you hypocrite! “We all know and love”… You show nothing but animosity towards everyone here and piss and moan about the bias articles all day every day. You are a virus here. Totally useless in function except to infect us all with your being poor is great mentality.

      • Gary2

        I can not help it if I am way more articulate than you are!

  • Curt W

    The American worker makes up less than 4% of the world population. About 80% of the world population would gladly work for less than half the Americans wage. Free trade agreements are being signed every year with more and more countries. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where our wages are going. We started signing Free Trade agreements so we could sell our cars to the world, totally backfired, now the world has undercut us and put us out of business.

  • tappedops

    No worries…its posh to be be poor… ( … i lost everything, all the way down to the dried out fries inbetween the drivers seat and the console… i ride a bike to a full time (32 hours) middle class($12 hr) janitor job… and im proud to be knocking down close to 15 bills a month. I do worry about getting axed cause i make so much money…so i work every day like it could be my last… and i never think about when i used to live in poverty as a 26 dollar and hour cash carpenter…

  • bobinsherwood

    The definition of a “good job” seems to be a lot of money for not a lot of skill. When I go to a Home Depot most of the employees know nada about home repair. When I go to Best Buy most of the employees know nada about hi tech. When I go to Starbucks most of the baristas can’t make my coffee the same way 2 days in a row! To top it all, the cashiers at all of them can’t make change because none of them can do simple math! At my office it takes an IT guy a whole day to make a change to my work computer that I have done to my home computer in 30 minutes without the attitude. No surprise the company is getting rid of most of the IT department and outsourcing the IT services. LOL! That’s the same paradigm happening everywhere. People are coming to the realization that it is nonsense to pay someone $20 an hour to mow your lawn or shovel the snow from your sidewalk and businesses are coming to the same conclusion for the majority of jobs. Wages are heading down so the vast majority better get used to it or start your own business or find a real talent or skill if you have one and develop it.

    • Gary2

      The definition of a “good job” seems to be a lot of money for not a lot of skill

      This seems to work for the majority of CEO’s. They trash the company and get bonus anyways and a golden parachute to boot.

      The rot starts with the CEO’S

  • Reinvent

    I am a American who has moved overseas. I have had extensive education on how the real poor live. I have changed much in my life based on what I have learned. From the way the Indians and Mexicans can cook a huge meal for a dollar, to how the Filipinos hire and employ people.

    I have been blessed with a leg up coming from the US. I have made it a point to constantly educate myself, and concentrate on value, not a mythical number in the bank. It is not easy however.

    The other day the wife was tempted to buy a iPhone4 even though we already have 2 laptops, one iPhone and 2 iPad1. We maintain 2 households because of my job, however that will end very soon. Instead we are going to be selling off the extra iPad, and the 2 laptops will be used for my new business. The iPhone I bought used for $180 has been rebuilt with a new battery and plug. Protected with a quality case.

    In 2008, I listened to the warnings and prepared for the end of the world mad max style. Instead I just went broke and nearly lost everything due to debt.

    I have managed to claw my way back, and am now debt free, living in a paid for home and paid for car. We are opening a new business debt free, with all equipment paid for. We have a years supply of shop consumables and next month will have a years supply of food to go along with that.

    I don’t consider myself “rich” but I am no longer having sleepless nights worrying either.

  • mondobeyondo

    Out of tough times, come tough people.

  • mondobeyondo

    We do have a couple of choices.

    1 – Take to the streets and fight back, orrrr…

    2 – Shut yourself in your bedroom, chat endlessly on your cellphone, sit in front of your Playstation 3 and listen to “Henry the 8th” for the next 7 hours.

    Most people will pick the latter.

  • mondobeyondo

    If you can’t see what is obviously going on around us… well, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, buddy.

    “Living is easy with eyes closed
    Misunderstanding what you see”

    (“Strawberry Fields Forever”, The Beatles)

    • mondobeyondo

      btw – nothing about what the government tells you is real.

      But there’s nothing to get hung about.

      Hope and Change Forever!

      (okay, I’ve been harsh on Obama lately. I’ll back off a bit.)

  • Rancher


    I am sure you know that in today’s military (ours) they are more than ever suffering form obese and over weight soldiers. The photos from our previous generation in WW2 showed lean trim well maintained men and women.

    They also suffer from higher amounts of poorly educated people and recruits with drug and personal problems.

    Today’s working class ain’t what it used to be…that is so sad….

    The Military drws from our population pool.

    • Gary2

      the military is corporate welfare for the rich and corporations.

      • wendi

        Gary, we are like-minded. A fish rots from the head down.

  • dadude

    The minimum wage should not be increase!
    Think about that for a second. Salaries in the US have been stagnant in the US for years.

    Just what will a wage increase in a faltering economy do?

    Will companies hire less?
    Will companies fire more?
    Will salaries continue to be stagnant where we see increases in fuel and food?
    Will this cause companies to pass on the cost to the customers???

    Every time the minimum wage is increased, it just brings “middle class” americans closer to poverty?

  • Hans

    Yesterday I could not enter your blog. I thought the powers that be managed to silence you.

    While I tried other avenues to your site, I noticed a definite attempt to discredit you. You may want to check out your name on **************.

    The way I see it, you are basically pointing out the obvious. If you spend more than you earn and go into debt, it can only end one way. To export manfacturing in the interest of profit is short-sighted. You start out by losing decent jobs. Eventually you lose the skills and ability to produce to your competitors.

    We’ll see who gets the last laugh, although I do not see a lot to laugh about in this “recovery”.

  • paul

    If you didn’t get a wage increase over the past 5 years, you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    If you have to do three people jobs because they laid them off, you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    If your wife say “you don’t give me anything,” you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    When you go to the gas station and put in $10.
    in gas each time, you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    If you wait for your tax return to get some extra money for the year, you might be a average worker.

  • paul

    If you start dreaming of doing evil to get money, you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    If you start counting the years to your retirement, you maybe a average worker.

  • paul

    If you waiting to die, to put a end to it, you might be a average worker.

  • oleguy

    As I read this and we point figers at each other and blame each other the politicians continue to laugh their butts off at all of you.

    I can remember when my father went to work and my mother stayed home and we coul make ends meet. We lived modestly and saved and did not go out and buy the latest and greatest gadget or vehicle. We did not need granite counter tops or more house then we could actually use. LBJ created the war on poverty and three years later my mother had to go to work. Why some will ask. Well our governement has and is debasing the dollar to try and inflate away the debt. It cost more to buy things as our purchasing power has and continues to be diminished. They are pilfering every working person’s wallet with this hidden tax.

    Taxes increased and contiue to increase to pay for the war on poverty that cannot be won! Special interests wanted women to go to work. They can collect more taxes and offer lower wages to them.

    Instead of bashing one another look at what our governement in bed with the fed is doing to us all. Nothing is going to change. You do not even have a choice anymore on who you vote for as they are offered to you so you have the illusion of making a difference. So either a repub or a dem is a choice? No it is not.

    I like some other posters here have gone without to live, while most Americans see their neighbor and their new toy so they go out and buy one, no matter if they can pay for it or not. Juggle the debt just like our governement is doing all the time inflating away your purchasing power.

    Nothing is going to change and alot of jobs will never be coming home. Until the econoomy is pegged to wages once again we will all be going broke in the future.

    But remember you only have two choices lol what a crock! Both parties are screwing you!






    Economic meltdown, and the coming collapse. One would think that this would spur a “call to arms” from the masses. Not so. Snooki, neck breaking colliding football helmets, drug overdosing dead celebrity of the moment, and other such distractions keep the masses from realizing that they are merely pawns in a cynical game that the political elites have been playing for years. They simply want to destroy everything and nothing more. But hey, aren’t spit romney, prick santorum, and barack obomber such wonderful people?

  • Guy Gold

    Republicans and right wing talk show hosts are eager to blame President Obama for our economic mess. If anyone suggests Bush might have something to do with it-they get very combative. The truth is the economy has been on a downward trajectory every since America hit Peak Oil in 1970. When that occurred-to maintain profit margins corporations couldn’t acquire more cheap energy-they had to reduce labor expenditures. This chart shows American average wages as a percentage to GDP growth:

    See the correlation of that chart to US oil production:

    Globalization took this bad economic fire and threw gasoline upon it.

    You will notice there was a bump up in US oil production and wages relative to GDP in 1983-in large part because technology came online to go deep drilling. But the gains from that technology were very short lived as the gains from shale oil will be short lived because the decline in mature wells exceeds any potential for new production from shale. The oil industry is terrified to learn that when an oil field was drilled the rate of decline from 100% production to about 50% production took decades. In the shale fields it’s already being seen that the decline rate is going from 100% in one year to 10%. Not even the pessimists expected that. It calls into question the whole economic feasibility of shale oil fracking/production in America (and if that truth were recognized there is no way America can’t take the Canadian oil pipeline).

    That we have Ipods and LCD TVs does not mean we have a higher standard of living. In 1970 it was pretty easy for one parent to stay home with a child and another to work and support the family. Only a tiny percentage of Americans have that luxury today-and that is not the fault of only the last couple of Presidents. We have a false belief in our standard of living because historically high debt levels give a false sense of prosperity.

    People call and say “the government hasn’t let oil companies build refineries here.” The truth is the oil companies have known that Peak Oil Production was upon the world and there is no need to bring more refining capacity online if you’ll never process as much oil again.

    It won’t matter who is elected, America’s days of empire are dwindling right along with our oil reserves. Our ability to service our debt is tied to more oil production-an impossibility over the long haul. America’s total economic collapse may come while Ed’s alive-but if not, his children are going to live most their lives in America very different than the America Ed has lived in. When Sam talks about how he “hit it” when he was young-he is talking about a time before the United States hit Peak Oil where jobs were plentiful. That is not the situation today. Sam wants to hold the younger generation to a standard from his past when America had an energy and related jobs bonanza-that no longer exists. We left the next generation short of energy and overwhelmed with debt. We ought not be telling the young generation how to do better than we’ve done because it’s impossible to do worse to the country than the Baby Boomer generation did.

    People say “you can’t time the market.” Well in some instances you can. Nothing is more certain to cause recessions than high gasoline prices. Gasoline prices today are the highest they’ve ever been at this time of the year:

    This is a very good indicator we’re much more likely to see 10,000 again on the DJIA before we see the 14,400 high of 2008. When the public is forced to pull their heads out of the sand about Peak Oil and the economic consequences of it being here-within this decade the stock market can lose a higher percentage of value than it ever has before-in a one year period.

    When you have a former CEO of Shell Oil telling you there isn’t a Peak Oil problem but he’s got an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Masters Degree in Political Science-and you have one of the world’s leading scientists that has a PhD in Petroleum Engineering telling you a catastrophe is here-only a low IQ person would believe what the average IQ former CEO is telling them over what a genius Petroleum Engineer is telling them-about the circumstance of oil and the economic repercussions:

  • Gary2

    Socioeconomic Affirmative Action:

    During Obama’s second term, when he has nothing to loose, a second new deal is being talked about in the OFA (Obama For America) meetings we have monthly.

    Part of it would consist of a socioeconomic affirmative action program funded by a 5% tax on incomes over 5 million per year and also include this tax on capital gains above a yet to be determined amount. (which are simply income anyway)

    This would allow the government to level the playing field and make capitalism more fair to everyone and not just the rich who currently are the main beneficiaries. If socialism is good enough for the rich then it is good enough for the rest of us.

    It would advantage the poor over the rich in order to facilitate a more equal opportunity society for all, similar to the Scandinavian countries (who beat the USA in almost every category from % of population in poverty to better healthcare outcomes etc.) Google this for yourself to see I am correct.

    We have a member from Denmark who sited a study that if the economic systems in the USA and Sweden are described to people without telling the name of a country the economic system of Sweden beats the USA something like 90% choosing Sweden economic (more socialism) and only 10% choosing the USA (less socialism unless you are rich or a corporation)

    Before some dolt tells me to move-this is my country also and we are taking it back from the right wing nuts who drove us into a ditch.

    When the right is asked will you take 10 in cuts for every 1 in tax increase they all said no. Their patron saint (my rep) Paul 1% Ryan road map to poverty plan also increases the debt/deficit so do not talk about the debt as a problem.

    With a second new deal we will increase demand and grow our way out of the debt issue by putting dollars into the hands of people who will spend it namely the working poor.

    Tax the greedy to help the needy!!!

    • Cyndi Bright

      Socioeconomic Affirmative Action? LOL! Only a delusional leftist fool who has taken too many drugs would believe the hope and change bull crap that BO preaches. BO and the demoncats have no intention of ever changing the present tax code which is filled with tax exemptions and special tax breaks for their political supporters like the big Wall Street banks. The mega rich like Oprah will never pay one cent more in taxes than they do now. The reality is that BO and his rich cronies live like royalty at taxpayer’s expense. BO hands out taxpayer money to his cronies in exchange for their support and their campaign donations. Take the example of Solyndra in which BO’s administration made a $535 million loan guarantee. Solyndra later ceased all business activity, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and laid-off nearly all of its employees. After Solyndra’s bankruptcy, it was revealed that the company had spent a large sum of money on lobbying, that several of the company’s shareholders and executives had made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign and that Solyndra executives had had many meetings with White House officials. Taxpayers now will have to pay back the loan guarantees that BO’s adminstraction made to Solyndra. Watch what they do and not what they say!

  • Our Federal Govt. is operating so far outside of its design parameters that this type of discussion is futile. In my opinion the place to begin is eliminating income tax which would force massive reductions in power and programs, bringing the govt. more in line with the founders structure. Only then can a discussion vis-a-vis federal and state govts. become worthwhile.

  • Dan

    21. Your high school kid needed to find a job and you applied too- and got it.
    22. Newly hired at 51, have a Masters and at the bottom of the crew working holidays, weekends & late evenings and haven’t seen your family since you started working there.
    23.You’re forbidden to work overtime.
    24. You’re tempted to work off the clock to get it done so they can’t fire you for not being fast enough.
    25. You bring a lunch from home every day and it’s always a folded over PB without the J.
    26. You eat pancakes for breakfast AND dinner.
    27. If you have to borrow money from your widowed mother who lives on a fixed income.
    28. If you are always covering the shift of the younger crew because they have a “headache” and didn’t show up.
    29.Your 2 week paycheck only took 3 days to earn at your previous job.
    30. You’re not at work anymore- but in Purgatory.

  • 98Bravo

    Looking at that chart, it looks like the decline closely coincided with the enactment of “The Great Society” program. Which enacted greater SS and welfare benefits and so began the “Great War” on poverty. The unintended consequences of liberal policies are totally ignored by liberals and when they fail, they blame someone else or the old fall backs, “we didn’t spend enough” or “we need to make adjustments”.

    NO!! NO Adjustments, Get out of the WAY! Cut taxes, cut regulations, cut the government. That is what is needed.

    But of course, we won’t see any of that. So, in the mean time, buy ammo, food and survival gear, and make friends and a plan with your neighbors so u don’t have to stay awake 24hrs protecing yourself when the SHTF.

  • AwakeInTheNightmare

    Many of your articles contain truth however, it seems that many are still stuck in the left vs right, the rep vs dem, the conservative vs liberal paradigm. This is the greatest con job of all time and many are STILL being fooled! How many times must you all receive the information yet continue to ignore and disregard it? The LIE is alive and well and is continuing as evidenced from the comments on these very pages! It matters NOT if a politican is from the democrat or republican camp! BOTH parties are corrupt to the core and serve not “we the people” but instead serve the corporate/business entities of the elite.
    Vote out or remove ALL incumbents and reform the corrupt system and you may then finally begin to see a positive change. If you all continue to remain blinded by the lie, nothing will change at all. While you continue squabbling back and forth, everything will implode all around us. WAKE UP AND ACCEPT THE TRUTH! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  • AwakeInTheNightmare

    PS: gary2 is a brainwashed fool spewing forth the horrendous idea to actually increase failed socialist policies. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Insanity is doing the same thing thats previously failed yet blindly INCREASING the same previous policy failures and expecting…….what? That some majik utopian dream will suddenly materialize out of thin air? I personally know people who live/have lived in european countries with socialist healthcare systems and believe me, it’s NOT about “better healthcare outcomes” AT ALL. It takes months and months(sometimes years)of waiting for substandard medical treatment. During this waiting period, many (who dont have lots of money) simply die off. Now, they are organizing “euthanasia squads” to go right into peoples homes to perform the legalized murder beacuse it’s cheaper than treatment in a hospital. (look it up) Now, I’m not implying that this is every european country. I am only talking about the ones where I actually know someone. These friends have also expressed to me a genuine distrust, disgust and astonishment at the behaviour and attitude of their supressive, excessively intrusive socialist govt’s. Ahhh yes…. utopia! Dont fall for it!

    • Gary2

      It is the conservative policies of trickle down the last 30 years that have put this country into the ditch. Continuing to have anything to do with conservatism is ding the same thing and expecting different results.

      I am proposing different solutions to the tired old selfish conservative philosophy of I got mine so screw you.

    • beedogs

      What the *hell* are you spewing, AwakeInTheNightmare? I moved from the US to Australia 4 years ago and the quality of “socialist” (OOH SCARY WORD!) health care here is outstanding. I don’t think you have any idea what you’re talking about.

    • Asbury Steve

      AwakeInTheNightmare, you ARE the Nighmare!

      Socialist Countries are doing Better than the U.S. right now, even Cuba! But you’re totally Misusing the word “Socialism”, because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid are “Insurance”, paid for BY the people, not Socialism.
      2. Single Payer Health Care works WAY better than Our 6,000 Provider “For Corporate Profit” System, which is ranked a far back 37th in the World for Quality of Health Care. 50 Million People have NO Health Care in the U.S., and another 50 Million are Underinsured.
      3. 50% of all Bankruptcies are caused by a lack of sufficient Health Insurance in the U.S., which doesn’t HAPPEN in virtually ANY European Country.

      The U.S. is A GIGANTIC Bubble about to burst, which has Sucked Off of the Rest of the World for over 6 Decades, and more. We Create Child & Slave Labor, in order to get our Products made cheap in other Countries, and turn our backs on it.

    • Nobby21

      I see “AwakeInTheNightmare” Is completely out of touch with reality. Despite hard evidence to the contrary he still persists to spew crap on a subject he obviously knows nothing about. Amazing! He has every right to comment of course, and I have nothing against republicans. Why, I even stood next to one in a bar.

  • AwakeInTheNightmare

    Right on Cameron! “more in line with the founders structure”
    A Constitutional Republic was what we once had before corporatism and democracy (cringes) took hold. Unless we the people force a return to the true Constitutional Republic that is ours and not theirs (govts), nothing will change. Until we utilize the easy solution which is simply following the Constitution, things will only worsen. Unless we dissolve “usa the corporation” and restore the true Republic, then as you said, “this type of discussion is futile”

  • tuco22

    It was a combination of things: Nixon’s taking us off the gold standard in the early 70’s opened the door to inflation in our economy. Clinton’s signing of the NAFTA trade agreement paved the way for those good paying jobs to be shipped overseas. When Ross Perot warned about that, everyone laughed at him. CAFTA and GATT were the other two nails in the job coffin, CAFTA courtesy of Bush and GATT was during the Clinton administration, I believe. So you see, it isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing; it’s a Republican AND a Democrat thing.

  • sierra

    Totally corrupt two party system is what got us here in the end…along with the human nature selfish, greedy narcissism of both maniacal consumerism and fraudulent banking practices…that were somewhat constrained over more than 70 years by legitimate legislation reigning in some of the corporate greed…..
    A progressive society doesn’t mean “socialism” or anything like it….most people don’t have a clue what true socialist society is/was/could be, especially those that use the term “loosely” and try to apply it to anything their opposition believes.
    We have to distinguish between a “lifestyle” and “quality of life” and that of what our present day technology can bestow on us not for profit, but in the case of medical care, non profit.
    Some things can be for profit, others, as in a truly progressive society, non profit.
    That gives all sides something to work for, society wise, and politically.
    Oh, last but not least: Dismantle the National Security State…..that is the first step towards rebuilding our crumbling, corrupt, greedy society.

    • Deborah

      Sierra, I like the way you think 🙂

  • Deborah

    I have noticed so many more older people (some senior citizens) and also more educated types (I wonder why such a well spoken man is doing the job a teenager s/b doing) working in Target and the grocery store. It makes me feel incredibly sad to see this and I worry for not only my own future but for the future of my young children. This great country has seen its best days and is now on it’s way down…fast.

  • Steve

    ECONOMIC SECESSION! The Middle and Lower Classes must unite and form: 1) Democratic Work Places (income shared equally with no CEO’s, board of directors, stockholders or investors, 2) vocational schools to train the unemployed to work in the DWP’s (Democratic Work Places) and 3) People’s banks that will print interest free money based on gold and silver. The private sector is automating all jobs and federal governments, pawns of the private sector, will never do enough to help the hordes of the unemployed as ALL THE JOBS ON THIS PLANET WILL BE AUTOMATED!

    • Mae Miller

      And just how do ‘we the people’ unite and form democratic work places where there are no CEOs, Brd of Directors, etc.? How do “we” set up these vocational schools, and people’s banks?

      Look at the Wall Street occupiers – getting thrown in jail, being marginalized. Look at Ron Paul, the only candidate of the bunch who speaks with honor and respect for our Constitution. And hard to believe, but people are voting instead for Romney and Santorum, neither of whom appears to be any different than the other politicians we already have. Or worse, in my opinion, voting for Obama – who has already proven our Constitution means nothing to him. Look at all those posting in places like this that see the problem, but have no solutions, or solutions that are not achievable or practical. No offense, but like yours – you can’t open a bank without money. We are not in a position to fire the CEOs. For the most part, I doubt many of us are educators, or have the means to start schools.

      It’s not that I disagree with you. I just don’t know how to make things like that really happen. Do you?

  • Crazy Jack

    The year is 2025:
    USA elects its first gay President
    The year is 2040:
    USA elects its first Robotic President.
    The future is coming fast. So prepare accordingly.
    By the way, we are already wasting too many dollars (tax payer money)on good-for-nothing governors, mayors, congressmen, senators and President. These jobs can be done better by fully-automated robots and they will also work for free. The system needs a complete over-haul.

  • mooky452

    Hey! I take issue with number 11. My 22 year old van is AWESOME! But my 14 year old Honda gets much better gas mileage. My wife’s 10 year old Dodge still looks new. Uh oh. We have three cars… paid for. We must be wealthy elitists. That or we focus our expenses on things more worthwhile than new cars every few years. Learn to do your own repairs, folks. Your yearly savings will be unbelievable.

  • Unhappy Gilmore

    The issues that effect the US economically are tax, savings, investment, and debt. The current tax system when it was initiated was mostly fair, it encouraged buying a home, being married, and having a family. As far as I can tell it still does this, but what has changed has been the taxes on businesses.

    You may think that it should be higher on companies than on people, but that is a mistake. Companies list on stock exchanges so that they can get more money from small investors who are looking for a way to keep their money and make at least a modest return on it. With higher taxes the company has less to pay out, less to use for R&D, expansion, hiring people at reasonable wages. There are some extremely large US companies that now have their headquarters registered outside the US because it pays less taxes by having the US operations as a subsidiary. Taxes are high, but combining high corporate taxes on top of high individual taxes, means someones feet will move to where it’s lower. So far there has not been a massive migration of people from the US to Liechtenstein or Switzerland, but corporate taxes are lower there, so it’s not surprising to see lots of US companies with registered offices and staff of almost zero.

    Many people are encouraged to save through 401-K and other plans, mostly by their employer either internally or more often, through 3rd party insurance companies. People need to save money as soon and for as long as they can, that is no doubt. But gone are the days when kids were encouraged to save in school, that is a damnable shame. Everyone needs to save money, including companies, county, city, state, and the federal government. Have you ever heard that the government has a surplus? Me neither. If the government had to maintain a positive cash balance in addition to a cost savings program, think how much better it could respond to emergencies.

    Investing is the area that most put lip service to. They talk about investing in a new car, or a boat. Neither are investments, they cost you more in payments for the term of the purchase than the car or boat is worth, and the value at the end varies on how much extra effort you put in to maintain it while you have them. Investing should be putting money, time, and effort into something that will increase it’s value and then will return more. Buying a bicycle, tractor, car, boat, house, or land, fixing it up or as some call it ‘restoring’ it so that it can be sold for more than what it cost to acquire, parts and labor for repair, is investing that anyone can do. Government can and in fact should invest, not just in stable pro-American governments abroad, but in developing and actually using new advancements. It is both economically feasible and practical to develop high speed and mag-lev trains. But the government has done little to nothing on a national high speed or mag-lev rail system.

    People have been encouraged to get a credit card, we all need good credit. Unfortunately, buying something on credit, must be paid off. Too many people use one card to get other cards and then charge up bills to the hills. Having reduced my 5 cards down to one, reducing my debt from 12K to just 50 dollars was painful. Mechanically recovered chicken hotdogs, marked down foods at the grocery store, buying by price rather than label or brand was tough. But at the end of all that, I have more of the money that I earn in my hands than in the hands of banks and credit card companies.

    We want the government to reduce the debt, but we whine when the services are not there. There are areas in the government that need to reduce its budget and others that need to be cut completely. This is true of any government, county, city, state, and federal.

    The problem is, everyone agrees with most of this, but they are pointing to one spot as if fixing that one thing will make everything alright. Unfortunately what is needed is a holistic approach and that is something that is nearly impossible in our current society. Some county, city, state organ will have to provide support if the federal government doesn’t.

    When Clinton tried to bring in national healthcare, insurance companies and vested interest spent millions more on advertising swaying opinion against it. Imagine how it will be to get vested interest, to cut homeland security and return the defense of the nation back into the hands of the NSA, CIA, FBI, the military, the police, and Customs & Immigrations. Do we really need to be able to walk all the way to the boarding/disembarkation gate to see off or greet our friends and family? Can’t the airports just have separate public and transit areas and only passengers need to have their carry-on scanned.

  • peter

    I am from Eastern Europe and i have taken one of your jobs away because one of your biggest companies decided to externalize their IT dept….but don’t worry, you can have it back any time , that’s if you settle for 1250$/month and to have to come live here where i am at , and pay 2$ for 1/4 gallons of gas … so stop complaining about your lives and that you are loosing jobs 😉

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