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21 Signs That The New Reality For Many Baby Boomers Will Be To Work As Wage Slaves Until They Drop Dead

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All over America tonight, millions of elderly Americans are wondering if their money is going to run out before it is time for them to die.  Those that are now past retirement age are not going to be rioting in the streets, but that doesn’t mean that large numbers of them are not deeply suffering.  There are millions of elderly Americans that are leading lives of “quiet desperation” as they try to get by on meager fixed incomes.  Many are surviving on Ramen noodles, oatmeal, peanut butter or whatever other cheap food they can find in the stores.  There are some that are so short on cash that they will not turn on the heat in their homes until things get really desperate.  As health care costs soar, millions of elderly Americans find themselves deep in debt and facing huge medical bills that they cannot possibly pay.  A lot of older Americans would go back to work if they could, but jobs are scarce and very few companies seem to even want to consider hiring them.  Right now caring for all of the Americans that have already retired is turning out to be an overwhelming challenge, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  On January 1st, 2011 the very first Baby Boomers turned 65.  A massive tsunami of retirees is coming, and America is not ready for it.

Sadly, most retirees have not adequately prepared for retirement.  For many, the recent economic downturn absolutely devastated their retirement plans.  Many were counting on the equity in their homes, but the recent housing crash crushed those dreams.  Others had their 401ks shredded by the stock market.

Meanwhile, corporate pension plans all across America are vastly underfunded.  Many state and local government pension programs are absolute disasters.  The federal government has already begun to pay out significantly more in Social Security benefits than they are taking in, and the years ahead are projected to be downright apocalyptic for the Social Security program.

So needless to say, things do not look good for the Baby Boomers that are now approaching retirement age.

The following are 21 signs that the new reality for many Baby Boomers will be to work as wage slaves until they drop dead….

#1 According to a shocking AARP survey of Baby Boomers that are still in the workforce, 40 percent of them plan to work “until they drop”.

#2 A recent survey of American workers that included all age groups found that 54 percent of them planned to keep working when they retire and 39 percent of them plan to either work past age 70 or never retire at all.

#3 A poll conducted by CESI Debt Solutions found that 56 percent of American retirees still had outstanding debts when they retired.

#4 A recent study by a law professor from the University of Michigan found that Americans that are 55 years of age or older now account for 20 percent of all bankruptcies in the United States.  Back in 2001, they only accounted for 12 percent of all bankruptcies.

#5 Between 1991 and 2007 the number of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 that filed for bankruptcy rose by a staggering 178 percent.

#6 Most of the bankruptcies among the elderly are caused by our deeply corrupt health care system.  According to a report published in The American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are a major factor in more than 60 percent of the personal bankruptcies in the United States.  Of those bankruptcies that were caused by medical bills, approximately 75 percent of them involved individuals that actually did have health insurance.

#7 The U.S. government now says that the Medicare trust fund will run dry five years faster than they were projecting just last year.

#8 Starting on January 1st, 2011 the Baby Boomers began to hit retirement age.  From now on, every single day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach the age of 65.  That is going to keep happening every single day for the next 19 years.

#9 Over 30 percent of all U.S. investors currently in their sixties have more than 80 percent of their 401k retirement plans invested in equities.  So what happens if the stock market crashes again?

#10 All over the United States predatory lenders are coldly and cruelly foreclosing on elderly homeowners.  You can read what one lender is doing to a 70-year-old woman and her terminally ill husband right here.

#11 Medical bills are absolutely devastating large number of elderly Americans right now.  Many are going to great lengths to try to pay their bills.  An elderly woman that lives in the Salem, Oregon area that is fighting terminal bone cancer tried to raise some money for her medical bills by holding a few garage sales on the weekends.  However, a neighbor ratted her out, and so now the police are shutting her garage sales down.

#12 Social Security’s disability program has already been pushed to the brink of insolvency and wave after wave of new applications continue to pour in.

#13 Approximately 3 out of every 4 Americans start claiming Social Security benefits the moment they are eligible at age 62.  Most are doing this out of necessity.  However, by claiming Social Security early they get locked in at a much lower amount than if they would have waited.

#14 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system paid out more in benefits than it received in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.  Sadly, in the years ahead these “Social Security deficits” are scheduled to become absolutely nightmarish as hordes of Baby Boomers retire.

#15 In 1950, each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.  In 2010, each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by approximately 3.3 U.S. workers.  By 2025, it is projected that there will be approximately two U.S. workers for each retiree.  How in the world can the system possibly continue to function properly with numbers like that?

#16 According to a shocking U.S. government report, soaring interest costs on the U.S. national debt plus rapidly escalating spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will absorb approximately 92 cents of every single dollar of federal revenue by the year 2019.  That is before a single dollar is spent on anything else.

#17 Most states have huge pension liabilities that are woefully underfunded.  For example, pension consultant Girard Miller recently told California’s Little Hoover Commission that state and local government bodies in the state of California have $325 billion in combined unfunded pension liabilities.  When you break that down, it comes to $22,000 for every single working adult in the state of California.

#18 Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Chicago and Joshua D. Rauh of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management recently calculated the combined pension liability for all 50 U.S. states.  What they found was that the 50 states are collectively facing $5.17 trillion in pension obligations, but they only have $1.94 trillion set aside in state pension funds.  That is a difference of 3.2 trillion dollars.  So where in the world is all of that extra money going to come from?  Most of the states are already completely broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

#19 According to one recent survey, 36 percent of Americans say that they don’t contribute anything at all to retirement savings.

#20 According to another recent survey, 24 percent of all U.S. workers say that they have postponed their planned retirement age at least once during the past year.

#21 Even though prices for necessities such as food and gas have been exploding, those receiving Social Security benefits have not received a cost of living increase for two years in a row.  Many elderly Americans that are living on fixed incomes are being squeezed like they have never been squeezed before.

There are millions of Americans out there that have done everything “right” all of their lives, but that now find the system letting them down in their golden years.

So how badly are some people hurting?  Well, a reader identified as “Anna44” recently shared with us what some of her family members have been going through in this economy….

My B-I-L was a dealership owner/manager who worked long hours over 38 years and had to close his doors when Saturn was dissolved. When his dealership went under, 72 others lost their job. That’s 72 families who took a hit. He lost his home, everything. A few of his former employees lost their homes as well eventually. They were not lazy or WORTHLESS. It took him a year and a half to finally find something, but now he lives in a hotel unable to qualify for a house or apartment. This is an educated man who competed nationwide for top dog and got it more then once. His biggest fault? He’s almost 60, young enough to need the work, but too old to be hired.

As for my husband- 26 years AF officer, handling millions & billions on International & National levels has just entered his 7th month of unemployment. Two tours abroad- lazy he is NOT. He doesn’t qualify for unemployment, nor is he counted because he gets a retirement check. He wants and needs to work- yet there is little out there. If he doesn’t find something soon, we too will lose the home we sunk every cent into after 20 years of saving for it!

These are Americans that should be getting ready to enjoy their golden years, but that are now fighting just to survive.

Today you will find a disturbingly large number of elderly Americans flipping burgers or welcoming people to Wal-Mart.  But most of them are not doing it because they are bored with retirement.  Rather, most of them are working as wage slaves because that is what they have to do in order to survive.

Sadly, there are a whole lot of companies out there that do not want to hire people that are past a certain age.  If you are older than 50, there are a lot of jobs that you should just basically forget about applying for.

Instead of valuing the experience and wisdom of our elders, our society openly makes fun of them and treats them as undesirables.

If you are afraid of getting old, you are not being irrational.  Getting old is indeed something to fear in this society.  We tend to treat elderly Americans like garbage.

Abuse of the elderly is rampant.  For example, a report from a couple of years ago found that 94 percent of all nursing homes in the United States had committed violations of federal health and safety standards.

As the U.S. economy continues to crumble, the way we treat the elderly is probably going to get even worse.

Right now there is tons of bad news about the economy, and another major economic downturn would put even more pressure on federal, state and local government budgets.

The truth is that there is simply no way that we can keep all of the financial promises that we have made to elderly Americans even if the most optimistic projections for our economy play out.

If the worst happens, we are going to see a lot more elderly Americans eating out of trash cans and freezing to death in their own homes.

The United States is facing a retirement crisis of unprecedented magnitude.  A comfortable, happy retirement is rapidly going to become a luxury that only the wealthy will enjoy.

For most of the rest of us, our golden years are going to mean a whole lot of pain and suffering.

That may not be pleasant to hear, but that is the truth.

  • My retirement home is a Winnebago RV sitting
    out front. In fact, I just bought ANOTHER RV
    so, now, I have TWO! Aaaaand, I have 2
    harleys. So, I can move to Lake Havasu Arizona
    and live out my last days riding and playing
    in the lake or maybe the river at Parker Dam.
    I learned of these places when I served in the]
    Marine Corp at 29 stumps, Ca. If on rv or bike
    breaks down, I’ll have a backup. Now THAT’s
    a plan B! And C!

    • Helix

      Not a plan. RVs require hookups and Harleys require gas and a feasible rider, which becomes more and more problemmatic as we age.

      The bottom line is we live in a cash economy where the traditional family support structure was dismantled in the name of “worker mobility”. You either have access to cash in your later years or you’re going to find out exactly how shaky the social safety net here is first hand.

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Great Maximus now all you need is God and Jesus to make sure that you are safe with all of that. Because World War 3 is on its way; and only God can protect you then!!

      • Gary2

        Hey why doesn’t he make my cup runneth over??? WTF??? what good is a god that promises you the world after you die but lets you suffer while alive???

        Where the F is that “dump truck of blessings” god wants to give everyone? Joyce Meyers said so.

        WTF show me the money.

        Maybe if you pray hard enough God will turn your Winnebago into a double wide. If you get on your knees maybe it will be a double wide with the fake wood on the side.

  • What’s up with using that Marxist term “wage slave”?

    I agree peoples standard of living will go down and that means they will have to work more years but the concept of retirement is rather new, and the current system was always unsustainable in the long run.

    As people live longer they can also work and be productive longer. Is it really morally justified to transfer wealth through coercion from the least wealthy demographic (the young) to the most wealthy demographic (retirees) via a ponzi scheme called social security?

    • Michael


      I am obviously not a Marxist, but I think the term “wage slave” is useful and descriptive.


    • grimreaper

      you cant expect taht you will be able to do same work at 65 as you wwere at 20’s…and so to speak, most of oour prolonged life(last 10 years) most spent fighting one or another illness…So what about that?

    • Jeff

      “a ponzi scheme called Social Security”

      Social Security has saved millions of seniors from a life of poverty for decades. Those who would choose to eliminate it would send millions of senior citizens into the streets, or worse.

      Americans must fight this cynical attempt to destroy a program that has raised the standard of living for millions of senior citizens since it was enacted on Aug 14, 1935.

      • Rhinehart Fox

        Since SS was conceived, people have been warning that it would eventually come to this. It is simple mathematics and like the Ponzi scheme, those in early get paid because they consumed what others were paying in, ostensibly for their own elder years. At 56, I have been paying into the system since I was 16. All that money was paid out to others for my entire working life. The system is already in deficit spending. HOW MUCH WILL BE THERE FOR ME IN 9 MORE YEARS? Zip, zero, nada.

        SS was the beginning of America’s entitlement mentality. It is a form of social welfare and it has contributed to the break-up of the traditional family just as much as “welfare”. First gov’t broke up the extended family by removing the children’s obligation to care for their elderly parents. Then it could procede to wreck the nuclear family by making dad irrelevant.

        The first step in curring this addiction is to end the denial and admit a problem. This sacred cow is going to get slaughtered so let’s own up to it.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        They, DC whores, took the money and blew it on pork and buy me votes projects to please the bleeding hearts club. Its been going on for 4 decades. If they had truly created a SS lockbox the system would be flush with cash. Instead they spent every penny that came in that did not go to recipients. (BTW that is how Clinton balanced’ the 98-2000 budgets.) Its a ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff is a small time pickpocket compared to DC and the too big to fails.

      • 007

        Social Security is running a 150 billion dollar a year negative cash flow and this deficit is growing exponentially. Social Security/ Disability is now broke and they are having to borrow from the primary Social Security fund (what a joke). There is no trust fund just government IOUs. Every bit of this Social Security cash short fall has to be borrowed. How long do you really believe this can continue?

        How compassionate is it to lead people to depend on it and yank it away? The coming inflation will eat these people alive. The young will have to pay for it and will never see a dime of benefits. How many jobs has this social security tax killed as it is a very expensive employment tax? New businesses are bankrupted every day by the social security self employment tax. Yep another brilliant government program.

        Social security recipients will soon be looking for food out of trash cans because their checks will not be able to buy enough food.

        SSI has always been unsustainable and we have all been forced to contribute to it. The government has squandered the taxes we have paid into it. It is on schedule to absolutely bankrupt us. It will fall apart just like Freddie and Fannie.

        When we can no longer borrow money or print money without serious consequences it will fall apart. Yep another brilliant government program.

        P.S. Bernie Madoff’s initial investors thought his fund was great too, right up till it fell apart and they were destroyed.

      • 007

        What is more pathetic than making people dependent on a government check and then destroying what it can buy through inflation. To add insult to injury they then give them no cost of living increase and tell them there is no inflation.

        Kind of like peeing down their back and them telling them it is raining.

    • Nexus789

      Nothing wrong with using the term ‘wage slave’. Also most welfare payments in most west countries are not ponzi schemes and are funded from tax revenues. It is only your prejudice and ignorance that would perceive it this way.

      Try cutting out the moronic wars, bombing and trying to convince yourself that you control the world – look to help your own people, etc.

      I have working in the US and thankfully I don’t have to live in such a brutal society.

      I would point out that you will get old as well and perhaps you will have resources to look after yourself but if not I’d pity the balance of your life when society does not care or want to help you.

      • Jeremy

        The simple truth is that the US cannot afford these programs. Compassion or not, it is not affordable.

        While I agree that US military presence is too great around the world (aka “policing” the world), the cost of these wars is negligible compared to SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

        BTW, I am a young person who will pay into this fund, but will probably never see a dime. I am experiencing the brutality of life right now, but life IS hard. No government can promise its populace freedom from difficult (and sometimes impoverished) times. Nor should they.

        I don’t know which country you are from, but get off your high horse about a “brutal” society. I have traveled extensively, and it is just as brutal, and in many places moreso, elsewhere. Life is hard.

    • denny

      If you’d read more, you’d have learned that Marx predicted this. What most Americans don’t know is that Marx and the way his theories turned out (Russia, China, etc) had nothing to do with each other. His was an ANALYSIS of capitalism, among other things and when his ideas were put into practice, they were totally effed up – kinda like the kind of ‘capitalism’ we have today. It’s not capitalism – it’s just a ‘Let’s make the rich richer’ game that we all HAVE to play so the wealthy cam play at Monte Carlo, Aruba or wherever else it is they go to spend OUR dollars. They’re the real socialists and the real capitalists have long since been relegated to the dustbin.

      • Jeremy

        Correct. The main feature of socialism is not wealth re-distribution, but wealth consolidation. I forget who said that, but from my observations and research, it is true. Look at any socialist-communist state (Cuba, China, former USSR), and you will see an impoverished populace, and an uber-rich government/political class who makes every attempt to keep wealth away from private hands (rivals for power).

    • Heidi

      I take it you have no idea about what our government has done to the Social Security system? They have taken (stolen) the money for “pork barrel” projects. I swear if I hear another person call it an “entitlement” I’m going to go ballistic! SS cannot be an entitlement if you are FORCED to contribute to the system. They have robbed the retiring American citizens. Start reading, and have some compassion! You eventually will find yourself on the other side of this debate.

    • Helix

      The young have always taken care of the old. Thus the commandment to “honor thy father and mother.” The problem we’re confronting is that “worker mobility” destroyed the traditional family-based safety net, but that traditional safety net was not replaced with a sustainable cash-based safety net.

      Prices in an economic system have a disturbing tendency to rise to the level that people can afford. Money that is to be used for things over and above the expenses of daily living are well advised to be removed from the equation before normal expenses are met: thus taxes are withheld before workers ever get their take-home pay. Ditto for social security. Without social security withholdings, expenses rise to absorb that which is currently being contributed, with disastrous consequences for the elderly.

  • Mark Draper

    This is the first time I have read this blog. It sounds like what I have been saying for years. Very interesting comments. Pros and Cons are both challenging and thoughtful. If you get a few more families prepared to survive what is coming its worth your time. Very interesting well researched thoughts on your part. I will be here from now on.

    • Michael

      That is great to hear Mark. I think that you will find that we have some really lively discussions. I hope that you will join in on a regular basis.


  • D

    I wish this blog was the new Yahoo front page. The stats and information is dreadfully depressing and pessimistic, but it is pure reality. Regardless, people, one by one, are slowly beginning to ponder the dire future of the entire world, much less the US. It is difficult to go on day to day with the realization you will be enslaved with poor pay until your death bed, Ph. Ds included.

    Anna’s story is all too common: A person gets worked to the bone their entire life in hope making a decent living, only to have one hiccup destroy every everything. In the end, it barely matters.

    401Ks are unstable, SSI will be gone, and pensions will be a distant memory of the once “glorious” past. No jobs, no care, all greed. Start planting potatoes. That is, if you want to proceed into the dim future and go through it all again.

    • Michael


      I wish it was the new Yahoo front page too. 🙂

      Actually, everyone can help out quite a bit by voting for these articles using the Google “plus one” button at the top of the inner right hand column, or by using the buttons at the end of the articles to post them to Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets.


      • Rev. Reggie Jackson

        Michael have you read yet that the International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins want Gadaffi’s 144 tons of pure gold. And by the time most of us retire; our retirement accounts will be – – – non-existent!! ahahahahah!! It feels so wonderful to know that God has our retirement in heaven. All the retirement that we will ever need !!

        • Heidi

          Did you read that NATO already has looted Libyan Gold while Tripoli fell? Infowars has an article on it. I am ashamed that the US is apart of this.

  • Gary2

    Michael-As you may know I volunteer as a driver for meals on wheels and deliver meals to poor seniors every Tuesday. The conditions and poverty I see are sickening. Many live in old farm houses that are literally falling apart.

    Our drop out gov in WI is cutting funds for this program so he can give tax cuts to the rich and corporations. This is morally wrong in addition to the economic of cutting taxes on the rich not being good policy..

    I have seen the already meager portions getting even smaller in the meals but hey, the rich need another tax cut.

    We are a rich country with plenty of money. We simply choose to shower it on the rich at the expense of the poor and now almost extinct middle class. This is not simply my opinion but are provable facts. The rich have never had such low taxes.

    When the richest 400 have more wealth and income than the bottom 155 million something is wrong and this needs to be addressed by taxing the rich hard and spreading the wealth. I can not understand how anyone could call this wealth and income distribution acceptable, yet the right wing nuts see no issue with this. They are immoral at best.

    • Ben Dover

      Some rich ARE thieves, but I hava a problem with the phrase “THE wealth”. How can you put so much faith into the idea that the thieves/traitors in D.C. would spread “the” wealth “fairly”?

      BTW, “the” wealth belongs to the people who create/earn it, NOT the government. Feel free to spread YOUR wealth however you wish.

    • Jake

      Gary, I agree with you about the need. I too am working with people in heartbreaking situations.
      Our difference is that I don’t trust this govt. with one more dollar from any American, poor, middle or rich. These politicians will waste it instead of spending it to help Americans. And I’m talking about both parties.

    • RonL

      Gary2 you are to be commended for your providing a service for the elderly. I do take issue with your ranting about wealth redistribution. The top 5% of wage earners pay some 40% of taxes. How much more should they pay?–you want 60% or 80% of their income taxed? How much income taxes do the bottom 48% pay–how about 0%. Do you think the bottom 48% will get more $ from govmnt (can’t go lower than 0%). The govmnt wont give the bottom more, they will make a bigger bottom and keep them voting themselves into power. Lets have the rich pay 80% of their taxes and we can have the bottom 60% pay no taxes, sounds like a good plan to me Gary2. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We need to create jobs so that more taxes can be collected. Speaking of jobs, your ‘drop out’ gov from Wisc saved many public sector jobs by reducing some union bargaining power. You should be happy that there are fewer people taking your hard earned tax dollars.

      BTW, we are not a rich country. We are some 14 trillion in the hole and it will get worse every year until we get a handle on our spending.

      • Gary2

        Ron-the rich have never had such low taxes as now. They most certainly do not even come close to paying their fair share./ See Warren Buffet WSJ article.

        These are not my opinion they are verifiable facts you can look up for your self.

        How much of the income and wealth do the top 5% have? This is why they pay more.

        I would tax them at 90%. Buffet says he has NEVER had someone turn down a investment because of taxes.

        • RonL

          Gary2, you just don’t get it. As I previously posted, the govmnt will not give more $$ to the bottom, they’ll make more people dependent upon the govmnt!! Warren Buffet can pay more of his wealth if he wanted to. He has a capital gains tax of 20% of income, he doesn’t have normal taxable income which would more than double his taxes. If you taxed 100% of the ‘rich’ people, you still fall short of balancing budget, let alone reduce the deficit. Heck anyone out there that wants to voluntarily give the govmnt more money, give all you want. We have a SPENDING problem, not a REVENUE problem.

          BTW, I think the ‘rich’ should have even lower taxes–they would create more jobs. How many people do you know who were hired by a poor person? Around 70% of Americans are employed through small businesses (rich people), who are helped out with lower taxes. They also have this new health care fiasco to deal with, and way too many regulations.

          • Gary2

            the low taxes on the rich has really created a lot of good jobs lately correct? Hows it working out?? they did not even have an estate tax in 2010 so we should be in hog heaven.

            All you need to do is look around you to see that low taxes on the rich does nothing but make the rich even richer. The evidence in before your eyes. We have had the worst job/income growth since the bush tax cuts for the rich. Sorry that facts are destroying your world view.

            Poor people provide jobs every time they purchase a good or service. Again please think and not just parrot fox news BS.

            Given that taxes for the rich are at their lowest level EVER we clearly do have a revenue problem.

          • Gary2

            We have seen what too few regulations has brought us-oil spill/wall street crash etc

            Business needs much more regulation not less.

  • Jerry

    “I’ve worked for 28 years as a blah blah blah,” etc.

    Too bad.

    Then why don’t these people already have their homes paid off? Why aren’t they debt free?

    I started with nothing (lost both parents and all family by age 11, and spent the rest of my childhood in abusive foster care), and was semi-retired by my early ’40’s.

    Oh, and BTW, currently shorting the Russell 2000 with 300% leverage, and I’m up 60%, laughing my ass off all the way.

    • Ben Dover

      Good point, Jerry. It brings to mind the front-page story I saw in USA TODAY about mortgage modifications. One of the cases featured was a 78 year old woman in Florida who got her house payment lowered from $5500/month to less than $4500/month. She could downsize considerably and still have a nice home. Her pool had a footprint almost as large as my house.

      I don’t begrudge her wanting a REALLY nice home, she just can’t count on me to subsidize it.

      I am 50 and have about 8 years left on my mortgage. Who do I blame for me waiting until I was almost 40 to buy a house?

      If I live to 78, I want house payments to be a distant memory.

    • Chonkatta

      You wouldn’t be laughing if you were telling the truth.

    • Rowell

      So you play the stock market. That’s considered work? Really?

      For regular people, that have real jobs that actually contribute to society, it takes time to pay off a mortgage. Most people take a 30 year mortgage and pay a little extra when they can. But nowadays, paying a little extra for most is hard, due to high prices on everything.

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Don’t laugh to hard Jerry!! when the banks are closed and the economy collaspes; then what are you going to do?! What are you going to do!!?? And by the way; when we have world war 3; what are you going to do with that too!!?? Better serve Jesus before its too late!!

    • Paula

      Hi Jerry,
      A lot of people have no retirement savings because their spouse, usu. the husband, abandoned his family (like my father did), and the mother had to use all the money she made to raise their children — my Mother’s case, and the case of two of my friends. All these women were hard workers but it’s expensive to raise children. Other reasons they’re not well fixed to retire: ill health, being laid off, illness not covered by health insurance, and other reasons.
      I’m enjoying my retirement with no financial worries because I’ve always been single, no dependents to take care of, had good health, and managed to hold onto my job.
      Things happen to people sometimes that they can’t control.

  • Kevin2

    If the generation that hit the adult workforce in 1963 does not have one hell of a nest egg shame on them. In that day one could just bounce from one good job to another. All that was needed was saving 10% of your income and your a have a million plus and at least one real nice home paid for.

    Feel sorry for the people in their 20s to 50. The 20 somethings never seen an opportunity and the 50 year old that got their opportunities cut before they really bloomed.

    • michelle

      yes – i am one of them…

      our salvation may be getting some pm’s to be our retirement account, but most are not awake to this potential, and won’t be till it’s too late…

    • Jeremy

      Yes, I am one of those 20-somethings, and the job market is brutal right now. Still looking for that opportunity, and remain positive. Will take the NY bar exam in February, and continue learning Chinese. As Martin Luther King said “…by all means, keep moving.”

  • Security

    Isn’t it amazing that anyone who works for federal, state or local govt is covered by a very nice pension plan. Teachers, police, firemen, municipal utility workers, clerical, all these positions enjoy fantastic benefits and most can retire after only working 30 years on a fat taxpayer paid pension. Anyone who wasn’t smart enough to grab a govt job after college or high school is stuck with meager social security payments. I find it disgusting that govt employees can retire in their late 40’s or early 50’s and the rest of us are expected to pay for it. ridiculous.

    • Ben Dover

      They cav EXPECT whatever they want. Reality will be quite different as more and more people end up working “under the table” and living outside the system.

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Sorry Security but all of those pension funds and retirement funds are going to be raided and will be unavailable when the antichrist beast comes into full power. So you better know that God has your bank account and retirement plan all settled in heaven!!

      • TK

        Amen! 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

    • Gary2

      I understand your anger but look at it another way.

      The private sector needs to be brought up to the level of the good government jobs, not the other way around.

      There is plenty of money in the private sector for them to pay a lot more to their workers. How many trillions are they sitting on???

      Private sector jobs for the most part suck. low pay low or no benefits etc.

      • knightowl77

        Seriously….explain how you would “grow” the private sector by taking more money from it? It is mathematically impossible.
        You grow the private sector (btw that is the sector that PAYS for everything else) by reducing regulations and unnecessary burdens…and getting out of its way.

      • MarkD

        Gary2, I give you credit for a liberal you are respectful most always. I find it hard to debate with most they start cursing me and calling me names. So thank you for that. I have been hiring people for the last 2 weeks I am not rich but, I will pay your more if you want to work hard. I gave 2 people raises after working for just 2 weeks the sad part is I have fired 14 people while trying to hire 6 I am up to 4. The problem in America is not what people are paid because people work according to their own self respect. I have tried to pay people more and more to try to get them to do a good job. You cannot pay a lazy person enough money to work hard. This is our problem hard work pays off. It really does! Has it gotten out of control when we are pay excs 20 million dollar to ruin a bus. then hiring them to ruin another. Yes for sure. What happened to starting at the bottom and working up. If you put in your very best work you will make good money within a few years. My father did, I did and my 3 sons have. Each of us without the help from anybody. I didn’t work with or for my father, nor did or do my sons work for me. On a normal week I work 80 hours, I resent being ask to give more to people who are not willing to try as hard as I do. This is a very hard thing to fix. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor will create resentful rich and more poor. Our problem is a corruption in business, government and the general public. You say there is plenty of money in the private sector. Where do you get your numbers to prove that. Corperations in America have total asset 13 Trillion so if we took all of what they have it won’t even pay off the debt. By the private sector you meant me and you, your grandparent or parents. Or do you mean people with 1 million or 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 because when it runs out it will be you and me. Our unfunded debt which is our S.S., retirement, medicare….. is 115 trillion all the money in america private or not is 75 trillion. So if I am understanding you many comments. You would like to see the rich all broke. Then who would feed the poor? I watch our businesses leave our country every day. People with money don’t need you or me. They already have it. If you tax them more they just leave. The only reason they spend or invest their money is to make more. Sad but true. If you try to take it all they will just quit trying to make it. As far as I know almost all of us work for somebody richer than us. So how many more jobs are we willing to give up. If we said in the morning we will tax everybody making 5 million or more at 90% it wouldn’t even cover the differance in what or government spends over what they take in. Our problem is not going to be that easy to fix. Sorry

        • McKinley Morganfield

          “I give you credit for a liberal you are respectful most always. I find it hard to debate with most they start cursing me and calling me names. So thank you for that.”

          DC can take everything, EVERYTHING, from those who make > $100K and it would not cover one year of Obama deficits. Before you slobber in admiration over Gary2’s “respectful” manners stop a moment and realize he would be cheering in the streets as Robespierre’s guillotine takes the heads of millions of the ‘bourgeoisie’. This type wear their Che t-shirts and dream of slaughtering people like you.

        • RonL

          MarkD, very well stated.

        • Gary2

          Thanks Mark–I try to be respectful, however, I do go over the line from time to time as it seems people simply parrot fox news and lack any critical thinking skills of their own.

          This would be OK if they also did not vote.

          I have the same experience trying to talk to most of those on the right. They resort to name calling because I think deep down they know I am mostly correct but they are loath to admit that this country needs to temper capitalism with a good dose of socialism like they have in the Scandinavian countries. These same countries who are beating us on almost every measure. (poverty rate, education , health care etc) We are not number one anymore and the sooner we admit this the sooner we can regain at least being in the top 5.

      • Jeremy

        Gary — how does that happen when the you tell the government to tax the rich more and more. Unless you believe that poor people start and grow businesses, it would be very difficult under your scenario to grow good private sector jobs.

        I believe you whine and complain a lot.

    • Dee

      How are you paying for a government retirement?!Aren’t you an American. Did you not go to the same public schools most of us went. Whats your complaint? If you work for 20 years or more. Most peole who work in these sectors work upwards of 25 years. Are you willing to put your life on the line as a soldier, police officer firemen. Are you willing to deal with the half raised kids most teachers deal with on a daily basis? Probably not. Most people would call Americans who help support the country through their sacrifice a benefit to the country. Cause they obey the law pay their taxes and support and defend the country. Instead of whining and complaining about how someone else studied and worked hardier then I and are enjoying life and the fruits of there labor. Put down the beer open a book and read! Read to your children turn off the TV and get off the couch. If you imagine you paying for anything its just your crack habit!!

    • michelle

      it may come and bite them in the butt when the pension money turns out to not be there after all…

  • 007

    For those of us still with a decent job we should be truly thankful. We all may have to work longer than we anticipated and there is nothing wrong with that. The latest research tell us the longer you work the healthier and happier you are.

    But this situation of not being able to get a job has to stop. We need for the government to take the boot off of the throat of small businesses and employers. We have to create an environment where there is at least a reasonable probability of making a profit in business. Right now the deck is stacked greatly against employers.

    The economic system is likely going to collapse. However, collapse or no collapse, this desperate state of affairs has to change before people can get a job and support their families.

    I pray the public just realizes why the jobs are not being created.

  • James

    You are so correct!! I am 64 and can not find any work with a decent wage. I had my own business for 30 years but nobody cares. I did land a part time security job that really helps and am glad to have it. I have some savings and a paid off house thank God but if something happens to my social security I am screwed.
    I really feel bad for the people who are laid off and savings destroyed by the manipulated markets. I wish I had an answer but don’t. I do expect to see a future of multi generational households and a severe lifestyle shift before this is all over.
    Simplify, learn to be as self sufficient as you can is all I can suggest. God bless James

    • Michael

      Thank you for sharing that James.


  • Collaro

    ECB: “There are many millions of Americans out there who have done everything right.” I beg to differ. What are all of these people doing in equities? They should have been buying precious metels all of these years. They were told by people like myself and countless others not to put their faith in stocks and the banking system. Now, they must accept their losses, along with lower living standards. Who has been voting for all of these statist politicians all of these years? They did not take over by coup d’état! They were put in power by voters who beleived the big lie that you can have all the government benefits you desire and send the bill to someone else. I have news for you America–that someone else is you! To sum up, America today looks pretty much the way it has voted for the last 50 years. As Pogo said: We have met the enemy… and it is us. F.N.D. Lafayette, Colorado

    • Helix

      Ahhh, the seductively simple answer! Regarding those politicians, how much does it cost to make a serious bid for public office now? And whom do you get the money from? And what will you say to them when the ring you up one you’re in office?

      And how about the media that gives thumbs up or thumbs down to everything from politicians to lifestyles? Who owns those medial otlets, and who supplies the advertising revenues that support them? Some guy making 17 bucks an hour, or some corporation who makes $35 an hour off his work and that of 50,000 other guys just like him?

      The fact of the matter is that we live in a siciety that has bveen highly commercialized and where commerical interests control everything from the political environment to the information that most people rely on to make decisions.

      Some people, by sheer intelligence or by exposure to other points of view can rise above the commercialized clamor and gain a birds-eye perspective, but the majority of people have neither the wherewithal nor the inclination to do so. They just want to have a good job so they can afford a decent standard of living and have an enjoyable life.

      If you want to judge people, which you evidently want to to, why not start with those whose greed has tilted the playing field toward their own pockets, to the detriment of those who just want to make an honest living and have an enjoyable life.

  • say it ain’t so

    I love reading the articles and all the comments, but, they sure are tiring.

  • Nostradamus

    There’s a lot of discussion about capitalism. The classic (simplified) definition is business profits being used a capital, i.e. re-invested to grow business and thus the economy.

    Such capital investments can be done by both private and public sectors. Only non-profit org do not participate in capitalism. But capitalism does not mandate a free market, or private property. Having these of course help.

    Does the USA operate on capitalism? It stopped doing that beginning 2 decades ago. Because more and more, profits are re-invested not in America, but in foreign countries. Simply because the profit returns are superior. But why? Because it can be done. Modern technologies can make that feasible. What do you call cross-border capitalism? I all it globalism. It is not new – a form of this have been used by the British Empire to get very very rich.

    But does the fact that globalism for profit can be done mean it must be done? Of course not. This is where the business value system comes in.

    If the value system is ‘return on shareholders’ investment’ and nothing else, then the American experience become reality. Profit becomes the centerpiece and maximizing that is the only thing matters. Thus, maximize globalization, maximize privatization, minimize the public sector, maximize consumption, minimize cost, labor, and tax. And even minimize education. Education? Sure, the ROI of education is absolutely lousy when measured by capitalism – the parents spend 15 or more years and tons of money on a person without getting a dime back. Education is the ultimate welfare; it make no sense for for-profit capitalism. Which is why US education system failed – it delivers no profit.

    But if the business value system is not maximization of profit, then everything is different.

    Sure, business must have profit, but the amount of which must be balanced against other factors of society, environment, public good, sensible government operations, and sustainability. It must be positive, but it need not be maximized, it need not be the only thing that matters.

    As I survey the world, G8 & G20, one fact is clear. USA is the only country where in business, profit is the only thing and for public corporations, it is the only thing that must be maximized. This is the unique American culture. After 2 – 3 decades of this culture, we now have what we have. A country where money is so important, and there is so much of it, so many dozens of trillion in everyday news, that we have 45 millions on food stamps, millions without homes, and vast millions now almost without savings for retirement. Strange oxymoron isn’t it.

    So USA shifted its culture into profit-maximization, short-term maximization and operated it for 3 decades. (It actually started in the merger-acquisition and junk bond madness of the 80’s.) While no single other country in the world followed with this paradigm shift.

    Let us now see which is more sustainable, more meaningful for human society.

  • jimmy n.

    Welcome to the 3rd World life style (according to all statistical data, America IS the largest 3rd World nation from the Earth).

  • bobcat

    Some of you have accepted the propaganda about Social Security without questioning it.

    A valid criticism of Social Security is that we are being way overcharged for the benefits we eventually receive.

    According to the Social Security administration, they can continue paying 100% benefits until 2037 and that’s if nothing is done to “fix” it.

  • redgypsy

    Debt is Slavery!
    I was orphaned at birth and was raised in a hostile foster enviroment.
    I married at 16 and with no jobs where we lived.
    We really suffered.
    I had to hustle whatever I could.
    I sold firewood, worked as day labor, fixed cars and cleaned chem cans at night.
    We could not borrow any money since did not have a steady job.
    So we learned to make do.
    30 years later am debt free with house debt free am not wealthy
    but do not fear the wolf at every drop of a market pin.
    Remeber debt is slavery.

  • bobcat

    The retirement benefits of public workers seem lavish today but until the economy tanked nobody cared about that or even paid much attention to it.

    So you did save a million and get a house paid for. One major medical catastrophe can wipe that out.

  • Steven

    Poor old people eat pet food too.

  • Boycott American Women

    It’s hard to feel any sympathy for the baby boomers, because it was they that created this whole stupid feminist movement, “women’s liberation”, which practically destroyed American society, including the family and the economy.

    Now they are reaping the fruits of their actions, they have no families left to take care of them, the stupid economic policies they created are causing them to go bankrupt or worse.

    Sorry, but these babyboomers brought it on themselves. I have no pity for them.

  • Chonkatta

    Well, I M TOO LATE. My pension has already been robbed. The Credit union it was vested in does not exist anymore. I got my quarterly report though and it says $0

  • Stan

    Unemployment will continue to rise. And because of this Obamacare law, health care and health insurance is about to explode.

    Alas for this country.

  • Zechariah

    Retirement is a recent concept partly brought on by the advent of social security, perhaps the first Socialist mistake our America made. Old folks back in the depression needed help, but they not need the permanent institutionalization of the same. WPA came and WPA went. People and the country’s infrastructure benefited, but when it was over, it was over.

  • William

    The huge disparity of wealth in America, and the shifting of retirement funding from the corporate world to the individual workers, and the theft of $2.6 TRILLION from paid-in Social Security taxes have created this sad state for a lot of older Americans. All the results of a dedicated Republican effort over the last 30 years to protect the wealthy and big corporations.

    • knightowl77

      William, the theft from Social Security was accomplished by both parties, not just one..The Wall Street fat cats donated to Obama and the Dems quite heavily. In fact their donations were second in size only to the public employee unions in contributions…So who is protecting who?

  • Emily

    I guest I am old, back when I was a child, my Grandmother lived with use. She had her S.S. but my dad took care of all her needs. In return, we got a great babysitter, cook and wonderful entertainment (she told great stories about her life) and she was loved! Today we live alone, never see are grand kids and would give anything in the world to be part of our family. Young families today are not prepared or wish to be burden with their older family members. It’s sad, I don’t know if we can revisit the past and build the nuclear (plus) family once again.

  • Bring On The Apocalypse!!! Roll Tide Baby!!

    Lovin’ Every Minute Of It!!!

    Bring On the Mad Max Wars on the Home Front Baby!!!

    It is time to settle thing in a manly manner.

    All the peace hippie posters are wimpy girly men who cannot fight it out in Mad Max Style.

    Bring On The Mad Max Days!!!

  • Retirement is going to be another dead idea soon, a byproduct of luxurious times when we had too much wealth and no idea of what to do with it all. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate, but like a hurricane, it’s inevitable and there’s not a lot you can do about it, which describes most of the situation as we sink into a new Dark Age.

    Visit the Leibowitz Society at for information and thinking on how to preserve our valuable information and ideas during the new Dark Ages.

  • Piglet

    “#1 According to a shocking AARP survey of Baby Boomers that are still in the workforce, 40 percent of them plan to work ‘until they drop.'”

    – I’m 55 and recently a retiree (USAF careerist) asked me when I’m going to retire. I just laughed and said, “Never!” He persisted and said, “No, really.” I repeated my first answer: “Neeeeever!” I mean it, too. Although I have saved a significant amount of money, I expect the government will continue to devalue the currency, it will take more of what we have, either through even higher taxes or ultimately by seizing retirement accounts, and it will default on future promises of retirement pay for people like my federally employed wife. It will drive the economy off a cliff, and in the process very likely destroy the company where I work. I can blissfully pretend that things will always be as they have been in the past, but the past is over and the future isn’t looking very good at all. Might as well wise up and realize that, yes, I will work until I drop, and before I do I’ll probably be happy to have whatever work I can find.

  • Paul

    In referense to Social Security: So here we are, pointing fingers and fighting like dogs over the last scraps. Rather than fighting among ourselves, which is just what our government wants,why don’t we focus on the reason Social Security became a Ponzi scheme. During the Reagon Administration the Social Security Trust Fund was raided and moved into the general fund to give the appeasrance of a more balanced budjet. IOU’s were left in the fund. The money was never repaid. No one was ever held accountable for for this theft. Yes THEFT. So we might consider placing blame where it belongs rather than fighting like dogs over the last scraps. Let us not be the fools they are playing us for. They are playing us, and and we are dancing right along with the music.

    • MarkD

      I think if you will research this Bill Clinton was very involed with S.S. bond swaps. This was were his excess came from along with slide of words. Like debt was not debt if it was owed to the government by the government. Hate to ever see it blamed on one side it is ALWAYS Dems and Reps cheating us.

      • Charles Dunn

        The Social Security Trust Fund was established in 1939 to receive monies collected for Social Security through payroll taxes. The monies in this fund are managed by the Department of the Treasury; they are not, nor have they ever been, put into the “general operating fund.”

        However, the Social Security Act specifies that the monies in the fund may “be invested in securities backed by the full faith and credit of the Federal government,” such as treasury bills, treasury notes, and treasury bonds, as well as special issue bonds. So, essentially, the government can “invest” Social Security funds by lending them to itself, then spending that money on programs not related to Social Security (e.g., defense, foreign aid, education). This has always been the case.

        During the Johnson administration, Social Security and other Federal programs that operate through trust funds were counted officially in the budget. This did not mean that it was actually part of the general fund, rather that it was finally recorded as part of the budget.

        Read more:

  • Im about to turn 60, have been able to stay employed, have my home paid for and about $1million in savings. I feel very blessed, but before you think that I have it made . . . how am I supposed to live on 1% interest, or $10,000 per year. And new means testing will probably declare that I am “rich” and thus ineligible for me and spouse’s social security. What a screwing this government is giving to the people who did as we were told, work and save.

    • M

      In order for you too get more than 1 % interest, us suckers have to be willing to borrow a whole lot of money . You can kindly fuck right off , house is paid for a 6000 fixer upper . Which has been slowly but surely fixed up with essentially free or cheap materials. My 15 year old car will go another 300000 miles . So instead of putting money in interest parasite’s pockets , it stays in mine. There are more and more people like me every single day. Saving a million dollars does not entitle you too a million dollar lifestyle , fucko. You have more than enough to get by for the next 30 years , don’t count on me caring about you leaving anything too your children either. Like yourself they are not my problem.

    • Gary2

      if you have 1 million in savings you are rich and should not get a penny in any gov benefits. What a selfish louse you are. Don’t believe you are rich-google how many have a million. I hope Obama taxes you to the max!

      Tap into your principal. Cheap B****

  • Lennie Pike

    Keep on working Wage Slaves – and keep on putting up no fight whatsoever with the .1% enslaving and abusing you (Wall Street, D.C., International Banking Cartel, the “people” that control the Israeli Government along with that of the U.S.A. etc.)

    The manner in which you will drop dead will not be of natural causes – there will be other plans for you after your enslavement and abuse has played out.

    Just check world history and the record of authoritarian dictatorships. The .1% elite fascists ganging up against .99.9%.

    In all of world history, the only defense that has ever been successful, or that can work when that day arrives that they begin to play rough (martial law, box cars, internment camps, mental hospital admissions, executions, etc. – is if the 99.9 % fight back with small arms.

    Alexander Soltzeneitzen (I got the Alexander part right) wrote that everyone later had wished that if only they had picked up 2 X 4’s or any thing laying around that could be used as a weapon, that the People would easily have prevented their enslavement and remained free because they were the 99.9%. – many decades of enslavement, starvation, and executions, would have been prevented.

    The easy prey mentality of Americans has got to change and NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get ready – their non-thinking (or feeling) paid killers in uniform will be marching down your street soon. They will not be knocking on your door politely. What’s happening in our airports etc. is just a small taste of what these pussies have in store for you – it (among many other abuses)is a test to measure how much fight is in the average “American” – you are being stalked.

    Like lions, when they are certain that the kill will be easy, they will pounce. The conditioning that they have subjected Americans to for decades to intentionally make them weak in every way and ready for attack has been completed.

    When they come, you will turn in your small arms, and board the buses – that is if there is any transportation.

    You might be dropping dead right there in your own living room.

    I’m back and digging up what’s buried in my PVC pipes.

    Half should be above ground, and half should be buried to cover the two possible scenarios: #1: you are allowed to remain alive and in your house as long as you turn over your small arms (buried in PVC pipes for later use), and #2: it’s attempted pounce time (above ground for immediate use) – even if they order you to board the bus – same destination.

  • LoneStarHog

    Emotionally my heart goes out to these people. Intellectually my mind says, “Screw The Bunch Of You!”


    I am going to be sixty-five in February 2011, so I am one of the “first”. For years and years I have attempted to get family/friends/associates and strangers at social gatherings to understand several things, the main one being YOUR HOME IS NOT AN INVESTMENT and that America was an ILLUSION based upon DEBT.

    No one … and … I mean NO ONE would listen.

    I was especially mocked when I started touting gold in 2000 and silver in 2003.

    So with a tear in my eye I say, “Screw You!”

  • Work till your 80? I guess thats the new amerika that we live in. However the truth is that the system is on the verge of total collapse instead of working as wages slaves the majority of us will be trying to find ways to eat and live by any standard.

    Get ready

  • Lennie Pike

    I made a mistake – actually up to 5% ( depending on how much you have) should be above ground – you won’t be needing very much unless you have some good neighbors willing to join in, and you probably do not unless you’re a good ole Country Goy.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    I have known this for about 10 years now. I gave my life to Jesus Christ 37 years ago; when I read the Late Great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsey. And this was an end-time prophetical book. And since then; I have been studying about the antichrist in the Holy Bible and hundreds of other books and internet sites!!

    And about 10 years ago, after I found out that the NWO antichrist beast system did 911; I knew that they had intended to enslave us all and to eventually take all of our wealth and retirement money and according to the book of Revelation; have their antichrist beast system that would rule the whole world. And I did read Orwell’s 1984 in 1984. And I thought that this book would be fulfilled in 1994 to 2004; but I was wrong.

    And since then; I have moved the date to 2020 to 2024; before they would totally enslaved the whole planet; and tried to force every man and woman and child to take their mark of the beast chip in their forehead or hand. And this is according to Revelation 13 and 14:9-11.

  • Lennie Pike

    And with the upcoming amnesty of at least the 100 million illegal and legal aliens (not the 20 million claimed by the PTB), your Right To Bear Arms is going to immediately be voted away. None of these foreigners knows a damn thing about freedom or Our U.S. Constitution.

    This reason for amnesty could be more important to “them” than the cheap labor and destruction of the Middle Class that “they” had planned for you.

    Prepare to be pulled over by an illegal alien cop who has just been granted amnesty and who has an accent so thick, you won’t be able to understand a thing he is ordering you to do.

    Make sure you do what he or she orders you to do or you will be considered to be “breaking the law”.

  • Otown Right Guy

    Retirement is not all it is cracked up to be. It leads to decay and early death. I plan on “working until I drop”. Only the intellectually dull seem to like retirement. Constant golf, bingo and early bird specials would cause me to overdoes on Geritol. Most people in this country do not save and have themselves to blame. Too many parasitic Gary2’s running around waiting for government to bail them out at the expensive of the productive.

  • Wonkytalkie

    We have all been led astray by lies and cheated out of our life savings by charlatans who were not worthy of our trust. Many lawyers have aided and abetted financial rapists. Our grandparents’ dollar is worth only four cents today. These are some of the reasons why we are impoverished in our old age. woe to the Fortress Amerika that consists of gated communities and private security forces. These will not benefit the power elite when the lights go out and the food runs out and the chill frosts of winter creep into their unheated mansions. Their vaults of inedible gold will mock their owners. New bands of Robin Hoods will prowl the highways and byways. I’m not in favor of violence as a means of survival, but that decision will be made by others not so merciful as me. God help us, our dreams have become dust.

  • America is controlled by the 3 privately owned states (district of columbia, the city of london, and the vatican.) Each has it’s own flag, pays no taxes and has it’s own laws.

    All 3 are part of an interlocking “ONE” called “City Of The Empire” Or “Black Sun”.

    When you pay taxes it goes to The Bank Of London and straight to the vatican. These 3 privately owned tiny nation states are owned by 13 families that rule the entire planet militarily, financially, and spiritually. Without a doubt.

    They control the markets, the religions, the media, and they rob you of your wealth. Wake up.

  • mondobeyondo

    Judging from the pet food commercials so prevalent on the morning network news shows, a lot of cats and dogs eat better than some of our senior citizens eat.

    Ah yes. 9 Lives… the new Spam. Reminds me of those classic movie trailer voice-overs.

    “IN A WORLD… where Siamese kittens eat filet mignon, basset hounds dine on T-bone steak, and Grandma eats chicken noodle soup… “Only in America”, now playing at a theater near you…”

  • Lennie Pike


    That laughter of yours will come to and end shortly, fool.

  • Tim

    I think the situation for the children of baby boomers, like myself, is just as bad. Like most working Americans, I’ve had Social Security taxes withheld from my wages since I began working. And it’s a pretty big chunk of change. Yet I’m almost certain that I’ll never see that money again. But I earned that money; it belongs to ME.

    I don’t want to participate in this fraudulent system. My generation should be permitted to opt out of Social Security and get a refund of everything we’ve paid into the system. I am willing to accept responsibility for providing for my own retirement. Just give me my hard-earned money back.

    • TK

      That is a great idea Tim, I want to opt out as well. We can save our money better than the government can!

  • mondobeyondo

    Social Security, like so many other things, is a classic Ponzi scheme. The people who are first, or on the top of the pyramid, get the goodies. The farther down the pyramid, the less you will get – even though you pay in, or get taxed, the same amount if not more.

    It’s like some perverted game of “LIFE”. If you were born before, say 1955, congratulations, you’re a winner!! You were among the first to retire, so you’re at the top of the pyramid. Feel free to retire to Miami or Phoenix, play golf and shuffleboard, and have a pina colada. You deserve it!

    Born between 1955 and 1970, well, you kind of lose. Remember, this is a pyramid scheme. You’re in the middle of the pyramid, so you might get a lil’ something as a consolation prize. You’ll have to wait until you’re 67 or 68 to get the full benefits, which won’t be much by then. Should have been born earlier. Maybe you can buy yourself a Buick. Or the latest model Toyota, if Buick goes out of business.

    After 1970 – whoa, you’re a big time loser. You get nothing. But thank you for paying your portion of your weekly paycheck to help out your fellow citizens! You are a true patriot!

    “But I paid $XXXXX.XX in FICA taxes ever since I got my first job tossing newspapers from my bike in 1983, I’ve worked my ass off the past 40 years, etc – Don’t I get something in return?”…

    Sorry pal. You get jack squat in social security benefits. What can I say, you should have been born earlier. Happy retirement! Oh, wait a minute – Social Security will be bankrupt by the time you reach 70 (so will Medicare and Medicaid). So you’ll most likely be broke AND sick when you guys are 70. Sorry!

    p.s. You should have played “Monopoly” instead of “LIFE”. Buy Broadway and Park Place for starters..hee hee

    • pranah

      Not sure where to best put my comments, but thought I’d go with the numbers crunching post.

      There’s some controversy over when the “baby boomers” were born. If you take 1943-1960 as the time span when “baby boomers” were born, according to Strauss and Howe’s book, The Fourth Turning:

      Boomers are now between 68 and 51 years old. Um, let’s see: Most of them are still of an age to be in the work force (if they’re lucky enough to have a job). That means most of them are still paying taxes on their wages, including SS. Since SS was enacted in 1935, they’ve been paying SS taxes =all their working lives=. They will continue paying taxes on wages until the last of them retire, whenever that is–and the earliest possible date would be 2022, which is when the youngest boomers would turn 62.

      Boomers didn’t start SS. They’ve been forced to pay into it all their lives, whether they wanted to or not. Boomers have contributed to this society with their work and the taxes on their wages for decades and will continue to do so for at least another decade and I’m sure longer, since more and more of them can’t retire.

      The boomers aren’t getting the golden retirements. The picture of the golden retirement which cause people to froth at the mouth when they think about it is being enjoyed by people older, on the whole, than boomers. I’m not saying we should hate on these people–I just want to point out that boomers did not enact SS, they (on the whole) aren’t enjoying golden retirements and never will be able to, and many, many of them are still working and paying into SS. So what exactly is the specific beef with boomers re: SS? SS is screwed and boomers will go down with everyone else. I’m with Tim, above, who says he didn’t want to participate in this fraudulent system, and who says of the taxes he was forced to pay that that money was HIS; he earned it. Hear, hear! I’d like mine back, too. Will I ever get it? I don’t know.

      I truly fear the generational hostility, come the crash of the economy.

  • Jay oh

    ………………..I plan on being dead before my “golden years”…………..its probably much better than working like a slave while you can barely move

  • Linda Harrington

    Thank you, this has been an issue for me as well and really I can not even afford to die…
    I worked for the state, as a care provider, and they never paid SS or fica.. I made $6.26 an hour in 1993 And so how could i possibly pay anything else out,I had 5 children to raise on my own.I got badly injured on the job, by one of my clients, !994… My neck and back got broken…. No Money for help. fight the system and Land I. finally got the needed surg. got retrained went back to work got injured again, back to work in2001, two surgeries later back to work… no support, I lost my land which was my retirement, and lost my house too, I have 5 kids,andwork 2 jobs most all of my working lazy I am not….i did prepare, but it did not matter. I had 2 heart attacks in the past 3 years, again still paying for the first one, no ss help.. finally got ssi, and oh boy I get 400,00 a month,, and need another back surgery, My daughter is fighting in Afghanistan and I an staying at her home whem she is gone, but what next my tipi again. I lived on my land for years in my tipi so I could just eatand provide for my family,I worked two jobs, and no debt.. but now that is not the story. Sorry this is long, but i feel for all of us who lived the promise, and now have nothing,we are greatfull,But that thankfullness does not feed us or get us the help we need, Sad days for America….So who ever you are being so smug about what you think about us old folks,I hope your dreams and hard work do not get taken away from you….Blessing L

    • Michael


      My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine the pain that you have been through.


  • David


    You know my story. I just thought I would update you here. I’ve have sent out almost a hundred resume’s, I have gotten 1 phone interview. They emailed me, declining to hire me. At this point, I am not even sure if I will find work again.

    I read your blog daily, and I am now really seeing how far gone everything is. At first I thought I was suffering from confirmation bias, seeing a problem, because I am looking for one. But now I am sure that there is a problem. Call it “malaise” or “cancer” the fact is America has it bad. For the first time in generations, we are seeing things really unravel.

    The system is not working. Maybe it never did, but it definitely isn’t working now. I don’t want fabulous wealth, I just want security for me and my family. And yet, I feel that even that small amount of hope is rapidly fading away. There is no security. Not the way my father had it. I am 42 years old, and I still cannot find a job. I am college educated, well read, creative, technology savvy, and yet, I am unemployed. Something is wrong here; very, very , wrong.

    I am powerless to make any headway. I cannot even think about retirement, I cannot think about vacations or even the necessities of life, let alone any extras. I don’t sleep well any more, because I can’t stop thinking about how I am going to provide for my children. They do not deserve this.

    • Michael


      I feel so horrible for you and for all of the other readers that are out of work right now. I can’t even imagine how difficult things are for you.

      I hope that nobody reading this site will give up. Yes, things are difficult, but once a person gives up it is all over.

      Please keep trying, hoping, praying and working as hard as you can to turn things around.

      Hopefully if some of our readers know of some jobs that are available they will post about them on this site.

      One idea that popped into my head just now is a site called Fiverr. People on that site hire one another to do various odd jobs for 5 bucks….

      Also, many people make some extra cash by buying and selling things on Craigslist….

      Hopefully even if people have jobs right now they will find additional ways to bring in some extra income. We are all going to have to work really hard in the months and years to come.


    • Tim


      I cannot imagine what you’re going through. I really feel for you. I will pray for you.

    • Jeremy


      My prayers are with you.

  • Gary2

    Feel sorry for the people in their 20s to 50. The 20 somethings never seen an opportunity and the 50 year old that got their opportunities cut before they really bloomed.

    Kevin2 your so correct. I am 45 and I was just getting ahead when the crash came. Now I get to make 1/2 my former wage.

  • Maria

    Slave till you die! Sounds like we just went back a hundred years. But not if we own gold and silver. If we can get enough legislators in the states to pass the Utah “golden rule” law, we can pull the rug out from under the fiat banking system.

    This is Ken Ivory, the guy from Utah, who spearheaded their new “golden rule.”

    • Helix

      Gold has been tried numerous times as the basis of a monetary system and has failed repeatedly. The problems with gold center around the inability of the gold supply to expand or contract in response to economic activity. Economies tend to grow over time through increased population and advancements in technology, but gold, being in limited and ever-harder-to-produce supply, cannot keep pace. Gold-based money systems thus eventually fall prey to two problems — insufficient cash to support expanding econonmic activity, and manipulation of the (now insufficient) gold supply by major players.

      Which is not to say that fiat money systems have done any better. They fall prey to their own problems, which are by now pretty obvious to just about everyone here.

      • Maria

        Exactly Helix!

        So which would you rather have?


        What then?

        • Helix

          Honestly, Maria, I think fiat money systems work better over the long haul. The problem, of course, is that the natural control (scarcity) imposed by precious metals is lacking in a fiat money system, and therefore man-made controls must be put in place. This is no easy task, given man’s foibles.

          In the end, all monetary systems break down. Those based on precious metals cannot support expanding economic activity and the metals have a distressing tendency to end up concentrated in very few hands, which thereafter control economic activity to their own advantage. Fiat currencies fall victim to inflation as those in control of its production produce more than what is needed to support economic activity, with the excess being diverted into their own pockets and those of their cronies and supporters. Thus the eventual fate of both systems is the same — concentration of wealth in relatively few hands.

          The demise of both systems always traces ultimately to privilege and its attendant corruption. Both systems eventually lose the support of the common people, who then rebel either passively or violently, and the system breaks down. At that point, the people either renew their committment to a just and equitable culture, along with sound principles governing money and commerce, or they enter a period of feudalism. Sadly, the renewal appproach seems to work for a time and then privilege and corruption creep in again. Ongoing periodic renewal therefore seems to be necessary. Feudalism, on the other hand, can last for a long, long time.

  • Donald Wilson

    One of the main problems is corript politicos and criminal CEOs. Throw the idiots to the wolves.

  • michelle

    you need to create your own job and stop looking for the govt or someone else to provide one…

    our country was great as the land of the entrepreneur, not the wage slave…

    • Helix

      And when was that, exactly?

  • InArizona

    All I have to say about this is whaaaahhhh! Sorry but the “Baby Boomers” sunk this country as a God-Fearing Nation! Maybe if they hadn’t brought us abortion, then social security would be funded????? How many have died that would have paid into the system.

    Please read the following and realize what, exactly the baby boomers have done to our nation: Dear Baby Boomers….

  • Crystal

    “Instead of valuing the experience and wisdom of our elders, our society openly makes fun of them and treats them as undesirables.”

    Ageism seems to be the one “ism” our society refuses to overcome.

    The elderly can provide a viewpoint that is based on wisdom. It is a shame that when you finally reach a point where you have something very valuable to give society, society pushes you away.

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Exactly Crystal me and my wife have always loved the elderly. Even before we got married and knew each other 35 years ago; we both loved talking to the elderly. And we still do. I love talking to the elderly who were in the great depression. And now; both of our grandparents are dead and we can’t talk to them about this anymore. But they are in heaven so we will see them up there in the near future; where they are waiting for us.

    • M

      If the elders have all this wisdom and experience and 76 million or more votes since 1982. Then why is this country so ************ up ? Well bleat up sheeple ************, regale us with your wisdoms.

      • Highspeed

        She didn’t say “all”. You are putting words in her mouth. Better watch out, you will possibly live long enough to be considered old, but you may never be wise.

  • laura m.

    Kevin2 & Jerry: I agree..I hit the work force in ’62, hubby in ’58; now retired, paid for house, two cars paid for. Yes, People our age should all be out of debt. We live simple, didn’t raise kids as we both worked blue collar type jobs like others we knew, who most are retired, and planned, etc. Some our age and up still work, can’t manage money, spend too much. Jackie: I agree that S.S. is a ponzi scheme and should have never started. But, we and others paid in and that money is ours to collect. ( I blame the previous generation for starting it). Yet some pay in, die younger, never collect. Now with free trade zones, nafta, cafta and jobs outsourced everywhere but here, we are over and done with a fascist gov run by banks and corp. Now, with the financial/housing scandal that tops them all, causing many to never trust anything any politician says on any level of gov. (lies and more lies)

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Yes Laura but that means that the only One that you can truly trust is God; if you believe in Him.

  • Barry Soetoro

    Communist countries hate their elderly because they are no longer working and have become a burden on their societies. Also, communists believe in things like “Hope & Change” and that means the old way of thinking are no longer useful to the regime and should not be tolerated. The aged remember how things used to be and the communists do not want these ways taught to the youth, because it interferes with their communist indoctrination. The regime therefore teaches the young to not trust the elderly and to spy on them and even turn them in. That is considered the new patriotism.

    • Rev. Reggie Jackson

      Exactly Barry – And next there will be euthenasia that will mean that if you are over 80 years old; you wll be put to death to make room for the younger. And then; 2 years later; the age will be lowered to 75 years old. And the next year; it could be lowered to 70 years old. And then in the next 5 years; those over 60 will have to go. This is what the New World Order Luciferians would love to do; and probably will do soon. Since they are paranoid and delusional eugenicist!!

      • Gary2

        OMG no wonder this country is a mess. There are actually people who think like you who they let out to vote.

    • Nickelthrower

      I think you got that backwards. Capitalist countries hate their elderly for the very reasons you listed.

      The Soviet Union took pretty good care of its elderly considering all the problems they had to deal with. Come to think of it, Italy has voted in the communists on more than one occasion and no one loves their elderly more than the Italians.

      I think that you need to leave the USA and go have a look around before you make such a crazy statement.

    • SFANTU

      YOU ARE A IMBECILE . COMMUNISM DIDN’T DO THIS TO THEIR ELDERS . THEY DIDN’T HAVE ALL THIS PROBLEMS. THIS IS BECAUSE OF FASCISM NOT COMMUNISM. You first should get your head out of you patriotic American ass and learn about what really happened in communism. I’m coming from a ex communist country. And believe me i never ever heard of them having such problems. When things went wrong most went wrong sure the party members and the secret services were protected but the vast majority was the same. The ratio between incomes (the largest salary and the smallest) was fixed by law (around 7X)that included pensions . Also they had fixed rates currency and fixed prices so they didn’t care about inflation. IF you are old you sure are different from what we generally think of the elders (being wise). FASCISM means when government and corporation interest merge . That is what is happening to you and you blame Communism . WAKE UP , Or better..

  • j r

    All these people who plan on working until they drop. Just where do they expect to be working? When you go into a business, other than Walmart, how many workers in their 60’s and 70’s do you see? Not many. Once you lose your job in your fifties you can forget about getting another one.

    • John S

      Not necessarily true. I found not one, but two minimum wage jobs at 54. In both cases I had to convence them to hire me face-to-face. But I did it.

      • eggbert

        That is pretty pathetic John, nothing to be proud of at all. Land of the free? Home of the Brave? I don’t think so. Land of the slaves, home of the cowards.

  • Charles

    #13 Approximately 3 out of every 4 Americans start claiming Social Security benefits the moment they are eligible at age 62. Most are doing this out of necessity. However, by claiming Social Security early they get locked in at a much lower amount than if they would have waited.

    That’s not true. You’re not ‘locked in’. If you decide to claim SS at 62 and end up making more than what you expected, the earnings over and above the allowed max are credited back and you are recalculated at your full retirement age.

    You could still end up getting your full SS retirement amount at a later age.

    • LOLX


      how do you earn more when you need it for survival?
      when someone take his or her SS out of necessity, there is a high probability that he or she is not going to put it back…


  • Bobby

    And you know what, we(yes me too)boomers deserve all of it. I have never seen a more worthless and disconnected pathetic group of people in my life. All we do is think about what the next beemers will cost, and ignore our kids futures, because of our unwillingness and willfull cluelessness, in things like illegal immigration, illegal foreign wars that bankrupt us, and stupid Hollywood movies. We deserve everything coming down the road.

    • Bootoagoose

      Please speak for yourself. I have never owned a new car of any kind, let alone a beemer. Paid cash for everything including houses. Saw from afar off, what is just now dawning for a few, that the well-worn cultural groove of throwing your kids out of the house at 18,even to go to college forces them to “fend for themselves” by going into debt. Cui bono? I was overruled by credulous spouse and spouse’s credulous parents and sent my kids to college, not having the credulity to hope it would benefit them in any way,nor the good fortune to have my worst fears for them not come true, but paid cash for that too. I’ve told them for years the econ. would be tanking now and that they must never be ashamed to come back home, because it wouldn’t be their fault. I hadn’t drunk the koolaid and adopted the manufactured consensus,on “the way we do things here in amurrka”. Oh , and I literally hate almost every movie of the few I do see, and certainly almost any tv. Regard them as the all-too successful brainwashing they are, and I can’t stand to be in the presence of liars, if I don’t have to be.

  • Patriot One

    In 2005 I was considering semi-retirement if I could find a buyer for my business. Back then I was looking at cashing out at $2.1 million.

    Today I’m looking at no retirement, no cashing out period. I mean, I could, but I wouldn’t get enough to clear my debt and I have a long way to go before I get social security.

    The fact is the economy has busted out many small business owners.

    The other down side to us boomers continuing to work is the younger workers will never get the opportunity to move up.

    Our government is practicing generational theft. The boomers are at the peak. For everyone younger its a very tough climb to the top or a very hard fall to the bottom, just depends on how you look at it.

    • j r

      Actually, it’s the boomers parents who are at the peak of the SS ponzi scheme. The boomers got to pay for their parent’s retirement as well as their own. Most boomers will be lucky to break even.

  • John S

    One thing that has changed is I no longer wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle. Sure I might get killed, but it’s an instant death, and my retirement will be solved. And when you’re pushing 60 and working two minimum wage jobs, life isn’t nearly as precious as it once was.

    • D

      LOL! I love the honestly John! I agree. I don’t mind dying young if all the future holds is the NWO and wage slaves until death. The only feasible life and entertainment value I see in the future is actually possibly living long enough to see the end of the world and human civilization. Mushroom clouds baby! Some boomers might even get to see that day if they are lucky! That is, if they can survive long enough on dog food.

    • Michael

      Wow. That’s all I can say. I can’t really blame you, though.

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    Wage Slaves and Intellectual Prostitutes for the Criminals
    Spirits in the Material World

    Our so-called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    They subjugate the meek
    But it’s the rhetoric of failure

  • A.S.

    Maybe the old people should join together and start a revolution. They have their own lobbies, so maybe they can turn their lobbyists into “Robin Hoods.” Time for them to steal from the rich and give to the poor (themselves). I would understand if they resort to stealing, even though it would be a sin. But what else could they do? They were lied to and now they must suffer!

    As an aside, I think Medicare, Medicaid, etc., are already bankrupt; it is just that we are still getting false numbers (yet another lie) from our government.

    • Gary2

      Its not stealing to tax from the rich. They rich stole it from the rest of us by keeping productivity increases over the years. This is called wage stagnation.

  • MarkD

    WOW people if the world was as smart as all of you. We wouldn’t be where we are. You do not all agree. But I believe if your were in a room together you would fix it. The problem is most of our country couldn’t even tell you who our V.P. is. These are a bunch of well read and thoughtful folks. Great reading. Those of you struggling keep up the good fight you are not alone millions are struggling with us. We Will Succeed!!

    • XYZ

      Take ur pills.

  • Christ is my Savior

    Today I turn 29 and I know that when I retire (if I make it that far) Social Security will no longer exist. In fact by that time we will be lucky if this is still the United States of America. I really believe that in just a few years the entire world economy will collapse. So I am not saving for retirement, whats the point and besides God offers a much better retirement plan.

    • TK

      Amen! Christ is my Savior!

      • Tim

        The retirement plan is out of this world. 🙂

      • Gary2

        Christ needs to show me the money or get out of the way

        • Michael


          In the Bible it says that God will bless those that keep His Commandments – not those that send the most money to the televangelists.


          • Gary2

            Michael-I never coveted my neighbors man servant. That should be worth a few million.

        • ConservativeAvenger

          So, in addition to being a Communist, Gary, you’re an atheist too. Figures.

    • Helix

      Re: “Today I turn 29 and I know that when I retire (if I make it that far) Social Security will no longer exist. In fact by that time we will be lucky if this is still the United States of America. I really believe that in just a few years the entire world economy will collapse. So I am not saving for retirement, whats the point and besides God offers a much better retirement plan.”

      Well, if it is still the USA, Social Security will still exist. The terms will be adjusted to match whatever the reality is at that time, but the system is basically sound and it will still be there. Make no mistake: a lot of the noise about Social Security comes from financial players who are galled by the fact that Social Security contributions will earn you a modest reirement benefit, rather than beng put into play so they themselves can capture it.

      As for the economy “collapsing”, it’s not going to happen. Unless we annihilate ourselves, of course. What might collapse is the monetary system, but something will emerge from the ashes, and you would probably like to be part of it. There are a lot of things that are going to survive a monetary collapse, including sound companies that offer products that people want, precious metals, desirable real estate, and commodities that people need. In normal times, money stands as a surrogate for these, but when money becomes dysfunctional, you have to go back to the real thing. Your approach — doing nothing — is just as disastrous as that of people who stake their futures in money in times when money is losing its integrity.

      And while God may offer a better retirement, you might have to go through a retirement of your own making for quite a long time before you qualify for his, so I suggest you start thinking about that while you’re still young enough to take actions that will make a difference. There are few everyday things that are worse than living in a cash-based economy with no money and no resources with which to acquire it.

      • Bootoagoose

        You say “Well, if it is still the USA, Social Security will still exist. The terms will be adjusted to match whatever the reality is at that time, but the system is basically sound and it will still be there. Make no mistake: a lot of the noise about Social Security comes from financial players who are galled by the fact that Social Security contributions will earn you a modest reirement benefit, rather than beng put into play so they themselves can capture it.”
        Yeah, we already know who is making the noise and that noise is all it is. They seems to be prevailing anyway, because there’s no penalty for lying, no one to enforce a penalty, and no one to complain of the lies. Victims all dumbed-down by design.

    • DG

      There are no sky gods, Children. The way propaganda works is to first get you to start humming the party line then later to believe it. I don’t expect SS is your programmed response. Why ? The Koch brothers of the world simply want to get their hands on that retirement cash so they can steal some of it. 401K s are half of what it should be wonder why ? SS WILL be half of what it is if it is privatized. The tea party ( big money financed )is all about re-directing an Idiot confused population at the Government when they are simply taking orders from money ! So the population votes against their own interest !
      SS is not broke. Medicare has a problem because cost are too high. Cost are too high because of Insurance companies ! Congress will not act because the will of the people do not matter ! Campaign contributions matter. Most developed countries healthcare cost half as much with better outcomes. Single payer is off the table because WE ARE OFF THE TABLE ! Get it ? Both parties work for big money. Occupy wallstreet is a response to this rigged system of slavery. There would be no debt if Single payer was an option. The so called debt crises is an attack to dismantle all social services and give it to the rich. You young Idiots should read more and stop wasting your brain on Xbox.

      • Bootoagoose

        “There are no sky gods, Children. The way propaganda works is to first get you to start humming the party line then later to believe it. ”
        The first sentence is YOUR credulity showing. the second sentence is how it happened to you.
        And medicare does not have a problem, because medicare is an institution,not a person, and as such, is unable to care about anything, let alone ‘being unable to care for patients because of high medical costs’. Medicare pays the lavish costs demanded , but only for a limited time and only for certain things like,apparently, unlimited drugs. I’ve seen a patient with dementia get 30 drugs a day , contributing to a nice package of ‘billables’ medicare was willing to reimburse. Could there be room for corruption on both sides of the medicare/nursing-home alleged divide,for example? -Where everybody’s happy, except the patient, who tends to get dead in a timely manner ‘if need be’. The squeaky wheel, “the rich”, squawking about social security, are the same ones that will benefit from single payer or whatever else. they will keep up their incessant din no matter what, to keep the wealth transfer going as long as possible.

  • Our country is the enterprise of Satan! The following really doesn’t make much of a difference: left, right, center, moderate, above or below; evil is evil and that’s what we have chosen while we are blaming others all the time. It looks like the American exceptionalism has to do with over 300,000,000, people who don’t sin at all. Who is doing anything wrong? NOBODY! We don’t sin. Yet we’re failing!
    We also believe that there are no consequences, we won’t pay, we are happy when others get eliminated. The result is self-cannibalization! Just read Michael’s articles! I ran into his website by chance and I was astounded because I never saw anything like it! How can Michael be so realistic despite the fact that people make errors, we all do! Michael is really good at giving us a description of how ‘we the people’ are bankrupting and burying ourselves while blaming others. There is good news: hypocricy, lies, brutality, and narcissism, among other things of this nature, are all going to fail!

    • Michael

      Welcome to the site Leonard!

      I hope that you will stop by and leave comment often. It sounds like you have a lot to say about these things. 🙂


  • Dan

    Years back some someone coined the phrases YUPPIE for “young upwardly mobile professional”….and DINK for “double income no kids” and a few years back I read someone had coined an new term……

    DUMPie….for “destitute unprepared mature person”!!!

    A lot of Yuppies and Dinks are turning into Dumpies…in part because they did not save…and in part because what they did save didn’t grow/lost value.

    But it doesn’t have to end in tragedy. Remember, it is true even to day that the poor live lives that could not be bought by Kings two centuries ago.

    There is a lot that could be done to insure older people had a decent retirement they could afford.

    NO, NOT a big McMansion…a big vacation home and jet setting around the world, but decent food, a decent cottage, A.C. in the summer, heat in the winter….internet…companionship with people their own age.

    Currently for a few hundred (maybe 500-700.00) a month right here in the USA.

    Little senior cottage communities with a central meeting area…community garden areas, community shuttle service…bulk buys on food, toiletries, odds and ends. Shared Satellite TV and internet.

    The “young old” working part time and helping look after the “older old” confident their turn would come. Tax breaks (on most everything) NOT tax subsidies or transfer payments (except for the amounts necessary to make the transition) Children helping parents as best they could in exchange for future membership.

    Two of the best books ever written about the frugal non materialistic lifestyle…are “the Freedom Encyclopedia and Senior Citizens Survival Manual written by a guy named Bill Kaysing.

    He took it further than most would be willing to go…but also wrote about living for literally 5.00-10.00 dollars a day and made it sound like fun.

    Once he describe how he and a bunch of friends lived a Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn lifestyle drifting in the California delta area…fishing gather wild fruit and plants…planting gardens on the delta island…hunting and a retired accountant that couldn’t stop accounting estimated they were living for less that a dollar a day per person.

    This was 20 years ago…but a of this stuff is inflation free…and with a little more money and modern technology you could have a little solar electricity and possibly satellite tv/internet for the group.

    No mortgage, no rent, no property taxes…cheap to free food….get creative!

    • Michael

      Dan – I had never heard of a “DUMPie” before….

      Good comment.


    • JasonD

      Sounds good Dan. Nowadays the police would probably enjoy cutting up their tents, confiscating their solar, and telling them to leave the delta. Of course, they would only be there to “help” as they are peace officers and public servants.

    • Helix

      No question that most of us can live much more frugally than we do now, and be just as content with our lives.

      I take exception with holding up the Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn lifestyle as a practical alternative. When a small band of people do it, it’s great. If 300,000,000 people tried to do it the wild fruit and game would be stripped bare and the hunted game would face extinction in a matter of days. Thus the rise of agriculture. I grow a lot of my own food, and I can tell you from personal experience that the food my be cheap in terms of dollars but you pay the price in labor. I like the trade-off, but the food is not “free” nor anywhere even close when your labor is factored into the equation.

  • Tom

    The real crime is Bernanke and his Zero interest rate policies that are destroying the savers in our country. These people have saved all their lives in order to invest conservatively to suppliment their income. The Fed has put the banks profitability ahead of retiree’s survival. Pathetic

    • 007

      You got that right. The prudent saver earns 1/2% in interest while inflation eats their savings at over 6%.. The FED is a creation from hell designed to rob us all and profit a bunch of profligate bankers. Thank you Woodrow Wilson and the Democratic party for this monster.

      The end always preexists in the means….Emerson

  • MissionPossible

    Just finished reading this article and a few of your comments. There seems to be two camps here: (1) The inflated ego camp who stoically sit atop their pompous perch and blame the lack of financial success (owning your home at retirement, etc.)on poor planning. Shame on you for lacking any sense of humanity. Where have you been most of this life? Have you not observed the uncanny change in good fortune to bad to both the planners and non-planners? Sure, planning is the best and most sensible route to follow but show a little wisdom and maturity in judgement (2)The other camp or “Blame it on the Gov’t camp” is correct in every sense of the word. Most of Our politicians have been bought and are feeding at the trough of luxury paid for by corporatists such as Monsantso, GE, and other multi-national companies. This is all dovetailing with the “Super Congress of 12” that will dictatorily decide the fate of America in many, many areas. Pure Fascism.
    Let’s face it baby boomers, things are going to get alot worse before they get better. Politically, we need to get involved in local politics and strengthen city and state government by suppporting those who are not bought and sold by the lobbyists that have sold out to a global economy where American jobs continue to be shipped overseas. The Federal gov’t (the President and his behind the scene handlers, the congress, etc) is crushing our individual and states rights by crushing the constitution.
    Secondedly, most Americans will be working (save the elite, ie; upper tier gov’t employees and fascist controlled corporations who will be supported by our taxes and from the miniscule income we will have to buy their NAFTA products) until they are too sick or feeble to continue to do so.
    This being true, the baby boomers and everyone else had better find a source of work and income that is not dependent upon the state or multinational corporations that employ 3rd world employees at pauper wages. It also has to be something us older folks can physically do. We have to become responsible for our own individual and family situations and not depend upon the gov’t or feudal lords to take care care of us in our old age. Go to to see what I’m talking about.

  • I Am Fifty Yrs Old And Having A Hard Time Finding A Job,But God Did Grace Me With Some Good Times So I Bought A Hobby Farm And When The Time Comes At Least I Will Be Able To Raise
    Cows,chickens,pigs And Have A Vegtable Garden,
    Recently Planted some apple trees,so if social security is gone at least i won’t starve.
    pray And prepare and good luck.

    • Paul

      The government will find a way to tax your trees or declare them illegal. Or perhaps you won’t be allowed to water them, because all rainwater in your area belongs to some big corporation.

      But don’t lose your hope.

  • TK

    This is a time for Christians to shine, by helping the elderly who do not have much. It is getting tougher for them by the day, and it ain’t getting no better.

    It is also a great time to share the gospel, most of the time, folks become so concerned about this world, that they forget there is a God who cares. Who needs a new home here on earth, when you can have a great home in heaven!

    PS: do not expect the rapture to save you either

    • Ysgeye

      I am afraid that American Christians, generally speaking, are in large part, culpable for the way things are. What is the percentage of Christians here in America? I am thinking it is a large percentage. Yet, how is it that Christians, who all share the same Spirit, vote so stupidly? They vote both Democrat and Republican. I am sure that many who voted for Obama are Christian. I am sure that many who voted for Bush are Christian. That is not even mentioning the US and state representatives and senators.
      It is these very representatives who pass opinions (laws) that take property, savings and lives from Americans for transitory reasons. Then they (we?) complain that the politicians have become turncoats (not realizing that that is the way they were before they got into office, it was just that they whispered sweet things and promises into our ears so that we would vote for them, and we didn’t check them out to make sure they were the real thing in the first place).
      But they don’t vote for the ones who will actually give them the liberty and opportunity to make something of their lives because “Those crazy Libertarians (or Constitutionalists, or Green Partiers or whatever other party is not prominent in politics at this time) can’t win, or want to legalize weed (a plant thought up by God, by the way), or keep our noses out of other countries’ business, or let someone try to run a business out of their home, or not heavily tax people to pay “their fair share,” (which is theft, by the way), or other liberties that are victimless – they just don’t seem right to us. So, we will just vote for the other party the next time.” Government seems to have replaced God as the American Christians’ god. Well, I hate to burst the American Christians’ bubble but the government god is not only going to fail you, but it is going to go out of its way to try to make you fail.
      Come on! Do Christians really fail to see that the Democrat and Republican Partys are just two heads of the same hydra?
      I am wondering how we can all read the same book and come to such different conclusions? Pre-emptive war? Thievery in the name of taxation? To pay for crappy art, abortions, stem cell research, study the sex life of the underwater sea monkey, subsidies of huge corporations, subsidies to pay for businesses of immigrants who hold philosophies 180 degrees out of what the majority hold, jail and house people who wouldn’t be criminals except for the opinion(s) of a few deluded, megalomaniac, power grubbing individuals? And on and on, I could go.
      Just remember, the universal law of agency holds true here in America: The agent (representatives) are presumed to act at the direction of the principal (the People). So, if the representatives are liars, thieves and murderers, then it is presumed that the principal is, too (unless the principal actively does something to nullify the agents’ acts).

  • Gary2

    Getting old sucks, however, the alternative sucks even more!

    • ConservativeAvenger

      Gary, you suck.

  • James

    What happened to the children of the elderly? Don’t they think it is time for them to invite them to move in and live with them? Prior to the 1930 – 40s most grandparents lived with their children and grandchildren. Time we started taking care of our elderly people in our homes instead of warehousing them in nursing homes. They would make great baby-sitters for working couples. Food can be bought with the retirement benefits and the working couples paycheck to buy bulk which would be cheaper. Everyone would share the living expenses, and best of all they would be together as a family.

  • Crazy Horse

    Time to panic when gold hits 2000.
    Panic of 2011!

    • 007

      That will be by Friday. Everyone strap in. But Gold is going to keep going up. Everyone should try to buy the dips. They will raise the margin requirements this week. It should create a nice dip and opportunity to buy. It may well hit $2,500.00 by the end of the year. Beside silver there are just no other places to try to protect your money.

  • Yeah and the Baby Boomers deserve it because they have allowed:

    1. Their Racial Prejudice to turn Blacks, Natives, and others into the very same wage slaves they are crying about becoming now via their Drug War, and tough on crime and Drug Policies.

    2. They allowed the elite to trick them into this crisis in the first place.

    3. They wallowed like pigs and grew an apathetic Conservative atttitude towards the most vulnerable in American society.

    4. They openly moved 8 steps towards Satan and 150 steps away from God’s mercyof the people.

    5. They created a system of welfare and poverty which enslaves people instead of helping them to become business owners, and professionals.

    6. They allowed a system to get so out of control that it’s cheaper to buy a car than to send just 1 kid to college.

    7. They created a foolish economic and educational system that requires people to spend the first 30 years or more of their lives (holding them back from having kids- population control) to have a:
    – Janitorial Science Degree to become a Janitor
    – Event Planning Degree to become an Event Planner- LMAO Ridiculous.
    – A Social Work Degree to do work that shouldn’t take a degree to do (I’m in possession of a Social Work degree so I know 90% of Social Work Skills= You dont need a Degree).
    – Business Degree to learn how to Steal, Cheat and Lie.
    – An Art Degree so you can become a train station bum selling paintings for $5.
    – A Nursing Degree so you can become a slave in an oversaturated labor pool in order to one day decrease your wages to slave levels (in 10 years Nurse salaries are going to be an absolute joke- watch you’ll see).
    – A Human Resources Degree to use humans like slaves and provide them with POS jobs for slave wages- Human Resources= politically correct term for slave driver.
    – A Markeing degree to learn how to hassle people out of their hard earned money they otherwise would smartly keep saved for something they truly want as opposed to the crappy product you’re trying to push on them.
    – A Heath Administration degree to be a form filler at a Hospital when you could get an 18 year old with a high school/GED to do that.
    – A Human Services Degree so you can get a Management job and be a butt wiper of the disabled and get paid like a child while doing it.
    – A Police Science Degree to get on a 2 year long waiting list to be even considered for a job in an already oversaturated law enforcement industry, or become a Racist Military Industrial Complex mercentary fighting in some hellhole where it’s like 85 Billion degrees in the shade on the other side of this fallen rock we call Earth you have no business being in, but it’s a check right?
    – A Music Degree so you can be a musician in some bar room brawl joint getting paid like a Mexican Dishwasher.
    – A Non-technical Doctoral degree so you can become a history or sociology Professor at some shi-ty community college at age 42 with no kids, husband/wife or real world experience.
    – A Management Degree so you can become a slave Driver at Mc Donalds getting paid $15 an hour, when Mc Donalds could have promoted a perfectly good hard working and industrious High School drop out from within to do that job.




    – BY AN ANGRY AND READY TO ************ BLACK GEN Y!!

    • Gary2

      Hey-I am a white Gen X and agree with your post. You have good insight.

      • ConservativeAvenger

        Wow, a GenX communist…now that’s something new and different.

    • Ysgeye

      Yep, I have to agree with you SmokeDogg.

  • Guest

    Even when an individual carefully plans for their retirement, things can go wrong after you are retired. For example:
    1. The company you worked for goes bankrupt. You lose your medical retirement coverage.
    2. The comapny goes bankrupt and your pension is reduced by the government agency PBGC based on their rules.
    3. You underestimate the rate of inflation.
    4. The comapany decides to change your medical retirement coverage and the cost increases by 200%, 300%, or 400% all at once.
    5. Social Security freezes the cost of living increases on your Social Security’s pension.
    6. The United States Government, and the Federal Reseve destroys the financial system, thereby causing the value of your home to drop, plus other consequences.
    7. Other benefits that a company provided when you retire is eliminated such as company life insurance, that in many cases the worker paid for during their working years.

    The best part from the company’s viewpoint is that they will not hire you back when you retire, assuming they are not bankrupted.

    The moral of this reply is “Do not trust your government, the company you work for, your stock broker, or your bank. They will take advantage of you at every opportunity. Only rely on your own ability to take care of yourself.

    • Michael

      Very good comment. 🙂


  • Insightful essay and “blisteringly” correct. Poverty has been on the increase ever since certain interests collusion culminated in 1913. We were placed on a synthetic money system while historic money was systematically derided by legions of economists whose fellowships were funded by entities profiting from misinformation. Something deeper is transpiring besides mismanagement—it’s a planned return to feudalism.

  • Hosanna

    In Holland they ate their tulip bulbs during WWII. In some places worse. Some of have gone willingly to their death for their beliefs. Others had their lives taken too soon because they were on some warmonger’s path through the countryside. The difference is we have time to complain. They didn’t.

  • XYZ

    Then simply stop breeding, unless ure retard and masochistic enuff to bring new generations of slaves into this world. Truth hurts, ha?

  • Paul

    So, do not make debts. Ditch your credit card, return to cash.

    It will be hard for the next five years, but if you don’t change it will be hard your whole life.

    The merchant does not want to have cash? Go elsewhere.

  • Charles Grey

    The ‘elite’ have to wreck the current world order before they can bring in their ‘solution’.

  • oleguy

    Americans shit on the elderly, I see it everyday. Look at our politicians. This administration wants to add millions to medicaid all the while lowering the medicare benefits. Going to be hard to support this without people working and paying taxes. Hell if your a mother without an education and having children all the time that is ok. But growing old doing the right thing you are screwed.

    Yes alot of people think they can rely on SS for retirement even when the statement is sent telling you do not rely on it as it is a supplement. I forgot our schools do not think reading is a priority anymore. Better to teach them childcarenow.

  • bobbobbobbob

    the racist elderly are not stupid therefore they will vote for Mr O. The extreme right wing cubanos in maiami fla said “were all watching u” (u= rebuplicanterrorists) this block consistently votes RED. but now says we dont want to privatise medicare therefore DEMS win florida therefore MR O wins THANK THE GODS.
    but no matter u r a failed state

  • laura m.

    James: your ideas may work for some, but elderly parents still want to boss their adult children, and couples need privacy. Ideally, is several folks I know built an add on efficiency apt. or put a small mobile home with a ramp on their rural property for a parent. Nursing homes are for those who can’t do for themselves and /or in wheelchairs and need personal assistance in the bathroom, and need constant care/watching when their mind goes like Alzhiemers, etc.

  • Noogan

    Charles: You’d better recalculate. The SS re-opt in provision has been changed. You can’t do it anymore!

  • Texar

    Wisdom comes from God… not from being old.

  • bobbobbobbob

    dont worry u will get a tooth infection then septis tnen quickly die but not itals brits japs sweeds only members of that failed state -THE BRA thank the rebuplicanterrorists and the bluedogs

    • bobbobbobbob

      look at those toothless workers at walmart then google “walmart pesant insurance” as for jobs your very taxes are paying for the outsourcing that brought you down google “tax credits for exporting us jobs” CHINA RULES U R IGNORANT FOOLS

  • William

    Do not blame the Boomers for this problem. The Boomers have been taxed to death to provide very generous Social Security and Medicare benefits to the WWII generation, who paid little into these systems. A WWII vet born in 1920 did not pay any Medicare tax until he was 45 years of age in 1965. The problem with Social Security is that $2.6 TRILLION of paid-in taxes have been sucked off to pay for normal US government operations, stupid earmark pork and unnecessary wars of choice. To all Republicans, I say REPAY the $2.6 TRILLION to the Social Security system before you whine. Of course, the only way to repay that theft of funds is by borrowing, or taxing. America is already bankrupt, so neither of those two will work.

  • karen

    I sit here at work and look around and most folks don’t seem to care about the fate of others, my deepest concern is children and the older folks. Most people here have money and all the things they want, but that is all going to change, no one is going to be spared when the dollar totally crashes, and it will. People are going to have a hard time eating that new car or flat screen, and the older folks and children are going to be the blunt of everyones anger.

  • mile

    number nine… how many over 60s are considered investors,..?…all..?….my tax accountant had classified me as investor and i was a spender going broke..?

  • Mark

    Many are abusing the safty nets the taxpayers have been paying for. Most of this abuse is legal. I know of one couple that recieves $5,500 in state pension, $1,500 in social security benifits and the wife recieves $1,200 in social security disability benifits. They are worth over one million dollars. There is no way younger workers can pay these type of pensions and feed themselves. The government class of retires demand too much of the pie.
    Families are going to have to take care of their own elderly at home as been the case through out most of human history.
    Medicare was not set up to take care of the high costs of todays medical technology. Knee and hip replacments which are so common today did not exist years ago. Scooters for use around the house cost a lot of money. These things bring on a better quality of life, but are the taxpayers required to pay for all of these types of services?
    I have a friend that is 87 years old. She has her own home, but is way past being able to take care of it herself. We have invited her to come live with us. This is what is needed to help the elderly. They need people to care about them, but at the same time not try to rake in more government money for the service.

  • Black and White

    Your slaves, all of you.
    Your only purpose is to serve the Man.

    Get up and work, 8 hours even more a day then, repeat this act over and over again, 5 days a week, some of you 6 days a week.

    They will raise the prices of everything, fuel, food, rent, all the basics you need to survive just so they can get back most of the money they paid you in slave wages.

    Face it, you are all slaves inside this rich mans game.

    To break free you must first see the truth.
    The rich own you, corporate America owns you, you are cattle and will be treated as such.

  • mondobeyondo

    Roger Daltrey (of the Who) didn’t quite get his wish he sang about in “My Generation” – he’s old and he’s still alive. But financially, he’s better off than a lot of people his age. And he was right about one thing – “Things they do look awful c-c-cold..”.

  • All I know is as long as this corrupt systems is still on its feet we all will be indebted to it.

  • Z

    Save funds by closing down the Lazy workers at DHS, CPS, Police Dept’s, State Funded Colleges, State Funded Mental Health Agencies, Get rid of the waste ….. Take our 401 ks – there needs to be some hard changes to work on these issues!

    Wake – Up you sleeping masses, many are so dumbed down and really have no idea what is surely happening, whats taking place will soon be upon all of us!

  • What did the politicians do with all of their money. Because the elected officials and all the bureacrats spent all of it. Let’s get’em. All of them. I mean there is a reason they want to take away our 2nd amendment, because they are truly scared, but they keep pushing and pushing their luck. I’ve had it. We need a Ten million man march on Washington, D.C. during session. One by one we will get you…………… Never mind I have to go to work that day and pay my fair share to Uncle Sammy…….

  • Faith

    Hello everyone……
    Have any of you grown up POOR??
    You talk about retirements………..
    I got my first new coat from a store when
    I was in 7th grade.
    The US Army did experiments on my dad and he
    died after open heart surgery in a VA hospital
    of STAFF. The nice vaccines they gave out, gave my mom cancer, and much more.
    I have worked constant since I (now 56)was
    18 and have NEVER had any extra to even consider putting any away. I guess I could
    have aborted my only child and saved some.
    That is what evil wants!!!! I could never
    kill a baby!!!!!!! DUH!!!
    THIS IS NUTS !!!!!
    MSM and all the fake BS running this country
    is going to take the hand of YHVH off this
    country just in time for the creep being held
    in Heaven to come to RAPTURE any dooped away.
    What I fear is not enough of the sheeple will wake up in time and will loose their
    It is a letter to us……..DUH…HELLO ??
    I have done a lot of research and if we
    do not get this country back from the flippin
    roth-doggers,…….bo,(pawn) and evil banksters;
    the NWO is next……will you get your national ID card to eat?????????
    I prefer to starve and save my soul.
    Just the money spent bailing out the bnks,&
    wars we are in and should not be- is enough to
    save a lot of us boomers.–AND MORE !!
    pS…I have no retirement saved…I am working and wonder if every job we go to is
    our last……..
    ALL I have is FAITH and I can’t wait to go
    home and get my rewards for trying to help
    save souls since I had my OOB experience and
    gave my life to the GOOD LORD AT 4YRS 9MO’S OLD……..YEP,,,,,,,WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim Shores

    We can blame (and punish) one group for most of our problems. Yes, the corrupt media! We were not informed of so many things or were lied to by professional liars. They should be hung beside the traitors in our “government” and would be if, we did not have judges that are as corrupt as any politician.

  • Direomen

    Hope is not a course of action.

  • billybonesIII

    Many have criticized the Chinese for their family planning. You know, the oldest son makes his way in life and when mom and pop can’t work any more, he looks after them – but they’re commies!
    Here we have (had) a good life, college, hockey, football, baseball etc., we grow up, well, some do – we move to another part of the country and forget about mom and pop. Let the govt look after them.
    And when I can’t work any more the govt can look after me! Right?
    I’m 77 now and that’s what I see now. We really are a pathetic lot. We get what we deserve – unless you know Jesus!

  • Randy

    Michelle, create your own job? I was working a six figure job three years ago. That imploded. Me as a business major (I worked my way through college and worked my ass off), I thought, gee I will just start my own business. I am an incredibly smart person. However, I have starved, eaten top ramen and sunk everything back into the business for two years. Guess what, I am now working labor jobs. I have nothing to show for it. Not because I am lazy or stupid, because the government has created such an impossible environment for the small business, it is impossible to get off the ground. Put your money where your mouth is. Start a small business, put several tens of thousands into it, and see where it gets you. Not very stinking far. I am not lazy and have been working since I was ten years old. I supported my family as a child, went many times without good food to eat. Is there anyone else out there that ate carrots with mustard on top, or ketchup sandwiches as a child? Been there done that.

  • Randy

    Oh one more thing, how does a manic depressive person prepare for the end? I would love to have a gun arsenal present to protect myself. However, I would probably at some point use the damn guns on myself to end my misery. I really think that if the shit hit the fan, I would actually be in a happy position. I am tired of all the crap, lies, corruption and crazy stupid shit our government does. My grandfather, a veteran of ww2 has been saying for the last twenty years a revolution is coming. He died about a month ago. God bless his soul, he will not have to see the shit coming down soon. By the way, I have a deep family history in America, my family fought and died in the civil war.

  • As the occultists say, “as above so below”. This refers to the micro and macrocosm acting the same, and one can affect the other like a butterfly effect or maybe like “Horton Hears a Who”. That being said, the avarice-malaise affecting this country is also in our hearts. In order to shut down the Matrix, we have to unplug ourselves from it. It takes effort at every level, from trying to detox yourself, to prayer and meditation, to rearranging your life to become more self-sufficient.

  • CoronaBunny

    Saving is pointless: it is pretty obvious by now that hyper-inflation is coming to the entire world – the (historically) inevitable effect of madly printing money by the USA, the UK, I think the EU, etc. etc.

    This will erase all digital money, digital ‘investments’, etc. etc.

    Then will come the millstones of taxation, front-lined by the hard fists of the Po-Po, stripping away all material assets and transferring them to the state, for ‘sale’ to cronies and the like.

    There no longer exists such a thing as ‘planning for the future.’ FACT.
    And all those rioting little kiddies KNOW this, even if only instinctively.
    They also know EXACTLY who is to blame for the decimation of their futures:

    The present-day elderly perpetuated-created a system that intended nothing less than the rape and serfdom of future generations; of their own children.

    The elderly were told what they were doing, they were told the risks: they CHOSE stolen wealth. In other words, they did not save money for their futures, but instead took out loans (SS, etc. etc.); the paying off of which they then legally bound to the flesh of their unborn children.

    Such is the legacy of the hippies: who, in the end, stand revealed for what they always were: selfish, lying, hypocrites. Filth.

    So. Do you really, seriously, consider the elderly to be ‘wise’? Do you expect anyone to even want to be in their company? Just what have you been smoking? Crack-laced Plutonium?

    • Michael

      Actually I don’t smoke. 🙂


    • CJ

      Well said,

      Sounds like you’ve done some homework.

      We’ll need hard thinking minds like your’s if we are to come out on the other side still a people.

    • Roger That

      You are wretched.

      The crimes of a few, you smear on the masses.

      I did not vote for Bush, nor Obama for that matter. Sheep will be sheep, no matter their age or generation.

    • Kevin Eshbach

      Most of the elderly are clueless sheep just going along with the herd and doing what they were told to and drinking the kool-aid along the way.

    • DG

      I suppose Wallstreet has nothing to do with this ? So it’s the Hippies fault ? What an Idiot. The wealthy who want to take SS just love this kind of thinking. Just look at the wealth distribution in the world. The wealth of the middle class has been taken by the top 1 %.

  • John Taylor

    could these be the useless eaters that Ted Turner was referring to.

  • Hosanna

    So it looks like many people will rejoice when they let out the killer flu bug to take out the older population. Shame on you.

  • Helix

    Ahhhh. I see you’ve absolved yourself of everything — even saving! Yes, yes, all the world’s problems are someone else’s fault; you parents’ fault in this case.

    Wake up, dork-brain. The main mistake your parents made was letting you play Nintendo for six hours a day instead of getting off your spoiled, vindictive ass and making something of yourself. Oh, and yeah, blowing all their savings on your college “education” which essentially let you party for four more years on their dime. Or were you one of the few that actually studied Engineering, Science, Medicine, or some other nerdy subject that would actually have equipped you to make a contribution to society rather than a leech on it?

    We have no more intention to rape your generation than our parents did ours. Our Social Security and Medicare payments support our parents, and we don’t think it horribly unfair that we recieve that kind of support in return, as will you when your time comes.

    • Roger That

      Oh, there is something magical about being young. A perpetual kid.

      Age is not a factor, until it is. Time is a funny thing.

  • harvey

    why are people getting all over the boomers for retiting? they paid into the system for all their working lives. ss can be made solvent easily. first bring the jobs back to the US. second congress needs to keep their grubby paws out of it and keep it strictly for retirement.

  • Highspeed

    Seem’s like a lot of people on this blog really dislike older people. Do you feel the same way about your own parents and grandparents?

  • American Poverty

    The real problem we have created is we have extended human life without quality of life. People are living longer then ever before using up precious resourses that was available for tWe
    he youth only decades ago.


  • Terrance Jackson

    SO WHAT! It’s not my fault they poo poo’d public employees when times were good. Meanwhile the wife and I are enjoying our retirement after 42 years in public service.

  • Terrance Jackson

    We need a war with Iran to kill off you sniveling kids!

    • Roger That

      Shame on you!

  • art

    i think this only refers to those in private sector. I know a number of police, fire and educators- as well as state workers, who are in their low 50’s but living very well on their pension

  • Lennie Pike


    Blaming Christians incorrectly as you did was such an obvious untruth that someone needs to correct you – it might as well be me.

    The American People have very limited representation in Congress. Ever heard of the “Golden Rule?” – “he who has the gold, makes the rules?”

    Yes, some Government money is spent on Christians, but most of it has been tax money that they themselves were forced to pay, (at the point of a gun) and don’t forget that inflation is a tax, has always been a large tax, and at many times has been a very large tax.

    Without spending some money on entitlements, the people who own the financial system would never have gotten away with the trillions of dollars that they have profited from it’s exploitation – not to mention the almost total control of the World they have now attained.

    In the case of the United States, since 1913, this “gold” has actually primarily been paper instead of gold and easily printed up and and offered up as the only other option available for use as money not by Christians, but by……………..Jews. Not by all Jews of course, but by some Jews, and by no one other than some Jews.

    This is fact and can be easily verified. I do not have a single anti-Semitic bone in my body, (except for one – ha, ha?) believe that no one is perfect, (especially myself – very very far from it) and that I should love my enemy. Due to the harm this financial system of theirs has inflicted on most Americans, these Jews who control all branches of the U.S. Government, most large corporations including of course banks and those on Wall Street – certainly qualify as the enemy – especially nowadays when they are printing up money and giving it to themselves, and demanding bailouts whether their Congress approves them, or whether they are taken in secret. Much harm had been inflicted by them through inflation and wars even before this economic “crisis” we have now.

    You only mentioned the U.S., but these Jews control just about all of the Western World and now even China, and many Arab countries. They are now attacking the Arab countries that they do not control so as to have no countries that are not a part of their one world government and financial system.

    They will have to deal with Russia – good luck.

  • Tough Love

    US “Privte Sector” Taxpayers are simply going to TAKE BACK that what has been stolen from us by the VERY greedy Public Sector employes.

  • trailcat

    Thank you ‘Harvey’. We all let the federal government borrow from the Social Security Trust Fund. Those Federal Securities were said to be such a good investment after all. What we now have is a Federal Gov’t unwilling and/or unable to pay the debt owed to Social Security. Should have squalled long ago.



  • Lennie Pike


    Harumph, harumph, harumph, harumph.


    YOU DONT HAVE TO BE OLD TO BE WISE!! Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 17But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; 18And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. 19But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. 20For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

  • Played by rules, got screwed

    There are two big problems with retirement security in America:

    (1) Public sector pension funds have gotten in bed with Wall Street and are destroying investments for everyone else.

    (2) Public employees think they are entitled to get retirement that is 5x better than social security.

    Public sector unions caused this. They are criminal organizations and they are destroying this country.

  • Georgiaboy61

    The blunt hard fact is that the retirement Baby Boomers saw their parents get is a historical artifact of the post-WWII economic boom, a holdover from when America had the most dynamic and prosperous economy in the world. A leisurely retirement isn’t a birthright; in history most folks have had to work until a few years before death. If they had children, they hoped that they would help care for them in old age. Funding a social safety net takes children, new workers entering the workforce, and the boomers didn’t have them. Who will pay for their retirement and old age now? Even if there are enough workers around, who can blame them if they do not want to spend their work lives paying for the selfishness of their elders, who have left them trillions in debt they cannot possibly repay? Social Security, Medicare, medicaid… all are Govt. Ponxi schemes and will go bust. Don;’t count on Uncle Sam to bail you out, because he can’t.

    America has never been in a situation quite like this one, before, so no one knows how things will look when we come out the other side, that is – if we come out the other side.
    Each of us had better plan to have lots of friends, and develop a network of people you can count on, and who can count on you. The guess here is that’s all we’re gonna have in the years to come.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Terrence, re: “after 42 years in public service”… The conceit that employment in the public sector is always a “service” is one of the reasons we’re in the state we’re in now. The truth is closer to – some public employees provide needed and legitimate services, others are glorified parasites. Gloat now, but Uncle Sam is broke, and will either have to default (the honest thing to do), or pay you in worthless greenbacks, once times really get hard. You govt. types will be the first to riot in the streets when the gravy train stops… and stop it will. The states and municipalities are even worse off, because they can’t print money like the feds; when they go under, those pension checks will simply stop coming. My advice to you is not to throw way that alarm clock just yet… because you may be headed back to the salt mine. And you’d better hope that the private sector, aka the goose that lays the golden egg, doesn’t go down, because then all of us will be in the poor house.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Rev. Jackson, re: “And next there will be euthenasia that will mean that if you are over 80 years old; you wll be put to death to make room for the younger…” I hope you aren’t correct, but if you are… then the guys coming to haul me away had better be prepared to get past my shotgun. Aint going quietly…

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Social Security has saved millions of seniors from a life of poverty for decades.” Jeff, social security hasn’t saved millions – you only think it has. Human beings lived into old age just fine for millenia without the help of your sainted FDR or LBJ or anyone else in govt. Social security, medicare, medicade… all are scams whose primary purpose is not helping the elderly, but enriching endless armies of govt. bureaucrats. None of us still working and under fifty will ever see a dime of it. If we do, it will be a check denominated in worthless fiat money.

  • ron

    Many people who retired a while back and sold their homes while they were worth something are much better off than folks now adays.Times are tough and many people are having a hard time making it.Think of the millions who cant pay theyre morgage.Its all being held together with dept,printing money and loans and lies.Its been a downhill slide since 08 for me.

  • Adam FreeMan

    I will draw SS next year and this is what I plan on doing as a moral person. I will draw exactly what I have paid into the system plus 8% interest adjusted for inflation. I will not be like my Dad who died a few months ago at age 84. When we would discuss SS and the government, He said that he didn’t care and that it would last as long as he was alive. That was all he cared about the mess that he and his generation has left me and my children and their children.

    All “senior citizens” say that they have paid into it all their lives and that they “deserve” the money. Right! One operation costs more than most of them ever paid in. No generation deserves to enslave the next generation with any debts!!

  • Bob Marshall

    I am one of those baby boomer who worked 50 years. I never recieved a notice from the governmemt telling me that social Security will be place under the general fund. The only time i have had any government help was 30 days in the VA hospital after my third tour in Vietnam.Once i reached 16 i have never asked my mother for one dime. How many of the younger generation today move back in with their parents because they can’t make it on their own. How many ask for finanical help? My generation worked for a living.

  • Louise in MO

    Never knew so may people hated the elderly! The only reason that Social Security is in trouble is because of many, many corrupt Congresses who literally stole the money to give free “everythig” to illegal immigrants and to countries who hate our guts. Mr. obama is quite good at handing out money to the latter group.

    The government would not have had to come up with a safety net for the elderly if the younger among us did what was right and help their parents and grandparents.

    The only group of people that I know of who do this in our country is the Amish. Perhaps they are the wisest of us all.

    • Roger That

      Well said. I like folk in Missouri, would move there if winters weren’t so cold.

  • Ronald D. Mapes, Sr.

    At 72 yrs. old and keeping up with information that comes across the newspapers and T.V.,and being retired Military and Law Enforcement, and having dealt with “major corruption” most of my life, I think it is extremely obvious what the intentions were of “President Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama “THE MUSLIM” when he became President.If people all over the United States of America have not figured out where the problem comes from over the last three years, then someone is not doing their home work very well, or, at all. My military and Law Enforcement friends in Europe and around the world seem to have no trouble seeing “very plainly” that Obama is taking the United States of America down to hell and a “3rd world country status”. TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL” WHAT SHALL IT BE AMERICAN PATRIOTS?

    God Bless America, our Troops & Allied Forces….Ron Mapes, Sr.

  • Lennie Pike

    Amish kids don’t need Ridlynn. (spelling error)

  • Jo Grey

    As a couple of 65 year old, boomers, we never expected anything. He worked three jobs and put himself through college, no loans. He worked water and sewer, and I taught school 8 years. Fortunately we “stayed small.” 2 bedroom house, garden, no vacations other than traveling to care for aged parents, now gone. No kids, couldn’t. So here we are, small house paid off, driving 8 year old car, paid off, growing our own vegetarian foods, using our neighbor’s wifi (with his permission and password), cell phone – paid minutes only – no contract, solar shower set up using black hoses piped to the bathroom shower, repairing the old car ourselves, homemade, secondhand or bargain clothing. So where’s the wealth? Two old people who worked and were responsible – His SS $918 a month, my luxurious teacher’s retirement $465, no SS, not allowed with a teacher, no medicare other than the free-no charge (yet) plan A – hospitalization. I hesitate to consider using it other that a traffic accident because of all the diseases there, Staph and C Difficle – they killed my mother who went in for a stomach ulcer and never got out till they killed her with those two diseases, but that’s another story. Any SS as a spouse to him, is reduced by teacher retirement. This is not a moan, just to say that living modestly does work. Read, learn a musical instrument, limit family size, take on no debt, scrap those credit cards, cook at home, learn make it or do without. This is the world we now live in, learn and cut, cut, cut. We did, it worked for us.

    • John Smith

      You guys have done a great job. You made the right decisions and are doing the right thing. Although I cannot imagine a life without kids and now Grandchildren.

      • Bootoagoose

        Sounds like, from some comments above we may have HAD children only to supply an army of our future murderers provocateured into “righteous” indignation by the real culprits. It takes almost nothing to create a fake consensus in an angry mob sold on its’ victimhood by skilled purveyers of self-serving lies. This has all been going to happen, been planned to happen ,for a long time. I’ve seen it coming for decades while enduring “greatest generation” elders swanning around preening themselves on their supposed great “virtue”, collecting social security they didn’t need off the bent backs of the most productive generation in history, and all the time blaming boomers for any little hiccup to their mostly unbroken serenity. -As indeed they were taught to do by Forbes, Fortune, and WSJ, their preferred reading.

    • TX4Life

      Your example is admirable and many young people could learn from you. Your secret is sacrifice. My dad sacrificed also–living in a metal bldg for 2 years while he paid cash to have a small, 2 bedroom house built. Never had a mortgage or a car loan–saved until he had enough cash to purchase. He was a real example to me and we are now trying to follow that example in our 40’s. When I tell people how my dad got ahead in life, they look at me like I’m crazy and there is no way they would ever sacrifice like that to be debt-free.

    • Good for you!

  • patient

    All anybody does is talk talk talk. when the talk stops then i would be afraid

  • I am 65 years old, am a retired-rehired professional, and am blessed to still be successfully employed. I have a 29 yr. old son with a family whom I help financially, as the few jobs he manages to get pay so little. I live within my means and have my house, car, and two investment properties paid off. Yet, the coming economic collapse will affect all of us, regardless of our economic situation.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that the present economic collapse was created by top US and world leaders who have been insisting on a New World Order. The New World Order benefits only the rich. It is the belief of the New World Order that certain nations have the right to attack poor nations on lies and steal their resources (example: Iraq, Libya, El Salvador, Vietnam, etc.) Not only is the New World Order committing vicious crimes against the humanity of poor nations, but the money they steal doesn’t reach the pockets of the poor or middle class. It all goes into the pockets of corporations, bankers, and already rich individuals. We’re sinking because the small middle class that is still working can’t afford to support everbody else. We’re a house of cards because the poor cannot pay taxes and the rich (who get their way by heavily lobbying our government) don’t pay taxes. The insane amount of money that the US spends on foreign wars could best be spent providing for the tremendous needs of our nation. Don’t be deceived by the false propaganda being promoted in US media: we are not being attacked by the nations we attack. We are like the schoolyard bully who attacks the weak kids in the schoolyard and steal their lunches. We don’t dare attack a powerful nation who can defend itself. Films like the one below that I’m attaching have opened my eyes:

  • “HOW WILL YOU FACE THE AMERICAN APOCALYPSE IN 2011: how you can protect yourself and position yourself for the greatest wealth transfer in history.” (click on profile name for more info on my latest video)

  • The new reality for many Baby Boomers is coming towards them, and it will be caused death.

  • I personally know of a man, who dropped dead at work, around 2 AM, or so. He worked in a call center, 3rd (Night) Shift. He was in his very late 60’s or early 70’s. Sad.

    Here’s why it happened.


    John Perkins: The Global Elite’s Crime Syndicate

    [Central] Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

  • A MUST Watch Video:

    Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation- featuring David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Max Igan, Freeman…!

  • DG

    You should learn to build your own house with cash like I did. I built a 1000 sq ft for a cost of 10k in materials. The land was 6k. So you can’t scrape this kind of cash up by saving ? Your fault. Banks just love it when you build your expensive big Mansion and go into debt for the rest of your life making you a debt slave. Yea just buy the new house and car and be a fool and a slave. With house and land payed for I do not need much money and I can save what I earn. But you just go ahead and be a fool. Oh please humans have been building their own dwelling for thousands of years so enough of the excuses. The problem is a system of wage slavery we have and the unequal distribution of wealth and the system propaganda of programing you into submission.

  • ws


    Anna44 wrote “As for my husband- 26 years AF officer, handling millions & billions on International & National levels has just entered his 7th month of unemployment. Two tours abroad- lazy he is NOT. He doesn’t qualify for unemployment, nor is he counted because he gets a retirement check. He wants and needs to work- yet there is little out there. If he doesn’t find something soon, we too will lose the home we sunk every cent into after 20 years of saving for it!”

    YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! SERIOUSLY? This retired Air Force officer of 26 years gets a TON OF MONEY from the government EACH AND EVERY MONTH for the REST OF HIS LIFE along with awesome health care and other benefits. As a veteran who got out prior to 20 years, has NEVER RECEIVED ANY BENEFIT from the government for my service, I am appalled, disgusted, and want to throw up listening to anybody complain with the kind of generous benefits military officers get—it is truly sickening. These guys are mostly elitists who think they are better than everyone else, get awesome benefits while in service, then retire and get unbelievable benefits for the rest of their life, and this woman wants to complain? Pardon me while I throw up. This woman and her husband bank about 60-80k a year from the government for the rest of their lives simply because he served 26 years as an Air Force officer. Excuse, I need to throw up again. Air Force? What sacrifice do they EVER MAKE?

    For the record, I was a Marine Corps grunt for 8 years, and it wasn’t because I did not have a “degree” or was not educated—-I simply wanted to serve my country, not rape it like “officers” who are usually just career climbers do what is expected of them so they can use the system and “get” stuff including more education, benefits etc. It’s one thing to watch the elitist officers rape and abuse the system while serving as an enlisted, but quite another to sit back now and watch as they complain about having to live on 60-80k GUARANTEED for the rest of their life? Excuse me; I need to throw up again.

    Anna44, you make me sick! People on welfare and getting food stamps are often criticized for abusing the system of entitlements—–at least most of them are “needy”. Your husband and his ilk abuse the system while they are in the service, then get out and abuse it even more. Like congressmen, they use their influence to “get” entitlements for themselves. The enlisted people get very little, but officers—–what they get is sickening.

    Anna44, you should be ashamed of yourself—-you are not an America but just another parasite on the system who believes you are “entitled” to get more and more and more. Air Force officer? What sacrifice di you ever make other than perhaps having to move every 3 years? I was a Marine, and I can tell you what sacrifices we make, and I can also tell you what sacrifices Air Force serviceman make. The officers? The whole Air Force is nothing more than an officers club. They treat the enlisted people like dirt, get grossly overpaid, then retire, want medals and honors, and absurd 6 figure retirements.

    In case you didn’t understand, you and your ilk make me SICK! Excuse me, I need to go throw up again!

    • Gerald Armstrong

      I applaud you for your service as a grunt in the Corp. Respect is earned not demanded. The USAF IS NOT a country club. Many of the officers I served under spent years in North Vietnamese POW prions. I have a great deal of respect for every one of them. I for one was in SERE and Rescue. I went through a lot of very tough schools. I earned my respect. Many of the crews I served with saw combat in Vietnam. I am proud to have served with them. Many poeple are alive today because of USAF Para Rescue. Manu of our officers died in combat or in POW camps. I never demanded respect. Nor did I belittle any fellow serviceman regardless of what they did. I am pruod of my service. By way I don’t know of any retired military who are independently wealthy. I get so bent when someone who has no idea what a military pension amounts to makes a rude and biased comment about my pension. Such as “why are you working anyway”? Obviously you have some misguided biased and anger over military service. We can’t all be combat veterans but we all served with honor just the same.

  • Gerald Armstrong

    I am a retired USAF Master Sergeant. Since 1991 I am fortunate to have the military pension and 50% disability to go with it. However for years veterans forfeited dollar for dollar out of the pension for disabilty. Now we are slowly getting that back. Not back pay just that we are no longer offsetting pension for disability. But the payback has been prorated over the years. So the Government can keep the money a little longer. I retired from the USAF in ’91. I went to college, got a technical degree, and a good job immediately. In 1993 jobs were plentyful and good. I switched jobs a few times but always had worked. Until 2001 when I was layed off from Agilent Technolgies. The company outsourced manufacturing operations to Maylasia. 1500 people lost their jobs. I was unemployed for 2 years. Went back to college in 2003 and graduated again with a degree in Medical Assisting at age 54. Got lots of interviews. Never got hired because of age discrimmination. Jobs dwindled down to onesy twosy here and there. My veterans advisor accused me being lazy and not trying hard enough. The money finally ran out and we declared bankruptcy. I gladly took a minimum wage manufacturing job in 2005. I just retired in 2011 at 62 due to back problems. The combined pensions and disabilty don’t pay the bills. I got very sick, my wife got injured. We now owe hundreds of dollars in medical bills. Fortunately we have TRICARE. Thank GOD! But with deductables, co-pays, and some providers don’t discount. WE OWE! I’m worried the pensions and disability will someday run out when the Government goes bankrupt. And, it’s paid to me. What’s my wife going to do when I die? Hopefully the bills we owe will be paid by then.

  • take it from a Portland bankruptcy attorney, bankruptcy has increasingly become a part of the modern retirement plan for low to moderate baby boomers. Live on credit cards, file for bankruptcy, and hope to hang on until you can do it all over again.

    • *edit: low to moderate earning baby boomers, I should say.

  • pat

    Recognizing first that health care costs are driven by physicians, and health care companies, themselves, is a first method to prevent health care fraud for overdiagnosis, overtesting, and inappropriate care.

    If parents were generally healthy, in theory, the children will be generally healthy; that has always been the premise of health care philosophy, and why we tend to encourage childhood health.

    Falling victim to health care fraud is most likely to be the outcome for baby boomers since it is poorly tracked, and the demographics are favorable for it as a lucrative industry.

    If baby boomers are smart, they will demand investigation of health care costs where fraud is suspected, and dutiful collection of health care costs to expose health care fraud and keep costs down.

  • Hey Theeconomiccollapseblog,
    Interesting Thoughts, According to a recent Del Webb survey of baby boomers, 72% said that they plan to work after retirement.
    Great Job!

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