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22 Red Flags That Indicate That Very Serious Doom Is Coming For Global Financial Markets

If you enjoy watching financial doom, then you are quite likely to really enjoy the rest of 2012.  Right now, red flags are popping up all over the place.  Corporate insiders are selling off stock like there is no tomorrow, major economies all over Europe continue to implode, the IMF is warning that the eurozone could actually break up and there are signs of trouble at major banks all over the planet.  Unfortunately, it looks like the period of relative stability that global financial markets have been enjoying is about to come to an end.  A whole host of problems that have been festering just below the surface are starting to manifest, and we are beginning to see the ingredients for a “perfect storm” start to come together.  The greatest global debt bubble in human history is showing signs that it is getting ready to burst, and when that happens the consequences are going to be absolutely horrific.  Hopefully we still have at least a little bit more time before the global financial system implodes, but at this point it doesn’t look like anything is going to be able to stop the chaos that is on the horizon.

The following are 22 red flags that indicate that very serious doom is coming for global financial markets….

#1 According to CNN, the level of selling by insiders at corporations listed on the S&P 500 is the highest that it has been in almost a decade.  Do those insiders know something that the rest of us do not?

#2 Home prices in the United States have fallen for six months in a row and are now down 35 percent from the peak of the housing market.  The last time that home prices in the U.S. were this low was back in 2002.

#3 It is now being projected that the Greek economy will shrink by another 5 percent this year.

#4 Despite wave after wave of austerity measures, Greece is still going to have a budget deficit equivalent to about 7 percent of GDP in 2012.

#5 Interest rates on Italian and Spanish sovereign debt are rapidly rising.  The following is from a recent RTE article….

Spain’s borrowing rate nearly doubled in a short-term debt auction as investors fretted over the euro zone’s determination to deal with its debts. 

And Italy raised nearly €3.5 billion in a short-term bond sale today but at sharply higher interest rates amid fresh concerns over the euro zone outlook, the Bank of Italy said.

#6 The government of Spain recently announced that its 2011 budget deficit was much larger than originally projected and that it probably will not meet its budget targets for 2012 either.

#7 Amazingly, bad loans now make up 8.15 percent of all loans on the books of Spanish banks.  That is the highest level in 18 years.  The total value of all toxic loans in Spain is equivalent to approximately 13 percent of Spanish GDP.

#8 One key Spanish stock index has already fallen by more than 19 percent so far this year.

#9 The Spanish government has announced a ban on all cash transactions larger than 2,500 euros.  Many are interpreting this as a panic move.

#10 It is looking increasingly likely that a major bailout for Spain will be needed.  The following is from a recent Reuters article….

Economic experts watching Spain don’t know how much money will be needed or precisely when, but some are near certain that Madrid will eventually seek a multi-billion euro bailout for its banks, and perhaps even for the state itself.

#11 Analysts at Moody’s Analytics are warning that Italy has now reached financially unsustainable territory….

“Italy is already out of fiscal space, in our estimate.” said Moody’s. “Its debt levels relative to GDP already exceed a manageable level. The manageable limit for Italian 10-year bond yields is estimated at 4.2pc. As of Wednesday, Italian 10-year yields were 5.46pc.”

#12 It is being projected that the Portuguese economy will shrink by 5.7 percent during 2012.

#13 There is even trouble in European nations that have been considered relatively stable up to this point.  For example, the Dutch government collapsed on Monday after austerity talks broke down.

#14 The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, says that there are “dark clouds on the horizon” for the global economy.

#15 The top economist for the IMF, Olivier Blanchard, recently made this statement: “One has the feeling that at any moment, things could get very bad again.”

#16 A recent IMF report admitted that the current financial crisis could lead to the break up of the eurozone….

Under these circumstances, a break-up of the euro area could not be ruled out. The financial and real spillovers to other regions, especially emerging Europe, would likely be very large.

This could cause major political shocks that could aggravate economic stress to levels well above those after the Lehman collapse.

#17 George Soros is publicly declaring that the European Union could soon experience a collapse similar to what happened to the Soviet Union.

#18 A member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, stated during one recent interview that it is inevitable that some major banks in Europe will collapse….

There are going to be some serious banking collapses and the impact of that on some sovereign states, will be serious. I’m afraid we’ve gotten to a point where we really can’t stop this now. We’re beginning to reach a stage where however much false money you create, the problem becomes bigger than the people trying to solve it. We are very close to that point.

When I talk about the threats and the risk that this thing could wind up in some kind of rebellion, some sort of awful social cataclysm, they (other European politicians) are now very worried indeed. They will talk to you in private, but in public, nobody dares utter a word.

I think the deterioration, in the last two or three weeks, in the eurozone is very serious indeed. It’s the bond spreads in Italy and Spain. It’s the fact that youth unemployment is now over 50% in some of these Mediterranean countries.

It’s riot and disorder on the streets. And yet a month ago I was here and there was Herman Van Rumpuy telling us, ‘We’ve turned the corner. Everything is solved. There are no more problems with the eurozone.’ What a pack of jokers they look like.”

#19 The IMF is projecting that Japan will have a debt to GDP ratio of 256 percent by next year.

#20 Goldman Sachs is projecting that the S&P 500 will fall by about 11 percent by the end of 2012.

#21 Over the past six months, hundreds of prominent bankers have resigned all over the globe.  Is there a reason why so many are suddenly leaving their posts?

#22 The 9 largest U.S. banks have a total of 228.72 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives.  That is approximately 3 times the size of the entire global economy.  It is a financial bubble so immense in size that it is nearly impossible to fully comprehend how large it is.

The financial crisis of 2008 was just a warm up act for what is coming.  The too big to fail banks are larger than ever, the governments of the western world are in far more debt than they were back then, and the entire global financial system is more unstable and more vulnerable than ever before.

But this time the epicenter of the financial crisis will be in Europe.

Outside of Europe, most people simply do not understand how truly nightmarish the European economic crisis really is.

Spain, Italy and Portugal are all heading for an economic depression and Greece is already in one.

The European Central Bank was able to kick the can down the road a little bit by expanding its balance sheet by about a trillion dollars over the last nine months, but the truth is that the underlying problems in Europe just continue to get worse and worse.

It truly is like watching a horrible car wreck happen in slow motion.

The good news is that there is still a little time to get yourself into a better position for the next financial crisis.  Don’t leave yourself financially exposed to the next crash.

Sadly, just like back in 2008, most people will never even see this next crisis coming.

So do you have any other red flags to add to the list above?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below….

  • Paul

    I witnessed dark clouds yesterday on the highway.
    I switched on the wiper and avoided changing lanes, just going straight ahead, leaving a bit of distance to the guy in front.

    And everything worked out just fine. No jam, no accident, no breakdown. Just a bit slower than the usual 20 miles over the speed limit.

  • Paul

    Spain prohibited COMMERCIAL cash payments. That is B2B cash payments!

    It is prohibited in most places anyway. And when was the last time you used cash in the US?

  • Sunny Dhillon

    A Good post when it comes to the facts. No doubt the global economy will recede further due to the possible collapse of the EZ however i doubt it will be as bad as it sounds…….

  • Washington

    EPA Official: EPAs “philosophy” is to “crucify” and “make examples” of US energy producers

  • Rahn

    DO NOT pay attention to the stock market BUT instead pay attention to the DERIVITIVES.

  • Lewis

    Throw in Climate Change,Earthquakes,Volcanoes & Other Disasters between Now and 2030 and there is little hope for civilization of making it past 2030 at best! No wonder people focus on eat,drink and sleep with Mary! Porn! Obsession with porn and the so called good life is a distraction to the COLD BLOODED REALITY THAT THE PARTY IS JUST ABOUT OVER!!! AND THERE IS ONLY DECAY AND DEATH IN OUR FUTURE!


    AMERICA OR Babylon trades with all the nations of the world, and forges the most complex trading and merchandising system the world will ever see. This trading system is forged over many years, and Babylon slowly waxes RICH, AND BECOMES THE RICHEST OF ALL THE NATIONS!! It is this trading system that propels BABYLON TO THE HEIGHT OF HER POWER. Via her wealth, she can afford the greatest military machine ever seen upon earth! She can afford to spend the money required to build huge corporations, huge foundations, because wealth begets more wealth!!


    One of the other key parameters to identify Babylon is that her merchants are called the GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH:





    (Revelation 18:23).”

    This parameter is very strict in truth, for it requires that Babylon’s merchants BECOME THE LEADING MERCHANDISERS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, and that their CORPORATIONS become GIANTS OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE. forging the most powerful trading system in the world. The corporations of Babylon grow to be huge conglomerates, which become MONOPOLIES, and their wealth becomes staggering. They have corporate headquarters in most nations, and their trading system forges a web that covers the entire globe. This large end time trading system is more powerful than Governments, and in fact, FORGES THE INDUSTRIAL- GOVERNMENTAL-MILITARY COMPLEX OF THE ANTICHRIST!

    Does Iraq fit this parameter? Does Iraq have the largest corporations of the world? Does Rome? Does the EC? We know the answers to this. America, with her IBM, 3M, EXXON, GULF OIL, and long list of other huge corporations SPANS THE GLOBE, AND TRADES AND DEALS IN EVERY NATION UPON EARTH. Indeed, America fits this parameter like a glove, AND NO OTHER NATION UPON EARTH CAN BOAST OF THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT. American corporations have industrial plants all over the world, and their trading system has in fact formed a web that covers the whole earth, and has also forged an industrial, governmental and military complex the likes of which have never been seen before!!

    The very center of this huge trading colossus is THE GREAT CITY BABYLON, NEW YORK CITY. The largest corporations of America, and the world, have headquarters or offices either in or near NEW YORK CITY. TO CONDUCT TRANSACTIONS ON WALL STREET and the World Trade Center. The largest stock market in the world sits in New York City, with the DOW JONES AND NEW YORK and AMEX STOCK EXCHANGES! If Wall Street falls, THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL FALL WITH IT. If the American business machine fails, THE ENTIRE TRADING SYSTEM OF THE WORLD FAILS WITH IT. The “rich men” all have offices in New York, regardless of their HOME NATION. New York is THE IMAGE OF BABYLON, THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD.

    “And the KINGS OF THE EARTH,

    who have committed




    when they shall see the smoke of


    (Revelation 18:9).”

    They wail and bemoan this mighty NATION BABYLON, for when Babylon is destroyed, THEIR ENTIRE TRADING SYSTEM GOES UP IN SMOKE WITH HER. Because most of the merchants of the earth have their money tied up in U.S. stocks, U.S. CORPORATIONS, AND LAND INVESTMENTS, and many have their gold and silver stored in America, when AMERICA IS DESTROYED, THEY ARE INSTANTLY BANKRUPT, and the entire system crashes to the ground! New York City REPRESENTS the wealth of America, just as the GREAT CITY BABYLON represents the wealth of THE NATION BABYLON. When the CITY BURNS, the NATION BURNS WITH HER.

    Thus we can prove that America, the MIGHTY BABYLON, is the central hub of all world trade. The VELOCITY OF EXCHANGE in WALL STREET is unexcelled in the world. NEW YORK CITY IS THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL HUB, something that even the world’s largest bankers and financiers readily acknowledge in their writings. CNN’s MONBEYLINE announces it on every program!! Indeed, THE AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN, THE AMERICAN CORPORATE LEADERS, ARE THE GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH. With their INTERLOCKING DIRECTORSHIPS, with their connections to GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY LEADERS, these men wield tremendous power, and they are referred to as the “RICH MEN OF THE EARTH”. The word “Great” means LORDS. THUS THEY ARR THE “LORDS OF THE EARTH”.

    You see, the entire BABYLONIAN SYSTEM is primarily ECONOMIC. It is from this ECONOMIC BASE that it has the power to forge a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD RELIGION, AND A ONE WORLD ECONOMY. It is the G-7 nations that are pushing for THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The G-7 are the richest nations upon earth! THE BIBLE DOES NOT LIE. It is from this economic base that the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH have been able to weave their web of financial control and then to LEND TO ALL NATIONS, AND REAP HUGE PROFITS FROM MANIPULATED INTEREST RATES, DEPRESSIONS AND RECESSIONS.DOES THAT SOUND LIKE US????

  • Cris

    The Seventh head of the Beast(Great Britain/America) is about to suffer the prophesied death stroke. Prepare for the 8th and Final King to rule the world under tyrannical rule. Its’ gonna happen, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE IN THIS MATTER!
    Gods plan is working out just like it’s supposed to, and only through his son will ANYBODY be saved, of which YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE IN THE MATTER!

    • Jimm


  • Wade

    Until we get rid of the central banking system and the so-called “Federal” Reserve, we have little or no chance of changing the direction of our decline and impending collapse. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more “Federal” than Federal Express! They are simply a group of private investors who are becoming rich and powerful from totally deceitful business practices. They MUST be stopped if we are to ever begin the healing needed to save this Republic! Usury is un Constitutional, and is what the FED has used to bring our country to its kness and to the brink of extinction.

  • Graham

    Is “Christ Conscienceness” not an option?

    I’m just wondering what God’s “other” children are supposed to do, who were born into a different faith. One people (humans), many colours (differing DNA) and multiple belief systems, some of which date back 6,000 years (Vedas).

    I have the funny feeling that your take on the matter has caused war and death on a massive scale. The “Law of Freewill” is “Universal” and not denominational. I don’t see where this law fits in with your indoctrinated perspective that creates a “divide and conquer” mentality amongst people.

    I suggest you read the Quran and the Torah then reconsider your level of respect for God’s “others”. Remember that Jesus was himself a Jew! Realise he was not the only “prophet” either, but one of many. You may also want to consult a “pre” King James VI bible then question your church leaders about the changes.

    If they are prepared to put “People before Profit”, especially in certain American churches, they might tell you the truth and realise that the “flock” have been somewhat misdirected. Something that has helped the creation of a “One World Order” immensely. Look a lot closer at Abraham! Is he a faith “uniter”? Also research the bloodline of King James VI. Kings rule over people. Problem?

    “Do not pretend you can love others until you realize them as being one with yourself.” [Nisargadatta Maharaj]

    • Thumbs up

      Just want to add that no where in the Holy Bible does it say Jesus is the son of God. How can God have human characteristics and be creator of the universe (stars, galaxies, worm holes, super novas, etc.) as well. Safe to suffice, there has been some man made alterations to the words of God. Question is, ever wonder to what end?


    As a rule, trouble is worse in anticipation than in reality. This is not true of the crisis before us. GOLD and SILVER will NOT buy food if food does not exist because of famine, drought, floods or pestilence. The CRISIS has come because of SPIRITUAL deformaties – every imagination of the thoughts of our hearts are only evil continually -as before the flood. Therefore, “The nations are in unrest. Times of perplexity are upon us. Men’s hearts are failing them for fear of the things that are coming upon the earth. But those who believe in God will hear His voice amid the storm, saying,
    “It is I; be not afraid.” The Signs of the Times, Oct. 09, (1901), Author, Ellen G. White
    James 5:1 – Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. James 5:2 – Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten.
    James 5:3 – Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days
    James 5:4 – Behold, the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.
    James 5:5 – Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.
    James 5:6 – Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

    Luke 21:35 “For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.”Isaiah 24:1 Behold, the LORD makes the earth empty, and makes it waste, and turns it upside down, and scatters abroad the inhabitants thereof.
    Isaiah 24:20 The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.

    These prophesies could apply to anyone of us, our courtry, our elite leaders, or spiritual leaders. We must put away “self.”

  • sasquatch

    ya know, for me reading all of this in it’s entirety, i have to say some of you are so darn smart in all this that it’s amazing how some know money very well. Most likely from their college days and their own jobs. it’s good reading and yep, one world govt. is systematically being orchastrated by many. Hold on and i’m actually thinking of selling my boat and button up the hatches and buy a better vehicle on gas from the 8.0 mpg i currently get.

    • frogbrain

      8mpg, gosh what u got dude 1000hp shelby?

  • larry redmond

    any other ponzi schemes ? live in penna its getting bad now. bank exec resigning , gas and kids college tuition goin up ! doesnt biden own near a dozen homes ? isnt harvard really expensive ? good grief ! its like a brick wall with the economy and everyones shopping for lowest price , we have a lowes and home depot every 5 miles . cvs walgreens and a food franchise at every light ! how do we spell to much .. renting a movie at blockbuster , oops

  • patriot alice

    Mr. Bernanke is doing a great job balancing this crisis…He will aid “QE3″ the economy if it falls too much, and Europe will do the same…Printing money is the only solution left for the West…The result will be, many more people will fall into poverty from the middle classes, creating a whole new class of minimum wage earners, who will have to work and save their way back…The financial world will not come to an end.

  • OldFart

    Time to turn your money into good and safe investment, right next door!

  • Optimistic Pessimist
  • Dr. Dave

    It’s stunning that so many people have no idea how close ’08 was to total collapse! People actually believe that banks have on hand every dime of their deposited money. Actually banks, being lending institutions, lend out most of their ‘demand deposits’ (all checking/business accounts). In most cases they only have to have 10 to 12% of the cash that has been deposited regulated by that amazing shell game entity called the Federal Reserve. The other 88 to 90 % has been loaned out of course. If just a few of the big banks has gone under ’08, it would trigger a panic run on banks & 88 to 90% would never see a dime! FDIC you say?..ROFLOL they have about .007% on hand to cover all the deposits nationwide. My specific percentages from WIKI may be a tad off but very close. Check it out for yourself! Do so & you will see why most US dollars aren’t even in this country. The US dollar value is propped up by “petro US dollars”. In the past all oil was bought with US dollars lending enormous credibility & value to US $. Take a look at how many countries are not using US dollars for petro right now!..and that number will only grow as US dollars weaken more. Throw in the history of fake fiat money backed by nothing which always ends in disaster, as well as the world debt crisis & disastor is the only possible result. We all know it’s a huge shell game, & no I don’t have any answers because there are none! Zero! Zilch! Check out economist John Williams @ youtube or as well as others!~ If you handed someone a dollar per second it would take you 30,000 years to give 1 Trillion $$! ..knida sheds a new light on our deficit & borrowing ya’ think?

    • Thumbs up

      Thank God, we still have people who understand there is a real world out there beyond US borders and petty issues. Use of the word shell is perfect description of US wealth and real dollar value.

    • Paul Gogulski


      What really bothers me is the silence by all the talking heads and both political leaderss regarding the impact of a derivitaves market that is 15 times larger than the US total GNP with no end in sight. Has anybody got the guts to suggest that this can be reduced to zero with the impact hit on the six major banks rather than the backs of the sleeping American taxpayers?

    • Chase

      Not to mention the FDIC has up to 100 years to pay out on the insurance!

  • Peter

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. We enjoy a very strong economy & great standard of living but watching very closely everything that is happening in the world around us, especially Europe & USA is really quite frightening as this Tsunami of Financial crisis will have the power to bring us all down. May God help us all.

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  • David

    Time is short. The global crash is at the door. Stockpile dried fruits, canned food, etc. and have a source of water. It will seriously get that desperate. It will be bigger than the Great Depression of 1929 to 1933. Why? We are in far far far more debt, the world population has increased 10 fold, and we are far less capable of being self sufficient (eg. growing own veges) compared to the 1930’s. Land sizes have shrunk and many millions live in apartments, with no possible means of supplying their own food. It will be chaos on the streets, widespread famine, violent crimes to get food, etc. The world is in for a humbling experience. Man will be on his knees. Why? To turn to the Lord Jesus and repent, and trust He will provide like he did for the Israelites for 40 years in the desert. Be prepared as best as you can for time is short, however trust in the Lord Jesus.

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