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22 Stats That Prove That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Young Men In America

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Young MenWhen are we finally going to admit that we have a very serious problem with this generation of young men in America?  We have failed them so dramatically that it is hard to put it into words.  We have raised an entire generation of young males that don’t know how to be men, and many of them feel completely lost.  Sometimes they feel so lost that they “snap” in very destructive ways.  Adam Lanza and James Holmes are two names that come to mind.  Why is it that mass murderers are almost always young men?  Why don’t young women behave the same way?  Sadly, Adam Lanza and James Holmes are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger problem in our society.  Our young women vastly outperform our young men in almost every important statistical category.  Young men are much more likely to perform poorly in school, they are much more likely to have disciplinary problems and they are much more likely to commit suicide.  In the old days, our young men would gather in the streets or in the parks to play with one another after school, but today most of them are content to spend countless hours feeding their addictions to video games, movies and other forms of entertainment.  When our young men grow up, many of them are extremely averse to taking on responsibility.  They want to have lots of sex, but they aren’t interested in marriage.  They enjoy the comforts of living at home, but they don’t want to go out and pursue career goals so that they can provide those things for themselves.  Our young men are supposed to be “the leaders of tomorrow”, but instead many of them are a major burden on society.  When are we finally going to admit that something has gone horribly wrong?

There is even a name for this generation of young men that does not want to grow up.  It is called the “Peter Pan generation”.  They want to enjoy the benefits of being grown up without ever taking on the responsibilities.  A member of this “Peter Pan generation” recent wrote an article for the Daily Mail in which he discussed what he and his friends are going through…

I haven’t yet had to grow up so, well, I haven’t.

Reckless, irresponsible and immature? Yes. But at least I can take comfort in the fact I am not alone.

Last week, I read that there is even a name for people such as me. We are the ‘Peter Pan generation’; a sizeable group of 25 to 40-year-olds who exist in a state of extended adolescence, avoiding the trappings of responsibility — marriage, mortgage, children — for as long as possible.

‘Our society is full of lost boys and girls hanging out at the edge of adulthood,’ says Professor Frank Furedi, a sociologist who has been studying this phenomenon, at the University of Kent.

‘Another word sometimes used to describe these people is “adultescent” — generally defined as someone who refuses to settle down and make commitments, and who would rather go on partying into middle age.’

Young men in America didn’t always behave this way.  Several decades ago, men in America moved away from home, got married and had children much earlier than they do now.  But the young men of today seem to want to put off the “markers of adulthood” for as long as possible.  The following is from an outstanding article by Sandy Hingston

Sociologists cite five “markers” or “milestones” that have traditionally defined our notion of adulthood: finishing school, moving away from the parental home, becoming financially independent, getting married, and having a child. In 1960, 65 percent of men had ticked off all five by age 30; by 2000, only a third had. The experts have plenty of explanations for what’s come to be called “extended adolescence” or “emerging adulthood”—or what New York Times columnist David Brooks calls the “Odyssey Years.” They blame helicopter parents, the burden of student loan debt, much higher poverty rates among young people (nearly half of all Americans ages 25 to 34 live below the national level), and a dearth of vo-tech training and manufacturing jobs. Almost 60 percent of parents are now giving money to their grown kids—an average of $38,340 per child in the years between ages 18 and 34. Whatever happened to the son looking after his mom?

So why is all of this happening?

Well, there are a whole host of reasons.  But certainly parents and our education system have to bear much of the blame.  In the old days, young men were taught what it means to “be a man”, and morality was taught to young men both by their parents and in the schools.  But today, most young men have very little understanding of what “manhood” is, and our society has taught them that morality doesn’t really matter.  Instead, television and movies constantly portray young men as sex-obsessed slackers that just want to party all the time, so that is what many of our young men have become.

How much better off would our society be if we had trained this generation of young men to love, honor, protect and take care of others?

How much better off would our society be if we had nurtured the manhood of our young men instead of teaching them to be ashamed of it?

How much better off would our society be if we had disciplined our young men and taught them morality when they were getting off track instead of just letting them do whatever they wanted?

The following are 22 stats that prove that there is something seriously wrong with young men in America today…

#1 Males account for approximately 70 percent of all Ds and Fs in U.S. public schools.

#2 About two-thirds of all students in “special education programs” are boys.

#3 The average American girl spends 5 hours a week playing video games.  The average American boy spends 13 hours a week playing video games.

#4 The average young American will spend 10,000 hours playing video games before the age of 21.

#5 One study discovered that 88 percent of all Americans between the ages of 8 and 18 play video games, and that video game addiction is approximately four times as common among boys as it is among girls.

#6 At this point, 15-year-olds that attend U.S. public schools do not even rank in the top half of all industrialized nations when it comes to math or science literacy.

#7 In 2011, SAT scores for young men were the worst that they had been in 40 years.

#8 According to a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society, only 37 percent of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 can find the nation of Iraq on a map.

#9 According to the New York Times, approximately 57 percent of all young people enrolled at U.S. colleges are women.

#10 It is being projected that women will earn 60 percent of all Bachelor’s degrees from U.S. universities by the year 2016.

#11 Even if they do graduate from college, most of our young men still can’t find a decent job.  An astounding 53 percent of all Americans with a bachelor’s degree under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed during 2011.

#12 Pornography addiction is a major problem among our young men.  An astounding 30 percent of all Internet traffic now goes to pornography websites, and one survey found that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in the United States even visit sex websites while they are at work.

#13 In the United States today, 47 percent of all high school students have had sex.

#14 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet.  If our young men behaved differently this would not be happening.

#15 In the United States today, one out of every four teen girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease.  If our young men were not sex-obsessed idiots running around constantly looking to “score” these diseases would not be spreading like this.

#16 Right now, approximately 53 percent of all Americans in the 18 to 24 year old age bracket are living at home with their parents.

#17 According to one survey, 29 percent of all Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket are still living with their parents.

#18 Young men are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as young women the same age are.

#19 Overall, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents in the United States right now according to Time Magazine.

#20 Today, an all-time low 44.2% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.

#21 Back in 1950, 78 percent of all households in the United States contained a married couple.  Today, that number has declined to 48 percent.

#22 Young men are about four times more likely to commit suicide as young women are.

So what do you think about this generation of young men in America?  Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…

22 Stats That Prove That There Is Something Seriously Wrong With Young Men In America

  • Prepaired Painter

    Fathers. That is the one word answer to what is wrong with young men today. As a father myself, and the spiritual leader of my house, I reject passivity and accept responsibility. Easy? NO! Necessary? YES! Its time for men to get off the couch, get on their knees, and lead.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Mothers are one half of the equation, fathers are the other half.
      If either one is missing, you will never have a whole child.

      Just my thoughts…..

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Good thoughts Mondo.


      • richard

        i am sorry mondobeyondo, but i have to disagree with your view. I was raised in the 50ies and 60 by two parents that were never there both of them were professionals and they had no time for kids we were there to clean the house cook our own meals wash our own clothes, take care of the yard ect. I thought they were good parents even though they were missing, but the good thing is it taught us to be responsible for ourselves.and if we wanted any thing in life it was up to us to go out and get it ourselves. I resented this for a long time but as i got older i decided it was a good thing. I can cook like no bodies business i can sew, iron, wash clothes, I don’t need anyone to help me including the government. Now as i have gotten older i can can my own food grow my own food and raise my own animals.

        • Ralfine

          Totally agree.

        • Mark

          Richard, Mondo is right. It is great that you taught yourself, but a balanced home would have been better.

        • Patriot

          Richard, I also grew up in the mid 1950’s to a blue collar family in a humble suburban home. My mother was at home while my sister and I were young. Because Mom did not work, we did not have a lot of extra money, but we had TIME together. My Father taught me many life skills, and values along with Patriotism and Godly values. I have to say, my brother in law got a good gal with my sister.

          I think that too many parents who choose to be “professionals” in their careers are missing the whole point of the true joys of TIME spent investing in family.

          • Deflationist

            Exactly..until family becomes the #1 priority in families..we will continue to have major problems with boys.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      Very good points.


    • grenadak

      No, yeah I like no. Asking men to just accept their mistreatment at the hands of society is the real attitude that is defeatist. Walking away from an issue is an action because you remove yourself from the equation as opposed to removing the issue from the equation. Which is what many men are choosing to do, that is their choice and society is going to have to live with it whether they like it or not just like how many of these men have never had anyone to care/assist them with their problems and had to deal with said problems themselves.

  • Penn

    1 word – feminism. When being male is portrayed negatively in society men stop caring and carrying the burden. Schools are feminized (only look female/male teacher ratio), fathers are treated as mobile ATMs (in year 2012 indentured servitude still exists in USA), universities have rape hysteria coupled with gender “studies” extremism.

    So please tell me why should men get back to old ways of being the foundation when all they get today’s society is shaming/slavery/redundancy/aggression? And to all of those nice feminists – you created the problem, now fix it!

    • Ralfine

      Why is it that the so called macho guys are the ones most afraid of women and their power?

      Why did the church ban women from the church for centuries?

      What’s wrong with these wimps?

      • Penn

        And what power would that be? The power to oppress little boys and men because of their forefathers alleged “crimes”? So because of churches past actions it’s ok to do it? And no, shaming tactics will not work anymore.

        Here’s one prediction. When cheap unrenewable energy runs out (and it is running out, it’s only when exactly will we cross the rubicon) and humanity tumbles back to low-energy economy then what do you think would happen to all of these women? Will they become coal miners or other hard physical laborers or will they go back into kitchen and birthing factories? And unlike past civilization collapses, this time it will be for good, as if forever (because there would not be any easy high energy source to rise with again, ok theoretically there is a possibility that when aliens arrive they’d give humans some fusion reactors for pity, but how likely is that to happen?). This would of course be bad ending for men too, because they’d be forever as hard labor force, but hey at least then we’d have equality (of being in this shi* together).

        Humanity is in it’s most fragile state ever, crossing the unrenewable to renewable energy threshold and there won’t be any second chances should we fail. But instead of pushing hard STEM fields in universities we push reality shows, idiocracy in politics, quotas in academia/business, PC talk everywhere because real conversations are nowadays oh so offensive and finally other “problems” that gender supremacists have created.

        • Ralfine

          Well, then stop whining and stand up.

          • Martin 0002

            I suspect that he is happy for civilization to collapse.Then he can keep woman in “birthing factory”.

          • Penn

            Martin, ad hominems don’t work with me. Next time read the whole paragraph to understand the context;)

          • Penn

            Seems i can’t post youtube links, so here goes a second try. Last month there was a lecture in University of Toronto where Warren Farrell talked about problems that BOYS face and how we could fix things.

            And what happened outside the building is this “they defend rape, they defend incest, they defend violence against children” etc. That is a quote what one of the feminist thugs said. So F boy’s and their problems, that is the attitude society has and enforces through higher education.

            If you want to hear more what went down there Google “Warren Farrell protest”.

          • Ralfine

            100 people in an organization 1 year old are responsible for all this???


            Make sure the jihadists hear this. They die laughing about America.

          • Penn

            Why should they be responsible for all this? I only used it as an example what happens whenever men try to fix the problems boys have, that some feminists see that as a potential competition to their gender “equality” industry and how they react.

            And why do you bring jihadists into this? You just can’t have a discussion without dragging religion and religious views into it, can’t you?

          • Ralfine

            Would you be happier if I replaced jihadists by communists, feminists , Rock’n’Roll or Hippies?

            I just wanted to use a placeholder for “Enemy of America”.

            Nothing to do with religion. You probably already heard: the biggest enemy of America now is obesity.

          • Penn

            Yes, i think i heard that some place, i think it is MO who now wages war on obesity or something. Does that mean that obese people are enemy combatants now? In any case, obesity is a personal choice and if obese people want to die early, have miserable lives let them have it. It’s just so ironic that in the end of the day the people who are not obese and more productive will have to pay the bills.

          • Mom in California

            He must have missed the part about the men getting more D’s and F’s in school. If the men are not entering the math and science fields, who is?? women!! There are more women entering engineering fields now, perhaps it will be the women instead of the men who find that renewable energy??

          • Penn

            Mom, didn’t Obama send you the memo that he plans to give women Title IX support so that more could enter STEM fields (training wheels, mom, training wheels!)? And one more note, mom, claiming statistics is double edged sword – it can be verified, you see. For example as of year 2010 20.1% of bachelor degrees in engineering were earned by women.

            To conclude, having read your previous comments, mom, i now understand why dad did what he did and i can’t really blame him;)

          • liberranter

            And probably not even a tenth of those were earned by AMERICAN women.

          • Penn

            Well mom, looks like i fell into statistics sword myself. The previous number i gave was wrong. The correct numbers given by ASEE are following: female bachelor degrees by years, 2002 – 20,9%; 2006 – 19,3%; 2011 – 18,4%.

    • Hambone

      Amen, brother. I hate how pop culture has attempted to blur the lines between men and women. They want men to be more sensitive (and gay) and women to be more… masculine.

      Men, be men. Women, be women. We are different by God’s design.

      • Bellicose

        I’ll have you know orientation has very little to do in the matter. I do martial arts, play soccer, support my family, and have fought very hard for every single thing I own, and I’m only 21. I am gay, and I am doing everything this article and you define as, ‘being a man, being masculine.’

        • sapperstyle

          Gay men can be very masculine. Masculinity has nothing to do with sexual preference do not be offended.

      • Marta

        And a gay person is not a man,right?

        Wonderful logic.

    • Hambone

      And one more time… working mothers. 1 – trying to compete with men, act like men, become men. 2 – leaving the kids to be raised by whom?

      There is no substitute for a mother in a child’s life. Taking that away is very damaging.

      • Exactly! I have stated before that I women should stay at home & take care of the household. Well, you can imagine the comments I’ve gotten…

        • Hambone

          It’s an emotional topic, and there are, of course, women (single mothers) who have no choice. That’s tough for them, and the kids are caught in the middle.

          For what it’s worth, a lot of women agree. Most just don’t want the hassle of taking the flak for saying it. Good for you for speaking your mind.

          • Mom in California

            wow! some of us would love to be able to but can’t – living in Silicon Valley it’s just not possible. And let me tell you that because I have a college education, and a good job, when my lying, cheating, abusive ex-husband made me pay him alimony I was still able to keep my house, and raise my kids, because I had that education and a good job. And now, they are great teenagers! and I don’t get any money from my ex to help support his children, I do it ALL on my OWN, thank you very much!!

            It’s all well and good to tout the “perfect” life where the man works and mom stays home, but sometimes it’s not possible.

          • Denver

            Let me see here? So you married a scumbag who relied on you to be the main breadwinner and then you’re so surprised to find out that this guy had so little moral integrity that he actually cheated on you and became abusive! Then you continued working full time when you should have been home raising your kids.

            But, of course, everything’s okay now and society is certainly moving in the right direction just because you have a great job and just because your fatherless children haven’t been arrested yet. You go girl, because this country is dead already!

            FYI, just because you’ve broken all the rules and seem to have gotten away with it doesn’t mean that your chosen lifestyle, and societies encouragement of it, isn’t a recipe for societal collapse!

          • Jackie

            Women DO have choices. As a typical, over emotional irresponsible girl … its the consequences women dont like. Before birth control and abortions women made ‘choices’ before they climbed into bed. And society was better for it.

          • Yaknow

            A minority.

            Many children today are born out of wedlock. The vast majority of women who have gone through divorce have chosen to divorce.

            The vast majority of “single mothers” had choices, and made them. The fact that they can’t easily reverse those choices now, does not mean they did not make them in the first place.

            Those choices expose their children to a world of hurt. The vast majority of criminals, and the mentaly infirm in America were raised by single mothers.

            The myth of the “heroic single mother, doing the best for her children” as the norm of the single-mother phenomenon has become discredited.

        • Jackie

          Me too Joyce. Just keep talking. Keep lifting men up and encouraging them to take back the headship. I am sure that anyone who spends time in your home (because you value motherhood) feels welcomed, loved and pampered. Good job lady!

      • Ralfine

        Both our parents were working. But there was always one of them to take care of us.
        But until we got our own home I lived with my grandma.

      • liberranter

        working mothers. 1 – trying to compete with men, act like men, become men.

        Exactly. And they wonder why so many of us prefer foreign women (who don’t hate themselves because of the gender they happened to be born with).

      • Jackie

        Like one of the hysterical emotional banshees on this thread of comments … they believe being a mother and wife is ‘enslavement’. This country is in serious trouble for purging men from their prominent role in society. I blame the feminist movement, which includes a bunch of pussified men.

    • TooLittleTooLate


      In our current environment of political correctness, men have been stripped of their role as the head of the house and the foundation of the family. They now have no role in the family.

      I saw something the other day when I was downtown…. I saw a heterosexual 20 something year old male with a man purse and a 200 dollar hair do that looked like it belonged on a female and some sort of tight jeans that looked like they belonged on a woman. He’d obviously thought of his appearance very carefully and this is the image he wants to present to the world…..

      It all goes back to the social decay we’re in the middle of. Moral relativism, do what feels good with no concequences world we’ve created for ourselves.

      Men have to TAKE back their role… Men have ALLOWED this to happen to them.

      At my house, I am the head of the family. I have a loving wife that loves me and I love her…. I’m not a caveman mouthbreather… We have a traditional family. I play my role, she plays hers….. I have two boys and, get this….. they get spankings when they need them… they have chores and, they’re not allowed to play video games for hours on end because it’s easier to let them than to interact with them.

      I got a laugh on Sunday…. we had a couple of frends over that we hadn’t seen in quite a while on Saturday… we let the kids play together and we had a few beers on the deck…. after a while, Jeff went to his vehicle and brought out a rifle so, we set up some targets on the opposite side of the pond and shot for a bit…. He had a lot of questions in that his rifle was new and didn’t know alot about it etc.

      After they left, my wife said, “wow, I didn’t know just how p@ssified men have really become”. “I was almost embarrassed for his wife because you looked so much like a man and he looked like a little girl next to you.”

      I grew up with a gun in my hand. I didn’t grow up with video games… we bashed each other’s heads in playing football without pads…. had waterballoon fights…. when it was either New Years or 4th of July… we had fireworks fights….. sure, we got stiches and a broken bone every now and then but, we didn’t appologise for being boys and, I don’t now for being a man.

      • Leonard Urban

        so, what makes you think he was a HETERO sexual?

        • liberranter

          A mangina.

      • Jackie

        Excellent. You are exactly right. When sh*t hits the fan, women will cry and expect men to ‘fix’ everything. Hope we have enough of them to do so.

        • liberranter

          Most of us, I suspect, will have had enough by then and will say “F*** you! YOU broke it, YOU fix it!”

        • BetterThanGilliganNinja

          Men fix things. It’s a natural gender role.

    • Steve

      Dead On!!!! As a cop I saw first hand the inability of schools to deal with boys. Oh yeah just pump them full of Ritlan or some other drug to clam them down. No role models. Only pussyfied men called male teachers. Female teachers that refuse to deal with boys, just treat the like girls.

      And yes I DO BLAME women. I have three daughters. I will tell you the same thing I passed onto them from my 100 year old grandmother. WOMEN ARE THE STABILIZING FORCE OF ANY SOCIETY. They are what cause men to settle down and assume the responsibilities of family, wife, and children. But American women have tossed that responsibility into the garbage can. So when they reach 30 or so and feel the biological clock ticking they want to get married, have children and wonder where all the men went. Well females you destroyed the very men you need as a human being. The rest of us voted with our feet and left Feminist America. We went to countries where women are not ashamed of being women and actually do want a man in their life and are not afraid of being called a wife or mother.

      American Women YOU ARE your own worst enemy. And for you women that have remained silent and not told the feminists to shut you are just as guilty. Silence is agreement. Again you are your own worst enemy.

      Political Correctness IS KILLING the American male…what is left of us.

      Oh yeah I almost forgot. America is one of the few countries that allows SINGLE (unwed) women to me artificially inseminated. How quaint that we advocate single motherhood in America and wonder why single women with children have the lowest standard of living. Keep it up American Feminists and Silent Women. You have almost succeeded in de-male-ing America.

      In the meantime I will enjoy my foreign wife and her family, her country and our children.

      One less American Man…get it American Females??????

      • WM

        Interesting comments. I too married a foriegn woman, and see a huge dynamic between woman from her country (Peru) and the modern American woman. She looks to me and even expects me to be a providor and leader. It saddens me to say negative things about modern (post 1960’s) American woman, but they are just not worth pursuing today.

        • SnakeEyez

          Apparently their reputation, along with UK and Aus women are in the toilet.

        • ry

          I married a Japanese woman

          • BetterThanGilliganNinja

            Hooray, you get a prize! 😀

        • Lost on planet earth

          Strange that everyone seems to feel that ALL American women are these shrill masculine feminists. When a woman WANTS to marry and have kids, she has a hard time finding a man, because men look for “well-off” women who will take care of them. The men want to BE the baby, not have one. Stop blaming “American women”, as if all American women are the same. Lots of women would love to stay home and bake cookies and have babies, but in this economy, it just ain’t happening.

          • You’re completely right. When she hits her 30s after riding countless men and racking up ridiculous debt… well she SHOULD be able to get exactly what she demands from men. Two cars, 3/4 million dollar house, two kids, no worries.

        • Ms.

          I can assure you the men in Western society are a lot to blame. I am American living in the Midwest. If a guy thought I expected him to be the provider I would be labeled as useless, lazy and materialistic. Even if I do everything else around the house. In the US men expect you to work and do the majority of everything around the house rear the children ect. Plus, they have very little romance in them. THIS is exactly the problem I ran into it. So I married a SE Asian man with the same values and morals. My stress levels diminished and life made sense again. I am so glad I am off the Western man roller coaster.

      • Samantha

        That’s a funny take on it. I’m a successful, pretty woman who loves to cook and take care of my boyfriends, yet every man I’ve dated has cheated on me. And has ended up with a girl who doesn’t cook and expects him to do all the housework. I bought my own house and work a job to take care of myself because I apparently am not “good” enough for some man. You’re an idiot and I don’t say that lightly.

        • liberranter

          No, he’s SPOT ON and the last sentence in your response has proved his points for him. I’ll thank you on his behalf – for all of us American MEN who’ve had it with what passes for “women” in America today.

        • I’m sorry to hear a good woman like you has things so bad.

          But I’m not sure why what you said implies that the parent poster is an idiot.

          In fact, what he says is that our society’s values don’t reward stable relationships, which is precisely what you are saying.

          Our society seems to value looks, slutty behaviour and selfishness, and so that’s what it gets. That’s his argument in a nutshell, and it sounds like your situation is actually proof of what he’s saying. That means the parent poster is a smart cookie indeed :).


          • David,
            “I’m sorry to hear a good woman like you has things so bad.”

            She is lying….so don’t feel too bad about her. These “boyfriends”? They are alphas and she is trying to land an alpha and they are just using her and tossing her aside as they should. It is obvious that she is lying. I wonder why you can’t see that?

          • UncleElmer

            Hey Peter, how ya been?

        • Leonard Urban

          Damn, girl–where were you when I was young?

          • H_H_Holmes

            Under a thug.

        • Rat Killer

          Here’s your sign as to why your boyfriends cheated on you: you tried to take care of them and they felt like a child and rebelled. A man needs to feel he provides for you. If not, he’s not a man…look elsewhere. You seem to have picked up the gigolos.

          • Optimistic Pessimist

            Totally agree: ‘A man needs to feel he provides for you…..

          • Ms.

            Then why do practically NONE of the men in the US want to provide for you? I find this statement to be pure bs.

        • Szebran

          The OP is correct as is liberanter. Perhaps U keep choosing the hollow headed muscle boys rather than a decent guy. But then that may be because decent guys are increasingly not interested in marriage. With the feminist kangaroo family court and legalized paternity fraud, can U really blame us.

        • nugganu

          Sounds like there’s a bunch of men out there that narrowly avoided a catastrophic life decision in deciding to walk away from you.

        • Hammerstrike

          Riiiiight, we´ll take your word for it.

        • Hammerstrike

          “I’m a successful, pretty woman who loves to cook and take care of my boyfriends.”

          Orly? PROOVE IT! Oh right you can´t because you are simply lying.

      • Happy1

        Stop blaming women for your immaturity! Freedom of self determination is neither feminist nor threatening to a mature male. Women should not have to be put in chains for men to be leaders and innovators in our society. Grow up!

        • SnakeEyez

          Yes, lets defend a society that sees misandry as normal. Look at Japan to see your future. Those women over there also ate up the western garbage like chocolate but the men had the nads to give them the finger en masse and now do their own thing. Enjoy your collapsing society.

          • lol, and your avatar is Piccolo. WIN.

          • SnakeEyez

            Close. Its actually Garlic Jr. 😀

        • yodiddly

          Is it ‘self determination’ or is it ‘self seeking’? One who seeks for themselves is also known as selfish or narcissistic. America is the narcissistic capitol of the world. I don’t entirely blame the people (including myself) though. We are being trained to think this way after all. The pursuit of happiness as taught in this world is self seeking and a never ending pursuit. The same kind of “happiness” that can be taken away quicker than it took to gain it. That ‘hole’ can only be filled with Christ, an idea that is being pushed out of this country at the same rate it’s going to pot. Funny how that happens.

        • DeborrahC

          The attitudes expressed by the males above are perfect demonstrations of the spoiled, self-serving attitudes of males that believe women are here to wait on them hand and foot and meet their needs. What are you doing to meet HER needs? What are you doing other than walking around with your sexual organs on the outside that deserves her respect?

          The issue isn’t that American women are not suitable wives, its that they are so far above the mentality of cavemen that expect women to exist solely for their benefit. American women know better. And understand this, women have changed worldwide. In every country in the world divorce is up and marriage rates are down. Women don’t want to be bothered with men’s crap. With every generation, more women wake up and understand that if a man isn’t doing something to enrich and fulfill a woman, being with him has no benefit. In other words, women are becoming as selfish as men HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, and men can’t stand it.

          Childish, irresponsible, demanding, emotionally constipated, selfish men that have no clue about the dynamics of give and take have been abandoned by their fathers. For every woman blamed for raising a son in an imperfect manner, there was a father who could have – at any time – stepped in and took over to correct things. Instead, these fathers are weak, spineless, whiny creatures that would rather abandon their children than roll up their sleeves and do the work necessary to raise them to adulthood responsibly.

          All of the posts above by whiny complaining men that run off and find foreign brides are funny to me. They think they have a prize. When those women wake up (which they will), they will divorce you and take more than half because you thought keeping them at home doing your bidding was smart. You’ll be paying alimony and child support up the ying yang for decades.

          Men like you need to understand nothing is free in this world. You pay now, or you pay later. But there is always a price to pay for everything.

          • Szebran

            It is the attitudes of self centered women who are perfect demonstrations of the spoiled, self-serving attitudes of females that believe men are here to wait on them hand and foot and meet
            their needs. We aren’t your property. Also reason #14 in article is female chauvinist. It takes 2 to tango.

          • Paul

            Still single then?

          • “Men like you need to understand nothing is free in this world. You pay now, or you pay later. But there is always a price to pay for everything.”

            I’m a man and I agree with that. Responsibility should be taken regardless of gender. You are responsible for every single thing that happens to you.

          • Back 2 Normal

            “In every country in the world divorce is up and marriage rates are down. Women don’t want to be bothered with men’s crap.”

            You are going to be 100 times worse than your perceived “suffering” in the west.

            As islamic Nations are growing, and the next Caliphate is emerging, man hating nations are now being swamped with islamic immigration, due to low birth rates. Southern Europe used to have some of the largest families in Europe, now have the lowest. Muslim population is growing exponentially. If you don’t have kids, someone else will.

            As they start with their Sharia Compliant enclaves (as in U.K.) it will grow. On this trajectory, all these feminazi nations will end up Islamic.

            If you are not going to repent, then PLEASE keep on doing what you are doing, then YOU WILL end up as virtually a slave in the near future. You have ruined it for the future women, and only got yourself to blame. The greener pastures are poisoned, go back to the tried & tested pastures of yesteryear.

          • The above comment is why us men should just avoid marriage altogether even the foreign ones. Read what she said they will “wake up & take more than half of your assets” this is true even if you had your assets before you married her. So while the woman above rented about her independence she is all to willing to steal your assets via the family courts while claiming we want women slaves when the fact is in America men are made slaves via alimony for life payments still made to. Women despite the fact that they can work. The hypocrisy you display is typical & a perfect example of why I will never commit. I am a self employed black male 35 w/ my head on right.

          • yrsa

            I had to move to Europe to find a man who wasn’t addicted to video games and scoring one nighters at the club. He now has a loyal wife who has a passion for cooking and who takes care of children with great enthusiasm. This is a western cultural problem that ultimately isn’t gender specific. Another symptom of which is passing the buck. “Wah wah, women in my country did this, so that gives me a free pass to keep being lazy and worthless.” Just more BS and irresponsibility from western men who want nothing more than an oriental mother to pay for their ridiculous video game addictions and heaven forfend, this weird obsession with cartoons well into their 20’s. (Seriously, a db avatar? I got over that when I was 14. Grow up.)

        • What part of “ours” is this society? There is no “us” in USA.

        • Hammerstrike

          You don´t want freedoom and self-determination, you just want a wallet and a pet!

      • Hi Steve,
        I too left the west. I now live in Germany. When I am compelled to travel to the west, say UK, I am repulsed by the attitudes of women. Women I date in Germany are lovely. I had no idea women could be like that. Coming from Australia I had not dated a woman who is anything like your average russian or eastern euopean woman.

        My wife was so disgusting that our 26 year old son said “having seen how my mother treated you and my father? I will never marry. I might get a wife like my mother.” Ouch. When your OWN SON says he will never marry because of how he has seen his father and step father treated you know things are bad.

        My two daughters disgust me. They are repulsive human beings and I want nothing to do with them.

        My two sons are gutless cowards who refused to stand up to their mother when she committed crimes. Rather than teaching right from wrong and teaching the boys to be confident and independent she undermined them at every step to create emotional dependencies on her so she could manipulate them emotionally This is child abuse and I protested loudly and longly all during my time in the household.

        Western women are sick, psychopathic and deeply evil people. It is very easy to see when you date a russian woman.

        As an example? A young man, 21, in Sydney a few weeks ago, was drunk or high and stole some biscuits from a store. The store owner did not bother about it as the kid was obviously hungry and the biscuits were very, very cheap…a WOMAN bystander called the cops who hunted him down and TASED HIM TO DEATH.

        When I talk to evil western women about they they say something like “well he should not have stolen the biscuits then” as if stealing some biscuits is reason to TASE A MAN TO DEATH.

        When I told my old ukrainian girlfriend this over dinner she PHYSICALLY SHUDDERED and said “that is horrible” and she asked all about the incident to understand what had happened.

        in short? SHE CARED!!!

        This was the woman who barely knew me in April 2008 but helped me through my suicidal period in April 2008 when I was disowning my own former children. She is HATED ON by evil western women for the “crime” of helping a man she just met make it through being suicidal.

        Western women are simply delusional, psychopathic, deeply evil people. And since they are delusional there is nothing to be done about it other than to ignore them.

        Young men…leave the west… is a rotting carcass and you have no obligations to help any woman in the west or the vast majority of men over 40….after all? Those gutless men over 40 are the ones who betrayed your future by not having the guts to even stand up to an “angry woman”.

        The west SHOULD be sunset as it is a morally bankrupt society.

        • I just want to say that I am an American woman who is nothing like what you have described. I have been married for 33 years. My husband is manly and my son is also. We see what has happened around us but we’ve kept it at bay in our own home and personal lives. For one thing we threw out the television years ago. The morally corrupted filth is what is promoted but there are some ‘real’ women and men too. You can’t see us for the slimy filth and degradation that is pushed by media.

          • Hammerstrike

            That is the thing, plenty of “people”, a majority, gladly allow themselves to be everything the medias pushes them into being or rather not be.

        • Navigator

          Good Post. I am also from Australia. I would like to also leave the country but financially i cannot. I am certainly looking for an overseas woman (mainly Asian). Have you seen those overweight ugly women profiles online, who want a guy who’s athletic, well educated etc…ha ha what a joke. These women are matrimonially worthless, yet they think they are owed a rich, successful, handsome man.

        • yodiddly

          This reminds of a professional “career” woman I heard on the radio once, who said her mother taught her to be an independent self seeking woman. She admits the three relationships/marriages she’s been through were to good men, of which she regrets losing by her own doing. I would completely agree about western women. I had a friend when I was younger with a foreign exchange student from Brazil for a girlfriend. I was always jealous of him, not only because of her beauty, but how she treated him respectfully. That’s when I really woke up about the liberated women of this country.

        • Anthony Papagallo

          bro, calm down, those are the thought processes that lead to fathers and husbands murdering their wives and children, no man is completely blameless, look hard at yourself before you blame others, we often reflect our own perceived failures in work or family life onto those around us, we are notoriously ill equipped emotionally in dealing with anger or sadness.. and have difficulty analysing or own emotional states at the best of times so when you feel that anger coming over you take a step back and breathe otherwise you will find yourself many years from now completely alone and staring out of a window of a one room apartment wondering if you could have done things differently when you had the chance.

        • Paul

          Also from Australia. The white woman are for the most part morbidly overweight, coke and milkshake slurping, pram pushing (no male partner in sight), welfare suckling, tattooed, slutty dressed, swearing skanks. I’m seeing more and more men around here with Asian or Islander partners. The white women are just so disgusting and vulgar.

        • Reg

          I totally agree with your experience. I am Australian and have in past 3 years discovered the refreshing caring attitude that Eastern European women have towards men that I have never experienced in Australia nor having been married to an American woman for 10 years. I have dated dozens of Western woman and they are as you described – generally speaking, they are truly awful: narcissistic, selfish, uncaring and overly “masculine” bitches (angry and aggressive just for the sake of it).

        • Koala

          It’s a truly horrible story, both your situation and the boy being tasered to death. It sounds like you were involved with a narcissistic or sociopathic woman. Not all women are so heartless, but narcissism is on the rise. There are lots of women damaged by narcissistic men, too.

        • Nagib Mrsd

          Good to hear you have success in Germany. Germany is 4 times more feminist than America and yet all you moron blame the stupidity of American men on feminism? Lol talk about not talking responsibility.

      • centrist

        While THIS American female agrees with you in part; I’m concerned about your anger towards the American woman. Sadly-now-in this society both partners must work to make ends meet. And that’s not just because they want a million dollar house with5 tv’s a jacuzzi and 4 high end cars in the garage-The American females with whom I have worked are hardworking women who have jobs like-waitress,, nursing assistant while their husbands/partners work labor jobs-a good wage-30K a year and some of these families support 4 kids and more; they attend church, the kids graduate school etc etc-the BUILT their own homes using sweat equity working 30 hours a week over and above their work week; gave up vacations, holidays in order to fulfill a dream that would never have occurred-there ARE hard working wonderful women in this country. Now-as for your comment about other countries-sadly it is true-in European countries family still plays an important role in the life of the average teen. Part of that is a culture which places emphasis on family-this country’s employers do not-MY husband worked mandatory overtime-planned vacations went down the road because if he refused he would have been fired…In this country the CEO is valued-the worker are not-need I say more??? MY husband felt undervalued even though he was one of their higher paid laborers-a maintenance electrician-he was still dirt under the feet of most upper level management-he left as soon as he could.

    • MrsBuffy

      Do you remember what Adam did when God confronted him and Eve about their sin? He pointed the finger at Eve, which is exactly what you’re doing right now. So why don’t you take the information that is given by this article and make a change within yourself?

      • PaulMurrayCbr

        The Bible is imaginary stories from the Bronze age. Sorry to have to break it to you.

        I also have some bad news about Santa…

        • Optimistic Pessimist

          I’m 29 and I still believe in Santa – he is coming this year right? tee-hee-hee


    • curt kobain

      The baby boomers have ruined this country given to them by the “greatest generation”. Nafta, Gat, womens rights, tons of illegal immigrant, affirmative action, endless wars, largest debt in history, biggest false flag attacks, and wal-mart. All have been engineered to bring down white males.

      In this particular state white males take a back seat for getting jobs. Jobs are given first to illegals, women, or minorities. All my friends without a college degree, college dropouts, or college grads from a vastly inferior school, have full time jobs. I on the other hand who went to a good school, have been 4 years since graduation without a job.

      • liberranter

        The baby boomers have ruined this country given to them by the “greatest generation”

        “Greatest Generation.” HAH! What a laughable myth! While I absolutely agree that the boomers have done more than their fair share to thoroughly screw up this country (and I’m a boomer, BTW), the “Greatest Generation,” the first to put its blind, unearned faith in ALMIGHTY GOVERNMENT, is the generation that set this country on the path to ruin. All of the current social-welfare programs are the direct descendants of the programs launched by that fascialist monster FDR – the guy that the GG and their equally myopic parents treated as an elected god king. We wouldn’t have the runaway federal government we have today if it wasn’t for the politicians and their schemes that the GG ensured were perpetuated for half a century.

        • curt kobain

          Either way, America died on November 22, 1963.

        • Denver

          Very well said! The so called, “greatest generation”, may have won the war but they also laid the groundwork for the total destruction of America that is now happening as we speak! .

        • educated idiot

          Nevernever land is the best! Peterpan generation.. 🙂 haha!

          I just asked my baby boomer mother: it seems like they had a lot of the right ideas,. those hippies,.. what happened? Control? Fluoride? GMO’s? Education? -Maybe we first learn what we don’t want.. -then do the opposite,. -then find balance?

          Mixed messages concerning values makes decision making difficult. Role in society, gender role,.. so many things…
          Blame Game might have some Truth, and moving forward and Healing trumps.

          After going college, (despite my aversion) I’m now looking for a place to stay in a sustainable Communal Living situation. I was unhappily blessed in many ways and there are a lot of things I need to learn… cooking, gardening.. socializing…etc.

          In today’s society it is no longer about the money; consequences. We are the Babylon of the Bible. And the Time is Near. Perhaps not Friday, but either way,.. Leaving was my first thought, too. But what about all the other frogs in the pot that don’t know it is boiling?

          You are not as lost as you think you are. Welcome home. There is an unseen spiritual world pulling us this way and that way, but if we lift our hands up and call on the energy of God to help,..strive for better and better and Love 🙂 -Peace–

        • JustanOguy

          SPOT ON Liberranter!

    • I’m a woman who grew up and rode the coattails of the bra-burners. My first comment after reading this was ‘they left out Feminism.’

    • voltaic

      Bullshit. I went to a private school and all the teachers were woman – nuns! They kicked ass and took names. They were respected and if I was out of line, I was not coddled. Getting home to mom after any sort of detention was not pleasant. Sadly, there is no discipline in schools or at home any longer. Kids realize that the worst that wiil happen is they may have to stay in their room for a night and just play video games. Parents are the true culprits since they spend all their time working to buy Ithings for their kids and no time teaching them to be respectful, civil, empathetic, focused or responsible. You can blame this on everyone else, but it boils down to bad parenting, period.

      • JustanOguy

        Big Thumbs UP Voltaic!

    • Ah lookie here, it’s classic projection. Blaming “Mom” for everything that’s wrong in the world to take the blame off of yourself.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I can see what you’re saying. Society completely miscues gender roles and what is important. And “feminism,” (a completely rational word with a rational definition: the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men) has definitely been twisted to flip gender roles. But giving feminism the whole blame?…Now that’s just not right.

      The coin has two sides. Men and women both suffer from society’s stereotypes. Being a “woman” has come to represent oppression and slavery…a little weak doormat stuck at home, doing “unimportant” and “easy” things like baking cupcakes and changing diapers while her husband is out, stomping his feet and making a real difference in the world. Running the home and being a mother are considered unimportant, whereas working outside the home is doing REAL work. As if Mothers didn’t feel overworked and unappreciated enough. Why do you think so many women work away from home when they don’t have to? Makes sense to me. (In fact, all female friends of mine who work do so because their husbands urge them to…because they don’t want to carry the financial burden alone.)

      However you have me, a “feminist” who is also a homemaker. I chose this because I believe my role as a Mother is very important in the lives of my three little boys. More important than money…and I’m lucky enough to have a husband who can support us, even if barely, as a college student. But I stay home because I want to teach my boys how to fight their battles and make sure they understand right and wrong and how to treat a woman…and teach them their role in the home and in society…but in the end, they will have to choose to act or or not. Just as I chose. Just as you and every other person has to choose.

      No matter what you have been taught, women want a “real man”. A man who can stand up for what he believes and set goals and work to accomplish them. A man with a plan. A man who can support his family, not as an ATM machine anymore than a homemaker is a doormat.

      You believe gender roles are important? They are! So do something about it. Encourage girls you know to become moms. Be a good example for boys of what a “real man” should be. And stop publishing your “men stop caring and carrying the burden” attitude–an attitude that only feeds the man-problem today–and let’s do what we can to institue a positive change.

    • Npbella

      Penn I believe your right but, its not only the men who are getting pushed around for traditional roles. I’m a stay at home mom. You would think I had murdered someone the way people react to that title. I’m shamed for being a mom. Its about the same for me to go to work money wise as it is for me to stay at home. I could raise him myself; or pay someone to raise him; while I go do another job so I can pay them. The rates for daycare now a days are out of this world. Then there’s always the possibility that someone would hurt my child in daycare. They would defiantly brainwash him. I don’t agree with society’s views; nor do I appreciate the government telling me how to raise my child every five seconds. My son is happy and healthy. He explores and learns constantly. Most kids I see his age are sluggish and uninteresting. They don’t do much and don’t seem to want to do much. I encourage my son to explore. I don’t snap at him because hes learning. Like eating an onion straight out of the bag. I think I’ve heard the word onion about a million times this month. I didn’t stop him from biting down on the the mouth watering “onion” hes a kid. Let them learn and play. If it wont hurt them or others whats the harm in just letting them do it? Whats the harm in letting a kid be a kid, a man be a man and, a women a women. I want to move to a different country but where would I go? I’m a (“conservative” I don’t mean politics. I’m not a political person. I don’t agree with politics or politically correctness. Just correctness, in the world not of it.) Christian. In all other countries people are trying to make Christians extinct. That’s coming to America soon. God bless them anyway, I’ll still proclaim Jesus lord and savior till the day I die.

    • yodiddly

      Since you brought up feminism, there is one other major way women shot themselves in the foot with the whole feminist movement as well. When the standard used to be the woman stayed home and played mom, one household could afford to be on one income. With the feminist movement as women started going off to work and demanding higher paid jobs, guess what, the cost of everything, particularly the mortgage payment shot straight up. At this point in time, both parents are pretty much required to work in order to make ends meet. The women aren’t the ones winning at the end of the feminist yellow brick road.

    • DiscouragedOne

      This is true, I have been complaining about Women’s liberation since the 1970s (when I was a teenager). I thought it was a stupid idea and it would hurt women in the long-run. I think I was right.

    • There ya go,blaming everything on everybody else!

    • i absolutely agree

    • FedUpWithFreeloadersandtaxes

      We should just take it back. Put women in their rightfully Godly place, at the man’s side as his supporter and subordinate. Our forefathers let women get uppity and now look what happened.

  • Hondo

    Almost all video games are violent. Hunting and killing dozens, hundreds, thousands of people in a session.
    When I was young I was outside playing with friends and riding bikes, building forts. I was relating to and interacting with other humans. Building relationships.

    Video games, combined with phsycotropic drugs is a horrific combination. Complete alienation from society.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      You make some really great points.


    • Ralfine

      So the babies make those video games and peddle them with other toddlers?

      And that’s why kindergartners need to be arrested and put in handcuffs?

    • mom of two

      And you never watched Elmer Fudd hunting Bugs and Daffy? or Tom and Jerry? or the Road Runner and Wile E Coyote???

    • FrustratedAmerican

      I did both growing up. I was an avid video gamer, sneaking off to play mortal combat and such….yet I somehow managed to also spend nights outside playing constantly. Pickup game of manhunt anyone? We were vicious to each other.

      Put the video games back in Arcades IMO. At least there was something social about that environment.

  • markthetruth

    First off the problem is kid are not allowed to be kids anymore , they are to structured , preschool, school, aftercare , boy scouts, music , then home to a lot of homework. these are 4,5,6 years old’s

    They are losing there childhood , playing outside , being creative , playing in the dirt , the woods ext.
    (but we are afraid of the them being kidnapped) In the summer i used to leave the house at 12 and my mom would say, just be home for dinner.

    They are being pressured to developed unnaturally . We are a society based on speed and time,

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if technology can teach the baby tgo talk in mommy’s belly they will.

    I also believe all these illness are from our pollution of the earth , food we eat ,and the medication that are affecting birth.

    From birth on we are being rush in every way you can think about , we rush them to walk with walkers, potty train them before their ready.

    Then when their 1 , your worrying about their college.

    When you get your first job they have you worrying about your retirement (Please!!!!) Let me sign my living will while I’m at it.

    Our lives are flying by because !!




    the end…

    • markthetruth


      the end…

    • Ralfine

      Yes, take the school out of kindergarten.

      When I was young, we started reading in school, and we started school at 6 or 7.
      Kindergarten was for playing and socialising. Singing, dancing, painting, building paper models, some choir, some theatre, forest, meadow, monkey bars, swing, seesaw, merry go round, getting wet, getting dirty, fight, become friends again, make new friends, all the time outdoors, except in bad weather.

      After lunch we were required to sleep for 1 hour. Even at school, in 1st grade, we were required to sleep for 1 hour after lunch. And at night we went to bed at 7. At age 14 we had to be in bed by 10pm. At age 16 we’d get into trouble at home when after 10pm there was still light in our room.

      There was a public curfew for kids under 16 at 10pm…

      But well, you didn’t expect much freedom in a communist country anyway, right?

  • pal

    Although too late, everyone in the US have to go to a spiritual place at least once a week on mandatory basis to know and inculcate Kindness, compassion and helping others without selfish motives.If everything we do is for money, things are not going to work.
    Recall all guns immediately
    Make education compulsory for all
    Ban junk food
    Make exercise mandatory, at least 30 minutes a day
    Ban video games with guns
    Make school timings 10 AM to 4 PM so kids can have a stress free life
    anything less than this is merely a lip service
    thank you

    • genxr

      well society has made sure young men dont need to act like men .dads are for paying child support. .were teaching boys they dont have to be men cuz women are men too equals
      .men are unneeded except to do the dirty work. mother knows best so many problems……fight club…

    • dunm

      Do you think more bans and regulations would solve anything? I highly disagree! One of the reasons why young people are suffering today is that there are just way too many regulations, laws, etc. You can’t do anything anymore, which makes life so freaking stressful that some of us lose our minds. Ban junk food… make exercise mandatory… come on. What is this – a Soviet Union?? Are you a totalitarian leader?
      Don’t try to ”push the rope” – you gotta find the root for these problems. Which I think is the poorly ran country and weak education system. If you change those things, you’ll change the very foundation of society. I don’t eat junk food, play violent video games, etc. But if you would ban all these things, that would make my life even more stressful. Let’s assume I’m trying to open an restaurant. What a pain in the butt that would be. Constantly having government officials raiding my restaurant. Evaluating, spying on me, etc. Not the best way to be profitable, now is it? Is that what you want? Another decent citizen feeling useless and looking somewhere else to relieve stress?

    • Ralfine

      I woulnd’t ban so much. Only creates resentment.

      Instead, take your kids out of the system as much as possible.

      I recommend a visit to Hong Kong and China. Over there 12 year old kids still walk the streets holding hands with their parents. There is very little gun violence. Hong Kong has maybe one person shot per year. And maybe 1 eaten by a python while hiking in the mountains.

      You can go there for shopping. But visit all shopping places – the expensive ones and the cheap ones, those for tourists and the local ones.
      Better – each district has sports facilities for hire. Find them, visit them.

      70% of Hong Kong is country parks. Walk through them.
      Hong Kong has more than 10 water falls – walk there with your kids.

      All beaches and their changing facilities and showers are free.
      Public toilets in shopping malls are free and clean.

      Public transport is cheap, clean and punctual.

      You don’t need to rent a car. Try out all the transport options, including taxi. But taxi drivers in China might not be able to speak English.

      If the highest priority for you is for your kids to grow up alive, then consider moving to China.

      • 2Emelia2

        Yeah right, move to China if you want your kids to live in a polluted country that is ruled by corrupt Communist thugs who prohibit any freedom of speech and stamp out all dissent. Your kids will be brainwashed to be submissive slaves for the ruling elite who live like royalty. Ralfine forgot to mention that part of living in China.

        • Ralfine

          When it comes to pollution and corruption and brainwashing there is not much difference between China and USA.

          And I wrote: if your highest priority is for your kids to stay ALIVE.

          Tell the dead kids in Newtown about freedom of speech and their right to dissent.

          You need to be ALIVE to enjoy all your rights.

        • Funcuz

          Well , it’s definitely polluted. Corrupt ? Yep. Do they really care that you think the government is no good ? Nope. Frankly , they don’t care what you think of anything in the government because they’re not worried about what you’re going to do about any of it. Just remember that you can’t start organizing a revolution … that’s pretty much the only rule as far as the CPC goes. That’s exactly the same as any other country in the world.

          Honestly though , one-party government is just fine. You’ve been brainwashed to believe that democracy is what makes the world a better place. Well , there’s something to that idea except that you don’t live in any more of a democracy than your average Chinese citizen. People who can’t read are allowed to vote in America. People who have no income except for what the government hands them get to vote. People who actively work to undermine America are allowed to vote.

          What’s so great about that ? Furthermore , you’ve never really lived in a proper democracy. In a real democracy , you all get to vote whenever there’s an issue that comes up. Did Bush hold a plebiscite to ask you if you wanted America to trudge off to Iraq ? Did you get a say in the legality of abortion ? In fact , name even one specific time you were asked what you thought of any single issue. Can’t do it. Know why ? Because nobody asks you. Instead you vote for some schmuck who is supposed to represent your interests. What you forget is that he doesn’t actually take orders from you , he takes orders from his boss. He doesn’t do what you want him to do , he does what his boss tells him you want him to do.

          That’s not much different from China.

  • Mondobeyondo

    I’m beginning to think the U.S. may have some serious issues…

  • Getting married, having kids, taking mortgage that one cannot afford are not signs of a “Mature Adult” its the very reason for debt crisis, fiscal cliff that hangs on every so called Adult Americans neck.

    The article does not mention the deliberate dumbing down of Americans through mercury vaccinations to fluoride in water to chem trails to GMO foods to indoctrination in school to violent video games.

    Its the opposite really…so called Adults becoming the devil and not taking care of kids and guiding them properly.

    I have lot of American friends outside of America and they behave normally and i know many non-Americans who go to America and starts behaving “irrationally”.

    Its the place created deliberately by the elite…Americans are not at fault…for exmaple, if you just put them say in Thailand or India they start behaving normally…Why is that then?

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      It is true – our children are being dumbed down.


      • 2Gary2

        thanks to fox news and am hate radio there is a who;e group of people who call themselves conservatives that are extremely dumbed down.

        • 2Emelia2

          Thanks to Communist Marxist thugs on state run news media outlets like the New York Times, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, PBS, The Washington Post, LA Times, etc. etc. there are a whole group of people called leftist liberals that are extremely dumbed down and brainwashed.

          • Ralfine

            The state is the power instrument of the ruling class. And the ruling class in capitalism are capitalists, not socialists.

        • Syrin

          Says the Marxist moron prototype of which this article speaks. You are the very definition of stupid as you will look at reality and facts and WILLFULLY deny or ignore it. I can’t wait until you fully feel the effects of Obamanomics and Obamacare. All of you have is your piss, hate and fleas. You love to spread them all.

      • Ralfine

        “It is true – our children are being dumbed down.”

        By whom? By the old?
        So, are the old the cause of the problem?

        And while the young are sent to prison, the old continue …

  • K

    Good points Michael. Let me give you my main 3 points. 1.Without good jobs, has does a young man prove he can stand on his own 2 feet. If you are too broke to have your own place, you are considered a failure. I have seen young men at the age of twenty, already feeling their life is a failure. 2.These kids have been taught team work, all their lives. They have no idea, how to stand up like a man. 3. When I went through school in the late 60″s Autism was at a rate of 1 in 2000, Now the rate is 1 in 88. This generation has 20 times more mentally disabled people than my generation. Why that number is not important to this nation, is beyond me.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse


      I think you make some very important points there as well.


    • Nickelthrower

      My sister runs a clinic for Autistic children. Don’t believe the hype that there are more children diagnosed with autism because of better testing. The methods for testing for autism have not changed in over 20 years. My sister and researchers like her are convinced that autism is on the rise because of our toxic environment to include the crap they put in our vaccines.

      Finally, it has been suggested by some historians that the Roman Empire slowly went insane from their over use of lead in their serving dishes and cups. Makes sense when you think about it.

      • K

        Nickelthrower,your sister is on the right track. Here is the problem. These toxins, make some people a lot of money. For every penny being spent to find the cause. A dollar is being spent to cover up the cause. This society is far more corrupt, than most people know.

        • jhpace1

          Instead of spending money for quality, the producers are looking to shave one more dime of cost so they can pocket more profit. Or the owners just underpay the managers and the managers look to supplement their income to higher levels.

          It happened before with lead in the cookingware and clipping coins to make more coins, and it happens today with cheaper filler products that become toxins in dog food and cat food and human food products. It even happens in construction of highways, skyscrapers, and houses.

        • Nickelthrower

          My sister was involved in a class action lawsuit against a drug company that produced vaccines that, without a doubt, was harming children. Guess what? Those lawsuits were all thrown out after 911 because you can no longer sue a drug company over a vaccine.

          Drug companies complained that they could not protect us against “terrorist attacks” if they could be sued when they rushed some untested vaccine on to the public in response to, say, an anthrax attack. It worked and they can not be held accountable.

          To make sure that the news outlets never bring it up, they advertise like crazy during news programs. After all, who wants to bite the hand that feeds them?

          • K

            Nickelthrower, welcome to a very small group. Those that know the truth. You and your sister, have my deepest respect.

      • benjaminbrowne

        My son is autistic. I have heard every excuse imaginable as to the cause. He has been attending a special school for autism since the age of three. At his school there are families from every ethnic background you can think of, so if there were any genetic cause it should be more pronounced in specific ethnicities. I have become very suspicious of any “experts” who make a genetic causal claim. More likely there is a poison in our environment that is effecting the early development of our children’s brains.

    • Very good points.

    • Funcuz

      It’s not that there are more autistic people running around , it’s that now they’re being diagnosed. Nothing has changed except that now people actually recognize when they’re sick.

      Having said that , the answer to every energetic little boy these days is ritalin. You’re not allowed to be a little boy in school and since competition isn’t allowed anymore , we won’t even let them try. We’ll know how well that turned out soon enough. I’d give it maybe another ten years or so before we see the full effects of drugging little boys for being little boys.

      • K

        Funcuz, I can not agree. Better diagnoses accounts for only a small percent of the increase. You are quite right about the ritalin.

        • Funcuz

          Well I don’t know what studies you’re reading then because we’re actually quite sure that the reason for the greater number of people diagnosed with autism is due entirely to greater awareness and nothing else.
          If you think that there is actually a greater percentage of people with autism walking around then it can only be because you buy into that thoroughly refuted and debunked nonsense about vaccines causing it.

          • K

            Funcuz, care to share with the board who,we’re are. And who funded the reports you quote.

      • benjaminbrowne

        Ritalin is an amphetamine. I’m not sure how they figure giving kids speed will help them calm down. Probably the same way they figure botchalism toxins make your face prettier. At any rate, is it any wonder we have a national problem with methamphetamine when we start the kids out on speed at such an early age?

  • BrianG

    So true!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2Gary2

    seems to me that it is conservatism is to blame with its immoral sickening policies of funneling the wealth to the top and giving us a plutocracy that we now live in. If the wealth and income were shared more evenly most of this would not be an issue as there is enough for everyone we just need to tax the GD rich and spread the wealth. Most people no longer share in the fruits of capitalism.

    All these retarded conservatives say they are pro-family as they cut the social safety net to shreds. These conservatives are the most vile form of scum.

    • college kid

      Forward thinking comrade. Carry on gary. always a pleasure to read your comments.

      • 2Emelia2

        No, this is the backward thinking of a lazy leftist who has been completely brainwashed by the elitist communist pigs who dominate the American educational system and feed off the hard work of the American taxpayers. These elitist communist pigs worship evil socialist dictators like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Hitler, Hugo Chavez, and Obama!

        • Ralfine

          Compliments to your brainwash masters. They know what they are doing.

          • 2Emelia2

            No, many us reject the brainwashing that is found among the followers of Obama, the Democrat Party, and the neo-Marxist fascist left. We think for ourselves and have stopped listening to the propaganda found on MSNBC, NBC, CNN, PBS, CBS and the rest of the state run news media controlled by the liberal left.

          • Ralfine

            Oh man, your ranting reads like the mouth-foaming ranting of Goebbels and Hitler combined.

            Fortunately I know that not all Americans are like you.

            Just think about it:
            If you really had those leftists marxist fascists (whatever that is) on the top you’d be arrested this instant and sent to a Gulag in Las Vegas to count the money of all the losers on a diet of bourbon, diet coke and bigmac until you die.


            Your education over there is, well, you are all 6th grade dropouts, right?

            And on that bombshell, let’s go shopping.

            See you later.

    • 2Emelia2

      The above is the deranged rantings of an brainwashed Obama welfare troll who is a parasite that owes his entire existence to the American taxpayer.

      • 2Gary2

        if this is the best you can do then I know I am correct.

        • Syrin

          If that’s your best reply, then we know we are correct. Now you show us you don’t even have a tenuous grasp of the word irony. What an idiot. What a greedy PoS.

          Hey GARY. Try creating a business under your boy Obamugabe. Do it you lazy piece of garbage. Create something that will appeal to your base. Welfare Checks ‘R Us. Stalin is my HomeBoy. Anything. When you fail in that endeavor like you have in every other aspect of your life, come here and post how it’s Bush’s fault you lazy PoS. Be sure to start out hiring people at $300/hr you Marxist butt wipe.

          • Ralfine

            I like the barber shops in China.

            If you like a fashionable haircut you go to a salon and pay RMB 140 or more.

            If you just want a haircut in the city, you go to the average barber shop and pay RMB60-80. For that you put your bag and jacket into a locker, then lay face up onto the massage bed, with your head into a sink and get your hair washed by some hairwashers who know nothing about haircutting. While the boy or girl washes your hair, your back gets massaged and you can watch the TV over your head. Then someone else will dry your hair, and only then the hair cutting master will cut your hair. Then you get your hair washed again.

            If you’d like to pay a little less, you go to a cheaper shop, where there are no massage beds and no TVs. Just sit in a chair, have someone serve you tea in a paper cup, have you choose the shampoo and then he takes a water bottle, puts a little water into your hair, and massages that shampoo into your hair. Giving you a head massage in the process. Scoop up the foam and put it into a waste basket, add more water and more shampoo, repeat. repeat again.

            Lead you to the sink, wash out the shampoo, back to the chair. Then head massage, face massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, back massage.

            When the Master is free, he cuts your hair. Then the first boy washes the cut hair out. But only the Master will dry your hair.

            Total payment: about RMB30-40.

            All the boys working in the barber shop also sleep in the shop, one floor above the shop area. And they are there 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. They have their lunch and dinner there.

            If you still like it cheaper, you go to the old man, who put a chair outside the apartment block, and fixed a mirrror to the tree or lamp post. RMB10 per cut. No washing.

            Needless to say, the government does not require a college degree from either of them. I am not even sure they are required to pay tax, except the expensive shops, as all transactions are done in cash.

            But – they won’t ask for welfare. Which is reducing the burden on society already.

          • 2Emelia2

            While getting that haircut in China, just don’t say ANYTHING that goes against the Communist Party line or that will be your last haircut! They Communist Party does not permit ANY dissent.

          • Ralfine

            You are trying to be silly.

            Why would you talk with a stranger about the ruling party? Chinese don’t keep whining about things they cannot change. It’s like complaining about the weather. Pointless. Waste of time. Better talk business or flirt.

            But even so, I don’t speak Chinese and those haircutters don’t speak English. I could say anything I want against the Communist Party and nobody would know what I was talking about.

            So, better be quiet and enjoy the tea, the massage, the kids playing outside and the Chinese Opera on radio on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. 🙂

          • 2Gary2

            syrin–you keep spouting your BS and we will keep winning elections. The GOP–Gray Old Party is toast.

          • 2Emelia2

            The Democrats may win elections by promising more entitlements and by promoting racial, class, and ethnic division but they will lose in the end when there is not enough money to pay for those entitlements since this country is broke with TRILLIONS of dollars of debt. There will be rioting in the streets by angry mobs who want what was promised them. Why do you think that the Democrats want new weapons bans?

    • Syrin

      And oh yeah, your homeboy Obamugabe is the single biggest piece of crap crony capitalist this nation has ever seen. The number one recipient of Galdman Sachs dollars two “elections” in a row, half his cabinet is made up of Goldman Sachs, nails out GM to buy votes, GE, etc etc etc. Reality and you have never crossed paths.

      • 2Gary2

        you are correct about Obama. He personifies the lesser of two evils we always seem to be stuck with.

        I guess the old adage that even a broken clock is correct two times a day is true. I am now waiting for the second time you may be right.

    • Syrin

      Oh, poor widdle baby. Can dish it out but can’t take it. Mod me all you want, It’s admitting the TRUTH HURTS you PoS.

      • 2Gary2

        I am not sure what you mean by “mod”. I am assuming this is your usual nonsense.

        Look on the bright side–I do find you funny and entertaining.

    • realmaninuniform

      I’d like to do a little teaching here. First of all, if you want to get your point across, it’s usually best to do so with a factual, and logical argument, as opposed to hurling insults to a gross generalization of a group of people. Secondly, most conservatives say they are pro-family because they believe in the universal human right to life, not the privilege to murder the unborn because it is more convenient than taking responsibility for your actions. They also (myself excluded) tend to view marriage in the traditional sense, between a single man and a single woman, with the idea of them creating a family together.

      Third, enough with the tired old “tax the rich” crap, seriously. The wealthiest 10% already pay over 70% of the federal income tax, which just so happens to be an illegal, unconstitutional tax, but that’s a topic for another discussion. Add to that state and local taxes, sales tax, property tax, capital gains, and so on… I think it’s fair to say the wealthy are pulling their own weight and then some in tax revenue. Add to this the fact that the United States has the highest corporate income tax rate IN THE WORLD, at 35%, it’s no wonder companies are fleeing the U.S. thanks to LIBERAL trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, etc, which also happen to be anything but “free trade” agreements.

      As for your whole “If the wealth and income were shared more evenly most of this would not be an issue as there is enough for everyone”, not only does this show a complete lack of understanding of very basic economics, wealth and income are too VERY different ideals, but it also shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the constitution and the american way of life. The late, great, nobel prize winning economist (back when they gave the nobel prize for actual significant contributions to a field of science) Milton Friedman said it best: “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”

    • Hambone

      You really have some great insight from time to time. I am idealogically on the other side of the planet from you, and yet I frequently find value in your ideas.

      Sadly, this is not one of those times. Your comment is a mindless rant, devoid of any substance.

      • TooLittleTooLate

        The funny thing is the most truly, “thinking” people aren’t really THAT far apart.

        I think most of us here see a problem with the rich folks….. for me it’s the banking elite class that rob and steal… the FED that holds down interest rates and robs anyone that saves money by devaluing our money…. we can go on and on about this… our politicians write laws to make it all legal and even when they break all of their enabling laws, we still do not prosecute them. This goes for corporations and bankers and anyone else with the funding to have a high power lobby.

        Sure, there’s a problem there for sure. It’s corrupt to the core. We’re so far down that road that there isn’t any way to repair the system that exists now without a major reset.

        Where we mostly disagree is that I want to level the playing field and take off the enabling laws and do it fairly… we do need regulation but, it needs to be honest regulation. Many liberals want to just take their money… which solves nothing…. class warfare etc.

        I’m all for folks getting rich that do it honestly. I have no such ambition. I don’t envy the rich…. In all honestly, I feel sorry for many of them. With money comes all the things that complicate your life and take you away from the most important things that make life worth living, IMHO.

      • 2Gary2

        well hey I can not hit it out of the park every time 🙂

    • TooLittleTooLate

      Hmmm… I think at the root of conservatism you have folks that believe in personal responsibility. I don’t expect others to take care of me or fix my booboos. I believe in a social safety net to an extent. We can’t afford to pay for 2 years of unemployment for anyone that loses their job. Surely you can see that. When our country is basically printing 46 cents of every dollar we spend, we’re on a road to destruction.

      I have a heart and want to have programs for those truly in need. On the flip side of that coin, I also believe the famous quote: “If you want to help a man out of his poverty, Make him uncomfortable in his poverty.”

      If a person has an incentive to NOT find a job because it may mess up their access to free obama phones or other services, I fail to see how this helps anyone. ( Not that we can afford to do this anyway )

      If you want to talk about wealth distribution and the elite class. We can do that too but, it’s going to take a lot more than a few words spewed out on a blog site to get into the banker class and the politicians on BOTH sides of the isle feeding them… We haven’t had capitalism in 100 years in this country…. it’s a LOT closer to facism with the winners having high power lobbies and the losers holding the bad and paying the taxes to fund it.

      • Mark

        K, be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to get Gary2 to throw out real ideas other than bombs. He sticks to the democrat talking points most of the time.

      • 2Gary2

        We seem to have socialism for the rich and corporations and harsh capitalism for the poor. Corporate welfare is WAY higher than ANY welfare for the poor yet conservatives always seem to bash the poor. This tells me that they do not really care about the poor and keep shilling for the rich and that they really do not want to solve the economic issues as they go after small things and leave the big things totally untouched. Even the conservative wonder boy paul ryan raises the debt in his path to poverty budget.

        Just look at Michael the moderator. He will bash the programs that help the poor repeatedly and hardly a word on welfare for the rich and corporations. its like a 10 to 1 ratio if that.

        At best I see conservatives as hypocrites and more likely as low information easily led dolts.

        • TooLittleTooLate

          I don’t think you’ll find an argument with me on corporate welfare. As I said, anyone with a powerful lobby can sit at the table on the hill…. whether it’s the bankers being enabled by the FED and the FED is staffed with bankers they are helping, you simply can’t make this stuff up…. Same way for corporations like GE… with hemelt(sp?) on the administration’s cabinate and many other corporations….. it stinks.

          IMHO, all of DC is broken, whether it’s Paul Ryan or any of the rest of them. He has never proposed a realistic bill that will really address the enormity of our issues we face.

          I care about the poor as much as anyone but, 3rd grade math would tell anyone we can’t afford the entitlements we spend on. We, as a nation, need to reign in spending and we need to do it with a axe, not a scalpel. If you simply add up what we spend only on medicare, medicade and social security, that outlay alone puts us over what we take in in taxes but, those like Paul Ryan won’t even really talk about that.

          It’s rotten to the core from stem to stern… pure and simple but, what really worries me is the spending…. if in 2001 we had national debt at 1T…. in 11 years we’ve run it up to 16+T…. It’s going up in an exponential way now… ever increasing velocity and, it has at this point broken out.

          You have to admit, we can’t go on much longer at this pace and, we as a nation, need to have a serious talk about this spending that is about to blow up in our faces.

          I don’t know what all the alternatives are but, they don’t include inflating away our seniors savings accounts and devaluing our money supply…. although the minute we stop, so does the music and we instantly become Greece or worse.

          • 2Gary2

            there is simply no way we can be anything like Greece. Its like comparing apples and oranges.

            If we go after the big issue of corporate welfare then there is plenty of money for peoples earned benefits (what you call entitlements)

            Single payer will fix medicare/medicaid–and eliminating the cap on wages subject to SSI tax will solve that problem.

            Austerity is clearly not working in the EU/UK so that is a dead end. There is plenty of money its just in the hands of the 1%. Corporations are sitting on trillions which would go a long way towards helping. It worked under the new deal and we can do this again. We know how to solve these economic issues, we just do not have the will.

            PS–do not fall for the right wing fox news BS that if you took 100% of the rich folks money it would be a drop in the bucket. This is simply not true. Google for yourself.

          • 2Emelia2

            This country has $16 TRILLION dollars of national debt which more than 100% of gross domestic product! Social Security, Medicare, and Federal employee’s future retirement benefits add up to $86.6 TRILLION dollars which is 550% of gross domestic product! Those trillions of dollars will never be repaid! When is 2Gary2 and people like him going to quit being a slave for Obama and get off the Democrat slave plantation? He’s completely dependent on the whims of government bureaucrats who only want his vote and don’t really give a damn about him. The entitlements you currently receive will soon end when those TRILLIONS of dollars in debt comes crashing down.

          • 2Gary2

            the entitlements are really earned benefits. If we simply tax the rich and corporations hard and spread the wealth people will have money to spend and this and only this will grow the economy. The mistake (one of many actually) conservatives make is to solely focus on the numerator as opposed to the denominator. To simplify so conservatives can understand–as long as the economy grows(denominator) the debt (numerator) is not very relevant. We are a consumer economy (70% + of GDP is consumer spending) we need people to start spending. Your spending is my salary etc etc. The rich who have all the money can only spend so much and the rest is saved. If you look at who is complaining about the debt the most it is the rich as it would mainly effect them (pete peterson fix the debt ceo crap group)

            I for one have a 12 year old computer and would love to buy a new one or two. This would stimulate the economy. There are many in my situation but we have no money–the rich have it all.

            Turn off fox crap and think for yourself.

            Single payer will fix medicare. it works in other countries and it will work here.

            eliminating the cap of income subject to SSI tax will fix social security forever.

            I fixed two of the three issues you stated and by fixing these two the third will probably take care of itself.

            Austerity CLEARLY is failing in the EU/UK. There is a real life example that what you are advocating does not work.

            I urge you to simply google/bing what I said to prove it is true.

          • 2Emelia2

            Those Social Security may be earned entitlements but that money has already been spent by the politicians of both parties! There is no money in the Social Security fund. It’s a Ponzi scheme that is totally dependent on the taxes of current workers. I urge you to stop listening to the state controlled news media and get off the Democrat slave plantation. Stop repeating the same old tired tax the rich brainwashing nonsense that you’ve heard from Obama and start thinking for yourself. Simply use Google/Bing or some other search engine and begin looking at other sources of information.

          • Ralfine

            Yes, stop buying guns. Turn off the gas for aircraft carriers and submarines and planes and drones.

            Then you have money to pay back the debt and reduce the interest payment and save even more money.

            My partner is a carer for old people. 12 hours a day, on minimum wage.
            There is never enough money to care for those who built this country, but there is always money to finance another war.

          • 2Gary2

            2Emelia2–this must be what you want then:

            But if we don’t cut social security, Paris Hilton, Sheldon Adelson, and
            Kim Kardashian would have to pay more than 15% tax on their dividend

            We can’t let the rentier class suffer! The elderly are just going to have to learn to get by on leaves and grass.

            These greedy seniors and their need to eat is getting in the way of the Super Rich.

            Another round of Tax Cuts for the 1% !!!

            Annie needs more dancing ponies.

            Don’t you conservatives get it that when you shill for the rich you are gonna loose elections?? The VAST majority of the population want to tax the rich.

          • Ralfine

            No. The VAST majority doesn’t care at all what happens. 70% don’t vote. They are happy with anything that happens.

    • I think both partries have sold out to the corporatocracy/plutocracy.

  • michael

    Your stats are symptoms of a problem. The problem being an education system that is disrespected and robbed of resources. A lack of meaningful parenting from parents that are stretched too thin from working too much. You cannot reasonably blame the young men. Think of your part in this equation. Who raised these children?

    • When women entered the workplace, men did not step up to help with childcare and domestic chores. Then couples became obsessed with making money, the big house, a boat, vacations, etc. Soon they felt they needed 2
      incomes to survive. The economy loved this. The children got ranked second to everything else.

      • Chris

        Women were encouraged to enter the workplace not because the politicians and corporations particularly love women more than men but because 50% of the population wasn’t getting taxed! Additionally women entering the workplace kept wages down (good for the bosses) and gave them more money to spend in the shops (good for the retail economy). Now to keep the wages down our politicians resort to millions of imported immigrants. The downside was that family life and upbringing suffered but hey those guys at the top don’t worry about such trivialities. Two income families means higher tax take and higher property values.
        In addition we now have our glorious politicians in the West going round the world promoting womens rights, homosexuality and abortion. Not because they actually like women but because they hope that by encouraging mass abortion in the developing world they can reduce the global population.

        • liberranter

          Spot on, Chris. We also shouldn’t forget the effect of the Federal Reserve counterfeiting machine on the purchasing power of the fiat money we’ve been saddled with for the last one hundred years. That did as much as the flooding of the workplace with surplus labor to lower the American worker’s purchasing power.

  • Me

    In an environment where women initiate 70% of all divorces, and over 50% of all marriages end in divorce…

    In an environment where a woman can take your house and 1/2 to 2/3 of your paycheck just for being “accustomed” to it (aka… showing up… hey man next time I quit my job can I keep my paycheck because I’m “accustomed” to it?)…

    In an environment where virtually no male can get child custody…

    You’re seriously sitting here and decrying the fact that males don’t want to “take responsibility”?

    … Really?

    … REALLY?!!!

    All those soldiers in World War 1 that didn’t feel like doing a mad frontal assault into a line of machine gun nests were “just cowards” too, is that it?

    • TooLittleTooLate

      You make valid points and that is also a sign of our moral decay

      What you say is correct BUT, if you live in a state that gives alimony, that’s your own fault. If you pick a wife that doesn’t have the values you have, that’s also your fault..

      So the issues you bring up are valid and kind of to the point of the article…. our society is a MESS…. we have to fix ourselves… In a world where over 50% of marriages end in divorce, what does that say about us?

      The further we’ve come in terms of taking God from our lives and getting away from biblical teachings…. the more WE try to define morality, the less moral we become.

      Morals don’t change, we change.

      • liberranter

        if you live in a state that gives alimony, that’s your own fault

        Name one state that DOESN’T give alimony – or much worse.

        If you pick a wife that doesn’t have the values you have, that’s also your fault..

        Given that the dating and marriage game today has become all about MARKETING ONESELF (i.e., putting on a false front in order to attract a member of the opposite gender who wouldn’t give you the time of day if you were to just “be yourself”), knowing whether or not the person you were reckless enough to “tie the knot” with really has the “values” you have, or whether they’re just putting up a well-crafted facade is a crap shoot more foolish and precarious than any table game in Las Vegas.

        The further we’ve come in terms of taking God from our lives and getting
        away from biblical teachings…. the more WE try to define morality,
        the less moral we become.

        And yet you walk into any given “church” in Amerika on any given Sunday morning, and you’ll find that, in any given sample of a congregation, easily 1/3 to 2/3 of the adults in said congregation are divorced or on their second or third marriage and that the same proportion of families are “blended.” In fact, it’s not uncommon today to encounter clergy who are on their second or third marriage. If these are the people we’re supposed to look to for a “biblical” perspective and guidance on marriage, then we’re in sorrier shape and in deeper trouble than we can imagine!

        • TooLittleTooLate

          Texas doesn’t give alimony unless you’ve both been married for more than 10yrs and your wife has never had a job, If I’m not mistaken.

          You say:

          Given that the dating and marriage game today has become all about
          MARKETING ONESELF (i.e., putting on a false front in order to attract a
          member of the opposite gender who wouldn’t give you the time of day if
          you were to just “be yourself”), knowing whether or not the person you
          were reckless enough to “tie the knot” with really has the
          “values” you have, or whether they’re just putting up a well-crafted
          facade is a crap shoot more foolish and precarious than any table game
          in Las Vegas.

          Man, I’m not sure how to respond to that. My view on all of that is so much different. I never have been anything but myself…. I’ve had failed relationships where I tried to be someone else that never worked…. When I finally became myself, I found my wife. I never tried to act like I was going to be happy as anything but the head of the house. My wife wants a man in her life and, to her, that doesn’t mean boss…. that means a lead by example leader… no ogre.

          In my own opinion ( which of course, shouldn’t mean a whole lot coming from an internet blog ), if you’re putting up a facade to attract a companion, you’re looking in the wrong place for a companion or at the very least looking too hard.

          The points you make about church is all true. We’re living in a pretty sick society right now.

          • liberranter

            My wife wants a man in her life and, to her, that
            doesn’t mean boss…. that means a lead by example leader… no ogre.

            You’re a very lucky man to have found one of the three dozen or so (probably a generous estimate) American women left who fit that description. You’re a man to be envied!

    • Mondobeyondo

      It was a different time 100 years ago.They knew what, and for whom, they were fighting for.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Same with WWII. Enemy – clearly defined. The downhill slide started with the Korean War. Vietnam accelerated it. Nowadays, we go into some desert land or island to “spread freedom” and we have no idea what we’re getting into. Nothing is clearly defined anymore. War without end…

      • Ralfine

        Like a 100 years ago, veterans end up wounded and maimed and jobless.

        They didn’t know what they were fighting for. They believed what they were told.

        • liberranter

          How is the situation any different TODAY?

          • Ralfine

            No difference.

    • mom of two

      Well I say from personal experience, I am a woman with a great education and a great job, and when I got a divorce because my husband was CHEATING ON ME AND ABUSING ME that I had to pay HIM alimony! and the alimony was more than I received for child support. So not only did I have two children to support, a house to pay for, and everything else, I had to write him a check every month because alimony was more than child support for 2 kids. How is that right?? please tell me, because I would like to know!!

      He doesn’t want to take any responsibility – he doesn’t pay any child support, he moved out of state and hardly ever sees them or calls them… tell me how all of these men are taking responsibility, please!

      • mom of two

        Oh, and I had to write him a check for $70,000 that I had to borrrow to buy him out of the house. Yeah, right… it’s the women who have caused this problem…. I think NOT!

        • liberranter

          Now you know how the average divorced American man feels. Pretty bitter medicine, huh?

          Too bad more American “women” aren’t getting a similar taste of it. Maybe things would be different if they did.

          • MisterC


      • You are one woman with one situation. Sometimes the man bares the responsibilty for the issues and sometimes the woman. It can work both ways. Just because your husband was the problem in your marriage doesn’t mean that men are always the issue. There are plenty of men who work hard to take care of wives who don’t do anything too. It can go both ways so let’s not overgeneralize here.

    • Happy1

      My mother divorced my father..after he gave her stds from his barmaids. He then didn’t think he had to support his daughters. He flaunted his girlfriends and “foreign” women while my mother sacrificed everything and worked like a dog to love and raise us. I decided I would never be totally dependent on a man financially and I would always be true to me first, not because of feminism or my mother, but because of my father who was an utter failure as a man. After Paul said that wives submit yourselves to your husbands ( which actually translates ” be agreeable” he said husbands should lay down their lives as Christ layer his life down for the church. I think it’s a no brainier, when we value each other and submit to one another than we are blessed. Change begins with owning up to our failures, not blaming the women for freeing the,selves from the tyranny of ungodly men,

    • JustanOguy

      Spot on about mentioning the culture that promotes Divorce by seizing checks.

      Even when two private parties agree to a monthly amount for child support in a divorce, the Government can come in and modify that agreement and FORCE the father to pay even more.

      Learned that the hard way.

  • realmaninuniform

    I think this article leaves out an important aspect – that young women seem to be more attracted to this sort of man-child behavior. College educated, homeowners, with a career, like myself are of little interest to them. They seem to prefer the less successful types, perhaps because it makes them feel more needed or powerful. What ever the reason I don’t get it. I work in a predominantly female dominated field, and all these women do is (unknowingly) talk about what losers their boyfriends are. I.e. can’t hold a job, treat them like dirt, in trouble with the law, drink too much, do drugs, want no part of a serious commitment, etc. etc.

    • Ralfine

      Attraction is a chemical thing. Part of the selection is done by pheromones and part in the womb between egg and sperm – the egg selecting the sperm based on chemical properties.

      As the female is interested in promoting her genes, it is natural that she is mating with weaker males.

      And when the males go off to have the strong get killed in wars, only the weak are left …

      • Martin 0002

        I doubt, that female is choosing weak and sick partner to promote her genes.That is total nonsense from evolutionary point of view.

        • Ralfine

          In choosing partners there is little conscious decision involved.

          Evolution is survival of the fit.

          Like in the key fits the lock.

          As a human you can force it and end up with divorce.

          Anyway, nobody really understands how these things work. And those who understand it are probably just labeled crazy by the rest.

          • jhpace1

            The above comments in this section about women are pretty ridiculous. I saw these young women chose the “bad boys” and “partygoers” in college that you are calling “weak” men. They’re not weak, they’re short-sighted, and the young women are coming along for the ride. It’s like the song – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and a guy spending all of his dough on Friday night at the bar is more fun than the guy saving up to buy his first house. Our society convinces young women to be attracted to guys willing to spend all of their money on them, rather than save or be conservative. Conservative guys are seen as misers or like the young women’ repressive fathers.

          • Ralfine

            It is still in the power of the men to reject these women?
            Could it be mutual attraction?

            Or could that attraction be just what other people call chemical compatibility?
            Could it be that men who succumb to society’s pressures are weak?

          • Martin 0002

            Evolution has here quite much to do.Even if decisions are subconscious, their goal is to produce viable offspring, one which weak or sick partner won’t provide. Seen in animal world everywhere and humans are not different. Of course much of decisions are based on assessment “who will waste more money on me”, but these partners are usually temporary (until money last). Of course for older men $ few hundreds a week is often not much, so they can afford to f… young bimbo for next to nothing. But they certainly don’t want kids either and they like to replace mistresses from time to time.

  • Makati1

    Mom went to work and the family became obsessed with money. Dad disappeared. Then TV took over raising the kids. Now baby sitting has moved to hand held games of violence and a dysfunctional school system. An overwhelming avalanche of ‘stuff’ and no time alone to think, relax, enjoy nature or life. Just endless social contacts and gossip. Constantly plugged in to everyone else. Everyone wants 15 minutes of fame…i.e….American Idol, etc. Those who do not fit in turn to drugs and other escapes until they snap. More to come in the years as we wind down the joke called globalization and level out to a 3rd world world.

    • Ralfine

      A male babysitter who could serve as a role model is a potential child molester who needs to be supervised all the time.

      Children are not alllowed to play children’s games anymore, unless they want to be arrested.

      When was the last time you run, walk, bike, hike?

      America’s old men defend the freedom of the rich and the gun owner. But severely restrict childhood.

      • Deflationist

        That is how the feminists have succeeded in neutering men…you see…they are all child molesters if they show any interest in children. 😉

        • Ralfine

          Oh really? When I was a kid it was considered “unmanly” to be caring, to be a baby sitter, or kindergarten teacher, or primary school teacher.

          Dealing with kids was considered to be a woman’s job. A man was supposed to be at work and maybe deliver a spanking once a week.

          The Philippines are even worse. The women are supposed to take care of the kids, the men have their guns and go shooting at things, and if they own a business, they only emply females below 25.

          So where does this leave the boys?

          • Deflationist

            The point I was making is that men who behave like true men “people who accept responsibility for themselves, their family, and society as a whole” can be stereotyped if they show any interest in working with children. That is a new development.

    • 2Gary2

      good points

      • Mark

        Gary, I thought that if the rich were taxed hard all of our problems would be gone. What is this third world stuff? lol

  • Mondobeyondo

    Hit the brakes, honey!!


    What does it mean to be a man in today’s world?

    Does it mean puffing up your feathers and strutting, so to speak? If that’s so, you’re no better than one of my cockatiels. My male cockatiels puff their feathers all the time, to show everyone else they’re boss. You know – “I’m king of the cage! Stick your index finger in here, and I’ll bite it off! I dare ya!” [in Robert De Niro screech, of course! ]

    Ahhhhh. You missed it, didn’t you? You’re strong, you’re macho, you’re the king!

    Yes, I know. But you’re still living in a cage!!!

    You’re king in your world…
    But I’m king in MY world, and guess what, you’re living in it!!
    If my birdies even dare to chop my fingertips off – I’ll clip their wings. Tail feathers, too.
    They’ll have enough feathers left to make a quick flight to the veterianarian..

    How ya like me now?!!

    “In spite of my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage” – Smashing Pumpkins

  • Tosheba

    The reasons for the decline of the American male are not exactly rocket science. The absurd, over-reaching, never ending, exclusive, and ridiculous focus on American females is the main cause. Stay with me on this; I am not wrong. Watch television and pay close attention to the social engineering going on during the programs & commercials. Insofar as the commercials are concerned, one would think these ‘commercial moms’ only have daughters and rarely, if ever sons. The social engineering in the programming is straight forward; roles: woman: smart, witty, intelligent, all knowing, all protecting, all powerful, all encompassing. men: stupid, inarticulate goons, barely able to hold a job, looking to the female for guidance in life, embracing humiliation, abject apologizing every other minute. Obama does everything for women, nothing for men. The political parties yammer endlessly about the ‘war on women’ when the ‘real war’ is being waged on men. Now what are young men supposed to think under these circumstances and what message is being sent? American women don’t support men OR boys. The generally view males as an irritation they must endure. Yet women demand men support women. Do the math. It’s not difficult. If I were a post modern young disenfranchised, bashed, and marginalized American male, I’d be pretty pissed off. Men better wake up; step up, tell women ‘no’ a lot more often, and quit giving away your power. Women are playing you like a violin because they really believe they have what men want and men will give up their power to get it. Believe me, it ain’t worth it; what ever it is.

    • liberranter

      Men better learn to support one another and start standing up for our gender. If we don’t, we are toast.

      We’re already toast. The mangina-to-real man ratio is lopsidedly NOT in our (real men’s) favor. It ain’t a reversible trend either.

      • SnakeEyez

        Don’t be so sure. Japan thought the same thing and the men who who had the balls to not give in make up 60% of the men over there.

        • liberranter

          I’m afraid that a comparison of Amerika to Japan is probably not really of much value. Japanese culture is based on a history of hundreds, if not thousands of years of norms for gender roles that are unmatched by anything here.

  • 2 words: institutionalized education. Girls are far more often audio learners, a group to which the public schools and it’s curriculum cater. They are excellent verbal language processors because, biologically, their brains develop those neurons two to three years ahead of boys. Boys are more kinetic, dynamic learners but they are strapped to a desk all day. They are not allowed to move their bodies, engage with their environment freely, and it inhibits their spatial learning development which, in turn, prevents them from creating schema upon which to apply and enrich their language, memory and logic knowledge. That’s why they are drawn to video games–it’s a virtual experience for the under-stimulated portion of their natural brain development. The crime is that EVERY well-educated educator, psychologist, therapist, and neuro-psychologist KNOWS this and NO ONE does anything to change it because the NEA is too powerful (we would have to re-teach teachers), the textbook lobby (yes, there is one) has convinced all the schools to make passive learning tools their primary investment, and the Dept of Ed is too backward to ever affect positive change. Quite literally, we can prove biologically, that boys learn best when climbing trees and girls learn best when playing “school.” Unfortunately, our government plays “school,” too.

    • Ralfine

      Then go climbing trees with your boys. It’s all up to you.

  • Georgiaboy61

    Girls more or less naturally grow into and become women because of their biology. In contrast, boys must be shaped into men, if they are to leave boyhood and adolescence behind. Our society used to understand these simple truths, but it no longer does. An entire moral and ethical ecosystem once existed to reliably turn boys into men; it was composed of such then largely-masculine institutions as team sports, clubs, religious orders, males-only civic groups, scouting/4H club and the military. Over the last fifty years, the feminists and the cultural left have weakened or dismantled most of these institutions, but erected nothing worthwhile in their place. The political right and the GOP, worshipers of the all-mighty dollar, did nothing to place prudent controls on such harmful new technologies as violent video games. As long as stock prices continued to climb, no one cared about the damage to our culture and young people. Meanwhile, Hollywood continues to churn out the most violent and disgusting fare imaginable…. but gets a free pass anyway. Thirty years of relentlessly “free trade” policies, consequences to American workers and our industrial base be damned, have destroyed the factories and other workplaces where young men could once find reliable work at a decent wage. It is tough to start a family, let alone support one, when you can’t find a decent job. Even if you manage to find a decent, good woman to marry – no easy thing these days – men now realize that, in the marriage game, the deck is stacked against them. Matrimonial law, divorce law – all of it is biased ridiculously in favor of women. Believe it or not, young men are rational actors – they respond to incentives, and our society has disincentivized becoming a mature man.

    • Patriot

      Great observation. Yes, the feminist movement and the 1960’s in general changed a lot of things in this culture. When I grew up in the mid 1950’s, we never had all the “distracting” electronic devices as young ment have today, internet, video games, texting, chat lines, email, etc. The amount of time I sat before a tv when I was young was about 2 hours a week, and that was with my family and a few neighbors that we were close with (my best friend and family) because they did not own a tv. The rest of the time was spent hiking, camping, shooting firearms, riding a bicycle everwhere until I could afford a beater car ( 1936 Ford, my first car), playing ball and working a part time job to have some spending money, we prayed before every ,meal, and Sundays were days for going to church and hanging out with friends and family.

      We interacted with one another, something kids do not seem to be doing today. Many youth today simply have no interpersonal/communitacive skills.

    • ScareCrow

      Girls grow into women because of biology?

      ARE YOU SURE!!!!

  • Herbert

    Well it is very easy to blame the young men, they are of course for a little part. But the explanation for this current state is in fact pretty simple and has nothing to do with these boys. Look to the book of Chuck Palahniuk. They just see the conditions – that they have no future and no real purpose. So they waste their lives and trying to be teens as long as possible (of course with all the fun adults have (do they learn anything other from TV?)). And to oversee the absurd bias towards women in this society is also not very smart. No wonder woman have more success at school, they are made for this kind of society. Men do not fit in our time of helplessness and moral decay.

    • Now they know how women felt for millennia. Maybe we can stop competing and cooperate to make a society where we both feel empowered.

  • Martin 0002

    Let them behave this way.
    This will allow for older men to have more young women to f…

  • I’ve been blessed to have a caring and loving mother, and although I play video games a lot, my grades have always been good, and am about to graduate with my bachelor’s degree. I feel it falls heavily on the quality of parent/s in the family. It makes it that much more important that my generation try to be the best parents we can, so to improve the future of america. And for those not gifted with good parents, perhaps god can provide good friends that are blessed with good parents, which can provide the guidance they need.

    • Tim

      Well said, Matthew. While I didn’t really have a father, I was blessed with a great mother. That has made all the difference in my life.

  • Greg

    Most women over thirty suffer from extreme penis envy. Those young kids should enjoy life while they can, because after age 30 their life will become a slow descent into emotional and financial rape at the hands of whatever predator female sinks her claws into them.

  • Michael

    The first thought that came to mind was feminism was/is to blame.
    Also due to my Christian faith & culture, God created family (we
    should not be alone). So if i am not married, i should be with my
    original family unit.

    Go back further in history, Biblical men, Jacob, esau, etc, they lived with their parents.
    is a stupid idea that men who live at home are “lesser men”. This is
    not so. You cannot defeat countries where single men live with their
    In Iraq, Afghanistan, middle east, where they live together with their mothers.They have virtually defeated the western nations,

  • bwoboe1

    Men are fleeing from marriage. Men have absolutely NO stability in marriage, and in fact are at a high risk of losing their kids/income/partner since most divorces are initiated by women and cannot be contested.

    No fault divorce and the family law system that takes children away from their fathers is the main reason we are in this predicament. Too many men have been burned and young men see this and want nothing to do with it.

    I don’t blame them.

    • SnakeEyez

      Don’t expect the sheep to bring that to light. Its much easier for them to blame men for it rather than actually find the source.

  • Ralfine

    Wrong focus. The wrong part is the old men. They have too much grip on power. They don’t let go.

    And as you wrote in the article, it is much more difficult to leave home and find a job now. That’s not in the hands of the young either.

    It’s always the old – who should know better.

    The old’s first job to make themself redundant. So they have to train the young to take over. Instead they cling too power and don’t let go.

    Then the young say: OK, keep your power, keep your money. Die in office, rich, without grandchildren!

    Young men are still angry, like alll young men before. They just project their anger in a different way.

    You know, when I get a bad service by someone – I do not discuss it, I do not complain – I just go somewhere else next time.

    • Mark

      You really seem to not like old people. What do you want from us, go off and die? You sound very bitter. Since you come across as wanting to punish old men, is this why you chose a gay lifestyle so that your father can’t have a grandchild? The more you write, the more twisted you sound Ralfine.

      • Ralfine

        The young are raised by the old.

        The young are formed by the old.
        If the young are bad it is because of the errors of the old.

        In business: there are no bad teams, there are only bad managers.

        I like men. I can appreciate the beauty and usefulness of women just the same way as I appreciate the beauty and usefulness of certain cars or trees. But I don’t have any bodily reactions either way.

        I can engage in a deep discussion with a girl, but when a handsome guy enters the rooom, my hormones go crazy and I only see him and forget everything else.

        You probably do not understand this. But in the same way I did not understand how boys went crazy for girls, how men went crazy for women.

        This is quite disturbing as a teenager and young adult when you want to have a family. Three kids at least. It takes a long time to accept the way god made you.
        All the while society telling you you are wrong. Like telling you blushing is a sin.

        So why did I choose the gay lifestyle of living together with a man?
        I didn’t want to lie to a potential egg donor. I dreaded the divorce which would eventually come after I did my duty of procreation.
        And I didn’t want the kids go through the divorce.

        However, I still believe we could give a home to children who went through upheaval in their life and are now alone. Or can’t go back to abusive parents.

        In our home there is no shouting and no fighting, no violence. And except the condoms besides the sofa it is probably the most common home you will encounter.
        Oh, except maybe the books. When we are moving, half the boxes are filled with books.

        But now we are probably too old. We take care of our nieces and nephews and fincance their universities. And if someone else should come our way asking genuinly for help, s/he’d get it.

        • EarthMomma

          you sound like a really neat person giving a lot of thought to your posts which I enjoy. Have a blessed day!

    • Good point. Do you think extended life span has anything to do with this? Or just greed.

      • Ralfine

        Probably many issues. Greed one of them. Lifespan another. Reduced income as well.

        Grandparents should take care of their grandchildren.

        But now, propose to the so called family value people to give grandparents more days off. If everyone gets as many holidays as they are years old, they’d get max. 60 days off per year. But they’d need much less sick leave, for one thing.

        And companies would have space for young people to employ and learn and gradually fill the spaces of the older ones.

        Nobody feels threatened by the others presence.

        Utopia? Or family values?

    • Mondobeyondo

      If all our elderly gentlemen fought our wars… there would be no more wars.
      But that’s not how it works in this world, is it? The older folks know better.
      The young people don’t know yet. But they will. They will.
      D-Day means nothing to them. 9/11 will soon mean nothing to them.
      Proof positive, that history isn’t being taught in American classrooms.

      • Mondobeyondo

        “War is over, if you want it.” – John Lennon

        Do we want an end to war?
        No! Let me tell you why. Human nature, for one thing.
        Because you insist on calling your wife a ,.. um, Beach.
        To speak love with your tongue, and practice hate with your actions, will not work.
        Before war begins on the battlefield, it begins at home.*
        And it works its way up from there. Yes, it’s true! They really once were young boys! Wow!. Yeah, just like the latest school shooter.
        Think about it.
        Hitler was a child once. So was Mussolini. Winston Churchill
        Stalin too.,
        All of these men, born and raised under similar circumstances. What happpened to them? Well, you know the story.
        with vastly different outcomes for their citizens, and for the world.


        Each of them took vastly different paths in history.

        Unless you forgive each other — It’s not going to get better, folks.

        * Check the latest U.S. divorce rates for proof

  • BaronVonDonut

    Normally, Michael, I enjoy your lists. I think you’re framing this problem wrong: there’s nothing wrong with young men in America. The problem is America has no need for young men.

    Not to sound like a Chomsky-ite, but the language in the narrative of the United States is pretty damning towards men. In Europe they say “gender equality” in the US we say “women’s rights.” It was a prominent feature in the 2012 election. The narrative implies that women are being discriminated against and the social system needs to be biased in order to rectify the problem, rather than creating a social system where everybody gets equal treatment. Enough has already been said about divorce proceedings.

    Looking at the problem further: if males are accounting for low grades enough to be the statistical norm, is it the males, or the schooling? Numerous experts have concluded that public education is not built for boys.

    Boys play more video games? Boys are also more obese. They are getting fatter faster than girls. One of the reasons are the costs associated with insurance for community leagues. Many families struggle to pay for bills, never mind youth program costs. There is only so much room on high school rosters, leaving those with natural or more developed talent to play and the rest get to go home.

    Judging by the enormous defaulting student loan debt that exists, the whole college thing needs to be rethought. The sad part, for males, is college as become an expected continuation of general K-12 education. Why would it be surprising that more and more males would opt out of continuing in a system that is a continuation of the very system that is biased against them?

    We shouldn’t be shocked when the engineering and science gap between the US and other nations expands into a schism. We don’t promote the growth and maturation of males. We don’t promote their learning and problem solving. Previous generations of young men were asked to sail the seas in search of fortune; tame, plant, and harvest the land; forge new nations; industrialize; fight a world war (or two); put a man on the moon; connect and globalize markets. Today, we ask them why can’t they be more like the girls. It’s a devastating blow the ego of developing males. What could be more emasculating and disenchanting than that?

    Young men haven’t failed the American society. American society has failed young men.

    • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

      I thought that in my opening paragraph that I made it pretty clear that I believe that we have failed them.

      I do believe that a lot of the responsibility for this mess is on us.


    • Women still get paid less than men for same work. So, they do face discrimination.
      If asking them “why can’t you be more like a girl” is devastating to their ego, then they have gotten the message that girls are less than boys and no male wants to be one. Girls don’t feel devastated if you said “why can’t you be more like a boy”. Because society still considers women second hand citizens.

      • BaronVonDonut

        Ginny is misinformed and not familiar with the literature. Had Ginny read up on the subject she would know that the statistical validation concerning a bias against women is grounds for a lawsuit. Which is why companies don’t have that bias. Moreover, psychological testing shows women are much less likely to negotiate than men.

        As for misunderstanding the implications behind “why can’t you be more like a girl” is damaging for developing males it is best explained by a thesis that came out in 2000 called “The Fragile Male”. Despite being well-written, British, referenced, and published in a peer-reviewed medical journal not much as been done to further the findings. Perhaps we were distracted by 9/11?

  • Ralfine

    Would you put your kids in our care?

    We are a gay couple. My partner is good with young kids. He is more into discipline. Not the spanking part, but the law and order part.
    Keep your clothes clean then they are clean for your date.
    Keep things in their rightful place.
    Brush your teeth.
    Go to bed early, so you won’t sleep in school.
    That sort of law and order.
    He is into beauty and fashion and has lots of girlfriends.
    He is the woman in the house.

    I’m more like a teacher, helper.
    I earned some of my first money with factory work and helping felllow classmates understand math and pass the exam.
    I’m the outdoor guy. And the fixit guy. Tools, science, hardware, garden, forest, swimming, walking, running.
    Tools must be sharp and clean. Clothing must be practical.

    I’m the man in the house.

    Naturally, we were rejected when we applied to be foster parents.
    Reason: We are not natives here, and we are not rich.

    So, would you give your kids into our care?

    • Mark

      I will comment as to your question. Since you asked, no I would not put my children in your care. A gay lifestyle is not a good role model for children. If you choose that life, go for it. That is your right to live it, but I would not raise children to live that way. I would teach a child to follow Christ.

      • Ralfine

        Jesus was born out of wedlock, grew up with two fathers, loved one of his disciples more than anyone else and didn’t marry.

        I like people who teach their kids tolerance and acceptance.

        • Mark

          Ralfine, you have a problem. You are offended if another person does not want to live your lifestyle. That is not my cup of tea. If you want to drink from that cup, it is your business. How I raise the children that I father is my business. We do not teach hate, but we do choose to live God’s law from the scriptures. Jesus came here to teach and to be a bridge through the Atonement so that we could be with our Father again. He loves all of us, including you. We all fall short in our lives here on the earth and Jesus loves us so much that he gave all that he could for all of us. Our part is to love each other and grow, to live our lives if we choose to by a set of rules. One of those rules is that marriage is between a man and a woman. Another is that men will not lie down with another man or a woman with another woman. You are free to choose if you wish to live within God’s rules. You are also free to choose to live your lifestyle. That is very tolerant. We accept your choice,even though we do not want to live your way of life. On the other hand you come across as hateful and intolerant of our beliefs. Your gay movement wants to throw rocks at others if they disagree with you.

          • Ralfine

            My lifestyle?

            No. You probably should read my posts again. Maybe use different glasses.

            I am offended if other people do not want me to live as I do.

            I am also offended if other people speak of love but do not alllow me to marry the person I love.

            I am offended if these same people are happy if I marry someone I do not love.

            I am also offended if people prohibit marriage and then request me to pay higher tax precisely because I am not married.

            I am also offended when people prohibit me raising children, and then blame me for not raising children.

          • Mark

            Like I said, you do have a problem, As to your list, I shall try again. You can live as you want, period. You want to redefine the word marriage, call your relationship by a different term, not the term that I use to describe my reallationship with my wife. The word is already taken. No one said that you have to marry in life if you choose not too. Until the Bush tax cuts a few years ago, married couples paid a higher tax than two singles making the same money. Remember the marriage penalty? It might return in January. Believe me, I would not lay ANY blame on you for not raising children.

          • Ralfine

            Can I use the term marriage as it is used elsewhere? Like in Canada, Norway, Spain, Holland?

            Marriage (also called matrimony or wedlock) is a social union or legal contract between people called spouses that establishes rights and obligations between the spouses, between the spouses and their children, and between the spouses and their in-laws.[1]

            That definition does in no way diminish your relationship with your wife and your children.

            Anyway, your position is clear to me and I think we understand each other. I understand it. But I don’t agree with it.

            Now, the issue at hand are the young men…

          • 2Emelia2

            Why was the word “marriage” used instead of something else like civil unions? Co-opting the word “marriage” by the LGBT activists caused unnecessary friction between certain religious groups who have used that word for eons to describe a union between a man and a woman. Another term could have been selected that established the same rights and obligations without antagonizing those religious groups and gay unions would have probably been accepted in most states by now.

          • Mark

            You are so right about the use of the word marriage.The LGBT movment did this on purpose so as to force others to agree with their lifestyle. If you don’t agree with the lifestyle,they bring hate laws that will punish you..

          • Ralfine

            What’s so wrong with the lifestyle of your wife?

            She is living with a man, too.

          • Ralfine

            What is the problem with the term?

            The people do not care about the term, they care about discrimination. Wasn’t it in Utah where the marriage was NOT between 1 man and 1 woman, but 1 man and several women?

            People do not want to get civilunionized. They want to get married, like their parents, and grandparents.

            Can you understand this?

          • People before Principle

      • Ralfine

        Would you raise your children to live the lifestyle of your wife?

        She is living together with a man, you know.
        She is cooking for him, and ironing his shirts.

        And in return you are taking care of her when she is sick, and old, and demented, and shouts at you and don’t recognize you anymore.

    • I may not agree with your lifestyle, and I do agree on a traditional, natural up bringing of children with a man & woman. BUT I would rather see a child adopted by a gay couple than being killed in the womb, and not have a chance at life at all…

  • Ralfine

    Complaints about the young are as old as complaints themselves.

  • Ok, I’ll be the one to ask it. Out of these stats, what is the predominate race? Just curious

  • Ralfine

    “#20 Today, an all-time low 44.2% of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 are married.”

    That number will rise after you permit gay marriage.

    I have just had my 19th anniversary with my partner, but we aren’t allowed to marry each other.

    • Mark

      Rafine, you have been raised in a warped social order. In your country, China, parents only want males for children. Is that one child policy enforced by old guys to bring down the population a reason you seem to dislike old people.

      • Ralfine

        Oh, I haven’t been raised in China. I just worked there because at home I couldn’t get a job.
        My grandfather also wanted a male child. And after every girl he tried again …

        • Mark

          Why then why do you hate old men so much.

          • Ralfine

            I don’t hate old men.

            I just said, if you want to find the cause of things as they are you should loook into the other direction.

            You shouldn’t blame the young for the errors of the old.

    • 2Emelia2

      The legal profession is salivating over the prospect of gay marriage because of all the divorces that they will be handling. Failed gay marriages will become a major source of revenue for divorce lawyers since gays are notorious for having unstable relationships.

      • Ralfine


        They will be in for a big disappointment.

        The problem with unstable relationships is not a gay problem, it is a man-problem.

        On the other hand, relationships that are recognized by the family and friends are more stable, because the partners can find help more easily if there is a problem in the relationship. They can talk with their family and friends about their relationship and love, and they can get opinions and tips to make things work.

        I know one couple personally that got civilunionized a few years back. They are together since 1993. I know another couple that is now together for more than 30 years.

        I have another friend and colleague who always asks me for help if he stumbles in his relationship. He can’t ask his parents, they still put pressure on him to get married.

        Teenagers are very vulnerable. They realise they are different than their peers. They don’t want to be bullied, they don’t want to be different, they try hard to conform. They fail. Again and again.

        Some end up in happy relationships, some in alcohol and drugs, some commit suizide, some are still searching.
        For many teenagers the only way out is escape. Going to the city is one way. University, for example. I met a few Chinese friends who went to study in Canada, Holland, Australia, USA, England, never to return home.

        Excuse to the parents: I am too busy to find a girlfriend. The parents will arrange a marriage, which will fail after a few years, and then they don’t marry again.

  • jhpace1

    I’ll tell you when this started: the Summer of ’69. You do not tell an entire generation of young men that when they graduate from high school they will be drafted by the military to fight in a war overseas where no one will see them, and that those young men are 98% likely to die unseen overseas. You tell that to a typical person and they will try to live life to the fullest before they get drafted to die. It was induced trauma upon our citizenry. What happened to those soldiers after they came home made the problem exponentially worse.

    Today there is similar hopelessness. The elite tell our young people unless they were born into the right families, went to the right schools, went to the right colleges to meet their future partners in crime, they will never get out of the trailer park. Women are promoted over men. Men are just not hired for jobs. Quota systems determine who is and is not hired for jobs. Illegal aliens take the most demeaning jobs that are offered that have the smallest chance of upward mobility.

    At the same time the responsibility level has increased. First it was the “sandwich” generation, who were taking care of their retired parents at the same time young people were trying to start families. Today a house still costs $200,000 unless you live in a crime-infested neighborhood, but salaries have fallen. Employers are cutting back in 2013. Taxes are going up. Austerity is on the horizon. People that could afford to put those retired parents into retirement communities or nursing homes at $30,000 a year cannot do the same when it costs $80,000 a year. Inflation adds to the hopelessness.

    So now we have a generation of young people faced with the hidden facts that they will never make as much as their parents did, the divorce court system penalizes men far more than women, and there are no future goals for young men to strive for unless they are one of the elite. So they opt out. Opt out of marriage, because it always ends in divorce that takes away their past savings and future work. They opt out of changing the status quo of living with the parents, because it’s cheaper than getting an apartment or house only to fall into foreclosure five years later. No one is willing to show these young men a future, so the men don’t even try.

    What you are seeing is apathy and hopelessness.

    • Ralfine

      That depends where you look.

      You can find hope, even in America. The Sierra Club publishes podcasts that are always nice listening to. There are other podcasts in the technology field and the environmental area.

      Lots of people and especially young people engaging themself in society.

      This site here is probably one of the most pessimistic on the web.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Summer of 1967.
      Free love… – doesn’t come without a price.
      We’re paying that price right now, in 2012.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      JHPace1: Excellent points. I’ve often said that even though Gen-X has been screwed economically, Gen-Y has been screwed much worse because at least a lot of X-ers benefitted from the prosperity of the 1990s. Gen-Y has a bleak economic future, and Gen-Z will have it even worse than Gen-Y. The USA as I knew it growing up no longer exists. This once-great country has turned into a stinking, filthy, corrupt banana republic that offers the majority of its youth a bleak future. Hopelessness, as you put it, is exactly what we’re seeing.

  • Tosheba

    This site can’t handle the truth.

  • gsfgs

    Author is an idiot.

  • Karl

    Sadly, these so-called men end up in Congress and Senate as girlie guys….

  • Anyone else notice that TV commercials have made a theme out of stupid helpless men having to be straightened out or otherwise rescued by their far more capable and brighter female counterparts? Just view some of these picturing role reversal (women as stupid and helpless) and imagine the howling of the feminists and other political correctness junkies!

    • I agree.

    • Hambone

      Yes! Exactly! Sitcoms also. We dumped TV, and I am glad. It was hard for the first week, but my life is better because of it.

    • Happy1

      women lived with that for centuries. They had to fight for the right to vote! But I guess it was ok because men were in control, right?

      • Jeremy

        What are you talking about? Shut up and bake me a pie.

      • SnakeEyez

        So that means we should punish the men of TODAY for what the men of CENTURIES ago did right? Funny its always the women of TODAY who think its fair even though they never had any of the problems that the women who lived CENTURIES ago did.

  • WarriorClass3

    When violent shootings take place, ask the relevant questions:

    “Does this fit the pattern of other staged shootings?”

    “Is there a mysterious ‘second suspect’ that disappears from news coverage?”

    “Is the shooter mentally disabled and/or appear to be under mind control?”

    “Does the shooter’s family have connections to the financial industry, specifically the LIBOR scandal?”

    “Did the feds take over the investigation from the local police?”

    “Is video of the event missing, destroyed or denied, when everything else in this world is under surveillance, videoed and stored at the NSA?”

    “Was this a false flag?”

    “Are there consistencies with other government operations such as Fast and Furious, Operation Monarch, MKUltra or the Federal Reserve?”

    “Who benefits?”

    The James Holmes Conspiracy. YouTube.

    • Ralfine

      And maybe one more question:

      “Would there be less victims, if the shooter didn’t have access to a gun and ammo?”

      • Chris

        It would also be interesting to know whether those who clamour for disarming the population are similarly against abortion. And sending troops overseas to kill and be killed for oil etc.

      • Mark

        At the shooting in Oregon last week, a citizen with a hand gun pulled the gun out and aimed at the shooter. The citizen did not even fire the gun and the shooter ran off and put a round into his own head. That is what stopped him from taking more lives.

        • Ralfine

          OK, same question. How many people could the Oregon shooter have shot if he didn’t have a gun?

        • 2Emelia2

          Gun free zones seem to attract these mass shootings. Some has said that if everyone were trained to carry and use firearms responsibly that would stop a lot of these mass shootings?

  • KC

    If you watch TV you will notice that more often than not the male lead will be a bumbling, flawed idiot that can barely tie his shoelaces. Thank goodness the female lead is there to coach him through it and help him behave like an adult. It’s training and reinforcement that this is acceptable behavior for gender roles in real life. Even commercials portray males as morons that cannot even assume responsibilities around the house. This is a divide and conquer strategy employed by TPTB to keep us battling with each other. If TPTB can suppress strong males and turn them into pacified cowards who will stand up?

    • Chris

      This has been seen for years in the UK too. It is a conditioning of the population to adopt the values the satanic elite want them to adopt. Refuse to buy anything from any company that uses such techniques. In the UK the BBC is being advised to have more gay and bisexual presenters for childrens programs in order to ‘educate’ people about other lifestyles and the laughable thing is that the population are forced to pay for their own indoctrination through a TV licence!

  • jox

    Please notice that the current crisis is not caused by those young men. They are rather the victims. Actually the crisis has been created by some ‘nice people’, educated decades ago in the values and moral, in the best colleges and universities.

  • Too many faithless, fatherless, medicated.

  • Riley

    “#14 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet. If our young men behaved differently this would not be happening.

    #15 In the United States today, one out of every four teen girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease. If our young men were not sex-obsessed idiots running around constantly looking to “score” these diseases would not be spreading like this.”

    Conveniently ignoring the role that modern young women play here, aren’t we? But I guess it’s just the same old world view:

    – Men are active. They shoulder all the responsibility and blame.
    – Women are passive. Nothing is ever their fault.

    A paradigm that hasn’t changed even after wave upon wave of so-called feminism.

    • jhpace1

      And this is the line I get from my own mother born in 1945. If a woman makes a bad decision, or has something bad happen to her, then it’s a man’s fault. Only a man is responsible for getting a woman pregnant (it takes two to tango), only a man keeps a woman from her career (not motherhood), only a man gets a woman with him in trouble. Ridiculous.

    • I disagree. I think it is changing, adding to the confusion. Because it is bucking evolution, it is chaotic. Men are becoming more passive, women more active.

      • Google: estrogen mimickers – that is why a lot of men are “feminine”.

        • Ralfine

          the driving force is profit, not feminism

  • Chris

    Again blame the politicians and corporations who have deliberately created the present generation of Western women to suit their deliberately created post industrial West.

    • Ralfine

      Why do you need to blame people?

      If something is not to your liking, change it.

      I also do not like how things are with the youth. So when I visit my sis and the kids, I play with the kids when there is the opportunity. Only when they are not around I do what is necessary – garden work, visiting parents, shopping, etc.

      Sometimes the kids help in the garden or DIY. It takes longer, and it also takes nerves, especially with kids on a construction site.

      Don’t just yell at them. Explain why certain things – like tunnels in sand – are dangerous. Why tools are dangerous when left lying around and forgetting them.

      Need to grow a few more eyes and ears and hands.

      But it’s fun.

      • Chris

        If the situation has been deliberately engineered by those in power then of course there are people to blame. You should know by now that voting is not going to change it as both your parties are run by liars working for the banks and corporations.

        • Ralfine

          Did you know that you have more than 2 political parties in the US?

          Basic rule: if you want change, never vote for the largest parties, vote for one of the smallest. Maybe the green, or the communists, or the seniors’ party.

          • liberranter

            Yes, there are more than two parties in the U.S. (actually, there is really only ONE party and it has two artificial halves, but that’s fodder for another rant), but they don’t matter. The existing political system is thoroughly rigged and stacked against them, to the point that they’ll never gain a foothold, so they might as well not even exist.

          • 2Emelia2

            Voting for the Greens or the Communists is like voting for the Democrat Party– they are all far left repressive parties that stifle free speech and squash all dissent. Look how Obama and his Marxist followers have tried to silence Fox News which is the ONLY news media outlet that does not entirely follow the leftist party line like all of the other news media outlets.

          • Ralfine

            Maybe more important in America is to vote at all. With 70% not voting, you can’t really say that any party is representing the people.

            Just imagine having 60% of 30% voting Republican, 40% of 30% voting Democrats, and 60% voting for Green.

            The election will be declared invalid, I’m sure.

            But this willl never happen. The leftists are always split over minor issues. They’ll never unite against the rightists and far-right.

  • Mr.T

    We have a course that addresses this issue at our church. It has been very enlightening to see the attack on men through the years. The summary listed above of some of the reasons is really good, but there is a couple of things I would add. Yes we have lost our way morally, but we have lost our way spiritually. Men used to believe in God and the education system has fed them a different story that requires no responsibility and no accountability. Another thing I would add is there is nothing for young men to do. There are no real jobs for young men. Lets face it flipping burgers isn’t exactly a young man’s dream. Men like to build things, break things, learn new things. Construction, manufacturing, farming, jobs where you work with your hands. It seems the military is the only option to fulfill this kind of work. Most young men would never last in the military due to poor health from the terrible stuff in our food. There is an all out attack against men in this country, if we don’t address it soon we will lose this country fast.

    • Ralfine

      It’s up to you as a parent to provide alll the good stuff to your kids.
      I am not as lucky as you are.

    • liberranter

      Men like to build things, break things, learn new things. Construction,
      manufacturing, farming, jobs where you work with your hands. It seems
      the military is the only option to fulfill this kind of work.

      The military is NOT the same thing as the productive pursuits you first describe. The purpose of the military is to break, kill, and destroy things – definitely NOT the kind of pursuits we need our already disturbed and angry young men to be engaging in.

  • leeholsen

    yep, my nephews would rather play videos than go outside and most of my peers are online poker addicts. its very sad, there is so much information and knowledge freely available to better most everyone and they’d rather point and click. having read over 30 books this year, i have almost nothing in common with todays men under 40. almost any man i know that can carry an interesting conversation is over 50.
    one stat our guest pastor gave about Houston – 1 in 10 households in Houston is a nuclear family(man,woman+2 kids) and Houston is pretty conservative/traditional, so I suppose the whole rest of the country is the same. not saying thats good or bad, but you can bet it has a lot to do with the american decline.

    • Ralfine

      30 books a year? So how many children do you have? How often do you go out with them?

    • I feel the same way in a sense. Seems like I can’t have a decent, real conversation outside of the Internet. And I’m 26…

      • liberranter

        What, you mean a FACE-TO-FACE conversation? How awkward and … so 20th century. :)~

    • Mark

      Yes reading is great. I have stopped for the most part watching TV. I have read three books just this week.

  • Deflationist

    Good Comments

  • thetruthseeker

    Whilst in high school, there were many young men knocking up young girls, then once they find out there “girl” is pregnant they just walk on out. Leaving the girl to be a single mothers/provider. This is the root of the problem in my eyes.

    • Mondobeyondo

      Wow. Talk about a lifelong commitment!!

    • liberranter

      If only there were a way to temporarily remove teenagers’ gonads until they could demonstrate the behavior of a mature adult before getting them back.

      I know a lot of “adults” who would NEVER get them back…

  • AndyNY

    I smoked weed until I was in my early 30’s. What is described above are stoners.

    • I wondered when someone would mention the “elephant in the living room. ” but it it a vise or an effect or both?

  • Deflationist

    The problem with boys in general is that they have no good role models. The parent(s) are either uninvolved or too busy doing their own thing. Add to this the garbage diet in America we call food and the obesity of most adults and we are getting closer to the reasons. The issues in the job market and the struggles between men and women are other issues that put raising a decent boy at the bottom of most people’s priorities 😉

    • Ralfine

      learn to cook. its not that difficult

      • liberranter

        It has nothing to do with the ability to cook (or lack thereof); it’s the INGREDIENTS with which we’re forced to cook (i.e., genetically modified and chemical/hormone-filled poisons disguised as meat and produce).

        • Ralfine

          Then buy from producers you trust. You need to cultivate them, ask your friends. Social networking in the traditional sense.

          My partner uses facebook to stay in contact with his hundreds of cousins and aunties and classmates all over the world.

          Social networking was possible in socialist countries without Internet. Now it is much easier.

  • Chris

    Probably not one of your best thought out articles Michael. You answer many of your own questions.

    Even with graduate degrees you agree the men can’t get jobs. They mostly don’t earn enough to support a family and pay a mortgage and know they will be cleaned out should the marriage fail. They know they can’t trust their wives or girlfriends and definitely not the politicians so the only people they can trust not to shaft them are their next of kin. Their employer shows them absolutely no commitment and will fire whenever and yet you think they should show commitment and get married. I don’t think so. The deck is stacked against them and they know it and they aren’t going to play by the new rules.
    You can’t solely blame the men for points 14 and 15 either. I think you’ll find this activity takes two people generally so what does that say for the girls?.

    • jhpace1

      I wouldn’t put that much faith in family. I see in my neighborhood lots of families where the head of the household is retirement age, and when all those siblings start asking “Who gets the house? Who gets the inheritance?” you see some very dirty actions. As the economy gets worse, it will bring out the worst in people.

      • Optimistic Pessimist

        Spot on! The worsening economy will bring out the worst in the majority.

        Remember that bad events do happen in the world and that can have a negative impact on your well being. A few years ago I realised this process was reversible i.e. Turn it around: generate a good feeling inside and reflect that out onto the world. It’s truly amazing what a difference this can make to you and those around you.

        Happy times

    • Great points.

  • Funcuz

    Maybe if we took a break from bashing males on a daily basis (since we’ve been at it for about 40 years now) stopped telling women that if they were just a little bitchier they’d be as happy and fulfilled in life as they’re told all males are , and considered for a moment that maybe , just maybe , we could do a fraction of what we do for females , men would do a little better.

    Nah….that’s crazy. Let’s just keep on heaping the shame on. No need to stop with the anti-male laws , the female privilege the government is doling out on the male dime , and going so far as to get angry at men for not being particularly happy about their creeping disenfranchisement .

    Nope , things will just get better on their own of course. Clearly trying to turn men into imperfect females has worked so well … why not wait for them all to arm themselves and have nothing better to do (being too non-female for a job after all) than start shooting until they’re happy again ?

    Think that’s hyperbole ? Read a little history and check out what kicked off pretty much every revolution in history. Here’s a hint : A bunch of men who were pissed off about being ignored.

  • We have a morality problem in America. Young men have no one to look up to as far as role models. This decline has been going on for decades. Same with young women. It’s really sad…

  • acohen200

    American society has become a freak show.

  • John Mayson

    For years public schools were designed around boys and girls suffered. Today we have the opposite problem. And what’s worse is school districts across the country have eliminated vocational training where (mostly) boys could learn a trade and earn a decent living. Instead we have this delusion that all kids should go to college when that’s not realistic for many young men.

    • liberranter

      Public “schools” shouldn’t exist at all in a free society.

  • Red Barron

    Well Peter Pan, war is coming. It won’t be long until you are on the battle field. That’s what may be needed to jump start these pansies.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      The Banana Republic of America has been in a state of perpetual war, and that will only escalate. Gerald Celente has warned us repeatedly that when neocon Republi-Cons and imperialist Democraps cannot revive this ponzi scheme of an economy, they will take us to war. Next stop: Iran. Libertarian/paleoconservatives Justin Raimondo and Alex Jones have made the same point. So the youths of America will be used as cannon fodder unless, of course, they are children of the criminal banksters (who will be exempt from military service).

  • There is probably nothing worse than to be lumped into one group because of your gender… In my experience men tend to gravitate toward the “babes” who are attractive with little else to recommend them. There are hoards of intelligent, well informed women around, you men just have to look past the face and curves!!!

    • liberranter

      Now who’s generalizing? I think you’ll find that because the supply of “babes” (however that term is defined) < male demand, most of us a little deeper than the kiddie wading end of the pool are focusing our attention elsewhere where it will be more productively rewarded. (Personally, I have ZE-RO interest in emaciated supermodel types with the IQs and personalities of napkin holders. And why do so many Amerikan women seem to think that emaciated=sexy? *GAG!*)

      Two possible explanations for what you describe:

      1. It can, I think, be safely said that both sexes in Amerika today are generally shallower than a rain puddle in the Arizona Desert in high summer. This is why so many "men" are attracted to otherwise talentless supermodel types and so many "women" are attracted to "bad boys" (i.e., perennial losers).

      2. While many men here in Amerika are very much attracted to women who are not "babes" in the commonly accepted sense of that word, many are also REPELLED by what they perceive as the overt and all-pervasive attitude of hostility and negativity toward men that seems to exude from the very pores of most women's skin, even during casual conversation on matters wholly unrelated to matters of attraction. That has the effect of, shall we politely say, "cooling our ardor." Maybe this doesn't apply to you (or at least maybe you're not consciously aware of it), but I think it goes a long way toward explaining why so many women "can't find 'real men' anymore."

  • echo

    Snyder, why don’t you admit that you’re just another male feminist that thumbs his nose at men’s issues, and how men are routinely and systematically shamed, marginalized, and deliberately discriminated against in this culture?

  • Ralfine

    It’s up to you. If you like your life as it is, then, of course, you don’t need to stand up.

    Just keep whining.

    • Penn

      You still haven’t described what standing up means? So what does it mean? Or is it just some euphemism to “man up”?

      • Ralfine

        its the opposite of lying down or kneeling, crawling, creeping.

        Before you can walk you need to stand up.

        • Penn

          So let me get it straight, men can change things just by standing up (doing the opposite of lying down or kneeling, crawling, creeping.)?

          I just stood up and took a step to the right, nothing changed, now i’m sitting again. Looks like your suggestion of standing up and walking doesn’t work. Any more suggestions?

          • Ralfine

            No. Keep whining.

          • Penn

            Yes, the answer is yes.

    • liberranter

      Nobody’s whining, mangina. We’re just citing facts.

  • ekaneti

    Ignore the fact that crime is down 33% in the past 20 years. Ignore that drug and alcohol use is down. Ignore than drunk driving is down. The country is having a meltdown over the CT shooting because people cant fathom the idea that they cant really protect their children from evil. It is not the children who are in anguish, it is the adults.

  • Ralfine

    Yes, I lived in China a long time, too.

    We had a good mix in the company. Half men, half women.

    Half the secretaries were men, half the engineers where women, half the managers were women, too.
    Actually, women in China have even more power than in the west. Because there are so many boys born, and less girls, women can choose their partner. And they do.

    • 2Emelia2

      And if it such a progressive country, then why is there no gay marriage? It’s too bad that you were brainwashed by the Communist left.

  • Deflationist

    Don’t blame the boys…it’s their parents letting all this happen…parents who are uninvolved….what do we expect as a society?….and stop blaming anyone else, or other institutions…it’s our fault as incompetent parents. Just admit the truth and strive to do better.

  • Hambone

    Wow! BAM. That’s not going to win you any popularity contests…

    But you are dead on. Quite a legacy Margaret Sanger helped build, isn’t it?

  • Ralfine

    Well, we keep the condoms where we cuddle. There is a set here and another set there.

    Yes, they break with rough treatment, so don’t treat them roughly. Use lube. And don’t treat your partner roughly either. Use care.

    We had not a single broken condom in 19 years.

    And use condoms that fit. If they are too small they are not only uncomfortable but also unsafe, as you’d rather do without them.

    Why is it that people are made in all sizes, but condoms not?

    • 2Emelia2


  • Ralfine

    Even in that glorious past there weren’t always 9 months or more between wedding and birth of first child….

  • Mondobeyondo

    Must be nice to eat authentic Chinese food…

  • Gene

    Go and see your local Boy Scout Troop. Check out the fellows who are nearing or have earned their Eagle Scout Badge. You might think otherwise about today’s young men. I also might add that our armed forces don’t seem to have a problem finding responsible young men.

    • Mark

      We had two young men from our Church Boy Scout Troop last week recieve their Eagle. My son earned his with that same troop and was there to support them. Lots of good hard work to earn it.

  • Mark

    Ralfine, AIDS was spread in the gay bath houses in San Francisco in the 1980’s. Lots of of gays died. It was not the girls fault.

  • shane

    Singl mothers raising boys. That simple.

    • liberranter

      Yep, that’s one of the major roots of the problem. It doesn’t help either that many of today’s women wear “Single Motherhood” like a scouting merit badge or a medal of honor.

  • Coming from a man in the age group you’re talking about, you don’t have to be among youth long enough to smell the problem. The solution is not more programs, because young men don’t have the motivation to take the opportunities in front of them already. The solution is character from a young age, which means a burning desire to make oneself useful, to learn and grow, and embrace responsibility with opportunity.

  • FrustratedAmerican

    Nobody wants to touch this comment. Bravo sir. Spot on. One news organization gets mentioned and the opposite side steps right up to the plate with canned/rehearsed responses fed to them by their opposing news station. Its a well choreographed dance and it is quite scary.

    • 2Emelia2

      Some of us will touch the irrational comments made by 2Gary2! Maybe FrustratedAmerican and Arkaden would be happier living in China, Cuba or some other Communist hell-hole where dictators and the Communist Party tells you what to say and when to say it? What’s really scary is that Obama and his leftist followers in this country are trying to stamp out free speech and silence any and all opposition!

      • Ralfine

        You are so informed about China. How long have you lived there? Or do you have your information just from your state run “socialist”media you so despise?

      • FrustratedAmerican

        Thanks for proving my point. I didn’t vote for Obama and you just illustrated exactly what 2Gary2 and I were talking about.

        Sad and pathetic, this country is doomed if we can’t communicate on a very basic level without people like you falling off the deep end because thats how you were told to act!

      • FrustratedAmerican

        Another scary indicator: People like this don’t even pay attention and just start foaming at the mouth on assumtions. My post was directed Arkaden, see for youself….yet you cannot calm down and read that for yourself because you are too busy foaming at the mouth.

        We aren’t going to fix this country acting like spoiled children.

  • FrustratedAmerican

    One key point here: The “Men” this article says our young men should be trying to emulate are the same “Men”(boomers) that left us with a Nation whose infrastructure is falling apart at the seams, exploding with debt, and an extremely poorly educated workforce to fix it with. All while Wal-Mart ships all our jobs overseas so that these same boomers can buy twice as much cheap plastic crap from China as they could before!

    No, i don’t think we need to look back at our “Men” for direction. They are the ones that got us where we are now.

  • SCyankee

    Although I understand and can relate to many comments and opinions shown in this thread I cringe at the misogynistic rhetoric and attitudes. As the father of a twenty-something son and daughter (both of whom have made huge strides toward adulthood in recent years but who are still at least 5 or 6 years behind what was expected of my generation. Some of my observations?
    1. They were pre-trained by Nickleodeon and Cartoon Network cartoons like
    Hey Arnold, Rug Rats, Angry Beavers, Rocko’s Modern Life (which were all
    admittedly hilarious) to have no respect for adults…period. Once past the age of PBS pre-school TV programming (Sesame Street and the like) virtually ALL TV SHOWS AND CARTOONS portrayed ALL adults as buffoons with mothers being clueless though well-meaning but fathers were ALWAYS portrayed as useless pathetic morons and teachers were portrayed even worse. It was nearly impossible to shield them from it since we both worked like slaves while the babysitter talked on the phone and we didn’t have a dungeon in our house.
    2. Their public school education (in an affluent community) was pathetic at best compared to my public school education (in an affluent community) for so many reasons..don’t even get me started but it wasn’t the teachers’ faults. Programs that would have traditionally attracted boys interests and taught them productive adult behavior (“shop classes”, physical sciences, gym, sports) were nearly non-existent.
    3. The rap and hip-hop “ghetto” fad was the fad they inherited/adopted in their childhoods and although kids have always been slaves to fads this was NOT a good influence at all on either gender.
    4. Professional sports became a pit of thugs and crooks instead of a stage for moral and physical heroes. Mine were Ernie Banks, Bobby Hull and Gale Sayers. Need I say more?
    5. Video games have been worse for society than crack, and are primarily designed for, and marketed to, boys.
    6. Feminism has been a great step forward for society (and was inevitable anyway since both fathers and mothers had to work like slaves to maintain a middle-class existence) but has confused gender roles tremendously for both women and men. It’s just that in order for women to advance the traditional dominant male role had to be retreated.
    7. Boys who are too smart or who work “too hard” at school get bullied mercilessly.
    8. School age girl bullies make boy bullies look like cream-puffs. They are just as mean physically as mentally now. My daughter’s circle of friends and peers were absolutely fiendishly vicious and they were status quo. I feared for their boyfriends instead of the other way around.
    9. Our world, the world they’ve grown up in, is sick, sick, sick! They know it and they have ZERO faith in any institutions or traditional behavior. They are both very cynical and very resigned to their downwardly spiraling fates as they see the way the world really works.

    • Ralfine

      A friend of mine worked in a home for difficult teenagers. She said she’d rather take care of 10 boys than 2 girls.

  • mwell001

    “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.”
    -Matthew 12:25
    Plain and simply, this is the destruction of America. We are witnessing it before our very own eyes.

  • Ralfine

    That’s interesting. We were always told America is superior. But now I learn it was just a bunch of dropouts with a big mouth.

    My grandma never went to school. She was given away to another family as a slave because her parents couldn’t provide for all the children. She had over a dozen siblings.
    Her daughter was the first one in the family to finish 10 years school.
    I was the first one in the family to finish university.

    There is always progress.

    My partner works in a care home for demented people. 12 hours a day, minimum wage. His earnings are not enough to provide for all our needs.
    Over half goes to home and tax and energy. More than a third to food. 20% to his family. And then there is still clothing and insurance and providing for retirement.

    But with his niece trained as nurse, she can take care of his mom. His sister bought the land where his brother built the house. And my partner bought the land that his brother is tilling to feed his family.

    That’s family. Those who have give those who need.

    • Mark

      Ralfine, this is something that we can agree on. Family is important.

  • William

    If employment and educational achievement are what’s important, why wasn’t this article written about the burden that Blacks pose to society rather than the burden males pose? The average male of any race performs better in school and is more likely to be employed than the average Black person of any gender.

  • Clodia Pulcher

    Unless you correct the stats above for Black and Others, they are absolutely worthless as a portrait of America as opposed to a portrait of an America pulling a dysfunctional minority behind a far healthier majority of society,

    • liberranter

      Are you seriously trying to say that America as a white-only (or majority white) society would be less dysfunctional? Where on earth is your evidence for that?

  • Thomas

    It appears many have noticed the same thing I did when reading this. It’s not just a male thing…it’s a societal thing. We have evolved via technology, devaluing dollar requiring women to go to work, feminism, etc. to where we’re at today. As we’ve seen throughout history, as technology evolved, and less labor was required to complete tasks required for the survival of self or family, more time is spent doing other things. Not to mention during this type of evolution, often the society becomes wealthy, politics grow and becomes corrupt, and then you have empire decline in which the loss of morality plays a huge role. What we’re seeing today is spelled out in the history books. Same story / different chapter.

    With that being said, a woman posted below that she was an attractive girl, liked to take care of her boyfriends, etc. and they all end up cheating on her. I can’t pretend I know what is going on in their heads, nor do I cheat when I am in a relationships, but here is something to think about. I’m a male with a great career who most would consider “successful”, I like what I do and although I’m always striving for personal improvement I’m happy with who I am, women seem to find me attractive and seem shocked when they find out I’m single, I have great friends and family, etc. Although I “have options”, I’m pretty much done with dating at this point in my life. Don’t get me wrong…I’m extremely attracted to women! But I’m tired the same old BS. My opinion is that today, many women get their self worth from how many men are attracted to them when they walk in a room. I believe this stems from modern marketing of women via garbage magazines, “reality” tv shows, etc. Every girl seems to want to be the hottest in a room and have all the attention based on her exterior and tends to ignore whats on the inside (in their defense that’s not really important in a society experiencing moral decline so there really isn’t an ROI to that effort). Apparently that provides some messed up sense of self worth. On top of that, I know very few women who I believe can actually be honest with themselves let alone others. Character does apply to women too! I’ve dated all sorts of women in my 34 years and 98% were so insecure that they were constant flirts to provide this needed attention (a few even admitted that they would not approve if the shoe was on the other foot) , and seemed to look to me to entertain them if they had nothing going on. I’m not a clown or court jester. Almost every women I’ve dated is looking for someone to make them happy. Well happiness doesn’t come from some external source. You need to be happy with who YOU are. Then you can be happy with a partner. Yes, being sexually attractive will keep you entertained, but if you suck on the inside (and I’m not speaking of you directly but in general) you aren’t going to attract anyone of character. Personal values…when being honest with yourself…reflects the outcome of your choices. And please don’t get me wrong! Men are equally messed up these days, so as stated earlier this is a cultural issue…not a boys or girls issue. So I guess my point is that if you really exist…that’s awesome. I believe there are a few of us out here that would appreciate you. But just like many men screw over the good girls, the same works in reverse.

    So why do an overwhelming amount of men suck? Because women suck too. We’ve all gotten away from the fundamentals. No longer is living a modest lifestyle and putting money away cool. No longer do we really sit back and appreciate the sun rise or our time with loved ones. Instead we’re worried about how we look, or having a bigger house than our “friends”. All we really need is right within our reach, yet we’re so distracted by the crap…and buy into it…that our personal priorities are screwed up and reflects in the collective picture.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • liberranter

      Almost every women I’ve dated is looking for someone to make them
      happy. Well happiness doesn’t come from some external source. You need
      to be happy with who YOU are. Then you can be happy with a partner.

      Spot on, Thomas! My soon-to-be-ex-wife is a case study in this. She decided to leave, after 20 years of marriage, because she was “not happy” – with anything. Not with herself, with me, with where she lived, with the friends she had, or anything else about her existence. She was looking for ME to make HER happy – a fool’s errand and an impossibility.

      This, I think, is at the root of so many other things wrong with our society today. People simply do not know who they are or what they want out of life. They are completely and utterly without a spiritual foundation. They want others to decide and build these things for them – an equally absurd fool’s errand. Because people do not know who they are or what they want out of life and because they have no spiritual foundation to give their lives a sense of purpose, they cannot form meaningful relationships with others. That they foolishly try to do so anyway, and with the results ending in perfectly predictable disaster, leads to the societal chaos we’re engulfed in today.

      You’re right: it’s not a “male” or “female” problem – it’s a HUMAN problem. It’s also one that not only won’t be going away anytime soon, but will get exponentially worse until there’s a complete collapse.

      • maybe someday

        Yours is the best comment on this post, IMO. Thank you for sharing.

  • That’s quite a dire picture- any suggestions for the man who finds himself in this position and would like to grow out of perpetual adolescence?

    • liberranter

      Here’s one: Move to another country where men are respected in valued.

      • liberranter

        Sorry, make that “AND valued.”

  • Brendan

    I feel that this post is very biased. You seem to have the opinion that men should assume more responsibility for their actions than women should. Most of the ‘signs’ you point to don’t even refer to young men, specifically, but to all young adult Americans. I’m not pointing this out to be mean. It’s just something I noticed and wanted to point out so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

  • Th_Ph

    Feminism has made education a toxic environment for males.

  • Penn

    Ok, so should i be dragged before family court judge i should change and the change happens? Or should some female stranger accuse me of rape i should change so things would change? I could keep the changium (derived from hopeium, y’know, Obama’s favorite drug) going long-long time, but would anything change, that is the question?

    First thing to do is to identify what the problem is and the extent of it (university 1st semester 101).

    • Ralfine

      So why don’t you just marry someone you love and trust? And then work on that relationship? Through better and worse?
      It’s hard work. Are you up to it? (or want explained “up” and “it” first?

  • liberranter

    Exactly. A closed pair of legs gathers no sperm (and thus no embryos).

  • liberranter

    Maybe I will change my mind [about marriage] but maybe not.

    Don’t do it, friend. Given what you’ve described as your current situation (a professionally successful business owner), you’re just painting a target on yourself if you “change your mind.” You’ve worked long and hard for what you have. Staying single is the ONLY way you’re reasonably assured of keeping it!

  • 2Emelia2

    Really?? You don’t want to live on this damn planet anymore because of a political disagreement posted on this site? You either sound like you have an extremely fragile mental state and need professional help or you need to grow up! The reality is that there have always been political disagreements as long as there have been people on the planet. Get over it already! If 2Gary2 insists on spewing inappropriate leftist attacks then he can expect a negative reaction!

  • Ralph

    Dumb article. Blaming men only for STD’s and teen pregnancy – as if the girl has no responsibility in the matter. And to link up excessive debt (mortgage), marriage, and children with manhood is idiotic. I mean, most of these men HAVE excessive debt thanks to their parents stupidly pushing them into over priced schools for their parent’s own egos and to satiate the need for the parent to say that they did “everything right.” They see where going into debt got them and they just don’t want to continue on the continuum.

    No, these young guys are SMART and women are just angry about that. You see, women want it all – they want the job, house, and kids, but that is hard. So what they REALLY WANT is the “early retirement plan,” work until they get married and have kids somewhere in their late 20’s to early 30’s. Then, they can quit working to become a “mom” and strap the poor guy with the stress and debt of support. Oh sure, they may go back to working in some capacity, but their income is only ancillary.

    The simple fact of the matter is that marriage, a mortgage, and kids is about the DUMBEST THING a man can do, because he gets nothing out of it. All marriages (except for a slight few) end up in misery and disaster, and those that don’t end up in divorce. I am in my early 50’s somewhat successful and relatively recently divorced. All a marriage is to the state is an estate plan that sticks it up the @$$ of the “monied spouse,” which is another term for the man unless you were a male rodie that married a female rock star. You have not felt economic hardship and pain until you get divorced.

    In today’s day and age there is no stigma at all to having a child out of wed lock. So I say if a man really, really wants a kid do that out of wedlock. Further, marriage is a sucker’s bet – better off throwing down “$2.00 yeaos” on 11 all day long at a craps table than getting married, because in the end the man will lose.

    The race to a mortgage as being a man never got a man anywhere. If you make the money and it makes economic sense to purchase a home or other real estate do that. But don’t do it because your parents or the femanazi’s believe that there is a stigma to do otherwise.

    Lastly, there is nothing wrong with living at home so long as your parents don’t mind and you are not living OFF OF your parents. And quite frankly, if a parent allows a perfectly healthy 25+ year old son or daughter to live OFF OF them, well they deserve it, because they created that monster to begin with. That is another problem with modern society – parents that act as their kids secretaries and servants instead of letting them go out there and sink or swim on their own.

    If I had it to do over again, I would NEVER EVER EVER NEVER NEVER EVER get married. As much as I enjoy my kids. But, I only enjoy my kids in retrospect. Honestly, I am not really looking forward to becoming a grandfather. Oh sure, I’ll spend time with them, love them and all that crap, but by the time I am a grandfather I will FINALLY be through with the heavy burden and economic beat down I am presently paying for my X-wife’s golden parachute out of our marriage. I have about 10 more years to go. By that time I will be in my 60’s. And by then how much time do I have left? With whatever assets I have left and whatever life I have in me, I am going to be a selfish son of a bitch and do whatever it is I want to do.

    So I applaud these young men who have figured it out – no marriage – no mortgage – no responsibilities, as there is NOTHING IN IT for them!

  • Leonard Urban

    America is doomed….

    • SnakeEyez

      Better get out while you can.

  • 2Emelia2

    Come on, really? You don’t even want to live on this “damn” planet anymore with what we’ve devolved into? Please, you either have a fragile mental state and need professional psychiatric help or you need to grow up! There have always been disagreements on this planet! It appears that 2Gary2 posts a lot of controversial leftist statements and can expect a negative reaction whenever he does so.

    • 2Gary2

      I am trying to educate the uninformed

  • AS

    What I don’t understand is how the males are getting the majority of lower grades in school, and yet we have a male dominated society – in terms of who is getting the higher paying jobs, the majority of our representative in government, etc. The males who are commenting on here are confusing me about how women are feminizing America when we can barely hold on to our own reproductive rights in the legislature!

    When I read this “They [women] are what cause men to settle down and assume the responsibilities of family, wife, and children.” it reads to me as a man saying he has no ability to commit to these thing on his own, and sounds like a part of this ‘Peter Pan’ generation. On the other hand, why would I want to marry somebody who I am forcing to settle down? I know plenty of men who enjoy being with a woman who they are able to consider their equal, and I know plenty of women who will call themselves feminists and are in healthy, stable relationships.

    In regards to the article in and of itself, I think some of those stats have a lot more to do with the current economy (living at home to save money / lack of a good job / price of renting) than some sort of social decay. There is not even a clear correlation given between video games and this apparent wrongness in young men. Just that if you play a lot of them, you’re a terrible person (based on the tone of the article). I say interesting stats, poor analysis.

  • Another hate filled rant against young men. And then you wonder “what is wrong with them”.

    As a young man I was the exact OPPOSITE of your portrayal of young men. I was passable at sports. Topped my region in school results. Won THE national scholarship for Physics in Australia to go to the national university which I turned down. In 1982 I took a job as a trainee programmer because it was better suited to me than being a doctor which is what everyone said I should become.

    I was the youngest system architect in IBM Australia at the age of 25… TEN YEARS younger than the next youngest. I designed the source code management system for the International Space Station at the tender age of 26. I was a prodigy and I knew it. I became too well known in my area and there were some integrity issues on behalf of IBM management and discrimination against men so I moved to a new career in IBM Marketing in 1990. I rose to the top of the pile in Australia by 2000. I left Australia in 2001 and worked with the best in the world in my area. I am now in the top 20 in my profession world wide.

    By ANY measure, as a kid raised in country Australia I have been very successful. I married at 25 to the sister of one of my mates I knew all through school and raised her two children from a previous marriage as well as our own two as the sole income earner for 16 years. I was asked to give the eulogies for BOTH my grand mothers when they died despite there being MANY older grand sons. I was one of the most respected men in my social circles.

    And HOW was I treated in divorce? DISGUSTINGLY. 95% of assets were stolen from me….so add the lawyers bills that that is MINIUS USD60,000 for 25 years of work. I have been HATED ON by men and women alike for standing up for my rights for FIVE YEARS. Despite the fact that my ex ADMITS she committed the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse EVERYONE around her supports HER and HATES ON ME.

    Here I am FIVE YEARS LATER still working for my path to justice.

    And then you ask “why do young men not want to do what Peter did when he was young”?

    BECAUSE IT IS NOT WORTH IT. I tell every young man I can find my story. They are shocked when I tell them “5% is the new 50% if you happen to be a man”. To this day, FIVE YEARS LATER, not ONE WOMAN is willing to publicly call for women to be held accountable for their oaths, their signatures on contracts, and their crimes.

    NOT ONE.

    What is wrong with young men? Perhaps they do not like being treated as LESS THAN STRAY DOGS.

  • TonyWestover

    What a hack job this is!

    Teen pregnancy is the highest in American than in any other country (a stat I’d like to see some actual facts for) and that’s a negative on young *men*? How!? Men don’t get pregnant unless you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger. I’m pretty sure it’s the
    young women f0cking here that’s causing their pregnancies. It’s their womb, not the man’s.

  • 2Emelia2

    Pal, quit smoking so much weed and quit spouting the leftist nonsense that your leftist college professors have brainwashed you with. The last thing we need is more neo-Marxist fascist dictators on this planet since we have too many already.

  • caradoc

    “#14 The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate on the entire planet. If our young men behaved differently this would not be happening.
    #15 In the United States today, one out of every four teen girls has at least one sexually transmitted disease. If our young men were not sex-obsessed idiots running around constantly looking to “score” these diseases would not be spreading like this.”

    Yes apparently these guys are able to transmit STDs and magically impregnate girls all by themselves, the girls have nothing to do with that at all.

  • Quit blaming society

    Well, way to get a reaction, author. Unfortunately, you too fall under the category of men with something “terribly wrong” with them. How about using your writings to propose a means to change instead of pointing a finger at society? Ahem, man up.

  • Kim Whitman

    I believe it all started when we did away with the draft. Since parents and schools failed to teach young men how to behave, it used to be up to the military who did it well…even in times when there was not military action to speak of. Military service forced many to develop a sense of nationalism and that is sorely lacking in society today. I don’t mean ‘my country, right or wrong’ but serving others and being proud of being part of a unit/team and an upstanding citizen of a strong and caring nation. Today, if we were to initiate some sort of mandatory two year term of public service…military, hospitals, libraries, homeless shelters etc. then things would change pretty quickly.

  • 2Gary2

    you got that right–grow the f up syrin you d-bag

  • 2Emelia2

    Oh please, just try to say ANYTHING in China that does not agree with the official Communist Party line. China is totalitarian hellhole that is run by corrupt Communist thugs who do not allow ANY political dissent! There is little doubt that Obama and the Marxist Democrats want to establish a similar regime in this country.

    • Ralfine

      You see, there was this American, he asked his Chinese friend about free speech.


      Well, said the American, when I go to Washington and stand in a public place and shout “Down with Bush” nothing will happen.

      Said the Chinese: same here. When I go to Beijing, and stand in a public place and shout “Down with Bush”, nothing will happen either.

    • Funcuz

      You see , this is exactly what I was talking about. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

      You can say whatever you want to. You can criticize the government here too. What you can’t do is give a hint of organized dissent. As soon as it looks like you’re trying to organize any sort of mass protest , well then you’ve got problems. Is that really any different than in the West ?

      Think about it : You vote for people based on the delusion that you have some say in what they decide to do in your name. You don’t really get any choice at all. Nevertheless , is the problem really with the party you vote for ? Not really. They all do the same thing which is try to buy your vote with your own money so that they can spend it on people you don’t want it spent on (whether those people prove to be really rich or really poor) Notice how they never promise to take something away ? How long do you figure they’ll be able to keep on tacking on the goodies they’re buying for you with your own money ? Well , we’re finally starting to reach the limit … guess what comes next.

      It doesn’t really matter though. The real problem isn’t which party is in charge. The problem is that these guys aren’t working for the country as a whole , they’re working to keep themselves employed. They do that by spending your money. Sometimes they tell you how they’re going to spend it , sometimes they don’t. They don’t fix problems though , they just throw your money at it because some social scientist claims that he or she has the latest best answer based on minutes of study.

      Now , here in China things are pretty straightforward. You can tell the government what the problem is and then you can spend forever trying to convince it to do something about the problem. How’s that different ? Well , it’s not really … with one minor exception. You don’t have to start all over again every few years when somebody new comes to power.

  • dan7875

    I think it’s a combination of a breakdown of the family structure and lack of discipline. Boys often need more discipline than girls, but liberal policies and lawsuit threats allow kids to walk over their teachers in school and their parents at home. Also, many kids don’t have parents to look up to with divorced parents that both act selfishly. Even if a boy makes it through his childhood with his parents in a happy marriage, divorce is prevalent in society and men usually end up losing far more in divorce court than women. Adam Lanza’s mom was receiving over $250,000 in alimony per year and more than half her ex-husband’s gross income. Why is it even a surprise that 44.2% of Americans between 25 and 34 aren’t married? I’m surprised the number is that high.

  • Souheil Bayoud

    It is the culture “imagine there is no heaven and a world without religion”.Stop imagining and they will be fine.

  • juliebears

    I work in a barber shopp. I couldnt agree more!!.

  • 2Emelia2

    Why is it that only ugly people seem to be out there show off their bodies?

    • Ralfine

      Why do you care about their bodies?
      I go to the beach because I want to swim, sunbath and play volleyballl.

  • 2Emelia2

    Apparently Ralfine has never heard of the Second Amendment to the Constitution or he doesn’t care about it? God help us from these leftist liberals that so willing give up their rights to repressive regimes.

    • Ralfine


      I don’t care much about the 2nd Amendment, I do not intend to live in the US.
      In China I could go out whenever I wanted, and wherever I wanted. I never encountered any violence or violent crime.

      Basically I had more freedom in China than you have in America.

      All you can do is stay home with your guns and rant against the government.

  • 2Emelia2

    And some people get HIV/AIDS even though they have all the facts and know the risks. It ‘s silly to portion out blame by percentages.

    • Ralfine

      Yes, agree regarding the silliness.

      I use condoms with my partner, even we are monogamous.

      When my niece is having her boyfriend over and they run out of condoms she is asking her mom for more.

  • they should make a list about whats wrong with young women in america

    • liberranter

      There isn’t enough server space on the planet to accommodate such a list.

    • SnakeEyez

      It wouldn’t be considered “politically correct.”

  • I think the powers that be are shaking each others hands and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. laughing all the way while they hand out bonuses to themselves. That is what I think.

  • The “B” Team

    “#18 Young men are nearly twice as likely to live with their parents as young women the same age are.”

    Biblical patriarchs lived with their parents, The U.S. is meant to be founded on Biblical principles.

  • Johoko68

    I would entirely blame it on parents and education, because I feel women’s lib and the govt play a big part of the problem also.

  • americalsgt

    Bring back the draft. All young men should serve their country. It gives you a different perspective on life and puts some discipline in your life. Some will gain a skill. For the women out there who feel that this should apply to them as well, well maybe,okay, if you want to, but we’re talking about men in this article. If I were the forest, all men between the ages of 18 and 25 would be required to spend 18 months in service to his country. Let’s try that for a few years.

    • SnakeEyez

      Yeah lets force young men to serve a country that thinks so little of them and cares so little about them. You’ll have so many draft dodgers your head will spin.

  • M

    If you are young un , thank the boomers for murdering off half of generation x in utero. Otherwise it would be 45 million 20 to 34 year olds living at home with no jobs.

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    Wow, there seem to be a lot of women haters out there who are still living it. You guys need to get over this and pull yourself together so that you can see that there are some beauties out there that really shine with the right sort of love, care and attention in both friendships and relationships.

    29 year old male

    • SnakeEyez

      No, we simply have the nads to call them to the carpet rather than blame ourselves for everything like the article does. What’s funny is that there are indeed women here too and women who have dropped feminism because they too see what it has done to once great societies. Some of us have indeed found such a beauty, yet we did so when we left the states,

  • JustanOguy

    Well…. Now that it’s coming out that Adam Lanza was still living in his mom’s basement playing Call of Duty most of the day and flipped out when he found out his Mom was going to commit him…

    Looks like everything you mention in your post about Men being wussified is spot on.

    Kid should have been booted out when he turned 18 and forced to live reality.

    I remember when I turned 18 and it was off to college AND work. The kids that stayed home doing nothing pretty much ended up growing up to be…. nothings.

  • SnakeEyez

    Seriously, this just makes me feel even better about leaving the U.S. I do feel sorry for my friends and family who still have mud like this slung at their faces. Gotta love how women over there are not held responsible for ANYthing even including becoming pregnant because we all know that she had no say, right?
    So you apparently have a problem with people who play video games…so watching jersey shore, spending tons of cash at the mall, and having your face glued to your tablets and phone screens to watch for facebook updates is ok?
    What is funny is that practically a good chunk of your “statistics” cover both men and women and yet you still attack men..what a disgrace. That marriage one stuck out like a sore thumb. You do realize that women initiate 70% of all divorces right? America is crumbling before the worlds eyes.

  • liberranter

    Psychotropic medication (i.e., “kiddie cocaine”) was a factor in ALL of these shootings. Of course the MSM isn’t going to focus on that factor, now will they?

  • Hyperlite462

    It is not a failure of the schools. It is not a failure of women. It is not the failure of video games or social media. This is a failure of society, and especially a failure of parents. Our society has become utterly incapable of exercising or demanding ACCOUNTABILITY all while adopting a completely entitled attitude toward the world.

    Nobody takes responsibility for their own action, in-action, decisions, or failures. When a young boy was once scolded by his parents for a failing grade, we now scold the teacher and school for not GIVING them a good grade. Young men expect their parents to GIVE them everything they want, then expect employers and society to GIVE them more. It is astounding to see a 21 year old college graduate walk into a job interview, expect a six figure salary, office, smartphone, laptop, and car allowance just because he showed up.

    Some young men of this generation do not strive to EARN what our parents once did. They don’t work to earn fair pay, respect, accolades. They expect everything to be handed to them because they aren’t in high school any more. The “Greatest Generation” of the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s were so successful because they worked hard and had the determination and drive to provide for their families and themselves. A portion of the current generation expects to be provided for, “or I’ll tell my mom and dad!”

    The key to turning these kids around is to start holding them accountable. Make them earn everything they get.

    Additionally, this article is a sweeping generalization of men in America. Many work hard and are unable to find work in their given fields. Even more work hard and are able to succeed. Many are married and have children. But you don’t hear about them. There are no articles about successful professionals, husbands, and parents. There are only more calls to bring attention to those that need something given to them or how the rest of society isn’t giving them enough.

  • AG

    I think it is a disgrace. My 3 boys 13,10, 8 will never act like this. I have raised them to work hard, and I accept nothing less. I expect them to provide for their families and act like gentlemen. I told them if they even think about getting a girl pregnant before they are married, I would go after them and I mean it. I told them if they do looser things and make looser choices they can end up working at walmart the rest of their lives and live in a trailer park and they would get nothing from me. I didn’t raise 3 loosers I raised MEN and I freaking expect them to be contributing to society not getting girls pregnant and then making these poor girls live on welfare when they should be supporting them. Men need to grow the FREAK up and so do the women who participate in looser activities

    • TheCapitalist


      You should also warn your boys about the misandric society they are living in, the risk of marriage and divorce to ruin men’s lives, and how all that hard work that they are putting in can be ripped right out from under them by a vindictive woman and her legal enablers.

  • Realist

    WTF blame men for girls being pregnant and having std’s what about equal responsibility sexual education lesbian sexually transmitted diseases the fact that HIV is growing the most in teens due to lack of education.bring up study’s with no name or references to back your statement? 29 % live w parents?Disturbed drunk hooligan boys and young men don’t go into schools and shoot small children.People with severe mental illness like schizophrenia or psychopaths. Who think the children are demons or some other twisted delusion brought on by there mental illness do. So please don’t confuse two entirely different issues in an attempt to make You’r point.Ohhhhhh and it’s peter pan syndrome and its not new.We closed the mental hospitals in the 70’s because of movies hollywood made “one flew over the coco’s nest”giving the public the wrong idea.are You familiar with the act to clean up hollywood of 1932?in a free society guided by supply and demand if You want better programing watch it.You have made csi a multi series franchise that portraits the world and people as horrible and evil.this is not to say You shouldn’t invest more in You’r sons just please stop trying to wrap all the problems into one simple answer the word is much more complicated than You’r simple answer.

  • Soph

    So let me get this straight: to many of you posters here, the fact that I would rather be out there working and living my own life instead of sitting at home being a child factory and in-home servant is the reason why the men of my generation seem so childish. Nice to know that they bear no responsibility in this at all, nice to know that the fathers who raised them bear no responsibility at all. You people really give feminists a lot more credit than they deserve.

    Furthermore, if I have to be a sycophantic slave to a man for him to grow up, then I’ll just deal with his childishness.

    • TheCapitalist


      It is the fact that you regard being a wife as “slavery” that we men do not want to touch you. You want to “live your own life” instead of “sharing a life”. You deride being a mother as a “child factory” and a housewife as an “in-home servant”. Are you kidding me? The strong, confident, high-status man has nothing to gain from dealing with you, so he won’t. You just insulted my mother and a whole slew of good women, mothers, and housewives out there, and that’s pretty misogynistic.

      • Soph

        I’m useless to men because I’d rather be doing more than being a baby factory and being his live-in maid? How about living my own life, forming my own opinions, and things like that so that I can be a dynamic and interesting partner?

        You know, if a woman chooses to be a homemaker and a mother, then God bless her with her choice, but that’s the point. It was her choice to do those things and be those things, but because I want to do something different, then I am somehow contributing to the downfall of society and it’s *my* fault that so many men in my generation are so childish.

        And, to answer your assertions, the traditional method is that women stay home, take care of the house and the kids, and they don’t have a choice and have no other option. In that case, they absolutely *are* nothing more than live-in slaves. There is a difference between choosing to be a mother and a homemaker and having no other option within a society. One is choosing what they want to be, the other is a slave.

        Women that CHOOSE to be housewives and stay at home moms have my respect. I merely suggest that most of you seem to be arguing that women choosing to do something different than this bear the blame for men not growing up, directly implying that it’s because the young men of this day and age can’t keep a woman as a slave and live in maid and that women DO have a choice that they remain children.

    • liberranter

      Thank you, once again, for proving our points. American women are TOXIC.

  • Zach

    Blaming the amount of sexually transmitted diseases in teens on the young males desire to “score” is the most outrageous statistic presented here. These transmitted diseases are not a result of young adolescence males raping the female. Thus, there is consent to perform the sexual act from both parties. To exclude women from the desire of sexual interaction is not only bias, but ignorant. Young females are just as capable as young males of pushing sexual intercourse upon a partner.

    Also, the fact that someone (male or female) lives with their parents is not to be viewed negatively. I personally have moved out of my parents household, but have many friends that still reside in their parents place. Struggling to find independence in the real world is a problem many young people face today, and they should not be ostracized because they are trying to find a financial foundation in a complex system.

    These statistics reveal a problem only if you are looking for a problem to be revealed. Skewing the numbers to shed a negative light against the young male population is obviously the intent of this post, and it does this successfully. However, the audience should be a critical reader and understand that these numbers have been placed in a negative light. These statistics do not signal impending doom for the future of America.

  • The material world does not fill the need to grow Spiritually or Morally. Children need to Be Taught these words, meant for All humans of All times. If you Love Me you will keep My Commandments, If you do I will Pray to The Father that you may have The Spirit for a Teacher and Comforter Forever, The Spirit will bring All of My words to your mind, and Teach you of things to come. John, chapter 14 verse 26. These are the Words of Immanuel, God with us, and within us Forever. Children emulate who they see.

  • liberranter

    good luck feminists I hope you enjoy having sons who get beat up for being sensitive douche bags

    Or, in not just a few cases, grow up to be violent, misogynist scumbags who take their aggression out on women because of the “wussification” they got from their mothers. I personally know of two guys under the age of 30 who are now doing hard prison time for beating up their own mothers (both of them, BTW, single mothers, one an avowed lesbian who raised her son with another “mommy”).

  • Without this in The minds and hearts of All humans, there will be injustice, Let there be justice, and Love. If you Love me you will keep My Commandments, If you do I will Pray to The Father that you may have The Spirit for a Teacher and Comforter Forever. The Spirit will bring All of My words to your mind, and Teach you of things to come. John, chapter 14, verse 26. Immanuel, God with us and within us, Forever, If we choose.

  • liberranter

    Society totally undervalues Mom’s role.

    HUH???!!! Are you serious? Turn on a TV sometime. Pick up and read a popular magazine sometime. Listen to commercial radio sometime. If you’ve ever done any of those three things, or interacted with any other communications medium in the last two decades, then you know good and well that women, specifically MOTHERS and everything they “endure” are the primary focus of advertisements, dramatizations, talk shows, movies, plays, and every other form of mass communication. Just try finding any equivalent attention paid to the roles and contributions of husbands and fathers.

    Yes, you definitely ARE a feminista, by any definition of the word. No one else would ever think of making such a ludicrous and outlandish statement.

    • Mormons don’t do media. Just saying…

      • BetterThanGilliganNinja

        Well, they have a WEBSITE. Obviously they do ‘do’ media, because websites ARE media.

  • Dara

    I was raised in the 60’s and I saw these ‘free love/bra burner/we don’t need no stinkin’ men’ growing up.

    They ‘wanted’ to be just like men and have tons of sex w/o responsibility – but sex creates babies, which would make both THEM and their sperm donors ‘responsible’ for something OTHER than their own SELFISH wants.

    That simply wouldn’t DO – so ‘they’ pushed through abortion on demand, claiming it was a ‘women’s health issue’/a ‘right’. IMO These ‘feminazis’ have literally destroyed our American way of life. And WE are now reaping what THEY have sewn.

    I married young (still married 41 yrs and counting : ) When we had our children, I looked forward to staying home and raising them…. If NOT for these ‘women breaking their ‘chains’ and entering male dominated jobs/wrecking the economy – I might have been able to do so.

    Instead, I worked different shifts than my husband, so our kids would have a parent looking after them – and NOT some stranger. They (one boy and one girl) grew up to be GREAT self-sufficient adults. Both are married with kids of their own.

    We raised a young MAN, fully capable of taking care of himself and his family…. and we raised a young WOMAN, fully capable of nurturing and caring for hers. They are EQUAL as human beings – but they ARE NOT the same. That’s what the feminazis need to learn.

  • Optimistic Pessimist

    The sad thing is that the wages will go down more and more as West meets East in terms of pay. This will make it even harder to bring up a family and will put a lot into the constant struggle zone where they will be trapped until the economy spits them out.


  • Nate Sensenig

    I agree that some of the problem is women, but us men have to take some blame. The real problem though, is that America as a whole has rejected the structure the creator God has set up in the Bible. No wonder we have problems!

    • TheCapitalist

      Nate… Feminism is one of the ways we have “rejected the structure the Creator God has set up in the Bible.” The man as the head of the household is anathema to this society… and many men are saying, “Either I’m the head of the household or I’m not participating.”

  • Erica

    I am seriously ashamed of my generation sometimes. My husband and I are 24 and 26, have a 10 month old, and have been finacially independent of our parents since graduating college. He’s in a good career and I am able to stay at home with our daughter. We are such an anomaly, and I hardly know how to even talk with other people my age. Most of our friends are in their thirties, or are weird young married pulled like us!

  • If you’re in the middle of the biggest economic depression since 1929, if real wages and earnings for workers haven’t went up since the 1970s, if laws and other legal requirements make driving a car, having an apartment, or working much more difficult and expensive: just what do you think young men can do? As for living at home, the cultural bias against extended families is an American only phenomena, other cultures, including Asians and Hispanics here in the states, still have extended families of multiple generations living together and they do much better economically than the nuclear family obsessed “atypical” American homes do. Add onto that the family courts that criminalize poverty and the legal entrapments of the marriage system, and wonder why no one’s interested.

  • I reject this assertion, wholly and completely. Mere drivel with no substantiating facts. It’s easy to pick outliers such as those mentioned and project them as typical, but it is far more difficult to make a convincing argument to those with daily experience with the current generation.

    We have raised four sons and been guardian for another. One is a manager for well known international retail company that specializes in housewares and furniture. Another graduates this year with his BS and is applying to graduate schools. The other three are in graduate school. All are fine young men.

    Beyond this, I have a daily experience with young men in a local community college. It is my great honor to attend school with these young men and with the young women who are in my classes. Far from exhibiting the negative tendencies outlined in this “piece,” they are bright, motivated and talented.

    I think the author has a negative view of human nature and he will continue to find what he has already decided is true about the young men of this generation, regardless of the facts.

  • ry

    I would see this more as a problem with school than
    with men. School is nothing but a measure of obedience not knowledge.
    Guys play video games because they very of outlets for aggression or
    creativity. Note that the majority or near monopoly of video game makers
    are also male, the majority and near monopoly of anything
    makers are male from invention to construction. So it’s not a problem
    with males it is a problem with schools. The less creative you are the
    easier school is “pass.” School doesn’t want thinkers it wants
    repeaters. A lot of girls like school. It favors them. favor’s their
    style and plays to their strengths namely getting praise for mindlessly
    doing what they are told. As for adulthood markers. If you can’t be financially dependent you can not move out and you can not get married have children etc. Not everyone can pull in hundreds of dollars a night on tips from waiting tables. The male welfare is the military. This could be intentional, the more young men who screw up in the screwed up school system the more cannon fodder the military has to use in Americas endless wars.

  • Traveler

    Looking at these comments I would say that most have the problem pegged right.

    Some idiots in the education department went all politically correct and tried to fashion society in the image of their own imaginations. A generation later the results start to become apparent. If you think this is bad wait another 20 years when the next lot mature, assuming they are not aborted first.

  • Uh yes, the good ole’ days. When men were slaves and weapon extensions and women loved them for it.

    Not gonna happen again, slave owners. And wait till more and more men expose the scams “stay at home mom,” “alimony,” “unequal custody + child support” etc etc.

    You’re not going to like equality. You’re f****d.

  • Days of Broken Arrows

    Men should man up and get real jobs and get married, so women can take all their money and property through no-fault divorce. Then they end up paying for a woman and her “hawt” boyfriend’s motorcycle. Sorry, but young guys today have seen what their dads and uncles went through and are saying “eff that.”

    • 46hammersmith

      i do think it will be difficult to get males back on to marriage–but for a bunch of additonal reasons as well. but it generally can be a bad “deal” for the guy esp if things go south.

  • Kevin

    I don’t think it’s quite fair to blame numbers 13, 14, and 15 solely on young men in America. While those stats may be true, you’re making a stretch to say it’s only the men’s fault; a rather malicious stretch at that, based of your choice of words. Maybe if our young women behaved differently as well those stats would be lower/better. But that doesn’t fit your argument.

  • A

    This comment thread reeks of festering, wounded male egos.

    I could say so much more, but I won’t waste my time on immaturity and whining little boys. This feminist, independent, loving, real-man-appreciating American woman is off to do some Christmas shopping. You know, to get some nice things for the wonderful males in my life that I’ll be paying for with my own hard earned money. Nobody’s complaining over here. 🙂

    • SnakeEyez

      We simply challenge the status quo. You simply have no real rebuttal while the rest of us have stated facts that do indeed challenge the author and their article. Dismissing them as whining and calling us boys just proves our points. Then people wonder why the birth rate is at a record low along marriage which is practically on life support in the U.S.

    • TheCapitalist


      You have just engaged in what is known as “shaming language”. Shaming language is a last resort of those that rely on emotion in debate, as opposed to facts and substance.

      The bottom line is that you can’t handle the truth that these “whiny boys” are just not attracted to you. It doesn’t make them “whiny” if they reject fatties that have been ran through by 30 sexual partners as they “had their fun”, and now want to “settle down” at 33 because their biological clocks are ticking.

      It is not “whiny” to reject such women, it is wise.

  • Richard T.

    Well, it seems that there are lots of anger and frustration on this board. I think the best man-woman relationship model is given in the Bible, Christ and His Bride. Christ loves and gave Himself for the Church, and the Church obeys, and honors Christ as her head. This is the way marriage and man-woman relationship is suppose to be. So before blaming the women, we need to ask ourselves have we gave our lives for our wives? Have we loved them like Christ loves the Church? It is very very sad that we don’t really know how to be a real man now. But I am sure we can learn. We maynot be able to affect other people’s children, but surly we can start with our own family. Be a man in the family and raise up our next generation in the Lord.

    • TheCapitalist

      Yes many men HAVE “given their lives for their wives”, and have been repaid with losing everything in divorce. If anything, today’s modern, feminized man placates and bends over backwards too much to please women. This sort of selective referencing of the Bible from a “man bad, woman good” perspective runs rampant in today’s church, and it’s no wonder men are being driven away from the church in droves. You are all too quick to point out what the men’s responsibility is, while overlooking the responsibilities of the women. Then, after the woman has divorced him and taken everything from him… the church pats her on the back while the man is ostracized as he lives out of his car as he is forced to “give up everything” for her.

      Where is the woman “obeying”, hmmm? I dare you to say this in front of any liberal, secular, feminist without being lambasted as a “woman-hating, misogynist”. THAT is where the real problem lies, NOT with men not “giving their lives for their wives”.

    • 46hammersmith

      christ and the 12 disciples–now that could be bliss and perhaps it was.

  • silvestris

    I agree with Penn.

  • hoo hoo

    butthurt that men won’t buy you dinner? then don’t take their jobs and spend the money on selfish vanity garbage.

  • Neptune’s Daughter

    I see not one of you who are complaining about the women you found yourselves with , never take into account that “you” choose them. That speaks volumes, now if you take the magnifying glass and hold it directly on yourselves with half as much effort perhaps you’ll awaken sleeper. Our Lord wasn’t blowing smoke when he spoke of taking the log out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck in your brothers or should I say sisters?

    Also I would like to add that marriages as well as the parenting style was rife with dysfunction and the conditioning that most remain blind to is what allows it to continue up to the present day.

    What is needed is for everyone to take a good hard look at themselves , especially in times where they are convinced of the ability to judge another.. This being the most opportune moment instead to fix your gaze on yourself and find the hidden sin that lurks there finding much more filth then what you see externally.

    But few choose this narrow road, its painful, takes courage along with great effort to allow the inner man to be born. Renew your mind.

    “No man has ever seen the face of his foe no.. He ain’t made of flesh and bone, hes the one that sits up close beside you boy/girl… and when hes there you are alone” Everyman is evil yes , every girls a liar unashamed of the wicked tongue singing in the black soul chior .

    Black soul chior by Woven Hand.

    • TheCapitalist

      Yes, men “choose” their women, and we are finding that there is very little quality to choose from. Hence, men are abstaining from marriage and the marriage strike is in full effect.

      Women have changed far more than men in these modern times. Many women now regard marriage as “slavery”, motherhood as “pregnant and barefoot”, and being a housewife as “oppressive”. What is a man to do that wants those things? Change his biology? Or change his actions? This response in avoiding marriage or marrying abroad is the backlash to the unnatural ideology that is feminism.

      Guys like what they like… and no amount of feminist shaming language will change that.

      • 46hammersmith

        “…but i would not marry one of them….” my 30’s nephews referring to their various feminine consorts.

  • Conservatives wonder why they are losing the young vote. This article is a great example of why. #3 is not incorrect, but let’s stagger that out. 13/7 is just under two hours a day. I don’t believe someone be maligned for watching that much TV a day. And video games aren’t addictive, they’re compelling. They draw you into a world that for someone under pressure is many times better than the one they currently live in. That’s why games have been associated with nerd culture for so long, they were an escape route for the misfits of society. Nowadays games are an escape for everyone. The study I mentioned before forgets that the fastest growing segment of the gaming community are girls and women. Games like Farm Ville and Angry Birds are opening up the female population to just how fun games can be, whether its Bejeweled or Mass Effect. It does the Conservative movement no good to act out against a new form of entertainment, and to us people 18-24 years old it looks exactly like those who called Rock and Roll evil.

  • Anthony Papagallo

    you sir, make me proud to be a Man.

  • Fantin

    Liberalism, feminism, and an educational system that has become a complete joke. The very idea that no one should ever fail, i.e. school grades, T-Ball (dumbest game ever invented), Little League etc., trophies for being alive and breathing, these and other so called “make the kid feel he is “always” a winner” have helped destroy the male image.

  • teetor

    After reading some of the comments below, I feel ashamed. A bunch of grown men blaming women for the lack of male role models, horrible. I was raised to be a good man from the teachings of my Mother and by the example of my father. It takes an entire society, male and female, to raise kids right. The break down in the family unit over the last thirty years was the first step down this road, and the only way we can get our children back is by standing up together, united male and female, gay or straight, and say we are going to change. The problem with the US is not the kids, the problem is we all want change without sacrifice, we all want someone else to change. Western women are not to blame, western men are not to blame, we are all to blame.

  • I don’t blame the young men. I blame the old men. They are the ones who refused to parent. They are the ones who refused to show these boys how to be men. If you have a rotten one, you’re to blame. Not the schools, not your wife, not your job, your neighbors, the TV, or society. You made choices and look at where they put us all.

  • 1Catolives1

    Children’s Book awards in the 1970 and 1980’s went to those which were anti racist.
    Children’s book awards in the 1990’s and 2000-2005 went to those showing girls doing something better than boys.

    Only recently have they begun to go to those which show something good about immigrants especially if they are illegal.
    This sort of educational and media bias has worked.
    The heroine of a book today would be a black female attorney that fights for the rights of illegal immigrants.

  • I think that young women might have something to do with the pregnancy rate as well.

  • Adam Cai

    we lost and we get

  • DiscouragedOne

    Don’t badmouth all American woman. This American woman has a very “manly” husband whom I deeply respect, and although I also work, it is also very important to me to keep a nice home and take care of my family. I could not even stand to live with a man who is too “feminine”. My son has also been taught to be a man, and I would give any of those foreign women a run for their money, just ask my husband. There are some gems among the American women, it is just that we are married. 🙂

  • TwoReplies

    “About two-thirds of all students in “special education programs” are boys.”

    Perhaps the other one-third of the female 50% just comprise some of the 30% of females in normal classes getting D’s and F’s.
    I could just be that parents of “special” females are unwilling to come to terms with their daughter’s disability.

    Obviously the genders are different physically. Only a naive obtuse SHALLOW individual would assume differences stop there.

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid of Americans
    I’m afraid of the world
    I’m afraid I can’t help it
    I’m afraid I can’t
    I’m afraid of Americans
    I’m afraid of the world
    I’m afraid I can’t help it
    I’m afraid I can’t
    I’m afraid of Americans

    Johnny’s in America

  • shangey

    I think economics plays heavily into this problem. Lower generational income. Lowering wages. Layoffs. Unemployment. Disposable workers. Globalism. Rising student loans that follow you til your dead. Being indebt. Easy credit. An entire marketing and economics world that finds ways to separate people from their money.

    In all this, somewhere government was supposed to defend laws that defended the average person. Its why we have government. But government got hijacked somewhere along the way by bankers.


    So you became a pariah in an attempt to indulge your narcissism. Got it.

    • Hammerstrike

      So ending an obviously parasitic relationship makes one a narcissist? Got it.

  • chuck dudley

    Just more of the ongoing Dumbing Down of America.

  • As a woman I will not deny this article is correct. That said women are not perfect and can share blame too. While we have the Peter Pan syndrome we also have the princess syndrome. Women that will not clean or cook, have no concept of money or sleep around. That said while I am no fan on feminism because of their man hateing ways the fact is society no matter how you slice it has lost their honor, integrity, moral values, and motivation. From the top to the poor person. This isn’t just a Western problem either. In Europe muslim men commit most of the crimes and rapes. A decent foreign woman such as in Russia, or Latin countries has decided their local men lack qualities of being a good man. And if a Asian woman doesn’t meet the beauty standards of her country she coulkd probably still find a good foreign guy. Now I did live with my dad a little bit after college. But I did find a better job and moved into an apartment in my twenties. Though I love my parents I could not spend the rest of my life with my mother or dad. I now live in a house and have a pet dog and parrot (they are my roommates and companions).

  • You ask a great question about why don’t fathers do anything.

    Kind of hard to do anything when you’ve been kicked out of your kids life in divorce proceedings and there’s no penalty for the woman to keep the kids from the man. There’s no penalty for claiming the man abuses them. There’s no penalty for filing false DV reports. Fathers do want a part, they just aren’t allowed to.

  • adam

    I have generally thought of you as a rather intelligent individual, but if i was going solely off of what this article indicated i would think you were an absolute moron. you really need to take the time to educated yourself in the area of adolescent development in males because this article indicates you know nothing about what you are talking about (starting with fact 1).

  • hermanking

    White kids are imitating black kids in dress, speech and action.

  • 46hammersmith

    i don’t understand the problem. young men are not complaining, and, anyway, i thought where we are is where we have been intending to go for the last several decades. has things not worked out? one thing’s for sure–u won’t get the genie or the milk back in the bottle. 1000’s of years of human history went into the socialization of young males which we jetisoned in the twinkling of an eye.

  • Thanks for an alternative view. It needs to be taken into account if we are to figure out the truth and what to do about it. (After reading the article, I also immediately thought about the destructive effects of feminism.)

  • pj

    Feminism is a direct offshoot of communism and was designed specifically to create the effect it is having now, that being to feminize and weaken the male population and thereby to weaken our nation. Very soon, they will not even need to resort to gun control. Our compliant descendants will gladly hand them over to their masters !

  • Marta

    Please,Lyn, explain to me what exactly has the feminist movement “done” because I find it extremely hard to understand how a movement which says that men and women are equal is to be blamed for because some men refuse to grow up.

  • Max

    I can understand this point of view. They abandoned you so you abandoned them. So many men continue to be loyal to systems that stab them in the back. It has to fail before it can be rebuilt, hence so many men deciding to sit it out poolside until the lights go out.

  • bob F

    What is wrong is the anti-white status quo of “progressive”.

  • TheCommentarian

    Why 22? And Michael, is it really Michelle?

  • TheCommentarian

    I agree. In general our youth need better guidance and leadership. However, this is one of the worst articles I’ve ever read. Not all 22 “stats” relate to young men directly and there is so much bias in the author’s approach. Sounds like “Michael” is angry because his sister got knocked up by a 34 year-old gamer living in his parent’s basement down the street and that’s not fair.


    Girls are just Better! Being transgendered I have seen both sides of this fence. Guys lives are boring and dull in comparison. Testosterone is a cruel driver.

  • Hammerstrike

    “good luck feminists I hope you enjoy having sons who get beat up for being sensitive douche bags… ”

    That is exactly what such sickening emotional vampires would want to happen to their children.

  • notasucker

    Don’t fall for this individualism pro-article. It has some points.Ask yourself why do you want to move away from your family at 18? the people that love you the most in the world, that will always be their for you? Move away so what? You can buy more stuff. Take a family of with four kids they all move away, now they all need washers, dryers, stoves, fridges. Don’t put yourself in debt and become a slave. Stay home as long as you want just know your place.

    Boys you need to man up and LISTEN, Respect your parents and go out of your way to make their life easier while your at home with no job. BITE your tongue humor your mothers let them TALK to as long as they want, fix up the house, remember how good it felt to bring home something you made for your mom? Listen to a women acknowledges to them that you care about them, by listen to what they say. Doesn’t matter how you feel just listen to the end…how ever many hours that may take LOL.

    Ideally as in other countries families house have three stories top for grand parents, mid for main family kids, bottom for older males until grand parents die and everyone moves up a floor.

  • Responsibleformyself

    Reading the article and then reading all these men whining and blaming mommy, wife, girlfriend and all females for how their life has turned out, has only made the article valid in it’s point.

  • Dudes get an Asian chick (from asia) you can live a somewhat normal life

  • boris

    14 and 1 5 … sexist bullsh**. You could say young women need to close their legs just as easily. Its all mens fault yet women are completely equal in society. Sexism is a root of many problems and this war they have going on between men and women. I n not only american but many new age societies.

  • zuzu_petals

    but our girls are raised in these same homes and are not having the adverse effects that boys are having…of course…they are having their own issues…but they arent filling our prisons and militaries with out of control killers, rapists, abductors and general criminals.

    • Rock Hard Tail

      By nature, males are more aggressive, and that’s the way it should be.

      Women, by nature, are soft and gentile for the most part, and that’s the way it should be.

  • The Phenomenal One


    • Rock Hard Tail

      I agree. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

  • centrist

    Believe me there are lots of older scheming women too-also the heart, soul and moral values are lacking in both men and women

  • Rabbi Goldstein

    The Jewish woman supports the Jewish nation from a seat of power that may be considered more “behind the scenes” than out front. While contemporary society tends to value the opposite type of power – that is, power of a more public type -Judaism assigns the same value to both internal and external power, and connects each of them to women and men, respectively. This gender-based type of assignment reflects ineradicable differences between the sexes, and is intended to bring out the unique potential of man and woman as both individuals and as a team.

  • centrist

    Strong independent women: Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Yael, St. Chlothilde, St. Bernadette, Mother Theresa…and let’s not forget the MOST important woman of all-The Blessed Virgin Mary-ya get my point-woman hater?

    • BetterThanGilliganNinja

      Here’s an idea: let’s all just stop talking and let it be. We’re beating a dead horse.

  • Alan

    While, I don’t think it is so serious. I come form a traditional family. My father is the head of our family. But we will discuss all the things in our family together. I feel very happy. Mom is very kind and mild.

  • Els Esquirols Zampabollos

    Els equirols mexicanos zampabollos ses unos inutiles

  • PeterAndrewNolan

    “I resent your remarks”

    So what? I don’t care what you western women say any more. You openly condone perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft in the 99.9%+ majority.

    AFTER you hold your fellow women accountable for their crimes? THEN we might care what you have to say. Until then? “Pound sand”.

  • BetterThanGilliganNinja

    “If our young men behaved differently this would not be happening.”

    That kinda makes me mad. It’s not as if they’re being raped or something! The girls obviously were willing. How can you push all of the blame onto men?

  • rose zaedede


  • Sandra Bider

    This world is in great turmoil. But I believe we should take care of our business at home and not try to save the world. Do you think these people would help us, maybe supply the gas to us. But that’s just my opinion, I feel sorry for these people but we can’t save the whole world. We have people in the U.S. who need help. Help our own first!!

  • Fun Loving Nihilist

    #3 Girls may spend less time playing video games but that doesn’t mean their time is any more well spent than boys.

    #6 How is it the boy’s fault that schools suck? Teach them math and science instead of PC garbage or jesus crap and they will learn math and science.

    #11 Who is it their fault that they can’t find a job? They did what you told them; they went to college.

    #13 This is lower than I thought it’s be. So what?

    #14 Europe and Canada have a much higher abortion rate than the US.

    #15 Unless these girls are being raped they bare the same amount of responsibility as the boys.

    #20 Who cares about being married?


  • Mimi

    Tell me something I don’t know! ;P

  • Gregory J. Pantschyschak Jr.

    It is about Time, Men Stood Up to The Plate and Took Charge Again, Forget What The liberal Media says, We have an obligation to our Spouses , Children and Our Nation to Take This Country Back!!,Semper Fi!!

  • Jonathan Fernando Swag


  • Shaq

    #15 is a pretty feminist statement? The fact that none smart enough not only to say the word “no” but not even smart enough to get tested is on both parties. So no man bashing bro.

  • Matthew

    I was special ed all through school. I had my mom do most anything for me in school. I grew up and got a job. but I didn’t get the boot until I was 30 thanks to my step dad. I have been happier on my own ever since.

  • webx

    I was hoping for a more neutral perspective on the issue. When women have issues, we say “what is society doing to cause women to end up this way”. When guys have issues “guys are just being idiots. Go back to the good ol’ days when men were men.”

    Could you also talk about the much higher suicide rate? How about the vast majority of unsheltered homeless being male? Or what about the aforementioned problem with wanting progressive men to accept all types of women, then turning around demanding men be the “real men” of the 40’s. Women shouldn’t be submissive, but anything other than a dominant, leaderly male is shameful? Sorry, you can’t have both.

    Maybe the reason guys have put so much time into video games comes from the lack of reality elsewhere. Where are the woods? The stuff blowing up? The general stuff to do? It’s all regulated out of existance. It’s all been watered down into padded, sterile suits running around in postage-stamp yards. Videogames are a safe haven from a place that seems to lack a concise male role model, which tells us all our woes are our own doing, and all women’s woes are our doing.

  • Dan H

    The Japanese Herbivore Effect – Darwinian Natural Selection

    I’m not sure if you support the theory of Darwinian Evolution. I do and I believe what we’re seeing is some form of natural selection and evolution in action. I think Richard Dawkins author of the ‘Selfish Gene’ was accurate. Later he confessed that he should have called his book the ‘Eternal Gene’ but I’m not so sure.

    Japan has flagged up on my radar and in the context of Darwinian natural selection the “Japanese Herbivore Effect” is an incredibly interesting phenomenon. Smart young males (or
    their selfish genes) completely in tune with their environment are actively recognising the threats they face not just in the short term, but also in the long run. I believe the “Japanese Herbivore Effect” is a new effective self-preservation mechanism/trait proving the ‘Selfish Gene’ theory
    Dawkins introduced all those years ago.

    My take is why would a smart young male in today’s overpopulated society with rapidly depleting resources and a system that poses a direct threat to their very survival wish to compound those threats with expensive consuming girlfriends, wives and then kids locking them into unimaginable pressures in a world with declining/no/low growth rates? The Japanese economy is a bellwether for the West and political/elitist bulls know it. Central Banks can print all they like combined with ZIRP and MSM propaganda. None of it will work with
    smart young bulls or their selfish genes calling the shots.

    Young females are the herbivore “cows” incited emotionally by the political/elitist male bulls with consumerism and young males are of course the
    target. Political/elitist bulls desperate to ensnare/enslave young male bulls leading to economic slavery and eventual oblivion are finding out that young smart bulls are “evolving” given the new environment. The “Japanese Herbivore Effect” is a defensive trait selfish genes have evolved purely for self-preservation. This is Darwinian natural selection and the theory of the Selfish Gene in action. Smart young bull’s instincts are to survive anyway they can. JHE is one way to do it.

    In today’s society we know that smart people have less children, this is an undisputed fact. Idiots today enticed and lured by the State reproduce without due diligence. There will come a time when it collapses and the smart ones will
    be flexible enough to survive, the idiots with debt and baggage will not. The smart young bulls still in the game can then take up the slack if the whole thing crashes. It’s all about survival of the fittest and in today’s world that means the one that is flexible enough to adapt to rapid change and better still, see it before it comes. Without question rapid change is coming, this is
    what smart young bulls that mimic “Japanese Herbivore” traits are sensing. I would not want to be locked into marriage with kids when it comes. The pressures will be horrific and as we’re witnessing with economic pressure comes the risk of increasing suicide.

  • jim Hayes

    I don’t understand them, and I am very concerned about how they behave. I see many of them at the gym, at hours one would think they would be working. The spend their time staring at Smartphones and swearing half the time. Their lack of manners and respect for their elders is a disgrace. Its not all of them, but enough to make it a concern. I see it all over whenever I must have interaction with them. They seem immature and aimless at times. I blame the culture of today and the lack of parenting with some of them anyway. Remember there is no mandatory direction for todays young men. There is no mandatory military duty anymore. There really is nothing. I really think there should be 2 years military or 2 years Community service made mandatory in the USA. An amount of money to be paid for Education or Trade School following the service would be the reward for such service. Otherwise I fear for a country, with what I am seeing in the young males of America.

  • April Gunn

    I love how when it’s men falling behind everyone says there must be something horribly wrong, but when men were more educated than women it was assumed that women were just naturally inferior. Maybe if parents–mothers AND fathers–taught their boys what they teach their girls…that everything you get must be worked for, that no one is going to respect you if you don’t MAKE them…we wouldn’t have this problem.

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