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25 Bitter And Painful Facts About The Coming Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis That Will Blow Your Mind

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For decades we were warned that when the Baby Boomers started to retire that this country would be facing a retirement crisis of unprecedented magnitude.  Well, that day has arrived ladies and gentlemen.  Back on January 1st, the Baby Boomers began to retire and more than 10,000 of them will be retiring every single day for years to come.  Most of them have not saved up nearly enough money for retirement.  At the same time, private sector pension plans are failing all over the place, hundreds of state and local government pension plans from coast to coast are woefully underfunded, and the Social Security system is on the road to complete and total disaster.  A massive wave of humanity is hitting retirement age at a moment in history when the U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams.  We do not have the resources to keep the promises that we made to the Baby Boomers, and most of them have not made adequate preparations for retirement.  What we have is a gigantic mess on our hands, and millions of Baby Boomers are going to find retirement to be very bitter and very painful.

A lot of younger Americans just assume that Social Security is enough to take care of the needs of elderly Americans.  But that is just not the case.

Have you ever tried to live solely on a Social Security check?

It is not easy.  The truth is that those checks are just not that large.

The following comes directly from the Social Security Administration….

The average monthly Social Security benefit for a retired worker was about $1,177 at the beginning of 2011.

Could you live on less than 300 dollars a week?

And keep in mind that the $1,177 monthly figure is just an average.  Many receive a lot less than that.

In addition, Social Security benefits have been seriously squeezed by inflation in recent years.  The cost of food and other basics has risen briskly and Social Security benefits have not.

Today, many elderly Americans have to make a choice between buying food, heating their homes or buying medicine that they need.  They simply do not have enough money to do all of them.

It would have been nice if all of the Baby Boomers had been busy saving money for retirement all these years, but that just did not happen.  In fact, the Baby Boomers as a group are trillions of dollars short of what they need for retirement.

So why doesn’t the U.S. government step in to help them out?

Well, the reality of the situation is that the U.S. government is flat broke.  The federal government is now over 15 trillion dollars in debt.  During the Obama administration so far, the U.S. government has accumulated more new debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

Lawmakers are already looking at ways to make the Social Security program less costly.  No, the federal government is not going to be riding to the rescue.

In fact, it will be a minor miracle if the Social Security program is able to survive until the end of this decade, and it will be a major miracle if the Social Security program is able to survive until 2030.

As for myself, I do not believe that I will ever see a single penny from Social Security, and many other working age Americans feel the same way.

Retirement is supposed to be a fun time, but sadly most Americans that are approaching retirement age are not going to have any “golden years” to look forward to.

Rather, millions of elderly Americans are going to find the years ahead absolutely agonizing as they struggle just to survive.

The following are 25 bitter and painful facts about the coming Baby Boomer retirement crisis that will blow your mind….

#1 According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46 percent of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and 29 percent of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

#2 According to a recent poll conducted by Americans for Secure Retirement, 88 percent of all Americans are worried about “maintaining a comfortable standard of living in retirement”.  Last year, that figure was at 73 percent.

#3 A study conducted by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research has found that American workers are $6.6 trillion short of what they need to retire comfortably.

#4 Today, one out of every six elderly Americans lives below the federal poverty line.

#5 On January 1st, 2011 the very first Baby Boomers started to retire.  For almost the next 20 years, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will be retiring every single day.

#6 At the moment, only about 13 percent of all Americans are 65 years of age or older.  By 2030, that number will soar to 18 percent.

#7 Right now, there are somewhere around 40 million senior citizens.  By 2050 that number is projected to increase to 89 million.

#8 Back in 1991, half of all American workers planned to retire before they reached the age of 65.  Today, that number has declined to 23 percent.

#9 According to one recent survey, 74 percent of American workers expect to continue working once they are “retired”.

#10 According to a recent AARP survey of Baby Boomers, 40 percent of them plan to work “until they drop”.

#11 A poll conducted by CESI Debt Solutions found that 56 percent of American retirees still had outstanding debts when they retired.

#12 A study by a law professor at the University of Michigan found that Americans that are 55 years of age or older now account for 20 percent of all bankruptcies in the United States.  Back in 2001, they only accounted for 12 percent of all bankruptcies.

#13 Between 1991 and 2007 the number of Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 that filed for bankruptcy rose by a staggering 178 percent.

#14 What is causing most of these bankruptcies among the elderly?  The number one cause is medical bills.  According to a report published in The American Journal of Medicine, medical bills are a major factor in more than 60 percent of the personal bankruptcies in the United States.  Of those bankruptcies that were caused by medical bills, approximately 75 percent of them involved individuals that actually did have health insurance.

#15 Public retirement funds all over the United States are woefully underfunded.  For example, it has been reported that the $33.7 billion Illinois Teachers Retirement System is 61% underfunded and is on the verge of complete collapse.

#16 Most U.S. states have huge pension obligations which threaten to bankrupt them.  For example, pension consultant Girard Miller told California’s Little Hoover Commission that state and local government bodies in the state of California have $325 billion in combined unfunded pension liabilities.  When you break that down, it comes to $22,000 for every single working adult in the state of California.

#17 Robert Novy-Marx of the University of Chicago and Joshua D. Rauh of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management have calculated the combined pension liability for all 50 U.S. states.  What they found was that the 50 states are collectively facing $5.17 trillion in pension obligations, but they only have $1.94 trillion set aside in state pension funds.  That is a difference of 3.2 trillion dollars.  So where in the world is all of that extra money going to come from?

#18 According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security system paid out more in benefits than it received in payroll taxes in 2010.  That was not supposed to happen until at least 2016.  Sadly, in the years ahead these “Social Security deficits” are scheduled to become absolutely nightmarish as hordes of Baby Boomers retire.

#19 In 1950, each retiree’s Social Security benefit was paid for by 16 U.S. workers.  According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are now only 1.75 full-time private sector workers for each person that is receiving Social Security benefits in the United States.

#20 The U.S. government now says that the Medicare trust fund will run out five years faster than they were projecting just last year.

#21 The total cost of just three federal government programs – the Department of Defense, Social Security and Medicare – exceeded the total amount of taxes brought in during fiscal 2010 by 10 billion dollars.  In the years ahead expenses related to Social Security and Medicare are projected to skyrocket dramatically.

#22 The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is the agency of the federal government that pays monthly retirement benefits to hundreds of thousands of retirees that were covered under defined benefit pension plans that failed.  The retirement crisis has barely even begun and the PBGC is already dead broke.  The PBGC says that it ran a deficit of $26 billion during the fiscal year that just ended and that it will probably need a huge bailout from the federal government.

#23 According to a survey by, 36 percent of all Americans say that they don’t contribute anything at all to retirement savings.

#24 More than 30 percent of all investors in the United States that are currently in their sixties have more than 80 percent of their 401k plans invested in equities.  So what is going to happen to them if the stock market crashes?

#25 A survey taken earlier this year found that 20 percent of all U.S. workers admitted that they had postponed their planned retirement age at least once during the last 12 months.  Back in 2008, that number was only at 14 percent.

Our politicians should have addressed the retirement crisis decades ago before we got to the point of being in debt up to our eyeballs.

It is being projected that the U.S. national debt will hit 344% of GDP by the year 2050, and the Congressional Budget Office says that U.S. government debt held by the public will reach a staggering 716% of GDP by the year 2080.

Obviously those figures will never be reached because our financial system would totally collapse long before then.

So what do we do?

We have tens of millions of elderly Americans that are completely and totally dependent on Social Security and Medicare, but those programs also threaten to bankrupt us as a nation.

Anyone that believes that there is a “quick fix” to these issues is being naive.

The “supercommittee” was supposed to address this problem, but they failed so spectacularly that they have become a national joke.

Sadly, most of our politicians just keep kicking the can down the road.  They hope that somehow things will just magically “work out”.

Well, the truth is that things are not going to “work out”.  The poverty level among the elderly is going to continue to increase.  Pension plans all over this nation are going to continue to fail in staggering numbers.  Social Security and Medicare are going to bleed more red ink with each passing year.

Something should have been done about this problem a long, long time ago.

But it wasn’t.

This crisis was ignored, dealing with it was put off time after time and all the doomsayers were laughed at.

Now the crisis is here, and we are all going to pay the price.

  • 007

    Another reason why social security is such a fraud and so evil. It gives people the false expectation that the government can take care of them. The truth is the public would have a better chance of Bernie Madoff taking care of them. The retirement date for receiving this promised entitlement will constantly be moved to a later and later year. Inflation each year will make it buy less and less. For most people they will be lucky if they ever see a social security check. If they do, they will be lucky if it will be worth enough to buy them a bag of dog food.

    • Nexus789

      You have no idea what you are talking about….swallowed the right wing propaganda hook, line and sinker – social programs do not remove a persons obligation to look after themsleves, etc. You should focus on all the theft that has been taking place in terms of using public funds to fund stupid wars and pay out corrupt banksters.

      • James

        Cost to date of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $1.2T.

        Politico is reporting that the price of the bailouts could cost as much as $23T.

        Current unfunded liabilities of social security, prescription drugs and medicare: $116T

        So even without the wars and bailing out of corrupt banksters, we’re still $98T short.

        What was that about propaganda?

      • 007

        I know, I was just saying you are not counted as unemployed on purpose so as not to embarrass Obama and his socialist party.

      • DownWithLibs

        You don’t know what you are talking about. Read it again.

      • Steve

        Public Employee Unions….America’s Death Star.

    • Patriot Alice

      Just like you expect your 401k subsidized with tax breaks, etc. to take care of you. Social Security is another program.. I think they’ll both get wiped out…


    • Gary2

      Your point of view is akin to someone having the most detailed maps imaginable, but with the unshakable conviction that the sun rises in the west. Neither has much of a chance of finding the correct way.

      From on point in reply to people who post right wing trash talking points.

  • 007

    Hmmmm, everyone is planning to work later in life because they have to. However, the labor department claims we have the largest percentage of our adult population in history that has voluntarily dropped out of the labor force and decided not to work. I wonder who is telling the truth.

    • Barn Cat

      We haven’t voluntarily dropped out of the work force. There aren’t jobs for us. Companies don’t want to hire us. If and when the economy picks up again, we’ll be the last hired.

    • J man

      Duuhh. “Dropped out” like it was high school or something. hahaha. There is way more adults than jobs. Jobs go down, Adults numbers stay same. do the math.

  • godsofold

    Michael I’ve been wondering for the longest time now about this SS issue. What the heck is the point of having SS taken out of paychecks for the specific purpose of “being there for us later”? This makes no sense how all of the sudden… it’s gone or not enough. How? When everyone is forced to contribute, so why is then considered an entitlement? It’s not. It’s owed for what we paid in. Not too long ago I heard SS was running a surplus, never having had an issue. Even more I find it quite suspicious that all of these “problems” occurred at about the same time. When has the U.S. ever faced “austerity” measures? Me thinks this is the same tactic that was used to sink Argentina. Of course, Argentina being used as the test bed for tanking a large scale society. Bankers/Governments put a country into financial trouble (Odious Debt), then force said country into a debt load that can never be repaid, and the only convenient method of repayment is to suck the life out of paid into entitlement programs while privatizing and stealing the very country right from underneath the noses of the people. Sickening.

    • Tim

      Social Security taxes withheld from working Americans’ paychecks do not go into the so-called Social Security Trust Fund. Those withholdings are used to fund the federal government’s operations, including paying current Social Security recipients.

      There are two components of our national debt: debt held by the public and intragovernmental debt holdings. Intragovernmental Debt Holdings represent the balance of Treasury securities held by federal government accounts including the Social Security and Medicare “trust funds.” These “trust funds” are bascially just accounting mechanisms. There is no money in them.

      Interestingly, intragovernmental debt holdings are not shown as a liability on the consolidated balance sheet of the U.S. Government as they are considered debts owed by one part of the government to another.

    • McKinley Morganfield


      SS receipts were in surplus to benefits paid for decades. Congress spent those annual surpluses on other programs and issued the SSA an IOU. Those IOUs are just another debt held by the taxpayers. SS and other unfunded federal liabilities that will come due in the next 10 to 20 years are somewhere north of $50 trillion. Anyone who expected DC to take care of them (‘entitlements’) was fleeced long ago. Everyman, woman, and child for him/herself. Government against all.

      “This crisis was ignored, dealing with it was put off time after time and all the doomsayers were laughed at.”

      Nobody wants to hear Cassandra.

      • 007

        Yep, there is no trust fund surplus. If we can’t borrow it the checks will not go out. We can print the money and that will just cause dollar for dollar inflation.

    • J.C.Vaughan

      GODSOFOLD: SS is not taken out of paychecks to “be there for us later”. It is taken out to pay current retired persons: exactly like in a Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. You pay for them now, later others pay for you. Problem: later there will NOT be enough others to pay for you – and the Bernie Madoff SS Ponzi scheme collapses. Got it?

      • Gay Veteran

        Reagan raised Social Security taxes. What happened to the money? The politicians have spent it instead of letting SS invest the money.

  • “Anyone that believes that there is a quick fix to these issues is being naive.”

    The New World Order has a quick fix:

    (1) Euthanasia and the demise pill.
    (2) Limiting access to affordable medical care make eliminating elderly easier.
    (3) Planning the control over medicine.
    (4) Elimination of private doctors.
    (5) New difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases.
    (6) Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control.
    (7) Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination.

    An alternative solution

    The USA has a large inventory of vacant factories and commercial buildings. Many of these may have to converted into dormatories for senior citizens.

    • Paul

      This world is already here: who has medical insurance in America, and who of thos who hasn’t can actually pay for medical treatment?

      Who can pay for fuel in Winter?

      How would you like a flu breakout in America’s tent cities?

      No need for cancer cure – people won’t get old enough to get cancer anymore.

  • mark

    Social Security was never ment to be your only pension. Read the court case Helvring vs Davis from May of 1937. There never was to be a trust fund or lock box. The money collected was to go into the general fund and could not be earmarked for a special purpose. The average age to die in 1937 was about 59 years old. You did not start collecting until you were 65 years old. It sure looks like it was a cash cow for Washington in the begining. Then they started these cost of living raises, folks living longer and it is out of control.

  • lmao rednecks

    You wanna know what happened to your social security? The government took the money and used it to build weapons and to kill Iraqis. They thought that it was a worthy investment to get the oil, but freedom fighter attacks against the real terrorists of the US army and smart investment by India, China, Iran, etc. made it so that the US didn’t get the money back. Now its Americans that are going to pay for the US fascist military dictatorship’s mistakes.

    • DownWithLibs

      Shouldn’t you be out on a ledge somewhere?

  • rightsofman

    You forgot the most important fact-the first people to receive benefits when the program rolled out didn’t contribute one cent! The program was flawed to begin with!

    • Self-employed

      That’s hardly the most important fact.
      Yes, Earnest Ackerman, who retired the day after Social Security went into effect, recieved the first SS payment— a lump sum payment of 17 cents. A nickel had been withheld from his last paycheck so a 17 cent return wasn’t too bad.

      It hardly broke the SS bank, however.

      Ida May Fuller was the first to draw SS monthly payments in Nov 1939. She had only paid in a total of $24.75 but lived to be 100 and collected a total of $22,888.92

      Many others did not live to collect at all, so there is a balance to this.

  • John Rambo

    Let these bastards rot, it is their generation that sold us feminism, homosexuality, communism, liberalism, socialism, and all the other modern bullshit.

    They deserve to suffer without any respite. They are the ones that created this mess, and now they have to deal with it. They destroyed the economy with their bullshit, and now they have to reap the fruits of what they have done. Once these assholes end up living on the streets homeless, then they will realize what bad choices they made.

    I feel no pity at all for these bastard baby boomers. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

    Why American men should boycott American women

    Boycott American Women

    I am an American man, and I have decided to boycott American women. In a nutshell, American women are the most likely to cheat on you, to divorce you, to get fat, to steal half of your money in the divorce courts, don’t know how to cook or clean, don’t want to have children, etc. Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?

    American women are generally immature, selfish, extremely arrogant and self-centered, mentally unstable, irresponsible, and highly unchaste. The behavior of most American women is utterly disgusting, to say the least.

    This blog is my attempt to explain why I feel American women are inferior to foreign women (non-American women), and why American men should boycott American women, and date/marry only foreign (non-American) women.

    Tens of millions of American men have had their lives completely destroyed by American women through the following crimes:

    1. False rape accusations (it has been proven that up to 80 percent of rape accusations are FALSE)

    2. False DV charges (same as above)

    3. Financial RAPE of men in divorce courts

    4. Emotional destruction of men by ex-wives who have stolen their children from them and forbidden contact

    5. Divorced dads who commit suicide as a result

    Not one single American woman has EVER condemned their fellow American women for committing these crimes against men. Silence means consent. Therefore, American women support and enjoy destroying men’s lives and causing men to commit suicide. Therefore, is it any surprise that a huge percent of American men no longer want anything to do with American women, other than using them for easy sex and then throwing them away?

    Over 50 percent of American women are single, without a boyfriend or husband; so the fact is most American men no longer want to marry American women. Let these worthless American women grow old living alone with their 10 cats.


    John Rambo

    • nowwthen

      Hey Rambo,
      I worked all my life and had nothing but objections to the policy making decisions that got us ALL into this mess; both the poor financial decisions and perverse views on so called social issues. I hate the fact that the weak political whores that have gotten us here are saddling posterity with the bill for the mess we’re in. But every now and then a hateful miscreant like you comes along to remind me not to feel too bad about letting you pick up the tab.

      • John Rambo

        YOu can suck it, because I ain’t picking up your tab. Why should I pay for women, you women are EQUAL to us men, therefore ACT LIKE AN EQUAL and take responsibility for your own life.

        You American women are such disgusting hypocrites.

    • Emily

      WOW! do you talk to your Mother like that? I didn’t know there was so much anger in men towards women and I am truly sorry for all you guys out there that feel this way. Please I do beg of you to find a good foreign girl to marry, because with an attitude like yours you would not survive long in the real grownup world.

      • John Rambo


        Over 50 percent of American women are single, without a boyfriend or husband, so the fact is, MOST MEN DO NOT WANT YOU WORTHLESS AMERICAN WHORES ANYMORE!

        You still have two options though:

        1. become a lesbian


        2. get used to living alone with your ten cats


        As for us American men, we are sick of you and millions of us are marrying foreign women. I married a nice young asian girl, and I would NEVER even think about touching one of you disgusting American women ever again. Asian women are 1000 times better than you, this is why so many American guys are rejecting you and going for asian women.

        Have fun growing old alone with your 10 cats, whore.

        John Rambo

        • Emily

          Mr. Rambo, I wish to congratulate you for finding and marrying the love of your life. You are truly blessed.

          Best wishes


      • John Rambo

        Here are 30 similarities between feminism and Nazism.

        Feminism and Nazism have both …

        1. discriminated against individuals on the basis of their genetic code.
        2. promoted the view that the targeted group was inferior genetically and behaviourally, e.g. see AH’s Men Bear a Striking Resemblance to Slugs.
        3. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being labeled as ‘parasites’, e.g. see AH’s Steven Jones – A Parasite?
        4. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being constantly ridiculed e.g. see Incredible Shrinking Y by Maureen Dowd
        5. promoted propaganda that led to the targeted group being laughed at even when mutilated e.g. Bobbit jokes.
        6. demonised the target group by labeling them as perverts and sexual criminals, e.g. see Put Up or Shut Up by Wendy McElroy
        7. sought to break the target group away from their families e.g. see The Federal Bureau of Marriage? by Professor Stephen Baskerville.
        8. promoted the view that the targeted group was responsible for most of the major ills in society.
        9. disseminated lies and disinformation about the targeted group in order to further promote their own ideology, e.g. see Msinformation by Professor Christina Hoff Sommers
        10. disseminated lies and disinformation about historical matters, e.g. see AH’s Did Women Really Want To Go Out To Work?
        11. used intimidation, threats and coercion to prevent their opponents from speaking out e.g. see AH’s Feminists are nasty things.
        12. promoted the lie that the privileged group consisted of innocent ‘victims’ of the targeted group e.g. “women have been oppressed throughout history.”
        13. demanded special privileges in the workplace for members of the privileged group e.g. preferential job placements for women
        14. discriminated against the targeted group in educational matters and in the workplace e.g. see AH’s Well Done the Girls?
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        17. arranged matters so that defendants from the targeted group had to ‘prove’ their innocence e.g. in sex-assault and domestic violence cases.
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        22. arranged matters so that members of the privileged group who harmed, or even murdered, members of the targeted group were shown undue leniency – and were often actually applauded for their actions, e.g. see Killer given domestic violence award and AH’s Loose Women.
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    • Self-employed

      Well, John, you sound like a well rounded guy.
      So who are you recommending a well rounded guy like yourself marry? Just anybody foreign?

      Somebody who has no idea of community property rights would be a plus no doubt.

      Could you give us a source for your claim that 80% of rape reports are false? I hadn’t read that?

      And the same for the DV claim?

      I can’t say that too many American women will be saddened by your boycott, frankly.

      And what again does this have to do with boomer retirement?

      • John Rambo

        And here is even more facts for you:

        70% of DV is initiated by women. FACT

        80% of DV Weapon violence is committed by women. FACT.

        89% of DV Gun Violence is committed by women. FACT.

        93% of DV Knife Violence is committed by women. FACT.

        60% of child abuse is committed by mothers, 76% by women. FACT.

        64% of child muder is committed by mothers, 79% by women. FACT.

        70% of divorces are filed by women. FACT.

        87.3% of custody awards go to the mother. FACT.

        98% of men pay child support, EVEN when THEY have custody. FACT.

        MINIMUM 40% of rape allegations are false by women, 80% according the the Airforce. FACT.

        60% to 80% of rapists were molested by their mother. FACT.

        • Self-employed

          And your sources for these facts are….?

          Meaning–let me spell it out for you—where can we go read the research that proves these statistics are facts?

          Other than your own opinion, of course.

          And again–what does this have to do with either Social security or boomers?

    • Gay Veteran

      John is a very bitter person

      • John Rambo

        Try growing a pair.

    • DownWithLibs

      You need some serious psychotherapy!!!!

      • John Rambo

        No, YOU need some serious mental help if you support feminism. Feminism is a mental illness! But you are such a fool, at the same time you say Down with Libs, you are supporting liberal nonsense like feminism.

        Try getting some help, so you can think straight.

        • DownWithLibs

          LOL! Psycho!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gary2

      John-focus on taxing the rich and spreading the wealth!

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Take every last penny from the top 5% and you’ll have enough to cover 1 year of the bloated 1.5 trillion deficit of BHO/congress. What do you propose to do for the next year? Only a fool believes….

      • 4 libertarian


        As Margaret Thatcher said “Socialism is a great sytem, that is until you run out of other peoples money”. Please tell us Gary, what do you do for a living that makes you feel entitled to someone elses money? Be honest now!

      • Self-employed

        I notice new comments carry the label “awaiting moderation”

        Is this supposed to mean someone is reading them and choosing whether they should be posted or not?

        If so, how in the world are Rambo’s rude remarks getting through?
        Especially when they arn’t even on topic?

        • Michael

          All comments go through moderation, but I try to let everyone have their say as much as I can.

          The things that get filtered out are spam, foul language and violent talk.


    • Paul

      You sure?

      Homosexuality is as old as the animal kingdom.

      Communism is almost 200 years old. Try to read Engels some day: “The poor have donated more money to the poor than the rich ever did.”

      And without the women in the factories producing ammunition and weapons America wouldn’t have won any war.

      “Therefore, what intelligent man would want to get involved with American women?”

      Well, why do you condemn homosexuality then? LOL

      Is it any wonder that no other occupational group has as many homosexuals in them as IT and software developers? 🙂
      Not even hairdressers.

      And, btw, the highest rate of homosexuals you have in warrior states. It’s a hormonal reaction of the women to the state of affairs, which affects the fetus.

  • Pat

    Here is my retirement plan:

    1. Open a free gold savings account
    2. Convert all my assets to gold or silver bullion not coins
    2. Place my gold in vaults in Switzerland for free
    3. Obtain a passport.
    4. Use my gold as necessary when necessary to buy or barter for what I need.
    5. Relocate to a safe secure location where the air is breathable, water is drinkable and food is eatable.
    6. Avoid poisonous junk food that make you ill
    7. Forget about Social Security

    • knightowl77

      Where does one open a Gold Savings account? Do you have physical possession? Why bullion and not coins?

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Physical is the way to go but at this stage don’t buy gold until its goes below $1,000 per ounce. Instead buy physical silver in the form of bullion or rounds.

    • Paul

      2. What good is your gold in Switzerland, when you do not live there?
      1. How do you go there for free?
      3. Why don’t you have a passport already? Every free man and woman should have one as soon as s/he reaches the age.
      5. Air and Water are OK on the mountains, but no food grows there.
      6. You don’t need to wait until retirement to dump junk food.

    • VyseLegend

      That sounds like a real fail-safe plan.

  • UK Business Secretary Vince Cable released news today suggesting many of us in the UK may not even make it to retirement –

  • shypuffadder

    Many SS benficiaries were forced into early retirement. When the layoffs were in full force, the older workers were laid off in much larger proportions. Then we couldn’t buy a job because of our age and the expensive health insurance coverage that went with it. We were told we were either over-qualified or under-qualified, or we were unemployable because we weren’t prolific in Spanish. Being forced into early retirement cut our benefits over half, and if we can find a minimum wage job, the SS benefits we receive are subject to being reduced or cut-off completely. When Lehman Brothers collapsed, I lost 97% of my 401K — too bad for me, my retirement was stolen and that’s just the way it is. I have worked since I was 14 and SS payments were deducted from each and every paycheck. Now I am told that I don’t deserve that “entitlement.” So who am I allowed to rob to make up for this grand theft? There are lots of pissed-off people in this country, and they won’t forgive or forget.

  • Kevin2

    A lot of this is Uncle Sam’s fault with a SS short of funds. Remember however that the older Baby Boomers worked when good money was to be made. If they bought their home in the 1970s / 80s even with the decline in values they are way ahead of the game. Investing wasn’t too difficult either assuming they invested of course. The reality is many spent and worse of all went into debt. I seen people actually make a joke about it saying, “I’m a good American in debt up to my ears” and laughing about it. These people made good money in industry with a white collar pay check in a blue collar job. They bought toys and their wife’s decorated their home to the 9s. Their kids would only wear designer clothes and went to college for interior decorating.

    You often reap what you sow.

  • karen

    My mother used to recieve 230.00 a month for social security when she retired, and she worked hard to support 8 kids, where there was no such thing as welfare, but she did it. Some years later there where food commodity’s for those who remember those days, you worked or you didn’t recieve anything from the goverment and you could just about forget child support you took care of youself, period!!! I have worked since a teenager and now I am one of those baby boomers and I gave up on social security a few years ago because I know it is a means for the goverment to take more from you and by law they do not have to pay you social security, you can research that for yourself. There are many older folks that are great people and I am not harpping on others, but where I live retired folks that is most, all drive new cars want to take their vacations in there huge rv’s are rude and expect everybody to wait on them. Have handicapped decales on there cars, but nothing is wrong with them. Even the baby boomers live way beyond their means.

    • DownWithLibs

      Basically, the entitlement mentality started with the Boomers and has trickled down to the kids and grand kids.

  • Christian for Israel

    What would be the point for young people (like my self) to save for retirement if there is all this talk about a dollar collapse on the horizon. If the dollar does collapse (which I think it will) then all that money we saved for retirement is going to be worthless. People who save in 401k and other stocks will end up loosing it when the market does crash. I made a goal years ago that when I turn 25 I would start a 401k, I’m now 29 and I still don’t have a 401k or any other type of savings. Thanks to this website, NIA and other’s out there, I now see the truth about the future of the dollar, our economy and our country and I am thankful for not investing my hard earned money into any kind of savings program.


    17 Quotes About The Coming Global Financial Collapse That Will Make Your Hair Stand Up »


    • Tim

      We should still save, but convert your fiat currency to things that will still have value when fiat currencies collapse–food, clothing, guns, gold, silver, etc.

      • Christian for Israel

        I still save (in cash) but I have also been stocking up on supplies over the last few years to prepare for any major crisis that is coming our way. As far as silver and gold, gold is too expensive for me to buy and just as I was about to buy silver @ $50 per ounce, it collapsed to near $30 in about a week and haven’t recovered since then.

        • Paul

          Forget Gold and Silver.

          When you are young, get education and skills. Find a butcher to work for, a farmer or a carpenter. Those skills are always handy to have.

          Forget fashion. “Fashion is so ugly that it needs to be replaced every half year.” Buy stuff that is still useful in 20 years, and MAINTAIN your stuff. Learn to sew and buff your boots.
          DON’T EVER lend out your tools.
          Most money is wasted on replacement of lost or used or consumed things.

          In America 70% of all money is spent on consumables. In China 70% is spent on infrastructure.

          When you buy stuff buy good stuff. (That’s why my camera has AA batteries not special ones)

          Gun? Learn to run instead. It’s best not to be where trouble is, to recognise potential trouble and to get away from trouble or potential trouble as fast as possible.

          Learn to become invisible. If you are taller than the rest you are visible to everyone else in the crowd as long as you are walking with the crowd. When you sit down, you are invisible.

  • John

    The government literally stole our money!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Everyone should be made aware of the fact that the Social Security fund was not meant to be touched by the Federal Government, but left alone for its intended use – and that a DEMONCRAT President – Johnson – raided it in order to hand money over to minorities (essentially re-enslaving them by making them totally dependent upon the government) in his “great society”, as well as to help pay for an unnecessary and unwanted war in Vietnam.

    Then the REPUGNICANS and DEMONCRATS didn’t correct the issue in the ensuing 45 years, so now it looks like the young had better get used to not having any better jobs than McDonalds, despite their massive college loan debt, because the people who had TRUSTED their own government (erroneously) and RELIED upon the word of (supposedly) “their” politicians, have been conned, lied to and robbed – so must work until age 75 or maybe even die in harness and never retire at all.

    Remember; it was the people’s own money which was set aside for their retirement, and it has been ROBBED from them. This isn’t an “entitlement” program (i.e. freebie handouts to those who do not deserve it).

    • mark

      You are mistaken. The Supreme Court decided in May of 1937 in Helvring vs Davis that the money collected must go into the general treasury and could not be earmarked for any special purpose. Some will disagree but if you would like, look in Mark Liven’s Liberty and Tyranny. He is a smart guy. We have all been taken for a long ride.

    • Gay Veteran

      oh, so now it’s the fault them darkies?

  • Syrin

    Social Insecurity. Yet ANOTHER example of a gov’t system that gives citizens insentives to do the wrong thing. Plus, the most self centered generation every to “grace” this country, much like the grasshopper, is now realizing that ant who spent the summer stockpiling while they were binging as fast as they possibly could, was actually very wise. Hope they enjoyed keeping up with the Joneses while the Smiths were very modest but could retire in security.

    • DownWithLibs

      I’m willing to bet that even the Jones’ lost their shirts!!! Now you and I don’t have “anyone” to try to keep up with. Kinda freeing, isn’t it?

  • TucsonKK

    Loosen Up People
    When I was in my 20’s never planned on receiving SS Benefits as they wouldn’t be there –
    Guess What I now receive my benefits and yes I live a nice life. My house,cars,etc all paid for. If a government IOU was put in the program then the Gov must pay it back. Don’t listen to LIES from GOV. and don’t blame the older generation for the GOV failures.

  • JohnB

    I find it interesting that we are worrying about
    #18, but no one is discussing the fact that the
    payroll tax is once again proposed to be reduced. Doesn’t anyone realize that the payroll tax funds Social Security and Medicare? The politicians are slowly eliminating Social Security and Medicare by not funding them instead of being honest about it and telling us what’s going on.

  • Donald Wilson

    It is just one large scam. Good luck.

  • The economic model for growth in this country is that people buy what is produced. The cash flow necessary is now about 77% which is on the low end that shows we are recessionary – a dip in the economy.

    With more new “boomers”, people spending their Federal Insurance Old Age check- this will benefit the economy. If you are concerned about the trillions in debt, fear not,The Fed will just print RED money and default on the old GREEN paper promises cranked out by the Banks.

    What sustaines the economy cash flow is the pension system: fundamentally the Social Security checks and the Medicaid checks and other pension system cash flow back into the public coffers.

    With out this constant cashflow to sustain “growth underpinings” we would all be in a terrible 10th century hunger state.

    Untill our economic model can no longer rely on the pension systems the Social Security payments will continue to be made no matter what the political pressure smoke and mirror trick rantings are to take the funds and put them into the stock market. Albeit more taxes, more socialism like Sweden. Well they live good, I do not see them leaving in droves. Just keep payimng taxes.

    This whole speil about the anti-Social Security system has been going on since the early 1920’s; however within this time frame in this country, and other countries who even predated this model (see Germany), Granny has a home and a meal, maybe not the best but she is not under a bridge, Granny is just redirecting Federal Insurance Program money in the economy.

    Being a Christian country we take care of the less fortunate and that implies that not everyone is going to be a Wall Steet Banker- rich and smart to get ahead. We do have a great deal of disadvantaged people that we care for and that the growing elder care business creates jobs, and new enterprises.

    For the average worker who is caught up in political idealogy that Social Security is evil- let him speak after he becomes 65-70 and starts to feel what old age is like. I am sure he will not turn down his pay check- neither do the congressmen either.

    The babble about working till you are 80 PLUS- you will not likely make it. You just wear out.

    More on this in my web- ramble around in the archives a bit. The worry factor for a collaspe is simple just like history has shown us – go Back 2 the Land and grow your own food, hunt, fish, trap, raise stock and lots of babies.

    Let us all thank Michael for his column to keep us up to date on trends and information.

    God Bless,

    Old Timer

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words Old Timer.


  • Lennie Pike

    The problems that all of those figures represent are so large that there is no solution to them, but they are small potatoes compared to the main problem that the ECB has mentioned many a time – the ticking time bomb of derivatives – weapons of financial mass destruction.

    The fuse was lit when they were conceived and there’s not much fuse left remaining. The explosion will probably occur in Europe very very soon.

    I played Blackjack to supplement my income for ten years, and then decided to quit my very good job where I was extremely happy so I could “play” full time to earn more money – which I did for three years until the game was changed and made very difficult to find a table where the player had the mathematical advantage over the casino.

    So, I have spent thousands of hours around serious Gamblers (I was not a Gambler – just the opposite) and know them very well. All have the same personalities. I can tell you that without a doubt that no matter how confident, sure of themselves, and in control these Gamblers seem to be, they are all very mentally ill (refuse to live in the real world) and totally out of control. They have the Inspector Clouseau complex – IT IS WHY THEY GAMBLE!!!! They are extremely intoxicated drivers and the rest of us are their passengers – they don’t even realize that they have passengers and if they did, they would not care that you are going to die – like a drug addict (gambling is and addiction), gambling is all they care about.

    Turn on MSNBC and you will see the exact same people that are always in casinos, as guests and hosts. They call themselves “Traders”.

    These Gamblers are being intentionally allowed to rape Western monetary systems with the certain knowledge that they will destroy it so that the new World Monetary System can be introduced.

    If there is one demand that OWS should make to silence (yea right) the PTB’s claim that the un-bathed, public urinating and crapping OWS Hippies don’t know what they want and don’t have any solutions – it would be to rescind the Glass-Steagall Act and severely regulate or completely ban derivatives but that will not ever happen since they have been allowed behind the wheel.

  • cam

    Sorry, but I don’t feel bad at all. The baby boomer generation is the one that blew up this country. They ran up debts they couldn’t pay back, they got us into wars we shouldn’t have been in, and their greed has bankrupted the entire world economy. The environment and its ability to sustain life has been just about destroyed due to their consumerism and inability to use birth control. Don’t even get me started on these idiot tea baggers which are mostly baby boomers.

    They deserve to spend the rest of their lives eating dog food.

    • Self-employed

      The boomers don’t know how to use birth control?
      Where’d you get that idea?
      I know many of my peers who had ZERO children so impacted were we by the 1970’s and 80’s population time bomb theories.

      My great grandma had 13 children, my grandmother had 5, my mother 3, myself none.
      Get the picture here?

      You need to investigate a little more before you hand out blame. Sounds like you have been brainwashed.

    • VyseLegend

      Its the Baby Boomers’ parents who didn’t wear the condom. Population has been net declining since then, Baby Boomers can’t afford to have as many kids either.

    • InArizona

      now don’t forget the best stuff the boomers brought to us… abortion disguised as “famiy planning”, decay of our society as a whole, free-hippie love and drugs, anti-Vietnam vet sentiment, divorce, decline in family values, removing God from our country, revisionist history in schools, etc, etc, etc…

      funny the 50 million American babies that have been killed since the boomers made abortion legal might have helped bouy their ss payments? Maybe??? Seems a little karma has been in play here.

      May the boomers all see the mayhem they allowed and promoted in this country and take SOME responsibility for themselves as a “group*”.

      *yes I realize there will be individual boomers whose views differ from the rest of their group, but I am speaking to the group as a whole. The most morally bankrupt generation… who raised another even more spoiled and morally bankrupt group the OWSers!

      And just for the record, I was born in 1972.

  • David Gurney

    All federal programs for individuals will have to be placed on a means test.There isn’t another way out.

  • Winston Smith

    “Sadly, most of our politicians just keep kicking the can down the road. They hope that somehow things will just magically “work out”.”

    -ah yes, that magical, mystical Hidden Hand of the market that somehow works per conservatives/libertarians

    • Self-employed

      They kick the can down the road hoping it will all hold together so long as they are in office and benefitting from it.

  • sabretooth

    The final question:”So what do we do?” was not followed with a single answer, suggestion or example of sacrifices necessary to solve the problems listed. I am interested to read what solutions commentors come up with other than “get back to God”.

    • The USA has a large inventory of vacant manufacturing facilities. Many of these could be converted into dormitories (warehouses) for senior citizens. These would not be condominiums but would be better than homeless shelters or tent cities.

      Each dormitory could have a community garden for growing vegetables. If necessary, these could be placed on roof tops. Sixty percent of the vegetables consumed in Cuba are grown in urban gardens. Consuming healthy food would lower medical expenses.

      Larger dormitories could eventually become self supporting communities.

      China is already one step ahead of the USA. Many Chinese manufacturing facilities include dormitories for workers.

      Senior citizens opposed to dormitory living need to review their saving, spending and voting history for the past 45 years.

  • Lennie Pike

    CNBC I meant. What’s the difference?

  • getreal

    I held elected office for 16 years (Democrat.) My side yaks about “infrastructure” and putting people back to work. With what ($) I say. The other side says leave it up to the “entrepreneurs”…the “risk takers”. They’ll fix this mess out of the goodness of their hearts…translation…her’s a swift kick in the balls-again. Both parties turn my stomach. Albeit one- more than the other.

  • Charles

    Bush spelled it out over 6 years ago, “There is no seperate Social Security Fund,just a filing
    cabinet with a bunch of government IOU’s.”

    Why is everybody acting as if its a big secret?

    He said then “SS needs reforming we cant afford to pay increasing numbers of people.”

    It wasnt only the politicians who were ‘kicking the can down the road’,its a lots of ordinary SS contributors who refused to take on board the warning and didnt start asking questions about what right government had to rob the fund for general federal spending and insist that the fund was made financially sound and the IOU’s cashed back into the fund

    Another point is that while these IOU’s were lying in a filing cabinet the $1.7 trillion fund was losing over $100 billion in yearly interest!

    The SS Scheme was originally set up based on a couple having on average 4 children, and they each in turn would have 4 children, so by the time each set of grandparents retired they would have at least 16 family members paying in to the fund to support them in retirement and it would be financially viable.

    The SS is not financially viable when the birth rate has dropped to below half that. We should all realise that SS is destined for the same fate as the Titanic unless it is reformed soon.


  • Gran

    When originally established, SS was for RETIREES. First thing I would do is eliminate anyone who is not retired and has not contributed to our system. There are a lot of fraudulent disability claims that have been sucking the system dry for years.

    Then I would drop medicare & medicaid completely and let the system revert back to what it was in the fifties. Too many people don’t take care of themselves because they know they will get a free ride. I get so sick of the endless brainwashing drug ads, directed at seniors in particular, that lead them to believe they need to run to their MD and get the latest untested medicine for some imaginary disease. Acid reflux??? What genius created that concept? Just don’t be such a glutton and eat fresh foods. Forget that factory food because that is what is making you sick.

    Then I would indict those at Treasury who have looted the SS funds and left their worthless IOU’s. And I would put the fed government retirement funds into SS. We the people need Equal Protection from those vampires.

    • Kathy Smith

      Go Gran

    • DownWithLibs

      Please tell me that you are running for President? If not, you should!

  • William

    The US government has taken about $2.6 TRILLION of excess paid-in Social Security taxes and spent that on unnecessary wars, stupid pork, and normal govt operations over the past 40 years. PAY this stolen money back to the S/S system. Then, and only then, am I willing to hear complaints about Social Security. The problem is that the govt can not pay this back….the federal govt is bankrupt, thanks to the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush and the failed Obummer.

  • Nats

    Isnt it the Boomer generation that decided to crack the entitlement lock box fund to fund much needed alphabet soup social programs?? Lets allow those who broke the box refund the program with their own hard earned monies and not from my pocket aka more and new taxes. The rest of the problem stems from a gradual expansion of these programs to include every one including those who came to our great republic for a freebie. Time for new rules, no in no out.

    • Self-employed

      Lyndon Johnson, and his Democratic Congress was the first to raid the SS ‘Trust’ fund when he was president in 1963-1969.

      Since Johnson was born in 1908 I don’t think he qualifies as a boomer, nor would most of the people in Congress at that time.

  • Self-employed

    I don’t understand why anyone would expect Social Security benefits to cover the cost of their retirement. SS was intended as a supllement to a person’s retirement funding, not the entire thing.

    Forty years ago we had serious doubts that SS would be there for us after a lifetime of paying into it. This is not new news. It should have made my generation –and every generation following–aware of the need to plan for retirement privately.

    The first paragraph here states 10,000 a day are retiring and most have not enough savings. So why are they retiring? There is nothing guarranteed about retirement.

    • gary2

      the crap private sector eliminated pensions. All that is left is SSI. Wall street lost everyones 401K which is in itself a scam (401k) need defined bennefit and a strong union movement to FORCE the private sector to pay up. they are sitting on tons of monrey so they can afford to pay.

  • Self-employed

    Social Security was sold to the voting public as a closed system. Deductions from citizen’s paychecks were to go into a special fund that would be held against future draws.

    Unfortunately, and all to commonly, once the program was voted in and implemented, Congress and the president changed the rules. Initially the program was to be voluntary. You probably notice that has changed.There were limits set on the deductions and no taxes were to be charged on benefits.

    But the biggest and worst change involved putting the SS monies into the General Fund and borrowed against it to balance the budget. Lyndon Johnson and the democrat Congress first did this and used the funds partly to pay for the Vietnam War. Using the supposedly untouchable ‘Trust’ funds has now become common practice.

    That’s where the money went.

  • I know a young 26 year old spanish man who is receiving $674.00 a month from SSI because he said he’s suffering from depression. Yet he’s running his ass off every night with his friends drugging it up. There’s not a damn thing wrong with him. This is typical in my town. People like this man who never paid one dime into the social secuity system taking money from those who have.

    • Michael

      That is a very good point.


      • If you have 6 children that are depressed, you can get 6 SSI checks every month!

    • DownWithLibs

      Yes, you don’t even want to know how deep the fraud goes…of course if you are like me, you get it thrown in your face every day. And we can’t rule out that the Gov. may have had this as part of their mega plan to get as many dependents as possible.

    • mondobeyondo

      The economy has me depressed. When can I pick up my Social Security payment?

  • jackvegas

    SS doesn’t give a false expectation that the government will take care of you, it offers the false security that the government can be trusted with your money.

    STOP giving them your money!

    • Self-employed

      When SS was first inplemented it was to be an all voluntary program. This was the premise under which it was voted into being. That rule and many others changed once the program was law.

      This is one of the main reasons most entitlement programs far exceed their original boundaries—the government had no intention of abiding by the boundaries in the first place.

  • Old Man

    I bet a lot of these BBers would want to settle in retirement in countries of lower cost and less political/economic madness.

    But such countries in reasonable compatible to American way of life are few indeed. Unless one is prepared to make the most drastic change in lifestyle. The following comes to mind:

    – Some African countries like S. Africa.
    – Australia, NZ & Canada but their cost of living is high, immigration strict and the immigration line up long.
    – Some C. American countries like Costa Rica
    – Maybe Ireland, Chile.

    One more thing. Even when you managed to get residency in them, just settle in and live quietly. The reputation of America worldwide is at an all-time low. America kicked a lot of asses on the way up; get ready to feel what’s like on the way down.

  • Jim

    Just another reason why I am glad that we have bought and continue to buy food storage. We are in our late 50’s and know that we will not have much Soc. Sec. coming. We are starting to expand our garden each year and hope to add some rabbits next spring. Our food storage from will certainly come in handy even if there is no SHTF event. We buy the food now and eat it in 10+ years to supplement our retirement living. It’s a WISE investment for anyone.

  • jolt

    this article hits the nail on the head.

    Baby boomers today are in for a very rough
    ride ahead.

    In fact, all of America is going to face
    very hard economic times in the years

    I hope the younger generation is preparing
    themselves for what they will experience.

    The good old days are gone forever.

    We are in an entirely new global economy

    America has gone through 6 stages and
    when they finish the seventh it is all

    To see the 7 stages go to:

    Massive wealth is going to be transferred
    in the near future.

    Only those that have seen the future via
    the past can prepare themselves for what
    is to come.

    Take a look at the short video and see
    for yourself what has caused this crisis
    and where we are headed.

  • The Unicorn

    SSI has been cannibalized since it first started with FDR. When Reagan raised the retirement age, I had a feeling it was toast.I expect that whoever is elected in 2012 will be the one to deliver the Coup de grace. Instead of a payment the boomers will get an IOU from the government.1st they steal your youth by forcing you to eat the lies from their bowl at their public school,then they feed you more lies from their bowl in college so you go into debt,then they lie,cheat and steal most of what you earn during the rest of your life and feed you more lies, then finally when your to old to fight back they steal your dignity along with anything thats left and feed you a bowl full of lies so your always hungry for the truth…..the truth is in Christ.

  • Johnboy

    I remember a college class in Anthropology back in 77 where the teacher addressed cultural collapse, and made a speech that shook students out of their seats, literally, class ended, because the teacher addressed baby boomer retirement and the collapse of the current economy, at that time. Ohm my, and your Gods it caused a major conflict – the teacher was fired.

    I was in my early 20’s and finally getting serious about school, the truth hurts, once you have to face it. Then, it requires a deeper connection to purpose and reason of life. Keeps going, on into infinite awareness of living connection even through loss.

  • Scott

    The federal government will just print money to pay for Social Security benefits. This way the politicians will be able to say they’re meeting their obligations, unfortunately it will be with worthless dollars.

  • Emily

    Yes it is all my fault. I very foolishly spent $130,00.00 on my kid’s collage education when I should have invested all that money for my retirement. Shame on me.

  • Dave

    I sold my hose on the beach 2 months before the market crashed and bought a nice piece of land a good barn, with good water on it and plenty of space to put anything else I need on it, livestock, smokehouse, water pump, etc. the res ist in gold and silver and food. the people who are going to hurt are those living in the cities.

  • SteveO

    “Could you live on less than 300 dollars a week?”

    Well I could not live on that because I have a house/rent payment. But when you are older and retire you should have your house paid off. That is the one reason that renting doesn’t pay off. I would also expect that at a certain point you would downsize your house so you don’t spend 500/month on heating/cooling.

    What is killing seniors is the rising cost of school/property taxes. It is the local municipalities that are forcing homeowners to pay for school. We need a reform of that system if we expect to retire and live comfortably.

    Today, too many seniors have mortgage payments and car payments, of course you can’t retire when you have those kind of bills. I’m not saying that there aren’t other problems, but seniors must also bear some responsibility. Staying healthy by excercising and eating moderately…will help with that too.

  • Patrick Nolan

    I take issue with the statement that we do not have money to pay for the promises we made to baby boomers. They made those promises to themselves knowing there wasn’t any money for it and planning to steal from the rest of us. The boomers are the most selfish generation in history and have brought the greatest nation in the world to the brink of failure.

    • Self-employed

      “They made those promises to themselves knowing there wasn’t the money for it and planning to steal from the rest of us.”

      Hardly, Patrick. There was money for it–the money was deducted from everyone’s paycheck. In that sense everyone paid for their own SS benefits. It is not an entitlement if you paid the money originally.

      When SS was first proposed, the funds were to be kept completely seperate from other government money. That is the major premise under which the plan was implemented. The funds were to be there when it came time to draw on them.

      Did the boomers decide to raid the SS funds for their own nefarious needs? No. Congress under Johnson raided the funds. The boomers HAD NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT.

      In the 1960’s when Johnson was raiding SS funds the boomers WERE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO VOTE. They couldn’t have stopped it.

  • Ken

    Yes, something should have been done about this problem a long, long time ago. But those who talked about it during Primary Campaigns a long, long time ago were rejected by the Baby Boomers whose years of gold are now turning to dark matter.

  • Darryl Curtis

    The solution is simple…the government simply has to STOP GIVING AWAY MONEY…

    The only people that should receive government benefits are those that paid money in…no foreigners, no welfare recipients, no food stamp recipients…no SSI…

    America owes a debt to those that have contributed…those that have not contributed have to be sent back across the border, or allowed to figure out how to finance their own lives, but taken OFF OF THE GOVERNMENT DOLE…

    The government should only pay bills and pay benefits to those that have paid in…not give grants to colleges for research…not give grants to NPR or Planned Parenthood…not give grants to ANYONE…except those that have paid into Social Security and Medicare…

    Back when there was plenty of money, we could afford to “help” people…but now, people are going to have to “help themselves”…

    • Self-employed

      The returns on SS monies paid in are very low. Most people with decent financial guidance could do much better investing on their own.
      I saw a chart once that took the average amount paid into SS by the average taxpayer and modeled the returns on three levels:
      1) a very good investor with a good result over 50 years
      2) an average investor with an average result over 50 years
      3) a poor investor with a poor result over 50 years

      Even the poor investment beat the returns you get from SS.

  • Bernadette O’Shaughnessy

    War is expensive! But if you are an oil-chasing Bush or Cheney, ANYPLACE you can find more oil is fair game for war for whatever reason! I see a lot of gung-ho Re-puke-lickans cheer every war and invasion we’ve gotten into for the past 15 years! Let THEM pay for these wars! There is also another definition of war: SATANIC SACRIFICE!

    • Kevin2

      Your misguided if you think Democrats are different. Think those nations in the Middle east are falling because of internal revolts? Notice that the US presence just happens to be in and around oil resources? It’s not so bad that we’re doing it but the excuses are dishonest.

      All of geo-political moves are posturing to secure resources. The concern is not terrorism, that’s an excuse. The concern is China.

      Democrats feed from the same corporate bowl as Republicans. Follow the money.

  • Come see us in Ecuador:
    Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50’s in the evening, and 70’s during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Sprintime! Do not hesitate to contact me for your relocation or exploration needs!

  • visionary

    Complaints! Complaints! Complaints!

    Give some solutions

    • You want solutions, http://www.FixSSNow.Org. We list all solutions with unbiased analysis. If we are missing one, tell us what. If we are wrong, tell us where.

      We attempt to provide 1-stop shopping for people concerned with the state of Socail Security.

    • rational

      I understand that you want solutions, but these are not complaints. These are facts. It was not overnight we got here, and I believe the solutions you are looking for are not of any interest to the people who could actually impose them. I want solution and action too, but we might be inline for the end game.

      I am hoping, as well, you were not wanting nor expecting any one person / group / idea to be the saving plan here. There are way too many cooks in this kitchen to have a simple and elegant dinner. This is going to be a messy, sloppy buffet style where you might have to bus your own table and BYOS (Bring Your Own Solution).

      I think the above URL is a great idea (I have not visited it or am affiliated). We do need more places for resources to enable people to start taking care of their own life and accept the government is not going to do it for you. I would suggest if you are looking for solutions, you need to start looking at what you can do for your own situation, because only you know the real problems you are facing. Once those are identified, figure out where to get the help and support to overcome them.

    • Maria

      Bill Still’s The Money Masters

      Excellent history of banking. If you are short on time, the solution starts at about 3:06:00.

  • gary2

    remove the cap on ssi tax so the rich pay more. Tax capital gains to get ssi.

    Again this is a easy one-make the rich pay.

    Tax the greedy to help the needy.

    • libertarian

      How about poor people start planning ahead so rich people don’t have to take care of them?

      • J man

        Seriously. Let me see how that works. Take the nothing they have left over at the end of the month. Save that for, lets say, 20 years. haha.. Hmm.. still nothing. Granted, Some poor people could do better.. but not all of them. How you going to generate that many jobs? the rich are not making any new ones. Basically you probably prefer they die or something. Rich could be smart, help the poor.. and earn more profit in doing so… because they do better when poor spend money. So those taxes probably would just go right back to them.

        • Greg

          So many of them are using their left over for cell phones, Cable, other luxuries.

          • Arianwen

            This is corporate media tripe. Too many of the working poor go without basics, like heat and healthcare because of the inflation coupled with wage stagnation we’ve seen over the past decade. Cell phones are replacing land lines as they are cheaper and help make ends meet. In many places, cable is required to get basic TV service since the FCC sold off the airwaves older televisions used to provide free service. The idea that the poor who work full time or more should live in dirt, so that the rich and upper middle classes don’t have to pay a little more taxes is a big problem in this country, one perpetuated media shills who let them off the hook by calling refrigerators and emergency cell phones a luxury.

        • Paranoid

          I am a 1950 BBoomer, Among other things I taught retirement planning. I also retired at 50. Say what you will; but people have made much of their own misery. I tried to tell people that: Get rid of Pop, Cigs. Booze; and pack your own lunches, Is most of what it takes to retire a millionaire, No one ever listened. I have a few apartments; on a Monday the whole trash dumpster is full of beer cans and pizza boxes When they move it’s full of barely worn shoes Two weeks after Xmass it’s full of junk Don’t believe me? Go to a large mall look around and ask yourself: “How much of this junk does a person actually need?”

          • Paul

            Agree with what you say.

            Can’t become a millionaire from manual work, but at least can take care of yourself.

            And how much stuff do you need? And if you take care of your stuff it will keep. I still have a winter jacket that’s 30 years old. It’s warm. And guess what – it became modern again. Just saved me 150 bucks. 🙂

            Shoes don’t last forever, but if you replace the sole before you walk on the upper leather, they will keep for ages.
            Good shoe polish costs much less than a new pair of low quality shoes.

            And right now I don’t want to miss my down quilt and woollen blanket.

      • whytry

        Well let’s start with the rich people own the corporations that the poor people work for. So I will title this “Corporate Rape”. Then we move on to the government paying the corpoation to stay in the local. (Don’t believe me check Hawker-Beech Wichita, KS). Then the rich peolple pay the poor people low wages and cut out mom and pop businesses, And last but not least we have HOA, Zoning, Ordinances and the giant corporations funding the politition campaign.

      • Paul

        Planning ahead shouldn’t be a problem when at the end of the month there is still some money left to put aside for bad times.

        Just increase the wages, and the poor are happy to plan ahead.

        In fact, the poor finance the rich, not the other way around.

    • Liberty74

      Gary2 promoting his gangster government of using lying, corrupt, power hungry politicians to steal from his neighbors. Gary2’s greediness needs to be outlawed. The entitlement and welfare state needs to be phased out and personal responsibility phased in.

      SS is nothing more than a wealth stealing pyramid scheme destined to fail by design. SS tax rate has gone up 600% since inception. The retirement age keeps going up. The income cap keeps going up. Yet, the liberal fascist system is still FAILING.

      The American people have been given a bad deal from the get go thanks to FDR’s New Deal. Government should give people the choice to at least opt out of this junk. All in favor?

      • Harold Hawken

        Less government and more personal responsibility. Count me in.

        • gonecrazy

          I’m with ya!

    • Centcom

      Gary2, you have been using your Big Government for 50 years to covet the wealth of those who earned it. How’s that working out for you? If I’m not mistaken, God had something to say about that. Remember Him?

    • Louise in MO

      Gary 2

      I have not agreed with your “tax the rich” before, but I do now! Especially since I read that GE paid no taxes on billions of profit!

      If the SS fund had not been raided time and time again, the statistics would not be so dismal.

      Many seniors who had saved and invested lost much of their retirement savings during the 2008 stock market disaster.

      It’s a disgrace that the United States government has been so STUPID and so CORRUPT that it cannot pay back what was paid into the SS fund not only by the individuals but also by their employees. Extortion is the word that comes to mind!

    • Jeff

      Amen brother. I’m 40 and have apartments too. Same scenario and getting rents from these entitled masses is just as difficult. I then happened to go to Wal-Mart at the wrong time this week (Black Thursday nite) and saw a tenant leaving with new big screen TV! I don’t have a ####ing big screen TV and yet this person who doesnt even seem to have a job is buying one on a whim. The concept of poor in America is BS! Don’t believe me go to any Central or South American country. Anyone poor in the US who isn’t mentally retarded or severly mentally or physically disabled (and not the millions of fakers in this country) has done it to themselves. And those POS in Washington have helped them right along.

  • realist

    All of a sudden… death panels don’t sound like a bad idea.

    • chiller

      Let you be the first volunteer…

    • Louise in MO

      Death panels are STILL a very bad idea!

      • Gary2

        they are called insurance companies. they are the real death panels/

  • stillcode

    If there’s one bright spot in all of this, it is that we can predict what will happen. The government will run the printing presses rather than have hundreds of thousands of baby boomers at the doorsteps of the White House wondering where why their social security check doesn’t pay the cable bill anymore.

    So because we know that the end game is that the government has no choice but to print, we can prepare accordingly. Those who can and do prepare will do well and perhaps even increase their wealth.

    Despite our grim future, as a prepared 28 year old I look forward to our collapse.

    • You overestimate the voting power of the Boomers. If you are 42 you are scheduled to retire the year that the Trust Fund hits zero. The number of people who are going to get substantially less than promised is growing rapidly. Today, more than 1/2 of voting aged Americans are going to get less than what was promised. Next year, it will be a majority of registered voters. By 2014, it will be a majority of registered/active voters. It is no surprise that 2010 was the year that they made the first payroll tax cut in history. In 2011, you have politicians talking about a ponzi scheme. The demographics are crumbling.

  • Darrold

    I’m getting pissed about the Boomer bashing. It’s obvious these bashers know little of history. Yea, we’ve made our mistakes but we’ve also paid our dues. I was born in 1948, this mess we are in hit high gear in August of 1971. I was 23 years old. My contemporaries weren’t part of the political scene. Richard Milhouse Nixon took us off of the international gold standard. I was blindsided and didn’t understand the ramifications of his action. Just kept plugging away and doing what I was taught. Work hard, be loyal and enjoy your retirement plus what little Social Security kicked in. Fiat money, debt money changed the game. You youngsters grew up in this world, us Boomers had to adapt. We are entering the final phase of a con game engineered by banksters one hundred years, maybe more, ago. Quit blaming “generations” and start looking at how we get our collective asses out of this mess.

    • Darrold, I surf the web looking for opinion on Social Security. This is pretty tame stuff here. The fact is that Boomers have run-up a 15 trillion dollar debt; and expect the next generation to pay-off that debt plus take care of the boomers in retirement. You can’t really be all that surprised if the next generation says no.

      • Joynce

        I’ve got news for you! The Boomers did not run up the debt! It was done by shyster banksters, federal reserve, and politicians for their own political and greedy gain. If 1.3 Trillion of bailouts that this admin has done had gone to the people, it would have paid off all our debts and the money would have gone to the businesses and banks who held the debt and been recycled back into the system 9 times over and the whole country would have propered. Instead they used the majority of it for the derivative markets which are a big crapshoot and bankster game.

    • Orange Jean

      I agree with you totally. A lot of this “boomer bashing” appears to be contrived, similar to the “class warfare” and I think it is more a distraction to the real issues than anything constructive.

      I am also a boomer, being born in 1950 (no more my choice than anyone else’s choice of when or where to to whom they were born). I agree to some extent with those who say some people in my generation caused problems, but who were they? Politicians mostly (I’d also blame a lot of teachers, especially college professors). The politicians were not necessarily anyone I voted for (most of the people I voted for didn’t win). I am not a lawmaker, other than bearing some collective responsibility as a citizen who voted for a few referendums (peanut stuff) that I voted directly for during the time I lived in California. So why are you (those who do) blaming ME for what other people did?

      If you are younger, do you honestly think you have control over politicians who are the same age as you?

      If you vote for someone, yes you have some degree of responsibility for that… but only if they did what they told you they were going to do and only to the extent whatever percentage of people you are among those who also voted likewise.

      As to retirement: if I had the money, I’d do it in a heartbeat (I’m tired of working all these years, I’m 61) but I don’t so I won’t. Unfortunately for some younger person, that means with my skill set and experience I will not be getting “out of your way” so some young person can take over my job (I work with a lot of much younger “Gen Y” people, who are a cut-throat bunch for the most part).

      I’ve paid into SS for over 40 years. Chances are there won’t be any or much there when I get old enough I could theoretically retire. I worked for most of my life in non-profit organizations (a few universities and mostly government, mostly local and now federal). I did it in part because it interested me, I had the ability, and I thought I could use the gifts I was given (mainly in analyzing data) for the common good (mostly working in public health, but I also spent a few years working in environmental planning). I wasn’t making all that much money so savings are modest. Most of the places I worked did NOT have any pension, other than a 401K … except for at my current job (but I’ve only been there 5 years) so I don’t expect to quit working unless I get too sick to or die.

      My father was a firefighter, he advised all us kids to consider a career as a civil servant — but his attitude was that we needed to remember the “servant” part of that, and that we would be serving our communities. Technically my dad died in the line of duty (he had a massive heart attack while fighting a fire, although he didn’t die for quite a few years later, but it was clearly from the damage to his heart. Firefighters are at very high risk for heart attacks, even when they otherwise live healthy).He advised us that way partly because it was more secure than a lot of other jobs, even though typically not as well paid. He grew up in the Great Depression (he was in late teens and early 20s then), so he had his reasons for that.

      There were 5 of us kids (all of us boomers”). Two of us have worked mostly for government. One brother has worked over 20 years in the water department, in a support position for engineers for most of it, currently he is works marking the water lines before construction (dangerous, he could get blown up if you accidentally hit a gas line) and also works on the snow plows. Another brother has worked as an X-ray tech in an ER.

      I honestly don’t think any of us are responsible for the “mess” we’re in or have anything to feel bad about for the work we chose.

      I think we all need to pick our battles wisely… and put the blame where the blame belongs, not just lashing out in anger towards a whole group of people who may or may not have had anything to do with the thing you are concerned with.

      We are ALL responsible for our own behavior, be it bad or good, wise or foolish!

      • 007

        I don’t blame the younger generation to objecting to raising their taxes massively to pay for the boomers social security and Medicare.

        1. The young will never see the benefits of these programs in their lifetime. No chance. I would be pissed too. If I were a young worker and had the option to opt out of Social security, I would not hesitate to do so.

        2. The public was sold a lie by the democrats that these programs were solvent and sustainable. The boomers have been scammed and bought into the lie and there is no way to pay for the promised benefits. Just like Madoff’s customers who were cheated, the public needs to admit they have been screwed and quit trying to force this bankrupt program to pay. The sooner they accept it was a scam, the sooner everyone can try to get on with life.

  • ed martinez

    Seems to me that we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Voting Republican might reverse our irresponsible fiscal policies but at what cost?A people that have become so dependent on government are not going to be as stoic as they were in 1933. Ironically, the repression by force of street riots could become the first sign of a loss of freedom that we had expected from the Left.
    And voting for President Obama will likely mean getting deeper in debt, not because the man is politically motivated but because Democrats have an entirely different view of the role of societal compassion in government..
    In the past we have been able to find middle ground because our leaders put the country’s interest first. But this time I truly think the racial issue has contaminated the political atmosphere to the point where compromise is impossible. There is no other explanation to the intensity of the personal attacks on President Obama. In FDR’s time race was not an issue — Communism and Creeping Socialism were. Greed may be behind many of our problems but Fear is a close second.

    • E. Deleon

      Personal attacks on Oabama? Oh please! The leftists drag out the tired old racist card when anyone dares to question the Obama administration’s policies. Enough already! Instead of being the great uniter, the Obama administration is the great divider who has divided this country along racial and ethnic lines. Never ending socialist entitlements and crony capitalism is bankrupting this country!

      • gonecrazy

        Amen, DeLeon!

  • Gary2

    Pass employee free choice act to increase union power. Force the scum bag companies in the private sector to spend the cash they are sitting on on a defined benefit program.

    • Earnán

      Watch all those companies take that cash and invest it in new overseas facilities, beyond the reach of scumbags like Gary2 who think they’re entitled to stick their paws in other peoples’ pockets.

      Watch all those unions go on strike Friday and come back on Monday to a plant with a “Closed, moved to Mexico”—or China, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Phillipines—sign posted on the gate.

      Take a drive through Flint, Michigan sometime if you want to see how well Gary2’s plans work out in the real world.

      • sharonsj

        What the unions should have done was to take over the plants before they were moved and formed a collective. I doubt the workers would fuck themselves over the way the bosses do. If you don’t think a revolution is brewing, you have your head up Rush Limbaugh’s ass.

    • gonecrazy

      Those so called ‘scum bag companies in the private sector’ Will be this countries only salvation.

      Clinton is the one that pushed NAFTA and sent all our dollar over seas for manufacturing… or to Canada and Mexico. World largest most modern automobile factory… making the Challenger? As seen on Modern Marvels….. MADE IN CANADA!

      Our country NEEDS those private sector companies that put people to work! Re-Industrialize our country!!! It’s the de-industrialization that is a HUGE contributor to our downfall. Cut our gov’t in half. Immediately. Stop expecting gov’t to supply better retirement plans than the private sector can afford.


      I don’t trust my dog with the entire bag of dog food, so why should I trust my money to crooks???

      • Gary2

        yeah those private companies making record profits while paying workers peanuts are such a big help.

        Pay back will be a bitch!

  • kwark

    So what’s the big deal? Divert all the money we flush down the toilet in Iraq, Iran and the 700 plus military bases around the world and there wouldn’t be a problem. Or look at it this way, in the last few years we’ve given TRILLIONS to bail-out the banksters and “captians” of finance. And they take more every day while more and more Americans face life on the streets. Average people are getting more and more angry. . . no wonder the police state is cracking down. And I mean in the US.

  • bobcat

    “Social Security system is on the road to complete and total disaster.”

    The Social Security Administration does not agree. They say they can pay out 100% of the benefits until 2037 if no action is taken. After that, they say they can pay out 80% of the benefits if no action is taken. If they can pay 100% benefit for the next 25 years, it hardly sounds bankrupt as SS’s detractors claim.

    The tax cap is approximately $106,000. The Social Security Administration claims that if that is lifted, it would not be necessary to throttle back benefits in 2037.

    Corrupt politicians have been spreading this alarmist disinformation for the past 3 decades. It is the big lie. If we have enough money for war, we have enough to take care of our elders. The dirty little secret is they want to eliminate the Social Security benefit but continue collecting the taxes which maintained the trust fund. They would like to spend that money on more wars that line the pockets of their wealthy supporters.

    • Kevin2


      We have enough money for everything. There is no shortage of money. As expenditures exceed revenues (and they do) they just print more. The problem is the value of money.

    • J man

      Totally Agree

    • 007

      You are wrong bobcat. There is no trust fund. All there is are IOUs. Social Security started running a deficit last year. If we can not borrow the money to pay the social security checks they will not go out. That is why Obama threatened he could not send the checks out if the debt ceiling was not raised. And if you haven’t noticed we are having to borrow massive amounts of money. If we can’t really borrow it, the FED will have to print the money. However this will ultimately cause dollar for dollar inflation. Once we start down this path, we will soon lose our reserve currency status and that is when all hell will break lose.

  • OMG!

    “This crisis was ignored, dealing with it was put off time after time and all the doomsayers were laughed at.”

    Many of those people laughing were the boomers themselves who bought into the “morning in America” nonsense so popular in the 80s. Sad fact is that they’re going to suffer with the rest of the 99%. The party’s over and it really is mourning in Amerika.

    • 007

      I agree, they bought into the lie and voted to keep this ponzie scheme going year after year. Just like any other imprudent investor who made a bad investment. They will have to face the loss. I mean even Madoff’s customers realize they are screwed and have given up on getting their money back.

  • i have never believed that social security would be
    available when it comes time to retire so my brother
    and i started to buy property in 2003 and have put together a nice real estate portfolio which is affordable tax wise but also a opportunity to increase the value of the property which can work two ways selling the property when it comes for retirement and having money to carry over if there is no social security and yes i am well aware of the bullshit that goes along with owning property which is why we have a good real estate attorney and/or retiring on our property and becoming totally self-sufficent which would greatly diminish
    the need to have alot of money on hand for amenities
    and i also have what i need to hold onto it if need be and yes alot of people may not have been in the position to do this but what it is is what it is but
    i feel that i had the hindsight twenty years ago when i turned 30yrs old that this country was headed
    down the highway to hell and i planned not to be on it so if shtf at least my family and friends will have somewhere to go and be safe it is never to late to prepare.

  • mondobeyondo

    “It’s mourning in America”….

    (Reagan 1984 Campaign TV Advertisement)

    Geez… wish I had learned to read back then.

  • Alice Maxwell

    Good job on what retirees should know!

    Trouble is, the retirees are not going to listen. For most of their lives, they haven’t paid any attention to anything but their lives. Government is there and let it stay there. We are here, have worked and now we are retiring to do just what we want to and we have earned it and the money, the pensions due us for these leisure years.

    The blind faith in their future is remarkable. All the talk about government running out of money, debts rising, defaults happening…it is all like a sitcom on TV and they don’t like it so they turn it off with media and with their friends and family. It is all nonsense!

    80 million more retirees will be joining them shortly. None of them believe their lives are changing.

    What’s going to happen? The riot in the street boys are shrill but they have no effect with the rest of us. People expect that what is theirs will stay theirs, no matter what!

    I think they’re right! That is what happens when governments go…the people stay as they are and work it through. I saw it in Europe and Asia after WWII. The people in Greece have seen it every ten years since.

    Today, the currency really doesn’t matter but the plastic does. I am sure that plastic will survive. It buys what we need even now, more than greenbacks. In fact, you can use it anywhere in the world and it will translate into value because it is what you buy that is important. That plastic can be a card, an ipad or a phone and the computer will keep track of it for the market.

    Think about it. Isn’t that the way we have lived the last twenty years…why we never account in government, et al. Debts…what’s that? Investments? For what. Wipe them out…they are just paper now anyway, lost energy! We live, we work, we get paid.

    • DMS

      Gov’t always plays a part in our lives- for better or worse. However, the biggest flaw was Pres. Reagan recreating the three-legged stool for retirement: Gov’t responsibility:Social Security; personal responsibility: 401K and Corporate responsibility: a private sector pension. Why did Pres. Reagan essentially force the private sector to take on 2/3 responsibility, while Gov’t employees, maintain healthy pension benefits and health care packages?? Additionally, has any one completed ananalysis of CEO pay acceleration and the elimination of employee pensions?

  • bhparkman

    There is a solution, but it sounds weird. Create as much for yourself and immediate family as possible – from as much raw materials as you can get. That means utilities (methane digester, private power plants, water collection systems), food (garden, orchard, livestock), medicine (chemistry, herbology, fitness), housing (build it yourself, cabin, straw bales), transportation (draft animal, horseless carriage), etc. It’s not easy, but it is possible and done now could soften the blows to come.

    • den-54z

      Then they come for your land. Read up on Agenda 21!

    • Louise in MO

      There is a culture and a people here in America who we need to learn from….the Amish. They are totally self sufficient! They are quite satisfied with their way of life.

  • Tom

    I heard someone say make the oil companies pay for our retirement. Great idea!

  • Paul

    “Could you live on less than 300 dollars a week?”

    Tell you what: my limit is 10 per day, whatever currency. DM, EU. £. It’s basically all the same.

    Excluding rent, utilities and vacation.

    When I was on social security I put every morning exactly 10 in my wallet. And when it was gone, it was gone. But more often than not at the end of the day there was still something left, which I took out and replaced it with 10. I got around on foot and bicycle. I didn’t have a phone, but I was applying for jobs, so had postage and paper, etc. to pay. Now you can go to the library and use Internet for free.

    And I still try to live on 10 a day. But on average I end up at 15 per day. And we have a vacation every year which includes at least 1 long-distance flight.

    Everything else goes into savings and investment, and now also into loan repayment. I have a loan for 20 years, with 10 years fixed interest at 3%. And I expect it been paid within these 10 years. I got the house and land at an auction and had the house modernised with 30cm insulation all around and modern underfloor heating and solar heating and triple-glazed windows for less than 1,000 EU per sqm.

    And hopefully, my wife will get another cleaning job.

    So, at the moment we are sorted. Still 20 years to go till retirement, by which time the house is paid and everything inside as well, the trees are bearing fruits, the veggy patch is thriving, the compost heap sitting in the shadow, and the kids playing in the nettles at the border of the property. 🙂

    What else can you ask for?

    • Roberta Wilson

      I like you!

    • you are indeed a wise person living by a good example….but kids playing in nettles? where are you from, and are nettles the same plant to you as they are to us in the states?

    • Kyo

      Paul, I like your philosophy, but if you come here to Japan (where the retiree problem is a lot worse), your plan will need some adjustment — 10 yen is about twelve and a half cents!

      (Make it 1000 yen, Japan’s smallest bill, and you’ve got a good, disciplined budget. Many ‘salarymen’ get this exact amount for lunch each day.)

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    Let’s make tasty crackers out of old people.

    • den-54z

      No Liberals taste better they’re a little sour like dill pickles.

  • Yoji

    Why don’t poor people get a **************** job and feed their own families. I’m rich but I WORKED MY ASS OFF to get to this point. Don’t be hating and expect me to bail your sorry ass out for your laziness and lack of commitment for saving

    • a user

      Tell that to a 96 year old who lost his savings and pension – like my grandfather who worked since he was 13. His global company, that he grew up working for, sold out to cheap labor overseas, liquidated their pensions to bankrupt PBGC for what it was worth @ pennies on the dollar, long after he retired. Every single thing was GONE. All that planning and living through the Depression was WORTHLESS. SS was all that was left and it was a pittance. We took him in, along with my grandmother and filled what they lost through NO fault of their own. (That’s what needs to happen now – more family members stepping up for extended family members, and stop buying into consumer materialism and crap.)

      Both of them would’ve have been poor otherwise – and you want him to get a job @ 96 by your logic? God, you people are absolutely sick, and it will come back to bite you in the ….. when your day comes. If that’s the attitude, we’re finished as a country, period. What a statement that all those 18-20 year old boys died in WWII for this kind of attitude now? OR Vietnam, or Gulf War I and current wars. WHY? What a racket.

      • Louise in MO

        God bless you for doing the right thing!

      • Maria

        Excellent post!

        So many people are in this situation. Years after retirement the money changers steal what inflation doesn’t eat up. Then there is the difficulty for those who are stepping up to the plate and helping needy family. Been there myself. My father-in-law was a wheel chair bound, arthritic WWII vet. Lived with my husband and I the last five years of his life. God rest his soul.

        Best bet….ignore insensitive comments, and take satisfaction in knowing you are doing the right thing. It’s what you do with your life that matters….not how much money you have. Sounds like you and your grandfather already figured that out.

    • Maria


      Maybe you don’t realize it, but not all poor people are lazy bums. Ever spend any time at a veteran hospital? Lot of good people there who have made HUGE sacrifices. Humble people who don’t expect you or anyone else to bail them out. They might be poor as church mice, but they’ve got something you could use a little more of….dignity.

  • @visionary, You want solutions, http://www.FixSSNow.Org. We list all solutions with unbiased analysis. If we are missing one, tell us what. If we are wrong, tell us where.

  • chiller

    We have the failings of our guberment, Walmart Street and the corporate banksters to blame for this crisis. Encouraging everyone to go into debt and not save…you could find articles from the crooked media near daily about this. Why save with interest rates at rock bottom and everyone, including all employers, telling people to invest in the stock market. Now that the criminals have lost all our money, suddenly it’s all OUR fault for not saving enough. I believe we will see desperate senior citizens with nothing left to lose, walking into institutions of their own choosing packed with explosives and returning the favor. If you’re going to force me to visit a death panel, I’m taking those bastards with me! And should I develop some fatal disease, I’ll go looking for anyone who even thinks about such a disgusting and demented means of thanking us seniors for our sacrifices to our future generations.

  • chiller

    Imagine….60 million desperate seniors with nothing to lose….even if only 10% are capable of physically doing something, that’s 6 million, highly pissed-off old fogy hit men looking for revenge for such a terrible end to their pointless lives.

    • Earnán

      Except you bluehairs will be blowing each other up, trying to read the fine print on the detonators, or geting your car-bombs stuck sideways in ditches.

      Pneumonia can’t take enough of you to Jesus soon enough.

      • Louise in MO


        Are you a psychopath?? I think you need to get off of this blog.

        Your comment is particularly offensive to me!

  • mondobeyondo

    Happy Turkey Day, especially to those 535 turkeys who reside in the House and Senate…

    Well OK, Ron Paul isn’t a turkey, and Gabby Giffords gets a sympathy vote from me. The other 533 can boil in a vat of chicken broth.

  • Dan

    I will be 52 in a few months and that makes me a tail-end “baby boomer”. Having said that, I can say that most people may age and older are greedy, selfish bullies using the fact that they vote to rob their children and grandchildren.

    And stop kidding yourselves….robbery is exactly what it is, but a cowardly form in that instead of sticking the gun directly in the face of younger workers, we have the government doing it for us.

    Time for the BABY boomers to grow up and have enough honor and integrity to face the truth. Time for the seniors in this Country to push for treating Socialist Insecurity as a welfare program and demanding that only those who are incapable of working and would starve without it, receive it or any other federal welfare “benefit”.

    That would include SSI and food-stamps…the whole kit and caboodle.

    Recipients of all ages drawing food-stamps should only be allowed to by staples (beans,rice, grains and flour)and cuts of meat less than $2.00 a pound (and yes it is available) and they need to learn to cook.

    Food-stamps should not be usable at “convenience” stores where prices are twice as high.

    And yes, it is possible to live quite well (by standards of most of the world) on $1,200.00 a month or even less! But, no you cannot have a McMansion, new car, vacations, eat out all the time or the kind of things millions of whining seniors take for granted.

    Unless you have personally saved and invested enough to live the lifestyle you wish, you have no right to demand anyone give a penny towards your survival!

    I know this sounds like I have a hard heart….but I myself expect to work until I die, expect “Socialist Insecurity” to fail before I can claim it….and in fact wish my children and grandchildren freedom.

    The whole thing was and is a Ponzi scheme and the net result of it it that a couple of generations of Seniors are going to have to make due with less, in proportion to the few generations who collected early.

    However, this does not have to be a tragedy. Americans are generally generous people. Seniors and those truly helpless and in extreme need would be taken care of at a level that would be considered luxury by billions on this planet.

    If we can face the ugly fact that our own government has screwed us all, we can make rational choices to minimize the damage.

    As far as Seniors go, how about small senior communities with cottages housing a couple of seniors each, and a big community center in the middle? How about the most active seniors helping work a community garden for fresh produce? How about community bulk buys of food, toiletries, etc. at warehouse stores? How about every senior not having a car and instead community bus, van or shuttle service to the nearest town?

    How about these seniors family, friends, Church and communities helping them in a voluntary manner?

    Lastly, how about instead of the government robbing Peter to pay Paul in the form of tax based wealth transfer, and for the most senior of seniors, the government instead give those 70 or above complete tax exemptions from all taxation?

    • a user

      I didn’t realize my 94 year old grandmother was whining about having a McMansion. She’s happy with her family at home – our home – taking care of her and cooking for her, tending to her needs. Whining? Not one damn word out of that Depression survivor, who along w/ my now deceased 96 yo grandfather, ate crap out of the ground that would make your head spin. Just to survive. They weren’t thinking of McMansions or dinners out , you idiot. You might want to draw back your age bracket accusations.

      They’re NOT whining, and your overly-broad stroke painting all older people as such is just evil, incorrect and hate-filled. SO glad they stormed the beaches of Normandy to make sure you lived to whine about them and their imaginary desires in old age. Pathetic beyond belief. Sick soul you are, and hope your health holds out so you don’t become one of them and can work until you’re 90+, as it sounds as if you’ll need it.

      • Louise in MO

        a User


      • Pete

        You are confused. The poster above was referring to the batch of current retirees, those of the Baby Boomer generation, not their parents. Your 96 year old grandmother who literally ate crap out of the ground during the great depression before donning a tin helmet and storming the beaches of Normandy is from the “Greatest Generation”. You have totally missed the point of the article and the point made by the poster above.

  • liberranter

    In all fairness to the Boomers (or any other generation within the last hundred years, for that matter), saving for retirement in dollars is/always has been a Sisyphean exercise in futility. Given that the value of the fiat dollar has steadily, relentlessly, and inevitably declined over the last century (to the point where it’s now worth only about five percent of its original, gold-based 1913 value), and given the punitive clauses of the federal tax code (also deliberate) that effectively prevent anyone not already a billionaire from being fully responsible for their own retirement, there is very little else that the Boomers (or anyone else) could really do to guarantee that assets saved for retirement would retain value in time for that day. Granted, savings in precious metals would have been a wise move early in life, but given the ups and downs of the markets for these (and the fact that private ownership of such was illegal for the first third of the years that make up the Boomer generation’s life), this too would have been problematic, at best.

    Bottom line: this situation is a catastrophic mess long in the making, the genesis of which predates the Boomers by over two generations. The REAL blame for this mess lies at the feet of the nineteenth-century bankster barons, all of whom were dispatched on their journeys to well-earned eternal damnation long before the inevitable fruits of their deliberately engineered New World Order catastrophe ripened.

  • 80sforever

    I’m SO GLAD these boomers are getting their just due. Just think what havoc they wrecked on this nation from their SELFISH actions. No why divorce and child support are now common? THANKS BOOMERS for showing society that you can have 2,3 or 4 marriages!!! And multiple kids by multiple fathers……THANKS AGAIN! So much for “death to you part”. Know where chronic and incessant DRUG USE came from??? Oh yeah, Boomers, thanks for Woodstock and you whoring “summer of love”, and pot and coke. Know where “consumerism as a religion” came from?? THANKS AGAIN BOOMERS! I am so thankful that most of you will be spending you later years in a fecal-ridden old age home. You deserve it….or worse.

    • pranah

      You are disgusting.

    • whatapigur

      What is wrong with you? This 60 year old has been married for 40 years, 35 of those spent as foster parents, and we are continually enjoying helping others. We also saved for our own retirement and are still working and will be till we can’t. We live modestly. We’re both Christians saved in the Jesus Movement days. Stereotypes are for stupid unimaginative people.

  • K T

    As an example of the above story, I submit the following anecdote.

    I am friends with 2 couples in their 70s. The first couple had 2 children and no more, because they could support them comfortably. They gave them good morals and great educations. In short, they gave them great lives. When they retired, the 2 children (who now have great jobs) wanted nothing more than to support and help them in their later years.

    The second couple had 5 children – and found it difficult to make ends meet (all the time). They could not give them all of the things they needed and when it came time for college, they said “you’ll have to make your own way.” 4 of the kids did not go to college, and the one that did now resents them. The children now barely make ends meet and most resent their mother and father. After the father died, the mother now lives on welfare due to bankruptcy over medical bills, no pension, etc….kids can’t and won’t support their mom.

    MORAL: The future is looking very dismal as most people lived heartily, thought everything was a party, and refused to plan. Time to emigrate.

  • Tim

    We need a 2nd industrial revolution in the U.S. The Chinese got rich selling junk to us, lets drill oil everywhere and sell it to them.

  • Social Security short of funds? Solution: Reduce collections by 2 percent one year and then reduce it by 4 percent the next year. Stupid! Obama calls it a “payroll tax cut”. A tax cut would be a reduction in your Income Taxes, not Social Security. Obama wants to kill off Soc Sec or at least take it even closer to collapsing. Thief. You pay for a program and then they say, sorry it’s broke. Underfunded, overspent, and mismanaged on purpose.

  • This crisis will end much worse than anyone can fathom. Mad Max will be a walk in the park compared to what we face.
    There is a solution, but testosterone has been weaned out of the American male. We need to enforce the law; start the arrest of politicians, judges, bankers, AG’s, and whomever claims to have a power not enumerated in either the state or federal constitutions. The US Constitution is very clear that it is the people who enforce the law, and for decades now we have been led to believe, through our ignorance and ambivalence, that it is the state and judges who make the law. The states closed down all the courts of law, and build a system of tyranny by claiming “police powers”.
    Nothing will change until we put our teeth into the matter. Have your state revitalize the Militia, and then re-open the grand jury’s and start the arrests.
    There is no other peaceful resolution to this dilemma.
    Pray to God that I’m wrong, but I can tell you that I’m not, and your children and grand children will hate you for your lack of understanding.

  • Jay McElhatten


  • Jay McElhatten

    I am so sick of the Government saying SS is struggling because of the people are living longer!The fact is that the politicians have borrowed from this fund and now want everyone to keep paying into it until they decide where they are going to steal the money from to fund SS!I call that embezelment! I am a public employee who works around troubled unlawful youth and I have been there 7 years and only get paid $10.50 an hour and I PAY MY OWN SHARE of my retirement(not the county!) Plus my helth insurance has gotten to the point rather I want to eat or pay for my meds.I am not wanting symathy just want people to know the facts!A VERY SMALL amount of people get their pansions totally paid for them so please don’t think public employees are rich!Al least not here in Ohio……

    • Pete

      Your numerous spelling errors and a lack of necessary punctuation in your comment tells me that you are doing very well to earn $10.50 an hour….

  • Richard Smith

    The SS program was not origionally intended as a retirement program. The money collected from our paychecks is matched by employers, and put into the SS fund. The bills are paid and the rest is put in the general treasury, being replaced with worthless I.O.U.s. The fund was plundered by criminal politicians and spent on their own programs. Not that the time is coming for them to put it back, they are squealing like stuck pigs, trying to pretend SS is a liability of the treasury. If congress was run like a business, they all would be in prison, which is where they deserve to be.

  • XGI

    You want an answer to all of this?

    1) Start by no longer offering aid to the 40+M mexican infiltraitors that have invaded our country looking for the “easy life” at the expense of the U.S. Tax payer.

    2) Offer incintives to U.S. manufactures that have taken operations overseas a good economic reason to come back home. Tax exemptions, hiring incintives, and remove the feel good EPA requirements that forced them to leave to begain with.

    3) Allow those that are paying into Social Security to claim the witholdings as a loss on their Federal Taxes. Anyone under 50 will never see a dime of what has been stolen from them. At least throw us a carrot for supporting this criminal machine for all these years.

    4) With less than 15 minutes effort, enough dirt could be found on any Congress member to warrent Federal jail time. Fifteen minutes is also enough time to arrest them all. We are being ruled by criminals. Period..

    5) Stop complaining about the folks that have beat the system. (The Rich)
    You should try to learn the secrets of their ways.. You too could become like them with some effort. Debt is the complete opposite of independance. Stop feeding the pig!

    6) If you play by the rules, you will loose by the rules, those are the rules!

  • It doesn’t matter how much you want Santa Claus to be real. He isn’t. And if you act as if he is, there will be lots of disappointed kids at Christmas. Likewise, you can play the game of “politics” and “government” all you want–thinking that getting the right guy on the throne is going to magically make society work–but sooner or later, you’re going to learn the results of having a giant coercive parasite class. And it looks to be sooner, rather than later. “But golly, my congressman PROMISED he’d keep stealing from other people to give money to me for the rest of my life!” Yeah, and the USSR promised to take care of the people, too. Prepare for The Fall of Rome II, because reality is knocking at the door, and there is no “political” trick that will stop it. If you think voting and “legislation” can somehow trump the laws of mathematics and economics, you’re in for a rude awakening.

    • Pete

      Very well said!

  • C De

    I think what most of us have forgotten is personal and family responsibility. We are nearly the only country where everyone has their own home. Many cultures have generational housing. An extended family that supports (emotionally and financially) one another. Grandparents are honored and have an important role in caring for grandchildren, helping with household tasks. Now everyone is so me centered. Parents shove children out of the home or children leave as soon as possible to start their own indebtedness buying things they can’t afford. Living on credit, amassing serious school loans. When the parents reach retirement so centered on “playing”. They spend all their money – now what? The government needs to do something– So wrong!
    We need a new model one that is family oriented not wealth oriented. Why work yourself into poor health eating fast food and sitting at a desk for 30 years. No wonder we’re obese and in poor health. Those years would be better spent building close family relationships. If we had multiple generations working together for financial security, we would lead healthier, productive lives not defined by “retirement”
    I’m just saying think about how you want to live your life before you reach 65.

  • Bill

    When I was young, we enjoyed watching seniors retire and draw their Social Security. We were also happy to pay into the fund. Let’s look at this from a point of view no one HAS CONSIDERED. The more seniors that retire and can actually live off their Social Security along with their retirement saving opens up jobs for others. These opening allow a younger work force that can pay into the fund. Yhe next thing that needs to happen is get the governments fingers out of the Social Security Fund. Allow this fund to grow so future generations that paid into it can draw from it. I remember when Social Security first came about. It was established that these funds were to be put into a seperate account and that “NO” government office or governmnt branch was to touch this money. I also remember seeing on television where the democrats had found a loop-hole in the law that allowed them to open the fund and remove the cash. A congress man announced on television that the fund would be opened, money taken out of it inorder to balance the budget of the other government offices. The same congressman also stated that the money would be replaced along with interest and the fund closed up once again. Guess what folks, the fund was opened, money taken out, the fund was never closed again and niether was interest paid to the fund. Now the big one “THE FUND WAS NEVER CLOSED” and our elected representatives continues to this day drawing money from the fund to keep other government offices running. The funds are also being used to pay for “Food Stamps, Welfare and Other Free Government Hand-outs”. The fund is not being used for it’s intended purpose.

  • aaron

    Looks like the old rules apply:

    Tend to yourself and your loved ones. Noboby else will…

  • Michael Gregory

    The baby boomers will reap what they sowed. They allowed themselves to get brainwhashed and elected administrations that went on a warmongering rampage for over four decades, that defaulted on the gold-standard (Nixon 1971) to deficit-finance a megalomaniac empire building spree. The Soviet Empire collapsed quite quickly as the population did not swallow state propaganda. The US empire has a gullible population that swallows propaganda hook, line and sinker (with spoonfulls of bait from Hollywood)So it’s taking a bit longer…

  • Gary2

    I do not keep saying to tax the rich and spread the wealth because I like to hear myself talk.

    I know people may not like simple solutions, however, taxing the rich hard and I mean HARD is the solution.

    Looks like the OWS agrees with this one as do I.

    You are starting to hear much more about the wealth and income inequality and the devastating impacts of this inequality.

    I love hearing Bernie Sanders say we need to make the millionaires and billionaires pay more!

    The new 2012 phrase=”lets make the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share before cutting programs that help the poor”

    I’m lovin it because it shows I am correct and that those who disagree with me are wrong.

    Tax the greedy to help the needy!!!

  • the big D

    All debts are paid either by the lenders or the debters. In this case the baby boomers are both. Your apathy has led you to this, you were in control it was your country, you allowed this to happen. Sorry your retirement is going to suck. But you squandered our nations future through your ignorence. The blame is yours not some greedy politician or banker you let them do it. Have fun in your retirement.

  • Jean

    I live comfortably on $647 a month SS. I worked really hard for that but I had 4 children to feed. I am almost 66 now (one of the first of the Boomers). I have no bills except rent, insurance and utilities. I paid off credit cards and only buy things now that I can pay for with cash or debit card. I HATE credit cards. They are an invention of the devil. I am in a position now where I want to save more money by buying my own home since there are so many available now doe to the bloodsuckers that have foreclosed on good hard working people that are victims of Obummer’s economy. But I can’t buy a home because I do not have open credit cards. It is horrible that our government can borrow and borrow, bail out banks and fund criminal agencies,using our money, expect us to pay for their indulgences, raise our taxes, take our homes away and then let those same banks and credit companies charge 20+% interest to use our own money!!! What would our government do if we all paid off our own debt, cut up all credit cards and lived on just what we have? I may live in a rented house now but I will have a mansion in heaven waiting on me when Jesus comes back soon in the Rapture.

  • JD

    I hate paying taxes. Period.

  • Paranoid is right on the money. I worked for a charity that phoned around town asking for miscellaneious goods as donations……….we got piles from lower-middle class neighborhoods, not so much from upper class. The latter, however were not less charitable, they simply didn’t have scads of impulse purchases gone bad!
    Shopping is the new feel-good drug. Unfortunately, on limited funds, you can’t shop & save too.

  • Jenny

    “Again this is a easy one-make the rich pay.”

    Ah, no… it is not that easy. The Simpson Bowles committee looked at what revenue the government could get from “taxing the rich” and it is not nearly enough. According to Allan Simpson, if you confiscated all income AND ASSETS from the so called “rich” you would only have enough money to run the government for 8 months. What then? We have no more rich and we still have 1.2 Trillion dollar deficits.

    The bottom line is the American people will not agree to pay enough in taxes to pay for the government we have today. In real dollars, the government would have to raise taxes by 60% on all Americans (including the middle class, where most of our wealth is accumulated because of sheer numbers)just to afford the government we have today. Again, American’s will not accept this. And, it gets worse. If you raise taxes by 60% you will destroy economic growth, which means each American tax payer might need to pay and additional 80% or 100% in new taxes just to eliminate today’s deficit. Then we need to consider the estimate 60 Trillion in unfunded government liabilities, which dwarf the current deficit problem.

    We have been destroyed by incompetent politicians, it is only a matter of time before the bill comes due.

  • Why do the nations rage and the people’s plot in vain? ……….

  • Richard Rider

    SS will not go broke. Instead (in addition to moving the retirement age further back), SS will HAVE to become “means tested.”

    If you are prudent enough to save for yourself — IRA’s, pensions, stocks, a home, an unspent inheritance, etc. — you won’t receive your “social insurance.”

    But for the young, I like to remind them that all is not lost — they still get the privilege of paying INTO SS for 40-50 years. What an honor!

  • jed

    Okay, here are some ideas for retirement.
    They may work for you or they may not.

    1) Housing: I know that the housing market is bad but it isn’t dead yet. Say you have a big house that has lost 25% in value but is still valued at $180,00. Sell it for $100,000 to $120,000 – in this climate you are not going to sell unless the house is perceived as a bargain. The internet is full of homes for $30-60,000, many of them fairly pleasant in safe neighborhoods. Buy one of them, spend $10,000 to upgrade it and put the rest of your house sales cash in gold or a currency fund. Be sure that the house you buy is smallish- eventually, you will more than make up for the loss you took on the sale of your big house thanks to lower upkeep costs, lower house taxes (which are probably going to start rising as govt becomes desperate for revenue) and lower energy bills (energy prices are probably going to rise dramatically, even more so if inflation is eating away at your savings).

    2) Housing – Consult with family and friends. Do you know people you could stand living with? Does one of you have a house that could be remodelled to house more people, providing everyone a degree of privacy? If both parties are home-owners, one home could be sold to finance remodelling, with some money left over. As you grow older, you will have a smaller living space, but a built-in support system and lower upkeep/energy bills. But enter with caution – this is a bit like getting married. Make sure you are compatible and that everything is taken care of legally beforehand.

    3) Alternative housing – A yurt. Believe it or not, I am not joking In a warm area, it is now possible to live comfortably in a yurt (with eletricity and plumbing) for a fraction of what it would cost to build a house. Find land with water rights and easy access to roads, but check local building codes. Another cheap option is a trailer, but not in a park – on a private plot where you have more privacy. Or look into senior trailer parks.

    4) Health – As Benjamin Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Lets face it, health costs are one of your biggest worries. You can’t prevent everything, but many problems are caused by/exacerbated by poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. Start a fitness programm now, but don’t push too hard. Life is going to start getting a lot more stressful and the healthier and fitter you are, the better your body will deal with stress – which will mean lower medical bills.

    5) Health – Get real. Okay, I do not believe in death panels, but I also do not beleive in coming up with $500,000 for medical bills so that I can extend my life by a couple of years, possibly in miserable conditions. Isn’t this just another way that our society has become greedy? Personally, I want to live to be 100. But rather than stress about how to achieve that goal, I will focus on living a life that I will not regret if I die tonight.

    6) Food – Ever heard of gardening? Live in the city? Find a vacant lot, form an organization and get city permission for a community garden. It’s a great way to keep socially active and to build up a support system, as well as to save on food costs while eating healthy food.

    7) Beating inflation – Inflation is coming whether we like it or not, and if you are retired or out of work, inflation can really hurt you because whatever savings you have becomes worth less and less. So sit down and take an inventory of all the things you cannot live without over the next 20 years and buy them now while your money is still worth something.

    7) Entertainment – Don’t be passive. There is lots of free entertainment, and while it is often difficult or frustrating to learn in the short-term, it is more fun in the long-term.

    GARDEN – it gives you something to look forward to during the winter.
    LEARN to play a musical instrument – after the initial outlay for the instrument and some sheet music, you will almost never need to spend anything, especially if you learn to play by ear. If you know other people who can play, it is great group entertainment.
    LEARN to draw/paint – I am hopeless, but have met people who thought they were also hopless and who turned out to be quite good. Drawing is cheap. If you get fairly good, people love to have pictures of themselves, their families, their pets etc.
    SEW/knit/crochet. You can get tons of practically free fabric at a thrift store(in the form of old clothes).
    START stocking up on card/board games that you can enjoy with your family and friends when none of you have money for other entertainment.
    READ – where I live, there is a thrift store that sells paperbacks for 25 cents (10 cents on Thursdays). I could get 200 books for 20 dollars. Or pay a good price for books, but find books that you might want to read several times over the years.
    GET a bike, go for walks, swim, dance, join clubs, get to know your neignors.

    8) BUILD community – Don’t just worry about how you can take care of yourself later, spend time taking care of others now. There is no greater joy than helping someone who really needs help. Volunteer – there are all kinds of opportunities in lots of different environments. When you spend your life taking care of other people, you find that other people enjoy being around you and taking care of you.

    9) GET right with God – we don’t live forever, you know.

    • Pete

      All good apart from number nine, it’s a bit of an assumption to suggest that people need to “get right with God” when so many people don’t actually believe in a God. Why befoul good, practical advice with religious dogma? It certainly lessens the impact of the advice.

      • matt


  • Colin

    As more and more people become unemployed or are working as under employed workers, they will come to live with their baby boomer parents. This will further strained the budgets of these parents as they attempt to take care of themselves and their children.

  • kathy

    I would love to know the percentage of people drawing SS or SSI that have never paid a dime into the system. Yes, they are out there…multitudes of them. Kids with deficit disorders, etc., get a check and go to a doctor all paid for by the SS administration. No wonder the system is broken. People know that disability from SS pays more, so guess what…we have so many should be academy award winners in society, it has broken the system. I am 56, always paid in, as my parents did. They died prior to ever drawing the first check. I will not draw because I believe the money will not be there. Just sayin..

  • gonecrazy

    Why should the rich have to bail anyone out?
    What did people do BEFORE social security?
    They lived with their families. Most families were large with many children and those children took care of their parents. This has NOTHING to do with the rich and everything to do with families taking care of each other. Taxing the rich and creating more government is not the answer to our problems. Taking care of each other IS the answer.

  • Tatiana Covington

    As I have said before: the real cause of all this trouble is aging itself. Very well: learn how to slow, stop, reverse, and prevent aging itself, so that, instead of being senile and decrepit at 90, one is still young, vigorous, and robust at 150 or 200.

    Aging is much better understood now than it was just 6 years ago. I expect it to be completely understood by 2025 at the latest. From then on, it will only be a problem in chemical engineering.

    • Pete

      If people are to live until they are a century and a half or two centuries old, don’t you also think that the human reproduction rate be curbed? There are seven Billion of us now and the number is rising, the quantity of resources to support us is not rising accordingly.

  • Brokkly

    There is a really good way to deal with this but Amerikans are too lame in general to make any changes before it’s too late. The way: STOP USING FEDERAL RESERVE CURRENCY, starting with all plastic cards. Grow your own food and medicine. Trade with others locally for things you need. Don’t buy things you don’t really need. Don’t buy cheap plastic crap from China. Don’t take pharmaceutical drugs if you don’t need them to save your life. Sell your television or at least don’t believe anything you hear, and refuse to watch Fox “News” at all costs. Make friends with other people your age and figure out a way to live with each other or at least close enough that you can share meals and care. Don’t waste money on cemetery plots or health insurance. Read more and more and read things you don’t necessarily agree with. Realize that things will get worse much faster than you think and figure out how you will cope with that. You can get by with no money but you can’t get by if you don’t have a clue about what’s going on or how it came to be. Question Authority.

    • Simone Lawson

      Not watch Fox News? What do you suggest CNN ? Now there’s a bastion of unbiased truth. Of all the news shows, Fox is the only one to present both sides. I’m not saying this as a Republican or Democrat; I’m sick of both of them, but Fox is by far the best of the lot.

      • tl

        Fox…fair and balanced is a joke! You have to be crazy…you have crazy right wing ideas if you only watch fox. Try some international press, independent press and consciously try to look for opposing view points. **************..Fox, really??

    • The Claymobile

      Dont watch the liberal-biased news networks.NBC,ABC,CBS,MSNBC, and CNN!

  • Scott

    It’s almost comical to see the same facts presented over and over thru the decades while we pack every stadium accross the country every week with 100K “struggling” citizens at 100.00/seat, 30.00 to park your car, and drinking 10.00 beers. Economic crises? Shocking corruption in government? Grow up America.

  • Dominionist Empire wars on everything and everybody don’t come cheap.

  • 53% er

    They need to stop giving money to the corrupt mega rich toilets like Mexico while their “Invaders and their Spawn” suck the tax payers dry!

  • Big Dick

    The 10,000 per day figure is based on a 65 yr old retire date. In fact most people in their 60’s are not going to retire but will continue to work ( if they have a job ) or will find another job in order to maintain their life expense levels. Medicine has extended life yes but it has also made the old person at 60 now the old person at 80. Social Security and Medicare are based on the same statistics, so the problem while dire is not yet a world economic killer. The killer is the corrupt ploiticians and banksters that continue to screw the rest of us!

  • darraugh

    US Senator Bernie Sanders of VT said SS is trillions to the good. It should not be in the deficit. Dean Baker co sponsor of Economy and Policy said that Medicare in it’s 75 year short fall is a quarter of the cost of Iraq and Afghan war. It is .04% of the GDP.

    FDR did not put in SS for the elderly, but for the younger people who were going bankrupt taking care of both their parents and their children. Who can afford to take care of their parents today? They are kicking the seniors out in the street to die while giving every thing to the illegal. Senior Killers.

    Send the illegal and foreign workers back home for the welfare of all US citizens. Then Obama keeping the wars going to keep his unemployment rate down instead of sending the illegal and foreign workers home, because Soros and Gregorian benefit from amnesty. “Soros who destroyed the US from the inside out and l0 other foreign countries etc.”

    The Americans on unemployment benefits can pay for SS or not and not for Medicare at all which hurts the seniors.

    Don’t blame the baby boomers blame this US government who wont’ sacrifice their salaries, pensions and perks. Then are for our country being invaded by the illegal aliens. Obama should be impeached for his back door amnesty and other things I could name.

    • cm

      You say not to blame the baby boomers. The government employs mostly baby boomers. They need to pass the “torch” as this article explains.

  • dcalsup

    We, meaning the most of the American people, are going to suffer a declining standard of living for generations to come, we are tapped out with no options to play.

    We fell asleep while we were on top of the world and find the hangover too much and just want it to go away. We are losing the country our fathers bleed and died for having followed every slick liar to come along.

    Lincoln and on have sold us a line and like good fish we bit hard on it. Wave goodbye to the good times.

  • Many Boomers will get a dose of reality when they try to retire on 100% of their income. If you are currently 5 yrs or less from retirement. The main goal should be to eliminate as much debt as possible. Debt is the #1 reason people will not retire successfully.

  • saul

    As fast as the BOOMER bubble comes. That is as fast as it will go. It’s not permanent, it’s only a passing occurance….

    • durp

      The Boomer generation is one of the most critical demographics in recent history. That’s why they are so important to marketers, sales, and government. It is wise to pay close attention to what they buy and how they vote because it affects all of us.

  • sharky

    The reason we have such enormous debt is because we took the dollar off the gold standard. If we returned to the gold standard, it would restrict the federal government’s ability to spend money we don’t have. End the Fed and end the banker manipulation of our economy.

  • durp

    We are completely bankrupt, working Americans are living in poverty, yet we have troops in 100 countries and we are bailing out millionaires on Wall Street with our tax dollars. Washington is not representing our interests. I fear a revolution is coming, and I don’t think it will be very civil.

  • durp

    Here’s some more good news- the Boomers are the first generation to retire on 401(k) & IRA plans instead of pensions. This means that now there will be more people selling stocks than buying them, so you should expect the stock market to be flat or drop from here.

  • Panamaniac

    The tax the rich fools don”t seem to realize if the government took everything from the “rich” it wouldn’t even make a dent in the deficit. The government has borrowed more money than even exists, except as numbers on paper. Expatriate!
    You can live well on far less than you imagine. Medical care is just as good in many countries and the economy is better in many places. Our ancestors left Europe for greener pastures in America, perhaps it’s time to leave the parasitical government behind.

    • Tax these rich sons of bitches, like some of the Rockerfellers or John Dupont’s people at the same rate us common folks are, at 42%(state and fed) to 50% when you add an 8% sales tax. Tax all of these money sucking specialists doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals at that same rate. Then cut off all of the illegal imigrants from our welfare and social security system….and we just might be able to get back up on our feet as a real free nation again……cause what these people in power now are trying to do is not going to work. Slavery never has worked, learn your history!

  • jackson

    This is the inevitable result of supporting the use of force at the foundation of our system. So long as one institution is granted a monopoly of force in a geographical area, total collapse will ensue. It is not the fault of one president or one policy or one welfare program, it is only the use of force to collect and enforce taxes that will always result in destruction. Violence can never be used for good except in self defense.

  • a user

    I apologize in advance for the horrible ideas.

    1. Baby Boomer retiree population will explode, and die off over the next couple decades.

    2. Stupid kids up to 50 years old will inherit the money and blow it on energy drinks, alcohol, tobacco, new cars, fast food, and dispose of their waste in the most convenient manner.

    3. They will then complain like the little children they are, scream for revolution, start criminal activities, and completely legitimize a legal system giving that of Islam a run for its money.


  • a user

    ….never mind. Ignorance is bliss.

  • We need to know the truth,then its our choice to complain or TAKE MASSIVE ACTION

  • This is hard time for both baby boomers & USA. These facts are surely striking and agonizing. But I believe, if baby boomers, who are about to retire, start planning their retirement & post-retirement life from now, they will be able to gain a better post-retirement life.

  • Anglyn Hays

    And the Boomers have allowed all these things to develop while they themselves dropped out of politics. There is such a thing, make your bed, sleep in it. The Boomers will have to readjust their materialism if they want much poorer generations to support them in old age. That’s the deal they cut for themselves when they always supported cutting back social benefits to the elderly in the 25 years they have been politically powerful. As long as they come down to the material level of the later generations, they will have no problems getting along. It won’t be the free spending days of their middle age, but their parents had to change too. I don’t see the elders as having much to complain about. If poverty was good enough for their children, it is good enough for them. It will just take adjusting to a new level of living.

    • Lizernst

      What a load of crap! Boomers have not dropped out of politics, nor are we thinking that a Confederacy of any sort would be OK – what a bunch of idiots!

      • Anglyn Hays

        Boomers haven’t been active since at least 1980 beyond abortion rights. They haven’t been able to affect anything, and have ignored problems developing for the 125 million people who are younger. They pretty much just went to sleep.

  • Nyfarmer

    It is very likely that the USA could end as we know it. Ironically the geographic area of what was the Confederacy plus the corn belt of Iowa and Illinois might have a shot at forming some stable regional government entity. The rest may devolve to complete lawlessness and chaos (greater Chicago perhaps) or alignment states (Washington state and Canada)

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