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30 Signs That The U.S. Economy Is About To Go Into The Toilet

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If you think the U.S. economy is bad now, just wait for a few months.  Things are about to become absolutely nightmarish.  None of the long-term economic trends that are hollowing out our economy have been addressed and more bad economic news seems to come out virtually every single day.  Now there is constant talk of the “next recession” in the mainstream media.  But did the last recession ever truly end?  The number of good jobs continues to decline, more stores are closing, incomes continue to go down, credit card debt and student loan debt are soaring, the housing market resembles a corpse, the number of Americans living in poverty continues to rise and government debt is at unprecedented levels.  We are losing blood fast, and almost all of our leaders are either too corrupt or too incompetent to be able to do anything about it.  The U.S. economy really and truly is about to go into the toilet, and if something is not done very quickly we are going to experience a complete and total economic disaster in this nation.

Americans have been promised over and over that this economic downturn is just “temporary” and that things will return to normal soon.  During this upcoming election cycle, the Democrats will swear that they have all the answers and that if we just elect them everything will be okay.  The Republicans will also swear that they have all the answers and that if we just elect them everything will be okay.

Well, both sides are lying.  The economic plans of both major political parties are a joke.  Neither of them can restore economic prosperity to this nation.

Our politicians could delay the coming economic collapse by borrowing gigantic piles of money and pumping all of that cash into the economy.  But stealing from our children and our grandchildren is not exactly sound economic policy.

Yes, the U.S. economy is in bad shape right now, but things are about to get even worse.  The long-term problems that are destroying our economy have not been fixed, and the leaks in our ship are going to continue to grow.

The following are 30 signs that the U.S. economy is about to go into the toilet….

#1 An increasing number of unemployed Americans have become so desperate that they have started to look for work overseas.  For example, the number of Americans that are submitting applications for temporary work visas in Canada has approximately doubled since 2008.  Other Americans are willing to learn foreign languages and travel to the other side of the world if that is what it takes to land a decent job.  Just consider the following quote from a recent USA Today report….

Job placement firms are reporting a surge in American worker interest in booming economies such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China and, increasingly, India. Hunt Partners, an executive search firm, estimates that it’s getting 50% to 100% more unsolicited résumés from Americans looking for Asia-based positions today than before the recession.

#2 When Barack Obama first took office, the official U.S. unemployment rate was 7.6 percent.  Today it is 9.1 percent.

#3 The number of Americans that are concerned that they will lose their jobs continues to hover near record highs.  According to Gallup, 30 percent of all employed Americans are worried that they will soon be laid off.

#4 After three straight years of very high unemployment, you can feel frustration and desperation in the air almost everywhere that you go.  Many unemployed Americans are now at the end of their ropes.  The following is from a testimonial that was recently posted on The Atlantic….

The most difficult part of the job search is:

1. that I don’t live near a factory or outsource outlet in China, India, or Malaysia.

2. trying not to appear desperate for a job when I am, in fact, quite desperate for a job.

3. that I am subject to everyone’s advice on how to get a job, but no real job leads.

4. that I am reminded that having a good job is not an entitlement.

5. that when I become depressed from my job search, I’m told told to cheer up or else give a bad vibe to prospective employers … yet when I become happy through non-search related activities, I am reminded that I should be looking for work

7. that when I confide to friends and family that I have “given up” to pursue more fruitful interests,  it elicits a crushing look of disbelief, disappointment, and disgust

8. waiting for permission to give up.

#5 The percentage of American men that are employed continues to plummet.  In July, only 63.5 percent of all men in the United States had a job.  Since 1948, that number has only been lower one time (63.3 percent in December 2009).

#6 Back in the 1950s, manufacturing accounted for about 28 percent of U.S. GDP.  Last year, it accounted for just 11.7 percent.  Meanwhile, manufacturing now accounts for about 25 percent of GDP in China and they now actually have more factory production each year than we do.  Sadly, Barack Obama is pushing for even more trade agreements that will send millions more of our jobs overseas.

#7 The percentage of Americans that are working low paying jobs continues to relentlessly march upwards.  Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

#8 According to John Williams of, after you add in all short-term discouraged workers, all long-term discouraged workers and all Americans that are working part-time because they cannot find full-time employment, the real unemployment rate should be approximately 23 percent.

#9 We are starting to see another huge wave of store closings and layoffs.  For example, the parent company of Payless stores has announced that it will be permanently closing 475 stores.  Borders is in the process of closing every single one of its 399 stores.  Also, Bank of America has just announced that it will be closing about 600 branches, and that could result in the loss of about 30,000 good jobs.

#10 Median household income has fallen for three years in a row.

#11 Americans are really starting to rack up consumer debt once again.  According to Time Magazine, U.S. consumers are on pace to collectively add 54 billion dollars in credit card debt in 2011.

#12 Student loan defaults are rising very sharply. Just consider the following excerpt from a recent New York Times article….

The share of federal student loan defaults rose sharply last year, especially at for-profit colleges and universities, where 15 percent of borrowers defaulted in the first two years of repayment, up from 11.6 percent the previous year.

#13 According to a chart in The Economist, whenever the number of newspaper articles in the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal that mention the word “recession” goes over 1,500 in a particular quarter, the U.S. economy almost always goes into a recession.

#14 The U.S. housing crash just continues to get worse.  The index of home builder sentiment put out by the National Association of Home Builders fell once again during the month of September.  With such a glut of unsold foreclosed homes on the market, it is making things really hard of home builders.  Things have gotten so bad that even the U.S. government now owns nearly a quarter of a million foreclosed homes.  The impact of this housing nightmare on families has been absolutely devastating.  Just check out what a recent Time Magazine article had to say about what has been going on in California….

The impact on children has been brutal: since 2007, 7% of the state’s children have had a foreclosure process started on their homes, the fourth-highest level in the nation, according to a study released this month by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

#15 Many believe that due to much tighter lending standards, it is now harder to be approved for a mortgage than at any other time since World War II.  This is absolutely crushing the housing market.

#16 Most Americans don’t seem to expect housing prices to recover for an extended period of time.  One recent survey found that 54 percent of Americans believe that there will not be a housing recovery until “2014 or later“.

#17 The combined debt of the largest GSEs (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Sallie Mae) has increased from 3.2 trillion in 2008 to a whopping 6.4 trillion in 2011.  If that debt goes bad, U.S. taxpayers will be left holding the bill.

#18 There are now nearly 50 million Americans that do not have health insurance, and the percentage of Americans covered by employer-based health plans has fallen for 11 years in a row.  Meanwhile, Americans now spend about 3 times as much on health care as they did back in 1990.

#19 The Postal Service has publicly announced that it is “on the verge” of financial collapse.

#20 The number of small businesses continues to fall.  I recently noted this fact on The American Dream Blog….

The number of “self-employed” Americans continues to rapidly shrink.  According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006.  Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.  Even though we have 14 million unemployed people in this country and jobs are incredibly difficult to come by, the number of people trying to work for themselves continues to decrease because the environment for small businesses in this country has become so incredibly toxic.

#21 American consumers have become tremendously pessimistic.  According to one recent survey, 61 percent of all Americans believe that they will not return to their “pre-recession” lifestyles until at least 2014.  According to a different recent survey, 39 percent of Americans actually believe that the U.S. economy has now entered a “permanent decline”.

#22 Many U.S. investors certainly seem to believe that trouble is coming.  According to CNN, last month the number of bets against the S&P 500 was the highest that we have seen in about a year.

#23 The number of U.S. households that are “doubling up” continues to grow.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of combined households has increased by 10.7 percent since 2007.

#24 When Barack Obama moved into the White House, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83.  Today it is $3.58.

#25 The number of Americans living in poverty grew by 2.6 million last year.  That was the largest increase since the U.S. government began calculating poverty figures back in 1959.

#26 Back in the year 2000, 11.3% of all Americans were living in poverty.  Today, 15.1% of all Americans are living in poverty.

#27 On Barack Obama’s first day on the job, there were about 32 million Americans on food stamps.  Today, there are more than 45 million Americans on food stamps.

#28 If there is a financial collapse in Europe, that will definitely plunge us into another recession.  Right now, things do not look promising.  At this point, headlines all over the world are proclaiming that Greece is dangerously close to defaulting.

#29 At some point soon, investors all over the globe may decide that it is time to start dumping U.S. government debt.  For example, Chinese officials are now openly talking about the need to “liquidate” their holdings of U.S. Treasuries.

#30 The U.S. national debt continues to explode in size and spiral out of control.  According to Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff, the U.S. “fiscal gap” increased by about 6 trillion dollars last year.  In fact, Kotlikoff makes a compelling argument that Greece is actually in better shape financially than the United States is.

Do you now understand how much trouble we are in?

The long-term trends that are destroying us continue to get worse.

The United States is steamrolling directly toward an economic collapse.

When this economy hits bottom and splatters all over the place, it is not going to be easy to fix.

The America that we know today is going to be wiped out by a gigantic mountain of debt and by the consequences of decades of really bad decisions.

We were handed the keys to the greatest economic machine in the history of the world and we have wrecked it.

So prepare for really, really hard times ahead.

The era of endless prosperity is ending.

Next comes the pain.


  • What matters most despite this economic crisis that the US is struggling with is to hold on together instead of pointing fingers at the government. We can only do so much and let us exert all our efforts in cooperating and stop becoming passive of what’s happening to our country.


      “Squeeze the Charmin” anyone?

      Seriously? What matters is that people know who to point their fingers at. Government and Money junkie Street are to blame for this fiasco. Greed to the infinite power along with dangerously and hopelessly corrupt government are clearly to blame for this massive economic collapse…………

    • Steve

      Yes, let us all hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”. NOT! Hate to burst your bubble, but the Government IS the problem.

  • Randy Robinson

    wow. i gotta go and hug my kid and complete my preparation.

  • TK

    Next comes the pain.

    This is the absolute truth. America has only tasted a little bit of what is to come. I heard one man say that if you make $20,000 or more per year, you are in the top 1/2 of 1% of rich folks in the world.

    Now that is something to think about. Are you in the top 1/2 of 1%? Be thankful and start preparing to be in the bottom 99.5%!

  • Gary2

    We know the solution-Tax the rich and spread the wealth. Its really that simple.

    Ahhh – The Reagan Revolution­. Trickle, trickle.
    30 years later, the middle class virtually destroyed, our infrastruc­ture on a par with El Salvador – and the rich richer than they’ve ever been. Ever.
    I know, I know; if we’d only eliminate all taxes for job creators – everything would be fine again.

    Time to drop another job creator in the toilet.

    Obama Millionaire’s Tax: President To Seek New Tax Rate For Wealthy

    Finally tax the ***** rich and spread the wealth.

    Easily 80 plus percent of the people in various pools say the first thing we need to do is to “TAX THE RICH” over 80%!!!

    The repubes want to raise taxes on the poor and whats left of the middle class and cut them further for the rich. I think the time is coming for some major wealth redistribution similar to London. The poor and formerly middle class are pushed to the brink.

    • Grumpy

      I’m so completely not shocked by your perpetual display of willful ignorance, blind stupidity, meaningless platitudes, and disdain for humanity.

      There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    • Ben Dover

      Makes me want to take my taser out to a homeless camp…again.

    • RSteiner

      Immoral actions lead to immoral outcomes: Anybody who is strong enough to “tax the rich over 80%” is also strong enough to make sure that the tax revenue goes to him.

      That is basically what is already happening:

      The super-rich are not getting their wealth from the free market, no. They get their impossible riches from the taxpayer.

      In other words:

      More taxes = more money for the super-rich

      What we need is less taxes and no more bailouts.

    • Jeff Kline

      Hmmm…. Another liberal.
      Liberals believe that all the money belongs to everyone and that no one person should hold or horde it.
      Liberals do not believe they have to work hard for a living. Liberals in fact very much embrace the socialist and communist models of equalizing property and finance among all peoples despite any one person’s actual ability to do a job.
      Yeah; I’d say you pretty much described your position.

    • Tim

      They may tax the rich, but they won’t be “spreading” the wealth.

    • knightowl77

      Not sure which “pool” you were in, where 80% said to tax the rich, but you still might want to head to Cuba where they already follow your plan. It is working real well for them. All the rich are government officials and the rest have left for less taxing environments…

      So instead of changing this country into some marxist backwater, why don’t you just emigrate to a place where the folks are like minded?

    • Kevin2


      Taxing the rich will delay and dampen the fall for the lower end of the economic ladder but we’re falling none the less. Wealth needs to be created.

      I do think the claim that “The Rich Create Jobs” has lost a lot of it’s merit. Once upon a time when the goods “The Rich” bought were made in the USA the concept of bleeding off their wealth being counter productive had merit. When what they buy is manufactured out of the US the jobs they are creating are not here. If you taxed them more would they not go out to dinner as much thereby reducing the “service economy”.It’s highly doubtful even if they did the impact would not be more then offset by feeding more poor.

      I don’t think taxing the rich will have the negative economic impact it once had. However it will not fix the problem either.

      • Gary2

        I am happy to slow down the fall then. It will buy time to find a more perm solution.

        • Gary2

          Time to declare all out war. It’s no secret anymore. We are coming for you rich people. We’ve taken all we can take, and we aren’t buying your BS anymore.

      • Syrin

        You’re wrong there. ANY job that is created needs capital. It’s THAT SIMPLE. You take MORE capital away from those who create jobs, and there will be fewer jobs.

    • SVD
      • Gary2

        Of it is on fox in is not news but propaganda trash that intelligent people disregard.

        • SVD

          Nice try Gary…your response is what I expected. Next time go to the source!!!

          Hint: IRS

      • Tim

        Good find!

    • Brandy

      Gary, you never have anything new to say…

      • Gary2

        Because if the wealth is not spread more evenly nothing else will matter. I keep saying it because the wealth and income inequality is the biggest issue that all other issues arise from. Solve that and most other things will also be solved. One example-if the rich are not so rich they will not have the money/power to buy government like they currently do. If they can not buy government then maybe just maybe we will get campaign reform etc etc.

    • Tripseven

      London didn’t redistribute any wealth. They had riots that cost everybody, and made the whole country less.
      I started to respond earlier today and had to stop. I still wonder (sevreral hours later) how can you breath? with your head up your own…

      Do you know the difference between a conservative and a liberal Gary?

      Conservative want everyone to have the same opportunities.
      Liberals want everyone to have the same outcomes.

      • Gary2

        But my friend we do not even come close to everyone having the same opportunities.

        My definition of conservative-selfish pig I got mine screw you and liberal-willing to help others.

        Selfishness could be substituted for republican/conservative as they are the same.

        I direct you to the recent repube moran-a-than where they said to let the uninsured guy die.

        Disgusting right wing libertarian scum.

    • Syrin

      You have got to be the single biggest dumb ass I have ever read in my life. We would need a jaws of life to remove your head from your ass. You have NO F***ING CLUE about how an economy works yet seem to believe in your theory craft which has been PROVEN to be wrong. Yet here you are like the heretical dumb ass you are spreading verbal diarrhea where ever you go. I could give you a HUNDRED links to educate you about what’s been done in nations over the planet throughout the history of the world, and you’re too damn dumb and willfully blind to learn.

      Do these two SIMPLE things.

      1) Show me a SINGLE study showing us that raising the taxes on the “rich” who already pay 70+% of all taxes makes the poor ANY welathier (hint, it doesn’t therefore it doesn’t exist)

      2) Explain to us how taxing Buffet more on his post tax dollars helps make his secretary any wealthier, assuming he doesn’t fire her because of lost profits.

      • Gary2

        ) Show me a SINGLE study showing us that raising the taxes on the “rich” who already pay 70+% of all taxes makes the poor ANY welathier (hint, it doesn’t therefore it doesn’t exist)

        In the late 1990’s real income for the poorest % actually increased and taxes on the rich were higher.

        I think it is you who have your head up Rush’s rear. I just proved you wrong.

        2) Explain to us how taxing Buffet more on his post tax dollars helps make his secretary any wealthier, assuming he doesn’t fire her because of lost profits.

        To all low info rush listeners: I found this on the daily kos and its so true. You are the problem–teapublicans.

        We hear Millionaires who host Radio shows brainwash their middle to low income listeners into falsely believing that Taxing the rich 3% more will be worse for the US Economy than what we have right now.

        Millionaire Talk Show host can’t possibly be the ones chanting “don’t tax me 3% more” so they get their brainwashed audience to do it for the millionaires. Meanwhile we have crumbling bridges.
        — I always envision Rush Limpba//s, Sean Insanity, GlennDUH Beck et al laughing AT their audience all the way to the bank.

        (D) Here’s how brainwashed the Tea Party Individuals have become.
        We have: crumbling Interstate bridges, police stations closing, fire departments closing, hospitals closing, schools closing, 23% cuts in food programs for women and their infant children (WIC) and many more but the Tea Party Individual chants “We can’t afford any of those things”
        September 20th, 2011 at 8:59 pm · Reply

        The United States has lived under the Bush Tax Cuts since 2001. 10 years later, the Poverty Rate has reached its highest level since it started being recorded in 1959
        But an increase in the number of Americans living in Poverty is not all now we can to the “LOSS” of quality of living in the USA due to the Bush Tax Cuts:
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Crumbling/Closed Interstate Bridges
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Crumbling Interstate Roads
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Closed Police and Fire Departments
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Hospitals Shutting Down
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Air Pollution Rising
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Schools Shutting Down
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Uninsured in USA INCREASES
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Unemployment INCREASE
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Income Gap Between Rich and Poor Increases
        – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Stagnant US Economic Growth
        Could these be Bumper Sticker ideas for the 2012 Election.

        More money for single payer healthcare and a much more robust safety net.

        It is obvious that you are using fox news.

        Please get off the tea tanic talking points. please think for your self.

        • Gary2

          answer to your second question:

          More money for single payer healthcare and a much more robust safety net.

          It is obvious that you are using fox news.

          Please get off the tea tanic talking points. please think for your self.

          I messed up on my cut and paste from my post on Michaels other site

      • Gary2

        PS-when you look at all taxes and not just cherry pick the income tax the rich pay less than the poor as a % of their income.

        Facts are facts. Again turn off fox and think as your 70% figure is so obviously incorrect I can’t believe you would even quote it.

    • Liberty74

      America has been taxing the rich who pay the vast majority of the federal income taxes for the last 50 years and spreading tens of trillions of dollars around in redistribution. Look where the redistribution welfare entitlement ideology has gotten us – bankrupt!

      Europe socks it to the rich far greater than America does. Look where taxing the rich has gotten them – financially bankrupt welfare entitlement countries.

      Yes, I do see a pattern here by the centralized planners – imploding economies and huge government debt.

      Your class warfare, class envy and hatred are not quality traits to have.

      Government taxing income is THEFT! It’s immoral and inhumane.

      • Gary2

        why is it class warfare when we want to tax the rich but not class warfare when we the poor bail out the rich and continue to cut their taxes while cutting programs that help the poor?

        I would direct you to the Scandinavian countries who have socialism and are doing quite well.

        Europe is in the mess they are in due to coping the ways America does things.

        • Ben Dover

          Why don’t you move there?

        • Tripseven

          You’re gonna have to define your terms more clearly.
          For most of us, the poor are the 46% of the population who pay no taxes, but receive what is paid in by others.
          The middle class is the largest group of taxpayers but they cummulatively pay in less than the rich. Hence the top 1% of earners pay the highest percentage of taxes already and you want to increase that amount for some reason.

          Your claim that the poor bail out the rich… The poor, who pay no taxes… bail out the rich…
          If you are paying taxes, then you are not poor Gary. You may not have as much as some, but you do have more than others.

          Most conservatives don’t advocate cutting programs which help the poor. Washington DC lays the poor, the military, the children, on the sacrificial table everytime the subject comes up. Their rich, why don’t they cut their own salaries? why don’t they cut aid to foreign countries who would like to see us bombed into oblivion?
          Conservative do advocate some things, cutting benefits to drug addicts, I have to pass a drug test to work (truly I do) why don’t they have to be drug free to gat a benefit?
          I think the right to vote should be restricted to tax payers. If you want to vote then earn a paycheck and pay tax.

          I’m not goin’ to scandahoovia. Direct yourself there.

          Europes union woes are our federal fault? I don’t think so.

          In closing, you regulartly tell us your side is winning, I truly hope not. If “your side wins” we won’t have scandahoovian socialism. We will have the return to the dark ages, peasants and lords. You and I both will be peasants, not lords.


        • knightowl77

          It was both Dems and Repubs who voted for the bailouts of Wall St. It should not have been done….The difference is taking money from taxpayers and giving it someone else is WRONG whether it is a banker or a poor person…

          Since LBJ we have spent TRILLIONS of dollars taken from taxpayers and given to the poor, and guess what we have more poor, not less.

          It doesn’t work

    • Gary:

      If you live in the US, congratulations: you’re already in the wealthiest 1% of the world.

      If you don’t IMMEDIATELY give away all your wealth to those less fortunate, they have the moral right to come with guns and knives to take it from you by force, right?

      Please leave your front door unlocked for them so they can put this grand new plan you’ve discovered into effect more easily. You might also consider a blindfold before they put you up against the wall.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    About #1:

    Are Americans willing to leave The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) and move to another country in order to get a decent job? You bet they are. Here’s an example.

    In August, a young woman I know here in Philly accepted a high-paying job in Bogotá, Colombia. Although she had a degree from Temple University, she was working crappy dead-end, low-paying service jobs (not uncommon for today’s college graduates) and was buried in student loan debt. She spoke Spanish fluently as a second language, and it didn’t take her long to decide it would be much better to have a high-paying job in Colombia than be painfully underemployed in the BRA. Understandably, she was nervous about living in a city with as much crime, desperation and hardcore poverty as Bogotá—and I told her that yes, she would need to take precautions. Kidnapping is quite common in Colombia and other Latin American countries, where the poor and the desperate do desperate things. But I pointed out that the former USA is now a Third World banana republic—and it wasn’t as though she was still living in a developed country. As Gerald Celente has pointed out, this is the world’s first UN-developing country. The Temple grad grew up in a developed country, but thanks to The White Shoe Boys’ rape of the American middle class, the USA became the BRA and joined the Third World.

    And make no mistake: the BRA is a Third World hellhole. The Banana Republic of America has been in a depression since Sept. 2008, and this depression is going to deepen considerably. The pain, suffering and misery will only get worse……….and worse, and worse. We’re seriously screwed.

    By the way, I love the toilet paper visual–that is definitely an accurate way to depict the BRA economy.

    • Michael

      Good comment El Pollo!


  • Highspeed

    I’ve got to hand it to you Michael, you sure know how to keep us on our collective toes. I have a very good family friend, a neighbor, a couple of brothers and other friends who now read the blog every day. We read the articles and then discuss them and then we reformulate our plans a couple of times a week. Tomorrow we are picking up a camper to park deep in the woods in case the time comes that we must flee our homes.
    My greatest concern is farming for survival. I have seeds and fertilizer, canning jars, a pressure cooker and everything you would need to keep family alive for several years to come. Water should not be a problem for us, but I worry about those who will simply steal from us to sustain themselves.

    My group is as prepared in many ways as anybody else I know, but, I am sure we will still suffer in many unexpected ways. I am counting on the Word of God to sustain us and doing everything in my power to be a blessing during these trying times. Tonight I am saying a special prayer for you and all of those who are prepping. Tough times are coming, but, God is good! Thanks again for your constant commitment to your readers. You are a blessing to many.

    • Michael

      Wow Highspeed – thank you for spreading the word. 🙂

      I am really honored that your family and friends take the time to check out the site every day.

      When I first started writing I didn’t feel much pressure because I figured nobody would see it anyway.

      These days, there is a lot more pressure because I know that these articles will be seen by huge numbers of people all across the country.

      So please remember to pray for me – the pressure is on. 🙂


      • Steve UK

        All across the world Michael, and thanks.

        • Michael

          Yes, I did not mean to leave the global readers out. 🙂


          • Tripseven

            I hope you’re making money hand over fist doing this!

            It’s very informative

            Thank you!

      • Jake

        It was good to see that Zero Hedge carried your blog article on poverty in America last sunday.

        • Michael


          Yes, it is a great honor to be featured on a number of really great websites. I always allow them to use my articles for free. The more people that see the articles the more good they will do.


  • that’s all because of bad government..

  • All the republicans want to do is replace taxes with debt.

    All the democrats want to do is engage in debt based spending.

    It is now time to pay the piper because the US economy can no longer be stimulated with more debt.

    Our politicians could delay the coming economic collapse by borrowing gigantic piles of money and pumping all of that cash into the economy.

    At this point in time, more debt will speed up the coming economic collapse.

    If you care about your future, demand an immediate end to any further debt expansion.

  • wreighzzah

    economic crisis is everywhere. and the US is not exempted from it. Times are going to continue to
    get harder. Better tighten our belts and start saving.

  • Billy

    When do we march?

    • paula

      Start praying for Ron Paul…he is good and decent, the opposite to the evil ruling today.

      Avoid any violent clashes like they have in other countries, this only damages property of ordinary people like yourself, and the elite don’t care about that….they want that so that they can “bring order out of chaos” !! All part of the NWO takeover plan!

  • DM

    Until the problem of legalized corruption is dealt with in this country, there will be no solutions coming from our leaders. The reality is that our institutions have been corrupted by the influence of money and power.

    For example, 8 million jobs can be made available to American workers if the government would enforce immigration laws. These are laws enacted to protect American workers from cheap foreign labor. No one in government wants to enforce such laws for fear of losing the Hispanic vote or incurring the anger of companies which hire illegal aliens.

    Another example is revamping the tax code to penalize companies for hiring overseas workers and building overseas plants. No one in leadership wants to do so for fear of incurring the wrath of Wall Street.

    When Americans get fed up with the corruption and start demanding reform in government, media, and business, then real solutions will appear.

    In Israel there were recent non-violent protests regarding high real estate prices. The government of Israel got involved and moved to implement measures to lower real estate prices. For years, Israelis complained about high real estate prices. The government did nothing. When their roads were blocked by protesters, the government got involved.

  • Raeya

    Government is only thinking of
    what will get them more money
    and get them re elected.

    They no longer care about the
    people they represent.

    Times are going to continue to
    get harder and harder.

    What to do about this?

    I am so glad I learned the
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    How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos
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    I know this video can help you also.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    “The America that we know today is going to be wiped out by a gigantic mountain of debt and by the consequences of decades of really bad decisions.”

    That is the issue in a nutshell. There is no way out of this coming collapse. We’ve built this disaster over the last 4 decades. However, destruction does offer opportunities. Do we choose chaos followed by repression or do we accept shared sacrifice and slowly rebuild a sane economy based on local and regional values and needs? Meanwhile, keep prepping.

  • jim antho

    good morning, the usa is was n always will be a nation to look up to, in every aspect of the word.True, it is going through hardship in every which way possible. Maybe it is karma. The way i see it, it is more like self cleansing, with all the earthquakes,fire,typhoons,flood,and etc u name it.From my observation,it might take a decade to come out of this rut. Hopefully, it won’t take much longer,otherwise all of us will be in deep shit.I read somewhere we might have a 3rd world war in our hands,in the not to distant future.Pray it does not happen,as the consequences will be devastating.I sincerely pray n hope the usa will some out unscathed by this financial crisis. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • jim antho

    I don’t think so. This is my first comment. I am dumbfounded. Anyway,maybe someone read my thoughts. Ha ha ha.

  • Mad Max

    That’s right, the recession never ended. I’m shocked that most of the media is starting to report real signs of a recession that that never ended on main street. Well here we are. Nothings going to get fixed until people stand up and say enough!

    OsiXs (Revolution 2.0)

  • Harpo

    How do you write this stuff every day without taking 50 anti-depressants or being suicidal.

    • Michael


      Life is not about what we own.

      If you dig deeper, you will find that this site is all about love, hope and truth.

      If you are looking for hope, keep coming back to this site. Eventually your eyes will see.


      • Gary2

        It helps to be rich all else being equal. I think people keep telling themselves that there is more to life than money to make themselves feel better. I would much rather be rich .

        • Grumpy

          TAX GARY! HE’S RICH!

          • Gary2

            I wish

      • paula

        God is waiting for us to turn to Him, repent and change our lives…there is no need to fear when we have Him on our side.

        There is too much greed/evil in the world now and the whole world cries out for cleansing and getting back to basics and a simple life with God in first place where He should be!

        Only then will there be order. “God is the only One who can/will bring real order out of chaos” !

        Only then will we know true happiness and peace!

      • Jeremy

        Damn Michael, that is beautiful and you are correct.

  • Ian

    And yet everywhere i look i see Mercedes Benz, BMW’s, packed football stadiums, events and concerts selling out at a rapid pace. I see lines at Whole Foods stretched to the door. I see every man woman and child with a cell phone or ipad. I see people wearing the latest fashions and trends. I see people filling up there gas guzzling SUV’S without a second thought and i see rampant decadence like never before. And not to mention, at least 5 new stores and restaurants have opened in town just in the last month alone.
    Where is this economic downturn because it sure doesnt look like a third world nation or a banana republic to me. Maybe i live in an affluent area (in northern california) but honestly, i know of no one who is unemployed unless they choose to be. Maybe i am just focusing on the positive and maybe i have faith that things are actually going to be fine economically.
    I dont know. i think i am just in an affluent area, but even when i visit other areas in California, i still see prosperity like i have never seen anywhere else in the world.
    Perhaps this is what happens when you focus on the positive rather than the negative, I choose to focus on the positive from here on out.

    • Highspeed

      Many of those folks are living on credit cards. Just wait till the final bill comes due.

      • Gary2

        They will just default. This is their way of redistributing wealth. More power to them.

    • Otown Right Guy

      You do live in an affluent area. Silicon Valley and parts of the financial sector are still doing relatively well. This current crisis is mainly affecting the people that were involved in the housing bubble. It has not fully reached white collar America. Just give it some time.

    • tom

      Ian, I know what you mean. I am confused because I see all these statistics that say how bad everything is, yet, the mall is packed, you can’t find a parking spot at Costco, everybody is on their iphone, etc., just like you said. You wait forever at restaurants and they’re supposedly putting in a Home Depot right near here. And my area isn’t particularly affluent.

      I live in southern Oregon (probably not far from you), and on the other hand, I do see what used to be campgrounds that are now permanently occupied (several just within a few miles of here). Crime is up. Families have doubled up around me. I don’t know anyone that is unemployed, but there are signs of trouble around here.

      I wonder if people aren’t just living on borrowed time and borrowed money with their heads in the sand.

      I have a theory that as long as people’s various diversions (pornography, sports, TV, drugs, alcohol) are not interrupted they won’t get off the couch. The politicians know this and go to great lengths to keep things like these going (like by providing welfare and food stamps so people can use what little money they have to keep the cable on and liquor flowing). I call it my theory of diversions ( It’s similar to what others call “bread and circuses.” Just my guess.

      I’d like to focus only on the positive, but it’s very hard.

      • Gary2

        Anecdotal evidence is the worst kind, however, I also see in the Milwaukee area these same things. I get done with work around 730pm and its unbelievable the number of cars in the restaurants.

    • D

      You are generalizing your personal perception. True, there are still plenty of prosperous places around the US, but there are also a riot of hell holes creeping up which were one amazing places. Statistics show it, and if you drive a little further (especially in CA), you will see it. Remember, bread and circus keep us docile.

      It doesn’t take long to crumble wants a domino effect gets put in place. Everything can fall to the ground in one, very fast, hiccup.

  • RSteiner

    The real problem is that nobody is willing to make the huge welfare-warfare state smaller.

    When somebody proposes that maybe America does not need hundreds of military bases around the world, he gets shouted down by the right.

    When somebody proposes that maybe we can no longer afford to feed an exponentially growing underclass that is not just unwilling but unable to pull their own weight, he gets shouted down by the left.

    End result: A “compromise” is reached: More wars for the right and more welfare for the left.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Very true. Ron Paul is the only one who will take on both the welfare and warfare state. That is why the media try so hard to ignore him.

      • Gary2

        He is also a selfish pig and lets people die-see the recent right wing moran-a-thon debate.

        • Tripseven

          Everyone dies Gary.

        • knightowl77

          Gary Ron Paul did not say he should die, he said he should have to pay his medical bills.

          The way you think, if you’re in an traffic accident without car insurance the gov’t (taxpayers) should just buy you a new car.

    • Fed Up

      You nailed it!
      That is why the Repubs are scared to death of Ron Paul because he addresses those issues. Bill O’Reilly insults and demeans Ron Paul on a nightly basis.

  • Tim

    You haven’t wrecked it, but I’m sure you know who has.

    There is a war coming that is already here, and it silently wages a daily battle for our attention…

    But up until now, we haven’t given it the attention it really deserves.

    That might be about to change…

  • Alan

    Well if the last three years of this mess are any indication, I will guess this will drag on for several more years. I think it will slowly get worse, however people will adjust to it as time goes on. The bankers will force the FED to print like mad to keep things above water so to speak. But then one bad rumor might bring down the house. I had to go work in the land of the rocket fairy because I could find anything at home.

  • bobcat

    Item #1 is spot on. Those who can will soon leave. If I was a young college grad, fluent in Spanish or Portuguese, I’d try to emigrate to South America. Any persons fitting that description should get out now while the getting is good. Things are likely to get ugly here real soon.

  • tome22

    Lets not forget about the “Super”committee that is to report in November, just before Thanksgiving.Gridlock is already developing.Obama wants to raise the taxes on the rich, and the republicans say its a no starter.This issue will kill any increase in retail sales for Christmas even if employment for temporary help does increase for the moment.With all thats developing within the US economy, a more perilous situation exists in Europe,#28 If there is a financial collapse in Europe, that will definitely plunge us into another recession. Right now, things do not look promising. At this point, headlines all over the world are proclaiming that Greece is dangerously close to defaulting.This issue if not resolved and Greece as well as Italy,France,Ireland and other default will be the death nell to Western economies including the US.The US banks are heavily invested in Europe and should there be an actual default the US banks will, as they did, will go into default,forcing an economic collapse in the US.
    My only advise is to prepare for the worst ?

  • Cali-Prepper

    It’s 4:30 am, can hear somebody going thru recycle bins to retrieve bottles etc – it’s stealing, but they must be desperate. Other stealing: I have coworkers who regularly cheat on their timecards, they clock out, continue to work, clock back in 30 min later, then proceed to leave the premises for an hour or more. Or they run errands on company time. I refuse to cheat or be a thief; I am left alone at noon hour or longer, to ‘mind the store’ but my conscience is clear. The boss knows what staff are doing, but can’t or won’t enforce policy. I can’t transfer out of the dept because there is no place else to go. But trying to stay positive, I’m glad I have work, and see the value of old school work ethics; and appreciate importance of prepping.

    • Michael

      Good comment.

      Keep hanging in there.


  • r.bitting

    On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

    • Brandy


    • paula


  • Here in NC

    I, too, have been spreading the word and have some new folks reading your website. Thank you again and please keep up the excellent work!

    • Michael

      Hello there in North Carolina!

      I am really, really thankful for those that share this site with their family and friends. The farther these articles spread the more good they will do.


  • Rowell

    The Titanic is sinking. If you’re not climbing into a lifeboat, you’re going down with the ship.

    • Gary2

      You mean the tea tanic???

    • Ben Dover

      Let’s all hope Gary2 can’t find a lifeboat. THAT change would be good.

  • Wow this article sure brings it home!

    I don’t live where there are many people and this article pointed out things I have never considered

  • mondobeyondo

    The economy is already in the toilet, and Washington is about to press the handle.

    There is no recovery. “Double-dip recession”? Ha! We never got out of the first dip. It may have gotten a little bit better for a few people, thanks to the “stimulus”, Cash for Clunkers, and so forth. But for the vast majority of people, the “recession” never ended. It’s like trying to stick an I-V needle in a skeleton. It won’t work.

    The mainstream media loves to gloat about how Governor Perry of Texas has created all these new jobs. Texas has one of the highest rates of new job growth in the nation. Well, guess what? Many of those jobs are minimum wage restaurant and janitorial type jobs. You can’t pay your mortgage when you work at Burger King. Even if you do become manager (aka Burger Flipping Diety) and finally earn enough to pay the mortgage (fat chance!) – there’s still electricity, gas, water, cell phone, daycare if you have young children, etc. It can’t be done.

    Housing will never recover unless we get quality jobs that earn enough for people to pay a mortgage. Those jobs are now in China, India and the Philippines. It ain’t looking too good for the US of A, folks.

    Obama can’t fix the economy, even if he really wanted to. Neither can Perry, or Palin, or Romney, or Bachmann, or Congress. The problems with our economy go far deeper than what they could ever solve. But they’ll try to convince you they can fix them. All you have to do is vote for them!! If you want jobs, vote for Rick Perry! If you want more hope and change, vote for Barack Obama! Want a hot, sexy babe running the country? Vote for Miss America!

    (You thought I was gonna say Sarah Palin, didn’t you?!)

  • mondobeyondo

    The most obscene hyprocricy imaginable… is to try to appear happy, perky and optomistic when in fact you’re desperate to find any employment whatsoever.

    It’s a struggle, but it must be done. No employer wants to hire someone who gives the impression of being discouraged.

    Kind of like the story of a waitress that I met many years ago – putting on her happy face, trying to earn a few tips. She went through the usual drill – “Good morning sir! How are you today? Isn’t it a lovely day? Here’s our menu, what would you like to order?” I was tempted to pull her aside and ask her, “Tell me the truth – you broke up with your boyfriend last week, you’re 2 weeks away from being evicted, and you’re fighting to get child support. Am I right?” But I didn’t actually do that..

  • JD

    Theres alot of talk these days about class warfare. I agree. The rich have declared war on the poor. Yesterday when I watched Obamas speech on rasing the taxes on the millionaires I must admit I felt good. One issue in particular was him saying he will do away with the Conservation Resource Program or CRP. This is basically a government welfare program for rich farmers and ranchers not to use their land for grazing or farming. They get a check every year from the government. Meanwhile little ranchers like us can get livestock stolen and there is no relief for us. The millionaire ranchers look down on us and charge high fees for hay and grazing. I hope that this part of the bill passes. We need to level the playing field so people like us can have a chance at success. When this country was formed it wasnt meant for a select few to take all the wealth and say screw you to the rest of us. We want our piece of the pie too. The rich seem to hate the homeless so they have their thugs (cops) drive the people out. I like what you said in an eariler article “If you are homeless in america Im not sure what your supposed to do.” Well the elitists want you to quietly die off thats what your supposed to do. They are starving us to death when we cant afford to buy groceries anymore and freeze us to death when we cant afford to heat our homes. Another winter is upon us. I expect we will hear many more stories of suffering. I say screw the rich. Let their standard of living be brought down like the rest of us. Im tired of hearing about their gold plated faucets on their yachts or driving around in brand new pickups while my dad and I are walking around with holes in our clothes because we havent bought a new pair of pants in 2 years. This theft of our livestock has really hurt us so if I sound bitter I apologize. I hope the theives who stole from us dont get to enjoy a cent of the money they made off our lambs. God will pay all of them back.

  • William

    While I am NOT a Clinton supporter, I well remember those days when the Federal budget under Clinton was in balance, or in surplus, and there was even talk of paying off all of the $5.7 trillion US debt. So, HOW did we get to this point?? While the Obummer has been a failure, he was handed a sack of –it by the war criminal and Smirking Chimp Bush, who took that $5.7 trillion debt and turned it into $10.4 trillion of debt. Bottom line, citizens of America get the government they vote for. Most supported the immoral and illegal war of choice against Iraq, which had no part of 911 and no WMD. It the WMD inspectors had been left in Iraq to do their jobs, how many US military personnel would be alive today….and, how many would not be wounded??? As for the Bush tax cuts, which are a root cause of the current economic nightmare developing in America, WHERE are the jobs that these tax cuts for the wealthy were to produce??? NO WHERE. Tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans just mean that these rich people have more money. You get what you asked for.

  • JD

    And yes Michael thank God for you and this website. I got me through some of the hardest times of my life, and it was nice to know there was a place on the web where fellow sufferers like me can have a place to vent and share stories of heartache, hope, and survival. We are going to continually need your insight and hope and warnings in the year ahead. I think next year is a tipping point whether America can survive as a country or if we will plunge further into the abyss that is the Economic Collapse.

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words JD.

      None of us will ever agree 100% of the time, but hopefully we can share ideas and all learn from each other.


      • Gary2

        yeah Michael-thanks for the web site. I am really beginning to see that both parties suck and the need for a third/fourth etc party. The 2 party system is a scam. I have heard folks say this repeatedly on this site and have come around to believing it. Thanks for helping me to be more open minded and exposing me to other views. I really think that most of us can agree on many things. I also believe that everyone on this site loves their country and only wants in their heart whats best for the country. Remember we are all Americans and we are not enemies. I look at this as brainstorming more than anything.

  • Lennie Pike

    Only the Federal Government and Wall Street have access to capital at everyone else’s expense. We are truly enslaved and are idiots to allow it to happen when it can easily be stopped.

    Capital in the hands of only the Elite allows the bubble to inflate for a little while longer than it would if everyone had access.

    I can’t wait till it bursts so I can watch these heartless Elite wooses suffer also. I can’t help myself – I want revenge – even though I know it is wrong.

  • Hope and Change

    I still like that hope and change. I will never grow tired of Obummer’s campaign mantra. It is a classic! Hope and change! My opinion-the worse president in my lifetime.

  • Isn’t it ironic and sad, that our leaders spent so much time getting their expensive Health Plan passed, to supposedly help provide for the uninsured…

    that in the mean time, millions more now need health insurance because they have lost their jobs.

  • This problem has been building up for many years. Now there is no stopping the economic doom. Only time will heal the wounds.

    In 2008 I told my wife that we need to get the hell out of the US. It took us a couple of years, but we finally moved to Switzerland about five months ago.

    Why are things so bad?

    Basically, when you have a recession, then society has a chance to clear out all the dead wood. Unfortunately, the policy of western countries is to get the economy moving as fast as possible once a recessions starts. Therefore, the dead wood never gets cleared out. It builds up to the point of a catastrophic fire or collapse. At that point there is no fixing the problems. All the dead wood will finally get cleared out, but it will require years (8 to 10) of intense pain.

    It gets worse. Major economic problems coincide with major wars. See the signs of nuclear war below:

  • Mark

    I was driving by a large saw mill yesterday and a homeless guy was walking down the hot pavement with all of his possesions on his back and he had no shoes. You could tell that this was not new as he did not seem to be bothered by the heat of the rosd. This just begs the question, is this our future? Look I know that this guy could get a pair of shoes at the Goodwill store and he has a lot of other problems that have brought him to this point. I have seen more people walking on highway 5 with all their stuff on their backs than in the past. With all of the problems to so many that are down and out we really need private charities to continue helping people. But Obama on his crusade to crush the so called rich by class warfare wants to remove the tax deduction of giving to charities. This would be one more step towards a nanny-thug state. Right, let’s just continue to grow the government worker class with all of the costs that come with it to distribute borrowed monry from china to the poor. This is what you will get when progresives run the show.

  • I’ve been beating the drums about the dangers of a fiscal collapse, followed by political/social collapse and chaos for a couple of years now, most recently in my short book, “The Coming Collapse of the American Republic.” Now, suddenly, I feel like the optimist in the room. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

    • Michael

      It is good to see you pop up on this site Robert. I have enjoyed reading your stuff in the past.


    • 99er

      The article you linked to entitled “Cleaver: If Obama wasn’t president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’” brings up another point. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver who is the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus believes that Obama’s race prohibits the Congressional Black Caucus from marching on the White House. Similarly, many unemployed workers believe that his close ties with union leaders prevent those leaders from organizing any demonstrations directed at the Obama Administration’s failure to do anything other than speechify in the name of job creation. The exception – White House influence used to waste $535 million to pay for a year of Solyndra jobs prior to that company’s bankruptcy.

  • This itemizes the conquest of the United States. Corporatism monetizes and harvests people. The mask of pretense came off with outsourcing and investment in emerging markets. U.S. citizens have been paying for their own destruction, for a long time. They have paid third world countries to compete against them. Whether by importing cheap labor or by exporting jobs, people have built the mechanism of their replacement. In Corporatism, individuals are expendable and disposable. I realize that I’m quoting from one or more of my blogs, here. Rather than rewrite thousands of words, I’ll just post the link to one of the really good ones.We have to keep an eye on the central banks to see where this is going.

  • Prepare while you can. The essentials will be most impossible to get when the collapse happens.

  • Alfredo

    “If you think the U.S. economy is bad now, just wait for a few months.”

    You’ve been saying this for about 2 years now.

    Still waiting…

    • liberranter

      I you haven’t noticed the deterioration of the economic situation over the last two years, then you’re either willfully blind or have been living in a cave somewhere.

    • mondobeyondo

      Don’t worry. Bad times are coming.

      By God’s mercy and grace, we have been granted a little more time to get ready and prepare, more time than many people had expected.

      But trust me, a hard rain’s gonna fall.

    • Grumpy

      Maybe you should pay closer attention to what’s going on around you. Look at the dollar-valued costs of just a couple of ‘minor’ items you may use in everyday life, like food, fuel, and electricity. Unless you grow, refine, or produce your own, ALL of these are ~20%-25% higher than they were a year ago. Silver has roughly doubled, and gold has increased about 50%, from their dollar-denominated values in the last year.

      If you can’t see the warning signs – and never mind the political climate, nor the wars and rumors of wars – of where current events are leading, then just crack another cold one and go back to watching American Idol or Jersey Shore while you still have electricity.

    • Ian

      I dont see it too much, and i work in retail.

  • DEFCONStudios

    Recession. This is beyond a recession since the 2008 Financial Crisis unfolded. What we are witnessing is the Great Depression of the XXI Century. Recession is such a mild soothing word used by the manipulative Mainstream media to continue to tell the Sheeple that everything is alright.

    With an unemployment rate of 23% and nearly $211 Trillion in Debt the United States along with the Eurozone Debt Crisis (PIIGS) is going to lead to a chain reaction. The truth is you can only print money for so long before it becomes worthless like the Zimbabwe dollar or Weimar Germany mark.

    “If you add up all the promises that have been made for spending obligations, including defense expenditures, and you subtract all the taxes that we expect to collect, the difference is $211 trillion. That’s the fiscal gap,” he says. “That’s our true indebtedness.”

  • hawk

    Please make American companies bring back American jobs from India… Or better yet… stop buying products made in India and China. Is that even feasible?

  • This website is great at assembling information about the pending economic collapse.

    I think that anyone that is smart enough to read the articles knows that the E.U. and U.S. are going to fail in the next year or so.

    But just knowing about the problem wont help you when the crisis hits. Take action today to be prepared.

    Preparing for the crisis takes money to buy water filters, food storage, etc. Here’s some tips to help you increase your cashflow.

  • Pauly

    The bankers did it and the people let them. Take ALL of your money out of stocks, IRA, 401k etc. (don’t worry about a penalty) and purchase items that you need to live(food, paper products, etc) Repair your cars, buy an electrical generator(w/ 50 gals+ of stabilized gasoline). Install new triple pane windows w/armor glass. Purchase 100’s of non toxic emergency candles etc.

  • r.bitting

    How does one prep for judgement?

  • r.bitting

    How much food and water storage will one need to wait out the judgement of God?

  • Our leaders deserve plenty of blame, but so do all of the people who have been careless with their money, their debts, their equity in the home, their investments, etc…

    Much of the governments financial aid goes to people who have failed to provide for themselves.

    The economy would NOT go in the toilet if enough people got financial education and took control of their personal economy.

  • HerrLT

    Lollzzz! The glass is still half-full in my opinion. We’ve got till the next election cycle for the powers that be to hold it together then bets are off. Only a dream Ron Paul-Peter Schiff ticket would actually right the course, the other trolls are empty suits like Obama. Just work your plan, save,and have a goal. I’m gonna ride this pony till the utters are dry then move to South America. Been there, beautiful beaches, cheap food, and a wonderful culture. Every society has issues – favelas, villas,or tent cities. Watch your back, pray and love the gifts God provides for you!

    • Gary2

      I think the glass fell off the table and is smashed on the floor.

  • doomster

    Good post, things look pretty bad despite all of the manipulated statistics… Look at what’s going on in South Korea, where they follow a lot of the same economic policies as the United States:

    • EddieW

      The US is taking the exact road Israel did, and we are experiencing the 9 harbingers of destrruction…right to the T!! If this web site will post, please go see it! Since we have turned away from God, he is now turning awauy from us!!

      • Roberto B

        Again with this god ?

        Your situation is due to economic decisions that were made by Reagan and Bush, both of them religious.

        Get god out of your head, and grow up. You caused these troubles, and it’s not by praying that you are solving them, exactly as it was not by praying that Europe got out of the dark ages. It was by getting *********** done.

  • Pat

    I have lived abroad half of my adult life. The only chance this world had for freedom and quality of life was the United States. That is why “they” had to destroy America. That way there would be no country on Earth that could help the rest. No. I do not think the U.S. should be the policeman of the world. But I have had dozens of conversations with Europeans and they have no freedoms, no sense of liberty, no understanding of free enterprise, education, health, or even the right to say “no”.

    If you really want to see dumbed down then speak to the typical European. They don’t even know their own history. They have no constitution. They have no Bill Of Rights. They had no John Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr. My point is that the people who turned them into sheeple are the same ones who have attacked the U.S. They want to be sure there are no high stepping, smiling healthy Americans around to teach the world how to overcome evil.

    Wake UP. You have no right to be so unaware. My advice is simple. Turn off that TV. God Bless You all.

    • Jeremy

      Having traveled much myself, and having had many similar conversations with people from other countries, I agree completely.

    • Arend

      Dear Pat
      I guess you are 18 years and 4 weeks old and spend a fortnight in Albania ?
      If my country is on the books as a “Constitutional Monarchy” there would be no constitution only a monarchy ? The “Bill of Rights” are called “Human Rights” in Europe and are part of the “Handfest of Europe” (Constitution) as agreed to in the “Treaty of Rome” (founding document of the EU).
      I am glad you found some typical Europeans you could relate to. I have to assume you were talking English because you don’t seem to catch the failure of one on one translations. And last but not least. How come the USA never had anybody like Napoleon or Lenin ?

      • jellobiafra

        Conquorors? How about why no Ghengis Khan or Mao?

    • Bill

      You must be kidding Pat, Per your statement; Typical European don’t even know their own history. They have no constitution. They have no Bill Of Rights?? WTF??
      You must be 99.999% retarded to say something like this you idiot. This is great example why America is *************** up and how well our education system works. Way to go hillbilly!!!

    • Jungle Girl

      I’ll take the European standard of living anytime over the US:
      – great information (less MSM propaganda and more diversity of opinions represented)
      – better political representation (no 2-party/same-party system)
      – better food! (and no GMO! … so far …)
      – much, much more free time and vacations
      – decent pension plans and other benefits
      – less crime, less prisons and less prisoners
      – great healthcare, and cheap, or free
      – better education, and cheaper, or free
      – good saving rate (little or no credit card debt, etc.)
      – little or no trade-balance deficit
      – technical innovations everywhere
      – infrastructure (roads, etc.) in great shape

      • I am European living in the USA. I love Europe, but I also , even today, still see personally great advantages living here in the USA.

        For example, if I were to move back to Europe, I could not take my arsenal of weapons and ammunition with me. Without that, I would feel helpless in Europe when it came down to needing to defend my family from another Nazi Regime, or something similar.

        Plus, the reason I am really here, and YES, the American Dream full of Opportunities still exists, …. was because in order to start my business in Austria back before I left, the business licensing division required that I ask my competition for permission prior to being able to issue my business permit.

        Plus, the people here in the USA they hang up more frequently the Flag of the USA than the people in Europe hang up and show the light of their own country’s flag. People here in the USA are more God fearing people, although still with much to learn…

        And yes, the food stinks here in the USA. And definitely, the culture in Europe is great. Heck, I miss Europe, I want to come home….

        Just kidding.

        thanks and best wishes.

      • All that free stuff no wonder EUROPE IS GOING DOWN THE DRAIN.

  • SamColt


    I’m one of the lucky 75% people that still have a job. Just got home to read this post by Michael and I must say it really makes me sad because the time has come.

    Get prepared folks. Won’t be long.

    Thank you Michael as your Website has informed many family/friends of mine.

    Just wish more people would wake up.

    • Michael


      Thank you for the encouragement. I spend long hours in front of the computer, and it means a lot to know that people value what I do.


  • Big new wave coming.

    U.S. homes that received a default notice jumped 33% in August from July. This is a HUGE one month increase! In fact, it is the largest one month gain in 4 years with 78,880 properties receiving a default notice. Why the big jump? In the past few months, several key court decisions have been made that basically gave the banks the green light to continue sending out default notices to borrowers who are in default. Sounds crazy, right.
    California, which has become the Mecca for foreclosure litigation attorneys, saw their default notices increase by 55% in the past month. Indiana climbed 46% and the state of New Jersey, where last month a judge ruled that banks could resume uncontested foreclosure actions, saw an increase of 42%.

    Who is taking the hit? Bank of America, the largest mortgage holder in the U.S., B of A saw (ready for this?) a 200% increase in 1 month for default notices that they sent to borrowers. WOW, talk about a foreclosure pipeline.
    The Data
    Average loan in foreclosure is delinquent for a RECORD 600 days!
    1.9 million loans are at least 90 days late and are NOT currently in foreclosure. In fact, of those that are NOT in foreclosure, nearly 800,000 have not made a payment in more than a year. Again, these are people who are not even in the foreclosure process yet. 
    There are 300% more foreclosure filings than sales.
    4.1 million homes are more than 90 days late, this is 800% higher than before the housing crisis began.
    6.9 million loans are delinquent by 30 days or more.
    Please consider the above before making any major financial decisions. One of our goals here at is to help people to know the facts in order to live much better lives. People who listen to the government or pundits unfortunately will make life changing decisions off of ridiculous assessments, remember how everyone said housing was great in 2008 and we would see an annual 10% increase for the next decade? Imagine all the people who decided to become realtors, loan officers, or other jobs related to housing because they felt like they were making a sound decision based off of what the experts told them. Knowing the truth and being informed in our opinion is a true asset that can reap great dividends throughout your life. 

    Tomorrow Bernanke will speak at the Fomc meeting with the very real chance of him formally announcing Qe3.

    Economics 101 – create and inject trillions of dollars of new money into the system and at the same time devalue the money supply (inflation)

    Think things are bad in Europe? Europe is just an appetizer for what’s coming to the Us.

    Be prepared!



    Ps. Grab this free prepare for economic collapse report.

  • javajaw


    You have failed to print two other posts I made and I don’t expect you will post this one either. That’s fine. I know you are trying to sell products and build viewship so that doesn’t surprise me. This is mainly for you anyhow, whether you choose to share it or not is up to you.

    There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophesy and you are preaching it. Consider carefully your use of repetition, hyperbole and one-sided reporting when you write. You are accountable to everyone that believes what you say. It should be clear to your from the caliber of reader you draw that you are catering to the extreme personality by and large. They have enough trouble keeping it together without a daily rant about the imminent fall of society.

    It’s bad, but you can make it worse. We should know the extent of the troubles, but inciting despair and panic is wrong. A little moderation please.

    • callmecordelia1

      “It should be clear to your from the caliber of reader you draw that you are catering to the extreme personality by and large. They have enough trouble keeping it together without a daily rant about the imminent fall of society.”

      I assume that you lump yourself in with this “group” of people that read the blog– since you are commenting on it and all. I think if all the readers of Michael’s blog were together in one room, you’d find quite a varied group. I think you’d find all walks of life and all levels of success (however you define the word). I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that we can’t read the articles and then use our brains to draw our own conclusions. Or maybe you were just speaking of yourself and not the whole?

    • Jeremy

      Don’t include me in your “group”. I am successful, have a job, finished my education, had great difficulty finding a job, but can make these conclusions myself.

      Sell insulting somewhere else.

    • Highspeed

      Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Elaine

    Our country is broken and bankrupt. EVERY nation in history has fallen out of power at some point. can you here Nero playing yet? I can. I think this sums it up… I am scared. I believe most of my fellow countrymen are too. Scared people become desperate easily and desperation can be deadly. There will be no stopping this collapse. Gather your beans bullets bandaids and loved ones close and pray HARD.

  • This is real fudged up

    All the corrupt leader’s I hope they somehow get hurt the most when they finally crash and burn. Somehow we all have to pulltogether and help are neighbor as long as there not bad neighbors if that makes any sense.

  • liberranter

    The most difficult part of the job search is:

    3. that I am subject to everyone’s advice on how to get a job, but no real job leads.

    4. that I am reminded that having a good job is not an entitlement.

    5. that when I become depressed from my job search, I’m told told to cheer up or else give a bad vibe to prospective employers … yet when I become happy through non-search related activities, I am reminded that I should be looking for work

    7. that when I confide to friends and family that I have “given up” to pursue more fruitful interests, it elicits a crushing look of disbelief, disappointment, and disgust

    I would urge anyone feeling this way to not be ashamed of it. The most judgmental creatures on earth when it comes to the unemployed are those who are independently wealthy and/or retired –especially the later– and don’t have to face the survival rat race on a daily basis. In other words, they don’t know what the f*** they are talking about!

    Well, these creatures are going to be in for a VERY nasty surprise in the very near future, especially those retirees who feel ENTITLED to their social security handouts and underfunded pension payments. Once the dollar implodes and their cushy safety blankets evaporate like the morning mist, they are going to be scrambling for meager crumbs and menial jobs just like everyone else. We’ll see then who will be “giving up!”

    • Tel

      To be fair, people who paid into Social Security were given a promise, and they were not given any choice in the matter either. If the system is underfunded then that’s because it was badly managed, so yes, people who were promised a payout, are indeed ENTITLED to that payout.

      Whether they get it or not is another matter… but that’s what happens when you trust the government to keep promises. Blame the people who looted the money, not the people who paid that money with a gun at their head.

      • oh no they’re not

        They are *not* entitled to the payout. Social Security is a TAX. Period. End of story.

        In order for peter to pay paul, they must TAX someone. Your “contribution” does not even come close to your total payout – so don’t give me the fiction that somehow “it is your money you paid in”

        Your problem is you believed politicans (“it is not a TAX”) verus the courts (“hell yes it is…”)

        • correct… when you carefully read the social security statement that you get about every quarter (I believe), or is it every 6 months… anyway, there is a disclaimer section that states (paraphrased) that you are not guaranteed that amount that is currently estimated for your future payout….

          got it?

  • Gary2

    To all low info rush listeners: I found this on the daily kos and its so true. You are the problem–teapublicans.

    We hear Millionaires who host Radio shows brainwash their middle to low income listeners into falsely believing that Taxing the rich 3% more will be worse for the US Economy than what we have right now.

    Millionaire Talk Show host can’t possibly be the ones chanting “don’t tax me 3% more” so they get their brainwashed audience to do it for the millionaires. Meanwhile we have crumbling bridges.
    — I always envision Rush Limpba//s, Sean Insanity, GlennDUH Beck et al laughing AT their audience all the way to the bank.

    (D) Here’s how brainwashed the Tea Party Individuals have become.
    We have: crumbling Interstate bridges, police stations closing, fire departments closing, hospitals closing, schools closing, 23% cuts in food programs for women and their infant children (WIC) and many more but the Tea Party Individual chants “We can’t afford any of those things”

    • knightowl77

      Its true Gary, we cannot afford those things because we spend so much money on other crap. Crap like bridges to nowhere, studying the mating habits of gays in Hong Kong bars (we actually fund that). We provide free education and health care to millions of people here illegally. 1/3 of the 2 million people in prison are here illegally and we pay to incarcerate them. We waste billions and billions on stuff that is not important and is not the responsibility of the government in the first place. So if the Fed Gov’t only spent money on stuff it is supposed to do, then we might have the money available to repair a road or a bridge…But I for one am not willing to give the government another dime when it already wastes so much of what it gets now.

      • Bill

        Me too. I am not giving any more my money to government either, risk of getting caught is very small.

    • Gary, enough. You constantly bash everyone with money, and want to pick their pocket. Why is it wrong for someone to have money, yet okay for .gov to take it and waste it? Why?

      BTW, barry wants to tax the rich (whatever that means) to their knees, yet he is one of them. Socialist hypocrite!

    • I agee with you, but I see that you are brainwashed, thinking that it’s only the right wing talk radio millionaires, and not ones like pretty boy Anderson Cooper ( a Vanderbilt) Wolf Blitzer or the rest of the media news network elites who don’t know one thing about the real suffering endured now by so many Americans. They all laugh and joke on set, thinking of their cushy life styles, and turn to report this dire economic downfal, while putting on a straight face. They have the maturity of teen agers. So much suffering and they continue on, not missing a beat, living lives of pleasure, singing, “c’est la vie!”. I can’t stand it anymore. The phony factor is so huge!!!!

  • Gary2

    The United States has lived under the Bush Tax Cuts since 2001. 10 years later, the Poverty Rate has reached its highest level since it started being recorded in 1959
    But an increase in the number of Americans living in Poverty is not all now we can to the “LOSS” of quality of living in the USA due to the Bush Tax Cuts:
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Crumbling/Closed Interstate Bridges
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Crumbling Interstate Roads
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Closed Police and Fire Departments
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Hospitals Shutting Down
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Air Pollution Rising
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Schools Shutting Down
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Uninsured in USA INCREASES
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Unemployment INCREASE
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Income Gap Between Rich and Poor Increases
    – Your Bush Tax Cuts At Work = Stagnant US Economic Growth
    Could these be Bumper Sticker ideas for the 2012 Election.

    • knightowl77

      the uninsured increased because your great leader Obama passed ObamaCare and companies are dumping coverage so everyone can get “freeeeeeee” health insurance…ugh

    • you must be an idiot democrat

      WOW, Bush was one skilled ******. Who woulda thunk that a tax cut caused air pollution. In reality, revenue to the gov went way UP after the tax cuts. It’s not your money you ********* stupid commy fart.

    • Oy…


      Honestly, take responsibilty

      Obama and the Democrats had a veto-proof control of all branches of government for 2 YEARS.



      Also, Gary, government SPENDS more than IT CAN POSSIBLY TAX. PERIOD.

      Take ALL THE MONEY FROM EVERYONE – You *still* can not meet all of the obligations this government has “promised”

  • Kevin2

    It’s all about relatively. The US is holding on because the rest of the world is in even worse shape. Gold and the USD climb at the same time which normally is unheard of. Europeans are actually looking at the USD as a “safe haven”.

    If (more likely when) this becomes unraveled it’s taking the entire world with it.

    The power elite had a major hand in the collective causes of all of this but it’s my bet that it is spinning out of their control. Yes they fail too. Don’t rejoice, chaos is not cool. A world heavy with arms, broke and scrambling for resources is not a pretty picture.

  • carol

    I have been reading the articles on this site since I lost my job in the Financial World(not one of the wealthy bankers)downsized from bank merger, sending the “older” workers home to save on their bottom line. It is very informative. I live in North Carolina, in a county that has 11.2% unemployment. New jobs are coming, just a new company recently, but not enough to stop the bleeding!

    I have always been an optimist, but that is slowly starting to die! I have been back- to- school and now have a “great interview” coming up in a couple of weeks, in healthcare. Healthcare seems to be the only occupation that is still hiring, but thanks to medicare, medicaid and possible social security cuts, this is slowly dying as well. I spoke with my recruiter yesterday and she said yes, this field is slowing down and has been for the past few months.

    My unemployment ends the end of December, yes, I will be one of the 99’ers, one that did not sit at home and eat potato chips, drink soda and watch TV. I have no health insurance, I support myself and cannot afford it. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last fall. Not to mention, degenerative disc disease, and osteoporosis. But I have continued to pursue work and regain employment, despite my health. I have no other choice but to fight and PRAY!

    It amazes me at the stupidity of the general population, who still have their heads in the sand. The majority have no idea what is actually going on in our country on the political or economic side. I have shared your articles on my Facebook page, only a few have even bothered to make comments.They are more concerned with what they are doing the next weekend, or trivial things in life, they don’t get the big picture!

    Greed has destroyed the USA and is continuing to do so! The is a very sad time in our nations history, God Bless the USA! The innocent will suffer, when a country turns it’s back on God, the elderly and children, it will not survive!

    • Michael


      I am so sorry for what you are going through. My wife and I will say a prayer for you. It breaks my heart when I read the things that people share on this site about what they are going through.

      Keep hanging in there. I know that it is tough.


    • Jake

      Carol, we also live in North Carolina. I have a friend who has worked as a nurse in a large hospital. She said that nursing school graduates are finding it hard to get a job. That hasn’t happened in her 30+ years as a nurse. So even the medical field is seeing rough times. We prayed for you today. You said it right- PRAY and cling to the Lord. He saves all our tears in a bottle. He is praying for us that our faith won’t fail.

      • nicholas

        sometimes praying for help is a good thing, but this something that we screwed up and need to take responsibility for and fix. Jesus died for our sins, not our stupidity and greed……besides that I too wish for all of us to get through this

    • Kender

      Carol, before you go bashing other people and gush self-righteosly at the “stupidity” of other people, go look in the mirror, OK? You are STILL on Facebook? Facebook is a front for the CIA, it has YOUR name, YOUR address, as well as those of ALL your family and friends. Photos of everyone are forever filed away to be screened and looked at by…? Well, see THAT’S the problem, we don’t really know who, but they know ALL about you and yours. So, while you preen and proudly assert that you are not one of “those” people who sit around all day, eating chips and watching TV, its pretty obvious to the rest of us what you have been doing, facebooking your soul away frivolously and unbeknownst to them, that of your friends and family too!

      • nicholas

        wow, way to be a dusch, and this isn’t facebook, Carol probably came across this article when researching, oh and facebook isn’t viewd by the CIA its viewded

        • nicholas

          by NSA aka national security, and they look into you if certain key words are said/written. Next time you want to talk crap to a god honest hard working american get your facts straight

  • deana

    And, of course, the USAs financial woes have nothing at all to do with




  • jerry O

    How true this is.

    The economy is going to continue
    to go down.

    We are seeing the results of
    what we have been sowing
    for many years.

    All economies go through

    There are 7 phases to the
    whole cycle.

    7 stage financial life cycle of an empire

    1. Good Money – every major empire starts out with good money, either gold or backed by gold.

    2. Social Programs – as a country develops economicall/socially, takes on more public works, adding layer upon layer

    3. Military Spending – as a nation’s affluence grows, so does it’s political influence and spends massively on the military

    4. War – nation puts military to use and expenditures explode and nations go to war

    5. Fiat Currency – to fund the war, the costliest endeavors, nations starts to steal wealth of its citizens by replacing their money with fiat currency (value decreed by gov’t and not backed by nothing). This occurs either at the outbreak of war, or previous ravages of war.

    6. Inflation – wealth transfer is experienced as hyperinflation. Results in riots eg. Egypt. Price of all commodities and goods go through the roof.

    7. Wealth Transfer- final stage, in mass movement, nation moves out of the currency and into the precious metals and other tangible assets. The currency collapses. This results in massive wealth transfer to those who had the foresight to position themselves in the right asset class in advance.

    We’re are between stage 6 and 7. This transition is just beginning. This move represents the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind. People will either end in poverty, or wealth, depending on whether we prepare NOW. This cycle is predictable as for eg. Roman Empire.

    For a free video go to:

    • mychl

      You can see a similar pattern with the nation Israel: prosperity, idolatry, repentance, closely followed by God’s mercy and restoration . This pattern was repeated frequently. Hopefully we are headed towards a state of repentance. Idolatry is subtle poison and I like many have been its willing victim.


  • DB200

    #24 When Barack Obama moved into the White House, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83. Today it is $3.58.

    Today I filled up. In Europe it is about $9 a gallon.

    Barack Obama can’t influence the price of oil. The price is influenced by demand and supply. Supply has peaked or is close to its peak. Demand is rapidly increasing in non-OECD countries. That means that the price of oil will stay high, even when OECD countries go into depression.

    • John B.

      Not true. Obama can influence the price of oil by allowing more drilling in the US. The EPA recently denied Shell a permit to drill in the Arctic. No new permits in the Gulf have been issued since the oil spill. 80% of the US coastline is off limits to drilling, as are ANWR, and most federal lands.

      Sure we need clean air and water, but we also need jobs, and reasonable energy costs. This is one of the major issues choking the economy.

      The US economy could be fixed with the stroke of a pen by allowing oil drilling, and threatening China with an import tariff if they don’t stop manipulating their currency. Obama’s left wing looney base doesn’t want any oil drilling, and he’s too much of a wimp to stand up to China (or anyone else for that matter). All he ever talks about is “taxing the rich”. Socialist nonsense.

      When you put an idiot in the driver’s seat, don’t complain about the trip.

      • hey, I totally can agree with you on your energy cost argument. THe USA is the richest energy resources country in the world.

        But I have a problem with the China -import duty increase / threat because china is manipulating their exchange rate. First, the USA is against IMF rules / treaty constantly violating the rules themselves. I live in the USA.
        And second, there are 2 things to consider that are really not that dry cut. China could let their currency raise against the dollar naturally. Or if the US were to sanction imports with a higher duty tax… either way, consumer goods (most of them) would increase in price dramatically here in the USA.

        Do you think this would be a good thing, especially right now?

        By the way, it takes lots of capital investment to move work back from China to the USA. And then its mostly low labor jobs anyway. And many so – self-named ‘made in the USA’ product makers here in the USA import most of their components in the consumer product industries from where…..? China!

        So, its more complex. I believe this is again one of our stupid governments argument pointing the finger at others as if they were at fault for our poor economy, trying to direct away from being spotlighted themselves.

        China is simply trying to compete as good as possible, while our US morons, when being handicaped at competing well, quickly run like cry babies to your lobbying agency to complain about the unfair global market place.

        I say to all those crybaby firms “step aside if you are not man enough to come up with more competitive solutions”

    • VinGfel

      You can not compare the oil price in USA and in Europe.
      In Europe, the governments set really high taxes.

      Think about it:
      In Switzerland, the oil price is about 1.6 CHF.
      About 1.1 CHF are taxes.
      About 0.5 CHF is the “real” price for the distribution and the extraction.
      In the oil price increase by 50%, it means that the “real price will be increased by 0.25CHF, from 0.5CHF to 0.75CHF.
      The total price for the customer will go from 1.6CHF to about 1.85 CHF, which an increase of about 15[%] only, compared to the 50[%] of the original “real” price increase.

      For these reasons, the oil price increase have a smaller psychological impact in Europe than in USA.

      And because of the traditional high oil price in Europe, peoples are used to think that buying economical cars is better.

      The actual oil price increase doesn’t make a revolution. It just increase this feeling that cars should consume less.

      Here, we have a joke about how thirsty american cars are:
      “When you refuel your american car, don’t forget to stop the engine. Or you will never be able to completely fill the tank.”

    • liberranter

      Also the price of gasoline (and other commodities) is heavily affected by inflation. With Amerika facing competition from emerging industrial nations (the BRIC countries, to name just a few), coupled with the slow and steady destruction of the dollar through inflation, painfully high gas prices are here to stay as long as sources are limited (prohibitions against domestic drilling), distribution is cartelized (through OPEC), and Ben Bernanke and his Fed banksters retain control over the fiat dollar.

  • John Braintree

    And in the face of the reality presented in this article, is Congress and this president doing some desperately needed belt tightening? No, they keep right on spending like there’s no tomorrow, sending us like Thelma and Louise right over the cliff?! Go figure! Fiscal insanity! And the fault lies are our own door! Did we demand of our law makers a stop to this spending? Did you write even one letter to your Congressman or to the president, demanding fiscal responsibility?

  • bem1972

    Per El Pollo de Oro’s and Bobcat’s comments:

    In reference to #1, I made the leap several months ago.

    I now live in Ecuador, where I work as an English teacher.

    The city in which I live is reasonably safe, and the weather is mild year-round. I have health insurance through my school, and live in a comfortable studio apartment. Best of all, the total combined monthly cost of rent, utilities, internet, cable, food, laundry, and health insurance is only $500.

    Yes, you read that right.

    Part of me didn’t want to leave the U.S. I’ve had some great jobs at some high-flying institutions. But I saw the handwriting on the wall some time ago, and made plans to get out, plans which I have now fulfilled.

    In the end, there was nothing left for me in the States to hold onto; I don’t buy into the consumerist mindset, and the overall ‘vibe’ of the country is not at all to my liking. Here, in Ecuador, I’m living the way I want to live, doing what I want to do, with money in the bank and no debt. I walk everywhere, which has improved my already good health; eat fresh foods of all sorts on a daily basis, instead of the processed garbage one finds stateside; and enjoy a social life that I was never able to do in the country of my birth.

    Expatriation isn’t for everyone, but having written that, there are a lot of people in the U.S. who have not considered the expatriation route, yet who ought to do so, for their financial AND spiritual sakes.

    Best wishes to all.

    • Michael

      Very interesting comment. Thank you for sharing that.


    • nicholas

      i also am working towards being an english teacher and am wondering how hard is it to teach internationaly

  • mondobeyondo

    Obama’s losing support all over the place now.

    Even Jewish voters are abandoning him:

    Not good for the incumbent Prez. If he wants to be re-elected in 2012, he’d better start walking on water instead of treading water.

  • Katie Caliente

    The ONLY real question is; based on the fact we know “Globalization” took away our jobs is:
    Was it more or less KNOWN this is EXACTLY what was going to happen to our economy?
    (standard of living)

    ~Or~ was this an innocent side effect of the actions of some goon who would call themselves,
    “The Internationalist” or some such tripe?

    • VinGfel

      I am from Switzerland.

      Well, isn’t it YOU, the Americans, who pushes the Globalization everywhere in the world, promising that the Global Free Market fill provide prosperity, democracy and happiness?

      Outside of Europe, a lot of peoples think that USA promoted the “Globalization” in order to crush the economies of other nations, by providing goods at a better price thanks to USA’s industries.

      Funny to see that USA protested against any local national rules which prevented the importation of USA’s goods, accusing it of bad bad protectionism. Funny to see that USA is suffering to see their industries going away in China, and that now peoples of USA are claiming that USA should be more protective for it’s production.

      A lot of peoples have no pity for USA, as USA is being crushed by the same “Globalization” it tried (forced) to sell (enforce) to other nations.

      Sorry to say that.

      • Owen

        VinGfel, the American people did not want globalization either. In reality, it is pushed by global elites from all nations with the intention to end the era of independent nation states. Globalization is the work of the New World Order gang and it is used to accomplish their plan for one world government. At this point, Europe remains their crowning achievement, but America is well down that path as well. Too many of us have trusted our leaders more than we should have. As globization advances, all of us (except the globalists) will continue to lose our God given liberty. Like John Donne pointed out, no man is an island.

      • doo daa

        i understand what you are saying and i do agree with you. we are witnessing a true American Armageddon, when Americans realize that their own actions, believes and ideals are now turning against them and destroying their country. not to mention the joke they have become in the eyes of other nations. but, not all the people in America are bad, greedy assholes, and i can testify to that, although it is proportionally a small number of people comparing with those who are complete idiots and maniacs. in other words, it is good news that not all Americans are totally nuts.

  • Who will be the scapegoat

    The Jewish people were targeted as the cause of economic despair in Germany prior to WW2. The question comes to mind, who will be targeyed this time around?
    Will it be the Jewish bankets again? Or will it be White Christain Ametica? Will it be muslims? Will it be Black America an the counties first black president? Will it be hispanics?
    The horror of Nazi Germany is coming, but the question remains, who will be the next scapegoats? Who will be the next Nazis?
    People get ready, cause this time aroumd it will make Nazi Germany look like a walk in the park. God help all of us.

    • r.bitting

      You know good and well who it will be. It will be God’s people ( the jews ), nothing ever changes does it?

  • Peter E

    I’m surprised that the term “recess…” is not illegal. Surely the way to avoid economic collapse is to heed the implicit advice in “The Economist” and refuse to allow major newspapers from using the R word. (ie the “growthless state that shall not be named”) For shame…

    I am not sure purely saving money will help you. At worst the paper you collect with be worthless too. Sure pay down debt, but also look to acquiring real assets that provide a return, or if you are in business look to options that cut your costs. But just make sure the returns are real and realised and not just some dream for the future. If you help build local businesses (and not spineless megacorporations) the money will help your local economy, as well build “social capital”. Pity you can’t shoot the crooks in the large corrupt megalithic corporations. (PS: Why do you give them bailouts when the only shift the money to their pockets in the form of bonuses. Its just like rewarding corruption.)

    One last thing. I’m in Australia and I have bought a few things from the US. Why is it that the US Postal service is so expensive! If I buy something for say $25, the shipping costs are say $40, while a similar item shipped from China or Europe might be only $5-$10!!!

  • Guest

    You want to save this country. Listen up Democrats and Republicans, here my list.
    1. Withdraw from the World Trade Organization.
    2. A freeze on all immigration and refugees.
    3. A 50% reduction in foreign aid.
    4. Repeal all free trade agreements.
    5. Closed down 500 of the 710 overseas military bases.
    6. Freeze all salaries for Congress and the President until the unemployment rate falls to six percent.
    7. Inform all corporations that if they want to sell their products in America, they have to be manufactured here. Their overseas factories can manufacture their products for the local market in that country.
    8. Overhaul the entire tax system at the Federal level.
    9. Stop invading other countries to build an empire.
    10. To Congress and the White House, start obeying the US Constitution. Stop violating the rights of US citizens.

    • VinGfel

      I agree!
      And all the other nation of the world should do the same.

      Except for the point 5 and the point 8, for any “federal” nation. Like Switzerland.
      5) Close ALL overseas military base. Why do you need your army outside of your land? (Well Switzerland doesn’t have any base outside his territory)
      8) In order to keep the liberty of each State to decide it’s financial politic, each state have the right to define it’s own taxation system.

    • liberranter

      A few modifications to your otherwise sound list:

      3. A TOTAL ELIMINATION of foreign aid.

      5. Close down ALL overseas military bases (none of which have anything whatsoever to do with actual national defense)

      6. Freeze lawmaker salaries AND cut back on or eliminate most of their self-conferred perks.

      7. Bad idea. Some products simply cannot be cost effectively manufactured in America. More to the point, the real reason that most of these corporations are outsourcing because of the truly ridiculous regulatory chains that are in place, regulations that go well beyond worker safety and that trend toward the economically destructive.

      8. SCRAP the entire tax system at the federal level – and encourage the states to do likewise.

      10. Add to this statement “or else be prepared to be impeached and/or arrested and face criminal charges, along with being removed from office and barred from ever holding public office again.”

    • Ron Paul, 2012.

    • ad d

      I agree. The globe still has the same challenges. Only difference is the US has been diminished and unable to lead as a result. This nation has always been the engine that pulled the load. Now it’s been gutted and not able to help.

  • It pisses me off when i see comments saying why michael is so negative. WTF do you expect him to say? He’s saying the truth, if you can’t accept the truth, **************** now morons. Times are only going to continue to get harder. Reality hurts doesn’t it.

  • GlennA

    I mostly lurk here and rarely post. But it saddens me when I see Democrat vs. Republican talking points here. This is one of the few good sites on the net that goes above all that – into how both parties are just different heads of the same beast, both corporatist enablers to the chopping us up and selling us off piece by piece for the benefit of the elites.

    This site goes into how that cartel of privately owned international banking interests aka the Federal Reserve is responsible for bubble blowing and tens of trillions in capital misallocation while decimating the working poor and savers with price inflation and zero interest rates, all to keep the banking elite fat and inflated.

    If one wants “D vs. R” talking points, one can read that for hours on end in the comments of every article on Yahoo.

    To me Gary2 is like taking one of those Yahoo yahoos, plucking it out and sticking it over here. It’s a solid two levels below the discourse I come here to find. Not telling the managers of this site what to do, but I wouldn’t even let the D vs. R nonsense through, it cheapens what this board is about – tearing both D and R the new one they deserve.

    • Michael

      I always love it when a lurker comes out of the shadows. 🙂

      Good comment.


      • GlennA


        Yes, lurking in the shadows, that’s been me. A professional man with a master’s degree in a technical who has not worked at a full-time job with benefits since mid 2009. Spent my last 2 years with the company offshoring to India all my team’s work. I hear through the grapevine that quality there has gone completely off a cliff, but profits are OK.

        Have had only sporadic benefitless contract work ever since, and am now down to my last few bucks.

        But it gave me the time to understand the carnage for what it is. Have found Mish Shedlock, Karl Denninger, this site and a small handful of others to say it with both barrels blazing and skipping over the corporate media spin. Be it Left corporate media spin or Right corporate media spin.

        And while both sides of that charade are tossing out little pieces of red meat for the MSNBCbots and FNCbots to wolf down one scrap at a time, the global elites are busy devouring the whole damn dog and pony show, tent and all.

        And old jobless men like me are just catching on.

        So thanks for the welcome, and for your outstanding work on the net. Guaranteed there are thousands more yet in the shadows, discovering things for the first time that were completely hidden to them just a few years back, when only the mainstream guarded the gates.

        • Michael

          I am sorry to hear that you are another one of the victims of the offshoring of our jobs. A lot of highly educated people are among the long-term unemployed right now. We have millions of highly skilled people just sitting on the sidelines. It is so sad.

          Keep hanging in there, and may you be blessed with a new job very soon.


    • r.bitting

      They pit R ve D because in thier eyes that’s the problem. They have forsaken God…. Thats the problem.

    • Kevin2

      Let everyone speak but I do agree with your substance. Every political party combination has been tried and when one looks at the voting record rather then the speeches it’s clear that on major money and military use issues both party’s vote in unison.

    • Gary2

      Glenn=-I am coming around to your way of thinking that the two parties are the problem and we need a third/fourth party etc, I am learning 🙂

      • Kevin2


        I think if we defeat the incumbents in their respective primaries in both party’s and put in those that are not “backed by” the party elite on the ballot we MIGHT break this corporate ownership connection. Vote in the school teacher, engineer, physician or anyone not entrained in the political machine. This will also require very frequently voting out the newly elected from this pool to limit “power” because it corrupts.

        Just forming another party invites the corporate masters to just write another check.

      • Highspeed

        Think quicker, it’s been difficult reading your rants, but I have tried to do so.


    What Recession? Justice Department Spent Nearly Half a Million on Refreshments

    Read more:

  • Lennie Pike

    If there is one commodity that has nothing to do with supply and demand, that would be oil.

    Precious metals also but for other reasons.

  • Lennie Pike

    The next Nazis will be, have been, and already are, the Satanic rothschild banking empire – almost the entire world is now totally under their control.

    They couldn’t care less about Israel or God’s Chosen People even though they call themselves Jews because they are on the other side – diametrically opposed to God.

    This is a fact, not an opinion.

    • I agree Lennie, It’s the Rothschild bankers that are behind all of this and they control everything. While everyone is arguing about Republican versus Democrat..which are just 2 sides of the same coin, they have slipped another one of their puppets into the White House to screw us up the poop shoot. Did you know notice that none of the candidates never mention the Cental Bank and the Federal Reserve as the culprit of our economic collapse? They can’t because they are handpicked by the establishment. The only candidate I have seen in my lifetime speak about it is Ron Paul. JFK spoke about Secret Societies…which is part of it….and Andrew Jackson “killed the banks”….then he proceded to send the Indians down the Trail of Tears. When will we have a real president? Maybe when we all start speaking out and standing up to injustice.

  • our economy is soured and affecting average
    american all our Pesident can come-up with
    WITH 2 COLLEGE DEGREES.) Get some jobs into
    America WTO World Trade Orginization killed
    America (I jhave absolutely no doubt on this issue.


    *** ***

  • The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

    What a joke! The government can’t create jobs. Our only hope is to support small businesses, which create the majority of new jobs.

    And you need to take control of your finances by getting financial education. The market is rigged against you. Your IRA and 401K are in danger of becoming worthless.

    Learn how to leverage the financial crisis to create wealth and protect your family.

    “HOW WILL YOU FACE THE AMERICAN APOCALYPSE IN 2011: how you can protect yourself and position yourself for the greatest wealth transfer in history.”

  • Richard Weil

    One can pick and choose bad statistics to get the worst possible viewpoint, so I’d say the list is a bit biased. But I agree that things aren’t good, and as several posters have noted fearful people do stupid things (but does anybody really think electing Perry will turn things around?). Unfortunately no mainstream poiticans have had the courage to talk about the real problems facing this country or, for that matter, that the US is in decline at least relative to the rest of the developed world. For example, the 9/11 anniversary would have been a perfect time to ask about America’s place in the world, and where we are going, and why the attack even happened, but it’s easier to shout and wave a flag.

    On the plus side, maybe when things do get bad enough people will wake up and start demanding answers to some very serious questions. My guess is that the US will eventually abandon Afghanistan to a pupet government that will quickly fall to, or at least form a coalition with, the Taliban, after which China will move in–probably with Pakistani help–and take out all the minerals it can. (They already have an agreement to mine there.) At least parts of Iraq–the oil areas–will end up under Iranian control too. When the American public sees these sorts of things happening the results could be very ugly, at least for those in power.

    And, as side benefits, maybe a country going broke will finally stop trying to run the world through dictators and client states, not to mention give up a ridiculous “war on drugs”. But it will be a miserable time. Add in peak oil, climate change, and who knows what else, and I think America will be lucky to end up something like England. A midlevel power living with the memory and physical remains of its imperial past. Most people have an adequate standard of living, but with shrunken existences and limited future opportunities compared to those few at the top. And the hell of it is it didn’t have to be like this.

  • Big E

    I also thank you for the work you do. I also spend long hours in front of my computer researching. I would love to hear more from expatriates who’ve made the leap. This is very important, I have no contacts in other countries so I’m having a difficult time prepping to make the jump. Family thinks I’m crazy but I’m ready ..I have skills and schooling , just need to connect the dots.

    • Michael

      Moving to another country is definitely not an easy thing to do. It isn’t even easy spending a few months in another country. It is definitely something that needs to be prepared for and researched carefully.


    • El Pollo de Oro

      Big E: I’ve done a considerable amount of traveling in Europe and have a lot of friends and business contacts in Europe as well as in Latin America and Australia. Moving to another country isn’t impossible, but it’s very difficult. For one thing, the immigration laws in other developed countries can be really tough for Americans. And another problem many Americans have is the fact that they’re monolingual, whereas people from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Austria, etc. often speak three or four languages proficiently.

      But I don’t blame you for wanting to leave The Banana Republic of America. This country is an absolute basketcase (although things are really tough in parts of Western Europe as well, especially Spain).

  • ractivist

    Read “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group”.

  • ractivist

    This book lays it all out, it is the government stupid.


    A one world government, a one world corporation, a fascist totalitarian nation is in the making. Consider GE and Jeff Ihmelt, they own Obama and are working to over take many areas of business, now they are expanding into the finance sector, hhhmmmmm.

    Could it be any more transparent? I agree, a total collapse is coming, after all, they have stated that is their intention. Dismantle this Republic brick by brick and rebuild it in a socialist framework. America’s sovereignty must be destroyed, so they are doing so thru economic warfare. Once we collapse financially, the civil society will collapse under the weight of starvation. Looting and riots will go unchecked in most places, Marshal law / state of emergency and a lock down. Disease will run rampant in short order and large percentages of the population will die. Again, that is their plan, it has been stated many times. Holdren and the secular elites want to cut the worlds population by 75 to 90%. Remeber Bill Ayers planned on killing 25 million in his revolution. To know Ayers is to know Obama, and Ayers has visited Obama in the WH numerous times, as had George Soros who also has America targeted. Many people know this truth, I hope you consider it.

    The premise, the prism one must look thru is very basic, they are out to destroy us. Once one accepts this, one recognizes how every action is working towards this, while every speech is a total lie that elevates him to the uninitiated useful idiots. Come Lord Jesus, I expect to see him in the sky in the not to distant future as well. The signs of the times are quite evident. Stock up folks, food, friends and fortresses (God first). Beans, bullets and bandaids, God guns n grub. Use your time wisely and stock up, make plans, organize amongst like minded friends (strength in numbers) and be sure to have a ham radio to communicate with patriots nationwide. God bless, Mark Thompson

    • James

      “Use your time wisely and stock up, make plans, organize amongst – like minded friends – (strength in numbers) The only friends I have are from sites like this. My neighbors think I walk around with that tin hat, so I have learned I have to keep my mouth shut. I know my neighbors are my friends, but when that day comes when the SHTF, I think that friendship will disapear and they will point a finger at my house to give themselves one more day without being taken away themselves. When Obama says, “God is on our side, God bless America”, I want to run for cover knowing that something is coming this way, and it ain’t going to be pretty for anyone on the continent. None of us should believe anything that comes out of his mouth, especially when he really says something like that, that he really can’t believe himself. Someday, not on this earth, I hope to meet all of you. From a true believer, God bless you and your loved ones.

    • Christy Di Lorenzo

      Yes, Ractivist you are so right! Our government is corrupt on both sides of the aisle, run by Luciferians hell bent on global government, and enslavement of the population. People please stop the anger and judgement on your fellow man. Love eachother, and get prepared to help yourself and others when the economy implodes, which it will by design. Our government has been squandering money, so we will go bankrupt, and demand they solve the problem, then they will restructure a socialist society. They create the problem, cause chaos, then implement their desired solution. Please go to or read about agenda 21, bilderberg group, council on foreign relations, federal reserve, etc. most of all read the bible in Revelations. Jesus is coming back soon, and boy do we all need Him soon!!

  • Paul

    About to? About??

    Been there since 2001.

  • BSH

    Okay, fine, the economy sucks, and the government caused the problem and won’t do anything about it.

    So what’s the solution?

    • Zach

      UUmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Wooooorrrrrllllllda Waaaaar 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary , why don`t you go and do something in life that is productive to make some money , So we can Tax the hell out of you .Oh thats right , We have makers and takers , and we all know what Gary is.

  • ron

    Funny how many posts on other sites support the president.I tell people that his actions are that of someone out to destroy the country.

  • Souheil Bayoud

    And I gave her time to repent of her sexual immorality,and she did not repent.Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed.Rev 2:21-22

  • One cause for loosing jobs in manufacturing is those that make things over seas are often not paid a fair wage, which stops the prosperity cycle since they cannot buy things we make. We used to make it here, sell it here, and buy it here. An international agreed upon minimum wage or get taxed on their exports to advanced nations would reverse the trend and generate a tremendous economic engine that has been destroyed by corporate greed. Please, pass this along!

  • To sum up, all of the above ‘solution’: Ron Paul, 2012.

  • Jonathon

    Democrats are bankrupting America by buying votes. Obama must go or America’s days are over.

  • Oslanod

    How do you expect me to belive the rest of what you have to write about…???!!! You mention in point #24 “When Barack Obama moved into the White House, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.83. Today it is $3.58.” ************** I remember the gas hikes every summer when Bush Jr. Was president so dont try and pawn it off on someone else.

    • Rhondaroo

      It’s because everyone will blame whatever president in office for our negative things! I think gas was actually more than that though! I think it was years and years ago that gas was 1.83$ times are hard for everyone and I hate it! Just like anybody else I hate seeing our country having trouble but I’m not going to blame one person or president for it!

  • Ray

    Just some food for thought. I came across an article saying that Bank of America got the feds to allow them to merge their 75 trillion dollar derivitive branch into their already troubled FDIC insured bank, putting the FDIC on the hook for the whole thing. This is the same FDIC, who is already broke. At least we can all rest knowing the speculators will be made whole from the fruits of our toil.

  • rvsujit

    why the president of America not focusing on increasing agriculture productivity? Increasing food production can save the America. Many may feel it is a silly solution,but if you look at the increasing number of people on food stamps(nearly 45 million people) in America, it is somewhat a better solution.My strong feeling is that only farming can save America and no economic reforms and bailouts are going to save America from these dark days.If scarcity of food arises, then who will provide food to these 45 million people living in extreme poverty in America? Do the president of United States of America has a answer to this question?

  • ebb

    the whole world’s banking system is corrupt and controlled by too big to fail and jail banksters, It is dysfunctional since it is actually a Huge Federal Reserve [Credit swap Derivative] Ponzi scheme to make rich richer on backs of the main Street labor and production


    Hedge Hogs; Gold Man’s Sacks; “financial terrorist attacks;” and the Obama sellout:
    SUPER COMMITTEE BIG BANK ROBBERY and “this sucker” going down

    Terrorism by Economic Collapse, debt bondage, money as debt on interest, etc
    Derivatives ‘Mother of All Bubbles’ exploding


    Super rich 1% vs 99 %; Terrorism Cycle: Guillotines: Occupy “ALL” streets


    So this article keeps pointing out tas if Obmam started it or made it worse- REGARDLESS who we have in office, it would have STILL gotten worse- you think Falin and old hot head MCLAME would have done any better? Hell no. It’s the ELITE causing this destruction. Hold on, it’s coming!

  • Craig

    I would get out of debt and do the buddy system ..If you can sell your home and move in with someone else , I would consider that.

    I would not carry any burdens .There is some validity to what is said , the question is When will all this take place .. Five years ? 10 years ?? Never???

    The Great Depression is a example to what can happen but in this example today , there are no jobs to come back to.

  • Lavera Compston


  • ad d

    Now, here in March 2012 we’re being told again that the economy is improving. The stock market yesterdsy finished at a record high since the crash of 08. The media is telling us that things are great. All know it’s non-sense, but the lies continue to try and put us to sleep while the globalists finish their work to destroy the US. Business’ send me, personally numerous emails daily begging me for my business as they barely hang on by a thread. And I’m supposed to believe that things are getting better. The lies aren’t working this time. Most I know are waking up from their slumber. Realization of what is really happening is growing. Nothing short of sparks flying will halt this mess.

  • Kaylee Morgan

    America is heading for bankruptcy and those running the show in DC are damned to hell! Crooks. Thieves. Liars. Deceitful & Wicked.

  • Ted

    I’m am not trying to rub salt in anyone’s wounds, but things are going very well here in Asia. It’s booming. I left America in early 2008 and it seems to have been a great decision. I am not rich, but I have many career opportunities even though I am 55. I know it’s too drastic a leap for most. I am homesick sometimes, but it sounds so bad there that I guess I should just stay put and be grateful.

    • Zach

      Yes!!! You should stay if life is good there. I worked in Canada for over a year, making $2400 a week in 2011. My wife got homesick and we moved back to GA. Two years later, I still can not find employment (even with Bach. Degree), getting divorced and am a single parent on welfare. I am just wondering when it will all end!!!

  • Todd

    It’s been a few months, actually several, since this (and many other dire, imminent headlined posts) was posted. Are things significantly more nightmarish now than they were back in September?

    You know this kind of prediction has been around at least since the 1970’s when Howard Ruff was saying the total collapse of the US economy was imminent. After having heard about 40+ years of this claim, I can’t help but notice it still hasn’t happened.

    That’s not to say it won’t. All folks like you have to do is keep predicting the dire and imminent collapse of everything to instill panic in everyone (instead of doing something productive like running for office or otherwise trying to contribute to solutions) and I’m fairly sure it will happen one of these days …

    Of course, if enough folks decide to try to take some responsibility instead of crying doom and gloom all the time, it may take another 40+ years. Who really knows?

    The world is full of folks who claim to understand how the global economy works, but the fact is that we are now in a completely new paradigm for which there are no tried and true precedents, proven theories, or applicable charts or studies.

    Truly professional economists have been admitting for a while now that no one really understands all the implications of what is going on any more. So how about everybody get a life and try to make America a better and stronger country (and the world, a better world) instead of all this crap?

  • Anonymous

    It must get better, it has too.

  • Dan

    Everyone talks about JOBS but no one talks about JOBS that PAY THE BILLS! Why is that? What good is a $10/Hr JOB to a grown person with 4,0000/Mth of BILLS to pay? Dont people have the right to earn enough money to pay the bills and EAT HEALTHY? The people WITH the money are doing a GREAT job at making the people without the money feel they should just be thankful for whatever they get like a homeless person on the street and you have no right to complain. And what about those of us that dont want a JOB but to be in business for ourselves? Banks found out that giving people loans strictly and sloely based on credit scores was a bad idea but instead of changing the errors of their way what do they do? Make it even harder to get a loan? Back in the day when our Grandparents came off the boat were they approved for a loan based on cradit score? NOPE! And did 80% of businesses go out of business back then? I doubt it. I heard a story about an immigrant who worked three years sweeping floors in a barber shop and was able to save up enough money to BUY HIS OWN SHOP! Try doing that today!

  • Tony

    Um… actually Europe is a big place, and there are many countries in worse condition than the US. However, there are many places signifigantly better: The American Economy is in far, far, far worse shape than Finland, Norway, Sweden, England and where I live in Switzerland. Germany is still suffering permanant pain from the reunification with East Germany, and the fact that they need to provide credit for third world-like nations such as Spain and Greece where there is no hope left for really any solution. Germany is shouldering a huge amount of this load and at the same time continues to be a better economy than the US.

    This article is very, very negative about the US. America has a history of doing something effective about the different crises it has encountered. But now there seems to be no real interest… like no one wants to take the wheel of a ship heading for an iceberg.

    I would prefer to see more positive things being written about America. However, the blackness of this “wake up” article speaks volumes. The reality that Americans have faced in the last 3 years and the realities they must face in the future are in fact harsh.

  • Degaz

    Here we are 2 years after this was written and they are still able to kick the can down the road. Amazing.

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