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40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

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40 Statistics About The Fall Of The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To BelieveIf you know someone that actually believes that the U.S. economy is in good shape, just show them the statistics in this article.  When you step back and look at the long-term trends, it is undeniable what is happening to us.  We are in the midst of a horrifying economic decline that is the result of decades of very bad decisions.  30 years ago, the U.S. national debt was about one trillion dollars.  Today, it is almost 17 trillion dollars.  40 years ago, the total amount of debt in the United States was about 2 trillion dollars.  Today, it is more than 56 trillion dollars.  At the same time that we have been running up all of this debt, our economic infrastructure and our ability to produce wealth has been absolutely gutted.  Since 2001, the United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas.  Our share of global GDP declined from 31.8 percent in 2001 to 21.6 percent in 2011.  The percentage of Americans that are self-employed is at a record low, and the percentage of Americans that are dependent on the government is at a record high.  The U.S. economy is a complete and total mess, and it is time that we faced the truth.

The following are 40 statistics about the fall of the U.S. economy that are almost too crazy to believe…

#1 Back in 1980, the U.S. national debt was less than one trillion dollars.  Today, it is rapidly approaching 17 trillion dollars…

National Debt

#2 During Obama’s first term, the federal government accumulated more debt than it did under the first 42 U.S presidents combined.

#3 The U.S. national debt is now more than 23 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

#4 If you started paying off just the new debt that the U.S. has accumulated during the Obama administration at the rate of one dollar per second, it would take more than 184,000 years to pay it off.

#5 The federal government is stealing more than 100 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every single hour of every single day.

#6 Back in 1970, the total amount of debt in the United States (government debt + business debt + consumer debt, etc.) was less than 2 trillion dollars.  Today it is over 56 trillion dollars…

Total Debt

#7 According to the World Bank, U.S. GDP accounted for 31.8 percent of all global economic activity in 2001.  That number dropped to 21.6 percent in 2011.

#8 The United States has fallen in the global economic competitiveness rankings compiled by the World Economic Forum for four years in a row.

#9 According to The Economist, the United States was the best place in the world to be born into back in 1988.  Today, the United States is only tied for 16th place.

#10 Incredibly, more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have been permanently shut down since 2001.

#11 There are less Americans working in manufacturing today than there was in 1950 even though the population of the country has more than doubled since then.

#12 According to the New York Times, there are now approximately 70,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit.

#13 When NAFTA was pushed through Congress in 1993, the United States had a trade surplus with Mexico of 1.6 billion dollars.  By 2010, we had a trade deficit with Mexico of 61.6 billion dollars.

#14 Back in 1985, our trade deficit with China was approximately 6 million dollars (million with a little “m”) for the entire year.  In 2012, our trade deficit with China was 315 billion dollars.  That was the largest trade deficit that one nation has had with another nation in the history of the world.

#15 Overall, the United States has run a trade deficit of more than 8 trillion dollars with the rest of the world since 1975.

#16 According to the Economic Policy Institute, the United States is losing half a million jobs to China every single year.

#17 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs.  Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

#18 At this point, an astounding 53 percent of all American workers make less than $30,000 a year.

#19 Small business is rapidly dying in America.  At this point, only about 7 percent of all non-farm workers in the United States are self-employed.  That is an all-time record low.

#20 Back in 1983, the bottom 95 percent of all income earners in the United States had 62 cents of debt for every dollar that they earned.  By 2007, that figure had soared to $1.48.

#21 In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

#22 According to Forbes, the 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 150 million Americans combined.

#23 The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have as much wealth as the bottom one-third of all Americans combined.

#24 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 146 million Americans are either “poor” or “low income”.

#25 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives direct monetary benefits from the federal government.  Back in 1983, less than a third of all Americans lived in a home that received direct monetary benefits from the federal government.

#26 Overall, the federal government runs nearly 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”, and at this point more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one of them.

#27 Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse.  It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

#28 As I wrote recently, it is being projected that the number of Americans on Medicare will grow from 50.7 million in 2012 to 73.2 million in 2025.

#29 At this point, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.  That comes to approximately $328,404 for every single household in the United States.

#30 Right now, there are approximately 56 million Americans collecting Social Security benefits.  By 2035, that number is projected to soar to an astounding 91 million.

#31 Overall, the Social Security system is facing a 134 trillion dollar shortfall over the next 75 years.

#32 Today, the number of Americans on Social Security Disability now exceeds the entire population of Greece, and the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain.

#33 According to a report recently issued by the Pew Research Center, on average Americans over the age of 65 have 47 times as much wealth as Americans under the age of 35.

#34 U.S. families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

#35 As I mentioned recently, the homeownership rate in America is now at its lowest level in nearly 18 years.

#36 There are now 20.2 million Americans that spend more than half of their incomes on housing.  That represents a 46 percent increase from 2001.

#37 45 percent of all children are living in poverty in Miami, more than 50 percent of all children are living in poverty in Cleveland, and about 60 percent of all children are living in poverty in Detroit.

#38 Today, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  This is the first time that has ever happened in our history.

#39 When Barack Obama first entered the White House, about 32 million Americans were on food stamps.  Now, more than 47 million Americans are on food stamps.

#40 According to one calculation, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the combined populations of “Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

  • markets crash when credit creation contracts

    • Blackhawk

      A tipping point will be reached (with or without credit creation) when confidence erodes enough to create a mass panic.
      This shenanigans that FED plays with the so called tapering, is only designed to test the market’s reactions. They are acutely aware that any slowing down in credit creation would collapse all the house of cards and they are not going to do it unless there is already in the cards by design.
      At this point anything is possible, but I would say they will keep propping up the system until the police state would be ready to handle the population.
      Time is running in their favour, while people run out of liberties.

  • Jef

    41) Employment situation is worst than thought

    Check: Dailyjobcuts com

    • markthetruth

      #42 Maybe our Government is Just Bad at Math !!!

      the end…

  • cateye

    We are not going to pull out of this dive. What replaces that which we have wrecked is the big question. Till then, get yourself prepared to withstand a substantial period of rough times.

    • otter1111

      With the current people in charge I would say whatever replaces what we have will be much, much worse.

  • K

    First moral bankruptcy, then financial bankruptcy. That is the course followed throughout most of history. The infection called greed has overtaken America, and she is in the intensive care unit. And even now I can hear the rich and powerful, talking about pulling the plug.

  • Tim

    The federal government is currently in a debt issuance suspension period. The temporary suspension of the statutory debt limit ended on the 19th of this month, and, since the Congress didn’t act to increase the debt limit, the Treasury has again resorted to suspending “investments” to certain federal “trust funds” (i.e. promises to pay in the future) in order to avoid breaching the current limit–the old limit of $16.4 trillion plus the debt incurred during the temporary suspension. So the federal debt is languishing in the $16.7 trillion range and probably will do so until after Labor Day when the members of Congress return from their perpetual vacation. This is why the budget deficit for this year will likely be well under $1 trillion. And the CBO says that proves the economy is improving.


    • ResilientNews

      I was wondering about this ive noticed the debt hovering at 16.7, thanks for the info!


      The government will continue raiding “entitlement” programs until they become so “under-funded” that they will just “give up” on them, and default. The government has once again failed to pass a budget, too. Anyone notice that? They know how bad things are. Too bad so much of the country seems to be living in “La-La Land”. The refusal to face reality is absolutely stunning.

  • Rodster

    If this were a ship you’d have to sound the alarm “all hands on deck, man the life boats”.

  • LifeandLiberty

    Many have been claiming that the sky is falling as it always has been before and since I was born. The difference and only difference is that this “Is” exactely as Obama wants to happen. So, as long as there is no actual economic recovery – which is Obama’s way of global redistribution of wealth – we are in fact doomed – at least I think so?

  • Stezie

    Really doesn’t surprise me; this has been a long time coming. However, it’s probably going to be a decade or two before things really hit rock bottom; maybe even less, depending on how this situation is handled. Still, anybody who says the US isn’t in decline is simply in denial.

    • Rodster

      On its current glide path i’d doubt it will take that long. You also need to take into account the market and banks not collapsing first.

      To put it simply, if you were a doctor and the USA was your patient you’d say it’s terminal.

      • K

        Much sooner. Rodster, let’s say 10% are awake. Let’s say another 10% are somewhat awake, based on gun sales. Now let’s add at least 10% for people who think, D.C. lies about everything. You think they are not starting to sweat? Obama is talking about ending the war on terror, and closing Gitmo. This from the guy who renewed the patriot act, less than a year ago. No, they are going to panic, and do something stupid.

  • Trailer Park Investor

    I speek no Englash not Americun wher can I sign up for all the Obama mony I was told that was mine?

  • Tatiana Covington

    The Rise of the Machines is *real*.

  • Shmeggle Marxist

    where’s Gary when you need a good laugh

  • Makati1

    The US is F–ked! Get out if you can. It is a 3rd world, banana republic, police state.

    • otter1111

      But where do you go?

      • Ralfine

        try china. cant say anything against the government, but you can get rich and live safely without the need for a gun.
        the air is dirty and the rivers polluted, just the same as in america, just a bit worse.


        The rule of the sea is that you stay with a sinking ship for as long as you can. You are an American. America is your home. When your country starts arresting Americans, like Germany did with the Jews, then that is the time to leave or fight. Fight because there is no place to escape to. Just remember, wherever you go, you will be a foreigner there. Is that what you want, during a time of global emergency? This is a global collapse, and unfortunately like somebody else said, there are no Americas to escape to. Unfortunately, we have been backed into a corner on this one.

      • Mike

        I have a Filipino wife who owns property in the Philippines. I work offshore and am able to live practically any where in the world.
        When the economy ship starts to sink I have an exit strategy to sell the house and move my family out of the US. If you are close to retirement I would suggest looking at countries that would be less affected by the US economy collapsing. If not close to retirement I would suggest trying as hard as possible to get a job outside of the US. If neither is an option I would start prepping.
        As to the question of “Will there be an economic collapse?” YES there will be. In FACT it is mathematically impossible at this point to back away from. The question is ” when it happens what will the US governments response be?”. Only two options are available. Hyper inflation or Economic Contraction. How bad will it be? Not as bad as the Great Depression. But worse than anything since then. How soon will it happen? We are in it now. Printing money is what is keeping a major decline at bay. Mathematically that will not work indefinitely. The math says 2017 is the absolute limit. And the US printing money and trying to spend the way out of it just makes it worse when the collapse comes.
        To explain 2017:
        At current rates In 2017 the Debt to GDP ratio is projected to be 133%. This is worse than any of the European countries whose economies have collapsed. We are currently at a ratio of 106.6%. We have already reached a point at which we should see problems. Printing money is extending the glide path of the economy.

        Other countries already want to stop using US dollars for international trade.

        Just watch what happens when oil starts to be priced in Euros, Yuan, Yen, and several other currencies. (Yes this is coming).
        Is there a precursor to an economic collapse? Look for a jump in precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum). If you see a doubling in price in a week you can be pretty sure it is eminent. If you see a sell off of precious metals DO NOT take that as a sign of economic recovery. In fact take it as a opportunity to buy some. I have for the past 6 years been buying gold from the Perth Mint and keeping it in Australia. Why should you trust me to know what I’m talking about? I am on track to retire at age 50 with a net worth of over 2 million. I did not get here by being stupid.
        And nobody should say I am lucky. I saw what was coming and took steps long ago to position myself and my family for this coming crisis.
        When I see so many people thinking the economy is doing just fine I just want to force them to actually look at it. To do just the most basic research. The Government and the Media want you to think everything is fine. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is simply that neither the media or the Government want to cause a panic. I don’t want to cause a panic either. But it would be even more irresponsible to assure everyone that things will be just fine. So my advice to you is to PANIC!!!!!!

    • cateye

      There is no place left to go….we are the last best hope for freedom and liberty….and we have pissed it away for nothing.

      • Godfather

        That we have my friend. Really can not see any solution out of this as though many would try to think of a solution we are caught in a death roll.

    • waydownnow

      I know this is no laughing matter but I am lmao at your post. Thanks. I needed that

  • TJ Jackson

    OK, Other than that, how are things going?

  • saintmatty

    I person I met yesterday that cleans out foreclosures told me that there are so many of them that he is busy, busy , busy and hiring help to keep up. Gee, I thought things were getting better?

  • saintmatty

    Oh yeah, lots of jobs too. Each McDonald’s hires a 100 people for 2 hrs a day. Unemployment goes down, but who can survive on 12 yrs a week?

    • Vaughan

      Well what they typically do is give people 29hrs a week so they won’t receive full time status and have to pay for full time benefits.

    • FreeThinker

      Some other employers are doing this too.

    • Ralfine

      someone who earns 1 million per year has an hourly wage of $350. From 12h x $350/h= $4200 per week you can survive pretty well.

      • Charles Lee Allen

        Its $20,000. a week for 50 weeks. Where did you get 4200?

        • Ralfine

          If you had the same hourly wage as an income millionaire ($350/h), then you could live well from 12h a week (12h x $350/h = $4,200).

          It’s not how much you work, it is how much you get paid for your work, that is important for your survival.

          Shareholders do not need to work at all to get their dividends paid.

  • GSOB

    Man, this is just terrible.

  • jrex918

    i can guarantee that we are going to have a major economic crisis within the next 7 years! it is likely to be even sooner than but i guarantee we will have one within 7 years; and this crisis will involve the destruction of the dollar, unemployment going up, businesses shutting down

  • Terry Pratt

    49 percent of all low-income renters pay at least half their income for shelter (rent plus utilities), according to Mortgage News Daily.

  • euroguy

    You are not alone, Americans. Many european countries are also in deep trouble, looking hopeless in the future.
    Hard time are ahead but this will end sometimes too.
    Mankind survived much harsher times in history, so don’t be doomed so desparate. If you thought the life on earth would be a paradise, you are on a wrong planet. Struggling belong to human life, it makes you able to survive, develope and progress forward.
    Only poiticans made us belive that endless economic growth is possible on a limited planet.
    The sun sets and rise, seasons come and go, etc. Everthing is moving in cycles and so does the economy. Dark clouds are gathering now, yet the sun will come out again.

    God bless you

    • steven454

      I grieve for you guys as I see the un-elected EU aristocracy take away more and more of your national sovereignty and personal freedom. Whether or not it is in your “constitution” (or equivalent document), the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is implicitly yours; and you are justified to fight for those things. and the implications of these are significant: the right to life implies you have the right to defend your life, which is something that the police can never promise to do (the best they can promise is to attempt to punish your killer).

  • Mustard Seed

    We need to stop wondering when the collapse is going to happen and start realizing we’re in it. 2008 was a pretty big year on the economic richter scale. Five years later, maybe 10% of the country really gets that we’re in a paradigm shift. People just don’t have a clue what to do to help themselves.

    About seven years ago, my family got out of the city. We bought a manufactured home on seven acres on a steep hill, because that was all we could afford back when the real estate values were crazy high. We wanted to teach our kids some living skills. We are living proof that city people can make the transition to farm life. We are nowhere near self sufficient, but we have learned a LOT in almost seven years. Like….It is a LOT cheaper to grow a garden, orchard, and vineyard than it is to raise large animals…because plants don’t tear down fences. Homegrown food ripened and harvested properly tastes a LOT better than what we used to buy at the markets in the city. We even tried our hand at some simple out buildings….you know…like a chicken house and wood shed. Bought the power tools, pre cut lumber and a whole book on “how to”. LOL! Carpenters…we are not. We now have a new found appreciation for the awesome job Noah did building the ark! Did I mention poison oak itches a LOT! Got it from head to toe once…all I can say is OH MY GOSH. Life in the country is an adventure, but a worthwhile one.

    Living skills take time to develop, and I sincerely hope more people will start learning how to grow food today.

    • BonusGift

      You are exactly right about this beginning around 2008; and good for you and your family on getting out the deathtrap called a
      “city”. What people need to realize is that economics is unlike a war where, for example, things can turn on one key battle; in fact, it has been said that “economic collapse is a process, not an event.” Those who brush off the warnings need to screw their heads on straight and think for a minute as to why the numbers reviewed in this article are bad and predictably getting worse. They are bad and getting worse because the collapse has already begun. As you point out, the more recent portion of the U.S. economic collapse began about 2008, but other parts began well before that. No it isn’t that the economic sky isn’t falling, but rather that parts of it have already fallen and other bits are in the process of falling. Good luck to the freedom lovers and true Americans among you all and hopefully we’ll meet on the other side of this.

  • WarriorClass III

    Criminal government.

  • JailBanksters

    There are several reasons, but the underlying problem can be directly pinned on Shareholders and Wall St. More to the Point, Shareholders greed for higher Profits has forced all Manufacturing Off Shore, depriving the Future of any means creating Wealth. Each month must make more profit than the Previous Month or Shareholders will Pull Out. Once you’ve cut the Manufacturing to the Bone, there is nowhere else to go but up making them more expensive and making them uncompetitive again. Unless they find somewhere cheaper than China to Manufacture.
    Further more, are you going to buy a $20 mop made in the USA or a $5 mop in China. It’s Obvious what the answer is or this wouldn’t be a discussion. So Shareholders only did the buyers wanted and the Buyers supported the Shareholders greed.
    There is NO Undo Button.

  • FreeThinker

    20-40 reminded me of what George Carlin said: The wealthy 1% have all of the money and pay none of the taxes. The middle class do all of the work and pay all of the taxes. The poor are there to scare the middle class into continuing to show up to the miserable jobs.

    • jo6pac



      Ain’t it the truth.

    • dave

      The top 1% of wage earners pay 38% of
      all income taxes-The top 5% pay 58%
      of all income taxes. You are a fricking
      idiot making stiff up

      • Mike

        Free Thinker didn’t make that up at all. He quoted George Carlin.
        And George Carlin did say that. Your numbers are close to accurate, however the point Free Thinker was making is that it is a lot easier for the wealthy to avoid paying taxes. I sat next to a guy in Vegas that lost $135,000 on roulette and all he said was “no big deal…I needed the tax write off”. I looked it up and he is correct that he can take a tax write off on gambling losses. There is way too many tax loopholes available to the wealthy. Percentages do not mean anything. If a man who’s net worth increases in one year by 3 billion dollars yet his tax returns shows he paid 11 million in taxes shows he did not pay his fair share. He did pay a LOT of taxes. But he did not even pay 1 percent tax. That is what the late George Carlin was talking about.

        • Magicman1984

          Furthermore the only real way to truly have everyone pay their “fair share” is to abolish the IRS and go with a mandatory fixed percent. Just think about it, if you make 30k a year and the fixed is set at 10% then you would have to pay 3k a year in taxes; however, if you make 3 billion a year then you would have to pay 300 million in taxes a year. Sounds like the “big wigs” would finally be paying what they should then. Also, as for my earlier statement of “mandatory” that goes for anyone that is working inside the country, citizen or not, and if they refuse to pay the mandatory tax then they are to be kicked out of the country.

          • wrong sort

            Except right now if you make 30k a year you end up paying almost no taxes and if you make 3 billion (or even million) you will be paying over 50% in combined local/state/federal depending on where you live.

      • Donald Panzieri

        The top 1% have 95% of the wealth so shouldn’t they be paying an equal share? No one is asking them to pay more only to pay their share

      • Dan

        Earners are not the issue, companies are.

    • RHJunior

      George Carlin was no economist. The top 1% pay approximately 20% of income taxes, and an even bigger share of all other taxes (people who don’t own businesses don’t pay business taxes, natch).

  • I fail to understand why stats have to be done over all these years to show us. It has been so obvious to me I can’t understand why so very few see it. It is like everyone is blind and deaf. There is no hope of any turnaround at all.


      What you are seeing is called the “normalcy bias.” Also known as the frog sitting in a pot of water and how they react when it starts getting hotter in the pot.

  • Get ready for the fascist state.

  • FounderChurch

    Founderchurch says when any nation abandons God, God abandons that nation.

    These statistics are only the tip of the iceberg that everyone knows about already.

    There are 40 signs of moral decay that are even more frightening than the 40 signs of the economic decay.and that caused the economic fall.

    Our society and nation is like a human body. Our body is like our economy while the head is our moral values. If the body is it bad shape just imagine what bad shape the mind is in

    But none of you materialist heathens think of anything but money. That problem is illustrated by the people who comment on these articles. You don’t have to look far for the cause of Americas problems they are right among the posters on this site.

    FoundeeChurch at gmail

    • cateye


      • FounderChurch


    • Not_gary2

      founder church … You’re a bottom feeding troll who spams the comment section with your trash. Please take it elsewhere. You bring NOTHING to the table.

      • FounderChurch

        Oh, I see I have woken up the devil possessed on the side of evil and the Democrats and liberals and Leftists of all types and God haters.

        Well Jesus said if you’re not persecuted for my namesake then you are none of mine.

        So I’m certainly qualified in the eyes of Jesus Christ because of the persecutors who have risen up like the devil himself to attack me. Amen and thank you Jesus.

        • Not_gary-2

          Nice try. Man you are one scary person.

      • Robert (qslv)

        gary3? LOL

    • Imaplaneiac

      FounderChurch, what’s the quote in the Bible about critizing your fellow man? It goes something like: before you tell your brother let me take that splinter from your eye, REMOVE the PLANK from yours… There’s another that goes something like: Do NOT judge and YOU will not be judged.
      I know that many Pastors ( and other Chrstians ) read this blog. You can give the references and better quotes than mine herein. I’d have to research the ” Word ” to find them.

      • FounderChurch

        . You know little or nothing about the Bible that is clear. It says you are welcome to judge your fellow man but you must be willing to be judged by the same standard you apply to him and I am willing to be judged by the standards I apply to others. So you quote the Bible entirely wrong which is no surprise. I suggest you get some education before you lecture your betters.

        • Shmeggle Marxist

          are you drunk today?

        • FreeThinker

          ” Your betters.”

          “For there is no respect of persons with God.” -Romans 2:11

        • Donchalikemyswag

          Lecture your betters? We all know that isn’t you. And besides, isn’t “everyone equal in the eyes of God”?
          TAKE THAT!

          • FounderChurch

            You are exhibit A of what is wrong with America and the world…. Malicious ignorance.

      • FreeThinker

        Matthew 7:1-3

    • goldminer

      The Bible you clain to read is all about money.
      It talks more about money, wealth, riches, than any other subject. Turn the pages and they are filled with silver and gold.
      As for us ” materialist heathens” talking about money. What do you expect from a site Titled ” The Economic Collapse”?

      The Bible does not say money is evil. But says the love of money is evil.

      Jesus said “12:33, “Sell your possessions and give the money away to those in need.”
      I would like to follow those words. But in todays society. The poor will take all I have. I would end up at Wall Mart with a sign that says… Will Work For Food.

  • FounderChurch

    Founderchurch is the one good church left in America. If you want to save America join Founderchurch and begin the work of reconstruction.

    Every word in the Bible is true but it is perverted and twisted out of shape by the perverters of the word starting with the lying preachers priests and rabbis. They lie to keep their job as all they care about is money. The people they serve want the lies so they gladly dish them out.

    Every lie has a thousand fathers while every truth is an orphan.FounderChurch at gmail.

    • Darren Wilkens

      I’ll keep my Baptist ways while you brainwash your congregation with ignorance.

  • peaches

    There gonna let the mthrfkr go and set up a glbl Br. Woods with gold pegged to SDRs. Glad now I didn’t have children.

  • fldavestone

    Every important person that predicted the recession is predicting a worse one.I have been self employed for many years.25 years ago i made twice what i make now.Think about that.I can’t afford to hire anyone, because work is sporadic at best.We have to fight for everything we get,meanwhile the govt; is giving money to anyone they deem worthy.We have lost the accountability of our govt.,and we the masses are too busy arguing over partisanship,or the Super Bowl to get involved….Yes this democracy is in it’s death throws.Good Luck.

    • FounderChurch

      how many of your children did you kill with birth control of one sort or another?our low birth rate is the cause of most of our problems. What did you contribute to it.

      • Darren Wilkens

        How is a low birth rate the cause of most of our problems? You mean economically? If so, you’re pretty retarded.

        • TJ

          Name calling does no good. This is basic economics. No new workers coming into the workforce, then who contributes to SS? Soon we will have 1 worker for every 4 retirees. Project it out another 2 generations! The economic scale is a carbon copy of the birth rate scale with a 40 year delay! EXACTLY! Educate yourself before condemning others.

          • Darren Wilkens

            No new workers coming into the workforce because there aren’t any jobs. If there are jobs, they’re mostly part time. If they’re not part time, then they’re almost minimum wage.

            In order for there to be a balance (20-30 years from now) there needs to be a low birthrate.

            If our government didn’t over regulate and tax companies so much, they wouldn’t have sent jobs overseas. If we bring those jobs BACK to America, our unemployment percentage will plummet dramatically and there won’t be so many high school and college graduates struggling to find a career.

            Educate yourself before spouting off ignorant remarks.


        That is just not true. Since we cannot currently feed, clothe, house, educate and employ almost half of the country, we actually need to shrink the U.S. population to a sustainable 100-million, tops.

        • FounderChurch

          You like all uneducated Democrat babblers you are totally wrong.

          If you reduced our population to 100 million as you suggest, it would only increase all the problems that you imagine it would cure.

          The figures you cite would then jump to 75 percent from the present 50 percent that you cite, and society would be even less sustainable.

          Don’t you realize that the poorest highest polluted countries on earth are the ones with the lowest density of people, and that the countries with the highest standards of living and cleanest environments are the ones with the greatest density of people?

          You are totally brainless from listening to your Communist-Fascist teachers and stupid Democrat friends. I truly feel sorry for you, and pray for you.

          • Dave

            India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia….

            I am afraid you are factually off-the-deep-end.

          • theEraOfLies

            You’re a jackass ^

          • vetiarvind

            I live in India and I can tell you you’re absolutely wrong. From what my grandparents tell me, life in the old days (the 50’s and 60’s) when there were far fewer people was so much more pleasant than the modern over-populated era. This comment, factoring into account that even educated Indians in those socialist days made barely just to get by just goes to show how over-population is not a good thing.

      • Tom

        Obviously h suffer from mental illness and should be evauated, or put to rest either way it won’ t matter much to anyone really

  • Ralfine

    we learned that in school over 30 years ago. so, what else is new?

    • FounderChurch

      What de YOU have to contribute?

  • laperle

    point number 9 is wrong….check your own cited source. usa is number 1.

    • FounderChurch

      Pick pick pick.

  • chilller

    Two very parabolic charts, both about to burst.

    • FounderChurch


  • Imaplaneiac

    Over the past several days, I’ve seen David Stockman interviewed on both Faux ( aka Fox ) ” News ” and Fox Business Channel. Some fellow older bloggers may remember him as President Reagan’s Budget Advisor. Mr. Stockman’s comments and projections about the nation’s economy MIRROR what Michael has been reporting for years. Perhaps he too reads this blog?
    For more info on David Stockman, simply do a web search; using his name.

    • FounderChurch

      Your comments are mostly irrelevant and or a distraction. The best you seem to be able to do is attack Fox news for not worshipping Obama who is bviously your God.

    • Shmeggle Marxist

      you are clearly an obama felationist

  • Boo-urns

    Isn’t Jesus going to solve all of this for us? Oh wait, no, it’s the Democrats. Oh wait, no, it’s the Republicans.

    Answer: none of the above. One is pure fiction, the other two might as well be as they base all of their decisions on pure imagination.

  • Barn Cat

    A lot of those statistics show how bad the economy is. Others don’t. Lower home ownership rates are a good thing since people who can’t afford houses can’t get mortgages anymore. Most likely, the percentages of children living in poverty don’t include the costs of government assistance in those cities. Also, we’re not leaving debt to future generations. The dollar will be dead in just a few short years. But still, when you look at all the statistics it’s easy to see that America has no future.

  • John Smith

    Oh this is nothing compared to where we are heading. Just wait until the Chinese Yuan becomes the currency of choice and the world drops the dollar. Economic Hiroshima for the U.S..

    • Rando

      After the Dollar loses reserve status (which is inevitable at this point) is it likely there will not be a reserve currency. The Yuan is not deep enough to replace the dollar. Central banks already own gold, they will likely use gold for final settlement and store of value.

      • John Smith

        Not yet you mean. The Yuan will be deep enough in fifteen to twenty years.

  • Four hundred years ago Adam Smith predicted the economic crisis and yet in all this time no one has been able to come up with a way to reverse the trend…no one until now that is! The Orlando Bisegna Index from New York, specialists in the economic crisis not only measure the intensity of the economic crisis in numerous nations, they have also helped many counties with their debt problems, business failures and unemployment, and so they have improved the economic situation for a multitude of families.

  • Jason7189

    Take people’s money and you’ll see what their really made of and how ugly they can be.

    • Robert (qslv)

      Take people’s money and think about why YOU need to take other people’s money. Have you ever wondered how other people feel about you taking their money when they have a family to protect and children to feed?

  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Here is an interview that I recently did if anyone would like to check it out…

    And by the way, my wife’s brother just got married. It was a beautiful ceremony.


  • Blair T. Longley

    The “decades of very bad decisions” were the result to the triumph of the application of the methods of organized crime taking control over the government. The reasons WHY these statistics are “almost too crazy to believe” is that they are the result of the prolonged triumph of lies, backed by violence, becoming legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, on an astronomically amplified scale.

    There are no possible realistic solutions which do not face the facts regarding the problems, which are that money is backed by murder.

    The globalized systems of electronic fiat money frauds, backed by atomic bombs, have no sane solutions. There can be no more sane wars, and no more sane revolutions. Meanwhile, the established systems will continue to automatically get worse, faster. Therefore, there must be psychotic breakdowns, into social chaos … However, there are no possible coherent theories about how to realistically have any practical political ways to cope with those developments.

    The debt controls depend on the death controls. The debt numbers have already become insane, and there is nothing else which can happen than that the deaths will be driven into insane numbers.

    The “theoretical” solutions would require different murder systems, operating different money systems, so that the death controls were sane, and they maintained saner debt controls.

    However, obviously, such a political debate is practically impossible. Rather the real world is controlled by the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, within which context the ONLY ways that these kinds of crazy economic statistics can be viewed and discussed in through the prisms of even more demented deceits … Welcome to the Bizarro Mirror World, Folks!

    Too bad, so sad, that we are going to have to go through these tragedies. However, to look at these trends a whole, and to comprehend their underlying mechanisms, does not allow for any ways to avoid more genocidal wars, along with democidal martial law. Although those events will only make things even worse, not provide any better resolutions to the problems.

    Although there are lots of creative alternatives, some overwhelmingly insane destructions appear like they will take priority in the foreseeable future.

    • FounderChurch

      You hide behind words. Stop babbling and just come out and say what you know to be the truth. Instead of trying to higde what you know to be the truth.

      You sound just like a lefty trying to hide the fact that he is obviously a lefty.

  • SRV

    Good list of facts… but what does Obama have to do with it? Was he to wave a magic wand and cut the federal budget in half during the worst recession since the thirties (he has actually significantly reduced the deficit over his time in office… yes, it is true) ?

    It’s not about any politician… it’s about the collective, and the monied elite that snap their fingers, queuing the circus clowns to jump through hoops for their entertainment, and of course to grow their vast wealth while the rest of society sinks ever deeper into debt and poverty.

    The Obama meme is simply playing into their hands by distracting half the population while the true villains pull the strings (of both parties) from behind the curtain.

    • FounderChurch

      What a communist you are. Why beat around the bush? Why not just come out and say your commune ist and you hate rich and you want to take their money and give it to the poor and everybody lives happily ever after.

      Did you ever read a book called Animal Farm I suggest you check it out.

      • Donchalikemyswag

        You don’t even know any of these people. You just go and assume things. You are massively annoying…

        Thumbs up if you want FounderChurch to go away 😀

    • Zoltar

      No it isn’t true. He hasn’t reduced anything. He has increased spending massively on just about everything.

      Progressivism is a cancer on our nation. They’ve infected the economy, the political system, the news media, the entertainment industry, big business, and our culture with immoral and illogical policies and propaganda to achieve their f____ up utopia.. And it’s easy to prove, unlike the tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theories so prevalent on here.

  • Bad Kitty Cat

    Wow. Thanks for the clear reference… the link didn’t help, but I googled the PDF. And honestly, as a non-american, this decline seems to be in ALL “western” civilization!

    • Joel Peeters

      I totally agree with you. Even if I pointed out the US specifically, the fact is that, as a generality, the whole Western civilization shows the signs of decaying… which, in itself, create a problem worldwide since Globalization has been a Western idea followed (willingly or not) by nearly all nations on this planet… any downfall will become a planetary downfall… which will bring hopes and terrors altogether… Interesting times indeed.

      The best we can do individually is to learn basic survival, learn to stop clinging to debt or money for our daily life, learn to till the ground for our food… basic things a lot of people here already pointed out better than me 🙂

  • FounderChurch

    Thanks for your input, at least you seem to be fairly literate. Don’t pull that lame old stuff of seniority rules. A new person can be more right than many who came over on the Mayflower. It is irrelevant how long anyone has posted on any site. I have been posting for many, many years, but not just on this site which I have followed for a year or two now. It is quality that counts, not time in grade.

    It is a pretty cheap shot to attack Fox which is the only Conservative TV station, at a time while they are trying to bring some balance into the news against 10-20 Liberal TV outlets. My point is, it is not a class thing to say “faux” news.

    I agree and have stated many times that crying “ain’t it awful” non stop gets us nowhere. And I too tire of it on ALL the networks and on Rush and Sean and Alex Jones, and Beck as well.. I agree with you on that. But why attack just Fox?

    I propose we build another Cable Channel to the right of Fox that deals only in real news we need to know.

    Do you want to help me do this, or are you all talk and no action like most on this site? Contact me at:

    FounderChurch at Gmail.

    Also if you Google “FounderChurch” as one word, you will get 5-10 thousand hits, all my writings.

    You just might learn a lot of things you need to know, unless you already know it all.

    • Imaplaneiac

      I don’t deal with the boastful, proud or arrogant …

      • FounderChurch

        Bye, Bye!

    • FreeThinker

      Can someone remind me who owns Fox News?

  • Mustard Seed

    We used to live in the San Antonio area. Enjoyed our time there. Especially Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, and Pat’s Place…and of course the River Walk. You could definitely do some backyard gardening in that area. Enjoy.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    You want to see something really scary? Look up the conditions of inter-war Germany before the Nazis took over and compare it to the current state of the US. My God help us all…

  • Joel Peeters

    For the link, I checked and it seems that a bracket “)” was taken as part of the link just after “.pdf” – which explain why it does not lead to the paper, just delete the “)” and it will work fine. 🙂

  • Boo-urns

    Who is this FounderChurch idiot, and how do we make him/her/it go away?

    • FounderChurch

      Left wing bigot.

  • FreeThinker

    “……Be ye therefore wise as serpents…..” -Matthew 10:16

    Is having another generation to be slaves to the wealthy wise? If one can barely feed themselves on their paycheck is it wise to bring more people into such misery?

    Good points Kim.

  • cannucj21

    Our Farther who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name..

  • stevefraser


  • 2Gary2

    In the U.S. Senate today, my right-wing colleagues talk a lot about
    “freedom” and limiting the size of government. Here’s what they really

    They want ordinary Americans to have the freedom
    NOT to have health care in a country where 45,000 of our people die
    each year because they don’t get to a doctor when they should. They want
    young people in our country to have the freedom NOT to go to college,
    and join the 400,000 young Americans unable to afford a higher education
    and the millions struggling with huge college debts. They want children
    and seniors in our country to have the freedom NOT to have enough food
    to eat, and join the many millions who are already hungry. And on and on
    it goes!

    Bernie Sanders-one of the best senators in the history of this country.

    • Fuqwad

      Bernie Sanders is a communist. If you like him so much, why not move to Venezuela? What a tard.

  • Landon

    Disagree that #7 and #8 necessarily indicate the decline of the US. They just as well indicate the emergence of other global economies, which is not a bad thing.

    • FounderChurch

      Bull. You are our problem.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    Money is just paper and numbers dont define us as human beings. We all deserve to live a happy life, eat food, and have a home. THE END. The 1% flash thier expensive luxuries at us, mocking us. When will we choose to be smarter then paper?

    • SalMoanella

      Only in utopia, happiness, food, shelter and healthcare are rights.

  • geo wells

    for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    Annihilation by Assimilation

    white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial.
    EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No
    one asks that of ANY non-white country.

    Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in
    millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

    says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY
    white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

    tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

    this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white

    is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only
    one race, the white race. The real aim of anti-racism is to wipe out the white
    race or make it a minority anywhere it exists.

    It is genocide.

    • FounderChurch

      The double standard you refer to has been imposed on us buy our own fellow white people NOT by the brown and black people of the world. Keep that in mind. They are not your enemy but the White members of your own family are your enemy. Most minorities would agree with you. Direct your hate toward those who look like you.

      • geo wells

        Hate? Pointing out a program of genocide to protect my race is hate to you? Strange person you are, perhaps just covertly anti-white.

        Nobody argues that
        Asia is not for Asians or that Africa is for Africans. Why then do anti-whites
        argue that White countries are NOT for White people?

        What we have is: White
        countries flooded by non-whites.Whites are told be TOLERANT.Whites are forced
        to integrate.With assimilation we see the extinction of the White race.

        Its about
        White genocide.

        Would you like the White genocide message suppressed?

        • FounderChurch

          Your racism is not helping the whits at all but rather hurting. The birth rate of whtes is the problem not minorities. How many kids do you have?

          • geo wells

            Anti-racists love to attack Whites with the R word, a weaponized word used as an assault tool. Sounds like you love to use it.

            What we have is: White countries
            flooded by non-whites.Whites are told be TOLERANT.Whites are forced to
            integrate.With assimilation we see the extinction of the White race.
            Its about White genocide.

  • Gay Veteran

    “…it’s my ONLY source of TV ” news “….”
    just another part of the corporate media

  • Gay Veteran

    “…In fact, Sweden is trying to criminalize men urinating while standing….”

    proof please

  • Donchalikemyswag

    Can we all just thumbs-down all of FounderChurch’s comments?

    To FounderChurch:
    You are extremely narrow-minded and unthoughtful. i am a Christian too, but that doesn’t mean I go around poo-pooing other people’s ideas/lifestyles. If you don’t want to be gay, then that’s your choice. If you don’t like democrats, then you have the right to do so. I, and several other people wish that you would stop harassing anyone who disagrees with you. Also, people don’t have to have children if they don’t want to. You’re not octo-mom, so stop being such a hypocrite.

    • FounderChurch

      I think you clearly say what you are by your own words. Let others judge you for what you are.

  • SalMoanella

    Uh that’s not a graph of debt to gdp. Debt to gdp is currently in excess of 100%.

  • steven454

    >> Since 2001, the United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas.

    Economists are worse than clueless – they are complicit pawns in the theft of the nation. I’m not a socialist whiner, but the discrepency between the 1% and the 99% is approaching toxic – destroy the middle class and you end up with an obnoxious arristocracy and a bunch of peasants. We started this nation to GET AWAY from that.
    Re. economists: their bogus propositions regarding economic efficiency and trickle down economics are false promises so that you don’t complain as they steal your life away from you.
    1) Jobs are for humans, and American jobs are for American humans.
    2) Not everything that is good for the nation as a whole is good for corporate bottom lines. Maybe the nation benefits if jobs are kept here, even if American workers cost more.

  • Darren Wilkens

    I have an education idiot! If anyone’s a bigot it’s you. Chastising me because I’m Baptist. NO ONE put you above God. So don’t sit there casting judgement. Which is EXACTLY what you’re doing. If anyone’s going to hell it’s YOU! You need to change your ways before it’s too late. FYI…I’m more informed on a lot of topics than most people. You sound like you’re another Jim Jones! Are you going to massacre your brainwashed sheep like he did? I’m sure we’ll be reading about you doing that real soon.

  • Darren Wilkens

    You’re an ignorant, hypocritical fool if you think you’re going to Heaven with your delusional line of thinking.
    You are not God! You are not better than everyone else!
    Get off your pedestal and repent before it’s too late.

  • TJ

    The NT never ever tells me I can’t smoke marijuana or marry a 6 year old. Is that cool? I mean, if I offer her a candy bar, I’m sure she would consent. Is that ok? Sams club is having a sale on candy bars by the case. How about polygamy with multiple kindergartners? You can’t refute that with the NT either. What now, situational ethics gets us nowhere. So, is the OT incorrect when it says that children are a blessing and debt is a curse? Most Americans apply for curses and prevent blessings. Maybe we are reaping what we are sowing. Hey, something that actually IS in the NT.

  • Smiling Man

    Oh yes, and if we could go back in time with the internet and our computers intact, with our I-pod and music players, our videos, our big screen Televisions we would rapidly discover that any King on earth would certainly give up a kingly sum to have what we wah wah over… Man, I have an MP3 player that knocks my socks off and keeps Beethoven immediately and privately available… I am going to be able to read Ghandi on a kindle and listen to music and pretend I am fasting, while I am starving, but I don’t do fear very well. You live, you are lucky to be alive and as long as you are alive, you are experiencing a great over load of sensations if one of those sensations is hunger, it will be nice because it will replace the sensation that is currently being expressed, which is the sensation of fear.

  • Stock

    Ironically, our Founding Fathers knew this as well. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said “Every 200 years the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots.”

    Incidentally, they also had a firm belief in what caused the decline of empires and why they fought so hard for something America gave up on in 1913 – the formation of a privately controlled central bank (otherwise known as the Federal Reserve). They knew then, like we know now, that the bankers were behind most of the misery in human life.

  • boodus

    Burning the Field by Marc F. Brocato 2006

    The American Cash Cow – ALL BULLS OUT.

    Back in the old days, before fencing had subdivided and cordoned off the once opened areas of land throughout the south, the farmers and cattlemen of the day would burn off the fields and woodlands. During the summer, vegetation in the forms of grasses, briars, and various shrubs would grow in the open fields and meadows. These plants were a source of nutrition for livestock and a major food supply for the herds which where allowed to roam freely. In the fall of the year, winter would set in and the summer growth cycle would end. With the onset of cold winter weather, the grasses and other vegetation would die, leaving the landscape lifeless and brown. The purpose of burning the woods were twofold. First, the fire had a cleansing effect by clearing the ground of useless and unwanted debris. Secondly, nutrients where returned to the soil, making them available for the next succession of growth. One could look north and south, east and west, and see the numerous columns of smoke rising into the sky.

    The yearly roundup took place in the fall, at which time the cattle were gathered together. The ranchers collected their ( cash ) cows, some were sold at auction and others where put in places of safe keeping (Euro’s, Swiss franks, Yen, and gold…. ). Not until all the cattle where herded together and relocated were the fields and woods set on fire. This was the economic cycle that reoccurred year after year, a necessary evil of the day and was eventually outlawed.. Thousands of independent ranchers would be replaced by the large cooperate cattle companies. And so it is with food and many other good and services today, from the hands of the thousands who established the market, whatever that market might be, into the hands of the few who now control it. But that’s not the end of this story, it’s far from over. Apply these same principles and methods to the national and global economy. It appears as if the industrialists and financiers who control the economies of the world have been moving their cash cows out of the U.S. .for a long time in advance of a controlled burn or just maybe wildfire. The crash of the ‘30’s was such an action, however, every major market on the face of the earth will be effected this go round. A well planned choreography of events will reshape the global economy in ways which the average individual cannot comprehend. When the fires are out and the smoke clears, the result will be an empty shell of a country, with an economic landscape barren and ready for the next season of growth.

    Enjoy your freedom and rights, savor them as you would your favorite meal. Life in the United States and the entire civilized world shall soon go through quiet a transition. Similar circumstances have overtaken unsuspecting populations in the past, but never the entire world, as it will this time. What shall be used as the form of ignition? Will it be a manipulated economic disaster, or some fabricated terrorist act. Perhaps a bonafide and unexpected act of God that was not a part of man’s planning. Maybe those in Washington will legislate the country out of existence by executive order, it’s amusing to think a thing like that is possible. Imagine, a economic system with no exchange rate, a global unit of currency. One currency and one governing authority.

    The surest way to prevent seditions is to take away the matter of them; for if there be fuel prepared, it is hard to tell whence the spark shall come that shall set it on fire. – Bacon.

  • Doug Nusbaum

    Words strung together with little or no meaning. Want evidence of that? How about this. Make a statement about something that can be measured. Define the direction of bad. For example Higher unemployment is bad. Greater debt/deficite as a percentage of GDP is bad. Whatever.

    Now that we have something specific that can be measured. Make a specific statement about it. For example in, say on June 2018 the unemployment rate will be 10%, or the Deficit to GDP ratio will be, say 6%.

    Now if you can do this, and be specific, I will bet you my $100 to your $50.00 that you will be wrong. That is, in 5 years no matter what metric that you pick, things will be better not worse.

    Any takers? Or are you all mouth, running around like chicken little screaming that the sky is falling?

    dpaladin at ix dot netcom dot com

    • toms

      Freaking 0bama zombie.

  • toms

    You’re just an 0bama zombie.

  • toms

    You are an 0bama zombie.

  • toms

    0bama zombie.

  • u.s debt.

    I cant wait it to collapse

  • Roberto

    You are all wrong. Why should the “rich” pay more taxes? Why should anyone have to pay taxes? You americans sound like you love paying taxes. Proof of that is you guys keep voting taxes raising “leaders”. Do you Americans like the pyramid sceam you are forced to live under? Do you Americans like paying property taxes? Being tenants on your own property? You tax system is wrong and it is evil. Ron Paul was the only one that actually sounded like a true American.

  • Ty’Quan Hardie

    Majority of U.S. citizens are fussing about the negative things Obama has done,but what about the positive that he has given to the community.
    P.S.-I voted for Mitt Romney

  • This list will be viewed in coming decades by the Remnant as an important “What NOT to do” table.

  • Vicky

    Indians are richer than americans it seems. We have savings ..

  • What we had is gone. The way we were no longer applies. Once President Obama bailed out big money, the banks, the investment communities and the “too big to fail” corporations, we have a whole new ball game. The upper 50 percent got bailed out. It is like a tariff on future. generations of workers. The upper classes now owe their very existence to a State Capitalistic system. President Obama bailed them out while ignoring the suffering of all who lost their jobs and businesses due to free trade.
    Now everyone owes somebody something. Everyone is on the dole. This is the what the real world is all about in our times. And the payroll tax remains the most unfair tax of all especially when those with interest incomes pay do not have to pay any payroll tax.

  • Josh

    information is wrong, obama accumulated from 8 trillion to 17 trillion, and that 8 trillion included the accrued interest from 1789 until 2008, he actually spent more than the first 43 presidents, in excess of 3 trillion.

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