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40 Weird Facts About The United States That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the United States is a really weird place.  Not that “weird” is always bad.  Sometimes “weird” can keep life interesting.  But without a doubt, the United States is one of the most unique nations in the history of the world.  Some of the weird facts about the United States listed below may be difficult for you to believe.  Others are likely to completely shock you.  Hopefully there is a little something for everyone in this article, and hopefully you will learn some new things from reading it.  I know that I certainly learned some new things as I wrote it.  In general, everything tends to be larger in America.  The people are larger, the cars are larger, the divorce rate is the highest on the planet and the U.S. government has piled up the largest debt in the history of the world.  Whether America does something good or bad, it usually does it in a very “big” way.  It is easy to love the United States and all the good that it has done, but it is also easy to be horrified by how far this nation has fallen and by the direction that this country is currently headed.  So where does America go from here?  That is a very good question.

The following are 40 weird facts about the United States that are almost too crazy to believe….

#1 The highest point in the state of Florida is only 345 feet (115 yards) above sea level.

#2 Today, 66 percent of all Americans are considered to be overweight.

#3 The state of Alaska is 429 times larger than the state of Rhode Island is.  But Rhode Island has a significantly larger population than Alaska does.

#4 The average supermarket in the United States wastes about 3,000 pounds of food each year.

#5 Approximately 48 percent of all Americans are currently either considered to be “low income” or are living in poverty.

#6 Alaska has a longer coastline than all of the other 49 U.S. states put together.

#7 In the UK, an average of about $3,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year.  In the United States, an average of about $8,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year.

#8 Montana has three times as many cows as it does people.

#9 The average U.S. citizen drinks the equivalent of more than 600 sodas each year.

#10 The only place in the United States where coffee is grown commercially is in Hawaii.

#11 The United States has 845 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people.  Japan only has 593 for every 1,000 people and Germany only has 540 for every 1,000 people.

#12 The grizzly bear is the official state animal of California.  But no grizzly bears have been seen there since 1922.

#13 For many years it was the other way around, but today a majority of all Americans (including Pat Robertson) actually support the legalization of marijuana.

#14 Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. president to have been born in a hospital.

#15 In the middle of the last century, the United States was #1 in the world in GDP per capita.  Today, the United States is #13 in GDP per capita.

#16 Today, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents.

#17 One survey found that 25 percent of all employees that have Internet access in the United States visit pornography websites while they are at work.

#18 In 2011, our trade deficit with China was more than 49,000 times larger than it was back in 1985.

#19 One out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards.

#20 The city of Juneau, Alaska is about 3,000 square miles large.  It is actually bigger than the entire state of Delaware.

#21 The United States puts a higher percentage of its population in prison than any other nation on earth does.

#22 There are more unemployed workers in the United States than there are people living in the entire nation of Greece.

#23 The original name of the city of Atlanta was “Terminus“.

#24 Sadly, more than 52 percent of all children that live in Cleveland, Ohio are living in poverty.

#25 The median price of a home in the city of Detroit is now about $6000.

#26 Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs.  Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

#27 According to author Paul Osterman, about 20 percent of all U.S. adults are currently working jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

#28 According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, approximately 167,000 Americans have more than $200,000 of student loan debt.

#29 There are three towns in the United States that have the name “Santa Claus“.

#30 There are 313 million people living in the United States.  46 million of them are on food stamps.

#31 In the United States as a whole, one out of every four children is on food stamps.

#32 In 1940, 68.0% of all women in the 20 to 34 year old age group in the United States were married.  In 2010, only 39.2% of women in that age group were married.

#33 The United States has a teen pregnancy rate of 22 percent – the highest in the world.  New Zealand is number two at 14 percent.

#34 According to the CDC, there are 19 million new cases of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia in the United States every single year.

#35 The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.  Puerto Rico is number two.  Perhaps Puerto Rico really would fit in as the 51st state.

#36 More people have been diagnosed with mental disorders in the United States than in any other nation on earth.

#37 The United States has more government debt per capita than Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland or Spain.

#38 If Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days.

#39 The U.S. national debt is now more than 22 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

#40 It took from the founding of the nation until 1981 for the U.S. national debt to cross the one trillion dollar mark.  Today, our national debt is well over 15 trillion dollars and we add more than a trillion dollars to our debt every single year.

Do you have any other weird facts that you think should be added to this list? Please feel free to leave a comment with your feedback below….

  • John Thomas

    #5 is total BS. 48% my aching @ss. It’s all push-polled with bogus questions like: “Have you skipped a meal within the last thirty days?” If yes, then you’re going hungry and are considered “Impoverished”.

    Most (not all) of America’s “Poor” are fat, have HD cable TV, a car with spinner rims, high speed internet and free cell phones. You want to see impoverished? Go to almost any other country and take a look. Our “Poor” are mostly equivalent to their “Middle class”.

    It is interesting that 48% is almost the number of people that pay NOTHING in income taxes. Hmmm, maybe the unemployment rate is really 48%. Meanwhile, tax the poor and make them get some skin in the game.

    • Observer


      • FronT

        When John Thomas will become part of the poor people, he probably won’t try
        to justify it in that lazy way.

    • chris

      You nailed it John *Thumbsup*

    • Tobrojo

      Agreed. I heard a man interviewed once who was from Holland and ended up in a Nazi war camp as a teenager. What I found interesting was that he said ALL his famiy of 18 had to eat was potatoes. That was why he ended up hanging around this other family because their mother would give him a cookie when he came over. I definetly got the impression that for that time, that was the normal. I think we americans, even our “poor”, have absolutly no idea what poor really is. I certainly include myself in this.

    • Jodi

      The lowest income people in America is the richest 1% in the world. Poverty is not HD TV’s, cell phones, cars, food and a home.

      • Gary2

        means nothing to compare us to the poor in other countries. We live here. absolute vs. relative poverty–Google it.

      • Matthew

        I grew up homeless, no food and barely any clothes. Didn’t have a family and I didn’t want to go into a homeless shelter because it didn’t feel safe. I really didn’t have anything but that’s more than many people around the world have. I was able to get free meals once and a while, I had a library card so I can surf the web, people always gave me change on the street. Other people in Africa and Asia who are inprovished don’t have anything.

    • kandi

      skin in the game? everyone should be required to have medical insurance instead of going to hospital emergency rooms for free care.

      • Gary2

        its called single payer.

      • Renda Luvaas

        Where the hell are you that you can get free health care at the hospital emergency room? Not in my town that’s for sure!!!

        • Katman

          Renda et al ~ FYI Read Below. Unfortunately, this law had lead to a severe burden on hospitals due to overuse and abuse, with some having to close down emergency services altogether…BUT people need to know this information. I worked at a hospital for years and saw many come in just to get a cold or flu treated. Maybe if people were better informed, they wouldn’t be jumping up and down about healthcare for ALL. ANYONE can get FREE healthcare…it’s part of Welfare. YES! People all think they are entitled to the very same as someone who pays good hard earned money for top care. That’s just not true. But–you can get it – Yes Siree! Wake up and get informed people…ignorance is a dangerous thing.

          “The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA)[1] is a U.S. Act of Congress passed in 1986 as part of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). It requires hospitals to provide care to anyone needing emergency healthcare treatment regardless of citizenship, legal status or ability to pay. There are no reimbursement provisions. Participating hospitals may only transfer or discharge patients needing emergency treatment under their own informed consent, after stabilization, or when their condition requires transfer to a hospital better equipped to administer the treatment.[1]”

          “EMTALA applies to “participating hospitals.” The statute defines “participating hospitals” as those that accept payment from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Medicare program.[2] However, in practical terms, EMTALA applies to virtually all hospitals in the U.S., with the exception of the Shriners Hospitals for Children, Indian Health Service hospitals, and Veterans Affairs hospitals”

      • Ha Ha….You mandate insurance and the cost of healthcare will not decrease, nor will the quality increase. I recently visited two doctors, one who accepted all types of insurance, the other did not accept any insurance, guess which cost the most?

        I asked about a procedure to remove a minor cyst from my elbow and with the doctor that accepted insurance the cost was, for the minor office surgery: $750.00 for a hours work, but then when I asked the doctor that didn’t accept insurance and didn’t have all the government requirements associated with insurance and reporting the cost was less than $100.00 for the procedure.

        Now, there are some very definite market principles at work in the healthcare industry, one of the most important is that the more government involves itself in anything, such as healthcare or for that matter student loans and anything else, the costs go up, the quality goes down.

        The correlation between the governments student loan guarantee program and higher tuition costs should be an indication that intervention into the market by government always have consequences that are harmful and rarely, if ever, actually accomplish the stated goals of such government intervention.

        You want a single payer mandate for healthcare…go to Britain and find out why they, like every other country that has tried it are now trying to reform it because it doesn’t provide either adequate healthcare and the expense becomes unsustainable.

      • WhyDoYouNeedMYEmail?

        shut up dummy

    • Gary2

      the poor pay a ton of taxes. turn off fox,

    • Gary2

      the stupidity of conservatives never ceases to amaze me. I will not dignify this with a response.

      • xander cross

        I am glad that they are about to get rid of the stand your ground law in flordia. It seems like a conservative racist killed a black kid for being in his gated community. I suprised that Michael has not put up an article up about this yet. You have been right about the tea party gary, it’s about supremency to them, they don’t care about the poor, they worship the rich, especially ron paul. Remember, when they say they support limited government, and the second amendment, they are talking about killing anyone that is a different skin color than them.

        • Mike Rexford

          Poor little liberal, lets just keep up the welfare, paying lazy loosers to sit on their asses. Borrow from china, funnel to lazy loosers. The tea party is not racist, libs are rascist you pig

        • Gary2


          1. Conservatives are racsist-simply listen to the dog whistle language they use. Also the AM hate radio people they worship.

          2. Conservatives are none too smart and they are allowed to carry a gun and then one of them shoots and kills someone. Its bad enough conservatives are allowed to vote and drive but allow them to have guns…WTF!

          So let me see. Racsist dumb asses with Guns…and we wonder why a black man was killed for walking while black.

        • Tommy

          Your a racist by saying they are racist.

      • The stupidity of both conservatives and liberals amaze me, both have had their hands in the overt corruption of this government and in the creation of the Mercantilist system that now borders on Fascism.

        Now, concerning the shooting of a black man by a white man and stupidity, lets see…have you heard the 911 tape of the man screaming for help? Well, it now appears that it was not the black youth screaming for help but the white man that was being assaulted by the black youth that was eventually shot.

        One of the things about facts is that they tend to be covered up for a bigger agenda, such as the one that you are obviously seeking to project. I find that particularly offensive and since we are talking about stupidity, I think your comments fall precisely under that category.

    • TX4Life

      Did you know school districts deem children “homeless” if they live with a relative? I was appalled at the number of “homeless” children in our school district until I learned if they and their parents lived in another relative’s home, they were considered homeless. I had always defined homeless as living on the street.

    • shade killa

      you sound like all the other polititions, generalizing everything. While i will entertain the fact that your comment is largely true, you all better wake up, cause we all got bigger fish to fry.

  • nowwthen

    Interesting list. Here are a few more:

    1) In 1968 the minimum wage for non-farm workers in the U.S. was $1.60/hr. and would buy you about 5 gallons of leaded regular gas. In 2012 minimum wage here in PA is $7.25 and won’t even buy 2 gallons of unleaded regular.

    2) 54% of the country’s electricity is generated in coal fired power plants.

    3) If you want a car that runs on that coal power like the Chevy Volt you can get up to $12,000 in government incentives because since the mensa populated green police see no exhaust at the tail pipe they know it must be a 0 emission vehicle.

    • Paul

      How far could you get with 5 gallons in 1968 compared with 2 gallons in 2012?

      I guess it is about 5x15mpg vs. 2x50mpg?

      Even in coal fired power plants you can install exhaust filters that are far more effective than in a car.

      You probably think it’s normal to push the pram with your newborn at exhaust level on the sidewalk, where the guys sit with their engine idling to keep the aircon running.

      • nowwthen

        Typical greenie rebuttal to anyone who doesn’t like high gas prices. Do you really think that because I dislike high gas prices I would enjoy seeing babies suffer? And what sort of foolish little contrivance do you pack your baby into to achieve 50mpg. I drove a 6 cyl. Ford in ’68 and got 15 mpg. Today I drive a Chevy truck and get about the same. So 5 X 15 got me about 2 1/2 times farther than 2 x 15. You make about as much sense as Gary2. BTW you forgot the obligatory suggestion that I turn off FOX.

  • tappedops

    Just a second here…
    Lets talk to an upper middle class person like… me…

    I ride a bike to work cause i cant afford a car… i make 11 dollars an hour @ a 32 hour a week job…(still looking for a 2nd) im killing it @ well over 13 bills a month… i cant afford cable or a tv… i pay 25 for a pc con and 25 for a phone and the rest is rent— have you ever worried that your check might be a day late cause you only have 10 bucks to your name and you have no credit cards?… no—then shut the **** up… it doesnt matter who i used to be or how much i used to make… your only as good as your last paycheck… and im damn glad im getting one… your day will come my friend—count on it…

    • New Thomas Payne

      Sorry, but you are not upper middle class…not at $11/hour. Maybe lower middle class. MAYBE.

      But according to OWS, you are in the 1%.

      • Gary2

        But according to OWS, you are in the 1%.

        not true and you know it.

    • JustanOguy

      I used to make over $200K a year and had over $14K a month in bills. (Typical American) Lived in a big huge house, nice cars, spent a ton of money.

      Sold the big huge house and paid cash for something cheap in a good area. Now I make about $20K a year and only have utility bills, car insurance, property taxes and grocery bills. I’m a lot happier except for the fact that the U.S. is printing trillions of dollars to support the crowd that have not adjusted to reality and causing my gas and food costs to skyrocket.

      Funny… I still own a small business and work over 40 hours a week and do ok since I have no debt paying the banksters. But it pretty much pisses me off that people that don’t even work are making more then me with some kind of hand out. Welfare, Section 8, etc.. etc..

      • Gary2

        if you are jealous of the poor getting more than you do by working I think the answer is to stop working so you can see how wonderful the poor have it.

        • Nanette

          Gary2, are you paid by the big “O” to fomment unrest amongst the citizenry? If so, u r good at it. Unfortunately, u’re also an idiot.

          • Gary2

            I simply speak the truth and the truth is republicans SUCK!

          • Snoopy_The_Economist

            Gary2: When I was young I was a democrat like every other young person. Then I began to read and reason and becasme a conservative; especially since I worked for a living.

            Now I continue reading and believe both parties are worthless crony-corrupt crap. They are all trying to spend as much on their ‘freinds’ that put them in office and destroy USA in the process. But I’m still irritated by liberal minded idiots.

            When will you evolve and realize that all politicians are worthless?

          • Gary2


            Agreed that both parties suck, however, I can work with the Dems as they are not insane. The repubes are so far out there they are beyond being rational.

            How many jobs do you think there are in a womens uterus?

            Then why the F are the stupid insane repubes waging a war on women?

            They are going down so hard.

            I heard the dufas Ron (I maried a rich girl) Johnson, Tea bagger senator from WI saying how wonderful the free market is for health care. When called out on the obvious failing of the free market in healthcare and the insurance company abuses all he did was repeat the same free maket bs again.

            You can not work with a irrational party/person. Stupid is hard to impossible to fix.

        • MarkieMark

          We could use some extra workers at our local food pantry to help hand out the New York Strip steaks, Tyson boneless-skinless chicken breasts, Oreos, Tony’s Pizzas, bags of pistacchios, and I have to say those blocks of guvment cheese is some of the best cheese you’ll ever eat– no soy oil filler like the cheese most of us buy.

          This, plus a lot of other good stuff, is what we actually have to hand out this week to the “poor” people.

          I wish I couldn’t afford to eat so good.

        • likitung

          hehe i hope that was sarcasm

  • Whens Dinner?

    #41: America is still the best Nation in the world

    • Noel

      You need to wake up America is nowhere near the best nation on earth your a bunch of deluded freaks over there glad there is miles of ocean between America and the rest of the world

      • Mal R.

        Then why is no one beating down walls to get out of this country?

        Instead, why do people risk shark infested waters, 110 degree deserts, confinement to shipping containers, confinement to cargo trailers in 110 degree heat, stuffed inside car dashboards and a litany of other dangerous things to get INTO this country?

        And yet, democrats attack and try to destroy this country – and the GOP aint much better.

      • knightowl77

        Really???? Name another nation on earth that more than a MILLION people a year try to get into both legally and illegally…Name one even close….and more would come were it not for our oceans….

      • liktung

        *mumbles*freak who doesnt know anything

    • liberranter

      Compared to what other nation(s)?

    • chelsofly

      ‘cept America isn’t a nation. lol, google it.

  • Craig

    There are about 8,200 illegals (mostly from Mexico) entering the U.S. every DAY.

    Why, when there is a real 20% unemployment rate? Our country has gone insane, and the power elites are destroying the middle class to enrich themselves. Soon we will be like any other 3rd world country where this is the case–rich peopld and poor people, but no middle class.

  • bobinsherwood

    Even though most Americans speak “English”, the vast majority (over 99%) do not know the correct way to pronounce the letter “W”! It is NOT ‘dubba you’ or ‘dubby you’ or even ‘dub you’. It is ‘double you’ and is based on the cursive form similarity to the letter “U”. Look it up at wikipedia. In some countries it is called a ‘double vee’!

  • Sackerson

    @ “#15 In the middle of the last century, the United States was #1 in the world in GDP per capita. Today, the United States is #13 in GDP per capita.”:

    If you look at the 12 above the USA in that list, all are teeny-tiny microstates aside from Ireland and Norway – and the USA has more than twice as many people in jail as the entire population of those two countries combined.

    @ #37 re debt: maybe so, but look at the net international investment position and the USA is still better off than all the others you mention – I graphed this here:

    … and I maintain that America has a great future if she can get her act together – just look at this:

    There’s lots to worry about – corruption, balancing the books, water table depletion – but if Americans can take charge of their government again it’s doable.

    • New Thomas Payne

      We need more positive people like you. In fact, if we could trade about 100million liberal/progressives who are negative on pretty much everything for 100million people with positive outlooks such as yourself, we would be able to capture the very stars.

  • JustanOguy

    Weird… The U.S. Financial industry makes Billions bankrupting Americans and then Americans help the Financial Industry make even more Billions giving them properties at deep discounts:

    And Americans think that it’s in their best interest… Very Weird.

  • Pat

    Let me give you a few facts. Americans live in a false reality of public self-denagration as if they really care about truth and facts.

    I have lived for 12 years outside of the U.S. in Europe. Let me tell you, unemployment in Denmark is almost none. Instead, half the population is constantly retrained to be clowns, jugglers, street musicians and poets. While the other half have to support them.

    In France, the work week is 4 days long. That allows them to artificially employ 20% more people.

    In Spain, if it rains, everyone stops working not to mention the daily siesta from 2 to 5 pm. And it takes years to get anything done. We have no production at all here. It is almost impossible to start a business other than a souvenir store. There is so much red tape involved. The government has to sanction everything and competes or sponsors everything. Without their seal of approval you are dead in the water. All business is controlled by the government. You can not just go into business and if you do it is considered unfair to sell something different than your competitors. No music at beach bars without a permit. And those are in short supply. No selling hot dogs or ice cream at the beach. No street vendors allowed. You must sit down at a government sanctioned restaurant and pay over $100 for a family of 4 if you want to eat a snack. And of course picnics are frowned on. In my town there is a $70 fine if you get caught putting garbage in a public trash bin.

    It is like this all over Europe. Stupid laws and decrees. Everyone must be registered where ever you live and you must carry ID at all times.

    I am sick of hearing Americans whining about how badly you have it, how your stats are so poor, how little money you have. In Europe prices are twice as high. Income taxes are as high as 70% for those who dare make a profit. A garbage man makes the same money as a physician. And the hospitals are filthy, unprofessional and look like something from a gulag. I recently had an MRI. The machine was falling apart and looked like something from a museum.

    And schools? My kids are taught in public school that there are three kinds of jobs available in Spain: nature, which means picking up trash; technology, which means truck driver or equipment operator, and working with people which means being a waitress or waiter. By the way, it is against the law not to send your kids to school.

    Please stop your whining. Open your eyes or one day you will be like us.

    And as far as free health care goes, the minimum waiting period for a mammogram is 6 months, with the first early screening for breast cancer being given at 40 years old.

    Maybe this is why Scandinavia has such a high breast cancer rate, infertility amongst men and women, suicide rate and the prescription for antidepressants is through the roof.

    You can not compare one country to another. That is like comparing apples to oranges. Most Americans would not last one week in Europe given the socialist nature of society here.

    And what about the deliberate killing of the last breeding pair of timber wolves in Norway a few years ago. “Oh the Europeans are so much further advance than us’. You people need to stop watching TV.

    America was and still is the greatest country this world has ever seen. Can we do better? Yes. Are we on our way down? yes. But, it is not because of the people. Our people are great. It is due to the politicians and the global influences that want to make Europe and Asia as competitive as the U.S. There is a deliberate attempt to lower our standards so that the other socialistic / facistic countries can compete.

    It is Skinnerism at its root. That says that if you can control a persons environment, you can control his behavior. In Europe we definitely have the Behavioralist model in full force. It is not the panacea many of you think it is. And America is far from the dump that you are being led to believe it is.

    Join me in celebrating your freedom at:

    • Mal R.


    • American Rose

      What you are describing here seems to be the direction this country is headed! The government is gaining more and more control of our lives everyday.

    • Ian

      I lived in europe for 9 years of my life, and cant figure out where you got these ideas that it is so bad in Europe.

      All of my friends have high paying jobs in Europe and excellent healthcare and never worry about money or anything.

    • Ozmo

      Could not be said better

      Thank you


  • luis

    dammmm im shock!!!!



    2. Babylon would have a huge seaport city within its borders (Rev 18:17).

    3. The Great City Babylon is the home of a world government attempt (Rev 17:18).

    4. The Great City Babylon would be the economic nerve center of the world (Rev 18:3).

    5. Babylon would be the center of a one world Luciferian religious movement (Jer 51:44).

    6. Babylon would be the center for the move to a global economic order (Rev 13:16).


    1. Babylon would be the youngest and greatest of the end time nations (Jer 50:12).

    2. Babylon would the QUEEN AMONG THE NATIONS (Isa 47:5,7; Rev 18:7).

    3. Babylon would be the most powerful nation in the world (Isa 47, Jer 50, 51, Rev 18).

    4. Babylon would be the HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH (Jer 50:23; Rev 18:23).

    5. Babylon is called a lady, and has the symbol of the Lady (Isa 47:7-9).

    6. Babylon would be the praise of the WHOLE EARTH (Jer 51:41).

    7. Babylon is center of world trade (Jer 51:44; Rev 17:18; 18:19).

    8. Babylon would grow to be the richest nation in the world (Rev 18:3, 7, 19, 23).

    9. All nations that traded with Babylon would grow rich (Rev 18:3).

    10. The merchants of Babylon were the GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH (Rev 18:23).

    11. Babylon is a huge nation, with lands, cities, and great wealth (implied throughout).

    12. Babylon is nation “peeled”, or timbered, a land of open fields (Isa 18:2).

    13. Babylon is land quartered by mighty rivers (Isa 18:2).

    14. Babylon is a land that is measured out, and populated throughout (Isa 18:2).

    15. Babylon destroys her own land, with pollution and waste (Isa 14:20, 18:2, 7).

    16. Babylon is a land rich in mineral wealth (Jer 51:13).

    17. Babylon is a the leading agricultural nation of the world (Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

    18. Babylon is the leading exporting nation in the world (Jer 51:13; Rev 18).

    19. Babylon is the leading importing nation of the entire world.(Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

    20. Babylon is a nation filled with warehouses and granaries (Jer 50:26).

    21. Babylon is the leading INDUSTRIAL NATION OF THE WORLD (Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51; Rev 18).

    22. Babylon is noted for her horses (Jer 50:37).

    23. Babylon is noted for her cattle, sheep and other livestock (Jer 50:26, 27; Rev 18:13).

    24. Babylon is noted for her fine flour and mill operations (Rev 18:13).

    25. Babylon is a nation of farmers and harvests huge crops (Jer 50:16, 26, 27).

    26. Babylon is a huge exporter of MUSIC (Rev 18:22).

    27. Babylon’s musicians are known around the world (Rev 18:22)

    28. Babylon has a huge aviation program (Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10).

    29. Babylon’s skies are filled with the whisper of aircraft wings (Isa 18:1; Jer 51:53).

    30. Babylon has a huge space industry, has “mounted up to the heavens” (Jer 51:53).

    31. Babylon fortifies her skies with a huge military aviation program (Jer 51:53).

    32. Babylon is portrayed as a leading in high tech weapons and abilities (Jer 51:53; Hab 1:6-10; implied throughout).

    33. Babylon is a nation filled with warm water seaports (Rev 18:17-19).

    34. Babylon is a coastal nation and sits upon MANY WATERS (Jer 51:13).

    35. Babylon trades with all who have ships in the sea year round (Rev 18:17-18).

    36. Babylon is nation filled with a “mingled” people (Jer 50:37).

    37. Babylon is a SINGULAR NATION founded upon OUT OF MANY, ONE (Isa 13, 47, Jer 50, 51, Hab 1).

    38. Babylon is a REPUBLIC or a DEMOCRACY, it is ruled by many counsels (Isa 47:13).

    39. Babylon’s governmental system breaks down (Isa 47:13).

    40. Babylon is bogged down with deliberations and cannot govern properly (Isa 47:13).

    41. Babylon’s leaders use astrology, seers and mystics for guidance (Isa 47:13; Rev 18:2).

    42. Babylon labored in the occult from her very inception (Isa 47:12).

    43. Babylon falls to the occult just before her end by nuclear fire (Rev 18:2)

    44. Babylon was born as a CHRISTIAN NATION (Jer 50:12).

    45. Babylon turns upon its heritage and destroys it all in the end (Jer 50:11).

    46. Babylon’s Christian leaders lead their flock astray in prophecy and salvation (Jer 50:6; implied Rev 18:2).

    47. Babylon’s Christian leaders are “strangers” in the Lord Houses of Worship (Jer 51:51).

    48. The people of Babylon are deep into astrology and spiritism (Isa 47:12; Rev 18:2).

    49. Babylon becomes the home of all antichrist religions in the world (Rev 18:2).

    50. Babylon is a nation of religious confusion (Isa 47:12-13).

    51. Babylon turns upon its own people and imprisons and slays them by millions (Jer 50:7,33; 51:35; 39; Dan 7:25; Rev 13:7; 17:6; 18:24).

    52. Babylon sets of detention centers for Jews and Christians and rounds them up for extermination (Jer 50:7, 33; 51:35, 49; Rev 17:6; 18:24).

    53. Babylon has a mother nation that remains in existence from her birth to death (Jer 50: 12).

    54. The mother of Babylon has the symbol of the LION (Dan7:4; Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38; Psalms 17:12).

    55. The mother of Babylon will rule over her daughter her entire life (Dan 7:4; Jer 50:12).

    56. The mother of Babylon will be a state of major decline as the end nears (Jer 50:12).

    57. Babylon is considered to be a lion’s whelp (Eze 38:13; Jer 51:38).

    58. Babylon will have the symbol of the EAGLE and builds her nest in the stars (Dan 7:4 EAGLE WINGS; Isa 14:13-14; Jer 51:53).

    59. Babylon turns totally antichrist and is the leading antichrist power at the end (Rev 18:2; Isa 14:4-6).

    60. THE KING OF BABYLON is called LUCIFER, the ANTICHRIST (Isa 14:4-6).

    61. The King of Babylon will rule from THE GREAT CITY BABYLON (Isa 14:4-6; Rev 17: 18).

    62. A world government entity will rise up to rule the world from BABYLON THE CITY (Isa 14; Hab 2, Rev 13, 17, 18).

    63. This world entity will be a diverse entity, different than all other ruling bodies of the world (Dan 7:7, 23).

    64. This entity will be a TREATY POWER ENTITY (Dan 7:7, 23 DIVERSE).

    65. This entity will rise up and use the military power of Babylon the nation to RULE THE WORLD (Isa 14:4-6; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13, 17).

    66. Babylon is a huge producer and exporter of automobiles (Jer 50:37; Rev 18:13).

    67. Babylon is a nation of CRAFTSMEN, experts in their trade (Jer 50, 51, Rev 18:22).

    68. Babylon is noted for her jewelry of gold and silver (Rev 18:22).

    69. Babylon is a huge importer and exporter of spices (Rev 18:13).

    70. Babylon is a huge exporter of fine marble products (Rev 18:22).

    71. Babylon is noted for her iron and steel production (Rev 18:12).

    72. Babylon has huge corporations that have bases around the world (Rev 18:23, implied throughout)

    73. Babylon is a nation of higher education and learning (Isa 47:10, implied throughout).

    74. Babylon is a nation with a GREAT VOICE in world affairs (Jer 51:55)

    75. Babylon is a VIRGIN NATION, untouched by major war (Isa 47:1).

    76. Babylon has a vast military machine (Jer 50:36; 51:30; Hab 1 & 2, Rev 13:4).

    77. Babylon will be instrumental in the setting up of Israel in the Middle East, and is the home of God’s people (Jer 50:47; 51:45).

    78. Babylon will have a major enemy to her north (Jer 50:3, 9, 41).

    79. Babylon’s enemy will lie on the opposite side of the world, over the poles (Isa 13:5)

    80. The enemy of Babylon will be a FEDERAL OF NATIONS (Jer 50:9).

    81. The enemy of Babylon will be largely Moslem in make-up (Jer 50:17; Rev 17:16; Psalms 83:5-12).

    82. The enemy of Babylon will have nuclear missiles capable of reaching Babylon (Jer 50:9, 14,; Rev 18:8, 18).

    83. The enemy of Babylon will be noted for her cruelty (Isa 13, 14, Jer 50, 51, Rev 17, 18).

    84. The enemy of Babylon will also have a huge aviation military machine (Jer 50:9, 14, Rev 18:8, 18 implied throughout).

    85. The enemy of Babylon will come into Babylon unnoticed (Isa 47:11, Jer 50:24; 51:2, 14).

    86. Babylon will be filled with her enemies brought in under the guise of peace (Dan 11:21).

    87. Babylon will have all of her borders cut off, and there will be no way of

    escape (Jer 50:28; 51:32).

    88. Babylon will be destroyed by nuclear fire (Implied throughout)

    89. Babylon is land vast land with huge cities, towns and villages throughout (Implied throughout).

    90. Babylon will have been a huge missionary nation for Jesus Christ (Jer 50:11; 51:7).

    91. Babylon would be a home to multitudes of Jews who leave (Jer 50:4-6, 8; 51:6, 45)

    92. The people of Babylon would not know their true identity (Jer 50:6, implied throughout).

    93. The people of Babylon would think they are God’s elect and eternal (Isa 47:7-8, Rev 18:7).

    94. The people of Babylon would enjoy the highest standard of living in the world (Rev 18:7).

    95. The people of Babylon would grow mad upon their idols (Jer 50:2, 38; Hab 2:18).

    96. The people of Babylon would go into deep sins of all kinds (Rev 18:5).

    97. The nation Babylon dwells carelessly before the Lord (Isa 47:8).

    98. Babylon becomes proud, haughty, and does not consider her end (Isa 47:7-8).

    99. Babylon deals in the occult, in sorceries and drugs (Isa 47:9, 12; Rev 18:23)JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND YOU CANT GET OUT OF BED !!ASLEEP IN THE LIGHT???THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

    • Noel

      Babylon is in Iraq you muppet its not america



        • Gary2

          what about the whore of Babylon??

          Isn’t that where Gog came from??

          • Mal R.

            What did you do, read some “lefty guide to the bible” and now you spit out a few words like you know something?

          • John W.

            I hope you get her a mothers day card. Don’t want your mom mad at you.

    • Gary2

      dude-if a person took a drink everytime you said the word Babylon they would die of alcohol poisening.

  • Michael

    From France, we have always seen USA as the country for HUGE, AMAZING, hUGE, EVENTS AND THINGS (GOOD or BAD ) !!!!!! we were right !!!

  • Michael

    It’s amazing the power of economy and finance……. Creating wealth from nothing , the human being has completely changed North America landscapes in only 500 years, and faster the last 200 years !!!

    i have a high level degree, speak 3 langues, with knowledges on technical subjects !!!, but i regret my high level college degree is not in economy….. why i don’t have made my college years in economy ???? Studying a ponzi system is easy, with a 2 years degree, i could have a better job than now !!!!! 😉

    truly sad futur fo us !!!!!

  • I do not understand what a lot of these things have in common. Yes, America is big. Yes, America is diverse. Yes, America has abandoned the Biblical principles it was built upon.

    If God does not discipline America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. – Billy Graham

  • Tim

    “#9 The average U.S. citizen drinks the equivalent of more than 600 sodas each year.”

    Wow. Considering that most commercial sodas on the market today are sweetened with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), it’s no wonder that we have an epidemic of diabetes and pre-diabetes. I’ve read that HFCS promotes insulin resistance more than any other sweetner. I haven’t had soda in 20 years.

    • Orange Jean

      Good for you! I really never liked soda, the only time I’ll drink one (maybe once or twice a year) is when I’m stuck someplace, thirsty, and the only drink available is some coke machine that doesn’t have water or alternative to soda.

      For those of you trying to quit, there’s a good alternative: try mineral water or carbonated water mixed about 3 parts water to 1 part juice – orange juice or cranberry are particularly refreshing! The cranberry mixed with mineral water tastes a lot like that “vitamin water” that’s on the market, at a high price.

      PS I hate TV too! Haven’t owned one in 40 yrs and not missing a thing!!

  • karen

    What I am going to say is more than weird, it’s just plain sick… Go research HEK 293, pepsico or pepsi puts human aborted kidney cells in their products also. Kraft does the same coke and a few more, a company by the name of Sena nyx’s supplies these companies.

    • Michelle

      No its not included. Its used in research for srtificial flavors. Its not in the soda itself.

  • Mr. Thomas! I feel terrible. I know I am not supposed to feed a troll but when I see a poor pitiful creature that seems a bit sick and a little lost, I just can’t help myself. I simply must throw them a bone.

    I used to be conservative. I am a special operations vet and I work really hard. I have been driven so hard from the right by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh clones such as yourself.

    Here is the funny part. There are many of us that are starting to feel the same way. We are becoming very angry but remain composed. Our education is not in management that people like you are familiar with. We were trained in managing situations.

    Little small minded people like to kick sleeping dogs. They seem to get a kick out of it. When that dog decides to move, those people will learn what getting skin in the game really means.

    Remember this little man. Wealth is not power.
    Power belongs to the people who have the ability to control the moment.

    • whteshark

      You’re a fool, Reds, and you were never a Conservative. It doesn’t make any sense for one man to drive you from being a “Conservative.”

      Being a Conservative or anything else isn’t defined by one person; it’s a set of political values that one holds dear.

      I’m definitely Conservative leaning–although, I find myself being woo’d by the libertarians more and more–but I listen to Rush once in a great, great while. If he turned into a mad raving progressive tomorrow it wouldn’t change my thinking or my values.

      If you can change your stripes so easily because of the of so scarey Rush Limbaugh then you either have no core values or you’re the troll trying to stir up the so called people with your vitriol.

      • Gary2

        Being a Conservative=being ignorant and low information.

        • John W.

          Sounds like you moron. So why are you not one?

  • Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro

    41 – The USA and the Americans have more weapons than all other countries and people of the planet and still think that they feel more fear than the fear they cause.

  • Rancher

    #36… I know the illness. I call it “Entitlement Mentality Disorder Illness Gone To Seed”

    The only cure is getting a real education, a real job, being cut off form the addiction of handouts or being left to die along the curb. Many must just relocate and ride a bus or hitch hike out of their current area.

    All this take guts, determination and courage… sadly then most will fail.

  • Eva

    I agree with the above comment – I’ve been privy to the welfare/ghetto mentality. We need more people to be part of the solution, for sure, but to facilitate that we need a government less determined to do injury to the economy.

  • mondobeyondo

    #41. We are doing amazingly well, considering how screwed up everything appears to be in this country these days.

    Some of our fine citizens are very lucky to have maps, so we can educate the people in South Africa, and the Iraq, and such as.

    • Kathy Smith

      Thanks mondo had some good laughs.

  • hefsmaster

    The game of monopoly has been around since the great depression. It has some interesting facts in it’s history. Let’s explore.

    1. Over 250 million sets of the MONOPOLY® game have been sold worldwide.

    Just about every american could have a game. We can short a few people as there will always be someone who wants to take it from someone who already has it.

    2.The total amount of money in a standard MONOPOLY® game is $15,140.

    Which totaled up gives us $3,785,000,000,000.. Or 3.785 trillion dollars to date. An amazing sum no doubt. In all it is quite rational considering the time it took to print. Our Govt. on the other hand,can spend this in one year. 2012 budget =3.7 trillion
    ( Don’t worry, they’ll spend the last 85 billion too.)

    3. Over 5,120,000,000 little green houses have been “constructed” since the MONOPOLY® game was introduced in 1935.

    Coupled along with the undocumented amount of hotels built. Pretty confident every person on the planet including gary can have their own monopoly house or hotel to step on barefoot at 4 am. You get a house! You get a house! We all get a free house! Ouch….

    So what can we all learn from the game of monopoly that is self evident to this day. The banker always wins… Owning small plastic houses are dangerous and our govt. is giving funny money a run of it’s own.

  • Doug

    But John, Obama said he’s tired of the 50 percent who pay no federal taxes shouldering the burden for the 50 percent who don’t pay their fair share!

    • JustanOguy

      Lots of laughing… Not only that, 18%+ of the people paying no federal taxes get thousands of dollars back in “refunds” each year.

      Now that’s weird..

  • C

    #41 – Feminism rules the ordinary day, echoing throughout this entire list.

    • Mal R.

      oooh ooh. I have one along those lines.

      #42 – Hitler and his left wing Nazis murdered approx 11 million people.

      Stalin and his left wing commies murdered approx 20 million people.

      Mao and his left wing commies murdered approd 49 million people

      The American left wing feminist has taken the crown as the worst murderer of them all at approx 50 million murdered babies since Roe v Wade.

  • C

    #42 – U.S. is #1 top arms exporter in 2011.


    Not counting that people in jail in the United States eat pretty well. Better than most people on earth. Funny? No: very sad and disgusting. Mosta are blacks and latinos

    • likitung

      Brat,don’t be racist you fat no good retard! >:(

  • Paul

    The link below is yet another illustration of the sad state our U.S economy is in.

    Thanks Michael for your informative posts.

  • another fact. If America added in the price of war,everytime you needed to secure another supply of oil, somewhere on the planet, the real price for a gallon of gas is more like $80.00 a gallon.
    happy motoring

    • Mal R.

      No, that wouldn’t work because we get the vast majority of our oil from Saudi Arabia, and we haven’t fought a war over those oil fields. Whazzat you say, the first Gulf war? Well no, saddam didn’t invade saudi arabia now did he.

  • Larry Rusesll

    Michigan’s state animal is the Wolverine. They are extinct in the state of Michigan

  • here’s another one:
    The U.S. claims to have 8161 tonnes of gold. This used to cover americas entire debt.
    8161 tonnes of gold is worth approximately 450 billion dollars.The federal debt alone is 34 times that amount or 15.5 trillion dollars.You would need about 280,000 tonnes of gold at todays price of 1650.00 an ounce to cover the debt.Unfortunately there’s only about 140,000 tonnes of gold that’s ever been mined on the entire planet.
    Houston– we have a problem !

    • Old Man

      Don’t worry. Not a single US Federal Reserve Note is backed by gold, precious metal, or anything else.

      A slight correction: it is backed by the military. Anybody or country who dares to play games on the US dollar risks an invasion.

      Which is why DoD budget is $600 billion per year, and that the new generation aircraft carrier now being constructed costs $17 billion when deployed. Yes, $17B per ship. THAT, my friend, is the big stick behind the US dollar.

    • William

      “Claims”……While I have no proof, I have concluded that whatever gold was at Ft Knox is mostly long gone, and the little bit that is still there is NOT in “deliverable” form….mostly plated tungsten. The FED and the Rothschids have the US gold. The last audit was back in the 1950s, and that was not a complete audit. The FED and the Illuminati run America….how else did we get a President that is not a natural born citizen?? How else did America start the war in Iraq, which was based on LIES??

      • Mal R.

        “last audit was back in the 1950s”

        Actually that’s not really true. Congress critters and TV cameras were allowed into Ft Knox in the 70s. Not technically an audit, but they did show the vaults full of gold.

        • Amazed and Amused

          Congress and TV cameras looked into three vaults, didn’t count a single bar, nor did they do any tests to confirm that what was shown was actually solid 24K gold. I also suspect that the gold is long gone. Nixon didn’t stop the gold standard on a whim. He knew if we were ever called to back out fiat currency we couldn’t.

          And Gary2? Take a breath and put down the kool-aid. Everytime you knee-jerk and slam the repubs/libertarians, instead post a positive solution-oriented idea to address any of the 40 fact/problems listed in the OP or anything else that is a real problem to our continued existence as a nation (and not ‘the number of repubs/liberts/etc. is the number one problem’ or some other catch phrase).

  • karen

    There is a vedio all might what to see… 5 reasons why American riots will be the worst in the world. You know it just kills me, my heart goes out to everyone it doesn’t matter how much of a butt hole they are. It breaks my heart everyday knowing what is coming soon, I wished people would get off their high horse and protect themselves, but you can’t make them that’s for sure.

  • Joe

    #41 – The US has more assholes per capita than any other planet.

    • liberranter

      It certainly ranks in the Top Five.

    • Gary2

      thats because of all the libertarians and conservatives we have in the USA 🙂

      • Mal R.

        Yea, those live and let live libertarians are a holes, but you authoritarian fascists and communists aren’t. Have you EVER had an original thought in your puny mind?

        • Gary2

          Yea, those live and let live libertarians are a holes

          YES–you finally got something correct!!!

  • George Sands

    there will always be inequitys in every sytem of welfare. while I see no problem with your mini rant I feel it is just that, a “rant”. instead of pointing the finger at the poor I would point out that the more affluent among society are equally over weight and obesity has taken it toll in medical cost and quality of life. I think we need to consider the reasons for obesity I.E. a close look at the food system in the usa. Agriculture,food processing, and availability of quality foods at a cost that people can afford. Fast food and packaged foods are taking years off the average life span. Follow the money trail and you will find out who is getting rich off the poor diets that consumers have blindly accepted. I do disagree also that HD tv and internet is given to a large segment of those on welfare, I talk to people everyday and an increaseing number of folks do not have, nor can they afford tv and internet. Cell phones, well look again to who is getting rich off the crony capitalism, most likely some big provider has paid a congressman a cut of the profit to put cell phones in the hands of those in poverty. As far as taxing the poor, well, consider the stealth tax called inflation which is brought on by a contrived system to take everything they can by legal means, namely the Federal Reserve. We will see the real effects of “Quantitative Easing” in about a year from now. The “Managed Economy” has already increased the price of Beef,Chicken, Fish, and Pork on average about 65% in the last year. Eggs are $1.88 doz. If we truly desire a represenatve view of how we got in this position and serious increase of poverty and a 27% increase in extreme poverty since 2008.then we need to look somewhere other than the poorest of the poor and those who are good solid citizens who have lost jobs,homes,cars and health. Look at all things that play into the reason for poverty. Also Pointing the finger at the President currently in office is a poor excuse for 60 years of corruption that is and has been forming itself into our lives in a negative way. Medicare is going to take a hit of Billions in the coming year. Corruption is rampant in the usa. knashing our teeth at poor is a false flag which waves so beautifully to the ones who have not lost their way. We as a nation do not give enought credence to real economics on how humanity progresses, and behind all turning points in history corruption and ill gotten money is in the background. Start seeing it. It does not take much to know more than 90% percent of the people just dig into where the corruption is and who is making the large sums of money. Instead we focus on the teleprompter, birth certificate, socialist bs. and partyline nonsence and even Cheezy Grits and how so and so wears his blue jeans. lol, the real issues are hidden and create huge disparities in our progress of the youth realizeing an american dream. Home ownership, a job with promise and death with dignity. The mega rich and huge insurance companys,bankers, and crony capitalist all laught at our ignorance. Crony Captialism = One Governments waste is a fortune for the well connected. The very well connected War Industrys have 151 of our congressmen invested heavily. These corporations have key people in key government positions to road map our way to war. How crony is that?. They are not out to get us they are simply out to get rich. If I were invested in a war corporation I might be temped to vote for or push for war. How about you.

  • davidmpark

    I agree. And if it wasn’t for the crushing regulations, government ‘protections’ (that protect them from me), and the constant underhanded dealings I know I could care for may family better!

  • Old Man
  • BuddyLama

    #11. The United States has 845 motor vehicles for every 1,000 people. Japan only has 593 for every 1,000 people and Germany only has 540 for every 1,000 people.

    And now for the rest of the story (2007 world stats):
    USA Pop: 298M, Land Area: 3,539,224²miles, Density/²mile: 84

    Japan Pop: 127M, Land Area: 152,411²miles, Density/²mile: 836

    Germany Pop: 82M, Land Area: 125,236²miles, Density/²mile: 609

    (2012 US Population now stands at 312.8 M)

  • BuddyLama

    #7. In the UK, an average of about $3,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year. In the United States, an average of about $8,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year.

    …Because that’s all the NHS will spend on you.

  • BuddyLama

    America was NOT “built upon Biblical principles”! There are but two references to religion in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and both forbid intermingling, helping, harming, or otherwise involving government in religious matters and vice versa:

    Article VI, 3: “NO RELIGIOUS TEST shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    Amendment I: “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the Right of the People peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Article VI, 3, forbids religious interference in the election of government officials.

    The 1st Amendment forbids Congress from taking any legislative action effecting any religious establishments, and since the primary legislative lever of Congress is the Purse, eliminate all financial transactions related to religious matters and there should be no conflict; take the Money out of Matrimony and we negate government’s involvement in Marriage (ie, taxes, insurance).

    • uncurable wound

      Thanks for the good laugh!!!

      You might want to read more than gary2s hand book.
      You can rewrite history…
      But you CANT change it!

      It must suck to wake up hating yourself everyday..
      The TRUTH will set you free!

    • Buddy’s Lama

      BuddyLama: You are a twit. Of course America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. If you look beyond the founding documents to the people who wrote them, perhaps you could finally claim to understand that about which you speak. Some of the people in the generation prior to the founders most responsible for teaching them were Christian Pastors. The Bible was one of the main tools used to teach reading in the first schools, and indeed, the government SUPPORTED those schools teaching children to read so that they could read the Bible. I’m all in favor of opinions, but your “facts” do not hold up to the most basic scrutiny. Put down the liberal textbooks and go to the original sources.

  • Piglet

    [But without a doubt, the United States is one of the most unique nations in the history of the world.]

    It seems that way because most of us don’t travel overseas and know nothing about the world around us.

    [The people are larger…] This is true. Coming through Incheon International Airport west of Seoul, Korea, you can always tell the Americans. They dress like slobs and they’re enormously fat.

  • Marybeth

    John Thomas, 48% of Americans do not pay income tax.

  • David H

    I can’t find a source to validate my claim. I heard it on NPR late last year. The number of whiskey barrels produced and in storage now exceeds the population of the entire State of Kentucky. Kentucky has just over 4 million residents.

  • gary2

    7 In the UK, an average of about $3,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year. In the United States, an average of about $8,500 is spent on healthcare per person each year. [With worse outcomes].

    How in the hell do you think the scum CEO’s can afford 5 houses and get the multi-million dollar salaries??? By actually insuring people?? Single payer is the only way to go period.

  • Gary2

    More people have been diagnosed with mental disorders in the United States than in any other nation on earth.

    These people are called republicans and conservatives. This explains why lower/middle income so stupidly vote against their own self interest.

    • John W.

      Go look in the mirror to see a mental case. Man you are screwed up. Did your daddy stomp your puppy or something? All that anger and bad ideas. How can one person contain so much hatred? I bet even your own family hates you.

      • Gary2

        I would need to have you standing next to me to look in the mirror to see stupid! Otherwise if I was by myself I would see a brilliant articulate person with a good plan to fix our economic issues.

  • Zombie Jack

    As goes the American women, so goes the nation. This may sound weird, but its happening that way since Man’s history began, ever since antiquity.

  • Here is a fact. In January of this year, we lost our first amendment right of protest in public areas where the government says it may disturb official business. Obama signed HR 347, making it a felony to assemble and protest in public areas designated by government officials.

  • chuck

    think of it this was we are the capital and the rest of the world is the hunger games

  • One Love

    If America truly is the Greatest Nation on Earth. Why are we unable to put our differences aside and work together to fix our problems? I hardly see a Nation that can do little more than point the finger at the other guy being the “Greatest” at anything.
    Are you all so single minded as to believe that your beliefe system is the only way to move forward? What are you a bunch of 3rd graders?

    Take a long look at yourselves, look at the hate you are spewing, that isn’t Christian, it’s politics. You keep saying you want to get back to being a Christian nation, then DO IT!

    What are the fundamentals that Christ taught us? To hate the other guy? I don’t think so. That is what our political leaders teach us. Stop being confused. Lend a hand to your neighbor. Lets work together, and when we get our shit straight, lets work witht the rest of the World.
    There is no reason, other than our own internal bickering, that we can’t change the World for the better. Stop listening to lying politicians and do what is right. For all of us.

  • drr

    Actually, legalizing (and taxing) marijuana is long-overdue. People get shot to death over marijuana, which is just ridiculous. I don’t see why it is in any way more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes, both of which have proven chemical addiction while marijuana has none.

    I don’t toke. A consumption tax on marijuana will certainly help state revenue. Y’hear me, California?

    As for the guy who griped about the GDP stats, a lot of this is resultant of the US dollar’s being the world reserve currency, a status that is being threatened as we speak as Iran accepts gold for oil from China and India. Take away reserve currency status, and…

  • getreal

    Whatever you do, wherever you are, sell what you can and buy gold. Save this gold and give it to your children. Teach them to do the same for their children. Very very few of us will be rich in our lives, but maybe our children, or our grand-children or great grand-children can be rich if we just stop caring about ourselves and start thinking of the distant future. This is how the globalists got rich. Their ancesters thought of their childrens’ future first, not themselves. Stop spending every cent of your expendable cash on your self and start spending it on your childrens’ future.

  • denny

    Sadly, when one adds up the number of victims, the USA far outnumbers the Nazis, the British, the French and all of the other European colonial powers, even the Spanish who, south of our border, murdered over one hundred million Native People (Everyone of them for their own good according to the Catholic Church). A simple question would be, “How does one think America maintains its incredibly high consumption standard of living?” We exploit who I respectfully refer to as the Nameless, the Faceless and the Voiceless.” i.e., hundreds of millions of human beings over the centuries of our existence for our own consumption. We might as well be eating them for the ‘quality’ of life we have bequeathed to them in order to shop at the mall, among other things. A humble suggestion: Google “The Kogi” and watch one of a few documentaries about them. The simple and humble truth of the matter: Until we, as a people, accept the simple fact that millions of human beings must perish and live in misery to provide us with all our “stuff”, nothing will change because it will be this acceptance which will finally and conclusively bring this ugly and destructive truth to an end. It’s US! You and I! We allow it to continue and now the pendulum of death is finally and conclusively swinging back towards us.

  • mondobeyondo

    Here’s a recent entry in the “People Can’t Possibly Be THIS Stupid” sweepstakes. Looks like we might have a winner here!

    • mondobeyondo

      Chelsea, do us all a favor. Do NOT go to a university! Please, don’t. Save your money and time. You won’t make it through the first 2 weeks.

  • mondobeyondo

    And the decline of American education continues:

    It’s not just blondes either. It’s brunettes and redheads as well. This is almost too painful to watch.


    • Edward

      Nope we do!
      CANADA !!!!!!

      • HellomynameisL

        😀 CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Anoymouse



  • dan

    DIVORCE is a major problem, but too few know what God’s truth is! Many are in ‘ADULTERY’ through their second or third so-called marriage! Read the New Testament and change accordingly. NO ADULTERER WILL INHERIT GOD’S KINGDOM (1 Cor. 6:9,10). Divorce Remarriage and Adultery

  • nonedare

    Weird fact:

    Obama is President!

    • Petita

      Go Obama!! 🙂

    • Hannah

      no dip

  • Does anyone besides myself find it strange that companys who “LEASE” property around America get to Own the oil or gar that is beneith the property? Oil or Gas tht rightfully belongs to the people of America. or does anyone find it strange that we have about 20 million illegal aliens in our nation and about 20 Million unemplolyed Americans? or why the War on terror has only coust us about 8.000 people over 10 years but the war on drugs has cost america about 2.000.000 american lives?

  • Heather

    America sucks that’s all there is to it

    • giant duck

      you sucks america is boss. ps suck a duck

      • truth sayer

        well i am far more scared of russia, north korea, china and a host of other countries than i am of your country is just like the bully in the playground who only gets away with looting other people and picking on them until someone says boo and they call it an attack on democracy- yours is the only western country to allow capital punishment and the only people telling you that you are better than others are people from the third world, combat war zones and other americans, but lets face it, even americans are getting it hard to believe that shit now. wake up and smell the coffee. (which incidentally is shit too in america) y’all have a nice day now.

        • Richard Davidson

          I do hope you realize that the term “third world” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          The term originated during the cold war. Those on the side of the US, European Nations and their allies were considered to be part of the “first world”. Those on the side of the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and their allies were considered to be part of the “second world”. Any country who did not identify with one side or the other, was considered to be “third world”. This is how a technologically advanced nation such as Switzerland can still be considered “third world”.

          The more you know.

          • truth sayer

            Yes, I already knew that. Many thanks. Of course I was employing its usage with its more current connotation.

          • Richard Davidson

            in that case +1

          • truth sayer

            ha ha thank you very much sir

    • USMC Vet

      Then feel free to leave it

  • Gary2Troll

    Please don’t feed the trolls

  • Kelby

    Unfortunately, not a whole lot of these facts were surprising (the economic ones).

    But what is SO SHOCKING about number one???
    #14: Haha, wow, where was everybody else born?? I know Abe Lincoln was in a log cabin.
    #18: I knew we were bad at that, BUT 49,000 TIMES!!!! *********!!!!
    #29: ****** must really HTF around Christmas time in those places…

  • Steve

    If you job hunt online, some web sites will list the number of people competing with you for any particular position. The numbers are beyond belief!! It’s not 2 or 3 people competing with you for a position. It’s TWO HUNDRED, THREE HUNDRED, FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE!!!! It’s unbelievable! It’s unbelievable! What is happening? 8.5% unemployment? How about 25% unemployment!!!!

  • Jose J

    The USA debt is about,wellfare,wars,driving big cars(Hummers,ect,ect,)using air c,when is not need
    it,drug addicts,lazies,large salaries in the goverment jobs,whitecollar bosses,unions,working only 5 hrs instead of 8hrs,bad habits at work,and still thinking in American dream which is gone over 25 year ago.

  • I believe that every state has a town/city named Springfield. Which makes sense that the Simpsons live in Springfield.

    • yhea that dosen’t sound like a cawinkadink

    • Storm

      Officially, there are 13 cities, 11 towns, and 14 townships called Springfield, for a total of 38. Of these, only 16 are incorporated cities or towns. 🙂

  • The US economy has completely tanked 5 times in the past, resulting in depression. Each and every time that has happened, the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few was at a peak. That is once again the case. And those other times, there was no welfare state AT ALL. Are you SURE the “lazy no goods” in America are causing this critical situation, which is possibly ready for economic tanking #6, or is our national culture just not long term stable because of “the way we do business”?

  • these are so funny i laughed my head of haha
    some of them are relay bad and sad and BAD.

  • hahahahahahahahah
    the santa clase fact is funny haha

  • these are BAD!

  • lamo

    U.S is a random lame system serves itself .

  • lamo

    the most fat people on the earth .

  • manish pode

    usa is having nearly 5 millon prisnors.

  • Anna

    …I’m American… I think I’m going to move to Canada. (If they’ll have me…) Seriously… This makes me sad. I’m almost speechless with shock right now! Seriously, America?! And WHY is everyone getting so worked up about the soda thing now?! It’s a freaking soda, you can live without a bigger size!

  • Cheyenne

    I live in Wisconsin and I really think America is messed up. People need to get off they’re butts and exercise. I am young and very successful no thanks to Obama. France is right we are stupid and most of us are fat and lazy.

    • Hayden

      You’re probably just saying that because you weigh like 350 lbs. and want to make other people feel bad!

      • Qwertylool

        LOL my school has 0 obese people-ish? and like 3 overweight. yay!

  • hi


  • I have lost pride in the USA. We ,the people are hurting.

  • anonomus

    the usa sucks. go england!

    • UsaBornAndProudOfIt

      I can you be proud of that dump? USA!!! USA!!!! USA!!!!

      • Anoymouse

        Remember that USA wouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for England.

  • Georgian 101:)

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia

    The USA is awsome:))

  • mahmoud

    i like chiken and usa usa usa usa rules

  • Shigamurinana


  • Fiona Teo

    Does anyone notice instead of 40 weird facts of the US, its 40 facts trashing the US

    • USARocks

      Yea, The person that wrote this list must be a fat loser that has nothing better to do with his time than trash his own country…I think someone should force him across the border 🙂

      • Kaitlyn

        yea i agree with that
        USA USA USA!!!!!

      • Edward

        Dont send him to canada!

      • smartzboy

        I think that the person who wrote this list is only trying to make everybody smarter, not trying to oppose the U.S. or anything like that. I think that he will be glad to make a 100 list about the U.S. positive things. So please don’t trash this facts about U.S. It’s only forty bad things. I am sure there are hundreds of good things about the United States.

        • smartzboy

          I mean ‘hundreds of excellent things about the United States’

  • UsaBornAndProudOfIt

    I rather be fat and lazy then not eating every other day

  • Jupiter.

    This list is absolutley appalling. As a proud Black American citizen—no! As an American citizen periode, I have to ask, aren’t there any facts that don’t have to deal with Obesity, poverty, wasting food? Where are the facts on our culture?
    Our proud Native and modern cultures?
    America is more than this disgraceful list.
    What more can be said? Pity for the person who made this.

  • HHH

    It took 205 years for America’s debt to reach 1 trillion $ and it has gone up 14 trillion in the past 32 years and some of you skinheads are trying to say this country is okay. WTF!?!

  • HHH

    Georgia?! Forget Georgia come to Wisconsin. Milwaukee, WI!

    • urgo


  • lol

    its funny

  • lol

    you idiots

  • Tafsirul Royal

    Its amaze me that how could you guys even think that you are poor!!!! go see Africa, Asia, and others to know that what is the actual meaning of poverty… They are crying for foods, dying for cloths and you are sitting on a replica and saying oH! I am getting poor day by day Cz my AC is not working……Wake up.

    • Mystery Man


  • Reln

    This is ridiculous and upsetting. Why only include negative things about the US? Why not include some positive things as well.

    • JustAGoodGuest

      “#29 There are three towns in the United States that have the name ‘Santa Claus'”
      If that’s not positive then I don’t know what is

    • smartzboy

      #1 The highest point in the state of Florida is only 345 feet (115 yards) above sea level.

      That is also a positive thing eh ?

  • American

    Usa rocks

  • Jim

    What in the world….. these facts are pretty negative. Check out facts about Canada and the focus is on the positive. I love living in the USA and feel privileged to be here. Start focusing on your positives!

  • jeet varma

    i was living in the virginia, usa . I had faced lots of weird problems that i still havn’t faced in london.

  • John

    America is America it’ll be what it wants to be…………….. while at the same time being the number 1 nation. So back the f up with these stupid comments. #hatersgonnahate

  • gdfgdgfgw54tres

    Uus people are over weight

  • gdfgdgfgw54tres

    who lives in England ME! England is the best and i have a randoom name 🙂 !

  • gdfgdgfgw54tres

    Which do you chose?

    • zennonuc


  • america

    **** you gdfgdgfgw54tres you are a stupid brit actually America sucks are government is terrible

  • England!

    England vs America
    Whos side are you on?

  • zennonuc


  • Name

    41 :- Usama-bin-ladin is Obama-bin-ladin

  • Lawrence

    And the Gov. Still hasnt woke up. That God hand is nowhere around.

  • me

    this isn’t weird. it’s depressing-

  • Em

    I think America is getting worse by the minute. Other countries may think that we’re rich, that’s not true. 15 trillion?? That’s more than what every single American will earn in a lifetime!!! Also, there’s a difference between poverty and very low income. POVERTY is when you can’t keep/no longer own your home, you only have a few meals a week, don’t have a car. Low income is just when you’re struggling, if you’re near the poverty level you probably have to cancel tv service for a while to catch up with your bills, have a mortgage on your home, and eat every day, but have to skip a meal a day probably. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t turn this nation upside down. Debts and gas prices have tripled since he came along. Also, he thinks he can turn Obamacare around when it’s a plane falling down to earth and he’s trying to get it flying again. I think Britain and France and Spain and all those European countries get all the good stuff. We have some pretty bad things about us, like missing a plane if you don’t arrive at the airport because they think there’s gonna be more terrorist attacks ( I don’t blame them I would too), technically we’re at war, we’ve killed 3x as many Iranians as they’ve killed us, and China is very close to attacking us, because we owe them way too much… Nothing much to brag about folks.

    Also, we’re not as bad as some countries. Like India, also, Africa isn’t as bad as it seems, only about 2% of the African population is poor says Wiki. But at least most of you guys have a roof over your head and food on the table, right?

  • Hayden

    Seriously if you guys think the US sucks so bad go live in North Korea where they have a dictator and see if you still think the US is the worst country in the world now!

  • Hayden

    Seriously I’d bet 99.9% of you are racist,fat,and Uneducated.

  • ashley

    cool facts
    didnt know those things about the usa
    live in canada

  • John

    The person who I bet “made up” these facts is sooooooo liberal.

  • DaRussianBeast

    In Tucson, it is illegal for women to wear pants.
    In Globe, it is illegal to play cards in the street with a Native American.
    In Glendale, it is illegal to drive a car in reverse.
    In Nogales, it is illegal to wear suspenders.

  • Truth

    The president of America is illuminati and the dollar will crash if all the money from around the world will come back and then probably america will make an electronic money which will lead to a inserting chips in the people and government will vote for the leader of whole world and then it will be the end then the catastrophes will start and the islands going to go under the water and the moscow going to crash and fall inside the earth but before that the russia going to grow in politics and will make an empire and will make a czar of that empire but anyway after time it will crsh and then it will be whole world drought there wont be any food and drink because of the world and lots of people will die and then the illuminati will come to the power.

  • Hannah

    Go Louisville!

  • gummybear

    if Obama keeps fighting us on gun control and he wins that means more fist fights.. 🙁

  • a person

    I looked at this for facts about the USA government not for this place to be trashed.

  • Edward

    U.S.A suxxxxxxxxxx! Canada is wayyyyy better!

  • googaplesh

    I cannot believe you people, America is the land of the free. I just recently moved to England from america and i realized that they are way more lazy than the people in the USA. We work to please others and the people here are juts plain rude and overweight. The USA does have a lot of fat people, but not all of them are. MICHEAL FREAKING PHELPS is from America and he is the most medal decorated athlete. look at those abs! America is also the smartest country and has the best army. so no hate on America people. All the country’s are equal.

  • Austin B.

    In new jersey its illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while commiting a crime.

  • steve

    Mate I tell you now america is the greatest nation on earth.

  • shahbaz

    Every day in america 4000 teenagers do smoking for the first time

  • zoe

    They always feel the need to change the pure english language

  • foxtrotalphacharlie1776


  • Probably better than you

    I hate you all you just want to fuel the anger in everything. None of you took what the maker of this website said seriously

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