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47 Signs That China Is Absolutely Destroying America On The Global Economic Stage

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Have you ever watched a football game or a basketball game where one team dominates the other team so badly that calling it a “blowout” would be a huge understatement?  Well, that is what China is doing to the United States.  China is absolutely destroying America on the global economic stage.  Once upon a time, the Chinese economy was a joke and the U.S. economy was the most powerful the world had ever seen.  But over the past couple of decades the U.S. economy has decayed and declined while the Chinese economy has skyrocketed.  Today, China makes more steel, more automobiles, more beer, more cotton, more coal and more solar panels than we do.  China has the fastest train in the world, the fastest computer in the world and they export twice as much high-tech equipment as we do.  In 2011, our trade deficit with China was the largest trade deficit that one nation has had with another nation in the history of the world, and China has now accumulated more than 3 trillion dollars in foreign currency reserves.  Every single day, we lose more jobs, more businesses and more of our national wealth to China.  In technical economic terms, China has “taken us out behind the woodshed” and has beaten the living daylights out of us.  Unfortunately, most Americans are so addicted to entertainment that they don’t even realize what is happening.

If you do not believe that China is wiping the floor with America in front of the rest of the world, just keep reading.  The following are 47 signs that China is absolutely destroying America on the global economic stage….

#1 Back in 1998, the United States had 25 percent of the world’s high-tech export market and China had just 10 percent. Today, China’s high-tech exports are more than twice the size of U.S. high-tech exports.

#2 America has lost more than a quarter of all of its high-tech manufacturing jobs over the past ten years.

#3 The Chinese economy has grown 7 times faster than the U.S. economy has over the past decade.

#4 In 2010, China produced more than twice as many automobiles as the United States did.

#5 In 2010, China produced 627 million metric tons of steel.  The United States only produced 80 million metric tons of steel.

#6 In 2010, China produced 7.3 million metric tons of cotton.  The United States only produced 3.4 million metric tons of cotton.

#7 China produced 19.8 percent of all the goods consumed in the world during 2010.  The United States only produced 19.4 percent.

#8 During 2010, we spent $365 billion on goods and services from China while they only spent $92 billion on goods and services from us.

#9 In 1985, the U.S. trade deficit with China was 6 million dollars for the entire year.  The final U.S. trade deficit with China for 2011 will be very close to 300 billion dollars.  That will be the largest trade deficit that one nation has had with another nation in the history of the world.

#10 The U.S. trade deficit with China is now 28 times larger than it was back in 1990.

#11 Since China entered the WTO in 2001, the U.S. trade deficit with China has grown by an average of 18% per year.

#12 According to the New York Times, a Jeep Grand Cherokee that costs $27,490 in the United States costs about $85,000 in China.

#13 According to the Economic Policy Institute, America is losing half a million jobs to China every single year.

#14 The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.

#15 The United States had been the leading consumer of energy on the globe for about 100 years, but during the summer of 2010 China took over the number one spot.

#16 15 years ago, China was 14th in the world in published scientific research articles.  But now, China is expected to pass the United States and become number one very shortly.

#17 China is also expected to soon become the global leader in patent filings.

#18 In 2009, the United States ranked dead last of the 40 nations examined by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation when it came to “change” in “global innovation-based competitiveness” over the previous ten years.

#19 China now awards more doctoral degrees in engineering each year than the United States does.

#20 China now possesses the fastest supercomputer on the entire planet.

#21 China now has the world’s fastest train and the world’s most extensive high-speed rail network.

#22 The construction of the new $200 million African Union headquarters was funded by China.

#23 Today, China produces nearly twice as much beer as the United States does.

#24 85 percent of all artificial Christmas trees are made in China.

#25 Amazingly, China now consumes 53 percent of the world’s cement.

#26 There are more pigs in China than in the next 43 pork producing nations combined.

#27 China is now the number one producer of wind and solar power on the entire globe.

#28 Chinese solar panel production was about 50 times larger in 2010 than it was in 2005.

#29 Right now, China is producing more than three times as much coal as the United States does.

#30 China controls over 90 percent of the total global supply of rare earth elements.

#31 China is now the number one supplier of components that are critical to the operation of U.S. defense systems.

#32 According to author Clyde Prestowitz, China’s number one export to the U.S. is computer equipment.  According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, during 2010 the number one U.S. export to China was “scrap and trash”.

#33 The United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs a month since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001.

#34 Back in the year 2000, more than 20 percent of all jobs in America were manufacturing jobs.  Today, only about 5 percent of all jobs in America are manufacturing jobs.

#35 Between December 2000 and December 2010, 38 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Ohio were lost, 42 percent of the manufacturing jobs in North Carolina were lost and 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Michigan were lost.

#36 The average household debt load in the United States is 136% of average household income.  In China, the average household debt load is 17% of average household income.

#37 The new World Trade Center tower is going to be made with imported glass from China.

#38 The new MLK memorial on the National Mall was made in China.

#39 A Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted a while back found that 61 percent of all Americans consider China to be a threat to our jobs and economic security.

#40 According to U.S. Representative Betty Sutton, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day closed down in the United States during 2010.

#41 Overall, more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have shut down since 2001.

#42 According to Professor Alan Blinder of Princeton University, 40 million more U.S. jobs could be sent out of the country over the next two decades.

#43 Over the past several decades, China has been able to accumulate approximately 3 trillion dollars in foreign currency reserves, and the U.S. government now owes China close to 1.5 trillion dollars.

#44 According to the IMF, China will pass the United States and will become the largest economy in the world in 2016.

#45 According to one prominent economist, the Chinese economy already has roughly the same amount of purchasing power as the U.S. economy does.

#46 According to Stanford University economics professor Ed Lazear, if the U.S. economy and the Chinese economy continue to grow at current rates, the average Chinese citizen will be wealthier than the average American citizen in just 30 years.

#47 Nobel economist Robert W. Fogel of the University of Chicago is projecting that the Chinese economy will be three times larger than the U.S. economy by the year 2040 if current trends continue.

If the global economy was a game, America would be losing very badly and China would have all the momentum.

Unfortunately, the global economy is not a game.  Very real businesses and very real jobs are affected by this every single day.

Barack Obama keeps talking about how “the economy is improving“, but the reality is that we have never even gotten close to where we were back before the financial crisis of 2008.

The following chart (which I pulled off a Fed website today) shows the average duration of unemployment in America.  Does this look like an economic recovery to you?….

The Obama administration tells us that the official unemployment rate is only 8.5 percent, but that is a joke.  Even the Congressional Budget Office admits that the official unemployment rate should actually be somewhere up around 10 percent.

But the real story is the number of long-term unemployed workers we have in America today.

According to the Hamilton Project, approximately 53 percent of all unemployed workers in the state of Florida were out of work for more than six months during 2011.

But Barack Obama seems absolutely amazed that there are still so many unemployed people out there during his “economic recovery”.   Just check out the following interaction that took place between Obama and one concerned wife during a recent appearance by Obama on Google+….

“Can I ask you what kind of engineer your husband is?,” Obama said to the wife of the unemployed engineer.

“He’s a semiconductor engineer,” she responded.

“It is interesting to me — and I meant what I said if your send me your husband’s resume, I’d be interested in finding out exactly what’s happening right there because the word that we’re getting is that somebody in that type of high-tech field, that kind of engineer, should be able to find something right away.”

Obama does not realize that it is not so simple to “find something right away” in this economy.

We have been shipping high-tech jobs overseas at a blistering pace.  The jobs simply are not there anymore.

In Europe, unemployment is even worse.  Just check out this chart which shows what has been happening to youth unemployment in Europe recently.

In both the United States and Europe, a great disconnect has taken place.  Just because big corporations in the U.S. and in Europe are doing well, that does not mean that they are going to provide good jobs for workers in the U.S. and in Europe.

These days, it is way too easy for big corporations to ship jobs over to places like China where it is perfectly legal to pay workers slave labor wages.

So unless something changes, that means that from now on there will be chronic structural unemployment problems in the United States.

That also means that the number of Americans dependent on the government is going to continue to increase.

And unfortunately, there are signs that the economy is about to experience another downturn.  Consumer confidence in the U.S. is falling once again.  The Baltic Dry Index, which is often used as a measure of the health of the world economy, has fallen more than 60 percent since October.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Europe is heading into a recession and several European nations are already experiencing depression-like conditions.

Considering the fact that half of all global trade involves Europe in some manner, that is not a good thing for us.

So if you have a job right now, you might want to hold on to it tightly.  Jobs are precious commodities at the moment, and they are going to become even more scarce in the years ahead.

  • BenjiK

    “There, is a sleeping giant. Let him sleep! If he awakes, he will shake the world.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte, while pointing to China on a world map. I think it’s safe to say the Sleeping Giant has been roused from his state of slumber…..

  • Keith

    It’s all a facade:
    1.They have( by their own admission) over 800 million barefoot peasants trying to enter the cities.
    2.A housing bubble of epic proportions
    3.Corruption is so rampant
    it makes Bernie Madoff look like a choir boy.

    It used to be said back in the 1970’s the Japan was this great miracle and they were.Many of the elite of China hold vast amounts of wealth abroad and are on the verge of fleeing when it all flies apart.
    It’s another bubble. All the smart money left China years ago.

    • M

      All good points, Kieth. Although China is beginning to show signs of becoming unglued in areas, they will retain the upper hand in their manufacturing base alone. I don’t see the U.S. changing it’s posture anytime soon. Like providing our companies with a business friendly environment worthwhile of a return to our soil. Still, their “numbers” are even more ridiculous than ours. Sure, they can erect an enormous office building in 2 weeks. But it remains vacant. Bravo! And their workers are beginning to realize just how abused they really are. (see recent threat of mass-suicide at Foxconn)In the end, we are ALL sheep being led to the same slaughter. Only question is how…and when we get there.

    • Kevin2

      Those 800 million peasants the bottomless pit of asian manpower will keep wages down thus keeping China very attractive to labor intensive industries. China has the greatest supply of rare earth metals.

      The smart money has left the US and is leaving the USD.

      • Paul


        The largest reserves of rare earth are in the US.

        China has just the largest rare earth mines.

        • Winston Smith

          define rare earth…..

        • Kevin2

          Ok lets say that China has sufficient rare earth metals being removed from the earth and 800 million excess laborers that work for very very little.

          We have a market because we HAD wealth. Now we just have the illusion of wealth. That market of well paid workers is rapidly drying up. Watch that market go by by if (more likely when) the USD looses world reserve currency status.

          We’re dropping by 50%, guaranteed.

    • How correct you are. When earth stops buying, which it is now, for every unemployed European or Norte Americano there will be at least 3 Chinese. Since they are alreadt primarily a peasant dominated country and add India to that mix as well, their economies will plunge(already are) so fast that they will need 5 million bullet trains to supply their hopeless and hungry fast enough to keep them alive.
      Just like the rest of the world, their 1% own everything and are bailing out as fast as they can before their “government” nationalizes every thing. The US wouldn’t own Yosemite or Yellow stone if it were for sale.
      China and India’s wealthy will cause super inflation because they have money to burn and have to put it somewhere PDQ.

      • Kevin2

        Why does China need trade with nations that guaranteed will pay them in devalued money. One by one China is using it’s own money in foreign commerce.

        China is obtaining the ability to create sufficient internal consumption.

        “We need you to print us fiat money totally out of proportion to your productivity to we can work for you exchanging real goods for paper”.

        Damn the US sure has an ego.

        “China and India’s wealthy will cause super inflation because they have money to burn and have to put it somewhere PDQ.”

        They will buy oil and gold flooding the US with it’s dollars. Too much money chasing too few goods is inflation defined. They have the capacity to produce goods with their indigenous manufacturing capacity supplying their middle class. We are devoid of such capacity now.

  • Cinderella Man

    China’s time is almost at an end. Their real estate market is slowing down, they cant build ghost cities forever. They are purchasing gold in record amounts, and their mighty production engine is slowing down because of lower demand from Europe and the US. Time will tell if China will survive this, but it is running out. They also have the enormous problem of finding hundreds of millions of jobs each and every year. Nope China is going down, and going down hard just ask Jim Chanos.

    • Zazz


      This fear of China is hilarious.

      Kind of like when I was growing up in the 1980’s

      “Japan will take over the world”
      “You better learn Japanese or you are screwed”

      And look what happened there.

      Same thing here. It is NOT different.

      China has a mountain of problems.

      So what if they are growing? They have nowhere to go but up!

      • Otown Right Guy

        I agree. I remember all of the concern about Japan “buying America” in the 80s. Japan’s economy has been dead since the 90s and now they have the Fukishima on-going meltdown. I am not concerned with China either. I AM concerned with this country and our stupid politicians, and our stupid population that elects them.

    • Ameen

      Well said!

  • Randome-11

    It isn´t China not playing faiiiiiir, it is the US economic system have pretty much killed competition at home.
    Pretty much the same thing in europe, with the least worst cases being Germany and Belarus.

    “#8 During 2010, we spent $365 billion on goods and services from China while they only spent $92 billion on goods and services from us.”

    Where does those stats comes from? us governement? Probably far underestimates a few things.

  • You forgot to add that China has 26 nuclear reactors under construction while the US only has one nuclear power plant under construction.

    • Michael

      Yes, that is a good point as well.


    • Senator Ozmo

      Good point and all, but how many of our reactors have been overhauled and refitted? That number is something that should be considered.

    • Paul

      Well, THAT is a bubble.

      Currently there are no uranium mines that can supply all the current needs of nuclear fuel. Current fuel comes from decommissioned nuclear weapons.
      When they are used up, there will be a need for more uranium mines. But there aren’t enough being developed. Anyway, building nuclear power plants AND decommissioning then is big business.

  • Note from Idaho

    With manufacturing moving to China we also lose a generation of workers that are not exposed to actually making something with hands on experience.

    Reality is, not everyone can or should go to college, there is a segment of the population that needs manufacturing jobs to earn a living wage.

    This segment ends up in service industry or burger flipping jobs. Possibly worse , suckered into the entitlement mentality.

    Workers exposed to manufacturing develop ideas which lead to innovation. Now these ideas will be developed in China.

    One has to wonder, how this country would ever “tool” up in event of a national emergency..

    • Craig

      The Mexicans have all the burger flipping jobs in Texas. Try something else.

    • Kathy Smith

      Unfortunately Idaho, we are probably going to find out

    • Winston Smith

      that is what war mongering “conservatives” never think about while they go about threatening others and gleeful over jobs to China and WalMart…
      in war, who will build the bombs? the factories to turn out weapons, tanks, guns, ammo, uniforms, C-rations,etc,etc….
      What if China and others got smart and tried to cut us off, like we did w/Japan in metals in the late 30’s….?

  • Marco

    All of China’s ghost cities is an indication of false prosperity. That’s where all the concrete is going. There’s going to be a reckoning, and China will not be immune.

    • Lacy

      Sometimes they dynamite unfinished buildings and build something else there.

  • Klean


  • mel

    Tell it to all the idiots who brought Apple product!!

    • jox

      Are you kidding? Microsoft, Nokia and in general all the tech companies manufacture their products in asia.

  • VegasBob

    I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Unfortunately, Barack Obama is living in a fantasy world. There is no “economic recovery.” America’s economy has morphed into a Potemkin economy under the reigns of Bush the Dumber and Obama – it is just a facade, underpinned by unsustainable government deficit spending. The biggest sectors of the US economy are now devoted to government and government-supported Ponzi schemes – just look at the costs of health care, education, defense, housing.

    Obama has betrayed all of his supporters. “Change you can believe in” was a lie from Day 1.

    Isn’t it just amazing that after 3 years as President, Obama has finally instructed the Justice Department to go after the banksters, just as the statute of limitations is running out? That’s just grand, isn’t it!

    I’m no Republican, but I think I’m going to hold my nose and vote for Mittens in 2012, assuming he is the Republican nominee. And no, I have absolutely no illusions that Mittens will be any better than Obama.

    • Dr. Detroit

      I thought Obama was going after the Banksters because all of their $$$$ is going behind Romney and not Obama so he is going after them as payback?

    • tom

      Eric holder and his “Justice” department have no business going anywhere but to jail for the crimes they have committed in operation Fast and Furious. This was about an agenda for gun control that everyone in the DOJ and obama knew about from day 1.

    • Keith

      I’m with you!

    • Winston Smith

      You vwere foolish enough to bleieve in Obama in 2008? really?? and now, you are going to show even more ignorance by voting for “MIttens”???
      DO something really intelligent and either vote 3rd Party or write in your own name or abstain from the farce!
      Not going to hold that breath….as you seem ready to be fooled thrice….

    • Winston Smith

      Obama was corporate/NWO puppet all along, he got elected by the extrememly gullible, like you…..that actually thinks he “betrayed” them after election night…

      disregard my last post, just please, dont vote at all…your comments indicate you are only going to make matters worse…..and no change in direction…

  • China does not even honor it’s own debts. They have been in default for two generations.

    • Michael

      Yes that is a very good point.


      • Sean

        Michael, you are so damn insightful.

        • Michael


          Thank you for saying that.


    • Rick H

      Interesting article.
      Under international law they owe us.
      But the bonds were sold by the Republic of China, (Kuomintang), which fled to Taiwan in 1949 after losing to the communists.
      Therefore, the Chinese will probably say Taiwan owes the U.S., not the People’s Republic of China.
      But they’ll probably agree to pay up if we agree not to interfere in their military offensive to capture Taiwan.

      • Lin S

        Taiwan’s investments in mainland China are substantial and they’re growing rapidly. Direct flights from Taipei (made possible by President Ma,) are speeding things up further. Taiwanese technological know-how is also helping China to advance at a much faster rate. Chinese tourism and other spending in Taiwan is greatly bolstering the economy there. Ties across the Formosa Straits are closer, and tensions lower, than at any time since 1949.

        There is no reason for China to invade Taiwan, that’s a NeoCon myth that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh all perpetuate. Invading Taiwan would be killing the goose that laid the golden egg, as far as China is concerned. Taiwan is an incredible help to China right now, though most westerners do not know this.

        Want to know where China will strike? Look west to the “Stan” countries, where Chinese oil infrastructure investments are going parabolic. And, even more importantly, look to the energy-rich South China Sea.

        • Rick H

          You make some good points.
          But although Ma was re-elected, the DPP got 46% of the vote. Compared to 2008 the DPP’s support is increasing and KMT’s decreasing. So almost half the people in Taiwan are not enthused about closer ties with China.
          And China is deploying a new missile,(DF16), to the 1,600 missiles that are already pointed at Taiwan.

          • Lin S

            Ma’s support was less as a percentage due to another Blue Party candidate, which divided the electorate three ways (a la Bush, Clinton, and Perot in 1992). Nevertheless, Ma won.

            I do not believe Green Party support is increasing, there is zero evidence of that. Blue Party policies have meant record amounts of Chinese visitors bringing money to spend, and investment and cooperation that has benefited both TW and mainland China.

            Green Party cost people jobs and prosperity by flooding the country with unskilled, imported labor, much like America does. The history of Green Party graft and theft from the public treasury is also well-documented and known. Their policies of confrontation with Beijing are reckless and suicidal.

            The Green Party seeks to confront and agitate China while persisting in the vain belief that Uncle Sam will save them once China responds. Only a fool would believe Washington’s lies at this point in history, but if one is on their payroll then they generally don’t ask the important moral questions.

            China has missiles pointed at TW but so what? The nukes are aimed at the U.S.

            The fact remains that TW is helping China and the Chinese economy immensely. Using force on TW wouldn’t make China richer or more powerful; to the contrary, it would impoverish China further while squandering precious resources. The Chinese are very prudent people and don’t destroy wealth to make political points, as westerners do.

            As on the Korean peninsula, only America wants war between China and Taiwan. And, only America would benefit such wars.

  • Cyrus

    I made it number 18 and gave up. All I want is for the pointy headed bastards to come here and we have a stand up fight.

  • r.bitting

    It’s through great hardship that many come to understand that they have forsaken God. This country is in a lot of trouble and many are about to come to the end of themselves. Pray to the Lord of the harvest for more laborers because christians are outsourcing their responsibility to reach the lost to Satan.

    • justamom

      Thanks for your comments. As usual you are right and right on time. I have a few questions unrelated to economics. Will you email me?

      • r.bitting

        Justamom, of course I will, be in touch soon, God bless.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Q. What are the three most popular words in English today?

    A. “Made in China”.

    • Michael

      LOL – that made me smile. 🙂

      Thanks Tatiana.


  • One of the biggest problems in this country are the enviromentalists these tree hugging save the horned toad and kermit the frog are in bed with obummer the epa has a stranglehold on this country that is literally choking the life out it. let’s use this for a example the obummer administration recently
    shot down the proposed pipeline from canada to texas
    destroying a lot of good paying jobs but also forcing this country to keep exporting high priced oil from other countries that at one time tried to hold this country hostage Remember the 70’s folks?
    Well the tree huggers are afraid of a rupture that could cause a spill, this same approach and attitude
    was used when they tried to stop the alaskan pipeline.A part of life consists of taking chances
    a roll of the dice, when you get in your car to drive to your destination are you absolutely sure you are going to get there without getting into a accident and get injuried/killed?How does anybody know what could happen in any situation? But these same people are driving to the gas station and filling up there gas guzzling suvs and than bitching
    about the price they have to pay.They cannot have there cake and eat it to in this current time.And we
    all know about the solar panel company that was given a guaranteed gov loan than went bankrupt than
    give there ceo a big bonus.Yeah!Go Big Green Go!
    If the world and the u.s gov were so concerned about the environment why did they did they not take steps a decade ago or before?It is viturally
    impossible to balance the tettertotter when it comes to the environment and corrupt/gov greed. The
    last thing i will worry about is that, i will cocentrate more on what is coming down the road and how to survive it, it is to late to reverse the damage that has been done,to delay what is coming maybe.So of course china,india,and others are going to take advantage of slave labor and no regulations
    this is one way to build themselves up to the status
    of a superpower and for the greedy corporations to
    make alot of money,and do not forget china spent alot of money buying the mineral rights in alot of foreign countries so as these dwindle in this country they have covered there bases.These people are not stupid,the ones who are going to pay the price are the ones who are doing the work to survive.
    It does not matter which side of the fence a person
    is standing we are all going to be affected by this one way or another,it is how we choose to deal with it that will determine the outcome. Michael,did you hear about Fitch and the countries in europe they
    downgraded? There end is right around the corner.

    • Gay Veteran

      the pipeline would have produced very few jobs

      don’t like environmental laws? move to China and breathe DEEP

    • Winston Smith

      “One of the biggest problems in this country are the enviromentalists these tree hugging save the horned toad and kermit the frog are in bed with obummer the epa has a stranglehold on this country that is literally choking the life out it.”

      zzzz….more flase paradigm thinking, as if get rid of a few people nad everything would be hunky doory….hey, its less then 2 hrs away here in EST from Limbaugh, I know YOU will likely tune in….dont want to keep you from teh 2 minutes of hate fest…

    • Winston Smith

      a lot of disjointed phrases and vague mentionings……wow, hey, even 2 minutes less wait time now for that Golden Mike….

  • jpier

    will you stop diverting the blame from the wall street to china. it’s not china doing this and that, it’s the corporate bastards like that dead apple guy trying to exploit the cheap labor in china and elsewhere.
    once the big ones move their manufacturing plants over there and lower their prices, the rest of the companies are forced to the same to stay in business. don’t try to divert the blame

    • jox

      I don’t understand the anti-apple campaign. As far as I know every tech company, including Microsoft, manufacture their products in asia, but you never see them named.

      • Martin

        Microsoft, Sun, etc shipped in H1-B visa holders by the boat load pre-dot-com bust days … then they figured out it was cheaper to have them work from offshore. American labor, getting shafted both ways since 2000.

  • Ryan “Prepper”

    Bring the Red Dawn!! Im just about ready… And since I work for a living I will have the money to be ready… Get out of the cities…get out of debt… and buy yourself an assault rifle and a pile of food.

    • Craig

      I bet you’ll be watching the new show “Doomsday Preppers” that is coming on the National Geographic channel 2/7.

      • knightowl77

        Looken forward to it….Get some new ideas for things I hadn’t thought of yet..

        From the previews I have watched, the families give up wayyyyy tooo much personal info

    • Winston Smith

      fine plans, any mention about..maybe……….GOD and prayer/repentance?

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Bring it all back home. Countries that come nowhere near our standards for workplace safety, minimum wage, and environmental standards must face stiff tariffs. Next, cut corporate tax rates and capital gains tax rates to 5%. Then sit back and watch manufacturing return to the USA and jobs for the willing to work to blossom.

    • Kevin2


      Yep at one time we brought the world up. When you bite off too much (bringing China & India out of poverty at warp speed) you get drug down.

      Tariffs we’re there for the very reason we are presently seeing. Americans are 4 x more productive but China pays there workers 50 cents per hour.

      4 x 50 cents = $2.00

      Obviously they have a long way to rise and we have a huge distance to drip. Yep, this ain’t working out for us.

  • JA

    Democrats want more free trade; Republicans want more trickle down economics; Libertarians (Ron Paul); wants to put us on the Gold Standard (which will limit us to one commodity, and negatively impact the poor); end civil rights; end minimum wage. Americans are tired of hacks and cranks i.e. Obama, Ron Paul- respectively. If you want unrestrained freedom–live in a pineapple under the sea–how’s that for entertaintment?

    • AlabamaPatriot

      Boy are you wrong about Libertarians and Ron Paul’s economic policy results. Ron Paul supports linking our currency back to assets like Gold but it does not have to be gold alone. How does having a currency that is backed by something negatively impact the poor? Having a currency that is backed by nothing where the value of the currency devalues every year and more so when there is rampant printing of money from thin air negatively impacts everyone especially the poor.

      • Winston Smith

        Libertarians beleive in “liberty”, but that is never defined other then “do what thou wilt as long as it does not hurt others”, which is godless……in the end…

    • Kevin2


      When the currency collapses because there is no standard allowing money to be devalued to virtual worthlessness the poor will be eating each other.

      The poor have no idea just how negatively impacted they are going to be. We’re going to call these the “good times”.

  • I do believe this is why people are buying Rv’s to live in.

    • Dr. Detroit

      Ha you sell Rv’s funny nice marketing

  • Ryan

    I disagree with the slave wages part. The median daily income of a random person on the planet is $1.50. A factory worker in China makes anywhere from 8 to 12 times that range. This does not seem like slavery to me, more like a huge step up the economic ladder.

    • Save the Republic

      You find 8 x $1.50/day=$12/day an acceptable wage for Americans? Your employer must be thrilled! Oh, and don’t forget, you get no benefits with that either. Enjoy earning just enough to eat each day. Working just for food sounds like slavery to me…

      • knightowl77

        wages are good or bad relative to the cost of living where you live…..otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges….My wage in flyover country is low but adequate…in NY or London I wouldn’t be able to rent an apartment, let alone eat….
        So $12 a day in China may or may not be a good wage, we just don’t know….and neither do you.

    • Senator Ozmo

      I don’t remember where I read it but the leaders of China admit that they look at the labor they have as slave labor. The article was articulating how in China if something needs to happen they can go to the domatories (SP?) and wake a crew up and put them on shift. Give em a cup of coffiee and doughnut, no extra pay and put em to work. If we in America did that we would have no problem in increasing our manufacturing, If we stole technology, business principals and I believe recently they stole a formula for a new medication from America.

      Sorry Michael I don’t think those things you list are even a good compairison (SP?) I also believe China has been in default for a good long while. I could be wrong, if anyone wants to correct me please do.


    • You must state that that is by the DAY, not the hour. Whoope, the average Chinese worker, and there’s a 1/2 a billion Chinese and 1/2 billion India-ns that are at that buck a a half per day rate. Air Jordans at $150 a pop, how many Chinese or Indians have a pair, or could?
      They are so “out of it” on the large scale they don’t even register. In actual productive, exportable, profit making ventures or careers, they are probably closer to 60% unemployed. If their middle class is rated as someone who makes more than $12.50 a day, then yes, they are in the drivers seat for ever and ever, Aman

  • Rodster

    “Perhaps most importantly of all, Europe is heading into a recession and several European nations are already experiencing depression-like conditions.”

    Eurostat just reported that unemployment across the Eurozone has been adjusted to 10.4%. Socialism just brings out the best in everyone. 🙂

  • mondobeyondo

    China today is where the U.S. was 60 years ago – a growing economy with a lot of promise.

    They have a manufacturing base, and it’s growing. They have industries. An almost total monopoly on rare earth minerals, which are essential for making powerful magnets and batteries for electric cars, among other things. And they have growing military power. They just got their first aircraft carrier last year. Not bad for a supposedly backwards Third World country, huh?

    Their next move will probably be using their reserves of U.S. dollars to buy more gold, international property and other commodities, like oil. (You can never have too much oil…) That is while the U.S. dollar still has value. If the dollar drops, China will just dump whatever dollars they have. The Chinese aren’t stupid. They didn’t get this far in the world by being dumb.

    It’s clear to see which country is the rising power. (Hint: It’s not the U.S.) We had better wake up, and fast, or China will own us. Not figuratively – literally.

  • a cruel accountant

    This is old news. Manufacturing in the US has hit bottom and is on the way up.

    The IMS report has expanded for the 29th month in a row.

    Business majors cannot find a job. However if you are a welder you have 5 job offers.

  • dan17

    we can live without the cheap electronics but not without food, and so as long as we have food we are surviving. we have to stand against monsanto gm foods and their dictatorial food control policies.

  • Craig

    “So unless something changes, that means that from now on there will be chronic structural unemployment problems in the United States.

    That also means that the number of Americans dependent on the government is going to continue to increase.”

    Very well said Michael, and you are right. We are in trouble. The American people are a mystery to me. Yes, I’m an American, and I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and now been in Ft. Worth, TX for the past 32 years. But Santorum is the only guy talking about restoring middle class jobs in our economy. He is the only guy that contrast with Obama. Yet the American people vote for 2 guys that wont make a hill of beans difference as far as getting middle class jobs back from China. Romney and Gingrich are elitist, and their first loyalty is to the rich corporates who contributed to their campaigns who are sending our jobs overseas. How bad do you think things will have to get before Americans are willing to vote for true change?

    Just curious–why do comments have to be approved before they are posted? Thanks, and your blog is the only place I know that speaks for the middle class.

    • Michael


      I try to keep as much spam, cussing and violent talk out of the comments as I can.

      I know that it is not great that the comments are moderated, but I think it is the best solution for now.


      • justamom

        I genuinely appreciate NOT having to wade through offensive language, violent threats/accusations, and spam. Thank you, Michael. The moderation does not delay the commentary, and the finished product is worth the wait.

        • Michael

          Thank you for saying that.

          We have so many great people that comment and I want to try to keep the conversation flowing as smoothly as I can.


      • Lin S

        Au contraire. I, for one, am grateful that they are.

        Keep up the great work, Michael.

    • TX4Life

      So true! Every day I question why more proclaimed conservatives are not getting behind the TRUE conservative, Rick Santorum. When I listen to the candidates talk, I want to hear specifics on what they will do to BRING BACK JOBS that have gone overseas. Everything else they talk about is trivial if we don’t bring the jobs back from overseas.

  • China’s population = 1,350 millions
    USA’s population = 309 millions

    China’s GDP = 5,878 billions of USD
    USA’s GDP = 14,527 billions of USD

    China’s Income per Capita = USD 4,354
    USA’s Income per Capita = USD 47,013

    The average American has income of about 10 times the average mainland Chinese; that explains why Chinese worker lives on about USD8 per DAY vs American worker earns about USD30-40 per HOUR.

    USA export much less to China because USA implement very stringent restrictions on the export of all high-tech products to China; leaving out that part, how can USA export simple and middle products to China, how to compete in terms of cost then?

    USA can’t simply rely on those Hollywood and major labels’ recorded entertainment products to fill in the trade gaps!
    Just compare with the Germany that enjoys good exports of high-tech products to China.

    One million dollar question? 🙂

    Will the American workers be living the comparable ways the Chinese workers are doing?
    I do believe the answer is NO!
    Then unless American workers can outsmart the Chinese workers and accomplish tasks multiple degrees more productively, such big income gap between the two sides is just impossible to justify in a much interlocked world as today!

    One simply can’t manufacture more or less the same stuffs with the such huge wage differences!

    What kind of smartness/brain/level of productivity to justify such huge differences in wage levels in producing more or less the same products???

    Come on, some people just want to have the illusion of an easy and good life with little effort!

    Just read the “Tragedy and Hope” here

    • Rick H

      “USA export much less to China because USA implement very stringent restrictions on the export of high-tech products to China”.

      Thank God we do!. But that hasn’t stopped the Chinese from getting American technology and secrets anyway. The Chinese government has been deeply involved in economic espionage against the U.S. for decades.
      “USA can’t simply rely on those Hollywood and major label’s recorded entertainment products to fill in the trade gaps!”.
      The US can’t even rely on that. Piracy of those products is rampant in China and the Chinese government does little to stop it.

  • Mariposa de Oro

    ” Today, China makes more steel, more automobiles, more beer, more cotton, more coal and more solar panels than we do. China has the fastest train in the world, the fastest computer in the world and they export twice as much high-tech equipment as we do.” ~ Yeah, but we gots The Hope and The Change. What could be better? /sarc

  • paul

    I look at China as,
    1. What is in motion tends to stay in motion.
    2. It is hard to argue with someone that gets results!
    3. China does have a lot of problems but USA has and is stagnated.

  • 1% admirer

    Is there just something in the Chinese/Asian character that makes them better?
    For decades Asians have made more in this country than Whites. I am not criticizing it, just pointing it out. More emphasis on schoolin? Higher percentage of married parents? Social groups that help each other out when they need it?

    • Save the Republic

      I think it’s the fear that if they don’t overachieve here, that they will have to go back to communist China and work for $8/day. It’s either give everything you’ve got to succeed, or back to slavery you go…

  • Michael


    China must cope with many political and socio-economical problems inside their large borders…..
    China will manage the future Worldwide economical momentum, however, the chinese development was not good for all the population. They are many poors in china.

    China doesn’t want to conquest the world, like Western countries did, but China doesn’t want western countries be a problem against their ambitions. Chinese people are very pragmatic, and it’s a chance !!!!

    The post dollar era will have several pillars. Middle East, Asia, Brazil, Russia, Europe. i don”t think china will take the “true leader” job, like USA did.

  • chiller

    There’s only 1 fact that’s evidence of where we stand with China. They have trillions in surplus cash, we’re hundreds of trillions in debt. Thank our greedy corporations and their puppet guberment for our demise. They should ALL be ************** (and soon will be) for treason.

  • Paul

    1) The US-Congress is restricting high-tech exports.

    7) China has 20% of the world’s population.

    #12 According to the New York Times, a Jeep Grand Cherokee that costs $27,490 in the United States costs about $85,000 in China.

    Exactly, and still there is this myth about cheap labour in China, which lets manufacturers close factories in USA and Europe and invest in China.

    Without companies like Siemens, Procter & Gamble, and GM China wouldn’t be this big yet.

  • Paul

    #25 Amazingly, China now consumes 53 percent of the world’s cement.

    Yes, China gets more than half of its GDP from infrastructure investment, while the US gets 70% of its GDP from comsumption.

    Investment means accumulating wealth.
    If you consume your wealth it will be gone one day.

    If you want to grow, don’t buy shiny gold and silver. Buy grey and ugly cement and build your infrastructure to withstand wind and weather and wear and tear.

  • Tom

    Michael, your point is absolutely correct, but the subject is flawed.

    China, like the US, is dependent on .gov spending and near slave labour conditions. Foxconn is the perfect example of Chinese manufacturing – flexible, inhumane to its workers, and ultimately cheap breakable crap. Their cities are the same – remember the towers that fell over, the bridges made of styrofoam and other garbage as fillers, the rivers so polluted and poisoned with sewage and industrial waste, the melamine in the food ?

    I also believe their household debt numbers are as suspect as their .gov numbers. They have informal. mafia-like lending that goes unreported to formal stats yet is in the billions of $$. Additionally, they will have a demographic problem just like Japan with their one child policy, within the next decade.

    No, China is going to roll over and do so very hard within the next year or two. It’s easy to get 8-10% growth when you start from little, but a whole lot harder when you are up off the floor. Not to mention, I’m sure their .gov statistics are as accurate and as unmanipulated as ours *eyeroll*

    You do everyone a service by pointing out all these things, but China is not going to be the growth engine of the world any more than we or Europe are over the next few years, at the least.

  • Bobby Smith

    Mel is correct. I worked a Apple for several years and the lack of respect for humanity was appaling. How about “dollar huggers” as the new form of tree huggers.

  • The third world

    What happening now is what exactly our government wanted that American don’t have to work just stay home making babies because the products making from China is so cheap. There is no way that the American can compete for example the lighter is cost only 3 cent from China at the whole sale price. Can American lighter product cost below 3 cent to compete the market? Just the flint is cost more than 3 cent how about the plastics shell, the springs, the propane, the roller, etc and how about the labor to make a lighter?

  • Milou
  • nowwthen

    If we owe China $1.5 trillion and the current yield on 10 year treasuries is 1.85% we pay the Chinese almost $28 billion a year in interest. In January of 1982 interest rates on the ten year were 14.5%.

    At that rate we’d be paying them $217 billion in interest. But the larger issue is the entire national debt – now at $15.3 trillion with the ceiling recently raised by $1.2 which will surely be spent bringing the debt to $16.5 trillion. The fed, which traditionally raises interest rates as a means of keeping inflation in check, announced at its last meeting it would keep rates low until at least the end of 2014. They might as well have said they’d keep them low until they decide to let the United States go bankrupt because if they ever begin to react to the real rate of inflation causing interest rates climb to where they were 30 years ago our annual interest on that national debt would amount to $2.4 trillion – More than the total of all income taxes collected.,,id=102886,00.html

  • Bill

    Another great article, especially the chart for the length of unemployment. I can’t believe China produces twice as much beer as the U.S., never see pictures of the Chinese drinking beer and watching the Super Bowl !

    Concerning ” the collapse” please read through this article-
    The following two paragraphs at the end of the article speak volumes:
    “The U.S. banking system has no real fractional reserve to speak of and its monetary unit called the Federal Reserve Note is backed by $15.2 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt.The global oil supply is peaking and there will not be the available cheap energy in the future to fuel the U.S. economy to be able to pay back these debts or fulfill the obligations of the current $17 trillion retirement market.

    While, the U.S. Govt. and Wall Street may be able to postpone the inevitable for a while longer by printing more dollar digits, issuing more paper treasuries and manufacturing more derivatives, these are temporary solutions.There are other alternatives that the U.S. could opt to take, such as backing the dollar with gold or erasing all the debt and starting over.Unfortunately, these are not the choices that are being considered by the leaders in government.”

  • Milou
  • Syrin

    China has a housing bubble WAY bigger than what ours was. Beware.

    • Paul

      The housing bubble doesn’t matter much.
      China’s population is still growing. Every year the workforce is growing by 8 million. They need jobs and a place to live.

      And when Chinese cities build streets, they cut through existing neighborhoods like a knife through warm butter. For the Three Gorges Dam a couple of million people were relocated to new cities. All those current ghost towns are there for a reason, and they will be populated in no time. Put some industry there, maybe some transport link to the rest of the country, and soon the streets are clogged with traffic jams.
      Are those ghost towns along a planned highspeed rail link? Or maybe along a planned canal?

      And, all housing is paid in RMB. And without the state’s permission you can’t sell RMB and buy USD.
      What might happen if the housing bubble burst? What can people do then? Get RMB? And then what? Buy gold? USD, EUR?
      It isn’t easy for Chinese to buy foreign currency. At least not in China. They’d need to smuggle RMB out, but their biggest bank note is RMB 100 (USD 15).

      And there are other forces at work.
      Traditionally Chinese families don’t have their money at the bank. Because they don’t trust banks. Their money is home, together with grandma. Grandma changes the money to gold to put it under the bed and takes care of the kid(s). Which is why Chinese houses look like prisons, with iron bars at all windows and wrought iron doors. So, whatever happens, Chinese have a lot of currency (Gold, RMB, USD, EUR, etc.) in reserve away from any banking system.

      If you go to China with a Western mindset you are in for a big Culture Shock.

  • karen

    Folks the time for preparing for survival is coming to a close, all will be crashing soon. To be forwarned is to be forarmed, get ready now while you still have the chance, major hyperinflation is almost here,food just keeps going up and up the Dry Baltic Exchange is 65% down ships are sitting in the harbors nothing is moving, gas will continue to climb and climb do something to ensure your survival now.

  • These are amazing numbers — irrefutable evidence that our politicians have sold our economy away.

    Awareness is the first step of change.

  • Kevin2

    IT WAS

    “One capitalist will sell us the rope to hang another”.

    IT IS

    “Capitalists will build us the factories to manufacture the rope to hang themselves”

  • drr

    I have a question.

    China has accumulated, more or less, our manufacturing jobs. But as readers/comments have pointed out, there is a major housing bubble in China. The “smart money” has left China.

    So what country, honestly, is in good shape? Russia? Australia? Saudi Arabia? Brazil? South Africa? Anybody? Bueller?

    Or is it just the richest 300 people, or whatever, who will probably end up hiring a bunch of mercenaries to defend some obscure islands?



    Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong. China is not “destroying” anything. The asylum states of amerika government is destroying the asylum states, of course with the “people’s consent”. This government has consciously done the following to destroy its own economy:

    1. Outsourced jobs overseas where labor is quite cheap in fact slave labor in some areas. This of course increases unemployment which in turn stunts economic growth. You don’t need to be an Austrian Economist to know this.

    2. Transformed the nation into an empire on the verge of collapse. Wages wars all over the globe, which of course have to be paid for and since there is no economic growth of any kind these foreign adventures can only be financed by creating more and more unsustainable debt.

    3. Instituted a brutal, repressive police state, where criminal gangs with guns and badges are doing things to ever increasing segments of the population such as arresting five year olds, brutally beating unarmed and defenseless protesters, and killing people without justification using the law as a shield from prosecution. More prisons and jails equals more money spent and debt accumulated.

    4. Taken the socialist model to new, unimaginable heights. Banker bailouts from the FED and the Treasury department is hundreds of times larger than all food stamp and welfare government transfer payments combined.

    In the end, the people and the government of amerika only have themselves to blame for the mess they are in………..

    • Lin S

      Agreed with you post and all of your points. Very well said!

      Regarding this part:

      “In the end, the people and the government of amerika only have themselves to blame for the mess they are in…”

      You are, again, quite correct. However, I believe that in the end Washington will scapegoat China, so as to deflct blame from itself and provide the sheeple with a new “bogeyman” to hate and want to kill.

      From Global War on Terror to Global War on China. Or some fascimile thereof.

  • madsr

    I don’t blame China for anything. They are running their country like a company looking for the best way to make the biggest profit. We are the fools, we have failed every step of the way. Quoting a Great president Americans don’t want those kind of jobs… We would rather be housed and fed like pets by the “man”. We should want those low paying jobs, I learned to be a diesel mechanic on $3.25 per hour. I also learned to be a locksmith on that same amount. I learn plant maintenance on 10k a year with 2 kids in 1982. With those struggles I learned to manage my money and do without. Now days a kid wants a $100 a month cell phone like it is nothing and mad when they are not given one. I need gas money, I need a new car, I have to go somewhere great for spring break. You tell most kids no about anything and its a fight. They live at home their whole life and mooch off their parents who don’t think their baby could make it out there. When Obama said Americans are lazy it was the truest statment ever made. Unions neg. to make 10 parts a day instead of a pay raise so the worker is proud he won. He could make 50 that doesn’t matter he won, no we lost. We want more and more for less and less work until we have run all the businessess out of our country. If any of you want to point a finger on why this is happening. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR IT IS YOUR FAULT AND MY FAULT!!!!!! Most people in this country do not know how it is run or who runs it. Our primaries right now are more American Idol than a primary. Disgusting. You can be in any group of people and say we need to cut________fill in the blank. We can’t cut that because I know this lady down the street that couldn’t live, we can’t cut that because I paid in for 20 years, we can’t cut that because a sparrow would starve. We can’t put up wind mills to try to save our country because they kill one bird every 5 years. We can’t grow food for our people because if we pump water out of that river a minnow might die. It goes on and on. So we give it away until it is gone and we will all suffer at the same time. We used to be concerned about what was good for the many at the cost of the one, now we are concerned about what is good for the one at the destruction of the many!

    • James

      It’s not my fault. It might be your fault and that’s ok, but don’t presume to know that it’s my fault.

      • John

        Watch out, we got a badass over here

  • David Gurney

    During the invasion of Cambodia in 1970,I stood up in a Rutgers classroom and told all:”Let’s stop fighting these proxy wars.Go after Red China now”.The problem could have been taken care of then.

    • American problem is NOT because of China. The problem with this collapsing militaristic empire being in constant warring havoc are driven by those parasite financial cartel who controls everything in US of A incl. the military-industrial complex (MIC) with the necessity to stage thousands of military bases everywhere and deploy invasion to other nations from time to time! Just count how many wars have the US of A been involving in the last two decades?

      How much is its annual military budget compared to the rest of world? Still wonder how its economy can sustain these lavish expenses for further extended period after decades of debt accumulation to cover these imperialistic and spoiled lifestyles?

      “Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence – those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you’d collapse. And while you people are over-consuming the rest of the world sinks more and more deeply into chronic disaster.” — Aldous Huxley

      One should not spare this great book to fill in the explanation vacuum of mankind troubling history during the 19th and 20th centuries.

      Professor Quigley was an extraordinarily gifted historian and geo-political analyst. The insights and information contained in his massive study open the door to a true understanding of world history in
      the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
      It is a work of exceptional scholarship and is truly a classic. The author should have received a Nobel Prize for his work.

      “At Harvard, biochemistry was to be his major. But Harvard, expressing then a belief regarding a well-rounded education to which it has now returned, required a core curriculum including a course in the humanities. Quigley chose a history course, “Europe Since the Fall of Rome.” Always a contrary man, he was graded at the top of his class in physics and calculus and drew a C in the history course. But the development of ideas began to assert its fascination for him, so he elected to major in history. He graduated magna cum laude as the top history student in his class.

      Tragedy And Hope: A History Of The World In Our Time (1966) By Carroll Quigley (pdf, 5.42 mb)

  • OH NO

    The people in this country are self centered hypocrites in denial or plain don’t give a crap you know the ones “it’s not effecting me” until they lose there jobs, some coworkers were like that until they got layoff now their’n survival mode and reality has hit hard, to bad the attitudes will stay this way because we have a long ways to go. I still have a job so it’s not effecting me. (sarcasm)

  • People, we can’t give up. Yes we have problems, but Americas problems are now the worlds problems and vice a versa. These times we are living in are no joke, but if we stay strong and focused we can make it. There are still some jobs out there, and we have launched a new business website called http://WWW.UNEMPLOYMENT.TV to help people find work and learn how to take action. Lets not act like this occupy crowd and vandalize and cause chaos. Lets be positive and make quality decisions. Most of the Chinese and Mexican people are just like you and I, they want to work and eat and live and get on with there lives, they just want a fair chance like anyone else, including us. Michael, you have done such a great jobs getting facts out to readers so they can get a sense of what is going on, in honor of that we have decided to feature you as the first video we post up about unemployment. (Hope you don’t mind). Michael did a great interview a while back on TV everyone should watch it. With that,today is the first day we have told people about UNEMPLOYMENT.TV and it is also the first day of the rest of your life, so lets not loose hope and continue taking action!!!

    • Michael

      Thank you for that honor. In that interview, I was badly in need of a haircut. 🙂


      • Dr. Detroit

        For some reason I alway thought you were like a 80 year old geezer

        • Michael

          No, I just write like a geezer. 🙂


    • justamom

      GREAT LINK! Thanks for posting. Michael, you are almost as articulate in speaking as you are communicative and concise in writing! Good job! I personally think that your interviews are going to increase in the months ahead. For the good of this nation (and for the glory of God) please accept as many as you are able. God bless!

  • Republicans are not what they claim to be. Conservatives are going to find this real hard to believe.

    Before Reagan it was trickle up. He turned the economy upside down; it used to be said—if it was good for Americans, it is good for business; if it was good for America, it is good for business. We were the richest people on the planet under this philosophy.

  • Michael

    Remember one thing !

    In the XVth century, the empire of China was the most powerful, rich and advanced civilization on Earth. They give up this position because of political and cultural bad inside influences and in the early XXth century, China was like an African country.

    In the XXIth century, they will return on their initial position.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    It’s not China, maybe the americans bussinesmen. Why you
    want America bombing China?

    Is very easy bombing other country, why do not figth here.

  • gary

    As for trade deficit, we should blame US government, why they put so many restrictions on goods ship to China. Companies cannot sell many kinds of so-called “high tech” products, so they go to somewhere else. USA loses the business, and American lose jobs. We want everything from China, but we cannot sell what they want, this creates trade deficit. Why we blame China, blame ourselves. What an idiot we are!

  • Bill


    Why is my reply shown in the middle of the above comments but still waiting for moderation ?

  • sharonsj

    If you check out Congress, you’ll find that Democrats have tried to put through bills that would end tax credits for outsourcing. The Republicans keep blocking them.

    The Republicans are also against tariffs that would help equalize the problem. Everyone knows the Chinese are manipulating their currency (in their favor, of course).

    And finally, the Chinese government is financing many industries, so even if they are not profitable, it doesn’t matter because their gov’t won’t let them fail. (Here, the Repubs screamed when our gov’t saved the car manufacturers.) The result is that our industries cannot compete.

    Finally, our own government could care less about America. I know the conservatives want the Keystone pipeline, but it’s being built with steel from China and Russia. Couldn’t they at least object to that? Oh, wait, they won’t, because the bribe money is too good.

    • Kevin2


      The steel in the pipeline is pocket change next to the loss of jobs and enhanced security from that Canadian oil.

      The globalists want the cost of energy to rise in the US to reduce it’s consumption which makes more available at a cheaper price for global expansion. This is why the treaties to reduce carbon to the atmosphere specifically exempt the developing countries. Even putting Carbon Dioxide aside a facility is shut down in the developed world that polluted a little only to reopen in the unregulated developing countries that pollutes a lot. Sulfur, NOX and any host of others limited by the EPA and DEP or similar agency’s in the developed world are of no concern in the developing world. The environmentalists for the most part unknowingly blinded and moving in lockstep are a mere tool of the globalists attacking where and when the word is given.

      President Obama is doing what Presidents do; as he is told. I doubt if that pipeline would have went in under a Republican Administration. Too many environmental roadblocks would have been the excuse.

      The body politic in the US is being played so well we should be considered a musical instrument.

  • “Today, China makes more steel, more automobiles, more beer, more cotton, more coal and more solar panels than we do. China has the fastest train in the world, the fastest computer in the world and they export twice as much high-tech equipment as we do.” —> So what, China also has 5 times as many people as you do!

    I haven’t read your whole post, but somehow I think you failed to mention the average income per head, the average use of energy per head, the ecological foot print per person, etc…
    If you’d have counted using these fair tools, you wouldn’t be able to hold up the statement in your headline at all.

    The US and Europe will have to accept that their age of dominance will be over, and stop wining about it or cramping into a desperate defence, but instead find a good way to live with it.

  • Old Man

    The suggestion that China is destroying America on the global economic stage is so absurd, it belongs to the Roman Catholic Church laundry list of stupid dogma.

    China does not even have a convertible currency. While USA has a world reserve currency dominance so great, it routinely heck its monetary policy recklessly.

    What’s destroying America economically is the policy of the imperial elitists who have been running the country as a sweat shop.

  • Shamaka

    If China was attacked (by any power) it sounds like the US is going to be in big trouble If the Port of Shanghai was shutdown, how many corporations in the US would suffer?

    I would have though much of this desire to outsource is a great strategic blunder. Each dollar further in debt means that research and development, retooling factories, etc is going to be increasingly difficult. Do you think China will be so kind as to transfer technology to you??

    • Kevin2


      Interdependence of nations is the goal. The thought process is China cannot afford to have our currency fail because their T Bill investment fails with it and a trillion Us is “not peanuts”.

      Conversely the same holds true for the US. China falls and our shelves arte bare.

      It’s a very bold and I think reckless game the globalists are playing.

  • Robin

    The capitalists will borrow the money from us to buy the rope from us with which we will hang them…

    • YERMOM

      It’s not Capitalists that are doing the borrowing, but they will hand with the Statists that are.

  • Colin

    We seem to be in a new cycle of empires rising and falling.

    In the 19th century, the British Empire was dominant. By the beginning of the 20th century, the British Empire was in decline.

    For most of the 20th century, the American Empire was dominant. By the beginning of this century, the American Empire was in decline with the Chinese Empire on the ascendancy.

    If this trend continues, the Chinese Empire will last about a century before they too are replaced by someone else.

    The new empires don’t seem to have the longevity of the older empires, and burn faster and hotter before they expire.

    • Winston Smith

      we are at an end to the arrogant AMerican Empire….the “indispensible nation” of ALbright….

    • mondobeyondo

      That’s right. No empire lasts forever. Sad but true. Looks like it’s America’s turn to fall now.

      If it were not so, we would be using Roman currency to make our daily transactions, and Rome would be the center of world power in 2012. After all, the Roman Empire was supposed to last forever, right?


      I’d love to see the expression of those Malaysian archaeologists 300 years from now, as they dig up and examine the remains of our American culture.

      • ilsa

        Malaysian archaeologists?what r u trying to say actually?

  • Gary2

    Will Taxpayers Be On The Hook For American Airlines’ Pensions?

    More corporate welfare. When are the right wingers going to focus on the real issue–corporate welfare and welfare for the rich?

    I would even go out on a limb and say that most of what the military does is corporate welfare.

    I honestly do not understand why the right always focuses on the meager safety net for the poor and ignore this 800 pound gorilla.

    • TX4Life


      True conservatives know that corruption exists in both the corporate arena and in entitlement programs. That’s why they oppose the corruption being funded through tax increases. When will liberals admit there is rampant corruption within entitlement programs and focus on addressing both issues? Instead of demanding tax increases to keep supporting corruption? Liberals should join true conservatives in their efforts to work both issues. Social issues like abortion and gay marriage aren’t going to matter much when the US goes down in flames from overspending in both areas.

      • gary2

        agreed there is corruption with entitlement programs. Would not call it rampent as many studies show the scamming the system to be between 3%-5% which needs to be dealt with harshly. However, with limited resources I would much rather the corporate welfare which is really rampent and costs WAY more than programs fdor the poor be dealth with first.

        We do not disagree but you need to go where the real problem is namley corporate welfare.

      • Winston Smith

        once again, re-shuffling thedecks between “true conservatives” vs “even more true conservatives”,etc,etc.
        Lets drop meaningless terms…….
        Like the tea Party was supposed to be a “true conservative” movement, but is a sham….

      • Winston Smith

        Actually, America is going down over child murder (abortion) and gay “marriage” (sodomy)

        Like a “true conservative” you are missing the point clinging to economics,etc.

        Have you never read the Bible, which is littered with nations that broke God’s moral laws and hence, after warnings and time, were wiped out-Carthage, Sodom,Assyria,Rome, Israel,Egypt,etc,etc.

        • jimbo

          Gays are causing corporations to ship jobs overseas?

        • Joe Smith

          I have been saying for a few years now, because of political corruption, corporate/political greed, moral destruction, and removal of God (not religion but the acknowledgement of God), He Has Removed His Hand from protecting this country. Thanks liberal politics for destroying this country.

      • Winston Smith

        Liberals…conservatives…again, more useless marxist terminology of “them” vs “Us”, ever vague….

        How about Christian world view vs pagan….Christ vs Antichrist..not some false man made “conservative/Liberal” paradigm?

  • C

    According to Zerohedge the Chinese economy is supposed to not be so good this year. Probably over expanded like so many now, China plugs along so fast they don’t even notice recessions.

  • liberranter

    #31 China is now the number one supplier of components that are critical to the operation of U.S. defense systems.

    And thank God for that too. Let the Amerikan Empire and its Rothschild puppeteers try to start a global war, like they’re attempting to do against Iran right now, and the Chinese will nip that right in the bud.

    Since no one, especially Amoricons and their rulers, ever learns anything from history, it comes as no surprise that no one inside the the Crapitol Beltway knows that the European Imperial powers on the eve of Word War I faced exactly the same situation. Each of the major players (Britain, France, Germany) controlled, via their colonies, different sources of raw materials crucial to the other powers’ war efforts. Once the hostilities started, each realized that the other side had them by the proverbial gonads in some crucial way. Fast forward nearly a century. Amerika, already in decline, without the viable industrial base that it had in the past, and with a “workforce” so enstupidated by public “education” as to be useless is going to find itself in a position that will make Britain, France, and Germany of the early 20th Century look like invincible titans by comparison.

    • Dylan

      You say their leaders never learn anything, which I agree with (at least the past few presidents.) However many Americans, don’t want war in the Middle East.

    • DB200

      I suggest you do a little bit of reading and research. The illuminati/nwo sponsor both sides 0f every major war. A war between China and USA would help them with their agenda, no matter what party wins.

  • igotadose

    And, this is surprising, how? The chinese implemented one child per family and are reaping the benefits, economically, socially and politically. We, on the other hand, are the largest growing western country, consuming 25% of the world’s energy with 5% of the population, and refuse to make the hard choices that would return us to dominance:
    1. Limit our overseas military engagements
    2. Control our population growth and hence demand for more more more handouts from the gummint
    3. Cancel or severely curtail giveaway programs like H1B and overseas profit hiding.
    4. Make educational achievement more competitive, rather than less, so children *do* get left behind and pahrunts realize that education really, really, *is* a privilege. Not everyone has the right to a college degree, and if it were more of a meritocracy and less of a moneytocracy, the resulting contraction in the bloated edumacational industry would result in better educated, more competitive Americans.
    5. THe language of the U.S. is English.
    6. Social security, as originally intended, is a fine program. As a trough for immigrants bringing in their worthless relatives simply to take advantage of the handouts, no. Not a citizen – no Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid, unless you *prove* you’re on your way to a green card *and* pay taxes while you’re here. If you can prove you’re a refugee, that gets you a fast track to a green card (and – no job, no taxes, back you go!)
    7. Single payer medical insurance – citizens should not be denied it, get the MedInsurance companies out of the trough, too.

    But, until this country makes some fundamental changes in how it thinks, until it stops feeling entitled at every level and until companies cannot buy elections, we’ll never be able to close the gap with China.

    Practical suggestion: Time to learn Mandarin, our lords and masters will soon demand it.

    • Winston Smith

      “2. Control our population growth and hence demand for more more more handouts from the gummint”

      how fascist and pagan of you….control families? really? by what menas? Issue them permits, Margaret Sanger?

      • Scott

        I think he means close the borders and send the interlopers back home. Open borders are killing us.

      • Lin S

        I think what he meant was to close our borders and send the interlopers back home. Open borders are just killing us.

      • jimbo

        The world as a carrying capacity, a limit.

      • Joe Smith

        Yes. Basically, if you are in hard times and need help, gov’t. help amounts to 1 child only. You are on your own for the other children. Just like a friend of mine who is 38 and has never had a full time job. His wife does work making $9-10 an hour. They have three kids ages ranging 7-16. They have always received food stamps and get 10 thousand dollars back on taxes every year so they say. I on the other hand am unemployed due to business going bankrupt, single without kids, made approximately same wages, and was refused food stamps. Go figure!!! In fact, the friend cried more (when his 4th child died) because they lost his social security check over crying for his death. And everyone wonders why this country is bankrupt.

  • Winston Smith

    larger families might in fact grow an economy in workers, owners and consumers……lords and masters? Yeah, like population controllers….

    • igotadose

      “Larger families might in fact grow an economy”

      Yep, works great. Just look at the numbers and see what all the growing economies have in common when it comes to family size. Don’t even have to look at China, look at Brazil. *smaller* families and reduced growth == more economic clout.

      And remember Godwin’s law.

    • akhenen

      Yes let’s all breed; have10 kids and not have jobs to pay for their health & education, no mention to their own employment (non)future while turning to federal programs for support that isn’t there. And keep your God talk away from this topic. God is not necessary for doing the right thing.

  • mondobeyondo

    Giant panda rising!! Banzaiiiii!!

    Oops, “Banzai” is a Japanese word. Sorry.

    (a side note – anyone who knows history, knows that the Chinese and Japanese are not exactly the best of friends.)

  • Steve Mawson

    What I would really like to see in this web site, either from the author or his multi-faceted readers IS A TREATICE that explains how to fix the problems that this web site goes to inordinate lengths to examine, ad infinitum.

    So lest you be accused of being boring, or cry wolf, I think we now know Mr Author that you say each and everything that’s being done is a disaster.

    So, what’s the solution…in detail ?

    And please don’t pin your hopes of any Republican or Democrat politican or party. The change starts from the likes of you. So how about showing jsut what that change should encompass. Or is that too hard and being negative is just too easy, like a Rupert Murdoch news site. All doom and gloom, death and violence. Boring.

  • Bob Marshall

    We are going to reap what we have sown. Read free the book with illustrations. In the left hand column click om Read the book.

  • DB200

    Good overview of facts. The question is: how can this happen, what is behind this?

    Here a link (from 2006 I guess) that tries to explain why China is up and the USA is down:

  • spACE

    Sadly, China is also destroying it’s workers with 20 hr work days, poverty wages and threats of unemployment if they complain! Everyone knows… it can’t last forever.

    • akhenen

      A fair point

  • Salty

    I’ve been living in China and learning the language and culture with my two teenage sons for two and a half years. It can’t last forever but long enough to finish ruining us. Anything negative is considered a conspiracy theory. It’s no use even talking to people. Enjoy Mitt Romney or Obama or whoever.

  • Thanks for your informative article, Michael.
    You have been publishing many pretty clear, great and comprehensive articles here!!

    Readers here may wish to read this corporate MSM article too:

    “Expect China to Shape the Next Bretton Woods Pact: Philip Coggan – Bloomberg” (2012-02-03)

    While you’re there, don’t miss the commentary section, some comments are terrifically insightful 🙂

  • What I do not understand, the writing has been on the wall for the past 20 years, congress is not doing anything about it.

    In 1941 we had the factories to retool for war, with our factories in china, how are we supposed to retool?

    I imagine that if the US and China ever went to war, the US would be on the loosing side. Our manufacturing jobs are gone, and our young adults are lazy.

    Gone are the days when young adults talked about going to work at the shipyard, or at a factory. Those jobs have been replaced by fast food and electronics stores.

  • Vercaud

    Well don”t forget that more than half of the goods exported by China are produced by foreign companies established in China.
    It is not only welcomed growth in Asia it is as well a run for profitability by those same people who pretend they are the one creating jobs in the USA.
    If we want the whole world to have a decent living , then we should not be surprised that the most dynamic and daring ones are growing so fast.
    It is not the end of the empire, it is America in front of its own rules: victory to the best ones.
    We just need to take the challenge and accept competition that we subsidize indirectly.

  • Shangey G.

    What doesn’t make sense, is that the U.S. economy might be crumbling, but they still have the most advanced military weapons on the planet. The U.S. spends more on it’s military than any other country in the world.

    It’s crazy to see crumbling infrastructure — roads cracked and neglected — yet the U.S. has brand new high-powered sniper rifles that can be mounted on unmanned-drones that fly in the air, and shoot at targets with accuracy of up to 1.5 kilometres and can be shot “video game style” from a soldier on the ground. How’s that for Military technology?
    All that money wasn’t spent on school for a kids education. Nor a new paved road. Nope, that money was spent so snipers can shoot peoples heads open effortlessly from a mile away.

    Normally when you have dilapidated roads, underfunded schools, etc, you are talking about a developing third world country. So the disconnection between a crumbling economy, and the worlds’ most advanced military seems odd.
    You can’t help but feel it’s by design — on purpose, with a small group of men calling the shots.

    America immigrates tons of talent — the worlds best. Some of the brightest brains coming out of Harvard aren’t assigning themselves to finding cures for cancer, instead, they are snapped up by firms like Goldman Sachs to find new algorithms to make investors even more money.

    I’m just not convinced that the American elite “threw in the towel”.
    I think they are purposefully letting China feel confident about it’s economy. Perhaps to the point where China feels even “cocky”, and confident. Fact is, even the Chinese economy will eventually collapse. They have negative population growth.

    The only reason why capitalism works in America, is because of the steady stream of immigrants. It’s why all (formerly) white countries immigrate people — they are all dependent on population increases for their capitalist ponzi schemes. It’s not rocket science. Japan doesn’t immigrate people because of their nationalism, but, witness their stagnant economy — something that would never be tolerated by American Investors looking for an easy buck.

    China has a one-child policy, and relatively zero immigration. After the Chinese farmers sell their farm and “convert” to wage slaves and go work in the industrial cities, a critical threshold will eventually be reached, and watch their economy collapse.

    I think what’s happening is by design — it’s being engineered on purpose for a specific outcome. And it’s usually for America’s interests. So I believe there is a “man behind the curtain” calling the shots. I think the American economy is being put on it’s back in a submissive stance for some sort of larger scheme.
    Other wise, if there really isn’t any man-behind-the-curtain orchestrating this, then everyone really is in deep trouble.

    • Durandal

      Sounds Soviet-like, doesn’t it? We, like them, have huge military spending with growing poverty and crumbling infrastructure. We are on the same path, as has been described before.

  • Evelin Olívia Fróes

    Brazil is desperately needing engineers of all sorts and IT professionals NOW! But all the interested unemployed engineers and IT experts and undergratuated students must study Portuguese!

  • Trelayne

    Every recession/depression in the US has been preceeded by a significant increase in gasoline prices. China is now wqual with the US ab a buyer of crude oil. US Big Oil has systematically decreased crude production by 50% between 1970 and 2010….solely to increase their profits. Now, they’re ready to increase production because they see China as the Big Market. Connect the dots and smell the coffee.

    Indite US Big Oil for un-American activities.

  • ‘#23 Today, China produces nearly twice as much beer as the United States does.’

    I would think (and made be I am wrong) that most of that beer produce would not be exported but rather domestic consummation. And if were not the beer product was to be ship to China. The Hops, grains and yeast most likely not to come from China but rather imported.

  • There are no Americans left. only sissies raised by a feminist society, Eastern European criminal types and hard working illeagle aliens from the south. None of whom give a rats a** about merica being #1 at anything any more.
    For those of you that do, pay a little more and buy American products.

    • Durandal

      There aren’t many left to be bought, genius.

  • Roger Hughes

    The difference between China and the U.S. is Chinese goverment controls its banks. Here in U.S. the banks control our government.

  • Sean

    None of you people have any idea what you are talking about the truth is China is not going to be the one to surpass the US for one its economy is still about 7 times smaller than America’s two there Economy is completely artificial and also there entire country has a huge divide between the rich and poor which is leading to a inevitable civil war in China also there are the wild card factors many micro biologist suspect China to be a breeding ground for new viruses and such there are so many reason China will crumble away its not even funny and also there is the fact that China needs the us to survive otherwise it will not be able to sustain itself the reason America lost most of its manufacturing jobs is because there is no one to import too anymore.

    • Dave

      What an idiotic and ignorant statment

    • Anonymous

      That is the longest run-on sentence that I have ever read.

  • Hey there, fellow, nice article was informed about a website looking into that Raises peoples IMDB Ranking which is gotta Check it out

  • China lifted 100 million Chinese out from poverty while America added 50 million into poverty.

  • American Citizen

    “Buying American” does not necessarily help the US. There are many pros and cons in this proposal. One pro would be that there would be more jobs created for us and more products from us. A con is that, say that we stopped all imports of gas and petroleum from other countries, what do you think will happen to the prices at the gas station? Yep, they will be only available for the upper class because their are not many places with oil here in American, and plus, our country would be even more polluted. One thing two always remember, is that it is a global economy, so we give as much as we get. In my opinion on what America should do, is to invest more in science, not the military, for science is what moves the human race forward. It would benefit all humans and their children after them. Fix yourself before trying to be the world police.


    …It doesn’t matter who has the biggest bombs or whatever. If and when there is a war all they will do is bomb each others empty fields. They don’t often hit, like….hollywood or anything like that.

  • Emir Latinović

    The Main Cause of U.S. and European Economy fall is, the expensive working force in both continents.
    By that fact, it is forcing the employers (companies) to go abroad and to search new Cheap workforce in poorer countries just as china was before.
    China has modified and prepared its economy and market long decades ago to make them affordable and preferable for the investors (employers) to settle and invest their money into china. To achieve that, china decreased its taxes on foreign businessmen to run their business there, she fixed and calmed the whole political, regional, military and economical situation inside and outside close to chinese borders.
    And also, by offering the cheapest workforce on the planet today. That’s the reason why almost all companies, especially western companies are investing in china rather then anywhere else.
    That’s the reason why everything nowadays that U.S. are importing is produced in china.

    Only way to counter that could be, to redirect U.S. investors somewhere else, like in Europe where you have many poor countries with unemployed workforce, to make mutual cooperation between European and American companies by many contracts of interrelations and interrelationships in economic area both contracts among companies and Countries of Europe and U.S.
    Or to search cheap workforce elsewhere.
    It’s because it’s inevitable process.
    You see, at some point in the time, even the chinese workforce will become expensive, needs of a worker, high pensions, fee for injure on work, more holidays, paid conveniences, severances in case of demission on work etc. which will make chinese workforce Too Expensive. That could weaken their economy, since workforce costliness in china will redirect investors on other areas on the globe.
    U.S. should low the salaries to attract investors back to employ American people to rebuild U.S. economy or to find another Way that could reduce the costs of employer thrown on a worker conveniences and salary, it’s so rough and Bad that employers are having negative trend of finding the problems of cost in the Salary of a Worker, but not in other areas of their dealings. Or to decrease costs of a worker or to direct the attention of a employers onto different areas of their management that increases their overall costs. Those are some of the manners for America and EU to attract employers back into the west.

  • rborg

    yeah but the companies are not Chinese, they are Western. But we do not have a policy that prohibits child labour, environmental destruction. a safe heaven for corruption but ultimately it is our job, in the meantime we are loosing jobs.

  • zaid toma

    Capitalism at its finest gentlemen ….. we reap what we have sown.
    The winners
    – our citizens getting reduced prices on made in China products
    -greedy corporations making impressive profits in cheep manufacturing
    -the Chinese goverment who have boosted their economy on the backs of the lower class
    The losers
    -Our citizens that can’t find a job due to us sending all our manufacturing jobs to China
    -lower class Chinese forced to work for pennies on the dollar in deplorable working conditions

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