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50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Even though most Americans have become very frustrated with this economy, the reality is that the vast majority of them still have no idea just how bad our economic decline has been or how much trouble we are going to be in if we don’t make dramatic changes immediately.  If we do not educate the American people about how deathly ill the U.S. economy has become, then they will just keep falling for the same old lies that our politicians keep telling them.  Just “tweaking” things here and there is not going to fix this economy.  We truly do need a fundamental change in direction.  America is consuming far more wealth than it is producing and our debt is absolutely exploding.  If we stay on this current path, an economic collapse is inevitable.  Hopefully the crazy economic numbers from 2011 that I have included in this article will be shocking enough to wake some people up.

At this time of the year, a lot of families get together, and in most homes the conversation usually gets around to politics at some point.  Hopefully many of you will use the list below as a tool to help you share the reality of the U.S. economic crisis with your family and friends.  If we all work together, hopefully we can get millions of people to wake up and realize that “business as usual” will result in a national economic apocalypse.

The following are 50 economic numbers from 2011 that are almost too crazy to believe….

#1 A staggering 48 percent of all Americans are either considered to be “low income” or are living in poverty.

#2 Approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in homes that are either considered to be “low income” or impoverished.

#3 If the number of Americans that “wanted jobs” was the same today as it was back in 2007, the “official” unemployment rate put out by the U.S. government would be up to 11 percent.

#4 The average amount of time that a worker stays unemployed in the United States is now over 40 weeks.

#5 One recent survey found that 77 percent of all U.S. small businesses do not plan to hire any more workers.

#6 There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million extra people to the population since then.

#7 Since December 2007, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation.

#8 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006.  Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.

#9 A Gallup poll from earlier this year found that approximately one out of every five Americans that do have a job consider themselves to be underemployed.

#10 According to author Paul Osterman, about 20 percent of all U.S. adults are currently working jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

#11 Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs.  Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

#12 Back in 1969, 95 percent of all men between the ages of 25 and 54 had a job.  In July, only 81.2 percent of men in that age group had a job.

#13 One recent survey found that one out of every three Americans would not be able to make a mortgage or rent payment next month if they suddenly lost their current job.

#14 The Federal Reserve recently announced that the total net worth of U.S. households declined by 4.1 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2011 alone.

#15 According to a recent study conducted by the BlackRock Investment Institute, the ratio of household debt to personal income in the United States is now 154 percent.

#16 As the economy has slowed down, so has the number of marriages.  According to a Pew Research Center analysis, only 51 percent of all Americans that are at least 18 years old are currently married.  Back in 1960, 72 percent of all U.S. adults were married.

#17 The U.S. Postal Service has lost more than 5 billion dollars over the past year.

#18 In Stockton, California home prices have declined 64 percent from where they were at when the housing market peaked.

#19 Nevada has had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for 59 months in a row.

#20 If you can believe it, the median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.

#21 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18 percent of all homes in the state of Florida are sitting vacant.  That figure is 63 percent larger than it was just ten years ago.

#22 New home construction in the United States is on pace to set a brand new all-time record low in 2011.

#23 As I have written about previously, 19 percent of all American men between the ages of 25 and 34 are now living with their parents.

#24 Electricity bills in the United States have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.

#25 According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980.  Today they account for approximately 16.3%.

#26 One study found that approximately 41 percent of all working age Americans either have medical bill problems or are currently paying off medical debt.

#27 If you can believe it, one out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards.

#28 The United States spends about 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States.

#29 It is being projected that the U.S. trade deficit for 2011 will be 558.2 billion dollars.

#30 The retirement crisis in the United States just continues to get worse.  According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46 percent of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and 29 percent of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

#31 Today, one out of every six elderly Americans lives below the federal poverty line.

#32 According to a study that was just released, CEO pay at America’s biggest companies rose by 36.5% in just one recent 12 month period.

#33 Today, the “too big to fail” banks are larger than ever.  The total assets of the six largest U.S. banks increased by 39 percent between September 30, 2006 and September 30, 2011.

#34 The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have a net worth that is roughly equal to the bottom 30 percent of all Americans combined.

#35 According to an analysis of Census Bureau data done by the Pew Research Center, the median net worth for households led by someone 65 years of age or older is 47 times greater than the median net worth for households led by someone under the age of 35.

#36 If you can believe it, 37 percent of all U.S. households that are led by someone under the age of 35 have a net worth of zero or less than zero.

#37 A higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty (6.7%) than has ever been measured before.

#38 Child homelessness in the United States is now 33 percent higher than it was back in 2007.

#39 Since 2007, the number of children living in poverty in the state of California has increased by 30 percent.

#40 Sadly, child poverty is absolutely exploding all over America.  According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 36.4% of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty, 40.1% of all children that live in Atlanta are living in poverty, 52.6% of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty and 53.6% of all children that live in Detroit are living in poverty.

#41 Today, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#42 In 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income.  Today, government transfer payments account for more than 18 percent of all income.

#43 A staggering 48.5% of all Americans live in a household that receives some form of government benefits.  Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.

#44 Right now, spending by the federal government accounts for about 24 percent of GDP.  Back in 2001, it accounted for just 18 percent.

#45 For fiscal year 2011, the U.S. federal government had a budget deficit of nearly 1.3 trillion dollars.  That was the third year in a row that our budget deficit has topped one trillion dollars.

#46 If Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days.

#47 Amazingly, the U.S. government has now accumulated a total debt of 15 trillion dollars.  When Barack Obama first took office the national debt was just 10.6 trillion dollars.

#48 If the federal government began right at this moment to repay the U.S. national debt at a rate of one dollar per second, it would take over 440,000 years to pay off the national debt.

#49 The U.S. national debt has been increasing by an average of more than 4 billion dollars per day since the beginning of the Obama administration.

#50 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

Of course the heart of our economic problems is the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is a perpetual debt machine, it has almost completely destroyed the value of the U.S. dollar and it has an absolutely nightmarish track record of incompetence.  If the Federal Reserve system had never been created, the U.S. economy would be in far better shape.  The federal government needs to shut down the Federal Reserve and start issuing currency that is not debt-based.  That would be a very significant step toward restoring prosperity to America.

During 2011 we made a lot of progress in educating the American people about our economic problems, but we still have a long way to go.

Hopefully next year more Americans than ever will wake up, because 2012 is going to represent a huge turning point for this country.

  • Gary2

    If we redefine “social mobility” to mean mobility in either direction, the US is now doing awesome, because so many families are moving from where they once were. It’s just that they’re moving downwards.

    It’s a neat trick to blame this on unions, because the thing that conservatives are pushing as a solution is to end social welfare, eliminate the minimum wage, remove work regulation, and basically create the conditions for factory workers in the US to compete with those in China.

    Think about it. We’re being told that the path to prosperity is in creating a new peasant class with incomes close to third world nations.

    From a comment in the Milwaukee Journal

    • Alex S.

      Ending minimum wages, excessive welfare, and bogus regulations seems like a great idea to me.

      Minimum wages and overtime laws help almost no one. Businesses don’t let employees work 40+ hours because of the overtime law, so employees lose out on much needed additional hours and income.

      The most heavily unionized place in America, Detroit, how is that working out?

      A few things are important to understand here. A “lower class” – there is nothing wrong with this. We can easily provide land, service, and cheap housing to people who work in low level jobs in factories, creating a perfectly reasonably lifestyle and living environment.

      You simply cannot have everyone be rich, it doesn’t work that way. Our middle class standards are “rich” by comparison to most other countries. The definition of poverty is skewed as our “poor” have it better than most “middle class” elsewhere.

      Our path to prosperity is getting housing prices as low as possible, the false housing boom spearheaded by bad liberal policies: “everyone should own a home and be entitled to $500,000 loans they can’t afford” screwed that up. Now it’s time we get back to where someone can actually make a living on $10/hour. Until house prices drop to a reasonable amount again, that will never happen and we’ll always be mortgage/rent poor in this country.

      • Kevin2

        Alex S

        The US for seven decades had minimum wage and a 40 hour work week and we prospered until 2.5 billion Asians making sub human wages working in sub human conditions rivaling anything in the early industrial revolution were admitted to the party duty free.

        “Minimum wages and overtime laws help almost no one.”

        Speak for yourself. I cut my eye teeth in the pet-chem and refining industry that employed tens of thousands the NJ, Pa, De area. Those laws put money in the bank, bought cars and put kids through college. The system worked until….drum roll please….Free Trade with slave Labor Nations came into effect.

        “Our middle class standards are “rich” by comparison to most other countries.”

        Oops sorry not true. It used to be but we dropped back significantly over the last 3 decades.

        “The most heavily unionized place in America, Detroit, how is that working out?’

        They are working out no better then the historically poorly paid US Textile Workers who lost their $8-$15 / hr jobs to 50 cent / hr Chinese and Indian labor.

        “Now it’s time we get back to where someone can actually make a living on $10/hour.”

        The cost of living did not go up because labor received more money. Labor received more money because the government borrowed more money and the Federal Reserve (with it very helping hand) was there to create more money and prices has risen. Inflation goes up 6% and you get a 4% “raise” (which is taxed to boot). Labor has always played “catch up”.

  • Carl

    Bless this mess! And Bless Us All!
    Now we know better.
    Forgive. Forgiven. Wiser.


    Graphic Video: EGYPT, The brave women of the Middle East: Female protesters brutally beaten with metal poles as vicious soldiers drag girls through streets by their hair in day of shame…

  • http://EconomicCollapse Azgram

    So proud to see you’ve made my Yahoo home page! Your word is finally getting out to the mainstream. Please keep up the excellent work.

    • Michael

      Thank you for the kind words. This particular article is getting a lot of attention.


  • http://facebook alicia folkers

    as the economist say the economy will not be back to normal until 5 to 10 years after the bubble burster in 2007 to 2008 so evidently barack obama@ president is doing an incredible job w/ what the bush administration left him!

    • http://yahoo scout

      Alicia, He has stripped you of your clothes and you’re standing there naked shouting “don’t I look great naked”.

    • Gary2

      breaking who cares? hope he rots in hell

  • Sofianitz

    The problems with the US economy are directly caused by a simple fact. As Al Kapp used to say, “Any fool can plainly see.” Our unjust tax system over the last 30 years has resulted in a situation where the RICH PEOPLE have WAY too much wealth, and the POOR PEOPLE don’t have enough money to even survive in many instances, let alone save, and educate their children. The economy won’t work with this imbalance.
    It just won’t work. Have you noticed?
    So, we have to fix this. Is it hard for you to understand that we have to fix this? How?
    I offer you the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln:

    “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

    Abraham Lincoln
    First Inaugural Address – 1861

    Get busy, folks.

  • sarah

    Truly an eye-opener…thank you for sharing and for taking the time to organize the raw facts. We need a full-on revolt – Bankers should be on the top of the list! They need to reduce principal amounts on underwater mortgages to correct the problem they caused with that…so we are not all living on the streets. Then again, isn’t that one of the stimulus plans to improve the roads?

    All politicians need to go too- every last one of them. The time for ‘all for me’ and ego-lead leadership is over. American’s need to get really pissed and change this as a group. I’m ‘in’. In the short term buy things made in the USA to at least save what little is left.

    Goodnighties Sleepwear
    (yes, 100% made here)

  • Bob D

    To BobBobBob,

    You must be talking about BHO forcing a military takeover, and a revolution, not mitt and newt? BHO already has provisions in Obamacare to appoint civilian officers in his “private security force” he spoke of during the last ’08 election. He’ll use these forces like Hitler’s brown shirts.

    You had better WAKE UP to BHO’s covert moves to collapse the USA and install a Marxist World Gov’t.

  • http://yahoo scout

    It’s all ancient history………

  • Bob D

    BHO’s Marxist takeover and World Government.

    There’s something wrong going on with BHO!!!

    FEMA interment camps, BHO’s & Hillary’s move to sign on to the U.N’s small arms treaty could outlaw YOUR firearms, so you’ll be unable to defend yourself and the USA! Gov’t agents intimidating Mormon survival bulk food processors to get customer lists, so they can put them on a “possible terrorist” list.

    Remember BHO had a self-vowed Communist (V.J.) working in the White House, and still has Mao Tse Tong lovers there now!

  • Diego Roswell

    With the inevitable collapse looming, I see it everyday all around me in California, I am now selling everything that is not nailed down, moving to a rural area, stocking up on provisions and survival gear, and saying good bye to the good old USA. It is every man for himself now. Good luck people. Keep your powder dry!

    • EPS

      The end of a corrupt world system. All the signs are there (and have been there for years). And therefore I think you have the right idea, Diego Roswell. Perhaps, underlying the all-encompassing and overriding love, (not of the Almighty but) of the Almighty dollar, the good old USA wasn’t so good after all?
      And, as such, as ‘life is a learning curve,’ may a truly great (corruption-free) America (and a new ‘Atlantis?’) rise from the ashes.
      My wish for you.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Lotta folks on here want to argue over small change. They’ll be the ones wondering what happened. While they are arguing and denying numbers, their world disappears before their very eyes.We are behind the curve…

  • Matt

    Want to do something about this besides fretting? The Shared Economic Growth proposal is a simple three page bill that would make America the most attractive place on the planet to locate high-value jobs and would give market power back to middle-class Americans. Check it out, along with los of background information, at And tell your Congresspeople and your friends to support it.

  • http://yahoo scout

    Nobody reads those long lengthy articles. Make your point and move on.

    • EPS

      Quite frankly, Scout. What I don’t believe any amount of ‘web-loggers,’ who (foolishly; in my estimation) became hooked on the idea that anyone else was particularly interested in what they have to say, have realized is, no one (was or) is particularly interested? No. That’s the problem with the present-day Internet – talk is cheap – too many words; too little thought behind them. Result: GIGO (garbage in, and garbage out).

    • uncurable wound

      Why dont you move on scout.
      It seems that plenty are reading it here and on the Blaze.
      Michael congrats on the Blaze article…
      I dont always agree with you,but I do believe you are doing Gods work.
      Keep up the Good Fight!!!

      • Michael

        It is okay that people do not agree with me. At least my articles are getting people talking. If this country had more debate about the real issues it would be a lot better off.


  • James Doudican

    Vote for whom? They are all bred and raised by Uncle Corpy. We need to resurrect our constitutional rights and work toward adding a measure to the ballot. Don’t worry about voting Democrat, Republican, Independent, or anything else. Let’s vote for us and our country this time. Many of us have dropped out of the process that we are all aware they have slanted in their favor. They rely on voter apathy, let’s give it to them. Let’s refuse to vote for the next president. Don’t choose a candidate write in a vote proposal to amend the Constitution and take budget approval out of government control. The budget and it’s appropriations should be approved by the voters. The buck stops with us. One person one vote let corporate America deal with that. Let the 1% outvote the rest of us. Then see who the politicians suddenly cater too. Let’s control the money that they want to use for back-room deals with business. Let’s control the fate of our own country. The responsibility for this mess is ours but we continue to let those we trusted with our money to rob us blind. How many deadlines have they used to bicker supposedly on our behave while pushing the agendas they are given by special interests groups. How much have they ruined our reputation around the world and what have they done to our credit? With today’s technology we could vote and pass the budget more efficiently than they ever have. More people participate on voting for entertainment purposes than for the fate of our country. Capitalism controlled by the people has proven to be very beneficial but capitalism unchecked has no other goal than to consume and dominate everything in its path. We have unleashed a monster upon the world and now it’s turned on us. These mega-corporations have no national loyalty they’ve become global Frankensteins that began by feeding upon the weak, but now no one is safe. The entire world is at their mercy and has been thrust into turmoil. They want to destroy our governments and enslave our people. It is once again up to American democracy and freedom to come to the rescue but the abomination we’ve created has all but destroyed our democratic principles. We need to take back our country before it’s too late and pray that we’ve got the fortitude for that battle to come.

  • John Switzer

    These are fifty startling realities, and I appreciate that TEC has substantiated each of them with a link back to their source! Good work, ya’ll. I’m glad to have found this site, since last night I shared my own fears about this on my website (

  • mondobeyondo

    Front line report from the economic battlefield:

    My local Kmart store closed for good yesterday, December 18th, 2011. All items, 80 percent off. Mob scene, to say the least. Black Friday had nothing on this.

    Known Ashley (cashier) for a couple of years. Asked her if she’d be transferred to another Kmart. She said, “no, this is it. We’re done. After today, we’re unemployed”.

    So, good luck, Ashley. Good luck, Deanna. Good luck, Michael, Antonio, Steve, Jessica, and all the people behind the scenes that I never got to meet. God bless, and hope you all find jobs soon.

    Further proof of the “economic recovery”. Yeah. Right.

    • mondobeyondo

      And good luck to the security guard also.
      Hope you get a better gig soon, maybe catching shoplifters at Walmart. Believe it or not, I’m going to miss you.

    • Michael


      Wow – that is shocking to hear. Normally stores wait until after Christmas to close.


    • Kevin2

      When you get laid off from a job that really paid like heavy industry you know that you might have some downward mobility. When your already at minimum wage or close to it where do you do from there?

      Where we go is to a standard of living sufficiently low enough to compete in a global economy that “we” created. The “we” was not the same “we” as in “We The People” any more then it had the consent of the body politic in Europe.

  • Gary2

    hey-I am kind of disappointed-NOT! No one said they saw a red dragon rising up with seven horns making people take the mark of the beast! Maybe those posters realized how foolish they look and are.?

    One can hope!

  • ron j

    This is not about Bush, Obama, Newt or any other politician. It is about the failure of the capitalist system. LOng ago Rosa Luxembourg wrote that when capitalism did not pay its workforce enough to buy the goods they produced then the finance system would extend credit to them so they could buy those goods–necessary ones and luxury type items. That happened in the second half of the 20th century. In the first ten years of the 21st century, the finance system began to sell the debt created to others who then paid for it with debt they had. No real money was ever involved. When the true value of the housing market was shown in 2008, the system took a big big fall and the taxpayers paid for it directly and indirectly. Add to that the fact that the war industry budget (which is just another way to transfer tax dollars to a small number of corporations and banks) costs tens of millions of dollars a day for products that have no value except when they are used to destroy other countries and people. If I were a religious person, I would consider the people written about in items 32-34 are either the devil or his servants. Capitalism doesn’t need a correction it needs a complete failure.

    • Kevin2

      ron j

      Capitalism invents things, real useful things like the the computers we use. Capitalism is unfortunately quite natural. people work long and hard for their own benefit.

      The above being said pure capitalism is self destructive just as pure socialism inhibits inventiveness. To those ends capitalism needs to be regulated and here and there enough socialism injected to create a safety net that is benefits people. Capitalism due to being based on greed is incapable of self regulation and the market place is often a poor regulator too. I much prefer Glass-Stegall to the hope that the common person has the capability of avoiding scams created by the highly educated.

      Most sanity occurs in the grey center area as opposed to the conservative / liberal black and white framing of an issue.

  • Winston Hackett

    This story made My Yahoo “Most Popular News Headlines”. If it’s most popular, I guess some people are waking up to our situation. Nice job!

    • Michael

      Wow – thanks for pointing that out Winston. Hopefully we are waking some people out there up.


  • http://lowcountry Evermyrtle

    This lowlife government think they have most of the population fooled and I must admit that it has a lot of people fooled, just look who is praising the “O”

  • SSssssssssssssss

    My problem with the effects of religion: Christianity supports attitudes toward human elimination. (their belief in a apocalypse).
    The acceptance of these beliefs, leaves humans ‘powerless’ to change what ‘god’ has ordained as humans’ future demise on planet Earth.
    It’s as if, they want to destroy the world because then Jesus will return and take them to a better world.
    It seems biblical prophecies are used as a ‘blueprint’ on how to destroy the world.
    Instead of trying to change the evil things that are happening globally, Christians see these as ‘signs of the times’ as they sit back and eagerly await the return and rescue from their savior.
    Therefore, is the bible a type of propaganda produced in the form of ‘conditioning’ large groups of people to the acceptance of future atracoties? And perhaps an ego boost to those who believe? (for knowing in advance what is supposed to happen)…. and yet the acceptance is profound.
    What makes the acceptance (of the end of the world) so appealing?
    1.The guarantee of a new and perfect world.
    (Science says the Earth will not last forever. Although it’s life span has many many years left).
    2.Judgement and justification-humans tend to believe every action is subject to judgement and the apocalypse puts an end to people escaping justice. A planet-wide, simultaneous karma induced day.
    3.It’s the ultimate behavioral technique used. The ‘reward versus punishment’ scenario. The future security of eternal life. This is a great motivator for Christianity and other religions; A new heaven and a new Earth is rewarded to those who believe…It makes the end of the world enticing, doesn’t it.

    • Agoraphobic Plumber

      “The acceptance of these beliefs, leaves humans ‘powerless’ to change what ‘god’ has ordained as humans’ future demise on planet Earth.
      It’s as if, they want to destroy the world because then Jesus will return and take them to a better world.”

      You appear to have a view of Christianity that is not at all reflective of the actual practice in any but the most extreme fringe elements. Do all Republicans smoke cigars and have fun crushing poor people? Do all Democrats want to pay reparations to blacks and value animals above people?

      It’s generally not a good practice to judge people by the most extreme elements they share a label with.

      • SSssssssssssssss

        Thank you for responding and giving me something to consider.

        • Scott

          @SSssssssssssss When I read posts like the one you put up, I have to wonder what poor representatives of Christianity you have encountered that would leave such a foul taste in your mouth. I am sorry if anyone has led you to believe we Christians desire destruction as a cure-all for the world’s woes. While it is true we do believe God’s word prophecies harsh tribulation times to come, it doesn’t mean we cherish such a thing with glee. We work hard to help people escape what they might otherwise have to endure. Even God’s attitude is that He is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”. That is quite a different attitude than assuming we (Christians- uh, legitimate Bible based Christians) just want people destroyed. There are logical and reasonable responses to the rest of what you have written, but this forum is not conducive to a full response. I can only say I am dismayed that anyone under the banner of Christianity ever gives off the wrong message. It does the cause of Christianity no good. But what can we do? The charlatans have flowed along with this stream ever since the beginning, bringing disrepute on God, the Bible, and His people.

    • OldSchool

      Well, Well, Sounds like you’re another one of those folks that feels like they shouldn’t be held accountable for anything and the rest of the world owes them a living.
      Christianity is not just a religion, it is an IDEAL that causes people to live life in a just and decent manner with the notion that their actions will be judged by a greater power when this breif life here is over. It’s called accountability. People void of morality and decency are the root cause of our nations problems. It’s that simple….Economics have nothing to do with it. What people are willing or NOT willing to do for themselves and others is directly proportional to state of affairs we’re in…!!!! Get off your ass, get a job, treat people fairly, stop whining, and contribute…!!!

      • SSssssssssssssss

        Well, Well, Sounds like you’re another one of those folks that feels like they shouldn’t be held accountable for anything and the rest of the world owes them a living.

        Wow! This statement could not be farther from the truth. I don’t “require” ideologies to keep me moral. And i think it’s sad for those of you who do.

    • Christian

      You seem to have a distorted view of Christianity. Many Christians are eagerly looking forward to the literal return of Jesus Christ, but that doesn’t mean they’re consumed with the end of the world.

      I believe you may be a bit confused about our desire to be with Jesus Christ and our expectation of fulfilled end-time’s prophecies. In Christian fundamental end-time’s eschatology, the end doesn’t occur right away. In fact the return of Jesus Christ for all Christian’s DOESN’T need any prophecies to be fulfilled, this is known as the doctrine of the Pretribulation Rapture.

      We believe several things will be in place or nearly in place prior to the Rapture. So we simply observe the events that are happening and compare them to Biblical prophecy, but we don’t desire evil to occur, nor do we create these signs or events.

      You seem to suggest that somehow Christians are responsible for creating an atmosphere for evil to occur. And that somehow we’re responsible for much of the world’s problems because we’re not involved, nothing could be further from reality.

      Please take an unbiased look at what Christians actually do for society on a daily bases: Christian’s help in disaster relief, Help feed the hungry (In many cities this is the only hot meals available to the poor), Provide clothing to the poor, Provide much needed comfort to prisoners and their families, Give help to those in need of spiritual guidance. All this is done free of charge, paid for by Christians out of their genuine love and concern for others.

      1. We do hope for a new and glorious world to come, where Jesus Christ reigns for eternity and there is no more death and sickness.

      2. We do desire that God’s righteous judgment prevail in the world. God knows it’s needed.

      3. We do work to inform others of this hope, by sharing the Good News of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

      I believe it’s these very beliefs, which make us better people, friends and neighbors. It seems to be in vogue to think all religion is bad, that simply isn’t so. I hope this helps you to have a better perspective on Christianity in particular and religion as a whole.

      • AlsoChristian

        Well said – and your right … it is in vogue to be “above religion”.

        Romans 1:21 “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools …”

    • Amanda

      Well said S.S.. I also believe that many people feel deep down how wrong this society that we’ve built up is in it’s structures and form and that so many crave it’s undoing so as to live a simple life based on more local community and dependence. We have woven, and are inevitably weaving still, a web so complex that no one really knows how to undo it except for to keep along with it until it erupts in some unknown way forcing us to live more as we were ‘intended’ or programmed to. I like the site you posted and the truth is so many are inspired and doing great and positive things but it seems to be very much outside of our government or fitting into our established society. These accomplishments seem to be by people working on their own and building in small ways toward a greater good.

  • kennethen

    You all need to stop being so negative. how about focusing on some positive stuff for a chnange. why don’t you publish some good news stories. Positivity and confidence will help drive economies. times are tough. we get it. now lets just get on with it.

    • FoolishDems

      Sorry to disappoint, positivity and confidence are great to have but do little to move an economy if the fundamentals are in awful shape. That is where we are now.

      I think people, including myself, read a lot of the “so-called bad news” because we want to be prepared when things go south.

      I also think we all do “get on with it” because we have to. But we still prepare for the tough times ahead.

      Don;t take it lightly, get yourself prepared and then “get on with it.”


      • Theaura

        Unfortunately, things have already “gone south”. Any further “south”, and the FEMA trucks are going to be rounding up citizens for population reduction. BTW, that’s something they have been ramping up for in secret for several years now. Despite the fact that O is not the “originator” of this agenda, I still despise him because of his obvious relish for carrying out the destruction of this country. Those who cannot see this happening are guilty of “koolaid in the first degree”!

        • Elainee123

          BO is for AGENDA 21 and is pushing it in every state and city in our Nation. Don’t believe me, go to and click Issues at the top then click AGENDA 21. Read all those Articles on AGENDA 21, then compare them to what BO is doing to America. 90 percent of Americans have no idea about what is going on and how BO, the UN and the elitist bunch are destroying America right under their nose. 90 percent of Americans are in for a rude awakening, but as the saying goes, those who ignore past History and who refuse to evaluate and research candidates before voting for them deserve all the HELL they get.

    • Rich M.

      Sorry to be the one to tell you this, there is no “good” news. That’s the problem.

    • Mark C.

      Obumer will be defeated in 2012 and Michelle
      Backmann will be President!!

  • jgo

    more economic indicators graphed:

  • Steve Dexter

    Which aspect of “the gov’t” would you like to lay the most blame? These 50 incredibles provide opportunities to blame just about everyone and anyone.

    For the National Debt increase, the primary “fault” is the Bush tax cuts which are now the “Obama tax cuts” They simply need to be reversed gradually and substantially.

    And not just the gov’t needs to share the blame; we the population who simply cannot do without X benefit or Y gov’t contract or Z tax cut share much of the blame.

    It is time for all of us to step forward and tell the gov’t (1) tax me more, (2) I can give up this benefit/tax loophole, (3)stop spending on this program.

    • RootCauses

      What really caused deficits and debt?

      Is it too little revenue or is it too much spending?

      • WarHawk

        Do you have any idea how a budget works…the government can take EVERYONES money…but if they keep spending it…the debt keeps growing…stop overspending, cut back on spending and the revenue they steal from the people WILL fill the hole…simple economics 101.

    • Agoraphobic Plumber

      Don’t tax ME more. Eliminate ALL tax loopholes and stop spending on MOST programs.

    • FoolishDems

      It’s not the tax cuts that are the problem it is the SPENDING!

      Even if you taxed the rich 90% of their income, it is not enough to fix the problem, it is OBOMBA’s SPENDING that is the problem.

      Like a foolish child away oat college with a new credit card. It always equals BAD NEWS for the people that pay the bills.


      • Dani

        Okay, it’s not just OBAMA’s (see, spelling?)spending that is the problem. It’s the spending of the government in general. How about that war that just recently finished? How much money did we spend on that again? Oh, and who was in office then? Oooooh, not Obama. I certainly am not trying to say that he’s any better than Bush was about it, but be reasonable. There is a problem with the economy, there HAS been a problem with the economy, and playing the blame game gets no one anywhere.

        How about tax incentives for companies that do not outsource jobs to other countries for starters? Higher taxes for those that have above a certain percentage of their workers overseas (I understand that there are businesses with offices around the world, and that is as it should be. The majority of their jobs should be based in the US if they are a US company though). It’s really hard for people to buy American products if most companies manufacture overseas.

        • Theaura

          Nobody gives a flip about the “correct” spelling of obumma, since that isn’t even his LEGAL name anyway. Anyone who believes he cares one way or another about them is delusional. Bush might have started this downhill slide, but ‘bammy baby sure ESCALATED the process! He has not done ONE THING to reverse it! How about this REGIME stops the frantic borrowing and spending of money that does NOTHING to solve AMERICAN problems? Everything that can be dragged in to distract people from what this government is REALLY doing seems more important than doing what is CONSTITUTIONALLY correct in order to curb the rash left turn this country has taken. How about we get RID of all those in the government who are ANTI-AMERICA? That would probably be minimally 98% of those there. The rest are confused and intimidated, or just haven’t committed yet. If we had DEDICATED CITIZENS in America’s government right now, we wouldn’t be having this problem, and the trolls who are having a field day with this destruction – because they had no hand in anything POSITIVE in this nation – would be at a minimum as well. Getting rid of the destructive element in government would BRING BACK jobs and industry in our nation again. A return to biblical principles (NOT “religious fanaticism”!) would serve to speed that along, IF we are going to see any kind of recovery. This is NOT just “business as usual” on a bad cycle, we are in serious danger. All of us. It won’t be fixed by snarky remarks about SPELLING.

          • Elainee123

            AMEN, you are right.

    • Elainee123

      For starters, our Government needs to quit giving money to foreign countries who hate us and want to kill us. Next, they need to close our borders. We are broke, we do not need anymore people coming here for tax payers to have to keep up. Oh heck, they just need to do what Ron Paul says to do. He has it right.

  • Gary2

    The Defining Issue: Not Government’s Size, But Who It’s For

    More proof conservatives are wrong (as if we need anymore [proof)

  • SteveO

    Congrats Michael, you were on the Blaze on 12/19 and on 12/20 Rush Limbaugh is now going down your list..

    • Michael


      I am absolutely amazed at how these articles get around. It is really humbling, and it is also a little scary to know that so many eyes are on me.


  • Gary2

    The 400 richest Americans, whose total wealth exceeds the combined wealth of the bottom 150 million Americans put together, pay an average of 17 percent.

    Lets put to rest the silly BS about the rich paying most of the taxes. Everyone who can think knows this is fox news BS.

  • LittleBird

    Just heard Rush Limbaugh read part of this on his show today!!!
    Hopefully some of his listeners will find their way to your wonderful writings.

    • Michael



      Yes, hopefully some of his listeners will find their way to the site.


      • Gary2

        Having Rush quote you is not a badge of honor, it simply proves your right wing bias. Michael please consider this.

        • Senator Ozmo


          No what it is and what I’ve seen is Michael getting the word out. The more people know the more they can be prepared. The Better the chance some of the sheeple might wake up and do something.

  • Gary2

    What’s curious are the struggling-to-get-by Americans
    who desperately want to get rich
    yet naively support
    the efforts of the already-rich
    to keep them impoverished.

    The success of high-functioning sociopaths in America
    could never happen without their legions of nitwit stooge quislings.

    My sense is they find them at churches.
    Many God-worshipers seem to have an unquenchable desire
    to suck up to rich, powerful authority-claimants.

    Churches are the induction centers
    where rich generals find many ignorant sucker-soldiers
    to fight America’s undeclared war
    on personal freedom, dignity, and self-empowerment.

    When a person wants so badly to be subservient
    that they conjure an authority figure in the sky on nothing but faith,
    you know they are not friends of true freedom.

    From a comment on Bloomberg news story re-posted in alternate.

    It is very true

    • Disciple

      Churches have nothing to do with this, and the churches that are lukewarm and are politically involved have little effect on the actual political process. Jesus Christ has given me peace, to where i don’t have to worry about things heading south.

      And the Lord Jesus told us not to love the things of this Earth. Being a millionaire is definitely “worldly”.

      If you want to know peace in you heart, ask Jesus into it.

    • Theaura

      What most enables those “high functioning sociopaths” is the chipping away of Christian ideals and ethics. Those who are driving our nation over a cliff right now are the most shining example of HIGH FUNCTIONING SOCIOPATHS, in that they are doing everything they can do absolutely destroy this country, oh and YOU along with it, btw!If Christianity was all about the need to “find someone to worship”, then there wouldn’t be all those misguided fools who are trying to legitimize the Muslim in the white house. All those who HAVE NO REAL FAITH are the ones who are fawning at the feet of Socialist government, because they are empty inside and want to see everything reduced to the ashes and rubble they are inside themselves. The real psychology of destruction is not as simple as one might believe! Socialism and decay are NOT products of Christian faith. Quite the reverse it true. I might mention to those who always seem to leave this out…the LIBERAL LEFT is just as “RICH” as the RADICAL RIGHT. NONE at the top who are working to destroy the citizen are POOR. Got that? No money, no voice, no power. That’s what they are doing to all of us. Take the money, silence the voice, then power fails. The most destructive “undeclared war” is that on those of us in the USA,by those who have sworn “to preserve and protect”.

  • SSssssssssssssss
  • Dave Froggin

    This article gave 50 reasons why Obama should get the boot, and people like Steve Dexter still do not get it. Steve: higher taxes = less employment which = even less tax revenue. This is because you are burdening the job creators. In other words, higher taxes would make the economy worse. Can you say, “Europe?”

    • Gary2

      can you say Somalia? Job creator-I think I need to go drop another one of these in th4e violet.

    • Gary2

      seriously dude-no thinking person actually believes what you wrote. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were jesting.

      Your theory has proven wrong as experience shows. Bush cut taxes on the “job creators”(puke, vomit, gag) and if it worked where are the jobs? why are we not in hog heaven?

      Please think b4 you post as you are showing off your ignorance.

      • Senator Ozmo


        Really you attack someone for being “ignorant” while you continually yell to anyone that will hear it about taking everything from the rich to equalize the wealth. I’ve seen you post this over and over. Then to attack someone who you don’t agree with is ignorant in the fullest meaning of the word.

    • Kevin2

      Dave Froggin

      Job creators? Maybe in the 1950s the strategy of cutting taxes to increase employment might have been valid. You can’t even GIVE money to a company to continue to manufacture in the US when virtual salve labor is just a duty free voyage away. I’m speaking in reference to the solar panel company touted as the “job of the future” that moved to China after accepting Federal money.

      Lets see, $20 / he verses 50 cents an hour. No brainer.

  • Gary2

    Looks like the more socialism leaning countries are beating the pants off of us. Take that conservatives. You are wrong-more socialism is the answer, gorilla capitalism is the problem. The following are FACTS something the right is unfamiliar with.

    A recent piece in the New York Times summarizes our condition well: “In a Bertelsmann Foundation study on social justice released this fall, the United States came in dead last among the rich countries, with only Greece, Chile, Mexico and Turkey faring worse. Whether in poverty prevention, child poverty, income inequality or health ratings, the United States ranked below countries like Spain and South Korea, not to mention Japan, Germany or France. ..

  • Eric Daly

    The statistics used are accurate. There are many with which I am familiar. Unfortunately I do not see any concenus in America today. It is possible that the best outcome is for Obama to win again and bring about a serious catastrophe whereupon America will figure out how to get out of the mess. There are no simple fixes to this calamity. Americans are a great people and no matter how bad it gets you will get out of this. After, you won’t be back to socialism for a long time. You should have stuck to your constitution in the 30’s instead of embarking down the FDR road.

  • thomas

    The power of RUSH! I was listening to the enemy airwaves yesterday and RUSH mentioned this site and the story! Good Job Economic Collapse. Long Time Fan

    • Michael

      It is amazing how this little site is getting around.

      The more people that see these articles the more people they will wake up. :)


  • hiscross

    to the soooo guy who blames Christians for the ills of the world. Here is the deal. I am a Christian. I am also a hard worker who produces things for everyone to use. That means I am a Capitalist. I own a small business. I tide. I pay taxes. I work out. I believe whose want someone to give them something for nothing deservers nothing. I also believe people who complain about things and do nothng to changes things for the better, get what they deserve. I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing. Yes, I am a Christian.

  • scared

    I keep thinking…. Hey all we need to do is get Obama out and all will get better….. But it’s not true. Our culture has changed and our people are the problem. It’s not the government, it’s the people who want the big gov that is the problem. They only see that we are a rich country, but they don’t know why or how we became that way. Our politicians keep telling us that they created millions of jobs while in office and then we argue that our guy created the most jobs…. Gov doesn’t create jobs, we do. Our collapse is going to be due to not teaching our next generations the values that allowed us to be the greatest civilization in the history of the world. I am not sure if we can turn the tide.

  • Tony N

    S&P PLAN to END the US Dollar is why we are collapsing , BILDERBERG FINANCIERS AT TEL AVIV MONETARY MEETING;article=124696;title=APFN

    • Theaura


  • Tony N

    WHERE is the OUTRAGE ?

  • Bob Marshall

    To understand how bad things really are google The Economic Collapse 2012

  • Natural born Hustler

    Those who bought more house than they could afford were not forced too.Those who spend more than they make were not forced to. Those who put what man makes ahead of what god makes were not forced to.The FED turned its back on its number one mandate,protect the interests of its people. The banks turned its back on its number one mandate,protect the value of its currency. The media turned its back on its number mandate,to protect the integrity of the information shared. They have all joined forces against the citizens of this country and most of the citizens of this country have financed that endeavor for them. The largest contributor for this gross indiscretion partaken in by the citizens is subjectivity. Its a transfer of power that reduces the power that the subjective minded enjoys. Thats why so many citizens in this country are easily duped by the feeble minded that have a great ability to appear smart. Here’s proof. How many americans belief{ senitment} that they can have great credit without ever being in debt? Every frikken one I have asked says its impossible. When I tell them I have for over 20 years they call me a liar. They are broke,I am not. No one told these geniuses with these credit cards about leveraging they own prosperity with a hedge. Why is it that people believe what is told to them by someone who means them no good,but disbelieves whats being told to them by someone who does? Sentiment is the driving force. Its only whats merely believed and very little fact if any is represented in sentiment. Facts that can be confirmed is the only means of making accurate determinations but the geniuses with credit cards have no clue.Why would someone who relies on credit{someone elses money} more than there own money have so little knowledge about the most beneficial ways to use credit? Oh,I know, because the government didn’t tell them they need to know.As long as the citizens look outside of themselves at a greater rate than within they will always be on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to net worth expansion,creditworthiness,retirement savings,and enlightenment that has value.

  • env7

    Funny!! Manny canadians are buying property in Florida. Right now they’re the biggest outside market buying homes in the U.S. Maybe they should consider buying a home in Detroit for “$6,000″ they’ll save lots of cash plus its rightt across the border… Way better than any boxing day sale

    • Theaura

      It SHOULD BE, if it isn’t anyway, ILLEGAL for any foreign interest to own property in American. That is ridiculous. Whereas it is not as scary to think of CANADA as it is CHINA, CHINA has made some serious inroads here. Think CONFLICT OF INTEREST here…

  • Philip Montague


    If anyone is still reading the article was about economic indicators and or statistics, not religion, so put that aside. We have a wide raft of problems. Right now there is no viable fix to them. I can move overseas because I am a dual citizen. I can escape and may well wind up doing that and taking my lumps because of it. But putting me aside. War is coming. Not the piddling things that we’ve glimpsed at over the last 40 or 50 years now but a real war. The kind which have as a result the redrawing of maps, the collapse of nations, the deaths of hundreds of millions and the civil disruptions that cause a lost generation to wonder at those who are living now, reading this perhaps and still not getting it. We are in trouble. The solutions ARE there, known, waiting to be used but they will not be. So the “system” will crash and the suffering will be titanic. The only realistic thing to do is to prepare however you might think best. I think I may be in a sweet spot and so have opted to “hang in there” but I do have the option of moving. Most do not. Happy Holidaze.

  • Tjalle Eugster

    Not exactly the kind of information you wish for during the holiday season. A bitter pill to swallow – but part of the cure.
    Before going into total depression – chek out http://www.the
    There ARE ways to change this catastrophy.
    Read with an open mind – and draw your own conclusions.
    Blessings to you all- and do not despair.

  • Bush is the cause

    Anti Obama nonsence,

    #50 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

    Actually Obama has accumulated less debt then George Bush in the same time period.

    George Bush is the man that turn the american debt to an escalating catastrofy that may not be reverseble.

    • ragoo65

      maybe you should do some research b4 you go and open your mouth repeating messnbc, and looking like a fool! the debt for Bush in the same period from when he took office to the equivalent to today was only 1.3 trillion, look it up!

      • carlos

        1.3 trillion huh, thats way wrong sir. Bush added nearly 5 trillion to the deficit. When Obama inherited the Presidency our deficit was nearly 10 trillion.

  • mile

    if inflation rates were calculated in the same method as they were in 1980 inflation would be over 10 percent, so your dollars have been losing 8 percent a year of its value and earning ability in the continuing rip off….aint no worry…eh..?????????????????

  • mile

    excluding houses, food, energy, taxes, insurance………….all the things they might cut your throat for..????????????/

  • Clark Jensen

    Good job. I appreciate your telling the truth about the real state of the economy. The Obama administration is quick to distort the reality of how bad the economy really is.

    I wish the American people were paying better attention. It seems they are starting to believe that Obama is doing a good job and that the economy is recovering. That won’t last. There is no way that the economy will respond very well until Obamacare is repealed, restrictions of carbon based energy sourses are lifted and the corporate tax rates go down.

    By the way. I quoted this article on my blog. Here is the link if you are interested

  • Quackman

    All comments have been read, and there seems to be one overriding similarity: No one seems to get it that the problem we are facing is multi-faceted. To me, there is absolutely no question that the federal government is too big, spends money like a drunken sailor and has no goal other than preserving the status quo power structure in Washington. Both political parties seek unholy alliances with the rich and powerful, and the rich and powerful clearly play the game of “financially encouraging” the politicians with very little thought about underlying politcal doctrine. The way the game is being played, the rich and powerful (yes both the republican and the democrat variety) will stay that way no matter who is in power…They strive to win financially either way. The people who lose are the hard working middle class who take it in the ass from both political persuasions. Everybody needs to watch Jimmy Stewart in “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” to know that this story has been going on for a very long time. Obama is just the latest “Pied Piper” who tells us a beautiful story about how things need to be while he cynically works beyond the light of day with the likes of Jeffry Emmelt, the CEO of General Electric, or the powers that be within the organized labor unions to feather their own nests at the greater public’s financial expense!

  • noname

    The essay ends with “shut down the federal reserve”. The Fed is like a cooling system for an engine, and the engine of government is constantly red-lining. If you cut the radiator hose, sure, the engine will blow up sooner than it would have otherwise. But if the people with their foot on the gas pedal eased off first, it would be less messy.

  • Nita

    This guy is worth a read. Yes, he’s Christian, but his economic knowledge is astounding.

    • Nita

      Click my name to carry you to the link.

  • craig

    I have read this entire post and now I am going to tell you all what the problem really is. One poster had it right in a nutshell when he said our leaders have sliped into moral decay. Well not just our leaders but alot of others also, moral and spiritual decay. One poster said that he does not believe in religion but thinks he is a good moral person anyhow, on what basis? According to the thoughts and beliefs of others? or what society in general believes to be moral? Or what his grandmother taught him?

    The truth is we have no way of knowing the difference between moral and not moral within ourselves. We are all greedy and selfish by nature.
    One poster said to forget about religion we are talking about economic collapse here. Well it really cant be done because the Bible is the only source of true wisdom on what is moral, or right, or wrong. And it also warns us that this would be the outcome of not listening to God or his word, like not loaning money at interest to our own people but only to other nations and not borrowing from other nations. and declaring the year of jubile (Lev) 27 to free all debters. but he also says if we as a nation repent and seek his face and turn from evil, that he will heal out nation. 2 chronicles 7:14 He says my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge, because they reject me I will also reject them Hosa 4:6. So the only question is Are we going to do it? or are we going to keep going down the road to destruction all the wile denying God and his word witch can save us.

  • Simple Simon Says


    • Simple Simon Says

      Forgive me, if you will for the use of all caps, I was distracted.

  • Urs

    Why blame Obama? Just because Fox propaganda does so? Actual facts point to the Republicans in congress and in former administrations having created the laws and regulations that allowed the 0.1% to put most of America’s wealth into their own pockets.
    Why are countries that have either a socialist or similarly organized government thriving and the ones that use the American model are in big trouble?

  • Raphael Mavi

    Great post. It really saddens me to this once great country coming to this kind of stage.


  • Ron Winkles

    Historically, I’ve seen this mess coming for years. Serious economic depressions occur about every 70 years allowing the great grand
    child to completely forget the lessons learned by the great grandfather.

    In our current case, this timeframe has been extended by a few years owing to better health.
    This knowledge aside, we know it is time for a
    great leveling event to bring about balance and equalize the haves and have nots.

    We haven’t seen any rich cats jumping out of windows yet. This has been postponed by government intervention, but shortly, it will be a freefall for a lot of corporate executives.

    The only bright thing out of this whole mess is that far more millionaires were made out of the last Great Depression than were lost. This is a fact!

    The new millionaires were made from the lower middle class who bought up the real holdings of
    the fat cats for pennies on the dollar.

    Deflation will eventually occur and boil itself
    down to real money and real estate unless you can really produce something with your bare hands, and I am not talking about paperwork.

    Even paper money will be worth something once again! Yes, today it is worthless if it is in the bank. What happens to the dollars value when banks have to pay their customers for it instead of getting it free from the government?

    The banks will have to pay real interest for it and not at borrowing from China rates because no one outside the USA will lend us money. What will that real rate be? I expect something between 15 to 25 percent. Savers will finally be rewarded!

    So, it is not all gloom and doom, but it will be difficult for the unprepared. Like my great grandfathers said, “Don’t owe a man a penny and don’t let a man owe you a penny!” Also, “if you make a 100 dollars a day and spend 99 dollars, you just made a dollar!”

    In other words, be frugal, pay cash for your purchases and hang onto every dime. Think long and hard before buying anything.

  • Kowboy

    You doom-and-gloomers amuse me. The world isn’t going to end. Everything will be fine.

    • Andrew Foss

      What flavor is the Kool Aid in your world? Obama-Red?

  • notsofast

    silver linings. doomsday headers. economic recession. great recession. great depression. 7 year cycles. no way out nowhere but down. Doc, whats up ? Adjusted for history, inflation, time, and bias your facts get a 43% score for accountability and forecasting. Translation: As bad as it is We are nowhere near as in dire straits as we were during the great depression, which occured in the 1930s, 150 years after George Washington took office. During that period it took our country 26 years to go from 25% unemployed to under 8% unemployed; it took us half that time to recover in the stockmarket which saw a 80% drop compared to our more recent 50% drop in the great recession.

  • Andrew Foss

    There are the problems. 1) How long with USGov continue covering them up? 2) Who EXACTLY is working on each problem to change it?

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