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50 Predictions For 2013

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50 Predictions For 2013Are you ready for a wild 2013?  It should be a very interesting year.  When the calendar flips over each January, lots of people make lots of lists.  They make lists of “resolutions”, but most people never follow through on them.  They make lists of “predictions”, but most of those predictions always seem to end up failing.  Well, I have decided to put out my own list of predictions for 2013.  I openly admit that I won’t get all of these predictions right, and that is okay.  Hopefully I will at least be more accurate than most of the other armchair prognosticators out there.  It is important to look ahead and try to get a handle on what is coming, because I believe that the rest of this decade is going to be extraordinarily chaotic for the U.S. economy.  The false bubble of debt-fueled prosperity that we are enjoying right now is not going to last much longer.  When it comes to an end, the “adjustment” is going to be extremely painful.  Those that understand what is happening and have prepared for it will have the best chance of surviving what is about to hit us.  I honestly don’t know what everybody else is going to do.  Many of the people that don’t see the coming collapse approaching will be totally blindsided by it and will totally give in to despair when they realize what has happened.  But there is no excuse for not seeing what is coming – the signs are everywhere.

So with that being said, the following are 50 bold predictions for 2013…

#1 There will be a major fight between the Republicans and the Democrats over raising the debt ceiling.  This will be one of the stories that dominates news headlines in the months of February and March.

#2 Most of the new “revenue” that will be raised by tax increases in 2013 will come out of the pockets of the middle class.

#3 No matter what “fiscal deals” the Democrats and the Republicans make in 2013, the federal budget deficit will still end up being greater than a trillion dollars for the fifth consecutive year.

#4 The credit rating of the U.S. government will be downgraded again in 2013.

#5 The Federal Reserve, along with major central banks all over the globe, will continue to wildly print money.

#6 There will be more criticism of the Federal Reserve in 2013 than at any other time since it was created back in 1913.

#7 The term “currency war” will be used by the media more in 2013 than it was in 2012.

#8 The movement away from the U.S. dollar as the primary reserve currency of the world will pick up momentum.  This will especially be true in Asia.

#9 The economic depressions in Greece and Spain will get even worse and unemployment in the eurozone will go even higher in 2013.

#10 A financial crisis in Europe will cause officials to grasp for “radical solutions” that will surprise many analysts.

#11 The unemployment rate in the United States will be higher by the end of 2013 than it is now.

#12 The percentage of working age Americans with a job will fall below 58 percent by the end of the year.

#13 At least one “too big to fail” bank will fail in the United States by the end of 2013.

#14 By the end of the year, more people than ever will understand what “derivatives” are, and that will be because they have caused major problems in the financial world.

#15 We will see the beginnings of another major housing crisis before the end of 2013 and foreclosure activity will start rising once again.

#16 We will see another new wave of “tent cities” start to go up in communities around the nation before the end of the year.

#17 There will be another major drought in the United States this upcoming summer and there will be widespread crop failures once again.

#18 The massive dust storms that we have seen roll through cities like Phoenix in recent years will become even larger and even more intense.

#19 Traffic along the Mississippi River will be significantly interrupted at some point during 2013.  This will be a very negative thing for the economy.

#20 Food prices will soar in 2013.  This will especially be true for meat products.

#21 In some of the poorer areas of the globe, major food riots will break out.  Governments will have trouble containing the civil unrest.

#22 There will be more genetically-modified foods in our supermarkets than ever before, and more Americans than ever will reject them and will seek out alternatives.

#23 The average price of a gallon of gasoline in 2012 was about $3.60.  The average price of a gallon of gasoline in 2013 will be lower than that.  Yes, you read that correctly.

#24 The number of vehicle miles driven in the United States will continue to decline in 2013.

#25 The Dow will end 2013 significantly lower than it is right now.

#26 When the final statistics for 2013 are compiled, U.S. share of global GDP will be less than 20 percent for the first time in modern history.  Back in the year 2001, our share of global GDP was 31.8 percent.

#27 The U.S. Postal Service will continue to experience massive financial difficulties and will lay off personnel.

#28 As violence in our public schools becomes increasingly worse, more Americans families than ever will decide to home school their children.

#29 The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress will make an all-out attempt to pass gun control measures in 2013.  When their efforts on the legislative front are stalled somewhat by Republicans in the House, Obama will use his executive powers to further his gun control agenda.

#30 One of the cities with the strongest gun laws in the nation, Chicago, had 532 murders in 2012 and it is now considered to be one of the most dangerous cities on the planet.  By the end of 2013, the murder total in Chicago will be above 600.

#31 There will be an increasing amount of tension between state governments and the federal government.  The issue of “states rights” will move front and center at various points in 2013.

#32 CNN will continue to sink to horrifying new lows.  Piers Morgan will end up leaving the network before the end of the year.

#33 The number of Americans on food stamps will surpass 50 million for the first time ever at some point during 2013.

#34 The U.S. trade deficit with China in 2013 will be well over 300 billion dollars.

#35 The phrase “made in China” will increasingly be viewed as a reason not to buy a product as Americans become more educated about the millions of good jobs that we have lost to China over the past decade.

#36 We will see increasing cooperation between the governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico and border restrictions will be loosened.

#37 There will continue to be a mass exodus of families and businesses out of the state of California.  The favorite destination will continue to be Texas, but Texas residents will become increasingly resentful of all of these new transplants.

#38 There will be some truly jaw-dropping examples of violence by parents against their own children in 2013.  Many of these stories will make headlines all over the nation.

#39 The percentage of Americans that are obese will continue to rise and will set another new all-time record in 2013.

#40 There will be more war in the Middle East in 2013.  But it will only set the stage for even more war in the Middle East in 2014 and 2015.

#41 U.S. troops will be deployed in more countries than ever before in 2013.

#42 Volcanic eruptions and major earthquakes along the Ring of Fire will make headlines all over the globe in 2013.

#43 Giant sinkholes will continue to appear all over the United States and all over the globe, and scientists will continue to struggle to find an explanation for why it is happening.

#44 The peak of the solar cycle in 2013 will cause significant problems for satellite communications.

#45 The U.S. government will put more resources into the surveillance of the American people than ever before, but most Americans won’t mind all of this surveillance because they have become convinced that it is important to give up some of our liberties for more “security”.

#46 Our infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, sewers, electrical grids, etc.) will be in worse shape by the end of 2013 than it is now.

#47 The percentage of “two parent households” in the United States will continue to decline.

#48Political correctness” will reach ridiculous new heights during 2013, and more Americans than ever will start to rebel against it.

#49 There will be more anger at the wealthy in 2013 than at any other time in modern history.

#50 There will be some shocking political scandals in Washington D.C. in 2013.  We will see some high profile resignations by the end of the year.

Once again, please keep in mind that I do not expect to be 100% correct about all of these things.  I am just trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together just like everyone else is.

But I do hope to have a better track record than most of the other people putting out lists of predictions at the beginning of this year.  So save this list and let’s revisit it at the end of the year.

Do you have any bold predictions of your own for 2013?  Please feel free to share them by posting a comment below…

Earth From Space

  • Syrin

    You’re more optimistic than I am.

    You forgot to mention that health care quality and access will suffer and costs will skyrocket, all signs of a gov’t run program.

  • Rodster

    #51 Gary2 will see the errors of his way and become a conservative.

    • Syrin

      That MIGHT happen after the collapse, and they toss him into his designated regional FEMA camp.

      • Orac4Prez

        No, our good friend Gary2 will be running the new FEMA housing estate and will be collecting all your weapons and excess cash that might be wasted on ammunition. He has your welfare at heart!

    • Tim


    • Mondobeyondo

      Hahahah… oh wait! I just saw a pig fly! Yes! It must be Pigasus!!

  • A.S.

    Obama will annul the 22nd Amendment, 2 term limit, thus giving himself life-time rule over America. It will pass in the Senate by an overwhelming majority and in the House by just 51%. It will be signed by December 31, 2013.

    • Patriot

      If Americans have any sense left, then they will rise in revolution to rid this nation of tyranny. The big question is: Are there enough people living in this nation that are willing to unite and utilize the 2nd Amendment in the way that the founders intended?????????

      • Ralfine

        OK, as with any revolution: who will run the country after the revolution?

        Are there enough qualified people with experience?

        And if they have that experience, why would they exercise that experience differently after the revolution?
        Why not now?

        What would you say, if all the leftists would finally unite, utilize the 2nd amendment, shoot a lot of people and declare the Soviet Union of America?

        I guess, you wouldn’t be happy either.

        So, whatever is done, you’d continue moaning.

        What you want is a tiger becoming a vegertarian. That won’t happen. Even if you add hundreds of amendments.

        • Seneca

          Marxists don’t need the 2nd amendment, or for that matter, any amendment–see Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. on that subject; Hitler didn’t either, although he scrupulously followed the prevailing law prior to his seizure of power.

          Your point about a tiger becoming a vegetarian should be reversed. Those cited above are the tigers who will never become vegetarians (despite Hitler’s fondness for veggies, this is indeed metaphorical).

          We vegetarians will become tigers when we finally perceive the need to do so. So it always has been. See Strauss and Howe, “The Fourth Turning”. We are entering a Fourth Turning (aka Kondratieff Winter) right now. While I can’t say I welcome it, it is long overdue, and will have immense consequences, not only to our own generation, but for generations to come.

          • Ralfine

            Well, don’t put Hitler in the same pot as Lenin. He is far better suited to the pot of Bush and Cheney.
            After all, Hitler’s election campaign was financed by German business.

            It was German business that was interested in the oil of the caucasus, the wheat fields of the Ukraine, the colonies, and a unified Europe.

            The latter is also the reason why Germany will be the LAST country to leave the Eurozone.

            Even as the Greek crisis already started, German business sold tanks to Greece and insisted that these tanks be paid by the rescue fund!

            Which shows, you always need to make a difference between country, its people, state and business.

            With businesses showing the least allegiance and loyalty to state, people and country. They go first and anywhere where the profit is highest.

          • trangbang68

            Paragraph one links Bush/Cheney with Hitler. Immediate conclusion:the poster is a leftist dope. Conclusion: don’t read rest of post. Get a new meme Clownboy. This is the Magic Age of Obama.

          • Ralfine

            Wrong conclusion.
            Link of Hitler with business interests.
            Link of Bush/Cheney with business interests.
            Therefore link Hitler – Lenin wrong.
            Or you’d need to link Bush and Cheney with Mao and Stalin, right?

        • trangbang68

          Lets see are there enough qualified people to run the country after a revolution? You mean like the ones running it now?

          • Ralfine

            You’d need better ones or a revolution would be useless.

          • tawnhal

            no kidding that comment made me laugh. So I guess all those who are liars,Greedy,corrupt,self serving and criminal are now qualified to hold a office in our government. GEEEEZE I think she could be right are there any people left worse then what we have there now….lol. OUR government is what is wrong with America….

        • Rocket

          You really need someone to tell you what to do? You must be a sheep…

      • Freedom Loving Maniac

        May be too late brother.

      • Hammerstrike

        There are enough to prevent Obama from taking over the whole continent, later, expande their bastions as the rest fall to true third-world level.

      • That won’t happen as Obama has instigated the race riots, so that 1/2 the country will fight the other half & a govenrnent revolt will be forgotten, per Obama plans

      • Guest

        No, there’s not enough citizens willing and able to rise up against our insane gov’t. Most of them, the majority, are on the dole. It’s hopeless. BTW, Dr.’s, lawyers, and hospitals have caused a lot of it!!

    • SailorTrash

      I was fully expecting Bush to do exactly that, and Obama’s been following his playbook pretty closely. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • laura m.

      He will then set himself up as a dictator either by martial law or annul the 22nd.

      • tawnhal

        well thats why everyone needs to prepare for a bad day……iv prepared for a lot of bad days

    • 2Gary2

      we need an amendment to limit the terms of senate/congress in addition to the president.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        I actually agree with you on that Gary.


      • Ralfine

        Could you make a petition and get people to sign?

      • otter1111

        I agree with you Gary. They need to have to come back and live outside of Washington DC and see how the laws they passed are working.

    • Sean

      will have to keep an eye out for this…..

    • Gay Veteran

      Obama is a puppet. Why would the elites change the current system: an illusion of choice on Election Day

    • Freedom Loving Maniac

      I don’t think he is that insane. Maybe, but I do not quite go that far. But who cares? It is going to feel the same for the rest of us no matter which dictatorial like individual is in charge. But at least it would be a wakeup call for a rebellion.

    • RBDLA

      It would still require a little over thirty state legislatures to ratify this action for it to happen. With at least thirty legislatures in Republican hands, this will never happen.

    • searching for truth

      I hope you’re wrong. People are waking up to the imposter and liar.

    • jason3174

      no more democracy

    • Carol Waltman

      I don’t think so. Bad things would happen. but it doesn’t matter, he is a puppet then they are going to put in another puppet

    • Mike

      Wrong! HAHAH, you are a crazy nutter, aren’t you? About 90% of the predictions in this article were wrong too. Blahahaha, you people are wrong about a lot of things, aren’t you?

  • Jim

    America will essentially become a locked-down police state with highway and city checkpoints common.

  • James

    Michael do you think war with Iran will happen in 2014 then? Also what about a dollar collapse/euro collapse?

  • Mark

    The government will pass more enviromental regulations taking us towards Agenda 21. Rodster, you have a boid prediction about Gary. I don’t see that one happening.

  • Mark

    52 Hugo will not bother the world any longer. Hey Hugo, don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

  • What about the higher education and healthcare bubble?

  • madman

    #51 The government will continue to lie to the people. Don’t expect the truth at any time. When the average man finally see whats coming his way, it would have already been too late. Take some time plan ahead, think hard. Screw the government or it will screw you.

  • Jodi

    #35 I’ve been trying my best to buy American products. Enough of made in China.

    • banana breath

      No kidding. Crap made in China is just that CRAP. I still remember the manual lawn edger made in China I bought last summer that collapsed under my weight, and I’m like 160 lbs. I’ve also repaired a lot of LCD monitors because of cheap Chinese capacitors. There is a point where trying to make a product cheaper crosses the line into a degradation of quality, and that’s become normal practice for China. The only good thing that comes out of China is Chinese food, but it’s not made there fortunately. My point in a nutshell: you could make the argument to not buy products from China based on quality alone.

      • Sadly, most Americans prefer QUANTITY over QUALITY. Just look at our food supply…

      • Ralfine

        The biggest problem in Chinese products is the retailer dictating the price and therefore what kind of components can be used and how much to pay the designer and tester.

        Try not to buy on impulse. Just because it is cheap.

        Search around. And with the Internet it is now easier to find user reviews. I make it a point to always read the reviews with 1 star first.

        And even when I lived in China I made it a point not to buy Made in China. Yes, the price was way higher, but I left China over 10 years ago and those products are still with me. Yes, I am one of those guys who take their possessions with them when they move from place to place, instead of selling and buying new. I have a fan heater Made in Spain, that is over 20 years old and still working.

        And even the Chinese prefer “Not Made in China”.

      • rev.sean


    • Mondobeyondo

      Me too. But it’s getting harder and harder to find products made in America these days. Just about everything is made in China, or some other foreign country.
      We make good stuff in this country. In the past, it was the BEST stuff in the world. But globalization gave the American worker the middle finger.

  • #51 sales of hemlock sharply increase

    • Mondobeyondo

      #52 Medical marijuana becomes legal in 18 U.S states. Non-medical marijuana, already illegal in all 50 states. Yawn. That’s old news. There’s a reason why it’s called “HIGH School”. Hehehe!!

      (and no, I’ve never smoked the stuff. Won’t go near it.)

      • Tim

        It’s now legal in Colorado.

        • Tim

          I need to quality my statement. Amendment 64 to the Colorado state constitution legalizes recreational use of marijuana. It only applies to people 21 and older. And it only applies to private recreational use. In other words, you can’t smoke it in public. Furthermore, one may possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana while traveling.

          Not that this makes any difference to me. I don’t live in Colorado and don’t use drugs.

          • ian

            marijuana isnt a drug. It’s medicine.

          • Ralfine

            Then, what would you buy in a drug store?

  • markthetruth

    #51 ” The World of Data Collection ”
    say goodbye to freedom

    The “Cloud Computing Storage” “Content Management ” Info will explode as they are slowly weaning us onto it as a convince but before you know it the government,merchants,CEO’s,Banks,Law enforcement,Thieves,Terrorist ,ext. all want to know everything about us , what we eat, drink,wear, every move from when we get out of bed until we get back in one. From when you walk in a store they will know you what you like and force it on you with coupons and other tactics . Camera’s are getting install everywhere and with them ,your car, credit-debit card, easy pass ,electronic devices (cell phones,tablets ,the small dragonfly drone for consumers ,ext.) our privacy will be completely destroyed . And our freedom !!!!

    the end

  • TtT Engine

    The U.S.A. will continue to experience the calamity and destruction associated with the abandonment of God and our Judaio-Christian values that we were founded on. God Bless America are shallow and meaningless words to a country that butchers 4,000 babies/day via abortion, babies who all are created in the image and likeness of God, our Creator. A country that defiles the sanctity of marriage and spits in the face of God’s Holy Bible by marrying homosexuals will not be blessed as a nation. A country that is 75% Christian and defines “freedom of religion” by eliminating God from every aspect of the public square under the perversion and corruption of separation of church and state will continue to decline and suffer without God’s Blessing. The Egyptian Pharoh was stubborn and suffered many plagues before he let the Israelites go. The Godless left will have God on THEIR terms or will have no God at all. We will suffer as a nation because the Godless left is in the Earthly Power position, FOR NOW. Christi Fidelis !

    • DAWN


      • Shelbie


    • otter1111

      Good post.

    • Gay Veteran

      “God Bless America are shallow and meaningless words to a country that butchers 4,000 babies/day via abortion”
      and of course YOU have adopted ZERO unwanted babies
      “A country that defiles the sanctity of marriage and spits in the face of God’s Holy Bible by marrying homosexuals will not be blessed as a nation”
      eyeroll, the state does not sanctify marriage, that is the business of the churches
      “A country that is 75% Christian and defines “freedom of religion” by eliminating God from every aspect of the public square under the perversion and corruption of separation of church and state”

      and of course you only want YOUR religion in the public square (or are you willing to share the public square with Muslims, Hindus, Wiccans, etc.?)

      • The Antichrist will come to power in 2013!
        Israel will bomb Iran in July, 2013 & the Guklf War will escalate while gas prices rise to $7/gal or more. and I am not a gay veteran that this website is pegging me as!

        • Nikki DeVries

          Well hello Bailey!!! Funny how I can just find you anywhere lol nah I joined with a site…disqu or something and seen you were a member as well, i am trying to get my profile all set up and your messages here 5 months ago I can see happening now…it is june 7 2013…

    • Hammerstrike

      Not judeo, only christian. Ancient hebrews where just as bad as Islam today.

      • Colt45

        It’s amusing to be reading all these prejudicial commentaries about people’s opinion on Judaism, Islam…etc…. Of course the only truth is Christianity….I think you forgot the Inquisition, The plunder of the Mezzo America and the religious wars that massacred millions of people!

        • Hammerstrike

          Prejudicial but still factual.

          Still far less worst than what the ancient hebrews carried and Islam carried out.

          Hindu Kush, anyone?

      • Dr.Jarmila

        much worse.those bandits survived God’s punishment in Sodom and Gommorah and now called themselves Romani ?Gypsies/.Jewish Satanists are crossbreeds of mongols,Turks,Huns,arabs and gyspsies thugs. – Khazars./Scum of the Earth

        • Hammerstrike

          I keep reading from them and their ass-lickers that “God” protects their worthless hiddes.

          Unlike the WBC, they don´t follow its commands and Tel-Aviv is the “gay” capital of asia.

          Where was yaya when the holocaust happened?

  • JW

    I have no predictions in mind. The 50 predictions above mostly refer to the continuation of the current trends in society. There are some exceptions which may depend on other factors such as the development of sink holes. But mostly the 50 predictions are various aspects to be expected from the continuation of the current trend.

    The real questions I would like to see answered:

    1. Will this end in serious rebellion?

    a.. Will it conclude in successful revolution instituting a new order of things?

    b. Will the government win hardening the current power and inclinations of the state into unchallenged institutions which will last for decades without further regard to the effect on ordinary people?

    2. If there is no resistance will the government succeed in achieving item 1b above by default or will other factors intervene.

  • B T

    Other than #13, I pretty much agree with you. I don’t think any of the major banks will be allowed to fail because they are all locked tightly together and one will take down the rest. Then most of the 50 will be much much worse. I see it as a possible year for WW3 to become more visable. It is already happening on many less visible fronts like finance and the internet.


    I believe that most of what you predict could happen but I believe it depends on which order they fall, but I think that by the end of April it will be all over but the shouting and screaming, and the gun fire. If they try and take the guns you will have total anarchy.

    • K

      You are more than right. Some people think the run on guns is over, sold out. Wrong, it just has moved to other types of guns. Lever action weapons almost gone now, bolt actions in common calibers, almost gone. Even revolvers, in the more useful calibers, almost gone. Look at the gun auction sights. Pre WWII Japanese and Russian revolvers are selling. If you could find the ammo, I would be afraid to fire them. All these people, after paying huge prices, are just going to hand them back? I DON’T THINK SO.,

    • Matt R

      I’d be careful on this – as the saying goes, there is ore than one way to skin a cat. I’ve heard that gun sales may not be affected, but rather the gov’t will make it more difficult (near impossible) to buy ammunition for the guns. The burecrats sure are creative.

      • RICHARD

        Thanks matt r. but I have it covered I am years ahead of the game. Don’t want to say to much were probably be watched.

      • MisterC

        That’s why people should also be stocking up on reloading supplies.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The only thing that’s for certain, is that 364 days from now, it will be January 1, 2014.

    Whether you or I, or any of us, will be around to debate it or celebrate it… well, that’s unknown.


      I think quite a few of us will be around.and alot of them will be people that post on this site. I fell sorry for the clueless.

  • Tosheba

    The anger at the ‘wealthy’ is misguided and misplaced; per usual. The anger should be vented at the root of the problem; politicians.

    • sharonsj

      Except that the politicians are bought and sold by the wealthy….

    • MeMadMax

      History repeats itself: Obama is following the FDR playbook almost line by line.

      • Mondobeyondo

        I don’t know about that. Obama has yet to create the alphabet stew of federal programs that FDR did. But then – there’s no money left for the government to create them. You may have a point there 🙂

    • Ralfine

      Yes, and the politicians are put into office by the voters and especially the non-voters, who don’t care at all who is filling his pockets up there.

      The question is then – who is paying for that election campaign? Would anyone with the lowest election campaign budget have any chance?

      • Danny P

        You think people not voting maybe just don’t want to vote Democrat or Republican but for some odd reason that’s the only choice they have 100% of the time. If you can name one political party that has won the election for president in the last 100 years other than Democrats or Republicans. Please do so.

        • Ralfine

          The greens have not won anything,
          but if those 70% non-voters voted for the green, then the Green would have 70% of the votes, Democrats 15% and Republicans 15%.

          THAT would look quite different , wouldn’t it?

          Even if you’d split the non-voters for Communists and Greens, 35% each.

          I believe you could also go voting and create an invalid vote. Then the result would be the same 70% invalid, 15% each Dems and Reps.

          Anyway, if you really want to vote, then you will find a way. It doesn’t always matter whether reps or dems win, they were all in power the last 100 years and created the current mess together.

          If you want to vote, vote for anything else. There are about 30 political parties in the US.

    • rev.sean

      Love your language sir!!!!

    • Danny P

      The politicians who are rich and wealthy or owned by the wealthy. Are those the politicians you speak of.

  • vuk sandy

    “#50 There will be some shocking political scandals in Washington D.C. in 2013. We will see some high profile resignations by the end of the year.”

    While I’m sure that many of the points are backed by research, how can you predict this one unless you
    have some kind of psychic abilities? Or, do you know something we don’t?

  • Highspeedloafer

    I predict the dollar will continue to fall, and will further that it did in the previous collapse.


      I agree with that, that’s why I find it hard to believe that the price of oil will fall, ofcourse at the same time loss of economic activity could make it go down.

  • Maria

    “#9 The economic depressions in Greece and Spain will get even worse and unemployment in the eurozone will go even higher in 2013. ”

    I reaffirm that the economic depression in Greece will be worse as in 2013 Greece enters its 6th year of recession. The unique country whith so many years in a row under recession in peacetime.

  • Jake

    I don’t think we will see another drought in the midwest, but I do agree that we will see increased food prices. I think marital law will be declared in a major U.S. city at some point during 2013 if for no other reason that to give it a test run.

  • I agree with most of your predictions.

  • KY Mom

    What’s New About This List? Same o’l Same o’l

  • Alasha


  • jox

    What happened to the exploding Eurozone and collapsing Euro currency? I
    told you the the financial press from the City and Wall Street had an
    interest in exaggerating the problem.

  • Lenerd

    2013 will be the year when a significant number of people become aware of the power of positive imagination. We start to understand that images turn into activity and events. This will precipitate a major shift and drop in the power of ‘evil’. It will not be built in a day.

  • sharonsj

    I stayed up late to watch all the TV coverage of the fiscal cliff. In reading a lot of other web sites this morning, I discovered the bill is 150 pages long and contains a long list of corporate tax breaks and giveaways. Do the banks and Goldman Sachs really need more money? Does Disney and NASCAR need more money? And NONE of the TV coverage said a word about this.

    I repeat: instead about bitching about the 47% (who really do pay all sorts of taxes), I want to hear you folks go after the corporations who run this country.


      Good post, I didn’t know this!!!!

    • Not “you folks”,…us…

  • #14 is crucial.

  • Matt R

    Michael, spot on predictions. Although I disagree with #11, at least from the gov’t numbers standpoint. I think we’ve seen the current administration’s ‘the end justify the means’ policy regarding the unemployment figures. I still do not have a good feeling about how stabilized our economy is, but I think we’ll keep seeing low employment as the gov’t accountants can find ways to fudge the numbers. I’ve never felt that I’ve been lied to by my gov’t before as I have been the past few years.

    On a side note, I work in the commodity industry and I’ve already heard they are having trouble getting barges up the Mississippi this year due to low water levels. This could be a long spring if we don’t get the rain/snow needed to water the crops and keep lakes/rivers at high levels. God, help us!

    • Proxy

      Wow! Really good predictions – but none worthy to be in the top 50.
      An extremely myopic view.
      When these things begin to come to pass – politics will be the least of anyone’s concern.

  • Diana

    I’m afraid the Pacific Northwest will see an earthquake like the one over three hundred years ago. I’m thinking it will happen in 2013.

    • richard

      I don’t want to hear that!!!

    • Orange Jean

      You can be afraid all you like (your choice)… but why would you think this? What scientific basis do you have for those fears??

  • davidmpark

    Here’s one more: cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will skyrocket in the US in 2013.

    • I agree, BigPharma and the local liquor stores & bars will benefit greatly! Sad situation…

  • Snowy Smith South Africa

    The JEW CRIMINAL MAFIA who have Hijacked the American
    Government is destroying America, making it into a Communist Dictatorship.

    They did the same to South Africa.

    The JEWS New World Order DESTROYED South Africa, turned it
    from a First World thriving Tourist Mecca to a Third World Bankrupt Squatter SLUM
    with the highest CRIME, Murder , Rape , Genocide rate in the World.

    Coming to America very soon.

    YOU forgot 7 more

    3rd World War.

    New World Order Communist Dictatorship.

    One World Communist Government.

    One World Money owned by the Rothschild’s Trillionaire

    SPY FEMA DRONES getting shot down by FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

    Many States SECEDING from Washington.

    The Global Warming Climategate SCAM carbon taxes will be put
    into Law World Wide.

    Always remember:

    Disobedience is the true foundation of LIBERTY.

    Good Luck to all the Freedom Fighters.

  • ian

    “Food prices will soar in 2013. This will especially be true for meat products.”

    Perfect excuse to go vegetarian and start your own victory garden.

    • Mondobeyondo

      …or buy yourself some chickens and maybe a cow.

      • Ralfine

        Or sheep, a goat, a pig, some rabbits, maybe a fish pond, some ducks?

        With enough space for three fish ponds you could rotate the pond with the veggie fields every year.

  • Traffix

    All politicians from the county level and up, will continue to do whatever they want to. From wasteful tax and spend policies to restrictive gun control laws and guess what, NO ONE WILL DO A THING ABOUT IT. Washington is more representative of the majority then we care to admit. Americans couldn’t save a dime with two parents working. Now that the jobs are gone, they can’t pay their debt back. Washington prints money to blow on nothing and no one wants to live within their means. Anyone who didn’t see this years ago wasn’t paying attention.

  • Dale

    Obama will take further actions to weaken Israel.
    Many of us will regret making posts such as this because we will be labeled an enemy of the state, along with Tea Party member and devout Christians.

    • DAWN

      you are so right on if the U.S. turns it back on Israel we are doomed. GOD SAYS GOD WILL BLESS THOSE WHO BLESS ISRAEL AND CURSE THOSE WHO CURSE ISRAEL. AND HE MEANS IT. WATCH OUT AMERICA.

      • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

        Very good point Dawn.


      • Ralfine

        I don’t think Israel cares much about what everybody else thinks. If they want to provoke the Palestinians buy building new settlements, they do it.

        And if they want to restrict water and business and economy to the Palestinians, they do it.
        And next week they whine about Palestinians who are pushed into a corner without a way to escape hitting out at them.
        It’s a never ending story.

      • Gay Veteran

        IF the Israeli government wants to continue stealing Palistinian land then can do so WITHOUT American taxpayers’ money and American weapons

      • Hammerstrike

        Read the old testament, there is nothing godly there.

  • Jionni

    Snooki will get married

  • Dr. Jerry Kreegle

    Mooshelle will gain 2 dress sizes…..

  • Dr. Jerry Kreegle

    Hillary won’t remember any details about Benghazi and has a doctor’s excuse to prove it….Israel will be hit with a nuclear bomb but Jay Carney won’t know anything about it for 3 weeks….Wolf Blitzer and Piers Morgan are secretly wed….

  • Mondobeyondo

    51. Charlie Sheen will announce his candidacy for the 2016 presidency in October. His campaign slogan will be “Winning!”, and he promises to change Congress by using “tiger blood”.

  • Piglet

    Oops! I meant “they’re,” not “their.”

  • otter1111

    I like your list, but if the Fed prints tons of money, the price of almost all commodities should go up, including oil. You must be assuming an economic crash for the price of gas to go down.

  • 2Gary2

    What are the top states ( since 2009), which benefit the most from disaster assistance/relief :


    Which states have the greatest number of federally declared disaster areas since 2009?
    ~Center for Public Integrity

    What do all the above states have in common?
    The are considered RED STATES.

    Yet many GOP supporting posters/politicians are claiming NJ and NY should be more self-reliant.

    how self-reliance seems to be a quality that is only reserved for the
    very poor or for the residents who live in blue states.


    • trangbang68

      Hey dopewitz, to qualify for disaster relief you need a …let’s see…a disaster. That’s a little out of the realm of politics. Nice try though. By the way, notice the lib northern states whining for a Sandy bailout?

  • cheetah

    We are headed for civil war, civil unrest in this country, people are buying more weapons for protection.We are headed for more Islamic Religion,less Judeo Christianity

    • K

      Buying more weapons, understatment. Figures for December. 2.8 million background checks. Add to that guns shows, people that bought more than one weapon, and private sales. All time record around 3.1 million guns, in just the month of December.

  • 2Gary2

    Looks like the conservatives threw the tea baggers under the bus again by breaking their no new tax pledge. I predict conservatives will fade into nothingness and be nothing but a scar on this countries greatness.

    • MisterC

      I predict that liberals/progressives who try to take guns from well armed conservatives will be exterminated like the vermin that they are. MOLON LABE!

    • trangbang68

      I predict that your stupidity will increase by the end of the year.

  • Larry Speier

    I predict that only 5 of your predictions will materialize. The solar cycle peak will pass like the Mayan doomsday gag. There will be no drought and food prices will fall and real estate will stabilize further. Gasoline $ will drop as Iran poisons its people with nuclear material leaked into the environment forcing the government to occupy its time domestically. Europe will print money like crazy to stimulate the economy and the Germans will cry in their brew come October. Republicans will provide only token resistance to Obummer as they rally together to bury struggling economies from Asia. China will experience an increasing level of civil unrest which they will no longer be able to hide from the world. Many companies inside and outside China will make a hard move away from Chinese suppliers because of poor quality. This will only exacerbate the employment problem for China leading to additional civil unrest.

  • Apollo

    Hillary Clinton will be new Vice President replacing Biden.

  • Ralfine

    #51 After the fall of Syria the hawks in America will find a reason to attack Iran. They will make the taxpayer pay another $15 trillion to buy weapons, ammo and bombs and send their kids overseas to be killed.

  • Lars

    Muslims will continue to overrun our country. More slums will appear in major cities, more Mosques will be built and Sharia Law will run rampant.

    • Gay Veteran

      stop wetting your pants

      • trangbang68

        Hey Veteran Gay, the sons of Allah will hang you scrawny little chicken neck in a minute. Why are you defending them?

        • Gay Veteran

          I’m not, learn to read. Here I have more to fear from the “Christian” fundamentalists who want their own brand of Sharia law

  • Study of escotology

    #38 should read the opposite. It will be the children who cause “jaw dropping” violence against the parents.

  • Crazy Prepper Girl

    I’ve seen lists like this on a dozen othe web sites.
    Alright already. Stop repeating the same thing others are writing about.

  • Mondobeyondo

    The President can’t make any major decisions without the approval of Congress, right? Especially when it comes to declaring war, etc. That’s what I was taught in high school civics class. Apparently, that is not so.

    – Grenada
    – Bosnia
    – Iraq
    – Afghanistan

    The last time Congress declared war on anyone was on December 8th, 1941. Hasn’t been done since. Not in the Korean War (technically, North and South Korea are still at war, because there was never a formal peace treaty signed, just an armistice, but that’s a story for another day), and not in Vietnam.

    So, can President Obama wake up one morning and decide to bomb Iran? You know, “Michelle… honey, that ayatollah is really ticking me off. I’m gonna ask the Secretary of Defense to send in some troops to make him behave himself, etc” –Well – not much that’s gonna stop him from doing that. Constitutionally, that’s wrong. But when was the last time we stuck to the Constitution?

  • 2Gary2

    the rich will have to buy peace by spreading their wealth around

  • Blair T. Longley

    Brave predictions, with lots of details, to stick one’s neck out making! I hope we are still alive in 2014, in order to be able to assess how those predictions turned out!

    When I read through those 50 predictions, I found that I generally agreed with everything written above. I sure WISH that I did not!

    I would connect the uncertainty of prediction 42 to 44. I believe that we do NOT understand how the Sun works, which means we barely understand anything else.

    But still, when one looks at the record of earthquakes around the Pacific Rim for the last five years, it is clear that the Eastern side has been very active, while the Western side not so much. Especially the Western Coast of North America has been remarkably quite, relatively speaking.

    We know that it is quite possible to have 9s on our West coast, but a few hundred years ago, there was not so much to destroy, although native villages could be wiped out by tsunamis.

    I tend to believe the paradox that we can not predict the next earthquake, because it will be where the potential energy surely existed, but has been building in ways not noticed. Anyway, I tend to believe that the most important events in 2013 could be those earthquakes.

    Overall, I think that everything is interconnected, and so, at the same time that civilization goes crazy, nature goes nuts. Usually we care more about other people than anything else, BUT, nature is infinitely more powerful, and could change that any time!

  • LOL…they seem more like your prophecies than predictions!!!

  • Hammerstrike

    I for on blame Bush, I blame Bush and Racism* for all the future failures of President Obama and of the UN and European Union too!
    We will bring down the oppressive lies of conservatism, that we need to pay off our debts, that we have to work, that we have responsabilities and that we should take showers and baths.

    * Only White, non-leftist racism, because only Whites and right-wingers are racist and mean.

  • The monetary-market economy will swiftly change to the new resource based economy. True Americans will continue to work without rewards to create a surplus for their household. Nibiru becomes spotted.

  • Washington76

    Obama’s Secretary of State Candidate Has Significant Financial Stake in Tar Sands Companies Business / Environmental Policy November 28, 2012

  • trangbang68

    Other than that things will be okay though.

  • Mondobeyondo

    58: We’re all gonna die!!!!!

    Yes, that’s true. None of us are going to be here 125 years from now. When you, or I, leave this planet, is anyone’s guess. That’s up to God. Could be anytime from January 7th, 2013, to August 22, 2019, to October 6th, 2033, or some date in between that, or beyond that.

    Health, wealth, etc…Make the most of what you have while you still have it. Life is precious. Try not to waste it.

  • JoeCo

    I guarantee #13 won’t come true! Apparently you don’t understand The Fed well enough.

  • Len

    I vote in a “Public Opinion Advisery Board” to control the Dysfunctionals

  • Desertmer

    You people are friggin’ scary. And crazy….

  • tbannister

    Obama in a sense is the antichrist. He has done everything in his power to manipulate the american people into believing he is above us. He is a human being like everyone. I for one will never and I mean never back down from evil forces to the death of me. It makes me sick to see where this country is headed and to know we all sit and allow this to happen. My forefathers fought to the death to uphold our freedom and rights. Obama must be taken from the office before its to late. His agenda is very clear disarm globalize and let America be ruled by a global elite. Obama must be removed

  • Charles N

    First Contact will happen in 2013. I’m serious, I give this a 99% probability, with a 1% chance for a delay til 2014.

  • Bored

    Texans already are resentful of Californians moving and would like them expelled from the state.

  • bioengineer

    Sorry but this is a stupid list. Predict something specific based on facts, not these wild generalizations. The Republicans and Democrats will fight, yeah, ya think? Although it would seem the Republicans are doing more bending over than fighting. If anybody knows of any source on the internet anywhere that engages in serious economic discussions and predictions please reply and send me a link.

  • me

    A total financial crash in two weeks.

  • Messiah

    If any one has enough IQ for proper logical deduction, then it is very easy to realize how true your predictions are. I have a feeling a nuclear attack is very near.

  • averyconcernedamerican4323

    MARTIAL LAW 2013

  • A coalition of like-minded red states will begin to coalesce to combat federal demands. These will be the nucleus of a second but less bloody civil war.


    Let’s hope that Obama will be one of the high profile resignations.


    I predict that the reasons behind gun control is so that americans cannot fight back when the government starts using drones on its own people,therefore our nation will not be the home of the free.alterior motives behind gun control.


    I keep sensing an increasing awareness of the workings behind the scenes of this current administration, not just by the conservatives, but by the general populace..which will lead to a loss of popularity and trust of government
    The US economy will take a hit this year, 2013, with continued government spending and decrease in production, and people tightening their purses. By 2014 a general recession will be undeniable. Employment suddenly dropping over the course of 2014, adding to diapproval rating of government.
    Martial Law by Obama to subdue civil unrest and an attempt to confiscate guns which will meet total resistance in Texas, Missouri, Kentucky and some aligning states, a resistance that will galvanize other states, including Vermont, North Carolina, and areas of some states where large populace of citizens declare themselves as “non compliant” with regulation of gun confiscation… Serious concerns of multiple states seceeding.
    But before this can happen, information regarding government cover up leads to impeachment proceedings for President Obama, either about Benghazi or Syria attacks, proceedings that had been secretly progressed since 2012.
    Some kind of cyber attack in 2014 which will impact the way users feel about giving out private information..and which will negatively effect Facebook and all social media for a while as well as online marketing. Privacy will be reassessed. Mainstream Media by end of 2014 will be held accountable for contributing to misinformation and people not being prepared for current turmoil and austerity. New respect for journalistic integrity will commence.
    Liberals will begin dividing into two camps: either as openly professing socialism as cure for societal illness…or they will join Libertarian rising movement in Texas and aligning states. GOP will divide along similar lines, some choosing to maintain larger government in spite of the country’s obvious failure which will be attributed to corruption, while many will join the movement toward smaller government…ultimately forming the strengthening movement toward lessening government.
    By end of 2014, start of 2015, the president will be impeached for treason, which will result in civil unrest based on racial discord. The latest entitlement programs and Obamacare (which will have only recently been implemented financially) will be repealed after Obama’s impeachment and although many will lose their source of government funding, businesses will need many workers now that they can afford to build. However, consumers will not trust the fed, hold back personal spending and a continued recession will send the US into a depression. Preppers will no longer be mocked.
    This is all I want to say at this point, because I think we can go either of several ways: one will lead to a time bordering on anarchy…leaving Texas (with Gov. Perry) as the center compass and acting leader (instead of Boehner….I don’t see Biden either acting as president) : the other possiblity ..depending on how Americans respond to Obama’s impeachment, is that conservative senators (not old GOP but with some of their help) take temporary leadership in old model of Republic, which will have enough support to enact, and miliatary full support.

  • Lieslieslies

    There’s going to be a hostage situation in a middle eastern or European nation before the end of 2013 maybe during the summer.

  • The Constitution no longer exists. I was chased out of the Cabell County courthouse they said the Constitution doesn’t exist.

    • Possible Civil War on the Constitution and economics

    • I called them, “A bunch of Card Carrying Nazis.”

  • Because Americans have already lived through a depression and bad times already, I predict that until they learn the lessons from the past and pull together instead of apart, that things will not improve. You can’t row a boat with the oars going in different directions. Blaming the government and politicians for everything doesn’t help anyone accomplish anything. But, until the wealthy start paying their fair share, the economy will flounder and they could care less about the average American.

  • jason3174

    the new 2013 jesuit pope / controlled by the Black Pope.. The Jesuits were created by the catholic to bring order back into the churches. remember the dark ages!! the jesuits had order of the churches at the time.. I see hard times coming back to our churches bible!

  • citizen of the world

    Albert Pike’s vision will come true… Push for Peace

  • something big is coming…..and nobody is prepared for this………..that is my prediction for 2013…maybe carried on to the early start of 2014….you see everybody has always judged the number 13 and because of this i believe that the number 13 will now show the judges what it is rely capable of……i have always believed in this number and have observed that the number 13 has always brought me good look….i was born on the 13th my daughter was born on the 13th there are 13 letters in my name (mikey knighton)…there are 13 digits in my date of birth 13 january 1990….every where i go alately within the year ”2013” i am seeing the number 13….its actually amazing to no that there is a greater force other than the human race ;)…..get ready for 2013 is all i can say…iv spent all my life observing what could happen or what could come next…..i have made predictions already that have come true which helps me believe im not cracking up haha…….all i can say to the people out there is….get prepared!!!!! or it will be the end of you….mentally and physically
    too much dynamic tension around for my liking
    and its only getting worse….wont be long before it is shown…mark my words

  • I see inpeachment of current president for being unconstitutional by 2016

  • What I think is sad is that the only place I’ve found to have real and intelligent discourse on this issue is on a British website… Websites in the US are just hateful!

  • Precog42

    The Pacific Northwest will be devastated by a massive earthquake/tsunami. It will be centered in the Puget Sound area. The capital city of Olympia will be decimated. The inlets and sound will forever be in ruins.

  • Harry Berry

    Obama will be put in as dictator. The patriot acts, NDAA and NDRP nullify the constitution

  • highway4

    Predictions are only predictions I advise all to read the bibile for acurate acknowledgme..nt. World order , national Sunday law, ccurrency, mark of the beast these are the directories which our goverment plan to use against us and is suceeding rapidly. The riches of the world are for everyone not for just one person. We have lost these things so now we suffer because of our seperation from God .return unto me and I will heal your nation….

  • jzartrax

    there’s only 1 solution for economy collapse – just let the people leave the country, let them find job outside and bring profit back. – the problem solve. 😉

  • kumarbk

    Have no fear and have faith in yourself – no one is going to subvert the constitution and if someone did think of that, your guns wont be of any help. Stop thinking of yourselves as ‘Minutemen’ led by Paul Revere – just vote and elect the right people. That is the only way to protect and preserve this wonderful republic.

  • Ward Kelly

    Looks like many of the predictions were wrong…the ability of the politicians to extend this mess is amazing

  • Allan Stubenvoll

    Not many of these came true….

  • hogenmogen

    Here I am in 2015, and let’s look at your track record. It sucks. There are blah predictions based on long term trends, like “Democrats and Republicans will fight”, but whenever you go out on a limb and actually predict something non-obvious, you’re wrong. The Dow did NOT end lower, unemployment did NOT go up. Piers Morgan left CNN in 2014, but your prediction said by the end of 2013, and that’s just taking a low risk bet because his ratings were never that good. Americans getting fatter, and more single parent households are trends going back decades. Those are hardly predictions. You’re like that loopy fortune-telling professor in Harry Potter. She always predicted “terrible, grave danger” for everyone. Harry and Ron caught on quickly, and got great grades so long as they turned in assignments saying that they were about to die horribly. How is this list any different?

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