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75 Ways That The Government And The Financial Elite Will Be Sucking Even More Of The Life Blood Out Of The American People In 2011

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The American people are experiencing financial death by a thousand cuts and most of them don’t even realize it.  The U.S. government, state governments, local governments and the financial elite are draining us financially in dozens upon dozens of different ways, and yet we have become so programmed to accept it that it just seems normal to us.  2011 is rapidly approaching, and a whole slate of federal taxes is scheduled to go up, state taxes are being increased from coast to coast, local governments are finding new and creative ways to stick it to us and the financial elite are becoming more predatory than ever.  Meanwhile, the incomes of many average Americans are actually going down.  According to the Census Bureau’s annual survey of income and poverty in the United States, of the 52 largest metro areas in the nation, only the city of San Antonio did not see a decline in median household income during 2009.  Tens of millions of Americans are flat broke and they are getting pissed off.  According to a new poll conducted by CNBC, 92 percent of Americans believe that the U.S. economy is either “fair” or “poor”.  The American people desperately want someone to fix the economy, but instead our “leaders” are trying to come up with new and creative ways to drain even more money out of us.

In no particular order, the following are 75 ways that the U.S. government, state governments, local governments and the financial elite will be sucking even more of the life blood out of the American people in 2011….

#1 State governments across the U.S. are raising fees and taxes in so many different ways it is staggering.  A reader named Richard recently sent me an email in which he described the shock that he experienced when he recently received his license plate renewal notice in the mail….

I just got a license plate renewal notice from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles. When I opened the envelope and saw the amount of the renewal, I was shocked. The amount seemed much higher than usual.

I have a computerized record of all my financial transactions over the last many years. I looked up previous DMV license plate renewals and I saw that my vehicle license plate fees were up 187% in only 8 years! In other words, they were almost triple what they were 8 years ago!

#2 The cost of health care also continues to escalate out of control.  Americans already pay more for health care than anyone else in the world, and yet costs continue to explode.  Health insurance companies from coast to coast are already announcing that they must raise health insurance premiums substantially due to the new health care law that Barack Obama and the Democrats have pushed through.  For example, I am in perfect health and I have never had a single claim on my health insurance policy and yet I received notice earlier this year that my monthly health insurance premiums were going to be increasing by about 50 percent.

Unfortunately, I am far from alone.  Crazy rate hikes are being reported from coast to coast.  According to The Wall Street Journal, the following are just some of the health insurance companies that have announced rate hikes that are at least partially attributed to the new health care law….

*Aetna says that the extra benefits that the new health care reform law is forcing it to cover are behind rate increases for new individual plans of 5.4% to 7.4% in California and 5.5% to 6.8% in Nevada.

*Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon claims that the cost of providing additional benefits under the new health care law will account for 3.4% of a 17.1% premium rise for small employers.

*Celtic Insurance claims that half of a whopping 18% health insurance premium increase it is seeking comes from complying with mandates in the new health care law.

But do the financial elite in the health care industry really need more of our money?  According to a report by Health Care for America Now, America’s five biggest for-profit health insurance companies ended 2009 with a combined profit of $12.2 billion.

#3 But it isn’t just our health insurance premiums that are going up because of the new health care law.  One review of the health care legislation identified at least 19 different tax increases.  Not only that, according to an analysis by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, the health care reform law will generate $409.2 billion in additional taxes from the American people by the year 2019.

#4 From coast to coast, the big Wall Street banks are buying up thousands upon thousands of tax liens and are making a killing by socking distressed homeowners with predatory interest, outrageous penalties and almost unbelievable legal fees.  The article which I published yesterday, “The Big Wall Street Banks Have Found A New Way To Strangle The American People: Predatory Property Tax Collection” elicited a very strong reaction from many readers.  In particular, Walter Burien, who has done some great work exposing financial fraud at the government level, left a message explaining how this kind of predatory property tax collection is being done by design….

Per the article “Predatory Property Tax Collection” here is the why government did this. The feds put it through last year at the recommendation of a few private associations that represented many local governments and it was the government that pushed forward to require the banks and mortgage companies to do the tax collection tied directly into the mortgage. (Quicker money for the local governments) Read the new mortgage documentation and the banks have been required to collect property taxation up front for the local government.

Government in most venues had to wait four (4) years to move forward with foreclosure for delinquent property taxes. Well now that they have assigned the banks to do the collection, the banks usually move on foreclosure in six months which gets a new head in the door to pay the same levied property taxes quicker.

But the biggest drain on all of our incomes is excessive taxation by the government.  If the U.S. Congress does not act, and there is little reason to believe that they will, the following tax increases will go into effect in 2011….

#5 The lowest bracket for the personal income tax is going to increase from 10 percent to 15 percent.

#6 The next lowest bracket for the personal income tax is going to increase from 25 percent to 28 percent.

#7 The 28 percent tax bracket is going to increase to 31 percent.

#8 The 33 percent tax bracket is going to increase to 36 percent.

#9 The 35 percent tax bracket is going to increase to 39.6 percent.

#10 In 2011, the death tax is scheduled to return.  So instead of paying zero percent, estates of $1 million or more are going to be taxed at a rate of 55 percent.

#11 The capital gains tax is going to increase from 15 percent to 20 percent.

#12 The tax on dividends is going to increase from 15 percent to 39.6 percent.

#13 The “marriage penalty” is also scheduled to be reinstated in 2011.  Members of Congress keep promising to do something about this, but so far nothing has happened. 

#14 Many American businesses are going to get hit with a very significant tax increase in 2011.  Small businesses had been able to “expense”, rather than slowly depreciate, equipment purchases of up to $250,000 a year.  Now that will be slashed down to $25,000.  Larger businesses had been able to expense half of their purchases of equipment.  Now all of it will have to be depreciated. 

#15 They keep talking about it, but so far Congress has not passed a “fix” for the Alternative Minimum Tax.  If a fix is not passed, one out of every six U.S. taxpayers is going to be hit by the Alternative Minimum Tax.  The taxpayers most likely to be affected are married couples, very large families, home owners and taxpayers in states that have high state and local taxes.  The average tax increase that these taxpayers will be facing is going to be approximately $3,900 and most of them have no idea that it is coming.  If nothing changes, 27.2 million American households will pay AMT in 2010.

The following are a whole bunch of other taxes that Americans must pay each and every year and which seem to continually go up….

#16 Accounts Receivable Taxes

#17 Building Permit Taxes

#18 Capital Gains Taxes

#19 CDL license Taxes

#20 Cigarette Taxes

#21 Corporate Income Taxes

#22 Court Fines (indirect taxes)

#23 Dog License Taxes

#24 Federal Income Taxes

#25 Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)

#26 Fishing License Taxes

#27 Food License Taxes

#28 Fuel permit taxes

#29 Gasoline Taxes

#30 Gift Taxes

#31 Hunting License Taxes

#32 Inheritance Taxes

#33 Inventory tax IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)

#34 IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)

#35 Liquor Taxes

#36 Local Income Taxes

#37 Luxury Taxes

#38 Marriage License Taxes

#39 Medicare Taxes

#40 Payroll Taxes

#41 Property Taxes

#42 Real Estate Taxes

#43 Recreational Vehicle Taxes

#44 Road Toll Booth Taxes

#45 Road Usage Taxes (Truckers)

#46 Sales Taxes

#47 Self-Employment Taxes

#48 School Taxes

#49 Septic Permit Taxes

#50 Service Charge Taxes

#51 Social Security Taxes

#52 State Income Taxes

#53 State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA)

#54 Telephone federal excise taxes

#55 Telephone federal universal service fee taxes

#56 Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes

#57 Telephone minimum usage surcharge taxes

#58 Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges taxes

#59 Telephone state and local taxes

#60 Telephone usage charge taxes

#61 Toll Bridge Taxes

#62 Toll Tunnel Taxes

#63 Traffic Fines (indirect taxation)

#64 Trailer registration taxes

#65 Utility Taxes

#66 Vehicle License Registration Taxes

#67 Vehicle Sales Taxes

#68 Watercraft registration Taxes

#69 Well Permit Taxes

#70 Workers Compensation Taxes

#71 The Internet is increasingly being viewed as a potential major revenue source.  Many U.S. states are working harder than ever to collect taxes that they feel they are owed from online transactions on the Internet.

#72 Student loan debt is more of a financial drain on Americans than ever before.  Americans now owe more on student loans than they do on credit cards.  As hard as that is to believe, that is actually true.  Americans now owe more than $849 billion on student loans, which is a new all-time record.

#73 More Americans than ever find themselves unable to pay their bills, and an increasing number of frustrated creditors are actually resorting to wage garnishment.  Yes, you read the correctly.  Creditors are starting to ruthlessly go after the weekly paychecks of debtors.

The following is an excerpt from a recent New York Times article that discussed the rise of wage garnishment as a weapon against debtors….

After winning, creditors can secure a court order to seize part of the debtor’s paycheck or the funds in a bank account, a procedure called garnishment. No national statistics are kept, but the pay seizures are rising fast in some areas — up 121 percent in the Phoenix area since 2005, and 55 percent in the Atlanta area since 2004. In Cleveland, garnishments jumped 30 percent between 2008 and 2009 alone.

So if you are getting behind on your debt, you better watch out – your creditors may soon decide to garnish your wages.

#74 Many state and local governments throughout the United States are now viewing their police forces primarily as revenue raising organizations.  For example, earlier this year a federally funded ticketing blitz in the state of Virginia resulted in a total of 6996 traffic tickets being handed out in a single weekend.  Sure the roads are a little safer, but it also brought in a ton of money for the government.

The truth is that the police even realize what is going on.  Just consider the following quote from from Police Chief Michael Reaves of Utica, Michigan….

“When I first started in this job 30 years ago, police work was never about revenue enhancement, but if you’re a chief now, you have to look at whether your department produces revenues.”

#75 If all of this wasn’t bad enough, now there is an increasing amount of talk in international circles about the need for global taxes.  The IMF and the World Health Organization are both proposing new global taxes that would be imposed on all of us.  Not only that, but representatives from 60 different nations recently met at the UN to discuss a tax on global financial transactions that would be used to battle poverty and “climate change”.

If all of these methods of draining us financially were combined into one, the American people would be screaming bloody murder.  But because all of them are so small, and they go up so gradually, most Americans don’t seem to notice.

It is like the story of the frog in the kettle.  If you tried to drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, it would hop out immediately.

But if you put a frog into a kettle of warm water and turn up the heat very gradually, it will just sit there until it boils to death.

Well, we are that frog.  Every single year, they drain us a little more rapidly.  Tens of millions of us are flat broke and yet they keep coming back for more. 

Never before in American history has money been drained out of us in so many different ways.  They are literally bleeding us dry, and eventually there will simply be nothing left to drain.

  • Well done, M. I like that you have listed many of the insane taxes we pay although you missed another 125 or so smaller ones.

    This is simply not sustainable. There is a lot of talk about the VAT. I think they are going to try it.

    The thing that frosts my ass the most is the 2500 page tax code piece of garbage.

    Why can’t we have an across the board flat tax, perhaps three categories, and throw that 2500 page monstrosity tax code in the trash. Get rid of ALL deductions. Of all the pieces of crap this government has created, nothing compares to that unwieldy mess- only an army of idiots and a few decades worth of time could build something so hideous that it is nearly impossible to understand and comply with.

    In the centuries to come, history classes are going to gaze at that Frankenstein tax code and shriek with laughter. “What the hell were they thinking”- echoing through classrooms.

  • tyler

    All these outrageous taxes on the citizens, meanwhile google pays 2.8 percent.

  • Pier

    This is very disturbing, especially when you consider the fact that more than half of the entire wealth on the planet is in control of one cheap family.

  • WES

    Add to the list Verizon (land line phones) long distance fee. charge to you wether you make long distance fees or not.

  • In addition to stealing our wealth, these same criminals and fools are taking away our freedom:

  • VegasBob

    Re #74: I grew up in Virginia. Anyone from the East Coast who drives a lot knows that the Commonwealth of Virginia is basically just a 40,000 square mile speed trap.

    Re #73: Before I retired in Fall 2007, I was the Director of Payroll for a Fortune 500 company with 100,000 employees. All employee wage garnishments were processed through my department. At that time, over 11% of employees across the country were having their wages garnished. I am sure that today the situation is much worse.

  • If any of your readers are interested in just how this economic collapse has happened- or they are mystified at how this whole fraudulent mess took place to begin with…I have posted the William K Black interview on my site.

    Black is one of the regulators who put over 1000 fraudulent bankers in jail in the Savings and Loan scam of the 80’s. His credentials and reputation are outstanding. He explains what happened and why not one crook has been criminally charged yet. It’s long but the best education you can get regarding this whole fiasco.

  • mondobeyondo

    From the tone of this article, it appears that 2011 will not be a Happy New Year.

    Instead, it will be a Dreadful New Year.

    Enjoy 2010 while you still can. The future’s so dark, you’ll need a flashlight to see your way through it…

  • CJ

    You forgot HR 4646. A 1% tax on every financial transaction – everytime. Look it up.

  • William

    The taxes are mostly for the cost of GOVERNMENT. It should be clear that each level of government, from federal to state to county to city/town, MUST be reduced in size, cost and intrusiveness. How to do that without hurting the truly needy will be difficult. Neither major political party in America has said anything SMART on reducing the size and cost of government. Finally, where were the tea party people when the Smirking Chimp and war criminal BUSH was expanding the size and cost of government to a level that the most ardent Democrat could not have dreamed??

  • Another excellent article!!! When is the American people going to wake up!!! I’m thinking, it’s too late, we have all passed the point of no return!!! It’s like being in quick sand with nobody around to throw a life line!!!

  • It’s Time

    All I got to say is bring it on! They are shooting themselves in the foot. You shouldn’t make the people angry you won’t like them when they are angry. They are taking away our freedoms, (well they basically already did) our liberties, and our money. All of these make people happy…

    We need a new system, one that won’t be corrupted with greed, and power. One that is truly for the people by the people.

  • happy face

    Coming soon:

    ‘Five thousand reasons we are already dead and buried and rotted and turned into worm food that has become plant fertilizer for plants that have died and rotted and become worm food for plants fertilizer again.’


  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    They will bleed every last cent out of any saving accounts.

  • David H

    The “Death Tax?”

    Seriously? So you favor the institution of an oligarchy? How do you think that Bush clown was able to buy his way to the top? People should have to earn their money & power, not have it given to them. This country should be a meritocracy, not an oligarchy. Shame on you.

    I was enjoying this blog I recently found, but I think I’ll be moving along now.

  • The Reader

    Only one single thing should be done – the governments should not guarantee any more ‘investments’ with speculative purpose and a definition of this has to be given.
    Speculative objectives may include, without limiting to: naked short selling, buying and selling stocks too often and against any logic (on the basis of internal information), manipulating a currency, securities or insurance, granting loans at shameless interest rates (with unexpected end), issuing fake investment rating certificates, and in the general case any trade based on financial fraud and fraud related to it.
    If the governments are such ‘masters of taxation’, they should impose taxes on the stock exchange transactions based on the formula of compound interest (the number of periods to be replaced with the number of transactions per year).

  • GreenLeaf

    Taxes & more taxes so bureaucrats can have a 6 digit salary & politicians can travel freely around the world & have the best retirement program.

    There is a book surfacing that is a must read cause it’s so real/thriller, but also about each of us. I recommend it.

  • lostinmissouri

    THE RULE OF LAW, that made America great, HAS TO BE RE-ESTABLISHED, quickly, and those responsible, for these crimes, have to go to jail.

    If Americans do not see, the criminal banksters, and criminal government regulators, going to jail, then it will not matter how high taxes go…….NO ONE WILL BE PAYING THEM ANYWAY!

  • Fisherman

    I disagree with “#26 Fishing License Taxes” because the fee for a fishing license is a tax. They can increase the tax but they can’t tax the tax.

  • Luke

    Lots of wage garnishment is for child support. Child support increases with, among other things, horniness, breakdown of the nuclear family, no fault divorce laws, a belief that men earn more than women and that women are morally superior to men. The support of offspring becomes decreed rather than natural. This, combined with item #4, suggests that creditors/revenue offices see a risk of people not paying according to agreement and thus trying on a massive scale to incorporate payment of debt into other transactions.

  • Oh, yeah, baby….it’s gonna get nasty!

    Last year, county property tax for an old, beat-up, 1977 R.V. was $37.00.

    This year, $117. They’re gonna bleed anyone
    with any income or assets dry as lake Mojave.

  • Fisherman

    Austerity? What is going on in Europe and is said to going to happen in the US is not austerity. In this fashion it is being used out of context and out of definition.

    Austerity is self denial, a voluntary thing.

    If someone is forced to deny themselves less food, less electricity use, less gasoline, less going out for burger and fries, less going to rent a movie, this is not austerity because it isn’t voluntary.

    Forcing people to cut back on the basics of life because of higher taxes being implemented to compensate for irresponsible corporate and political leaders is just another version of a bail out at tax payer expense, but it isn’t austerity.

    One good example of austerity that most can relate to can be found in most of the holy books of the various faiths which is the occasional requirement of austerity, namely in the form of fasting which if self denial of ones worldly pleasures and is voluntary.

    If the God of the holy books came down and took the food away and said you don’t eat for 3 days that would not be austerity but austerity is used this way out of context and definition by European politicians and soon to be used this way in the US which is making “austerity” synonymous with “bleed them dry of their household finances”.

  • Gary

    we need to heavily tax the rich and spread the wealth. This would go a long way to solving these issues. Also need to tax corporations a lot more.

  • Gary

    The richest of the rich are rich enough. I know a million dollars
    doesn’t go as far at it used to but really just how many millions or
    billions does one need. Why haven’t these folks been out there day and
    night creating jobs with their Bush era tax breaks?

    But wait, we can’t insult the wealthy plutocracy that is really calling the shots now. Can we.

    Nah, what was I thinking… we would all rather join Tea parties and tell the government to take their hands of medicare.

  • The Reader

    In the ‘eye of the hurricane’ is the formula of the compound interest FV=PV(1+i)^n. This formula is responsible for 4-millennium slavery on Earth (which is about to return), two world wars, the concentration camps, the fall of the two towers, and about 90% of the criminal activities worldwide. Today it has turned the financial system into a Mastermind of the organized crime on global scale.
    Maybe it’s high time to start understanding how the formula works.
    It is an exponent of time – so what. It’s speed is increasing with the time – so what.
    Let’s see. Suppose a bank rents us a car under the condition that it will hold the remote control and every second it will increase our speed by 8% (not a big deal). Let’s see how far can we go with such a ‘facility’ starting at a speed of 1 km/h (a snail). After ten seconds we will take 21 meters and reach a speed of 2.2 km/h (swimming). Now watch this: in 20 s – passed 115 m – at speed 4.7 km/h (casual walk); 30 s – 318 m – 10.1 km/h (jogging); 40 s – 755 m – 21.7 km/h (running); 50 s – 1.699 km – 46.9 km/h (sprint record); 1 min – 3.737 km – 101.3 km/h (motor cycle); 1 min 10 s – 8.138 km – 218.6 km/h (car racing); 1 min 20 s – 17.638 km – 471.9 km/h (meltdown of the engine); 1 min 30 s – 38.297 km – 1018.9 km/h (the tires will disintegrate into soot, rubber, and reinforcing wire).
    We have not passed even 39 kilometers and the system collapsed.

  • Joey

    This blog is outstanding!

  • Bill

    Yep, the ‘death tax’

    the problem is estate taxes are on all assets, not just liquid ones.

    no small business has the cash reserves to pay a 55% flat tax on ALL assets over the exemption.

    i know most who don’t run a business think all you need is a few laptops and a rented office, but we require several million dollars worth of plant & equipment in ours (several hundred employees)

    to pay the estate tax on our business I’ll need to cutting payroll (largest variable expense) significantly to service the hefty loan needed if dad dies after 1/1/11

    it would be nice if the estate tax distinguished between cash and the illiquid fixed assets we need to run the business, but AFAIK it doesn’t

  • Alan

    “where were the tea party people when the Smirking Chimp and war criminal BUSH was expanding the size and cost of government to a level that the most ardent Democrat could not have dreamed??”

    That is exactly what CREATED the tea party in the first place, conservatives feeling let down by the republicans.

    That the republicans seems to have co-opted the party back into the fold doesn’t alter how it started.

  • A new bill is being bandied about in Congress called S.B 4646. It will “tax” or “take a fee” out of every transaction you make, whether it be a credit card, cash your pay check, buy a loaf of bread, buy gas. Any transaction will be taxed “1%”. It’s total bullshit and nobody is saying anything to stop it. If you want to really find out what a thousand tiny cuts actually does to you let this bill turn to a law and then we are finished.

  • Michael Price

    I was going to say “You forgot about bracket creep” but prices are probably going down not up. Bracket creep for those who don’t know is the automatic tax increase you get in a progressive income tax if your income keeps pace with inflation. So if prices go up 5% and your (money) wage goes up 5% you’re taxed as though you were making 5% more, even though your real income is the same.

  • Tom

    Thank the tea baggres. They demand employer paid healthcare and NO cost controls. These white trash bigots just dont get it. We have to compete globally and uneducated over weight people screaming for employer paid health care at any doctor and coverage for the whole family will break employers. They will hire abroad.

    Thanks Tea baggers you are the worst this country has to offer.

  • paul

    Anybody who buys the health insurance companies lies blaming their rate increase on the health care legislation is a gullible fool. As a small business owner, I have had to deal with yearly increases of 20% and higher, year in and year out for as long as I can remember.

    This past renewal our increase would have been 40% or $100,000. That was clearly unaffordable so we had to increase copays, deductibles and employee contributions in order to keep our renewal invrease to 20%.

    Meanwhile our doctors are getting screwed over by the insurance companies.
    And the CEOs are making tens of millions a year.

    Remember that the legislation put no limits on premiums. Also remember that the much maligned mandate is a specific demand of the insurance industry.

    We are indeed a country of fools. Every other industrialized country provides universal coverage, in most cases delivered by and insured by the private sector. The USA has lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, and spends far more of per capita and %GNP then most countries that provide universal coverage.

    There is also the basic moral factor where we are perfectly satisfied that thousands of Americans die each year from lack of proper care and many more go bankrupt for lack of insurance. These two conditions ar virtually unknown in most of the countries that we could consider inferior to ours.

    The fact that our insurance companies insert themselves between us and our doctors, that we have no choice of insurance except what our employer might provide, that we do not have the freedom to see any doctor are all lost upon those that are against reform.

    The cost and availability of health insurance is a major problem. The insurance companies, big pharma, and their bedfellows spend hundreds of millions buying politicians. They are not paying politicians to advocate for the patient. They are paying to protect and enhance their profits.

    It will only get worse if the Republicans regain control.

  • NW Mom

    I don’t think the frog analogy fits here. We are not a bunch of naive frogs watching the heat turn up and thinking nothing will happen to us. We all see it, we all live it, and we are all outraged by it.
    But what do we do? Refuse to pay? Change our struggle for jail time? Sure, most inmates live better than the average American. They get free phone, tv, medical, dental, vision, internet, education, housing, and all the other things we pay dearly for. And they never have to worry about being shipped to an overseas war to defend those benefits! But I’m still not ready to hand over my home for a room inside 4 prison walls. So, until the governments hand back the reins of power to the people or there’s a revolution to take them back, nothing will change in America.

    You complain to a politician about taxes, they just smile and agree. You complain to the utilities, the county or anyone else about the outrageous taxes, fees, and fines, they just say “that’s the way it is.” You think you’ll make a change by voting someone “new” into office. You get more of the same.

    Bottom line? I see it. I’m aware of it. I’m paying it. But, just WHAT would you have me do about it?

  • Mike

    NW Mom: Vote the republicans out! They want to eliminate the middle class for cheap labor. They will rob the schools to give tax breaks to billionaires. The GOP doesnt just hate hispanics and gays they are out to get the middle class!

  • Jason

    We need to share spread this information around the country ASAP..

  • Juliette of Ohio

    For NW Mom: I’m an East Central Mom and just as angry as you, and just as helpless. There are many of us aware of what is going on and the strange thing is that no one anywhere knows what to do to stop it. I don’t think either political party is responsive to us as they feel none of our pain, and until we find a way to put them in our place, instead of a protected and pampered elite, nothing will change. Like you, I’m not willing to go to jail to make a statement against our smirking chimp president Obama, so we’re going to try to wait it out which may not be possible. Blogs like this help because the truth will come out, and there really is power in numbers. I’ve never been a conspiracy fan, but am beginning to wonder if the NWO is real. Hard to believe that so few people can control so many, but first they have to break us and I see that happening. It takes a while to block the exits and break the spirit, but that’s happening daily. Get rid of Reid and Pelosi and JugEars and see if it makes a dent. Good Luck. It’s going to get nasty! (Voting against every incumbent, no matter which party is a good start.)

  • scott bowlan

    as the dollar looses its value the whole system will come crashing down into it self.
    economic collapce is in the near future

  • LGA

    From the Civil Libertarian:

    The Left Has Nobody to Blame For It’s Death…But the Left
    It goes something like this.

    I have two hundred dollars. My family is starving but I sure want that new I-Pod. I think I will get the I-pod and so you do. When your starving family questions the purchase, you call them names.

    Imagine you are President Obama. You get to your oval office and take stock of the country. What is the most pressing problem we have? *Play Jeopardy tune in head. It must be “healthcare!” I will ignore that 14 trillion dollar debt and the collapse of the world economy and I will go on multiple vacations, golfing, and tell the world how incredibly smart I am. I will not even participate in the creation of the bill. So just who created that bill anyway? Read this.

    It is as though, the world’s greatest problem was placed at his feet and Obama and his Congress ignored it. Pretended it wasn’t even there. In fact, he did nothing to reform or change any of that mess. Why? Because he WON! That was his arrogant statement shortly after taking office.

    With all that hope and change rhetoric, and his mahvelous command of the English language, he was feared initially. Nobody could possibly oppose him. So the Democratic faithful fell in line and carried his water. It would have been suicidal early on- to question his priorities. Such is the death of errant and tyrannical command and control structures. Everyone hurtled off the cliff together.

    Deep down they know it. They know they fell for this guy’s bullshit. So now they are all hunkered down, distancing themselves from this guy, praying that the party faithful will come out in droves and save their cowardly asses Tuesday. All that is left for these cowards is name calling.

    It is Halloween. Note the masks. Might be the the best obituary on the web.

  • @Luke

    “Lots of wage garnishment is for child support”. Definitely..the motivating factor behind that is not ‘supporting your children’, fatherless families becoming a burden on the state; but monies child support agencies receive from the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement for going after supposedly ‘deadbeat’ dads and furthermore child support agencies receive 25% of every dollar collected. And to top that off, if you are unable to pay this extortion support, then you risk going to jail for debt. Therefore, government cares nothing for your children. Yet another ‘agency’ that’s supported by your taxes. Family is no business of the government-period!


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