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80 Percent Of Americans Say That They Are Not Better Off Than They Were Four Years Ago

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Are you better off today than you were four years ago?  If not, then you are just like most other Americans.  According to a CBS News/New York Times poll that was released a few days ago, 80 percent of Americans say that their financial situation is not “better today” than it was four years ago.  But if you turn on the television and listen to what the “pundits” are saying, you would be tempted to think that we were in the midst of a robust economic recovery.  You would be tempted to think that the U.S. economy is in great shape and that we are heading for a really bright future.  But the fact that the stock market is soaring does not mean much to most Americans.  In fact, most Americans couldn’t care less that the Dow is well above 13,000 and that the NASDAQ is above 3,000.  What most Americans care about is having a job and being able to provide for their families.  If you haven’t paid the mortgage in three months or if you don’t have enough money to take your daughter to go see the doctor it really is not going to matter to you how well the boys and girls over on Wall Street are doing.  Right now most American families are doing worse than they were doing four years ago, and no amount of media hype is going to change that fact.

Yes, the stock market is doing really well for the moment, but the truth is that more than 50 percent of all stocks and bonds are owned by just 1 percent of the U.S. population.

Good for them.  It looks like the trillions of dollars that the Federal Reserve poured into the big Wall Street banks is really paying off nicely for the financial community.

Meanwhile, much of the rest of the country is deeply suffering.

It was recently reported that 1.5 million American families live on less than two dollars a day (before counting government benefits).

That is horrifying.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans living in “extreme poverty” is now sitting at an all-time high.

All across this country poverty is exploding.  Food banks are experiencing more demand than ever before and those offering free healthcare are absolutely swamped.

And every single measure of government dependence has gone way up since Barack Obama entered the White House.

For example, since Barack Obama became president the number of Americans on food stamps has gone up by 45 percent.

Just think about that.

At this point the federal government is helping to feed an all-time record 46.5 million Americans every month.

Oh yeah, times are good.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home that receives direct monetary benefits from the federal government.

That is much higher than it has been historically.

For example, back in 1983 less than a third of all Americans lived in a home that received direct monetary benefits from the federal government.

The big problem is that there are simply not enough jobs for everyone.

Listening to the media, you would be tempted to think that the U.S. economy is now pumping out huge numbers of good jobs.

But that is simply not the case.

Right now there are 5.6 million fewer jobs than there were when the last recession began back in late 2007.

So where are the millions of jobs you promised us Obama?

The federal government is trying to convince us that the unemployment rate is going down, but that is not really true.

The key is to look at the percentage of working age Americans that actually have jobs.  During the last recession that percentage fell dramatically as you can see from the chart below.  After every other recession since World War II the employment to population ratio has always bounced back.  But it has not happened this time.  Instead, the employment to population ratio has remained between 58 and 59 percent since the end of 2009….

We have not had a jobs recovery.  Hopefully we will have one before the next recession hits, but we are running out of time for that.

Tonight there are millions upon millions of hard working Americans that are staring at their television screens and wondering why they can’t find good jobs.  The pretty people on television are telling them that the employment situation is getting much better but they can’t find work no matter how hard they try.  It is a cruel joke on them.

When Barack Obama entered the White House, the number of “long-term unemployed workers” in the United States was approximately 2.6 million.  Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.

Thanks for the improvement Obama.

Meanwhile, the average duration of unemployment continues to hover near a record high.  Just look at the chart posted below.  Does this look like a “jobs recovery” to you?….

But of course Obama and those that support him want to make things sound like they are getting better.  They want people to run out and vote for him again in November.

If things are going well for you right now, be thankful, and also remember the millions upon millions of Americans out there that are deeply hurting in this economy.

If you gathered together all of the workers that are “officially” unemployed in the United States at this point into one nation, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the entire world.  It would be a nation larger than Greece or Portugal.

That is a lot of people.

Obama promised us that the Wall Street bailouts would make everything better.  He promised us that if we poured gigantic mountains of money into Wall Street that it would end up helping “Main Street”.

Well, the last time I looked Goldman Sachs was doing just fine.

So where is the help for Main Street?

In the United States today, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

How much wealthier do they have to get before they start creating more jobs for the rest of us?

Obama (like most of our politicians) is a complete fraud when it comes to the economy.  He is all saddle and no horse.  He talks a good game but he doesn’t have any game.

As Wall Street has recovered, the rest of the country has actually been in decline.  Median household income in the United States is down 7.8 percent since December 2007 after adjusting for inflation.  Millions of American families are reaching the breaking point and millions of other families have already reached it.

Incomes have been declining but the cost of living has not.

For example, health insurance costs have risen by 23 percent since Barack Obama became president.

Has your paycheck increased by 23 percent?

The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has increased by more than 90 percent since Barack Obama became president.

Has your paycheck increased by 90 percent?

Millions of American families have lost their homes while Obama has been president and millions more will soon lose their homes.  At this point there are more than 6 million mortgages in the United States that are overdue.

It is a horrible, horrible feeling to know that you can’t pay your mortgage and that you will soon lose your home and your family will be put out on the street.

None of us would ever want to end up in that situation.

And the housing market sure has not shown any signs of recovery under Barack Obama.

In January, U.S. home prices were the lowest that they have been in more than a decade.

Weren’t home prices and home sales supposed to be turning around by now?

Under Barack Obama, new home sales in the United States set a brand new all-time record low in 2009, they set a brand new all-time record low again in 2010, and they set a brand new all-time record low once again during 2011.

That trend is not going in the right direction.

Of course Barack Obama is not solely responsible for the performance of the U.S. economy.  Congress should share part of the blame as well, and the Federal Reserve is more responsible for our economic performance than anyone else is.

But one area where Barack Obama has had a huge impact is in the area of government spending.

While Barack Obama has been president, the U.S. national debt has risen from 10.6 trillion to 15.5 trillion.

Thanks Obama.

During the first three years of the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did between 1776 and 1995.

So is Obama planning a change of course?

Of course not.

At this point, our national debt is increasing by about 150 million dollars every single hour.

So should we be thanking Obama for stealing 150 million dollars from our children and our grandchildren every hour?

Should we be thanking Obama for ruining our future?

I think not.

But you know what?

According to the CBS News/New York Times poll mentioned above, about half of America would actually vote for Obama if the next presidential election was held today.

That alone is a clear sign that this country is in a massive amount of trouble.

The truth is that the leaders we elect are an accurate reflection of who we are as a country.

And when you look at the collection of misfits in Washington D.C. right now, that does not say a lot about the character of this nation.

So where does America go from here?

That is up to you America.

  • M2245TH

    I would like to repeat what I saw at the gas pump today. “So how’s that hope and change working out for ya?

    • JC Vaughan

      I think that may be the GWB t-shirt, which I have bought. Its logo is “Do you miss me yet? How’s that hopey changey thing working out for ya?” I also have the RWR t-shirt. Its logo is “The REAL question is, do you miss ME yet?” I deeply love both of them, even though I admit that neither RWR or GWB were anywhere near perfect. And just who is or ever had been?

      • Gay Veteran

        The Federal debt started exploding under Reagan. Bush the war criminal made it even worse. Obama is Bush’s 3rd term

  • I am not better of financially than I was four years ago when I was gainfully employed with an above average income. I am, however, better prepared.

    During my unemployment I purchased secluded acreage on which I built a solar-powered, wood heated cabin. I have many years of food storage put away and am ready to be self sufficient in almost every other area.

    I have also gotten married and had a child within the last four years so my personal life is many times better.

    Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

    • Ian

      thats nice if you have the money. Most people do not have the money to prep like you do.

      • whteshark

        I’m no where near as prepared as Prepared Pastor but you can still prepare even on a limited budget.

        At this point in the shell game every little bit counts whether you’re a seasoned prepper or a newbie like me.

      • I cashed out my retirement. Time will tell if I chose wisely. At hope I did something constructive. I have increased the value of my assets through sweat equity and timing the silver market, but now I am out of money.

      • srqrebel

        The less money you start out with, the more creative you have to be. Perhaps tha average employed person in the USA would not have the money to buy a pricey acreage in most parts of the USA, let alone install expensive solar and put away a large emergency food supply. But how about educating oneself through a host of free and low cost online information sources, purchasing a supply of heirloom seeds, obtaining plans for building one’s own gasifier, and heading off to South America where land can still be purchased in some places for less than $200/acre?

        As Prepared Pastor said, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Successful individuals do not whine about the hand life has dealt them – they play it to the very best of their ability.

    • RosieFbxAK

      “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” Yeah, another really nice little expression that is based in psychology, not reality. Like “time heals all wounds”. NEITHER of which are true or factual.

      I am GLAD you are more prepared than you were 4yrs ago and that some many greats have blessed you. Congratulations.

  • Benjik

    If this is the best “recovery” $5 TRILLION can buy, then we are indeed in serious trouble.

    • Robotic Farmer

      Unless you were able to use it to redistribute to sycophants and supplicants for your re-election effort.

  • Matt

    Well, 4 years ago I was working as a nurse, had good benefits and a great job. Then I had surgery (gall bladder removal) at the hospital I worked at. Should have been no-big-deal but the hospital’s surgeon f****d up the operation sand I went into a 28 day coma! Spent a noter month relearning how to walk and went home on a walker. The day before I went home, the Catholic “charity” run hospital FIRED me “because I could no longer do the work”! I’m now crippled, applying for disability and buying my own health insurance out of retirement savings. Better off than four years ago!?! Not by a long shot! I don’t blame Obama, I blame the Catholics and their hypocrisy! If I get Social Security Disability, it will be a case of the Government kind of “making right” the damage that a private faith-based “charity” did to me
    Matt Parkhouse, RN Colorado Springs, CO

    • mark

      Sorry to hear about the botched surgery. But do you really think that any hospital could continue to pay your wages if you can’t do the job? If the doctor was at fault go after his insurance that he pays to cover these situations. As you well know medical surgery is not an exact science.

    • Tim

      Sorry to hear about your situation. My family and I have suffered as a result of medical malpractice. To add insult to injury, the judge who presided over our lawsuit was a friend of the physician we sued, but the judge didn’t recuse himself.

    • Georgiaboy61

      Matt, sorry to hear about your situation, but there are constructive steps you can take. Your post didn’t tell the extent of your disability but if you can’t work as an RN, and are now “handicapped,” appply for such status under the ADA – which should give you an inside track for ADA eligible-positions. If the doctor was negligent, hire legal representation and go after him. Go after the hospital for wrongful discharge as well, if your rights were violated. Look, suing should be a last resort, but it is sometimes justified. Your livelihood was taken from you as a result of someone else’s actions; you deserve compensation – even if it is only retraining in a new career field.
      If a lawsuit isn’t your style, consider approaching the physician in question and offer to settle out of court; if he is ethical and owns up to his responsibility, he might welcome such an offer. His malpractice insurance co. might work with you also.

      Best of luck in turning things around…

    • Gary2

      sorry-the repubes are limiting malpractice payouts so you are probably double screwed. Stop voting repube if you do. States with malpractice limits have just as expensive insurance for malpractice as the states w/o a limit. More right wing lies to give big corporations more money at our expense.

      Damn Repubes.

      • Hendrik Mills

        Gary, there are several levels of untruth in your comments. First, a big-government welfare state on the one hand, and big-corporation capitalism on the other hand aren’t the only choices. You like to bitterly curse all people who advocate private-property, free-enterprise solutions as republican voters and shills for large corporations. That is simply untrue. Large corporations are greedy, yes, but they are not fostering the widely-spread property ownership and free competition that many true conservatives long for. Rather, the large corporations use big government to suppress small businesses and small farmers, and to tip the playing field unjustly in their favor. Second, the chip on your shoulder, whatever experience gave it to you, that you have against all opponents of big government, blinds you to the severe violations of individual rights that the democrats are guilty of (yes, yes, and also republicans such as George Bush, who probably knew about and abetted the 9/11 false flag attacks). Unless you are directly employed as a disinformation agent by some government agency, your personal interests are not served by such outrages as TSA groping of passengers, banning of raw milk and other innocuous economic activities, or the increasing prices caused by inflation of the money supply. Third, you are wrong on the facts of malpractice. Do some investigation into the increasing unavailability of doctors in West Virginia, where malpractice suits are not hindered by law, and are driving many MD’s out of the state. There’s probably some real injustice (of which you yourself may have been a victim) behind your bitter attitude. But you need to “think outside the box”–the democrat/republican box that the mainstream media would confine us all to. May God bless you, Gary.

    • Matt

      Matt here again: We DID try the malpractice route, talked to 3 lawyers. Because we’ve had “tort reform” here in Colorado, it is “not worth it” to go after docs and hospitals. As a nurse, I am well aware that “surgery is not an exact science” and having things go south was not a total surprise. The REAL black swan was that I had gotten sucked in by hearing the Hospital natter on about their “Catholic values” and how caring they are. I was pretty fuzzy for a long time after the 28 day coma but I sort of thought I’d be taken care by these good people. After getting tossed into the street by this “vampire squid with a crucifix on the wall”, I was completely surprised…Amazing how one gets more cynical as one ages….

    • Matt

      We also talked to a labor lawyer. In Colorado, a “right to work” state, what the Catholic hospital did was perfectly legal. Not necessarily ethical, but they won’t go to jail for tossing their staff like this. (Around the same time, they also fired an RN peer of mine for having breast cancer. She beat it and rehired with these people about two years later). My big mistake was assuming they had a higher standard than “We won’t go to jail for this” after this mishap occurred.

  • mondobeyondo

    Four years ago, I was employed and had a steady income. All bills, from electricity to insurance, were paid on time. I could take weekend trips during the summer to the Grand Canyon (a five hour drive from my house). I could donate a turkey or two to the Salvation Army for Thanksgiving.

    None of that is the case today.

    So yeah, I’m worse off now than I was four years ago.

    • Michael

      Keep hanging in there Mondo.

      My wife and I are praying for you.


      • mondobeyondo

        Thank you!

        — Mondo

  • T

    This just in: The sheeple are going to be even worse off four years from today than they are now. Smart people change their habits when faced with uncertainty. The average american is in debt and still gets a vanilla latte everyday.

  • Anna

    No, I am not better off than I was 4 years ago.
    In 2008, I was working as an engineer, but when the manufacturing company I worked for went down, so did I. (That company went from 200 employees to 4 in 3 months.)

    I tried for a year to get another job, but with hundreds of applications, not even one interview. I finally gave up the job search for good when I saw the companies were advertising for hires at 1995 wages! I figured if I was going to work for slave wages, it would be under my own shingle.

    So, I’ve been doing contract work since mid-2009. It still doesn’t bring in enough $, and I have no health insurance, but finally I am getting 2nd and 3rd generation referrals. This is a very positive sign that my reputation is starting to take hold. Hopefully that’s true and I can soon afford to go to the dentist. And get my first “yearly” medical checkup in 4 years. But even if that doesn’t happen, no, I will never again grovel for a job. For me, this has been a permanent change, and I will be the little old lady that hides gold/silver in her mattress.

    • CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!! It is great that you managed to pick yourself up after leaving that company. It must have been devastating for all who worked there. I’m not surprised that salaries have gone back to 1995 levels, I believe that salaries will halve in real terms over the next 5 years of this depression. There is going to be a lot of adjusting to be done by everyone.
      By the sounds of things you seem to be a few steps ahead and looking to sort your own finances out – this is good as it gets you to focus on your long term goals rather than living pay check to pay check. We all need to do this.

      Good Luck for the future and remember to be flexible and adapt to the situations that will present themselves – look for the silver linings and you will live a happy life in the knowledge that you can prepare and take what life chucks at you and turn it around for the best.

    • joey

      Don’t worry Anna, Obamacare is going to kick in soon and then you’ll be able to get an annual physical. And if you like your doctor, you can keep him. And your taxes will not go up at all, not one thin dime!!

  • Uncle Sam

    A bad turn indeed. I admire your intuition, pastor, I hope you land has open water on it or a hand pump backup for the well head. With good water you do anything, without it, nothing. Even though I live extremely remote and have good land, I am always looking for more suitable spot and I am having a hell of a time finding anything with open water for a reasonable cost. Land prices have not tanked like traditional single family homes. The market is really high and no lender will loan on raw land without 50-70 percent down and a construction plan-with a conditional note.

    Of course that is in the mountains of California where gas is 4.30 for the cheap.

    Good Luck with your endeavors.

    One thing we really need to understand is that Uncle Sam (not me) isn’t stupid. Our economy and lifestyles are not being downgraded for the foolishness of the government. We blame representatives and call them fools from the armchair like we were watching a basketball game. They are smart and they do have a plan.

    The reason we don’t understand why they do what they do is because “the plan” doesn’t involve you or me.

    • My land has a spring fed pond. Water is not a problem here in Appalachia and land is cheap. I have only $10,000 in my wooded acreage and a solar-powered, wood-heated cabin with hot and cold running water. I did the work myself and bought a lot of materials on Craigslist and at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. Some people spend that much on a car, but my ’89 diesel 4WD pickup cost $1,500.

      I checked the MLS every day for a year and hiked in after a snowstorm to view it before being the first to offer full asking price. Plan the work and work the plan and you will succeed. Click on my user name for videos about buying a cheap survival retreat.

  • Michael

    Another good article. Some comments –

    The stock market is rigged thru high frequency trading. Karl Denninger explains in a video from 2010. I am sure this stuff is still going on.

    I have to question the jobs data, too.

    Charles Biederman of Trim Tabs is wondering why the BLS does not base their data on income tax receipts, as this would be far more accurate. He tracks daily income tax receipts and wonders how such weak tax data can be reconciled with the government’s job numbers. He also talks about how the gov’t maniputlates data thru seasonal adjustments.

    According to the BLS, there were over 3 mil. payroll jobs in the last 2 years. But Treasury Dept. data shows that payroll taxes declined in the last quarter on a year-over-year basis.

    Naturally, if we are gaining 200K+ jobs a month, payroll taxes should also be increasing. One of these statistics has to be wrong.

  • mondobeyondo

    Here’s the latest TIPW (Tide Indicator of Public Wealth):

    Ultra rich: Ignore this post. You don’t even know what Tide is, since all your clothes are dry cleaned…

    Medium wealthy to rich: You never wash clothes. You buy new underwear at Walmart every 2 or 3 days, and toss the dirty whitey-tighties in the garbage can. Washing clothes is a strange and foreign concept.

    Middle class, or what’s left of it: You buy Tide for the laundry, if you can afford it. Otherwise, it’s All, or Gain, or Cheer, or that off-brand Mexican made product that promises to leave your clothes fresh and clean.

    Especially with that “new and improved lemon fresh scent”. Yeah. Squeeze the lemon juice from a lemon in the dryer, and push the button. You’ve got lemon-scented underwear! (For lime-scented underwear, use 2 limes per drying cycle.)

    Lower middle class/poor: Just go naked. Can’t afford clothes. Can barely afford to eat.

  • Paul

    Michael tell us hou you really feel about the job Obama is doing lol

  • justin case

    I guess Ron Paul would have been a better choice?
    I wrote him in 2008 and will do the same in 2012! Unfortunately the corporate owned media is convincing the sheeple Romney is their choice. Hope? Change?

  • They say that so many (including republicans) are dependant on the U.S. government now, that they would vote for the democrat even if he was Satan incarnate.

    This “recovery” the lib dems are touting is a false recovery. The thing is, none of the 6-figure or 7-figure income people on TV care about the guy making 30K/year. They can’t even empathize with the 30K/year guy. Mexicans are still coming by the millions to take the lower wage jobs and rich CEOs are still exporting the manufacturing and engineering jobs by the hundreds of thousands. How can the economy possibly improve given that?

    3 in 10 young people now living with parents:

  • David


    Just a little confused. To blame Obama for this countries woes is a little naive don’t you think. In all actuallity it’s a little naive to blame anyone in particular. Two un-funded wars, under-funded entitlements, no taxes raised, spending increased. These are not the issues of one man or one party, they are the issues of a broken government and decaying society. Your insight and commentaries are excellent sources of information and insight. But your political infatuation with crucifying Obama sounds more like a person who wants to place the blame and not provide solutions. Let’s be honest here, neither party in our 2 party republic are providing solutions, so please do not blame one party or individual, this is a collective failure of our “system”, so please stick to that point.

    Thank you for the site and beneficial information.

  • Sean Taeschner

    Isn’t that photo of Obama showing him swearing his oath as Pretendisent on the Quoran?

  • Mustard Seeds

    Where does America go from here?


    Bring our troops home. That will save an enormous amount of money.

    Bring our jobs home. Buy American, and buy local. Some people say that’s almost impossible. Well, pretty soon we aren’t going to have a choice. Those cheap imports won’t be cheap when the dollar is dead.

    Home grown. Garden. Start small if you’ve never done it before. If you’ve got a green thumb, go bigger or help first-timers get started.

    Home made. Learn to make things. Specialize. Cook. Sew. Bake. Brew. Build. Repair. Challenge yourself to learn something new each month. Encourage neighbors and friends to do the same.

    Like it or not, the American way of life is gradually going back to basics. We are relearning the skills that were once commonplace in our grandparents’ homes. We are rebuilding America. I can already see the changes taking place in communities everywhere. In a way, we are going back to our roots….

    We are coming home.

    • Michael

      Good comment.


  • liberranter

    At least nineteen percent of that remaining twenty percent are probably MUCH worse off than they were four years ago, but are just too clueless and deluded to realize it. I’m sure there is that remaining one percent (or less) that are somehow connected to the overall “one percent” who have managed to improve their lot – probably at the expense of the 80 percent who made it clear that they are worse off than before.

  • Bill K

    Adding a partisan article to a national discussion turns off a lot of people. YOu make it sound like it is all Obama’s fault. While I agree his policies can not be called a success by any independent measure, Obama has a right to call into the debate the fact the collapse started under Bush in 2008, and dates back to the passage of GATT and NAFTA in the early 90s under Clinton. Labelling this an Obama problem does not enlighten, in fact it only serves to harden opposition and opinion.

    Much of the economic strength we enjoyed in the 20th century started to leave the USA in the 90s with the ‘free’ trade agreements. The goal was to promote trade for all, but how it was transformed as we now know, was to be corrupted by the multinational corporations to commoditize labor. Corporations will argue they need to do this today to stay competitive in the global economy, but effectively what this has done has taken substantial sums from individual workers and moved it to investors/shareholders. Since corporations and CEOs are evaluated on these metrics, this will not change for the foreseeable future.

    The genie has been let out of the bottle. We are a member of the global economy, and there is no way the USA can ever be protectionist again without doing irreparable harm. we can cite the shortsightedness of the Clintons and the Bushes in not understanding what companies would do with a global labor pool with these free trade agreements. Not nearly enough safeguards for the American worker were installed and we will pay for this oversight for years to come, until the equilibrium in global labor costs is renewed and companies feel they can hire American labor in a cost effective manner (as they see it). CHina’s labor costs are rising, the day is coming closer when companies will pull out their calculator as we know they do, and figure it will pay for them to hire largely again in the United States. That balance has not been achieved yet, so high unemployment will persist.

    So to recap, this is both parties fault, not just the Democrats.

    • nowwthen

      Excellent comment Bill and more a tribute to the ineptness and manipulation of both major parties than a condemnation of Obama alone.

      I’d also add that along with being thrown into the globally commoditized labor pool American workers – whether in manufacturing, service, construction, farming or wherever – are increasingly forced to compete with technology. When you stop to consider how many jobs have been lost to technological unemployment such as the bar code reader, accounting and tax preparation software, e-mail and online bill payment, ATMs, etc. you realize that even if “the equilibrium in global labor cost” is achieved some jobs have been permanently lost. There are only so many tasks that require human labor and, even as the world’s population grows, legions of designers, engineers and programmers are hard at work reducing that number.

    • Deklan

      Øbama was a senator in the White House when the economy nosedived – a participant of Congress.

      Knowing the economic problems, he asked for the responsibility when he chose to run as president. A real leader doesn’t play the inheritance blame game. A real president leads.

    • Steve

      You forgot to mention the other 3rd world countrys.
      Veitnaum, Cambodia, African nations. They will be cheaper than U.S. labor.
      No way we can get any jobs, or CEO’s to bring back any kind of jobs.

  • Well, you seem to know nothing at all. To say that it’s Obama’s fault seems like a particularly deceptive ploy. Obama inherited the situation from the Bush’s! For you to say anything else, makes me look at you and say, “Duhhhhhhh”…dude don’t know what he’s talkin’ about!

    • knightowl77

      jgouig and Bill K…if I hear that “inherited nonsense” one more time I think I will thow up on the next Lib I meet….

      Nancy Pelosi and the house Dems took control of the House or Representatives in 2007…in that same year Harry Reid and the Dem Senators took control of the US Senate where little whinny Barry was still the Jr Senator from Illinois….They voted for and passed the budgets and the spending bills that GWB signed….If they thought the budget or spending was wrong or bad, they could’ve and should’ve sent GWB different bills…Bush was wrong to SIGN the bills the Dems sent him, but if they were bad bills or policies why did the Dems vote for them in the first place?????????

      So yeah….you don’t know what you’re talking about Dude

      • Bill K

        Spoken like a true partisan, you missed the point entirely. I said it was both parties, Dude. I did not excuse Obama’s role in this issue. What you call whiny Obama I see many others refer to as the smirking chimp Bush, and their leadership has led to and perpetuated this abyss. Read and sbsorb my points before taking shots across the bow, knightowl.

        Good point jgouig on technology. ANd an additional point is only with the advent of high speed global internet did the outsourcing phenomenon fully take hold. Remote locations can’t collaborate if they can’t network, and this was facilitated in the 2001-2003 approx time period. Much of the outsourcing took place after this time in IT, and none or little of it would have happened at all without high speed internet. This gives credence to the thesis that much of this labor migration has been planned by the multinational corporations in covert manner with the passage of GATT.

  • Paul

    What’s the point of always saying since “Obama became president”?

    You could also say “since Bush went to Iraq”.

    • Gary2

      because Michael is right wing bias to the extreme.

      • Modern Patriot

        Why in the world do you continue to post here? You obviously think the author is biased and your comments almost always represent the viewpoint(s) which this website (correctly) highlights as being some of the root issues of our society’s decline. I am an open minded voter and I make it a point to scrutinize anything and everything a politician says; from the city council to the POTUS. Obviously, the republicans are not, as a whole, looking out for the good of this country. However, the democrats, especially the liberals, are such plainly obvious liars and hypocrites that I marvel at the ignorance and stupidity of those who follow this train of thought (especially those who have nothing to gain, unlike their self proclaimed progressive leaders).
        So I have to wonder why you spend so much time reading this site and commenting here. Is it the typical liberal modus operandi in which you feel the need to incite anger, create hostility, or generally force your perspective down the throats of anyone who disagrees with you? Or are you just confused in your system of beliefs and what you read here really makes so much sense to you subconsciously that you continue to come back, even though you still profess such disagreement with the bulk of this sites regular viewers? I generally do not see very many commenters on “progressive” sites going out of their way to disagree with the general consensus; yet this kind of thing seems a common occurrence on sites oriented toward the right.
        But I digress, my argument here is really meaningless, just a chance to ponder a point in the open forum I suppose. Anonymity protects ones reputation in your case, as a reputation such as the one you’ve shown to possess on this forum is one which even a die hard “progressive” would likely strive to avoid.

        As for the author, Michael is one of the most insightful and dead-on-the-money bloggers on the internet and those who are lucky enough to have found this website, and follow it for any length of time as I have, are very fortunate. It comes as no surprise to me to see that he is a man of God, and surely one of God’s chosen voices for these troubled times. Michael, thanks for the great work and know that there are a lot of us praying for you and yours. Godspeed!

        • Michael

          Modern Patriot:

          Thank you for the very kind words. I work very hard on these articles, and it has been such a blessing to hear from so many people that enjoy them.

          And don’t be too hard on Gary. My hope is that he will become a brother in the Lord before all of this is over.


  • Paul

    Low home prices could mean that more people can now afford their own home.

    • ‘Low home prices could mean that more people can now afford their own home.’

      This is not how Economics and the Economy work – everything has to balance, when an imbalance occurs, it builds to a tipping point where the economy corrects itself. As house prices went up in the boom period, salaries went up as well. In the bust times as house prices fall, salaries have and will continue to fall as well. So for the average person a house will not become more affordable because their salary will drop too.

  • Paul

    “The truth is that the leaders we elect are an accurate reflection of who we are as a country.”

    There was this French guy who said a few hundred years ago:

    Every People has the government it deserves.

  • Lennie Pike

    “The truth is that the leaders we elect are an accurate reflection of who we are as a country.”

    The 20% (or less) determine who the political candidates will be most of the time. The 20% will always take the necessary actions to make sure that candidates like Ross Perot and Ron Paul have zero chance of winning an election.

    The voting system itself has a lot to do with keeping control of who will win elections in the hands of the 20%.

    With control of the MSM, the 20% have almost total control over what the 80% believe about the candidates – it really is a one party system whether even the candidates themselves realize it or not.

    Now there is a lot of evidence of fixed elections.

    The statement in the article may be true, but the PTB have put a lot of effort into creating who we are so that they remain the PTB. If we woke up and demanded election reform and honest elections, the election laws that the 20% have created to protect their power would have to be broken – those laws will never be voted away. Through voting???

  • zoecloe

    Matt……im sorry but your comment is a big bunch of lies……if the Dr. “messed up” like you said he did i would think that you would have sued his pants off and would now be living a comfortable life…..please…please…next time makeup a better lie….by the way….if the hospital dismissed you for the reason you stated that would be a second lawsuit you could file

  • Mean Granny

    Keep in mind that you can’t believe the polls. There have been several news stories (in the conservative press) about how AP and others are skewing and spinning polls. Don’t believe any of them. The truth is that Obama is in deep trouble. I certainly don’t see the republicans as riding to our rescue on a white horse, but we have to get Obama OUT of the White House this fall before we can start any kind of recovery.

  • Phillip Sherwood

    Hey, don’t kid yourselves in thinking Mitt Romney would do anything different. He is just Mr. Obama in a blue shirt

    • Michael

      Yes you are correct.


  • MountainHome

    Finally a realistic percentage of what the average Americans are thinking. The 80% seems more realistic although I would have thought it would have been higher with the high inflation rate. Good article! Thanks.

  • Winston Hackett

    Obama is an awful president. Romney would be awful PLUS be the absolute darling of Wall Street. Santorum would be awful PLUS bring a dangerous Bush-like Cowboyism with him. Gingrich and Paul have no realistic chance (even though they are better than the others), so I would say we are just plain “in trouble” as you said Michael.

  • shabba

    exceptional carpenter 12 years experiance working for 12 $ an hour and i better like it

  • William

    Do not let this Ronnie Raygun trick question get into politics. Yes, the Obummer is a total failure. But, the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush waltzed out of the White House in Jan of 2009, and left cleaning up the Chimp’s disasters to the Obummer. But, the real villians who have destroyed the economy are the City of London’s servants on Wall St. These super rich own the US Congress and delight in ruining your life. If you do not understand that, all the “prepping” in the world will not save you. The Illuminati intend to win, and destroy YOU.

    • knightowl77

      So….the dems have no responsibility for the mess Barry Obummer stepped into 01/09?????

      Nancy Pelosi and the house Dems took control of the House or Representatives in 2007…in that same year Harry Reid and the Dem Senators took control of the US Senate where little whinny Barry was still the Jr Senator from Illinois….They voted for and passed the budgets and the spending bills that GWB signed….If they thought the budget or spending was wrong or bad, they could’ve and should’ve sent GWB different bills…Bush was wrong to SIGN the bills the Dems sent him, but if they were bad bills or policies why did the Dems vote for them in the first place????????? Why…

      and why is GWB a war criminal, but Barry who is killing people in more countries with more drones, while building bases in Africa a peace prize winner??????

      • Gay Veteran

        Obama the Nobel peach prize winner is a SICK joke

        both parties are filled with war criminals

        and now they lust for war with Iran

    • joey

      William, you’re just jealous of the rich and their success. You come across as someone who is unhappy no matter who is president. You’re just miserable…

  • .

    That squares with the fact that 80% of Americans are stupid and lazy.

    • liberranter

      Actually, the appropriate figure is more in the range of 95-99 percent. As I posted earlier, the remaining 20 percent that apparently don’t believe that they’re worse off today than four years ago –or who actually think that they’re BETTER OFF– are just too clueless and deluded to realize how thoroughly ******** they are.

  • ScoutMotto

    I’m better off in one way – the house was not paid off four years ago. It is now. With no more mortgage hanging over me, it frees up funds for other things.

  • grandpa

    I feel better off because theres no one above me worth saving… judgement day is just around the corner.

  • pete

    “Better off” is subjective. We are trained from birth to always grow and to expand in every way possible. Any contraction is viewed as failure or loss.

    Am I “better off” than four years ago? I used to have a job as a designer of power plants and refineries and have been out of work for way over two years…..but the fact is….I am way better off. I found order, time and space to help my elderly neighbors and have peace in my life.

    I knew (maybe felt is a better word) there was trouble bewing a long time ago when it became alright to lie and cheating, theft and larceny became sporting events.

    If anyone’s life has become a shambles, the root cause could possibly be the never ending quest for growth and expansion. Stability is the one thing that NOBODY ever strives for. We always are after the bigger house, bigger truck and bigger paycheck. Adequate never seems to have much traction.

    There’s nothing wrong with working and planning for better…..but those that desire to ride that plume of fire and smoke into the heavens also must be prepared to descend once more into the atmosphere and consequence themselves with gravity and contend with contacting the ground.

    There’s only so long that the forces of physics and economics can be defied or manipulated….then at some point there must be “an equal and opposite reaction”.

  • Note from Idaho

    The Five Trillion was to “fundamentally transform America”.

  • James O.

    My situation as declined steadily since early 2008. At that time, I was a middle-class professional with a good job, benefits, modest home, etc. Today I’m unemployed due to the collapse of the houssing market. I lost my home to foreclosure last year, and have struggled to keep the rest of my bills paid. I’m also teetering on the edge of homelessness. God Bless America huh? I say God Help America!

  • Rocky

    “So where does America go from here?

    That is up to you America.”

    If only that were true. There is no John Galt, and armed revolt would be suicide.

    • Lennie Pike

      I’d bet your last name isn’t Balboa.

  • One of the bubbles that few are even aware of is the “complacency/clueless bubble”, or it’s reverse, the “rage bubble” as I call it. As more and more people go through this hell and start to become informed and politically conscious about what is going on and who is causing it, the closer we come to armed, bloody revolution.

    Young people don’t stand a chance for a fraction of the American Dream, and I pray that they are going to rise up and clear the decks in Washington and the boardrooms of the corporations. It’s time to reclaim our country.

    I hope I’m around to see it.

    • Lennie Pike

      The only way it will be bloody is if members of the U.S. Military break their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and begin to kill innocent Americans.

  • My sister worked for a Catholic hospital in PA. She was hurt on the job. Her workers comp had her see a doctor at the same hospital. She was sent home by the doctor but was called back to work by her supervisor against the doctors orders. She was fired that week for not being able to keep up.

    I don’t hate Catholics but I won’t shake hands with a priest any more than I would a lawyer.

  • Oh! I forgot about the article. If you haven’t gotten some pretty good raises in pay then I don’t see how you could possibly be better off.

  • Gary2

    Add to that this Bloomberg poll in which a slim majority thinks he should lose his job over the Fluke episodes.

    Right wing nuts-you are going down. Rush is the first domino in your demise. We on the sane left are taking back our country. All you can do is sit back and enjoy the ride because we will win.

    Your sickening selfish ayn rand bs is over. there is no I in a team. No one succeeds 100% on their own and its time for the rich to give back.

    We will be taxing the greedy to help the needy. We are all in this together and unlike the selfish disgusting right we on the left recognize this fact and embrace it. In a country as rich as ours there should be no child poverty while the rich continue to get massive tax cuts.

    • john

      Rush is doing fine, it’s you that are going to get the biggest colon cleansing of your lifetime.

      You don’t know it because you cannot see the forest for the neanderthal forhead ridge protruding over your beady eyes. You are a loser putz and it is more evident with every silly assed post you make in these forums.

    • Modern Patriot

      Oh Gary, can you point me toward the news stories of your progressive leaders donating their time and money to the poor and oppressed?



      OH, you can’t? That’s right, I’ve never seen them either. There’s something else you should know, this may come as a shock to you:
      Guess who your buddy Obama has positioned in power throughout this administration? Remember those greedy rich wallstreet types you speak of so often, the ones that you and your comrades so vehemently wish to tax and tax and tax? The same ones you and your comrades elected to take care of and spread that wealth? Turns out he did take care of them. Took care of them really well it turns out. Looks like they have been given jobs left and right, from administration “czars” to lavish ambassador gigs, Obama can’t seem to take care of them enough.
      Looks to me like the “left”; expressed perfectly in the example of Obama, dosen’t really care too much about the poor and oppressed after all. I mean, if they did, surely they would donate their excesses and practice what they “preach”,right? Obama wouldn’t take lavish vacations while the common man looks for work would he? Oh, wait, I guess he will. Well what about that Moore fellow who made all those “documentaries” and characters like Bill Maher; surely they give their excess to those in need. Oh they don’t either? Hmmmmm, looks like somebody’s getting scammed to me. Perhaps you should wake up and start looking at the individual and the scenario on a case by case basis and stop all that “left” and “right” daydreaming.
      Too bad the “left” isn’t all you thought it too be. That is, unless your clinically insane. Oh wait….

  • M. Hapney
  • Greg

    I am better off but our country is not.

    I am better off because I sacrificed and paid off my mortgage while our leaders have mortgaged our future.

    I am better off because I refuse to borrow money while our leaders borrow 40 cents of every dollar they spend.

    I am better off because I can still give to my church and others in need while our leaders waste & spend like there will be no consequences.

  • Rancher

    Our belief is we are not, personally. Daily not much has changed but long term it has changed.

    We can not longer safely invest to get a decent interest return rate to live on. IMHO the risks are at an all time high and the returns are at an all time low.

    Thus we must for go many long term plans and pull back some. It is no big deal but we can see the difference, however for many it is life changing and life threatening. We feel bad for them but we can not do anything about it.

    In truth if we tossed all our wealth at the suffering and homeless we would probably effect some for a few days and then be joining them as the result of the foolish action.

    Much like all of Gates wealth would run the country for a week or two then he would be homeless and nothing changed but for him.

  • knightowl77

    Why shouldn’t the 50% still want to vote for Obammy? He gives them “free stuff” stolen from the productive in our society.
    He has legions of Gary2’s who will vote to rob the producers and give to those who “feel they’re entitled” to other peoples’ money for no other reason than they “think it is fair”….

    If you steal from those who have via the government, it is no different than if you robbed them at gunpoint yourself.

    At some point the sheeple being robbed will say “enough” and Atlas will shrug. Obama and his sycophant supporters are parasites living off of a host that can not and will not support them any longer.

    Time’s Up…..Gary2s’ of the world it is time for you to take responsibility for your own lives and stop pretending that you are victims and powerless to control your lives without the help of the government….

    • Gary2

      He has legions of Gary2′s who will vote to rob the producers and give to those who “feel they’re entitled” to other peoples’ money for no other reason than they “think it is fair

      And I thank you for all your hard work, now shut up and pay your taxes!

      Do you worship ayn rand also??

      What a dolt

  • Nathan

    @Matt. You are lying. You are a liberal shill that is paid to make these random postings that fall inline with the current leftist rhetoric (which for the past month has been: oppose all catholicism because of their resistance to the HHS directive about free contraception and abortives that have to be covered by insurance provided by catholic based institutions … Odd… Since when was contraception an issue – it costs 9/mo for birth control).

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Four years ago unemployment was 4.7%, gas cost $1.85 a gallon and food was 20%-40% cheaper.

    Matt: Assuming I believe you and you are not just an anti-religious bigot I am sorry for your problems. What should your employer done? Should they continue paying you as though you could still do the job? If the surgeon actually screwed up then get a lawyer and no doubt your settlement will be enough to take care of you. If on the other hand the surgeon did nothing wrong and your poor result was just bad luck or health problems unique to you probably your lawyer will still win. So I have to wonder what the truth is…

  • David Gurney

    Civics tests should be a requirement for voting.There are tests for everything else in this country.

  • Rowell

    While I am better off than I was four years ago, I don’t count myself as wealthy. I, like millions of other Americans, would be in a world of hurt if I ever lost my job. I’m not a Middle Class American, I am a Working Class American.

    I have a good job that has allowed me to pay down my loans, and actually put a little aside for savings/emergencies. However, I still feel the pain that the 99% is feeling; every time I fill up my gas tank, or buy food, or fill my heating oil tank. I’ve been stocking up on non-perishables, getting ready for when the bottom finally does fall out.

    It’s pretty sad to see the economy and the country circling the bowl.

  • Trialboy

    Let me get this straight we are to forget the train wreck that Obama inherited from eight years of Bush? Where would we be if GM went under and without the stimulus? While I have not been thrilled with our president I do know that lower taxes and no regulations is a formula for failure. Until the Republicans abandon their failed strategies and come up with new ideas the cannot complain about Obama’s performance

  • E. Stanton

    So vote for Mitt Romney in the upcoming election and then you’ll really suffer if you think its bad now. The GOP has your best interests in mind? Not! GOP will cut food stamps like G. Bush did during his reign.

    • john

      E. Stanky,

      Bush and the GOP did no such thing and you know it. You’re making it up to sound sophisticated, but you come across as a toothless monkey.

  • It’s too late it’s already here

    It is a shame that the wages professional adults in America are working for now full time are the same wages i worked for part time back in the 80’s.
    I made 12 dollars an hour, plus commission, back then to sell electronics, TV’s, stereo systems, portable boom boxes, VCR’s.
    My weekly paychecks were anywhere from 300-400 dollars a week (part time).

    That same 12 dollars an hour today is the bread and butter of many career professionals who are doing a lot more work now, then i did.

    Not to mention that 12 dollars an hour today can’t buy very much, let alone the bare necessities. Sad…. very sad.

    • Gary2

      excellent insite-those jobs that paid decent in the 80″s still pay the same wage today 30 years later. WTF???

      Underemployment is a undereported but huge problem.

      I also made more right out of college in the 1980’s than I do not. Downward mobility sucks.

      Tax the rich spread the wealth.

  • Eva

    Unfortunately, this is the situation that Obama wants. He wants to keep the economy bad, buy votes through government dependency, and then make a smooth and seemingly natural transition to full blown socialism next term. Stop him!

  • I am better off than I was four years ago! I got the best job I’ve ever had 3 1/2 years ago and when the economy gets bad we do better(public transit).I was barely making it as a school bus driver and had two other part time jobs as well. I am one of those who will take whatever I can get for work and work work work, not like the gary2 type, if he is real. I don’t blame Obama for much cause he’s just a pawn like most of them politicans. Except Ron Paul. I’ve been a gun nut since my teens with a prepper mindset all along. It’s a little difficult to balance cost of living, saving a little, and prepping but I’m doing OK. I also need to prep for my pets:) got to go back to work, have a nice day.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Important is Dow and NASDAQ, the American families only needs TV
    and it’s can be free, you can’t change the life, because don’t want to
    change the systems.

  • Robert Bienenfeld

    Also this has a USDOJ and Justice System link, as they want to fill up the Prisons, give money to Judges and Prosecutors, and jobs for Correction Officers. The whole thing is linked…With bad Economy-linked with Justice System 1000%

  • estamos jodidos

    Please don’t blame Mr. Obama. He inherited this mess from GWB, who started 2 unnecessary wars after we were attacked on 9/11. But he inherited failed foreign policy from Clinton, who blew the chance to get the terrorists. And he inherited the mess from GHWB who allowed “regulation reforms”, who inherited it from RWR who stated that deficits don’t matter. And he inherited the failed economy from Mr. Peanut, who declared the Middle East was our backyard and national interest, and he inherited the mess from some guy who did not even get elected, who inherited the mess from a guy who lied and broke the last link to a sound money system, who inherited it from a guy who escalated another un-necessary war, oops police action, who inherited it from another guy, and we can go on back all the way to Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve Act, or to Teddy Roosevelt who un-lawfully usurped power from congress to strenghten the executive branch, and on and on…

    We have a corrupt congress, which is one third of the government, a corrupt judicial which is one third of the government, and a corrupt executive which is one third of the government. We focus on a president only because the constitutional checks and balances no longer are effective.

    The entire stinking rotten mess is only empowered by “WE THE PEOPLE” and now we willingly re-elect these clowns based on what we think they will give us as a personal benefit, rather than voting for who would actually do the best job. We are now so truly painted into a corner that about all we can do is sit and wait for an epic FAIL.

    estamos jodidos

  • George

    In 1971 as a Captain with over four in the Air Force made 12,000.00
    Using the shadow stats reconstruction of CPI I should
    Be making 238,000 today. NOT
    And we lived nicely on the 12,000 my wife did not have to work

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “Please don’t blame Mr. Obama. He inherited this mess from GWB, who started 2 unnecessary wars after we were attacked on 9/11.”

    GWB got us into two wars, one of which was not elective (9-11 attacks and going after A-Q in Afghanistan). Obama has committed us to conflicts/military/intel operations in the following nations – Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Uganda, and probably Syria and Iran (not overtly). Depending on how you count, that is a minimum of 4 – twice that of GWB. So who’s the “War-monger” now? BTW, not one of OBama’s wars was undertaken with Congressional oversight – which is illegal and grounds for removal from office.

    • Nostradamus

      Given the nature of these big event, your ignorance of the facts require me to respond:

      “GWB got us into two wars, one of which was not elective (9-11 attacks and going after A-Q in Afghanistan).”

      Both are elective. Iraq has zilch to do with 9/11 or WMD, and invading that country was not only unnecessary, it was not approved by the UN Security Council and therefore illegal. Given A-Q was supported by the Taliban government of Afghanistan in 2001, going in to overthrow that government was not only legitimate, it was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council. BUT after the Taliban government was thrown out and replaced, staying in as occupation force to in effect fight a civil war for 10 long years is elective. The UN never authorized US occupation of Afghanistan. And the US, being a founding member of the UN and signatory of its treaty, MUST receive its authorization if it wants to invade or occupy a foreign country. This very reasonable relinquishment of sovereignty by every UN member is the outcome of the horrific mess of WW2, when country invaded and occupied as they pleased. US moves in the occupation of both Iraq and Afghanistan parallels that of Hitler moves in Europe during WW2.

      “Obama has committed us to conflicts/military/intel operations in the following nations – Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Uganda, and probably Syria and Iran (not overtly). Depending on how you count, that is a minimum of 4 – twice that of GWB.”

      The Obama administration has not engaged in any military way in Egypt, Uganda and Syria. Zero. Such a move will invite strong response from these countries. It has deployed drones over Yemen, under a Bush Administration agreement with that government to fight A-Q, which Obama continue. Obama has authorized initial air engagement in Libya under NATO forces authorization, which was also approved by UN Security Council. But US engagement in Libya is supportive, secondary and just about ceased after a week. It was France who led and played the principal air/sea & diplomatic roles, supported by UK, Canada, the Netherlands in air strikes. France’s Sarkozy triumphed in his Libya strategy, without getting marred as in the US’s 2 other wars. So Obama involvement in foreign conflicts is just about zero, if you take out the one week in Libya.

      “BTW, not one of OBama’s wars was undertaken with Congressional oversight”

      Obama has not engaged in any new wars. Any such moves will require both Congressional and UN approvals. He did end Iraq military role. He has announced a timetable to exit Afghanistan. But he DID NOT start these and any other wars. He record is zero.

      If you’re going to comment of things like war and peace, know your facts. Else you’re just going to be counted as yet another dumb and brainwashed American.

  • mondobeyondo

    Wishing everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Yes, even to Barack O’Bama.

  • Michael Holack

    Gas prices reached $US 7.25 a gallon this morning – $NZ 2.20 a litre. Laws of gravity will see living standards fall as a consequence.

  • tappedops

    Get over it already… this is not the us —its the north american union, run and owned by the UN and NATO…step outside your door, and your in the wild west… take what you want if you dare and … and,yes do that also—there is no rule of law so let your heart be your guide—good luck…

  • Gary2

    Senator Pam Galloway Resigns Seat On Wisconsin Legislature, GOP Loses Senate Control

    I told you that the right wing is going down HARD. Now we control the senate in WI.


    Ha Ha HA




      Do you really think the democrat wing of the war party is going to save you and amerika?

      Sucks to be a sucker for Obomber. Wait until the predator drones start flying in amerikan skies in your neck of the woods…………

  • mondobeyondo

    Batman and Robin enter the Pope’s restroom in the Vatican.

    Robin sees it first, and exclaims:
    “Holy S..t, Batman!”

    “Yes Robin, I was thinking the same thing!”

  • 200,000+ new jobs per month and 300,000+ jobs lost per month. What am I not seeing here?




      Obomber math. In Obomber land, that translates into a “recovery”…………..

  • Katie Lore

    I’m almost homeless. Through no fault of my own I’d like to point out. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. I don’t even eat fast food unless I have too.

    Four years ago I had a house, car, family, stuff, an IRA, and really everything that people in this country aspire to. I had a great job that I enjoyed so did my boyfriend. Even our relationship was great.

    We didn’t get hit by the economy right away. We were in Katrina damaged parts of the country and there was still a lot of construction going on and the economic boom that comes with it.

    Then I got laid off. Doesn’t seem to matter that I go to interview after interview. I use indeed, monster, craigslist, and newspapers to search for jobs even outside my area.

    Now my boyfriend has passed away suddenly, and his family got everything. I personally have only a living father left, who hasn’t the room but I’m camping in his yard. All my friends say they don’t have the room either. Which makes me wonder just how much of friends they are. Considering if the situation was reversed I have in the past and would open my home to anyone that needed help.

    If something happens to him I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I need to get on my feet and I know that jobs are hard to come by. I’m sick of the people who have jobs saying ‘get a job you lazy bum’. I’m hardly lazy and I’m trying desperately to be employed; not being homeless would be rather awesome in my opinion. I’m not picky, regardless of my degree I’ll pick up trash or clean toilets. McDonald’s, Taco Bell and the other fast food places don’t even bother with a call back. And when I call to inquire about my application it’s always the same, ‘we will call you when we make a decision’. Such a cop-out.

    So no. In my (granted meaningless opinion) the economy is not getting better. To even suggest that when unemployment is so high or the rate of food stamps. Is utter ludicrous at best. I notice that those talking heads on the cable news and radio never seem to mention that the homeless shelters have a higher occupancy level than ever before. Nor would they mention the fact that we have those shelters in abundance now across the country in comparison to the Great Depression.

    I’m getting real tired of hearing how great the economy is doing. When obviously it’s not. All you have to do is open your eyes and see. Business are not coming back yet and foreclosed homes sit empty everywhere. The unemployment rate only counts the people who are getting unemployment benefits. So the people who fall off the unemployment benefits don’t get counted. Because the must have gotten a job, right? Hardly. In fact the homeless in this country are almost never counted correctly. It’s too hard to count them all, or at least that’s the excuse.

    I know it’s meaningless, especially to those who see homeless and immediately have a bias, but that’s my opinion on the current state of our economy. You can count me in the 80%. Only a fool would see this as a recovery.

    • RLP Economy


      After reading your post, I want to see if I can help. I wish I could employee evryone in our nation! The truth is, I will be hiring in the very near future. If this sounds to you like your interested, then leave me a way to get in touch with you.


  • Barn Cat

    I’m self-employed. Four years ago I was making at least twice as much money as I am today.

    • Nam Marine

      Did you vote for the Muslim?

      • bindead awhile

        nam you must be retarded, obongobingo never is/was/will be a moooslim. his mother was jewish. he went to the wailing wall wearing a yid lid. never see him in mecca, did you??

  • A.S.

    Is that Obama promising to uphold the Constitution in the picture? Seems like he only violated every law since taking office–why isn’t he being impeached asap?

  • A.S.

    BTW, he may be “president,” but he will always be a commie sob usurper in my mind.



    More pain! More anguish! More suffering! More misery!

    From the Global Elite and their puppets in the democrat and republican wings of the war party:


  • Jack

    Welcome Comrades! To our Great Society!

  • Mad Max

    Maybe we don’t deserve to be better off. Let me see, when ignore the problems of your government and economic system, chances are you’re going to pay for it.

    OsiXs (Democracy 2.0)

  • Supercloud

    Here’s a fact..ever since right wing or free market economics have been applied in the your averageamerican has been greeting poorer.

    This has been the case for at least the last 50 years.

    The illusion of wealth was created by Easy credit available to all.

    Presidents ,political partys ,politicians cannot creat jobs,it depends on the private sector needing people,it’s as simples that.

    In addition..with increased automation in all buisness sector naturally means fewer people are required.

    Your blaming Obama because he’s black and as usual,because you think your not to blame and your depression

    The global economy is Motrin by black people ,it owned and run by white’s rather pathet

    • Supercloud

      I was just saying its pathetic ..the global economy is not owned ,run,or profits taken by black people,you don’t see millions of white people starving do,thats alliveever seen in my life time..blackpeople starving,imsick of your whinging.Get real

      The chickens are finally roosting where they should,so improvise
      – eat them.

  • Supercloud

    The meek shall other words,if it all goes to hell in hand basket if your poor and you’ve been kept poor..then you’ve nothing to worry about.

  • Supercloud

    The last 30 years was driven by money that did exist..grow up..right wing free marketeers ripped you off..then did you again in the bank bailouts..and guess you righting cannon fodder will vote fort these people again…hoe dumb ..can you be in a lifetime….yes vote for fascist right wing idiots who appeal to bigoted xenophobic traits..and they will skim you again…and again until you grow up.whichwill be never.

  • Four years ago I was employed as a software contract developer. Earned a decent living and had a decent apartment. Once the job market dried up I was without work for almost two years. Instead of standing around waiting for the government handout I went into action. I sold everything I own except what I needed. I moved into my RV and hit the road. With a sailing back ground I learned how to do rigging repairs, picked up some odd jobs. This year I have been hired to work for the season full time at $10 an hour. This is for 22 weeks. My income in four went from $78,000 to around $11,000 a year. I never collected unemployment because I was a contractor. In the old days I looked forward to the four seasons, went skiing in the winter sailed in the summer. Now my boat and RV are survival tools and I migrate south during the winter to avoid the cold. So far the experience has taught me a lot and I am able to survive almost anything. I have actually gotten in better shape physically and mentally. More on my web site about how I have made it since 2008. Inflation is soaring so fast right now and the government debt is over $15 Trillion, that a second recession is in out future, how bad the second will be, who knows…

  • Gary2

    Here with sources is why the right is going down hard. I love seeing the right fail in their destruction of this country:

    When I consider what the GOP wants to do to our country and how much it differs from what Americans want
    for our Country I start to wonder if the GOP really believes in democracy
    The GOP opposes taxing the rich
    The American people want to tax the wealthy
    The GOP wants to eliminate woman’s access to birth control
    The American people want to allow women access to birth control
    The GOP opposes the Dream Act to allow undocumented a path to citizenship
    The American people favor the Dream Act
    The GOP oppose unions for public employees
    The American people favor the right of public employees to form unions
    The GOP wants to ban gay marriage
    The American people favor gay marriage
    The GOP wants war with Iran
    The American People are opposed to war with Iran
    The GOP wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood
    The American People support Planned Parenthood
    The GOP wants less restrictive gun control laws
    The American people want more restrictive gun control laws
    The GOP opposes raising fuel economy standards
    The American people want better fuel economy standards
    The GOP wants to privatize Medicare
    The American people like Medicare the way it is
    The GOP supported the Citizens United Ruling that opened the flood gates to the ultra wealthy and big
    business spending unlimited funds in elections
    The vast majority of the American People oppose the Citizens United Ruling
    So who exactly to the GOP represents? It sure as heck isn’t the American people.

    Email from my OFA group.

    • Gary2

      Michael-you should use this as a guest post by me to give this site much needed balance. We put this together in our OFA (Obama For America) group where we regularly discuss how to defeat the right.

      People think I am wrong and accuse me of not providing sources. Here they are. This is for anyone to use anywhere as we want to get the word out about republicans destroying our country and state of WI.

      did you notice the republicans lost control of the WI senate over the weekend???

  • HA65MPH

    – Unsolvable DEBT all over the world. U.S. $22 trillion and Obama wants to add another $7 trillion, oh boy!!
    – Housing foreclosure bubble to burst
    – Unemployment still high, small business not hiring
    – Lack of lending
    – Nothing being done to help small businesses
    – Commodities going thru the roof
    – Housing sales poor even with 4% mortgages

    Markets will go up till the big boys start the sell off!

  • Nam Marine

    As usual…..NO ONE is paying any attention at all!

  • joe

    I am among the 20 percent who is better off. Since 2007 I went from 20/hr to 100/hr. Right here in the USA. I do not spend, I only save.

    I worked my ass off and took some tremendous risks that paid off for me. Your mileage may vary. Frankly, few people would do what I did. I was desperate because 20/hr with a college degree is really a joke.

    That said, I see suffering everywhere. It is not getting better except for a few. This country is on a fast track to Third World status despite the current stock bubble.

    Hey even for me, 2010 was my best year, 2011 about 8% less, this year another small decrease. However, I did say I was currently at 100/hr and I mean it.

    Note I am well into my silver years but not enough to retire. You need to pay your dues to make this kind of bread. I hope you don’t give up because miracles do happen.


    • Old Man

      Good to hear you earn $100/hr. Do you work for Goldman Sachs? 🙂

      The US, now solidly as 2nd world, is already on the edge of 3rd world. This is because the unimaginable federal/state debt and deficit overhanging everybody. They are still growing uncontrollably, and federal debt will reach $20 trillion in a few years. You can take that to the bank. (Preferably a foreign bank)

      Such is the consequence and folly of living on debt. In the entire history of civilization, no country or people has ever been successful by borrowing. Only by saving. Somehow, Americans came to believe they are immune.

      So yes, pay your due and save. Save big.

    • Kelby

      Are you in the oil business like my dad is? He makes 100/hr, too, in rig building. He’s the only breadwinner in the house, too.

      That said, I, too, know how fortunate he’s been to still have his job. We live in a small bubble town because of this oil economy which is probably booming right now with the rising gas prices. But i dont particularly enjoy the fact that the oil workers are profiting hugely off of other people who live in less fortunate conditions. I know there are so many others who would kill to be in a much better position than they are. I know we’re not immune to it, either – as this economy keeps falling apart, my dad will probably lose his job at some point but when that happens I’ll be there to help him anyway I can. i’ll teach him to grow food and pray for him and all the other poor folks out there. My heart goes out to everyone these days. 🙂

  • racing

    I was 12 years old when, i started going to lions.My mom would drop me off 10.30am, and pick up at 10.30pm.Those times, i wish icould have back.The best ,was C.J Hart,doing his sked on his scooter.It will allways be my memories of Lions ,that will stay with me forever. Thanks to all of you,for making it so great.

  • Steve

    The jobs that have been created since 2009 are temp jobs, part time jobs and full time jobs that pay slave wages. Some outsourced jobs are being repatriated but they are part of a transitional phase to……TOTAL AUTOMATION. U.S. employers (and employers around the world) are going to automate every last single job on this planet to eliminate all wages, salaries, bonuses and commissions along with all human workers. These employers are too savage to realize that they will not be able to sell their goods and services to anyone because there will no longer be any people who have money. The private sector is rapidly taking control of governments who will then do next to nothing to help displaced and unemployed workers. The true unemployment rate in the U.S. is 20-25% and the job creation statistics are lies, i.e. 120,000 jobs created last year consist of temp agency jobs, part-time jobs and jobs that pay slave wages. Last month 150,000 young people joined the work force for the first time- so there was a net loss of jobs. The anti-Vietnam War protests were defused by the end of the military draft (1973) and the end of the war (1975). Today, there is nothing to stop job destruction and wage stagnation – which will only get worse and worse and worse. Consequently, the Occupy Wall Street protests in the U.S. will get bigger and more vociferous. The protests in the Middle East, Europe and Latin America are economic protests – not political nor religous. Left wing and right wing fiscal policies will do nothing to stop job destruction which is caused by the 3rd Indsutrial Revolution. Moreover the politicians are the puppets of big business. They will do nothing to help displaced workers. The world is becoming a tinderbox for the biggest conflagration since the Peasant Rebellions of Europe and China in the 15th and 16th Centuries. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

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