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A Glimmer Of Hope

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If you want to feel better about America, just spend some time in some of the really great small towns and rural communities that are scattered across this country.  Over the past several days, that is exactly what I had the privilege to do.  I have often written about how the “America” that so many of us love is fading away, but in many small towns throughout the United States that “America” is still very much alive.  The truth is that there are millions of Americans that still place a tremendous amount of value on God, family and country.  My wife and I are accustomed to big city ways, and so we were amazed at how friendly and how open the people that we encountered during our travels were.  A lot of times the elitists that run this country look down their noses at those that live in rural communities and small towns, but the reality is that those are some of the greatest people this country has.

Did you know that there are still some Americans in 2011 that do not lock their homes or their cars?

It’s true – my wife and I met some of these people during our travels.  They do not fear crime because very, very little crime ever happens where they live.

Of course if someone does try to rob them, let’s just say that the thieves would be in for some very unpleasant surprises.

My wife and I have also found that people in small towns are so much friendlier.  Everywhere we went people were saying hello and were eager to get into conversations.  We ended up talking with one hotel clerk for 15 to 20 minutes and he shared with us much of his life story.  He was a real “salt of the earth” type of guy and it was interesting to hear his unique perspective on life.  Every summer he makes jam and sells it in the hotel lobby and he encouraged us to stop by the next time we are in town to get some.

But he was not the only one that was extremely friendly.  People were eager to talk to us and were genuinely interested in what we were doing wherever we went.

Also, people sure seemed to smile a whole lot more in these small towns.  They just seemed happier.

This is so much different from what I have been used to.  Most of my life I have lived either in or near big cities.

When I worked as a lawyer in Washington D.C., I took the metro to work every morning.  Often the passengers were crammed into the metro cars like cattle, but most of the time there was absolutely no conversation among the passengers.  Usually it was just dead silence all the way into D.C.

In fact, if you did try to strike up a conversation with someone it usually created an awkward moment.

The truth is that in most big cities there is an unwritten rule that you really aren’t even supposed to make eye contact with people.  If someone tries to interact with you, it is usually because they want something from you.

So is living in a city with several million people really better than living in a town with only a few thousand people?

During our trip, my wife and I stopped in a little community store where they actually had cats for adoption scattered throughout the store.  We also ventured into a pizza parlor that could have been straight out of the 1970s or 1980s.  The floor of the pizzeria was a classic red and white checkerboard pattern and there was an old jukebox sitting in the corner.  It was great.

Today most of our big box stores are so “corporate” and so “sterile” that something gets lost.  When we eliminate the “human element” from everything the world becomes a colder place.

There are still places in America where people will take you at your word.

There are still places in America where people will invite you to stay with them even though they just met you.

There are still places in America where the air is clean, the people are authentically friendly and where the corporations don’t own all the businesses.

The other night my wife and I ordered some food at a “real” family restaurant and it was so much different from what we were used to.

Yes, the decor was a bit dated and the environment was not as “clinical” as you will find in most corporate-owned restaurants, but we had a great time.

I ordered some chicken, and when they brought it out it was not anything like the little bony pieces of chicken that they give you most places.  I had probably the thickest chicken breast that I have ever seen.  There was as much meat on that one chicken breast as there would be on five or six “tv dinner” chicken breasts.

So is small town life preferable?

Well, it is undeniable that living near a big city is much more convenient and most of the good jobs are in or near the big cities.

But as the economy collapses and as society becomes increasingly unstable, do you really want to find yourself in the middle of one of our urban areas?

This is a theme I have been talking about a lot recently.  The following are just a few of the articles that I have put out about the breakdown of society in recent weeks….

*”18 Signs The Collapse Of Society Is Accelerating

*”12 More Signs That Society Is Collapsing

*”Americans Gone Wild

It would be nice if things would calm down for a while, but that is just not happening.

In fact, what have we seen just this week?

A horrifying riot in Vancouver.

Aren’t Canadians supposed to be calmer than us?

You can see video of the shocking riots in Vancouver right here, or you can just view the video below….

Yes, there is nothing new about sports riots.

However, what is new is the level of the violence.

15 vehicles, including two police cruisers, were set on fire.  Windows were smashed and stores were openly looted in front of television cameras.  Police were pelted with rocks and debris.  A huge section of the city of Vancouver turned into a war zone.

And for what?

A hockey game?

So what is going to happen someday when those people have real problems?

Part of preparing for hard times is evaluating where you live.

Do you really want to live smack dab in the middle of a major urban area if we do see major rioting in this country someday?

What happened in Vancouver this week was absolutely mindless.

But thankfully, while all of this was going on my wife and I were also reminded that there are still large numbers of really wonderful people out there too.

Small town America is alive and well.  Yes, huge numbers of families are really struggling in this economic environment, but that does not mean that they have given up.  They still believe in America and they still believe in each other.

Yes, an economic collapse is coming.  But that doesn’t mean that all Americans are going to respond to it the same way.  If you don’t have a lot of faith in the community where you currently live, you might want to take a closer look at some of the truly great small towns scattered throughout this country.

You might just be surprised at what you find.

  • Ian Lucas

    Thank you Michael.

    Speaking as an Australian:

    I keep fairly much abreast of economic and political developments in the US through your blog and others. These blogs tend to emphasize the negative aspects of US economics and domestic/foreign policy. God knows there’s plenty to emphasize, and it’s healthy to emphasize it to clear the head of the usual mainstream spin (much of which is of course peddled by our own least favourite export, the Dirty Digger 🙁 ).

    So it’s good to see a reminder that, alongside all of the negatives, there is so much to admire in your country. Above all, the decency and energy and positivity and generosity and idealism of ordinary Americans. I personally have never met an American I didn’t like and this is true for my friends too.

    I hope that your enormous strengths will be enough to get you through the tough times that indisputably lie ahead, for your own sake and for the sake of the rest of us. Keep sounding that tocsin!

  • DownWithLibs


    I live in one of those towns that you descibed. I have at least one neighbor who leaves her door unlocked, it is not so unusual to strike up a conversation with strangers and almost everyone will hold the door for anyone else and get a nice “thank you”. We do have people moving here from Seattle (hence my distaste for Liberalism) and most people who have lived here their whole lives like me agree that this small “burg” isn’t quite as friendly as it use to be, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else! That brings me to the second part of my post – my utter shock over the Vancouver riots. Like you I was thinking “A hockey game? Really?”, and “What will these people do in the face of a real problem like the Collapse?” Yes, very scary. (I just hope that they don’t start to migrate south or they will end up in my front yard!)

    • Tina

      Could you tell me about your small town? And some other ones?

      I live in Southern California. Even if the SHTF wasn’t going to happen, I want out of this place desperately.

      I am a Patriot and a Prepper. I’m a 55 year old woman who needs out.

      Would your town welcome someone my age?

      • DownWithLibs

        You sound a lot like me..and yes, you would fit right in! I do feel for anyone living in CA. It must be difficult. This town is quite tight-knit and everyone knows everyone. I truly hope it will not change to much in the future. A lot of people I know are preppers. Funny thing – I only found out when someone let it slip! There may be even more than I know. At least I hope so. My town is in the East half of Wa. state. (Also known during elections as the Red half 🙂 ) If you go to Seattle, hop on I-90 and head East about 90 or so miles, you will have numerous Conservative small towns to chose from. I cant really speak for the employment opportunity, but we have no state income tax. Bad news – the housing is still sky-high mostly due to the Seattle retirees moving here in droves. I would guess other areas near here may not be as bad. Just make sure you stop before Spokane. They are getting pretty Liberal and scary too. Almost any where else you go on the East side, being a Patriotic Prepper, you should fit right in. Good Luck!

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Welcome to the real America!

  • Chris Finstad

    I have to agree with you. I love some small towns. What small towns did you visit?

  • Michael

    People in small communities are very friendly indeed. Myself included! 🙂

  • Both of my parents lived in rural America during the last Great Depression. Things were very difficult and the following saying was popular:

    (1) Make do (do the best with what you have).

    (2) Do it over (repair and recycle).

    (3) Do without (many things were simply not available).

  • Phillip

    As a Kiwi living in a small town USA, I can tell you that, this little town use to be really friendly (everything you wrote in your piece) but that was ten years ago.
    In the last few years.
    On the subject of the Vancouver riots, in the next few months New Zealand will be hosting the Rugby World Cup & I hope those riots never happen regardless if the All Blacks make the final or not.
    Peace to all who read this.

    • Randome-11

      Was there a number of newcomers?

  • elohim777

    It’s nice to hear you had a good time, sometimes when one does so much research, it can all get rather depressing. Happy for you that the ray of light, humanity, touched you and your wife.
    God Bless you for all the work you do, I share your page almost daily on my facebook, your articles are excellent and informative, even to a Person in Scotland xxxxxx

  • Hi Michael,

    Greetings from London, England.

    I spent 30 months bumming around America in the fifties and it looks like things haven’t changed in small country towns, other than it was very exciting then at the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll – Bill Haley was in his heyday then.

    I have often blogged that you cannot tell what a country is like by listening to the behavour of Politicians. American politicians, like British politicians, South African politicians, French politicians. I mention these as I have lived in each of these countries and know the people are 100% more pleasant, more honest, more friendly, more honest, than the people who run them.

    One good example was when you hated something the French politicians did and boycotted French products. It hurt the people more than the politicians financially. This makes life difficult for us as how do we protest against a country over an issue caused by politicians, without hurting the people.

    In South Africa, under apartheid, in the country, most of the laws were ignored. For example, when their maximum wage that could be paid in the sixties was £10 a week, the old farmer where we stayed gave monthly presents like new clothes for his employees family, new bikes for them and their kids, and even paid for their kids education.

    I think the answer is to realise that the world is a much smaller place than we realise, but hating politicians is alright. They are the ones causing wars, and other difficulties.


  • SmokeDogg

    Whatever ECB, Come on man…. Most of the Middle American White People are:

    – Slaves to a digital money system that keeps them a debt slave forever.
    – People who have nice vehicles have $8-$15 an hour jobs, and without still relatively easy credit from their small town banks and credit unions that they can barely pay for.
    – Whores who trick themselves out to people they know because their little shit job at Wendy’s doesnt pay very well.
    – Racists or Subtle Racists who think that Blacks and other minorities should be under them in an inferior status.
    – Forced to sell Dope or run Dope on the side, because their little POS job given to them through White Corporate welfare Tax Breaks, and No Worker Rights concessions created by the politicians who sold them out 30 years ago.
    – Economically forced to only shop at Walmart.
    – Always getting pulled over by the cops for the most minor violations causing: fines they cant pay to feed the Criminals on Wall St/Trilateral/Bilderberg, etc.., terminations from jobs due to driving record not being able to be insurable on the evil corporate system, not being hired for jobs because of criminal insurance companies engaging in social engineering and control- requiring you to drive like a grandma and not fight against the machine.
    – Unhealthy because the town industry is a polluter the government brings freedom and liberty to while they take away the rights of the common man. THATS THE LIBERTY CONSERVATIVES SPEAK OF- A LIBERTY FOR BUSINESS AND THE ELITE, A SLAVERY FOR THE COMMON MAN. AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES ARE NOTHING BUT TROTSKYITES WRAPPED UP IN A FAKE “GOD AND COUNTRY” BLANKET.
    – Slaves because Employers Rape and Take Advantage of Immigrant women in small town factories- like the way they used to do to Black Women in the days of Jim Crow.
    – Poisoned by Chemtrails
    – Poisoned by Fluoride
    – Poisoned by Wall St Fake Christian pastors to believe that Capitalism and Imperial Hegemony is compatible with God.

    I’m a Black social worker, I used to work in small White towns in middle America.

    Get into things deeply, not just the propaganda BS people speak to make themselves look good.

    Yeah, minroties in the cities are in near riot, but so is White Small Town Middle America too.

    • Brandon

      Funny, I knew you were a black social worker before you even said so. You want to know why white people don’t like black people? Because anytime something bad happens to you, you say it’s because you are black. Your people literally have a leg up in everything, just because you are a minority. Minority college funds, minority student loans, minority housing grants, etc etc. I agree that governments/wall street have been hijacked by greed and evil. But the difference between minorities in the cities and white small town America is the fact that when the s*** hits the fan, we will stick together, you will kill each other over basketball shoes.

      • Beau

        SmokeDogg (is that like SnopeDogg?) left a very biased and racist and hate filled post, besides not being able to spell “minroties”. And by the way, blacks are not in the minority. What Brandon wrote is right. And how do I know some of these things? I’m a former State Trooper.

        • SmokeDogg

          What did I say that was Racist?

          I was just pointing out observations.

          I used to be a hater against Whites in Small towns. Years ago if El Pollo said what he said, I would have said “Fu-k off dude, small town White people have it easy.” However, that was my inner city person coming out, with little to no experience with White Small Towns.

          Trust me, after years of experience with:

          – Working with people from small towns.
          – Tons of Small town White Poontang.
          – Sitting down and talking with Whites who have inner city like problems, and helping them through these problems.
          – Enjoying the country lifestyle.

          I realized something- Whites have problems too.

          That statement wasnt Racism. That statement was pointing out some observations to address this particular ECB article itself. That statement was to get ECB to go deep into the small towns, and meet people. Get to really know people, and I mean really know people.

          You’ll see.

          Small Town Life is not all roses, ECB.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      SmokeDogg: you make excellent points about life in The Banana Republic of America. Matter of fact, you make some of the same points that the late journalist Joe Bageant (the self-proclaimed “small-town southern redneck leftist”) used to make. Bageant (author of “Deer Hunting with Jesus” and “Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir”) used to argue that white, rural small-town America was among the worst casualties of the country’s economic decline and loss of good-paying jobs, and that life in rural America had become increasingly brutal and harsh. Bageant would argue if you were poor, white and living in rural America, you needed to get damn tough in a hurry because your miserable existence likely consisted of long hours, painfully low wages, no health insurance, and the ugly realization that you’d probably have to work at your crappy dead-end job (assuming you could even find a job) until you dropped dead. Bageant had a lot to say about the white underclass in rural America.

      And I love your point that “Yeah, minorities in the cities are in near riot, but so is White Small Town Middle America too.” The corporatist White Shoe Boys (as Gerald Celente calls them) and banker mafia have left a trail of misery and suffering all over both urban and rural America. And yes, folks in small towns can be hard as hell; as Bageant used to say, you’d better be hard as hell if you’re going to survive in some of these dead-end towns. At this point, the BRA is nothing more than a collapsing Third World Ponzi scheme operated by corporate thugs who have no scruples whatsoever—and the fact is that economic oppression sucks whether you’re an African-American in West Philly or a poor white man in Arkansas.

      To Joe Bageant: que descanses en paz, amigo. Yo te extraño mucho. Un bríndis para ti, guay!

      • SmokeDogg

        Exactly El Pollo, if you look deep into the Malthusian population control agenda, and look deep. You will in fact see that Middle American Conservative Christian Whites (mostly live in small towns) are considered even lower than Blacks on the eugenics scales (It’s mainly because when small towns had wealth White Middle American Christians had the money to travel the world and proseletyze Jesus to the Billions).

        The agenda is to make them dirt poor and dependent on institutions that lead them astray (Government/ Wall St Funded Fake Churches that teach “Cut Welfare for the Jungle Bunnies, Kill them Arabs, Jesus is a Capitalist /Your community who is as dysfuncational as you are- the blind leading the blind) so they wont be able to to have to resources to travel and prosteletyze.

        They want to break up their families and community structures, in the smae manner that occurred in the Black Community. Guess what? It’s working, and in some ways even better than the Eugenics Pogrom they imposed on the Black Community ever did.

        Whether it’s Arkansas or West Philly, the masters are weakening the people for Malthusian Population Control.

        I grew up in Chemtrail (I meant Camden, NJ). There’s Plenty of Chemtrails in the small towns, now.

        The Newest trends going on in small towns right now is Ghettofication, the shops going bust leaving abandoned storefronts is the first sign. There’s also open air drug sales in Trailers and housing complexes (the White Projects) too.

        There are small towns I go to up North that have had abandoned storefronts for 3 years now.

    • Gary2

      well said, esp regarding the POS jobs.

      From a poor white guy (me) in the burbs.

      I have heard poor whites say “I may be poor but at least I’m not black” (or they mostly use the N word saying at least I’m not a N word).

      Of course most of these folks have the IQ of a carrot stick and vote republican who say they will cut welfare for the inner city blacks all the while they make minimum wage at Wendy’s and all their kids are on medicaid. The same medicaid the repubes they vote for will cut. They are so dumb, like I said carrot stick IQ on a good day.

      • Randome-11

        Blame republicans.

        • Gary2

          Don’t worry, I blame these cancerous right wing thugs for everything because if you really think about it they are to blame for all that ills our country.

    • Black&White

      You know smoke dogg, you are falling for the same trap that many lower middle class whites do concerning race.
      You see if the elite, (those with money and power) can convince enough white people that the real class war is between black and white people, then of course the elite will stay in power since most of them are white DAHHHH!!!!
      Now being that you are a social worker, fairly intelligent and you can see the charade, why not put you radical ideas to use and help bring down the wealthy? Wealthy I mean Those making over 500,000 per year by getting blacks and whites to come together.
      You my friend are not doing anything to advance your race or any poor persons cause.

      • SmokeDogg

        I consider Wealthy as someone making $50 Million or more a year.

        $500,000 a year to $49 Million a year= Rich -You cant leave a legacy being rich, but you can being wealthy.

        $200,000-$500,000 a year= Upper Middle Class

        $75,000-$200,000= Middle Class

        $50,000-$75,000= Lower Middle Class

        $35,000-$50,000= Poor

        $35,000 and Below= Slave- Yes, Slavery is more than the definition of Labor for free. If you make less than $35K in this country you’re a nobody with ZERO rights, but the rights they want to give you on that day, that occasion, that second.

        Advance my race, that’s such an Antiquated Statement. Blacks are advanced, even the poor.

        Poor and Slave Blacks are advanced, but just living in Poverty and Slavery. This is 2011- not 1981 when I was born man, get with the times. Poor people all over the world want to follow poor Blacks in America- the world’s most advanced Poor People and Slaves.

        Rich and Wealthy Blacks are advanced, and are starting to become either: society, magnates, and even Barrons. Rich “Society” Blacks like the Obama’s are even more hateful to the poor than Rich Whites are. While Wealthy Blacks like Cosby and Oprah believe in Malthusian Eugenics, and support/finance Malthusian Eugenics Pogroms all over the world. People all over the world want to now follow the Rich and Wealthy American Blacks- some of the world’s most advanced rich and wealthy people.

        Racism is an Illuminati creation. It’s to distract the people while they enact Malthusian Population Control. They get Whites to be Racist to Blacks and Other Minorities, and in response it gets pushed back towards Whites. This continues and becomes a cycle and a blood feud.






      • Gary2

        A very dear friend (black) said that the real war is between rich and poor and has nothing to do with race. Bravo my friend you are exactly right.

        • Gary2

          Somehow my Cookie monster Avatar got disassociated with my e-mail. now fixed.

        • Actually the real war isnt Rich VS Poor Either. Both The Rich and the Poor are brainwashed as well. The Ultimate goal is about power and population control.

          The Population Masters have a plan for the next Amero Centered Economy to bankrupt the rich, and make them poor and weak so they can be killed off as well.

          The old Money is behind this VS the New Money.

          The Old Money are the masters and the New money are the slaves too. Believe it or not, if we can talk to as many New Money rich people as possible to let them be abreast of this agenda, many will come around and finance our opeerations.

          They want the world’s population reduced to levels of 500 Million to 1.5 Billion. They want to kill off 7.5-8 Billion people (hint of the future 2030s date of the endagme).

          This will include many rich who are: Christians, who dont beleive in the agenda, who want to help save the global population, etc…

          While we are distracted by Race and Rich VS Poor, they continue to chemtrail the air, fluoridate the water, and starve people via poverty and high commodity prices. etc…

          This is about the species folks.

    • digger

      Why is I find most black folks more racist than others?
      I am a white male 47 yrs old who grew up in a all white smalltown in central IL.
      There have always been racist tendancies purely because of ignorance on my part until I could see for myself.
      So am I racist,yes in many ways but there are worthless blacks and there are what I call worthless whitetrash too.
      And there are good-as-they get blacks and whites.
      In the end we will all have to get along or we all die the same ugly deaths.
      It is always what the whiteman has done to you.
      What the whiteman did to the indians was far worse than anything we did to your ancestors or you today.
      I was told many years ago you are racist if: there is a lineup of men,the 3rd is black and the other 9 are white.
      Someone asks you who stole the money?
      You say it was the black guy and not the 3rd guy in line.
      If you said number 3 you are supposedly not racist but if you said it was the black guy you are racist.
      I have seen more reverse descrimination than vice versa.And mostly in govt.
      I have heard people scared they would lose their job,the next guy says I’m safe because there is a black under me and they wont fire him or her so I am safe.
      Now that is a crock of crap too.
      Very similar to unions vs companies…first it was companies with no worker safety and wages…then unions taking advantage of companies and govt to a point where we are today with bennies!
      It just never ends…..or will it…then what will we have…well for starters a smaller population but the same idiots running it as before unless we do something to change it in the middle of our collapse…????

  • ScoutMotto

    Anyone see the TV series Jericho? Granted it’s TV, but this show was what looked like a plausible scenario for a small town that pulls together to survive a contry-wide nuclear disaster. I have more faith in the small towns hanging together in disaster than I do in how the big cities turn out.

  • Nine years ago, my husband and I moved our family out of Seattle to a small town because we didn’t want to raise our child in a big city. We now live in a small town close to the pacific where one doesn’t have to spend a ton of money for entertainment. We don’t lock our doors, and knowing now what I know about the collapse, if I still lived in a big city, I would be looking to move to a small town pronto. One does NOT want to be locked in the rat cage when SHTF.

  • RevBryan

    Well said Michael. Small and even medium size towns are indeed much more stable places than the unpleasant urban areas of this country. Faith, family and friends are the positive factors for our more relaxed state of mind. In our Judeo-Christian faith, we have confidence in the future because we have entrusted it to God. In our family life there is a familiarity and sense of belonging that upholds us. And our circle of friends— in some parts of the lower South, there is hardly a person you do not know of, or have not met in passing. For many of us here in the South, relationships matter.
    Thanks for the post.

  • Zedge Hero

    Small towns might end up being the last hope of America, no, actually they will be the last hope of America. Good luck everyone, here is my weekly newscast about the World Revolution amogst us.

    • Ben Dover

      Small towns will not save USA, but they will do better than large cities after the breakup of USA.

  • Jeff

    I agree, some of the finest people in the USA live in suburban areas. I am also a city dweller, but I love to get away and spend time in the REAL USA.

    I spent a few months in the Little Rock area. The people in the surrounding communities are among the best in the world. There is a little hometown restaurant in Scott, AR called Cotham’s Mercantile. The food is excellent, and the atmosphere takes me back in time.

    Thanks for a positive posting this morning.

  • whtmtngirl

    I live in one of those small towns. Not only do we not lock our doors, but we also wave to each other as we pass on the road, friends and strangers alike.

  • josh

    i recently moved to a small town of 8000. people do seem more friendly than the city of 300,000 that i was living in.

  • Sam

    I happen to live in one of those small towns. Unfortunately, not everything is “Mayberry RFD” here. Our home was nearly robbed (we were home, and I had my Glock out whilst I dialed 911). One also has to be quick in bringing in one’s mail, as robber’s have hit our box TWICE. Also, there are a lot of federal “workers” here, people who, because of the current administration, are starting to throw their weight around. I’ve had two incidents where I’ve nearly had to “slap leather.”

    Despite the drawbacks, I’m just glad I’m out of that hellhole called California. Also, I am glad to see that, despite the bullying of the federal trash, that their day is coming, soon.

    • Otown Right Guy

      Sounds like Democrats have moved in to your small town and ruined it. They have a way of doing that. They vote for lefty politicians who implement lefty tax and spend policies, which naturally bankrupt and destroy. Then they move on to the next place. South Florida has been ravaged by New York liberals and third world vermin. Central Florida is almost as crime-ridden thanks to the same. Of course, there is Cali, Illinois, etc. The best example of Marxist (Gary2) type destruction is Detroit.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    I’ll preface this by saying that I love big cities to death. Some of my favorites include Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Montreal, Chicago, London, Paris, Edinburgh and New York. And I really enjoy living in Philadelphia, problems and all (some parts of the city are great, although I’ll be the first to say that there are many parts of Philly where I wouldn’t walk alone even in broad daylight). Even though Philadelphians have a reputation for being rough around the edges, I find a lot of the folks here to be relatively friendly. I’ve gotten into some nice conversations with strangers I’ve met in Rittenhouse Square just hanging out on a nice summer afternoon. Of course, some cities can be overwhelming even to a hardcore urbanite (Naples, Italy makes Manhattan seem placid by comparison).

    All that said, these are perilous times we’re living in—and I do mean perilous. The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA) is rotting, collapsing and decaying on so many levels. And when the you-know-what hits the fan, all hell is going to break loose in American cities. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it (to quote Gerald Celente once again)—and the amount of civil unrest and violent crime we’re going to be seeing in BRA cities will be horrifying. It will make the L.A. riots of 1992 look like a picnic. And I’m not sure that small towns in the BRA are necessarily going to be all that safe either; some small towns in Mexico have plenty of narcoviolencia y secuestros (narco violence and kidnappings).

    So, to summarize, whether you prefer small-town life or urban life or suburban life, be nice to your neighbors. You just might need them when all hell breaks loose in this collapsing empire known as The Banana Republic of America (formerly the USA).

    • Gary2

      Thanks for your good insight. I always enjoy your posts. I had never heard of Gerald Celente before you talked about him on a prior post last year. Since then I get his quarterly newsletter (for free as I am poor-he gave me a comp subscription) and I regularly download his commentary on you tube. He is right on. Thanks Gary2

  • Mike M

    What a great change of pace article. Living myself in a small town outside of Orlando I know exactly what you’re talking about. People are friendly and good to each other and locking the doors is more a habit than a necessity. My wife never locks her car at home and we’ve left our garage door open overnight more times than I’d like to admit.

    When the economy goes south I’m going to be very happy to be far enough away from a big city.

  • My “home” city is Vancouver with an average house price of around $1 million CND or USD! This video goes to show that people are not that different anywhere in the world. Even those “civilized” Canucks can be rowdy. And over what? A stupid hockey game? What this shows is that the the masses are really too depressed and have to live their lives vicariously through sports teams, movie stars, pop stars, etc. When the real shit hits the fan like in Greece, Ireland, Spain, etc., what are the “civilized” people of the West going to do?

  • Gary2

    I think I have been sloppy in my tax the rich creed. I do not simply mean taking money from one person and giving it to another.

    Let me be more specific: We need to focus more on labor and less on capital.

    1. Stop almost all-legal immigration and deport all illegal and fix the border. This is a tax on the rich as all immigration depresses wages and this benefits the rich.

    2. Stop the wars of choice. This is a tax on the rich as the military industrial complex etc gains from war.

    3. Refocus the fed on their full employment mandate as opposed to only focusing on inflation. This would be a tax on the rich as most people are in the labor and not the capital (wall street etc)

    4. Pass the employee free choice act to give labor more power. Unions will force higher wages and employers will need to pay them as the illegal unskilled people will not be here to exploit (also see #1)
    This would be a tax on the rich. Higher wages would be spreading the wealth.

    5. Stop the insane free trade agreements. This would be a big tax on the rich and would spread the wealth to many poor.

    6. Demand corporations interests be subordinated to the countries interests. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    7. Have a more robust social safety net similar to Europe-4-5 weeks mandatory vacation. Much longer maternity leaves etc. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    8. Single payer health care. No explanation needed.

    9. Stop corporate welfare-no more rules like the gov not negotiating drug prices for Medicare etc.

    10. Remove cap on taxable SSI but exempt the first $10,000 from SSI tax. This would be a tax on the rich and would spread the wealth.

    11. Tax capital gains as ordinary income but exempt the first 50,000 from any tax. This would be a tax on the rich and spread the wealth.

    12. Break up the too big too fails. No explanation needed.

    13. Public funding of campaign’s for political office/ban or severely reduce lobby influence. They need to represent us and not the people who fund campaigns. This would be a huge tax on the rich and would hugely spread the wealth.

    14. Enact a national labor policy so states cannot compete in the race to the bottom. It is no help to the country to take jobs from one state and move to another to pay lower wages.

    15. Repeal all bush tax cuts and add additional tax brackets for the upper end i.e.: over 1,000,000 and over 10,000,000 etc. Top marginal rate should be 60-70 %. Close all offshore tax haven loopholes etc. This is a tax increase on the rich. Additional revenue can be used for the social safety net. This would be spreading the wealth.

    I have no doubt we can agree on some if not most of these tax the rich and spread the wealth ideas and can at least move ahead in addressing the inequality of wealth and income. Even advancing SOME of these would put us on the road to recovery. I would think that the rich would be better off having a smaller slice of a growing economy rather than a large slice of a stagnant economy.

  • Gary2

    I totally agree with the small town these. I work in Milwaukee which is the biggest city in WI and many of my older customers can’t wait to retire and move up north. If you have ever been to northern WI it is wonderful. Back when I was making family supporting wages at my last good job we vacationed on Madeline Island in Lake Superior. Now that’s peace and quiet and safe. Also no shortage of water, ever!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Please any of you who do decide to move to small towns, don’t simply try to take over with your ‘idea’ of what the place should be run like. After all, you just left a city which was run into the ground, and you voted for the people who did it, right?

    We small town folks want your advice like an extra hole in the head, okay?

    By all means come and join civilization, but don’t bring us down to the level of what you are leaving, or we all lose.


  • Worried

    Sure, those towns exist(for now). I happen to be in one of them now. It’s a nice change after almost 12 years in Miami. But as you mentioned, I am also facing a very difficult situation as a result. The company I was working for in Miami went under, and at 40 years old with limited education and work history, I was nearly unemployable and had to leave Miami. Now, I’m in one of those “small friendly” towns…..and perhaps even less employable. Those small towns have little to offer. But how am I going to explain that to the Gestapo child support agencies? Surviving now basically on loans. When that well runs dry, suspended drivers license (thus ending my ability to get a job if one could be located) then jail, I guess. Yeah, there are lots of good people/places out there, I see them everyday. But it won’t be enough to change what’s ahead, I’m afraid…

    • Ben Dover

      I have mixed feelings about the present child support system. Divorced women should not be destitute, but why should a man become enslaved when his wife finds a boyfriend who only tolerates a child because he gets a large portion of that child’s father’s paycheck?

  • Syrin

    While I agree with the danger of urban areas, the country people face a new set of problems. Namely organized home invasion which has become MUCH more prealent as of late. Those isolated homes make for easy pickings by an organize group of thieves.

    I read an article the other day saying that in nations who have had serious economic driven uprisings (Zimbawe, Argentina, etc.) that the safest places were gated communities. Now few have that option, but the point was to have a clustered group of neighbors that managed to look out for one another. Isolation was bad as was being unprepared.

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Syrin: In Spanish, there is a saying “la jaula de oro.” That means “the golden cage,” and in many Third World banana republics, the rich live in golden cages because once they leave that protected environment, they are up against the harsh reality of kidnappings, carjackings and armed robberies. And you’re absolutely right about the violent home invasions, which are common in rural areas of poor banana republics. It’s much easier to get away with a crime when there are no witnesses around.

      Those “jaulas de oro” are a fact of life in places where there is no middle-class—only a filthy rich minority and a dirt-poor majority. Sadly, that is where we’re heading in the BRA.

  • mark

    I too live 10 miles outside of a town of about 3000 people. We do not lock our doors. The nearest neighbor is about 1/2 mile so who would hear the glass breaking in a window if the door was locked. At least if someone did come to steal, I wouldn’t have to repair a broken window or door. Yes people still wave to each other and still open the door for others at the Post Office in town. But things can change very quickly if a collaspe happens and food is not available. There is a lot of drug and alcohol abuse in small town America. A lot of welfare checks and subsidized housing are out here. The can do it myself spirit is fading here too. Since the price of gas went up a few years back, fewer cars are on the roads so things are slower. Hunting season is slower as there is less trafic to look for the bucks and bulls in the weeks before the season opens. Some neighbors out here are starting think about what we all might do to help each other out if a collaspe happens. People that are hungry will not be nice. We can try to help some, but we will not have the resources for much more than family and neighbors. We will have to have 24 hour guards to keep our livestock from disapearing. Things will have to shake out in town and you can’t trust the dopers. In the end the hope would be that the town folk that are left will want to work with the folk that own the ranches and farms to work together. We will need to pray a lot and hope for the best. What ever do not rely on the government for support. They are broke. The more that take the time to prepare now before it hits the fan, the better off we will all be. So prepare now, stock up some food and water so that you won’t be part of the thugs on the streets looking for something to eat and using violence too get it. Be in a position to help others that would be good if they are not hungry. Remember that hunger can bring out a lot of bad things from people that would usually be nice.

  • Maria


    This is a breath of fresh air! I can almost hear the collective deep breathing of everyone reading today’s blog. LOL.

    I’m a city girl gone country. Five years ago my family and I made the big move, and we are living proof it can be done. Moving from city to country was like moving to a different planet!

    The kids thought they were GOING TO DIE without fast food and pizza delivery, the malls, and a movie every weekend. Nay, nay, nay! After a year out here we even turned off the cable. Who the heck has TIME for television after feeding animals, cleaning barns, mending fences, weeding the garden, homeschooling (we are on summer break) or canning? When we finish our work for the day, the kids would rather play in the pool or jump on the trampoline than watch tv.

    I have to admit, the girls and I aren’t so keen on the extra cleaning that is necessary out here, but the boys THRIVE on the extra work. What is it with men and tools…especially power tools! Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate with the project schedule (which has a slightly nasty effect on my husband’s disposition). But they always come in for dinner with smiles on their faces and some funny story to tell about the day’s work.

    Yes, we still have movies thanks to Netflix. And once in a great while, my husband brings home take out pizza. Instead of shopping in the malls, we shop our favorite stores online and love the sales in their overstocks.

    Do I miss living in town? There ARE moments…

    Would I move back? It would be like moving to another planet.

  • greg L

    We can find good news every now and again. Google hubble images. Now that’s taxpayer money well spent.

  • Darien

    This country is doomed.
    Christian patriots like myself are like a small army of ants taking on an elephant.
    Our criminal government leaders and business leaders do not do anything that we wish. Nothing makes sense anymore. We are almost powerless fighting against globalism and the new world order.
    Everything seems to get worse, never better.
    Blame also the typial American idiot, the guy who only cares about his pickup truck in the driveway, beer in the fridge and ball games on TV. Its these same people who defends free trade and the filthy rich while they are living like paupers in trailers.
    I guess its the end times!

    Isaiah 5: 20

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  • stacy

    we are moving out of florida in one week to upstate new york. going back to the 10,000 person town i grew up in. my parents grew up their and so did their parents and grandparents. it is the strangest thing – when we visit there in the past the neighbors of my parents talk to me like they just saw me last week even though i haven’t lived their in 20 years. in one afternoon, i know everything that is going on in their lives and they know everything in mine. then we go back to florida and i kindly wave to my neighbors of 10 years – don’t know their names or anything about them. i can’t wait to get my kids into a small town environment where people actually care about the well being of each other. we might not make as much money, but the advantages outweigh that.

  • CapitolWasteland

    I was liking your blog (for the most part) until you busted out the tired “small town life is so much better” canard. No, it is not. You are wrong. You’re actually part of the problem, now that I really think about it.

    • digger

      There is one in every crowd likely a liberal democrat with a government job on the chopping block shortly.
      Probably goes to rallies with a sign,Raise My Taxes,Please!
      Do you have to justify your job to yourself everyday by changing the rules to look good,which in turn costs us more and more?
      Do you drive a Prius and blame volcanoes for greenhouse gas too?
      Sorry but if you are’nt helping anything YOU are the problem!
      This article was a very nice break from what we are always reading here.
      If we still had small town ethics and morals we would not be needing a site like this one!
      I go to work everyday with morals and ethics.
      My word is my bond!
      If I break my word and I am only one who knows this,I WILL KNOW THIS!
      Your word is the only thing in this life that cant be taken away from you,but you can give it away!
      I am a smalltown person who wouldnt give a plug nickel for big cities.
      We are friendly and helpful but there comes a time,in the near future I fear we will have to fend for ourselves or die!
      So if you come my way in a crisis having not prepped in any way…..well I will fire a friendly bullet at your feet….and the next one,if any will be up to you!

  • justamom

    Dear Michael,
    You are describing my hometown! I love it here—a great place to raise a family. We don’t have big fancy restaurants, a movie theater, or a bowling alley. But we do have wonderful neighbors all around us who go to church regularly and would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. They’re the kind of folks who come to your rescue when there is a wildfire or tree down or a tornado. They also just appear on the doorstep with a homemade pound cake, looking for a cup of coffee and an afternoon chat.
    I rarely lock my car doors or my house doors during the day. There is very little crime in our area. I have actually left my purse in a shopping cart at a local store and returned a few hours later to discover it had been turned in at the customer service desk— with all the cash still inside it.
    We are 1 hour from a large city where my husband works and 3 hours from Atlanta GA. We can get to either city whenever we need or want to.
    New neighbors moved here recently from CT. The husband commented how shocked he was that the Wal Mart cashier smiled at him and people around him said, “Please” and “Thank you.” I said, “Welcome to the south.” We are hospitable and we love good conversation over home-cooked meals.
    Come for a visit, Michael. My whole family would love to meet you! You and your wife just might decide to put your feet up and stay a while. You would be welcome!

    • Michael

      Thank you very much.

      Right now we live far away from Georgia, but if we are ever down there we would love to stop by.


  • Kb

    Yep, our small towns around here used to be really, really great until the powers that be started shipping Detroit’s prisoners up to our small town jails and then releasing them into our small town communities. Guess how that’s turning out so far? Used to keep the doors unlocked, not so much anymore. Not to mention that you can definitely tell the tourists from the locals just based on the fact that most of the tourists are ruder than you know what.

  • Mick

    I live in a small town in Germany, moved here with the better half (who is German, I’m Kiwi) about two years ago for the purpose of getting out of the rat race and off the grid just a little, and I have to say for a city slicker like myself there has been a fair bit to adjust to. People want to know a lot more personal things about you (fire off very direct personal questions which I’m just not used to being asked that directly), can be very nosy and gossipy, stare a lot (if they don’t know you, you can tell they’re trying to place you or take a mental “snapshot” to remember you by – though Germans have a bit of a thing with staring in general anyway so may not apply so much to elsewhere), and I find particularly younger people to be a touch cliquey (ie used to the same people they grow up with, used to their own ideas and way of thinking and not really interested in too much of the world outside where they’re from – in a word, insular, perhaps).

    There are of course plenty of benefits. People keep an eye out for each other, and as such crime can never really get too bad. The air is cleaner, the local produce is fresh and healthy and tastes great, and at least for me, even if I want to visit a bigger city it’s not too long a drive.

    So there are definitely positives but for someone who has spent their life in a big city, definitely some adjustments to make. The complaints are not necessarily “bad” things as such, eg many people would consider it good to have others take an interest in you rather than just be an anonymous person in a big city where you largely get left to yourself. It’s just what you’re used to. And I’m sure from country to country (and culture to culture) there are pretty big differences too.

  • Crystal

    I plan on moving to a small town in the future. I grew up in one in the 70’s and it was safe. I truly miss that feeling of safety.

    Right now I live in a city near a major metropolitan area. I would like something similar as you describe in the article, especially when the economic collapse occurs.

    • digger

      Your plan to move better be quickly.
      The timing of our collapse could begin this year.
      Who knows but waiting could be catastrophic!
      I read these sites months ago and one stated “when the MainStreamMedia gets on board time is nearing”
      Well the MSM just got on the train!
      So hold on!
      It might get a bit bummpy.
      We have 2 choices,1) more QE and hyperinflation or 2)a deep depression making the 30’s look like Didney land and yes that was didney not disney as Dayman Wayans said it.

  • Gary2, “Have a more robust social safety net similar to Europe-4-5 weeks mandatory vacation.”

    Apparently you have no idea what “safety net” means in terms of politics! It has nothing to do with vacation!

    How about ENDING the Fed instead of changing its “mandate”. I mean, REALLY.

  • Jean

    I mostly lived in large cities when I was younger but have lived in 2 rural places since 9/11… mainly because it made me feel “safer”. Yes, there are parts of many cities that are out of control with crime and very hazardous places to live.

    Unfortunately however, in some places there is an element (criminal) in these small towns and the back country that ruins things, as someone mentioned home invasions. I would unfortunately have to caution people against being overly idealistic in their expectations… and still take precautions to protect yourselves and your families.

    The first rural place I lived was in a small mountain town in S. California (Alpine, San Diego County). While the town itself seemed very safe most of the time… (that was until a horrible wildfire that destroyed 1/3 of the town)… but the town NEXT to us (a much smaller town, Harbison Canyon) was well known locally as a place mostly inhabited by meth addicts. Similarly there was an Indian reservation in town with a lot of meth addicts and alcoholics. When we had a wildfire and the electricity went out for 2 weeks, there were problems with these meth addicts coming into our town and trying to rob people. There was also at least 1 incidence of home invasion with a severe beating and robbery. There were other times when (because we were too close to the Mexican border) when there were serious problems with illegals.

    I also have heard that parts of New Mexico (up in the mountains again very small towns) have a lot of crime, mostly drug related. Parts of PA. the same. Parts of western North Carolina the same… and have you all just forgotten those drug cartels coming up from the border?? VERY dangerous bunch of people who seem to especially like rural places where they can hide out and where the law enforcement may be less well funded and less sophisticated.

    This is in addition to the problems some areas face due to various natural hazards (fires, floods, dams that can fail, bears, wolves, mountain lions, snakes, alligators, etc.) and so I would be careful where ever I live.

  • PaulF

    Gary2, notwithstanding my concentrating on the negative, I agree with many of your points.

    I also live in Milwaukee. Please don’t make eye contact if we pass each other on the street.

  • HerrLT

    This article brought a smile to face. Very nice change of pace but unfortunately these small towns are but tiny islands of hope in a sea of filth. These are amazing times we live in. Honestly, if you step back and look at the big picture, it is like watching a tsunami approach you while standing on the beach unable to move. Continue the articles and keep fighting the good fight, Michael!

  • James

    I recently moved to a rural town after being in Baltimore City for many years. I was shocked at strangers waving when we would drive by them on the sidewalk and cashiers smiling at the local non-national grocery store, saying hello when we checked out. These things are non-existent in the city, at least in the one I lived in. The anger runs under the city like the river Styx. One tends not to speak with neighbors, not make eye contact with others, and not take shit from anybody. I threw hands a few times with various miscreants that would not take their mischief elsewhere. I am not proud of that but I had no choice.

    Collapse will come slowly at first, in stages. Prices of everything will rise, gas will become harder to come by, and unemployment will get worse. There will be violence and it will start in the cities. Whomever is left will trek to the rural areas in search of sustenance and souls. I’ll be waiting, as will these good rural folk.

  • Davey Jones

    I live in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, we lock our doors out of habit, but never our cars. We do chain lock our ATV’s because they are dope heads item of choice for quick theft and cash.

    Now the majority of people here commute to the larger towns and cities for their jobs, 45min to 1hr30min ‘one way’. That is allot driving but you do what you gotta do. Now as for the local jobs, they are low paying except for Sheriff and County Executive. The politics over the school board is intense, borderline insane. These folks take these positions very seriously because of the perks of helping their friends and family get the few local jobs working for the county and the small town in the center(county seat). Cronyism and Nepotism are the natural laws governing the very heated local politics.

    This doesn’t effect our loyalty to our neighbors. Neighbors who may not ‘get along’ with each other over some petty reason will quickly unite and defend each others children or property if an ‘outsider’ is found ‘stealing or vandalizing’ and everyone knows what to say, even the children “they were coming right at me, I felt threatened….I had to shoot ’em”.

    Everyone is armed, even the little old church ladies-they pack 45 magnum revolvers right in their purse next to their bible. I wear a Glock at all times, even when I’m working, or mowing the lawn. Packing a .40 caliber Glock is no different than having a pocket knife to us. But we don’t threaten people with them, like most people who carry, I often forget I even have it on me.

    I do not shop at Walmart, because of the causes they support(I won’t elaborate as not to sound xenophobic or homophobic but you get my drift). Last I checked, I’m an American and am entitled to my opinion even if it doesn’t fit the politically correct prison cities on the East and west coasts.

    We will help our neighbors if we can, but our neighbors know there are limits to what poor people like themselves can do. We are friendly to strangers if the strangers are friendly to us. We welcome tourists and enjoy their enjoyment of our surroundings(it is quite beautiful here in Kentucky, just ask the Queen of England, she comes here more than most any other place on the planet, LoL. What I mean is, it is scenic and the creeks and trees and animals are thick as it gets, second only to the equatorial tropical jungles. Especially when the leaves turn colors in the fall. People drive hundreds of miles to see them.

    Allot time tourists seem hesitant or slightly nervous when we speak to them in a neighborly fashion, they do seem to suspect that someone wants something from them. It usually takes them some exposure and a couple of days to become comfortable with our openness and straight forward ways. Now not every local is friendly, we have our alcoholics, our drug addicts, and our share of people who regularly have ‘bad days’ and act like everything and everyone is a aggravation(they are the exception, not the norm).

    I live in such a rural area, tourists seems to calm instantly when they see us talking on a smart phone or texting someone while wearing dirty work shirts and driving noisy beat up pick-up trucks or riding an ATV. We do have allot of gates up to keep horses and cattle inside the fields, so it isn’t ‘wide open’ country. The ‘private’ part of private property is very important, mainly because in-laws will try to claim property or numerous divorces split properties up and create situations for feuding.

    We hunt and fish like were getting paid to do it, they really are addictive activities.

    We do have discussion about, transients coming around when the SHTF, and how we will handle it, ideas and opinions are all over the board, some more extreme than I will mention nor ever take apart of. City dwellers cannot expect to come to our rural areas and expect hospitality from us when the same currency collapse and economic meltdown cripples even our day to day operation. It won’t work and we can’t accommodate them, no matter how much we would like to.

    The police state has effected our larger towns more so than our local towns which essentially answer to the high sheriff. And our Sheriffs are elected out of well known families and are themselves normally farmers or former coal miners(seriously). Our judges are mostly fair, and our courts only have one major problem-outside regional prosecutors who commonly lack local mores and decency. What can you do. lol?

    I hope this gives a little insight into small town pros and cons.

  • Johnny Paycheck

    I thoroughly agree that big cities are the worst possible places to be in the event of economic societal collapse. However, I think many commentators on this page are being just a tad naive and idealistic. Medium and small size towns now have many of the same problems as big cities. Just less so because, obviously, there are less people. I grew up in various towns around Indiana that ranged from tiny (1,000 people), to small (10,000) to a medium sized town (Bloomington) that went from having around 40,000 people when I moved there to nearly doubling in size a decade later. By the time I moved from Bloomington there were gang related crimes and shootings and every month you read about meth labs being discovered and busted all around the county. As of late, Bloomington is back in the news because a girl has gone missing and in a separate story the cops broke up the largest illegal pornography ring in U.S. history which was based there.

    Small and medium sized towns are definitely preferable, but if it gets as bad as this blog predicts, it won’t matter where you are. It’s more important that you are close to a large network of friends, family and people you can trust.

    • mondobeyondo

      Well, being one of the residents of a particular large desert burg in the southwestern USA, my options would be rather limited.

      There are no harbors or ships. (Middle of the desert, remember?!) One major international airport. A couple of interstate highways carrying lots of Wal-Mart and Home Depot tractor trailers, some railroads to bring in everything else, a couple gas pipelines, and one major nuclear power plant that’s downwind from the city. Now THAT was a great idea, huh? You can never have enough uranium and cesium… ewwww.

      If some terrorist type person decides to blow up the railways and gas pipelines, clog the highways with fleeing people, and disrupt the power grid – we’re screwed.

  • Johnny Paycheck

    Also, I advise people to read up on the economic collapse which occurred in Argentina a decade ago. All of the most horrific and violent crimes happened in rural and remote areas.

    Once the cities collapse, the sociopaths and criminals who inhabit them will start looking for food. They will look to the countryside because that’s where the farms are.

    • Gary2

      This is a wonderful book. I also heard him on an interview and if you can get past the broken English it was also very good. You can fiend it on you tube and download it with you tube down-loader and convert to MP3 to listen in the car or iPod.

      If you do not know about YouTube down-loader Google it, lets you download anything from you tube and convert into various formats(FLV,mp3,mp4 etc etc).

      I usually don’t promote programs but this one is invaluable.

  • Mikey

    Left the big city for rural NE Fl 6 years ago and will never look back. Kids have more and better friends, we get to fish and hunt whenever we want to and I have a 2000 sq ft garden. Most people here would give you the shirt off their back to help out. Love it.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    I live in a small city in Iowa. We have a collective gardening club in my neighborhood involving 8 households, all adjacent to one another. We help each and often share with each other the produce we grow and preserve. We’ll work together when the collapse comes.

  • Heady

    author: what is a “small town” for you? and how many thousands do you mean when you say “a town with only a few thousand people”?? because in my small country, there is not a town with a million people or so. thank you for your answer 🙂

  • mondobeyondo

    We’re already in a depression.

    That should be obvious to everyone whe is part of the middle class, has been laid off, or unemployed for 1-2-3 – OR MORE!!- years by now.
    And yes – there are people out there who have been unemployed for more than 3 years. How do they make it? Hell if I know. Dumpster diving, I suppose.

    Part of it is pride. i.e. “I’m too good to work at McDonalds”…”14 years of IT experience, I’m not gonna work at Mickey D’s”…… The rest of it? I don’t know. Don’t ask me, my crystal ball is broken.

    The real surprise is that the mainstream media is surprised..

    People in 1930 and 1931 thought their economic crisis was just a temporary blip, too…. Uh-huh.

    Yes, this is a depression. It’s hidden, because people don’t see long bread lines. Instead, they don’t see the long lines of SNAP card holders. (SNAP = Supplemental Nutritional Account Program – i.e. food stamps.)

    The traps are being set. Just don’t get your legs caught in one of those.

    • mondobeyondo

      Whoops. The “A” in SNAP should be for Assistance, not Account.

      Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.
      SNAP. My bad.

      Otherwise known as “food stamps”.

    • Gary2

      You are right about the pride thing. I had to swallow mine to take my underemployed survival job I currently am stuck with. I learned quickly that one can not eat their pride, feed their kids with their pride or pay bills with their pride.

      The sad part is that I made the same on UE than I do now working when you take into account all the expenses of working (work clothes/driving etc)

      My biggest concern was the opportunity cost of a low wage survival job in that I would have less time to look for a good job but I quickly found out that there were no good jobs save government jobs and good luck getting one of these. It also makes my resume look terrible but one has to eat.

      I find it very ironic that those people who rail against the government seem to work for the very government they despise. None of them have EVER worked in the private sector they espouse they love so much. I look at actions and not words. Their actions say they love government as they have never had a “real job”. (Paul Ryan/Scott Walker etc) Makes one wonder…

  • mondobeyondo

    I happen to live in a large metropolitan area (Phoenix, Arizona). Not really sure how bad things would get here if the SHTF – probably somewhere in between the Watts riots (1965), the Detroit riots (1967) and the Vancouver Canucks riots (2011).

    If things get Really Really Bad, there are a couple ways out – Interstate 10, and Interstate 17 north to Flagstaff. Both highways would be clogged. Most people would be stuck here, unable to move.

    The luckier ones would be able to head north to Wickenburg, Prescott or Payson. But again, those roads will be packed. They were jam packed for the Memorial Day weekend – and that wasn’t even a crisis!

    Any ideas as to how to survive in an urban area when you can’t get out? Besides having your own personal weapons arsenal?

    • DownWithLibs

      Get out now! Does that help?

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    ” those are some of the greatest people in the country”
    Maybe the only one.

  • HeyNowHereNow

    That is indeed encouraging. Small town USA still holds the original principles that made this country great.

    However, that said, small town USA is held captive to the policies of a criminal banking elite that is bankrupting the nation at large. In that regard, that glimmer of hope may also be the glaze of uninformed delusion. Unless small town America gets informed and involved, it will be sold down the river along with everybody else.

  • LoL

    What I don’t understand is why do you use one left eye in this article. Is it your way to symbolize hope? If so then I start losing hope in this site..

    • Michael


      That one made me smile.


      • Gary2

        Michael-I know why you really used the left eye: To Symbolize that moving this country way farther to the left is the way forward out of the right wing caused destruction. The right eye missing signifies the complete and utter failure of all conservative Republicans polices.

        Thanks 🙂

        • LoL

          and here someone believe that choosing left or right would bring difference..

    • mondobeyondo

      Kind of surprised “Annuit Coeptus Novus Ordo Seclorum” isn’t written underneath the photo. LOL!!!

      • LoL

        glad someone got my point
        I’m just wondering why the author use such explicit image when the article talks about hope

  • Chris

    I live in small town South Carolina and it’s not a good place at all. Violence and poverty are everywhere. Some of the rudest people you can ever find.

    The city is definitely better in my opinion….at least here…

  • Bo

    Small towns like Joplin, MO? Or somewhere in the Great flooded American midwest? Or near a mountain-top mine? or a coal mine? LOL Small towns sound AWESOME! Maybe some where nice and cozy in Alaska…aahhhh yes.

  • mss

    Small towns = gossip. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. Cliques abound. Petty feuds.
    Also, you had better pick a small town that isn’t dominated by a religion or political party you don’t agree with. You’ll be an outcast.
    There is not that much work, either, and many kids graduate and leave for bigger cities.

  • Jake

    Your commentary was a breath of fresh air. Small town living is good and here in the southern appalachian mountains its even better. We wave to each other and stop to talk. We share food out of the garden and swap honey for molasses. We check in on elderly neighbors and don’t expect to be paid for every little favor we do for someone. When you city folks get here there’s one word of advice…don’t try to change us to make our community like what you left behind. Embrace the slow and friendly pace. You’ll like it.

  • The Dude

    I live in a small community and I agree with this blog. I live 15 miles from my parents. I live less than 5 miles from my in-laws. We’ll pull together if things get bad. Our community will pull together if things get bad. We look out for our neighbors. Truth is, we’d look out for visitors and strangers if things get bad. It’s a generalization to assume all small town residents are hicks and it’s a generalization to assume all city-dwellers are rude. At the end of the day, I have hope for our society. Yes, there are a lot of sheeple out there, but they are still good people who will stand up if things get bad enough. Yes, there are a lot of bad people out there, but it seems like there are more because you hear more about the criminals than you do about all the good average Joe’s out there working ad just trying to take care of their families.

  • thewind

    I live in a town called “Hope”……beware of cities…..they are about to become hell……the country is the only place to live……take a walk in the country:)

  • Some1

    I actually live in a small town, and I agree with this. Everyone around here walks around and we say hi to one another. It’s sort of like an obligation to smile at everyone I see, but not because I have to, but because I want to. I remember going to a bigger city for the first time and it was sort of confusing. Whenever I would say hi or smile at someone, they wouldn’t respond or react. It didn’t phase me too much though, it must be harder to live in a bigger and much more dangerous place. I’m happy to be from a friendly, small town.

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