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America After Dark: Desperate Meth Heads, Rampant Human Trafficking And Millions Of Criminal Predators Searching For A New Victim

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When the sun goes down every night, America becomes a very frightening place.  There are communities all over the country where drug dealing, human trafficking and gang violence have gotten so out of control that authorities don’t really know what to do about it.  In America tonight, thousands of meth heads will break into homes as they desperately search for enough money for another hit.  In America tonight, thousands of children will be sold for sex at truck stops and on street corners.  In America tonight, millions of criminal predators will be searching for a new victim.  From the top levels of the federal government all the way down to the most depraved criminals on the street, America is rotting.  Once upon a time our tremendous affluence masked the moral decay that was happening in this nation, but now that the economy is falling apart the damage to the fabric of our society is being revealed.  We have become a nation of addicts, junkies, thrill seekers and predators.  When we finally see the U.S. economy fully collapse, millions of desperate, angry and depraved monsters will take out their sick frustrations on all the rest of us.

It isn’t talked a lot about anymore, but the meth epidemic in America is getting worse.  According to PBS, there are approximately 1.4 million meth users in America.  Meth is unbelievable addictive and it can absolutely destroy your life.  If you doubt this, just check out these before and after pictures.

Sadly, there are indications that meth use is on the rise once again.  According to the DEA, meth seizures increased from 2,839 in 2007 to 6,168 in 2010.

When you take meth, it can literally make you crazy.  The following is from a recent USA Today article….

A mother in Bakersfield, California, was sentenced Tuesday for stabbing her newborn while in a meth rage. An Oklahoma woman drowned her baby in a washing machine in November. A New Mexico woman claiming to be God stabbed her son with a screwdriver last month, saying, “God wants him dead.”

Large numbers of meth addicts turn into thieves when they run out of money.  Often, they will steal just about anything they can in order to get money for their next hit.  Some things that meth addicts have stolen recently include agricultural plumbing, copper wiring and lawn sprinklers.

And making meth can be extremely dangerous as well.  U.S. hospitals are filled with thousands and thousands of uninsured burn patients that were horribly burned while trying to make “shake and bake” meth.

The following comes from a recent Daily Mail article….

It is filling hospitals with thousands of uninsured burn patients requiring millions of dollars in advanced treatment – a burden so costly that it is contributing to the closure of some burns units.

So-called ‘shake-and-bake’ meth is produced by combining raw, unstable ingredients in a two-litre bottle.

But if the person mixing the noxious brew makes the slightest error, such as removing the cap too soon or accidentally perforating the plastic, the concoction can explode, searing flesh and causing permanent disfigurement, blindness or even death.

A survey of key hospitals in America’s most-active meth states showed that up to a third of patients in some burns units were hurt while making meth, and most were uninsured.

But of course meth is just one of the highly addictive drugs that are plaguing our youth.  There are many other nightmarish drugs that could also be discussed.  Nearly every community in America is dealing with some sort of a drug problem, and despite the “war on drugs” this crisis just seems to keep getting worse every single year.

Perhaps even more alarming is the rise of human trafficking in America.

When I was going through school, I was taught that slavery had been abolished in the United States.

But that was a lie.

Right now, thousands upon thousands of Americans are living as slaves.  Most of them are sex slaves.  As you read this, there are women all over America that are literally chained to beds in dark rooms where men pay their “owners” to have sex with them.

The following stats about human trafficking come from a recent Detroit Free Press article….

• Human trafficking is a $32-billion industry worldwide.

• Up to 2 million people are trafficked worldwide every year. Of those, 15,000-18,000 are in the U.S.

• Eight in 10 human trafficking cases involve the sex industry; the others involve labor trafficking.

• In 2010, 2,515 human trafficking cases were under investigation in the U.S.

• Eighty-three percent of victims in confirmed sex trafficking cases in the U.S. in 2010 were American citizens

Many Americans would be absolutely horrified to learn what goes on behind closed doors in America.

All over the nation tonight, vicious monsters will be selling or “renting” young children to other vicious monsters for sex.

The following story of one human trafficking victim comes from a recent Fox News article….

Today, Keisha Head is a wife and mother of three. But more than decade ago, she was the victim of a notorious human trafficker.

At 16-years old, Head says she was being sold on the streets of Atlanta for sex.

“I did not know that a normal, average man who was a preacher, who was a lawyer, who was a senator – could turn into this monster,” Head said. “That is the scariest moment when you are amongst people who claim to be normal yet they purchase you and they turn into these monsters. They rape you. They beat you. And then act as if they’re normal. These are not your normal pedophiles.”

When you push morality out of the schools and out of public life, this is the kind of thing that starts happening.

Thousands upon thousands of other women “work for themselves” on the streets of America.  Some are willing to let strangers have sex with them for next to nothing.

For example, one woman in Los Angeles was recently arrested for approaching customers at one McDonald’s and offering sexual favors in exchange for Chicken McNuggets.

A lot of really weird stuff happens in America after dark.

As the economy has crumbled, thieves all over the country have become increasingly bold and increasingly desperate.

The following are just a few recent examples….

*In Fresno, California the damage caused by thieves stealing copper wire from city street lights is costing the city approximately $50,000 a month.  So far, about 2,500 street lights have been stripped of their wiring.

*In northern Alabama, one group of crooks has been using a forklift to pull entire ATM machines out of the ground.

*A while back, a team of ambitious thieves in Pennsylvania actually stole an entire 50 foot long bridge.

Other crimes are committed by members of the government.  In Chicago, the bodies of poor people that don’t have enough money to bury themselves are being treated with absolutely no respect at all by government officials.  Just check out what Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says that he found….

“Babies are buried 10, 15 to a box.  They’re buried in there with animal remains.  They’re buried in there with arms and legs from body parts they found during the course of the year.  It is not anything that our county or society should ever sit there and say is acceptable”

Can you imagine that?

What kind of a monster would do such a thing?

Of course I could go on for ages about the sick corruption of our government officials, but that will have to be left for another day.

For now, I want to focus on another rising problem in our society.  As I wrote about the other day, the FBI says that there are now 1.4 million gang members living inside the United States.  That number has risen by an astounding 40 percent since 2009.

Nearly every major U.S. city has areas that are essentially “owned” by gangs.  Some of these gangs are the size of small armies.  For example, it is estimated that the Latin Kings have 18,000 members in the city of Chicago alone.

When civil unrest erupts in America, these organized groups of criminal predators will have a field day.  Even now, law enforcement authorities in many areas of the country are having an incredibly difficult time trying to contain them.

As things fall apart all around us, an increasing number of Americans are coming to the realization that they are not going to be able to depend on someone else to defend themselves and their families.

Perhaps that is why the American people stocked up on firearms at an astounding rate during 2011.

In some areas of the country, a firefight can potentially erupt just about at any time.  The following is from an article that was recently posted on….

Barbed wire fencing doesn’t keep illegal aliens off the property anymore. One Starr County, TX rancher doesn’t have time to worry about the illegals these days. He now worries about the smugglers protecting their loads.

“I don’t think they would have any conscience of taking someone’s life,” the rancher says.

He saw that will to kill firsthand. A smuggler shot at him on his own land.

“One round was fired at me, and it missed my head by about two feet,” says the rancher.

He says there’s only way to react.

“Fire all the rounds you have, reload, and do it again,” says the rancher.

We don’t do ourselves any favors by pretending that America is going to somehow turn around and become the safe, friendly place that it used to be.

There are millions of criminal predators in this country today that have little or no conscience.  They don’t care about you, your spouse or your children.  All they care about is feeding their addictions.

In the months and years to come, the economy is going to get worse.  As it does, all of those predators are going to become even more desperate.

Desperate people do desperate things.

America is going to become a very frightening place.  But instead of curling up into a ball and crying about it, the better response is to be strong and courageous and to get prepared the best that you can.

  • sensetti

    “There’s a fine line between being a vigilante and a concerned citizen”.James Howard Kunstlerer

    When the people get enough they will band together and rise up, people will defend their homes and families.
    The Right to Bear Arms: Over 10,800,000 Guns Sold in the USA in 2011
    Somebody’s getting ready for something. Meth heads and home invasions maybe?

    • Discusted

      Careful Sensetti, the far left loones dont like that kind of talk, look what happend during the 92 LA riots, Stupid worthless LA Mayor Tom Bradley goes on national TV and encourages the riots to happen,
      Sick Raciest Cow Mad Maxine Waters screams “No Justice No Peace”
      They prevent the LAPD and Darrel Gates from going in with guns blazing,
      and they held up the National Guard for three days
      At least the Beverly Hills PD killed a bunch of rioters before they entered their city

  • bongstar

    Wow! way to avoid the issue! You forgot to mention that russia, India, and soon China are ending there oil deals in dollars. Also china and japan trade there currencys amongst each other with out exchanging to dollars. for those who dont know what this mean it means that the dollar is being dethorned as the worlds reserve currency wich will be the begining of hyper inflation.
    This also makes our sanctions on iran worthless besides for there true purpose, to set the domino off in Greece. I say this because of Greeces oil deal woth Iran. Greece gets all its crude from Iran and they get it on front in other words They dont have to pay for it till 60 days after they receive it. This will be the ultimate crippler for Greece who is already broken. why do you think they didnt put sanctions on iran a year ago. It just wasnt time yet, the euro wasnt in enough trouble yet.

    those that know, know!

  • bongstar

    Let the monster try to come to my house! were loaded up, Govornment reliant looser will not make it. those who are waiting for the gov to save them like gary, will fade fast when the *********** hits the fan. they will simply get blasted by prepers when they try to come take from those who are ready. there demise will be due to there own inability to be self reliant. they are takers not makers and when they try to take from those who make they will see what happens.

  • Marco

    In terms of home defense, I highly recommend a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 pump shotgun. Highly reliable and with the right ammo type, will stop practically any assailant with one shot (00 buck). Also stock up on ammo. I pray I never have to use it for defensive purposes, but it is always good to be prepared. And teach your children about firearm safety.

    • Reality

      Has not the 870 had some jamming problems of late? Any insight would be appreciated!

    • Senator Ozmo

      It is my understanding is that #6 shot is a good defensive ammo for the shotgun as well and tends to be a little cheeper as well.

      Just a thought

    • knightowl77

      I prefer #4 buckshot myself….more pellets…but have plenty of both

  • highspeedloafer

    They better give their hearts to Jesus, cause if they come in my house uninvited, their butt belongs to me and I will shoot them dead.

  • NWO Alert


    Drug use would he increased. Alcohol use would be increased. Law enforcement efforts against drugs would be increased.

    But the idea is that, in part, the increased availability of drugs would provide a sort of law of the jungle whereby the weak and the unfit would be selected out.

    And the abusive drugs then, would restore, in a certain sense, the law of the jungle, and selection of the fittest for survival.

    News about drug abuse and law enforcement efforts would tend to keep drugs in the public consciousness. And would also tend to reduce this unwarranted American complacency that the world is a safe place, and a nice place.

    • Gay Veteran

      Portugal decriminalized its drug laws and drug use went DOWN.

      The “War on Drugs” only purpose is to increase government power and to enrich the prision-industrial complex.

  • Bill

    Just came to the site to say that I think the ******* is on the way to the fan after reading that India is now bidding for Iranian oil with gold, and China is expected to follow.

    The last 24 hours I have noticed what seems to be a forever increasing number of articles reflecting the dispicable decline of just about every value known to mankind. The above article is another example.

    Mankind is truly headed to destruction at warp speed. Can anyone or anything help us apply the brakes?

    • LMFAO

      Its time for the Rotten Over Populationist in the Rotten Catholic Church to step up and sell their fleeced wealth and take care of these people!
      They wanted them, time to pay for them!

    • r.bitting

      Yes, God can, but the people will have none of it.

  • Bill
  • godsofold

    The deprivation is seeping out as this country continues to fall. I had a conversation today with another Patriot and he put it bluntly: America is lost. He’s correct. There is no more moral compass. It seems that the goodness that used to be prevalent all around is being swallowed by corruption. What a day we live in when our own government can be so blatantly corrupt and people think it’s normal. When did being so bad and deceitful become the norm? How did we let this happen? If enough people rise up against the machine, what’s left to take back? How long do wait before we, en masse have the courage to say no more. Look in the mirror friend, the answer is there.

    Semper Fi

    • knightowl77

      I wonder what the Romans were thinking about 1700 years ago in similar circumstances? I wonder if they knew their time was up or were they busy watching Roman Idol at the coliseum ??

      I wonder when watching in between the lions devouring the Christians if any thoughts of their impending demise happened?

      I wonder who will play the Visigoths this time?

      • highspeedloafer

        I’ll bet they spent a lot of time wondering.

    • Marco

      How did we (as a Nation) let it happen? Simple – the basis of any society starts with the family unit. So look at the nuclear family – or lack of it. Or how warped it has become. Do parents talk to their children? Talk to each other? Or are they too busy both working because they’re buying crap they don’t need? Keeping up with the Jonses? Supporting a lifestyle they can’t afford? Watching too much (crap) TV? Playing too many video games? Too busy hooking up with a mistress? Divorce? Infidelity? I could go on and on. Fix the root of the problem first. Accountability and responsibility are no longer honored.

  • Craig

    As far as hookers, you’re over exaggerating a little bit. The number of girls under 16 is very rare. And the police have really cracked down on street prostitution the last 10 years or so. The sex trafficking/sex slave thing is also way over-exaggerated by the media. How do I know? I was a sex addict for 25 years and up to my eyeballs in sexual sin–over 500 different prostitutes over a 25 year span and multiple encounters with some of them. This happened in many different U.S. states and I’ve actually been to all 7 continents and Greenland. The police and shows like “To Catch a Predator” don’t even know what the heck they’re talking about.

    Where is it the worst? Vancouver, British Columbia. Things are pretty bad there:

    • Gary2

      dude-didn’t you get the clap?

      • highspeedloafer

        Gary2, if there was a thumbs up button, I’d give you one.

  • JustanOguy

    Some of us are trained in self defense and are pretty well armed. Get to training and you won’t be so scared of the zombies…

    Meth heads, drug addicts, alcos and other send me a check in the mail types are poorly disciplined and lack the skills needed to survive when it comes to crunch time.

    When the inevitable crap hits the fan… look for cities with strong anti-gun laws to burn as the criminals take over. LA, Chicago, Oakland and Baltimore are going to be the first to burn.

    Best wishes everybody and enjoy another four years of an elected Big, Broke Government until the ponzi scheme ends.

    • IAN

      your view of humanity and what we are capable of is pretty dismal. The ones who offer love and encouragement and answers will be the survivors of what is to come. The ones who hide like cowards in their homes with their high powered weaponry will fail.
      What we are about to witness is a transformation, not a bloody war. Grow up and put away your toys and start to spread some hope and joy.
      Join the human race.

      • highspeedloafer

        Really? Do you not beleive in the depravity of man? In case you hadn’t noticed the human race is what brought about this mess.

      • JustanOguy

        I don’t consider people taking from others just because they want to live the “hi” life as “humanity”.

        You are right… there is going to be a transformation. The ones that go out to take when the SHTF are going to get blasted by the ones that know it’s coming.

        And Trust me… there will be no hiding behind closed doors on my end when it begins.

        Don’t be sad… I do have faith that there are enough of the right people that understand what’s really going on but are just not mad enough to do anything about it…. yet.

        That will eventually change…

  • ross

    Get healthy, buy a few guns, know how to use them, live in a relativly safe area, get to know your neighbours

  • chiller

    Which is why a pack everywhere I go and would not hesitate to euthanize any one of these miscreants if threatened by one. What this country needs is a vigilante cleaning since our authorities and judicial system are paralyzed by stupid laws and indecision. Open season on all gangs would be a good start. They flash a gang sign, we flash our muzzles.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    To paraphrase Wesley Snipes in the movie “Rising Sun”: Tough neighborhoods will be America’s last great advantage.

    Good luck to any foreign or domestic army that try to occupy major U.S. cities or medium ones for that matter.

  • Forrestcat

    You know what in the past 20 years while i was growing i saw,we had
    -many famines in africa
    -wars in bosnia, kosovo, chechnya
    -israelis US blessed was on lebanon and incursions into Palestinian teritory
    -the tsunami that had to flatten the homes of poor indonesians, sri lankans and thais

    The conditions of these human and natural calamities inflicted unimaginable horros on already poor people and US people who cant spend their credit cards indulge in drugs and prostitution and they HAVE THE AUDACITY TO ASK BEARDED GUY FOR AN ARMAGEDDON SHOWDOWN.

    The reality us..the world will keep on going living like normal just like you guys did when shit happens to millions of people elsewhere….

    This time it sucks to be millions of americans…even somalia is moving ahead as chinese companies started looking for oil in the puntlands….but americans corporations continue ti ship jobs to asia and sell plstic shit to u guys…who says the world is unfair..everyine gets a piece of hardship in their life but we dnt go do stuoid stuff like prepping and ‘turn away neighbours when they. Ome knocken’ hahaha…guess this is the mentali after reading all those dystopian stephen king novels and movies…

  • Martin

    I think, it is a bit surrealistic article.
    America is not as described above.
    These are isolated occurrences, present everywhere.

    America has the most bloated prison system on the world, it has more prisoners than China regardless of 4 times smaller population.

    Doesn’t work?

    Then lock more or replace non-violent offenders with a violent ones.

    In general growing crime rate is to be expected in the country going Third World but this article is rather exaggerated.

  • William

    Not to worry…..just one more false flag attack on America and the USA will look like Petrograd after 1917. There is little you can do to protect yourself. The US Constitution is DEAD. Voting does not work anymore.

    • comnenus

      Except Petrograd didn’t have too many racial problems back then.

  • r.bitting

    Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.

    • comnenus

      Except the Lord’s repayment has been quite delinquent for people like the Catharis.

  • Michael


    very good article, and you touch the MAIN problem for USA and the world in the upcoming years.

    There are political answers for many economical problems (but no political will), even in US, but I don’t know a safe answer for this kind of DESPERATE AND AGRESSIVE PEOPLE.

    In France, I am an effective shooter with all kind of guns. i hope never use it in sef-defense but i know i will have no hesitation in this case.

  • chris

    Well, thanks for stirring up my paranoia so early! But seriously, good article. It’s a hard pill to swallow but people have to realize that as times get harder, people become increasingly desperate. Combine that with total moral decay and you have a dangerous recipe for full blown disorder.

  • Paul

    That’s not so new. I have 20 year old books at home that describe exactly that. And they are not fiction.

  • Lennie Pike

    If any human traffickers read the article – the man who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace was a human trafficker.

    • Tim

      Yes, Lennie. John Newton was an African slave trader. Have you read “John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace” by Jonathan Aitken? I read it last year. When you read about the depths of John Newton’s depravity before his conversion to Christ, you see just how amazing God’s grace is.

      “And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us,[His elect] Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;)”

      Ephesians 2:1-5

      • comnenus

        I am sure the people who the old Johnny sold slaves to would have liked that story! [/sarc]

  • Everyone is so busy these days trying to find their false dreams of having the biggest house and fanciest cars they all forgot about their values as a family. Kids have no respect for anyone and are turning to gangs at an early age, schools are becoming war zones. Protect your own family starting now. Simplify your life. One parent should always be home watching the kids. We are doomed as a society because we let money and greed rule our lives.

  • truck driver

    As a truck driver I take issue that children are being sold for sex as Americas truck stops.

    Actually things have changed so much the last decade, that one would be hard put to find any hooker at a truck shop. The exceptions being Ontario California, OKC, Tulsa, El Paso and Amarillo.

    Hookers are just not found there anymore when it is so much easier to sell their wares thru craigs list, and their customers are not guys who maybe have not showered for a day or 3 like at a truckstop.

    Ya know normal hard working people use truck stops, we are not all a bunch of degenerate scum who diddle kids or tweakers. Anyone coming to a truckstop selling kiddy sex will shortly find themselves being detained for the police to pick them up.

    I know that in most trucks stops now days, if a hooker was on the CB selling her wares, there are plenty of guys with 911 on speed dial to put him or her out of business. I myself have called the truck stop manager from out in the parking lot quite a few times in Gary Indiana to complain about the hookers back about 10 years ago. Now days you wont see or hear one.

  • karen

    Meth is even bad here in the country, it is so sad, I seen some folks yesterday buying up boxes of matches for the sulfur in the match heads, So sad, did you know most of ALL porn children and adult is mostly here in the US. And research the CIA and the drug cartel they all eat of the same plate, guess who are the largest drug dealers and black ops money??? Black budget money, don’t be fooled in thinking the gov is there for you, Henery Kissinger calls us useless eaters, most of all polititions have a very dark past!!!

  • S. Wiseman

    “Of course I could go on for ages about the sick corruption of our government officials, but that will have to be left for another day.”

    Perhaps you’ve done it already, but I would like to see an article that chronicles every single corrupt and immoral act committed by government officials – federal, state, and local levels. A monumental task that perhaps should have its own blog. But their sick actions really need to be brought into the light.

    • @Wiseman, that would take FOREVER. But you can start by reading some Howard Zinn “A People’s History of the United States” and then mosey over to my blog and click on the Books page for some more light reading.

  • White Indian

    The Reagan-Republican-Libertarian-Capitalist “Greed is Good” folly evidently isn’t so good in the long run. Well, here we are.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Why is every thread polluted by some liberal that doesn’t know his head from his butthole?

      The “greed is good” crowd is the democratic party that CONSTANTLY tells people they are entitled to someone elses property, services or ideas. Ya know, just vote for them and they’ll enact the laws to steal for you.

      Please tell me the name of the Republican that told you greed was good.

      • Gay Veteran

        ever notice how America started declining once Reagan got elected?

        • parasitism

          He’s right ..roanld reagan and his fooish war on drugs caused this messs…succesive administrations have only made it worss as planned…reagan was a closet fascist commie just like the rest of the puppets put in power to betray you

        • Clan Wolf

          Ever notice how America has decline since Obama got elected?

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “some liberal that doesn’t know his head from his butthole?”

          Look Martha, another one. Hmmm, one that doesn’t know what his butthole is for too.

  • S. Wiseman

    “Am I being overly optimistic about the promise of a reformed American suburbia? Some people are ready to declare suburbia to be at an end. But then I know that Americans are very much driven to hyperbole, always willing to put an end to something certifiably unstoppable (war, AIDS, cancer, poverty, global warming), usually by making a small charitable donation, by wearing a colorful plastic bracelet, or by going for a walk, a run, or a bicycle ride. Below the charming, childlike confidence and optimism of such ventures lurks a culturally ingrained inability to grasp something basic: not all problems are solvable.” ~Dmitry Orlov, Thriving in the Age of Collapse



    This is all true. I pretty much see things unfolding precisely as you laid it out in your article.

    Time for the people to take a stand against crime and corruption. And a very good place to start will be in ending the reign of terror in the White House by Barack Obama by removing him from office……………

  • M

    Oh, Michael…we’re “turning the corner”. The jobs report is the “best it’s been since 2008.” The housing disaster has “reached the bottom”, and the Euro situation is “contained and easing.” Where have you been, don’t you watch the “news”?


    • Michael

      Yes, we will see how things turn out later this year. 🙂


  • Syrin

    That last paragraph can’t be read enough times. As the Gary’s of the world decide they are entitled to YOUR property, with or without your consent, they will try to take it. be sure to share your lead.

    • Senator Ozmo


      I couldn’t agree more. I just bought my wife a nice .380 apc, pretty and pink I know she shoots better than I do with it, now if we talk about my 308 I win. I’ll be more than happy to share what in lead.

    • Gary2

      I will not need to take your wealth-the IRS/Gov will and remember WACO? You know what happened to them when they did not comply.

      Do you really think a bunch of hicks in some compound in Idaho will last 5 minutes when the gov comes? Really? Who has their head up their butt?

      Your little pellet guns will not stop a tank crashing through your compounds. Again-look at WACO

      • bongstar

        actually if you have studied reveloutions and collapses, the first the gov will be dong is cleaning up the mayhem in the streets, in other words idiots that arent prepared that will begin to loot and rob and riot. if you are prepared you can stay quietly at home and protect your self and freinds, fam and stock pile. once the trash is taken out people will get in line with the opressive gov. its the way it works through out history. you think our nation is bad now, wait till our civil liberties are taken away i the name of protecting us. this is what your obama will do.

  • jox

    There are several points very different in this article:

    – History demonstrated that prohibition is an error. Only good for organized crime. We should legalize drugs and prostitution. Regulation and control, while not ideal, is far better that prohibition and crime.

    – About the monsters, I don’t agree with “When you push morality out of the schools and out of public life, this is the kind of thing that starts happening”. Keisha Head talks about “normal, average man who was a preacher, who was a lawyer, who was a senator”. I don’t think they are a case of ‘morality out of schools’. In fact there is often just the opposite: they become monsters for an excess of moral, religion and severity.

    – The guns. It seems that americans are proud about their right to have guns. When the times become difficult, as they will, violence will spread more than in other countries. The right to have guns is a deep deep mistake, but now it’s too late.

    • WM

      The guns. It seems that americans are proud about their right to have guns. When the times become difficult, as they will, violence will spread more than in other countries. The right to have guns is a deep deep mistake, but now it’s too late.




    • Charles_Texas

      WM, I have to agree with you. I have delt with the view more than once since we on occasion have had international visitors. Note where I am from (Texas). Which means almost everyone has a gun. As a matter of fact I know of no individual in my area who does not have at least one weapon in their house. Do I expect help from the police? NO! I live in a rural area and have had occasion to call the police twice in 20 years. In both cases the police arrived some 30 minutes later. I had already run the problem off. Don’t expect the police to be there to help. Unless it is your lucky day that is not going to happen. They will fill out the paperwork and put you in a body bag. In my case they will put the other guy in the bag. Castle doctrine!

    • re: “- The guns. It seems that americans are proud about their right to have guns. When the times become difficult, as they will, violence will spread more than in other countries. The right to have guns is a deep deep mistake, but now it’s too late.”

      Yeah that’s it. Only the gub-ment should have guns. That way, there would be no protection against tyranny as provided for in the constitution. And the oligarchs can decide who they need to exterminate to get the sheeple back in line. Brilliant!

    • No Tianamen (sorry, spelling)Square was a deep, deep mistake because no one owned any guns there but the government. You see where that got them!

      This country, in spite of what BO says, has Christian roots and when we removed God from everything we could…well, He removed us from under His wing of protection. I am not speaking of religion. I agree that religion is evil and gets more people killed than saved by far. I am talking about a Christian lifestyle
      that truly follows the teachings of Yeshua. This country used to have that in MOST homes and now it is gone.

      Working mom’s led to turn key kids and abortion and lack of upbringing and there went family values. From there the corrosion was inevitable.

      The only true answer is to collectively turn back to our Christian roots, repent and ask for forgiveness…but that won’t happen anytime soon.

      I do not personally believe in killing anyone for any reason…but that is a personal choice that has to be decided between you and God. But I do believe in self defense and defense of the innocent and I know that any government that does not allow its people the right to bear arms is a dictatorship. That is where we are headed right now.

      • IAN

        i think the initial comment was more on how Americans look at a collapse as negative and anarchy and chaos. Whereas most other countries, and many more calm headed people, tend to see the events unfolding before as a turning point for us as a collective humanity.
        Whenever travelling abroad, i am always asked how Americans can live with so many guns and such a violent outlook on life.
        My only personal conclusion is that Americans have lost their way. They pretend to say they know GOD, but they never stop to realize that the whole of humanity is God!! By stockpiling weapons and setting up intent to harm, you are in fact bringing harm to yourself. No spiritual man, and no messiah will EVER side with you on harnessing weapons with the intent to kill. And then these same Amerikans turn around and say they are Christians. To say that an all loving god wants you to be fearful of the masses of his children on earth is a blasphemy to all that is holy and all that the name of god stands for. God is Love. Show compassion for your fellow man.

        put down your weapons and put your intentions into creating peace. It will work.

      • jox

        “any government that does not allow its people the right to bear arms is a dictatorship”. Yes? Do you really think that every other country in the developed world is a dictatorship? You remind me the old joke about a person that enters the motorway in the wrong way and call the police saying, ‘hell, everybody is crazy, going in the wrong way’.

        The right to have weapons create far more problems than it solves. Look at the raw data: USA is the country with worst statistics about crime and violence. You think those guns are protecting you against violence, but the reality is that this very violence is being created by the availability of guns.

        And please, don’t invoke the defense of the citizens against the government. That was in a time were a good managed militia could fight against a real army. This is not the case any more. Only one Apache helicopter and all your brave militia is done.

    • Clan Wolf

      I see that you have failed history badly.

      Your lib mindset that citizens having firearms(guns are artillery) will lead to great killing fields.


      Millions, upon 10s of Millions, have been murdered by their own governments or rival tribes because they were unarmed.

      Look at Rwanda. 800,000 people were hacked to death with machetes. Gun control really help there, didn’t it? Kept people from killing each other in great numbers, didn’t it?

      • jox

        If you say that american people and american society are in so bad shape as to compare with Rwanda, then I recognize you are right. Buy guns and take care of yourselves.

        I really hope you sort this mess, civilize your far west Rwanda-like society, and start comparing with the civilized and developed (and of course gun-less) countries of the world.

  • Johnny 5

    Hi Michael,

    I meant to write yesterday to give you a heartfelt thanks for your efforts to warn people of what is at hand. You have done an admirable job. Let me encourage you to keep up the great work.

    This article raises many concerns that everyone should factor into their preperations.
    I was unaware of the scope of some of them.

    Thanks for the education.

    • Michael

      Johnny 5:

      Thank you for the very kind words. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to share these articles with such a broad audience, and it makes my heart glad to hear that people really appreciate them.


  • This “wake up America” needs to be required reading. THank you Michael for bringing this to everbody’s attention.

    With out a military martial law takeover there is little chance of changeing anything as we slide into the pit, then again, legal Constitutional rights aside, how are you going to process 1,400,00 known gang members plus the millions of perverts and criminals. A hundred years agao you could send them to another land, but today every land is full of the same.

    In the mean time, toughen up! If you can afford it, move to ther sticks and form a community group that is armed and supportive.

    We have 18 Deputy’s in this remote county and that is not enough. Sam Colt made men equal and just about everybody is armed to the teeth.

    God Bless,

    Old Timer

  • drr

    Hi, Michael.

    I love your website. It’s given me a great alternative news source about how dire the straits of the financial system. And that article you publsihed on survival needs? That was great!

    But it’s when you push something like this: “When you push morality out of the schools and out of public life, this is the kind of thing that starts happening.”

    I know what you’re saying, but I know what you’re also implying.

    I deviated from the religious path long ago, and I’ve found that, going through a few years of religious schooling, that jack-hammering Judeo-Christian values into a curriculum is *not* a cure-all for these problems. Moreover, I would argue that any loss of morality or mores in the current (my) generation is the primary responsibility of the parents. The values that the bible (among other religious texts/stories/myths) espouse transcend antiquated monotheistic views. I don’t think I turned out who I am – and I like who I am – because I went to church or to a catholic high school. I did because my mom did a great job in raising me and in instilling in me a morals system.

    I understand the greater point you’re making, but you’re alluding to the lack of Judeo-Christian morality and not just broader morality in general. I’ve found that usually, when someone who takes these stories – and that’s all they are, stories – too literally, we have problems. I’m sure you’d agree. I’d rather go to a negative afterlife than live in a world that discriminates against people who choose lifestyles that deviate from a prescribed, reactionary norm.

    I don’t really mean to rain on Christianity or organized religion… okay, maybe a little. If believing in an afterlife helps you to become a better person, then more power to you. Just don’t tell me that I’m wrong because I choose a different path to arrive at virtually the same place.

    • Michael


      It is okay if you don’t agree with me about everything.

      I just call it like I see it, and a lot of people out there will agree with me on most things but not on everything.


      • drr

        But this does beg the question: who is right? Is the Jewish interpretation of events correct? Christian? Islamic? I grew up in New Jersey, surrounded by Roman Catholics. I spent six years in the South recently, surrounded by Southern Baptists. Very big difference. History has shown fisticuffs usually result when differences are debated even within the same religious umbrella.

        The argument I usually hear is that America is a Christian nation – “In God We Trust,” so sayeth our currency. That’s fine – it was if you want to go back to the Puritans. Those writings of Cotton and Increase Mather, to me, meant to keep people in line through use of fear. I don’t see any difference between that and some techniques used globally today. Moreover, a lot of the principles upon which this country is founded – we the people and all that – can be traced back more to Iroquois influence than anything else. Indeed, some of our most influential founders (e.g., Jefferson) were Deists at best.

        Christians like to believe we were created in the image of a god. I agree with the paper (I can’t find the citation at the moment) that we were all formed out of star dust – a super nova explosion billions of years ago. Either way, we are all related. I don’t find my view any less romantic.

        I’m not looking to troll. Just merely to discuss. 🙂

    • drr,
      I agree with you 100%. People assume that only “Christians” have a moral compass and that simply is not true.

    • r.bitting

      Who decides in a society whats right and what is wrong. Morality without an objective standard apart from man ( God ), a standard of perfect goodness by which to base whats right or wrong on simply makes no sense. Morality without that objective standard would simply be subjective, or a matter of personal preference, for instance one man could think it’s o.k to steal while another thinks it’s a crime. How can society possibly function under such a subjective standard. If man decides, which man? God gave man his conscience, which are his laws written in mans heart. This is not to say that man cannot go against his conscience because God gives man free will. God allows this choice in order for man to freely CHOOSE to love God in the same way you choose to love another person, as opposed to forced affection, creating you to automatically love him without choice, which would be akin to rape. God desires a relationship based in love with his creation and it’s through mans fall and Gods love demonstrated on the cross that this is realized. The fact that you have a conscience should point you to the fact that God cares about right and wrong, and the fact that you have a desire within you to see justice served when wrongs are committed should point you to the fact that God cares about justice as well. Both should point you to the reality of a future judgment by God on the individual, Which is why Christ came, to satisfy God’s righteous requirement so that you could stand before God justified by the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross, so that you now ( the believer )have the righteousness of Christ imputed to you, so now when God sees you he sees you as righteous.

    • tak

      drr what different path are you taking there is only one way to heaven I am not telling you are wrong but the bible is only way to heaven is thru JESUS CHRIST.

      • drr

        I’m not really interested in heaven. I’m interested in living my earth-bound life to the fullest. You get one shot to make it work. When it’s done, I go back to the earth, become fertilizer, and the great circle of life that has persisted for millions of years before I existed will continue to exist for millions of year after I die. The bible (like all religious texts) is just stories, and whether I choose to find inspiration in a different book or a song or some alternative means isn’t for anyone else to judge since we’ll generally wind up in the same spot spiritually. There is no one true absolute path. Your memory and spirit live on in the ways you affect people. No more, no less.

        We’re straying off topic.
        Need for morality: good.
        Need for restrictive morality: not so good.

        Freedom of religion: good.
        Freedom from religion: even better.

  • justadad

    When a nation removes the Gold Standard, its currency becomes valueless. When the God Standard is removed the nation’s soul is valueless.
    We have removed God from our government and now we grope about in darkness.
    How can we expect the government to protect our freedoms and rights endowed by a Creator when the Supreme Court bans the government from recognizing that same Creator.
    The deeds done in darkness are only going to get worse until we wake up and turn the Light back on.
    Psalm 2

    • jox

      You don’t seem to be so different from muslim countries in my view. They also think that religion have to be in the center of government, justice and society. They also think their religion, God and moral is the only one that counts.

  • knightowl77

    and when that rancher kills the drug dealer, instead of a pat on the back, he will be prosecuted by the Feds…even pointing a gun at an illegal alien who is trespassing on your land may get you sued in federal Court where you will end up owing thousands of dollars to people who are not even allowed to be here….

    When I was a LEO in Los Angeles there were many parts of the city and county where law enforcement would not go at night unless they went in force. I mean at least 10 officers and heavily armed, otherwise those parts of the city were “off-limits”.

    It is a very sad state of affairs, but we have brought this upon ourselves. In wanting to be politically correct and not offend anyone one, we have harmed everyone.

    • Michael

      Interesting comment knightowl. I bet you have some fascinating stories from your time in LA.


  • This is not just happening in city streets, but on the rural back roads as well. Maybe even near your rural retreat. Part of my HAZMAT training included containing meth labs and unlike normal drug dealers, meth heads will use most of their product and sell just enough to make more. I have seen first hand what happens to their children when these people are getting high with their friends. This article is not an exaggeration.

    • Orange Jean

      I’ve seen that as well. I lived for a time in the mountains of San Diego County and in 2003 we had a very bad wildfire. Power was out for over 2 weeks, and the “local” (rural) meth addicts started doing home invasions. Very scary, especially when it’s pitch dark out where you live.

      FORTUNATELY, the apartment complex I lived in had a number of border patrol agents, military service members, and law enforcement types living there who had guns. They posted signs at all the entrances to the complex, “we have guns and we will shoot looters”. Immediately, problem solved. Nobody was killed either, it just took some appropriately prepared folks standing up for our community.

      Then I moved to NC; one of my brothers at the time was living in western NC … and we learned there are whole counties back there that look like lovely places to live (Rutherford County, for example) but are deeply troubled by major drug addict problems. Mostly meth, but other things as well.

      Unfortunately, sometimes the people who get involved in that crap were not who you’d expect. I was very close to a close knit, church going (and very faithful and active), loving family that had 2 family members get involved in meth. The first a woman who as a child was molested by a pedophile, repeatedly… and it seriously messed her up. Neither parent suspected, this didn’t come out for years… it was a neighbor (the “candy” man down the street). Another of the daughters in this family had a son who was seduced at a young age (14 or 15), by an older woman who had a meth habit or developed one after they got involved. So now this otherwise great family has a whole mess of troubles… just because of 2 screwed up family members. I would not allow either of those women in my house, but I do feel badly for the family. They have tried the “loving” route and tried “tough love” route… and unfortunately METH has a toxic hold on these women that appears unbreakable.

  • Josh

    For an excellent fictional glimpse into the life of a family caught up in the horrors of meth addiction watch Breaking Bad’s Peekaboo episode:

  • Bret Simpson

    No ***********…where have you been?Welcome to the freak show..and I’ll give you a front row

  • Winston Smith

    “”Babies are buried 10, 15 to a box. They’re buried in there with animal remains”

    one has to ask where thse bodies are coming from-abortuaries? hospitals?
    for years, the aborted have been thrown into the trash….this was under Reagan and went on under the GOP White House/Congress of GW too……

  • Cyrus


    That is why I am trying to get Americans to wake up. If you think it is bad now just wait until that welfare check buys a one liter soda or a candy bar. Forgive me for harping on this but people need to prepare.

    I witnessed, unfortunately, 4 countries collapse and 2 more in collapse when I was there. In 3 of them it was literally murder in the streets. So get out of Dodge while you can. After the election I think it will be anything goes and NO! they are terrified of Ron Paul and will do everything in their power to keep him out of the White House.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to get preachy. God bless the Republic, Death to the New World Order!

  • trebor ozal

    Thanks for all the past articles you have written. This one really hits home. I own a small barbershop and have had to carry a gun for over the last two years to protect myself and my business.

    I was asked by a TV reporter not long ago in an interview how much money it would take to be stolen for me to use my weapon. I answered that any attempt would end badly for the thief as it does not matter the amount. ITS MY MONEY!

  • mondobeyondo

    Time to take another night time stroll along the back alley of my house in my local neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Plenty of garbage, but that’s normal. The garbage man is coming on Monday. My main concern is dodging the numerous condoms and plastic tampon applicators. That’s just gross. Fortunately (knock on wood!!) I haven’t run into any guys packing 9 millimeter weapons. Or .44 Magnums. They’re out there, and I know that. But that’s okay (triple whew!!) I know karate, and two other Japanese words.

    Made it to CVS Pharmacy! I purchase some aspirins and ginger ale (one, because I have a raging headache, and two, I like ginger ale). Then I make the same 5-minute trek back home.

    Time for me to start a new TV series! “Survivor: Phoenix, Arizona: Back Alleys”.

    • Michael

      LOL – you might want to be very careful when you do out after the sun has gone down.


      • mondobeyondo

        Ha ha – I try to be. I know which alleys are relatively safe and which ones to avoid, LOL!

  • liberranter

    Even now, law enforcement authorities in many areas of the country are having an incredibly difficult time trying to contain the[… gangs].

    And just what is “law enforcement” in this country today but another criminal gang, this one the property of the corrupt, criminal politicians that rule over us? If you do a quick Google search on the phrase “police brutality,” you’ll turn up several millions YouTube hits and news stories that prove that this particular “gang” is even more dangerous to the citizenry than the non-state-sanctioned kind (and I’m not sure that the two don’t overlap either).

    Believe me, when TSHTF, you might be more likely to have common cause with a Crip, a Blood, or a Latino King than with a member of the FBI, BATFE, DEA, or whatever degenerate band of brigands these statist organizations turn into once things comply collapse.

    • Rhynn

      You’ve got the handle on things liberranter.

      Even on sites like this, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, etc. I see the same thing. That all of these so called survivalists who think they’re ahead of the curve are destined to walk right out of their houses when it all gets going and lose before the ink is dry on their entrance forms.

      All while they, the so called 99%, the oppressed, the “patriots”, Freedom Fighters, or whatever else people like to call themselves when they are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore are gearing up to fight the war, they are still making sure to point at the next man in the foxhole and create a difference between him and themselves. And what is the result? A nation full of idiots all pointing at each other first with fingers, then with guns, until there is nobody left except the guys with the badges and body bags and a cleanup on Aisle 2.

      “They”? “Them”? “Those people”? If you want to tell people what to wake up and realize, it’s how like crabs in a barrel they really are. None of the above are holding your strings. Some may have danced a little longer, and are a little angrier and exercising a few more desperate options, but they are nowhere that you can’t and won’t get given the right circumstances. Better realize who the real enemy is, or else that mantra about being able to hire one half of the poor to kill the other half is going to prove true again.

  • I have a permit for a concealed weapon and I carry my H/K 45 auto every where I go. Me and my HK are best friends. I never flaunt it and almost never show it and only then to friends and relatives. I am a disabled American Vet and I don’t like to be shot at, and if I am,
    I SHOOT BACK! I will not go down without a fight. I live in a amall town in Arkansas.
    See how to survive the coming Economic Collapse:

  • karen

    The courts just ruled that the goverment has the right to everyones computer password, also India just dropped the dollar and now using gold to pay for oil. And on yahoo per NASA huge solar storm bombarding earth and more to come.

  • Prepair for the worst.Hope for the best.
    I plan to arm myself. I plan to arm my children
    once they turn 18. Let’s prey and hope this
    country does not slide into dark abass.

  • TQ

    The way to stop this is to start from the bottom up – and that means smoking bans – indoors and out. California is leading the country in making smoking illegal, with up to $500 fines in some locales for outdoor smoking. If everyone in the world began doing this, then soon this would trickle up and leave the long lasting effect of nobody wanting to use meth anymore either. Perfect solution and so easy.

    • How the heck is banning smoking in public gonna stop people from using meth? I don’t see the connection at all. Two different substances, and meth users probably don’t take it in public with their cigarettes.

      Moreover, you’ll just have another group of disenfranchised pissed off people who can’t find work because they were busted for ciggies and couldn’t pay the court fine, then got capias on them.

    • BenjiK

      “Tobacco is the root of evil” I must say, that has to be the most preposterous thing I’ve read in quite awhile.

      • highspeedloafer


    • parasitism

      how dare you tell me what to do commie… I’ll put my smoke out in your eye if you dont shut up.

  • Harold Crews

    The race based gangs are seriously miscalculating, particularly the hispanic gangs. When it hits the fan rightly or wrongly everyone will decide better safe than sorry and assume every hispanic is a gang member. They are going to have a rough time of it.

  • Cinderella Man

    Thank you Michael for bringing this subject up. I used to be addicted to meth when I was a teenager and I can tell you there is no hell more horrible than being on meth. The high is at first euophoric, then comes the cravings, and insomina, then finally hallucinations and extreme paranoia. I destroyed my life at an early age and I have lost some friends to suicide, murder, and overdoses. Meth is the Devil’s dandruff. You should have seen Montana ten or fifteen years ago at the height of the meth epidemic. It was not a pleasant time. Now the new drug phase is perscription pills. Oxycontin to be exact. There are scores of robberies and burglaries happening all over the state from this. Its getting insane. Im saddened to hear that meth use is on the rise again. That is one dangerous drug that will only lead you to an early grave. By the grace of a loving God I have been clean from that shit for over 11 years. I pray the other addicts can find the spirit of their old life before they became addicted and try to come back. Enough people have died from this drug and the last thing we need is a show like Breaking Bad glamorizing evil.

  • “Alternative news junkies” is what the CNN Trolls is calling the ones that is illuminated by our free internet! Print out important texts from internet before they shut down the Internet blaming “solar storms”.

  • madsr

    I find it interesting that everyone speaks of when TSHTF. It is hitting it now. Prices of almost everything we need to survive have gone up 10% to over 100% in the last few years. I doubt many saleries have done even close to that. We have people acting like they are voting on American Idol for our primaries. No hope of changing the down hill slide we are on. Our congress and President are taking our rights daily with laws they are enacting. I have been watching this and preparing for 5 years. I have planted orchards, prepared gardens, bought all the canning and preserving stuff I could find. Built chicken and rabbit hutches and filled them. I have 3 grown sons and their families to plan for too. We are able to feed and arm them all to the teeth. I am still sick sometimes thinking I haven’t done enough. The money in the bank seems like a waste if one day one of my children or grandchildren die because I didn’t prepare enough. It is hard to believe how many think everything will be fine. As for me I would rather prepare like the Pharoah, than live like the slaves. Keep up the good work Michael!

  • Mr Carpenter

    Other that the Bible itself, I’ve just completed one of the most illuminating books that I’ve ever read.

    Under the Influence – How Christianity Transformed Civilization, written by a Lutheran Pastor Alvin Schmidt.

    Briefly, I’ll outline a very few things which were societal norms (as normal as any legal and moral activity now done in public today) prior to Christianity, just to give everyone a small taste of what life (more like ‘existance’) would be like had Christ never come, because this was what life was like prior to His coming.

    Rampant: Infanticide, child abandonment, abortion, human sacrifices, suicide, no rights for women, polygamy, child brides, abandonment of elderly widows and orphans, no care for the sick, slavery (over half of Rome were slaves at one point), adultery, fornication, prostitution, homosexuality, pedastery (pedophilia), lesbianism, group sex, bestiality, constant warfare at the desire of a King or leader, and the total lack of human rights with life (?!) lived by all at the whim of the very few.

    Thanks be to God, He sent His son, the Radical, Jesus Christ; God’s Word Incarnate, to change the world one saved person at a time. Now 2000 years later, fully 2+ billion living humans worship Christ as His followers – 1/3 of the world. Only 2/3 to go!

    But sadly, here in Babylon II, we have a decrease in the number of people coming to Christ or continuing their faith in Him.

    Can you tell by looking at the trajectory of our once fair country that this is so?

    The reason this is happening is largely because the anti-Christs in kontrol deem it best to do their damnest to make it so; being fools, they wish to command others to be as foolish as they, and they see to it that Christanity is marginalized on a daily basis, which has been going on for at least 50 years.

    America – God = mayhem.

    To quote a Bible Study book I just attended today:

    In John 12:27-36, the judgment of the world is about to occur, Jesus says, meaning that the penalty for the world’s sin is about to come crashing down upon HIM. (Yes, this was 2000 years ago)

    Before the cross of Jesus, the opposite of sin was being good, and some in the world bumbled along trying to be good enough, hoping to escape the judgment. With Christ on the cross, the judgment of the world would fall on Jesus, who alone had been good, perfectly good.

    The rules would now forever change. The opposite of sin would become faith in Jesus, not righteousness by works. If we are condemned it will not be for our sin, which He has already paid for, but for refusing to have faith in Him. The opposite of sin has become faith in Christ!

    Yet faith without works is dead; even so, good works do not save so why bother? Bother, because good works are what God has made us for; and because it is the only real means we have of truly saying “thank you” for being saved from judgment – offering up our entire lives to God through Christ Jesus, with the unending help of the Holy Spirit.

    For those INDIVIDUALS who commit the only unpardonable sin, an INDIVIDUAL judgment will follow – soon. What is the unpardonable sin? Insulting the Holy Spirit by ignoring Him in His instructions that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, and ignoring faith in Christ.

    i.e., true Christianity at it’s core.

    Pastor Glenn

  • William

    As for white slave/sex trafficking, I have read that is a HUGE business involving young and poor women from parts of the former Soviet Union….all run by monsters in America’s favorite country in the MidEast.

  • Gary2

    El Pollo has said many times that desperate people do desperate things. This is clearly the case.

    I find it ironic that the meth problem is mainly a red stae issue. How them family values working out?

    • El Pollo de Oro

      Gary2 in Wisconsin: Excellent point. I live in Philadelphia, and drug addiction is a major problem in poor, dilapidated areas of the city. But it’s mostly crack and heroin. Crystal meth isn’t a big problem here. I’ve never heard of tweekers getting arrested in, say, West Kensington (a notoriously dangerous part of the city) or across the river in Camden, New Jersey. Meth seems to be a problem mainly in small towns and rural areas, which is one of the reasons why I’m not convinced that rural areas are necessarily going to be all that safe when the you-know-what hits the fan. Large cities will be dangerous because of the population density, but there are plenty of screwed up people in small towns. And desperation is still desperation regardless of whether one is black or white, rural or urban (at this point, some small towns in Northern Mexico are probably more dangerous than Mexico City).

      Of course, the neocon War on Drugs is mainly a racial war aimed at people of color—as Ron Paul has been pointing out since the 1980s. So the neocon fascists would have us believe that crackheads are somehow more dangerous than methheads.

  • Gary2

    Legalize drugs and the prostitues. It may not be a good thing but people wanna get hi and F. Thats just the facts of life. Better to do in a regulated than black market way.

  • steve

    i have to say.

    going to that faces of meth before and after
    going to 31 and 32. thats an improvement. LOOK AT HIS HEAD ITS HUGE! and the hair covers it up perfectly. Could use a comb and maybe a meal but he doesn’t look too bad.

    • gary2

      I liken the before pictures to america before conservatives ruined it and the after picture as what it is now that conservatives destroyred the country.

      Those after pictures are a good metaphore for conservative policies and what they do to a country.

  • Gary Simpson

    Both the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 are good shotguns, but the Remington is a little nicer. The Russian made Saiga 12 is better yet. It is the same action as the very reliable AK 47, in a 12 gauge military combat shotgun. It will take 10 round mags, or 20 or 30 round drums. I highly recommend the Hornady TAP double 00 buckshot loads. It is very high velocity, at over 1600 feet per second. Most of your buckshot loads you buy at walmart or more like 1100 or 1200 fps. You don’t want that low recoil stuff, as it is low velocity and poor at penetration. Even the standard high velocity is only about 1350 fps. This TAP ammo is something special. As far as the meth problem, we must end the unlawful war on drugs, and this problem would immediately end. Then anyone can go into a drug store or grocery store, etc. and get high grade amphetamine pills or cocaine, just as if they were buying a bottle of aspirin, or a can of smoking tobacco. We are supposed to be a free people, not slaves to Big Brother. I don’t want Big Brother or Uncle Sam telling me what I can and can’t medicate myself with, or grow or sell. If you end the war on drugs, then high quality drugs will become available cheaply and drive the low quality drugs off the market immediately.

    • WM

      Here’s the problem I see with legalizing any kind of drug like Meth. People would be free to buy and use it whenever they want right? Ok, maybe cut down on robberies and home invasions from meth users, but what if the meth user gets sick, causes an accident, negelects his/her children, etc.? The they would have to go to the hospital or their children to state funded care. The taxpayers would have to foot the bill for all this social help due to the irresponsible use of this legal drug.

      Either way, we are going to pay for others bad decisions.

      If we can somehow change people hearts, moral worldviews and prevent the demand of meth, the supply will dissappear, problem solved. I know its not that simple,but the concept is very simple. People use meth because they have no hope, are selfish, want to please their flesh, want to take away the pain of life, etc. If they had hope, perhaps they would not use the drugs. A new law should be passed. If whatever substance you are addicted to causes you to try to harm others,(robbery, murder, home invasion, etc.) you will be shot on sight. This will make those who are slightly soberminded think twice, this will make those considering taking meth, think twice, and it will cleanse the nation of those who are addicted and attempting to harm others to maintain their high.

    • mondobeyondo

      Well, for basic home security I’m sure a 9mm Glock would do nicely. No need to buy an AK-47, that’s overkill. Kind of like using an atomic bomb to kill a cockroach.

  • Jadams

    When the economy collapses, it’ll either be me or them….and its not going to be me! I’m glad I live in the Southeast. Every other person owns a firearm and most of us have more than one. You will not individually be able to protect yourselves and your family, so you’d better start organizing your defense groups NOW! We most likely have only 12-15 months before the SHTF.

    In some of the larger metropolitan areas, gangs are a problem and they are heavily armed in some cases. The US military is littered with gang members and they are funneling weapons to the streets – hand grenades, fully automatic weapons, etc. Additionally, there are Islamic extremist camps as well. There is one located no more than 45min from me. There are at least 35 known camps throughout the US.

    It’s going to be vicious and bloody. Get your minds wrapped around that and prepare or you’ll be one of the victims.

    On a positive note, once we come out on the other side of it, America will more closely resemble the country our Founders had intended. The globalist elite will not win here. 84 million firearms have been purchased over the last ten yrs. We The People are the largest standing army on the face of the planet. It will be an asymmetrical war, but know doubt one we will win!!

    • JustanOguy

      Well stated… very well stated. Personally looking forward to getting rid of some of the filth.

  • Land of the freaks and home of the depraved.

  • Gary Simpson

    Most Americans today are so enslaved, they don’t have a clue what their real Rights are, or what a real free country is. None of the federal drug laws are lawful. The Constitution does NOT authorize the feds to regulate or prohibit or tax any drugs. The DEA, FDA, and the BATFE are totally unlawful agencies and need to be dissolved. THe issue of local state and county regulation of drugs is more obscure. We can more easily get rid of tyranny at the local level, than we can at the federal level. I am against all drug control and regulation. In the early twentieth century, I am told you could have walked into many drug stores and walked out with cocaine, heroin, opium, or marijuana without any prescription. Amphetamines weren’t invented yet then, but they would have been lawful also if they had. Whenever you allow the government to tax and regulate something, then they become the crooks making the price of the object falsely high, like they have now done with tobacco and alcohol. The FDA was started with the supposed idea of making sure drugs were pure and safe. But the FDA uses this power to help big pharm corporations have a monopoly on drugs, most of which are among the most toxic drugs on Earth, and very high priced. The AMA is part of this monopoly, as you have to go to one of their monopoly doctors to get permission to buy one of these drugs. We shouldn’t need or want the government to insure we have safe drugs. Like anything else, you learn to recognize brand name, the reliability of good companies. You do your research about various substances or drugs, to see if it is something you want. The free market gives you the best products at the best prices. The government now blocks you from sueing drug corporations for harm done to you or your kids from their toxic vaccines. So how on Earth do you think the government is protecting you?

  • D

    More poverty = more crime/desperate acts. With the middle class being wiped out, we will see a paced increase in crime until fall/winter next year when the dollar collapses. Then, you might want to get that shotgun.

    Then, of course, the NWO will be at full force with WW3, martial law, and other goodies.

  • Ken

    “When I was going through school, I was taught that slavery had been abolished in the United States.”

    No, it came back in 1913 with the income tax and then the tyrant FDR enhanced it through withholding.

  • tappedops

    To Mr. M… i told you to be carefull what you wish for— you aint the tip-o-the spear, but you gaining on it…Grats… its your guts that gave you this glory…

  • Tatiana Covington

    Let the meth heads kill themselves. Clearly they are inferior weaklings who do not have the sense to avoid what even small children know, is poison.

    As for sex slavers, or slavers of any kind, this is why everyone should be armed. One could then just KILL the slavers of whatever sort, and be done with it.

    See how easy it is?

    • Deut

      Satan’s children the banker gangsters have made slaves of near every nation and person on Earth. End Usury world wide. Free the world from satan’s children grip.

  • NotoriousJP

    Prosperity is just around the corner… China, in India, in Russia(maybe) and in Brazil, but not here in the US of A. And most of the young people are too busy fiddling with their smartphones to realize that they have no future.

    • BrazilianGuy

      Brazil? Seriously? I live in Brazil and I don’t know where are the prosperity… unless, of course, you become friend of the communists that took over Brazil since the 90’s. As a brazilian I tell you guys: do NOT go to Brazil, the whole “prosperity” thing is a scam, this country is going down the toilet as well as US – maybe in a slower rate. The growth of our economy is based on debt as well as US bubble. Brazil was never a great power, but in the past people respected each other, and worked hard. This generation (my generation) is garbage, they are as spoiled as the youth of US. Of course that I did not mention the 50,000 homicides per year (1st in world), and the fact that we are NOT allowed to carry or use a gun – we in fact can be arrested if we kill someone by self defense, by “ilegal gun carrying”.

  • Bring it on! I Have said it before and will continue to say it again “if you want to dance
    you have to pay the fiddler” well,my fiddle is tuned and i am ready to play and i am not talking out of my ass either. I flatly refuse to
    be a coward and run i will be like the rancher who said he was shot at and he shot back reloaded and shot back again.And yes i could get shot too but i’ll make sure i take as many as i can with me and remember there is nothing to fear but fear it’s self and one other point that makes me mad is these gutless cowards in
    washington who refuse to close the border and let this crap continue or pound there drums about gun control like that is going to solve anything all that would do is make things easier
    for all the nutcases to do there deeds of horror. So all i can further say is if they want
    to meet my two best friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson I Will gladly introduce them and if that is not enough there is there “family members” to.Be Strong and good Luck.

  • igotadose

    But, Michael, the NRA says violent crime is declining. And maybe 6000+ lbs of meth seized is a sign that the war on Meth is getting more effective.And maybe, the instantaneous nature of the news allows the Faux news’s of the world to report something titillating like the tragedy in SF within minutes of it happening?

    So, what’s the truth? The amount of private firearm ownership is at an all time high, more and more people are applying for concealed carry permits, its easier to get one. Perhaps you’re simply doing some scaremongering here?

  • torus

    Yes, but the chump in “charge”, known as Obama was giving his State of the Union address earlier. He boasted of this generations “heroes” who have made America a safer place and more respected around the world. How for the first time in two decades, Osama Bin Laden was no longer a threat to safety of America. He boasted of a thriving post WWII American economy, and how his grand pappy was able to go to college. It all had the making of an overture to war, and I shut him off.

  • Abby

    I was always taught by my mother that the front door was the last line of defense and it was the mother’s job to ensure evil didn’t kick it in. That’s why it was important for mom to be home full time. That changed when the husband lost his full time job and could only find a minimum wage job in which he is never home. My new job (part-time minimum wage) takes me away nights & weekends. Our teenagers are unsupervised now. Evil didn’t have to kick in my door, it came in through the wires of the x-box LIVE and the cell phones my kids begged for. We have gotten rid of the LIVE part of the Xbox which introduced my kids to foul mouthed losers & pedophiles. The cell phones are harder to pry from their hands. I call home and hear many voices in the background, but can’t leave my job or I’ll be fired. I come home to find the cabinets’ empty- because the kids who are hanging out are also hungry as their parents are unemployed and there is no food for them at their house. They spend the night, because their homes don’t have heat. Most of the kids are great kids, but all it takes is ONE kid to introduce trouble to the others, and no adult is there to stop it. I don’t worry about the thugs who come out at night. I worry about the formally entitled, newly poor who aren’t handling it so well. I know my family has changed, but so has everyone else…and many….can’t find their honor or character.

  • Pontus

    I’ve got plenty of guns, ammo, and food. Let the party begin.

  • Come see us in Ecuador: Quito is the Capital, right on the Equator, at 9,350 ft. (1.77 miles) above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains, where the weather is 50’s in the evening, and 70’s during the day all year round. Valley of Eternal Springtime! Do not hesitate to contact me for your relocation or exploration needs!

    • Scott

      How is your supply of computer repair companies?

  • Osoma Bin Ladin

    When the grocery stores start to run out of food, and trust me it will happen fast, and gas stations empty out, and banks close, take to your weapons, and bomb shelters. If you dont have a safe place to go your screwed. Forget about the city, it will be overrun by gangs, and you will not be safe in a house or building because it will be burned down.

  • davidmpark

    Seeing this firsthand. After 2 years at my low-level job, we had nearly two complete turnovers of employees. I’ve lost all but 2 of the people I started with – all due to drug and alcohol. I nearly lost my job, but took LOA to care for my disabled wife and young children.

    And now, most of the neighbors here and a lot of family are going for the firewater, wacky-tobacky, and happy pills. We are doing what we can, but it ain’t much and it ain’t enough! Police are constantly patrolling here, and for the most part it’s doing some to reduce the crime rate, but not to prevent crime.

    We haven’t had as much trouble as most of the neighbors have. The thieves and druggies seem to have some ethics code that says the handicapped and disabled are off-limits. Some of the other elderly here who have disables aren’t hit by thefts or break-in’s, either. Who knows how long it’ll last.

    Family has been hit hard from thefts and drugs. We lost a brother-in-law from it (God rest his soul), and my wife and I seem to have the most stable marriage out of both sides of our families.

    Yes, life is tough. Yes, it will get worse. It’s either battling hunger, or thefts, or bureaucrats, or abusive parents, drugged out cousins, or depressed in-laws – it will be tough; always.

    And it will get better. The water collection system is nearly ready. The generators batteries I built work okay. Livestock is still kindling – even in wintertime. Food is plentiful. Doing well with medicine and chemistry. And the other things we do are working well. God has truly blessed us with ability and reward for obedience.

  • robin mc

    um i think the drug laws have a lot to do with it,criminalising addicts for their health issues,makes the place fearful and ugly,im afraid getting tough has made it tough for everybody…when they win the war on drugs,is when they stop killing people with the legal meds.
    why do people take drugs,it cos they want to be happy,but i think the bible belt think you cant have happiness without god,so it must be the devil…demonising people seams to be a word that sums it up,and witch hunting.i think the price needs to come down and people take ownership of there drug issues,jailing people is a joke long term,for long tern is here now,and what has been achieved…zip

  • Bruce

    Add; BIRDFEEDER to the list of stuff stolen. Who TF steals a %#@%@%@ BIRDFEEDER???
    I notice an awful lot of reliance on guns. Someone pisses me off enough ther’ll be no need for a gun. I’ll devise a Fishing Net, BBQ, Spiked Pit, Kenworth Krusher, Big Hammer, Long Knife, Axe, Bio-weapon, Whatever it takes. Wonderful tales exist of WW1 Vimy and Somme Grunts taking out a dozen enemy single-handedly with no gun. Get creative.

  • john petrino

    move out of that hellhole amerika and start a new life in some other country

  • VyseLegend

    Don’t forget the other types of addicts who are not criminals at all, but probably among the working class who can afford it – addicts of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Ever imagine what will happen to the millions of Americans who are depending on their next paycheck and a steady supply of shipments to supply them with their anti-psychotic or anti-depressant medications?

    Zombie apocalypse would not be an absurd analogy.

  • paul grennan

    America like all empires will come to a messy end. Those of you who think owning few weapons will make any difference to your survival long term would want to wake up. I know you US nutjobs think weapons and violence are the solution to all problems… this is your problem. If the economy and society collapse so do the supply chains, food water electricity and ammunition will all dry up pretty fast. The average american is the size of a small european car and would survive a day without food, an could run as fast as a crippled snail. you cant shoot your way out of it ***************.

    • Kent Foster

      Supplies will dwindle rapidly, but some of us have prepared for this. Well stocked, rural strongholds exist
      all over this once great nation. Across the border in Canada too. Yes, Cities will burn, but some of our small towns will thrive…
      blokes in the UK are waking up and wishing THEY had firearms for the SHTF party
      thats coming…scrawny, pale and weak people with bad teeth
      will starve before the well fed, Mate.
      (Sorry for the stereotyping)

      • jaytee

        don’t belive television, my friend… the news media types pick the most offensive, ignorant and ugly among us to represent us on ‘the box’… for every mongoloid you see on television describing how the tornado sounded, there are a thousand of us shaking with rage that this is the side of us that is shown to the world… Imagine if monty python were the litmus test for everyone with an accent that sounded like it could have originated within the british empire… be safe, and please, keep up the lively debate… Without it, we are all ‘toast’…

  • Zhu Bajie

    “millions of desperate, angry and depraved monsters will take out their sick frustrations on all the rest of us.”

    They ARE the rest of you!

    “When you push morality out of the schools and out of public life, this is the kind of thing that starts happening.”

    The fourth big lie: things were better in the Good Old Days!

  • Jason Bjornsson

    “everyone will decide better safe than sorry and assume every hispanic is a gang member. They are going to have a rough time of it.”

    What is your definition of “Hispanic”? A white European from Spain? A mestizo from Central America? a mulatto from the Carribean?

  • Love is all you need

    …and teach your children well.

    I’de bet that the big moneybags eugenicists are rubbing their hands with glee over the wild wild west that the little to no moneybags are becoming. They tell us about the overpopulation crisis, right?
    Big moneybags certainly aren’t making a pip squeek about *doing something* about the rampant epidemic of people succumbing to the evils of illegal and legal addiction and the resulting devastation it creates in society, are they?
    Oh no, no no. Seems that they’re quite content if ya’ll were addicted to something and unable to keep a clear thinking head, while the rest live in the state of paranoid hiding sling shots.
    How many people reading this blog know and love someone who has fallen victim to this drug peddling scourge of society?
    Were it your own son or daughter is that what you’de do? Aim your slingshots so high and mighty at them?
    SHAME on YOU.

  • Mona in Tulsa

    Buy land, grow/raise your own food, go off-grid, learn to use a firearm…do it now!


    when the breakdown comes it will be shoot all that comes within 15 ft of you, shoot first ask questions later. personally i have a mean streak
    i would like to start shooting gang member now
    no trial, no questions of what youre doing
    if you look like a gang member or dress gangish
    (what i want to do )is shoot all of them. guerrilla warefare tactics i say shoot all gang looking youth now…if you even look like a rufe crowd type you die…THEY WANT WAR THEY GOT WAR…lets rumble! why wait everytime you see one put a bullet in their head.

    • mondobeyondo


      well.. if you want to take the “shoot first, ask questions later” approach, I can understand that. But it’s kind of risky. You may end up shooting your buddy Danny down the street, you know, the owner of the corner butcher shop where you get your sausages every morning and T-bone steaks every other Friday.

      Poor guy is just struggling like the rest of us. When your butcher takes his apron off, he goes home and puts on his sneakers and Levi’s, and goes out to a Yankees baseball game (if he can afford it!) or a Red Sox game, or Cubs, or Diamondbacks, or Mariners – just like you and me. He’s got holes in his Levi’s and dresses like Kurt Cobain, not because he’s a Nirvana fan, but because he can’t afford anything else, which is why Kurt Cobain dressed like that in the first place. (Think about it!) In other words, Kurt Cobain’s reality became your fashion statement. You see, Kurt LIVED that life – sleeping on park benches in Seattle, wearing ripped up clothing, etc.. Retailers eventually picked up on the trend, and said, “Hey, that’s cool fashion! Let’s market some ripped jeans and flannel sweaters in our stores!!” What goes around, comes around. Not a fashion statement, it’s reality. Grunge was reality, before it became mainstream. When it became mainstream, it became “un-cool”.

      Okay, time to watch the evening news…


    i got a better idea, these areas that
    “they” controll…..bomb them! totally
    i mean a bunker buster sytle bomb…just drop some bombs on those sections of town,
    i believe in whole & wide destruction of these gangs
    using battlefield heavy armaments and merciless

  • Umm..crime rates were down again last almost ever major category including violent offenses.
    These are down off of 2010 numbers, which were 40 year lows.
    There will ALWAYS be perverts, druggies, freaks and social ne’er do wells, no matter the economy.

  • Cinderella Man


    I know it’s off topic but last night on the radio I heard an announcement for POPULATION The commericial sounds all friendly and good and I went to the site and it has articles on birth control and how scary the planet will be if we reach 8 billon. Check it out Michael and see what you think maybe do another story on the Dream blog.

  • thebronze

    The government isn’t going to do anything about it, so it’s up to you (us).

  • I know we are headed for some very hard times, but we also must remember that God can’t and won’t be mocked. There is nothing beyond his hand and all seeing eye and if we repent, turn back to God and yes, even love our enemies, we have his protection. Don’t act and believe as if all is lost. The world leaders want us to be psychologically frail and like sheep convinced we are doomed. They are succeeding based on many blogs I read. There might be thieves, robbers and the like but there are also thousands of God-fearing Christians who have the spirit of God and who do his will. Who can stand against that!Passage after passages in the bible show how his mighty hand defeated armies and conquered lands much bigger than the few that trusted and believed in him. “If God is for you, who can be against you.” We do need to prepare, but that includes our minds to be spiritual as well. Focus on Jesus, what he can do, and without anxiety let’s petition him for strength and protection my friend. It’s not too late. God is in control and no IMF, Soros, federal government, criminal will so much as do a thing without our God aware of it. “What is intended for evil, God intended for good.” And he will work all things out according to his purpose. “Vengence is mine says the Lord.” Trust me, God will repay each man according to his conduct. The best preparing we can do is spiritual as we work to prepare others for the coming hardship. God will weed out those that our not his. He is most interested in our hearts. Please prepare spiritually since only Jesus can stand against what we speak about. And HE WILL DO IT!!!

  • Tom

    1.4 million meth users? In a country of 310 million people? That’s only 0.45%, or less than one half of one percent of the population. I’ll take my chances.

  • Mum oz

    Thanks for the time and effort spent in wrting these excellent reports – they have helped me move into a more self sustaining / community reliance mode in my part of rural Western Australia. Got a bit of a problem though……My 23 year old daughter living in relative safe Perth Oz has booked her ticket for New York in March, working (if she can find work- I know with so many USA grads unemployed…..why should she even get a look in!) ..under a USA graduate visa program. I’ve of course made her aware of what ‘s happening in the world and how thinking about some useful skill development should be on her Agenda….so she is aware in a naive sense. However she wants the experience of living in NY for awhile. As per Oz kid ritual, she feels a real need to travel and be adventurous for awhile. Obviously not savvy in relation to guns and protecting herself that well in what is a frightening description of USA reality in thi report ( and parts of Oz would be like that too!) She’s looking for accommodation on the Net now…….any areas in NYC she should definitely not venture into…Any suggestions apart from ‘don’t go….. ” which she won ‘ listen to? She has been to NY in 2009 for a few days & did a quick USA trip -so has some basic bearings. She also has some basic contacts in NY, other Oz kids. Yes, I know……her hard saved money could be used in much better ways…….and she might even get stuck there if the Iranian situation deteriorates/banks fail in the next 6 months…….Grrrrrrr it could be a nail biting time..

    • Kent Foster

      NYC is rich in culture,beautiful, vibrant and a toilet at the same time. If she’s street smart and has good friends she’ll be fine. If she’s a risk taker and ventures into certain areas, anything could happen. The link below should help with identifying them.
      Even Manhattan can be dangerous after dark.

      Suggest a trip up to Montreal, Canada while she’s in NYC

  • deadby2020

    best article in a long time on the net. this is the daily crap most of us don’t see, YET. as for this guy’s daughter? she will be missing or dead in a year or less. the “naive” don’t make it in ny. i left due to rising violence i.e. bowling balls/bricks being thrown off bridges into traffic. IF you are wealthy it’s a whole other ball game. otherwise, stay out. why the ******* would anyone come to this country now is beyond me. try Singapore. anyway we will be toast by 2020….

  • Jim Shoesa

    Where is all this crime your talking about? I live in a mixed race, middle to lower income community. Is there crime? Yeap, but nothing on the level of the 1970’s, and statistics back this up. I feel safer on the streets now than I did when I was 20. Personally, I attribute it to the other drugging of American. Anti psychotic drugs are talking the aggression, and will power, out of Americans. Fine by me, keep the idiots drugged. I enjoy walking in freedom. And if a meth head does come along? Well I live in a Castle doctrine CWP state. He has a fight on his hands.

  • Tom Joad

    Night of the living base heads .. Got 12g

  • Disciple

    I live in Ohio where crime has gotten out of control. My grandparents live in the Toledo metro-area which is number 4 in nation for sex trafficking. I live near Columbus which has become something akin to the Midwestern Sodom and Gomorrah. For 2010, Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati all were in the top 20 metro-areas with over 250,000 people for violent crime.

    If your hope and faith is not in Jesus Christ I ask you now to repent and believe the Gospel. It’s gonna get very rough in the days ahead and only Christ will sustain you. God bless you all.

  • michelle

    to mona that thinks living off the grid is the answer. I hope if u r doing that and not paying taxes, that u r not utilizing our roads, hospitals, emergency services, probvincial parks, or anything bought or aquired while being on any land or in any structor built with tax monies. Your having a pipe dream! Although i dont believe in conforming or agree with alot/most political ambitions I certenly don’t take for granted the privileges we as Canadians have. Even living “off the grid” has its own political and social problems. God forbib if you have kids or ever need the services you find so horrible. excuse my spelling, glad its not a spelling bee

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