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Barack Obama Is Taking A 17 Day Vacation Even As America Falls Apart All Around Him

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What in the world is Barack Obama thinking?  The United States of America is falling apart all around him, and yet he decides to take a 17 day Hawaiian vacation.  Does he even understand that he is the leader of the free world?  Does he even understand that this country is mired in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression?  Last year, a similar Hawaiian vacation by the Obamas ending up costing more than 1 million dollars.  Other than when I was in school, I don’t remember ever taking a 17 day vacation.  In fact, most Americans do not even get 17 vacation days for an entire year.  Yet the Obamas seem to think that part of occupying the White House is to take as many vacations as possible.  It has been reported that Michelle Obama spent over 10 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer money on vacations during just one recent 12 month period alone.  It would be one thing if they were taking these vacations at a time when America was thriving, but the truth is that the U.S. is facing one crisis after another right now.  Our debt is now over 15 trillion dollars.  If you can believe it, the U.S. government has not been operating under an approved budget for over 900 days.  More Americans fell into poverty last year than ever before.  More Americans are on food stamps than ever before.  An average of 23 manufacturing facilities were shut down every single day in the United States last year.  According to one recent report, only 7 percent of Americans that lost their jobs during the recession have “made it back” to where they were before the recession.  So perhaps Barack Obama should spend more time doing his job rather than taking extended vacations.

During this holiday season, tens of millions of American families are suffering horribly.  Any sane president would realize that this is not the time to be gallivanting off to Hawaii again.  The following short excerpt comes from a recent article in the Daily Mail…..

While most Americans are lucky to get a few weeks of holiday every year, it seems the country’s leader gets a little more freedom in the matter.

President Barack Obama has announced his Christmas vacation to Hawaii – for a staggering 17-day trip.

Obama, who visited the island just two weeks ago for an economic summit, will head to Honolulu on Saturday December 17 until Monday January 2.

But this is not just one isolated incident.  Obama has taken a whole bunch of vacations since he moved into the White House.  According to the New York Post, Barack Obama enjoyed a total of 10 separate vacations that stretched over a total of 90 vacation days during the years of 2009 and 2010.

In addition, Obama managed to find time for 29 rounds of golf during his first two years in office.

But reportedly the biggest “vacation junkie” of all in the Obama family is Michele Obama.

The following shocking excerpt comes from a different Daily Mail article….

The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel.

And the first family’s nine-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week.

The source continued: ‘Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.

‘The vacations are totally Michelle’s idea. She’s like a junkie. She can’t schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next – all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.’

During such hard economic times, how can Michelle Obama justify spending over 10 million dollars of U.S. taxpayer money on luxurious vacations?

The American people expect a president to be at the White House working night and day to solve the problems of this nation.

Sure, it would definitely be understandable to take a day or two off here and there, but the truth is that the president should be one of the hardest working people in the country.

Instead, Obama just seems to do less and less the longer that he is in the White House.  In fact, there have been numerous reports that Barack Obama barely even interacts with members of his own party in Congress anymore.

Our country is literally falling apart and we have a total lack of leadership at the top.

Sadly, there does not appear to be much hope on the horizon at the moment.

Right now, Newt Gingrich is leading the race for the Republican nomination.  If he wins the nomination, the American people will have a choice between two candidates that are almost identical in 2012.  The sad truth is that Newt Gingrich is not a conservative, and he never will be.  Rather, he is a big time establishment stooge that would keep marching America down the same road that Bush and Obama have been taking us.  When you sit down and really compare the Obama agenda to the Gingrich agenda, you will quickly find that they are almost entirely identical.  If the Republican Party nominates Newt Gingrich, it will be a complete and utter disgrace.

The reality is that we desperately need real leadership and real solutions.  Europe is on the verge of a massive financial meltdown.  If things take a wrong turn, we could easily be looking at a financial crisis even worse than the one we saw back in 2008.

Many in the mainstream media are using the word “recovery” now that the official unemployment has fallen to 8.6%, but as Mac Slavo recently pointed out, the real rate of unemployment is still up around 22 percent.

The official government numbers assume that 315,000 Americans “left the labor force” in November.  At a time when our population is constantly expanding, that seems like a shaky assumption at best.

The reality, as many of you out there are experiencing, is that times are hard and millions of Americans are becoming increasingly desperate.

For example, just check out what happened in the Sacramento area recently.  One church was hit by copper thieves three nights in row….

Members of a Carmichael church that had been targeted by copper thieves for two nights in a row managed to help nab the suspected thieves when the greedy pair returned for a third night.

Nobody is off limits for thieves these days.  If you can believe it, people are even stealing food from food pantries now.

This country is in a massive amount of economic trouble, and we desperately need some solutions.

But perhaps we should be thankful that Obama is taking so many vacations.

After all, just about everything he has done so far has ended up making things even worse.

Perhaps it is better if he simply does nothing at all.

But at some point this country is going to need real leadership and real solutions.

So what do all of you think?

Do you think that there is any hope for this country on the horizon?

  • theAnonymous

    even if he takes 364 days off, it wont matter at all.


    because Obama is just a highly paid puppet. in fact, it is right that he milks as much off this presidential stint as possible.


    it’s a ‘every man for himself’ world.

    • al ols

      he is worthless, from the beginning

    • D

      All politicians are puppets to the banking oligarchs and illusions to fool the sheeple into believing there are differences between Rs and Ds. It wouldn’t matter if he had all four years off, the shadow elite make the real decisions anyway.

  • Old Man

    So Obamarama will take a 2 week vacation in beautiful Hawaii. Hurray …!

    He is stimulating the economy of HI.

    But why don’t we get serious? The last time I read the Constitution, CONGRESS is responsible for economics, the national budget, fiscal policy, money, monetary policy, trade and trade policy. Not the president, who is responsible for running the federal government SUBJECT to Congressional policies, mandates, and budget.

    Hell, Congress is even responsible for war, whether one should be declared, fought, and how it’s to be fought as defined in the military budget. The president is currently not fighting any war declared by Congress.

    Obamarama looks at his shop – and sees the federal government is in OK shape. Yes, it is in huge debt and running out of money – but that’s Congress problem.

    Obamarama looks at the awful unemployment – and sees the administration printing UI checks like mad, food stamps like crazy, social security and other mandated benefits like clock work. Well, he is doing all he is empowered to do. The whole mess was created by the private sector – not his area of responsibility and certainly not his problem.

    For sure Obamarama, go enjoy your vacation. And if the media and ’em GOP give you a hard time during your stay, you can always pay a visit to the Queen of Hawaii and support her declaration of independence from America!

  • sunshine

    Started reading THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE published about 1942. Fascinating read. Google images or web on the WORKS PROJECT ADMINISTRATION. The feds created amongst other things, the Federal Theatre Project which gave over 1,200 plays, The Federal Writers Project, The Federal Arts Project. These projects employed millions and were a huge boon to the well-being of society and culture. Through the WPA the Gov also made possible numerous healthy recreational activities for the people.
    You know, I look at the world now and am convinced we’ve got idiots and evil-doers running things creating one disaster after another.
    It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Golden Child

    Leader of the “free world”? Ha! Yeah right. We live in a country that incarcerates its citizens at level higher than anywhere else on the planet and we when we protest bad government and corporate policies, we are met with police brutality, rubber bullets and tear gas.

    Obama is no different than any of the other incompetent figure-head presidents that came before him. Most people have already forgotten how much they hated George W. Bush. Obama is a celebrity. He is no different than Will Smith or Jay-Z. A man celebrated for making history, but not making a difference. We all would still be alive without Will Smith movies, Jay-Z albums and President Obama.



    Leader of the free world? Whoever made that decision? I don’t recall an election for president of the asylum states of amerika being the position as leader of the free world. Perhaps I had better consult the U.S. Constitution for guidance……………

    I agree and disagree. First, every president has taken vacations at critical moments, all of them. And just as Congress recesses for most of the year is an open secret. Nothing new or different here. If you condemn Obama for taking a “vacation and its cost”, then you must condemn every politician who has ever served in modern times. Because all of them take vacations on the taxpayer dime. Now, if you are for legislating that no politician can take a vacation on the taxpayer dime, then I am all for that. But at this point there are far more important things to talk about.

  • Congress has him beat. They work an agonizing 137 days a year. If you only doubled the amount of time Congress spent working, they would be working a few more days than the rest of us! Running this country has got to be hard work!

    • Michael

      Good point.


  • Achille Tendon

    You speak about a free world?
    What do you think of the law voted by the Senate about the authorization of the torture by the water???
    Please revise your copy.

  • Pitchfork Ready

    I love Gingrich’s intellect and he’s jumped on the anti-FED bandwagon, which should please the libertarian wing of the Republican party.

    With that said I don’t know if I can support him. He’s too pragmatic and the country is facing a crisis of biblical proportions. Reaching across the aisle and compromising your principles got us into this mess.

    Ron Paul is the only one who said he would cut a trillion dollars from the budget the first year.

    • Gay Veteran

      Newt Gingrich is what a stupid person thinks a smart person sounds like

      much of the ugliness of modern politics is due to his slash and burn style during the 1980s

  • 007

    I agree it is disgusting that he parties while America burns. However, I believe it is best to let him vacation as much as possible. This does as little harm as possible.

    I personally think if we can’t have Ron Paual, Gingrich is probably the best choice. He is tough, smart and does not take prisoners. He presided over the last congress that ever came close to balancing a budget. He wants to control the Fed. He was willing to shut the government down to cut spending.

    When things totally fall apart, I will feel much better if he is in charge and not Obama.

    • Jeremy

      Agreed on both counts. First, it is best that Obama is nowhere near Washington. We do better when he is gone. Second, I also like Gingrich a lot. He was impressive on the constitutional debate on Huckabee Saturday night.

  • 007

    When the dollar collapse comes, government spending will likely take care of itself.

    We talk a lot on this site about the coming economic collapsebut don’t really talk about what we will be facing when it happens. It might be time to face what we will be up against.

    Here it is:


    (1) The global contagion is spreading so quickly, it could strike the United States before yearend.

    (2) This bill, passed late last night in a 93-7 vote, declares the entire USA to be a “battleground” upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity.

    The answer, my friends, will not comfort you: A global economic collapse is coming, and once started, it will likely unleash a wave of social unrest and rioting that could burn many U.S. cities to the ground.

    (3) Obama, who visited the island just two weeks ago for an economic summit, will head to Honolulu on Saturday December 17 until Monday January 2.

    (4) ?

  • Erik

    I wish congress and the president would vacation 365 days a year it would be much better than whatever nonsense they do while “working”.

  • tappedops

    What the h e double hockey sticks… now a North American Union leader has to lead by example,… what rock are you retards living on— this is post 911, everything is different now.. sit down and shut the sticks up slave…

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    The Golfer in Chief… I’m sure even bombs over Iran would not pull him away from the wide fairways and lush greens Hawaii has to offer.

  • Maria

    The politicians’ only purpose from here on out is to keep the charade going for as long as possible. Obama included. The final fleecing of the world’s economy is in full swing by the banksters. Hyperinflation (due to all the money printing) has already started in a few locations around the world. IT WILL BE HERE SOON. What’s left of the middle class will be wiped out because of it. We are going to have to earn back everything we threw away….


    Pray, Pray, Pray!

    And prepare.

  • Commiebastard

    Surprising that the Russians won’t shake his hand; after all, he’s one of theirs:

    “The First Time I Heard Of Barack”

    How did that lady know about him? He attended The Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow, Russia, sometime in the period between 1988 and 1989. When he was suppose to be at Columbia and wasn’t.

  • Save the Republic

    I’ve never ridden Tower of Terror at Disney, but I have to imagine the feeling is much like what it feels like to be an average American right now. The only difference is, with Tower of Terror, you know there is a bottom.

  • So what does Obama taking a vacation have to do with the Federal Reserve, Mr. Smart Guy?

    Listen: Obama, on vacation, is still working 12-hour days, unlike the normal 16, so go brush your teeth.

    • gary2

      most on the right do not have teeth!

    • knightowl77

      Alert ” Kool Aid – Drinker” Alert

      • Gary2

        Thats probably why you don’t have teeth. Kool aid is horrible for your teeth as is soda.

    • Save the Republic

      Obummer doesn’t know what work is, since he’s never done any. He thinks going to Hawaii is work. The hardest work he’s done is trying to speak without a teleprompter.

    • Save the Republic

      Oh, wait. He was a community organizer. I was that a few times to. I had to pick which kids would be on my team playing ball after school.

    • Jeremy

      He didn’t listen, because he is still considering the 1 million this latest trip will cost the taxpayer.

  • Purple Heart

    Empires have fallen before but none so ignomineously. All of it because of the idiot populace obsessed with materialism and ignorant of basic civics. All of it because of the degenerate vermin in congress and their boundless graft, stupidity, theatrics, and corruption. The thought that the military can now detain someone indefinately for no reason whatsoever without due process makes me weep for my fomerly beautiful homeland. George Washington warned that a large military is always injurous to liberty. Ask your friends to name the person who wrote the constitution and you will get blank stares. The Federalist Papers contain the answers to almost anything you can ask. For the last few years I have checked this site daily. Nothing surprises me anymore. What a waste. It’s just sad to watch. The GOP debates prove people have learned abosolutely nothing and the whole tea party is an exercise in futility.Perpetual penury is here and chaos reigns. Financial collapse is surely coming. Prepare yourself.

    • Purple Heart

      *definitely* Typo.

    • Gay Veteran

      totally agree!

      the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin: the party of WAR which is controlled by the banksters and corporate elites

  • Paul

    All money he spends on vacation will not go into waeponry, which is a good thing.

  • Nexus789

    I think the term ‘fiddled while Rome burned’ is an apt one here.

  • Ulrick

    The leader of the free world ? You probably mean the leader of the biggest fascist state on earth.

    In any case, we Europeans do not recognize the president of the USA as our leader.

    • knightowl77

      You mean until you have the United States of Europe, then you’ll be the largest fascist state

    • Jeremy

      Biggest fascist state on earth? GMAB.

      Try lessening the stranglehold regulations and ultra-national goverance bodies have over your continent before you accuse the US as the biggest fascist state.

  • Disciple

    The President can relax now that they’ve passed the NDAA. The military and FEMA can now take control of America when the economic collapse hits. He’s taking a vacation now because he doesn’t want to be here when it all comes crashing down. If you haven’t put you’re faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ please do so NOW. He’s coming back, tomoorw may be your last day on Earth. Only Jesus Christ can save souls and put your heart at peace.

  • gifted0ne

    This is a very valuable website, that i visit often, but it is vital to keep your credibility when you tackle such important subjects involving facts and statistics as you do.

    The video you posted of Obama’s alleged handshake snub has been debunked, and a viewing of an extended clip shows him introducing the American delegation to the Russian president.

    There are ample real reasons to be disaffected with Obama and his policies without having to relay disputed or controversial video.

    Keep up the good work.

  • shypuffadder

    Maybe Bystander Obama is hoping that when he returns from vacation, SomeBody will have found a magic solution because it is clear that SomeBody needs to do SomeThing.

    Maybe Bystander Obama knows that things are about to get worse and his know-nothing advisers advised him to get out while the gettin’ is good. (Its the same level of advise that he has been getting so far.)

    Its time this country realizes that the message of “hope and change” has changed. The message now is “you’re on your own.” I wonder how many Christmas parties are on the agenda?

    Tis the season to be merry if you are a government official or have an office on Ball Street.

  • its ron paul or nobody… on my ticket.

    I will not vote for one of the sold out, piece of trash, puppets like gingrich or perry. they do not hold the best interests of our nation first. they advocate more wars and less liberty, and they have not a damn clue about the monetary crisis that is unfolding as I type. CFR… need I say more? have you read any of the globalist BS gingrich has written?

    read this article about his philosophy…​archives/021106.html

    is this the type of man that we truly want to manage our national affairs? someone who professes the dissolution of nation states, religions, and cultural differences for a merger into a planetary society? does this sound like someone who will defend the Constitution? not on your life…. actually, IT IS ON YOUR LIFE. and your childrens…. because if this globalist trash has his way we will begin a world war…. and then right in the midst of it, they will PULL THE RUG FROM UNDER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE… with the economic collapse of all time, and the death of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency….

    so just as the league of nations and then the united nations rose from the ashes of WW2…. so will a global government be ‘necessary’ to resolve the problems we will be saddled with….. problem, reaction, solution…

    create the problem, to cause a specific reaction, so you can present the solution that you wanted to achieve to begin with….

    you heard them on the national security debate, all of them ready to start another war except Ron Paul, and even if they are not active members of globalist organizing, then they are stuipid tools who actually BELIEVE the BS they are espousing concerning terrorism (and that in itself is even more scary)…

    Ron Paul IS THE ONLY CHOICE if you want to save this country and our way of life altogether….

  • Ronnieloo

    What did the slaves think happens in an oligarchy? I WANT MY REPUBLIC BACK!!
    Ron Paul 2012

  • MiniBooger

    We are such a joke to the rest of the world because of Obama and his wife. He is way in over his head and she acts like an ungrateful kid in a candy store. Unfortunately, both are at the expense of the American taxpayer. Steve Jobs was right when he told him that he was a one-term president. We can only hope. But like you, I have my concerns about Newt. Where are all the leaders?

  • r.bitting

    I KNOW that there is no hope for America, we simply have the leaders that we deserve to have. Besides, it’s unrealistic to lay all the blame at the feet of the politicians, as corrupt as they are, because the people have certainly contributed to this disaster ( both morally and financially ).When you look at American society collectively, are’nt these leaders just an extention of the populus, cut from the same cloth. Thats not to say that all Americans are corrupt, because there are good American citizens who want the country to be what she once was,but those folks are becoming fewer and fewer. As America sinks deeper and deeper into spiritual darkness, replacing it’s identity as a Christian nation with religious relativism, you can expect the progression of Romans ch. 1 to continue until the nation has completely imploded. You are bearing witness to that right now, and it will only get worse. Anyone who thinks that it won’t or that things will turn around has sold the family cow for some magic beans. Read Romans ch.1 people and see the future of America in advance, while you are still able to read a bible.

  • peckerhead

    I really appreciate your blog, Michael, and all the long hours that you must put into it. Thank you.

    Anonymous, I do agree with you with part of your post. But with the all the economic hardship in this country right now, having our liar-in-chief in Hawaii for 17 days on our dime is a huge slap in the face, and really goes to show how truly disconnected these dirtbags are from the American citizens who pay their salaries.
    At the grocery store yesterday, I overheard a man saying that he had to tell his family they were having a potluck meal for Thanksgiving, because he couldn’t afford to buy the food on his own anymore.
    The money spent on that vacation alone could have prevented half a dozen families from having their houses foreclosed on. The man (technically speaking) is supposed to work for US…what is he thinking?

    • peckerhead

      I missed the million dollar figure…an entire neighborhood’s mortgages could have been wiped clean with that amount of money. I’m speechless.

  • David Gurney

    In the surf at Hawaii,President Barack Obama will show us his lack of girth.But as he steps ashore,it is as Barry Soetoro whose lack of birth will doom his Presidency.

  • Nam Marine

    You didn’t expect him to stick around and do his job…..did you? He’s a PARTY BOY!

  • DCF

    Lets try to remember here that NO president took more time off than Ronald Reagan. Next in line, of course, is George W. Bush. What president hasn’t taken the holidays someplace? Are you going to tell that because its Hawaii and not Kennebunkport or Crawford or the Western White House that its wrong? Please also try to remember that Michelle Obama’s trips abroad were for State Department purposes.
    Stick to your data and forget the editorializing please.

    • knightowl77

      We remember that Bush added just under $5Trillion to the debt in 8 years and Obama will add more than $5 Trillion in less than 3 years. Keep voting for Obamster and our National Debt will top $20 trillion before he is done…

    • Jeremy

      This post has a hopey and changey flavor to it. Hit too deep, didn’t it?

    • BenjiK

      “Stick to your data and forget the editorializing please.”

      blog/blôg/ Noun:
      A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

  • Joshua10

    Didn’t everyone get the memo from Goldman Sachs? Economic Armageddon is the new norm. Everything is fine, move along, move along, nothing to see here, move along. Obama can go on vacation for the rest of his term in office it won’t make a bit of difference. The Bystander in Chief might as well spend the taxpayers money like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Peter E

    The USA might be in a lot of trouble right now, but suppose the US did default. The UN will be in dire straights. Can you imagine if the UN asked the world’s second largest economy which would replace the US to step up and replace the US budget contributions? I cant imagine China doing it, or for that matter Russia, or any other nation.

    What do you think the world would do without the funding from the west? There might be a lot of petty dictators who have manipulated aid suddenly falling!

    I’d like to see you write something on the implications to a body like the UN!

    Hopefully while Obama is on holidays he will have someone competent working hard behind the scenes, so he can take credit for any upswing in the economy!

  • Kevin2

    Not that Republicans are any different but Democrats do proclaim themselves the “Party of the little man”. In the meantime they propose, support and sign into law trade deals that send their union supporters job overseas. They are willing to give you welfare after you were put into poverty ensuring a future vote.

    It’s fun to watch the elections with the faithful of both party’s adorn bright colored costumes with big signs. A good percentage are people that feed from that particular party one way or another.

  • karen

    Obama is totally for the crash, he and his elite have planned this, it is called the new great game, the end of America as you know it, all your folks up in congress eat off the same plate. And the senate passed S.1867 go research and see what this bill means, the military can imprision anyone they so want, and you end up at gitmo, or some prison here in the states and will be tortured you have no right to a trial, none this is what Obama wants.

  • Gary2

    agreed pretty tone deaf. Did he not say last year that people cut back and not go on vacations then he sent his wife to Spain?

    I am thinking this election is already determined. Obama should be easy to beat with the economy in the shape it is. The best the repubes can do is Cain, Trump, Romney? Are they trying to loose?

    Time for a strong OWS third party that really is progressive and not just people voting for the lesser of 2 evils.

    Yes Obama is better than ANY republican, however, that is a pretty low bar to get over. A cold turd on a paper plate is better than any republican.

    • Highspeed

      A cold turd huh?
      So you are saying you are better than the one you already voted for?
      I believe he sucks, but I think you suck more.

  • Perhaps they’ll escape to Hawaii after the ******** hits the fan? It’s not a bad location–tropical weather, lots of privately-owned beachland, sparsely population (fewer angry mobs) . . .

    • Mauibrad

      Don’t kid yourself. There is no escape to Hawaii.

  • JMorcan

    Who cares if he takes a vacation? The real problem is that he doesn’t address the underlying cause of the economic crisis when he’s at work. We’ve had four years of spending, waste and political rancor. The country is ruined.

  • Csaba

    That is crazy that none of the Russians would shake he’s hand ! That is a total sign of a disrespect …… Can you blame them ?? It is pretty obvious that they are milking it while it last’s ! I haven’t taken a vacation in 2 years simply just can’t afford it !! I guess I should of stayed in school & become a politian !! 🙂

  • I do not begrudge a person in a high stress job like he has from taking time off. People who are suppose to be idea people need time off the clock to let the mind percolate. I have a hard time with micro-managers, who keep checking the pot to make sure the pot is boiling. We have made of our presidency that he suppose to be the king of our country – solving all the nation’s problems by fiat. That is not how the Constitution pictures our presidency. The Congress is supposed to be real ruler of this country and the president is just the CEO that runs the nation day to day with the goals and direction the Congress has established for the nation. And the whole stupid presidential election process for two years is ridiculous and a waste of time and money. It should just be for two months before the election. All the candidates running should be saying is, “I don’t make the rules here or set the pace, that is what you elect your congressmen and senators are to do. All I do is attempt to run the government day to day smoothly according to the dictates of your Representatives. Check my credentials and history, if I have a history of ethical and efficient management ability, elect me.” We should not be hiring lawyers to be president.

    • Jeremy

      Agree as well. I don’t begrudge Obama taking a vacation. Actually, I encourage it, because he wreaks disaster whenever he is in DC.

  • Larry

    Occupy Wall street – By Dr. Thomas Sowell

    The current Occupy Wall Street movement is the best illustration to date of what President Barack Obama’s America looks like.

    It is an America where the lawless, unaccomplished, ignorant and incompetent rule. It is an America where those who have sacrificed nothing pillage and destroy the lives of those who have sacrificed greatly.

    It is an America where history is rewritten to honor dictators, murderers and thieves. It is an America where violence, racism, hatred, class warfare and murder are all promoted as acceptable means of overturning the American civil society.

    It is an America where humans have been degraded to the level of animals: defecating in public, having sex in public, devoid of basic hygiene.

    It is an America where the basic tenets of a civil society, including faith, family, a free press and individual rights, have been rejected. It is an America where our founding documents have been shredded and, with them, every person’s guaranteed liberties.

    It is an America where, ultimately, great suffering will come to the American people, but the rulers like Obama, Michelle Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, liberal college professors, union bosses and other loyal liberal/Communist Party members will live in opulent splendor.

    It is the America that Obama and the Democratic Party have created with the willing assistance of the American media, Hollywood , unions, universities, the Communist Party of America, the Black Panthers and numerous anti-American foreign entities.

    Barack Obama has brought more destruction upon this country in three years than any other event in the history of our nation, but it is just the beginning of what he and his comrades are capable of.

    The Occupy Wall Street movement is just another step in their plan for the annihilation of America .
    “Socialism, in general, has a record of failure so blatant that only a phony intellectual could ignore or evade it.”

    • Gary2

      sowell is a right wing hack who subs for Rush. hardly a educated opinion

      • Larry

        Thomas Sowell (born June 30, 1930) is an American economist, social theorist, political philosopher, and author. A National Humanities Medal winner, he advocates laissez-faire economics and writes from a
        libertarian perspective. He is currently a Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Sowell was born in North Carolina , but grew up in Harlem, New York . He dropped out of high school, and served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. He had received a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University in 1958 and a master’s degree from Columbia University in 1959. In 1968, he earned his doctorate degree in economics from the University of Chicago. Dr. Sowell has served on the faculties of several universities, including Cornell and University of California , Los Angeles , and worked for “think tanks” such as the Urban Institute. Since 1980 he has worked at the Hoover Institution. He is the author of more than 30 books.

        • gary2

          Like I said he subs for Rush pill head. nothing else matters.

    • Gay Veteran

      Thomas Sowell is just another right-wing hack who shills for the corporate elite that rule this country

  • nowwthen

    Standing by a family member or your favorite sports teams through both good and bad times is admirable. But when the people you elect to represent you in government fail it’s time to show them the door.

    This president has used the power of his office to provide himself unlimited leisure. So the Air Force 1 Boeing 747 is once again off to Hawaii. A 747 burns about 5 gallons of fuel per mile. This 9,000 mile round trip will use 45,000 gallons of fuel paid for by future generations. At the same time Obama tries to appease his Prius driving friends by preventing the creation of 20,000 jobs by delaying construction of the Keystone pipeline. The hypocracy is almost unbelievable. Yet many affinity voters will overlook this and all of his other failings and try to reelect him.

    In fairness it’s not only Obama. The self serving partisan ‘campaign mode’ Congress stands by while the country falls apart as well. Replacing all incumbents seems to be the first step in improving our situation – preferably with candidates who state the intention of serving only one or two terms.

  • bobbobbobbob

    uu rr a front for the rebuplicanterroristt. the readers of this blog rrr americankaka. the terroristtss continuously export the good union jobs and replace them with chinamart jobs. every repuubblican continuously votes for outsourcing. yet uu snake belivers continue to vote for them. uuurrr mindless idiots and deserve to be used as cadevers in med school. got dental ins? hahaha get septis uu toothless wonders. cee uuu in med school(as cada—)

  • rockclimber

    Agreed, the man is a puppet for the powers to be as was GWBush, Clinton, daddy Bush, Carter, Ford, Nixon and LBJ . Personally I think he gets great satisfaction out of all of this, especially watching America fall. I truly believe he hates this country and as a globalist/fascist will do whatever it takes.

  • Rowell

    Not for nothing Michael, I am going to call you out on this one.

    A quote, taken from CBS News, dated Aug 17, 2011:

    “So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

    “Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off — 28 days.

    “To be fair, a presidential vacation away from the White House is not the same as a vacation for the average person. The president is still in contact with his advisers and on call for any emergency.”


    • Michael


      Different news sources have come up with different totals for the vacation days that Obama has taken. I did not come up with the numbers for the Obama vacations off the top of my head. Just follow the links to the mainstream news stories I linked to.

      Also, I would never defend what George W. Bush did. He was a horrible president and so is Obama.

      Anyone that wants to defend a 17 day vacation by the president of the United States is going to fight a losing battle.


      • Maria

        Who cares which president took the most days or the fewest days of vacation! Who cares if his family vacations 1 day a year or 365! Who cares if he plays basketball, golf or hula hoop! As long as the country is in good shape. Right? I mean really, Michael, do you have to be soooo hard on the guy and his family? Aren’t you just a tad bit overdoing it on this one?

        This country is only on the verge of collapse, and the world is only on the verge of WW3. What the heck are you so worried about? Take a deep breath, man. The IRS and the FED and the TSA got it all under control.

        Don’t forget….we all cut back on our vacations this year so we could pay our taxes. Remember? There’s still enough left in the kitty to pay for this one….right? I mean what’s one more little bitty vacation on some little bitty island in the middle of nowhere gonna cost us?

        What are you talking about….a 17 day vacation for our commander in chief isn’t the example this country needs right now!

        But it’s December in Hawaii bra….shaka time!

        Don’t worry, be happy!

        • Maria

          Man, this koolaid is gooood! What the heck is in this stuff?

  • Kathy Smith

    The powers that be don’t want him around anymore than he has to be. He is not a leader, just a yes man for the real decision makers. Yes Micheal leadership is exactly what this country needs & it is NOT going to be found in either the Dems or Repubs, for they are all bought & paid for.

  • With respect to the two prior threads and a President incapable of leading- does anyone have the guts to “occupy federal prison” with me?

  • There are issues that need to be avoided it seems; that is wghy many “leaders” disappear for a while. What is hot on the stove right now – perhaps the new National Defense Authorization Bill that puts you and me in an Gitmo cell. Besides that he is out of touch with the situation.

    Maybe if I grow too many carrots this year I will be nominated as a terrorist? It is all unbelivable.


  • Obama:He’sADangerousMan

    He’s NOT (nor ever has been) our real true president; he’s just a “fill-in-dummy” til we get a Real President of the U.S.A. in 2012! God help us! There’s NO excuse for the idiotic things this guy does!

    • liberranter

      Exactly. That’s true of EVERY “president” in the modern era. There’s no such thing as a “real” (i.e., empowered) president in Amerika.

  • Nick Nailer

    Who came up with this garbage that the president of the US is the leader of the free world?

    The US isn’t free and neither is a majority of the world. Stop paying your taxes and you’ll see how free you truly are.

    I like it when he goes on vacation; it means he’s not busy screwing things up.

  • DW

    There’s nothing quite like living the good life at everyone else’s expense. The Obamas are worthless human beings, they should feel nothing but shame.

  • I generally like what you publish but this story is way off the mark.

    The Republican party in Washington does anything they can to block anything that the Democratic party, or the President proposes.

    This is not all the fault of one individual. It is the fault of our collective government.

    Nobody can work in an environment this hostile without a vacation. Our troops in the field get R&R and the President of our nation deserves time off as well.

    You have lost a bit of credibility in my eyes with this story. It will be interesting to see of this comment is published.

    • I retract my comment about lost credibility. I think Obama needs a break from the jokers in Washington but that is a minor issue.

      I think your blog is well written and you put out some very good information for folks to think about.

    • Kathy Smith


    • Ashley

      Soldiers get two weeks out of the entire year they are overseas for R&R. Don’t compare our troops to that asshat.

      • I am from a planet where we were taught to read before we graduated from high school.

    • John S

      The Republican Congress is doing exactly what they were hired to do in November 2010–stop Obama and his agenda to destroy the United States.

  • Donald Wilson

    The people of this countrg are screwed, most politicans are worthless. Throw the bums out!

  • mondobeyondo

    “Vacation, all I ever wanted… Vacation, happy to get away…” – “Vacation”, the Go-Go’s, 1982

    Pretty much sums up Barack H. Obama. He doesn’t want the job, he wants the perks that come with the job. A nice big White Castle (and no, not the sliders with a slice of cheese), a luxurious limousine, big 747 jet with the latest technology, your own song (“Hail to the Chief”), around the clock protection, travel to any place on earth, and a lifetime membership at the Pebble Beach golf course. (That last one is not true. Hee!)

    Not bad for a gig that pays only $400,000 a year. No wonder people spend/raise hundreds of millions of dollars to get elected.

    I’ve never been to France. But Michelle Obama has. And I helped pay for her trip there. I sent my portion of the bill last April 15th. Would Michelle foot the bill for me taking a couple days to travel to the Grand Canyon? Naaah.

  • Greg the Electrician

    Rumor is that Obama is afraid of the ghosts and spirits in the White House.

    Hillary said that she was contacted by the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt…

    Obama is just doing the Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” program.

    Maybe he should take a day to visit Tony Rezko, his buddy that was recently sentenced to Federal Prison for 10 years.

  • i’vegivenup

    What difference would it really make if he took a vacation or not? None in my opinion because he has really done nothing when he is working. I voted for Obama but I am very, very disappointed in his lack of leadership and addressing the problems this country is facing. Our congress is no better. They take a lot of time off also. IMO…we have passed the point of no return. We are sinking faster than the Titanic did but this time around there are no lifeboats.

    Thank you Michael for your two websites and for the information you provide. I’m preparing for the worse and holding out a very slim hope of things changing for the better…

    • Michael

      You are welcome. Writing these articles also help me to learn a lot and they motivate me to prepare as well. 🙂


    • I am in the same “boat” as you are. I also voted for the current President but his lack of leadership is an issue I cannot ignore any longer.

      If the two party system continues to put their effort into fighting each other we will continue to get nowhere.

      I am disgusted with our government in whole but Obama’s lack of leadership is all too obvious to the world.

      The story on 60 minutes last night about nobody in the banks or financial institutions being prosecuted for things they did to this nation are one more indication of the lack of leadership or direction from the White House.

      Michael – I think what you publish is on the money in many areas. I do feel the President should take a vacation as dealing with the jokers in Washington is a task that deserves a break. If he drops dead from stress or a heart attack do we want the VP to take over at that point? Seems as of the VP had little influence over the current issues.

      Thanks again and I will keep reading and distributing your posts even when I may disagree with some of the minor points.

      • Michael

        It is okay to disagree with me.

        I wouldn’t be upset if Obama took a 3 day vacation.

        But a 17 day vacation just seems so absurd to me.


        • 17 days is a bit excessive, I agree. Then again, if the entire population of government in D.C. went on vacation would it make any difference at this point?

          We are a nation with no leadership and no direction, a ship with a weak Captain with an ineffective crew that does little but complain.

          When Obama shows some backbone to the American public, takes a stand and moves in one direction, brings those in the financial institutions to justice for their crimes, then I may regain some of the hope I had for the man when I did vote for him which is lost now.

        • Gay Veteran

          I’m curious whether Michael also criticized Bush for his numerous vacations

    • Esta Kandarian

      I also voted for Obama, and am deeply disappointed. The last two times I went to grocery store the people ahead of me had to return groceries because their government debit cards were empty. A number of homeless men roam around our small downtown area now–something we never used to see. Businesses keep closing. Home foreclosures continue to be very high, and home prices keep falling relentlessly. When I talk to friends locally, conversation turns immediatlely to economic fear and insecurity. We all wonder, how much worse is it going to get? I thought my parents experience of hunger during the Great Depression here (my dad) and World War II in Germany (my mom) could never happen again in the western world. Now it looks like it is happening again. As my mother used to say, there is no security except owning a piece of land and knowing how to grow food on it.

      • Michael


        Thanks for letting us know what is happening in your hometown. It is these kind of personal reports that we don’t get in the mainstream press.


      • Homeless? Los Angeles has the highest population in the USA. I have personally watched the ranks of the home more than double in the last year.

        The country is in big trouble and I do not see things improving.

      • A.S.

        What did you possibly expect from someone that not only is un-American, but wasn’t even born in this country in the first place? He was a fraud from day one. That is why he takes all these vacations, to live the high life at the expense of hard-working middle-class Americans that he hates with all his heart and wants to tax us even more.

        The sad thing is that I believe he has a 95% chance of winning a second term because most Americans are so drugged and dumbed-down that they will believe anything the media tells them.

        And as for the owning land and growing your own food? Didn’t you hear about S-510? You cannot grow what you want even on your own land. And soon the government will take away the land too when FEMA comes to get you.

      • Jeremy

        My question to you is why did you vote for Obama? In his own biography he accounts his contempt for business and corporate America.

        I didn’t vote for either Obama or McCain, but I do believe there is hope left. It will take, though, an effort greater than my over-indulged, spoiled, entitled generation has ever given. We can do it.

        One question I do have for all those who say there is not hope left. Do you not believe that the cumulative effect of corrupt politics, mindnumbingly stupid policy, etc. is to intentionally drain the hope from the voting populace?

        I am 28 years old, and I am building my life. There is still a country to fight for, and I state that for those of you that say there is no hope, your sentiment masks cynicism to change the situation; it is much easier to be a cynic, than make a positive contibution. No different from my generation. You may not find perfect candidates, but they are out there.

        • Gay Veteran

          I certainly will NOT be voting for Obama.

          But I do understand contempt for business and corporate America. They have shipped millions of American jobs to foreign countries. Their CEOs wallow in money while the workers suffer.

          • Jeremy

            You missed the point. The President, as leader of the executive branch, has the responsibility to protect economic freedom. When he goes out and appoints czars (with no vetting), whose records are undoubtedly opposed to free enterprise, that makes business nervous.

            It is not the big businesses I am worried about, because the greatest generators of employment since 1985 are from the military and small business. You talk about CEO exporting jobs, and I am talking about small business that cannot afford to, and cannot afford the cost of regulatory compliance.

            Having spoken with many small business owners (member of the local chamber of commerce), the biggest impediments to small business creation are regulations (65,000 pages added each year — crazy), and Dodd Frank. The first Obama directly presides over, and the second he fully endorsed.

            You therefore should not have contempt for business, both small and big, because they are the true engines of wealth creation, and give most Americans a job. They actually produce things.

            I am a proponent of fair trade instead of free trade, but that notwithstanding workers suffer to as great an extent when liberal democrats, proporting to protect them, pass laws, taxes, and regulations which strangle individual entrepreneurship and small business creation.

      • gary2

        I am also disappointed in Obama. He has been way too conservative which is why we are still in depression territory.

  • mondobeyondo

    Sad to see those Russian officials refusing to shake hands with our President.

    Once upon a time, the United States of America commanded respect around the world. Other nations would tremble in admiration, or fear, of mighty America.

    Respect? These days? Well, we now have a President that bows before a Saudi king. And some guy actually threw shoes at George W. Bush – remember that? Is it any surprise that other countries would snub our leader?

    p.s. If it had been Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus, those Russkies would be reaching out to hug and kiss them.

    • FreedomorCensores

      America only had respect from WWII until now. It’s not like America had a great respect by other nations before WWII.

    • Lennie Pike

      You remind me of Gunga Din Mondo – thanks for the levity.

  • jboogy

    It should be clearly obvious that POTUS is a largely ceremonial position through both Bush and Obama’s admin. The capture of the government by corporations is complete. No one who pays attention should seriously try to argue against this plain truth. Fer *************** Dick Durbin stood up in the capital and said it straight out without mincing any words.

  • imaplanieac

    What a leader! What an example OWEbama the Commander-in-Grief is! If Americans re-elect him … it will confirm that the majority of Americans are MORONS; are stuck on ” STUPID “!

    • i’vegivenup

      So who do you think can do a better job than Obama? Newt? Mitt? Hardly. Ron Paul is the best potential candidate the Repubs have but the powers that be don’t want him because of some of his more Liberal views. Our political system is completely broken and beyond repair. God help us all….

  • Robert

    Let’s be thankful that The Bamster doesn’t hasn’t yet taken up fiddling.

  • Doe, John

    I never thought I’d come to “appreciate” obama, but lately he’s so blatant and obvious that it’s revealing his duplicity to even the last of his brainwashed supporters; I “appreciate” that.
    And you’re right, what’s the alternative? Gingrich? Yeah, that’ll show the establishment… Very sad. I think people are finally waking up, I just hope it isn’t too late. Cheers.

  • sharonsj

    Let us not forget that Bush spent a huge chunk of his presidency in Texas. Let us not forget that Boehner spends most of his time playing golf. We could list plenty of reps who enjoy the good life at our expense, but it doesn’t solve the basic problems.

    Instead of bashing the prez, whose every move is blocked by the Rethugs, give us some real news. Has anyone heard of the strike that just paralyzed England, thanks to the new austerity measures? Does anyone know that the only country to survive the financial meltdown is Iceland, who told the banks to go ************ themselves?

    • Very nice commentary. Too many folks single out one individual for all the problems. It is a matter of totally ineffective government on a very wide scale.

    • Jeremy

      They adopted austerity measures because they don’t have any money!! How difficult is this to understand?

      You know what the real problem is? It is not vacation days, but politicians who promised people more money and perks than what they were willing to work for. And guess what? Most of those politicians represent your party.

      The whole cynical “left/right faux paradigm” and no hope sentiments are pure schit. The real problems is that people cannot work and make money in this toxic environment. Their kids are dumbed down by social engineers inside a liberal education system. Their business are choked to death by 65,000 pages of new regulation each year. The problem is not our system, but modern liberalism.

      Read a textbook, and whereever you see the lifeblood of modern society strangled, you see overregulation, softening of religious and moral ideas in the name of “tolerance”, generic indolence and lack of desire to develop the mind, and entitlement. Most, of course, which are represented by nothing other than the modern left.

      • sharonsj

        You are wrong about Iceland (and everything else). Iceland refused to accept the austerity measures which were meant to take taxpayer money and give it to the banks. The reason there is social unrest in the rest of the world is that the politicians are cramming austerity down the people’s throats in order to give money to the banks.

        People are willing to work, but there are no jobs. They have been shipped out of the country or taken by technology. Instead of solutions, the Rethugs blame the poor and unemployed.

        The reason why conservatives want to get rid of regulations is so they can make more money. They don’t care if you are poisoned or can’t breathe. And they are the ones who gamed the laws so you can’t get redress.

        For somebody who suggests reading a book, you need to read some yourself. Especially one about what went on in Texas under Bush and Perry–that will give you an idea of what the religious conservatives have in store for us (and that includes getting rid of public education).

        • Jeremy

          No no no. The origination of social unrest is because, even with large scale economic growth of the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, the governments of the western world cannot afford these entitlement programs. It is a simple reality that you cannot, either as a nation or as an individual, take in more than you earn. Once again, how difficult is that to understand? Believe me, I have read the CBC three part special and WSJ journal reports on the Iceland bailout, and you can ascribe a different reason to austerity. But the principle still stands: they cannot afford anymore to send checks to millions of people who do not produce.

          Austerity measures are five steps too late. First, through crippling regulation in these countries there will not be the small scale business creation necessary to offset the loss of funds. Second, these programs have created a culture of dependency (as Michael alludes). Like I have seen in my generation, this deprives people of the necessary survival skills, and the wisdom to make cost-saving decisions. Third, on a more distant matter, I believe that business has become too dependent on short and intermediate lines of credit to sustain their business, instead of using their own earned capital.

          While I do agree the trade agreements have been disasterous, what is missing is small scale business creation and entrepreneurship that, along with the military, has been the greatest engine of employment since 1985. People want jobs (heck I am working right now as a cashier and an unpaid legal intern with a law degree), but crippling regulation and Dodd-Frank are strangling the ability of small scale business creation. In my small corner of the world (I volunteer at the local chamber of commerce), the top impediments to business starts are regulation and Dodd-Frank. Both had the full support of liberal Democrats. Once again, with declining tax revenue, how difficult is it to understand that government cannot afford these entitlement programs? Your empathy (or sympathy, whichever applies – are you a lear jet liberal or someone who has actually been impacted by this mess?) is misguided. People do want to work, but they need an executive who, in concert with Congress, protects economic liberty and freedom.

          Finally, can you stay on target? This is not a discussion about religious conservatives, though our Founding Fathers, while not proposing the endorsement of an official religion in government, stated the importance of civic virtue, many times undergirded by the morals of Christianity.

          Yes, read some books. Start with the Federalist Papers, then work your way to the role of the Protestant Reformation in representative democracy, the Rights of Man, the Law (by Frederic Bastiat), and then The Prince by Machiavelli. Also the essays on economic liberty and freedom by Friedman are good.

          Rick Perry is an anti-intellectual Machiavellian politician. Though I agree with his economic philosophy, I am no fan of his. Did you see his answer to VA AG Ted Cucinnelli on his authority under the Constitution to issue executive orders. He is a dangerous man, in my opinion. Don’t even begin to describe George Bush as a conservative. LOL. I know Michael does not like Newt Gingrich, but I believe he is the best we have. Ron Paul is just not realistic, and like Romney, his support will not move over a certain threshold.

  • Nick

    Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!

    Supposedly, Obama is coming out of a meeting with the leaders of Russia, and none of them want to shake his hand.

    In actuality, Obama is introducing the US officials to Russian president Medvedev. It still looks funny, anyway.

  • That Sojourner


  • R.A. Bullseye

    Rules for radicals !

  • 007

    Yea the Rebublicans are preventing him from implementing the rest of his socialist agenda and the destruction of the private sector. Good for the Republicans.

  • FreedomorCensores

    So the president takes a vacation, big deal. It’s not like the president is the one who can fix the economy. Who’s the loonies who think the government can fix the economy? Let me guess, the conspiracy theorist. It’s proven fact that they are only good at destroying the economy and that would include Ron Paul; he’s a doctor and a po(LIE)tician/politician like the rest of them and is not a businessman. Therefore theeconomiccollapse, find a more effective story to post. Seems like you’re having a slow day today.

  • Lennie Pike

    Good shooters of a basketball don’t bend their knees like that during a jump shot and his left hand should be a lot further more in the clockwise direction on the ball – trust me, I know – shooting a basketball is my greatest talent.

    He sucks at everything he does, but at least has a lot of confidence.

    These vacations should tell us something – that he is not the Commander – some other person or group is – obviously.

    What a white sky was created today where I live. The first thing that needs to be done is to stop the aerial spraying of our skies that creates global warming. It was 15 degrees above average for this date here.

    Look up, wake up!

  • Lennie Pike

    Just noticed he’s also got the entire lengths of his fingers and the palms of his palms on the ball – FINGER TIPS ONLY! FROM THE MIDDLE KNUCKLE TO THE TIPS!

    Shoots like he does everything else – incorrectly – just like Bush. They really know how to pick ’em – who they want to be President.

    • DehliaLopez

      Darn, really, are you such a basketball expert? You want to find fault on how one man plays the game? Lets see how far that ridiculous statement goes.

  • Lennie Pike

    Just noticed he’s also got the entire lengths of his fingers and his palms on the ball – FINGER TIPS ONLY! FROM THE MIDDLE KNUCKLE TO THE TIPS!

    Shoots a basketball like he does everything else – incorrectly – but he thinks he’s good – just like

    George W. They really know how to pick ’em – who they want to be President – who the can completely control.

  • Tatiana Covington

    What else do you expect?

  • Heard today on fox news that s&p is getting ready to
    review the ratings of 17 european countries including france and germany and germany is the only one that is supposed to meet all the criteria for being a stable country, not good, also united states is considering a $134 billon dollar loan to the imf to give to struggling europe countries, this will happen, also v.p biden told greece president u.s is behind greece. i do not understand
    how or why people elected obama in the first place,
    people are living in the streets,in tent cities, in there vehicles, adults and kids are lucky if they get a meal a day, rampant unemployment, infrastructure falling down around everybodies ears,
    welfare rolls bursting, crime is on a upturn, this president does not obviously care about anybody but his family and his wall steert buddies.
    the money they spent on vacations could have helped feed alot of people, it does not seem to bother them to feed alot of other people in the world but when it comes to our own, tough shit. They can supply tents,water purification systems,and other
    necessities of life to these countries but do you see americans with tents,cots,heaters, to live in until they can get back on there feet? I Have Yet To see that. i have nothing against helping other people in need but not to help our own first is ridiculous. Also this law about arresting americans that are considered potential terroists should make alot of people wonder as to what is going on?
    the gestapo did this in a very ruthless manner during ww2,if you even looked at them crosseyed on the train to the death camp you went. No questions asked, none answered.fema camps,who knows? I Am waiting for the law that requires all americans to turn in there guns and we all know how the politicans have been pounding the drum for gun control over the years and if that happens tune your ears in for the sound of hobnails on your city streets, don’t think it will happen? martial law is no different. a person should never give up hope, but the change that people are looking for is going to come with a very demoralizing and expensive price tag

  • Orange Jean

    With all due respect, that I believe people have a right to their opinions… but I believe a lot of inaccurate information has been put on this blog re: S. 1867.

    Below I am quoting from the source, directly from the Senate website, not from some blog. This is where you’d find the version which passed the Senate:


    (a) Custody Pending Disposition Under Law of War-

    (1) IN GENERAL- Except as provided in paragraph (4), the Armed Forces of the United States shall hold a person described in paragraph (2) who is captured in the course of hostilities authorized by the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40) in military custody pending disposition under the law of war.

    (2) COVERED PERSONS- The requirement in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person whose detention is authorized under section 1031 who is determined–

    (A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and

    (B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.

    (3) DISPOSITION UNDER LAW OF WAR- For purposes of this subsection, the disposition of a person under the law of war has the meaning given in section 1031(c), except that no transfer otherwise described in paragraph (4) of that section shall be made unless consistent with the requirements of section 1033.

    (4) WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY- The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States.

    (b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-

    (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

    (2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.”

    Notice the last two paragraphs; THAT is what passed the Senate (but is undergoing review by the House, and it would not surprise me if there were more amendments). It does not sound to me like the military is going after normal citizens and it also has specific language that says that portion of the bill does not apply to US citizens; unlike an earlier (more vague) version of the portion of this bill as it applies to detainees.

    THE BULK of the bill has to do with funding the military overall; we are currently being threatened yet again with a close down of the Federal government after Friday (Dec 16).

    I fail to see how this actual bill is “unconstitutional”.

    • Jeremy

      Thank you, and this will help the resident police state theorists at bay.

      My only concern is the broad language in 2(B). What is an attack considered to be?

      Also, would the waiver described in subsection (4) extend to a class of people? Could the Secretary ask for a waiver over a class of people, instead of one person?

      It will be interesting to see the regulation written about this, especially concerning hearings to contest any waiver by the Secretary.

  • KatieAnn

    Michael, what is your other blog that people talk about?

    • Michael


      It is called “The American Dream” and I tend to write about a wider range of topics on that site than I do on this site. You can find The American Dream right here….


  • PatriotAlice

    I am disappointed about the lack of respect for our President Obama from most of you. He didn’t cause the economic problems that we are now experiencing. I don’t agree with some of his policies either, but he is still our President, and I believe he did the best he could. Since 1981 our economy was propped up with several interest rate reductions each year whenever the markets slumped…Pres. Obama didn’t have this great advantage and so he had to borrow and print his way to save the economy so far. Borrow, Spend and Print is not what I wanted at all, but it is the only tool left in our tool box. Our next President will probably do the same thing, so brace yourselves my fellow Americans, deflating the dollar value with more Borrow, Spend and Print will send most of the 99%ers to the poor house in the next few years. God help us all. Hopefully we’ll have the courage to implement some strong Austerity measures and learn to live within our means….

    • “Pres. Obama didn’t have this great advantage (interest rate reductions) and so he had to borrow and print his way to save the economy so far.”

      Debt expansion is NOT saving the economy – it is speeding up the economic collapse.

      “Borrow, Spend and Print is not what I wanted at all, but it is the only tool left in our tool box.”

      Not really – here are a few other tools:

      • DehliaLopez

        Guess what . . . BUSH borrowed too.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks PatriotAlice. I cannot stand the policies of this President at all, but I do have respect for the office.

      The Bible says that we should pray for our leaders. I pray for Obama every evening, and hope for the best. Though I am disappointed almost daily in what he does, I know that God is in control.

  • Allan

    The US President is certainly NOT my leader and no more the leader of the free world than the the so called World Series of Baseball is, THE “world series”.

    The arrogance is astounding!

    • DehliaLopez

      Oh Alan, your green horns are showing. Seriously? Who the heck cares one iota about your typical loser comments? Not a fan of baseball of did your team lose this year? Yes, well that too happens. Next . .

  • Colin

    How about the Congress? For most of
    December, both the Senate and the House are in recess.

    The former president spent 967 days of his presidency on vacations or retreats.

    Next year, we are looking at drastically reduced service from the Post Office and an increase in taxes for the 99%. This is because of the gridlock in the government.

    • Kharkov

      Gotta agree here. Bush II was the king of holidays.

      487 days at Camp David, 490 days at Crawford, Texas.

      When, at the end of his second term, Obama’s holidays come anywhere close to Dubya’s, I’ll join everyone here in complaining about the excessive holidays.

    • DehliaLopez

      Colin, a man after my own heart. Please tell these ignorant individuals who’s bliss is now running out. 967 days on vacations or retreats!! Congress has done nothing but call meetings to attack the current President or members of his cabinet in front to justify something that was no one;s fault. I am sorry McCains best friend died, but one no one asked to take the job, and two he knew the chaos there and still took the job. Acting as if you can spend months behind Rose colored glasses Ms. Romney or colored shades to pretend what you see is not going on has grown old. Only because it now affects so many of the 47% are we hearing how they really have not managed their livelihoods well. I could care less. They were so againt the President being reelected they called him every name in the book, made fun on him and badgered him. The media took sides during the debates, please do not act as if that is such a surprise; WE ALL SAW that! He was reelected and that it that.

  • Bob

    I seem to recall a ranch down in Crawford, TX that was the vacation place for the WHOLE MONTH of August every ******* year for EIGHT years!How about Dubya’s wife touring Europe with her daughter on our tab. The big difference? The Bushes are white folk and we know what that means to the bigots – just can’t stand a black family in the White House.
    BTW – I am white.

    • Michael

      If you read the rest of the articles on this site, you will see that I am very, very, very hard on George W. Bush.

      I don’t give anyone a pass just because there is an “R” or a “D” next to their name.


    • Jeremy

      Please, shut up with the bigot talk. We hate (with a capital H) this man’s policies.

      And it was soooo important that we now know you are white. Thanks for clarifying that you are not a bigot like ourselves, and are fair and balanced.

    • BenjiK

      The use of skin color as a crutch is equally as racist as using it in a derogatory manner. Obama has, and continues to be, judged according to his policies, ideals, actions or lack-there-of. Secondly, for all of G.W. Bushes’ faults, and we can agree he had many, there is no amount of finger-pointing or blame that can detract from the failure that is the Obama administration. Unfortunately, “blaming Bush” has absolutely no consequence on our current problems, nor will it be a remedy for the troubled, uncertain future we as a nation face.

      • DehliaLopez

        Look you can write whatever you want to write on this blog but the truth is well known on this point. No one blamed Bush until you and others started blaming the current President of taking what 14 days of vacation? While I might add, the Bushes were in Texas for a month in Crawford during huge problems with the war, hide the bodies of dead soldiers coming home so the American people would not see them. Our current problems started if you want to tell the truth seven or more years ago, BEFORE our current President even chose to enter the race. Stop it! Its common sense, BUSH DID bring two wars with his Administration to this country based on lies, in hopes of getting reelected or another GOP member elected. We understand truth, we cannot condone lies.

    • ScoutMotto

      Bob, playing the race card is the most shallow assessment of people’s motives anymore. Are you a government employee, by chance?

    • DehliaLopez

      THANK YOU BOB! While I did not say it was for a whole month, I am glad someone else besides me recognized it. Thanks you, Dubai folks! Let me commend you for your post. Makes sense to me.

  • This is political suicide for Obama. Interestingly enough, when I Googled “Obama vacation” none of the mainstream media groups had anything about this vacation. The word needs to get out that our “president” is taking an excessive vacation during a turbulent time in our country.

    The Obama’s do not care about America at all, they are simply using the Presidential office as a status symbol.

    • DehliaLopez

      Coward, yes, and what? He needs to return because you do not like him on vacation??? Bush and his family seemed to be in Crawford or Midland Texas all the time, BUT NO ONE said a word.He was the one who changed the bills we are living through now. Have you not see how the man rarely is seen anywhere in public to remind the American people? If Romney was the President with his side kick you would be harping on his about something else. We are in trouble and have been for almost seven years! NO ONE, not one person took it seriously then. Bush sabotaged the job market, Obama had nothing to do with that. Bush sent the jobs away by outsourcing them. NO ONE said anything then. Stop BLAMING the Obama’s for your personal problems!!

  • tappedops

    Alice— i didnt kill the guy in the street… the hit and run driver did… all i did was step over him…

    I cant sum it up any better than this…

    “When I get mad
    And I get pissed
    I grab my pen
    And I write out a list
    Of all the people
    That won’t be missed
    You’ve made my ******list” chick band (L7)

    only can we change the ***********list to hitlist…

    • DehliaLopez

      Yeah, whatever . . .

  • Alice Maxwell

    Usually the “vacations” that our president takes are just getting away from Washington trips and the whole staff that aids the president waits to see who will be tapped to go too. That is what sets the agenda for the “study break”.

    Being the leader of the USA is a dreadful responsibility. First you enter the office not knowing what is really going on and then when you are “briefed” you have to decide if you are being given the right info. This is where your advisors and old friends come in. Then you must discuus ad infintum all the ramifications of what is being proposed and then you must work with Congress.

    Too many of us are quick to complain and yet few of us will ever have to bear such burdens.

    It is time that the so called “public” stand back and look really at what is happening. None of the crisis we have been through are the work of one man or one stint in the White House. They are cumulative, from millions of past actions, many of them downright stupid because many people are downright stupid even in our own neighborhoods.

    We are becoming ungovernable because too many do not recognize their own shortcomings, accept responsibility for their own foolishness, but always want someone in charge to rescue them.

    In the early days of our government, people were more reasonable because they had to provide for themselves…there were no government handouts those days! In the last 80 years, we have been constructing a nightmare of administration which we call the Fed…both the government and the so called central banking system. Both work to get the money to us all under fantastically difficult circumstances and yet so many are angry about it!

    Frankly, the only way we will get people to start thinking rationally again is to watch it all disappear …that will wake everyone up as it did Europe and Asia after WWII.

    I did not vote for Obama but the man needs timeoff with his family. He doesn’t even get weekends with them alone in that People’s Palace we call the White House, a virtual beehive of activity 24 hours a day! It is enough to drive anyone mad without the breaks!

  • Ron Paul is the only hope…..

    • DehliaLopez

      Sorry, no thanks.That is what they said about John Edwards, and Mitt Romney. So close to the thrown and still never voted in? Wow, what’s up with that?

  • sensetti

    I’m glad he is on vacation he cant f anything up. Lets give him a twelve month vacation and when he returns we will give him a pink slip

  • Georgiaboy61

    Re: “I am disappointed about the lack of respect for our President Obama from most of you. He didn’t cause the economic problems that we are now experiencing.” Obama is in office illegally, in violation of article II, section I, clause V of the onstitution, aka the natural born citizen clause, as his father was a Kenyan. Obama himself has committed numerous felonies, before and during his time in office. As for our economic problems, Obama didn’t start them – but seems intent upon finishing them – and us!

    Re: “I don’t agree with some of his policies either, but he is still our President…” Speak for yourself; he isn’t “my president” and never will be. I fear the power he commands so lawlessly, but I will never respect him, not now, not ever. He belongs in prison, breaking rocks at hard labor.

    PatriotAlice, you seem to believe that the office of the president deserves our respect, and perhaps you believe that Congress and the courts deserve the same. I used to think that, before our nation was hijacked by a criminal cabal intent upon tearing up the constitution and enslaving us. The government itself is the biggest breaker of laws in this nation today.
    You might say “I love my country but fear my government.” With rare exception, almost every federal judge, official, Congressman/woman, and member of the senior military brass, have failed to uphold their constitutional duties. I’ll once again rspect and honor our govt. when it has proven itself worthy of that respect. Until then, I hold them in contempt…

    • DehliaLopez

      Wow, why is it that so few of us see this Georgiaboy61?It seems that so many today want to blame someone, instead of themselves. They mistreat people of color because we have been in this situation a majority of our lives and live accordingly. Others with their boats, expensive cars, big houses, vacation packages are the ones loosing out. How is that the fault of the poor, minorities, blacks, Hispanics, women, the Clinton’s> Then in my neighborhood, I hear whites, Russians, and all the others who the US brought over here from that country to live act like they are better than the American people who were born and raised here? Maybe we should kick them all out and back to Russia, and the other countries.

      Kick them all back to the countries they came from, and jut do not allow anyone into the country expect those born here? Then would it be a little better? Of course, at least in the job market.

      Outsourcing jobs to other countries were the Bushes big trick while in office. Jeb, sorry yes, we have had just about enough of you and your family in the White House. You cannot even get in it so don;t even try it.They do not follow the laws here, do whatever they want to do. If the truth is really known, many would not be happy.

  • Dark Knight

    Your real good friend and the greatest President you ever had screwed things up before Our current President took over…. You remember George W Bush or W? All I’m seeing is pure hate thrown at this man because of his race. The man is trying to truly fix this country…… I’ve never heard such hateful and terrible things spoken about our President. The man is truly trying to get past race and help all of us…. I love America and want things to change. We need to pull together and help one another during these trying times….

  • ScoutMotto

    Is this vacation of his what “hope and change” looks like? Is a wasteful spending of our tax money what he promised in 2008?

  • joe

    oh my my…what is this barry o’bummer ever doing showing off in public and leeching off the folks of America. my my… barry o’ bummer

  • Stephen

    The President deserves a vacation. His plan to destroy America is working better than he could have ever hoped for. No one is stupid enough to make the decisions he has made unless their objective is to intentionally punish America.

    For those of you that ask the questions: Why would he want to destroy America or what motive he would have to punish this country? I believe he is quite happy to go down in history as the black man that finally punished America for being founded in slavery.

    • DehliaLopez

      Wow, how much time did it take for you to come up that lie?

  • Celia

    I think people forget the sad state the country was in before Mr. Obama became president. I know for a fact, because one of the companies we had to bail out because they are “too big to fail” has most of my retirement funds.

    For those who think 17 days are too excessive, how many vacation days did you take this year? How many did not take a vacation because of the economy or because others in the nation are suffering? I say good for Mr. Obama – he deserves it.

    • DehliaLopez

      Celia, right on. I thank you for remind these morons what the world really looked like after the Crawford swagger and his cronies left this county. They were the ones robbing the country and the world blind. All of the oil they got and the Halliburton deals made? And they have nerve to rant about a president taking a vacation? What I find funny is all of the tricks the GOP paid on the President in his first term, not wanting to see him succeed, BACKFIRED!! They lost, they lost BIG, and they cannot stand it.

  • liberranter

    Quite honestly, I’d rather have this assclown (or any other sock puppet occupant of the Imperial Palace) on permanent vacation. Much better they be off ******************* somewhere than serving as an active front for the crimes of the Reigning Elite who pull the strings.

    Ditto for that gang of criminal buffoons across town on Crapitol Hill.

    • DehliaLopez

      You are sad man. Really sad. OWEbama, flying around the country really? You are ignorant, white, a raciest, and you need to get over that. YOUR men, Fred where not voted in for the same reason you are here ranting and raving. A bunch of lairs who finally got caught in their own game. The American people saw and knew this.

  • Imaplaneiac

    OWEbama has been flying around the country campaigning for MONTHS ( instead of doing what he’s paid to do ); reading speeches from his telepromters! All this has apparently exausted him!

  • Carl Nemo **==

    Although this may sound racist, Obama is the quintessential example of an “Uncle Tom”.

    He’s simply a plug-in module to fill the gap between ‘rethuglican’ presidencies; I.E., the flagship party of the wealthy class.

    G.W. Bush/Cheney were so bad that this silver-tongued, Mr. “change we can believe in guy” came along at the right time, only to snooker us all in November 2008. He’s a CIA engineered, “Manchurian Candidate”; I.E., the right man at the right time to provide triage to a wounded, desperate populace…NOT!

    Check into his family’s CIA connections, so too his Barry Soetoro background before he was reincarnated as Barack Obama.

    This guy is phony as a blue three dollar bill and merely a running dog for his shadowy oligarch, corpo-fascist controllers.

    He doesn’t give-a-care ‘jack’ for America’s plight. He’s a ‘made man’ and he an his family are enjoying their stay in the White House on the public’s dime and time.

    This guy, although simply a pawn is not a friend of “We the People”. Seemingly from his less than proactive leadership, hates us…no?

    Carl Nemo **==

    • DehliaLopez

      No, not raciest but your green horns are showing Carl. It seems to just kill folks like you that the Obama’s have their own money and can spend whatever they want. Wake up! There are more like them around.Stop acting like in 2013, African American are dependent on the government for their survival. Its really the other way around. Driving through many neighborhoods, minorities are not the ones I see hanging out on the street.

  • Mike

    You people are rediculous and obviously believe every single thing that you are told. This is obviously a completely right wing position to this news story and I am sure much of the truth is stretched. First, I’m sure that Obama’s cabinet members will be in Hawaii as well and they will more than likely be working every day… come on.. he is the president.. are you people really that stupid… he can’t just turn his back on America and forget about us for 17 days… you people are blind if you actually believe that… Furthermore, I would like to see some actual proof that Michelle Obama spent 10 million dollars of TAXPAYER money on vacations. Really?? The IRS would be all over that… Come on people… really? Perhaps, they used some of their own money for these so called vacations… perhaps she was campaigning for healthier food in schools like she has been doing…. It is easy to just believe everything that you hear… That is what the majority of America does… obviously.. It is far more difficult to actually look into the accusations…. because we are coming up to election year.. which means there are campaigns… and more often than not campaigns that stretch the truth… take statements out of context…. and in many cases blatantly lie…. Its about time to think logically and not just believe what a right wing news agency says… LETS GET SMART

    • DehliaLopez

      Auh, I hear friend, except it is easler to pick on people like the Obamas because they have their own money, and most are not used to African American’s having it. So they would rather claim that the Obama’s are taking from the American people? What?

  • Mike

    Georgiaboy you are an idiot… It was proven a long time ago that Obama is a natural born citizen… It is extremely easy just say that somebody comitted numerous felonies, and violated a certain part of the U.S. Constitution, but all of your accusations mean nothing without actual proof…. Come on, really? He provided his birth certificate!! And I’m sure that someone like you would simply say… “Well it would be easy for him to forge that.” Come on, your not intelligent just because you can read the Constitution… You are actually naive because you believe information that has been proven wrong… Furthermore, prove to me or anyone that Obama has comitted numerous felonies, because I’ve looked up his record and there is no evidence to support your rediculous claim… Anyone can read and cite the U.S. Constitution, your not special and you are far from an authority on the subject.

  • Mike

    Wow Carl Nemo… your so poetic in your writing… So you actually believe that Obama is a Manchurian-like Candidate that only cares about the wealthy class… What about the tax law that he created cutting taxes for the middle class (majority of America) and raising taxes for the wealthy… I don’t think that you actually listen to his speeches or look at his policies before you write a creative poem to spread propaghanda. Elaborate on his family’s CIA connections would you? Because I believe that you are simply doing what most other people do..which I will illustrate now…”Yeah my dad told me that Obama’s a Kenyan Homosexual and thats why he’s letting gays in the military.. to cover up the fact that he’s not even a true American!” Don’t forget to read that little story in a southern accent. Goodness, I think I’ve heard that before…. from people that listen to everything they are told and then use the art of creative writing to make it sound not only true but make it sound like they actually came up with it.

    • Carl Nemo **==

      Mike, from your raving rant, you must be an apologist for the ‘regime’, working feverishly at your keyboard in the third sub-basement of the CIA to support this failed ‘plug-in’ module for a ‘preznit’…no? / : |

      Rest assured good buddy your entire world paradigm is smoke and mirrors provided by cunning oligarchs and their low level operatives such as Obama & Co, so too in other nations on earth.

      When some web entity such as yourself hammers our three desperate posts with a weak, raving rebuttal, then seemingly comments from myself and others are getting far closer to the truth…no? : )

      Carl Nemo **==

      • DehliaLopez

        Wow, did he strike a nerve Carl???

  • View from Abroad

    Well, have you ever thought about the possibility, that Bill Hicks was just right – whoever ist elected ‘President’ is not able to change ANYTHING AT ALL?

    “A handful, a very small elite, run and own these corporations, which include the mainstream media. I have this feeling that whoever is elected president, like Clinton was, no matter what you promise on the campaign trail ‘blah, blah, blah’ when you win, you go into this smoke-filled room with the twelve industrialist capitalist scum-******* who got you in there. And you’re in this smoky room, and this little film screen comes down, and a big guy with a cigar goes, ‘Roll the film.’ And it’s a shot of the Kennedy assassination from an angle you’ve never seen before, that looks suspiciously like it’s from the grassy knoll. And then the screen goes up and the lights come up, and they go to the new president, ‘Any questions?’ ‘Er, just what my agenda is.’ ‘First we bomb Baghdad.’ ‘You got it!'”

    (Bill Hicks)

    So, why not enjoy the job?

    • Carl Nemo **==

      Great imagery View from Abroad and closer to the truth than you or anyone else could possibly imagine or realize.

      The trouble with the Obama is he’s not subtle about being simply a plug-in module. : ))

      Carl Nemo **==

    • DehliaLopez

      You forgot to add Romeny.

  • Nam Marine

    Time to impeach the HNIC !

  • Olle

    Americans do not even get 17 vacation days for an entire year. WTF. That’s slavery. I’m from Sweden an we have 5 weeks vecation.

    • Carl Nemo **==

      Americans are the hardest working people on the planet when comes to hours worked per week, lack of vacation days and ‘benefits’ proffered by their penurious, ever-greedy, employers.

      Sweden is great place to live and play regardless of the tax consequences. Enjoy your freedom and percs my Swedish friend in thought!

      Carl Nemo **==

  • Airborne71

    I don’t know what agenda the author is in reference to concerning Newt Gingrich . Newt is not a Socialist. I see avast difference between BHO and Newt . As far as I am concerned ANYBODY but obama. We tried the hope changy thing and it failed badly. Lets go back to someone who knows how washington really works and start from there. At the very least Newt won’t be out golfing every day .

    • Carl Nemo **==

      “At the very least Newt won’t be out golfing every day.” …extract from post

      Nah, Newt will be seated on his Presidential ‘throne’/office chair with an endless line of nubile, female, presidential groupies looking to sink his two balls in the side pocket of their jawline…no? / : |

      Newt Gingrich is the quintessential example of an exploitive, chauvinist pig…plain and simple and cannot be trusted with the ‘keys to the kingdom’…believe it!

      Carl Nemo **==

  • Andretti

    The US People need to send that President back to his Home Country, Kenya…..
    He is raping the US Economy and destroying the independence of all Americans.
    He and His Wife spends millions of dollars on a vacation at the taxapayers expense and thinks nothing of it…….WAKE UP AMERICANS — OR YOU WILL SOON BE OWNED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY.
    AND your President my end up being the new Sudam Hussien……

  • Andretti

    The US People need to send that POWER HUNGRY President back to his Home Country, Kenya…..He is raping the US Economy and destroying the independence and wealth of all Americans.He and His Wife spends millions of dollars on a vacation at the taxapayers expense and thinks nothing of it…….WAKE UP YOU AMERICANS — OR YOU WILL SOON BE OWNED BY ANOTHER COUNTRY. AND your President might end up being the new Sudam Hussien……

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