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Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration


    Just a comment what I had seen on the Recent Posts. I think about the creating of America and compare here in New-Zealand.You rackoned it may be some comparison of how Immigrations handle their Rules and Regulations,Policies.I hope the Cost of the Living is quiet very complicated. I means it run a bit hard if the people’s Interest and some they work and some they unembloyed. Even the people they got professional works, it still not function properly, because of the rate of the payment for an hour. Well in my country of Western Samoan my first country that I born,the rate of their work is very not meet the criteria of payment.If they employ someone it might depend on the job and what kind of degrees,but I think the pay it approximately $3.00 an hour for most of other people. Ha ha,I am not talking about hire purchases. I am talking about the pay and the tax. About the Promotion of the Green Card in America I always have suspicious that it may be that is why people they war all the times. I think some people they made tricks on passports and Fun. I waited for my Fun for a long long time from the Winning Lottories, that had been made from long time ago, and up to now and I don’t know what happen. Would you read my comment and you might can help me please. I have fun when I read more about this.
    Thank you,

    Tofe Filiga.

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