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Become A Teacher? 10 Examples That Show Why Becoming A Teacher Is A Dead End In This Economy

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Today budget cutters are on the rampage from coast to coast and often one of their first targets is public school teachers. What we have witnessed recently in Wisconsin is just one example of this. The truth is that you do not want to become a teacher if you want to have financial security in America today. Teacher salaries are being slashed from sea to shining sea. But to a certain extent the teachers that are having their wages cut are the fortunate ones. There are thousands upon thousands of teachers that have already been laid off, and there are tens of thousands more that are about to be laid off. It is absolutely brutal out there right now. So if you are thinking about becoming a teacher you might want to think twice. Not that there are a whole lot of other jobs that are more secure right now. The truth is that there is no such thing as a “safe job” in America today.

It is very unfortunate that what is going on right now is going to scare so many young people away from becoming a teacher because the next generation could definitely use some quality teachers.

But the truth is that it is getting really hard to honestly recommend that anyone become a teacher at this point. Just consider some of the following news stories that we have seen around the nation recently….

#1 In Providence, Rhode Island the school district plans to send out dismissal notices to every single one of its 1,926 teachers.

#2 Michigan has just approved a plan to shut down nearly half of the public schools in Detroit.  Under the plan, 70 schools will be closed and 72 will continue operating.

#3 In New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has laid off thousands of teachers and he cut a billion dollars from the state education budget.

#4 Bills in Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana and Idaho would either significantly alter or completely take away the collective bargaining rights of public school teachers.

#5 The eyes of the whole country are on Wisconsin right now.  Teachers there are very alarmed about the $900 million in cuts to school funding over the next two years that are being proposed.

#6 Clay Robison, a spokesman for the Texas State Teachers Association, recently said that his organization is projecting that 100,000 school employees in the state of Texas could lose their jobs.

#7 The current plan is for more than 4,500 New York City school teachers to be laid off after this current school years ends.  This will be the most significant teacher layoffs in New York since the 1970s.

#8 In Los Angeles, more than 5,000 teachers will be receiving preliminary layoff notices due to budget cuts.

#9 Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is being deeply criticized for the teacher pay cuts that he is proposing.

#10 is projecting that 161,000 teachers across the United States are in danger of losing their jobs this year alone.

So in light of the facts above, should we advise any of our young people to try to become a teacher?

The worst thing about all this for young teachers is that in many areas of the country there is a rule that says the last teachers hired are the first ones that get laid off.

That is another huge incentive for young people not to choose teaching as a profession.

So why are so many teacher layoffs happening?

Well, the truth is that most of our state and local governments are very deep in debt and have run out of money.

State and local government debt has reached at an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP, and hordes of state and local governments are teetering on the brink of insolvency at this point.

When there is no more money, the cuts have to come from somewhere.  It is just really unfortunate that so many teachers are going to be put out onto the street.

People that have gone into the teaching profession have all spent a lot of time and money to get the education that they need to teach.  If they are told that they can’t do that anymore, what are they supposed to do?

Most of the time when teachers are forced out of the profession they end up having to take jobs that pay much less.  In this economy, many ex-teachers will not be able to find jobs at all.  Today, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps, and sadly many teachers may soon be joining them.

So why don’t we just raise taxes so that all of these teachers can keep their jobs?  Well, the truth is that middle class Americans are already being taxed into oblivion.  When you add up the dozens and dozens of different taxes that Americans pay each year the overall tax burden is absolutely frightening.  There is only so much that you can squeeze out of the American people.

No, the truth is that the American people are taxed way too much already, and the big corporations and the ultra-wealthy have become experts at avoiding taxation.  Our current tax system needs to be completely scrapped and replaced with something entirely new.

If our state and local governments had not been so addicted to debt, and if our economy had been managed correctly and if about a hundred other things had been done differently we would not be having these problems.

But here we are.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any easy answers.

Or are there some solutions that most of us have been overlooking?  What do you all think?  What should be done about all of the teacher layoffs that are taking place all over the country?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below….

  • impeachRonPaul

    Our debt it caused by unfunded eternal wars. The Republicans refuse to tax the rich. Warrent Buffet pays 15% and his secretary 30%.

    Republicans want to eliminate the middle class.

  • oneday

    you want to impeach Ron Paul, but he’s the only one who want to end the endless wars, and the wars of this empire.

  • Mariposa de Oro

    The local governemnts could try eliminating the “Diverisity” BS, and anything “Green/Agenda 21”. Then reduce the BS departments and clerks by 75%. That’s a good start. Of course it won’t happen because the politicians would much rather fire the teachers/police/fire fighters in an attempt to blackmail tax payers into giving up more money. “Give us more moeny or the children/public will suffer!”

  • JOHN 054319

    no stupid…democrats want to destroy the middle class.

  • The Unicorn

    As it was with Abraham and Sodom and Gomorrah.If I could just find 10 teachers that actually cared a rats azz about their students I would pray that all there jobs would be saved.In all my life I can only think of 2.

    Of all the teachers that I have seen post on this board none talk about how much they love,care. or would miss their students it seems to be all about them.

    Thomas Edison was called dull and worse during his 3 months at school and he turned out ok

    The public education system needs some serious fixing maybe this will bring a positive change?

  • american nightmare

    Patrick J. Buchanan

    Last year, Barack Obama committed his administration to doubling U.S. exports in half a decade.

    The good news: He is on the way. U.S. exports of goods and services grew in 2010 by 16.6 percent.

    Bad news: U.S. imports, starting from a higher base, surged by 19.7 percent.

    Result: The U.S. trade deficit in 2010 worsened by 33 percent, rising from $375 billion to $498 billion, the largest percentage increase in a decade. If Obama keeps this up, he may prove as big a disaster for U.S. manufacturing as his predecessor, although these are big shoes to fill.

    As he has each February for years, Charles W. McMillion of MBG Information Services has compiled the stats on the industrial decline of his country under our free-trade presidents. Here are but a few numbers for the decade from December 2000, the month before George W. Bush took the oath, to December 2010, the end of Obama’s second year.

    In that decade, America ran a total of $6.1 trillion in trade deficits, more than our entire economic growth. To finance those 10 years of deficits, America had to borrow $1.553 billion every day.

    And we wonder why China owns America.

    Are soaring trade deficits inevitable for the United States? Find out how to reverse the trend in “Trading Away Our Future: How to fix our Government-driven Trade Deficit and Faulty Tax System Before it’s too Late”

    In 2010, our trade deficit in manufactures alone rose 27 percent to $416 billion, far exceeding our trade deficit in crude oil. A decade of such deficits in manufactures has devastated the industrial states.

    From December 2000 to December 2010, 22 states lost a third or more of their manufacturing jobs. Massachusetts, New York and Ohio lost 38 percent of their manufacturing jobs, New Jersey 39 percent, North Carolina 42 percent, Rhode Island 44 percent, Michigan 48 percent.

    Political result: Free-trader John McCain lost all seven, including the formerly “red” states of Ohio and North Carolina.

    Trade in autos, trucks and parts, an industry in which America was dominant in the lifetime of many of us, tells the story.

    Last year, the United States ran a trade deficit in autos, trucks and parts of $110 billion. The deficits with Germany, Japan, South Korea and Mexico account for that entire total.

    Consider South Korea. Though she has an economy one-fifteenth the size of ours, she exported to us 12 times the dollar volume of trucks, cars and parts that we exported to her.

    Rather than make a free-trade agreement with South Korea, why not tell our friends in Seoul: We are tired of arguing with you folks about opening your markets to our goods. Since you folks buy less than $1 billion in autos, etc., from us, while you sell almost $12 billion in your cars and trucks to us, you keep your market. We’re taking back ours.

    The point: Despite all the propaganda about exports being the future, the foreigners’ share of the U.S. market is $500 billion more than America’s entire share of the world market.

    If, as we once did, we produced here all the manufactured goods we consume and gave up every other manufacturing market in the world, we would add millions of jobs and our gross domestic product would surge.

    And it is not only traditional manufacturing where America is getting her clock cleaned.

    In the critical items identified as “advanced technology products,” the United States has been running a deficit with the world, beginning in Bush’s second year, soaring from $16 billion in 2002 to $82 billion in 2010.

    With China, the U.S. trade deficit in advanced technology products alone in the past four years has totaled more than $300 billion, with the 2010 deficit in ATP with China reaching an astonishing $92 billion.

    Does it matter that manufacturing in America now accounts for one-tenth of our economy and one-tenth of our labor force, figures unseen since before the Civil War?

    If you read the history of Britain in the industrial age, of America from 1865-1945 and of Bismarck’s Germany, you will think it does. If you listen to the scores of thousands of economists, none of whom ever built a great nation, you may think it does not matter who produces what where.

    Is it possible America could become again the dominant manufacturing nation she was from 1880 to 1980? Not only possible but easy to accomplish – and within a decade.

    Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, has half the answer. “We should offer tax credits or a five- to 10-year tax holiday to companies, domestic or foreign, that want to set up or expand a factory in the U.S.”

    How would we finance it? As most foreign nations impose value-added taxes averaging 20 percent on U.S.-made goods that enter their countries, put a tariff of 20 percent on all foreign goods.

    Hundreds of billions would suddenly pour into the U.S. treasury. Imports would slowly shrink. Production in America would soar.

    That’s how Hamilton, Madison, Clay, Lincoln, McKinley and T.R. did it, before America forgot how she became great.

  • Concerned Reader

    If we see a massive wave of teachers and other government workers being laid off then the unemployment index will rise and we have even more people jobless in this country.

  • Maria











  • Richard W

    “Our debt it caused by unfunded eternal wars”

    Our debt is cause by entitlements.
    Don’t be an ignorant twit. Look it up for yourself.

  • Alice

    Some people just want a guaranteed job with benefits for life (Special people). Nobody in the private sector has those expectations, why should they. Guaranteed jobs and benefits for life regardless of performance produces poor quality products (Autos or Classroom etc..)!! Entitled people generally go to work with a bad attitude (Because the have nothing to lose)and pollute their whole environment. Just keep raising taxes is their motto. The rest of America has been suffering for years, facing joblessness, financial ruin, watching their family’s future disintegrate, divorce, foreclosures, evictions, homelessness. God help them! So you want to be treated Special eh? Special, special, special! The hell with everybody else, right? Just keep taxing the rest, so that you can be treated Special!

  • Don

    This whole mess is by design. Naomi Klein had it right. The right wing fascists are creating a financial crisis which will justify eliminating nearly every aspect of what makes our society decent- schools, parks, roads, libraries, universities, etc. etc. Rich people don’t care about these things, and if all these things we rely on are privatised or eliminated, they can find what they need elsewhere by paying for it.

  • Bruce

    Good I hope the State’s open up private school. The Feds give voucher to the parents so they can pick the school get away from the corrupt useless public school system. Then we could have real education system. No unions teachers have to show real results.

  • Colin

    I can’t say it better than George Carlin. Here is his classic speech on the American Dream:

    I don’t think there are solutions. I believe the political system favors the owners over the laborers. The laborers, I feel, are losing ground every day as the owners inexorably pursue their agenda of controlling our nation. One of the hot spots of this war is education, and it’s a battle that laborers will lose eventually to the owners. Although I can’t envision what the end product will be, I can say with some confidence that this product will not be to the benefit of the laborers.

  • roadrunner

    Lets see….Republicans want to fire you, and tax you to oblivian. Democrats just want to tax you to oblivian. Gee…whats a fellow to do around here?

  • Josey Wales

    It’s to bad that our corrupt government elected officials, corrupt Unions and corrupt union Lobbyist, have gotten our country in such a mess. Jim Doyle, the previous Governor before Walker, took Wi from a surplus budget, to a 3 billion dollar deficit in 8 years. Much of the cash surplus went to Union thugs and the destruction of non-union business. I know, my 22 year old construction business was one of the victims, employing over 50 employees. The corrupt Unions and Government stole me blind, and finally raped me for $650,000.00 dollars on a Army Corp of Engineers project in Neenah Wi. I am now out of business, but in the corrupt court system fighting for my rights, it should have never got this far, but the unions wanted my company our of business and they paid the politicians to look the other way. I frll victim to a corrupt system that I would have never knew existed had it not been for landing a government job from The Army Corp of Engineers. corruption was so bold, it makes me sick. I had to go to Mo, to get an attorney to represent me, for all the Wi, Il attorneys where influenced by union thugs, and wouldn’t represent my company, they as much as told me so. “The unions and government are to powerful, we will not fight them. You may as well walk away,” How sad.

    I contacted a list of my elected officials in my state, who I would have thought would fight to keep my small business alive and employing over 50 men and women of Wi. They all laughed at me instead. Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and rightly so.

    There was a time when politicians and teachers pick those jobs because they wanted to help people with their knowledge, they wanted to serve people. Not any more, it’s all about the Benjamin’s, Union thugs, lobbyist and corrupt politicians have ruined this country. It’s about time every American face these facts, you can’t beg, borrow, steal and tax the middle class forever. Now it’s time for the spoiled rotten union babies and corrupt politicians to face the music. Too bad for them, the sooner we get rid of the corruption, pay off our debt, the sooner we can get back to building our nation again.

  • elohim777

    Nobody will miss them!
    they are simply tools of the Ten Planks of Communism
    they are mostly TRAITORS
    who teach moral idiocy
    the level of education is so low and the teachers are mostly so poorly educated themselves they have little knowledge to impart
    At one time teachers had to KNOW SOMETHING
    rather than REGURGITATE Politically Correct Manifestos
    get rid of them all
    then the parents will have to deal with the delinquent dysfunctional youths that this system has created

  • Zac

    I am a teacher in WI, and the $963 million cut to education for the next 2 yr. budget cycle will not help techers educate the children in the classrooms.

    In Oshkosh WI, the Supt. has proposed a $66 million referendum, exceding the revenue caps for the next 3 yrs by (4, 5, and 6 million dollars). The plan will be done in Dec. 2011, but we will need to vote on it in Oct. 2011. The passing of the relief Bill will save the school dist. $41 million, but the $963 million in state aid cuts will cost the dist $500 million. Raise the taxes flag!

    Administrators will not be affected by the manditory additional pension and healthcare “investments” either. In fact many of them have negotiated an additional pension % over what the teachers currenly receive. Those are picked up by the taxpayer. We just don’t hear of it.

    The additional monies that I, and 100s of thousands of teachers, guards, nurses, and alike will not receive will impact the local economies negatively. The approx. $500 that I will not receive on my check per month is money out of the economy, which will need to be stimulated, ya right. With the price of gas, food, clothing increase projections, this state will not be taking in the revenue they projected. The middle class in WI has really taken a hit, and everyone will feel it. Oh, but the real rich that will take the profits, and cut jobs and, or increase prices to do so.

    The republicans will be swept out like driftwood, after the economy tanks.

    I feel an ill wind blowing not only in WI, the nation, but the world!

  • Richard Allen

    Its NOT the teachers fault. We need the Big OH to demand all kids, even black ones learn how to read, write and speak English.

    That is the key to out future.

    Anyone doubt me, then how many people speak English in jail? Almost none…its all that ghetto rap crap.

  • Colleen

    “So in light of the facts above, should we advise any of our young people to try to become a teacher?”
    Perhaps not advise them to become a teacher, but to be trained as a teacher. I don’t think that you need a degree to impart your knowledge to others. But as budgets tighten, teachers unions will demand that homeschool regulations be tightened, possibly limiting the right to homeschool to those with teaching degrees.

  • Scott Skibell

    As we cut education and lose good teachers, our students will fall even further behind compared to kids in China and India. This is particularly true in math and science. But to your point, there just isn’t any money.

    Not to be an alarmist but we’re screwed.

  • Why are teachers being attacked?
    Why are unions pensions being attacked?

    Just think of all the money if Government Pensions were slashed and taxes raised on that high-end 2% and NO WARS/NO BASES AROUND THE WORLD.

    The REVENUE problem would be solved!!!!!
    How will education survive?

  • Liberte

    I am in the last year of earning a teaching degree. I don’t recommend it.

    In order to graduate you must endure countless hours of liberal indoctrination. You will learn about the wonders of every non-white race and their victimization at the hands of white privelage.

    We cannot have a real discussion about anti-white propaganda in the mainstream press because the press is owned by a racial/religious monopoly of Christian hating monsters. Something has to be done about this. This world is completely unacceptable.

  • William

    Here are some thoughts…. What ever happened to welfare reform? I say, cut the people off of welfare that can actually work…get them out in the streets along with chain gang prisoners, fixing out streets and infastructure. Reduce pay rates across the board for state and federal employees, Rebuild our government from scratch, make all federal and state budgets and expenditures available for review by citizens to hold government accountable….send all people who are here illegally back to where they came from, bring all our troops back from around the globe and have them encamp on the borders of America, make available all the amazing technoilogy that is available for electric, hydro, hybrid cars, and tell the countries we are dependant on, to keep their oil!!!! Start running the government on Biblical principals, tell cops they cann no longer get paid huge $$$$ to stand around watching towen workers dig a trench…have welfare people do it instead, they refuse, cut them off IMMEDIETLY!!!!! Try somehow to bring back the “Fear of the Lord” to this nation, thus bringing revival and repentance back to God, thus changing peoples hearts and worldview….then we would see REAL change in all aspects of our society and America would be restored. If there is no repentance ( turning away from sin) then, sadly, America is gone forever.

  • If the universities would stop churning out liberal activists and again focus on educating real teachers the republic might not be in the pitiful condition that it is. Many prospective teachers enter the profession because they believe it is their calling to re-educate American children into socialist automatons.

    The massive scam known as the Department of Education is a self perpetuating shakedown of the taxpaying citizens of or country. It’s good to know that we finally have some politicians with the balls to start cutting what was up until now a sacred cow.

    On to the universities, where the Marxists of the world go to incubate after their policies have failed in the real world. Nothing teaches as well as humility, and the educated idiots who believed that their professorial tenure would shield them from anything like private sector competition might be in for a shock.

    Cut wide and cut deep, elected officials, and honor your oaths…….

  • @impeachRonPaul

    You seem to be the perfect example of one of those automatons whining about Republicans when in fact it is all statist politicians, no matter what letter is behind their names, who have sold our republic down the river. Wake up. The boot on your throat is the very one you have slipped on to the foot of your oppressor.

  • Gary2

    What is more important to society-a hedge fund manager who pays 15% cap gains or hundreds of teachers? Who is more important to our kids? Who adds more value to society? Is the hedge fund manager more important than the small business owner who is working their butts off and really adding value to the society? Until we answer these questions the right and to a lesser extent the dems (I do not consider them the left-maybe the center)

    I posted the following in another section of this blog but it is apropos here also.

    The economic Top 1% owns more than 90% of us combined. 400 people have as much wealth as half of our population. If people understood just how concentrated wealth has become in our country and the effect it has on our politics, our democracy and our people, they would demand our politicians do something about it.

    This is why I say we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth. I do not mean to tax the small business person who works his/her butt off to make a million. The above article are who I mean by rich. I have been somewhat sloppy in my blanket tax the rich statements.

    Is one hedge fund manager worth many hundreds of police/teachers/firefighters etc? Yet they only pay 15% cap gains while the rest of us pay more on our income from work? Is this fair/moral?

  • Tripseven

    If we tax the rich, start with the rich in congress, the senate and any other rich fatcat that works in government.

    I want to join W. Buffet in the 15% tax bracket. but to get there I need to earn my way thru the other higher brackets. EARNED income is the highest tax rate dividends and interest are gtaxed lower.

    That how Warren does it. Thats how I want to do it too.


  • Randy

    Frankly, the teachers are finally getting what they deserve. When you sleep with the devil, in this case the unions, you have to pay the devil his due. This is exactly why Detroit is such a thriving economy these days.

  • john

    Laying off teachers is the last place you want to make cuts. Our children are our future. Why not cut overpaid city, county and state workers? Besides, how is it that Wall Street and banks are giving out record bonuses? The whole financial system is lop-sided, and corrupt. People in the financial sector should go to jail. They are the ones that got us in this mess. Trust in the financial sectors will not return until people go to jail.

  • Gary2

    OPPS-forgot to finish…
    Until we answer these questions the right and to a lesser extent the dems (I do not consider them the left-maybe the center) will always follow the money and could care less about the regular people. Look how quickly Gov Walker dropped everything and got on the phone with his billionaire backer David Koch. Walker is a putz and was so excited to be on the phone with Koch he did not even check if it was really him.

  • Michael2

    Where Are the Handcuffs? The Dylan Ratigan Show

  • Andrew

    The solution is very simple.

    Basically – the less government coercion, the better.

    Return to the US Constitution. Read Article 1 Section 8 and tell your Senator and Representative to do the same.

    Abolish all federal unconstitutional programs – welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, TSA, etc.
    Abolish all federal subsidies – education, farmer, you name it.

    Take away all special privileges from labor unions.

    Return to the free market capitalist system created the wonders of civilization and modern life.

    Return all our troops home. There is no need to keep US bases all over the world. Europe and Japan can and will defend themselves if necessary. However the best way to stop wars is free trade among the countries. You do not invade your trading partner. It is a bad business model.

    Stop providing government foreign aid – let other people take care of their problem. Private charities will do much better job.

  • Andrew

    Take away all special privileges from banks.

    No government bailouts of any kind to anyone – banks, car companies, etc.

    If you can’t run a business – you go bankrupt. Tough.

    Stop providing taxpayers money to Freddy and Fannie. It is not a government business to provide housing for people, and it is unconstitutional.

    Government does not create wealth, government can only take wealth from some people and give to others.

  • Pixie

    It’s about time the teachers’ union is cut off at the knees. We give more money than people pay to put their kids in private schools to have such a dumbed-down education system, it needs to be scrapped. Get rid of the teachers’ union and get the federal government out of something that is none of their business and let GOOD teachers rule again.

    BTW – your wonderful Dems are the ones who hate the middle class. Both parties are too corrupt to run a free country, but as long as they can keep voting themselves into such a cushy life like their pensions after 1 term and a healthcare plan I’d love to have, and all the perks and then all the kickbacks they like to take, how can we win

  • Pete Bromley

    I feel no sympathy for the leeches in the education system.Cops,teachers,social workers….all are making a living off the taxes of hard working private sector employees,and they are all doing a terrible job. Privatize education,let the entrepreneurs have a crack at it,and let the people with children pay for the education of their children,instead of society at large.As for government workers,you could privatize large sections of federal government services,eliminate all social welfare spending and entitlement programs (including social security and welfare)and keep the military,and things would right themselves.I’m sick of hearing public employees cry….welcome to the real world, you buttholes.

  • PatriotRider


    How is that Libyan Nescafe you are drinking this morning?

  • Patriot One

    I’m not sure, but I do believe since 1962 we have spent more on welfare then warfare.

  • Part of the problem is that school as it’s currently configured is primarily a warehouse for kids to keep them from competing with adults for jobs. It also has elements primarily focused upon creating a “good worker” to fit the needs of the early Industrial Revolution — meek, biddable, unquestioning of authority, and in general organic robots. But as Moore’s Law marches on, the rote, routine jobs for which the old-style schools were supposed to be preparing us are actually being done by real robots with silicon brains programmed in C++ and powered by electricity, not carbohydrates. We need schools that will teach us to be what humans do best, and that means leaving the authoritarian model behind and creating one in which the teacher is a facilitator rather than a prison guard or a strawboss.

    Teaching people how to think, rather than what to think, is hard. I briefly worked for a school that was based on the Socratic Method, in which instructors were facilitators guiding the students to learn multiply applicable writing skills, and I ended up so burned out I felt like a little cinder lying under the grate. (Being grossly underpaid didn’t help — I was being paid for twenty hours a week, but to do the job properly, I was putting in between sixty and eighty hours of actual work, which left no time for the contracted articles that were supposed to provide the rest of my income).

  • As demonstrated in my book, THE COST OF ABORTION-the very same UNION (NEA) that supported abortion-is helping to put its own people out of work. With MORE students, budgets cuts would be MORE difficult to enact. Wiuth MORE students, teacher jobs would be more stable and resistant to loss.

    Furthermore, with MORE students, the tax would have been wider before hand to allow for schools to be more flexible to funding shifts. Instead, we funded death of the young…NOW we get death of the careers.

    We get what we paid for.
    Spread this commentary and see the reactions!

  • MentalJim


    broaden your horizons if you think that one party is to blame and the other one stands for all that is good. Both parties have been working against the people for a long time. Neither of them answers to the people they only answer to the banksters. I think the vast majority of politicians from both sides of the aisle are merely useful idiots for the banksters.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    ImpeachRonPaul, you seem to have a very short memory. The Democrats contolled both Houses of Congress (since Jan. 2007) and the Presidency since jan. 2009 until they were ass whipped this last November 2010. In that time, the Democrats racked up $5 TRILLION DOLLARS to the National Debt with jack shit to show for it. Cracker Jack Nancy broke her promise to allow all Bills online before a vote in order for voters to read the damn Bill, and she later told us we would have to pass the Bills to see what was in them. Thus she’s just like a box of Cracker Jacks because you never know what theft of the American Taxpayer’s money would be squandered until the wicked witch passed her secret Bills.

    The Democrats have theie noses so far up Warren Buffet’s ass that it would take 3 days to burrow out of the old man’s privy.

  • Kevin

    The trickle down effects of globalization. Manufacturing leaves to slave labor nations that educate their children in dirt floor schools. The tax base erodes and debt is used to make up the difference. At some point the debt cannot be serviced and individuals and government operate with the money they have not the wealth they once had. In the end you educate your children in a dirt floor school.

    Technology increases productivity and your standard of living declines.This is just the opposite of what traditionally happens. Your then told over and over by Gobles reincarnated that globalization is good. Everyone then focuses on the symptoms as opposed to the root cause.

    This is a piece of the 1970s replayed only worse. Back then everyone getting a raise was contributing to inflation; workers want too much, company profits are too high. Everyone lost sight of Uncle Sam running deficits and the result was way too much money was produced. This was the root cause.

    Watch the people fight over the pie slices as the pie continues to get smaller and smaller.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    This has to be shared. This is from Neal Boortz who has it exactly right. El Presidente’ is nothing but a little league community organizer who couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag with directions:

    Earlier this week, Obama announced a new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. That’s great. Just what we need. Another council. So for all of his talk about small businesses being the engine of this economy and creating the jobs, you would think that Obama would put some small business owners on this new council, right?

    Wrong. Out of the 22 members of this new council on jobs and competitiveness, only one of them represents small businesses or has had significant experience running one. Politico reports, “Darlene Miller, the owner and CEO of Permac Industries, a manufacturing firm, was named to the council. In 2008, her company was named the Chamber of Commerce’s small business of the year, the White House noted.”

    ***Obama couldn’t run a small business selling lubricants in an all-male prison.***

  • flubadub

    Thirty years ago there was a teacher shortage and the government line was advocating higher salaries to entice college students to pursue education degrees. Along with the rhetoric came offers of tuition reimbursement to those teachers who agreed to teach in underachieving city schools. The revenue was available at the time but our predidential and congressional free trade advocates have seen to it that the tax base has been whittled down to the point that states and municipalities barely have the funding to prevent middle east style food riots.

  • sharonsj

    If we keep eliminating teachers, then expect the American electorate to be even stupider. And we’re incredibly ignorant now. Imagine if all you know comes from your iPhone?

  • PaulF

    Democrats also want to eliminate the middle class so that everyone is dependent on the government. They have been very clear about this in the last several decades and they’re doing a good job.

    Ron Paul, on the other hand, is one of the very few politicians with real honest and integrity and who really cares about people and fights the machine – the financial cartel – every day.

    It’s sad that teachers have to face hardships now along with everyone else but the fact is that public union members have had things much better than their private counterparts for some time and this has to end. What people in the private sector would give for their benefits and especially their pensions!!
    Here’s some good reading on teachers unions:

  • Roland

    Passing the buck to the next generation or next administration is how things are done here. Until the people accept that we are the generation that will make the sacrifice and not our kids, nothing will really change. Get beyond thinking dem or GOP, they are opposite sides of the same coin and neither offers true change. Get angry but accept some of the blame too. We’re all part of the problem until we realize that DC and our local government’s don’t truly care about us. They are self-serving, self-sustaining entities looking only out for themselves. Dem or GOP…all the same, stop defining yourselves by labels they and the media want to impart upon us. Create a new label for yourself. Reject the old.

  • Michael2

    What I see is not only an assault on teachers but also more blows to the education of U.S. children.

    It should be causing some concern that government and corporations are going after the intellectuals (teachers) and the educated middle class of US society. Judging from history when governments start attacking and demonizing the educated classes of a society, essentially scape goating them, one can be fairly certain that a governmental crack down of some sort is not far behind. Someone has to be the blame for the incompetence and criminality that has caused the spiraling downfall of a full potential and once great civilization like America’s. Why not the teacher’s salaries and union’s negotiating rights? By the way these types of attacks seem to be part and parcel of an overall pattern of America and the American people being demonized in general, in my humble opinion as always.

    Drug addicts, skate board kids, welfare and social security recipients, and young black men in particular and the black race in general, poor white people, the working poor, the sick and the young in general have all been beaten up enough financially by Wall Street and the government that they realize they are looking like heartless bullies and ruthless exploiters of the human condition. So the elite go after the next level on the food chain, the demographics that make up the middle class, the teachers, firemen, police, low level governmental workers, etc. Someone has to be put on the altar and fed to the public to take the blame for the financial mess America is in. As long as it’s not AIG, Goldman Sachs, etc. and government that gets the blame and they get to keep playing the game their way, everything is in balance and going according to plan in their eyes.

    It appears to be the age old tactic of divide and conquer taking place.

  • de tooth

    Ron Paul is a false prophet meant to betray his followers at the appointed time. He is about as authentic as Mo. El Bareidi is to the Egyptian revolution.

  • Alice

    The children will do better in school when you make the teachers accountable for success or failure in class! When they know that their jobs are on the line, they’ll show up in class with the “I care attitude” and the kids will care too! Every worker in America will care more, if they’ll lose their job for non performance!

  • Alice

    Can you imagine a football coach who shows up at the game with the “I’ll have a job anyway if win or lose attitude”!

  • Charles

    Are we surprised? No. Counties and states can’t collect school taxes on foreclosed properties. This was only a matter of time. Although Bank of America and Countrywide got fat upfront from every sub prime ARM refinance,we certainly can’t count on them take care of those taxes. Mozillo got half a billion dollars in compensation over 5 years for driving the economy into a brick wall. I don’t think a dime of that half billion dollars will “trickle down” to anyone but the Mercedes Dealership.

  • Joe

    I know I’m going to get flack but I work for a local school district in PA. It’s a troth! The teachers unions have destroyed education by making the job so comfy with benefits and the salaries so out of line. The ever increasing school taxes as a result are unsustainable that resentment is rising fast. Couple that with this fact, Amerika is 32nd place in world education and dropping. Screw the unions! Screw the lazy bum job of teaching! Your days are numbered cause you’ve swild around in the troth too long now there’s nothing left.

  • DownWithLibs

    All I know is if I want to retire someday I have to pay for a Retirement account of some sort out of my own after-tax income (or after I pay for the entitlements for these Unions, to put it another way). I hate to say it, but I believe the ride has come to an end. They promised these public sector workers the moon and now times have changed and it is totally impossible to deliver. Time to buck-up and accept it.

  • liberranter

    If our state and local governments had not been so addicted to debt, and if our economy had been managed correctly…

    “Managed correctly?” By whom? One of the most toxic roots of our current economic problems is that our economy has been centrally “managed,” and oppressively regulated and taxed for so long that it is on the brink of complete collapse. No sane person with entrepreneurial ambitions would dare start or expand a “legitimate” business in such an environment. If you’re wondering why the middle class, whose productivity and taxes have for so long fed the parasitic and predatory state, is on the verge of extinction, this is the primary reason.

    As for the plight of public school teachers, weep not. For those VERY few among them who are actually competent in their fields (that is, those who ranked above the bottom quartile on their SATs, who majored in something other than the bogus “Education” field as undergraduates, and who have a track record of actually EDUCATING rather than indoctrinating their students), employment within the FREE MARKET in education that will emerge from the rubble of the public sector won’t be a problem at all. Granted, most of these jobs won’t offer the perks and bennies that were standard within the Parasite Sector, but neither will any others once the whole house of cards collapses. Unfortunately, most “teachers” in today’s public school system won’t be among those who will be in high market demand, since the current system has done a superb job of weeding most REAL teachers out.

    As for the rest of the “teaching” profession, the “Education” School-indoctrinated, semi-literate Marxist leeches represented by the National Education Mafia, they had better hope that they can learn to adapt to whatever form the labor market takes in the aftermath of the public sector’s implosion. Given that these people have never had to satisfy paying customers who have the option of taking their money and business elsewhere, I wouldn’t be very optimistic. In fact, I’m not sure what, if anything, most of them will be able to offer in a free market that anyone would be willing to pay for with their own money (or whatever passes for money in the the post-Fed era of currency meltdown and depression). Any way you look at it, we’re headed for a very interesting future, to put it mildly.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Does The Banana Republic of America (the Third World house of horrors that used to be the USA) value education? Absolutely not. And that is by design. When you have a largely ignorant, uneducated population, you also have a passive, submissive, subservient population—and that is exactly the type of population that the globalist devils (the ones that Alex Jones and Gerald Celente warn us about) want. The globalists want a dumbed-down low-information population that will question nothing and bow down to their devilish corporate slavemasters. Poor, uneducated people make great cannon fodder in neocon imperialist wars, just as they are great for the prison/industrial complex and the sweatshops that globalists love so much.

    To quote Alex Jones, “we are in deep tyranny……deep, deep, DEEP.”

  • CatNap

    My thought is eventually communities will hire one teacher to teach a mixture of grades in a “one-room schoolhouse” like back in the old days. Parents would all contribute time and money to make this happen. Gone would be the mega-monster schools with thousands of students.
    Teachers may even end up “bidding” on positions within a community. Possibly having room and board included in the job.
    This would be a good thing, in my opinion. Children would have a very low teacher-to-student ratio and the teachers would get to know the children over many years. The parents would get a teacher who is outstanding, too.

    Tenure? Never again.

  • Former Private School Teacher

    I used to teach in the private sector. I got 23K a year in a private school. To see the extortion racket that public school teacher unions have become is disgusting… Did you know that public school teachers in Wisconsin make OVER 100K/year including benefits? All for what? America has the worst students in the industrialized world.. Teachers in Wisconsin make twice what a teacher in Texas makes. Those teachers in Wisconsin are a bunch of blood sucking parasites leeching of the taxpayer who is already enslaved by taxes..

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Michael2, what in God’s name are you talking about in saying that taking away collective bargaining rights will somehow impact education? What I see is an education system run into the ground by the very people who claim they are “protecting education”. By any measure, and after many hundreds of Billions of American Taxpayer Dollars, we get mediocrity built into the very system supposedly created to enlighten our children, and allow them to soar. By any measure we have failed our children in what is becoming a pattern of the surreal instead of reality. The truth is that the “ME” generation took a giant dump on our children and future generations through all their various schemes at self pleasure at all costs and without remorse.

  • mondobeyondo

    It is a crying shame that the teachers in this country (the U.S) aren’t given the respect or salary they deserve. Our nation’s teachers are teaching the next generation of American workers. They teach us everything from the ABC’s to the quadratic equation and beyond, and everything in between.

    Teachers are not babysitters. Their job is to TEACH. “Nanny” is not in their job description. If you need a babysitter, hire the 15 year old girl down the street. Teachers deserve far more respect than they are given.

    And no.. I am NOT a teacher/former teacher.

    If you are able to read this post – thank a teacher.

  • mondobeyondo

    We really ARE sacrificing our country’s future.

    Teachers make a nice and convenient target for the budget axe. However, by chopping education, you risk having 1 or 2 (maybe 3) generations of really dumb people. Gosh, isn’t our present generation dumb enough already?! (It’s a generalization, not to be specific. I know there are lots of super smart young people out there!) And I hope they succeed, and make it out of the “matrix” we are trapped in. Our children are our best hope. The children who actually know how to make change. Nooo, not that “hope and change” crap. Change as in, “that item was 59 cents and you gave me a dollar…you get 41 cents back!”

    The future used to be so bright, you were gonna need shades. Now the future’s so dark, you’ll need a flashlight. Imagine an entire nation of worker drones, asking you if you want fries with that – or extra ketchup with your Quarter Pounder.

    Yup, we’re headed that way.

  • JulietteofOhio

    For Mondobeyondo: I usually enjoy your posts, on this and other blogs, but I disagree with your conclusions on this particular subject. I can definitely read and comprehend all the posts above, dreadful as some of them are. My mother taught me to read, as I taught my children to read. It helps that they are gifted children, of course, but they all graduated from private universities with 3.92 to 4.0 GPAs. Many public school students spell and punctuate in the typical public school fashion which is, at best, marginally phonetic spelling and a breezy unconcern for even the most basic rules of grammar and punctuation. My husband and I bought all of our teaching materials, and I spent hours and hours per week on lesson plans, grading, etc. None of these costs were reimbursed by the state, but we have to continue paying the exhorbitant real estate taxes required for the upkeep of the truly monstrous new school built in the community. Ohio has done a very poor job of maintaining stability in the state, but a remarkably efficient job of destroying the many community schools which held the small towns together. Our property taxes consume one full month of gross pay and we don’t live in a mansion. My mother was a school teacher in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, and she began at $100.00 per month, teaching eight grades in a rural school with outdoor toliets. She helped produce several doctors, lawyers, one judge and one congressman. I taught school for no money at all, but I had the satisfaction of knowing that my children were well educated. Maybe the parents should take control (yes, I know many of them are idiots, but public school doesn’t do a much better job) and feed their own children and get them to school. Since school consolidation, many students are on the school bus for an hour and a half to two hours. They leave as early as 6:30 in the morning to get to the school in time for their free breakfast. Parents need to get off their ass and feed their children, then take them to school at a decent hour. If they don’t, so what? Lousy parents ensure lousy kids and they’re going to be little thugs anyway. It just won’t cost the rest of us so much money. If you’re a decent parent, do it YOURSELF!!!

  • Alice

    To Joe’s comment: I agree with you Joe, but you are exactly the kind of person we need in these schools to help fix the system. You are management material, having the ability to be in the system and know that it needs to be overhauled. We need people like you to run the schools once the Unions have been removed!

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    FDR in a very lucid moment said that collective bargaining should not be allowed for those that decide to go into public sector jobs. WI is the effect of FDR’S warning/cause, as is CA,NY,MI,IL and the other 40 some states swirling the bowl. There are no money trees, and everyone from the Federal Government on down is flat broke. We are currently being allowed to deceive ourselves with other people’s money or the destruction of our own money if you prefer.

  • mondobeyondo

    @ JulietteofOhio

    Perhaps our greatest hope lies in education the way it used to be taught in this country, in one room schoolhouses, one-on one instruction. Worked out pretty well for Abraham Lincoln!

    Here in Arizona, we have done an abysmal job of educating our students. It almost seems like it’s an education assembly line. Shove the herd out in 4 years, give them their diplomas and tell them how smart they are. Then they enter the real world, and find they can’t compete with our Asian and European counterparts.

    I commend you (as well as so many other teachers out there) for taking your personal time and resources to help our students, when the local/state government won’t do so. They COULD, if they really wanted to. But when you get down to it, education is not really their number one priority. It’s all about bureaucracy, getting elected to the school board, etc. In many cases, it’s all about the money. And the teachers suffer. Even here in AZ, elementary school teachers use their own personal savings and salaries to buy pencils, crayons and supplies for their students. So what does the school district do? Not to mention – with the public’s tax money?!

    The education of our nation’s children should not have to suffer because of the incompetence/greed of their parents, principals, school administrations, etc. That is just wrong.

  • James

    Well, was home schooled by my parents and took the GED Test when I got old enough to take it. Never stepped foot in a public classroom. I went through an apprenticeship to become an electrician where I was taught my trade by other electricians. I also had to attend classes given by other electricians, one night a week. I have never been exposed to a government operated school system. Now, I make $50,000.00+ a year. More than most college grads make. This proves that Public or private schools aren’t the only places where you can get an education.

  • Another excellent article on teachers!!! Here is the real problem. The shift to Outcome Based Education, Goals 2000, and multiculturalism means that if the corporate controllers aren’t stopped, one day few people will defend the Constitution because few will even remember that it once existed. Teachers today across the country are not teaching history to their students. The powers that be, the Jesuit order does not want this next generation knowing about history. Multiculturalism has played a key role in destroying Canada as a nation-state, and this is why it is being pushed in the U.S., as well. It is one more strategy being used to weaken national sovereignty, to move towards a world government.
    Multiculturalism is also being used to separate us from our Christian heritage and Western culture. Other cultures are highlighted while ours is undermined. The California Teachers Association released a calendar that doesn’t identify July 4th. It includes Buddhist Nirvana day and Ramadan, but not Christmas or Thanksgiving. Come on folks, these events are not happening by chance, it is an agenda with a long-term purpose. Across the country grammar, high school and colleges and universities are taking out American constitutional and political history is not being taught. Under the new world order, within a few generations our history will be forgotten, because it will be banned. Listen carefully what Karl Marx said,” “If you cut people off from their history they can be easily persuaded.” There are a precious few teachers across the country that still teach history courses, but the number is quickly dwindling down to where soon, it will be totally gone from memory. Think seriously about this!!!

  • 21st Century Plutocracy

    Richard W said…

    “Our debt is cause by entitlements.
    Don’t be an ignorant twit. Look it up for yourself.”

    Ummm, no. 2/3rds of the budget deficit is because of defense spending. The US spends more on defense spending than all 14 developed natons COMBINED. That’s where the wasteful spending is at. Teh constitution says we’re suppose to provde for the general defense of our coutnry, notpolice the world. Now if someone can tell me what exactly in our militry budget that’s used to legally potect us and not trample over our liberty and pursuit of happiness, then maybe I’ll reconsider my statement about “wasteful spending.”

    The “entitlements” SS and Medicare were and until Obama regressed the taxs always funded. Unfotunately some of our politican decided it would be agood idea to “dip” into the funds to spend on some other endeavor and left the the american people with IOUs (and we’re still waiting to b paid backthe money we’re owed). It’s the same with UI and even partially welfare now.

  • Davidm

    Unions have ruined public education. The worthless incompetent teachers are retained and the best teachers laid off. Mediocrity is perpetuated. We have among the worst schools in the world. We graduate classes of kids whose only hope was their education and they can’t even read. For that sorry ass result, we pay these greedy blood sucking union parasites a 100,000 a year plus other union goodies a year.

    I say cut the union power in the public sector. The Unions collect their dues and contribute to corrupt democratic politicians that don’t give a damn about the general public. The unions get their payoff in the form of outrageous salaries and benefits for these worthless parasites from these politicians. It is nothing more than a bribe and a payoff at the taxpayer’s expense. It is bankrupting the states for a failed corrupt system.

    Way to go Walker. Get rid of the unions. Let these goons make a honest living doing something productive and successful for a change!

  • Davidm

    For the teachers out there that cry “don’t cut our juicy salaries and benefits. It will hurt the children. I say, give it a rest.

    Our public education results are so pathetic, we have nothing to lose. You have failed to educate our kids. The cozy union deal you have extorted for yourselves is corrupt and is a total failure paid for at the taxpayer’s expense. You all are nothing but greedy, money grubbing, corrupt parasites. The only sure result of firing you is that we will save some money. We can’t do worse than your past record.

    • Jeff Hart

      I don’t know much about the American education system but I suspect that it is subject to the same political nightmare that the Australian one is. Having been subjected to it for over 5 years now I can safely tell you that it is not the teachers that are the problem it is the morons above them (namely the education department)that need to be looked at. Teachers have very little control over what happens in the classroom and students have more rights than they do.

  • impeachRonPaul

    The conservatives are ruining America.

  • Nick L NYC

    How many of these layoffs will ACTUALLY happen other than this doom & gloom fear mongering. I lived in NYC for 33 years and many of these doomsday scenarios never happen.

    Also in the 1980’s class sizes were between 30-40 kids per class not 15 which is considered overcrowding today.

  • Buy American

    Teachers are whiners. I had many friends in Michigan who were teachers and all they did was complain. Meanwhile, the rest of us had to work 50 weeks out of the year while they spent summers traveling the world. We worked Christmas eve while they enjoyed Florida beaches. They made almost double what I made for half as much work and I can’t say my kids got much of an education under their watch. Most of the time they sent homework for the parents to get us more involved in our kids education – since when did that become necessary- it wasn’t 35 years ago when I was in school.

    Now I live in Brazil. Teachers here make between $500-$1,000/month, teaching two 4 hour shifts of students and somehow my kids are getting a much better education in 4 hours sitting in very barebone concrete classrooms than they ever did in the US. My 3 year old is learning the alphabet and my 5 year old is learning to read. In second grade they learn their times tables and fracctions. I know young teenagers who write essays in English that would win contests if put against essays written by many American high school seniors.

    Education doesn’t have to be expensive – they need to have teachers who love to educate kids, and accountability to students and teachers. Students don’t pass to the next grade unless they pass the finals. No exceptions.

    I really find it amazing that our educational professionals don’t have knowledge of current events or even basic mathematics to see that their employer is broke and cuts need to be made. Paying 12% of their insurance premiums is a good tradeoff for keeping their jobs for a few more years. They should also read a few history books as well and find out what happens to companies in the red when the union doesn’t make concessions.

    • Jeff Hart

      If you are talking about teachers from countries that barely speak English taking days off I couldn’t agree more. In this country (Australia) we seem to follow a trend of employing teachers that are difficult to understand, can’t teach and yet can take time off whenever they feel like it. However those teachers are rare. Most of the time these days new teachers are put on contracts for 3 months at a time and if they are lucky enough they get another contract. But I can tell you as a teacher that is currently unemployed and has personally written over 200 applications and had 5 interviews in total I have put in more hours since I became a teacher than in any other profession. Anybody that thinks that teachers of today have it is easy is deluding themselves. We don’t. You have more chance of winning the lottery than you do of getting an ongoing teaching position.

  • Jimmy Legaro

    Funny the teachers in WI didn’t give a rat’s ass when everyone else lost their jobs and homes and went bankrupt. When industry went offshore they didn’t care. When software went offshore they didn’t care. When the Mexicans came and ruined the construction and landscaping businesses (not to mention restaurant work) they didn’t care. When H1-B workers came to America and undercut American software programmers, they didn’t care.
    Now they want us to care about them that they have to pay a little for healthcare? What are you kidding me? They threw the rest of us under the train as long as they got “theirs” everything was alright. Well now it’s their turn. Enjoy!

  • Richard Frager

    The only solution to our problem are re-education camps. One will need to learn basic math, science, language and real history skills to get out. TV will HAVE to be banned for 100 years, no exceptions. Listen to the radio for your sporting events. I am sorry it has to come to this, but it has. And I am a liberal but EVEN we have to draw the line in the sand. Great teachers deserve $100,000 or MORE!!

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    This video explains the demands of public unions better than I ever could. It’s dark comedy at it’s very best…truth telling.

  • Hucklebuck

    Early in life I worked as a high school teacher for a few years. The thing I found most appalling was that my coworkers were uniformly mediocre – both as teachers and people. Of course, they probably thought the same about me.

  • Dan

    I happen to be a bureaucrat getting those plush benefits everyone rails about, though not a teacher. My health insurance, that costs the state over 20K per year is not appreciably better than the insurance my brother in-law pays roughly 4K per year for. I pay $35 for a Dr. visit and he pays $50. I have a maximum annual out of pocket of 2K and his is 5K; wooptie f’ing do! Most likely the 16K difference is part of a kickback scheme.

    I also have a pension: that isn’t funded. Fat chance I ever see a dime of it.

    So here I sit; reading the news on Bizarro World. A place where I have recently went from being pitied due to my low pay to being vilified due to my lavish “benefits.” Interesting times, no?

  • Charles

    Why is everyone attacking teachers? Granted, I was a teacher for 5 weeks, until I broke my contract and left. I did see a few good teachers, but most of them were idiots, for lack of a better term. But in this case, the teachers are not to blame. If the good teachers try, they are run out by the students, parents, and the administration. It is the system. And the system is by design. The planned destruction of America and the middle class.

    • Teachingsucks

      Agreed. And it also occurs over her in Australia. They can’t teach to save themselves and yet they are given all the entitlements they want while new teachers who are desperate to get a foot in the door find themselves stuck trying to get into the system at all. These people usually are more adept and eager to do a good job but because of political BS they often don’t get the chance. I am one of them. After 5 years of trying to get an ongoing position I have opened up a tutoring centre (Kip McGrath Pakenham) instead.

  • America needs to invest in its future, the children and their education.

  • Miss Crabtree

    Um,… Joe, that would be trough, love. Teachers at the trough. If you really worked for a school district, if you really were an educator–you would know the difference, troll-boy. Oink!

  • I live in a “right to work” state. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. In my opinion, unions outlived their functions a long time ago. We now have Federal laws and agencies (DOL, EEOC, OSHA) that protect workers. Now, the unions have made it too easy to export jobs out of America (with the help of NAFTA and GATT) by keeping wages unnecessarily high. Where else would a forklift operator make $80,000 a year but a UAW member in Detroit?
    The teachers in Wisconsin aren’t getting it… they are paid out of property taxes, and those taxes are going up as employment is going down. They will have to endure the same downturns and losses as the rest of the area’s population.

  • The government doesn’t produce anything..they take, take , take..
    if we cut them off…they won’t survive, but we will..we are feeding them..
    The American workers and citizens are the producers and the back bone of this country..its high time they find out who owns them. We produce the GDP..not them, we produce the tax monies for them to corrupt.. without us,, there is no them… Time to deliver.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    America isn’t being asked to invest in it’s future or the future of it’s children. It’s being asked to foot the bill for public unions as they steal the last nickel from the American Treasury. I have listened to these same BS slogans for decades while mediocrity was institutionalized and our children fell further and further behind the children of other counties while the NEA ran their public relations nonsense. Public Unions are run by outright thugs who can give a rat’s ass about anyone other than themselves as they gorge themselves at the public trough. For our children indeed.

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    And the term “smaller classroom sizes” is pure BS as well, as a teacher used to teach multiple grades from a one room schoolhouse without breaking a sweat. This was done to pave the way for less work for the teacher without so much as a real care for our children. Their only goal is to gorge themselves like the pigs that they are at the public trough.

  • C

    Balancing budgets on the backs of working people is becoming the norm in America. Public service sucks, the less they pay, the dumber the worker, the lower the bar. You all forgot something apparently.

    It’s not about the money. I worked at a school district too, never again.

  • The unemployment situation has been growing worse for the past few years. Now we are supposed to get our shorts in a bunch because some teachers are feeling the pinch just like everyone else? Spare me.

    • Timothy Allen

      If you have kids you should take them out of the school system and stop being a drain on the other tax payers. Just saying.

  • Lori

    Good teachers who are smart will start their own small private neighborhood schools and tie in with the home-schooling demographic.

    People will always pay for a good education for their children, even if they have to scrimp and save every penny (poor and middle class parents have been doing this for a long time with parochial schools). But people do not like paying through the nose for a big, bloated, top-heavy bureaucracy.

    Good teachers stand to make a very tidy living if they play their cards right.

  • mickeythepirate

    Hi there..I am one of the evil ones..a teacher. Nope, after 20 years, I don’t even make 50K a year..nope, I am not an fact I made a perfect ACT score to get into my university..which I am sill paying for after 20 years getting rich as a teacher!! I have a real degree, two of themin fact..if Physics and Geology count. No, I did not become a teacher to steal from anybody..I did it because I care for kids and have a passion for making their lives better. So I don’t work 50 weeks a normally don’t work 60 hours a week AND then come home and help the kids with homework, fix my worn out car and patch together my rotting mansion which is next to the railroad tracks either.. by summer I need some sleep. Sure, I go off jet setting every summer…actually, I deliver newspapers or paint houses to make ends meet.. so why is my deal so much better than the poor working stiffs in the private sector? Oh I know, I get a promise that they need to wait till the end of the school year to run me out of town if a parent complains about me, a kid tells a lie, anyone ever takes issue with my family values or personal life,or if I am seen in public doing ANYTHING that is in any way less than Jesus would do.. I guess you could say teachers live in full view of their communities 24/7..If your life can stand up to such scrutiny..go for it…you can get rich like me… Actually, my mom talked me into becoming a teacher..she KNEW this economic disaster was coming..AND she remembered that during the depression the teachers had jobs, even if they were poor then too. It was a reasonable idea actually.. I would accept a far LOWER salary than my collage classmates in the private sector and in place of earning a big salary, I would have a little job security when the hard times came. As for my big pension..I will likely never see a dime of it.. even if I do, please remember that in trade for getting between 40 and 60% of my working salary, I get to pay for my own health insurance, PLUS I am not allowed to recieve a dime of social security..AND my wife also is never allowed to collect a dime of HER social security either.
    I am sick of people saying how bad of a job teachers do.. In the rest of the world, the kids who do so well on their tests are the ones allowed to go to school. If a kid there has mental or physical disabilities, if they are behavioral problems, are members of criminal gangs, or have any learning problems…they did not take that test. Here in our country, we are legally bound to help ALL of our students to get an education.. Right or wrong, that is what “No Child Left Behind” was all about don’t blame me, if you don’t like the results, blame the elected officials who mandate it. half of the funding we get is used to teach the 5% of our students least able or willing to learn. What does that leave for the majority of kids? We are comparing apples to oranges with these tests.
    Now, lets get some sense in this debate. I choose to become a public employee to serve my community and to help kids. I do that every day. You made the choice to go into the private sector. When times were booming, you were the cats driving flashy new cars and buying McMansions while us teachers drove our worn out 17 year old cars and lived in apartments and run down houses we could not afford..You were the rabbits and we were the turtles.. Now that you are not getting your perks and benefits and have been looking down the unemployment line a while, your hate at the system and how you have been robbed and abused by the government is blinding you to me and my situation in life.. I am still driving a 17 year old house is cold in the winter, and my clothes are threadbare. If you all can get angry about anything, ask why toilet seats still cost the army $10K, and why billionares are paying less taxes than you are. Or, dare I say it…ask about your elected officials personal finances…Remember, that we have the best government that money can buy right here in America..And that our elected officials work for whoever it is that pays the best..and that is not you OR me.

  • liberranter

    To mickeythepirate:

    Please tell us what “college” you attended before becoming a teacher so that I can make sure that I NEVER send my children or grandchildren there. It should be obvious from your rant that you were not an English (oh, excuse me, the new PC term is “Language Arts”) major, although I wouldn’t be surprised to learn otherwise, given what passes for “standards” in most of today’s colleges. Regardless, writing is, one would think, something that anyone calling himself or herself a teacher would learn to do well. Apparently that’s not the case. Don’t take it personally; you’re not alone. Very few public school “teachers” I’ve encountered in recent years can put a coherent English paragraph together, spell simple words, or use punctuation properly. I guess I should thank you for validating the opinions that the majority of us who have posted here seem to have of “teachers” and their “qualifications” (or lack thereof}.

    Finally, allow me to point out that ellipses (a series of THREE dots, not two) are used to indicate content omissions in quotes, NOT as punctuation marks that substitute for periods.

    • Teachingsucks

      I couldn’t agree more about the comment you just mentioned: not being able to write a proper sentence. As a maths teacher I have come across so many bad maths teachers that can’t add two numbers properly and can’t show students the correct way to solve problems or work with fractions. And these idiots are the ones that get employed. It is almost as if the education department wants students to fail.

  • The Beast

    “On a gesture for world peace and improvement of livelihood in its own country, the US DoD decided to scrap 10 of its Aircraft Carriers and 50 of its nuclear submarines. Although this will effect the jobs of thousands of servicemen, the move is made to preserve budget. It is intended to allocate its once huge defense budget, whose amount once surpassed the rest of the world combined, to improve education and other sectors more useful for the development of the US citizens. John Doe reporting for AFP, Washington DC”
    I woke up and it was just a dream.
    People of US, don’t you see the news? Can’t you see the people in Libya bleed by the thousands for freedom?
    “God will not change the lives of people until that people change it first”

  • Gary2

    Cut bonuses, not teachers

  • Jon

    Mickeythepirate your response to this article is waaaaay over the top. I don’t see too many people claiming teachers are rich, but rather their pensions are unsustainable, and their pay in SOME locales is as well.

    Anyway, something alot of teachers seem to forget is that, even though their job is “so hard”….people are absolutely lining up to teach. Now why is that?
    There is no shortage of people who are getting the education requirements, and telling everyone they know that they want to be a teacher. I know at least 4 of them including my next door neighbor. Teaching is a highly sought after profession, and a noble profession at that.
    Simply supply and demand. The more people want to teach, the more downward pressure there is on teachers salaries.

  • DownWithLibs

    @ Jimmy Legaro:

    Even worse, their unions pushed to the get the current guy into the White House. You know, the one that threw ALL of us under the train!

  • Kim the Teacher

    I am sick and tired of every politician promising how they are going to help teachers and education and as soon as they are elected, they forget about it. These promises don’t just get them the teachers vote, it also gets the parents votes. In Texas, as soon as you reach 20 years of service, no more raise unless your lucky enough to get $10 extra bucks a month from your district. If we worked at a corporation for 29 years, we would be making in the 6 figure range. We’ve already heard about all the “fat cats” that have lined their pockets whether legal or illegally.
    It also makes me sick to hear how many billions of dollars Obama is sending to foreign countries–2.5 billion to Pakistan–and watching school teachers lose their jobs.
    And another thing that just burns my buns–why do we keep paying for illegal aliens medical, food, and education when they pay no taxes

  • mickeythepirate

    How about this idea…Lets cut education 100%. Yes, I mean totally! If you want your children to get an education, do it yourself or pay for them to go to a private school. Then, you will know what an education is worth. With no competition, the cost of private schools will skyrocket. If you do this, you will throw away the future of every child in this country who was not born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and create an underclass of slaves. Personally, I will leave this country before I would choose to ride it to the bottom of the third world. Of course, I have that option, your kids don’t. The shortcut to the third world is to have a workforce who is not educated, and the easy way to loose your rights and freedoms is to create a population who cannot think for themselves.
    Personally, I doubt we can reverse what is broken in this country at this point. If you really think about it a moment, you already live in the poorest nation on Earth. Many countries are broke, but ours is so far in debt that we will never pay it all off, even if we increase our tax rate to 100%.
    If we have already stolen the economic future from our children and grandchildren, why not take their hope and their dreams from them too. While we are at it, we can further balance the budget on their shoulders by taking away their ability to read, write or do math. Why not? If our country does exactly as it is doing now, there will not be money for bread for the people soon, forget about funding schools, roads, pensions or healthcare. Once we totally collapse and fail, then we can start to rebuild a nation that has a foundation under it, instead of more sand-castles balanced upon a mountain of debt. I would be happy to give up my teachers pension in a minute if it would help these kids escape from what is soon in store for them.
    As for my grammer, I am not being paid to impress you on this website, and I am too tired to care what you think.

  • Davidm

    I am a tax attorney and I can tell you the rich are already being taxed out the rear end. With federal state and local taxes they pay in excess of 65 to 70 percent of their income. They are also the ones that hire people. Every extra dollar extracted in tax equals a dollar they can’t pay in wages. Further efforts to tax them will just drive them out of the country with their income and their jobs.

    The teachers keep yelling tax the rich. What a bunch ofi idiots. Either they don’t understand this fact or they do understand and don’t give a damn they will bankrupt us. Doesn’t matter to them as long as they get theirs.

  • andesgal

    Homeschool! Teach your kids what you know they need to know! I’m a certified Math teacher with a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Math–but I’ve chosen to leave the classroom and homeschool my children for the last 18 years. Our kids are truly educated and can compete with the best. I can teach them what the constitution says and means. I can teach them “true” history. I can let them fly in subjects they love (my 6th grader is doing very well in Algebra I). I can give them time to READ! If you can do it, it’s a GREAT option!

  • Alice

    Stop comparing teachers with Firefighters and Police. FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE ARE HEROES, TEACHERS ARE NOT, you are just trying to confuse people!

    • karl

      From your writing, I would think you don’t know or ever knew too many teachers.

  • Don

    This is simple. Establish a flat tax. Do away with deductions, depreciation, “long term debt amortization”, and all of the other tax loopholes. If you earn money in this country, you pay tax on it no matter where you live or what other taxes you might pay on it.

    Also, do away with Earned Income Credit. Giving money to folks with kids they cannot support is a guaranteed way to end with a lot of kids the rest of us have to support.

  • Teachingsucks

    Becoming a teacher is absolutely the worse decision I have ever made in my life. Teaching has ruined me and later this year I will be putting my own personal website over the internet to encourage others not to get into this industry. Forget about getting a loan for a house or hacing any financial stability if you do.

  • Much of this is because of attempts to educate blacks. Blacks are poor test-takers, do not concentrate, and disrupt the average classroom when introduced. Add hispanics, who are only concerned with getting pregnant, and what sort of class do you have?

  • james

    This is sick. Shows how much the world values education.

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