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Black Friday Violence Worse Than Ever As American Consumers Fight Over Deals Like Crazed Animals

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We all knew that this was coming, didn’t we?  Each year Black Friday violence just seems to get worse and worse.  What does it say about American consumers when they are willing to fight like crazed animals just to save a few bucks on cheap plastic crap made in China?  Not that retailers are innocent in any of this.  It certainly seems as though many of them purposely create wild situations on Black Friday where customers will rush like crazy people into their stores and nearly riot as they fight over discounted merchandise.  The more Black Friday madness there is, the more of an “event” it becomes, and the higher the profits of the retailers go.  This year there was more Black Friday hype than ever and there was also more Black Friday violence than ever.  It is being projected that this year a record-setting 152 million Americans will go shopping between Thanksgiving and Sunday night.  That may be good news for the big corporate retailers, but the shocking lack of character being displayed by American consumers all over the country this weekend is very bad news for the future of this nation.

Most Americans would agree that there is a tremendous amount of selfishness and greed on Wall Street, but as the videos posted below demonstrate, there is also a tremendous amount of selfishness and greed on “Main Street” as well.

This year, Black Friday violence included robberies, gunfire and shootings, but the most shocking incidents actually happened inside the big retail stores.

For example, as merchandise was being unveiled on Black Friday night at a Wal-Mart in the Los Angeles area, one woman actualy pulled out pepper spray and sprayed it at other customers that were gathered around her.

Did she do this because she felt threatened?

No, according to the Los Angeles Times, authorities say that the woman was just seeking a “competitive” edge.

It is being reported that at least 20 people were affected by the pepper spray.

The pepper spray incident just added to the wild and frenzied atmosphere inside that Wal-Mart last night.

The following is how the Los Angeles Times described the scene….

Employees attempted to hold back the scrum of shoppers and pick up merchandise even as customers trampled the video games and DVDs strewn on the floor.

“It was absolutely crazy,” he said.

Another customer said screams erupted after about 100 people waiting in line to snag Xbox gaming consoles and Wii video games got into a shoving match.

Alejandra Seminario, 24, said she was waiting in line to grab some toys at the store around 9:55 p.m. when people the next aisle over started shouting and ripping at the plastic wrap encasing gaming consoles, which was supposed to be opened at 10 p.m.

“People started screaming, pulling and pushing each other, and then the whole area filled up with pepper spray,” the Sylmar resident said.

Pepper spray was used at a Wal-Mart on the other side of the country as well.  Over in Kinston, North Carolina an off-duty police officer used pepper spray as an unruly shopper was being subdued.  Approximately 20 people (including some children) were affected by the pepper spray.

Most Americans are not really concerned over the fact that this country is rapidly heading into the toilet, but they sure will get worked up into a frenzy over some good deals.  Just check out the following video that was filmed in California.  In the video, a huge crowd can be seen storming the entrance of Urban Outfitters in the Thousand Oaks Mall on Black Friday night….

There are lots of other crazy videos of Black Friday madness on YouTube today as well.  Just check out some of the following examples….

*In Fresno, California law enforcement authorities were barely able to keep a stampede at the entrance of one store from turning into a riot.

*In this next video, you can see people going absolutely crazy over memory cards at about the 1:20 mark.

*On Black Friday night, American consumers will riot over just about anything.  For example, there was a huge panic over Tupperware at one Wall-Mart last night.

*Of course electronics is probably the hottest category in most stores on Black Friday night.  In some areas, the fighting over video games became incredibly intense.

*Some of the worst Black Friday rioting goes on inside Wal-Marts.  Just check out this shocking video of what happens inside a Wal-Mart on Black Friday night.

*Also, what happened last night at a Wal-mart Supercenter in Greenville, North Carolina, was nothing short of idiotic.

If this is how the American people will act just to save a few bucks on cheap plastic crap made in foreign countries, how are they going to act when the economy collapses?

If Americans will literally fight each other over saving 20 bucks, what is going to happen someday when millions of them don’t know where their next meal is going to come from?

Thankfully the economy is still in good enough shape that most Americans can participate in these orgies of consumerism.  But the reality is that the global financial system is in a massive amount of trouble, and it looks like we could be on the verge of another global financial collapse.

Do the American people have enough character to be able to deal with a full-blown economic depression?

In a recent article entitled “22 Signs That The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We All Take For Granted Is Starting To Disappear“, I commented on the declining character of the American people….

Instead of teaching our children to love and care for one another, we have taught them to be incredibly self-involved.  Today, way too many Americans deeply love themselves, deeply love money and are deeply addicted to entertainment.  Each new generation seems to be even more prideful, even more arrogant and even more violent.  As a nation, we are losing our empathy for others, our compassion for the needy and our respect for the elderly.  Our family units are breaking down and thousands of our communities are being transformed into hellholes.

Over the past several decades, the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world has enabled us to enjoy unprecedented prosperity.  But it has been a “false prosperity”, and it is frightening to think about what America is going to look like when the good times finally end.

The other thing that is really disturbing about Black Friday is the fact that the vast majority of the products that Americans are fighting over are made overseas.

As I pointed out recently, 23 manufacturing facilities were shut down every single day in the United States last year.

Since 2001, the U.S. has lost a total of more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities.

This country is bleeding jobs, bleeding businesses and bleeding wealth at a pace that is nearly impossible to fully grasp.

We are becoming poorer as a nation every single day, and yet Americans are seemingly more enamored with consumerism than ever before.

Most Americans could not care less about where something was made.  The only thing that matters to them is how cheap it is.

It doesn’t matter to them that a record-setting 2.6 million Americans slipped into poverty last year or that there are 10 percent fewer middle class jobs in America today than there were a decade ago.

We have become a nation that is so self-centered that it is hard to find the words to describe it.

Rather than caring about what is good for America, most of us only care about what is good for ourselves.

The madness that we see every Black Friday is just one more sign that our society is coming apart at the seams.

America has become a nation that is absolutely saturated with greed.  Unfortunately, all of that greed is going to make the hard economic times that are coming much, much more painful.

  • Mike

    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

    He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
    he leadeth me beside the still waters.

    He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the
    paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the
    shadow of death; I will fear no evil: for thou
    art with me; thy rod and thy staff they
    comfort me.

    Thou preparest a table before me in the
    presence of mine enemies: thou anointest
    my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all
    the days of my life; and I will dwell in the
    house of the Lord for ever.

    psalm 23 – bible – psalm of david

    • justamom

      Thanks for posting the answer to the discontent and greed and lust for stuff that is driving this whole season of the year. How refreshing!
      As this economy worsens, we are simplifying our lives, spending less money, and practicing giving thanks for all that God has given us. I hope that my children will grow up less self-centered and more grateful.
      May God bless you and keep you!

  • William

    Those who believe the official US government explanation of the events of 11 Sept 2001 are exactly the sort of brain dead fools who storm into stores on “Black Friday” to buy things that will mostly be lost, broken, or stolen, or unused in 12 months. IDIOTS!!

    • Toomanyfakeconservatives

      My truth detector is blinking and beeping!

    • Mysticgold

      William I totally agree with you. That is why no everyone is going to make it. Humanity is being tested more at this time than any other time since we first walked the Planet.

      We must all send LOVE out to one another and to Mother Earth. We are ONE! The ‘enlightened ones,” such as you, William, must all come together in spirit, as one concsiousness to counter the bad behavior of those such as the ones in the VIDEO. It’s not about “STUFF,” but Love, Liberty and Freedom.

  • Orange Jean

    One of the nicer things my folks did for us kids was once my son (the only grandchild) turned 18 they declared a “no more little kids in the family so no more Christmas presents” holiday. While that may sound mean spirited to some, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Both myself and my brothers have continued that tradition; I do send one gift to my son’s stepdaugher (11 now) and if possible, make the present. Last year I made her a scarf, in her favorite color… which she loved. Although that sounds kind of corny, it was a thoughtful gift since she had had thyroid surgery last November and still had scars showing. If I am invited to visit other people on the holiday I’ll bring small thank you gifts, like homemade cookies. THAT’S IT!

    We save money, we can use the saved money to do other things that are more important, like visiting one another (as my family is all scattered about) or making phone calls. We have a little extra to do something like maybe make some special food that’s a bit more than we would have felt comfortable spending otherwise. It makes for a very peaceful holiday season (I totally avoid stores!) and has helped family get closer.

    Just a suggestion, but if you try it you might like it!

    • Gary2

      Orange Jean I absolutly agree with you on this. See I knew we could find common ground 🙂

      My family also does this and its great.

      PS-there are now a ton of under 18 year old kids and more on the way (brother wife pregnant) so we are not saving as much money at this time.

    • C-Rod

      Jean we did the same thing a few years back, no more holidays, it’s great! If I see something in the middle of july I think mom would want I buy it and give it to her. I don’t need a certain day to call my brother. It’s the best present we ever gave each other!

    • James

      Hello Jean,

      My family did the same thing. When all the kids in our family, including our son turned 18, we stopped giving gifts. Instead, we get all of the families together and have a big dinner and really decorate the house. We all seem to enjoy this better than sitting around having presents handed to us with the expectation that it will actually be something we really want or need. We (my wife and I) can save our money and buy things we really need, and the other family members can do the same.

    • Orange Jean

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one! Thanks all for sharing.

  • Gary2

    This is another bad thing about the wealth and income inequality. If the rich were taxed HARD and the wealth spread more evenly people would not be so desperate for these “deals”.

    I blame the rich almost as much as the people doing the violence for all of these problems.

    Unless and until the wealth and income inequality is fixed nothing else will matter. I hate to keep going on about this but it is really the root of all that ills our country.

    Tax the wealthy to keep us healthy. 2012 will be the year of taxing the rich!

    • Lennie Pike

      So if the Average American receives a bigger piece of the pie – “his fair share” he will be satisfied. Uh-huh.

    • Christian for Israel

      I can’t stand people like you Gary, you think that society owes you something. This tax the rich and give to the poor is a bunch of BS. Get a job and provide for yourself and family and if you don’t make enough money then get an education to get an even better paying job. Us taxpayers are having to support people like you who don’t want to work because they are too damn lazy.

      • Gary2

        got an education got a job. Have you looked at the shit low pay jobs available?

        If ignorance is bliss you must be very happy!

    • mark

      Gary2, do you really think that the so-called rich make these poor as you seem to think they are do these things to other poor people? These people make the choice to wait in line for all of this junk. These people make there own choice to hate the other shoppers. I don’t bother with black friday, as it turns me off. It is easy to just buy something that you want online and you don’t even have to waste fuel or your time.

    • Kevin2

      Give the average person $100,000 and they will spend $125,000. Having two people in a home and the economic ability to do so the home will have 4 TVs. The operative phrase is “economic ability”. Americans we’re kept in check before easy credit.

      Americans are gluttons it’s more, larger, bigger, faster. It identifies us as a people. It’s why things are invented here, it’s why we landed on the moon.

      The wealth could be shared 100% and the people will run with the herd for the ability to buy more.

    • Antonio

      Sorry, I just don’t see how taxing the rich HARD will help at all – we still have a completely inept government wasting money left and right. No doubt there is inequality, but the current system will not fix that,

    • Scott

      The rich are already taxed hard, “except the limo liberals living on tax free foundations”, it’s a myth that they’re not taxed. Yea, we should be more like Europe and tax them even harder, that will keep the rioting down just like it does in Greece, oh wait…

    • Ben Dover

      Why do you feel entitled to the fruits of MY labor? Because I earn more than you, that automatically makes me evil? Earning my salary does not entitle me to it, but the fact that you want it entitles you to it?

      Gary, get out of the wagon and help pull it for a change. Attitudes like yours are the real problem. I now qualify for SSI. My back is broken from carrying you.

      • Gary2

        Why do you feel entitled to the fruits of MY labor?

        Because you picked your fruit from my tree! Remember the productivity increases? the scum bag corporations that made record profits this year and the rich stole them.

        I tended the tree and you picked the fruit. Just like the workers who actually do the work while the parasite rich steal the wealth aided and abetted by Republicans.

    • GreenMountain

      “I hate to keep going on about this….”

      No you don’t.

    • Colin


      As a fellow left winger, I must say, Give it a rest.

      • Gary2

        Is OWS giving this a rest? That is what the right wants. I will NEVER give it a rest and I am very politically active.

    • Create more wealth and spread the wealth.

      Support American agriculture, construction, energy, manufacturing, and mining.

    • ScoutMotto

      Gary, people working harder for greater pay is hardly the cause of our nation’s ills. It represents how hard work can really pay off. I make more than a school janitor based on my skill set, not because some injustice is happening in the world. (I’ve been a janitor before so I have a clue what they make.)

      What you ascribe to is none other than the Marx philosophy of “from each according to his ability to each according to his need.” However, those people knocking each other down over a two-dollar waffle maker are not doing so out of need. And people are being shot in parking lots after Black Friday shopping is not caused by my making a better wage than the school janitor.

      My question for you Gary is, if we implemented your idea, what is in it for you personally? If income equality bothers you that much, I recommend enhancing your personal skill set to enable you the chance at a better wage.

      • Gary2

        What you ascribe to is none other than the Marx philosophy of “from each according to his ability to each according to his need.

        Is that not what we do for the poor states like Mississippi? Take from the richer states and give to the poor ones. That is called social cohesion. Did this with rationing cards during WW2. There was not free market where the rich could buy up everything. Everyone got a ration and bigger families got more according to their need.

        We have a history of this already.

    • C-Rod

      Good god gary, you want to give their wealth to these idiots? Can you imagine the stampede if they decided to??

      The people with money earned it and theres no justification in taking it from them what needs to be redistributed is the opportunities to make money so everyone has a chance to be rich. Sad thing is many who are not rich now wouldn’t be rich then either because they don’t want to pursue those opportunities, they want things given to them. (please notice I say many, not all.) No I’m not rich, I’m a janitor and barely pay the bills every month. If the opportunities were there I’d be one who would take them but I don’t just want money handed to me. I also did not go to any stores for black friday, or thurs, or sat ….

      • Gary2

        The people with money earned it. I am puking already. There is nothing even resembling equal opportunity. The best predictor of wealth is to be born to rich parents.

        We are #49 on wealth mobility where poor can more to rich etc.

        You are living in the past.

    • stanislav mishin

      **This is another bad thing about the wealth and income inequality. If the rich were taxed HARD and the wealth spread more evenly people would not be so desperate for these “deals”.***

      Absolute crap Gary2, absolute. I grew up in the Soviet Union, where the wealth was spread real thin. People stole, cheated and distrusted each other. You are absolutely clueless, stoned on Marxist BS, that totally ignores human nature.

      Here’s a reality hit for you: you want to end this? 1. teach people strict religion, like that of the Orthodox Christian Church, not some watered down, guitar playing, group hugging, anything goes protestantism or cult of personality evangalicalism. and 2. Make sure everyone can get a good job, which means high import tariffs, low taxes, and letting those who work and invest and grow businesses (not mega bankers, but industrialists) keep what they earn.

      We had a 60m apartment, that’s 650ft, two rooms and one kitchen and one bathroom and that was considered just grand. Beat so many others who got to live in communal apartments, where six families lived with one central room, one kitchen and one toilet and six bedrooms, one per family.

      We had a car only because of my grandfather’s position. My father had 4 shirts. You wanted meat? You went and bribed the butcher to take you into the back room where the ream meat and not the bone and fat were kept.

      Not because Russia could not feed, cloth and room her people, but because what you advocate was the norm.

      Now Russia produces just about everything. There are Ford, Chevy, GM, Renault, Pasad, Skoda, Mitsabushi, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyoto, BMW, Mercedies and VW plants, as well as Volga and Lada plants, producing more cars then Americans get to choose from.

      There are restaurants every couple of meters and tons of food at the grocery stores, most very very affordable. A loaf of real bread, not that chemical crap that passes for bread in the US, is $.30, while in the US, it runs now closer to $5.

      Welcome to reality, I’m sure you’ll close the door and leave rather then face it.

      • Orange Jean

        Stanislav, I very much appreciate hearing this directly from someone who’s lived through the experience. While not everyone is willing to listen, please continue to talk… eventually maybe you’ll get through to some of them. The difficulty here is that a lot of the educators (even in the early grades I understand, but definitely in colleges and universities here) have totally bought into the “Marxist/Leninist” perspective on this that and the other thing… totally naive, and are teaching this to our young people. I think when kids are in their teens and young adults are especially vulnerable since they are at a time of questioning everything and often disagree with their families.

        I went to UMass-Amherst, which was very much into that Marxist/Leninist garbage, but since I had been dirt poor single mom for about 12 years before going to college, so I could see right through the BS. I also noticed the summer I couldn’t find a job (a year when all work-study programs were shut down) and was having a real tough time of it… NONE of the “socialist” professors I knew, with all their lovely large homes, offered to help put me and my son up so we could “share” their “personal property” and get through that summer more easily.

    • Jaxx really are touched in the head. The depths of your hatred and class envy knows no bottom. I’m sure you could find a way to blame the rich for earthquakes, solar flares and non-potable water in the oceans..”just a conspiracy by the rich to make us pay more for drinking water”’re off you’re rocker and a prime example of what really is wrong in our society. Nobody is accountable for their lot in life. Nobody is to blame for their poor choices, failure to take a risk/chance or lack of initiative–it’s always someone else’s fault. Headline for you dimwit–the big bad world doesn’t owe you a thing. Your parents should have taught you some truisms like, ” who ever said life was fair?” or ” a hard worker with perseverance never lacks for anything”. You probably instead learned about how the “man” is repressing you. I can’t wait until the cable company cuts your internet access off, then you can just pitch a tent at the local Zuccotti Park and carry your Mao posters around wearing your Che Guevera beret and “I heart Karl Marx” t-shirt…..loser.
      Low-brows like you don’t even realize that one of the primary differences between a capitalist society and your coveted socialism is that in a capitalist society we have the rich, levels of middle class and the poor. In socialism it is the elites and the poor/proletariat–if you were in Soviet Russia I can GUARANTEE that you’d have been sent to a labor camp in the Ukraine or Siberia to slowly starve to death alongside 20 million your commrades–go get an education, study a little history and economics before you spew anymore of the mindless hate and blind ideology that oozes out of the quagmire you think of as a brain……..

      • Gary2

        just a conspiracy by the rich to make us pay more for drinking water”.

        This is actually true in many third world countries and in Jefferson country Alabama.

    • Greg

      Very lame.

    • Steve in Iowa

      Taxing the rich will not bring the good paying, middle-class jobs back from China, India, Taiwan, etc…. Even the rich can only be taxed so much.

      • gary2

        no but it will compensate the poor who the rich screwed by moving the jobs overseas in the first place.

    • James

      Gary2, your an absolute idiot. If a man earns something, it’s his. Period. Personal responsibility and gratitude are the only things that can cure this consumerism non-sense.

      • Gary2

        No one ever got rich on their own. They used the commons the government provides and they need to pay up.

    • Just Cruisin

      Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the “rich” worked very hard and earned there reward? Perhaps the rich were just ordinary people who met opportunity with preparation.Perhaps when an opportunity to better their situation arose, they weren’t so full of self pity that the opportunity passed right by….
      I believe you could divide the wealth of the world up evenly and it wouldnt take very long and the rich would be rich and the poor would be poor.
      It’s all about mindset.
      Gratitude and love are the greatest riches. By the way I’m not rich.. but I’m happy !!

      • Gary2

        I believe you could divide the wealth of the world up evenly and it wouldnt take very long and the rich would be rich and the poor would be poor

        Then keep dividing it up. DUH

      • Paul

        “Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps the “rich” worked very hard and earned there reward?”

        What hourly wage must someone pay so that a “hard worker” can become rich?

        And who is going to pay it?

        Lets say you live 100 years, work 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, then, to make 1 billion you need to get a wage of $1,141 and don’t pay a single cent tax from it.

        Or let’s say you get a wage of $100 per hour, and work only 12 hours a day, have each Sunday off, work only 50 years and pay a modest 10% tax.

        Then you just got
        100 x 12 x 6 x 52 x 50 x 0.9 = 1.6848 Million.

        Hard work will get you rich? Forget it.

    • kimpunkrock

      I so agree Gary2. Its the mega rich that need to be taxed not even the upper middle class who all ready pay a ton in taxes.

    • bobbobbobbob

      amerikaka = stupid folks = kaka
      stole 2 elections =kaka
      export all good jobs = kaka
      die in street = kaka
      cee u in med school as a cada^er = kaka
      join NNNrrrAAA = OKKKKKKK

    • Bone Idle

      If you confiscated all the rich peoples funds and turned their assets into cash, confiscated the earning power, assets and cash balances of all the companies trading in the U.S., then the amount of capital raised would equal one month of running the federal government.

      Hardly a windfall.

    • Yrag2

      Tax the rich who hire Offshore workers.

      Reward the rich who hire American workers with acceptable wages and other benefits.

  • peewee’s mom

    @ Michael,

    I just wanted to thank you for all your time and effort. Every morning at 6:30 AM. I get my coffee and your site is the first one I go to. We are admonished to pray and watch. It saddens me to watch this and know Our Father in heaven is watching. This is so pathetic and pitiful, I feel like crying 🙁

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Michael

      During this Thanksgiving time, I am so thankful for you and for everyone else that visits this site on a regular basis.

      I just feel bad that I won’t have an article up for Monday morning, but by the middle of the day on Monday I should have something up. 🙂


  • Gary2

    Most Americans would agree that there is a tremendous amount of selfishness and greed on Wall Street, but as the videos posted below demonstrate, there is also a tremendous amount of selfishness and greed on “Main Street” as well.

    This is true, however, the greed on Wall Street crashed the world economy and the greed on Main Street did not. My guess is that these people on Main Street will be punished but not the bigger criminals on Wall Street. Why are the Wall STreet criminals not in jail but some poor kid with a bag of pot is in jail? WTF!!!

    • stanislav mishin

      ***This is true, however, the greed on Wall Street crashed the world economy and the greed on Main Street did not.***

      Well bucko, that is where you are wrong. America’s greed more for less, no matter what, allowed its jobs to go off shore to foreign nations which in turn after a short high of getting more for less, turned out to be a lot less for a lot more, when the jobs were gone. That is why those in the demonstrations have no future and never will.

  • Lennie Pike

    “Instead of teaching our children to love and care for one another, we have we have been teaching them to become incredibly self-involved.”

    I disagree – “we” have not been doing the teaching, “they” have. BUT, we have been willing students have placed idol worship and the religion of Materialism before God.

    It is one of the Ten Commandments for good reason. Look what has happened to us.

    This country used to be so different.

  • uncurable wound

    I went to my local gas station today to get my propane tank filled.While I was there I visited with the gentleman who runs the deli in it.Id say he is in his 60’s.He immigrated here LEGALLY when he was a boy,nice guy and I visit with him when I stop in.Hes worked 3 jobs for close to twenty years.
    Three people in their early twenties work the gas station,two guys and a gal.While Im talking to the older gentleman,one of the young guys asked him if he would go fill the propane tanks.I guess when they are really busy this nice old man will help them out and fill propane tanks for them.But he doesnt work for the gas station, hes an independent contractor.
    There werent any customers in the store or at the pumps.Yet these three wanted this man to do the job THEY are being paid to do.
    They looked all offended when he said no.But the best part was hearing about the deals they got on XBOX’s at 2a.m. that morning….
    So they can stay up till 2 a.m. to wait in line to get an xbox,but how DARE anyone ask them to do their JOBS that they are being PAID to do…


    We are in big trouble,PLEASE PREPARE.
    Dont be that person who lets down their family.
    What will you do when they ask you why you didnt see this coming,why did you fail them?
    Ignorance will not feed and protect them.
    This is our time,and our watch.
    I will not let my family down.

  • Ken Robertson

    Of all days to see how the mainstream sheeple are controlled and led by the corporate oligarchy, today is the day. Millions of useless, cheap pieces of plastic shit from China will be purchased today, having little or NO impact on creating jobs in this country or improving the economy. Thus all the profits will be channeled to the “1%” corporate overlords, to big to fail banks etc.

    I totally belive in the generosity of the holiday spirit but shouldn’t we purchase gifts that assist our country and fellow workers? I have read countless examples of ways to purchase things made in this country, made by artisans/craftpeople, gift certificates for small business restaraunts, beauty shops etc.

    If you are protesting/resisting the current garbage going to fail system, why would you support them with your hard earned money? Please be smart this holiday season, every time you open your wallet try and find creative ways to make sure the money helps create work in this country. Our holiday spending can have an impact such as the 650,000 people that transferred money from banks to credit unions recently. The wallet is a powerful voting mechanism

  • DaytoDay

    Very appropriate article, Michael.

    I agree, the “madness” and “chaos” that we see unfold, during “Black Friday”, is a good parable to what an economic collapse would be like.

    I mean, if people are willing to hoard together and wait for hours upon hours like cattle, over a few video-games, TVs, or whatever the case may be, could you imagine trying to go to the grocery store if food was limited or being rationed, by a Federal Mandate?

    See, everywhere else in the world, people get it. Why? Because they lived through it, (Nazi Germany, Holocaust, Zimbabwe, etc..)So to them, it’s not “far-fetched” because they KNOW! But see here in America, we have never lived through such tragedy’s as other countries and nations have. Therefore, we feel we are “indestructible”

    I mean, I hear people say all of the time, “Well, it’s never happened before, so why should we worry now?” You know, that’s what they ALL said, but people still don’t get it.

    I liked this article, because it show us, gives us “proof” of what people are capable of and how people will act and lose control over trivial items.

    I mean, if this is the “majority” of the population, then no wonder our world is the way it is. As a lot of people that post on here have said, we need to bring God and the Bible back and make it more of a priority, instead of getting half-naked and drunk, at a club.

    Good Luck and Keep Up the Good Work!

    • Michael

      Thanks. I am sorry for the delay in getting to the comments. I took a little extra time off this weekend. 🙂


  • In the days of newspapers we were treated to the stories of shoe sales at Macy’s and Gimbals in New York which may have paled the current situation. Do not stand in front of a mob of women at a shoe sale.

    However there are mnore people today – more credit cards – and people are easily mob minded.

    Stay home.Thedre will be after hioliday sales.

    God Bless

    Old Timer

  • jed

    I am living in a smaller town with a Walmart. Some years back I talked to the local manager, a very pleasant woman, who let it slip during our conversation that it was a policy of Walmart to browse around town and then make sure to undercut any local competition. First they try to marginalize or get rid of local competition and then, when there isn’t local competition for an item, put the price as high as possible without actually forcing people on to the internet or out of town for their shopping.

    Now, more than two decades later, while the downtown area still has restaurants, bars, service shops (e.g. computer repair), furniture shops, sport shops, and tourist shops, there are almost no shops left that sell daily items. You can’t even get underwear, mens clothing or electronics unless you go to Walmart or shop out of town. The remaining shops tend to sell mostly expensive/luxury items that Walwart doesn’t sell. So now you can buy $12 Walmart jeans that start falling apart after 20 washes or spend $100 on designer jeans, or leave town to shop – if you can afford to leave town (Look at city-data on the internet – many small towns already had poverty rates well over 15% even before the 2008 downturn).

    What a great corporate model. (1) Come to town, get a tax dispensation and then, if possible, run all the locally owned businesses out. (2) You don’t have any stake in the local economy. Therefore, siphon off as much profit as possible. Don’t participate in local causes/functions that even struggling local businesses try to contribute to. (3) Hire employees part-time whenever possible so that you don’t have to provide any benefits. Pay your employees such a low salary that they can’t really afford to shop anywhere but Walmart. Mix up their schedule just enough that getting a second job becomes really difficult – make them dependent on you. (4) In fact, pay such a low salary that your employees can’t even afford many of the large ticket items at Walmart. That way, once a year you can have a Black Friday sale, the only time of the year during which your employees and other people like them can afford these items. Corporate media has already btaught us all that we are worse than nothing if we don’t have these items. Now, you create a tense situation that encourages desperation, fear and competition. The shoppers debase themselves in a chaotic scramble and you score a big media victory – you manage to dehumanize these people in the media so they they are even more marginalized by society than before.

    People, this is not new; we are headed back to where we were not long ago. Read The Jungle, Sister Carrie, and The Grapes of Wrath, because that is where we are headed once again. Read American history: about textile workers who burned to death because their employers kept them locked in the factory, about miners whose wives and children were massacred because the miners refused to work in horrific conditions, about the thousands of workers who have died because they were not told that the substances they were handling were toxic, about corporate farmers who ridicule welfare queens all the while collecing hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies not to grow crops. Lets face it – the economy of early America was based on indentured servitude and on slavery – a practice that corporate America has always een reluctant to break. The corporate elite have never been interested in the welfare of their workers, their country or its citizens. Their policy has always been to buy off corrupt politicians, and to treat workers like sub-humans (and then to turn around and mock/chastise the workers when they eventually begin acting like sub-humans).

    It is easy for corporations to be corrupt and shameless when their customers/employees are nameless, faceless numbers who only count as a part of the bottom line. Lets eliminate our nameless, faceless society. Fight back – kill the beast. Within ten years, corporate America is going to either collapse or retract enormously – let it, and let the worst parts of it die in the process. Start building a local community where people support one another and where people have the interest of the community at heart. Put your money in local banking institutions. Shop locally / regionally / nationally when you can. Look into the legal/financial plausibility of starting up regional coops that can take the place of Sams Clubs. Start looking into the possibility of bartering networks – once inflation hits 8 or 9 percent, your salary is going to be worth a lot less. Learn a trade that is needed locally. Learn that there is more joy in sharinga and helping than in consuming. Start thinking about how to prepare your home and your community for the day when energy becomes so expensive that you either have energy-efficient buildings or you go cold all winter. Once the economy begins really imploding, it is going to be much more difficult to build the necessary networks.

    I know that the word ‘sustainable’ is considered a dirty word on many sites like this. But for God’s sake, look up the word in the dictionary and then start figuring out how your lifestyle, your family and your community can become sustainable – materially and spiritually.

    • stanislav mishin

      ***(1) Come to town, get a tax dispensation and then, if possible, run all the locally owned businesses out.***

      And the fact that property values fall and thus the overall tax base drops, tells you what about the politicians in the town who sell out and give Walmart a break?

      Walmart couldn’t get into Russia, they tried. They failed in Germany and in the UK….tells one what?

  • El Pollo de Oro

    La domanda: What does it say about American consumers when they are willing to fight like crazed animals just to save a few bucks on cheap plastic crap made in China?

    La mia risposta: It ain’t good. The Banana Republic of America (formerly Gli Stati Uniti) is a place where the sheeple are conditioned to be greedy and materialistic—not ambitious, but mindlessly greedy. It’s also a place where the middle class is being eradicated by criminal banksters, true capitalism has been replaced with fascism/corporatism/neo-feudalism, and more and more people are slipping into poverty and Third World conditions. Put the two together, and you have a very toxic combination. The violence and unrest will only become worse in the BRA as the economic conditions become worse.

    Do I think that after the next major economic crash (which is surely coming), the poverty in the BRA will become as bad as Haiti or Sub-Saharan Africa? No, I don’t think things will get THAT bad (perhaps I’m being overly optimistic). But ultimately, the BRA will ultimately wind up with the economic distribution of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras or Jamaica—and when that happens, things will get bloody. The blood will flow in abundance. The 1% will live in gated communities with armed bodyguards, while the neo-poor will fight like hungry, crazed pit bulls over the crumbs.

    Get ready for the blood to flow. Say a prayer for The Banana Republic of America, former economic powerhouse and crumbling empire of the Third World.

  • It is my conviction that empires do not collapse at their peak or bottom so much as at the point when they become completely farcical.

  • bhparkman

    The only violence we had where I live was the prices on our wallets! For my part, I’m building and creating all our gifts for family this year. Candy, home bottled goods, baked goods, old-fashioned toys, go-carts, jewelry, clothing and crocheted things from the wife, home forged tools, and more. I think they’ll be well received.

  • 01202011EndOfAnError

    Gary2, I’ve read your posts for a while now and can practically feel your pain with each and every one. I can understand your hostility toward the Rich given your current situation and your belief that “spreading the wealth” will solve all of the problems in this country, however, the very premise of a socialistic, utopian society is as naive as it is futile. Never in the history of the world has an income distribution model worked for the collective good of any country or society. The very idea of distributive wealth is fundamentally flawed given the finite nature of the wealth that is often oppressed under the conditions deemed necessary to support such a system. How motivated and innovative do you think people will become when they know that a large percentage of their income will be TAKEN from them and given to the “equally deserving” masses by some national authoritarian regime, or worse, a global oligarchy. And then who will you blame once new wealth dries up and there is nothing left to distribute from the old wealth? The aforementioned oligarchy? Yeah, good luck with that. I’m sure the global elite will have your individual best interests at heart.

  • James

    Sure Gary, tax the rich so hard they leave our country, move their businesses oversees, all while socialist leeches chant for government sponsored theft of the upper and middle classes. Then we can all be equally broke and miserable living under a tyrannical government that pushes itself into every aspect of our lives…

    Oh wait, we’re already there… Because instead of blaming big government and its collusion with big corporations, you blame anyone who’s better off than you.

    • Gary2

      tax the ************** out of the products they want to ship into the country. Tax then when they give up their citizenship and leave.

  • Joe

    Gary Gary Gary…. I sure hate to read you going on and on too… so naive, so misguided, so wrong. I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around the trillions of dollars spent, promised, and currently owed but stripping every dollar from “the rich” (whatever that means) and redistributing it would not only not pay the bills for one year (after which all assets/net worth would be ZERO) it is the larger state of financial repression, monetary ignorance, and corruption/outsourcing that is just the tip of all the problems.
    I’d love to see you get beyond child-like “magical thinking” and get a better comprehension of all that is really involved. Ross Perot explained part of it to America in ’92 and it bored Americans, who preferred to vote for someone who made them “feel good”. Ron Paul tries to do the same, but look at what public education and TV have done to Americans (above video). America is already lost, only hunger will provide a will for clarity at this point.

  • matty

    Please get a life people!

  • 01202011EndOfAnError

    By the way, I am NOT rich by any means. I have a wife, three children and over $80,000 worth of debt, not because of over or wasteful spending but because of two failed businesses plus some medical costs. This country has given me the freedom to fail as much as it has given me the freedom to succeed. My wife and I are working our tails off to pay back what we owe. Nobody held a gun to our head to borrow the money needed for our businesses. WE are responsible for our own actions and we do NOT expect the banks or the Rich to bail us out or give us a pass. Yes, GE, Madoff, Pelosi, etc infuriate me but I can’t control nor am I responsible for what others do. I can only do my part. The road to a better country begins with each one of us individually. Once I pay off MY debt I would love to have another opportunity to succeed in something else so long as I have the freedom to do so. Isn’t that what made America great in the first place?

  • Is it really that worth it?

  • I meant to say is it really worth it?

  • ivan

    gary …. i hit this site daily …. i am not rich , i barely scrape by …… your hatred of the “rich” is getting really old.
    i’m just a gardener and make things pretty for the clients that i have ( which by my standards are rich but in th scheme of things are just well off } and i have a feeling you’d string them up along side jamie dimon. get life you envious little man .

  • matty

    Hey Jamal, you bro yo gets me one dem vibeos? Hey ho tyrone, yo man wat up? man, this b like lootn man!

  • matty

    Hey, lard ass wat yo need tubberware fo? you looks like yo eats all da food in da hose. ha ha ha

  • ed

    just think how they would act during a bank run when you can only withdraw $150, or how they’d act over the last remaining cans of food in the store.

    get yout things ready. you gonna need it !!

  • r.bitting

    America is over, it’s a foregone conclusion. No politician or stimulus package will stop the freefall into what will be the darkest time the world has ever seen. The people have become fools, and have turned their backs on God. The violence on Black Friday is not only a national enbarrassment, it’s an indictment of the whole materialistic, hedonistic, Godless culture that is now America. You want an accurate picture of America in the very near future? Just picture the same violence in the stores, only substitute the cheap Chinese electronics with a food item. Today’s violence was nothing, wait until entitlement nation gets their credit rating downgraded, wait until the Chinese quit lending, wait until the dollar loses most of it’s value and those austerity measures that are in Greece now, show up here. The Godless culture of me first America will turn on themselves and the law of the jungle will descend on the people like a bad dream as the daily struggle to survive becomes too much for most. And, in a land where so many are armed, it does’nt take much imagination to play out in your mind how that will end. Tens of millions will be without a home, without food, without medicines they need to survive, and without hope. Add to that what will surely be a crime explosion, as many who had secure lives, now find themselves and their families fighting to survive. This, folks is America’s future, just as it will always be the future of any nation that turns it’s back on God. You people will soon wish you lived in a land where the priciples of the Bible were taught and lived out. Read Romans ch. 1 people, then take a look at America, and make the correlation. It’s easy math.. America – God = no more America. Return to God in repentance, asking forgiveness for your sins, and trust in Jesus Christ as your savior while the day of salvation is still here. God loves you, and takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn and live. Only Christ can pay your sin debt. Please consider this carefully.

  • Loll

    They’re clamoring for a set of Rubbermaid food caskets, not Tupperware.
    Tupperware is another food casket company altogether.

    • Michael

      My fault. LOL


  • JR

    Probably the same crowd that was chanting “Yes we can” a few years back.

  • howdy

    Really? More negativity?

    This stuff certainly sells, but why always the doom and gloom?

    You seem to WANT a collapse.

    Why do you always post negativity about America?

  • r.bitting

    Take the torch out of the hand of the Statue of Liberty, because America is no longer light to a dark world, and replace the torch with a Macy’s bag and you are left with a more accurate representation of what America stands for. America the great is fallen, is fallen.

  • OMG!

    Just imagine what these brain dead wackos will do when they’re starving and catch wind of your stash of food and other goods.

  • tappedops

    Lets see if ive got this right…

    ya got a fortune 10, mainstream media induced life-threatening flashmob at midnight… and you still have to pay for the stuff… i guess your right, that is dumb…

  • GrillSgt.

    1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 2 Timothy 3: 1-5

  • GreenMountain

    Another thing Gary apparently doesn’t understand is that these Wal-mart “warriors” thoroughly enjoy their pathetic melees as they try to scoop up as much cheap crap as they possibly can.

    It’s not a financial disparity issue no matter how many times you want to repeat it, Gary.

  • Disciple

    Man, I really can’t wait for Jesus Christ to call up His church and take us out of this sick and cruel world. If you haven’t given your heart and soul to the Lord Jesus Christ please do so NOW! There isn’t much time left, disaster is coming and you don’t want to be left behind. Yes, I really mean this. Only a fool would deny the Rapture is coming. Economic collapse fits in perfect with the “Signs of the Times.” Jesus LOVES you, has a wonderful plan for your life, and isn’t willing that ANY should perish but all could have everlasting life through His name. Believe in him, He loves you. Enough to die for you. Times is running short. The Lord is coming…

  • Colin

    I do care where my products are made. Most of the products are poorly manufactured, and break down very quickly. Pens don’t last as long. Plastic items break in ways that were unimaginable years ago.

    The Chinese are not the Japanese. The Japanese started with inferior products, than began producing superior products and for many years they were rated highly. The Chinese don’t seem to care.

    And we Americans were capable of manufacturing products that lasted decades. As an example, even today, in some countries, there are DC-3s flying in the air.

    When we gave up our manufacturing capacity, we gave up our ability to build quality products and surrendered our pride in our craftsmanship to other nations.

    When I think of Black Friday, I am amazed at how programmed our citizenry is by the media and the elite. To me, this day is like any other day. I shop when I want, and for what I need.

  • dishwasher

    Here’s another black friday video (warning: graphic material)

    Video’s about how a cop tripped a man and cracked his skull over suspected shop-lifting. I don’t know if it’s the allegation’s true or not, but all I know is that man looked as if he was in an extreme amount of pain.

  • Game Over

    What can the individual do?

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    Be a stand for excellence.

    Be a role model. In thought. Word. And deed. (Especially when no one is looking.)

    Be a force for good.

  • Pat

    If anyone tries to tell you that there is no money you can bet they are lying. Here is a list of banks who received the bulk of your bailout money (sweat, labor and equity). I don’t know if these figures are accurate. But close enough.

    My point is: 1. Its not real money; 2. It is not your money; 3. Come to goldenladyfun to start your gold savings account for free. The physical gold is sold in small denominations of 1 gram each and can be purchased a little at a time. We will store it for free in our vault in Switzerland if you like. We also have a no questions asked buy back policy, free replacement if the gold is lost or stolen and an affiliate distributor program. Join us at: or

    Below is a list of some of the largest recipients of the bailout “Money”. What do you think?:

    Citigroup: $2.5 trillion ($2,500,000,000,000)
    Morgan Stanley: $2.04 trillion ($2,040,000,000,000)
    Merrill Lynch: $1.949 trillion ($1,949,000,000,000)
    Bank of America: $1.344 trillion ($1,344,000,000,000)
    Barclays PLC (United Kingdom): $868 billion ($868,000,000,000)
    Bear Sterns: $853 billion ($853,000,000,000)
    Goldman Sachs: $814 billion ($814,000,000,000)
    Royal Bank of Scotland (UK): $541 billion ($541,000,000,000)
    JP Morgan Chase: $391 billion ($391,000,000,000)
    Deutsche Bank (Germany): $354 billion ($354,000,000,000)
    UBS (Switzerland): $287 billion ($287,000,000,000)
    Credit Suisse (Switzerland): $262 billion ($262,000,000,000)
    Lehman Brothers: $183 billion ($183,000,000,000)
    Bank of Scotland (United Kingdom): $181 billion ($181,000,000,000)
    BNP Paribas (France): $175 billion ($175,000,000,000)

    View the 266-page GAO audit of the Federal Reserve(July 21st, 2011): GAO Fed Investigation

    FULL PDF on GAO server:
    Senator Sander’s Article: The Fed Audit

  • Highspeed

    2012 will be hell on earth! Honestly, Gary2 I hope you are doing some prepping, because it is really about to get quite nasty across the big pond. That in turn will start the real crisis here and I have no faith that our government will ever get anything right. They will starve us all if they can and laugh at us all the while.

    If you really believe Big daddy Gov. is the answer, then by all means keep on singing that same old tune. Not me though, I’m done with elections, politics and all of the gov. talk. I have mouths to feed and property to protect as long as I can.

  • tommcd

    For several years now I have resolved to never enter a retail establishment under any circumstances on Black Friday or the Black Friday weekend.
    The only exception I make to this rule is to shop at the few remaining local small businesses that still exist in my neighborhood. These local businesses are where I prefer to spend my money anyway in this age of fascist corporatism.

  • Mike

    Gary2….I keep reading your tax the rich garbage……so tell me, I am only to guess you are a Obama supporter?

  • keanau

    Stop participating in any of this crap.

    All of the Holidays are **************. They are completely fabricated and these videos show how well that fabrication has brainwashed the masses.

    Dec 25 is a pagan harvest / solstice holiday date. Christmas day is a complete fabrication. Black Friday first shopping day. Santa is Satanic he wears the red suit for God’s sake. Nothing to do with the Christ.

    4th of July only one of historic merit. If one holds the Declaration of Independence and freedom and liberty as true to their natural being.

  • matty

    It is rascist-“black” Friday?

  • Alice

    Who is responsible for the state of our nation and disgraces of the people? You need only look in the mirror.

  • Alice

    Capitalism is NOT the problem. “Rich” people are not the problem. Corporations who control the media and the elitist politicians are responsible. But more so, YOU are responsible for letting them all get away with it. WE THE PEOPLE hold the bag on this one folks. Democracy is NOT the answer…it is the problem. Restore the republic, end the Federal Reserve, abolish the IRS and legalize the constitution. There is only one choice in 2012..THE CONSTITUTION MAN.

  • Renee

    My daughter who works at a large retailer said for the most part people were polite and happy.
    What stunned her was the amount of families with small children shopping after midnight.
    She said kids under 10 were milling around with there parents at 2 in the morning…why?

  • John

    We have made our economy 70% consumer driven. What a huge mistake.

  • Willie

    Much comments I see on this item(also on other site’s) are:High taxes by the rich ones are the reason of this idiotic behaviour??In my opinion:this is wrong thinkin :I think the spirit in American people is GONE !Only money is counting,wich is a virtual due;when the big fats necks says tomorrow :not worth anymore than for wipe your *ss,what are those morons do then? Kill each other?Sorry, but I think there’s something VERY wrong with US people
    We(in Europe) have also our money problems,but till now,we don’t have that crazy idiotic behaviour

  • Kevin

    Gary2 taxing the rich only works for so long; eventually they wise up and find other places to move their money. Why don’t you direct your rage towards the crony capitalists that cozy up with Big Government that rip you and I off?

  • Paul76

    @Gary2: After a column on greed and selfishness, all you can say is (to paraphrase), “the rich have too much money and I think the government should take it from them and give it to ME.”

    GREAT! :>( You want to know what’s wrong with this country? You want to see greed? Take a look in the mirror.

    People need to disabuse themselves of the idea that such a thing as “income equality” even exists. Too many have been lured into a belief in the false hope offered by Marxism and all the other collectivist ideologies.

    ANY collectivist ideology is inherently evil and in clear contrast to the principles of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and FREEDOM. Making a straw-man out of the “rich”, or “bankers” will lead to exactly the same place as scapegoating any ethnic, racial or religious GROUP–tyranny and disaster for ALL.

    • Gary2

      If I have to explain all the errors in your post and thinking (i sue that term very lightly) you are beyond help.

  • There’s actually no more retail violence on Black Friday than any other day, it’s just the media pays more attention to them. 3 or 4 incidents of shootings, throughout all America, isn’t a big deal in terms of daily statistics. These sorts of articles are totally misleading. They make a lot of claims about how there’s “more violence than ever,” but they cite no actual statistics…it’s all anecdotal evidence.

  • RevBryan

    Michael, It is painfully apparent that Jealousy, Covetousness and Greed are now the new benchmarks for measuring character today. Your point is well said about the state of our country— “If Americans will literally fight each other over saving 20 bucks, what is going to happen someday when millions of them don’t know where their next meal is going to come from?”
    The jealous will never be satisfied until they garner to themselves possessions based on their ever shifting level of expectation. The covetous will do anything to acquire what the want at the expense of others with little or no regard for those around them. And the greedy are those who will use their influence and their power to extract from those who have to heap to themselves in greater quantity.
    As you have written recently, the veneer of civilization is wearing off and what will be left is a polarized and degenerated populace that can be herded like cattle and motivated to violence by something as simple as “a sale” in a store. Heaven help us all!

  • Self-employed

    We do have more goods than we could ever possibly need. I always ask that donations to animal rescue groups be made in my name as my gift from others. As foreclosures creep along and the recession lingers, more and more people can’t afford to feed their pets.

    Shelters are overcrowded and funds are scarce. Best friends is an excellant group. They rescued and rehabilitated Michael Vick’s pit bulls. They have a sanctuary were unadoptable animals can live out their lives in peace and they have an active adoption program.

    The ASPCA has a holiday program where you can save an animal’s life for 60 cents a day. The Humane Society does good work.

  • Tom

    Hey Gary2 for half of my life I didn’t have much money and I lived my life accordingly. I wanted nicer things but I wasn’t willing to to buy them at the expense of doing without the essentials like paying rent, providing food and medical. I decided to work, sacrifice and save and I reached the point that I could afford my “wants” as well as my “needs”. I already share my wealth through the tax system and my personal giving to people and organizations of my choosing. I am proof you don’t have to be highly intelligent or educated to become financially successful you just have to be persistent and never quit. You have to be able to feel the fear and do it anyway and you too can make your dreams come true.

  • Csaba

    Wow !! This is amazing that how stupid people are they will fight over xbox games & foot masagers !!! LOL !! The only scary thing like you said Michael what are they going to do when they run out of food !!!! We will have to go grocery shopping armed till the teeth !!!

  • mondobeyondo

    Ah, Black Friday. A true cultural experience! All the excitement of the “running of the bulls” in Pamplona, combined with the frenzy of vicious pirahnas.

    First, you get the running of the bulls. Stand in front of a door at Best Buy or Target or Wal-Mart, just before it opens on Black Friday. Try to avoid getting trampled by your fellow bulls, um, shoppers.

    Once inside, experience the excitement of human pirahnas that will literally scratch, claw and bite you to get that $5.00 toaster. Another group of pirahnas break apart from the main group. They are all in a mad frenzy, because they smell electronics! That 42 inch LED TV for $199 might as well be blood to them. Same with the XBoxes, cell phones, video games, etc.

    Congratulations! You made it to the checkout line! You’ve avoided being trampled, clawed, bitten, pepper sprayed, a near riot at the home accessories section, possibly shot, and being beaten by over-reactive security guards. So was that discounted waffle maker really worth all that?

    • DB200

      Great remark: running with the bulls and swimming with the piranhas.

      I guess if you divided the savings through the hours waiting and hunting, the hourly rate would not even match that of a crappy service job.

      I always thought that Black Friday had to do with collapsing stockmarkets. Nope, it is all about collapsing societies.

  • McKinley Morganfield

    We never think about Christmas presents until 12/20 and then we buy only consumables or long lasting gifts such as clothing or books. All shopping is with small local businesses.

    BTW, I have found one area of common ground with the OWS crowd: Stop doing business with the big banks and instead bank at local or regional banks. That goes for credit cards too.

  • Stuart. L

    Your comparison to crazed animals is unfair to crazed animals.

    • Michael

      LOL – I like that one. 🙂


  • My husband and I actively avoid Black Friday, and have done so for years. We try to get any Christmas shopping done ahead of time, and we give a lot of homemade gifts, particularly baked goods (although it’s becoming difficult as we have to balance the various health needs of different family members who may be eating at the same table).

    One of the things that differentiates this depression from the Great Depression of the 1930’s is the loss of a sense of community. I remember my grandmother’s stories of how people in their farming community all pulled together and looked out for each other — if someone had a surplus of tomatoes in their garden, they shared, and likewise someone who had more squash or green beans or whatever than their family could possibly eat. Today it seems that neighborhoods are just collections of strangers living in proximity and everybody’s pulling apart.

    But I have hope that maybe if enough people can behave in visibly positive ways, their good example can function like a seed crystal in a solution, inspiring others to live up to a good example instead of down to the awful one being set by our cynical, arrogant elites.

    May our hearts be filled with an ocean of compassion. Let it overflow from us and wash clean the hearts of others, that the world become a better place.


      Leigh Kimmel,

      “Hope” is for the weak-minded. People whose minds are centered on logic do not “hope” for anything good from a collection of crazed animals fighting for two dollar waffle makers.

  • Alice Maxwell

    Black Friday is aptly named for the hi jinks reported every year since its inception. It takes a strange mind to stay up all night, or go out early in the AM to buy another piece of gaming or electronic crap. But then it takes even stranger minds to go to the “movies” these days and see the nonsense there, or on TV or ordered from Netflix for home viewing.

    American Society now celebrates the worst in everything. Why shouldn’t it? It has been made the mode, the fashion. Soddom and Gomorrah! they would be great labels on the non clothing even children wear now!

    Some complain that the attack on religion has brought us to our knees. That is not true. It is the acceptance of every crime imaginable that has done so. This came about when the Crime Lords moved in fifty years ago and took charge of the marketplace. They had the cash, could extend the credit and just took us over – Wall Street and Washington and every institution in our society. What was done behind closed doors now was done openly, celebrated as the new way. Mobsters became our Godfathers. With them in charge, who needs God?

    If I were a religious person, I might believe that God punishes but I am not and so we will plummet as Man becomes more and more the Beast, as the celebrants enjoy more and more Bachanalia, the tribute to every sin there ever was!

  • Big Dave

    Gary2 you really want to blame the rich for the self-indolgent black Friday shoppers? Really?

    • Gary2

      yep!–read the spirit level book and see the damage the wealth and income inequality has on countries.

      This is not my opinion but established fact.

  • Bob Marshall

    It doesn’t seem to be the rich that are acting like animals.what is happening in Europe today will be happening in America next. Americas society has broken down.instead of love and compassion for our fellow man, greed and desire for material things seems to be the norm.I can see it getting so bad that eventually it may come to martial law being declared and troops being used.

    • Gary2

      tell that to the victims of wall street fraud that crashed the world economy.


    Anyone still think that this asylum state is worth saving? I don’t. Let it die…………..


    You never increase wealth by dividing it…

  • Barn Cat

    It’s not really that bad. Out of 150 million people shopping what if there were 150 incidents? It’s still not that significant.

  • Antonio Gonzalez

    Americans love China crap, and can kill for it.

  • Jane

    Notice the crowds were mostly young people? Whatever it is, it’s in the vaccines…..

  • Orange Jean

    You might want to think twice about going to the mall anyway! Covert ops at local mall (may already be spying on you, it’s not like they warn people):

  • Drude

    your a fkin idiot… the rich are 1%….you really think the 1% have enough money to share equally to 99% of the population? why don’t you stop looking for a hand out and Work for the things you want. Strive to earn more then what you do. you are not ENTITLED TO ANYTHING! you want more money work harder save more. btw use some common sense here….. if every one had the same amount of money more ppl would be killing more ppl for these deals.. because every one would be poor. Sickening how you cry about some one else having more money then you… well, next it’s gonna be some one is more pretty then some one else so smash there face in so there as ugly as you …. shame on you. you people need to go read a children’s book that teaches you some self worth… it’s called the little red hen.

    P.S. I’m poor But wake up every day and try to make an “honest” living i do not wish for some rich guy to be forced to give me money.

    • Gary2

      then you are a few fries short of a happy meal in addition to being poor.

    • Nickelthrower

      Drude, you are just wrong. The way I see it, I have no DESIRE to TAKE from the 1% – oh no. What I want to do is have the same rules applied to me – that’s all.

      I want to kill with immunity, plunder the environment, wage war for profit, run prisons for profit and abuse my workers and I want the taxpayer to pay for it all. That is what I want.

      I want the politicians in my back pocket and I want them to allow me to write the laws just like the 1% get to. I want my defense contract and my private security forces and I want my own Lear Jet so I can fly around and tell everyone to stop asking for handouts and to go become the working poor.

      Now go back to being poor.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    This is a test of your common sense and intelligence. If you were at home in bed at midnight and stayed away from Walmart the next day then you passed.

  • Lugh

    Americans buys things they didn’t make with money they don’t have. And look at the scene the children make on Christmas morning as they tear open presents while making animal noises. No appreciation whatsoever and already turned into little consumer monsters.

  • NMCB3

    Gary, taxing the rich won`t solve the problems facing America…..not even one little bit. Socialism never works.

    • Gary2

      tell them that in the Scandinavian countries. Plus mr fox news no one said pure socialism, simply more socialism than wee have now.

      The stupid right wingers think capitalism or Communism. What fools.



      Dead wrong as most on the far right are apt to be. Congress and the White House would disagree with you and say that socialism does work and it works quite well. That is why the legislative branch and the executive branch of government have made banker bailouts (socialism for the wealthy elites) the rule and not the exception……………

      • Gary2

        good comment!

  • Psalm 23 ?

    That was weird.
    You maketh me to throw up.

    How about.
    Greed Maketh them to lie down and be trampled!

    Thou preparest me a $2 Toaster and I maketh a stampede.

    My taser and my pepper spray comforteth me.

    at a minimum you could have at least quoted a Bible verse about Christmas or the rich passing through the eye of a needle.

  • Kevin2

    Ever see what happens to many lottery winners? Easy come, easy go. The people that earn money tend to treat it with more respect.

  • George

    Gary, the rich already pay 80% of the taxes collected.

    You need to start paying YOUR share.

    • Gary2

      you are 100% wrong. If you are so uninformed as to say what you did, nothing I can say will help you.

      Do you also think the earth is flat?

  • A.S.

    To Quote from above:

    “Do the American people have enough character to be able to deal with a full-blown economic depression?”

    The answer is an absolute 100% NO!!!

    In my opinion, there are only at most 10% of Americans that will have the proper character. Sadly, as an Orthodox Jew, I would say there are also at most 10% from Orthodox Jews that will have the proper character. Even among our group, we have been corrupted, infected, brain-washed with these cheap things. We no longer have any empathy for the poor, elderly, disabled, lost souls, etc.

    Even though I don’t have much money, the most I can give is my time and attentive ears. Just speaking with someone and listening to what they have o say what is troubling them, means a lot in this world. I do this with sincerity and don’t care who looks down upon me for associating with the “bums, crazies, trash,” of the city.

    In the end, what is really more important–amassing useless belonging or people? When the food riots come, G-d Save Us!

  • lone survivor

    What are people buying that they cannot purchase any other time of the year?
    A TV? Doesn’t everyone already have one? I’ve got one too.
    And video games? This must be teenagers buying them.
    I was in WalMart on Friday afternoon to do some grocery shopping and there were less people than normal in there shopping. Most, I noticed were buying groceries too.

  • JD

    Pathetic, America. Really pathetic. All this for china-mart crap. Im not falling for black friday. Trust me they will have the deals up to mid-winter shopping holiday on Dec 25th. Then you will feel like a fool when you see the items you paid a $100 for go for $20 the day after. Its all a scam. Jesus wasnt even born that day so lets see Xmas for what it really is… an excuse to spend money you dont have on cheap junk so you can bail out businesses at the end of the year. It a bunch of BS and I hate the holiday. Ive had so many rotten christmases that I literally get sick each year when it comes around. Last year I couldnt even buy presents and a few years ago when the economy started tanking, my job cut our bonuses. Each year the guilt trips get worse and they always have a scam like black friday to the Salvation Army always saying that an unknown donor dropped a kugerrand into the bucket. Its crap. Celebrate your good friends and family and be grateful to God your not sleeping outside. Thats my Christmas wish for you all.

    • Nickelthrower


      I gave up Christmas shopping more than 20 years ago. I told everyone I knew that I would not be buying them anything for Christmas and that I would appreciate it if they would do the same towards me.

      It made things so much easier for myself and my friends and family. I was invited to a lot more parties as people knew that I didn’t expect nor would I bring a gift. I became “one less thing to worry about.”

      Have the courage to say NO MORE.

  • michelle

    in the past I remember shopping on the day after thanksgiving was about buying Xmas presents, and now it seems to have been replaced by this monstrous pseudo-Xmas self-absorbed buying frenzy that makes sensible people sick at their stomach and the violence makes it seem like a coliseum event from the gladiator days of rome…

  • Kwll

    The rich have nothing to do with it. These morons running amok in stores decided to go for the okeydoke and prioritize their ridiculous iCrap over everything else, and they had no gun to their heads while they did it. Then no doubt they took their items right out to the Occupy protest so they could update their Twitter and Facebroke accounts while whining about not having jobs and how the 1% is sticking it to them so they can’t make ends meet. Forget it. Doesn’t work anymore.

  • These people can go away. I ain’t payin’ for this *********************

  • MJ

    I’m not surprised that it’s come to this. And spending time talking about it on the Internet won’t do much either. I don’t have any faith in humanity from the way things stand, what with vesting our time in buying things that won’t matter to us in the grave.

    Whether we as a species are products of a limitless Intelligent Designer or nature (or both), we’re still important contributors to this planet, not just consumers. Corporatism as a new religion to those who don’t believe in an afterlife is the comfort they need to ignore the fabric of society crumbling around the world.

    The video game ‘Red Dead Redemption’ depicted how the Wild West society depended on self-sufficiency, a survivalist attitude, and small communities that relied on a simple lifestyle. The Industrial revolution and subsequent corporatism made life way too easy.

    Oh well, I hope most of you are ready to face the horrors of what’s to come. Most of the idiots in those videos don’t seem to be.

  • Harold Crews

    In getting Christmas presents for your loved ones this year try to get them gifts that will actually be helpful in difficult times; canning equipment, gardening tools, basic hunting/defence weapons, books/videos on self sufficiency, non-perishable food stocks, chainsaw, a sewing machine and etc. These sort of gifts could literally save someone’s life.

  • Faux Gary

    I know- let’s tax the rich and use the money to buy the cheap plastic crap for all of these poor shoppers! That’ll spread the wealth around and stop the violence! Duh! Simple solutions from simple minds, like I always say.

  • TucsonKK

    Most of these shoppers used credit cards that were recently received. Credit cards given to people with no credit & maybe no job, so retailers are happy with big sales jump but what happens when people can’t pay these credit card fees?
    Why must we have this cheap China Crap?

    • Gary2

      I hope they all default. Screw walmart. I would call that some good non violent wealth redistribution.

  • AC

    If individuals can be cited for starting riots, these stores should be treated the same. After all, like the article said, the more frantic the customers become, (through advertising/marketing), the more they stand to profit. Sue the stores for damages/riots!

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Gary; you seem oblivious to the fact that it is only the wealthy being taxed and the poor are the ones given welfare. Arguably what you want is already happening and has been for about 50 years (since the great society). One would think that the lesson here is that a socialist solution is the problem not the cure.
    I suggest we reverse this mistake; First allow no more then minimum wage for an adult on welfare. That is the maximum they can receive in a given month would be no more then could be earned in a minimum wages job. The maximum would include all forms of welfare/medicaid. Second, that every adult on welfare (now earning the minimum wage) actually work 40 hours a week doing something useful for the cities and states they live in. And last, that EVERYONE pay taxes. A minimum 10% income tax on gross income. Perhaps when the lazy welfare bums begin paying for things they will be less insistent that we spend more.

    • Gary2

      and how do you pull your self up by your boot strap if you do not have boots?

      Michael how can so many on the right be so wrong. The fact free crap they post…its no wonder we are on a downward spin in the country.

  • JD

    You want to talk about animals? At a South Carolina Target store a 61 yr old man died of a heart attack and shopper just walked around him to get to the video games that were on sale. Vultures and sheep americans are consumed by greed and no love for their fellow man. Sickening.

    • Michael

      Wow I had not heard about the incident yet.

      Sorry for the delay in getting to the comments. I took a little extra time off this weekend. 🙂


  • Nostradamus

    “Forgive them. They know not what they are doing.”

    – Biblical wise man to the despots drunk in Jerusalem.

    “Be brave. Now go forth and frighten this herd of buffalo so that they will ran mad towards the cliffs!”

    – Plains Indian chief orders the start of buffalo run to harvest enough meat for the winter.

    “Consumers, consumers!! Black Friday has arrived. You must do you duty. Now go into the stores and spend all you have. Spend all you don’t have. Then spend all your love ones don’t have. Thus achieve maximum savings. Thus you will save the economy. You must save the economy by destroying yourself!!”

    – Retailer CEOs calculating their balance sheets

  • We have 4 December birthday’s in our family plus Christmas! We’ll take the “keep it simple” holiday challenge.

  • Steve Mawson

    yes yes mike, great contribution there, so productive, so poignant and so absolutely pointless

  • While the brain-numbed sheeple were crushing each other at China Mart on Bleak Friday, I quietly sat back at my computer and ordered an American made bicycle from New York (Worksman, a bed and nightstand made in North
    Carolina (Room, an executive office
    chair made in Iowa (, men’s underwear made in downtown Los Angeles (American, and a jacket and belt made in Michigan (

    To me, THE most important thing is where something is made. I feel so much better knowing I gave people the precious gift of a job in their own country. Feed a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

    If we truly care about are fellow Ammericans, then let’s show it by buying his goods and services. Dollars speak louder than words.

    • Sorry about the misspellings of are for our and
      Ammericans for Americans. I was typing in the dark on a train.


    Taxing the wealthy is not the answer. I am not wealthy, by the the way. I believe the answer lies with removing the corruption from our government. The rest will take care of itself.

  • William

    There is no plan to really tax the rich, Gary. The real plan is to destroy the middle class who do not live off government aid and believe one can achieve by working hard to bring about one’s goals. The plan is to get the middle class of the United States to get used to living like those in a third world country,thereby providing equality in the world. That’s why jobs have been shipped overseas, massive immigration legal and illegal is being implemented, small businesses are punished, etc.

  • James

    Higher taxes on investments that speculate and drive commodities higher and a lower tax on capital that is used to create productive enterprises is in order. Coupled with tariffs that prohibit polluting practices and low wages will drive industry back to the USA. Environmental regulations protect the people and preserve natural resources. Something future generations will thank us for.

  • The decline of America is well underway.

    Prepare now…..while you still can.

    It is as simple as that.


  • paul

    yeah, let’s bring American civilization to the rest of the world.

  • paul

    Any Gary2 bashers should ask: How did the rich get rich?

    And please refrain from slogans, like “hard work” or “being smart”.

    Anybody knows a rich nurse?
    Anybody knows a rich scientist or engineer?

    How much can hard work bring you? How many generations are necessary to make people inherit billions?

  • paul

    Well, I checked some of the videos.

    Nothing shocking there. Just a lot of people and a shaking camera. Try it yourself: do not follow the camera movement, fix your eyes on one person and follow that person.

    It’s packed there. And, of course people buy what is cheap. Maybe even in the hope they can sell it for more later.

    But then, my mom has still originally wrapped tea towels from a sale 20 years ago. Since then she didn’t buy a single tea towel, and neither did her children.

  • paul

    You need more guns.

    If all the shoppers had had guns, they could have defended themselves far better from the pepper spray.

    • Ran

      Why would you say such a dumb comment??? You must be a child that is not being monitered by your parents. Guns are not toys and to say this even in jest really shows your immaturity.

  • Rowell

    I actually tried Black Friday one time many many years ago. Haven’t done one since, and promised never to. The worst in people comes out as they grab up the bargains and fight over sale items. How is that “in the spirit of the holidays”? It’s a prime example of what’s wrong in this country. And Michael, you are 100% dead-on right….if people are willing to become violent to save $20, what will they do when they have no food. I’m even more fearful for the future. If a mob of 200 people are looking to storm my house in search of food….I mean, what do you do about that? Shoot until they run away, you run out of bullets or they overtake you? Sheesh, dark times.

  • Stephen

    I worked on Thursday from 3pm to 3am and the topper there was fighting over $1.28 towels. Towels you can buy at a discount store for a buck or 2. I also work in layaway and most people pay with a credit card not cash. So every things is up today because of a good black Friday. I keep telling people that t.v.s and such are so cheap that these people can watch t.v. as they starve to death since food is rising in cost faster then anything. God help us!

  • knightowl77

    Michael check this out..

    “Senate Moves To Allow Military To Intern Americans Without Trial”

    NDAA detention provision would turn America into a “battlefield”

    The Senate is set to vote on a bill today that would define the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allow the U.S. Military to arrest American citizens in their own back yard without charge or trial.

    Here is the link:

    • Michael

      That is very, very disturbing.


    • A.S.
    • Orange Jean

      I went to the source for some info and my (albeit brief) reading of those sections indicates that it only applies “covered persons” which are defined as someone who is:

      ” (A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and

      (B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners.”

      … hardly innocent citizens.

      • sharonsj

        What defines an attack against the U.S.? Could they say the Occupy Wall Street groups are attempting to attack the U.S.? This is the start of Americans losing more liberties.

    • Kathy Smith

      I went right to the article you posted very very disturbing is an understatement. Of course they tell you to write your congressman & tell them to add the amendment. Hows that worked for us so far?

    • mondobeyondo

      Yeah. I saw the same article on another blog. It is Scary.

      But in order to do this, they would have to throw the Fourth Amendment into the trash bin. (No searches or seizures of private property, without a warrant or court approval).

      Seriously?!? I mean… gosh…. wow.

  • joanne

    What do you expect? Most people don’t even know how to discipline a 2 year old. how could young people turn out well, undisciplined, spoiled by parents with two children that they have done everything for? They don’t know how to work ,behave, or live!

  • DB200

    The pepper spray story can be found here as well:,0,757801.story

    The interesting part is repeated below:

    “More than 200,000 people signed a petition in the days leading up to Thanksgiving asking Target to stay closed until Friday morning to allow workers to spend more time with their families. Target responded that it was offering earlier hours at the request of its customers.

    Many shoppers were more than willing to spend Turkey Day separated from loved ones. At Best Buy electronic stores throughout Southern California, people waited for hours — and some for days — in lines that stretched down streets and around blocks before the midnight opening.”

    Black Friday is hence destroying Thanksgiving as a holiday together with friends and family. That is the real story behind the news.

  • Winston Smith

    “Approximately 20 people (including some children) were affected by the pepper spray”

    Whne I was a cop, I carried the stream, to limit affecting myself and others, it is liquid and directly into the face…..sounds like he used the fog, which goes everywhere……

  • LOLa

    LOL at all the people criticizing Gary2!

    When Gary2 says to “tax the rich”, “the rich” don’t mean you, despite your brainwashing.

    It cracks me up how you defend them as if you were them already, even though you will NEVER be them.

    • gary2

      You got that right, how can people be so easily duped. There is the haves, have nots, and never wills. Most if not all that critize me are the never wills.

      I would be LOL also if it was so pathetic that so many of the never wills keep defending the rich.

  • A.S.

    I was just watching some videos on youtube about Senate bill 1867 and the other videos below were on Senate bill 510–food safety.

    So…that means any American that grows veggies in their back yard SHOULD be arrested ASAP!? If anybody, even a policeman or black suit comes into my garden without my permission, I will *****************. I have the Constitutional right to do so! (oh wait, not anymore if Senate bill 1867 passes). Wake up people, there is no more Constitution. It went on life support when the Patriot Act passed. And if S-1867 passes, it will be END GAME for every American!

    • Michael


      I just wrote an article about these issues….

      Please share it with as many people as you can.


    • mondobeyondo

      That is beyond scary.

      A Senate bill that would prevent me from growing food in my back yard? What the hell!

      It’s MY LAND! I have the deed to the house that proves it’s my land.

      They’re MY SEEDS. It’s MY FERTILIZER! (Bought it myself at Home Depot!) Got my own shovels too. None of it funded by the government. I bought it myself.

      How dare anyone tell me I can’t do anything on my own property, as long as it’s legal?


      Danger…. the vice grips are slowly closing…

  • mondobeyondo

    It wouldn’t be the Christmas season without Black Friday…watching mobs battle over 52 inch plasma HDTV’s, so they can watch the coming year’s social and financial catastrophe in better detail and color than ever before, all in 1080p!!. Hell, let them watch it in 3-D if they want! It’s just like being there yourself!!

    Argh. I was bidding to be a stowaway on that new Mars mission that launched on Saturday, but didn’t quite make it on board. Hee!

    (actually, I WOULD love to have a 3-D television. Imagine the Super Bowl on 3-D HDTV! Oh WOWWW!!!!

    Okay Mondo, snap out of it. Click sandals 3 times and say “there’s no place like home…”)

  • Orange Jean

    Please, for those of you concerned re: S.1867, I highly recommend you go straight to the source and read some of this – or at the least look at the table of contents. Otherwise, you (and some of the folks you’re getting info from) are taking it out of context… sort of like asking your representative to pass or not pass something without reading it.

    It IS the authority for the Department of Defense to continue operating, which is the first thing the Constitution tells us the Feds have the right to do. You really want us to have no Defense?

    Complete bill:

  • Andrew Bulles

    Seem like the sheeple are being trained for the day when you’ll have to “COMPETITVE SHOP” for food in the gracery store. IT’s everyman for themselves… and boy I can’t wait to see the first grocery store FIGHT video… GIVE ME THEM EGGS, YOU!!!

  • Shannon

    America has to be the #1 country in greed. People want more and more. Never happy. Kids are spoiled brats who think they should have and do everying they want and if they don’t get it,they assault their parents. People have to change for the better. No government can cause people to change their mindset per se. Another thing is that the law is one extreme or another. Raiding your home for not paying a bill or letting a criminal out of jail when he belongs there.

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