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Corrupted!: 5 Shocking Examples Of Government Corruption That Will Blow Your Mind

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At times it really is breathtaking how corrupted the U.S. government has become.  Government corruption has become so endemic in our society that most people have just kind of accepted it as “normal”.  But shouldn’t we all get hopping mad when we learn that the Federal Reserve sent billions of dollars in bailout money to addresses in the Cayman Islands?  Shouldn’t we all be furious when one of the leading candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, declares that he is “not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve”?  Shouldn’t we all be alarmed when Nancy Pelosi gives a speech in which she says that “elections shouldn’t matter”?  Shouldn’t we all demand that someone be held accountable when we find out that a CBO analysis shows that the “$38.5 billion” in spending cuts will only reduce the budget deficit for this year by $352 million dollars?  On top of everything else, shouldn’t we all be absolutely horrified when the TSA gropes little 6 year old girls and virtually none of our politicians demand change?

$38.5 Billion In Budget Cuts Is Really Just $352 Million In Deficit Reduction?

Yesterday I wrote about how a close examination of the “budget cut deal” reveals that the 38.5 billion dollars in budget cuts are largely illusory.

However, even I was not ready for what the Congressional Budget Office had to say about this deal.  What I read in the Washington Post today absolutely floored me.  According to the Washington Post,  the Congressional Budget Office is saying that the budget deal will only cut the budget deficit for this year by less than one percent of what was being claimed by Republican and Democrat leaders….

The Congressional Budget Office estimate shows that compared with current spending rates the spending bill due for a House vote Thursday would pare just $352 million from the deficit through Sept. 30. About $8 billion in cuts to domestic programs and foreign aid are offset by nearly equal increases in defense spending.

What a joke.

The reality is that U.S. government is increasing by over 2 million dollars every single minute.  So the entire “savings” from this “budget deal” will account for approximately 3 hours of government spending.

Look, the U.S. government ran a budget deficit of $188 billion dollars for the month of March alone.  We are in debt up to our eyeballs and it is getting worse at a mind blowing pace.

When are people going to wake up and realize that neither political party is the least bit serious about dealing with our debt problem any time soon?

The Federal Reserve Sent Billions In Bailout Aid To Millionaires and Billionaires In The Cayman Islands

Most Americans don’t even understand what the Federal Reserve is, and yet they get to throw trillions of dollars around while being more or less completely unaccountable the entire time.

In a new article for Rolling Stone (which is a must read), Matt Taibbi exposes some of the folks that the Federal Reserve has been sending money to….

The Fed sent billions in bailout aid to banks in places like Mexico, Bahrain and Bavaria, billions more to a spate of Japanese car companies, more than $2 trillion in loans each to Citigroup and Morgan Stanley, and billions more to a string of lesser millionaires and billionaires with Cayman Islands addresses. “Our jaws are literally dropping as we’re reading this,” says Warren Gunnels, an aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. “Every one of these transactions is outrageous.”

How in the world does it benefit the American people to send billions of dollars to some ultra-wealthy people down in the Cayman Islands?

In light of what we have already found out, it is absolutely amazing that Congress is still refusing to authorize a complete audit of the Federal Reserve.

The corruption of the Fed is crying out to be investigated.

Unfortunately, many of our top politicians are openly declaring that they have no intention of going after the Federal Reserve.

Mitt Romney Declares That He Will Not Be Going After Ben Bernanke Or The Federal Reserve

In case anyone needs one more sign that Mitt Romney is just another shill for the establishment, just check out the two statements by Romney below.

According to Politico, Romney recently told CNBC’s Larry Kudlow that he is not concerned about the Federal Reserve at all….

“I think Ben Bernanke is a student of monetary policy; he’s doing as good a job as he thinks he can do,” Romney said when Kudlow asked what kind of job Bernanke is doing. “I’m not going to spend my time going after Ben Bernanke. I’m not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve.”

That’s just great.  The Republican candidate with perhaps the greatest amount of “establishment support” says that he thinks that Bernanke is doing a good job and he does not plan to spend any time focusing on the Federal Reserve.

So if Romney gets in the Federal Reserve will continue to be able to dish out trillions to their friends without any interference.

Nancy Pelosi Declares That “Elections Shouldn’t Matter”

How are we supposed to respond when the top Democrat in the House of Representatives declares that “elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do”?

During a recent speech, Pelosi implored establishment Republicans to “take back your party” so that elections won’t “matter” as much….

To my Republican friends: take back your party. So that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election, because we have shared values about the education of our children, the growth of our economy, how we defend our country, our security and civil liberties, how we respect our seniors. Because there are so many things at risk right now — perhaps in another question I’ll go into them, if you want. But the fact is that elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do… But when it comes to a place where there doesn’t seem to be shared values then that can be problematic for the country, as I think you can see right now.

Apparently what Pelosi wants is for America to go back to a time when all of us just went along with the false left/right paradigm and when we were all content to sleep while the establishment agenda rolled right along.

Well guess what Nancy?  Some of us are starting to wake up.

6 Year Old Girl Molested By The TSA

How far have we fallen as a nation when a 6 year old girl has to have her private areas touched in public by the TSA before she is allowed to get on an airplane?

America is becoming a very strange place.

The following is video that was posted on YouTube of the recent incident involving a 6 year old girl….

So is this what we have become as a nation?

Will we subject ourselves to anything as long as the authorities insist that it will keep us a little bit safer?

Pretty soon America is going to be unrecognizable.

I have previously written about how in one town in Missouri, girls scouts have actually been banned from selling girl scout cookies in their own front yards.

How crazy is that?

In Cleveland, authorities haves announced plans to have “trash supervisors” go snooping through trash cans to ensure that people are actually recycling according to city guidelines.

The control freaks we keep voting into office seem to have an obsession with running ever detail of our lives.

In many areas of the nation we aren’t even allowed to do acts of kindness anymore.

For example, in Houston, Texas a couple named Bobby and Amanda Herring that had been feeding homeless people for over a year has been banned by the city from doing so.

So what is next?

Are they going to ban kids from taking lunches to school?

It is already happening….

At one public school in the Chicago area, children have been banned from bringing their lunches from home.  Instead, it is mandatory that they eat the food that the cafeteria serves.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve gets to create trillions of dollars out of thin air and they get to send it to whoever they want.

What a country we have, eh?

Our system has become corrupted beyond all recognition.  Government corruption is out of control and it is getting worse with each passing day.

So when are the American people going to get sick of all this nonsense?

When are….


American Idol is on tonight.

Perhaps all of this can just wait for another time.

After all, who wants to miss what J-Lo and Steven Tyler are going to say tonight?

Those two are really a couple of characters!

Our leaders know what they are doing, right?

We can trust our politicians to act in our best interest, right?

So instead of writing about all of this “doom and gloom”, perhaps I should just lighten up and focus on fun things like American Idol a little bit more.

What do all of you think?

  • Otown Right Guy

    The corruption will continue as long as idiots like Gary2 and ImpeachRonPaul are allowed to vote. Anyone who voted for Obama, a Marxist community organizer, for PRESIDENT (!) should have their right to vote stripped.

  • yes keep the sheeple distracted with cheap entertainment

  • Patriot One

    I think you should give more time to Dancing with the Star’s. They are not getting equal press on this website and I think Congress should look into how unfair you are. Yes this is what we have become.

    A day of revolution is coming and it won’t be pretty. Republican or democrat they control the ballot box and they are two sides of the same coin.

    We have not had free markets for the last 98 years. Most politician for the last 98 years are all guilty of defrauding the citizens of the United States.

    The Ponzi scheme is almost up. If we do not raise the debt limit the scam is over.

  • Mr Carpenter

    I think our country is toast, is what I think!

    May God help us. Amen.

  • Degaz

    Is this what we’ve become? A nation crippled by learned helplessness?

  • Amos Solos

    That video is disgusting. Things are changing and people are still not waking up!! I woke up years ago thanks to this blog and guys like they have been spot on about this and called the economic collapse of the US many years ago.

    I am so scared right now..but dunno if i am more scared for me and my family or those not awake to what is going on out there. Calling mr Bernanke a criminal when he is doing what he is told by the elite… when will people wake up to all of this.

  • Mel

    America has a choice to vote in Ron Paul in 2012 and stop the Fed and all its corruption..he is the only politician that is willing to audit and stop the FED. I believe that is the reason why all the media have a smear campaign against him whenever he runs for President.

    Ron Paul is the only one who actually has sane economic ideas. I suggest you read “How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes” by Peter D. Schiff – it is an easy to read explanation of how economics actually works in the real world. And the Fed (and their ideological ilk) is the root cause of every economic disaster we have been subjected to – right, who would want to get rid of the cause of so many economic problems. And actually it is the Fed that is MOST responsible for undermining the value of the dollar. The only thing necessary to “regulate” the currency is to STOP PRINTING MORE – and printing more is one of the core functions of the Fed that goes directly to inflation and undermining the value of the dollar. The government uses the Fed to steal your money out of you savings account and give it to government. If you like the government stealing your savings, then by all means keep the Fed.

    Ron Paul wants to bring our troops home, end our medling in other countries, quit giving millions to keep these other countries friendly when many of our own fellow americans are starving , abolish the IRS, end Nafta. Now what part of these ideas are wrong..How many americans could have been fed with the just the money lost in Iraq.

    All of Ron Paul’s haters think electing him would destroy the country because he wants to go back to the gold standard, slash the government, and balance the budget. What’s funny is how these same people don’t realize the road of ruin we are on right now with trillion dollar deficits and a soaring national debt. Somehow I doubt electing Ron Paul would be worse than where this country would end up with another 20 years of the same old, same old. It’s time for radical change in D.C.

  • Read the Willie Lynch letter. Replace the divisions in that letter used to divide the slaves so that the slavemasters could easily control them with classism, racism, sexism, and materialism. These are the divisions now being used by the “powers that be” to divide all of the American people.

  • John

    Outrageous video!

  • Hognutz

    Outrageous!! people stand and fight!

  • 007

    Romney seems like a democrat, I mean, a socialist, light. I am sure going to campaign and contribute all I can to see he does not get the republican nomination.

  • Davey Jones

    1)I think you should stick to blasting the torpedo of truth across the bow of the kleptocracy.

    2)You couldn’t find a more disgustingly fascinating story of ‘riches to rags’ and ‘sovereignty to slavery’ than that of the United States of America.

    3)Refer to 1) & 2)

  • Hognutz

    Sheeple wake the hell up! Romney gave massachusettes it’s very own small version of Obamacare. how could he even be considered to run by Repubs……oh wait. just the obverse side of the coin.

    My bad.

  • JohnThomas

    If you’re in the U.S., there is probably a TEA Party rally near you, tomorrow, April 15th. Find it and show up. There is little real organization, (very much like herding cats) and there are many “TEA Party” websites. Take 5 minutes, find the closest rally and go. You won’t regret it.

    The media constantly plays down the numbers, but if you fail to show up, they’ll quickly report that you gave up and that you now embrace the corrupt state. If you have to work and can’t get time off (which is why the April 15th rallies haven’t been even bigger over the last two years), ask any friends or family that can get the day off to go.

  • Xander cross

    Ron Paul would be a bad choice for president and I see that rand Paul voted for the attack on libya. the guy is a professional politican and just tell you what you want to hear. His voting record means nothing because he has been in congress for years and did nothing when bush privatize prisons in Texas.

  • Matt

    Its time we DEFEAT every liberal Republican and Democrat and Independent in America and put them in their place – on the couch watching American Idol. Its time we tax EVERYONE over 21 at $3000 per year with no deductions to pay for govt services. Tax Gary2 $6000 per year since he likes taxes.

  • Steve

    The TSA has gone too far. A 6 year old girl gets gropped by the TSA. This little girl has no idea why she is being gropped either. Where is her protection.

    The Federal Reserve needs to be gone. The U.S. Treasury needs to write a check to Federal Reserve for what we owe and say the debt is now paid in full. We are done with you.

  • TucsonKK

    Otown right guy please get off Obama’s case and quit watching FOX.

    Been following all these hidden stories for several years. Everything that was predicied have all come true.

    Now add to the mix climate chang.epeak oil. & inflation.

    Our Government & Suprme court all owned by Corps, Koch & Koch, Oil, and the puppets dance for their puppetmasters.

    Sad but no one seems to care just give them high tech toys and that’s happiness.

    WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!

  • impeachRonPaul

    As long as right wing bigots like Otown right guy vote, we will not gain freedom. They want a religous police state.

    Ron Paul caters only to the rich and wants personal freedom replaced with christian extremism. Republicans do not want to regulate corporations but want to regulate American families. Hands off our freedom. Vote democrat!

  • handog

    Many of us ARE sick of all this nonsense. I have been molested by the TSA. What can you do? Most of us cannot afford to go to jail or hire an attorney so we comply. Here in TX. It is not unusual to see three cop car / motorcycles on one intersection. Look up and you see multiple cameras watching you. Now they are putting cameras on each of the Police officers, or should I say Gestapo members. In fact the local government is cutting teachers left and ramping up the goon squad. You see, we are all suspected terrorists. Expect random stops to search your vehicle. You will hear “for your safety” more and more. Ya, I’m sick of it but what am I going to do? Write a letter to my Senator? What a joke!

  • xander cross

    Ron Paul is corrupted as well. After all, he is indeed, a professional politican. Also, Rand Paul voted for the attacks on Libya and you all continue to support the pauls as well. What has Ron Paul actually done in his many years as an congressman and don’t tell that he voted on this and that, because it does not mean anything if nothing gets done. What I don’t get is that you all claim to be against the governmnet and yet, worship certain politicans that fit your ideals. Weird

  • xander cross

    Pelosi is correct, elections don’t matter because your leaders are already selected for you. But no, you all really think that Ron Paul is not in on it. Just simply amamzing that politicans can lie and get away with. I am against all politicans because they lie all the time for their own agenda and this inclues both ron and rand paul.

  • bobbobbobbob

    italians sweeds english french ect have medical and dental u americans dont the joke is on YOU p.s. the rich are investing in the country that rules ie CHINA

  • Sounds like Nancy P is living on another planet.
    Yes corruption is rampant. When the politicians speak you can tell that they are totally out of touch with mainstreet. Theyn are focused in the past, not the present.

  • This a great article. You have outlined the problems quite well. I think that we all know at this point that the sheeple are not going to do anything. There will need be some type of cataclysmic event to change our situation for the better. I believe that that event is not too far into the future. Now is the time to begin to prepare to face those dark and dismal days. I spotted these problems festering many years ago and I feel quite sorry for the ones that are not as prepared as I am. But there is no time like the present to begin. Remember, the future belongs to the prepared.

  • Bob

    I am at a point where I will vote for a third party candidate in 2012 (I am a registered Independent, by the way). I had flickering hope for Romney; that is now gone. I intend to be doing a lot of research on Paul, Trump, Cain, and others.

  • Mark

    My vote is for Jesse Ventura in 2012. Some one with the moxie to actually shut down the ‘system’ we now if in place.

  • j r

    I am 100% confident that the American people will rise to the occasion and vote more Republicans and Democrats into office. This country is long beyond hope. Nothing will change until some catastrophe kills off 98% of the sheeple and maybe a new society can rise from the ashes.

    In the meantime I predict in 2012 the Republicans will run their usual dogshit candidates and BO will win reelection.

  • Happy reader

    First of all, I will not use my children to draw attention to the idiocy of the TSA. Parents need to protect their children and if that means not having them fly then so be it. Let us adults do the fighting for our freedom, not our children. I am just as angry at those parents.

    Second, I love Ron Paul. I do fear though that if we actually got him elected AND he was able to bring home our troops AND he was able to stop supporting other countries then we would immediately be attacked by other nations. We bail out so many countries that if we took away their welfare money then they will riot. Just like spoiled Americans who live on the teat of our once great Nation.

    Third, I pray we can bring our country to what it should be. I don’t think that is going to happen without a lot of loss of life and property. It is going to be rough ride. I hope we make it to the other side but I don’t think many of us are going to. I am willing to lose my life for freedom but I know a lot of people who are not.

  • Kevin

    WHEN are we going to finally going to stand up and say STOP!??!!
    WHAT is it going to take!??!!?!?
    My mind is fully and completely boggled at the $h!t that we are putting up with just to get on a frickin airplane… oh, wait- it MUST be OK, we better just do what they say- after all, they ARE wearing uniforms!
    and as for the Fed Reserve, it’s not even a part of the govt. It’s a PRIVATE CORPORATION, PEOPLE!! And they are running our lives for us!

  • jim capy

    Our country has become like a house of cards on the Titatic!

  • A. Canadian

    Wow. I thought Canadian politics were bad enough… But you guys (americans) are f*cked.

    Doug Casey said this on his website yesterday:

    “…running an active business is increasingly problematical. Unless it’s a special situation, I’d be inclined to sell a business, take the money, and run. It’s Atlas Shrugged time.”

    Atlas Shrugged time! That’s pretty extreme.

    He was speaking specifically to running a business in Amerika, but it appears maybe his statement could be applied more broadly.

    I’m starting to wonder if these big walls Homeland inSecurity wants to build on the borders are really to prevent people escaping the US with the remnants of their wealth sometime in the near future.

  • Kevin Beck

    A few thoughts:

    1. Nancy Pelosi should have issued her comments about “elections don’t really matter” in the late summer of 2008; then maybe there is a possibility that we wouldn’t have the travesty of a president we are stuck with for the next two years.

    2. Romney’s stance on the Feral Reserve (I mean Federal) shows him to be inept as a leader, and totally corrupt as a politician. He deserves absolutely zero support from everyone in the nation next year.

    3. To ImpeachRonPaul: What the heck are you rambling about? Your rant makes no sense, and is the most inflammatory thing I have read this week. Not that I really care, because there are probably fewer people here that would even consider it a rational thought.

    4. For our nation to be under the molestation of the Thousands Standing Around is sick. That group of neanderthals should not be allowed anywhere near a human; the reason for their agency’s existence is misdiagnosed, and their fearless leader Janet Incompetano is a political hack of the worst order. She exemplifies the uselessness of the nanny state in this nation, and shows how effective it is to fight the last war. Water balloons, anyone? Oops…those might be mistaken for prosthetic breasts. Pens, anyone? Oh, no…you cannot bring those hypodermic needles on the plane. And if our useless ruler gets his wish about high-speed trains, you can be certain these goons will be controlling the access points there, also.

    Enough ranting for today. Now I have to get back to Iron Chef America.

  • I can think of a good combination:
    1. Ron Paul – President
    2. Jesse Ventura – VP
    3. Chuck Norris – Secretary of State
    Regardless of what you think, they are AMERICANS. It’s time to clean house!! And they all have their birth certificates!!

  • A. Canadian

    BTW, you are SO right about the American Idol stuff.

    The average Boobus Americanus cares far more about their sports and entertainment distractions (lmao that they call it “news”) than they do about reality.

    Oh wait! “Reality” is a contrived form of tv show now…

    Their ought to be a voters exam prevent uninformed idiots from casting ballots.

    And maybe mandatory economics & literacy courses for anyone running for office.

  • Harry Johnson

    You never uttered a teeny tiny little peep from your little beaks when bushjunior and your republicon buddies rammed the so called patriot act through to take away your precious constitutional rights. Nooo, just whine like little babies about the damlibruls not standing up for the country when they said the whole homeland security mess was a bad thing. Now we see where it leads and you chickenhawks are blowing your hot air at everybody except your spoiled frat boy that started it. You did not say a word when your boy bailed out the banksters either.

    After the debacle known as the regime of the little bushjunior boy and president cheney, let alone the disaster for the country when the failed movie actor reagan became president, you wrong wingers have nothing of value to add to the discussion. You need to be quiet and let the adults clean up the mess you created. All you teabaggers are just a bunch of windbags and loudmouthed blowhards in love with the sound of your own voices.

  • AlwaysRIGHT

    Ya know, I have to point something out about the TSA searching/frisking the kid. If the rule is changed to “we will not frisk babies or children” or “we will not touch a pregnant woman” – then, mark my words, there’ll be a terrorist somewhere thinking/designing the next bomb concealed in a fake pregnancy outfit or designed to fit in a baby’s diaper or a 6-year old girl’s clothing. Unfortunately, that’s the way the terrorists operate. If the lameass liberals would get off their PC kick, we could search Muslim children and Muslim babies and Muslim women with a little more scrutiny than the all-American girl in this video. Seriously, I wouldn’t put it past a Muslim terrorist to kill his own child by cutting it in half, and wrap the top half of the baby in a blanket along with a bomb. Then pretend the baby is sleeping so TSA won’t disturb it. We’re dealing with sickos, ya know. That’s why babies, children, EVERYONE has to be checked. If we change the rules so that little girls aren’t to be checked out, a terrorist could simply abduct a little girl, train her to carry out his plot, then walk right through TSA with her. Ya gotta think of these things.

  • Ben Dover

    When the crunch comes,these characters are either going to do like Idi Amin and leave in the night, or we are going to put them to work cleaning the sewers…worthless crap…

  • Irate Legal Citizen

    TucsonKK you are so typical of the those in Pima County AZ., the most corrupt mismanaged marxist county in the state. How is all of this change working for you?, along with your sheriff Dupnik and congressman Grijalva promoting a sanctuary county and open borders. Unfortunately you probably vote, but don’t work, at least for a profitable business.

  • ChuckB

    Wait til you see what’s coming:
    1. The Tea Party is going to say NO raising the debt limit.
    2. The Obama admin. is going to panic.
    3. China, to whom we owe a trillion or so, will propose a deal: there is nearly a trillion worth of gold just sitting in old Ft. Knox, doing nothing; let us have it, and we will cancel the entire debt you owe us — then you will again be well under your debt limit again, and can go on spending like fools.
    4. Obama and all the gold-haters in DC breathe a great sigh of relief and ship the gold off to Beijing.
    5. China then has more gold than any nation on
    Earth, and puts the Renminbi on the gold standard. It automatically becomes the reserve currency for the world, and China becomes the economic super-power.
    6. The dollar and the Euro collapse, since they have no gold backing. A handful of other countries have enough gold to come out fairly well — India, France, Russia, a couple of the Middle Easterners — but everyone else becomes economic vassals of China.

    Don’t bet on it.

  • AlwaysRIGHT

    Here’s a 6th piece of corruption… a man who has spent $2 million ensuring that nobody sees any of his records from birth, through school, and beyond – and he gets nominated without proper vetting. That’s corruption.

    Or here’s another – there are 192 countries in the world, we give away money to 150 of them. Billions and billions of our tax dollars are just given away. Sometimes to countries whose people dance in the street and celebrate when we are attacked. Where in the constitution does it give our govt the authority to take our money and give it away to other countries? I’d call that treason, or aiding/abetting the enemy.

  • Charles

    this is going to come to a head real soon! and the minority radical party is going down..we are so tired of the rebellion aganst any type of rightious living..we are tired of the sleep with the one your with and do it if it feels good generation..wood stock was not good enough, that whole calimaty is what these people want the whole nation to look like..if gropping a 6 yr old is not bad enough wait until they figure out how to justify having sex with her..nambla already has..if there is something evil to do they seek it. the only thing that keeps them from doing what is in there corrupt hearts is not knowing how society will react. do you think the buttons aren’t being pushed? we are just a science project to see what they can get away with..i think we are sending a message of anything..for bad things to happen it just takes good people to do nothing..soon sex education will be hands on real soon..while we save the trees and murder the children…adopt sharia law…outlaw the ten commandments..snub your friends , cuddle your, Georgia guide stones..freaky! scary..

  • That’s why I plan on moving. Like minded people welcome. See my site.

  • Charles

    google or how ever “the communist goals of 1963” read down the list and real quick decide what party this most resembles..

  • Mason Patriot

    It is pointless to try to reform the Federal government through Federal elections. The only hope for reform is nullification, applied at the state level. Read up on the Principles of ’98 (1798), then contact your state representatives and ask them to nullify unconstitutional Federal laws.

  • P L Donaldson

    Well even if I had thought of looking at Romney, this would certainly elminate any thoughts of him as a serious candidate. I am so tired of Republicans that turn out to be RINOs…in both their comments and their voting record. I love Ron Paul and his son….and a second choice would be The Donald. Things about him I don’t like but he sounds more like an American than the others.

  • Mike

    Re: AlwaysRIGHT. Frisking at the security check point is useless. A terrorist could easily just walk into the crowded terminal, detonate his bomb, and kill more people than if he actually boarded the plane. This is a TOTAL waste of money.

  • Jack

    It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to stand up against the corrupt government, politicians and Elite. WE THE PEOPLE the majority have the power to stand together and take back our freedom!!

    So what are we waiting for, lets do it. A revolution is upon us and freedom we will know again. Out with the corruption and back into the arms of american’s that still believe in our country and freedom.

  • andres olguin

    I think the goal is clear. To doom America an dplace a NWO.

  • andres olguin

    They need a NWO with a “new global dollar”, a new global religion and a new global government. So America obstruct this goal.

  • atm

    This is neither a republican or democratic issue. The american people are being brain washed by the media and corporate america into a life time of debt servitude. THE BILLIONS THAT FLOAT AROUND WASHINGTON ARE JUST TOO TEMPTING FOR THE AVERAGE JOE POLITICIAN-THEY ARE ALL BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. This is exactly what Jefferson and the rest of the founding fathers feared: A gigantic-enormous bank whose actions dictate every nuance in our lives. Let’s include the cost of a 4-year college tuition into the CPI and see how much higher the CPI really is. The sh!!t will hit the fan, it is just a matter of time.

  • mondobeyondo

    Wow, did you see how Zakk Wylde (guitarist) played for that Durbin guy on American Idol last night? That was awesome!!

    Seriously, though…
    Ron Paul would be an ideal candidate for President in 2012. But he’ll never get nominated, much less elected.

    Why? The sheeple are pretty much programmed to believe a third party candidate is a wasted vote. So they vote either Republican or Democrat. Maybe Ron Paul would have half a chance if he declared his party to be Republican, or even Democratic for that matter. As it stands now, he is considered by the masses as a conspiracy theory kook and nut case, who needs to be thrown in with Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones in the same lions’ den. Let them fight it out amongst themselves. Purr! Meow! Growl! And now, back to American Idol! Which couple got eliminated this week? Tune in after our next commercial break!

    Maybe an honest politician (<– oxymoron in most cases!!) will be elected, and save us from the coming financial, moral and ethical debacle which confronts the U.S. now. I doubt it though. Politics in America is more like a competition to be high school prom king than anything else.

    Don't believe it? Obama won the presidential election based on popularity due to his good looks, and charisma (Obama Girl, anyone?!) Lots of Facebook posts and Twitter tweets – "oh, he's so handsome! You gotta vote for Obama!!" — and people fell for the hype. Not many people did their research, and tried to find out what this guy was really about. He was one of the most liberal members of the Senate, the birth certificate controversy, etc.

    Oh yeah, don't forget that Nobel Peace prize. Spare me the laughing gas, I don't need it. Nothing like dropping bombs on Libya to merit a peace prize (yes, I know that was awarded to Obama a couple years ago, while he was still riding that whole "hope and change" wave… but still….!)

    Maybe – hopefully – we will elect someone who is actually capable of the job in 2012. But I'm not holding my breath for much longer. I'm already choking for air…

  • Nu Yawk Frankie

    Re: “TSA gropes little 6 year old girls and virtually none of our politicians demand change”

    USA – the land of the wimps – hang your heads in shame, and go gently into that long good night.

    You’re done, finished – good riddance.

  • Peter Courtenay Stephens

    The TSA is a division of the Gestopo,Homeland Security Agency, run by the head Nazi Janet Napolitano.

  • DownWithLibs

    So elections are not working. So now what?

    Funny “Idol” angle…and too true!

    I saw a bumper sticker on a pick-up today when I was running an errand – “I was anti-Obama before it was cool”! 😉

  • DownWithLibs

    @ Mel:

    True about Ron Paul and the MSM. Even Rush says that all you have to do is listen the the politicos and the MSM to know who they fear the most. The establishment will do all it can to make jokes out of them.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Republicans want to search you at the airport, tap your phones, control womens bodies and determine reproductive rights. Republicans want to judge who can get married, who can serve in the armed forces and who gets special tax benefits. Republicans want to ban medical marajuana and also ban health care. Hey republicans get your hands off our freedoms!

  • Michael

    Yes, please resort to writing about Dancing with the Stars and Lady Gaga. We Americans are stupid and lazy and only want comforting lies. Stop bringing everyone down.

  • Charles

    HARRY JOHNSON didn’t i just see you in wisconsin sleeping on the floor in the state house? or was it shoving some elderly women to the ground? i think it was both! you were the kind one compared to your thug union brothers..i know you like to spout off down in your moms basement but you don’t have the balls to face a real man, not without your thug socialsit have some stuff planned for your next temper union lazy a**es! scum! your intimadation tactics are childish..we really get a laugh watching you clowns! get a real job! you bum..

  • Fed Up

    Here’s another deep corruption:

    Our government is suing a state (Arizona) because it is trying to protect it’s citizens because the federal government won’t enforce its immigration laws because the Dems don’t want to lose the ever-increasing Hispanic vote and the Repubs don’t want to lose the cheap labor for big business.

    So AZ has to pay for the Feds incompetence and corruption with increased crime to its citizens and billions in financial drain to support the illegals and the drug cartels and now the expense of a law suit from the Feds!
    This is being done to threaten other states so they won’t try to protect THEIR citizens like AZ had the balls to do

  • Faux Gary

    Just tax the rich. Tax the rich. Spread the wealth around. Tax and spread, tax and spread. Simple.

    Has anyone seen my meds? I seem to have misplaced them…

  • The Unicorn

    The corruption seems to be rampant from the lowest levels of goverment to the very top.The 6 year old being groped by the TSA is sickening.Whats really sad is this all could of been prevented by a simple security net which would of weighted less then the little girl and cost less to produce then one days pay for a TSA employee.The workers in the aviation industry since atleast the late 70’s have expressed their concerns about unwanted intruders being able to enter the cockpit with very little effort.The FAA instead totally ignored the situation,Why is anyones guess?It makes me wonder how the world would be now if 911 could of been prevented by eliminating access to the cockpit and therefore control of the plane.

  • James

    Hopefully the debt ceiling will kill some of this crap. I can’t fathom any country willing to loans us more money that they will never see again. If they raise the debt ceiling, it will be the death of the U.S.

  • James

    As for the frisking the little girl, you all know what to do about this. STOP using the airlines. They are already bleeding money from the high fuel and security costs. If everyone would stop using the airlines, the government would be forced to direct money to the development of the railroads. We need the rails to transport food, goods and people. The airlines won’t be around much longer to do this. The trucking industry is also going to go the way of the airlines as the cost of fuel increases.

  • Robin

    The video of the girl being patted down is painful to watch. It also shows that Al-Quaida achieved exactly what they wanted.

  • ed

    Donald Trump is looking better and better all the time. Trouble is he may end up running as a third party candidate and give the election to Obama

  • FreedomScribe

    At best, Mitt Romney is a displaced Soap Opera leading man in search of a new show. More accurately, how could we ever trust a rich kid who wears that funny Mormon underwear?

  • Pedro

    Isn’t he from wall street? To my fellow Americans, that is those who are different from the Democrat/communist/progressive, anti American inhabitants of the US territory, with the advent of great technology video,take pictures etc of all the leftist/liberals/anti-Americans to use against them because they can’t ever! have a real debate ABOUT ANYTHING THAT MAKES THIS COUNTRY WORK! Let the TRUTH SET US ALL FREE! Sempra FI!

  • Joey Mack

    Impeach Obama!

  • oneday

    2 things
    1.It takes more than one person to change Congress
    2. Obama went to war with Libya without a Congressional vote, so how Did Rand Paul vote for it????!!

  • Dan
  • A flawed system can’t survive for long in this world. Certain laws of nature are being violated. Our government and financial system is doomed to fail. The question is what does failure mean? What will it look like when it implodes? Failure is certain, how the future unravels is not.

  • Trevor

    It is quite clear that the USA is being run from behind the scenes, whichever puppet party is in power. The agenda remains the same. The state of political morality is almost non-existent, whilst the masses are treated to a barrage of lifestyle distractions. Materialism seems to be winning the war to control peoples thoughts and desires, and the elites are grinning from ear to ear. God knows how things can change in the USA. The only true politician that anyone with an ounce of humanity could vote for is Ron Paul….but the media is God, and too many believe what God has to say….
    “what God wants, God gets, God help us all!”

  • robertsgt40

    Actually, Pelosi is almost correct. Elections don’t matter. If the choice is between criminal element “A” or criminal element “B”, the choice doesn’t matter, especially when both parties are wholly owned by finance and AIPAC.

  • Tom Reiley

    None of this is surprizing. The electorate in America has become a huge herd of sheep. The shepards are the hosts of American Idol, Oprah, The View and all the rest. No wonder our political leaders dress themselves like game show hosts. We sit back and listen to all this BS because we are comfortable. Even when 6 year olds get groped or when our school students have go through metal detectors to enter their school. All this is happening one small piece at a time. A day is comming when fixing this will no longer be possible. I pray that enough of us grow the pair necessary to put “Political Correctness” where it belongs and speak out while there is still time. America’s financial problems are nothing more than a symptom of the moral problem that is generations deep in our country. We have become a society of “horay for me” self seeking individuals. That needs to change or we are indeed doomed.

  • Is Obama’s army (that was a joke, he does what he is told) illegally using depleted uranium weapons in Libya?

    A commenter asked what next if democracy is not being allowed to work?
    Simple, nationalise the fed and all of its branches.

  • Lisa

    Children molested by TSA

    The ultimate submission to violence by the citizens of the U.S. is the acceptance of children being molested. The will of the people is so weak that they actually allow perverts to molest children. There is no rage no anger they all just stand and watch.

    Weak and cowardly citizens make it a fact that the government now owns them body and soul, and any degradation they wish to impose they will.

    There is nothing so terrible as children being sexually molested but people just accept it because the government says it is necessary. This is complete insanity!!

    In a sane world this would never happen because the people themselves would not allow it – if it meant tearing the airport terminal apart it just would not happen. Instead they allow filthy dirty government employees to view their naked bodies and molest their children. Unbelievable.

  • Janet

    Harry Johnson go back under a rock and shut up!!

  • Got Milk ?? Got Guns ??
    Strap on a pair of Gonads, stop the talking and whining.

  • ken guerin

    The sick flick of the little girl is gross, they want you to think this is to protect us from terrorists , but really they are searching for money, they are so afraid we will try to get the dollar into another currency , the dogs we see at the international airports are not bomb sniffers they are money sniffers , so much for man’s best friend !!
    If you think it’s bad know , wait till they replace the dollar as the world reserve currency , $25 a gallon , $10 for one ear of corn, ect,
    Just shameful , greed

  • liberranter

    This corruption has gone on for as long as it has because, as others have pointed out here, Amoricons are lazy, stupid, greedy, apathetic slugs who benefit, at least indirectly, from all of this rampant corruption, complacent in the fiction that they can live at the expense of others (hat tip to Frederic Bastiat).

    Amerika, thy days are numbered!

  • Doc of the Sixties

    Bring it on! The battle is raging and it’s going to get worse. I feel sorry for my kids and grand ones. They live in or near big cities. I’ve got my guns, my garden, fishin’ gear,commodities and stored food,plus bargaining items. Are you ready? Those who care for true liberty and individual rights need to listen very carefully to our leaders speak. We only have a few who can be trusted. Semper Fi!

  • Samson

    I agree, Trump is looking better all the time. He has his problems, but is extremely patriotic. We need someone to work for America this time.

  • Isabella

    I never trusted Romney.He is a two face hypocrit. Want to know more about him? go to http;// Where is no fire is no smoke.

  • YermanMike

    I see mostly North-Americans post comments – let me give you a well-acquainted outside-perspective:

    I spend many months vacation all over the USA and lived in Texas from 97 til 02. Caught my first fish in MN – Marshmellows – Bonfire – the whole 9 yards..

    You guys have been conditioned to think and feel the way you do – arguing about the two parties and politics – as if they had any say in what´s really going on.

    Best joke is a US-citizen (=property of the British crown) talks about “my country” – LMSAO – did you draw the borders on the map or have any say in the last war they spent billions of your money on?

    To wake up is to pull your plugs from this globalist matrix. Stop thinking of yourselves as “Americans” or any other nationality or group for that matters and start realizing that we – the global population – are all in this together – NOT against each other!

  • Obaku

    In 1960, a gallon of gas cost $.30.
    What will a 1960 dime bring you at a coin shop today, for the silver?

    1960 was the first year for the national minimum wage – $1.25
    While you’re in that coin shop, ask what they want for a 1960 quarter.

    You’ve already been robbed and raped, why would you complain about having someone spit in your face?

  • Robert Urantia

    Romney sounds great, Trump also knows business, Paul makes sense, LaRauche is hard to spell but he makes more sense and recognizes this pole shift and will use nuke after the catastrophic quakes and recognizes the wash and what is to come and will go to gold standard. Christ will put us on a truth standard in 2015 after the cleansing. I think LaRoushe is the man; I think he is neither republican publican nor dumb democrat. Both parties are split and divided by crime and will quit. Now is peacefull revolution time; games begin!!!!!!

  • Robert Urantia

    And another thing: The earth has given her warnings and the drunken are stoned. The church of mafia is fractured the temple whores boned the alone. The root of all evil is worshiped and gold stored in Lucifer the bank. All is well they are crying and a month will pass with out much of a crank. Just starvation and killing and torment and merry and video and glee, who will talk to God, big daddy before the waves and the wash and the sea? Who will hear the soft voices who will know the spirit and flee, who will hark to the rough voices of men and God and rise free?

  • Chakkka

    Well Obaku a modern dime will get you nothing, but a 1960 dime is worth $3.11 because of it’s silver value at todays $45.03 an once. Bad example……..

  • David

    The American people by and large are idiots ,morons,they neither understand the issues nor can they grasp the depth of how bad things really are.
    they are getting the exact same governance they deserve .


    Has it not yet been realised — that America has not been a ‘democracy’ for a very long time?— but that what America excels at is maintaining the ILLUSION of one. For those of you who missed the message, the prime architect
    of American evil, Kissinger, once plainly and publically stated, “The American Presidency is far too important to be left to the VOTERS!!”
    He told the truth, but few heard it. Never deny a man the ‘conforts of denial’.

    Most Americans are much more interested in the Simpsons and the Sopranos than in the Senate,
    and people do get the government they deserve.
    Heck, most Americans would VOTE for Homer Simpson if they could — though…come to think of it, even Homer would HAVE to be better than the Bush-Obama chimera!

  • Some have confused and conflicted good intentions that have never been thought through.
    Some are bloody-minded egalitarians that will only be pleased when everyone is “equally shabby”.
    The latter group also tends to distinguish itself by mentioning “income inequality” every few seconds. On the plus side, this is just more proof that the system is going to keep rolling faster and faster towards collapse.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Chuck B

    Politically, the U.S. is caught between, the Nazi (Republican) party, and the Communist (Democratic) party. One will eventually lead to the concentration camps, and the other to the gulag. Same thing. The American people will just have to choose the flavor they prefer. ALL government leads to corruption and oppression in the end, but people, in the mass, are incapable of self-rule, and want someone to tell them what to do.

  • That’s incorrect no politicians demand change of the TSA groping, a legislator filed papers Friday after his daughters were groped. Moot point.

  • mondobeyondo

    Sickening to see that 6 year old girl being “searched” – more like molested! – by the TSA agent.

    I notice the agent didn’t check the girl’s shoes though. There could have been plastic explosives there…ya know?

    Do these TSA agents go through background checks before they’re hired? No, seriously. I don’t want a six year old girl being felt up by a child molester. Or by ANYBODY!

  • mondobeyondo

    What the hell were they searching that little girl for, anyway?

    Did they think she had a grenade hidden in her undies? Good grief….

  • Ann

    It isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue, but except for the last one, it’s all tied in with America’s love for big business and wealth. We voted the corporate lap dogs into office.

    God bless America Inc.!

  • Gary2

    Let me set everyone straight. Taxes on the rich WILL be raised and their ill gotten wealth WILL be shared. Obama’s wonderful speech is just the beginning.

    Even many right wing pundits are conceding Obama creamed the right and is likely to win reelection in 2012. Yes people stupidly voted for the right in 2010 and are now realizing their errors. Even boner sold the tea party out. These stupid tea baggers do not realize they are simply cannon fodder for the Koches and that the Koches don’t give a rip about their conservative social agenda. I can almost feel sorry for these tea bagger dupes.

    I am so very proud of our president. I want my country back from the horrible and destructive policies of the repubes where all they do is take from the poor and give to the rich.

    I will give Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan credit-the choice is now crystal clear- we can have a selfish oligarchy America where a “I got mine to hell with you” way of thinking or we can take back our country and be the America Obama wants where we help each other and not be so I focused but rather we focused.

    You repubes are toast and the tide will turn way against you. I am predicting we will even get a new New Deal which will turn America back into the wonderful country it was before Reagen started destroying it.

    There are a TON of people who agree with how I think and we will vote. We are already planning for 2012 and we will win.

  • Fed Up

    I am sorry i keep harping on this, but please read this article and see how outrageous and corrupted this is becoming–especially read the comments that follow:
    “A 2010 study by the Pew Hispanic Center found that while every demographic of native-born workers has lost millions of jobs during this deep recession, foreign-born workers have actually increased their employment numbers.”

    “The Fiscal Policy Institute study also found that illegal aliens are filling certain jobs in New York City in the following numbers:

    -Painters, construction & maintenance…7,000 (34 percent of workforce)

    -Cooks…21,000 (33 percent of workforce)

    -Construction laborers…17,000 (32 percent of workforce)

    -Automotive service technicians & mechanics…5,000 (26 percent of workforce)

    -Carpenters…9,000 (26 percent of workforce)

    -Taxi drivers & chauffeurs…11,000 (20 percent of workforce)

    -Truck drivers…9,000 (15 percent of workforce)

    According to U.S. Census data, Mexican immigrants (both legal and illegal) are more likely to have a job than those who were born in New York City. About 75 percent of all Mexican nationals in New York between ages 16 and 65 are employed in the civilian work force.”


  • morpheus

    What blows my mind is our ability to sit here and take. People really act like cattle.

    When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired,

    “Join the revolution”
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    “Spread the News”

  • foo

    When nancy pelosi was my congresswoman I called the office and asked when I could go see her, or when the next public meeting was scheduled.

    Oh … there are none

    they replied. If we had a chance to at least BOOO these hacks in public that might get somewhere

  • Gra

    This is going on in the UK all the time, trash bin inspectors, banning Christian crosses from the workplace yet alowing the burka, not being allowed to photograph your own children in a school play or school event and people actually afraid of saying anything in case it offends some minority or another.

    Front line services being depleted yet back end services being retained, and in many palces in the UK now it is illegal to take a photograph in “sensitive” locations.

    Try and find out where and why these locations are sensitive and you are considered a risk and put on a watch list because they dare to question the motives of the security forces.

    A government that has lost the trust of the people and one which supports thecorruption of elected and unelected manadarins trats the eloctorate with complete and utter contempt.

    If anyone thought we live in a free and forward looking democracy, either in the US or UK – think again!

  • Adolf

    As for the 6 year old and the TSA – the groping and naked screening is not about security at all. It is conditioning of the Sheeple to submit to “Authority” on every step, so that they can become good, obedient slaves in the near future. All courtesy of Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

  • Desert Rat

    Corrupt politions/political criminals, are indeed posing a direct threat to the life, health, and safety of every single American. So long as the American people roll over & take it from behind, nothing will change. I have not seen one polition who is truly serving the best interests of the people.
    I would love to see every serving elected official take a PUBLIC poligraph test to answer these questions.

    1. Did you personaly profit from the Obama bail out?

    2. Have you ever diverted government funds to a personal account, or off shore account?

    3. Have you ever financialy profited from a bill you voted for or against?

    4. Do you believe, you have served the best interests of the majority of the american people?

    I am certian, none would pass. If they can’t pass the test, they should be removed from office and charged with defrauding the American people!

    It is time for the American people to get tough on would be politial criminals. There are current technoligies used by law enforcement that can determine weather a person is lying, with a 99% accuracy. I feel that ALL! politions
    should be REQUIRED! to publicaly submit to these tests before running for election/reelection to any Federal, State, or local office. I also think that lie detectors should be attached to politions during all speechs and debates.

    Alas, this will never happen,because the political criminals are in control and will continue to lie to,and manipulate the media, inorder to stay in office.

    • Dan

      Too bad poligraph tests don’t really work, it’s all relative and easily beaten.

  • Snowbell

    Indeed, America is hardly a shadow of its former self, if even that. Everything mentioned in your article is absolutely appalling. With a few exceptions, politicians seem to adhere to a mindset beyond understanding. Almost like drones simply doing as they are instructed. By whom? Certainly not the people who elected them. The TSA´s groping of a 6-year old girl (or boy, for that matter) is certainly unconscienable, but basically NOBODY, old, middle, or young should be subjected to this treatment. However, it is an apt symbol for the subjugation that appears to have been accepted incrementally by the American public by and large. I pray for the American spirit, for its re-awakening, stamina and resistance to this creeping tyranny.

  • David Venhaus

    It is time people….

  • GWO

    The mantra used to be “anyone but Bush”. Now it’s “anyone but them”.

  • Marjorie smith

    The search was more unnecessary than offensive.
    The worker who “groped” the child searched her in a professional manner.

    • Earl of Locksley

      You…and fools like you are EXCACTLY what is wrong with this country. Stop breathing immediately. You are nothing but an oxygen thief!

  • Marje Kimberly

    As long as Americans do not realize that their hard-earned money belongs to them, personally, and that taxation is voluntary ONLY, perhaps sincere, honest Americans will “get the picture” that income taxes (a scam) do NOT go to the USA! They go overseas to feed the flesh-eating elite bankers. Have you noticed how beutifully kept America’s bridges and infrastructures are looking? Not one dime goes to any of this, and most Americans think this is where their taxes go! They think they are helping their own country! They are so misinformed as to where these dollars go, that they merely are trancing out and continuing to feed the face of the corrupt government monster. How many of you would continue to file taxes if you knew you were only paying for the continued wealth of the already wealthy! These words are not bullshit. These words are true. Notice how the media refers to us as “taxpayers” — and the government refers to us as “American taxpayers.” This is what we have become! We are no longer respected because we are so “easily fleeced” by government. If all of us refused to pay the criminals, watch how quickly the tax code and ethics would change in Washington. But we would all have to do it together and not be “fearmongered” into thinking taxes are helping America. This is simply not true. We’ve been “Bernie Madoff’d” into an amazing false belief system. Wake up, America! Refuse to support the criminals in Washington, D.C., and keep a jaundiced eye on the leaders of your state.

  • BEAR


  • CrazyTown
    If you think you’re crazy then you probably are not. Usually insane people don’t think they are. They are positive their actions are perfectly reasonable and can’t understand why other people object. That is the state of the world today. The US in particular. There’s little protest over us sticking our nose into other countries business and murdering their citizens. If Iran had taken offense at our actions at Waco and sent their troops to “intervene” we would have screamed at the top of our lungs and blasted anyone one of them that dare set foot in our country. Yet we continue to “intervene” and then wonder why other countries hate our guts. And the intervention always seems to happen in countries that have resources we want. I haven’t heard about the US sending troops to the Congo or Ivory Coast. That part of Africa doesn’t seem to rate the same interest as Iraq or Lybia. Let em all kill each other. Who gives a crap.
    It’s considered insanity if you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, yet we keep sending the same corporate owned lackeys to Washington year after year. We get upset that billions are spent on military while we have people here at home that are underfed, ill-housed and poorly educated. It’s estimated that we have already spent over 100,000,000 on just the missiles that we used in one day on Lybia. One Day!!!!! one hundred million dollars!!! Why isn’t everyone screaming WTF!!!! I don’t know who’s worse. The monsters that instigate these actions or everyone who just goes on about their business like nothing is wrong. In the meantime the Obamas flit around the globe having a wonderful time.
    Even Marie Antoinette would be outraged. We never got rid of royalty. We just gave it a new name.
    So if no one else is going to take action I am.
    Senator Bernie Sanders: you are hereby named the administrator of the United States. This position replaces the office of the president. You seem to be one of the few people left on this earth that has common sense and will speak up for what is right.
    You are free to appoint staff as you see fit.
    As far as all the current occupants of our executive, legislative and judicial offices this is your official notice to pack up your shit and get out. That means all of you!
    Go home, try and find a real job, if you can.
    To our military: Take your fingers off the triggers right now. Just walk away. If you want to go to Japan and help the people there go. If not come home. This is where you belong. We’re going to need your help cleaning up the mess here.
    The people who sent you there don’t give a damn about you! To them you are cannon fodder. Kissinger came right out and said you are “dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns….”
    Can I make it any clearer that you are not respected in anyway by the people who sent you to wherever you are right now?
    To the banksters and the military industrial complex. Get the &%@# out! Leave the country! We not taking anymore of your shit. You have lied to and stolen from us for decades. We have finally caught on to your endless bullshit. Oh btw leave your stuff here. You get to leave with the clothes on your back. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  • Sam

    In nature there are the productive cells and the parasites. The example of parasites in society is this When the parasites overtake take the productive cells the organism dies . When the producers of this country are overtaken by the beaurocrats,politicians then the nation dies. That is what is happening and the country it is DYING. Is it a wonder that China is now the biggest producer in the world. China is a power house because what it produces is mostly consumed by Americans. Because of the beaurocracy and backwards politics have driven industry overseas. The strange thing is America is considered and a free capitalist democratic society, and China is considered communist. I think we live in a dyslecsic world, we have it backwards. The communist way of thinking in this country is out of control. That is why the U.S has been reduced from the greatest producers in the world to now nothing more than a ATM machine where everything is debt and finance. God help us all.

  • morpheus

    Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you.

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News

  • James Fischer

    When a politician gets to Washington, we limit them to 6 years in office, and we allow them to use the same laws and services as the rest of us. They should only be covered by Social Security, by Medicare. No more lifetime positions.
    Next election, suggest that everyone vote against the imcumbant.

  • Bill

    It is popular for everyone to say “CUT!” but most groups seem to very carefully avoid saying cut what.

    If you are way over budget then I don’t think even a couple of percent is going to fix it. 20% might and hold the line at that might do it. The question is… what 20% is feasible to cut?

    All defense and vet retirement and health care? That is about 20%.

    All Social Security? That is about 20%.

    All Medicare and Medicaid? That is about 20%.

    All “discretionary” (roads, jails, most of the rest of govt)? That is about 20%.

    The rest is a little interest (because rates are so low) and other things. That is about 20%.

    So which one? Or which two you cut in half?

  • marsha

    Really then, what are we going to do about this stinking mess?

  • I assume Nancy Pelosi misses them good ole days when senators were appointed rather than elected.

  • Amazing how far we’ve come from the state governments formed before American Revolution.

    Invest in silver and gold coins. That’s my advice. We know gold has to go up so that the dollar can be replaced with a new gold-based currency.

  • Will

    @Bill, If you lost your income, you would immediately stop new purchases (new infastructure and any gov’t sponsered givaway progams) and would instantly go after more income (tax increases), pare down optional payments (reduce military aquisitions), sell unused/uneeded/excessive assets (liquidate excess military hardware), fire the maid (reduce by percentage all critical gov’t workers, institute import duties and start a trade war), dig the change out of the couch (drill and pump oil, mine gold, copper, iron and whatever resources you can). Increase taxes on supposed U.S. business that farm labor to foreign slave level countries until it’s cheaper to pay American wages for work done. There is no money left to pay? 30% reduction of medicare and medicade (no more free mobility chairs). Send the illegal Mexicans back Home. These are harsh sounding measures but if Americans won’t allow it, we’re done so we do it, right? There are only 3 economic sectors that produce, and the U.S. politicians have reduced 2 of them to non events. Dems have attacked the resouce sector for 40 years, publicans have attacked manufacturing for 30 years, and all that’s left is growing/processing food, which leaves us an agrarian economy that has lived on credit like we were still successful (every successful country on earth protects thier resource and manufacturing sectors as if they were gold). We now pay for Reagan,Bush,Willie-bob,and little Georges spending sprees (actually just the interest on them) with more printed fakaloo reserve notes and we are totally broke. The spending cuts are unavoidable, the longer we wait the worse the bottom is going to be.

  • Frank

    We need term limits so people elected to office don’t become professional crooks financing their re-election only to look forward to more robbing of the people. I say 2 terms for a Representative (4 years) & 1 term only for Senator (6 years).

    We also need to “True the Vote” (make sure dead people, illegal aliens, etc. don’t wind up voting & nobody votes more than once). I’ve heard reports that the Democratic Party boasts about the Republicans needing to win every election by at least a 3% margin or their voter fraud tactics will beat them in a close election every time (I’m sure the Republicans have some districts where they can do the same to the Democrats).

    We need to return to a smaller, limited Federal Government & have spending caps in place to force whatever the government does to be more efficient & have independent auditors insure each government department is spending their money properly (it would probably be wise to have 2 different independent agencies audit each department & then compare the audits).

    Whenever possible, hire a private firm to be paid a lump sum to do what a government agency is now supposed to do. The owner of that private firm will have a self interest in doing the same job for the least amount of money in order to maximize his profit. That private firm should also be open for audit as above.

    We need a balanced budget amendment.

  • 5150

    And this is only 5 examples. How about the warning signs on American soil warning us that if we continue into a national park we maybe killed by Mexican drug cartels. Maybe signs like this belong at the border “Warning crossing the US Border Illegally Maybe Hazardous to Your Health”! Stop chasing them back across the border and start putting them behind bars where they belong! Or what about the bands on farmers markets and small farms selling their goods at the side of the road? Or the CIA giving 1800 guns to the drug cartels in Mexico, so they can use them to kill our border patrol agents? Or what about a president that starts a war all by himself without the approval of congress and then is allowed to continue after congress finds out? How much more do we have to bend over before we get mad and do something about it?! Invest in gold and silver and don’t forget, lead and brass too! The time is not far off, you will need it!

  • Corey Mondello

    Only the elimination of all conservative Christians will allow all Americans to be free and the world to no longer have to live in fear of the U.S.A.’s imperialist, terrorist holy war. The conservative ideology has never helped mankind in any way, it has not only never helped mankind in anyway, it has oppressed, murdered, raped and killed all those in it’s way to gain power. History shows us this. Fact shows us this. James Madison, the “Father of the U.S. Constitution”, along with many founders of this country, regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliations, knew keeping politics and religion separate not only preserves each, but helps them flourish: “The number, the industry, and the morality of the Priesthood and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the Church and the State.”

    • Michael


      What exactly do you mean by “the elimination” of all conservative Christians?

    • Earl of Locksley

      Really? Who had the bigger body counts, the Crusaders or Adolph Hitler? The Spanish Inquisitors, or Uncle Joe Stalin? The Salem witch hunters or Mao Tse Tung. The problem with bullshitters like you is that they’re so used to being fed all the leftist shit that they don’t realize when they’re full of it!

      • Darin Morgan

        Really, comparing BODY COUNTS is your defense. You Christians (all religions for that matter) are some sick twisted puppy’s!

      • tye

        Technically…that’s like saying that’s an orange and they are too. Because ALL of those people were fanatics. ESPECIALLY. The crusaders(started by christians btw). Religion has started far more wars than any other cause in the world combined. Crunch the numbers if you like.

      • dustindegregorio

        cory is not wrong but i dont think we should kill anyone. thats what they want you to do become mad and hurt and kill so they can say you are a threat and if the mass does it marshall law why do you think they are passing the laws for this stuff now because they know its comeing they will make sure of it. the answer to your question earl of locksley is none of the above. the answer to that would be the holy crusaders in histroy they kill whole cities if they did not accept their god. if they did accept the churches took over their city and ruled. if you did not follow the churches they would kill you for it. it was the worst event ever the bloodest and the most deaths of everyone ever. kids, women, and the men of all ages.

        • William Titus

          Can you please name the “whole cities” that the crusaders wiped out? What exactly were their names, locations and the date of their annihilation? I don’t know what revisionist historians your reading, but this sounds like half-cocked, leftist, God-hating propaganda that has little basis in reality. I have seen the progressive left make things up whole-cloth with only the slightest information about the actual history. I am quite familiar with the history of the crusades and you are grossly misinformed about the facts concerning the Inquisitions and the Holy Crusades. Try opening a credible history book before you open your mouth. The “worst event ever”…please!

    • hi987654321

      Look at it like this…. God should not be on our dollar bill, why? Because it forcing you to believe that justice is being a “good christian” even though our country is killing lives over money and power. Theyre making more money by lying to us in every way. We have no say in gov’t unless it’s to their benefit. Many of us don’t have health care. Our taxes are going in the governments pockets. Nothing to do with our best interest.

    • Weed Wacker

      Spoken like a true IDIOT!

    • Ike

      Christians are not responsible for the corrupt actions of governments. At least true Christians, anyway. People sometimes use religion as an excuse to come into power. They sometimes use religion to take advantage of a situation. They sometimes teach false things and tie them into religion to trick the public. But I guarantee you, those people aren’t true Christians and will rot in hell one day if they don’t own up to their sins. I am Christian, and under no circumstance would I use my religion for my own personal gain as a leader. It goes against Christianity.
      So don’t blame Christians. Blame those who use Christianity in the in evil and corrupt ways. They aren’t Christians.

    • William Titus

      You are seriously ill informed about the threat to this nation. “Conservative Christians” were not the politically crazed lunatics that exterminated 16 million “undesirables” in the middle of the twentieth century–that would be Hitler and Stalin. These two mad men were Socialists–one a Democratic Socialist and the other a Communist Socialist. Neither of them were Christians. This sort of talk about getting rid of the “conservative Christians” is so dark and evil that us people of faith have are taking to our guns and survival gear. You sir are a very dark menace to western civilization and have no grasp of whom is the real threats in this world.

  • Dan Hannok

    1. Eliminate the TSA and restore our 4th Amendment rights NOW! The TSA grew from 12 employees to 65,000 in ONE year. Also, eliminate the harmful X-ray porno scanners and arrest, indict and convict former head of TSA Chertoff for fraud and criminal conspiracy. He became a sales consultant for one of the scanner companies shortly after he instituted the new rule at TSA requiring these scanners & left TSA. He is personally raking in million$ because of this back-room dealing & conspiracy.

    2. Several years ago, the US Government & military shrink wrapped $12 BILLION USD on many pallets and shipped this cash via many C-130 cargo planes to Iraq. This money mysteriously disappeared without a trace and still remains unaccounted for. YET… if the average American citizen tries to leave the US with a penny more than $10,000 of their hard-earned (and already taxed USD) without declaring it … then, that money is seized by government and criminal accusations are made.

    w w

  • What a sorry state of affairs this country is in..Polititians who help themselves to the pot of gold in public service ..No solving of problems unless they can spend.The new breed of repubs should embrace the tea party.Problem solving by real solutions and correcting ill written laws.Sent our Columbia law student back to school to learn the American way.

  • Rob


  • I visited Alaska last year and sorry to say it but America has become paranoid. Before boarding the cruise ship in Canada. I had my palm print taken by U.S. Customs. When we entered Alaskan water there was a U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat with a guy manning a heavy calibre machine gun.
    Come on guys the line between the U.S. and Mexico is wide open and your worried about tourist on an Alaskan cruise?

  • BobtheGrape

    Fire the sons-of-bitches! The president and his cabinet, congress and the supreme court justices. Fire them all!! Then we need to start over with NO CAREER POLITICIANS, no careers in politics, which means term limits and no lobbyists!!!!!

  • We must return to the Declaration of Independence to deal with an oppressive and obviously corrupt government. We must stop rushing willy-nilly to put out brushfires and demolish the entire rotten structure filled with vermin derisively called the District of Criminals. Uncle Sam is proven to be a psychopath, a pathological liar and thief totally lacking credibility. Live free or die trying!

  • disgusted

    I found an article on another website saying that Mitt Romney himself was given a bailout of 12 mil for his pizza business Dominos.You see he owns the Bain Corporation. Also if you look up the 12 year old who found out everyone of our presidents come from the same family bloodline,hows that for voting for anyone in office.They are voting themselves into office.Everyone of them are related to the queen of England,including Obama.

  • CabotAR

    This article just shows me why more & more Americans are going to alternative news locations.

    Mainstream media (including FOX/CNN) just seem to be getting closer to saying the same thing.


  • Government Corruption… isn’t that redundant?

    That said, our President and government leaders aren’t really in charge, they are just following orders from the financial elite bankers and corporations.

    Get financial education from the Mike Dillards Elevation Group to learn how to protect and create (or recover) your wealth during today’s economic crisis.

  • They lie about radiation from Japan, inflation and the potential for a worldwide food crisis too.

    Be prepared for natural disasters or financial hardship by having long term food storage.

    Free Food 2 Go

  • Message

    Why does child support suspend drivers liscense if you dont have a job its like they havent seen the unemployment rate. So if you drive for a living and work is slow the government has made it hard for poor or middle class people. Mainly latinos blacks are suffering from this violation of our rights. We need to stand up and take back america. Let our voices be heard. They are destroying lives

    • 1488 master

      Oh yeah the blacks and Latinos… get the eff out of here. Always the blacks and Latinos, Always…

      • weed & sex

        yo man dont demonstrate racism, you only get to the fact that you hate instead of love

  • robert martin

    Our goverment is nothing but a currupt regiem. Our own president is fighting tooth and nail to destroy our country. We no longer live in a free deocratic republic. Our undercover socialist goverment would love you to think so. Everyday as they take our freedoms and natural born rights away, us americans?? just stand by silently and let it happen. The only way to stop our world from becoming a prison cell is to fight back against the corruption in force. Peacefull protest and talking it over wont solve anything. Its already gone too far!! Now is the time to take a stand for our counrty and for our rights. It is the time to take back our country from these corrupt invaders. We must all rise up together and crush them. We the people control this country. Why has the slavemaster handed the whip over to the slave?? Why do we set idoly by while they destroy this great country that so many true patriots fought and died to create?? Let your voice be heard!! And let your fist be felt!! Let them know that this is our home and they shall not devalue what we have!!!!

    • dustindegregorio

      where is the like button?

    • guy

      well seeing as we vote for the president, you and everyone else voted for corruption, Who is more foolish the fool, or the person who puts the fool In-charge.

      • Dane Vogel

        Are you retarded? Not everyone votes, that’s one of the few freedoms we still have. We don’t have a “third choice”. If you vote, so what? It’s not just the president that is corrupt, it’s the entire government! Ron Paul for president is so far the best choice.

        • Vote4RonPaul

          Ron Paul all the wayyy!!

        • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

          The solution is not voting if they have an election and only government participate we are then united against the enemy and they will then concede right now they know they have us divided and as such under control

      • Chris Ayers

        Then there’s the matter of the corporations that own the media back certain candidates and skew their coverage to make them look good.

      • Katie

        We have no say in the votes Duhh

      • Anonymous

        The president is merely a puppet…

    • ManORight

      When this President was elected, Dr. Martin Luther King’s words were turned upside down. Those who voted for Obama did so based on the color of his skin, not on the content of his character. He told us about his character in his books – he was a drug user, a Marxist sympathizer and a racist. Nowhere in his books was there any hint of an epiphany or change of heart from any of those positions.
      Black people who knew abortion was wrong abandoned fundamental Christian beliefs to elect the first black man to the presidency.
      When he is finished we will all marvel at the fundamental transformation of America. In time, all will mourn the time he spent in the White House and long for what he destroyed.

    • mathewiowa

      The problem is that we have way too many people standing in line with their hand out wanting free hand outs to wake up and realize there is a problem. They all want to sit at home and do nothing and get everything for nothing.

  • Geo

    The Democrat and the Republican parties are both very corrupt and very evil. USA people are very stupid people, because they are blind and they do not realize what is happening inside the corrupt government. They only vote those same very evil political parties. USA people do not try new ways to improve the country, but to put all confidence, faith, and trust to the stupid USA government. That is why there is so many problems in the USA government, because the stupid USA people always vote the wrong politicians and the same stupid and evil political parties, such as the Democrat and Republican parties. I do not, even, vote anymore, because I have no more trust, faith, and confidence with those evil and corrupt politicians. The politicians are all very evil and all of them are crooks.


      You are right GEO , but there is little people willing to make a change , rather humans are animals that instictively fear risk , and since they know that the government is evil , and ´public servants are crazy they prefer to hide away and let things go , and that the government knows it , and makes use of it , while secret groups , like supposed free-masons and other as perverse pull the strings of the goverment to strech it to conform , without realizing that when those strings break will be so late that there wonteven be memory to understand it , and of that we can also blame humanity

  • longpatrol72

    Welcome to America, where the rich get richer and the poor stay poor! The country where our bloated entertainment industry hypnotizes and lulls the average Joe into a false sense of security while our so-called government officials line corporate pockets with billions of tax dollars! And let’s not forget about that wonderful SOPA bill people…hell,why stop there? Let’s just burn that silly ol’ Bill of Rights document to ashes and take a piss on the Constitution! Wow, what a great time to be an American. I’m sure our nation’s forefathers would be proud of what we’ve become…err, right?

  • Ethan

    DPSA Defense Programs Support Activity located at 7175 Troy Hill Drive in Elkridge, MD is actually a Defense Intelligence Agency DIA facility. This facility cost over 30 million dollars to stand up and spends 4 times that amout each year on wasteful projects. There are many other facilities like this as well that have no purpose but to serve the intrests of beuracrats.

  • paulinat.

    The usa government is corrupt. The only way we will get better is if the american people open their eyes and stop believing every single thing the government says. Their evil. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT.

  • one

    Ifear for our children. These evil politicians only care about themselves and the future of theres. Everytime I see Romney I picture him with a set of horns on his head. He is just another lying soul. The federal reserve is as filthy as can be and he doesnt want to do anything about their operations? Wake up. Ron Paul is our only hope.


    Ron Paul is no one’s friend, but his own. It’s disturbing anymore to hear people use the word HOPE.

    We live in G-dless times as was the time of the Roman empire, we all are familiar with this tragedy, and thus, as history goes, “it repeats itself” prepare for the inevitable, or take this all serious and live the Constitution, not just learn it and make the change happen. Oh, how Our Almighty God is amused!

    Really? in God We Trust, the audacity of any people to exploit and desecrate such a benevolent G-d., what a paradox! The Federal government MUST be reformed if not, let us resurrect the late King George III, turn back our time pieces and get it over with.

    Just an after thought, what are the words to our national anthem again?

    “Oh! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!
    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land
    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”


  • Ariell

    I know i don’t know alot about politics but i am interested in finding out why the government is so corrupted. You can not really trust the government at all because look of whats become of our country? And the world.

    I’m only eighteen years old and right now our “X” generation does not really have a bright future ahead of us. Now I’m not saying that in general. Specifically i’m saying, how can WE move forward if the government is at a stand still, traveling backwards? There are so many things that we do not know about. That’s why people all over the world need to crave knowledge to make this world a stable and stronger place. But until then we are running with our heads cut off, trying to figure out what to believe in. I’m sick of it…and this needs to end or one by one will start to loose hope

  • no longpatrol the rich get richer and the poor dont stay poor they get even poorer

  • Today, this corruption goes all the way to the top.

    However, by expert experience and research for this book, I’ve discovered that all judges and politicians must actually suffer from psychological disorder themselves.

    See this link for evidence, and a public safety warning. This is urgent!:

    Here’s a guy with a good plan to solve these corruption issues, and save the American spirit:

  • PD

    When will WE THE PEOPLE fight back. Corrupt government, corrupt president, corrupt are they
    all. We need all come together and fight them if we want change.

    • Benny

      Your last sentence states the obvious solution. However, how do honest, hard working, God fairing citizens come together when this corrupt, self-serving entity we call our government has “divided and conquered” through the representation of special interests all those subverted “minority” viewpoints? In simpler terms, When you try to give everybody everything you manifest the tides of Socialism and individual freedom ceases to exist.

  • I will guarantee you the American people will not wake up until total collapse economically has taken place. We as a nation believe that the president down to the little aides have the American people’s best interest at heart. I believe that this government will totally destroy the dollar bill in the next couple of years and total chaos and rioting in this country will take place. Ron Paul is really America’s only hope, sad to say he is totally demonized by the media which is controlled by the jews. I believe in time government figureheads will be hunted down when the toal collapse happens. No place on earth will be safe for the elitists.

  • When you look at the US Constitution, State Constitution and then take a look at the fraud placed upon you by your CORPORATE NAME by CORPORATE CAPACITY OF GOVERNMENT you understand why the administrative rules apply under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ACT in your STATE. LOOK into what can be done, on our website is a road map which varies from State to State within the statutes. Go to Our Corrupt System page at and learn more.

  • Remington416

    Even though government corruption can be observed or discussed on a blog or website, how many of you that have responded here have ever actually experienced govt corruption first hand? I’m sure several of you have experiences of your own. Please read a small piece of my personal experience.
    I joined the Alaska Air National Guard three weeks prior to 9/11. I was sent to training in Nov 2001 and returned in May 2002. My civilian employer claimed that since I joined the Guard without there permission they fired me and trespassed me from the property. I was a vested state of Alaska employee being fired and trespassed for joining the state national guard. When the employer was informed this was illegal, the employer change their story and claimed that I was fired for terroristic threatening of a supervisor and being investigated for terrostic threatening and possibly domestic terrorism.
    I filed a complaint with the US DOL and was told that I did not have a case.
    This is corruption from a first hand account.

    Dave Townsend

    • Funk Obama

      God is keeping score and what comes around goes around.

  • no hope

    Instead of one form of government(England). We know have three forms of unjust and corrupt bodies of government. Federal, state, and local. They each use their power to over burden Americans with taxes, laws, and personal agendas. Most American people are idiots. So we continue to vote only the wealthy into public office and believe every dilusional word they spew to us. This can be linked back to a broken education system where we reward kids for mediocrity and discourage individual intellectual progression. The government wanted every one to receive the same thorough brain washing so that they the government would never have any resistance from the generations to come. Now you see these generations taking office and holding positions of power. Complete corruption corrupts completely. Our country is broken beyond repair. A house divided can not stand. It will take something more than a revolution to end this evil. People here have proven we can not keep our government in check. I have no faith in my fellow man to do the right thing. I am a genius, convicted felon (cannabis cultivation) who has been trampled on by everyone in life for standing up for what I believe in and I can assure you this government will not stop until all free thinking individuals are in prison, homeless, or dead. I was extorted by a corrupt political system and I took a plea deal because I was charged with being a special offender because I had hunting rifles in my house and was facing a mandatory minimum 8 year sentence in state prison if I was convicted. Even though I had a valid medical defense in a med state. Thus, I was prosecuted for standing up for what I believed in and for believing in the second amendment. My second, fourth, fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendment rights were violated. The prosecution assured me that if I fought the illegel search and seizure via motion to suppress that our (my wife and I) plea deal would be off the table. I lived an hour from town, twenty minutes down a dirt road had two neighbors a half mile from my house, and yet someone made an anonymous tip that “suspicious activity” was occuring. Nothing in the anonymous tip was true and cops felt the need to over charge me and my wife. We were first time offenders and now branded felons for life. Apparently cops can and do lie all the time and violate citizens rights. They do this because it is their job and they are taught to lie and intimidate. What a fantastic government.

  • Mike

    Okay, the six year old girl is not being molested, this is because the person who is perfoming these checks is a female. Also the checks are necessary for our safety, who know, the little innocent girl could have a bomb vest straped to her. YOU NEVER KNOW! So i do not think that this girl was molested. One more thing the mother was right there watching this whole thing and could have stoped it.

  • mary c.brown

    I have for quite a while noticed how blatently corrupt our government has become.They preach about the constitution and then ignore the most important concept of their duties.SERVE THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT YOU TO SERVE THEM.We are aware they no longer work for us(the people).They now work for themselves.They work for special interest.They can get rich that way.I say to the people,get rid of the turncoats.Think about what I have written.GET SMART!!We need to help ourselves.

  • FedUp WithAmerica

    I think we have a sixth example to add to this list. The Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can conduct strip searches for any crime. ANY CRIME, even walking your dog without a leash. What!? Do we no longer have the right to keep our clothes on either?


    We all know what has to be done! that time is coming, hope your ready


    This reply will be blow your mind, but its true. First of all the govnt. has taken control of the constitution and ignored it in all states. There is a thing called nanotechnology that they introduce to a unsuspecting person by first placing what’s called a prosthesis in your ear and then they intro. nano-particles thru acid (kinda like lsd but its trash) soaks thru skin and a parasite called snalenboughlough. I believe this is very close to the spelling but am not sure. Everything they use is two or three pronged. They also use frequencies that come thru every ones homes and business’s electrical system thru your common carrier like mlg&w, swepco or entergy inc. you can buy a frequency meter for $42 at lowes or home depot. should be 60 cycles per second if higher like 180 to 60 hz or hertz and fluctuates rapidly from any variance of 60 to 180 you are being watched on your tv or fm radio. Any receptacle in your house will work as it is coming from outside the home. who regulates the power company? The govt.! As for nano they prosthesis in ear and nanopart. will allow you to hear what they call voices and it can give them sight. Believe it, thats how far tech. has come. The voices is ass whole that works for the govt. to try to stop someone from doing something not in the govt.’s best interest. The FBI, Secret serv., Sheriffs office and city police will lie to you. THEY ARE ALL INVOLVED! My father was on the board at the electric company and my uncle was the commander at the CIA Memphis TN. All of you who know me will believe me but, as for the ones who don’t I want to know what rock you hide under! Don’t vote democrat or you will get more. I don’t care for republican either but it’s about the only choice we have. I am an attorney who does not care what the govnt. ask me to do! I will not do what they ask! Even if they threaten me with the bar. By the way, don’t trust Doctors as they are involved with this conspiracy!

    • Jason

      hello I would just like to say that I believe you about what you said on theeconomiccollapseblog. im actually going through some of the symptoms you describe.. as far as nanotechnology do you know any where that I could get physically looked and have the nanoparticles removed from my body. this has been making me extremly upset.

  • We will not tolerate this corruption. It is time for revolution.

    We are Anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.

    • Seeker

      How can we join, I am 17 and i have figured it out for myself and i am disgusted with the way this country works, i sincerely want to help please contact me

    • Chris Ayers

      Get on with it already…

    • Anonymous is a joke

      Anon is just as much of a joke as the politicians. Say your gonna do something, thats all you gotta do. dont ever do it, just say you will….

    • My Destiny

      May i join you guys. I studied code and can aid you guys.

    • Shadow

      I am with you on this one we are really in bad shape and we need a fix not any more corruption

  • donald

    my way of protest corrupt government is to write my thoughts on paper money the white margin that goes around it. use a sharpie fine point pen. do the math a single dollar will be seen by several thousand people. i write on several thousand in a year. imagine a million people doing this. the message will get out. and its legal to do inspite of what we all think. but im alone fighting this battle by myself.

  • Blilliant idea Donald,

    I think I might just use the computer and printer to make the job simple and print on every note I recieve.

  • mka

    I think its absolutely disgusting all the BS the government covers up and it sickens me that with numbers comes money, with money comes power, and with power comes fear…therefore how pathetic is it that us citizens fear the ones that are supposedly our leaders!

    • law

      In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Tony Montana – Scarface 1983

      • EverettWilliams

        LOL, sick but true. Look at all those with the power in DC, Power has totally corrupted.

  • joe

    so when do we mobilize and strike back ,or are you all just a bunch talkers who are trying impress each other with you’r abilities to ramble

  • Cael Goolsby

    The government is responcible for all the drug wars in mexico, because there igorant laws

  • Aaron

    All Americans are blind enslaved assholes with big mouths. They are very very scared, always tell lies and are quite unintelligent. They have big hearts though under all those lies and illegal vices. They do not belong to the world as such they are scared of it. American thinking is very very skewed and very affected. Its amazing what a handful of British NLP practioners did in Washington and Hollywood. It truly is amazing… YOU HAVE NO IDEA! AT ALL!!! There is hope, Americans that travel outside of their country generally become much happier wiser and more successful as a result of dropping all that fear and stopping the lies…

  • Allie

    I don’t belong to any political party, I’ve never voted because nothing ever changes, its the same corruption no matter who takes office. I know of many others my age who feel exactly the same but also feel we can’t do anything about it, so why bother? I’m done just listening and reading about it. Someone just please tell me what can be done about it! Or are we limited to just complaining?

  • Number one quit voteing,number two dont go to college,number three,wake up step up and work together.

    • george

      agreed with jim miller comment. but i will still get an education .

  • At Join America Again, 15 million Tea Party Members as well as millions of other citizens, who are fed up with the corruption can do something about it. Their Indictment Engine will expose the corruption of every senator and congressman and prepare a criminal complaint for every members perspective elected official, where you can notarize it and file it by certified mail in your State court. Thousands of criminal complaints will hit at once. They will face a variety of charges including, racketeering, fraud, conspiracy, dereliction of duty, violating their sworn oath to protect and preserve our Constitution and in the case of approving any treaty that violates the Constitution, may be charged with treason. This is going to happen early in 2013 after the elections. If they fight the charges in State court and are convicted, they will serve time in our fine State prisons. If they plead guilty, some may receive a probated sentence, with the terms being to follow the America Again agenda of shrinking the federal kleptocracy to the provisions listed on the website. We need every patriot who loves our country to help preserve our freedoms and lock these criminals in prison where they belong. Elections don’t matter as most are lawyers gaming the corrupt system they created. Thanks, Mark

  • The pat down should have been avoidable by going through the detectors they have, plus what does the TSA say about getting a toddler through appropriately.

  • Indigo Child

    There’s a reason they’re not going after the Federal Reserve. The Fed is like the mafia boss to the US Government. Any time the government needs money, they get it from the Fed. They’re the puppet masters that pull the strings of society.

  • jp

    I was going to make a comment but it’s really not worth it.

  • JD

    I wish I could be President for a term. I’d probably be **************** by the CIA, but I’d pick Lady Liberty back up and put this country back on its feet. First thing I’d do: Repeal the NDAA bill. Second thing I’d do: Pass a bill that would not allow any other laws currently or ever made to again conflict with the US Constitution or Bill of Rights. Third thing I do: Stop buying Chinese made parts for our countries defense systems.

  • Andrew

    You people are all fools, lol you think its the government, its all the republicans who are cutting taxes for themsleves and imposing higher taxes on the poor and middle class. The rich republican politicians are scumbags who only care about themselves and their money. They dont care about anyone else. Mitt Romeny made a comment saying he didnt care about 47 percent of america, right Mitt., wont be voting for you , cause you dont care about 47 percent of the country.

    • You’re pretty naive to this this. The problem is that you’ll remain naive until it becomes absolutely obvious that you’re naive. You approach arguments as a fight to win, not an opportunity to learn. The national debt has gone up 9.4% a year consistently since 1971. During this time we’ve had Republican and Democratic presidents as well as congress. It will go up 9.4% a year on average until the dollar collapses. Tax revenue is now less than 15% of the national debt today. You won’t have to wait long until the dollar collapses.

    • killed

      what do you think you know none of this is true i’m not saying either side of politics is guilty im saying that this is slanderous

  • Daniel

    I’m glad that I’m not the Only person in this country that thinks that the government is Extremely Corrupt. By how many have posted their views on this matter, I have a feeling that Revolution will be happening Sometime, I for one hope it’ll happen Soon.

    • the fact that you made this comment have not been killed because of it shows that it is not a truly corrupt state.

      • Funk Obama

        civil war is coming.

      • Guest

        Not really they just keep the information in a database and follow them around a little unless they are a real threat … then you get suicided

    • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

      Re bear about one year ago when I believe a prosecute rand wife were executed in Texas gov perry was sure that was the end of their regime I don t believe they ever solved it but that would bring down their system after a few judicial people meet their fate no one will attend their mock trials and so without their police soldiers they people win their government back with little blood shed and certainly none worrhwhile

  • Thomas Sislby

    I just read a book that has a lot of suggestions on how to fix this abortion we call a Congress. It’s written by a former Green Beret and it’s called Undermining Tyrants and is available on Amazon. The operation detailed in the book is very do-able, and it would have the desired effect without us having to fight another bloody civil war.

  • Walter

    Now it is time for a new revolution in the United States: it needs a new government that should eliminate bureaucracy mess by toughen gun laws, cut taxes, and create Jobs. The current U.S. Government, that is causing corruption should be ousted, like what happened in East Germany, Yugoslavia, U.S.S.R.,or Romania in the years past. ,
    This new government in the United States should be a Prime Minister, instead of a president (similar to Canada or the UK), instead of a president, and should become a kingdom instead of the republic.
    The United States needs a new flag, similar to the state of Hawaii’s, or the Grand Union flag with the Union Jack in the canton, which could or should be a part of the peaceful political revolution in the United States in the Future by cleaning up politics in America and lowering costs of Gas food, and create jobs, and to reduce violence in the United States.,

    • EverettWilliams

      Your nuts, I don’t bow to a KING other than King Jesus. What we need is to oust everyone in DC and start over. If we ever give up our guns someone like Hitler, or a follower of Carl Marks will take over and sure enough we’ll have corruption. I believe they want us to be slaves to the state, look at our police forces, They look like commandos not protectors and servants of the public.

  • a free united states man

    Only by the spilling of our oppressors blood by the free people united will we be able to take back our home.

    • EverettWilliams

      Everyone’sready, but who will lead? Nothing get done without organization and leadership.

  • susan blanton

    As long as Big money interests are allowed to buy favor with our politicians things will not change. I believe that every candidate should be allocated a certain amount of money to spend on their campaigns by the government. No more special interest groups buying our elections. If the candidate runs out of money before they are elected, then it is a big indicator of their fiscal management and should be a red flag to voters. Lobbying should be illegal and any politician that takes money from special interests should be prosecuted.

  • jake the fighter

    everyone here is right, the government is corrupt, but we need more celebrities to join the fight, more controversial figures who join the struggle to make sure our opinions are heard, cause right now, the government is ignoring us because we are not in the 1%, wheres a 2pac when you need him. watch, we will all probably be in hot water with the government for our posts under the patriot act, sorry excuse for a government

  • EverettWilliams

    Talk, talk, talk and get mad, NOW WHAT? Unless 100 million people show up in DC pissed and ready for war, NOTHING will CHANGE.

    • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

      Better yet millions stay home refuse to fund the corruption and that government employees report to prison farms or face worse consequences and then force the change instead of expecting evil to Change to their liking

  • viva la revolucion

    It is stated that the people citizens of America can overthrow the government when it,gets,out of hand! So dont be scared! RISE REBEL RESIST! OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT! VIVA LA REVOLUCION! GOVERNMENT IS HACKING YOUR PHONES ON A DAILY BASIS! ILLUMINATI IS REAL! THEIR MOTTO IS 1 COLONY! FIGHT THE SYSTEM! MAKE A MOVEMENT! And quit being brainwashed! Think about it! How often do they ask for your personal information! Your just a number to them! Fight the white man you can not see that hides inside the white house bush is not that smart presidents are just puppets! There is higher sources pulling the strings!

  • Jordan7

    We people need to stop writing stupid comments on websites and actually do something about it! We need to start websites, speeches and protest! We people should rise and rise together!

    • Sevenfiftyseven Pilot

      I will create a Anonymous video soon calling for action against DC. WE will get guns, and destroy the government! Of course, the 2nd ammendment does allow that to happen if the government is corrupt.

  • james

    they want you to focus on american idol so you stop focusing on your american life. television is a form of control. it’s a distraction.
    the media feeds people the version of the story the people in control want the masses to see.

    example of how awful it is:
    those in control also control us with oil, but the resource is drying up, and there are too many alternatives surfacing/coming into the mainstream. the next form of control is your water. they will buy all the land with sources of drinkable water, and sell it back to us for an increased fee. blue gold. and we can’t find an alternative for water, it is what supports all lifeforms.
    these people in power are disgusting, and not what they seem to be.
    they will literally control life – or where life exists, by controlling the distribution of water. and we will pay for it.
    wait for it. it’ll happen.

    not going to lie, but the planet will be much better off once we kill ourselves off.
    this is no pessimism, just straight realism.
    we are cancer to this planet – or rather, our greed for power and wealth leads to our being cancerous.

    we can live with the earth healthily and naturally, but we are so deep in a state of being controlled by people who refuse to work with the environment, but rather turn it into a wasteland.

    quite sad

  • Roberto Sts

    Writers of articles like this are Canadians and not true americans. What about catholic corruption in America? What about talking of corruption of black people being purchased to give votes to the black canadian unions? Why those fox always get united to complain about what the government is spending in the budget against some pigs of the real corruption?

  • guy

    That little girl incident is not at all bad. it was 30 seconds of making sure people were not stupid/smart enough to hide something in their child. Which is definitely not above Americans. We think the government is corrupt, well FYI, people are. everyone does something or other in their lives that are classified as corrupt. You all complain about our leaders being corrupt people well guess who put them their… that’s right WE DID, with our voting right which in matter of fact is a privilege given to us by the gov. that few countries have. why don’t you all go home and sleep in your bed, in your safe house, and be thankful for the crap our government has given us, and the fact that it’s not a dictatorship.

  • MIRA

    They have made a mockery of our constitution and a befoolry of Uncle Sam. They pass legislation that poisons our families and prevents cures. I’m sick. Sick of babies dying. Sick of the pilfering. Sick from the lies. But we the people have the anti-venom. Our great forefathers garunteed this, and our rolling over in their graves as we idley stand by refusing to administer it. The American dream isn’t keeping up with the Jones’, the American dream is the freedom we are garunteed by the Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence. Let this brain washing end now! Our future depends on it.
    I pledge allegiance to the flag, and TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS, one nation, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty; AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. E Plurbius Unum.

  • a kid with a clue

    With the way everyone is talking it sounds like a civil war is coming. And i agree things need to change but I don’t think they should be changed physically or forcefully I believe there needs to be a moral change throughout the world and most definitely in the united states. We have lost our souls in the pursuit of the dollar, a piece of paper we have convinced ourselves is worth so much. What is a man if he sells out his beliefs his morals his heart and his word for money and power? A small piece of advice for any politican when it comes down to the wire and you have no material posessions left, your word is the only thing that can never be taken away from you treat it as such.

  • Ninjanon

    >Mfw the first comment has to do with Anonymous

    I love you.

  • killed

    i fear that in saying this i will be “scratched” from a government checklist but we need a revolution and we need it now.

  • killed

    the american government (or lack thereof) is socialist i agree

  • molon_labe

    You cannot be mad at a dog for biting. It is in the very core of his nature, as corrpution is in the very core of being a politician. Instead, the fault is our own for letting it get to this point. Now, the greater question remains. Will “we” fix it?

  • Sharon ODonnell

    well I read this kind of late ….if that’s what you felt back then you must really be blowing your mind today Oct.9 2013 surrounded in this fiasco /shut down .

  • Vinigar_Tea_Party

    If you think our government is so corrupt then go to another country like Saudi or China or Russia, our government is not the best but it’s better then other governments.

  • Truth

    We the people need to take back our rights and do what’s right for us the people bye the people not the gov it’s them and we r nothin it’s a bout time we take over for us

  • Idiots abound

    The only thing worse than US government corruption is the author of this articles writing style.

  • Archangel

    I hope that another country will come invade us and take over maybe there goverment wont b as corrupted as the U.S

  • Tim

    Have a cold one. I thought you were serious….

  • HFHF

    I hate this world, I love GTA V

  • Whatruth?

    This world makes no sense
    Senseless Fighting, War, Death, Destruction, We could have peace if we really wanted it. It’s too late, we will bring this world to it’s end. How can some think the way they do? I want to be different than them, But i’m so angry I want to kill them,in realization, I am them.

  • kathy

    I live in small town in Midwest. There is so much corruption in a Benton County Sewer Dist out side Warsaw Mo. we all know it but the State of Missouri won’t do a complete Audit. We homeowners are paying for this mess. No Media local news paper will print anything we have to say.
    I am 74 years old on fixed income. It breaks my heart I can’t trust any thing politions say or do. DNR and state of Missouri should want to know about Moneys missing un fair right off’s.
    We have even contacted Washing D C. No luck.

  • Six

    Wow,I am shocked what happened to American because the government corrupted the police,president,etc.I am very disappointed with the government because what happened to American having freedom and rights.The government makes me sick and I want the old America back not this sick new America that is corrupted but instead a free and independent America.

  • Becky Lynn

    Organized stalking and drug smuggling cover-up

  • disqus_uJdb6Tuzcx

    Buy with small providers during their federal reserve notes that will diminish their purse strings continue till they can be brought to stick and life imprisonment then exile their families to eliminate their bad seed which would only polute society in the futur

  • Coruptionsucks

    Hillary is more corrupt than trump could ever be. She just hides it well. Everyone believes what she says cause she says it with smile. And pretends to be nice. The thing people need to stop forgetting is just because someone is likable or calm and sweet does not mean they’re honest and trustworthy. Those are the ones to watch for most. Then those that say it like it is or show they are angry are called out. Well is not good to shove anger down and pretend. We have a right to get it out and society teaches us to suppress it and act perfect and that is dangerous. Anger is an emotion and feeling like all others that God gave us to use too.

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