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Food Riots 2011

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The stunningly violent food riots in Tunisia and Algeria show just how quickly things can change.  Just a few months ago, these two northern Africa nations were considered to be very stable, very peaceful and without any major problems.  But now protesters are openly squaring off with police in the streets.  Many of the protesters are throwing “fire bombs” or are shooting fireworks at the authorities, and the police are responding with a tremendous amount of violence themselves.  In Algeria, several protesters have been killed by police and several others have actually set themselves on fire to protest the economic conditions.  In Tunisia, more than 100 people have been killed and the president of that country actually had to flee for his life.  But on a global scale, food shortages have not even gotten that bad yet.  Yes, food prices are starting to go up and food supplies are a little bit tighter right now, but much worse times than these are coming.  So what in the world are the cities of the world going to look like when we have a very serious food shortage?

Just as we saw during the food riots of 2008, when people get to the point where they can’t even feed themselves anymore, they tend to lose it.  In the video posted below, you can really feel the desperation of these young Algerians as they riot in the streets….

This next video is of the food riots in Tunisia.  You will not want to let any young children watch this video.  In fact, if watching police beat and smash protesters laying on the ground upsets you, then you might not want to watch this video either.  The massive food riots that have erupted in Tunisia have left many city streets looking like war zones and at this point it is being reported that the violence has left over 100 people dead.  The president of Tunisia has left the country because of the rioting, and an interim president has been sworn in.  It is hoped that this will help restore order.  This video is absolutely stunning….

You see, the truth is that it is not just in the United States that people are becoming angry at government.  All over the world, frustration is boiling over.  But unlike the United States, where food is still very plentiful, in many areas of the world it is the deteriorating economic conditions that are sparking many of these riots.

According to the FAO, the global price of food hit a new record high in December.  For most Americans and Europeans, a rise in the price of food is just an inconvenience.  But in many areas of the world, even a relatively small rise in the price of food can mean that the survival of millions is suddenly threatened.

Global authorities are concerned that these food riots might start spreading – especially if the extremely harsh weather all over the globe continues to damage crops.

In fact, there are some signs that economic unrest is already beginning to spread….

*In the nation of Jordan, peaceful demonstrations were held in several locations around the country on Friday to protest rising food prices.

*In Libya, protests about the late completion of government subsidized housing entered their third day on Sunday.  Reportedly, hundreds of uncompleted units have been taken over by protesters and so far the police are not taking action to evict them.  There is also growing concern that the food riots in neighboring Tunisia will soon pour over into Libya.

*Economic protests also been reported recently in Mozambique, Morocco and Chile.

Sadly, the desperate economic conditions that are sparking these food riots did not develop overnight.  Rather, they have been building for decades.  The truth is that the new “global economy” is designed to funnel more and more of the wealth of the world into the hands of the wealthiest 0.001% of the global population.  Everyone else is left to fight with one another to divide up a pie that is increasingly shrinking.

Just consider the following five facts….

#1 Approximately 1 billion people throughout the world go to bed hungry every single night.

#2 Approximately 28 percent of all children in developing countries are considered to be underweight or have had their growth stunted as a result of malnutrition.

#3 Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and three-quarters of them are children under the age of 5.

#4 “Least developed countries” spent 9 billion dollars on food imports in 2002.  By 2008, that number had risen to 23 billion dollars.

#5 A study by the World Institute for Development Economics Research discovered that the bottom half of the world population owns approximately 1 percent of all global wealth.

So if things are this bad already, what kind of food riots are we going to see if all of this weird weather continues and global harvests are much lower than anticipated in 2011?

Most Americans have a really hard time even imagining such a thing, but the truth is that we are just one really bad harvest away from mass starvation in many areas of the world.

We are not going to see mass starvation in the United States in 2011, but we could see food prices start to go up significantly.  Keep in mind that more than 43 million Americans are already on food stamps.  The incredible abundance of food that we have been enjoying for so many decades is not guaranteed to last indefinitely.

Dennis Conley, an agricultural economist at the University of Nebraska, recently told MSNBC that food reserves in the United States are already disturbingly low….

“I haven’t seen numbers this low that I can remember in the last 20 or 30 years.”

So yes, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned.

The world really is on the verge of a major food crisis, and if global harvests are not significantly better than most analysts are currently projecting, then we are likely to see a lot more food riots around the globe before 2011 is over.

  • Food crisis are a pyrrhic victory for deniers.

    Climate change deniers, who keep on saying, aggressively if necessary, that this is a hoax and that all the recent climatic events are normal.

    Financial risks deniers, who keep on saying that the global financial system doesn’t need to be reformed, because it is working alright.

    Unfortunately for the rest of us, these deniers have a lot of support among our leaders (guess why!) and thus a lot of access to the media.

    As a result, nothing is done to change our behavior, on the contrary, we are encouraged to go back to our bad old ways.

    And of course, something has to give!

    The first cracks are now appearing in the world’s food supply, cracks that will most probably widen in the years to come.

    Then, there there will be cracks in the world’s crushing public debt.

    Then, there will be pain!

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  • Gary2

    I am angry that we do not tax the rich and spread the wealth. Look at how messed up our political system is that we can not even tax hedge funds managers “capital gains” as income when everyone knows it is income yet we continue to have more and more people in poverty. I read in someones response to a different post that the worst thing that happened is the 2 party system. The rich have bought both parties with only the dems giving the rest of us crumbs. The right would let everyone starve. I hate both parties but hate the right the most.

  • mondobeyondo

    Oh, but that’s Libya, you say… That’s Jordan. That’s Chile. They are a bunch of third world countries barely able to clothe their people. Let ’em eat cake, as Marie Antoinette would say.

    We are Americans. We are different. We won’t starve. In fact, it’s kind of curious to see hordes of people fighting for a few grains of wheat.

    Oh REALLY???

    Our turn is coming. You want a national weight loss program? It’s coming. A couple years of drought in Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma ought to do it. No more Big Macs, and lots of Unhappy Meals. There will be very few obese Americans left if that happens, that’s for sure.

    And you thought Black Friday was something to see. Just wait until a serious food shortage hits the U.S. – you will see the mother of all riots take place, in aisles 2 and 3 of your local Wal-Mart. “My God! You’re fighting each other over broccoli and carrots?!”

    Time to pray, people. “Give us this day our daily bread”…

    p.s. A large portion of our produce during the winter months comes from Chile. So, don’t be too hard on our Chilean amigos. We’re gonna really need them, come next November and December.

  • joedoe

    we can all start eating our own socks when food prices hit the sky!

  • Faux Gary

    Simple- just tax the rich and spread the wealth around. Problem solved.

  • Stephen

    “The solution is let us go to Europe.”

    Sorry,kid. I don’t think Europe is in any mood to take in more foreigners, they have their own problems too ya see.

  • David

    The governments work for the rich! They control everything, they own everything . . . . . .The only way to get our lives under control is to overthrow Governments of the world and start all over!

  • Kevin

    Gary2 – you are a moron! The world does not need more taxes and more government, it needs less government and more freedom.

    Taking things from one group and giving them to those who have not worked for them is amoral and will not work.

    Pull your head out of your rectum and shove your taxes where your head is now!

  • Gavrikon

    Which rich?

    Why tax the producers who have earned their wealth through hard work, and have provided good jobs for many of their fellow citizens.

    But if you are talking about the Globalist Elitist Banksters and their ilk, I’m cool with it.

  • Alice

    The Survival Podcast is a superior place to go to help yourself prepare. I highly suggest everyone listen to as many past podcasts as possible. After you listen to one, you’re hooked anyway. PREPARE!

  • They must not add more taxes to us; the plain people.
    But to suggest taxing the stocks and bonds that millionaires have, there might be a potential to eliminate any deficit without touching the people.
    In any case, I too believe that no measures can turn the tide back. Decisions have been made in lobbies and offices beyond our imagination.
    Small things though can slowly give a new breeze.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Jack

    Our family is taking the necessary steps to ensure that we will have enough food and so should you. Stop going to the movies and wasting money on expensive stuff you DON’T NEED. Do your kids really need a new cell phone this year? Do you need all those premium channels on TV? Make some cuts and spend the money on food storage, before prices go up. We get everything from – the food costs less than other companies and it tastes great. Don’t know what you need? They even have a food planner to help you get started. Don’t wait another day!

  • Brunolem,

    No one is denying that there is climate change. Since the creation of the world, there has always been climate change. We are simply denying that the activity of man has much if anything to do with it. We are simply heading back into a cooler climate. Just like we had back in the mini ice age. You know, the one where the Delaware was frozen as George Washington crossed over for an attack on the British. Yeah, there were a lot of cars and CO2 generating machines causing those brutal winter conditions back then, you bet. And isn’t it funny how the terminology has changed from “global warming” to “climate change” now that we are getting record low temperatures around the globe. This idea that man is causing the weather changes has one purpose and one purpose only. Control.

  • Tom Brown

    It’s all coming undone. Yikes!

  • Michael2

    Food and abundance are areas that I would agree that most of us American’s qualify for being a “very self-centered, self-involved and self-absorbed” nation. We have so much food that we have the luxury of having “eating disorders”, cooking contests and several food related TV channels/shows. Frankly, it is disturbing to me that we have “sport” that involves eating as a contest too while so many other human beings are suffering and dying daily. Also, to my humble way of thinking it is an unspeakable, indescribable crime against humanity that daily we waste tons of food all across America while millions are starving and dying around the world. Something about this is very unsettling to me and I think history will judge us harshly for this.

    As far as the weather, climate and environment, maybe the earth is about to show humanity who really is in charge. I am not sure what to call the weather patterns, rather its global cooling, global warming or climate change. One thing I am sure of though it is our fault. I know things are very different just since when I was kid. I was born in the late 60’s and spent quite a bit of time on a family member’s farm as a kid. I can say the loss of wildlife species from then, until now is really breath taking, scary even. I use to roam around in the pastures, meadows, fields and woods, there where so many species of insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians and plant life that I could not keep up on all the names of them. One thing that was in short supply though back then though was humans. In fact back then one could shoot a high powered rifle in almost any direction and not be afraid of causing damage or hurting someone. Now, I would be lucky to find a wood lot big enough to hang a tree stand to shoot an arrow.

    So, in my own experience, whatever we call what is happening to the weather/environment I firmly believe it is our fault. Mad science, like most of the weapons associated with war, plastics/gas/oil and other petroleum products, the use of pesticides, genetic cross breeding/Franken foods, alleged weather manipulation, i.e. chem trails, prescription drugs in water, dumping sewage/garbage, mining/deforestation and more are causing severe changes in the weather. What is over the top though for me is that they want to use Geoengineering to offset and correct the damage caused by the already insane science that put us where we are now. My dad asked me once when I was having trouble in my life, what is the use of super brilliant, intelligence if you do not have commonsense? I wonder if this is where we are at as a species, so smart that we just collectively lack plain old good commonsense. Or are we just so hubris and arrogant we think we can solve any jam we get ourselves into? Sounds like two different ways of saying the same thing maybe.

  • Kevin


    It does not matter if climate change is man made or a normal condition. The global plan to reduce carbon emissions exempted the largest and fastest growing contributor China. It also exempted all of the developing countries. When China is putting on stream two new coal fired power plants per week and they have a life expectency before a major overhall of fifty years it’s obvious that decreasing carbon emissions are not the driving force behind Cap & Trade.

    All the global plans that were proposed was to essentially increase the cost of carbon fuel in the developed world thereby holding down it’s cost for increased consumption in the developing world. If one looks at everything proposed all of it just so happenbs to facilitate globalization; real coincidence I’m sure.

  • Anna Belle

    Spreading the wealth around is not going to grow more food. Where ever you are plant food bearing trees as and investment and grow whatever you can in pots or small spaces.

    I agree the wealth is dispraportionate. A very small sliver represents 80% of the U.S. populations wealth while 20% have the rest of the pie. That sliver will grow smaller and smaller if wealth is not taxed more heavily. I believe that there should be a ceiling on wealth. If those without could be given low interest loans to give them a hand up instead of banks being bailed out I believe we would have a healthier economy. I also believe that if community gardens were part of the food stamp program instead of just hand outs our debt would be less.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    A the risk of starting to sound like a broken record at seven billion and climbing there are simply to many of us for the earth to support on it’s own. We as a civilization need the industrial systems we have developed and the financial system to support it, to feed, house, and cloth the west and most of the rest of the planet. The system is breaking down for many reasons look at Zimbabwe, before Black rule it was a food exporter. After nearly 30 years after Black rule most of the economy has broken down and needs to import food. How many of that one billion could be feed if they just had efficient government? Tunisia imploded for a reasion it had a corrupt badly run government that exploited the population and a nation to enrich a few people (Sounds familiar?)

    The present system is imploding for similar reasons corruption, stress, mismanagement, and complexity. There is nothing you can do to stop it these things develop their own inertia too many have gotten rich off the system, to many don’t understand, to many are looking to the stars hoping somebody will save their A$$. This is save what you can time period.

  • Grumpy

    Brilliant as usual, Gary. Tax the rich and more food will be available? Riiiiight – because the rich are the cause of failed crops and natural disasters, aren’t they?

    Brunolem gets the runner-up award for the day, implying that all weather is due to global warming – never mind that global weather patterns actually change without human involvement or influence, and have since the formation of an atmosphere on this planet.

    Keep drinking the kool-aid, ladies. When you starve due to your own unpreparedness and your ignorance of the harsh mistress named Reality, we’ll remember you and pass your folly on to our children so that idiocy like yours never again gains a foothold in human affairs.

  • Spencer

    Tax Gary2, spread the wealth – problem marginally solved. Tax the rich, spread around, still no problem solved….just more squandering and more Gary2 complaining that he already ran out of his stolen share.

  • Ouida Gabriel

    I don’t believe in the population being too big for our planet. As a Christian I believe that each life is from God therefore each child is supposed to be living on this earth no matter how short/long the time. I also believe that all these things (floods, earthquakes, etc) have to come for the NWO/Antichrist to come about. I do however, believe that we are such a selfish nation, and world, that we don’t know how to live a simple lifestyle of frugality. Imagine if each family planted their own gardens ( and I am to blame for this as I plant gardens but lack the ability to grown something!), what if there were 1 car per family? What if young adults were apprenticed by the older generation therefore so many colleges would not be needed? What if we actually wore our clothes until they could not be used any longer and then turned them into rags for cleaning instead of throwing them out after a little stain? What if we made do with 2 or 3 pairs of shoes instead of havign a dozen per person? It is not that there are too many people on the planet, it is that we do not change our lives to make the least impact on it. I am still in the beginning stages of my life changes but I hope I can make a difference before it is too late.

    Ouida Gabriel

  • Michael2

    I don’t think there are too many humans on earth. The problem is we have let corporations and other private interests take control of natural resources all around the world. It is so bad that water too is now largely considered a commodity to be traded in the “market”.

    I wonder how is it that something that nature made can be “owned or controlled” by any one person, corp. or government. I am all for individual ownership of products but the product should be some thing created by the entrepreneur, not some thing created by the natural processes of earth and nature. It is my opinion the things that nature and the earth produce we are all entitled as a basic human right. This is not what is happening though and it shows in the millions of people suffering and going without basic necessities of life.

    All throughout Africa for instance, and other parts of the world, almost all the resources are controlled by Europeans, Americans, Chinese, etc. who manage these resources in their own interests. If people were allowed to manage the resources in their own countries I highly suspect things would be very different. This issue of resources is directly tied to debt as well because banks (IMF & World Bank) make the countries use the natural resources as collateral or as payment for loans if the country defaults.

    Control of natural resources is not just a 3rd World problem either because it is increasingly an issue here in the United States as well. For instance T. Boone Pickens bought land that gives him access to one of the largest aquifers in the West. And because of the law in Texas he can claim eminent domain as well and use other peoples land where ever he plans to run the piping for his wells!!

    So in conclusion to me the talk that are too many people on earth is the psycho-babble-double-code-speak of the elite megalomaniacs and it means, we are going to kill and let die millions of people so we have more for ourselves and ultimately less people on earth so we have even better control than we do now. Looks like the masters of the universe maybe trying to return us to the times of pharaonic like and imperial empire type of control.

    To keep blaming other “little people” to me is falling into the spin and propaganda of the elitists. Ultimately that same callousness being directed at them will and has been finding its way to be directed at us.

  • DownWithLibs

    Gary 2 –
    The problem with “tax and spread” is that our currency is becoming so devalued that the only good it would do for the poor is if all that the poor needed was cheap toilet paper and kindling. In which case, they would be all set. If you read the article carefully you would see that your Socialist utopia would never work because these people, in some cases, nearly had everything handed to them. As you can see, they just want more, and now that the system is too strained to handle the “handout” programs, they just loose their marbles and riot and DEMAND even MORE. So Gary 2, exactly where would this end?

  • Larry

    The problems are only beginning in food production. Our agricultural system has been place in a increasing fewer hands do to policy. The livestock (Meat and Egg Production) is now in just a few large producers. If they go broke who is going to buy them up or replace them. Due to our goverments policy it has pushed out the family farm and replaced it with large corporations.

    As far as grain production and usage, the failed and house of mirrors of using grain to produce energy has consumed a larger part of the market, and your food bill. Right now your food dollar is competing with your gas tank on your vehicle.

    Another isssue is that todays plant genetics are held by a few (approx 3 corporations) and they design to address their bottom line. Couple this with the fact that todays food production is totally dependent on carbon based energy for fuel, fertilizer, chemicals, etc.

    The way we have allowed our food production to be structured is a house of cards. Lets hope there is no wind. You will really be hungry.

  • Michael2

    Hey Bloke,

    How is what is happening in the U.S., European or Asian countries, any different than what is happening in any African country? People cannot afford medical care, education costs, housing, food, etc. in those countries just like any country under “Black Rule”. Corporations and banks are eating people alive in America, Europe and Asia just like in Africa.

    All across Europe social and political tension is intense. The same pressures are clearly rising here in the US and Asia too for that matter. Such things as job place and school mass shooting sprees are about the norm here in the US. The same is true with family and social relationships violence and killings. Political infighting and violence i.e. assassinations go back to this countries founding. Some how these things are more tolerable under anything other than “Black Rule”??

    Or does your point have more to do with the inferiority of “Black Rule and Black people”? Do you think blacks should have remained enslaved too? Do you think they cannot take care of themselves, let alone a nation? I guess the Native Americans had the same issues too.

    What about the pilgrims that left Europe if everything other than Black Rule is tolerable? They evidently were not to happy the state of affairs at that time. As were many other Europeans that soon followed. As far as know the history of Europe is not ideal by most means.

    In short all political parties, forms of government, etc. fall short because all of humanity has short comings. To use race as means to debase people and legitimize what is happening on earth is short sighted to say the least I think.

    Problems with race, religion, politics and the distribution of wealth go back to about the dawn of civilization for all people. This is why Empires fall and rise, Nations come and go and why war, death and destruction seems to be among the few things we “humans” do best.

  • Colin

    Last September, our species for the first time took more from the Earth than we gave back.

    The amount of land available for agriculture is decreasing due to overuse, a lack of effective management, and urban sprawl. National Geographic dedicated an issue to this topic in the last two years.

    Finally, we can now place a cost on our damage to the environment. In 2008, this amount was $4.5 trillion. (UN Environment Programme)

  • ehswan

    There are far too many of us and that is the ultimate problem!

  • Isn’t it ironic how it seems no matter how much suffering and evil that goes on in the world – people will continue to do nothing accept comment on how sad it is. A very few will actually feal moved to do something about it.

    We need more than a few:

    Join the Revolution — Do something!

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

  • Mariposa de Oro


    You may want to read some pre-Global Warming Hoax era hsitory books. You’ll find that humanity has always been at the mercy of the weather. Our weather system is behaving as it always has. I’ll stop now because I feel an insult rising…..

  • Krys

    There are haves and have nots. For the most part, in the U.S. you are what you made of yourself. Don’t cry if your without, its your fault. I’m not going to share my food or anything else with you. You have as much chance as I do to get or make your own. I didn’t sit on my ass thinking someone owed me or should take care of me. Don’t rely on the government. Help yourself & your family and quit whining.

  • gfgsdfg

    No no, the global collapse will happen THIS year. Yeah, I know I said it would happen last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before…, but it’s really, really, really, really going to happen this year. I’m not just fearmongering, misinterpreting and overstating things to grab an audience.

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s not racist. It’s primarily an economic struggle.

    Sub-Saharan African was raped and pillaged, primarily because it had a lot of gold, diamonds, silver and other valuable minerals. The conquerors just played the race card, to make it more appealing to those who acquire the wealth.

    And so it goes. Look at Mexico. (Lots of gold and silver)

    South Africa. (Lots of gold and diamonds)

    Nigeria. (Lots of oil)

    The United States of America. (Oil, fertile land, etc.) Oops, they are a superpower. Better not bother them.)

  • Otown Right Guy

    Gary2 you whining parasite. If you’d spend half as much time on self-improvement as you do blaming the rich for your own problems, maybe you could make something of your worthless self.

  • Wilma

    If you want to go to Europe, please do. That will leave more food for me next winter, or at least fewer people we have to destroy in order to get it.

  • mondobeyondo

    I don’t know about you, but I’m having a tough time deciding whether it’s global WARMING.. or global WARNING.

    How will humanity will meet it ultimate demise?

    Don’t know. I suggest reading the poem “Fire and Ice”, by Robert Frost. Either way, it’s going to be a brutal, painful way to go.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Tax breaks for the rich while the rest fo hungry. Thank you republicans.

  • MarkinLA

    Ouida, thank you for giving me something to think about, digest and aspire to. I will try harder to be a better person. Even some agnostics like me believe in a greater power. While we’re figuring it out we can still contribute to a better planet.

  • Gary2

    OK-I will try to simplify the tax the rich and spread the wealth I keep repeating. The fact that not everyone can see how this would work amazes me. Here goes:

    If we had a more shared prosperity in this country most of the things Michael posts about would not be much of an issue. High gas prices-high food prices-still a problem but a small problem because people have enough money to afford these things. The mortgage issues-if people had more money and jobs paid a living wage they would have the money to pay this and other bills. Think back to when we had much more wealth sharing and a strong middle class. Globalizing would still create issues but if we made globalization winners compensate the losers we would again have a more shared prosperity. There would be less need for programs like food stamps etc.

    I would think that even the most blind tea party/conservative could see that the country would be better off with more shared prosperity.

    Yes we can grow the economy and that needs to be a goal, however, if people had more money demand would increase and that would grow the economy. The working poor etc would get more money by us taxing the rich and spreading the wealth.

    I say we need to tax the rich as they have all the money. Please don’t say this is theft or a moral issue as it is very immoral that 1% has more wealth and income that the bottom 90%. It is also not stealing as the rich have been stealing from the working people by pocketing their productivity increases over the years. We are simply taking that which is ours.

    I am offering this long explanation in order to more accurately explain my tax the rich spread the wealth I keep saying will solve most of the issues which it will.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • This is from the conspirators of the NOAA, a US public agency; not from me.

    There is no mention about “cooling” and a coming “little ice age”, but why should these guys know better than your average blogger, after all…

    Climate Monitoring State of the Climate Global Analysis Help
    State of the Climate
    Global Analysis
    Annual 2010
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    National Climatic Data Center

    « December 2010
    Global Analysis Report
    Contents of this Section:
    Global Temperatures

    Global Highlights

    For 2010, the combined global land and ocean surface temperature tied with 2005 as the warmest such period on record, at 0.62°C (1.12°F) above the 20th century average of 13.9°C (57.0°F). 1998 is the third warmest year-to-date on record, at 0.60°C (1.08°F) above the 20th century average.

    The 2010 Northern Hemisphere combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the warmest year on record, at 0.73°C (1.31°F) above the 20th century average. The 2010 Southern Hemisphere combined global land and ocean surface temperature was the sixth warmest year on record, at 0.51°C (0.92°F) above the 20th century average.

    The global land surface temperature for 2010 tied with 2005 as the second warmest on record, at 0.96°C (1.73°F) above the 20th century average. The warmest such period on record occurred in 2007, at 0.99°C (1.78°F) above the 20th century average.

    The global ocean surface temperature for 2010 tied with 2005 as the third warmest on record, at 0.49°C (0.88°F) above the 20th century average.

    In 2010 there was a dramatic shift in the El Niño–Southern Oscillation, which influences temperature and precipitation patterns around the world. A moderate-to-strong El Niño at the beginning of the year transitioned to La Niña conditions by July. At the end of November, La Niña was moderate-to-strong.

    Global Temperatures

    The year 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest year since records began in 1880. The annual global combined land and ocean surface temperature was 0.62°C (1.12°F) above the 20th century average. The range associated with this value is plus or minus 0.07°C (0.13°F). The 2010 combined land and ocean surface temperature in the Northern Hemisphere was also the warmest on record, while the combined land and ocean surface temperature in the Southern Hemisphere was the sixth warmest such period on record. The annual globally averaged land temperature was 0.96°C (1.73°F) above average, which tied with 2005 as the second warmest year record. The range associated with this value is plus or minus 0.11°C (0.20°F). The warmest year was 2007, at 0.99°C (1.78°F) above the 20th century average. The decadal global land and ocean average temperature anomaly for 2001–2010 was the warmest decade on record for the globe, with a surface global temperature of 0.56°C (1.01°F) above the 20th century average. This surpassed the previous decadal record (1991–2000) value of 0.36°C (0.65°F).

  • Brunolem

    –climate change deniers–

    Have you stopped for a second to consider what you have just said? No one denies climate change, as a matter of fact, all the climate ever does is change and has for 4 billion years, since the earth got enough water to have a climate.

    What is being denied is the BS that is being pushed by politicians and so called scientists, hungry for cash.

    Here is some reality to try and choke down: the Medieval Warm Period had temperatures 2C higher than now, it was a robust period of agricultural growth throughout the northern hemisphere, that ended in the Little Ice Age and massive die offs of populations. During that period, the Verengians (Norse) went viking and discovered Greenland, which they then colonized. At that time, Greenland had coastal forests….there are no more trees there, all died during the Little Ice Age and it has been to cold for any to return…same went for the Verengian colonies.

    In ancient Greece/Rome, the average temperature was also 2-3C higher, with a blossoming civilization all over southern Europe, Asia and north Africa. As the climate cooled, it drove more and more barbarian tribes south (and south west from the northern edges of China) and into the Empire, which eventually brought about the Dark Ages for central and western Europe.

    So yes, by all means, we’d be much better off with lower temperatures….just like Al (I use 4 times more electricity then normal people) Gore says.

  • Gary2

    No, you do tax the rich, that’s your problem. You tax the rich at a 60% income tax that drives them out of the US. What you do not tax is the ultra rich, who do not have incomes but who get money by having their existing money earn money, such as Warren Buffet.

    The rich work 60+ hours and live off of salaries, which you already steal at incredible rates and think more needs to be taken. The rich are the ones who start and run businesses and provide jobs. The ultra rich run the government.

    But hay, slogans are always easier to follow then actually thinking about something.

  • Josh

    Your explanation of spreading the wealth is the stupidist thing I have ever heard. If we take the money from the richest and spread it all around, people will not suddenly be able to start paying all thier bills. As soon as the masses have all this new wealth the price of everything will go up!!! Go give everyone 50K and see what happens to the price of everything they need to buy. Their mortgage might stay the same, but everything else will go up.
    Did you happen to notice that after George W Bush gave all that tax rebates to “all the people” that the price of gas suddenly went to $4 a gallon for a few weeks than went back down. The revenue increase by the oil companies was almost exactly the same amount as the tax rebates. Is that a coincident, maybe, maybe not.
    I assume you have more money then some other people. Why don’t we take your wealth and spread it around. There are millions of people who would consider you extremely rich just for owning a car. “Rich” is just a matter of perspective. Since you are a promoter of spreading wealth, please give us all numerous examples of how you have spread your wealth around and how it has specifically benefitted people. Maybe you have sold your car and payed some rent for a homeless person. Put your $ where your mouth is.
    Stop blaming the “rich” because you can’t pay your bills.

  • Bruce

    Grumpy Awesome comment.

  • Consider breaking up monopoly and oligopoly ownership of food producers around the world.

    Monopoly and oligopoly food producers have a business interest to keep prices high by reducing global production.

    Let the United States lead in this effort to set an example for the rest of the world to follow.

    With smaller units of food producers, competition will increase and prices will decline, even with climate change.

    Why will prices decline even with climate change? To stay competitive, smaller producers will start experimenting with new technologies, from drip irrigation methods to green houses, and beyond.

    Some of this ‘beyond,’ (i.e. climate change) will motivate smaller producers to put substantial pressure on their governments to STOP murdering their environments by allowing Chemical Trails to contaminate their own countries, see:

    Oddly enough, English Speaking Countries, ie.
    United States, Canada, Australia, New zeal and, England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland are both the greatest perpetrators, and also the chief victims of Chemical Trails contaminating their own countries.

    Chemical Trails damage both the growing and the harvest seasons with droughts and rains. As a result food production is reduced in these major grain producing countries.

    Do I believe any of the above change of direction happen? Not for a minute.

    Food producing monopolies and oligopolies have no interest to reduce food prices to anybody. They prefer paying off (bribes) to local political leaders to stop legislation that would impair food monopolies and oligopolies to keep prices high.

    And Politicians being what they are in all English speaking countries, will gladly accept these monies paid to them to keep their mouths shut.

    I do have more hope for countries where the perpetrators of chemical trails have not been able to infiltrate with bribes to their political leaders. The problem is, the climates of those countries, though can not be reached with Chemical Trail Contaminating Airplanes, they are being reached by H.A.A.R.P.

    I am sure most of you already know what H.A.A.R.P. is, and how it can redirect the Jet Stream (that controls climate around the world) and how H.A.A.R.P can change the weather and/or climate of a country at will.

    I.e. the drought in Russia and the flood in Pakistan in 2010 was created by redirecting the Jet Stream. (check the net for even ‘establishment media’ reporting on this).

    Educate yourself on how HAARP can redirect the Jet Stream. There is plenty of material on the net about HAARP and the Jet Stream.

    My feeling is, despite all this knowledge out there, very little resistance, if any, will be exercised by people around the world to stop their own destruction by the few who are trying to do exactly that. I.e. Destroy as many people around the world as possible through the destruction of their air, water, and soil.

    If nothing else, at least I can share this knowledge with you in this commentary.

  • Kevin

    Global temps may be climbing and man may be the cause. Regardless what the various treaties propose is to shift the carbon to atmosphere from the developed world to the developing world. Doing the math, the net result is more carbon to the atmosphere. China has already passed the US as the biggest contributor and they have just scratched the surface of development. One has to ask if the intent is to facilitate increasing the manufacturing resources to the developing world; it is the result so it’s obviously the goal. Conversly reducing net carbon to the worlds atmosphere can’t be the goal simply because it would not be the result.

    What does it tell you when China is putting on two large coal fired with practically zero environmental controls power plants per week that have a 50 year life expectency?

    The goal is to facilitate globalization by increasing the cost of carbon based fuel in the developed world so more is available to the developing world.

  • Bruce

    You got it Kevin the anti Americans that want to tax the hell out of us for this HOAX called Globall warming is about allowing other countries to pollute as much as they want. Only an idiot would agree to this Carbon con.

  • A Dodgy Bloke

    Michael 2

    I originally was going to ignore your comment, one of the things I’ve made it a policy to do is ignore people who are caught up in the left/right madness tearing apart the US. A wise woman once said she never got caught up in some of the on line comments because she was never sure if a 12 year old or a dog wrote it.

    One of the things that has really irritated me about some people is the inability to deal with the issue of corruption in Africa, with out screaming racist or implying you’re a racist. You did not once address how Zimbabwe was once a food exporter now has to import food. I didn’t go into how the economy was been wrecked by the present crop of boneheads. Tunisia you think it just imploded because the Tunisian people couldn’t get gas for their SUV’s or Tunisian Idol was canceled? Tunisia imploded because educated people couldn’t get jobs, they couldn’t afford to eat. This collection of boneheads plundered the country for 23 years.

    One of the reasons I am so pessimistic about the United States in particular and the west in general, is the inability of some people to deal with an issue with out having it filtered though some stupid ideology. There is a day coming when your ideology will not save you, when silly emotional arguments will not save you. That day only your preparation, your ability to reasion, your ability to work with others with out being patronizing will save you.

  • Kevin


    This is not an “Anti American” policy. It is a de-facto transfer of wealth from the developed world including Europe and Japan to the developing world by increasing the cost of carbon fuel usage in the developed world allowing more and lower cost fuel to supply the developing world. It is well past and above any left/right debate. Cap and Trade is just the “American” version of compliance of a globaly proposed treaty.

    What is not debated is the exemption for the largest producer and other developing nations that are laying an infrastructure to increase carbon emissions for decades upon decades.

    I’m no scientist and cannot determine the validity to man made climate change.I can add however and the proposals do not reduce but only facilitate the long term increase in global carbon emissions.

  • flatlander

    For crimeny freakin’s sakes.

    Anyone who is able-bodied with a sunny backyard and a few bucks needs to get their ass outta the chair, stop pounding a keyboard and prep a garden site for 2011.

    20M Victory Gardens in WWII.

    No reason we can’t do it again.

  • Mel

    Well if you all think about it….tax or no tax on the rich. Money will become worthless and food will be scarce. Those that have money will be in same boat as the poor people. They wont be able to bribe with their money for food. They will starve like the next person. I say stock up now on food, clothing, and heirloom seeds to grow your own food. Have enough weapons and ammo to protect what is yours. Otherwise, SPEAK UP PEOPLE AND TAKE A STAND OVER THE TYRANNY IN THIS COUNTRY. They are elected to work for the people not the other way around. So why are WE THE PEOPLE allowing them to govern us? Because most people are uneducated on the laws that they are passing and would rather sit on their butts watching tv and saying well *we will just wait and see what happens*. By then it will be too late. Wake up and get off your butts and ban together to nullify this Food Safety Modernization Act or no one will be able to farm or grow things in this country. Missouri is taking a stand and starting meetings to try to nullify this law that OBAMA has passed two weeks ago. Look up this Food Safety Modernization Act and educate yourself. If they govern and regulate all farmers and ranchers in the USA then no one will eat! They are wanting to hybridize all seeds and genetically alter all animals. I pray that more states take action like Missouri is doing. We were the first to oppose this Health Care plan too and now more states are doing the same. Stop the idiocy. Global warming is just something that the government made up so they can regulate more things. They even have used Chem trails to put aluminum in the sky to try to make it rain. Its online check it out. Come on, how safe is that when it gets into the ground water and people drink it. About 70% of the produce comes to the USA from other countries…once those dry up then we have nothing, especially if they are going to arrest us for growing our own food. And yes if you buy, sell, or grow your own veggies (according to this ACT) you can be arrested because it is a criminal act. Officials are testing the waters here by arresting people who have dairy farms and are selling Raw Milk (which is not pasteurized). Took one to court already and tried to arrest another. Lets stop the stupidity become educated.

  • Kevin


    You are correct. Necessity is the motherhood of invention as they say. Once food prices get too high the US public will switch from flowers to food. I see abandoned homes being torn down and the land turned into gardens in the cities ;suburbs have the potential to produce even more. Get used to the rooster getting you up at sunrise.

    Like the life hands your lemons and you make lemonade getting kids to do some manual work and eating healthier is an upside.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Kevin: If it isn’t an anti-American policy then I say lets opt out of it. Let Japan and Europe transfer their wealth and we just keep ours.

    To those who think global warming is caused by man explain this: 1)The current global warming cycle began in 1850 what did man do in 1850 top cause it? 2)Global warming peaked in 1934 and began cooling for 40 years, how vould that have happened as we burned more fossil fuel then ever before and the atmospheric CO2 continued to rise. 3)The previous global warming cycle was in the 11th and 12th centuries and was considerably warmer then this one, what did man do then to cause it? 4)Inbetween the warming cycle of the 12th century and the warming cycle we are now in was a severe cooling cycle known as the little ice age. What did man do to cause that?

  • John

    And yet our “government” in all their wisdom are still holding the most productive growning region in the US hostage to a fish, creating thousands of lost jobs as well as adding to the already bad food shortage.
    When will the “leaders” of our country pull their heads out of the sand, take their hands out of other people’s pockets, and do the job as they pledged to do it? No wonder there is virtually no trust in our government any more!

  • If you want to know about what the elites are planning in the USA and for the rest of the world in the next 2 years, go to YouTube or and watch the documentary movie: “The Elite Speak” (by Lindsey Williams)…

    The elites are going to drive up the price of food to crazy unaffordable levels, and they are going to deliberately devalue the US dollar via excessive money printing (to back up all the banker bailout money given for free to the foreign banks)… debt money that all Americans must pay back to the IRS through taxes, with interest… (ie. money that was literally stolen, and given away for free to the derivatives gamblers and bankers who set up the world’s stock exchanges as giant casinos)… it’s amazing what is going to happen.

    Also, try to get out of debt as soon as possible because many people are going to lose their homes if they still have debts or mortgages. The elites are going to repossess most people’s homes and will turn almost ALL of the middle class and working class people into renters. Get yourself at least a years’ supply of long-shelf life food and water, or a water generator (or reverse osmosis unit) … you also need to start growing your own food and become as self sufficient as possible. The elites are going to make it almost impossible for wage earners and working class people to afford to eat, in order to reduce world population by starvation, start wars and enforce martial law when the people riot… this is their plan… don’t believe the lies about the weather causing all the food shortages… there is so much food supply available… the elites have just made it impossible for every member country of the WTO (World Trade Organization) to be self-sufficient, so that all countries must rely completely on food imports just to survive… they rigged the food supplies of every country in this way, so they control the food corporations that supply each nation’s food… and they control all the prices of oil, food and energy too… they have the complete power to make it impossible for you and your family to to afford to eat, and they want to see over 6,000,000,000 (over 6 BILLION) people die in the next few years, from starvation or another world wars they have planned, bigger than World War 2.

    Get the REAL NEWS from and listen to Alex Jones. He has been right all along for over 15 years about the very hard times ahead… Also, watch his movie: “Endgame: Blueprint for global enslavement”, “The Obama Deception”, “Fall of the Republic” and other movies like “America: From freedom to fascism”… almost everything you have been told by your TV and newspapers are pure lies, designed to fool you into going along with your orderly extermination, as part of the elites’ eugenics agenda of world depopulation. They do really want most of us dead or infertile (unable to have children)… so they can easily claim ownership of all our property, houses and land. That’s all they want. They want 90%+ of us dead, and they want to steal our land and property, legally. It’s that simple…

  • Eva

    If you really want to know WHY food is going to be so expensive in the next 2 years, and how to prepare for it, I recommend you visit and

  • el puerco marano

    this to goad out the useless eaters so they can be disposed of.Ask Henry Kissinger, it was his idea.

  • Frieda

    “The President had to flee for his life”.

    Actually, Ben Ali never seemed to give a damn about his country…let’s see, he left the country with a ton of gold and high-tailed it to Saudi. He was merely a puppet for decades at the behest of the globalist powers, under the ugly reality of neo-liberalism. Once government subsides go, and “free market” is dumped on the population causing food and fuel to go sky high, you better believe there will be riots. Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt are not lulled by the Superbowl after all.

  • wake up

    so developing world has to have fifteen kids due to some antiquated notion of having kids in the fields; ironically these backwards countries no longer can grow anything; there are not enough jobs NOW for half the people seeking them, period…not to mention popping out new future welfare recipients and further increase of the dependency ratio…The top 1% don’t care about anything or anybody as long as it doesn’t affect them; bush’s policies ensure that they are insulated by their obscene wealth…and racing away from more and more starving with nothing.

    More and more starving rioters should funnel all their energies on these super rich radical right wingers and not on each other as they hope….maybe protest BEFORE you are starving and attacking each other!!

    don’t do the radical right’s job for them.

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