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Global Economy? 23 Facts Which Prove That Globalism Is Pushing The Standard Of Living Of The Middle Class Down To Third World Levels

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From now on, whenever you hear the term “the global economy” you should immediately equate it with the destruction of the U.S. middle class.  Over the past several decades, the American economy has been slowly but surely merged into the emerging one world economic system.  Unfortunately for the middle class, much of the rest of the world does not have the same minimum wage laws and worker protections that we do.  Therefore, the massive global corporations that now dominate our economy are able to pay workers in other countries slave labor wages and import the products that they make into the United States to compete with products made by “expensive” American workers.  This has resulted in a mass exodus of manufacturing facilities and jobs from the United States.

But without good, high paying jobs the U.S. middle class cannot continue to be the U.S middle class.  The only thing that the vast majority of Americans have to offer in the economic marketplace is their labor.  Sadly, that labor has now been dramatically devalued.  American workers now must directly compete for jobs with millions upon millions of workers on the other side of the world that toil away for 15 hours a day at slave labor wages.  This is causing jobs to leave the United States at an almost unbelievable rate, and it is putting tremendous downward pressure on the wages of millions of jobs that are still in the United States.

So when you hear terms such as “globalization” and “the global economy”, it is important to keep in mind that those are code words for the emerging one world economic system that is systematically wiping out the U.S. middle class.

A one world labor pool means that the standard of living for the U.S. middle class will continue falling toward the standard of living in the third world.

We keep hearing about how the U.S. economy is being transformed from a “manufacturing economy” into a “service economy”.  But “service jobs” are generally much lower paying than “manufacturing jobs”.  The number of good paying “middle class jobs” in the United States is rapidly decreasing.  So how can the U.S. middle class survive in such an environment?

What makes things even worse for manufacturers in the United States is that other nations often impose a “value-added tax” of 20 percent or more on U.S. goods entering their shores and yet most of the time we do not reciprocate with similar taxes.

But whenever someone mentions how incredibly unfair and unbalanced our trade agreements with other nations are, they are immediately labeled as a “protectionist”.

Well, someone should be looking out for U.S. interests when it comes to trade, because the current state of the global economy is ripping the U.S. middle class to shreds.

Right now, the United States consumes far more wealth than it produces.  This nation buys much, much more from the rest of the world than they buy from us.  This is called a “trade deficit”, and it is one of the most important economic statistics.  The U.S. runs a massive trade deficit every single year, and it is wiping out our national wealth, it is destroying our surviving industries and it is absolutely shredding middle class America.

We cannot allow tens of thousands of factories to continue to leave the United States.  We cannot allow millions of jobs to continue to be “outsourced” and “offshored”.  We cannot allow tens of billions of dollars of our national wealth to continue to be transferred into foreign hands every single month.

The truth is that the global economy is bad for America.  The following are 23 facts which prove that globalism is pushing the standard of living of the middle class down to third world levels….

#1 From December 2000 to December 2010, the U.S. ran a total trade deficit of 6.1 trillion dollars.

#2 The U.S. trade deficit was about 33 percent larger in 2010 than it was in 2009.

#3 The U.S. trade deficit with China in 2010 was 27 times larger than it was back in 1990.

#4 The U.S. economy is rapidly trading high wage jobs for low wage jobs.  According to a new report from the National Employment Law Project, higher wage industries accounted for 40 percent of the job losses over the past 12 months but only 14 percent of the job growth.  Lower wage industries accounted for just 23 percent of the job losses over the past 12 months and a whopping 49 percent of the job growth.

#5 Between December 2000 and December 2010, 38 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Ohio were lost, 42 percent of the manufacturing jobs in North Carolina were lost and 48 percent of the manufacturing jobs in Michigan were lost.

#6 In Germany, exports account for approximately 40 percent of GDP.  In China, exports account for approximately 30 percent of GDP.  In the United States, exports account for approximately 13 percent of GDP.

#7 Do you remember when the United States was the dominant manufacturer of automobiles and trucks on the globe?  Well, in 2010 the U.S. ran a trade deficit in automobiles, trucks and parts of $110 billion.

#8 In 2010, South Korea exported 12 times as many automobiles, trucks and parts to us as we exported to them.

#9 The U.S. economy now has 10 percent fewer “middle class jobs” than it did just ten years ago.

#10 The United States currently has 7.7 million fewer payroll jobs than it did back in December 2007.

#11 Back in 1970, 25 percent of all jobs in the United States were manufacturing jobs. Today, only 9 percent of the jobs in the United States are manufacturing jobs.

#12 In 2002, the United States had a trade deficit in “advanced technology products” of $16 billion with the rest of the world.  In 2010, that number skyrocketed to $82 billion.

#13 The United States now spends more than 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States.

#14 In China, working conditions are so bad that large numbers of “employees” regularly try to commit suicide.  One major employer, Foxconn, has even gone so far as to install “anti-suicide nets” in an attempt to keep their employees from jumping off of their buildings.

#15 Wages for workers in China are incredibly low.  For example, one facility in the city of Longhua that makes iPods employs approximately 200,000 workers.  These workers put in endless 15-hour days but they only make about $50 per month.

#16 In Bangladesh, manufacturing workers toil in absolutely horrific conditions and make an average of about $38 per month.

#17 In Vietnam, teenage workers often work seven days a week for as little as 6 cents an hour making promotional Disney toys for McDonald’s.

#18 Since 2001, over 42,000 manufacturing facilities in the United States have been closed.

#19 Half of all American workers now earn $505 or less per week.

#20 In the United States today, 6.2 million Americans have been out of work for 6 months of longer.

#21 8.4 million Americans are currently working part-time jobs for “economic reasons”.  These jobs are mostly very low paying service jobs.

#22 When you adjust wages for inflation, middle class workers in the United States make less money today than they did back in 1971.

#23 According to Willem Buiter, the chief economist at Citigroup, China will be the largest economy in the world by the year 2020, and India will surpass China by the year 2050.

Those that promote “free trade” can never explain how the U.S. middle class is going to continue to have plenty of jobs in the new global economy.

By merging our labor pool with the rest of the world, we have also merged our standard of living with the rest of the world.  High unemployment is rapidly becoming “the new normal” in America, and wages are going to continue to decline in many, many industries.

Already, there are quite a few formerly great U.S. cities (such as Detroit) that are beginning to resemble third world hellholes.  If something is not done about our massive trade imbalance, even more cities are going to follow Detroit into oblivion.

Unfortunately, most of our politicians continue to insist that globalism is good for our society.  They continue to insist that we should not be worried that jobs formerly done by middle class American workers are now being done by slave laborers on the other side of the globe.  They continue to insist that having 43 million Americans on food stamps is a temporary thing and that soon our economy will be better than ever.

Well, it is time to stop listening to the politicians that are promoting “the global economy”.  They are lying to us.

Globalism is great for nations such as China and it is helping multinational corporations make huge profits, but for the U.S. middle class it is an economic death sentence.

If you want an America where there are less jobs, where more Americans are on food stamps and other anti-poverty programs and where our cities continue to be transformed into deindustrialized hellholes, then you should strongly support the emerging global economy.

But if you care about the standard of living of the U.S. middle class and you want for there to be some kind of viable economic future for your children and your grandchildren then you had better start caring about these issues and doing something about them.

Please wake up America.

  • Gary2

    Cut bonuses, not teachers. Stop the race to the bottom.

  • gregge johnson

    What about/ CIC / chinese investment corporation buying all the forclosed homes from Fannie Mae at .04 cents on the dollar and putting chinese people in those houses????

  • SPECTRE of Deflation

    Credit/debt was the mass narcotic that was used to hoodwink the sheeple into allowing the switch from a productive economy and real GDP growth to consumerism in all it’s forms to the tune of 2/3s of our economy and a Ponzi scheme, (exponential growth in credit/debt), masquerading as GDP. Americans became the perfect model of Pavlov’s Law, and Daddy, (the banksters/thieves), always provided more and more sugar to condition Americans into destroying themselves through gluttony of all things material. As a society was are now both the ass and the mule.

  • Johnson

    Therefore, the massive global corporations that now dominate our economy are able to pay workers in other countries slave labor wages and import the products that they make into the United States to compete with products made by “expensive” American workers. This has resulted in a mass exodus of manufacturing facilities and jobs from the United States.
    The capitalist pursuit of profit at all costs destroys any possible social consciousness that most corporations MIGHT have, so there is little hope that corporations might sacrifice profit for the good of society by recognizing that shipping jobs U.S. jobs overseas destroys the very bedrock of the country.

    Therefore, it is the job of the politicians to impose sufficient controls on corporations in the form of laws and taxes for the overall good of society. But that is impossible in a Corporatocracy where the politicians are owned and paid for by the corporations that they are supposed to oversee!

    We need to follow in the footsteps of the Arab nations and take to the streets to hasten a new form of democracy where the corporations do not control the country.

  • Kevin

    This article left out one thing. It’s not the US against the world. This is a transfer of wealth from the developed world to the developing world; Europe, Japan and Australia / NZ are in the same boat. Actually their boat has fewer oars.

    Someone think this is a coincidence? Someone thing that this could possibly happen by random chance or by accident?

    A wise man in China said, “May you live in interesting times”. I prefer less drama and certainly less excitement.

  • impeachRonPaul

    Republicans have declared war on the middle class and are using the religous right to help them win. They just added one trillion to the debt to give billionaires tax breaks. Republicans only care about corporations.

  • Louise in MO

    So where is the American patriotism in these greedy corporations who ship their work to other nations because of cheaper labor? Not only are they disgusting people for taking American jobs overseas, but using “slave labor” to raise profits is criminal….and it should be made criminal!

    What’s happening here in the US has a direct line to the fall of morals, integrity, character, and honor. There has been the rise of “me first” (think Wisconsin teachers) that has entered the fabric of our society.

    For those who think man is inherently good, well you need to think again. Man is a greedy, money grubbing sloth who will make his money off the backs of others….even children. The only thing that constrains this inbred behavoir is a culture of moral integrity and wholesome character.

    Homes are a disaster with raunchy TV programs, sexual permissiveness, and drug taking children, some with the parents permission. And do we think these children are going to grow up and be outstanding adults? They become the very people who lead the corporations or those who feel entitled to everything.

    Those who are taking over our country have had help from our own citizens. It’s a disaster of unbelieable proportions. I’m not convinced that it can be turned around!

  • Victorian

    I am sorry to say, but I fear America is over. We will limb on as a third world has-been before going the way of Byzantium. Too many Americans still think this is a democrat/republican issue. They will not see the two are the same and ruled over this ruin together. Too many American are more worried about football than our future. Too many Americans complain about the economy, then go shopping at Wal-Mart. I have talked to people until I am blue in the face. Many don’t care, others say I’m right but they have family matters that are more important. There is no where to go, as these corp. vampires have they teeth in everywhere. Please America return to being REAL Americans, before it is to late!!

  • Victorian

    Americans, demand tariffs now. Refuse to vote for anyone who is not nativist American First! Demand that corp. be stripped of their legal standing as a “person”. America never allowed this until the time when we started the income tax and federal reserve, kind of strange, huh? Demand that no donation be legal for politicians except that, at a set max, from their constituents. Only legal voters in NV. can donate to Sen. Reid, only legal voters in VA. that live in his district can donate to Congressman Cantor. NO corp., business, political party, out of state donations.

  • America will lose its sovereignty economically

    You are scaring people FOR FREE …The only country that really has a huge debt hole is america .. China has a good economy, Europe with Germany at the head has an economy 20 times better than America .

    America will lose its sovereignty economically

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    The mainstream media has another buzz word going around this week, “shared sacrifice” appears to be the media machines newest mantra. I have heard it used on a few of the big commercial news channels. To me it is more psycho-babble-double-code-speak and it means the same as “new normal” which means, we got ours, f#ck you!

    Humbly, I would like to ask how about letting average Americans have a share, if we all are to share together, in the Goldman Sachs bone us (as in dicking us) money. I meant bonus money, so sorry. How about giving us a fraction of the vig short for vigorish, on the TARP Fund? How about the Senators and Representatives “trickle down” some of the cash the corporations ‘contribute’ to their campaign funds?

    Now about the article when I hear “the global economy”, I equate it with Neo-Feudalism and New Age Share Cropping. Low wage competition of Third World countries is not the only hurdle for the middle class but most of the Third World does not have any environmental standards or better put means to adequately defend their natural resources either. So in essence the “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity” as the brave heart Matt Taibbi would say, gets to plunder the resources, stick average people with the costs of clean up and poison us in most cases so we can’t live to tell about it. Real nice world we are living in.

    The Achilles heel in all of this of course is without a thriving U.S middle class to consume all the crap from China their manufacturing sector is but another Keynesian bubble yet to burst. Funny how things never really seem to change no matter how fancy the terms or technology. Next we’ll be in another world war to take our minds off of our quick descent into neo-feudal peasantry and to fulfill the great logic, facetiously speaking, in another idea of Old World economics, that wars are good for an economy.

    There are responses to the continuing decline of America and it’s to build more prisons to house the people that turn to criminality and “shared sacrifice”. Bottom line is we are going to get screwed. The choice they give us is rather we grab our knees or ankles while we get the screwing. I would like to add, the screwing they are giving us is no doubt made a lot easier because so many people have their heads deeply buried in the sand.

  • mondobeyondo

    Thus is the price so many people around the world pay, to keep the party going in the USA.

    Re: Item #17. American pre-teen kids don’t care if their Vietnamese counterparts work 7 days a week manufacturing toys for their Happy Meals. American kids only know that they get a Buzz Lightyear action figure with their fries. Six cents an hour?! Gasp! How sad.

    And do Bangladeshi workers really make the equivalent of $38 US a MONTH? That is the cost of one day’s family meal at Red Lobster, or one-THIRD the price of a party dress at JC Penney, here in the USA. Hell, I spent more than $38 at the Arizona State Fair when it was here in October! And that was just on food!! Just think – a concert ticket to see Christina Aguilera strut her butt would cost about 3 month’s wages of the average Bangladeshi.

    Something is seriously askew here. It should not be like this. Forget spreading the wealth – just spread the promise of food on the table, or food on a wood countertop or plastic dish, and a decent lifestyle!

  • Please read my work entitled “The Balance of Trade”. It will bring to light the fallacies you have stated.

  • mondobeyondo

    Although I’m well aware of how corporations take advantage of lax labor laws in third world countries, I can’t help but be amazed at how so many children are being financially raped by “the system”. Whether it’s making cheap plastic trinkets, or stitching Nike tennis shoes – it’s still very sad.

    Re: “#16 In Bangladesh, manufacturing workers toil in absolutely horrific conditions and make an average of about $38 per month.”

    Imagine living on that salary.

    Okay. Thirty-eight dollars a month. Round it off to $40. Anyone receiving state government assistance can relate, although it’s considerably more than the daily wage of a worker in Bangladesh. For that alone, get on your knees and thank God.

    Day 1: Buy a couple ribeye steaks..OK, cut the ribeye steaks, let’s go with a package of ground beef, bread, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo, paper towels, toilet paper, and a package of gummy bears to keep the kids from bothering you. That’s about $15 right there, and that’s being conservative.

    Oh hell. Forgot about the utilities. Cut the electricity, gas, phone.. maybe there’s an Internet kiosk thing that charges 5 cents an hour if you’re lucky.

    Never mind about the gas, electricity and so forth – you no longer have a roof over your head anymore! You couldn’t come up with the freaking rent, and the landlord has kicked you out!! Hey, enjoy outdoor living! Fresh air, the rain soaking your clothes, all that fun stuff.

    Where to stay? That bridge underpass provides some shelter from the sun and rain. Sounds great.

    How am I gonna make it? I don’t know. You tell ME!!!!!

    Another 30 days to go, and I’ve got $25 in my pocket. Screwed again!! What next? Give up, throw your hands in the air, and beg your local charity for help.

    Now you see how “the other side” lives.

    (p.s. Things aren’t this bad if you have a job)

  • Washington is looking after the interests of US multinational corporations. These corporations don’t care about the trade deficit due offshore profits. These corporations are currently sitting on over 1 trillion in cash. The global economy is good for multinational corporations.

    Wall Street is very optimistic about the future of the US. Expected breakthroughs in computing, medicine, and energy are expected to generate large profits and eliminate even more workers due to productivity improvements.

    The middle class that is awake should consider the following options:

    (1) Learn how to make money on Wall Street.

    (2) Join with other employees and purchase the business you are working for to keep your job in the US.

    (3) Start your own business or train for a different job.

    (4) Join with friends or relatives, purchase farm land, and follow the example of the Amish. With the coming economic collapse, this is probably the best option.

    (5) Expecting any change from Washington is not an option.

  • Suetonious

    Folks, if you want to get real about the source of these problems – then prepare for even worse truths that you may not be able to handle. It does none of us any good to feign a clear-eyed view of the carnage while still adhering to a high school textbook civics course view of how our government works.

    I’m a western expat that lives and works in China. First of all – side issue – whadda buncha crap about work slavery and piss-poor wages everywhere throughout China. What pig ignorant pap! In this day of the internet – I cut such Americans zero slack for being such yahoo local-yokel pinheads. The wages in Shanghai are downright respectable, so much so that it’s hard to get decent office staff before they traipse on to another higher paid position. Sure – there are the horror stories of low wages and poor conditions – but hey – I’ve heard that workers in the US auto license plate business are paid about a buck an hour, and at the end of the day, they’re then frogmarched to prison cells where they live all year round! Can ya believe it?! Whooaaaa! What an evil country!!

    See how friggin’ stupid that sounds? Good. Don’t be such a yahoo and let’s move on.

    The butt ugly truth about your government is that it is finished with you. You’ve done your part in spreading Corporatocracy around the world, quite often at the point of an M-16, or an M1A2 for the tough cases, and now the Multinationals and Banks that have ALWAYS owned your butt and those of the 535 traitors in DC, are moving on to fresher pastures to rape and plunder. It is their plan to render you into a Third World hell-hole, with all the associated famines, civil strife, massacres, disease and other Third World yawner stories that usually cause the average American to turn the page and check out what happened at the Oscars. Yep – but this time, it’s your turn, folks.

    It is long past useful to play “Ms. Lisa Simpson Goes to Washington”, and think that the 13,476,983rd letter to your Congressman is going to cause Congress to stop in its tracks to exclaim “Oh my God!! There’s a little girl in Springfield who’s lost her faith in the Government!!!”

    Get real. Skip to the chase and get prepared. You’ve botched any other previously available opportunity to understand what your government’s really all about, much less “fix” it.

  • mark

    Add to the mix that the US taxpayers pay for a military for Europe and the global corporations.The days of protecting US intrests are long gone. Man, are we suckers!

  • William

    America can not afford EMPIRE. The pursuit of EMPIRE by the Shrub Bush has resulted in the meltdown of America. When Bush took office, the national debt was about $5.7 trillion. Add in the two tax cuts and the unnecessary war of choice in Iraq, and PRESTO, our national nightmare. Be careful of for whom you vote. And now, Obummer caved on the $958 billion tax cut extension for rich people, who are laughing at YOU. If you do not own gold or silver, firearms, ammo and extra food, you will regret it.

  • Kevin


    You aware that 80% of US Senate Democrats voted for China Free Trade and it was signed into law by Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton also gave out favors to get vitally needed Democrat support for NAFTA thereby getting it passed through the House of Reps and he also signed that into law. Oh lets not forget he signed into law the demise of Glass-Stegall which then allowed Wall Street foxes to be put in charge of the chicken coop.

    You should pick your friends more carefully.

  • Kevin


    Corporations have no address. That’s why they are multi-national.They have loyalty only to the Board of Directors in most cases not even the shareholders.

    What is interesting is that for legal purposes they have the same “rights” as an individual under US law. Once upon a time they had to show they were working for the public good to have the status of a corporation. The robber barrens put an end to that over 100 years ago.

    “Give me your poor tired huddled masses yearning to breath free” What they wanted was the uneducated industrial cannon fodder that questioned nothing. As we wanted a piece of the pie and dared challenge the system with organized labor business fled to the “poor tired huddled masses” overseas.

  • peter rawlins

    Workers in Chinese factories get about 500 dollars a month not 50.They jump because they are lost and lonely so far from home and not because of working conditions which are not the best but reasonably well paid. USA citizens have no idea about the rest of the world. They have been left behind. Cadillac is doing well in China.The great American dream of the 50s 60s 70s 80s was built on virtually free Saudi oil

  • Excellent article. Emphasis on U.S. Net Trade Deficits in my view is the correct emphasis to quickly see the deterioration in the U.S. economy measured against the economies of its principal trading partners. I have written about the importance of U.S. Net Trade Deficits for at least three years now – see for example and

    Continued good work in presenting complex things in ways that are easy to understand.

  • colliemom

    Clinton is all smiles at his hand in this. Ross Perot talked of the sucking sound with Nafta… Huh no listen closely kids…Lock and Load Ladies

  • Phrygian cap, aka Michael2

    There is a new chicken little fear of the week too, the government might shut down. Government is not running any better than the engine in my 93 Ford. And I am supposed to be afraid of it shutting down? To be honest I kind of wish they would all go away and I would wake and this would all be a bad dream. If they would just get out of our way and let us live our lives. . .

    How ironic is it that millions, if not billions of dollars in education investments are represented by those who run this country and precious little actually works right. I mean the list of colleges that high level government officials have attended are considered among the best in the world. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford and the like, yet the world screams out for a little plain old common sense just for once.

    Why is it that those who claim elite status cannot see that we little people see this disconnect? Why is that the elite cannot comprehend there is a growing world wide wave of discontent, resentment and lack of confidence in any form of government? They are self fulfilling their worst fear of complete anarchy becoming the reality. The illusion of control that technology has given them is proving to be one of the primary ways of their undoing.

    As I like to say, power is an illusion. Control causes confusion, so we all live in delusion.

  • Colin

    I don’t think this train we are on is turning around or stopping. We are on a ride to hell. God help us.

  • Ivan from Soviet Union

    in china yes, wages are 100-300 dollars a months -( $50 per month live in the article – possible but very rage – 15hour working day is MORE COMMON in russia or USA, believe me)). BUT – it aint a SLAVE WAGE at all – bcoz – food, house rent and in particular clothings n radioelectronics are REDICULOUSLY cheap compare to Russia not to mention western world…. so all n all it is the same –
    to say 100 dollars a month in China n USA – it aint the same thing! – dont you reckon so??????

    have a nice day

  • Eduardo

    Watch things dramatically change as oil continues upward in price, and the cost of globalization increases accordingly (you didn’t REALLY think that Scotty & Capt. Kirk actually BEAMED all that Chinese trash from Peking to your local Walmart, did you…?!).

    Globalization has its seeds of destruction sewn into it—the capitalist captains of America had better make as many bucks as they can, now, before even Chinese stuff is expensive as a result.

    But will that help the USA…? Hardly.

    Tell your grandchildren to start seriously thinking about working the rice paddies of China, while the nouveau riche Chinese buy-up all the prime properties over here, & spend their vacations in Disneyland…I fear that’s all that will be left for them, job-wise, and even at that, they’ll be working for FOOD, and NOT $30.00 per hour like their grand parents earned working for General Motors…

  • Pal Meb

    National sovereignty and patriotism are things of the past, so the author of this article must stop appealing to nonsensical “American values.” We are already living in a global economy and people in the US must learn to cope with such reality (they must be re-educated about NOT living beyond their means).

  • June

    What’s wrong with the terms “Nativist,” or “Protectionism? or any of the words that seem to imply that we are wrong to be those “things?” If they mean you love your country, and would do anything to see it remain he great country that it is – or could be – then sign me up!

  • sharonsj

    Gutter Economist–only 4 of your suggestions are really good. The first, learn to make money on Wall Street, is not. You cannot make any money on Wall Street unless (1) you are an insider or (2) you spend 24 hrs a day learning how everything works and monitoring markets around the world.

    Either way, you are giving your money to the very thieves who tanked our economy and whose speculation is now responsible for high food and energy prices–and the deaths that result! But I guess if you don’t care who you hurt, you become a Wall St. trader.

  • There are any number of good points made here about what to expect in the future. Things aren’t going to be getting any better.
    Mondobeyondo was right about spreading the promise of food on the table. Without food you have very few options. I found a source of healthy, storable food at

  • william

    india will overtake china by 2050 (this guy has obviously never visited china or india)…china is on the ball. india is still in the stone age

  • Kevin

    peter rawlins

    You stated that Chinese workers make $500 per month. Where did you get your information? According to Bloomberg / Business Week the wage is $160 / month for 6 – 12 hour days per week (72 hr workweek) . Working the math thats 55 cents/hr.

  • ImaPlaneiac

    Kudos to blogger ” Deathspiral ” for his 24 February remarks in the recent article on this blog on the subject of ” Stagflation “. ” Deathspiral ” made reference to I took his advice; since listening to several interviews,etc ; including many available on youtube. Lindsey helps me to better ” connect the dots ” of current affairs!He’ll, again, be on Alex Jones’ radio show tomorrow ( Tuesday ); on I urge fellow readers / bloggers … to give him a listen!

  • roadrunner

    As Micheal2 said above, I refuse to accept the concept of “shared pain” or “shared sacrifice”. These are the buzz words offered to us from politicians high and low, (federal/local) to extract more taxes from our savings/labor. I did NOT make this economic mess. Collectivly, all of us except those irresponsible ppl among us who purchased over priced homes with no-doc loans…did NOT cause this mess. They are the ones in the foreclosure trap,NOT I or most of YOU. Let them hang and dry. THEY are the enablers and co-conspirators of this mess. We will need Eygpt and Libya style protests in the USA to fight these crooked pols who seek to rob even more from us. The United States today exactly resembles 12th century England in the time of Robin Hood…otherwise known as Robin of Loxley. ALL pols, local and otherwise are King John and his crooked and criminal Sheriff of Nottingham. Think about that.

  • Vox

    Keep in mind that these Global Corporations are only cutting their own throats. Destroying the Middle Class means that somewhere soon in the future there is no longer any customers in the USA to buy their shoddy communist crap. Sure, they’ll have sacks of Federal Reserve Notes but what good will they be? A sack of them won’t even by the multi-billionaire an egg and they’ll eventually be no better off with the exception that they won’t be able to live by their wits because they don’t have any.

  • Bernie ‘ponzi scheme’ Madoff was one of the architects behind the NASDAQ. NASDAQ is a ponzi scheme, government is a ponzi scheme. Last couple of weeks the World stock exchanges have had technical glitches, what should be called rigging the markets. The markets will unravel, globalists will demand global bailouts, global currency and global government to save the to big to fails.

  • Kate

    And to make things worse—there’s swarms of illegal immigrants driving down U.S. wages. Yes, i know there are a FEW jobs Americans won’t do, but i know a skilled and long time mason who can’t compete with all the illegals getting $7 for the same $25 he was trained for. He has to look for a new career.

    A single housecleaner I know who is raising 2 kids and supporting herself now can’t compete anymore with all the illegals getting such low wages and she is applying for welfare.

    I hear these stories all the time. But we’re not allowed to talk about it openly, or we’ll be called racists.

  • Rob

    Stop gluttony consumption..We are all partly responsible, because many of us didn’t want to take responsibility for our actions. Now…learn to be as self reliant as possible, get to know your neighbors, learn to grow food, learn seed saving, learn a few medicinal alternatives (colloidal silver and hdrogen peroxide are miracles), start accepting responsibility for your own actions, stop being a spoiled little terd, get a life, and get off your ass. Why do we make our own problems everyone elses fault. That doesn’t work anymore. You want new wealth…learn alternative skills, skills that people used a hundred years ago, to have the basics. The basics will be worth more than any amount of money. And include others, no one is going to make it by themselves. Best to you all and prayers to make it better

  • alice

    This is why we have to get our debt under control. Debt is what is destroying our country! Balanced budgets are a must, lower deficits, less debt, lower taxes, no more print, borrow, and spend. Why is this so hard to understand?

  • It’s pretty hard to grow a garden when your land is seized for unpaid property taxes.
    Mass starvation awaits even those who thought they prepared by storing massive amounts of food and growing bountiful gardens.
    All of that won’t do much good when the military/police/insert government goon agency here shows up to take your property.
    Without property ownership rights, there is only starvation and death.

  • Marbou

    I am amazed at the dishonesty of some commenters on this site who actually pretend that globalization is good and that free trade agreements are irreversible. These are the same lyers who, 20 years ago, were telling everyone that free trade would bring riches to everyone. IN YOUR DREAMS. Once the middle class has been destroyed, the only thing left for the downtrodden will be to join the US army to go and fight more useless wars that will suck the last drops of blood out of the US for the profit of the military-industrial complex.
    There is only one way to save America, stand up to the global crooks who have highjacked the political process and have tariffs re-instated on imports. Anything less will be a shameful surrender. FIGHT ON! SOLIDARITY is the only solution.

  • PaulF

    Another nice essay, Michael. I just finished Pat Buchanan’s “Day of Reckoning” and it read a whole lot like this essay. When I read (the excellent) “Economics In One Lesson” I became completely convinced of the dogma of free trade – how could anyone dissent from the plain fact that free trade benefits all parties? But what the author of that book never understood, but Buchanan (and you) do, is that when you open the borders to disparate economies you allow not only cheap imports but cheap labor and thus export *the means of production itself* – permanently, eventually. And so are nations destroyed from within, willingly.

    And free trade has been one of the many destructive ideologies promoted by BOTH PARTIES.

    Some good comments above from SPECTRE of Deflation, Louise, Victorian, and others.

    impeachRonPaul, you remain a confused dolt, I’m afraid. You sound like a 15 year-old whose one overriding, blinding concern is a hatred of Christianity. You make no sense. And you don’t understand a thing about Ron Paul.

  • PaulF

    Pal Meb, stuff your snobbery. The article’s author is clearly well-aware that we’re living in a “global economy” (in the sense you mean) – he just doesn’t like the result of borders open to corporate and national raiders, because he’s gone some sense.

  • Liberte


    Thank you for being a nationalist.

    Nationalism is the natural alternative to unnatural globalism and multicultism.

  • James

    And where does the U.S. elites think the middle class and poor are going to get the money to keep buying their stuff at current prices? If they have their wages lowered to the levels overseas, then I don’t think realistically, people in the U.S. is even going to be able to afford to eat, much less buy stuff.

  • As long as Americans have food stamps, unemployment, tax credits, social security, medicare, easy bankruptcy, section 8, etc, then things will not explode here.

    But pray tell what happens when the free money dries up? (which is most certainly will). What happens then?

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • Edouardo

    “…And where does the U.S. elites think the middle class and poor are going to get the money to keep buying their stuff at current prices? If they have their wages lowered to the levels overseas, then I don’t think realistically, people in the U.S. is even going to be able to afford to eat, much less buy stuff…”


    James, the monied elite could hardly care less about the people in the U.S. Their focus is on solely upon future “customers”, i.e. those consumers-in-training in places like India, Brazil, Russia, & China…

    Just look at the news a few weeks ago that announced G.M. now sells more cars in China, than it does in America—that speaks VOLUMES about the “loyalty” of the captains of American industry to the American people.

    In short, THEY DON’T CARE…

    The only time they DID care was during the Cold War: when the bogeyman Russian bear lurked at our doorstep, & there were Commies hiding under every bed, somehow the middle class thrived, money was fast & easy to those who worked, there were social safety nets, and there was an entire generation of healthy American boys all primed & ready to fight foreign wars against any & all forces that threatened “U.S.A. INCORPORATED”…

    Witness the decline in our standard of living & the middle class since the Soviet Union collapsed: no threat to the status quo, no need for high-paying jobs, a strong domestic manufacturing base, able=bodied boys, etc.

    Funny thing, but that seemed to happen in the late 30’s,too—for an entire decade we were told that there wasn’t a pot to pee in, financially, and then suddenly a little guy with a big mouth in Germany made noises like Krupp Steel would overtake Bethlemen Steel, & Mercedes Benz would overtake Ford…and lo & behold, someone—somewhere!—quickly found the capital to work factories 24-7, and pay good wages to millions…


    History repeats itself, again…

  • gadoing

    An earlier comment about Americans was spot on: “The butt ugly truth about your government is that it is finished with you. You’ve done your part in spreading Corporatocracy around the world.”

    98% of Americans are brainless Ameritards who have done their part in thoroughly enabling the banking / military / industrial / media / educational / pharmaceutical / agri-business complex such that it has positioned itself for worldwide control. It has stolen the future from you and your progeny.

    Ameritards are astonishingly stupid. They always fall into the divide and conquer traps the elites set, such as “Republicans vs. Democrats” and the associated blame game (it’s Bush’s fault…no, it’s Obama’s fault…no, its…). Only morons would fail to perceive the continuity of appointment sources and policies across multiple administrations). Let’s not even begin to reflect upon Ameritards’ stupidity relative to the multi-trillion dollar “too big to fail” scam…

    Ameritards who think they are “well informed” are heavily indoctrinated by corporate elite owned or sponsored media and/or institutions. Ameritards include the overwhelming majority of the so-called “well educated” in America, who cannot recognize how incredibly susceptible they are to propaganda. They fail to comprehend simple statements by Edward Bernays or Jacques Ellul that directly point this out.

    Anyone that thinks Republicorp or Democorp politicians or any of the corrupt lapdogs in the mainstream media give a rat’s ass about American citizens deserves to get what’s coming, good and hard.

    How are those green shoots working out for ya, Ameritards? How ’bout all those shovel-ready jobs? The only shovel-ready jobs Ameritards are going to get are jobs digging their own graves, courtesy of their corrupt political “leaders” who have sold them down a river to hell. The river flows slowly at first, and Ameritards cannot comprehend the implications of the accelerating changes in scenery amidst their corrupt leaders’ exhortations to close their eyes and visualize an endless stream of fraudulent promises. Ameritard have a boo-boo? Awwww, political “leader” will salve it with a fraudulent promise to make you feel better, while ensuring Ameritard is financially raped by corporate political sponsors.

    America will be driven from the present economic decline and stagflation into an inflationary depression, followed by economic collapse. False flag terror strikes will almost certainly occur, and more fundamental rights will be stripped away, while Ameritards will believe more government lies.

    Ameritards will come to depend upon government for their most basic needs, but government won’t give a damn about meeting such basic needs even on a basic level. Ameritards will be the perfect practical demonstration of the Kissinger quote “Control the food, control the people.” Throw in the concept “control the value of the currency, control the pricing of food,” and voila, you have a glimpse of Ameritards’ future.

    Another world war will also likely be orchestrated, and the American population will be dramatically culled. Ameritards will be “patriotically” waving their Ameritard flags while the elites laugh hysterically all the way to their offshore private banks.

    When fully devastated America can be purchased for pennies or even fractions of a penny relative to the value of today’s flawed dollar, the same elites who plundered Americans across generations (yes, ignorant sheep, the elites keep their power and control “all in the family” across generations) will buy up what’s left of value (including natural resources), and Ameritards will eagerly work in exchange for third world wages.

    Hey, Ameritards, here’s a simple truth covering the recent past spelled out for you, not that you are sufficiently smart enough to understand it, nor capable of believing it because of your self-reinforced indoctrination: Bush 1 = Clinton = Bush 2 = Obama = Republicorp politicians = Democorp politicians = crime syndicate, which is simply a user interface for a much higher level crime syndicate that believes quite firmly in survival of the fittest. You have been deemed unfit to survive, especially because you are too stupid to see through decade after decade after decade after decade of an endless stream of lies and governmental “failure.”

    Government has “failed” Ameritards, but it’s quite easy to recognize that for many decades the US government has not been designed to serve Ameritards’ interests. Rather, it has been a smashing success for massively enriching the elites at the expense of Americans and others.

    • oregon111

      nice rant…

      but we only have the 2 parties to vote for,
      I would like to see something else on the ballot

  • Cranford

    I can’t help but wonder who will be paying enough taxes to pay the politicians salaries, after they kill off the middle class.
    The population will all be on welfare, oh wait that will be paid from taxes, or will not be getting paid enough to be cut any taxes.
    So, I guess the multinational corporations will pay them.

  • impeachRonPaul

    James, wake up! You think corporations need the american middle class to buy their crap? NO. China, Brazil and India are the new consumers. Americans want freee healthcare paid for by employers and cheap goods and 25% of the world’s energy. Those days are over.

    Paul, your religous right books by Buchanan and Palin are for the weak minded. Enjoy your fables.

  • Rish the dish

    As a product developer I went to china and saw the way the factory workers lived and worked in person. 50$ a month is about right, but if you are a skilled quality control expert you might make as much as 150$. at least this was true about 2 years ago the last time I went. The barraks were pretty megre, bunk beds with just plywood, no mattresses, if you wanted you could go to a store just outside the factory gate and buy a thick comforter that they sell as a “mattress” .
    It will be interesting to see how the next few years changes the face of the USA. Who knows? if the unemployment rate and lack of jobs keeps going and enough people become homeless, we might become the next Bangladesh, and people will be lining up of the 30cents an hour corporate factory jobs, and living in barraks just like those…



    When Jeb Bush or Romney Reagan speak the gospel of FREE TRADE all dim trailer park teabagers,s bee born again !

  • Uncle B

    Whole site is a sad admission that American capitalism, corporatism, is failing the American proletariat. Google, torrent, “Who Stole The Electric Car”, a clear documentary on just how the corporate mechanisms, interests, work! – NB: After this fact,the EV-1 incident, the American taxpayers were obliged by government force, to make huge socialist loans to GM(America)and GM(America) has given us . . . The Chev Volt! an electric car! Goddammit!
    America will follow the U.S.S.R. into the abyss, its people singing patriotic songs all the way down echoing off the walls of Hell as it closes in over them! Studebakers, Packards, Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, all lost to the pages of history, soon to be followed by Chev, GMC,Chrysler,Ford,Buick, as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai,Subaru, with better engineering, manufacturing, processes, and nuclear, not oil, energy used in manufacturing, gain market position, even here at home in America!

  • Bruce

    It is time to get serious the easy living is coming to end. If you read about the Russian collapse people who prepared did ok. Matches, matches, matches one guy said. Kind of hard to cook with no electricity or NG. Lamp oil, rechargable batteries, LED flashlight and lanterns. Get prepared things are going to get rough here is site

  • The US economy has 4.7% fewer private sector jobs in 2011 than in 2001, that about 5 to 6 million, according to two professors at Rutgers University, Hughees and Seneca, in a download-able report. I discovered the Chicago Political Economy Group has a progressive plan to change our slide into poverty. Check it out. “Towards a New Political Economy for the U.S.” Check my web page too,

  • Kevin


    Great post.

  • Golden Child

    The sad thing about Detroit is that you can tell that the city used to be a thriving upper middle class metropolis with a booming economy. Unlike many American ghetto inner cities, the housing in Detroit is not shoddy dilapidated barracks and projects specifically built to temporarily house poor Black folks like projects in much richer cities like San Francisco. Most of the houses in Detroit are beautiful, rather large multiple story homes with spacious backyards and even garages. Most neighborhoods in Detroit look like pleasant suburban communities that have been hit by a bomb or multiple tornados and hurricanes. Detroit is just a sad testament to the evils of outsourcing, second class citizenship and rigid institutional racism in America. America is only 12% Black but the arguably poorest highest crime big city with a population of near a million is, demographically speaking, overwhelmingly poor Black folks.

    American people should be angry formerly powerhouse manufacturing cities like Detroit are now slices of the third world in what is still considered to be the richest country in the world. It is truly sad because once upon a time, America single handedly produced the automobile in this city that is now an international mockery. Thousands and thousands of American cars that were built in Detroit back in the 30’s, 40’s and 60’s are still running perfectly, well maintained and looking beautiful today in 2011. This proves American ingenuity used to be something great and can still be. America still is the richest country in the world. It just so happens that most American wealth is concentrated into the hands of the ultra wealthy and most Americans are fighting over the crumbs that fall of their table.

  • Kevin


    Terrific post. Yes when the Iron Curtain fell half the world was opened up for business to flee to employ virtual slave labor. No more concerns about “Nationalization” no more mass riots with banners of “Yankee Go Home”. Oh yes a world ripe for the picking complements of generations of Americans willing to fight for God and Country.

    I much preferred China & the USSR our enemies. Hell they did less damage to the American worker. We aim nukes at you, you aim nukes at us and the USSR puts pressure on the Islamic crazies not to do something stupid that might drawl the USSR into a war with the US.

    Personally it’s my belief that every “War / Conflict / Police Action” post WWII had dollar bills wrote all over it. Nothing like some drafted UAW worker fighting to protect South Korea so that his son can’t keep his auto worker job and his grandson can’t even find where the since closed and dismantled former plant used to be. Vietnam? Loosing was winning. It delayed another leach feeding on American workers for two and a half decades.

    Yep, we’re just a stepping stone.

  • Tim

    The attached link is excellent historical reading of what started this whole mess back in 2000. This is when China was made a full member of the WTO – World Trade Organization. Read the quotes of President Clinton and others about what this would do for the US.

  • Mary

    I am no economist, but years ago it seemed really,really wrong that stores must have constant sales and twofers to attract even middle class customers.

    Most people I know must buy food, clothes, and furnishings on sale, discounted or as a twofer. That was not the case for those of us growing up in the 60s and 70s. Sales took place designated times of the week/year , and any other time meant the product was flawed. We paid full price for virtually everything and still had money to go on at least one annual vacation.

    A good reality check for those that still have their head int he sand, would be to do away with sales for a month. Middle class Americans would realize just how poor they really are. Maybe that would motivate folks to realize that it isn’t normal to live that way.
    Maybe the reason the ridiculously high immigration of middle class third worlders is being permitted is to help us accept our declining status. What’s more, Americans who’ve been here for generations will end up poor and the third world immigrants in tech jobs will end up as the American wealthy. Take a look at the class and status customs and prejudices in India, China and even South America if you want to know how life will be in a few decades.

  • Gwynmarilyn

    Live on the salary you believe where your future income will be, when it comes buying new. Why wait. Do not buy new. Buy second hand. Cook at home. Stay home. Watch TV or listion to music and play gmes. Do not take vaction trips except to visit family. Because when low incomes is a reality that what you will be doing.

  • Cassie Lakeland

    Funny how the drooling lefties are blaming all this on the right. This has been coming on for decades and it was all started by the left. Do your homework fools!

    • SwimDude

      Sorry, Cassie, but the Decline of America Began with Ronald Reagan. The First time in HISTORY this nation went $1 Trillion in Debt was under Ronald Regan. Regan took America to $2 Trillion, $3 Trillion, then $4 Trillion of Debt before he was done.

      Every administration since Truman (democrats and republicans) has decreased the national debt as a percent of GDP except for Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2.

      From 1979 – 2006, the average income of the richest 0.1% of Americans rose a staggering 364%, nearly 25 times more than the growth of the median household income. Between 2001 and 2007, the real income of the median working-age household decreased by 1.9%, a loss of $1,107, despite productivity increasing by 18.5% over that time. Republicans are the party of “redistribution of wealth” (from the middle class to the wealthy).

    • oregon111

      the left is pro high worker pay, pro union, pro protectionism, etc.

      it is the right that is anti-laobr, except for doctors…

      the right accepts protectionism for doctors only

  • Kevin


    What link specifically? I would like to keep that for my records.

  • aldoon

    No worries soon they can import all the goods they what from India China and who ever offers the lowest wages we North Americans sold out the Farm and we won,t be able to purchase any of the Manufactured goods they produce while we earn minumum wages so let them think they are ahead of us, soon the American people will rise up to Fascist and reclaim what we have given away. THE TIMES ARE A CHANGING FOR the AVERAGE PERSON AND SOON THE THE 1920,S WILL BE REPEATING ITS SELF THE BATTLE OF THE WORKER HAS COME AGAIN WE MUST RISE UP AGAINST THE GLOBALIZATION OF OUR JOBS OR BECOME LIKE THE ARAB COUNTRIES THAT HAVE BEEN LIVING UNDER THE RICH FORCES OF THE PAST

  • gethky

    Most U.S. consumer-goods manufacturing has been out-sourced because of vastly lower wages & regulations overseas and therefore the U.S. economy is slipping to a third-world status thereby pulling the U.S. standard of living down to parity with the Chinese.

  • I think it was back in the 70’s when they started talk about the U.S. becoming a service economy. I was working then as an industrial/manufacturing engineer. Most of us engineers knew what that meant. We would all be at the airport fighting each other over the right to shine the rich tourists’ shoes. “Hey, Yoh! Sell you my sister. She very nice girl. Big fun.”

    Economic Rule #1 – You manufacture or you die economically. Our rulers know this. Just follow the money. Money wants political power at the level on which it is functioning. Today, money is international and it wants world government. Destruction of our economy is a prerequisite.

    Most people have been conditioned to believe that socialism is antithetical to capitalism. It isn’t. All four of the major socialisms, Communism, British-American Fabianism, German National Socialism, and Italian Fascism have been, or continue to be, heavily financed by Western capital. They are all slightly variant forms of the ultimate capitalist monopoly in which the State owns or controls everything and the capitalists own or control the state.

    Since all will involve “redistribution of the wealth,” the only way the American people would accept a world government is if our wealth was redistributed beforehand. That is the reason for our reduction to third world status. It is also the motive behind the destruction of others of the world’s advanced economies.

    The global banksters began in earnest right after WWII. Few realize that we had favorable trade balances every year until the around 1971 or 72, but we had unfavorable balance of payments. This was the monies being doled out by our government to help other countries build the infrastructures to prepare them to accept American manufacturers as America was dismantled together with the military spending to fulfill Rhodes dream of America taking over Britain’s self-appointed role of world policeman. As we all know, the continuous blood-letting has brought about our demise.

    While it began in earnest after WWII, our fate was sealed when economic royalist Hamilton and Washington set up “our” national bank. Jefferson had warned, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

    Can anyone deny that is exactly what has happened? The American Revolution should be called the Revolution That Never Was. We went from rule by the Bank of England through George III to rule by the Bank of England through Congress, the President, and the Courts.

    If you’re interested, you can see the 1941-42 plan of the New World Order at my blog: ; specifically at the post New World Order – Death of America. It can easily be reached in the blog by clicking on that title in the Table of Contents.

    Anyone who can use what I’ve written there is free to do so except in connection to reptilian aliens, covens of witches, and other nonsense designed to discredit legitimate conspiracy information through association. A plug for the blog would be appreciated but not necessary. I make no money from it.

    • Pagan

      We witches take offense.

  • Texan

    Can U spell i-l-l-e-g-a-l i-m-m-i-g-r-a-t-i-on?

  • Jerry Parker

    Well, there always is “the oldest profession” to which WASPs can resort. Many of the Developping Nations have an hankering for white prostitutes, which is something that the U.S. can export to them, along with white hustlers for their bordellos’ gay clients.

    Perhaps the novelty of White Slavery will wear off eventually, but such prostitution could be a short-range solution for unemployed WASPs. As for other ethnic groups in the U.S., they can have less competition Stateside for the few non-white-slavery jobs that remain.

    I would hate to see the U.S. sink to such an abased state, but the nation only has itself to blame for supporting the Globalist agenda.

  • Global Perspective

    Illegals–who the Democrats support–cost America 300 BILLION dollars a year in free schooling and health care. If an American goes to a Mexican hospital, they will not let you out until you pay. Here it is all free if you are illegal!. Thanks to Democrats who want terrorists and illegals to have free reign because they hate America like Obama. Democrats just want more union members so the blood sucking parasites can destroy more American industries..Libtard commie saboteurs did it all.

    • SwimDude

      I don’t understand your Post. Geroge Bush was President of the United Stated when America had the first attack on American Soil since America Declared our independence in 1776. It’s not the Democrats that ruined this country. The blood letting began with Ronald Reagan.

      • There was the war of1812 when the British burned the white house.

    • oregon111

      republicans are the ones who outsource…
      dems let them in to get more votes to stay in office

      be fair when you criticize – dont leave out the real evil – republicans

  • impeachronpaul.
    Try visiting this link so you can get your facts straight before you open your oral vessel.

  • John Manty

    Economic Collapse Scenarios, That We Could Potentially See In 2011, and, What could cause an economic collapse ?

    Unfortunately there are quite a few “nightmare scenarios” that could plunge the entire globe into another, massive, financial, crisis.
    The United States, Japan and most of Europe are absolutely drowning in debt. The Federal Reserve continues to play reckless games with the U.S. dollar.

    The price of oil is skyrocketing and the global price of food just hit a new record high. Food riots are already breaking out all over the world.
    Meanwhile, the rampant fraud and corruption going on in world financial markets is, finally, starting to be exposed and the whole house of cards could come crashing down at any time.

    Most Americans have no idea that a horrific economic collapse could happen at literally any time. There is no way that all of this debt and all of this financial corruption is sustainable.

    At some point we are going to reach a moment of

    “total system failure”.

    • oregon111

      thats why now is the time to get out of the stock market

  • Joe Vignolo

    The next human to walk on the moon will likely be Chinese. Does that tell you something?

  • Homer

    Can u spell NAFTA that was the beginning of the sell off of America and it’s work force. As far as trade defecates go, I blame every politician for letting that happen. If it is not at least the same or equal trade value then it should not happen. Also adding tariffs by any country should not be allowed. Look out for the IMF trying to create a new Global currency called the Bancor currancy

    • oregon111

      good point…
      what if that beoch hillary wins the dem nomination?

      I wont vote for nafta 2.0

  • I predict that, within 50 years, the USA will suffer an enormous economic collapse and will eventually split into several mutually-antagonistic countries. At least one will be a totalitarian theocracy. Another might be a socialist democracy the unsuccessfully tries to model itself on ones that work, such as Sweden, Denmark, or Holland.

    The really scary part is they will all likely have nuclear weapons and few scruples about using them. The theocracy especially, will have no qualms about using “god’s holy fire” to impose its will upon everyone else.

    • Derek or Clive

      I predict that you will soon challenge a stranger to prove random events in your life were untrue and will then offer to beat someone off in the streets because you once bought Chuck Norris a bagel to try to get his autograph.

      This will of course involve “proof” and “photobucket.”

      I suspect you will follow this up with repeated death threats using ever more graphic imagery only to finally proclaim that you are an innocent victim of some random christian fundamentalist.


    • oregon111

      it could happen…

      I live on the west coast – and if we split up – colorado and west vs great plains and south vs northeast…

      I can see it – and I can see it being better than one america

      only problem – everyone will be leaving the south – east germany style

      ps. northeast would probably merge with canada

  • oregon111

    its the “boiling frog” theory…

    if the frog feels hot water, he will jump out – but if he only feels warm water – he will stay in

    for america – it has to get BTUTAL – brutal as in NO COLLEGE GRADS GET HIRED

    brutal as in mass suicides,
    brutal as in burning down the homes of the rich,
    brutal as in be-headings of ceos,

    a little worse – and its just more of – pull yourself up by your bootstraps

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