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Global Financial Markets Tremble As Bad Economic News Continues To Pour In

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As the U.S. economy starts to slow down once again, global financial markets are beginning to tremble.  Over the past couple of weeks, all kinds of bad economic news has been pouring in.  The ADP jobs report was a “disaster”, the housing numbers are dismal, manufacturing has slowed way down and consumer confidence is dropping like a rock.  The Democrats and the Republicans are bickering over the debt ceiling and this is causing a lot of uncertainty as well.  All of this bad news is starting to spook investors.  On Wednesday, the Dow was down 279 points and the NASDAQ was down 65 points. It was the worst day of the year for the Dow, and many are wondering what is going to happen next if we see even more bad economic data.  QE2 is slated to end at the end of the month, and already the bond markets seem to be anticipating QE3.  If the U.S. economy enters another significant downturn during the second half of 2011, it seems quite likely that the Federal Reserve would attempt to do something to stimulate the economy and that would probably mean more money printing.

This article is essentially the second part to an article I wrote yesterday about how we are seeing warnings about the next financial collapse all over the place right now.  Panic is building and a lot of investors are trying to figure out where to put their money.  Suddenly everyone seems a whole lot less optimistic than they were a couple of months ago.

Michael Sheldon, the chief market strategist at RDM Financial, believes that all of the bad economic news we are seeing right now is clear evidence that we are entering an “economic slump”….

“Initially, we just had bad news from the weekly jobless claims data, but now we’re starting to see a broad-based economic slump.”

So what are some of the numbers that have investors so concerned?

Mike Riddell, a fund manager at M&G Investments in London, recently explained to CNBC why he is so alarmed right now….

“US house prices have fallen by more than 5 percent year on year, pending home sales have collapsed and existing home sales disappointed, the trend of improving jobless claims has arrested, first quarter GDP wasn’t revised upwards by the 0.4 percent forecast, durables goods orders shrank, manufacturing surveys from Philadelphia Fed, Richmond Fed and Chicago Fed were all very disappointing.”

The bad economic news just keeps rolling in.  It is almost as if someone has slammed on the economic brakes.

The following are a few more examples of the bad economic numbers that have come out over the past couple of days….

*According to the latest ADP Employment Services report, private employers in the United States only added 38,000 jobs last month.  That number had been expected to be somewhere around 175,000.  This jobs report is being called a “disaster“.

*Manufacturing activity in May was much lower than most economists were projecting.  The following is how CNBC described the newest numbers from ISM….

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said its index of national factory activity fell to 53.5 in May from 60.4 the month before. The reading missed economists’ expectations for 57.7.

*Moody’s downgraded Greek debt again on Wednesday, and stated that they believe that there is a 50/50 chance that Greece will default.  This time Moody’s downgraded Greek debt by three levels all the way down to Caa1, and that caused the euro to fall like a rock.

To get an idea of just how imbalanced the European financial system has become at this point, just check out this article.

*Earlier this week it was announced that U.S. home prices have declined 5.1% from a year ago.  Sadly, U.S. home prices have now fallen more than they did during the entire Great Depression.

*As I mentioned yesterday, the consumer confidence index fell from 66 in April to 60.8 in May.

So what is causing all of this?

Well, the truth is that the “sugar high” that the U.S. economy has been enjoying is coming to an end.

QE2 is almost over and the vast majority of the federal “stimulus money” has been spent.  Now the federal government is talking about getting spending under control and we are seeing austerity programs being implemented on the state and local level from coast to coast.

But without massive intervention by the Federal Reserve and by the U.S. government will the U.S. economy be able to stand?

Douglas Borthwick, a managing director with Faros Trading in Stamford, Connecticut is not optimistic….

“The sugar high that has buoyed the U.S. economy over the past six months is wearing out, and there is little in economic growth or foundation to show for it.”

The truth is that the Fed and the U.S. government went all-out in an attempt to keep the economy from falling into a total depression.  The U.S. government has been running budget deficits well in excess of a trillion dollars and the Fed has been printing money like mad.  If these measures are removed, the economic crisis we are experiencing might just get a whole lot worse.

How much worse?

Well, just check out what Peter Yastrow, a market strategist for Yastrow Origer, recently told CNBC….

“Interest rates are amazingly low and that, thanks to Ben Bernanke, is driving everything,” Yastrow said. “We’re on the verge of a great, great depression. The [Federal Reserve] knows it.”

Ben Bernanke and Barack Obama keep talking about the “economic recovery” but most Americans know better.

According to one new poll, 66% of Americans believe that we are still in a recession.

Perhaps this is a sign that the American people are starting to wake up to the new economic realities that we are facing.

The U.S. economy is being ripped apart and shredded.  Thanks to our short-sighted trade policies, the Chinese economy has roared to life while the U.S. economy continues to ship jobs and factories overseas.

But instead of facing up to our economic problems and coming up with some solutions, our nation has been on a horrific debt binge over the last couple of decades in a desperate attempt to maintain our standard of living.

One of the reasons why I pound on the economic news day after day is so that more people will really understand what is going on and will start to wake up.

In fact, if you have a family member of a friend that just doesn’t get it, the following is a great article to share with that person: “50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy“.

Look, even Barack Obama says that the present state of affairs is “unsustainable” and that changes have to be made.

But if the U.S. government decided that it was going to go to a balanced budget tomorrow, that would suck approximately a trillion and a half dollars out of the economy.

What do you think would happen if that came to pass?

Of course by going into even more debt we are destroying the economic future of our children and our grandchildren.

We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world and we expect future generations to pay it off.

It is absolutely disgusting what we have done and it is thievery on the highest level.

Everyone knows that we are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world and that at some point it is going to pop.

Perhaps the best we can hope for at this point is for a little bit more time before economic disaster strikes.

Unfortunately, all of the latest economic news seems to be pointing toward another economic slowdown.

Hold on to your seats.

  • omer

    we are *******************

  • qejunkie

    it’s amazing once a country loses it’s industrial base how quickly their whole economy dissolves.and the only solution is massive borrowing and printing, qe3 is rampin up, at least 1 tril, dept ceiling increase 4 tril, that’s 20 tril in dep’t by 2012 (and 11-12% unemployment)

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Water, food, fuel, bullets, medical supplies, and precious metals (silver) are what we all need to concentrate on. When the STHF those will be the commodities everyone will need.

    • Just Me

      “””””Water, food, fuel, bullets, medical supplies, and precious metals (silver) are what we all need to concentrate on. When the STHF those will be the commodities everyone will need.””””

      and a way to keep yourself in these things for at least 3 decades

  • morpheus

    Hopefully they are starting to get it. You can’t have a real recovery without main street. For the last 30 years, big business has marginalized the middle class worker and left him out to dry or for dead. They’re only thinking short term with profits in mind, never realizing there is a cost for bighting the hand that feeds you; you began to starve. The people or the real power. We have to organize and use our real power. It’s not too late. This is not the time to give up. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being treated like a chump.

    Wake up People. It’s time…

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolu­tion2.osix­ )

    “Spread the News”

  • DeathSpiral

    How long can you keep interest rates near 0% while real inflation is 5% to 10% before you must pay the Piper?

    The Eye Of The Hurricane is approaching and many are now saying we have passed the point of no return.

    QE3 will buy us another round but is this 6 months, 9 months, 12 months?

    The only thing which remains certain is the Piper awaits our arrival. Just like a Hurricane it will be fast and will leave everything in ruins.

  • bobbobbobbob

    Yes CHINA RULES!! While the blue dogs and all the republicans act as Chinese Sleeper Cells. All of them voted to give tax credits to those corporations that exported the good mfg. jobs and replaced them with service jobs. Thats it!!!!And your blog never talks about that law. oh u dont want ob care ok die in the street. Wait until aug 2 when the checks bounce. Your system is defective and u will suffer a relative decline but the usa is still strong (but poor)

  • Matt

    I am from Buffalo, NY and I saw first hand what the free trade policies our politicians promulgated can do to an area. I fear there is not much hope in this country because many people have been brainwashed by the mainstream media to believe that unions are what cost us these good paying manufacturing jobs.

    If that were the case, then North Carolina, which is a right to work state, would not have lost 48 percent of its manufacturing jobs since 2000.

    The real reason is our politicians have sold the american worker out. This collusion between the politicians and Ceos have been very beneficial to them; however, it has the united states on the verge of economic collapse.

    Furthermore, it appears that the majority of people are too concerned with mindless tv, video games, and sports to see what is happening to this once great country. Our collective stupidity as a nation is going to be our undoing.

    • Paul

      Well, how many goods made in China do you have, compared to goods made in USA?

      Don’t blame the seller, blame the buyer, he has a choice where to put his money.

  • mondobeyondo

    Wall Street is beginning to catch on.

    QE3 is pretty much a foregone conclusion. The “recovery” (ha!) can’t continue without the Fed pumping even more money into the system. Otherwise, the “recovery” (giggle) will stall, and job growth would stop. Yeah, like there’s been any job growth already. Of course, none of the alternatives to QE3 are any better…

    The current U.S. financial system is totally unsustainable, and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses. People are beginning to get out. Housing prices continue to plunge. The dollar is falling. China’s trying to unload U.S. Treasuries. The U.N. is proposing a new reserve currency. The stock brokers and investors see what’s happening too, and they’re getting out as well.

    It’s so obvious, even Stevie Wonder can see what’s coming.

    • DownWithLibs

      I heard on the radio this morning that they are already calling for QE3. Fasten your seat belts!!

  • “The truth is that the Fed and the U.S. government went all-out in an attempt to keep the economy from falling into a total depression. The U.S. government has been running budget deficits well in excess of a trillion dollars and the Fed has been printing money like mad. If these measures are removed, the economic crisis we are experiencing might just get a whole lot worse.”

    Most people have their thinking backwards about fiscal stimulus programs. Since the US has reached the debt saturation stage, additional debt will cause GDP and employment to decline even further.

    At this stage, debt based stimulus programs are like adding additional weight to the bed of a truck and knowing that the frame will collapse. Would the Fed or U.S. government do this on purpose if they knew what they were doing?

    The truth is that prosperity can not be borrowed and it can not be created with a money printing press.

    The Republican party just asked me for $100 to help remove Obama from office. I asked them about their plan to restore the U.S. industrial base. The telephone went silent.

    • Gary2

      “The truth is that prosperity can not be borrowed and it can not be created with a money printing press.”

      It can, however, be created by taxing the rich and spreading the wealth.

  • Matt

    I almost forgot to thank you for your blogs. I have been reading your blogs for several months and I thoroughly enjoy them. Keep up the good work and the great research in compiling the stats that enforce the message you are trying to convey.

    Hopefully, blogs such as this one can start the process of unplugging people from the “matrix.” We as a nation have been negligent in our affirmative duty to be an informed populous for too long.

    • Michael

      Thank you Matt – it is very good to know that people appreciate all of the hard work that goes into these sites


  • Gary2

    Do not forget that a lot of the jobs that are created are crap low pay jobs. There is massive underemployment, in addition to unemployment.

    We could go a long way to fixing the economy by addressing the horrible wealth and income inequality. Simply taxing the rich HARD and starting to spread the wealth will help a lot. The rich have never had it so good and paid such low taxes. payback time. The corporations who more came to light recently did not pay taxes need to be taxed to the max. This will help them with all the cash they are hoarding.

    Pass the employee free choice act and repeal all right to work for less state laws. Prevent states from competing with each other for jobs in the race to the bottom. It does the nation no good for company A to move to state B to pay lower wages. Its just shuffling the deck chairs in the titanic.

    If we unionize these scumbag companies like wal-mart and mcdonalds and their stores are closed for a few days they will pay living wages.


    • Nick

      Unionize McDonald’s – Really? That is your solution to our entire economy going down the toliet? Stop with the crazy “tax the rich” talking points.

      The real problem is other countries where people are forced to work for pennies. Either be willing to work for 3rd world wages or force other countries to pay their people a decent wage so we can compete.

      Check the tag and buy American.


      • mondobeyondo

        Unionize McDonalds? Gasp!!

        Your Big Mac will cost upwards of $14.00.
        Hey, it’s better than in London – I heard Big Macs are $6.00 there. But everything is expensive in London anyways…

        • Gary2

          no one will pay that. McDonalds will just have to make less profit. No CEO making 500 times the regular workers.

  • Steve


  • McKinley Morganfield

    “But without massive intervention by the Federal Reserve and by the U.S. government will the U.S. economy be able to stand?”

    All the Fed & Obama, Inc. have done is postpone the pain… topical analgesic on a rotten tooth. The correction will happen sooner or later. It would have been best to take the pain of contraction 3+ years ago and avoid 5+ trillion in additional debt. All that has happened since Bush-Paulson started bailing out the “too big to fail” crowd has simply dug the hole we have to climb out of deeper and deeper.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    Oh well, Obamas lies and deceptions are finally catching up with him. Now he has no choice but to tell the truth. And that is something that his puppet master International Bankers/Illuminati kingpins have never learned to do. As they have been having about 90% of our Presidents telling lies for hundreds of years. And their god and lord Satan lies 100% all the time.

    Why? Because Satan hates humanity because he hate humanities Creator; God, who will defeat him and his fallen angels; and those who have followed him for thousands of years. As they will all be in the great lake of fire and brimstone. But Satan has a date with the bottomless pit; which is the worst part of the punishment of the Great God Almighty.

    And yet; Satan has deceived and lied to his followers that they will rule the Earth forever; once they force everybody to put their zombie making and mind controlling Mark of the Beast chip in everybodies forehead or hand. Revelation 13 & 14 talks about this Mark (chip) that will cause you to worship Satan and his antichrist beast leader; and forever lose your soul in the great lake of fire and brimstone; and suffer immensely 24/7, because you chose him over Jesus and God the Father.

  • Ben Dover

    Get ’em, Gary2! Sadly, the more we “help”, the more “needy” we find.

    The bailouts were a ripoff from the start. If we had let the financial “industry” fail in 2008 we would be almost three years into recovery.

  • Esta Kandarian


    I have been reading your articles over the past few months, and find them very compelling. When I hear that only 38,000 jobs were created last month, I feel sad for yet another year of graduates entering a horrible job market. I recently read, and I think it was in the mainstream media, that only half the 2010 college grads have found jobs of any kind, only half of those have found jobs requiring a college education, and that 85 percent of all grads moved right back in with their parents. The job growth rate is so low that we keep employing fewer and fewer people as a percentage of our adult population. Why isn’t that still a recession?

    • Michael

      It is very true – I would not want to be graduating from college today.


  • VegasBob

    Recovery will never occur until Ben ‘Bernokio’ Bernanke is removed from his position as head of the Federal Reserve.

  • Paul

    If the home prices are falling, it will be easier to buy a home for cash without much borrowing.

    This could save a lot of people a lot of interest payments in the future.

    If new homes are not high on the list, maybe the construction industry can make small improvements to buildings – install heat insulating windows, insulate that house, some energy efficient motors for that heating pump, underfloor heating, noise insulation, install a draft free door, maybe a burglary-safe door, some locks for basement windows. You know, so that people can protect their investments and savings without the need to buy a gun, which is likely to kill their children.

    There is still so much opportunity to appeal to the small wallet.

    • Book

      You may want to re-think your thoughts on guns. If you are relying on locks to protect your family, you may be in for a very rude awakening. I used to think guns were bad, too. Until 2008 when I woke the hell up. I’ve never looked back. Start with a revolver, a no-lock Smith&Wesson 642 and work your way up. Spend some time on There are lots of level-headed citizens, cops and military types on there that will be glad to help.

      Don’t rely on anyone else to protect yourself or your family. It’s about to get really bad out there.

  • Nickelthrower


    This is far too serious to bring superstition and religion to the discussion. Reading the entrails of a dove, quoting Revelations or posting Obama’s Horoscope isn’t going to bring any of us any bit closer to solving this problem.

    • Owen

      Unless you look at the big picture, you will not realize the scope of the problem. Unless you grasp the nature of the problem, you will be deceived and you will continue to be a part of the problem.

  • Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone Good thing I live in sweden, but we aren´t exactly safe here either.

    • When gold was around $500 per ounce, several investment newsletters claimed that US president Clinton sold much of this gold for political gain.

  • William

    Yes, it is bad…..and, it will not be fixed. WHY?? Because the citizens will vote back into office the SAME politicians who caused this economic nightmare. Look at the fools in the US Senate, from Reid to Sessions to moron McConnell to Schumer to Boxer…..these are the fools who helped create this disaster. The entire federal government is in the pocket of the military industries and the criminal trash of Wall St. So, you be sure to vote your current officials back into office in Nov of 2012. Then, you have NOTHING to complain about……

  • Kevin

    This is decades in the making. You can’t de-industrialize and continue to import far more then you export. Every day the nation and we get poorer. It’s just a question of who and what areas are effected first. The assembly line worker to the manager and eventually the government workers and the professionals. Worse yet the system was propped up with increased money (M1, M2 & M3) masking the decline.

    The rubber eventually meets the road and in the end “We The People” will have a very significant drop in our standard of living as prices far outpace wages.

    Lucky are those that were born in 1936. They we’re to young for Korea, to old for Vietnam. Opportunities we’re everywhere and all one needed was a willing to work. By the time the decline came you made your money and if half smart and not a spendthrift you will have plenty to live the rest of your life quite comfortably.

    Feel increasingly sorry for subsequent generations.

  • Ken


    Your 2nd Revolution and commonsense 3.1 are a sham!. You are a Marxist and you are in the minority. Government can’t make everyone equal and you’re ideas have always lead to tyranny and mass murder. Individual liberty and our Founding principals (reliance on God) are what made us great. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing, co-opting patriotic terms like common sense. Why don’t you spell out for everyone your beliefs. Progressivism, socialism, Marxism are at best misguides ideas and at worst evil. You can’t be honest about what you want because no-one will buy it.

  • Ken


    Your union thugs are the reason jobs have been shipped oversees. low skilled jobs shouldn’t pay $100k. Look how well Greece has done with it’s overpaid governent unions, strikes and riots. All the whining and rioting doesn’t change the fact that they were overpaid, retired too early and spend too much. What part of insolvent do you not understand? You could tax the rich 100% and it wouldn’t make a dent in the debt. Class warfare is all you ever talk about. Why don’t you get educated or start your own business. Be productive and make your own money instead of harping about taking someone else’s. If you like Marxism so much why don’t you go live in Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea. There the minority rule over the impoverished masses. So much for that equality and redistribution of wealth idea. It doesn’t and never will work.

    • Gary2

      no unions did not cause the great republican recession, unregulated corporations in the financial sector did. This had nothing to do with teachers making too much etc but with republican idealization of tax cuts for the rich, rich buy gov=we are screwed.

      If it was over paid workers why are corporations making record profits?

      Please turn off rush/faux and think for your self.

      There is class warfare and the rich have won. The depth of your ignorance is astounding.

  • Nancy

    “As the U.S. economy starts to slow down once again, global financial markets are beginning to tremble.”

    “Slight” inaccuracy here. There was never a recovery. It has been downhill for years with no bottom in sight. This is all what BO (at George Soros’ bidding) has planned for our wonderful country so the New World Order can proceed without those awful Americans in the way.

    • mondobeyondo

      There’s been no “double dip” recession either. Just one long slow dive, with a slight pause.

      The recession never ended, and is still ongoing.

  • ohmylord

    hello fellow readers of Michael Synders articles, I first would first like to say that i am not a bible thumper, but i have had this feeling for a while now that something awful is coming to the United States economy.
    Seeing this economic crash coming for a while and having a slight remembrance of a bible revelation i read when i was younger i would like to sdhare with you this revelation.
    somthing about this biblical revelation specifically reminds me of what is coming to the united states of america:
    Revelation 18:8 Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.Revelation 18:15 The merchants who sold these things and gained their wealth from her will stand far off, terrified at her torment. They will weep and mourn.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this talking directly about the USA?

    • Michael

      Hey, you spelled my name wrong 🙂


  • Jeff

    The numbers keep rolling in and yes the economy is not doing well.

  • Tim & Hank Williams

    It’s funny how this song is more relevant today than ever, Listen to ole Hank Williams Jr. tell it like it is-

    The preacher man says it’s the end of time
    And the Mississippi River she’s (ain’t)goin’ dry
    The interest is up and the Stock Markets down
    And you only get mugged
    If you go down town

    I live back in the woods, you see
    A woman and the kids, and the dogs and me
    I got a shotgun rifle and a 4-wheel drive
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive

    I can plow a field all day long
    I can catch catfish from dusk till dawn
    We make our own whiskey and our own smoke too
    Ain’t too many things these ole boys can’t do
    We grow good ole tomatoes and homemade wine
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive

    Because you can’t starve us out
    And you cant makes us run
    Cuz we’re them old boys raised on shotgun
    And we say grace and we say Ma’am
    And if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn

    We came from the West Virginia coalmines
    And the Rocky Mountains and the and the western skies
    And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive

    I had a good friend in New York City
    He never called me by my name, just hillbilly
    My grandpa taught me how to live off the land
    And his taught him to be a businessman
    He used to send me pictures of the Broadway nights
    And I’d send him some homemade wine

    But he was killed by a man with a switchblade knife
    For 43 dollars my friend lost his life
    Id love to spit some beechnut in that dudes eyes
    And shoot him with my old 45
    Cause a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive

    We’re from North California and south Alabam
    And little towns all around this land
    And we can skin a buck; we can run a trot-line
    And a country boy can survive
    Country folks can survive

    You see Hank knew then what is the key now, a country folk can survive. If you can’t do half this song then get moving and don’t buy anything that you can’t mine or farm. Outside of that take all your funny money and cash it in for Silver or Gold. You are so lucky to have this insight, do not piss it away or continue to deny.

    And thanks for the Blog Mike, next time let us know if your on vacation, I got a little freaked when it stopped that week. LOL Good luck everyone

  • Gary2

    Republican leaders in Congress have a one-point program for whatever ails the nation: cut taxes for millionaires and large corporations.

    Got a revenue surplus? Cut taxes. Got a budget deficit? Cut taxes. Got a toothache? Cut taxes.

    These one trick ponies are destroying this country.

    • Book

      Gary2 has a point on this one. THIS one…

  • Gary2

    * The richest 400 taxpayers, whose average income is $270 million, pay about 18 percent of their income in taxes, the lowest effective rate since the 1920s.
    * General Electric, Boeing, and more than 60 profitable Fortune companies pay no federal taxes, thanks to offshore tax dodges and other loopholes.

    This egregious wealth and income inequality is caused by conservative republicans. This is why I call republicans and conservativ4es a cancer on this country. Even with the above stats the right wants to cut taxes on millionaires and billionaires even more. They are immoral and disgusting.

  • Gary2

    our college drop out gov (walker) is cutting the needy to help the greedy by cutting tax credits to the poor and middle class and giving the rich another tax cut. WTF is wrong with this country?

    (WTF=What The fooey)

  • sharonsj

    Reverend, I think you need some help. And the problem isn’t Jesus and Satan, it’s Mammon. (Although it would help if the mega-churches didn’t preach that God wants you to be rich.)

    There is no recovery. There never was a recovery. The statistics were manipulated until it reached the point that the numbers couldn’t cover up what’s really going on.

    The current crop of politicians are either crazy or religious fanatics. Again, Rev, you need to pay attention to how religion is fucking us up. The newcomers were sent to Congress to do something about the economy and jobs. Instead, at every level, they are only interested in banning abortion and controlling women’s bodies, while not giving a fuck about the people already alive. And they think lying to us is is perfectly okay because they’re doing God’s work. But it sounds like the Taliban to me.

    All you right-wingers who keep voting in Republicans need to get a grip on reality.

    • Gary2

      agree 100%. Where all all the jobs that the repubes promised? Oh wait, their too busy talking about abortion. Once the kid is borne they have no problem taking food out of their mouths to give tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. They really make me sick at their hypocrisy.

  • HerrLT

    “Lost are only those who abandon themselves.” – Oberst Hans Ulrich Rudel

    I lived in South America a year and a half, and let me tell you what a scary thought it is to have a similar lifestyle here. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my immediate family refuses to wake up, the wife thinks I’m kooky, and at times maybe even I want to believe this isn’t real. OTOH, we are right where we are supposed to be. I have faith and am better prepared than anyone near me and I have next to nothing. The mindset, however, and the realization that I have now is infinitely more valuable to have beforehand than to have this shock hit you one day rollin out of bed and getting ready for another day at work. Breath easy: if you’re on this blog you’ve been given advanced notice by the providence of God!

  • 005

    Readers of this forum know this already; we are in a “post-political” world.
    It doesn’t matter how well-educated Obama is, or how cute Sarah Palin is, the DC elite can only offer words and printed/borrowed dollars.
    This does not create growth. You can have a wheel-barrow full of cash, and if the stores are all out of business, it does no good.
    How much longer can media keep this spin going?

  • Lennie Pike

    Rev. Reggie Jackson

    I like the way you think and say it as it is. You are correct.

    Sounds nuts to most, but it is the truth.

    We are spirits living in a material world, and you are either for him or against him – that should be obvious to every one.

  • Lennie Pike

    ………to every one by now.

    • mondobeyondo

      Not really, not to everyone. There are still lots of ignorant people out there.

  • JasonD

    HAHAHA. Reminds me of that old MJ Thriller video when the zombies finally quit dancing and start coming after Ola Ray like real zombies should.

  • Maria

    The most obese nation on Earth may be going on a crash diet. With the collapse of the dollar, hunger may become the next epidemic in our country. Tens of millions in the U.S. already cannot afford to feed themselves, and they are on food stamps (another form of fiat money).

    People comment about how much processed food is purchased using food stamps. Is it any wonder why? Trash “food” is cheaper than whole food…and cheaper than organic. Hotdogs, hamburger and chicken legs are much cheaper than any other meat available. How about the cost of white bread vs. a nice whole grain? What can you buy that will feed a family of four cheaper than a box of mac-n-cheese or hamburger helper? Checked out the price of brown rice or legumes lately? How about potatoes and onions? Bologna and spam? Flour and sugar? People on food stamps don’t have to eat pure junk, but their ability to buy healthy food is decreasing by the week. I doubt that fresh fish, nuts or lean meat tops their list of proteins. Bananas, apples and oranges are getting more difficult for them to afford as well.

    We complain about obesity in this country, but do nothing to improve the quality of food available…especially to the poor. No thanks to the FDA.

    Do food stamp benefits increase as the price of food goes up? I doubt it. Maybe that’s why couponing is booming.

    For those not on food stamps, how many people have enough food stored to feed themselves for one month…much less six months to a year?

    How many people grow non GMO food and save enough seed to grow next year’s garden?

    How many people even grow a tomato plant…much less a garden?

    Very few.

    What is everyone thinking? We aren’t in a depression? Then how do we explain more than 44 million people on food stamps? And booming homeless populations? A recession? I’m not buying that Koolaid.

    The only real money is gold and silver. Do people think the government can replace the dollar? With what? Another fiat? Yeah, right.

    One thing is for sure, when the dollar is dead, it won’t buy any more gold or silver.

    Or food…

    • Lee. S

      Hi Maria – in the medium / long term the dollar is dead but short term i think it will make a come back. People will want cash to pay their bills. Gold and Silver have peaked for now and are on the way down – but long term will probably rise in general value.

  • mondobeyondo

    “The recovery is right around the corner”….

    That phrase should be printed in 24 karat gold foil, framed, and hung alongside those other classics, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”, and “Two chickens in every pot”.

    I’ve looked around the corner, down Main Street, and through the alley. Don’t see no freaking recovery.

  • mondobeyondo

    Just heard it now, from ABC Radio News…
    Credit rating of US up for review by Moody’s.
    Moody’s threatening to downgrade US credit rating.

    Oh gee, that’s great. Our government’s national Visa card is about to have its credit line slashed.

    • Gary2

      Who gives two rips about what these fraud rating agencies say. They were the same ones that said all the Wall Street crap was AAA.

      They need to be shut down.

  • Ben Dover

    Gary2–If you have anything, you can afford to give more.

    • Gary2

      Believe me Ben I do. Mainly in time.

  • Gary2

    The big right wing lie-There’s no money:

    Bull shit-corporations have had record breaking profits these last 2 quarters. The rich have never had it so good and paid so little in taxes (was 91% under Eisenhower)

    The progressive truth: There is a TON of money. We have one of the highest GDP in the world. Its just that people have bought into the republican conservative narrative (IE LIE)

    There is no political will to go and get the money the country needs. The rich have bought both parties, 100% for the rupubes and 75% for the Dems.

    Tax the greedy to help the needy!

    We need to rid our country of the cancerous republicans and their grotesque conservative philosophy. How many more people are we going to let this immoral party kill with their tax cuts for the rich, and medicare/medicaid cuts for the poor?

  • Gary2

    True story-IKEA in Sweden is a model employer. They pay $19 per hour to start with 5 weeks vacation. Ikea in the US is a bottom feeder. They pay $8.00 per hour to start and no vacation. When the Swedish people confronted IKEA about this they said that was all that was necessary in the USA and that people did not expect more. Europe views the US like we view other third world countries.

    (pls do not bore me with the move to Sweden or that they have hi taxes. I would gladly pay higher taxes for all the benefits they get. They are a very small country yet they still out compete us.)

    Thank you republican party for destroying this country.

    • Book

      Sweden lacks our ethnic diversity.

  • Freedom Lover

    “Every human being is a unique individual. Any attempt to replace the personal conscience by a collective conscience does violence to the individual and is the first step toward totalitarianism.” — Hermann Hesse — Author

    That is to you Gary I am sick to death listening to you whine. Grow up already taxing the rich well not solved the problem of this nation until we have an honest money system we have no choice but to collapse all fiat money system always 100% for sure crash maybe instead of whining all the time and looking for your hand out like ghetto trash you take the time to learn what real money is and fiat money is. But your from a Union driven state and the people are too dumb down to think on there own. We are going to crash not from the right wing but the idiot left wing spending and refusing to grow up. Ban the Federal Reserve and go to interest free money and the world would change over nite. Then get rid of all the useless cry babies in the ECO Nazi cult that close off all the jobs in America pump our own oil instead of keeping all the over seas wars going. The wars are the liberals fault but you can’t think for yourself Gary just one more communist crying.

    • Gary2

      Back in the real world where we actually live…

      There needs to be a balance between capitalism and socialism and it looks a lot like the Scandinavian countries. We need to emulate them. I do not want to move there but change this country to be a lot more like them and a lot less like it is now.

      We in the USA keep thinking we are number 1, and we used to be but are not #1 (or 2 or 3 or 4…)anymore. In almost any measure many other “socialist leaning” countries are beating us-graduation rate, life expectancy, infant mortality, people in poverty, paid sick leave and mandated paid vacations etc etc etc.

      It shows the ignorance of Americans that they think capitalism or socialism. It needs to be the best of both. More socialism would probably actually save capitalism from itself.

  • liberranter

    In fact, if you have a family member of a friend that just doesn’t get it, the following is a great article to share with that person: “50 Things Every American Should Know About The Collapse Of The Economy”.

    Sage advice, Michael, but unfortunately it’s ultimately unusable. Anybody who “doesn’t get it” by now doesn’t get it because they refuse to face reality and start living their lives as responsible adults. Sadly, a very, very large majority of the Amoricon population falls into that category. They are simply impervious to reason and critical thought.

    The only chance there is of even a dim flicker of light emerging from the empty bulbs of those who “don’t get it” is when, NOT IF, their entire world disintegrates around them when the economy finally breaths its terminal breath. Even then, they’ll go to desperate, dangerous, and self-destructive lengths to hang on to their fantasy world of the past.

    Call hospice care. This nation is FINISHED!

    • Owen

      It’s worse than you think. It’s not just America that is finished, it’s the whole world! Life is fixing to get much tougher for mankind.

    • You couldn’t have said it better! Most Americans believe that nothing bad will ever happen and they fail to acknowledge that this country is going down the shit hole. It’s ok though, those that prepared ahead of time will be in a way better situation.

  • Benito

    When the going gets tough,
    the tough gets going
    and the weak gets done.

    Looks like the NWO agenda
    but WoG says
    the meek shall inherit the Earth

  • Otown Right Guy

    The only candidate with the ideas to turn it around is considered “unelectable”. The only candidate who wants us to be the peaceful, constitutional republic we were founded to be is considered unelectable. You think Tim Pawlenty or Sarah Palin will upset the apple cart? Former Fed-lackey Herman Cain? Get Real! And you already have seen Barry Sotero in action. If you vote for anyone other than Ron Paul for President you are voting for perpetual war, ever increasing taxation/inflation (same thing), ever increasing spending, etc. Ever, that is, until the whole thing collapses under its own weight.

  • Gary2

    Madison – Republican lawmakers voted Tuesday to trim taxes for corporations and investors while further cutting tax credit programs for the working poor.

    Headline in the Milwaukee Journal 6-1-11

    How much proof does one need to see that the republicans only support the rich and corporations. You can’t make this stuff up!

  • jayoh

    godspeed everyone……….just try to prepare

  • Maria

    Anyone read C.S. Lewis’ Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength?

    The third book parallels our current state of the world. Amazing. Next I want to read Lewis’ The Abolition of Man.

  • Time to start getting ready and preping if you have not done so.

    I’m not selling anything as I work full time as a police sergeant. So if you just getting started out in the prep area you will find useful info here;

  • No money means no spending means no velocity means no recovery. It is all just digits on paper at this point. But that avalanche of cash should it ever materialize will be the inflationary pin needed to boost the economy and change the job loss trajectory. Let’s wait and see what the banks do with their “authorizations”.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details.

  • Lennie Pike


    I stand (partially) corrected. You´re right, there are still lots of ignorant people out there, (not entirely their fault) but I did use the word “should´´ and not “is´´. But I guess that depends on what the meaning of the word is is – not!! Is only has one meaning Billy Boy.

    Sometimes I wish I were not so exact with everything because most people are not and they resent it, but I was raised that way. Also it is not that important to be exact – close enough for government work as they say in the construction business is good enough 99.9% of the time.

    You did the right thing not changing your name to Mundobeyundo after I pointed out that in Portuguese the word “world´´ is Mundo.

    oops, there I go again.

    • mondobeyondo

      You are correct in that the vast majority of people out there are uneducated/unaware of what’s going on. It is not entirely their fault. Those who don’t “pull back the curtain from the man at the controls” (i.e Wizard of Oz) have themselves to blame.

      Oh, and thank you for acknowleging my lack of proficiency in Portugese. Can I hire you as a translator if I go to Rio de Janiero?! Hee!

  • Daniel Markfeld

    people are losing battle agsinst the recession and the world is coming to an end very very soon and somehow the recession must turned to the rapture for October 21, 2011 as of Harold Camping have the correct answer. We will not survive. However, we will be dead.

  • 007

    It’s so sad. The liberal/socialist democrats don’t have a clue how the real world works. Virtually none have ever had a real job, made a payroll or even run a lemonade stand. They don’t have a clue how jobs are created. They want to sit in Washington and do their central planning and try to deny the most basic laws of economics.

    They will never admit or understand that no one will risk capital and hire people without a reasonable prospect of making a profit for their effort and risk. They have taxed and regulated the golden goose to death.

    Why is the economy so bad? Why don’t you risk your life savings to start a business and hire people today? Answer: The odds are greatly against you being successful. Taxes, regulation, law suits, audits, government corruption, pay to play capitalism and unfair foreign competition have stacked the deck badly against you and any business.

    Until taxes and regulations are cut and strong incentives given to employers to hire and make a profit, nothing is going to change. Unfortunately, Obama and the socialist democrats will never consider such critical structural solutions to our very sick economy. As long as a reasonable business owner has better odds making money playing the lottery or a roulette wheel, don’t expect them to hire or expand.

    Right now a new business has less than a 20 percent chance of survival five years. If you think you can beats the odds, Obama and company want to punish you for success and redistribute your profits. Who in their right mind wants to try to be a hero in this business environment.

    Face it, the golden goose is almost dead. It is not about to lay any more golden eggs until it is fed, nursed back to health, and given a decent chance of making a reward for it’s effort.

    I blind man can see this in a moment but the socialist democrats never will.

    • Gary2


  • Bill Brasky

    I concur with the notion to cut out all the religious and ideologically skewed comments.

    I don’t know of anywhere else on the net like this, and the blog is becoming more valuable every day.

    The S is hitting the fan, and there is nothing magical about it, folks.

    Just the logical end result of a bunch of greedy, stupid people doing greedy, stupid things as a matter of course for generations on end.

    We have grown exponentially for decades by burning through precious resources that have been, for those few decades, extremely cheap.

    The resources (oil, metals, fresh water, etc.), as any sane person would have foreseen, are becoming scarce and harder to extract and therefore more expensive.

    We (meaning YOU baby boomer greedy obese turds) built an utterly fraudulent financial mega-ponzi scheme on the basis of this growth. And you sold your sons out for PC “values”, just to try to grab a piece of the pie.

    These ideas and observations need to be discussed in a RATIONAL manner, not in one that references fictional characters that exist only in collective imaginations.

    Are we clear?

    • Owen

      No, you are not even lucid. To one who knows the truth, you are displaying great foolishness. If you really want to know what’s going on you need to know the truth as well.

      • Bill Brasky

        Yes, 2000 years of jew worshiping has worked out great. Look up the word “usury” in your buy-bull, and try to come back with a coherent point on the subject (hint: early christians weren’t big on it). You have rejected the only useful parts of your fairy tale.


  • Bill Brasky


    The problem is 1 part Mammon, 1 part Lilith…

  • Kevin


    You said the below to Gary2.

    “Your union thugs are the reason jobs have been shipped oversees. low skilled jobs shouldn’t pay $100k.”

    Explain why the US Textile industry traditionally non union and barely paying more then minimum wage fled to Asia? Well before you can answer it’s because the delta between $10 / hr (poverty in the US) and 50 cents / hr in China is too great for business to resist if they have laws in place that have abolished tariffs.

    I’m damn happy the US Steelworkers made high wages because even if they made low wages (relative to the US) their jobs we’re still going to be exported to slave wage nations.

  • Kevin


    You said, “The big right wing lie-There’s no money:”

    Relative to the debt there truly is no money. If 100% the GDP of the US was confiscated it would still not pay the debt off. That’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to the McDonalds french fry person and everyone in between.

    Taxation is not the answer although some increase in taxes are in order. Cutting spending (short of some military) is not the answer either unless you want riots in the streets as the US rapidly takes on a 3rd world standard of living. Re-industrialization is the answer but alas the globalist genie is out of the bottle and 50 cent labor in new factories can be had in abundance.

    The good news is that the public is waking up. The bad news, it’s too late.

    I wish everyone good luck in our race to the bottom. It’s one race you don’t want to win.

    • mondobeyondo

      Gary2 can always ask McDonald’s to unionize – make their employees earn a higher wayge so that they can make more McBiscuits for the masses….

  • Kevin


    You said, “How much proof does one need to see that the republicans only support the rich and corporations. You can’t make this stuff up!”

    80% of US Senate Democrats voted for China Free Trade which was only 3% less then the Republicans. That in and of itself was a greater catalyst for US poverty then everything else combined including financial de-regulation (running a close second).

    Neither party is on the working persons side. “You can’t make this S#$T up”.

  • Gary2

    Despite increasing worker productivity, families’ incomes have stagnated since the late 1970s. #ForcingFamiliesIntoDebt

    New Gallup poll: By 57-35 margin, Americans feel wealth in the USA “should be more evenly distributed.”


  • Tel

    I agree with the other posters who say it was socialism that did this to us (and in Europe as well, just look at where Greece has gone). Central planning does not make an economy work, it has failed many times over. Even the Russians gave up on central planning.

    As an Australian I am fortunate that we still have great mineral wealth to tide us over the bad times. It won’t last forever, eventually we will need to learn the same lesson. I hope we can learn it the easy way, but I have noticed that most people just don’t learn the easy way. Maybe hard times in the USA will serve as a warning to others.

    I think that the real capitalists in the USA are the small to medium businesses, and the family businesses, and what they have finally concluded is that they can’t cope with socialism any more. Although these people could fix things, they have found it easier to get down into the storm shelter and bolt the doors shut. I also think that the USA is only just starting to recognise what a big price the Iraq war has cost. More than just money (although it also cost a lot of money).

    You look at where the USA has gone in the last 50 years: family farms have been closed down and replaced with mega-corps, corner stores have shut down and been replaced with mega-corps, the medical industry has been taken over by big-pharma. Those big corporations don’t actually compete in a healthy free-market way, they just lobby government and buy congress. They create laws to block their competitors.

    Government in turn regulates those mega-corps and forces them to serve political objectives… even less market competition, lower efficiency. Add a bit of corruption into the mix and it’s a road with disaster at the end of it.

  • mondobeyondo

    We’ll make it through this.

    Now, if you think we’ll make it through this with you getting a 52 inch big screen TV and brand new Xbox, you’ve got another thing coming

    I just said we’d make it through this.
    We’ll make it through this.
    Survival, not luxury.

  • Just Me



    If you were given half of Bill Gates money, you’d still be broke in a yr, it’s a fact that if the money was divided, the same 10% would wind up with it all.

  • Kevin


    I have no problem with redistribution. You can take it all. Of course if the trade imbalance is not corrected by the USA making things again we’re not creating any more wealth. The total US GDP is insufficient to pay the debt.

    You can’t borrow yourself individually or collectively into a decent standard of living. Neither can you withdraw from your savings (tax all wealth at 100%) which by the way is still insufficient to cover our overhead. New wealth must be constantly created. Neither the left or right has a plan for maintaining our standard of living on a long term basis.

    This reminds me of something I was told by a Cuban American that fled Castro in the late 1960s. He said, “Castro did not lie to us, he said he will make us all equal, he was correct, in the end we we’re all poor”.

  • Lennie Pike

    Bill Brasky:

    John chapter 10. Read it. If you don´t recognize the voice, the voice is not of your master. Let the rest of us be.

  • Lennie Pike

    Bill Brasky:


    Resources are not becoming scarce due to existing or possible supply. Politics, control for profit, government policies that inhibit a free market, fixed markets for the benefit of thieves and cowards who can´t handle a free market, and fiat money cause scarcity amongst other similar reasons.

    Some resources may be slightly more difficult to extract now than before but that added difficulty adds an imperceptible increase in price if any. Price can even decrease when the cost of extraction increases due to other factors.

    There will always be sufficient resources or alternative resources to sustain the World´s population. For example – if oil production slows due to exitsting supply, which it probably will not, natural gas will take it´s place almost immediately.

    A very few were responsible for creating the financial ponzi scheme. Americans were fine with the gold standard and had nothing to do with it´s termination. They also had nothing to do with the termination of the Glass – Steagal act that Bill Clinton signed into law at the request of just about everyone in Congress especially Republican Phil Grahm. The President and Congressmen did what they were ordered to do or else.

    Everything you had to say was left open to doubt – everything including the main and most important claim that you made.

    I am still very foggy with everything you had to say.

    • Bill Brasky

      Is your understanding of the physical laws of energy based on ghosts, magic, and sarah palin soundbytes as well?

      “There will always be sufficient resources or alternative resources to sustain the World´s population. For example – if oil production slows due to exitsting supply, which it probably will not, natural gas will take it´s place almost immediately.” – Lennie

      How can I even argue with such an absurd statement?

      Just because there HAS BEEN sufficient supply, you assume there always will be…? And you think multi-trillion dollar gasoline infrastructure and billion+ vehicle fleet is going to just switch over to something else overnight?

      Oil is a finite substance and if you can look around yourself at the modern world and think “this has a future”…

      You are an embodiment of the problem.

  • Lennie Pike


    No charge for translation services, but you might want to pay for a bullet proof car and armed guard. If not, it is still worth making the trip.

    Yesterday the entire police force of Rio de Janeiro attacked (firing live ammo and tear gas) the entire fire department that was on strike. When things calmed down after many hours, the entire fire department was arrested and taken by bus, and placed in a soccer stadium.

    You never flatline in Brazil. The people are very emotional and self-centered but very friendly also. They have had a very rough time of it with their criminal governments and central bankers over the years so it is very understandable. Things should be a lot worse.

    The U.S. is going to have a taste of the same soon and for the same reasons.

    There – I related this message to things economic, maybe it will be posted.

    You spelling Portuguese “Portugese´´ could have been a test, so I can not igonore it.

  • Lennie Pike

    What the U.S. and World face now is not the logical end result of a bunch of greedy stupid people. It is the result and very near the end of the long-term plan of a small group of very intelligent people who are the enemies of God and God´s People and who want total control of the World.

    There is a lot of evidence including a historical record, admissions of intent, and everything that is going on around us now, that strongly suggests that it is the truth.

    I will not provide the facts to substantiate my claim. They are easily available, and by finding them personally, they will be more believable.

    In a much more important area of fact-finding, the following quote is true: “seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.´´

  • 007

    Gary 2

    The unemployment rate under Bush averaged 5.3 percent. Bush also dealt with a recession after 9/11. The recession was not the result of too low of a tax rate. It was due to the repeal of Glass/Stegal act (democratic legislation) causing rampant back speculative risk taking, Freddie and Fannie subprime lending (democratic creations), federal reserve manipulation of the interest rate (democratic creation) and the Community Reinvestment Act ( democratic legislation) encouraging sub prime lending.

    All of this legislation and central planning was likely well inteded with catastrophic unintended consequences.

    “Taxes have never been lower” hmmmm prior to 1919 and the creation of the federal reserve this country never had an income tax. It gradually increased from 1% to 90% under Carter. Regan dramatically reduced the tax rate leading to the greatest uninterrupted economic expansion and job growth for 20 years.

    You should study our country’s economic history. While you are at it check out the history of the fall of the Roman Empire. They tried to “tax the rich hard” and it was the last straw which imploded their economy and led to their ultimate destruction.

  • Kevin


    You left out the evisceration US industry due to the effects of both NAFTA and China Free Trade which cast millions of solid middle class Americans into virtual poverty jobs. It’s tough to pay the mortgage when you go from 50K/ yr to 20K/yr.

    Because of the Trade Agreements we’re not coming back from this one. Manufacturing cannot resume to the levels required to supply sufficient income to a great enough number of people when virtual slave wage labor is available.

  • Lennie Pike

    You are correct about one thing – Sarah Palin is aligned with TPTB – she was McCains running mate!!! and it is obvious she is not very bright.

    Do you think the same of Ron Paul soundbytes by any chance? Just wondering. Oh, he doesn´t get much soundbyte time, he get´s ignored – at least by the MSM.

    Most of the world´s oil supply is consumed by the internal combustion engine.

    The large majority of internal combustion engines are in automobiles.

    An internal combustion engine can be converted to run on natural gas overnight.

    30% of the cars in Brazil run on natural gas (I won´t mention the even larger percentage of automobiles that run on alcohol which can also be converted from gasoline overnight.)

    Alcohol is made from sugar cane.

    Sugar cane is not a finite resource.

    Thank God I do not have an understanding of the physical laws of energy that can be learned in some liberal university (all of them?) I only have an understanding of them based on real world reality and that which has been proven to me to be true through my own perception, honest thinking, and school of hard knocks – as these internal combustion engine conversions that can be performed in much less time than is consumed in an eight hour midnight shift (overnight).

    Please write more and give me more info about why my statement is absurd so I can make a correction if neccessary. Tankyou.

  • Lennie Pike

    The gasoline infrastructure can be changed very quickly to natural gas – especially if the supply of oil is rapidly being depleted – which it will not be because even if every one in China and India purchases a vehicle, there are many many oil fields yet to be discovered, there are huge reserves of oil in the oil sands of Canada, there is oil shale, there is Bio-Diesel Fuel best produced from the Royal Palm. The Royal Palm and other plants which can produce Bio-Diesel is not a finite resource – nor the water needed for it to grow.

    Before all of the oil is gone which will be many many decades or maybe even centuries, the odds are there will be other presently unknown sources of energy – other than natural gas and alcohol that will be discovered.

    Did you know that all of Europe used wood as fuel for automobiles during WWII? And they were not steam engines – they were internal combustion engines.

    Oh yeah – I forgot – The world could go to steam engines (almost) overnight if neccessary, but the chainsaw manufactures would have to up production – also not impossible.

    But back to the claim I made about the gasoline infrastructure being able to be converted “almost immediately´´ (which is different from your “overnight´´. Do you not believe that if by some unbelievably bad luck that oil resources did go dry or begin to diminish rapidly, that with all of the money that the oil companies have that they would not also almost immediately take control of natural gas and use that money to create an infrastructure for natural gas so that it could be distributed to the drivers of automobiles?

    The existing gas stations – the buildings and the equipment in the buildings, the concrete or asphalt that the cars drive on, the same empolyees, etc. would remain the same.

    Maybe only the pumps and the tanks, and the delivery trucks would need to be changed and nothing else – I don´t know, I´m not an expert, I´m just trying to think of the details here.

    Also the oil companies would know the timeline neccessary to make the conversions, and would do it with no problems. It would not be overnight but it would be quickly enough – (before the oil ran out…….riiiight.)

    And I will finish off with a biggie about the infrastructure needed to make the swith from the gasoline internal combustion engine to natural gas………


    Alcohol is also a lot easier to produce than gasoline – just not in the U.S. because sugar cane does not grow well in the U.S. and corn IS NOT!!! the plant that should be used.


    An uneducated taxi driver who set foot in a university for only two years until the nausea became to much to stand. Universities and public schools – a huge part of this country´s problem. Reason: They depend on money from the Federal Government and we all know who controls the Federal Government – and there is nothing Federal about those destroyers of people and nations and everything good.

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