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Has The Financial Collapse Of Europe Now Become Inevitable?

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What in the world is happening over in Europe?  Well, it is actually quite simple.  We are witnessing the slow motion collapse of the euro and of the European financial system.  At this point, many analysts are convinced that a full-blown financial implosion in Europe has become inevitable.  Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Belgium are all drowning in an ocean of unsustainable debt.  Meanwhile, Germany and the few other “healthy” members of the EU continue to try to keep all of the balls in the air by bailing everyone out.  But can Germany keep bailing the rest of the EU out indefinitely?  Are the German people going to continue to be willing to hand out gigantic sacks of cash to fix the problems of other EU nations?  The Irish were just bailed out, but their problems are far from over.  There are rumors that Greece will soon need another bailout.  Spain, Portugal, Italy and France have all entered crisis territory.  At the same time, there are a whole host of nations in eastern Europe that are also on the verge of financial collapse.  So is there any hope that a major sovereign debt crisis can be averted at this point?

One would like to think that there is always hope, but each month things just seem to keep getting worse.  Confidence in European government debt continues to plummet.  The yield on 10-year Irish bonds is up to 8.97%.  The yield on 10-year Greek bonds is up to an astounding 12.01%.  The cost of insuring French debt hit a new record high on December 20th.

Bond ratings all over Europe are being slashed or are being threatened with being slashed.  For example, Moody’s Investors Service recently cut Ireland’s bond rating by five levels.  Now there is talk that Spain, Belgium and even France could soon all have their debt significantly downgraded as well.

But if the borrowing costs for these troubled nations keep going up, that is just going to add to their financial problems and swell their budget deficits.  In turn, larger budget deficits will cause investors to lose even more confidence.

So how far are we away from a major crisis point?

Professor Willem Buiter, the chief economist at Citibank, is warning that quite a few EU nations could financially collapse in the next few months if they are not quickly bailed out….

“The market is not going to wait until March for the EU authorities to get their act together. We could have several sovereign states and banks going under. They are being far too casual.”

Many analysts are even calling for some of these troubled nations to stop using the euro for a while so that they can recover.  In fact, Andrew Bosomworth, the head of portfolio management for Pimco in Europe says that Greece, Ireland and Portugal must all quit the euro at least for a little while if they expect to survive….

“Greece, Ireland and Portugal cannot get back on their feet without either their own currency or large transfer payments.”

Sadly, most Americans don’t realize just how bad the situation in Europe is becoming.  This is truly a historic crisis that is unfolding.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared earlier this year that this is the biggest financial crisis that the EU has ever faced….

“The current crisis facing the euro is the biggest test Europe has faced for decades, even since the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957.”

So what is the answer?

Well, many are speculating that the EU could actually break up over this whole thing, but another possibility is that we could eventually see much greater integration.

In fact, for the first time the idea that “euro bonds” could be issued is gaining some traction.  This would spread the risk of European government debt throughout the European Union.  At this point, Andrew Bosomworth says that things have gotten so bad that it now seems inevitable that we will soon see the creation of euro bonds….

“Whether now or later, there is no way around a euro bond.”

So just how bad are things going to get in Europe? Well, earlier this year Anthony Fry, the senior managing director at Evercore Partners had the following to say about the emerging bond crisis in Europe….

“I don’t want to scare anyone but I am considering investing in barbed wire and guns, things are not looking good and rates are heading higher.”

So why should Americans care about all this?

Well, what is happening to these troubled European states is eventually going to happen to us.

If rates on U.S. government debt eventually hit 8 or 12 percent it will literally be financial armageddon in this country.  The U.S. government has piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and if we continue piling up debt at the pace that we are, then it will only be a matter of time before the IMF is demanding that we implement our own “austerity measures”.

As I have written about previously, there are already numerous indications that confidence in U.S. Treasuries is dying.  If that happens, we could literally see interest costs on the national debt double or even triple.

But it is not just the U.S. government that is in trouble.  A bloodbath in the municipal bond market has already started.  Hundreds of state and local governments across the United States are on the verge of bankruptcy.

So don’t laugh at what is going on in Ireland or Greece.  The next victims could be financially troubled states such as California and Illinois.

In the history of global finance, we have never faced a sovereign debt crisis like we are seeing now.  All over the globe governments are being suffocated by absolutely crushing debt loads.  Once a couple of dominoes fall, it is going to be really hard to keep the rest of the dominoes from falling.

This is the biggest crisis that the euro has ever faced.  At some point Germany will either be unwilling or unable to continuing rescuing the rest of the EU countries from the unsustainable mountains of debt that they have accumulated.  When that moment arrives, it is going to throw world financial markets into turmoil.

But this is what happens when we allow long-term debt bubbles to be created.  Eventually they always burst.

So keep your eye on the euro, because if a financial collapse does happen in Europe it is going to have a dramatic impact on the United States as well.

  • BiBi

    What would be the immediate impact? Not in financial speak or bank matters. Just plain facts on what would happen here in the States.

  • alice

    The socialists in these continents are responsible for their financial meltdown! Continue with the Austerity measures, full speed ahead, arrest them if they disrupt/riot/ in their countries! You can’t let the socialist destroy our continents!

  • Go to US Debt Clock and click on the world debt clocks. There you will see germany in worse shape that us. Great Britain, France, all horrible. It is even worse than you point out. There is no way in hell they can save the euro. Maybe the Bernank will start counterfeiting the euro for them.

  • mondobeyondo

    The Piigs (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) are about to become bacon in a couple of years.

    And the USA, and all other debtor nations, will soon follow. It’s inevitable.

    Proverbs 22:7 is no different than the law of gravity. They work equally as well.

    The borrower is servant to the lender. And what goes up, must go down.

    Learn it in school, learn it from your parents, or learn it through the hard way, in bankruptcy court or a lawsuit from your creditors. But learn it you will.

    I fell under the spell, too. I have lots of debt. Just like the Piggs countries, the USA, California, and probably you too. I woke up just in time. Hopefully it was not too late.

  • Wilma

    Bibi, what do you think would happen? You will starve, Bibi.

  • mondobeyondo

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

    There’s a commercial playing at this very moment on TV. An advertisement to buy a Honda Civic for Christmas. 0 percent down, 0 financing. Gee whiz.

    Will it ever end????

    Wake up and smell the espresso.

    It’s just another lure to get you into debt. You should have kept that car you traded in during that “Cash for Clunkers” thing last year. You would still have a decent running vehicle, and not have any debt.

    Weeelll, if you DIDN’T,, and if you fell for the bait last year… you’re now stuck in a 48-month or 60-month payment plan, maybe even longer, praying you won’t get laid off from your job and miss a few payments.

    The car commercials are cute and flashy. And they are also a trap. Dont. Fall. For. It.!!!!

  • VegasBob

    Alan Greedscam allowed the US to replace production with borrowing, bailouts and low interest rates.

    The rest of the Western world simply followed suit.

    When Wall Street brought the US economy to its knees in 2008, Ben Bernokio doubled down. His printing presses spewed forth the biggest pile of counterfeit electronic dollars in world history, and not coincidentally, these counterfeit electronic dollars have permitted the US to finance the biggest deficits in US history.

    A lot of people know the truth. They choose to believe Bernokio’s bald-faced lies about not printing money, because acknowledging the truth is too horrible a prospect to contemplate.

    When people finally lose confidence in Bernokio’s mountain of counterfeit electronic dollars, the jig will finally be up for the US. America will experience economic collapse and hardship on a scale far worse than the depression of the 1930s. The day the final collapse begins, a lot of people are going to figure that maybe they have lived on this earth for one day too long.

  • (1) US investors currently have $353 billion invested in European government bonds.

    (2) Since European government debt has gotten too large to service, many US investors are going to become bag holders!

  • John Lang

    The European Union disintegrates and the EURO collapses. So what? That is going to create a temporary setback but they will survive by implementing a harsh austerity measures. Besides, their history as a union is very short. The situation in the U.S. is a lot different. The collapse of the dollar and the crash of the financial market including the bankruptcy of the States will lead to civil unrest and civil war.

  • trans

    Has it ever occurred to anyone to ask, to *whom* all this money is owed?

  • wild man

    BiBi, let me simplify it for you.

    If nobody wants to buy US Treasury Bonds, the government wouldn’t have any money to function ie pay employees, military personel, welfare receipients, etc. Of course Ben and the boyz would let the government borrow their dollars. Why not, since they have unlimited amounts of cash and can always print more as needed. But the interest rate would be higher since “they have us over a barrel”

    So the government gets the cash and starts handing it out like a banker in a monopoly game. The only problem is who will want this paper cash in exchange for goods? If you were the main source for food or fuel would you be willing to sell your product for monopoly money? What would you be able to buy with it?

    Get the picture?

  • john

    Where is all the money going? Is it all being horded by the top 2%? With the injection of new cash, why is it seemingly not being circulated?

  • The Beast

    What we see in the last few years are civilization changing event in a global scale. The old regimes will be swallowed by the tsunami that they created. But after these mayhem, the new civilization survived will be better, much much better. God willing.

  • William

    This is all part of the plan for the Rothschild Illuminists/Bilderbergers to establish a one world government/currency. Some thought the EU and the Euro was a giant step toward these Khazars dominating the world. No, it was necessary to set up the collapse of the EU and the Euro which will herald the arrival of these Illuminati to “save” Europe, and ultimately this “saving” will extend to the US. Find and read Juri Lina’s
    UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCOPRION. Have you read the Harold Wallace Rosenthal interview??
    Google that and you will learn the truth.

  • Jack

    It’s getting scary! 5 years ago I had a great job, now I am unemployed and have little hope to find a job (im over 50). At least now I have time to prepare. We started a small garden last year and will continue to learn to garden and harvest the seeds too. It’s definetely a skill everyone should learn.

    We are also stocking up on food storage. My wife’s friend works for a company and got us started. Check out ShelfRelianceSanAntonio Dot com. The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now)

  • the time has come for a resource based economy!!

  • Europe has already known the financial crisis that will hit them, and now, the entire of Europe is already affected, as well as all other nations. The financial system as a whole is already at its worst and the government has already known about this, even before the US financial condition. The problem is they have just taken it for granted and is confident that they can use consumer’s money/consumer credit to increase its fake assets.
    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. Visit for details

  • Olly

    Hey – anybody see the BBC article from today stating that China are going to be investing in the Euro.

    Foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said that the eurozone would become “a major market” for China’s foreign exchange investments.

    Not sure what this means for the Euro but I guess it’s not good news for the US Dollar if they’re pulling out of that (which they clearly must be).

  • Laura

    Alice, the “socialists” are not responsible. Ireland had a surplus in their Treasury just a few years ago. What got them into trouble was bailing out the private international bankers. It’s the same thing we did, and are continuing to do, in this country. The bankers have somehow convinced the world that if national treasuries do not bail them out, the world will come to an end. That is not the case. The banks in Ireland made bad bets, as they did here. Let the banks go under. They are the ones who are sucking the world dry, not the citizens and the taxpayers, and not the so-called socialists. So arresting people who have no jobs and who are being thrown out of their homes by the banks is not the answer. Nations have to wake up and let private speculators go down with their bad bets.

  • Mike

    In the end, this will be the fate of most nations.

    I know this statement is naive, but with the world in such crisis – perhaps they should hit the reset button on every nation’s debt. Start over and have money backed by something tangible.

    What a mess.

  • evil money cannot save world

  • Huub

    If I have some money in euro’s cash.What is the best advise to do with them?I was saving this money for 10 years, economising on everuthing, and i do not want to loose it

  • sharonsj

    To Alice: it wasn’t the socialists (not that you even understand the concept of Socialism), it was the financial fraud which began in the U.S. Republican trolls like you can’t be bothered with facts.

    Meanwhile, the Greek gov’t wants another round of austerity while the people are screaming NO. So we’ll see what the riots will eventually produce. With any luck, they’ll have a revolution, just like the one we need here.

  • Michael2

    Seems like maybe the uber-rich megalomaniacs are escalating the battles for the best positions in the hierarchy of the elite. Maybe it’ll soon be time for them to officially declare the long brewing WWIII has begun. We know the formula, kill millions (population control), make billions in profits off the rebuilding of devastated countries, take control of millions of more acres for their real estate portfolios and expand further control over the world’s natural recourses.

    Given the state of affairs I am not sure why any type of intoxication is illegal if this reality is the best that the so called “sober, elite, best and the brightest” can produce. I know I for one need some type of escape to blunt the utter ridiculousness and madness that those in ‘control’ seem content with. I say pass the Bill proposing legalization of marijuana and give us plebeians, commoners, serfs/debtor peasants, pariahs, whatever they are calling us this century, another means to laugh so we can keep from crying!! Although, the way things are going not many of us will be able to afford the munchies either.

  • Just Observing

    “What would be the immediate impact? Not in financial speak or bank matters. Just plain facts on what would happen here in the States.”

    Socially ? Almost nothing…..if anything, life will be better here, oil will go down, gasoline will be cheaper, and money will rush to the US Dollar, making imports cheaper….it will seem like a “recovery”….all short term, of course.

    Because eventually, everyone will figure out we’re not any better, and we will crash as well.

  • Brad

    This is what ALWAYS happens when you let central banks (private financial elite) control a country’s money supply. US citizens need a proper understanding of Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. The US Congress has the right (obligation) “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”
    The US was deceived/bought-off when the Federal Reserve – private central bank – was created here back in 1913. We are on the road to serfdom. The “Fed” printed your ticket. Enjoy the ride!!

  • Chester


    “The socialists in these continents are responsible for their financial meltdown!”

    Merkel, Chirac, Sarkozy, Aznar, Blair, Karamanlís, Berlusconi… none of these are socialists. They’re all atlantists and create huge debt and unemployed. Europe is doomed since it lost its sovereignty to Washington and followed the american economic system/

    @Frankenstein Government

    “Go to US Debt Clock and click on the world debt clocks. There you will see germany in worse shape that us.”

    Focusing the attention on Europe is a good way to avoid talking about the even greater desasters coming in the USA and in GB.

  • Chester

    To fix the problem in the Eurozone, quit the euro, drop the UE(SS) and declare bankruptcy. Problem solved.

    The european economy will start again with Russia. Vladimir Poutine is already searching for commercial partnership with Germany and will later do so with France once the French will drop Sarkozy the atlantis dwarf and avoid Strausskahn the Washington spy serial lover.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Every cent of the bailouts is lost forever. Someone gets it of course but the citizens who paid it in taxes and the government that gave it to the people needing bailouts will never see it again. This is the biggest transfer of assets ever in history. It is no secret. It may have been a little obscure when it all began but it is clear now that politicians are giving away our future. In fact they are falling all over themselves to see who can give away the most money (so far Obama is the winner). Watch and see where these politicians go after they are thrown out of office. They will get million dollar jobs from the very same people they are now giving billions to. What will you get???

  • Victor

    Here in Spain the things are very bad. The European Union has controlled the economy, the Spanish government already cannot take decisions. 20 % has lowered the wages, has raised the taxes to all, has eliminated the subsidies, and now they will lengthen the retirement up to 67 years. The dispossession is 21 % and it will be 25 % in 2011. There are thousands of empty houses and million persons without house. The capitalist financial system has collapsed.
    And there is no an alternative in the horizon.

  • mondobeyondo

    The bailout money went to the big banks and to Wall Street. Why do you think the stock market has “recovered” to its pre-2008 levels?

    You certainly didn’t get any of the bailout money, did you?

    Classic Ponzi scheme. Those at the top, get to skim off the cream. Those at the bottom get sour milk, if even that much.

  • Euro-Cassandra

    Here in Europe, we are just about to face a defining moment for the EU: in a year or so we will know whether the “solution” will be a financial integration, i.e. an EUSSR with less and less democratic legitimacy, or a collapse of the Euro currency and the EU as an organisation. If you ask “the people”, they clearly reject any further centralization in Brussels; as you can imagine, the political class wants the exact opposite…Interestingly, China has lately taken steps to stabilize the Euro currency; seems that they´r looking an alternative to the US Dollar…

  • mondobeyondo

    Yes, it is a Monopoly game.

    But the rules are different for the big shots.

    If you’re a high level finance employee, member of Congress, or CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, etc., you get to pass “Go” and collect your stimulus. The big shots get a “Get Out of Jail” card on every roll of the dice even though they are robbing the public blind.

    You can have all the railroads and utilities you wish. Park Place and Boardwalk are your properties by default. Community Chest… why do you think it’s called Community Chest?! It always pays you taxpayer money! That’s why the big shots pray they land on that spot every time they roll the dice!!

    The rest of us? We get stuck paying rent.

  • Victor I to live in Spain and things are worse then just bad. It’s a disaster. Unemployment between 18 & 26 y/o is nearly 50%. Unemployment benefits are next to none, even if you worked for a fair amount of years. Social security to be paid for each employee is 40% yep FORTY, I’ve got a small business, 2 staff, for each 1000 € I pay in wages I need to give an extra 400 € to the government. F***ing ridiculous.
    The problem is that most Europeans blame it on America, Americans blame it on China,….. but not a lot really know who they should blame. Some are waking up and hopefully after the holidays more will wake up when they see their credit card charges.
    People should unite GLOBALLY against the rotschilds and friends, because they to work globally. One thing that they might have miscalculated is like Olly pointed out, that China is offering help to Europe. They’re already ditching the $ together with Russia, which is very bad news for the US.
    The only thing that the US/rotschilds can do is start a war. The pininsula will involve China and might make them stop helping the EU, but it’s going to have to start fast.
    May God or whoever can, save us from that.
    If you’re awake, you all know it’s looking veeeeeeeeery bad from every possible angle.

  • mikwierdo

    Well, this was obviously caused by the use of the Euro, and the banks in England that financed the whole thing.
    Now its become clear that a world-wide economy is NOT a solution or good idea at all.

    Sorry Ero’s, but the moment you allowed the Euro to replace your economy you failed.

    And the same thing WILL NOT happen to the U.S. we started with the dollar, we die with it.

    Also, whoever wrote this report: FAIL!

    Start using specifics, not rumors or “people have said”.

    This is a science and vagueness gets nowhere in it.

    I can see that the Europeans will have trouble with their economy, until they STOP using the Euro.
    Which won’t happen because of all the pigs in office being paid to keep it implemented.

  • Awake

    @ William
    Wow….you actually believe that! Yeah….and the Jews conspired to be almost exterminated in Europe, as well, right?

  • Progressive Ed

    But can’t the EU keep printing $$$ the way the USA is? The economists were wrong about this one also: “There is no such thing as a free lunch”.

  • whitewash

    If the Euro fails…. we the USA will also fail.. The Dollar & Euro are connected to each other by the hip….. When the euro fails, the dollar will fail in a matter of weeks: The western world will go down in flames…..

  • Greying Wanderer

    “What would be the immediate impact?”

    A lot of different things would happen at once and in the short-term the consequences would be confusing but one thing that would happen is US institutions that hold Euro assets or currency would take a hit making those institutions even more bankrupt than they are now causing a domino effect.

    “If I have some money in euro’s cash.What is the best advise to do with them.”

    Buy something that has a real value or if you specifically want it to be a currency then pick one that is heavily backed by real value like Norway, Oz or Canada as their currency value is supported by valuable natural resources. Alternatively Swiss francs simply because of their reputation for good governance.

  • Greying Wanderer

    “It’s the socialists!”
    “It’s the Republicans!”

    Western governments have been piling on the debts without worrying about how to pay for it for years.

    In Europe it’s been mostly expenditure on a monster state and welfare while in America there was a little bit less of that but more than made up for with ruinous neocon wars in the middle east.

    However governments being in too much debt isn’t the critical factor. The critical factor in this disaster is the banks also having trillions in bad gambling debts which they are offloading onto the already shaky government finances (aka bailouts). It’s the bank debts on top of the government debts that are dragging whole countries down.

    The banks are getting away with it because of corrupt politicians.

  • Gary2

    Hopefully Europe will see the wisdom in China. I fear we in the USA-Banana Republic are almost too far gone. China is growing like crazy, and will leave us in the dust, because they don’t suffer from the delusion that the American-style “democracy” (i.e., oligarchic control of the government) works.

    The Chinese government does not allow anyone to control it. Their loyalty is only to their goal of making China succeed as a country. Our government is just a puppet of the rich.

  • European countries should listen to what Margaret Thatcher said about socialism. “Socialism works only so long as you don’t run out of other people’s money.” When are people around the world going to wake up and realize socialism,and communism, don’t work?

  • when it collapses, then what?

  • hdradio

    As Inevitable as the attack on Iran…..

    They will print up bonds for ECB to buy up like the Fed does in the US.

  • CJFYuma

    Hey, don’t worry too much! The NWO government will save collapsing Europe, and its strong Anti-Christ leader will demand his economic allegiance. No more fiat currencies, or gold for monetary transactions – no sir, there were too many global currency wars. A simple rfid in your hand will become your new “money”.

    European financial collapse is Wall Street’s “black swan”. The corrupt money-center banks on Wall Street will collapse next, losing billions on defaulted, European securities, taking down the entire, federally-backed banking system, which is still a debt-ridden, “rotting corpse”.

    Finally, America becomes the last sovereign to default, having no other monetary authority left to give her a “helping hand” to pay off her Chinese/ Japanese creditors. Global financial chaos then engulfs the entire world. Next, Anti-Christ to the rescue!

  • DanD

    This is the concomitant prelude to a globalist-sponsored event of massive human dieback. Right now, decisions are being implemented that are ultimately meant to identify exactly which populations (or portions thereof) are systemically “worthy” of survival from civilization’s impending catastrophy.

    Ever since the end of WWII especially, the global economy has almost exclusively been composed and managed according to the creative parameters of a ponzi-scheme. This circumstance was specifically produced in order to incur as much as possible the truly massive harvesting of the Earth’s mineral resources.

    Now that the prophylactic protecttion of “peak-oil” has been transcended, the world’s debt-based economy will be allowed to catastrophically implode. AND THEN, while virtually every region of the planet is experiencing its own massive social strifes against the truly onerous austerity measures dynamically being imposed by the fantasmic corporate masters of the global bankster class, the particularly developed, subordinate contractors of genetic mass murder will then be unleashing 98% death-rate pathogens into the global population of humankind that will insure a more imminent civil population NOT to exceed 500 million people.

    THEN, the Earth will be allowed to heal from the destructive consequences of its 10-thousand-year exacerbated, (prospectively former) vast human infection, while humanity’s surviving residue will glean its own needs of infrastructure survival from the abandoned property of a soon-to-be six billion annihilated.

    Because we (as a species) have indeed crossed the Rubicon minimum-law living, this is — by all practicality — the only remaing path for long-term human survival.


  • whodunnit

    lets see….all the industrialized nations of the world, who create all the real wealth of the world, have astronomical and unpayable debt burdens…..what entity created all the wealth which was then loaned to these nations in order to create all the wealth of the world….wait a minute….something doesnt seem right with this picture…..oh…the intl bankers who create nothing but fiat currencies and usury are the instigators and main beneficiaries of this massive fraud….until they are neutralized the people of this earth will continue to be enslaved…..

  • Unemployed Aussie

    The world is interconnected to the nth degree; and a lot of these debt problems started in the US of A.

    My local council here in Australia had some spare money they wanted to park a few years ago. They were sold on US CDO AAA rated securities; which subsequently collapsed, losing much of their value. Our council had to reduce several programs; which resulted to me losing my job.
    Now US folks are whinging about the European debt crisis?
    ….. Hypocrites…..

  • @ William LMAO
    Wow….you actually believe that! Yeah….and the Jews conspired to be almost exterminated in Europe, as well, right? Awake

    Yeah, William gets it. Your reply is a strawman argument. Look it up. The holocaust was a hoax too Mr. Asleep. What is happening was no mistake. These criminals create money out of thin air, and then buy up everything. Since 1913, they’ve had almost 100 years.

  • Rose

    Socialism? Off shore derivatives? Market manipulation? Doesn’t matter! Every bit of this is financed by the banks, our interest on this fiat debt is their oxygen. Follow the money and burn it.

  • Jasper

    The US and Europe needs to rid themselves from social handouts to those who are not citizens. These people have come from other countries because those countries would rather get rid of them and save money themselves in the process. WWlll is upon us.
    Prepare. Things will be better someday afterwards.

  • In fact it is not as much about whether the German people are willing to save other members of the Euro zone but whether they are willing to save their own country and its banks. Because the improvement of the current situation is of paramount importance to Germany since the full financial implosion in Europe would have detrimental consequences for the country.

  • Tom

    Capitalism ruined Europe and is destroying the USA. Capitalism is the problem!

  • Jay B

    This is crazy, the euro collapse? common now!

  • Kelly

    I agree that the PIIGS are in deep strife in 2011.
    Alot of people think we are doomed, but there are still great ways to make money.

    I subscribe to the FFT newsletter at that guy is calling for a bigger event to come in the next few months. His oil calls are insane, and I have been making good money with that.

    Start stocking up on gold people!! Do it yesterday.

  • Progressive Ed

    Not as long as the $$$ created by the US Fed can be effectively passed through to the EU.

  • barouk
  • cleitophon

    What people need to understand about the EU, is that it is an institutional superstructure, a system that has power and influence only to the extent that it is granted by the individual countries who all have control over their own: infrastructure, health programmes, military and so on and so on. The purpose of the EU is to ease interaction between sovereign states, and it does not have the federalist features many of the debaters here seem to think.

    The biggest problem for the eu is the free-rider problem: everybody wants something, but nobody want to give anything. So, what happens if the euro fails: people revert to their old currencies and the usual squabling goes on as it has for hundres of years. Indeed, most members arn’t members because they want a united europe, most are members because they want a disunited europe hahahah If you don’t believe me watch this:

  • John

    Let IT BE PIGS in FR and MUNI’s and GOV BONDS in the US they are all the same. Worthless

  • Allisio Rex

    Millions of third world people have invaded all the European Countries. Most of them are on welfare costing billions to feed them. They are all parasites and see Europe and Whites as people they can suck their blood from.

    Europeans and all the overseas European nations: USA, Canada,New Zealand and Australia must stop the third world welfare,criminal,anti-White invasion and start expelling millions. Furthermore, they have to eliminate the so-called “Foreign Aid” just giving zillions of our hard earned money to people who don’t give a damn about us.

    European must go back to their moral roots: marriages and stable family and honest work,any honest work must be encouraged and financed,if necessary, by the various governments.

  • This global money mess has been very carefully designed by the ruling global elite, Rothschilds, Billderbergs etc. Our world leaders aim is to distroy our currencies & bring in one global digital currency. I mean to say a cashless society. The next level could be mass micro chipping under skin of ones hand for example. Google Veri chipp. I think the best options are learning to live off line. Grow your own produce. Support local organic farmers. Become vegan or vegetarian at least. Buy Gold, Silver & hope!! Remember to refuse the chains of slavery the New World Order have in store for you & DO NOT TAKE the Swine Flu or Seasonal Flu Shot. They have been designed to damage your immune system. Peace.

  • Hello,

    So, practically speaking, what is the life experience when an entire monetary system of major market movers, such as the EU and the US, advances from crisis to collapse?

    Thank you,


  • Niklas


    The reason is Europe’s demographical problem.
    European countries aren’t making enough babies and the workforce is thinning out.
    So European countries have opened its borders for mass-immigration. If it wasn’t for mass-immigration, Europe wouldn’t have functioned at all.

    As European, i’d be more than happy to see Americans move here.
    They have similar values to that of west/north/south-Europeans. Americans are well-educated; have good work ethics etc!

    This is happening to some extent.
    If there would be a fall of America and Europe would somehow make it, its borders would be wide open for American immigration.

  • A total collapse of the monetary system is inevitable, governments need to take back the issuing power of money -> debt free money.

    If the market crashes you better have some gold or silver, you can trade those 😉

  • Animated movie about JP Morgan manipulating silver.!

    We should al buy gold and silver. Physical silver or gold, you can hold in your hands and storage in a vault. Do not buy silver stocks or something cause than you’ll still end up with a piece of paper in your hands

  • simplelogic

    All of these problems of debt and countries collapsing have been caused by greed. The top 1% have gained a mass of wealth at the cost of the masses and now the cost of the nations as well and sadly many don’t even realise this. Eventualy what is going to happen is people are going to get tired of this and those filthy rich are going to loose everything because money will have become worthless and it will have been their own greed that caused it.

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