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History Tells Us That A Gold Crash + An Oil Crash = Guaranteed Recession

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  • Jaytsuda

    I have come to this sight upon curious reasons.
    I see many economic collapse ideas and how an individual would fight for America. Some stating their ancestry ties in the 1850.
    Though I was not there and never read most history books I know Columbus did not discover America first. Maybe it was the Vikings or Indians or Nephliem giants. The point I am trying to make here is people are never together with the thought of doing things for the better of mankind. I think we all agree that Columbus was a conquer/discoverer,Vikings were the same,the Indians were nomads/gypsy or roamers mostly in the direction of the buffalo herd. But one thing in common is that they all protected their interest to survive in this world as their society at that time influenced their thought of how to do it. It is no different today as the drug dealer trying to protect his turf. Therefor it is no different on the thought of how to survive (sometimes by enslaving people) today by controlling/influencing the laws to their benefit to make money. Whether it be off-shore banking,corporate welfare or even making arrows between the months of Jan. 2,2010 and Feb. 28,2010, these type of rules or allowances are for special groups/people to make or secure more money. That is what they do today compared to the Viking, Indians, Europeans, and asians of yesterday. This I mention to who is ever reading this and it is nothing new or thought of.
    So with all that happened in the past and what is happening now and all the comments on this site that looks like domestic terrorist type people as defined by the US government today, one must ask him or herself when the US collapses (only a guess) and people are starving or don’t know how to survive in these conditions, will your mine fields and masses amount of ammo of food and water protect you from the masses of rioting people? I think you know the answer to that. Then if you succeed and people of different races succeed are you going to finally make a government that is color blind,society class blind etc. etc.? The comments on this site is about the government,fed. reserve, banksters, wallstreet that are ruining this Us society. Under those comments I guess they are only going to attack those part of society that caused this US collapse, right? You know what happened in the LA riots (Rodney King), Hurricane Katrina etc. and how people immediately began looting for financial gain or survival. And that was only a small section of the US. getting cracks. So that is my position that this site is only about hypocrites and parasites. They talk about taking back the US but what if they succeed what will the US turn into now? Discrimination though now not spoken in the open is still rampant. It will always be until the pylosophy of loving one another and mother earth with no boundrys occurs. What a John Lennon idea that is.
    So this comes to my idea on how to fix it. The laws are on the US books. We as citizens are frustrated that these laws are not for the best interest of the people. What else would you expect from the hypocrites and parasites. We need to beat them at their own game. First we all got to vote. We need to put people in congress who haven’t been there and who have not worked in congress and most of all change all laws and start from the constitution of the founding fathers as a base again with penalties of death for not deliberatly following the constitution. The Europeon society came to settle/conquer in America because of freedom of religeon,speech, taxes as the base of coming to America. England financed both sides of the revolution just like we do now (Iran Contra, CIA, FBI). America borrowed monies from England to start America. We still owe them big time. We gave away our greatness when we allowed (no protest by the people) congress to establish the Federal Reserve and implement of taxes in 1913.
    Now they print money (Fed. reserve) out of thin air and loan it to us (Government). This allows them to control all of us (interest rate, inflation, buy anyone). This what we allow. They subdues the masses by welfare,foodstamps, ebt cards,medicare,social security, quest medical etc.
    Being that we are in mid-term elections again, we need as mentioned get people who will vote for laws for the people. This is the only way to do it non-violently and it won’t change prejudice, violence, pollution but it will be a start and with death as a penalty for violating these basic laws maybe things will change. It is better then putting people like Bernie Madoff, rapest, murderers, robbers and the like in a plush jail. Just eliminate them and lets move on. Maybe to achieve a color blind society, love for mother earth, love for all living things must be forced upon society through death type laws as it was forced upon society to be greedy and only to think for yourself.
    So again you rioters, parasites, hypocrites, battle for survival, destroy the areas of society that caused this great nation to collapse and not the mom and pop (weakest) who are there. Go and bomb the banks and the government and the federal reserve and not the society who are in the same boat as you are.

    We are in the same predicament as you are.
    We didn’t cause it, so destroy the cause if violence is what must be. I say vote them ___holes out and change everything from the beginning.
    Good luck to all.
    We all will need help.
    And far as gold and oil. I rather have clean water and food. I can’t eat gold and oil.

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