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How To Prepare For The Difficult Years Ahead

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How should people prepare for the difficult years that are coming?  I get asked about that a lot.  Once people really examine the facts, it is not too hard to convince them that an economic collapse is coming.  But once they accept that reality, most of them want to know what they can do to prepare themselves and their families for the hard times that are ahead.  Well, the truth is that it does not have to be complicated.  Many of the things discussed throughout this article are things that most of us should be doing anyway.  Now is not the time to be splurging on luxuries or expensive vacations.  Now is not the time to be going into large amounts of debt.  Instead, we all need to get back to the basics and we all need to do what we can to become more independent of the system.  Just remember what happened back in 2008.  Millions of Americans lost their jobs and millions of Americans lost their homes.  Now experts all over the globe are warning that another great financial crisis that could be just as bad as 2008 (or even worse) is coming.  Those that don’t take the time to prepare this time are not going to have any excuse.

But there is also a lot of sensationalism out there.  There are some people out there that claim that the economy is going to collapse all at once and that we are going to go from where we are now to some type of a post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” society almost overnight.

Well, that is just not going to happen.  We are not going to wake up next week in a world where we are all fighting each other with sharp pointed sticks.

Just like anything else, an economic collapse takes time.  I like to describe what is happening using an analogy from the beach.  When you build a mighty sand castle, it is not totally destroyed by the first wave that comes along, right?

Well, it is the same thing with the U.S. economy.  It was the greatest economic machine that the world has ever seen, and it is most definitely in decline.  But there are stages to that decline.

The “wave” that came along in 2008 did a huge amount of damage.  Our economy has not recovered from that.

Now another wave is coming.  But that will not be the end.  There will be other waves after that.

Eventually, this thing is coming all the way down.  Someday America will be such a horror show that it will be hard to believe that it is the same place that many of us grew up in.

But in the short-term, we are going to be facing a major league recession and millions of Americans will lose their jobs.  It won’t be the end of the world, but for some people it may feel like it.

So when you are talking about “how to prepare”, the truth is that it depends on what kind of time frame you are talking about.

In the long-term, a lot of the things that even the hardcore survivalists are doing will not be nearly enough.

In the short-term, there are things that all of us can do to weather the coming storm….

Get Out Of Debt

The global financial system is headed for a massive crisis.  Just like in 2008, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs and a lot of people are going to lose their homes.

In such an environment, it makes sense to travel as “lightly” as possible.

That means getting rid of debt.

Some forms of debt are worse than others.  Mortgage debt is not that bad.  We all need somewhere to live, and not all of us can run out and immediately pay off our mortgages.

But there are other forms of debt that are absolutely toxic.  A good example of this is credit card debt.  There are very few things that are as good at bleeding your finances as credit card debt is.  For example, according to the credit card repayment calculator, if you have a $6000 balance on a credit card with a 20 percent interest rate and only pay the minimum payment each time, it will take you 54 years to pay off that credit card.

During those 54 years you will pay $26,168 in interest rate charges on that credit card balance in addition to the $6000 in principal that you are required to pay back.  That is before any fees or penalties are even calculated.

But a lot of Americans still have not learned to stay away from credit card debt.  In fact, one out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards.


The truth is that in future years there is a good chance that you may be facing a situation where you are not making as much income, so you want to try to start reducing your expenses right now.  Getting out of debt will help you to do this.

Save Money

A shockingly high number of American families are operating without any kind of financial cushion whatsoever….

-According to a Harris Interactive survey taken in 2010, 77 percent of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

-According to one recent survey, one out of every three Americans would not be able to make a mortgage or rent payment next month if they suddenly lost their current job.

This is one reason why so many Americans have lost their homes and why so many Americans have fallen below the poverty level in recent years.  They simply had no cushion.

Last year, 2.6 million more Americans dropped into poverty.  That was the largest increase that we have seen since the U.S. government began keeping statistics on this back in 1959.

Don’t let this happen to you.  At a minimum, everyone out there should have a cushion that will cover at least 6 months worth of expenses.  Preferably, you should have a cushion that will last you at least a year.

Yes, I know that is a tall order.  But you would be amazed at how much money the average American family wastes in a typical month.  Almost all of us have areas where we can cut back.

Trust me, in the middle of a major recession you will be really glad that you are sitting on a pile of savings.

Get Independent Of The System

What would you do if you lost your job tomorrow?

Would you have any other income?

How long would it be before you lost your home?

Those are very important questions.

The truth is that the system is failing and so we all need to work hard to become more independent of the system.

So what does that mean?

Well, instead of relying on someone else to employ you indefinitely, you can start up a business in your spare time.  Yes, it will cut into your television time, but if someday you lose your job you will be extremely happy that you still have some income coming in.

Another way of becoming more independent is to start a garden.

Yes, you can run down the street and buy giant piles of cheap food right now, but that will not be the case forever.

Store Food And Focus On The Essentials

I might get into a little trouble for saying this, but the truth is that there is not going to be a major famine in America in 2012.

However, that does not mean that you should not be storing food and other essentials.

In the old days, our grandparents always saved up food.  It was just a natural thing for them to do.  This was especially the case if they lived through the Great Depression.

When hard times come, you will be glad that you have food stored up.  Plus, food is never going to be cheaper than it is today.  Having food stored up is a great hedge against the rising food prices that we will see in the future.

No, we are not going to see hyperinflation by the end of the year like many of the sensationalists are warning.  But someday you will be really glad that you stored up food for yourself and your family.

We live in a world that is becoming more unstable with each passing month.  You never know when the next natural disaster, pandemic, war or national emergency will strike.

It only makes sense to store food and other basic essentials that you will need in the future.

In a previous article entitled “20 Things You Will Need To Survive When The Economy Collapses And The Next Great Depression Begins”, I listed 20 of the things that you would need in the event of a major disaster, a national emergency or a total economic collapse.  These are things that you are going to want to make sure that you have ready right now, because after the crisis begins it may be too late to prepare….

#1) Storable Food

#2) Clean Water

#3) Shelter

#4) Warm Clothing

#5) An Axe

#6) Lighters Or Matches

#7) Hiking Boots Or Comfortable Shoes

#8) A Flashlight And/Or Lantern

#9) A Radio

#10) Communication Equipment

#11) A Swiss Army Knife

#12) Personal Hygiene Items

#13) A First Aid Kit And Other Medical Supplies

#14) Extra Gasoline (But Be Very Careful How You Store It)

#15) A Sewing Kit

#16) Self-Defense Equipment

#17) A Compass

#18) A Hiking Backpack

#19) A Community

#20) A Backup Plan

In the comments to that article, the readers suggested the following additional items….

A K-Bar Fighting Knife


Extra Batteries


A Camp Stove


Pet Food

Heirloom Seeds


An LED Headlamp



Calcium Hypochlorite

Ziplock Bags

Maps Of Your Area


Sleeping Bags

Rifle For Hunting

Extra Socks


Gold And Silver Coins For Bartering

Once again, a lot of these things are not going to be needed right away.  The economy is going to go through a lot more ups and downs before it totally dies.

In the short-term, keep an eye on the European debt crisis, the Japanese debt crisis and the U.S. debt crisis.  There are a lot of similarities between what happened back in 2008 and what is happening now.

And what happened following the crisis of 2008?

Unemployment shot through the roof.

So be prepared for that.

Make a plan for how you and your family will survive if you end up unemployed.

Also, when it comes to “how to prepare”, there is one aspect that is often overlooked.

During the difficult years ahead, we are all going to have to be mentally and spiritually tough.

It won’t matter how good your physical and financial preparations are if you are cowardly and paralyzed by fear.

The times that are coming are going to test all of our hearts.

Some people are going to make it and some people aren’t.

Some people will become so consumed with fear that they will give up completely.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Prepare your heart, soul, mind and body right now for what is coming.  For those that are cowardly the years ahead will be a total nightmare, but for those that overcome the fear the years ahead have the potential to be a great adventure.

  • wilson

    Well done and to the point. The lists are a great starting point. Thank you.

  • r.bitting

    If your preparing for the financial and social collapse without first preparing spiritually by trusting in Christ as lord and placing your trust in him to pay your sin debt, then you have just prepared in vain….You have wasted your time. God will judge this nation, and unless you humble yourself before him you will die in your sin.

    • Nella Rogers

      I second this statement!!!

    • Jeff

      What a crock.

    • indigo

      Which Christ would that be?
      There have been at least 16,so which one should we choose.

      • r.bitting

        There is only one. Read Matthew 24. ( many false christs will come ). So the answer to your question is to read the Bible, and there you will discover who Jesus Christ is and the wonderful thing he did for you by providing an attonement for your sin which will ultimately be paid for, either by Christ on the cross, or by you in hell.

        • Tapper P.

          What he was trying to tell you is that there were 15 “Christs” before Jesus with the exactly same story because all the sun/son savior stories are based on the Zodiac. You are deluded, but you do have another billion people joining you so at least there is plenty of company.

          • Michael


            When you say that it makes you look really bad.

            The theory that you are suggesting has been completely and totally debunked. It has been shown to be a complete fraud in fact.

            It is based on work by someone named Kersey Graves. His work has been so discredited that even very prominent atheist sites say that you should not trust anything in his book about the “16 crucified saviors”….

            “The scholarship of Kersey Graves has been questioned by numerous theists and nontheists alike; the inclusion of his The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors in the Secular Web’s Historical Library does not constitute endorsement by Internet Infidels, Inc. This document was included for historical purposes; readers should be extremely cautious in trusting anything in this book.”

            If you want to discredit Christianity, you are going to have to do much better than that.

          • gary2

            Michael-conservatives worship Ayn Rand who is also an atheist. She is a hero to many on the right who at the same time say they are Christians.

            That is all that is needed to discredit many of the people who call themselves Christians. How can people vote for Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson (both right wing dolts) who say she is their hero and then attend church on Sunday and even think they are Christians?

            Talk about cognative dissocense to the extreme.

    • M. Hapney

      My personal choice of Sun God is Horus. Cooler outfits.

    • Kathy Smith

      Keep up the good word r.bitting. Some people just don’t get it. God bless you

    • Annette

      I agree, too!

    • Jaden Morgan

      Peddle that crap elsewhere. I am sick of brainwashed people trying to brainwash others.

  • David

    Hi Mr. Snyder. Thank you for your sites and for your information. I see all of this coming, and my brother sees all of this coming. But I’m in a bad mess right now. Can I please just tell some of my worries, and maybe someone might have a good idea please?

    I’ve got epilepsy and no health insurance and I’m not working. I have a wife that is not working and all that she can think about and wants is a baby. Right now we are living with my brother who is working. My mother lives in a rural area by herself and has a house, but she is drinking and driving and abusing prescription drugs and having an affair with a married man and she is saying bad things to my brother and me and she has even accused us of stealing from her. We just got a call last month from a police man who had to arrest her for a DUI and he was apologizing to us because he knew us. If we lived with her, we could grow a garden (square foot gardening) and all help each other, but she is against us and her married boyfriend is a real scumbag.

    I’m praying and asking for help, but I feel like giving up. I just don’t know what to do and how to get some money and some other skills. I want to try cannabis oil or hemp oil that Rick Simpson recommends for my epilepsy, as drugs like dilantin are terrible to use. I have a teaching certificate in social studies, but I have been told over and over by principals that they will only hire math teachers due to the economy, and so I’m studying math, but I have a long row to how learning pre-calculus and calculus and statistics. I’ve read and listened to John Taylor Gatto and teaching…well, it’s not what you might think.

    I guess if anything, other than ideas, I’m just asking for encouragement, because I feel like giving up.

    I feel sad and I want to make up for my regrets, but I just don’t know. It’s so depressing. I just don’t know how to make some money and get healthy.

    What do you guys think about some kind of post like that? I know and believe harder times are coming, and I want to prepare, but first things first. So what about some posts and ideas? Thanks.


    • Michael


      I can’t even begin to pretend to know what you are going through. I have never had epilepsy. It is easy for someone sitting at a computer on the other side of the country to say “keep going”, but when you are living through a nightmare it can be really tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      What I would say is that a lot of us have also been at very, very low points in our own lives. Sometimes things look totally hopeless. Sometimes it looks like there is no way out.

      But I have learned that there is always hope if you are willing to look for it.

      Right now I assume that you have food to eat every day and a roof over your head. Those are things to build on. The key is to never, ever give up.

      Is life going to get easier?

      Maybe, but maybe not.

      The key is to keep on fighting.

      If you totally give up, you lose everything.

      Personally, I have always been able to find strength in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

      God has helped me through all the storms, and I know that He will help me through the great challenges that are coming.

      And when this life is over, I know that I am headed for an eternity with Him.

      If you have never thought of eternal life, I would encourage you to think about.

      If it is true, what can possibly compare with hundreds of millions of years in a world where there is no more crying and no more pain.

      You can have eternal life, if you want it.

      To find out much more, please see this article….

      I would encourage you to do the best that you can with what you have right now, to find a great body of Christian believers that can pray for you and support you, and to seek God like you never have before in your life.

      Some tough times are coming, and we all need to decide right now to have courage and to not give in to the fear….

      If you have any questions about any of this please let me know.


      • highspeedloafer

        Dear Dave,

        Like Michael, I hardly know where to begin. But, I want to encourage you none the less. Michael gave you the best possible advice when he encouraged you to seek spiritual help and that of a local church. I would begin my search by talking to people who knew of my situation, who were compassionate and who could reccomend a good small church that would welcome me and lovingly support my family thru prayer, love and physical support.

        I am a Baptist and we have a mens group called Baptist men, we meet monthly look for projects, like building wheelchair ramps, roofing houses for the elderly who cant do it themselves and we even help some of our people with their gardens. Our ladies group often visits the shut-ins and help with various needs too. Now, I know not every church group is so hands on, but there are churches like that all over America. You would be wise to seek one out. You can find not only physical help but, also many new friends who will love you and your family. Actually, I am as close to the men in my church as I am with my own brothers in the flesh. Thats how it is supposed to be.

        Hey, if you live in NC, I can reccomend a couple of good churches to you. Let me know. And I hope you know that there are many who read this blog that will be praying for you.

      • Kw

        Amen! Jesus is the Rock, the solid foundation I build my life on. For those who don’t know him he is waiting with open arms. What’s happening is so big it can get you down but He is a shelter for all who trust in him.

        • Tapper P.

          Santa Claus for adults.

          • baldrad

            Call it what you like (…Methinks you protest too much…), but CHANGED LIVES is the proof of Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation.

          • Gary2

            not even that-I have prayed many times for God to show me the money. I have even ratchet down my demands-just fill the gas tank-nothing. If a God does not DO WHAT I WANT I have no need for it.

            Waste of time.

      • Self employed

        I am sorry to hear about your extraordinary plight. Clearly your wife needs to get a job and put the baby longings on the back burner for now. The immediate financial needs of a young baby are not a good thing to add to your list of problems right now.

    • mondobeyondo

      First of all, don’t give up.
      Imagine if Winston Churchill just threw up his hands in the air when the Nazi hordes were at England’s shores in the summer of 1940. He could have done that. But he didn’t. He decided to fight on until the end.

      And as a result, England endured the Blitz on London. Was it worth it? You bet it was!

      For if England had fell in 1940, the U.S. and Allied forces would not have had a base to launch a second front (aka D-Day – June 6th, 1944) from which to launch a second invasion – the Western Front – against Hitler’s Wehrmacht. Two-front wars are almost impossible to fight successfuly.

      Germany went down pretty fast. The Eastern Front (Soviet Union) was worn and beaten from 3 years of constant war. That saved England, and western Europe, and arguably the entire civilized non Nazi world.

      Second: Never give up.
      Third. Never give up.
      Fourth: “Never give up. Never, never, never.”
      (Winston S. Churchill, 1940)

    • United We Stand

      “I guess if anything, other than ideas, I’m just asking for encouragement, because I feel like giving up.”

      Try this for a little boost.

      Find something that inspires you!

    • Marco

      Aside from everything Michael says, I kindly suggest you talk to your wife. You guys are a team. Is she trying to look for a job? Does she understand the logical reasons not to have a baby at this point in your lives? It’s very, very tough to take care of others if you have a hard enough time taking care of yourself.

      In either case, I will be praying for you and your family and that you’ll know peace. Peace in your heart does amazing things – in yourself and to those around you.

      Your mother is in pain – I hope you guys can find out what’s really going on with her. Doing those things is just an escape from her real pain.

      God bless you all.

    • Pat

      Brother, I hear you and know your pain. I am not in a position to assist you directly at this moment. But if I could I would. All I can offer is kind words, understanding and an opportunity. I would also add that I am working on a project which you are welcome to assist me with. I am only at the beginning stages and could use your help. If you would like please contact me by email to discuss.

      Sincerely, Pat

    • pranah

      David, please read through this link:

      Sharon Astyk discusses no-nonsense bare-bones beginner food storage for $5/week (might cost a bit more since article was written). Be patient, there’s some yada-yada before she gets down to the storage program.

      Once you have some stored food, you might feel a bit better. Actually, doing =anything= to prepare generally tends to make people feel better, and food storage’s of utmost importance no matter what. I hope you find this useful.

      The other things I’d say are: don’t have a baby (since it sounds like you and your wife have no good way to provide for one), and it looks like you’ll have to forget Mom as a resource.

      You mention praying. If you’re a believer, do you belong to a church? Can anyone there help you in any way? Is there anyone who can help you search out community resources? Community resources might include (I don’t know where you live) a food bank, a clothing bank, or ?

      If you have no money and no job, it sounds like you (and your wife, too) would qualify for food stamps. Apply ASAP if you haven’t. Check with your utility company–is there a program for low-income families to help defray costs?

      You don’t say enough to let us know what exactly you need, resource-wise. Michael pretty much covered the spiritual in his reply to you (if you share his beliefs)–all the physical, mental and emotional stuff is best taken one day at a time. Think about it all at once and you’ll despair. Just take a bite at a time. You can do it! One step in front of the other, one at a time. Best of luck to you and your wife, David.

    • Leigh

      I just read your post. I know you must be struggling right now and it certainly seems like you have a lot on your plate. I hope and pray that things will turn around for you and that something good will happen to give you hope. Try to count your blessings, like having a place to live, and a good brother. Good job for learning and expanding your skills to make your teaching degree more marketable. Even though it is hard, be grateful that you are smart and educated and can expand your skill set. All the best to you and I hope 2012 holds good things for you and your family.

    • Senator Ozmo


      I’ll probably get bashed for even suggesting (SP?) but it falls in line with Gary2’s idea. If your disability is also preventing you from working I would encourage you to take disability.

      This will assist you in some income to begin to save up for the future. I am not sure if your able to receive, but those who want to bash this idea are obviously not helping you either.

      As for your mother. I am a substance abuse cousnelor and from what you write she seems to be in her addiction. Unfortunatly there is little you can do to help her. She needs to come to her moment where she wants to change and no one can do that for her.

      Another Idea for teaching. What about the local community colleges? it would be part time at first but might be some income.

      Michael one item forgotten on most lists entertainment.

      board games, cards ect…
      Generator if you can afford one,
      I have a huge list of things that will can generate power as well. if anyone wants to swap ideas and feel free to send me an email.

      I would encourage everyone to print important documents off the computer for a hard copy of those items you want.

      • Michael

        Good tips Senator Ozmo!


    • Macnasty

      Don’t give up whatever you do, Michael gave some great pointers I know how you feel 38 years of diabetes, so used to the no word, ya can’t do this or you can’t do that, but do not be discouraged, I was, but kept on fighting when someone said no, I said I’ll show them and I did,ya just gotta fight like hell and believe in the lord and yourself because thats all you’ll ever have.I wish you the best my friend,remember keep fighting and Don’t QUIT!!!!!!

    • InArizona

      David.. I agree with Michael, first seek out God, both you and your wife and pray.

      Second, your wife and you should both get a small job, don’t look for anything grand, maybe McD’s or something like that, and even part-time is better than none. I bet your wife could find a receptionist/secretary job with minimal skills that offers health insurance.

      Don’t have a baby yet, you have no where to bring that baby home and pampers are expensive! Not to mention a birth without insurance and no complications runs around $10-12,000!

      It also sounds to me like your mother’s situation will take care of itself. Sounds like she will eventually end up in jail. For now, I would try and love her like crazy. Handle her with love and not with anything else. Show her you love her unconditionally and do not set your sites on HER home. She is seeing right through you on that.

      And last but not least, both you and your wife should fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aide) and find a technical, trade, or community college in your area that accepts federal aide. The 2012-13 aid year is around the corner and you should be able to start a trade school or otherwise in August. You would be amazed at how much money you can get for school. ALSO… DO NOT accept any loans, only the free aid. Those loans will come back to haunt you… and they sure are easy to take.

      Sit down and set priorities with your wife AND your brother. You should set becoming a contributing member of the household above anything else. I am sure your brother would appreciate a little contribution even if it is small! And this may extend your welcome.

      Last but not least, we have all had hard times and have dealt with similar things, keep your head up and set your sites on your future. Make short term goals and long term goals. Each short term goal you accomplish increases your self-esteem and your brings about a sense of accomplishment.. life is a self-fulfilling prophecy and it is weird how we will unconsciously cause our fear of failure or success to come true! Keep praying man! And let us know how it goes. God bless you and your family!

    • Doug Frisbie

      David i dont know if this idea will help you or not but apperentely you have a computer i work for my self in the machinery business and do about 90,000 per year average if you start calling local contractors in your area and asking if they have any thing for sale or are looking for any thing to purchase you will start to build a customer list and a machine list i will help you with the knowledge you need for this business it is not imeadeate but it can produce decent amount of revenue over time. i work with people on a 50% basies anything you find and a sell is made you would receive 50% of the proffit. and you will be protected. if interested let me know you dont have to leave your house to do this. Best regards Doug @ Web Equipment.

    • david

      maybe your mother will lose her drivers permit.
      that’s good. scumbag boyfriend will not help her out and he will be gone. you will help her out and reconcile, she will sober up and your family can then all pull together. try the pot for your epi, hope you can get it legally, i bet it will help. good luck. ps…math ain’t that hard.

  • mondobeyondo

    There is no doubt that an economic collapse is coming. It most likely won’t be immediate, but it is coming. The fundamentals – personal and national debt and deficits, unpayable loans of all types, etc., the increasing disparity between ultra rich and ultra poor – are already in motion. As Scotty from the original “Star Trek” series used to say, “You cannot change the laws of physics!” It’s only a matter of time.

    How much time? That’s the $64 trillion question.

    No one really knows. It may be a Weimar-style collapse, where your savings will become worthless overnight, and the President or head honcho makes a national speech declaring a bank holiday and indefinite martial law – or it may be a slow, methodical collapse (which is my own personal view). It could go either way. It’s best to prepare for both scenarios. I’m guessing October 5th, 2012, but I’d probably be wrong, just like that guy who predicted the end of the world last year.

    Defend yourself, your family and your property. Take up karate lessons. Gun lessons. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a peaceful person. I am all about peace. But when some gangbanger points a loaded automatic weapon and threatens to harm me or my family, I would not be thinking about peace on earth at that particular moment.

    • mondobeyondo

      Thought I’d clarify my viewpoint.

      It’ll start off slowly. A few banks here and there will collapse. Bank of America will get a bailout in July. Ben Bernanke will insist everything is fine. Unemploynent will continue to drop, by the official government numbers of course. Reality tells a different story. The mainstream media will fall all over themselves proclaiming “The New Era!!” Obama will be on the campaign trail, insisting that his second administration will be one of TRUE hope and change. The people will cheer and scream for their new old hero, and Obama will be re-elected to a second term. America will be happy and prosperous again!

      And then the bottom will drop out.

      (“New Era”…a term used in the late 1920s, before the stock market crash.)

      btw – my crystal ball is cracked, and the fortune teller is now out of business.

    • Jamie

      Why October 5, 2012? Just curious about your reasoning for that particular date. Thanks.

    • xander cross

      When you metioned “gangbanger” you fail to metioned police officers who would bang down your door as well. Funny, how you and many on this site don’t metioned other races of people that will steal from you as well. I know, you like to pick on black, poor people, but don’t worry, if the collpase happens as you all say it does, what you are going to do when many white people rob people for food? You can’t stop 30 groups of people unless you become the very monster you claim you’re against.

      • Bluecollar Scholar

        THIS IS KEY!! Over and over you will read thinly veiled racist rants about hordes coming from the “innercity” in other words Mexicans and Blacks. But never any complaints of the multitude of “Methheads” Bikers,skinheads and other non-intercity criminals.In a SHTF or failure of ROL, your worse enemies are going to be your suburban neighbor, your friend from church who knows all to well your a prepper. IT IS NOT going to be a RACE WAR or gangs from the city raiding the suburbs. Everyone is possibly your enemy! Please read the comments on 25 OCT11,

        A Survival Q & A: Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone.
        Read how often Americans believe in some romantic notion of war and chaos . Our church against the world. Our idea of race against the world. Our prepper group, Our city against the next city, neighborhood. People if this goes south its going to get very UGLY!!! Not one of us is truly prepared for what would happen, let alone brag how we can’t wait cause we are soooo ready! The lone wolf idea is a fantasy. Those who want to survive will befriend anyone who can help them. Just like being the same skin color, faith etc in a SHTF situation will not guarantee you a thing! If we can barter fairly you are a good neighbor. If you have nothing to offer but we share the same skin color or faith…your going to starve!! Read the article and learn! Please, before its too late.

        • baldrad

          Well said…

  • dmitry

    Dear Michael,

    You’re the Man!…. I’ve been waiting for you to post this. My wish comes true…..thank you.


    • Michael


      Hopefully people will find this article to be helpful.


      • rockclimber

        I for one deeply appreciate this. It’s funny because I really appreciate your list of “20-things you will need” and the addendum from your readers. It’s a practical list of essential items that don’t cost a fortune to buy. I say funny because I was enticed to read an article called “A poor mans list of survival items” Everything from generators to solar panels…yeah a real ‘poor mans list’, LOL

        God bless Mike, although you tell it like it is (and it shouldn’t be any other way–people need a truth bomb) there is always something inspiring at the same time in your words.

        • Michael

          Thank you for the kind words. Even though there is so much bad news I always try to give the inspiring side of things too.


        • Senator Ozmo


          I know generators are not cheep, but I got my from a pawn shop and had a buddy of mine help me work it over to ensure it was as good as new. cost less than 1/3 of the new price.

          There are several ways in which to build your own solar pannels as well. Not too expensive.

          I’ve only been prepping for a short time, but I’ve been spending a good ammount of time doing research from prices to how to.

          I also told people to go ahead and email me but forgot to put my address down. it is SenatorOzmo @ gmail . com

  • Rancher

    Decent article but not all that good, sorry. Michael I see you failure in only coming from your economic point of view. This is very short sighted and had a narrow view and can lead to great failure. History shows that mankind has suffer great crisis events which had nothing to do with an economic cause.

    We live in a world with more possible situations which could bring mankind to it’s knees than history has ever seen. An economic failure is small potatoes compared to some of them. Preparing for an economic crisis is only one of many situations which could befall us or the world at large.

    Your readers best think and plan well outside the economic crisis which is looming. In fact it is no stretch of the imagination that something else could transpire first which would over shadow your forecasts.

    • Michael

      I agree with you – there will be other world shaking events coming in the years ahead as well.

      An economic collapse is just one of the things we will be dealing with.


    • r.bitting

      The worst possible disaster that could befall anyone is for that individual to die without trusting in Jesus Christ. That dwarfs any other disaster imaginable. Christ warned of the reality of a literal hell many times throughout the gospels. People would do well to take that warning.

    • justamom

      “Michael I see you failure in only coming from your economic point of view. This is very short sighted and had a narrow view and can lead to great failure.”

      Respectfully, Rancher, this is an economic collapse blog. Michael primarily focuses upon economic issues here, specifically ones that could contribute an economic collapse. While there are certainly world disasters or nuclear wars or solar storms which could trigger an economic collapse, Michael does a good job here of keeping the main thing, the main thing. 🙂

  • Gutter Economist

    From Jeffrey Green, Activist Post

    The only form of wealth in a collapsed civilization is the knowledge and skills to produce something of human value. Here are 10 invaluable skills that will likely help you sustain yourself in a hand-made local world:

    1. Organic Gardening and Seed Saving
    2. Food Processing and Preservation
    3. Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering
    4. Animal Husbandry
    5. Construction
    6. Alternative Energy and Fuels
    7. Water Purification
    8. Basic First Aid and Natural Medicine
    9. Mechanics
    10. Soap and Candle Making

    For the complete article and other useful information:

  • anne

    I think the majority of people in America are completely clueless as to what is happening and coming. I get laughed at or ‘patted on the head’ when I try to bring thing to people’s attention so I don’t try much anymore. the people that have jobs have not changed anything they are doing. They basically are just ignoring all the unemployment and stuff happening, hoping it won’t hit them. I am a believer in having some kind of contingency plan and your article is good for helping people identify the basics. What I see when I read comments on these types of articles now though, is everyone reading them is already aware or seems to be. I cannot believe the stuff happening now with Iran and the bills that are being passed in America. If this stuff does not wake people up, I am not really sure what it will take.

  • callmecordelia1

    In 2005, my husband left a great job to start his own web development business. It went really well until 2008, when tons of people in our area lost their jobs. Everybody wanted a web site so they could start their own business, so my husband was working around the clock. Unfortunately, we were too trusting with people, and were left with a gigantic accounts receivable and nobody paying their bills. We had 4 young children (one was a brand new baby), and I wasn’t able to buy much of anything for several months. I was so relieved and grateful that we had thought ahead and had stored up food, diapers, and other necessities. I didn’t have to stand in welfare lines, and I really don’t think my kids noticed that we were completely flat broke. It doesn’t take a gigantic economic collapse for things like food storage and savings accounts to come in handy. If you are prepared, it makes an otherwise stressful situation not quite as terrible. We can’t be 100% ready for every situation that might come our way, but we can certainly do our best to be as self-reliant as possible. The first thing I did when we were back on our feet was to build the food storage back up. It brings great peace of mind. Thank you for all of the suggestions, Michael. I hope people will read and prepare.

  • 007

    You all are to worried about the euro. Truth is they are light years ahead of correcting their economic problems. They are cutting spending, benefits and raising taxes. Some are actually trying to establish pro growth policies.

    All that is required to solve the euro crisis is for the ECB to print some money and buy the worthless bonds of these bankrupt countries. Even if this happens these broke European countries are trying to exercise fiscal responsibility.

    The Euro won’t fall apart. A few weak members ay fall out. Once the Euro is under control, the world will focus on our unsustainable house of cards. So watch the Euro, when it starts to stabilize, bet out of treasuries and buy gold.

    Our collapse will occur as soon as the euro stabalizes.

    • baldrad

      …I was stirred by your post, 007, but not shaken…..

  • Jay

    TECblog really helps us understand what’s going on with the economy & our society! I think this particular article gives people hope (real hope tied to preparation) that they can survive the fizzle occurring every week.

    The key is the SELF-SUFFICIENCY that our grandparents had. Taking care of your own family & community is #1. The more people who are prepared for the bumpy ride, the better it is for all of us. Sharing this page with neighbors is an action we all can take to protect our future.

    Some places will be worse than others. SOME ARE ALREADY SUFFERING – see Greece.

    Get ready everybody – print this article & start preparing for the most probable problems.

  • Jay

    Paraphrase of a futurist’s saying:

    “The Economic Collapse is ALREADY HERE, it is just unevenly distributed.”

  • Save the Republic

    A great adventure…yeah, like Six Flags kind of Great Adventure. Some kind of wild roller coaster where you can’t tell which end is up, or when it’s gonna end. All you can do is hold on tight and scream…

  • dmitry


    Just one quick question: do you also wrote some articles at this site?


    • Michael


      Yes, that is a site that I run as well. Although I have not updated it in quite some time. There is always so much to do and so little time.


  • SmokyMtnLady

    Great answer for David…@ David, please listen to what Michael has said…You may not be rich, but a relationship with Christ, makes you a rich man indeed!
    Now, as for the problems you are having…please, PLEASE do NOT bring a baby into this world, until you and your wife are better equipped to deal with what it takes to raise a child! If you feel stress now, wait until you have a little one who depends on you for everything!
    Ask your wife to please be patient…also, if you and your brother will sit down and make a 3 month plan, of what you both want to accomplish by the end of the 3 months, it will give you a certain amount of peace and you will feel that you have some sort of direction in your life.
    As for your medical condition, there is help out there, start making phone calls, and don’t take NO for an answer!! You have to fight for yourself, no one else will do it for you!!
    Best of luck to you…I’ll be praying for you!

  • Ed_B

    I agree that a financial collapse is on the way and that it will most likely not be an event but a process that has been decades in the making. Individuals cannot be successful if they spend more than they make. Neither can governments. That lesson is only now and VERY slowly sinking into people’s heads. Yes, the feds have a printing press. Well, la de da! Having that does NOT allow them to create wealth, just money. Every dollar they print makes previously printed dollars just that much cheaper. By doing this printing, they are looting the savings accounts and retirement plans of millions of American citizens. It is criminal and should be treated as such.

  • VegasRage

    I see another shoe dropping as well but your 20 points are SO way over the top. We all might as well change our names to Snake Plissken and fight our way out of post apocalyptic New York.

    Come on people are you going start packing heat in case the zombies attack? You really think it will pure dog eat dog anomie? You people are beyond paranoid.

    • knightowl77

      ….”Come on people are you going start packing heat in case the zombies attack? You really think it will pure dog eat dog anomie? You people are beyond paranoid.”

      If you’re not packen, you’re not thinken…it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it….

    • Senator Ozmo


      I pack because there are too many “Stupid People” out there who wish to do harm. If you doubt that take a look at the news.

      Just a thought and Knightowl77 couldn’t have said it better.


  • Ian

    Credit card debt???!!! You are telling people to prepare for a collapse by paying off credit card debt????
    In a collapse, a credit card debt collector will be laughed off the face of the earth. They will be rendered obsolete and useless.
    Their scheme is almost up, and after a collapse, the credit card companies will be the first to fall. They will be exposed as the frauds and enslavers they are.
    Do yourself and huge favor and tell the credit card companies to go ********* themselves. Seriously.
    Credit ratings are an illusion and credit card companies are the spawn of lucifer himself.
    Power to the People!!!

    • Lennie Pike

      I agree.

      People should go even into more debt – as much as possible and then tell them go go pound sand when they want to be paid – just like John Corzine. A strategy to outmaneuver debt collectors until the collapse can be made. With the “borrowed” money, one can really do some of the needed preparing this article speaks of.

      Why should “they” be the only ones entitled to free money? – they are printing up trillions and giving it to themselves. You pay for it through inflation with your labor. THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW FOR THEM!!!

      The monetary system (your labor) is being totally raped by them as we speak – they know there is no solution because they themselves are intentionally destroying the system.

      Sure, pay off your loans like obedient little slaves for fear you may lose what you have.


      Why do “they” have the right to create money out of thin air for their benefit at our expense, and we do not?

      It will easily be possible to draw out non-payment until the “collapse” comes at which point going after debtors will not occur.

      They will however be going after millions of people for other reasons. Who are you?

      Might as well use the money for a little comfort and protection between now and then.

    • Senator Ozmo


      This won’t be a quick decent it will be slow. The credit card people will get thier money. I know for a fact they will garnish your paycheck and arrest if necessary. Get out of debt as fast as possible. I don’t remember who wrote it but this just won’t be a quick thing to happen.

      • Lennie Pike

        There is a 25% limit on garnishment of wages, and approximately the first $220 earned per week can not be touched.

        No one goes to jail in the U.S. for non-payment of debts unless criminality is involved – but I’m not saying that the law enforcers that work for the banksters will not commit the crime of imprisoning someone illegally. The IRS does it every day.

        Paying income tax on one’s labor is illegal – watch “America – Freedom to Fascism” – there are laws on the books that are not being obeyed that outlaw it.

        AMERICANS!!!! – You’ve got criminals running your country – “They” are the people behind the Federal Reserve. They are not Americans, and you are their slaves.

        End the Fed and most of the world’s problems go away – especially the war.

        The large corporations that are supposed to pay taxes, and that never stop complaining that their tax rates are to high – DON’T PAY TAX!!!! – OBVIOUSLY – THAT’S WHY THEY CALL IT FASCISM!!!

        If they try to imprison you illegally, you have the right and duty to made the arrest as difficult as possible for them.

  • joe

    Good blog. We have done all you suggest and more, yet, we don’t feel like it is enough. May we suggest that people add weapons for self defense. Do take an NRA course and practice. If bad times come (whenever that may be) there won’t be enough police around to protect you and others will want what you have. May we also point to what is going on in Italy (not mentioned in the media). Cash transactions of more than $1000 (approx) have been made illegal and that amount will be gradually reduced to $300. The idea is to force everyone to use credit cards so that the transactions can be tracked. Cash withdrawals of more than $10,000 are no longer permitted and the border to Switzerland is being monitored by camera to record tag numbers (to prevent Italians from taking assets out of the country). Don’t think it can happen here. Think again. FDR outlawed the ownership of gold. And, there has already been talk in Congress about taking over 401Ks (to protect us from our own stupidity and Wall Street greed). While I think Michael is correct on the “wave theory” there are a couple of things that can happen (probably more but we have considered these) that could push the USA and Europe over the edge. The first is an attack on Iran by Israel. The second is a move by Iran to close the straits (they have done it before). Either of these could result in all out war in the Middle East. The resulting immediate and dramatic increase in oil prices would also dramatically increase the price of everything immediately. My guess is that the rest of the World is waiting for the upcoming election to see which way the USA will go. The economic future is relatively certain. There will be significant inflation, hyper inflation and/or economic collapse, probably all in waves as suggested in the blog.

  • David, I’m 100% disabled and have CIDP it’s very rare immuno disease and I may have ALS to look forward to in the future.
    #1 get on SSD or SSI and start the paper work as you can always cancel it if you get a job but the average fight is about 2 years to get those benefits.
    #2 start doing preps I don’t care if it’s a pound of flour, sugar and salt a week.
    #3 get out of debt or start a survival fund even if it is change or a $5.00 dollar bill.
    #4 You are in a survival situation now! No matter what all of us are planning for you are there now! What will you do? what are your plans and what can you do? You must take some positive action. You are not your house,bills or your disease you are a person and not defined by stuff but what you are as a person!
    #5 get growing, screw waiting on someone that may provide a cure. You can grow food that is wholesome. It may take some practice, so what are you waiting for?…
    #6 I know it’s tough being handicapped but it’s no an excuse, everyone does the best with what they are given. I loved playing football, basketball and baseball and there was no way I’d get a Major league contract. So what I was handicapped by slow as a stone toad, had the leaping ability of a safe and while a good fielder I was a mediocre hitter. If you get a chance ask Stephen Hawkings about fair. Is it fair he got ALS at 22 or is it fair he is celebrating his 70th birthday? and the best known physicist of the last 20 years.
    Yes it sucks to be handicapped and have a disease where you don’t physically show signs of your handicap and folks can marvel how at you. But I can go pee all by myself, dress myself, make a pot of coffee, cook my own meals. I think I’ll go with that as I could not do it for almost 6 months.

  • Paul

    Ziplock Bags
    Put rice and flour separately (each bag separately) into ziplock bags. You don’t want to have tiny beetles cross contaminate your supply.

    Get something airtight
    You don’t want floodwater damage your things, especially food, papers, documents, photos; Loamy floodwater dyes clothing permanently.

    Contact the Red Cross or Ambulance Service
    Get some First Aid training. It’s always useful.

    Plan your day financially
    Let’s say you have 400 Euros per month (or Pounds, Dollars, whatever). Divide by 30 days = 13.3 EU per day; therefore put 10 EU each day in your pocket and leave everything else at home, including your credit and debit cards. That’s how I survived my welfare days with 400 DM per month and money to spare to go to Interviews.
    Make a shopping list of what you need to buy,
    and another list of what you bought at which price and where, inluding price per unit.

    You can put all those lists into your smartphone to make it really smart. Next time you see a SPECIAL OFFER, check your phone records for past prices, whether this offer is special cheap or special expensive.

    Do some preparations, do not just store these things somewhere at home where you have to search for them when you need them. Pack logical things together, like 1 pair of socks, 1 short, 1 T-Shirt. Whatever you do, keep 1 set dry and ready all the time.

    • Lennie Pike

      Mylar bags actually – with oxygen absorbers. They are inexpensive.

  • ScoutMotto

    Michael, it seems this all happens in waves. I remember a wave of bad news in 2001. 2008 was another wave, so I guess another wave is coming soon. Some organizations make it look like the collapse will happen over a matter of days, as the panic strikes the market and the Dow drops like a rock with panic sell-offs abounding.

  • Rodster

    I’m in a tough spot because i’m now my Mom’s caretaker. She’s 86,will be 87 in the Spring and came to this country with my dad around 1945 but she knows about the Great Depression.

    I have started to prepare myself as best I can. I’ve recently purchased a portable water purification devices in the event of an economic catastrophe. I’m now looking at solar powered emergency radios. And might I add try and find one with a USB input to charge other devices. I’ve also started to save some food especially can goods like beans also peanut butter which last and is and ready to eat.

    Last year I was at my local supermarket and saw an individual living out of small pickup camper. Some may look down on that, not me. I have lived out of my car in the past so I know how tough things can get. I actually lived out of my car for a few months just to see what it was like. You get used to it. I think the motorized Camper is also a way to go in an emergency.

    And as was said in the article if you can start your own business. I have self employed for the last 6 years. I’m not going to be rich and don’t want to. I’ve always told people “you ain’t taking it with you” when it’s time to leave this earth.

    • Senator Ozmo


      Might consider a hand crank charge raido, takes a minute to get going but will always work. Just a thought

  • Papa Charlie

    Hi Micheal,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now, and I believe you are right most of the time. That may seem just a normal thing, but I am not an American, I am a Dutchman, living on the other side of the ocean.
    Perhaps it is interresting to know that people over here are also starting to prepare (in small numbers). The list you gave in this article, I have it all. Except fire arms ofcourse…
    I even started a small furniture making shop a few years ago, next to my regular job. I cannot live of it, but it can just make the difference.

    Still I notice that loads of people (friends, family and colleagues) are not willing or not able to think about this. They don’t want to know, it makes them feel depressed.
    THAT is depressing! To know I am preparing for bad times, makes me feel more alive. To know you have more control over your situation, to stand a better chance, it makes me feel better, happier.

    I am fortunate that my wife shares my ideas. We are nearly 50 years of age and we are starting to get ‘old’. But we also have 5 children, 3 of them over 20. We feel responsible for them too. The are to young to see what is going on, they have other things on their minds: education, steady jobs.
    We are telling them what we are doing, we even gave them a backpack with the most essential supplies. They still laugh about us, but they are starting to get interrested.
    Perhaps in 20 years time from now, when we are finished, perhaps they will have enough luggage to keep going. That is what we hope for. Perhaps they still laugh about us than, I sincerly hope so…

    Perhaps another usefull item on the list: a survival handbook.

    Oh, and one question: what will happen, you think, when some country starts selling his dollars (like China, Russia or who ever). Then I mean really dumping them. If someone starts, the rest might follow. Is it not possible then that the dollar will massively devalue overnight?


    • Michael


      It is so good to have a wife that has a similar outlook.

      And I agree with you – someday the dumping of U.S. Treasuries will begin and things will get much worse in just a matter of days.


  • Papa Charlie

    Just a correction on the e-mail adress

  • luis


  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    #21 Mental Toughness, which you did address separately. Items 1-20 are useless without them. I’m a veteran and I know that most downtrodden, self-centered, overweight Americans wouldn’t last a week in the field, even with food and shelter. Seriously, anyone with the mental toughness, desire, and resolve to survive wouldn’t need these silly lists.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Many Thanks, I hope there is still enough time to ‘adequately’ prepare. Your website, is one of my top news sources along with… RT, YouTube, BBC, Gerald Celente, (InfoWars)<some 😀

    Stay Safe you guys, we will pull through.

  • Of course, the author is just giving you one part of the big picture. Things are going to get much worse. If we are a “2” now, then we will go to a 10 before it gets better.

    What does the future hold for America? Rabbi Jonathan Cahn suggests that 9/11 was a serious sign of impending doom on America, and is just like a similar sign that foretold the impending doom of ancient Israel. This sign actually leads us on a trail to the seals of Revelations and back to Isaiah where it ultimately ends up with the destruction of America.

    The following video lays out how 9/11 is very similar to the attack on ancient Israel as a sign given from God.


    Three Biblical Signs of Impending Doom on America

  • LC

    The economic collapse will occur incrementally so as to extract the maximum amount of wealth from the lower & middle classes. I don’t really agree with saving “money” as the dollar is being devalued every single day. I think you buy precious metals, food, seeds, useful things like land, tractors, find a place to go when things get bad, and the other things on the list in the great article above. I think you spend most of the dollars that you make so that one day when the dollar is revalued to nothing, you don’t lose what you saved because it’s already been spent on supplies to survive. You help your neighbors & your family, and you tell everyone you can about what the government and banksters have done. We regular people cannot survive if we believe the propaganda & lies thrown at us by the powers that be to divide and conquer us.

  • Ameen

    A very insightful article, as we have come to expect. Question: I live in mid-Manhattan with a small cat, in a small one bedroom apartment. Where on earth would I store all that stuff?? Gasoline?? An ax?? What for??

    • Michael


      Everyone is going to have a different plan depending on where they live. The truth is that each of us just needs to do what we can with what we have.


    • highspeedloafer

      Ameen, You need to buy running shoes and start running, maybe start slowly and increase until you can for hours at a time because that is what you will be doing to survive.

      Run Ameen, Run!!!

  • md

    epillepsy is often related to food additives that over energize the nervous system

    secondly a diet high in good fats will help nerves develop a good insulation covering. The body needs cholesterol!

  • Zechariah

    A great list of must items to have in any emergency–such as a blizzard or tornado–even if the collapse tarries. The Wise will build their houses upon the Rock and the rock.

  • karen

    Folks if you would just do some serious thinking, keep in mind the banks are owned by the world elite. They know a collapse is coming and that all will lose there savings, retirements, home loans ect… Think about it!!!! You are paying the banks for nothing while they are stealing your money, why not just walk off the large loans and find a place in the country, where you will be MUCH safer start living off the land, because not if but when hyperinflation hits where all in for a world of hurt. There are people maxing out their credit cards because they know they will never beable to pay them off, buying supplies I know of folks who have not made a house payment in two years the banks don’t want the libility on there part. And I hate to be a party pooper but there is a vedio on you tube called, what if they are lying about Ron Paul.

    • Annette

      Hey Karen! I walked away from about 50K in credit card debt. Just didn’t pay it. Eventually, they “charged off” my debt and it was on my credit report for about ten years, or maybe just seven. Why pay off that debt when it is unsecured and they already got bailed out? They upped the percentage on your credit card? To hell with them! I have good credit today, but without their credit cards. What do I need them in my life for? They just want to bleed me dry!

      • Gary2

        Good for you. Nothing better than running up a BIG credit card bill and defaulting. You are doing your own wealth redistribution.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          ” You are doing your own wealth redistribution.”

          Otherwise called stealing. Goram flock of thieves….

  • Barn Cat

    We COULD go from normal life to a post-collapse life in as little as 30 days. All you need is the first EU country to go bankrupt and there will be a domino affect of bank failures and sovereign debt defaults. Trillions of dollars of credit default swaps will become payable as well. The Federal Reserve might just go ahead and create $100 trillion to make everyone whole. And the dollar will suddenly lose 90% or more of its value virtually overnight. You should prepare with the assumption that there’s a good chance we’ll have very little warning to finish prepping.

    • Annette

      Sometimes, I just wish it would happen! Let’s get it over with! Then I realize how bad it will be. I think it is worth not wishing for and delaying.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      I’m on the same page. The first toppling domino will ripple around the globe within minutes and in a matter of 3-4 weeks we will face a global depression of historic proportions. 30, 40, 50, 60% unemployment is to be expected. Rationing of food and fuel, martial law in metro areas, and general chaos will follow.

      I also agree about “very little warning to finish prepping”. I have a list of last minute purchases and keep cash & silver rounds on hand in order to rush out and buy items to top off my storage of essential items. Stay frosty.

  • Lennie Pike

    Since this economic collapse was designed by the master money controllers of the world, and since the collapse is being allowed to proceed by allowing derivatives to continue unregulated, and government spending to continue out of control, I’m pretty certain that the “collapse” will occur suddenly with an announcement by the world government that Martial Law is in effect.

    The trashing of the U.S. Constitution, the rise of the Police State, the absence of the rule of law for those being allowed to destroy the economy, and much more (Bible prophecy for instance) is more evidence of the coming world police state.

    The U.S. will be violently attacked by the fascist totalitarians that now run our country so that a reason to implement Martial Law will exist. Most Americans will gladly welcome it out of fear.

    More than any other country, it’s the U.S. that needs to be brought under control by the totalitarians. Our history of having more freedom than any other country, and the huge problem of Americans being well armed put’s us as the main priority.

    The announcement will come from the “U.S. President” (my bet is Obama) but will actually be coming from a traitor to the U.S. Constitution and the American People. The U.S. Constitution is based on God’s Law and that’s why the totalitarians hate it.

    The Constitution was designed to govern people as we are – imperfect and flawed. These pricks (see there, I’m imperfect – used a bad word) believe they are perfect without flaw no matter what evil they do, and do not need to obey God – the same attitude that got their master kicked out of God’s presence.

  • The most important take away from this post as far as I’m concerned, is the recommendation to become independent of the system. That is the key. Here in PA, we have a lot of Amish folks who live very independently from the system. They’ll feel very little impact from the collapse as they’re really not a part of the system. We need to take some pages from their book.

    • Michael

      Yes, I think there is a lot that we can learn from the Amish and other similar groups.


    • sharonsj

      I also live in rural PA, so I have most of the things on the list. I got most of it at yard sales and flea markets. Paid only $5 for an almost new propane camp stove, less for a portable camp light, etc.

      My advice: get a library of books about herbs and alternative healing. I also get tons of glass canning jars, sometimes for free, and use them for storing flour, sugar, rice, etc. It keeps the mice out better than a ziploc basg.

    • Kevin2

      The Amish will feel two things from a collapse. They are well known for keeping cash around. That makes you a target and before too long that cash looses purchasing power.

      They have the advantage of living without rather nicely.

      Everyone will feel the impact. If you don’t feel it someone that feels it very badly will steal your stuff making you feel it too.

      • Paul

        Not to forget:

        people who feel the impact, are more likely to catch that cold or flu, or live in damp conditions and are covered in mold spores, which settle in their sinus cavities, immune against any antibiotics.

        So, get yourself a healthy body as long as there is still time and you can go jogging around the block without getting attacked by marauders looking for food or medicine. Positive: all that time you spend jogging cannot be spent shopping, eating or slouching in front of the TV.

        Make every day a holiday, while you still can.

  • sensetti

    Everyone has an opinion on the coming global collapse, I just happen to like mine. I see the world as a giant monopoly game. All the players buy, sell, and print money as needed in the pursuit of limited resources. The game continues unabated until one of the big players perceives it has been cheated and turns the board over. Then a major war ensues, not a police action type war trying to take out a dictator, it will be hard war, all or nothing. Major cities will be destroyed, concern for civilian casualties will not be a consideration. WW3 will precede the collapse of the dollar.


  • Syrin

    Beware the Gary’s of the world who believe the world owes them because that’s what they’ve been brain washed to believe, so when the world doesn’t give them everything they want, they’ll feel entitled to forcibly take it from you.

    I’ve been preaching to prepare for 4 years now. Anyone who knew ANYTHING about economics could see this coming. Just wait until Obamacare gets fully puts into place. It will act as the accelrant for total economic collapse, as intended by Nazi Pelosi, Scary Reid and ze Teleprompter Fuhrer.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “Beware the Gary’s of the world who believe the world owes them because that’s what they’ve been brain washed to believe, so when the world doesn’t give them everything they want, they’ll feel entitled to forcibly take it from you.”

      That’s when we enter a target rich environment.

    • Paul

      Yes, fight for proper wages and salaries.

      Forget overtime. Go home to spend quality time with your family instead and let the (currently) jobless do the additional work.

      And if the shareholders want remove some money from the company – tell them to work for it!

  • knightowl77

    Great post Michael, muchas gracias.

    O/T Gary2

    The Obummer is hosting a $45,000 a head fundraiser….Just how many of the 99% can pay $45k to meet BHO? Sooooooooooo if all these people are paying $45k to Obama, what do they get in return? Still think they care about you? Really?

    “Obama Hosts Fundraiser at $45,000 per Ticket

    by Keith Koffler on January 10, 2012, 7:55 am

    President Obama Monday evening collected a startling $45,000 per head at a Washington fundraiser to benefit his campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and Democratic state election efforts…..”

    • McKinley Morganfield

      They get $500M to start a business proposition doomed to fail and rake off $8M in CEO bonuses before the whole thing collapses and enters bankruptcy court. Its spelled S-o-l-y-n-d-r-a.

      • knightowl77

        Yup, We know how it works even if Gary doesn’t. The rich like whoever is in power Dem or Rep, and whoever is in power likes the rich….

    • Gary2

      I agree its sickening to see these expensive fund raiser dinners. Like I always said Obama is way too conservative for me. He is simply the way lesser of two bad choices.

      Would prefer Bernie Sanders or Ralph Nader for Pres.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        You people are all about death and destruction so come on, admit it – You pine for Joseph Stalin.

  • Syrin

    Read “The Patriots”. Prepare accordingly. Those 51% who pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX, are NOT preparing and will try to take from the those who have prepared and who have been paying all the damn bills for the last three misery filled years.

    • Lennie Pike

      Federal income tax ain’t the only tax – by far, and paying income tax on one’s labor is illegal and should not ever be paid.

      15% Capital Gains Tax – the only tax that applies to the .1% – they do not labor.

    • Gay Veteran

      Quit spreading the right-wing lies. Many who do not pay INCOME tax do so because they are too poor (like my elderly mother). And everyone pays sales tax, gas tax, etc.

      • Gary2

        Wait wait-facts are not part of the conservative world view. They will; now start calling you a communist.

        They are so dumb!

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          You mean like you leftists that run around spouting off things like there is no such a thing as a millionaire that ever provided a job.

  • Cinderella Man

    When I read your comment my heart went out to you. I too, have been in diffucult situations in my life and this depression has left a lasting impact on my soul. Please read Michael’s article on “When the going gets tough the tough get a backbone.” I was the man known as JD in that article. A year ago my life was in serious trouble. This time last year I was staying in a seedy hotel built back in the 1800’s the lightswitches were the pushbutton kind, thats how old it was. I felt lower than whalecrap at the bottom of the ocean. I too had bad thoughts of giving up. My life continued on that way until March, when I was sleeping in my car. The police constantly harrassed me, and they were finally able to bring me up on a bogus charge, and I had to sit 3 months in jail. While I was there, I went to church, talked to other inmates that were brothers in Christ, and I had what alcholics refer to a spirtual awakening. I realized that my life was not over and I had the tools laid before my feet to change my life. Hang in there kiddo, I also have a mother with a drinking problem. I had to be there for her when her husband had to go to prison, and she and my kid brother had nowhere to go. It costed me my engagment, but to me family comes first. I pray that you and your mother can mend fences and come together as a family, because these are the times when we need them the most. Today my life is a complete 180 to what it was. I found a great job that is turning into a career, Im going to be getting a raise and a promotion. I would have never dreamed I would be doing this good a year ago, the only work I could find was shoveling sidewalks and mowing lawns. God and the love of Christ can deliver you from your pain just give it a chance. Please come back and visit us, Michael, myself, and others will always be here to lend some advice, and try to help. Here are some insiprational quotes.
    “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” Winston Churchhill
    “Its choice, not chance, that determines your destiny.” -Jean Nidetch
    “Courage is like love; it must have hope for nourishment.” – Napoleon
    “Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe
    God bless, Cinderella Man

    • Michael

      Thanks for sharing your story once again.

      Thousands of people out there are being touched by it.


  • josh

    i recently got into an argument with my father about this subject. he is a baby boomer and like most of them ive encountered they watch the 24 hour lame stream media channels and think the “recovery” is going awesome.. no matter what i tell him, show him its the same thing.. the economy is fine. i say to him what if some kind of collapse happens what will you do then not being prepared… and he said “ive put in my “time”” since hes retired he thinks he doesn’t need to prepare and the government will take care of him and everybody else. how do you get through to someone that has so much faith in the government? unions, congress, elected officials? most of the time its like im talking to a brick wall. the last thing i said to him before he walked out was that i have a few gallons of water and some cans of beans saved for him since he doesnt want to take responsibility and prepare. how can i help him understand?

    • Annette

      Shame on you, Josh! You lump all baby-boomers in your dad’s category? Perhaps I should lump all guys named “Josh” as stupid! Get a life! The Baby Boomers are more prepared than you will ever be!

    • McKinley Morganfield


      I’ll be 64 in a few days and a member of the boomers. I know too many people from my generation who are exactly like your description of your father. There is nothing you can do to help him understand. He, like Gary2, has drunk the Kool-Aid and bought the t-shirt. I know you love your dad, but you can not change his brainwashed mindset. Prep to assist him when TSHTF and hope he wakes up and smells reality when he’s eating those cold beans from a can and gratefully sipping the water you have stored.

      Kudos to you for being of an independent mindset.

  • Kat

    Of all the prep lists, suggestions, & ideas I have read, I have yet to find one that suggests buying protein powders and/or vitamins of any kind. If processed food is as nutritionally deficient as some say it is, then a reduced/limited intake will quickly increase whatever deficiency is currently present in a given body. If the best defense against illness is to remain healthy, it seems to me a supply of vitamins is as important as a supply of basic meds. Protein powders alone aren’t necessarily an ideal meal replacement, but the ones made these days do mix a lot more easily in water – and taste a heck of a lot better – than they used to 20-30 years ago. A glass of water with a scoop of protein powder and a couple of vitamins may not fill your stomach (or keep it full for very long), but the nutrition will be beneficial nonetheless.

  • Self employed

    Thanks Michael for your information. I have been often confused by the time frame of the inevitable collapse. After the Lehman Brothers fiasco I began storing food and neccesities–whatever I knew I couldn’t make for myself were things to shut down.

    Perhaps you are all already aware of Emergency Essentials ( offer survival goods of all kinds. Clean water is, of course, the biggest issue as you can’t prepared most dehydrated foods without it. I have not figured out how to solve that supply problem.

    • Gutter Economist

      Big Berkey gravity-fed water filters are a top pick for clean water and long-term preparedness

  • bongstar

    to David. I myself cant understand exactly what your going through but I and my family have been very afllicted also. Geting up every day and looking for work, preparing my house with gardens chickens and trees after im done work searching, taking the small extra capital i have to store supplys, and counting my blessings instead of only seeing the bad and thanking God have helped me imenseily. Im trying to put the few eggs i have into todays baskest and twomorrows. I have also had to learn to adust to the new life. the life void of pointless consumerism. It was had at first to relize that the american dream is dead for me, and that i had to sell of many of my assets. I littleraly have broke down on multiple occasions. Then i realized i was glauming on to the old way, A slave to debt and consumerism. It is realy about a monitary and mental adjusment. But the most important is praisng God and getting up and trying, it is all we have control of. I hopr this can help

  • Dave Diesel ” 81 “

    Interesting that people are going to vote for someone and
    never asks them can you fix the mess? and exactly when and how? And if the mess can be fixed, then or now Exactly
    why and what are they waiting for ?? Hello ?
    Stupid people voting for Deceivers .
    See, and educate yourself

  • MarkieMark

    We could get this country out of this mess in just a few years. But the average American is going to have a hard time stomaching it:

    #1–Entitlements End– No one gets a check unless they are doing something for the common good. Elderly who are truly too feeble or sick would still be supported. But everyone else must participate somehow. A mother on ADC could work at a day care, and most with disabilitys could at least run a calculator or sort parts.

    #2–High Tariffs on imports— sorry, you won’t be able to buy a mega-size flat screen TV or smartphone for a couple hundred bucks anymore but then again who will have time to watch TV and Facebook.

    #3–Cars Must Get Smaller– much smaller and fuel efficient. Americans will have to give up the SUV. The Hybrid Escalade is not the solution. Something more like the Smart Car or Fiat 500 is the answer. It scares me— an engineer told me the Chinese have tens of thousands of tiny, 60 mpg, $8000 cars sitting in containers just waiting for gas to hit $5.00 a gallon.

    #4–No More McMansions– Families must learn they can live fulfilling lives with less bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. Levy huge government taxes on any home built over 2000 sq ft. Many existing McMansions will have to be cut up into duplexes.

    #5–Educate Our Youth– Our education system is focused on Teacher Unions and glorious facilities and not on the task at hand. I learned Calculus in a run-down country school where we had no cafeteria and we had to wear our coats all day during the winter. But what we had were private teachers who were held accountable and who were dedicated. We had few textbooks– for spelling each student had to bring in a vocabulary word each Monday. Blasted that doctor’s son who brought in a medical term each week. But to this day I can spell Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

    • Paul

      The VW Golf Turbo Diesel uses 56 mpg right now. Can’t have that for $8000.
      And the Chinese definitely don’t store cars somewhere. The Chinese want MONEY NOW.

      Anyway, the petrol price in the UK is £1.30 per liter, which translates to USD 7.6 per gallon. The price in Germany is similar.

      People should make their own economic decision – those who want to save on operating costs can buy efficient stuff, the others just burn their money.

      And if you don’t like your government to waste money on petrol and diesel and ammo and body bags for the army, you can still emigrate like your ancestors. They came to America because they were unhappy with their government, if they were not sold as slaves by those guys from whom today’s rich guys inherited their wealth from.

      Yes, and no more checks for share holders for doing nothing. Let them work, clean the toilet, hand out food in the canteen.

      Good idea.

  • getreal

    Good Job Michael…especially the fact that you touched on salvation. Which, in the end,is all that really matters.

  • Maria

    Recession? The Depression has already started. The government can change the statistics to say anything they want. Who flippin cares! That doesn’t change the reality millions of long term unemployed and poverty stricken people are facing.

    You bet it matters what is going on in the rest of the world! It’s a global economy. We are all going to suffer the fate of Greece. Our politicians are just as lame as theirs….a bunch of greedy, self-serving do nothings who get way too many benefits.

    People, you better get ready.

    The biggest challenge preppers may face is extended family or friends showing up when they hit their dead end….with nothing. That changes the dynamics of EVERYTHING you plan. We are already facing this challenge.

    One thing is for certain….nothing ever goes exactly as planned. But having no plan is certain failure.

    God isn’t going to stop the collapse. That is our medicine. But He will help us through the pain….if we seek Him.

  • For any who are looking for resources for inner development and strength, I would recommend a book on meditation (with a Christian focus but applicable to all religions) which was just published in 2011. It is by Bruce Fraser MacDonald, PhD, and is called “The Prayer of Silence: A complete course in spiritual transformation.” It will teach you how to be strong, how to find emotional, social, spiritual and physical healing, and how to find inner fulfilment. Its central practice is “Practicing the Presence of God” — something which will be very valuable in the coming difficult times. Check Google or go to . The book is available in e-book formats, so check Google with name of author, title and “ebook” for your favourite ebook type. God bless in the times ahead.

  • So glad that you´re not into the new age 2012 “conscience shift” B.S. so many preppers and “truthers” are talking about. As if we suddenly would become better persons without doing anything. We have to change ourselves, or not.

  • Just to add to my comments about the book, “The Prayer of Silence”: in 1966 I fell down a 37 foot shaft on a construction site where I was a worker and broke my back. Spent seven months in hospital. I had a Near Death Experience (which I describe in the book) in which I met with Jesus and others. Then I found a meaning in life which led me to finally become a university professor. Then I had viral encephalitis which wiped out all my memory and ended my career. But still, through the spiritual practice of the Prayer of Silence, I was able to overcome all of these difficulties and find healing and meaning in the spiritual path. The coming economic collapse shouldn’t be worse than a broken back and viral encephalitis. You can get through it with the inner strength afforded through prayer and spiritual meditation which will bring you into oneness with God and with Jesus, the Christ. Once you start on the spiritual path, you will also find a community of like minded people which will give you tremendous support. Check for more information.

    • Annette

      I think you need to remember what the Bible says, and that is if you or anyone preaches a different gospel, then they are damned. It’s in the last book of the Bible. There is no “twin” brother to Jesus, and whatever “new” gospel you are preaching, I feel badly for you. You have missed the real One.

  • Having contingency plans is based on analyzing the risk and making GOALS. You need a goal written plan what to do over this next year and re-write an update each year, or as necessary. With no goals you will wander about with Bi-Polar like disorders.

    Follow Dave advice on debt.

    If you plan on hiding in the woods at this point you have no skills beyond opening your MERE food packs. You need preparation goals and in the long run you are not going to make it. Items wear out.Besides there are already thousands of survivalists – homeless -living in National Parks and Forests who are not sweet.

    What really works from a historical and common sense perspective is to find like minds and establish a communal goal setting purpose. You can not make a hard core survival situation alone for very long. It always takes several people. One of the better groups I know have camper trailers and a piece of land they meet at and are building a communal retreat. This is their summer vacation with a purpose.

    There is more to health than Medical Science. Investigate carefully other modalities. I have been an herbalist for decades following retirement and I help people.

    Follow my articles that are basicly related to survival and rural living: www I always answer questions.

    To make a flat general statement of preparation needs presupposes a specific scenerio and that is impossisble considering where you are, your mental conditioning – stressors and beliefs in the system now as Michael relates: is falling apart.

    The one factor you can not win against is age. Eventually you reach a point where you can do little but give advice. Prepare for getting older as you will be older longer than you are younger.

    Everyone worries about money. If it is going to inflate, deflate, hyper what ever, change color, shift to Euros or Pasos just spend it keeping a emergency fund. Stay out of debt. Blenderize those credit cards. Have a goodly supply of food for shortages. Have a place to go to in an emergency such as riots, burnings, natural disasters.

    Firearms are an investment. You can only fire one at a time so you do not need several.Buy through the Trading Post- or similar sales.

    Let us all follow Michaels updates and count downs. He is perhaps the best source on the net before he gets hauled away to the FEMA re-education camps – along with me. At least it is free food scraps.

    Trust in your faith, but remember you are responsible for your own research and decisions. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

    Old Timer

    • Rodster

      I take what Dave Ramsey says with a grain of salt. His show is all about invest and saving money and not about the economic collapse which is inevitable. I was listening to him yesterday and he comes across like it’s pre 2008.

      He told his audience why they should invest in 401K’s and mutual funds.

      With regard to debt, that won’t make one bit of difference whether you are debt free or owe thousands. When it all comes crashing down, a persons debt will be of little importance because for us money will be worthless.

      I’m debt free but if I had debt right now it wouldn’t bother me.

  • Stu


    Very sorry to hard about your situation, you sound like an amazing person and one with a lot of hope ambition and the willingness to work.

    That’s a great start and will help you now and if things eventually get worse in the economy and world in general.

    I’m not going to sugar coat it though…you wife, if she’s able, “should” be helping out with your collective finances. In your current situation, a baby is not an answer or good idea…it will actually only exasperate your stress, worry, time and effort…not to mention cash. You really need to have a heart to heart frank discussion with her and let her know that now is not the time. You guys need to get your feet under yourselves and be in a stable living environment with a supposed steady job/money coming in on a regular basis “before” any thought of a child is considered. (imo)

    If she’s not willing to “help” your collective need with establishing a living area of your own (apartment/rental or house) by working in whatever job she’s qualified for that will pay the best, at least part time if that’s all she can find (2 part time jobs?) but preferably Full time, and can’t see the need and understand your concern and stress…if she’s not willing to help and be a support to you, well then you need to really re-assess the relationship. Not easy and not what you would prefer I’m sure, but…I’ve seen and been in one sided relationships and I can tell you it’s no way to live.

    Can you work part time “and” attend classes at the moment? Or full time and take evening classes…not a full credit load but perhaps a few classes at a time while working, until you can save a nest egg and get your own place and have a regular schedule and steady paycheck that you can count on and then create a monthly budget for bills, food,necessities and even some wants and entertainment.

    I’m more of a practical mind, and feel that changes when needed don’t happen or exist in a vacuum…you have to take active steps to help yourself and your situation whenever/where ever possible. And you need someone next to you that understands that need and is willing to dig in and work hard and help.

    Otherwise you’re better off alone and not trying to bail out a sinking ship while the other passenger just sits there and watches, possibly even complaining.

    I wish you the VERY best!

    Believe in you, be true to yourself, stay centered, and remember that you can’t make someone else feel something they don’t, it’s not your fault if you’re doing all you can and they don’t get on board!

    Take care of yourself man!

    (keep us posted)


    I wish you the very best

  • Jere Reid

    I believe in God and a life hereafter. God also said he will help those who help themselves.
    Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.
    Our nation has had a lot of tribulations to suffer through and it will get through this one also.
    Remember that hope in the future should be also tempered with wisdom. The meek will inherit the earth but the strongest will survive.
    If the next election doesnl’t change hands. May God have mercy on us. God bless America and our fighting soldiers.

  • Macnasty

    Great article Michael I have most of the list except a few things,flea markets are a great place to get gear especialy around military post.

  • Stu

    Btw – Long time reader, love the site and appreciate all the posts/articles!

    Thank you 🙂

    (sorry about the typos above, was typing fast and didn’t proof my bad)



    • Michael


      I love to hear from long time readers. I hope that you will comment more often. 🙂


  • I am a huge fan of your work and share it with my readers. You are 100% spot on. I have been preaching the same message for 7 years now. Please check out my new website that I just started up to help with this.

    keep up the good work


  • Hosanna

    I asked for a purple Mag Lite flashlight for Christmas that I saw on Amazon and when I opened it up it was huge! You could use it for light, protection, to clear away debris, as a brace, what an amazing addition to our store of survival gear.

    We are making it fun. Filling back packs with gear from a list. This does not have to be all doom and gloom. If you have children you could talk to them about how the pioneers came across the country in covered wagons. How sometimes people decide to head off for greener pastures. The satisfaction of being well prepared for in-case scenarios has become a treat for me. I love it.

    I also enjoy every day that I get to live normally. If the end of my life comes and no catastrophes intervened I will have spent my time better because each moment of peace and safety means all the more.

    • Cyrus

      Here are some survival suggestions that go hand in hand with Mac’s article.

      there are other articles on the same site with good info on preparation, awareness and strategies to employ in hard times. The “Great” Depression is going to be remembered as tough times compared to what’s coming.

      Good luck to all.

    • Dustin

      Hosanna, THANKS! Just when the stress level hits red I see your comment & start to laugh. To think, we CAN get through this & it WILL most certainly be an adventure:-) I have 1 girl & 1 boy due Fri so reading all this info about the coming collapse is pretty disheartening but you are so right… it can be a terrific learning experience & we will be like the pioneers who blazed through the countryside in the early days. Anyway, thx again!

    • rufus13

      A pistol. A rifle is good for long range, but it’s important to have a weapon with you always. Pick a model that fits you. 9mmx19mm is a good (self-defense rounds) and cheap cartridge (FMJ practice cartridges) that is effective against 185 pound predators like large wolves that have been re-introduced to the American Western States. Full-size pistols like Glock 17 are the easiest to shoot well, while the more compact models like Glock 26 hide better at the expense of comfortable shooting. If you are a full-sized male, perhaps a bigger pistol in .45ACP, .45Colt, or .44Magnum would be appropriate.

      Good luck.

  • gary2

    The influence of the monolithic right-wing hate machine, all of it aimed at President Obama. No other President, except perhaps Bill Clinton, has ever faced anything like it. The audience for this material is largely ignorant and easily swayed. They have a narrow world view and reject anything that conflicts with it, factual or not. That’s hard to beat even with the facts on your side.

    Yep that describes republicans and conservatives to a T!

    Taken from on point blog about why anyone is a conservative republican.

    • Nanette

      What??? As usual, short-sighted nonsense.

    • Rodster

      What facts do you have that supports that Obama and pretty much every politician in Washington is not the problem? What facts do you have that says the Federal Reserve i.e. “The Central Bank” has not stolen our money for greed?

      What facts do you have that the been there done that lets kick the can down the road once again will work this time?

      What facts do you have that says, people who don’t work are a benefit to the economy? What facts do you have that says when we spend more than we take in will bring us economic prosperity?

      What facts do you have that says a Nation that has a higher debt to GDP ratio is on the verge to economic prosperity?

      Even liberal Europe including the IMF has says danger is on the horizon. Europe is broke and most countries are on the verge of collapse. Greece is already there, Spain is in bad shape and heading in that direction so is Italy, Ireland. Just read the newspapers. The sources are mostly liberal and they all say the Eurozone is in the danger zone.

      Sorry but i’m an independent and the can has been kicked down the road for far too long. Both political parties, the IMF and the Federal Reserve deserve the blame for what’s heading our way.

      But go right ahead, believe Obama and stick your head in the sand. Don’t worry everything will be alright.

      • Very good questions! Very good comeback/reply to those “comments”… Fight on!

    • Agustin

      What are u talking about? Obama is the worst president sinse Carter. He is a corporatist who doesn’t have a clue about managing and economics. You can’t give away something you don’t have. We need to create wealth, not give it away for free.



      • Rodster

        Sorry i’m not a Ron Paul supporter. 😛

        • Fred

          Well you should be a supporter of Ron Paul. He is not a globalist. All the others are a bunch of paid puppeteers and support the globalists who created this mess and put us all in this dire situation! This would of never happened if we ALL woke up and stormed Washington and impeached all these treasonists scumbags back in 2007. We out number them well over a million to one. The founding fathers were outnumbered and us we just laid down and took it like dumbed down sleeping sheep. They defeated us! SHAME ON US for not fighting back like the founding fathers did!!!!!

          • Lawrence

            Very well said! You know your stuff. You know what has happened and what is occuring.

    • GoneWithTheWind

      Were you asleep while the hate filled left attacked Bush II ruthlessly. When you look up “hate filled” in the dictionary you see pictures of left wing hate groups.

    • peskytruth

      No other president has disobeyed the U.S. Constitution in every way, destroyed jobs, tried to establish a fascist police state and been a corrupt influence peddling demagogue as has this evil president.

    • Mike

      gary2 you are drinking the cool aid. BOTH side play “lets destroy them” thats how they polarize. thats how you get people to make their minds up cos otherwise they will dither. So it all comes down to;
      Do you want government in every part of your life from what food to eat to what temp te thermostat should be to what light bulb to buy and what car to buy (china communism) and suck off the goverment teat for your job and livelyhood
      less gov leave me along i can do for myself, start a business make money and be self sufficient.
      No one as a kid dreams of being a clerk at the DMV or at a tollbooth – they dream of a nice car and house and living.
      Thats not attainable as a gov handout lacky
      see ya

    • actually gary2… the one being swayed here is you

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “The influence of the monolithic right-wing hate machine, all of it aimed at President Obama. No other President, except perhaps Bill Clinton, has ever faced anything like it.”

      You are living in the wrong era. You would have been successful as a court jester circa 1200 AD; instead you’re a no nothing Kool-Aid drinker who bought the t-shirt and now have nothing to show for your mindless, zombie adherence to leftist utopia BS.

      Additionally, you’re willfully ignorant. GWB (as flawed as he was) receive far more vitriol from the left than Carter, Clinton, and Obama combined have received from the right.

      • Gay Veteran


    • ScoutMotto


      Liberals lie as a matter of course. They speak often of tolerance, yet they only tolerate liberals.

      Liberals desire freedom from moral consequence, which can only be secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state. Their ideologies tend inevitably towards world-wide totalitarianism. Their basis of psychology is the elimination of moral responsibility. Any religious person who believes or promotes moral consequence is the enemy of the liberal and must be oppressed. They despise individual power, which is why they despise gun ownership. Liberals are always screaming “it’s for the children,” yet despise all innocence – especially the innocence of a child.

      As for the reference to Bill Clinton, liberals love Bill Clinton because of who he is, not in spite of who he is.

      • Gay Veteran

        great strawman you built there

        utter right-wing tripe

        • ScoutMotto

          Ah, one of the tolerant ones speaks.

    • Boris Badinov

      Hey folks. Don’t be so hard on Obama.

      This is his first job.

    • Tel

      Well the progressives were happy to call George Bush a “chimp” so I haven’t heard any similar comments directed at Obama.

      • gary2

        your kidding right?

    • Rich

      This comment is obviously from a Paid Obamnation pundit!
      You’re too obviously biased to be taken seriously!

    • baldrad

      ….you can always depend on the economic and financial illiteracy of Utopian Lefties to sum up anything that confuses them as “Hate”….

      They will remain confused, as they cannot do the simplest math…

    • highspeedloafer

      Blah, blah, blah.

    • Iguana One

      Don’t be such an ass. What is it going take BEFORE you see what is happening to our nation? Faith in Obama has no virtue.
      Or are you just being funny.

    • Barry

      Gary, you are so full of it. There was more hatred and venom spewed by the media and Hollywood toward George W Bush than any other president. The vast bulk of the media was in the bag for the left, and still is. I am no Bush fan, but come on. At least be remotely accurate.

    • Tavius

      Ignorant? Why don’t you begin fighting said ignorance by putting a complete subject and predicate in all of your sentences.

  • Julie from LI,NY

    David, I say this prayer for you and your family.Lord embrace David and his family deliver them from their hardships.I pray Jesus bind any and all demons influencing his mother in the name of Jesus Christ release this woman and bother her no more,bring David’s family together ,heal old and fresh wounds so they can come together and Love each other and worship our Lord and Father.Your will be done in Jesus name Amen! Brother you need to pray and read your Bible (King James Version) gather strength and put all troubles in his hands have faith! Check out some other Watchmen sites to help deepen your faith and educate yourself for the coming Tribulations. God bless

  • stilo

    I don’t think anyone, you included , can say that we are or aren’t going to go from “where we are now to some type of a post-apocalyptic “Mad Max” society almost overnight.”

    There is a scenario in the Bible wherein this can be argued. If you don’t accept the Bible, well ok. But it does have a lot to say about this. In fact it has more to say about the prelude to the Messianic Kingdom than on anything.

    In my opinion the best thing you could do to prepare would be to become a spirit-born believer in Jesus Christ.

    • r.bitting


      • Tapper P.

        Christians says Amen at the end of a prayer ignorant of the fact that it is actually Amen-RA. Tribute to an earlier Christ-copy of the sun-god RA. Who, of course, had the same life story as Jesus and the other 14 ‘Christs.’

        • Michael

          That is completely and totally false.

          The following is from Wikipedia….

          “Amen, meaning “so be it”, is said to be of Hebrew origin, however the roots of the word can be traced to most Semitic Languages. The word was imported into the Greek of the early Church from Judaism.”

          In ancient paleo-Hebrew, Amen was made up of three letters – an Alef a Mem and a Noon

          It means “so be it”

          The Egyptian deity that you are referring to “Amun-Ra” has nothing to do with this ancient paleo-Hebrew word.

          I would encourage you to do your own research instead of copying and pasting stuff you find on the Internet.


          • Geddy

            I would encourage you to do your own research instead of copying and pasting stuff you find on the Internet.

            The following is from Wikipedia….


        • baldrad

          ….and where, pray tell, are the followers of the “other 14 ‘christs'”, as you and other storytellers take delight in citing?

          They don’t exist.

        • Nobody


          All the sky-god religions, since the beginnings of civilization, are the biggest con job in the history of humanity.

  • mark

    I have done all of the items on the lists and more. From were I stand the community building is important. I have bo real back up plan as I live where most would travel to for their back up plan. I keep improving my infrastructure on our ranch each year with improving the soil and storing more water from springs. I am troubled the most with the loss of freedom over time in our country. This new law NDAA is one more nail in our counrties coffin. Is it too far out to think that this new law could be used to enforce all of these silly rules by the EPA, USDA and other government departments. Remember we are dealing with control freaks.

  • Nickelthrower


    I agree with your “travel light” suggestion. Unless we end up with a Hobbesian “war of all against all”, the ability to react quickly and travel light will reward those that are prepared.

    Not having a mortgage allows a person to relocate to where the work happens to be. We saw several “great migrations” in the 20th Century and there is no reason why it couldn’t happen again. Those chained down by debt will have to stay where they are.

    Individuals, too, should think about multiple levels of transportation. I have a pickup truck, an 80cc “scooter”, a hybrid mountain bike and good hiking shoes. If fuel becomes cost prohibitive then I can ditch my paid off truck and use my scooter as it gets 100mpg and is fine for getting around town. Should that fail then I can use my bicycle or my feet.

    Another thing I would suggest would be Energy Independence. A wind generator or solar generator is a must. I realize that it is just too expensive to run a home off of solar alone. But, a panel or two and a couple car batteries is enough to provide someone with the ability to have some LED lighting, recharge phones and other small electronics and keep a radio running. I built something similar for under $500 and the great part of it is that it can be expanded as my finances allow. Finally, the ability to recharge other peoples electronics is something that I’ll be able to use as barter should everyone lose electricity.

    Thanks for the article.

  • steelerdude

    Just a couple of thoughts for everyone to think about. This really could happen over night or within week or two.

    1) If europe banks close for holidays…you can bet that america will be right behind. Heck, Illinois is already bouncing lottery checks. There is very very little money in the system.

    2) I think the story under estimates how barbaric people really are. If they dont have it and you do, they will take from you. Remember that a person who misses 9 meals, their brain goes into survival mode.

    Just my thoughts…but please dont under estimate the urgency to prepare now….

    I have 3 brothers and their families that havent done doodley-squat and dont think
    anything is coming…I tried to warn them…
    nope…no good..

    take care and God Bless Everyone

    • mondobeyondo

      A “bank holiday” is a very real possibility.

      • ScoutMotto

        I keep hearing this. We have precedent for it.

  • Living way up north, we got all that…

    One note, gazoline is already way expensive here, dont forget to treat it for storage along with the fuel in the tanks…a nasty surprise I got is finding the fuel gelled in the carburetor of my generator.

    Also, stored food mean dry food, such as freeze dried stuff or dried pasta…anything else will spoil over time.

    Water does NOT keep, you have to find a source of potable water.

  • Also people even here have a short memory…after the Viet Nam war, hippies got Nixon, Carter and their likes in…traveling between Canada and the USA, it was appalling to witness the precipitous drop in standard of living in the US. Canada was dragged down just like Zeropa is dragging Switzerland down with them(Swiss have to inflate the Franc just to stay in business)

  • Daniel

    Did anyone ever go on a ski tip in the Swiss Alps? Well, they have the best skiing above ground in Europe. Also, they have the best safe shelters underground.

    People in US have just storm shelters. Living 20 miles from NYC, I build an underground bomb shelter.

    Here is a website to look at fo info articles:

    Us Eagles scouts always said BE PREPARED!!!

  • bongstar

    This is an article about help ! not about right or left wing ideology. please all release the hate we are all here together infact my suggestion is to organize comunity. like ive herd many say it wont matter how ready you are if you dont have comunity.

  • T-J

    I recommend Mylar bag and oxygen absorbers. You can store rice, and certain beans, and other foods for infinity. You-Tube has plenty of info on this. ALSO….VERY IMPORTANT…get your self 1964 and older dimes, quarters, and halves…they are 90% silver, and that will be money…let me say that again…that will be money. Also 1981 and older pennies, and ALL nickels, as these two are copper…they are also money. They are, and will be money even if the US dollar finally dies years from now.

  • mondobeyondo

    (Everybody, sing along!!)

    “Oh say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the freeeeeee
    And the hoooooooome… of theeeeee… braveeeeee”

    Well, it used to. It USED to.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Michael, I’ve kept a small supply of candles; which I HAVE used on ( now rare ) occassions when electricity has been temporarily lost; i.e. when a nearby electricity substation took a direct hit by lightning. However, if an ” EMP ” takes-out all or most of the ” electrical grid “, we’ll all need to put our matches to use: lighting candles!

  • David M

    Michael, long time follower. Have posted a few times here and there…

    I hope you’re right, but think you’re wrong.

    A bank run only starts with a small percentage of the customers.

    If there is a bank holiday or the Chinese break from the Dollar and start dumping their US Reserves. That’s it.

    When people cannot get food because the ATM’s are down. There will be panic. Search youtube for (1977, New York, power outage, looting). The power went out for 24 hours and the entitlement crowd looted and rioted and burned their areas. Thousands were arrested, 650ish fires in one night.

    Now imagine if people cannot get food NATIONWIDE. If only ONE food riot starts, people will use cell phones to pass on the word that grocery stores are being looted. Panic will spread nationwide. At the same time the trucks will be stranded as they cannot refuel. Imagine across America if the Wallmarts and Alberstons are emptied and there’s no refilling going on.

    I think you underestimate what fear and hunger will induce people to do. It only takes a few thousand panicky people to cause a torrent.

    And it doesn’t help that many are already out of work and/or desperate.

    You are a rational educated man, Michael. Many are uneducated and irrational or on mood altering drugs. They will take the lead in the collapse.

    Agree with all your prepping ideas.

    • Michael


      I hope people don’t feel like I am minimizing what is coming.

      I do believe that the next few years will be incredibly challenging.

      But what is coming after that will be even worse.


      • David M

        Like that kids game where you knock out the blocks of plastic ice. Eventually you have so many holes, the bottom falls out.

        I don’t think we’re are going to continue in a gradual decline, like you suggest.

        Something will be the last straw that breaks the camels back. And it may be this year.

        Best regards.

      • Josh

        Can you elaborate on what you mean by “what is coming after that will be even worse”?

        • Michael


          Eventually I will elaborate more on that.


        • Gary2

          The nephelim are returning. Beware!

  • Ken

    There is a problem with storing food — shelf life. More important is the ability to raise your own, especially from perennials. Learn to save seed from non-hybrid varieties. It is important to know which food plants will grow in your area.
    Regular batteries are limited, because they have brief shelf-lives. Rechargeable batteries are probably preferable, although they too have shelf lives. There are so many more things to consider than anyone can include in an article, or even a book.
    One thing is important. You cannot afford to look as though you are living well. There will always be someone who is jealous of anyone who seems to be more than just barely surviving. And there will not be any police you can call to protect you.
    Another thing people do not mention is that when the government subsidies are gone, the cities will rapidly lose population, because just surviving there will bee impossible. On the other hand, few people know how to provide for themselves, because they are too accustomed to having so much given to them. Present-day Detroit is only the beginning.

    • Joseph Parker

      Interestingly enough, present-day Detroit is starting to see the growth of a local food growing and harvesting sector of its economy, using some of the empty non-productive land in the city center.

    • Rancher

      Freeze dried…30 years. Is that not long enough?

    • Antonio

      Normal food bought at the grocery store is good for a year or so, but for SHTF prepare by getting freeze dried and dehydrated foods. We prefer freeze dried. The taste, texture and nutritional value are much better than when you dehydrate your food. Freeze dried items can be stored on a a shelf for 25 years and you don’t have to rotate so much. We get ours at a discount from They ship anywhere in the US. I have ordered several times. Delivery is fast and the food really does taste great.

  • Doug

    Be sure to have some some flint to make arrowheads.

  • Hi!, All Ye Survivoralists:

    What do you have to suggest to an old codger like me @ 70 years young who is dissabled having both artificial arteries in both legs; diabedic, all 10 toes numb; 35% kidney function; single alone; medication dependant; abandoned by family with no friends; deeply depressed etc.? Wouldn’t it be a lot better if the Lord could/would just take me Home immediately and stop being a burden?
    My vascular surgeon had my mon view the dondtion of my main leg arteries which were all broke up like a broken, seperated garden hose. He response: “I’m not coming to any pity parties and your only problem is a little arthritis?” See what I mean? Apocolypse, huh, I’ve been in one for years but now there’s another one coming? If the Lord could just take me Home like in what some of you call a “rapture” that would be fine with me but it looks like my condition will just continue to drag on one dreadful year after another.


    • mondobeyondo

      Just wait for the Lord to take you home in His own due time. Let Him call the shots, not you.

    • Nobody

      Hi Russ,

      No, it’s not “survivoralists”


      Don’t worry, in all societal collapse analysis conclusions, the sick, elderly, drug-dependant, nursing home types always represent the first wave of deaths, in a mass die-off.

      Have a nice day.

    • David M

      If you can read and think, you might become an information expert. Knowledge is power. And speaking of power, there might not be any. So remembering or having books will be important.

      Being able to know how to make a bio-sand filter. Identifying helpful plants. Not saying be a doctor, but if you can diagnose problems and maybe know natural herbal remedies…Knowledge of plants and gardening. Animal husbandry, etc.

      You might also work on your interpersonal skills. Doesn’t sound like you’re winning over anyone with conversation or your sparkling personality. Not saying suck up. But something is missing.

      Free rides are far and in between. Trade your knowledge for being included in some survival community.

    • Barn Cat

      Hang in there, Russ. Yes, it would be better if the Rapture occurs before the collapse but I’m convinced that the collapse will come first. The collapse will lead to the one-world government prophesied in Revelation. I’m convinced that the attack on Israel prophesied in Ezekiel will happen this year and I’m convinced that the Rapture will happen this year too. If you’re a Christian there’s a good chance you’ll be in heaven a year from now.

      • Sunday

        Barncat- the rapture happens AFTER tribulation.

        Russ-hint hint-survivalist preparation is useless if you’re being rounded up into a FEMA camp.

        • Barn Cat

          No, Jesus has to come back TWICE. He comes first as a thief when no one expects him. He comes again when every eye sees him even those who pierced him. At the midpoint of the tribulation the anti-christ desecrates the temple. From that point it’s 1260 days until Christ’s return. Jesus’ coming at the end of the 1260 days will surprise no one but his first return when comes as a thief will surprise everyone.

          • Sunday

            Barncat-Jesus comes back ONCE, not twice.

            2Thesselonians Chapter two states-

            1Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

            2That ye be not soon SHAKEN IN MIND, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

            3Let no man deceive you by any means: FOR THAT DAY SHALL NOT COME, except there come a falling away first, and that MAN OF SIN BE REVEALED, the son of perdition;

            Why was the church shaken if the rapture is before the tribulation. It is because they knew they would go through tribulation.

          • gary2

            but will Jusus save the Nephelim?

  • Rancher

    Perhaps it would be wise to take a look at the ever shrinking revenue stream our country and even the world is facing.
    Towns, cities, counties and States are laying off and for going much needed infrastructure repairs and replacements. Just like the feds are doing. The feds can and do print money for themselves. No one else can.

    More lay offs, less revenue. More demands on social services already over loaded. More crime to steal wealth and food to exist. More demand on LE and yet less revenue. More laid off and we chase our tail yet more.

    I have read surveys asking if you would never get caught would you do the following. The choices were all illegal from rape, to theft, to murder, cheating, to breaking and entering and so forth. The replies gotten back were in the 80% yes they would range.

    Only the fear of the law holds most of our so called civilized society together and an economic crisis would probably shatter the LE funding and all the prisoners needing to e housed and fed.

    Society collapse and inner city crime would spill over. I am afraid one will need much more than a camp stove and some travel supplies. One should set levels as per a crisis event. Your list is the bare minimum out of work period of time for a low level law and order crisis with the grid up and running 24/7. No harm but that is just a beginning not an end. Your readers can find much deeper lists my searching for survival prepping and that does not mean sharpened sticks either.

    • Michael

      I totally agree with you.

      I think that things are going to become absolutely nightmarish in this country.

      My point is that things are going to get bad in the short-term, but it will take a while before society totally collapses.

      But we will get there.



    SOUNDS LIKE 2008!!!And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed: and al the world wondered after the beast.


    SOUNDS LIKE IT FALLS IN ONE HOUR NOT WAVES MICHEAL????? An angel (most likely God the Father or God the Son because the earth was illuminated by his splendor, but, to John looked like an angel) announces the fall of a future city or nation. This city nation is the great arrogant, oh arrogant one-Jeremiah 50:31, oh destroying mountain-Jeremiah 51:25, United States of America. America has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil. God will judge her by fire in one day one hour, Revelation 18:1-24 to increase the harvest of the earth, Jeremiah 51:33. For God’s people are told to come out of her and run for their lives, run from the fierce anger of the Lord, Jeremiah 51:45.

    America’s Hollywood is responsible for the spread of world pornography, bestiality, satanism, wiccanism, hinduism, humanism, macro-evolutionism , buddhism, pinko communism, liberalism, environmentalism, peta-ism, Islamism, pedophilism, homosexualism, lesbianism, country exploitism, fanatical feminism, materialism and the decline and coming bondage of all Christianity. America’s internet has filled the earth with her abominable images. Hollywood, America is also responsible for birthing all the other movie industry of the earth including but not limited to India’s Bollywood, Nigeria’s Nollywood, Pakistan’s Lollywood , United Kingdom films, Chinese Cinema, French Cinema, European Union films, many of which their history can go back as far as America. But the financial success of Hollywood and film technical expertise has caused the countries of the earth to embrace their own film industry, both good and bad.

    The kings of the earth have committed adultery with America’s congress and presidency, Revelation 18:9. All nations have conspired to become wealthy like her, arrogant like her, because she is the mother of prostitutes, Revelation 17:5, (Mama-Sia), that has trained all the nations of the earth, (kings, merchants & nations), how to become wealthy & filthy like her, a prostitute, (cares for nothing but money), and grow rich by selling to her her excessive luxuries, Revelation 18:11-15, she gains through her excessive adulteries with the gods of gold, silver, stone, marble, and wood.

    For the gold cup this kingdom that falls and rises taking on many names but never dying until the very time of the end when God decreeds and numbers her days, Daniel 5:26, her days being seventy years, Jeremiah 25:12, the gold cup she causes the kings and nations of the earth to drink is the worship of her false gods that do not breath, gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, marble, clay and wood, Daniel 2:45,5:4, the gods of materialism and decadence, For the Lord makes the end known from the beginning, Isaiah 46:10. She is the last to drink of her cup, the cup of God’s wrath, she is the nation no one knows who is her, the one with the cryptogram name, also a great mystery, Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Prostitutes, Abominations of the Earth, America, the last to fall, also the last to drink of God’s cup of wrath, Jeremiah 25:26.

    Babylon the Great, America will fall and be defeated from a man that comes from the east, Persia (Iran), like a bird of prey, Isaiah 46:11. Perhaps you will succeed in defeating terror, or, perhaps you will cause terror Babylon the Great, America, Isaiah 47:12 for you will burn like stubble, Isaiah 47:14, when God himself mixes a double portion of judgment for your own head of what you have done to other nations, Revelation 18:6-10, in one day one hour, Revelation 18:19. For Babylon is a kingdom since the very beginning ruled by an invisible Satan, Isaiah 14:3-15 and a kingdom that is always there until the very end, Daniel 2:37-38, 4:10-14, 4:22.

    God is commanding all his followers in America to cut their business and all societal and governmental ties to her schools, religion and public, institutions, churches and church buildings. This also represents the coming soon to be rapture in about the year 2010-2011. Two meanings, Christ’s word a double edged sword. Babylon represents materialism to the extreme. The churches in America are to quit building them, sell the ones already built and start going underground, small groups in homes, to prepare for the coming tribulation. The gods of America also known as Babylon the Great, must be rejected, this materialism must be rejected. God’s preacher’s must quit treating the gospel like it is a good paying part time job. God’s people need to quit rejecting God’s witnesses and messengers.

    Her sins are many and she is always the first one to sin this way or that way, then she teaches her trainee prostitute nations how to worship the gods of materialism and become just like her. America has a long lists of firsts in the world, first to have doctors that change men into menwomen and women into menwomen, first nuclear bomb drop, first to spread all the ideas of the gods of materialism.

    America had the chance to influence the world and spread God’s gospel but she blew it, she failed mankind just as Christianity has, and her mother that birthed her, England will be ashamed of her when she falls, Jeremiah 50:12. The world now when looking at America can only see her gods of gold, silver, bronze, iron, clay, stone, wood and materialism, Daniel 2:45,5:4, 5:23, false gods of justice, freedom, technology, law, city planning and the spread of all things that come from materialism.

    Lady Liberty stands as a queen and boasts in her heart, “I hold God’s law in one hand and a torch in another to light the path to heaven, she is neither. She is no more than the whorehouse mother who teaches the nations of the world to follow her ways. Leave Babylon and flee to your homelands, return back to the countries you came from. Especially you Hollywood Jews, flee to the place God prepared for you in the desert that became green, an envy of all those around you. You say you have wealth but it is nothing and will turn to dust. Flee to the ends of the earth, flee Babylon the Great, America, Isaiah 48:20.

    Her plagues and judgments will be poured out upon her inhabitants in one day all at once. Death, famine and fire will overtake her in one day all at once. Her prostitute trainees, (nation leaders), will be shocked and amazed watching on the news these judgments overtaking America. At the destruction of America the nations who became rich by selling luxurious items to her weep and cry and were terrorfied. This terror will be either fire and brimstone from God, or suitcase nukes carried by terrorists from the north, (Canada or Alaska via a Russian/Iranian/Islamic alliance or both. But the scripture is clear, America’s days are numbered and America will fall in one hour, defeated by the war on terror.

    All the countries with ships that became wealthy by selling luxurious goods to america will stand far off and weep and mourn because they can no longer sell to America. All these items are sold to America for she is the wealthiest country on earth and buys all these cargoes. These items all represent excessive luxuries only the wealthy buy.

    Her wealth and ability to buy things will disappear when she falls in one day, one hour, Revelation 18:1-24. Then the merchants will never again do business with America. All of America’s splendor and riches will disappear because of God’s judgment, plagues, and it will all occur all at once, in one day, one hour, Revelation 18:1-24. The merchants the world over will cry and weep at her destruction because they cannot sell goods to her anymore. They cry and weep for they know what is coming next, them. They also cry and weep because of their own stubborn unwillingness to help America in the war on terror, Isaiah 48:12.

    America’s prostitute trainees cry because first America falls and then the world falls to Islamo/Russian fascism. America and Israel will be attacked by the same Islamo/Russian alliance, at the same time. When America falls the nation of Israel will turn and realize what they did to Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

    In one hour America’s doom will come, Revelation 9:18,17:16, 17:18, 18:8, 18:19. The warning to America is 9/11. Another warning is this blog. The warning is the rejection of God’s prophets that will come from outside the church, preaching the word of God. For the church government has rejected the prophets just like the pharisees did. For the preachers have become lazy in their ways only wishing to preach for large amounts of money and they no longer read God’s word. They are unwilling to read scripture, to write original theology and original sermons revealed by Holy Spirit. But God’s people will hear God’s voice like of one sqeeky trumpet blsted over and over in the wilderness. For all people must pass through the hot furnaces of Babylon, they must pass through each and every one of them.

    Five virgins of the church without jars of oil,will miss the rapture, for they will have impurities in their souls. It is this reason they are called to go through tribulation, to be left behind as a blessing to Israel. God will remove by the fire of tribulation like refining gold and silver in a furnace to remove the impurities. The five virgins that will not have oil in their jars for their lamps to keep them lit are predestined to pass through the great tribulation. To avoid this Christ admonished us to keep watch praying always God counts us worthy to escape these horrible things soon coming.

    God has been sending his prophets although the church refuses to listen for they come from her but are not part of her. For the Gentile’s sins are the same as the Jew’s so one may not brag or think of himself greater than the other for God shows the beginning at the end and the end at the beginning, Isaiah 46:10.

    Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder the size of a large millstone and threw it into the sea. This is the violence of the destruction of America. The saints, apostles and prophets rejoice at the destruction of America for never again will the cities be built under the plan of Nimrod the Great warrior king where most of the important part is wealth building and the following of the gods of materialism even at the great cost of eternal damnation.

    This is image complements of NASA.

    For she will never rise again and God’s people will never build a city, like her, again and, America will always be remembered as the [city of man] that man built [without God’s help] that God warned us would fall in one hour, one day just before God’s great city New Jerusalem came out of heaven, a city built by Jesus Christ. This is the same city God built without man’s help for God needs no man to design the perfect dwelling place for heavenly beings and the Christ followers. This is the same city that measures 1400 miles wide by 1400 miles long at a height of 1400 miles, shaped like a mountain, Revelation 21:16. Then the Christ followers will dwell with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Paul forever and ever.

    Scriptural Evidence & Other Links

    The evidence of Babylon the Great being the Romanish Mother of Prostitutes just isn’t there. If it is there it is scant at best. It is exactly this type of interdenominational slander and bickering that separates God’s followers into denominational groups that are weakened and divided, allowing the real Antichrist nations, Islam, to overtake us while we are sleeping. Revelations 17:4, Three words are all typically used for your outdated, but extremely common, interpretation that a Romanish church is the great Mother of Prostitutes. Revelation 17:9, This line of interpretation typically states that since this great Mother of Prostitutes sits on the seven hills–this is Rome–this is the church that runs Rome. The rest of the interpretation of Revelation 17:9 says the seven hills are seven kings. Now it is not a stretch to assume this is a prophesied time of the Time of the End also spoken by Daniel 12:13 in which the angel tells Daniel to go his way for the meaning and interpretation of the visions of the Time of the End are sealed till that time is upon mankind. Your interpretation can be traced historically all the way back to the time of Jerome and parts thereof, to right after the Apostle John, yet God said through his angel the interpretation was sealed until the end. Why did God seal the interpretation? It was sealed so the interpretation itself would not change history, people would not know who the great Mother of Prostitutes was until the end was upon them. The end is now upon us and the great Mother of Prostitutes is revealed here today. Revelation 17:9 says the seven hills are seven kings, with ten horns, but also a beast this great Mother of Prostitutes steers and rides covered with blasphemous names, in a great desert of the earth, the Antichrist Islamic nations, see this short sermon with many sermon links For the Antichrist nations are not coming from the European Union, United Nations, but the Islamic Nations in the middle east where the kings are, where blasphemies against God and his Son Jesus Christ are a way of life, But her fall while in the great desert will come in one day and one hour as plagues of fire, smoke, sulfur, foreigners, see this sermon Before you follow what you heard taught somewhere I would just encourage you to consider the scriptural evidence. The great Mother of Prostitutes Babylon the Great is America, and scripture that supports this is substantial. Revelation 17:1, 17:15, 17:4 She will be the richest consumer nation of the earth surrounded by the more bodies of water then any nation on earth, see my sermon pondering this very question,, and this short sermon, When reading the description of her during her fall it describes America exactly, Revelation 18:1-24, Jeremiah chapters 50 &51. Babylon is a kingdom ruled by an invisible king Satan, Isaiah 14:12-13, that attempts to cover the earth with her city based unbridled materialism and wealth, Isaiah 14:21. To understand all prophecy you must understand what is in the center of prophecy, invisible king Satan, Babel=>Babylon=>to the fall of Babylon the Great America, see this sermon . For the first city since the flood of this Mother of Prostitutes was seen long before Rome existed, Genesis 11:1-8, but yet a refuge that God places mankind and the birds and beasts wherever they are so they may be fed, Daniel 2:38, so a kingdom with an invisible king Satan that rules until the time of the end, Isaiah 14:12-13. Even Abraham Lincoln stated to the preacher he was concerned that preachers in America were straying off the path, concerned if God was with America, Any interpretation before the time of the end is cursed to be wrong, Daniel 12:13. The spread of the materialism is throughout the earth into all kingdoms causing one kingdom to want to enslave and exploit other kingdoms for profit and gain, so this great Mother of Prostitutes, Babylon the Great, final precipitation in America, is responsible for all wars and killings on the earth including the blood of the prophets and Saints of the earth, Revelation 18:24, that Satan started in the beginning leading to worldwide debauchery so God brought the solution of the flood, also limiting Satan’s dominion, Genesis 6:1-3, but Satan started again by building his first city, Genesis 11:1-8, for Satan rules this kingdom of Babylon the Great America as an invisible king, Isaiah 14:12-14, with the goal of covering the earth with his cities, Isaiah 14:21. These interpretations are tried and true so read and consider them carefully.

    If you were blessed by this sermon on prophecy, like Paul, I ask of no money from you, like the many false prophets of today wearing big gold jewelry and expensive showy clothes, showy cars and houses, worshipping their idols of Babylon. I ask of no money, even though, if asking for money I would be right not wrong, and everyone feeding at this trough would be obligated to support the trough builder’s servant. I only ask one thing. tell others of this website providing links, waking them up to the times in which we live.

    • Sunday

      Smash-America doesnt sit on seven hills. Sounds like Rome to me!

    • Rancher

      Oh Please stop your madness!!!

  • Orange Jean

    You’ve got some great suggestions here for prepping. I would like to add these to the list (especially related to “storable food”) – get knowledge and ability to do “critter control” or you’re likely to have problems. Which specifics vary from one place to another. By this I mean to protect and know how to get rid of:

    At home – mice, rats, and yup, weevils (I had to eat weevily wheat before, it was NOT fun!)

    In the garden – deer, gophers, moles, rabbits, birds, raccoons

    If you have chickens or livestock – (some seriously bigger and scarier) wild dogs, wild pigs, coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, bears, raptors (preditor birds such as hawks, eagles, owls, etc).

    I recently made the mistake of getting careless with my indoor food storage and I have a mouse problem now, I’ve been fighting them for over a month (traps, other kinds of traps, now poison)


    The evidence that America is Babylon the Great is quite overwhelming, Chapter 18 Revelation, Jeremiah chapters 50 & 51, Isaiah chapters 13 & 14, Daniel 2:29-43, Zechariah 5:5-11, and these are just some quick ones I put together. Revelation 17:1 –She will be the nation with the most bodies of water that surround her and lakes and rivers within her lands. Zechariah 5:5-11–This woman is wickedness, also Babylon the Great, also America, and the wickedness she represents is nuclear proliferment which is why she was trying to get out and why the cover is lead. Revelation 18:23–The voice of the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, & bride, church will never be heard in her again when she falls. Revelation 18:9-20–Babylon the great will be the richest nation on earth. Revelation 18:12-13–This nation will be the richest consumers of the earth making all other nations wealthy purchasing their cargo of luxerious items. Revelation 17:5-She’ll teach the nations of the earth how to become wealthy like her. Revelation 17:5-She’ll spread abominationable pornographic images throughout the world. Revelation 17:15–She’ll be the biggest melting pot on earth drawing all nations to her teaching them to all speak one language because to become like her. Revelation 18:22-she’ll produce the best musicians and schools on earth and all will desire to attend her schools. Revelation 18:17-She’ll have the most merchant Marines of any country on earth and the largest Navy. Jeremiah 51:2-God will judge her by sending a plague of “too many” foreigners to overwhelm her borders & oppress her. God will destroy her to increase the harvest of the earth, Jeremiah 51:33. The nation who birthed her will be ashamed because she squandered an opportunity to spred the gospel throughout the earth, Jeremiah 50:12. She’ll be not only the greatest city but the greatest country, Isaiah 13:5. A nation that lays a heavy yoke on the aged, Isaiah 47:6. A nation that confronts a major issue of it’s time to decide if “She will succeed,” or if, “She will cause Terror,” Isaiah 47:12. A nation whose towers will fall causing many to weep, Jeremiah 50:15. She’ll be a nation of False Prophets, Jeremiah 50:35 that will be overthrown like Sodom & Gomorrah, verse 40. She’ll be the most arrogant nation on earth, Jeremiah 50:31. She’ll be a nation of greedy people never satisfied like people in Hell, Habakkuk 2:5. A nation who’s end is revealed in the beginning Isaiah 46:10-see Genesis 11:1-9. Anation judged in one day, one hour by fire & nukes, Isaiah 47:14, Revelation 9:15-19, 17:16, 18:10, 18:19, by those that cause terror, 18:10, who’s leader is death that kills by sword, spreading famine and plagues, Revelation 6:8, that behead Christians and Jews, 20:4, that is the last nation to drink of the cup of God’s wrath, Jeremiah 25:26.
    Have you read what the protestant theologians are teaching? Have you sinned and spread any anti- catholic propaganda that you are ashamed of? Have you repeated anything a false prophet said that you are ashamed of? Have you sinned against a friend or relative by repeating some hate propaganda that you heard or read by some protestant teacher or theologian that you now realize was not what the bible says? Was it hateful? Have you caused possibly some people to never turn to God because of the hate you were repeating against the pope or catholics? Tell me about it. I would like to hear your story!

    • Henry

      Do you know what you are saying? We evangelicals love the Catholics – it is they who are scaring people away from Christ, though! Why does the Pope believe in Replacement Theology? Israel is the “promised land” because God chose it! And he told Abraham that all nations that bless Israel will be blessed! How can the church replace Israel?
      And what about “purgatory”? That is an out and out rejection of the cleansing of the blood of Christ – our saviour who died so that all who believe in him will have everlasting life! Please read the Bible and don’t depend on Priests to explain it to you! And don’t trust the scholars either! Study study study and walk closely with Christ!
      And by the way, Babylon is a general concept relating to the domination of Satan on the earth, not any one country! Where do you get these ideas? The US is probably no worse than Israel was and of course, Israel was scolded by God many times! But we, the USA stay true to the covenant- bless Israel and accept Christ as our one and only ticket to salvation! Thanks for reading this!


    Short term, long term collapse? Either way, you will need a GUN!, actually two. One rifle, and a handgun. All other preps are worthless, except prayer, if you cannot defend them. Just keeping it simple.

    • Boris Badinov

      I have a tactical 12ga pump and a 9mm with 3 15 round mags. I have a load of #4 buck and slugs for the shotgun and hydrashoks for the pistol.
      Those won’t keep me from being killed, but I will certainly take a bunch of the opposition with me.


    i understand it all but i dont think im a catholic just a humble christian

  • Annette

    You know what gets me, is that these angels had the ability to have sex with the women. I thought that there was no sex in heaven, cause Jesus says that the angels are not given in marriage. Sex is for this world. So, how did these angels, bad as they are they did not create themselves, how did they obtain sexual genatalia to engage in sex with the women? Just wondering….



  • Annette

    I am glad to see that you are a Christian. Charlie McGrath of the Wide Awake News has a chatroom and he hates it when the Christians show up. He has stated that he does not like like it when Christians post to his videos, he does not want or like to look at the Christian perspective and has gone so far as to tell people to save those remarks for “religious” chat rooms. Such a shame that he does not know how religion is playing the part in the ME. He thinks that he can figure it all out without God. Hope you can talk to him!

    • Tapper P.

      People can believe what ever they want. The objection is when a supposed non-religious blog that is supposed to be about the ECONOMY is swamped with religious comments that don’t belong her. Even the christian owner of the blog should be able to see that; it isn’t fair to the non-deluded folks.

      The christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun (16 times, no less), and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun. – Thomas Payne

      • baldrad

        ….safe to say that Christians here follow this practical creed:

        Maintain your faith like it all depends on
        Him, and work like it all depends on
        You(He gave you abilities for a reason).

        So get over it, Tapper. You might need to rely on a Christian for some help some day.

        Of course, even HUMBLE PIE might taste good in times to come.

      • Nobody

        Right On!

      • Lennie Pike

        What is happening now with the world economy is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. Christianity has EVERYTHING to do with the present economic condition. Jesus spoke more about money than any other topic. I think the reason was because he knew that money was strong competition.

        Like Thomas Paine, what you said shows your total ignorance. Read the Bible, and you will realize that you WERE ignorant.

        Or have you read it already and still hold to your beliefs? That should be extremely difficult to do because logic has to be thrown out the window.

        Denial of what is obviously True happens every day because pride stands in the way.

        Doing things your way will not work out very well for ya here pretty soon – I suggest you get busy reading – cover to cover.

      • DownWithLibs

        I’m guessing Thomas Payne isn’t in Heaven right now after slamming Christ in such an arrogant way. Keep in mind, when you mock Christians you are mocking God…and God will not be mocked!

  • HuskerBob

    Oh Gary2, you silly little progressive. You crack me up. I guess, when I’m prepared for the collapse and you’re not, my family will still have food and you can eat Hope and Change. Everything on that list could be used in an emergency preparedness kit for a natural disaster. Therefore, I am not out anything, but I’m prepared. Google this: Italy economic martial law. You think it can’t happen here? You’re a fool.


  • Rancher

    For any of you romanticize over building a community of support during a crisis event extended for endless months into years with no grid…. you best read the novel that is not filled with bravado and pipe dreams. I have read my share of disaster novels and they all play out like a Louis L’Amour western novel where the good guys always triumph and the bad guys wear…black.

    First up… go poll all your worthless neighbors and then see who has done nothing to support themselves for that period of time…remember they are in your community. You will find them to number around 98% of the community. So do the math 2% have done something teaming up with 98% who have nothing. If that works for you…good luck on that dream. No matter what some posters say here God can not help stupid ;-). Now don’t get all upset as I am a born again Christian but I am using my head here… the one God gave me and I sure hope you.

    Nope…. in real life the economic stats (right on this site) which reveal so so few can go a few days let alone a pay check without falling behind are not the type of folks you better be counting on.

    Normal everyday communities you and I know of are just doomed, period. Let us not kid ourselves. Even where I reside out in the country where homes have 50-100 acres only one here and there can get buy for a few days if the grid shuts down. Sadly we have become a nation of Pillsbury Doughboys and it shows.

    You best find the hardened preppers now before hand and do what it takes to team up with them.

    Good luck on that because they will not expect anything less from you which they have not done first. Survival a crisis for a good amount of time is not about hand holding and good vibrations 😉

    • Gary2

      98% who have nothing.—will simply overwhelm the 2% and take what they have.

      • McKinley Morganfield

        Oh, so its no longer 99% versus 1%, its now 98% versus 2%?

        Please come to my house when TSHTF, along with your rabble, and try to take what we have. You will become hog feed. Hogs eat everything, including the bones.

        • gary2

          I am in no way trying to be confrontational when I said that I was simply looking at the numbers which are not on the preppers side. I think prepping is a good idea and I have nothing against guns.

          The 98% came from Ranchers prior post and was not my number.

          It seems like simply math. I admit I may b e wrong on this so that is why I posted.

      • Tapper P.

        The 2% have 100 million guns, so that might be a chore for the deluded 98%. Just saying. They can sure try though.

      • Rodster

        Gotcha, so you’re one of those angry OWS losers who wants to take from others cause you couldn’t cut it in life?

        Now I understand. Yeah vote for Obama then, you are what he’s looking for.

      • David M

        The 98% are going to be shooting amongst themselves for the most part before the preppers are even targeted.

        It will be brutal no doubt. But the preppers are preparing for raiders.

        Raiding will also be a fairly high risk venture with much attrition anyway.

      • Macnasty

        You think so do you,don’t think as the british did with numbers on their side,because when the ones in front fall first the others will turn tail and run,are you going to be out front leading the way.

      • knightowl77

        “We don’t need no stinken badges.
        We have meeny guns,
        we are the policia of all Mexico”

        Seriously…come and get it 😉

      • highspeedloafer

        We will all be waiting on you Gary.

    • Rancher

      Gary… Exactly.

    • Rancher

      Some of you do not get the drift. About 2% of people here in the US actually have taken steps to store up the needed supplies to have a chance. But if they do not team up with others of like mind and prepps they will be over run.

      maybe 1/2% of the 2% are within a good group in a good location. But I would not expect any of you to know this either. Just sayin…. the truth.

  • Hangdog

    “Well, instead of relying on someone else to employ you indefinitely, you can start up a business in your spare time.”

    Guillotines! Gerald Celente says they will be back in demand soon.


    • El Pollo de Oro

      “The Occupy movements are everywhere. It’s class warfare. Far too few have much too much, and way too many have much too little. So when the money stops flowing down to the man on the street, the blood starts flowing in the streets. Who should know it better than the French? If you want to get into a good entrepreneurial business, guillotines may be in fashion.”—Gerald Celente

  • I can always tell someone is not an experienced woodsman when they recommend an axe (for splitting wood or felling trees), but no saw for cutting it into pieces that will fit in a wood stove. Doing this with an axe is torture. Get a good two man saw.

    Also, I no longer advise people to pay down debts, but convert as much as possible to unsecured debt. For example, if you pay monthly expenses with your credit card and use those funds to pay off your car, you will still have a car even if you cannot pay the credit card balance.

    • baldrad

      …don’t forget oil for the bucksaw(s). Dissolves pitch….

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Don’t forget a sledge hammer (and extra handles) plus at least 3 wedges, and extra blades for your required limb saw.

  • Daryl Salley

    What a marvelous attitude. Your letter was an inspiration. I’ve been preparing for the last three years and have also found it a fascinating, and enjoyable pastime. Of course, being an old guy, I remember the WWII rationing, Victory Gardens, and how everyone pitched in to aid our valiant soldiers by conserving every thing we could. It’s going to be hard on our kids as they’ve only known prosperity. God willing, we’all be better people as we grow spiritually, and morally through this.

  • whtmtngirl

    My question is where do you suggest putting your
    6 months to 1 year savings at this point? Local bank? A coffee can?
    Thanks for your informative and and insightful articles.

    • Tapper P.

      Precious metals in small coins. Paper money will burn up in front of your eyes. All fiat currencies like the dollar have historically collapsed.

      Some paper money is prudent to have (outside a bank which will lock its doors once the bank holidays begin).

    • nowwthen

      At least some of it should be in silver coins of smaller denominations. If and when things get out of hand you wouldn’t want to make a purchase with a $2,000 one ounce gold coin. There is a strong possibility you might be short changed. The coin and gold dealers will probably be observed by “competitors” looking to intercept you before you get inside to make your transaction. Junk silver coin – pre 1963 U.S. dimes, quarters and half dollars – might be the safest and surest bet as safe and usable currency.

      • Rancher

        You could well find the 500.00 item is now 2,000. You don’t think things will get cheaper…do you?

      • rufus13

        Paper money will be useful during the coming deflationary event, then the coins will be useful during the hyperinflationary collapse. +1 on gardens and fruit and nut trees. Plant now, get nuts and fruit later, if the collapse happens or not.

        Take free/low-cost medical and emergency preparedness classes offered by local fire dept./red cross/city emergency response dept. Wilderness First Aid is significant stuff on how to keep a broken person alive for days without evacuation.

        I’d like to move to a farm next to Todd Grey and the NW Militia, but there are no urban high-tech jobs out there. I’m hunkering down in West Coast Urban Bosnia.

    • mondobeyondo

      Well… hmmm.

      A CD or savings account at the bank will earn you very little to no interest.

      Personally, I’d suggest buying precious metals. Gold and silver are extremely popular. But there are other options, like copper (save your pre-1982 pennies, and all current nickels). Post-1965 dimes and quarters – don’t bother. Ever wonder why there aren’t any pre-1965 dimes and quarters in your pocket change? It’s not because they’re old currency….

      • mondobeyondo

        I started collecting coins in 1977. As of now, I have a nice collection of pennies, and that’s about it.

        In those days, no one would have thought silver and gold would be so valuable. Got several pre-1965 silver coins while working my newspaper route in 1980 (my very first job), and thought nothing of it.. I spent a couple of those quarters on a can of Coca-Cola. Hey, I was 16 years old then, and didn’t know any better.

        Hindsight is always 20/20. If only I had known…

  • I wrote an “open letter” that others can link to if they wanted to go that route in talking to family and friends about preparedness. You can find it here –


    • James

      Unless you can touch it you don’t have it! Regards, James

  • tappedops

    Well heck handbaskits people… the best preparedness piece i ever read professed… strap-light…just what you need for the day— cause when the shtf… food,water,ammo,and worthless glitter(gold/silver)will be peddled in the street for a wish of good luck… bottom line— a nwo heart and a full clip of 40 in your xd will buy your ticket home…

  • Gary2

    I am not asking this to be confrontational.

    As many state on this post only a tiny % of the population is prepared or are preppers. I get that. What I see happening is that they (preppers) will simply be overwhelmed by sheer numbers and all their prepping will be for nothing. There are more people than anyone has bullets. The numbers are way against preppers. If not other non preppers than the Gov. Look at WACO incident.

    I am in no way denigrating prepping and actually think it makes sense. It is ALWAYS a good thing to be self sufficient.

    • Rancher

      Smart preppers group up with others in a more remote location which is set up to repel said leaches and low life’s trying to steal their grub. One must study this in order to know it.

    • Senator Ozmo

      Which is why most preppers don’t want anyone to know what and how they are doing it. If those in my area don’t know they won’t come looking. Just saying.

    • David M

      You need to think geographically. 98% of the people are concentrated and will cannibalize themselves first for the most part.

      From there, you’ll have raiders spreading outwards to the countryside.

      Rural areas are going to band together. Even though most haven’t prepped.

      But realize this. The rural areas have the farms. If it hits hard and fast, the food is staying where it is. That’s a lot of food we grow(Last Crop)going to a small group of people.

      I’m probably in a small camp of people who think 30ish percent of the people will survive. And most of those will be rural communities that come together and form defenses and harvest the food that would have rotted.

  • Blueeyes4sure

    I suggest you move out of the large cities and into a small community. If you were born and raised in a large city, you will not know survival skills. People will be flooding out of the cities and into the smaller communities. Be prepared for that. People in small communities are most likely to come together to survive. Buy virgin seeds to plant gardens. Learn how to sanitize your water. Learn how to make soaps and candles. Learn how to sew your own clothing. If you have a gun, learn how to shoot it. Buy a hunting bow and arrows. The time will come when you won’t have access to ammunition for hunting. Learn how to use that bow and arrow. While you have time, read books on gardening and meat preparation. Learn self defense tactics. Store medicines and first aid supplies. During an EMP attack, you would need a vehicle dated 1986 or earlier. All new vehicles have too many electrical components and will be useless. Read up on what parts you would need to get that older vehicle into running order. Dry meats, fruits and veggies and learn how to store them to keeps pests out. Learn how to can your own veggies, fruits and meats. Buy waterproof bags for storage purposes. Learn about your local area and talk to people. Find the areas where you can find berries, mushrooms and wild onions, for example. Get yourself a good fishing pole and supplies. Learn about natural sources for medicinal purposes…plants and herbs. Remember…the local library. The resources there are invaluable.

  • Tel

    My I suggest that if you want something for barter, then coffee is a good option:

    * It’s a highly traded commodity.

    * Many people are addicted to it.

    * You can buy it for cash, no questions asked.

    * In sealed package it can be stored for a long time.

    * Everyone will recognize it.

    * If it serves no other purpose you can make yourself a cuppa.

    As for hiking shoes, a compass, a backpack, etc… look I understand as much as anyone else that we have economic problems; but I just can’t see how it will help me to head on up to the mountains and live in a ditch. I don’t know my way through the mountains, I don’t know anyone who lives there, nor do I have any sense of community that connects me. I’m better off where I am, with the people I know. Each to his/her own I guess. Don’t let me tell you how to live your life.

    Here’s my more useful suggestions:

    * Learn how to cook for yourself from simple ingredients.

    * Learn the basic principles of economics, how trade works, why trade works, how to negotiate.

    * Read up on medicine and first aid, because it’s a complete waste of time having a first aid kit if you don’t know what you are doing.

    * Talk to your neighbors, if you are worried about something, then mention it to them and see how they react. We are not going to fix this by hiding out against the storm here and there. Only people working together can fix this.

    • mondobeyondo

      Alcoholic beverages are even better than coffee.

      Believe me, there will be a HUUUUGGEEEE black market for whiskey, vodka and brandy.

      • TX4Life

        Also, learn how to make alcohol for when the supply runs out. Hard to make coffee but I agree it is good to have extra on hand for barter and use. A Chinese lady I know said they hung fish hooks from balconies and baited them with corn, bread, etc. to catch birds to eat. Fish hooks would be useful for barter as well. Small live animal traps are a good addition to your preparation supplies. But the #1 thing I suggest is to have a solar oven or the supplies to make one. This allows you to cook without smoke and smells attracting vandals. Also very useful for drying foods.

      • DownWithLibs

        Not so sure I would want alcohol and tobacco addicts showing up at my house. And if you barter bullets…they will load the gun and come back for everything else that you own! Think it through people!

    • M. Hapney

      Booze is also a great trade commodity. Lasts pretty much forever. People in distress will want it.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      Coffee is a good trade item as is alcohol; but don’t forget matches, candles, toilet paper, and basic first aid supplies. All of these will be handy trade items.

    • rufus13

      Don’t plan on surviving for long in the wilderness, unless you are a genuine mountain man. Military survival schools are not for long term survival, they are for getting away/making contact and getting rescued.

      Coffee will be good until it’s gone. DT’s from a lifelong coffee habit hurt for up to a week. Coffee is a low-density form of wealth, compared to gold/silver/ammo.

      Having good teeth when tshtf will be very good. Extraction is disaster “dentistry”, and it’s a little bit horrible without specialized grippers and anesthetic.


  • twenty

    For those who need searchable and archived serious survival material that covers everything mentioned above and more, in-depth by a man who knows his stuff, please go to You can order his entire archives on CD for access in the event of grid-down long term. There’s so much on his site, including retreat lands for purchase. Hundreds of links and vetted advertisers. It’s much more comprehensive than anything here.

    .pdf documents like Army Field Survival Manual, here:

  • equman

    Excellent information provided! I must take issue with the perception that a collapse will come in waves. One only must review the Argentinian collapse a few years ago to see how quickly it can happen. This is the fear that should drive all our preparations. It can happen much faster than we think and without adequate thought and preparation we can be left at the mercy of those who have none. Use this precious time to prepare for the inevitable!

  • Bluecollar Scholar

    Why would a prepper site in the US be stationed in Europe? Why are the times listed for posting 6 or more hours from the local time. IS THIS A FAKE SITE? ARE WE BEING MONITORED BY THE FEDS? You decide, cause I had more then one seemingly middle of the road posting blocked by this site. Just makes one wonder who is running this site. I posted this 12:30pm Eastern time. Now watch carefully when it states it actually made it to the site. If it gets APPROVED AT ALL?!

    • Michael


      I only check the comments a couple times a day so there is always a delay before they get approved.

      And this site is most definitely based in the good old USA.


      • Bluecollar Scholar

        Just look at my posting. It lists 6hrs later from EST. This is somewhere overseas not the US!!! This was posted 11pm EST!!!

  • William

    If you do NOT know the names of Uritsky, Kaganovich, Yagoda, Sverdlov, Beria, Kamenev, or Tibor Samuels, you actually have very LITTLE chance of survival at all, even if you are the world’s richest and greatest prepper.

    • M. Hapney

      Unlikely. Plus only about 1 out of 50 American drones prep at all so prepping on ANY level puts you way ahead of the curve.

      I hate guns, but admit that prepping without them is a wasted effort.

  • Sunnie

    It always ‘bugs’ me when people talk about ‘bug-out bags’. I guess because ‘bugging out’ – unless you have a definite, secure, and prepared site, that will not be overrun or discovered and robbed before you can get to it – is a short-term plan. As much fun as it might be for folks to fantasize about ‘living off the land!’ most people are soft, used to having a thermostat to stay warm or cool, used to having electricity to run their freezer and refrigerator, used to having neighborhood stores chock-full of food. They have never tried to butcher a deer or hog in -32 degree weather, where the pelt and flesh stuck and froze to their hands. They cannot conceive of true hunger or true deprivation. They think that, after a while, things will return to “normal”, and they will have access to things that they need.

    There are already a lot of “Joad” families, packing up everything and going to where they have been told that the earth is flowing with milk and honey – only to get there and find out there are no jobs, there is no place they can afford to stay, squatting on ‘open land’ until the owners come out and run them off. This is increasing daily. These people are not on any census, are not on any unemployment rolls. They are struggling along on whatever they can get… and their numbers are increasing. People still sitting in their nice warm houses, driving their nice warm cars, flitting between the bright lights of the restaurants and nightlife spots, their jobs, and their homes, have no conception of the potentially-vicious underbelly of US civilization that is getting ready to erupt – right outside their doors.

  • davidmpark

    Already prepared a long time ago. What we’re doing now is learning how to make stuff and use it: agriculture, horticulture, herbology, phynology, metallurgy, blacksmithing, smelting, mining, assaying, woodwrighting, coopering, cobbling (one my favorites), rubber and plastic recycling, stone and cement masonry, electrical production, methane and methanol production, chemistry (organic and inorganic), etc, etc…

    The point is: if man can create it, man can destroy it; if man can destroy it, man can rebuild or re-create it.

    Education and preparation has been fun! Just finished my own invention of paper/fruit/clothes drying jig. Works incredible. We also just set up our first homemade windmill generator – and now am running this computer off the stored battery power (we also made the batteries!)

  • The time is almost here

    Em I think you are wrong about hurrying up and paying off credit card debt. That is called unsecured debt. Of coutse bankers and bsnks would love everyone to pay off credit card debt so they can issue them more debt.
    But if during this so called waves of recession debt happen to hit you personally, and you lose your ability to oay back your credit card debt, you simpky file for bankruptcy.
    I would be more worried about defaulting on your mortgafe, car or student loan, then credit card debt.
    I think you better research that a little better mike!

  • Chuck

    The whole thing is economics and a system of money. What will you accept as money to be used to pay for goods and services? The currencies of the world have no intrinsic value and never will have. It’s only the faith of the people that give them credibility and it’s only the labor of the people that give them value.

    If we take currency out of the picture, we are left with precious metals which are valuable because of rarity or usefulness in manufacturing. But labor and the creation of goods and services are where the value of a people is. Those that have will trade commodities for whatever they need. Those who have not will trade their talents, skills, labor to meet their needs. Alternative currencies, based on labor, which is true value, will emerge. It will again be impossible to exchange a debt for a debt.

  • ScoutMotto

    Beware of those who say things like “I don’t have to prepare. I’ll just come over to your house.” Advise them not to come over without an invitation, and they don’t have one.

    Those who come over better have something to bring to the table and carry their share of the load. They need to realize they are not going to be fed and sheltered for free, and given free living space. The ONLY exception I would make is family.

    • davidmpark

      Yeah, I hear this a lot. It’s a good indication of who they really are. A lot of folks I know who claim they’re conservatives say this; while the leftist’s say they expect to die of starvation or cannibalism.

  • davidmpark

    Check this out:

    1 year of food storage = 1 year eating

    1 year food storage + hybrid seeds = 1 1/2 – 2 years eating

    1 year food storage + heirloom seeds = ~ 2 years eating

    1 year food storage + heirloom seeds + several bags 16-16-16 fertilizer = ~ 3-4 years eating (depending on how much fertilizer survives that long)

    1 year food storage + heirloom seeds + 1 type of small dairy livestock (like goats or sheep) = ~ 9-10 years eating

    1 year food storage + heirloom seeds + 1 type of small dairy livestock (like goats or sheep) + 1 type secondary livestock (like rabbits, chickens, pigeons, etc) = ~ 9-10 years eating better

    1 year food storage + heirloom seeds + 1 type of small dairy livestock (like goats or sheep) + 1 type secondary livestock (like rabbits, chickens, pigeons, etc) + a firm grasp of agriculture, chemistry, blacksmithing, woodworking, and other disciplines = ~ 30+ years eating better

    Preparation is a lifestyle of production and savings; coupled with constant learning and experimentation. All of which gives you greater knowledge and firmer faith.

    • Michael

      Interesting comment.


    • Uncle Frank

      You don’t necessarily need tons of fertilzer


  • “Dear Leader”

    I’d recommend most people get fit (if they arent already!) Its all fine having survival tools but if you can’t handle them or do anything for your self you’ll be in trouble. I have taught my daughter (and son) how to grow vegetables. It gets them out into the daylight and they get a buzz out of seeing their labours leading to something edible! Its all well and good having supplies -like seeds, but someone has to know how to use them!

  • Mad hatter

    Scout, everyone on this web site is like family, you.spend more time here then with blood. So you better have a large house ready for all of us cause we are comin over invited or not!:)

  • I only read some of the comments cause of limited time and I realize that this is off topic, also I am not the bible thumper type. I don’t go to church because they irritate me simply because I actually understand some of the truths in the bible, however,the evidence of the creation and therefore the ONE true god who does have a name, is all around us. How is it that man and woman evolved at the same time and then somehow knew to get togther to make a new life and how did we reproduce before that? I could go on and on but its just too far off topic. There is a lot of baloney going around about a lot of things in the bible. We all have freedom of choice and I choose to believe in the one true god(theirs a lot of false ones) and the writing is on the wall that the future looks scarey and it is in my best interest to get prepared. I enjoy this blog. That gary2 seems rather nutty, I like making my own way and don’t want any handouts. I just got the bug to comment because of the comments stating ” no god blah blah blah” Have a pleasent day.

    • mondobeyondo

      Generally, I prefer to be peachy keen instead of preachy keen, but I feel I must say something about religion in general:

      Three times in Matthew chapter 24 of the Bible, Jesus warns about false prophets and religions during the “end times”. I won’t bother posting it here; read it for yourself.

      Now, why would Jesus place so much emphasis on false prophets which would even deceive the “very elect”? Why not more time talking to His disciples about earthquakes, tornadoes, locusts and so forth?

      Obviously, He placed great importance on how easily deceived the masses will be, by some religious “hero”. We must always be vigilant.

      Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.

      • Juju

        The Vatican/Pope are deceiving multitudes with their pagan god worship but that false prophet along with many other wicked ones will be tossed in the bottomless pit, praise Jesus! Repent!

  • Henry

    Once you understand the way the economy works and the monetary system (which is not the economy) you will realize that the wonderful independence of our American system – a free and powerful capitalist society – was mortally injured in 1913 by the socialist founders of the Federal Reserve by what they did at a secret meeting on Jekyll Island. Instead of cursing at each other and finding fault, everyone should just get educated! It won’t scare you, but it will show you that the writer of this article has no authority to say that what is already beginning to happen won’t suddenly get very worse. It only takes rioters, criminals, and unemployed desperate people to create what Porter Stansberry calls “The End of America.”

  • Here is great websight for all the prepers out there.

    We recently moved to rural Washington state an have a hobby farm. We had little insight into growing and farming. I can tell you it will take you two years to get up and running on what you can and can’t grow. How to grow it, when to start it, what to do with it when it all comes at once. Get started now even on a small scale. Thinking you can save some airloom seeds is short sighted.

  • Luis

    I live in the Bible belt and spend a lot of my spare time going into public parking lots and passing out religious literature and witnessing to people about God and His law of love (i.e. the Ten Commandments). I went into a gun trade show parking lot recently and was amazed at the godless, irreligious attitude I found there. Most gun owners are faithless, it seems- choosing to put their trust in their guns, rather than in the protection that God could give them.

    I’m prepping, and put a gated entrance out by the front of my property, but the rest I’m leaving in the hands of God. Anyone who tries to break into my place isn’t going to have to deal with me or ‘Smith & Wesson’, but rather with the Lord God Omnipotent.

    I know I’m posting this late, and not many people will read it, but for the few who do- please, don’t put your trust or faith in guns… put it in the God who says… “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

  • check out Lots of survival cds and dvds for only a few bucks.

  • Al Sledge

    I agree that individuals should save money, but I will get flak on what I am going to write next. Gold is the only money. The rest are money substitutes. The worse substitute to save are Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) as they are rapidly losing value as might be seen by a trip to the grocery store, or even looking at new cars. If you can’t afford gold, a great alternative money substitute is silver. Many say gold does not pay interest, however calculate you interest from the bank, or even the stock market. If you have not doubled the amount of FRNs in the last 15 years you have lost purchasing power.

    It does not good to blame Obama, Bush, or the cast of misfits in the White House. None have ever offered a real solution. The real solution is freedom.

  • A Rifle for hunting sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll buy two or three tomorrow.

  • major

    There is thing fundamentally wrong with your analysis and tone in this article, namely acting as though this was ievitable like the coming of the next ice age. That no matter what we did this would have happened. That is patently and tragically false. There was a definite cause for this crisis and that is corruption and it was caused by a relatively small number of people who are easily identifiable. These people contrary to their public image are fully aware that many actions on their parts over the years have led to this inevitable situation and therefore for a long period of time,have been busy building their lush and well appointed Arks for when the day comes and they will suddenly vanish from the public view, to avoid their judgement day. All I say to these people is that you can run but in the end you cant hide. Whole societies that become ruined because of Madof like activities will have long memories and a long arm to exact their rightful justice.

  • Rocketfuel21

    Not sure whether it was Bush 2 or Obama who was/is the worst president we’ve ever had. Bush really put the peddle down on the current deluge we see in the destruction of our liberty (“patriot act”, etc) but Obama has yet to do anything that wasn’t the complete opposite of what he promised to get elected. The big O also has hammered at our liberties at least as hard as Bush.

  • Rocketfuel21

    And regarding economics, with all the confusion that has been built into the system it isn’t at all surprising that most people can’t get it straight. The confusion is there to allow one particular group to con stuff out of another group. It doesn’t change natural law. Money is convenient, but it gets subject to all the twisting and bending you hear about all the time. If you want to cut through all the crap, just look at it for what it is. If one person wants something from someone else, then that other person had to do something to produce that thing. If the guy who wants the thing doesn’t do anything to exchange for the thing then there starts the problem. Everything else is just complexity that has been added. Any system or solution that starts taking things without doing something for them is at the root of all the complicated sounding problems you hear about in economics. This is true whether the thing that is wanted is oil from the middle east or a hamburger or a presidential limosine. Think it over and you will see where the problems really lie.

  • The Bean

    I have read so many blogs that say pay off your debts. For the life of me I cannot figure out why. If your debts are personal, of course pay them off. If your debts are to banks, why pay them off? Use your credit to prep. Get a jump on it. When the SHTF who will the banks send to collect? Not my local sherrif, he has said that they may subbmit their request in triplicate and if and when he has time he will serve their papers.
    And so they have judgements? how can they collect? After SHTF collectors and lawyers are not going to be all that popular. My advise is to take care of your family and friends and let Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, B of A, and JP Morgan just come to collect the money that they have debaised through their control of the Federal reserve system. Repay them with a good solid commidity, Pb. They can run, but not hide. we will find them and extract justice. It will not stop the suffering, but it will ensure that they never again inflict this on us.
    Be true in all your dealings with peoople.

    • John Q

      +1. Your money is loaned to you at interest. Backed by nothing more than a name. Federal Reserve.

      Why **************** would anyone continue to play this game of Monopoly is beyond me.

      • Jeff

        Guys you ignore one thing, that the collapse will not happen in one night, or one week or one month.

        The people who will come to collect, to take away everything that you have prepped will be those that are not affected yet, those propped up by the governments and the banks. They will forcibly come and take everything that you spent their money to build up to prepare. Then your preparation will all be useless as it will be gone. The banks and governments will be the last to go, and they will take your preparations.

        Its like the old story of the ant and the grasshopper, where the ant stored up food but the grasshopper didn’t bother. Then when winter came the grasshopper went hungry and the ants had what they needed. But what you are suggesting is get all your food for the winter from the grasshopper, and thinking that the grasshopper won’t come collect on what you owe him.

        • Jeff

          that’s why you hide your provisions.

        • Leah

          If the grasshopper is going to collect then he is going to have to try and collect from everyone, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, see? The grasshopper wont survive against such a grand scale of ants.

    • Whoknows?

      True to that. Thanks for saying so.

    • rabbidchicken

      1 Corinthians 16:2

      On the first day of every week each one of you is to put aside and save, as he may prosper, so that no collections be made when I come.

      Aside from that also because this collapse isn’t going to be over night you still have approx two years left (by my own best guesses) it is just a good idea to get your finacial house in order first. I set aside %20 of my paycheck before I pay bills and I still live comfortably get rid if your tv first (cable or sat) keep the dvds and vhs stop eating out five or six times a week make your own food (healthier anyways) and cheaper. Plus its just a good exercise to save money and not spend it as soon as you get it just to see how big of a wad you can save. When I go buy supplies I charge myself a %20 withdrawal fee for every week that money is out of my pot even more motivation to pay it back sooner. Practice telling your kids no everytime they see something shiny or new take then for a walk instead its free

    • This country is ran by the top tier of people that earned it. Yeah it is a flawed system but they got lucky or worked hard and that is the way life goes. Just look at music. I have never heard anyone say that a crappy band should get a fair chance on the radio and get one of their unoriginal crap songs on there. No. The ones with the power and backing are the ones that make it onto the radio. Or the ones that paid their dues and came up with something great.

      You either get lucky or you work hard and hope you get lucky. This country is not set up for people that don’t fit into those 2 categories.

  • Gold Leader

    Wakey, wakey people….Anyone with his/her head in the sand will be up for Darwinian deselection and at the front of the line. The issues are MUCH higher up than any president or party will ever be. The political game is MEANT to keep us blind to facts.

    Wasting time arguing about who the worst president is, is just what they want. They’re paid puppets with no remorse, and they all subscribe to the idea that growth is forever. The answers lie not amongst the choices within the box….we must question the very box itself. It’s crumbling, and politics today is just the last gasp of trying to hang on to a dying dinosaur at the moment of the death rattle. Again, wake up and smell yourselves, people. Come on.

    This is Gold Leader standing by.

    • tom

      excellent response….so many of the masses are consumed with which horse will win the race. Little do they know that all the horses are owned by the same group… Presidents are selected, Not elected.

  • kobeyashi maru

    If you do not pay your debts to big corps, it would stand to reason we’d see a rise in private thugs (alla Pinkertons) that would be sent to enforce outstanding debt and protect their interests…

  • Tom

    I have to laugh when I read over and over in the comments that “you can run but you can’t hide”, when talking about the controllers. What can “we” do about it? Nothing. The simple cause of this whole charade is the Fiat money system controlled by private bankers in ownership of the Federal Reserve and it’s foreign counterparts. All else is a game. “We” don’t get it, and subsequently can do noting about it. Get a share while you can, because you won’t get another chance in this go around.

    • so your advice is to be a wussy and cower and roll up and cover up like a betch? so “laugh” if u want to, coward! Ignore Tom… Uncle Tom that is :/

  • mile


  • The problem is, we never know exactly when or where this will all start that is why the rule of thumb I always follow is simple: If you venture out, even for a short trip, ALWAYS take a backpack with first aid and emergency supplies.
    That’s why I started buying and selling long term food, good for 25+ years. Its always in our venture packs along with the usual emergency essentials.

  • So does starting an online based business makes sense? If things are going to get so bad how will starting a business and not relying on a job help? You still have to get paid by CC companies and banks from your customers in a online marketplace.

    • i think the point (that your missing btw) is to get back to DIY and thinking more entrepreneurially. small businesses vs. the 1% being something we-the-people can do today! shop local, shop small.

  • Barely Senior

    Learn something useful. Learn to repair & build things, learn to sew/quilt,learn gardening, learn to skin animals and prepare hides, learn leatherworking, pottery, herbal medicine, dowsing.
    Begin raising chickens, rabbits or goats.
    Believe it or not, these are practical suggestions.

    • stillwaters

      Thank you, BarelySenior! I think this is some of the most wise advice. People with essential primitive skills will likely have a greater chance of survival, and maybe even a level of comfort and calm that others will miss.

  • Yolanda

    Now its our time to start living in a different style, with much more care about how spend every single coin or every single dolar, so we will know we can do it and we can live happily…..even those crisis time.

  • Hannah

    and think one thing people need to be prepared for is that, with all the talk about solar storms, the power grid is going to go out. it is inevitable we are in a cycle with our sun and the most intelligent minds are telling us that this is a fact. Alot of people dont think about our jails. every single cell in our jails are electronically locked. once the power grid goes out all of these convicts are going to be on the lose. and then the economic collapse will happen and it will be a bad mix. just be prepared everyone.

    • Lindsay

      So the cells won’t stay in the locked mode if the grid goes down? Guess I need more ammo!!

  • Jay

    This all makes sense. Collapse won’t happen over night, it will be in waves. You’d better bet once the first wave hits (jobs deminish, inflation rises) Credit companies will be wanting to pull in ALL outstanding debt, especially debt in default. Someone will be knocking on the door & eventually seizing assets. Wonder why so many people went homeless during the Great Depression….Banks, County Clerks, Tax Agents did in fact come, seize assets and serve evictions.

    Own everything you can 100% outright. Minimize debt. So you can generate enough income to keep the house payment current & purchasae living essentials even with a catastrophic income loss. The idea is to pare down expenses to the barest of essentials on a regular basis, not live like Grizzly Adams. You won’t need to.

    Learn how to fix things, lots of things. In our society the “Mr. Fix It” or “Tinker” is a long, long lost art. I don’t know of many people who can fix anything….your services will be in high demand.

    Join with neighbors and plant Victory Gardens with Heirloom seeds. then at harvest time learn how to can those veggies. People wonder. Why Heirloom seeds? Because Heirloom seeds aren’t as prone to blight as commercial seeds, don’t require special pesticides and have proven over time their ability to survive & propogate. Be sure to “hold back” 10%-20% of the seeds for next year’s replanting. Potatoes, Beans, Carrots, Tomatos, Turnips, Herbs, Berries, Beets and any easily canned or dried varieties of vegitation.

    Laern how to cook. Not opening a box of mix or frozen dinner but actual cooking from scratch. With that keep a decent supply of basic staples. Flour, eggs, salt, sugar, oils, shortening, canned goods, dried meats, etc. In reality cooking from scratch is just as easy as preparing processed foods, takes about 30 minutes to an hour longer is much less expensive and a lot healthier.

    Agreed on having a useful firearm or several and ammunition. By useful I mean a utilitarian weapon for hunting and protection of property & self. A decent pump shotgun is the most useful and a decent sidearm being a six shot revolver. A Mac-10 or an Uzi is pretty much useless in most cases as are semi-automatic hand guns due to their propensity to jam & break. With that said, don’t expect to be living in a Post Apocolyptic World. It won’t be madness, mayhem and roving pillaging gangs or armies of derelicts. Just a sharp rise in crime, mostly theft & burglary for people to survive.

    Hand tools are a Must Have. Shovels, Spades, a good Axe, Post hole digger, spud bar, rakes, hoes, sledge hammer and small mechanical hand tools (wrench set, screw drivers, etc.). When stuff breaks you’re going to need to fix it….or call me to come fix it.

    Trust me on these things. I was amid the fallout in ’08 and these are things I had done or wished I had done in order to get through it. Learning how to live CHEAP is the most important thing. Thankfully, hard learned lessons from the recession have us better prepared for if/when it happens again.

  • Andrew

    i don’t think getting out of debt matters tooo much. a little bit of debt is ok, maybe even good, if you are able to repay. <—-(live above means, before you have the money). in a real financial crisis, inflation will probably be tremendous, meaning the money you once had, might be equivalent to a months pay. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to be prepared with resources, skills, land, and defense. the rest is just funny money

  • I agree with Andrew on not spending too much money to aggressively pay down debt right now. Not to say people shouldn’t be paying their minimum bills, but… It might be a better idea to secure the survival items listed above and acquiring some “fix it” skills as Jay suggests.

  • Joseph DeProspero

    How we have not come together & taken the establishment over. Kick these babboons out of office. Imprison Jp morgan, B of A, etc…

    This can end today. As soon as we realize we are millions larger than the corperations that run the government.

    This is my Country! Not BofA or Jp **************** etc…

  • EyesOpen

    Another preparation that many are over looking, but will probably prove quite useful for border states–or really any state for that matter: learn Spanish. If things burn down to trading and hunter/scavenger levels, it would behoove you to be able to communicate easily with anyone. And especially when many of our “handy man” jobs and farming chores are given to immigrants now-a-days. Just a thought.

    • Paranoid

      I chose NOT to learn Spanish, and If it really gets bad replyng to anything I say in Spainish will be a ticket “home”

  • I have a problem with all this. What are banks going to do? Reposess everyones house. That ought to get them a lot of money. No one will be able to buy what they repo, so it would be wiser to get what they can. A little bit is better than none. Don’t worry about cable, there probably won’t be any if no one can afford it. This type of thing will continue on to other businesses. That’s why it will eventually be a collapse.

  • no thank you

    my dad, a 65 year old, has said to me multiple times the only way to get ourselves out of this situation is to start shooting the politician one by one. Now he might be taking this to an extreme, but I don’t understand why we have allowed the government to continue the way it does and take away our freedoms without even a fuss!! Look up Jon Stewart Arrested Development and one way train to Gitmo. These explain exactly what our government is doing behind closed doors and under the radar. If you haven’t heard of it, you will be shocked by the laws our governments pass without our knowledge!

  • RockMan

    First and foremost I don’t believe the crumbling economy is a mistake, I believe that this is a well planned effort, the specific end game is not known but there are too many coincidences to except this whole thing as just bad economic policy. To that end, we must consider that “THEY” also have a clean-up plan, rather a method to disenfranchise those who can no longer pay their debts. We should prepare ourselves for a methodical restructure of life as we know it.

  • 1. Learn to farm and stockpile seeds.

    2. Stockpile hunting tools, doesn’t necessarily need to be firearms but would certainly help.

    3. Learn how to handcraft tools to enable 1. and 2.

    Pretty much how the rest of the world lives day by day. Silly Westerners.

  • With all the trouble going on in Europe with the Euro and the financial crises. I find it a little scary that one of the largest banks in Italy has frozen all their customers accounts. People are stuck over their with no way to get their money. I have been looking for a place to get some food to store just in case that ever happened here. I have tried several samples from different providers and all of the stuff I tried sucked. I did find a company called Go Foods and their stuff is actually pretty good. If anyone is interested in being prepared if something does happen here the link is below. I also put some links of the crap that is happening in Europe.

  • Ghengis Koan

    I saw some people considering the “get credit cards and spend it up and then just let them try to come get their money’ Approach. I have considered this and given what happened in England that resulted in the colonization of Australia and America were similar situations as we have here now.

    Remember that we live in a militarized country that has legalized (against the constitution) the use of military force against its own citizens. This was not a coincidence IMO.

    Consider what happened in england with the implementation of debters prisons.

    Now consider that america has the largest prison population in the world today and prisons are privately held in many cases and the industry is one of the fastest growing in america.

    If you think that the individuals who have the intelligence and power to manipulate global economies and governments and utilize machiavelian means without regard for loss of human life (iraq, afghanistan, korea, vietnam etc…) for profits and power, if you think these people are not considering or have not already considered what they are going to do as people begin to default on billions of dollars of debt because three is just no economy left to support paying back.

    I think you underestimate them.
    check the history of this regime of the kings and queens of england, (president george the second, king george the first etc). This has been done before.

  • Anthony

    The way i see it is The point of paying off all credit debt is so in a year when you lose your job two things can happen of your debt free. You won’t have to use your money to pay off your debt. ( and you would because you would expect the economy to snap back so you try to keep paying all of your bills) secondly if you have $10,000-$20,000 in empty credit cards you can buy food and enough supplies on those cards to last quite sometime. So while you have income stay debt free. One guy lost his job and house and lived for a year on frequent flyer miles alone. That’s my input. Happy surviving.

  • rs

    you’re all wrong.

    Pro 19:23 The fear of the LORD leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm.

    It’s just a question of who we serve.

    Pro 1:24 Because I have called and you refused to listen, have stretched out my hand and no one has heeded,
    Pro 1:25 because you have ignored all my counsel and would have none of my reproof,
    Pro 1:26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when terror strikes you,
    Pro 1:27 when terror strikes you like a storm and your calamity comes like a whirlwind, when distress and anguish come upon you.
    Pro 1:28 Then they will call upon me, but I will not answer; they will seek me diligently but will not find me.
    Pro 1:29 Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the LORD,
    Pro 1:30 would have none of my counsel and despised all my reproof,
    Pro 1:31 therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way, and have their fill of their own devices.
    Pro 1:32 For the simple are killed by their turning away, and the complacency of fools destroys them;
    Pro 1:33 but whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.

  • shibasismonde

    Dental supply agencies should handle the matter strongly.

  • Starlifter

    I really don’t think a collection agent will be showing up at someone’s house when the SHTF to collect on any type of dept knowing how desperate people will have become to protect what they have left. Why would anyone risk death to collect property or currency for a worthless paycheck?

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