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If The Economy Is Improving….

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Everywhere you turn these days, someone is proclaiming that the economy is improving.  Barack Obama is endlessly touting the “improvement” in the economy, the mainstream media is constantly talking about “the economic recovery” and an increasing number of Americans seem to be buying into this line of thinking.  A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 37 percent of Americans believe that the economy will improve over the next year, while only 17 percent of Americans believe that it will get worse.  But is the economy actually improving?  Not really.  At the moment things are relatively stable.  Some economic statistics are improving slightly and some continue to get even worse.  However, it is very important to keep in mind that one of the biggest reasons why things have stabilized is because the federal government is pumping more than a trillion dollars a year into the economy that it does not have.  The Obama administration is engaging in a debt binge unlike anything America has ever seen before, and yet many economic indicators are still in decline.  So what is going to happen when the federal government stops injecting gigantic waves of borrowed money into the economy?  That is a frightening thing to think about.  The best efforts of our “leaders” in Washington D.C. are not accomplishing a whole lot.  The Federal Reserve has pushed interest rates as low as they can go and the federal government is spending unprecedented amounts of money.  But even with the federal government and the Federal Reserve pushing the accelerator all the way to the floor, the economy is still not improving much at all.  Millions upon millions of Americans out there are anticipating some sort of a “great economic recovery”, and they are going to be bitterly disappointed.

But right now there are some “bright spots” in the economy, and you are bound to run into family and friends that will repeat to you the nonsense that they are hearing on the television about how the economy is recovering.

When they try to convince you that the economy is getting better, ask them these questions….

If the economy is getting better, then why did new home sales in the United States hit a brand new all-time record low during 2011?

If the economy is getting better, then why are there 6 million less jobs in America today than there were before the recession started?

If the economy is getting better, then why is the average duration of unemployment in this country close to an all-time record high?

If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of homeless female veterans more than doubled?

If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of Americans on food stamps increased by 3 million since this time last year and by more than 14 million since Barack Obama entered the White House?

If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of children living in poverty in America risen for four years in a row?

If the economy is getting better, then why is the percentage of Americans living in “extreme poverty” at an all-time high?

If the economy is getting better, then why is the Federal Housing Administration on the verge of a financial collapse?

If the economy is getting better, then why do only 23 percent of American companies plan to hire more employees in 2012?

If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of self-employed Americans fallen by more than 2 million since 2006?

If the economy is getting better, then why did an all-time record low percentage of U.S. teens have a job last summer?

If the economy is getting better, then why does median household income keep declining?  Overall, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% since December 2007 once you account for inflation.

If the economy is getting better, then why has the number of Americans living below the poverty line increased by 10 million since 2006?

If the economy is getting better, then why is the average age of a vehicle in America now sitting at an all-time high?

If the economy is getting better, then why are 18 percent of all homes in the state of Florida currently sitting vacant?

If the economy is getting better, then why are 19 percent of all American men between the ages of 25 and 34 living with their parents?

If the economy is getting better, then why does the number of “long-term unemployed workers” stay so high?  When Barack Obama first took office, the number of “long-term unemployed workers” in the United States was approximately 2.6 million.  Today, that number is sitting at 5.6 million.

But there is some good news.

When Barack Obama first took office, an ounce of gold was going for about $850.  Today, the price of an ounce of gold is over $1700.

The era of great prosperity that America has enjoyed for so long is coming to an end.

In fact, our long-term economic decline is about to accelerate.

So enjoy this “bubble of hope” while you can, because it won’t last long.

As I have written about previously, many are warning that Europe is on the verge of a nightmarish financial crisis that could potentially plunge us into a global recession even worse than 2008.

So let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

Just because the economy is about to go through hard times does not mean that you have to go through hard times personally.

Right now, you can decide to make an investment or start a business that will thrive in a tough economic environment.

Victory often goes to the most prepared.  So don’t just sit there while the storm clouds gather.  Instead, this should be a time when you are gathering resources and developing a gameplan for the coming economic chaos.

Those that choose to have blind faith in “the system” are going to be tremendously disappointed in the years ahead.  Just because you have a job right now does not mean that it is always going to be there.  Just because your stock portfolio is doing well right now does not mean that will always be the case.

Hopefully we all learned some important lessons from 2008.  The global financial situation can turn on a dime.  When markets fall apart, they tend to do so very rapidly.

Ultimately, the debate about whether the economy is improving or not is going to be ended very emphatically.  When the next wave of the financial crisis hits, there will be no doubt about what direction things are going.

Don’t let the next wave catch you by surprise.

Now is the time to prepare.

  • Morella

    Because it’s not improving. Only a small percentage of people don’t watch television or listen to what other people tell them as being the sole truth. But there is a very large population who still believes everything they hear, and they lack critical thinking ability or the ability to reason.

    • Tel

      I think you will find they believe their basket at the supermarket even more than they believe the stuff on TV.

  • I get angry when I see Obama’s campaign commercial where he states “He saved the world from economic collapse and put 3.2 million people back to work” I would really like to meet the people who believe his ads. I wish the gullible liberals would wake up and see what has happened. Republicans have done no better. The Politburo, oopps I mean Obama administration wants to control America like Russia did after Marxism took over.

  • I can’t speak for others, but my economy is improving. After three years without full-time employment, I recently scored a temp job with the government. Four months of sitting around followed by two months of covering for someone on maternity leave, then unemployment if I don’t get another job. Since my solar cabin and my pickup are paid for, I can spend half my income on food storage and hard assets. I would not have lasted this long had I not liquidated my assets a few years ago.

    • Patriot Alice

      Pres. Obama increases taxes so they can borrow and spend more on government sponsored entities. Not a true guage of the economy…

  • William

    Austerity……get used to that word. Whether one likes it or not, the coming austerity will affect them, even if they have no income from Uncle Sugar. Of course, there will be no austerity for the USA’s war machine. The loudly lamented cut of $500 Billion from DOD is not much of a cut OVER TEN YEARS. But, YOU, American citizen, YOU will get to know the word austerity. Prepare now. The kicking of the can down the road with regard to the stunning annual deficits will end at a wall around which, and over which, the can will not roll. The question is WHEN does the can stops rolling………

    • Craig

      Even food stamps?

  • r.bitting

    Jesus Christ, Thats the solution.

    • Jesus is a HE, not a THAT. 🙂 But I agree with your general idea.

    • wisefool

      Yes, man can do nothing without God. It’s interesting how many liberal degenerates or Atheists (who hate truth and God) refuse to see the link between embracing degeneracy, kicking God out, and the fact the world is turning to crap.

      • Xander cross

        No one is kicking god out of schools in the first place. The problem is that religious people love the government and to impose Christian rules on the test of society. The bible belt states are the ones with the most murders. Rapes, diseases, and corruption done by Christians.

        • mom of sons

          Will you please let me in on the Christian rules being imposed upon you? I could come up with quite a few crazy leftist rules being imposed upon me. starting with a ban on light bulbs. And don’t tell me a Republican sponsored that bill. It is still a leftist bill.

          • TheSameoldsonganddance

            Well actually it could be a Republican Rhino where they pretend to be Republicans and then vote left.

            Being done all the time and that is what most of the party is now!

        • don

          Xander,you sound just like an athiest radical democrat? You are a lyer for saying God has not been kicked out of schools. Just ask the aclu. The second lie is that religious people love the government. The third lie is too stupid to even comment on. You are also a wall street occupier?

        • don

          Xander, you are a lyer on all counts, so you must be a wall street occupying obama democrat. Just ask the aclu.

        • aah i gotta disagree with ya there…I am not a religious person but there r stories everyday on the schools and religion–FOX cabel offers up the story then u can fact check it on the internet.(Not much of anything on any subject makes it to local news).I am not a religious person but it even has me wondering about the 1st amendment rights for students–i mean, if a girl cant wear her little cross necklace or get kicked out of is just getting really ridiculous and its no more right for Aetheist to push their beliefs onto people than it is the other way around.But religious people have always just expressed themselves…i imagine the girl with the little cross necklace had a music tee shirt on too of her fav group…know what i mean? —and i think wether or not u r religious has nothing to do with your love of gov.
          Religious people like gov? only if they r dem/libs i suppose.

    • If Jesus is the answer, you are asking the wrong question.

  • Colin

    “Right now, you can decide to make an investment or start a business that will thrive in a tough economic environment.”

    In the article, you state that more Americans are living in poverty, and that the ranks of the poor are increasing. Yet, you advocate for something that costs money and resources which these people don’t have. This is pie-in-the-sky thinking which I feel has no place in your article.

    • Amos

      Not necessarily. Think of things and ways to make the lives of the poor better. The bottom of the pyramid has to eat, too.

  • Graham

    Understanding the relationship between “Cause and Effect”. In light of all the “distractions” that are purposely thrown into the public domain to keep the masses suspended in “belief and hope”, the following should help to reveal the grand deception. Whilst Michael’s site specialises in exposing the knock on “Effects”, the links below will help to expose the underlying “Cause”.

    There is a very clear agenda in place and the truth is often hidden in plain sight. What lies behind this agenda? You may also want to checkout “The Bilderberg Group”, “The Trilateral Commission”, “Council of Foreign Relations”. The latter make up the “real” government, along with Wall Street Banksters, the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharma. They all play strange little masonic games annually (or analy) at the “Bohemia Grove”.

    I only see one “Presidential Nominee” who has the brass tacks to challenge them all. Should Ron Paul be chosen as the nominee and go onto win November’s election, I have the funny feeling he will become an “accident waiting to happen”. At the very least, this gentleman is awakening many people by exposing the real problems. The rest rant absolute nonsense on behalf of their payroll masters.

    The Georgia Guidestones:-

    Bank of America Murals:-

    Denver International Airport:-

    13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati:-

    America Plundered by the Global Elite:-

    America’s Secret Establishment (Skull & Bones):-

    David Rockefeller Quote:-
    “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
    -David Rockefeller, “Memoirs of David Rockefeller” p.405

    • Kathy Smith

      Thank you for the info Graham. That was some very interesting reading.

    • DeDee

      May I add this link to your list to important reads?

      Brief overview: In 2008, then Senator Barack Obama introduced the Global Poverty Act that did not make it out of the Senate. However, it’s goals line up with the current United Nations’ Millenium Declaration and its 2015 deadline to end global poverty (by redistributing the wealth).

      We are in for much more troubling times.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    Here is Gerald Celente’s recent interview on Coast to Coast AM:

    As usual, he spells it out in no uncertain terms: inevitable bank holiday, ever-worsening global depression, total economic collapse in Italy and Spain, vicious police state, widespread violence and unrest, blood flowing in the streets of cities all over The Banana Republic of America (the Third World house of horrors formerly known as the USA).

    This isn’t so-called “neoconservatism.” This isn’t Rush “Pillhead” Limbaugh, brain-dead Hannity and Annie Oakley Coulter kissing the fascist neocon boots of the RepubliKKKan side of the War Party. This isn’t chickenhawk Michael Savage beating the war drums for the collapsing imperialist empire.

    This isn’t the lying DNC telling us that happy days are here again. This isn’t Jon “The Don” Corzine and other War Party Democraps bowing down to the devils of Wall Street.

    This is reality. This is Gerald Celente giving us the cold, hard, ugly truth about the financial meltdown that is plaguing the BRA. Those who are foolish enough to ignore this man do so at their own peril.

    God help the Roman Empire as it crumbles and falls to pieces. God help The Banana Republic of America.

    • Rodster

      Thanks for the share, very enlightening.

  • mondobeyondo

    Ask the people at your local food bank or homeless shelter how much the economy is improving. They will be more than happy to tell you the truth.

    • gary2

      Also ask them while your there if they want to further cut taxes on the rich while cutting the meger programs they depend on to survive.

      • Ben Dover

        Tax the poor hard!!!!!

  • Shamaka

    Whenever I see statistics I get worried. One of the problems is that the basis for reporting stats can chnage over time. For example, unemployment has got to be one of the most “fudged” figures even. Who is iincluded and who has been excluded changes over time. The same with thing like poverty. How do the measures change over time?

    Having said all that, just think about the nations graduates. Many of them are working in menial jobs – hardly the type of environment that will stimulate creativity. On top of that, unlike earlier generations, they are burdened with massive debts which effectively kills any chance of them starting a business. Imagine someone with an idea that requires a lot of risk capital to get it going. Its not going to happen – at least not to the extent needed to reduce unemployment.

    Personally, I think the tenure in the public service (ie government) need to be limited. I know of many people who simply “milk the system” and who are experts at writing meaningless reports. Maybe then the public servants would be more careful about regulations and making blanked bans or restrictions.

    PS: What does it matter if the age of the average car is at a record high. Surely they are better built than evere before?

    • Tanker

      Great post. We have escaped the country. I used to work with state employees in a certain southern part of the Banana Republic of the United States. They were disproportionately pathetic. Overpaid, working the bare minimum, and enjoying more leave than anybody in the private sector. Power hungry little socialist bureaucrats. Praying that I can stay overseas while the mortar and bricks crumble.
      P.S. About the car, that is important. The trend has suddenly been interrupted, that is the key. Right around Obamaville and the great first collapse.

  • mondobeyondo

    And why are our veterans – of all people!! – among such a high percentage of our homeless?

    They signed up to serve this country. Many of them risked life and limb serving this country. Then they come home, and…. are kicked to the curb. Many of them end up homeless, or with inadequate medical care. That’s not right. Doesn’t matter what political affiliation you may have, that’s just not right.

    Just another sign of the greedy, narcissistic society we have become.

    Things are getting so much better these days. Just take a look around…

    Kodak – filed for bankruptcy last week.
    Sears and KMart – struggling to stay afloat.
    A national unemployment rate that’s stuck on neutral.
    46 million Americans on food stamps.
    There are many other examples.

    Yeah, we’re doing just fine…

    • TX4Life

      I have a friend that works directly with homeless vets on a daily basis. She reports that most homeless vets she talks with want to be homeless. They do not want to be cold or wet but they also do not want to be encumbered with the responsibility of rent payments, house payments, utility bills, etc. They want to be free to move from city to city whenever they want. More homeless shelters (preferably just for vets) where they can sleep, eat, bathe, and then move on is what most homeless vets say they desire.

      • Strangely, Ronald and Nancy Reagan said the very same thing about homeless people in the 1980s.

        It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now. Even if your friend talked to a war vet who said what you allege, that doesn’t mean it’s universally true for every vet, let alone every homeless person.

        In contrast, I know quite a few families who are one medical bill away from homelessness, and they’re NOT looking forward to it.

        At all.

        AT ALL.

        So please, stop the disinformation and stop pretending that you know what is the universal truth.


        • TX4Life

          I certainly didn’t say all vets want to be homeless. My husband is a vet and we have no desire to be homeless. My friend works for the VA, specifically with homeless vets. She did say most homeless vets she talks to daily want their freedom to move when they want. I do not presume to know what homeless vets want nor the majority of the homeless since by the grace of God, I’ve never been homeless. I know people who are close to homeless also and do what I can, where ever I can. Not sure what prompted your ire….

          • 1) Please don’t categorize or characterize my post with “ire” or other accusations.

            2) It wasn’t “ire” but frustration with your obvious suggestion that homeless people want to be that way. Had I not offered a corrective observation from someone who’s seen differently, a naive reader might’ve read your comment and thought, “so, that’s why there’s so many homeless — they WANT to be homeless!” As I said, Ronald and Nancy Reagan tried that trick/tactic in the 1980s to explain the growing numbers of homeless in Washington DC during that decade. Some people bought it — among them, most of my family’s members. It’s easy to believe if you spend no time among poor folk yourself.

            And by “poor folk” I don’t mean people whose “poverty” has caused them to have sushi only 1x/week these days instead of 3x/week.

            I mean people who have collection agencies calling them 7AM – 9PM every day, who receive dunning notices that fill their mailbox, and who just got laid off for the “winter slow-down” and don’t see the income stream improving. And they were making $10/hour to support a family of four.

            I’m talking about people like that.

            People who are “homeless” because they prefer to live as hobos, they’re not the “homeless” who are tallied in assessments of economic vitality. They’re like off-the-grid folks, they’re not assumed to want to be counted.

            Most homeless people in the towns I’ve lived in during my half-century on earth, they’ve been involuntarily homeless and very unhappy about it.

            That’s my point.

            And again — please drop the “ire” accusation. It’s very uncharitable and it’s not what Jesus would have said.


          • savedbytheblood

            Wow, karl, is your last name by any chance marx….. how dare that peasant challenge your world view!
            if you are going to say that most homeless vets don’t want to live that way and that this is a legend…. please provide your proof because most people who actually work in the field with that demographic, know it is the truth, anyone with common sense has been pointing this out since reagan era about homeless people in general.
            Bleeding heart, know nothings like you have been shouting us down and pulling the “I know better than you” crap for all this time, trying to redistribute our hard earned money…… if you want to do something about this or any number of problems associated with being poor, feel free to work extra, take your excess and distribute it to anyone you may come across that can use your help. even better, how about you do this monthly for years and show up and spend your time with these people, showing them how to become independent and take care of themselves so, they in turn will be able to help others in the future.
            Of course not, prattle on about spelling, grammar and linguistics while the rest of us GO and actually help a homeless vet or single mom or hurting child or lonely grandfather.

        • knightowl77

          Having worked on the street for years and years, dealing with many who are homeless and quite a few who liked it that way, I would say that you are CLUELESS.
          The city where I worked had cold weather shelters, which also fed and cared for the homeless. Many were offered jobs and or training programs which they declined, preferring the lifestyle they had chosen. Some, a minority did avail themselves of the jobs or training offered, but most did not.

          I worked closely with the Salvation Army (which I greatly respected) and the Red Cross (which was useless) and many other public and private organizations dealing with homelessness.

          Karl I am sorry that facts do not fit your preconceived ideas, but reality is often different from what they “teach” in college.

    • Rancher

      Sorry. They asked for the job and got paid, housed, fed, trained, medical treatment and when getting out more medical, GI bill, VA loans to boot. They can also re-enlist. If they did not save their pay checks that is their problem. Going into the military should be a savings account plan as most everything is paid for and…you get paid. Yetthey blow it on booze, party time and toys. I know many of these guys and they failed to save while in.

      They for the most part did not learn a trade which works Stateside and fell behind the employment curve while gone. In addition many had no career or job before they joined up.

      Tell the whole story.

      • christopher


      • Nobody

        Rancher is right.

        When I was active US Army, 1982-1985, I ended that active duty with about $10,000.00 in savings. At that point, I did have the urge to put on a backpack (my duffel bag), and just see the country, while living off the interest from my certificate accounts in my fed. credit union account. Instead, I screwed up and got married, and got a degree in electronics. I Wish now that I had done it how I originally felt.

        Having gone from a foster home into the Army, I knew I didn’t have a backup plan, of any kind.

  • Cyrus

    If you use heroin, things are always getting better after a fix. If you use “cash” things always get better after a QE. Sure things are getting better. Where? I buy gold, I buy silver, I buy lead and brass (ammunition). But hey, things are getting better, so don’t sweat it.

    p.s. I would stock up on the lead and brass if I were you.

    • Paul

      We don’t need brass and lead. Those Americans don’t have enough money to go to Cayman Islands or Belize, so they won’t come to Europe either.

      • Pat Henry

        Paul evidently lives in Europe sense he does not know what lead and brass refers too.

  • rev. abijah de sade

    I had an Epiphany about a year into bush’s 2nd term. It was confirmed when I noticed that Obama’s face was drained of color during his prez-elect acceptance speech with the color drained from his face: Bill Hicks was right.

  • Marc
  • Marc
  • Craig

    I watched the republican debate on TV tonight. Romney said he would encourage free trade agreements with Central and South America. You know what that means boys and girls? That means more middle class jobs will disappear under Romney. That means it will be business as usual with rich republican CEOs sending more and more of our middle class jobs to China and Mexico. Of course the elitist Obama couldn’t care less about how many middle class jobs go to China and Mexico either? If you’re middle class or lower middle class or poor, who are you suppossed to vote for? Does it make any difference to the middle class?

  • Gary2

    The economy is getting better for who exactly? Mittens and his ilk?

    • Rodster

      Nope but nice try. How about George Soros, Warren Buffet, Jeffery Immelt.

      Can you say people who have connections to the WH and Obummer?

    • Tel

      I’m sure there was someone at Solyndra who found a use for all that government “loan” money.

  • BenjiK

    BO attempting to sell the U.S. on his “recovery” is like a used car salesman trying to sell you an ’88 Ford Escort. Sure, he stuck some money into it with a gallon of Bondo, a new paint job, some window tint and 4 new shiny plastic wheel covers, but in the end it’s still an ’88 Ford Escort.

    I believe the “things are improving” sentiment is based more on a twisted form of transubstantiation practiced by the WH and the MSM. They can manipulate statistics and twist the truth all they want, but in the end you still can’t polish a turd.

  • tappedops

    Dont make me go back to Carly …

    • Michael

      They don’t make singer/songwriters like that anymore.


  • Hans

    Thank you for this very informative site. I do like the fact that you refrain from hysterical or threatening comments. The fact that you place links to other websites or newspaper articles means that information can easily be verified. This lends credibility to the site. I read it every day and refer everybody with at least half a brain to this site. It is a great starting point for people to go on and do their own further research. Your hard work is appreciated, even here where I sit in South Africa.
    The economy is bad all over, even here.
    Looking at the USA, Europe and the UK, I see nothing to cheer about.
    Debt is out of control all over. To spend more than you earn is not sustainable, not for individuals or for countries. Countries seem to think that creating money is the solution. That only works until the ones about to be paid lose trust in those currencies. Money creation leads to inflation.
    The housing market in the US seems to be dying. I do not see any real growth in property values across the globe.
    According to the established economists, money can still be made on stock markets. The gambling houses are still open to suck in the last victims. Only yesterday it was reported that South Africa’s stock market reached a record all-time high. Somehow I am not convinced to play along.
    Most Western nations, under the impression that globalism was a great idea, moved their manufacturing capabilities offshore. For corporations and their shareholders, it might seem so in the short term. Workers in Asia, working for slave wages, indeed managed to “raise” productivity. For a given amount of capital, more goods are produced at lower prices. It is good for profit. The unfortunate side effect is the demise of the middle class. In addition, once China and all these Asian countries have the know-how and capability to produce all they need, how long will it be before the discard the Western parasites? Why would they still want euros or dollars which are soon to be worthless.
    It also seems as if there is a big likelihood of Iran being attacked in the near future. North Korea, Pakistan and India have nukes. South Africa had nukes. Why were they never targeted? It might be because they were never involved in the petrodollar scam. Saddam and Ghaddafi wanted to get out and look where they ended up. Iran has indicated that it wants gold from India in exchange for oil. I wonder how long they will last. I am just worried that it is not quite so easy to contain wars these days. One nuke in the wrong place can really spoil the world economy, to say the least. I keep recalling the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”.

    • Michael

      Thank you for those encouraging words.

      I think that one thing that does set this site apart is the fact that I include so many facts and I like to so many mainstream articles. That way people can verify these things for themselves.

      I will continue to do my best to put out quality information, and I am so thankful for all of you that spend a few moments each day sharing these articles with friends or on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.


  • Mainuh1

    I volunteer in a food bank – the economy is NOT getting better. Get prepped while you can, before the supply chain collapses.

  • chiller

    The people that know Ostuipd is a pathological liar are crapping their pants. The one’s that believe him deserve the brutal and shocking awakening they deserve. After this year, if you have an Ostupid sticker on your car, you run the risk of losing it to fire….especially if I find it.

  • Paul

    Well, China is not so optimistic.

    They estimate their economy is only growing by 8.5% this year.

    • DB200

      The figures from China are cooked, don’t believe them.

      Production is down, and the building industry is collapsing, there are complete newly built ghost towns in China. New towns but nobody lives in them. 30% of the Chinese GDP growth is realized by the construction industry. So if the construction industry stops growing and stays the same (i.e. still building millions of apartments that nobody can or wants to buy) then the GDP growth will nosedive to ca. 6.3%. However, the construction industry is shrinking and production (for export) is dropping as well, so China should be happy if they get 3%. GDP growth A far better measurement for economic growth is electricity consumption. This has been flat for a while.

  • pete

    We got Celente’d right in the Corzine in 1995. It ammounted to “folding” in a card game. We didn’t play cards after that. We exchanged every phony fiat chip we could for “real” highly discounted metal chips.

    I have been off work for 99 weeks and spent the time at home tending to my lot in life. The time I needed to catch my breath and sort things out has been greaat and things have never looked better for us in our lives. Our entrepeneurial interests and (nice) home dreams are all coming true becuase we focused on and deliberately sat out to disregard and or ignore ALL conventional wisdoms and did what we felt was right in our hearts.

    Gold and silver have always been there to provide safe harbor for earnings and are the only real way you can carry wealth through thin times. If it’s true that “good things come to those that wait”, I am prepared.

    It escapes neither my wifes nor my attention that while we wait patiently to become multi millionares, we are still very happy to live at our little cabin by the lake and also in our 20 year old camper. We found it was all we really needed. We are planning to start a business and perhaps help others do so as well.

  • mark

    This has been a slow rate of decline for about 50 years. No one knows if we will collaspe quickly or continue the slow pace of economic decline. All we can do is try to educate others and prepare inorder to help out others in times of trouble. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  • Patriot Alice

    We are living on borrowed money “Trillions each year between devaluation and spending”. What happens when the borrowing stops? Does the image of Greece come to mind?

  • quick

    Georgia understands – I hope other states grow a pair and get this imposter off the ballot !!

  • Tobrojo

    I think that many people make a huge assumption that most of the world leaders are “trying to make things better” but just npt being sucessful. A question that screams at me every day asks are they really trying to make things better? Perhaps there is another objective?

    Remeber what was said not to long ago, “Never let a good emergency go to wastebecause it will enable you to do things you couldnt normally do”.

  • shypuffadder

    There is a lot of happy talk on the TV lately, sooo, fasten your seatbelt. Also, Geitner said he didn’t think Obama was going to re-appoint him if Obama won re-election. Another lie to get more votes?

    This country is definitely going down the toilet. Look at the clowns running for president. Can you say “President Adulterer and First Lady Adulteress?” Mitt’s tax returns proves that his business practices are right in line with the problems we are experiencing. And The Man Without A Plan has already been covered. Stick a fork in us — we’re done.

    • mondobeyondo

      Clowns to the left of me, jokers on the right…

  • Nick Nailer

    Eating is overrated. I stopped doing it as much and now I’m thin and hot! If you want to look good and have six pack abs – stop eating.

    Look on the bright side. When the country becomes lawless, then no one can tell you what to do.

  • Joao Gomes Madeira

    If Europe is so bad, why the Euro is maintaining at 1.30 USD? These are all diversion manouevers…

    • josh

      because its not march 20th yet.

  • mushroom

    You are right. Until the Fed is brought under control, and we allow all the bubbles to burst, the economy is not going to get better.

    I would quibble about one thing. I think cars have actually improved in terms of the number of miles you can put on one without major service and overhauls. A hundred thousand miles, you used to figure, was the limit without tearing apart the engine. Now with the newer computerized systems, that’s the point of their first tune-up. Increasing car age might not be an indicator.

    • TheSameoldsonganddance

      Shhhhhhhhh! Don’t talk about anything positive here! This is a negative blog!

  • terrwyn

    You can start a business on a shoestring.
    Get a resale #.
    Find a product that will sell or there is a need for.
    Talk the mfg. into selling to you C.O.D.
    and start selling.
    This is how we started our business 35 yrs. ago and it can still be done today. If you are out there everyday sooner or later you get lucky when someones reg. supplier doesn’t have what they need. You then have a foot in the door and can undercut the reg. suppliers price because of your low overhead.
    It takes nerve and work. But I am here to tell you it does work.

  • terrwyn

    One other thing. Use the back door of companies not the front. The power to order products lies with the blue collar workers and supervisors not the office help.

  • Rodster

    Fitch just downgraded several EU countries.

    Fitch just cut the long-term issuer ratings of 5 EU sovereigns:

    Belgium: AA+ to AA

    Spain: AA- to A

    Italy: A+ to A-

    Cyprus: BBB to BBB-

    Slovenia: AA- to A

    It affirmed Ireland’s BBB+ rating with a negative outlook.

    While Fitch says that it supports EU leaders actions to address the crisis so far, a lot more has to happen before these countries are out of trouble:

  • Rodster
    Spain’s unemployment figure passed the five million mark in the last quarter of 2011, official figures show.

    The National Statistics Institute said 5.3 million people were out of work at the end of December, up from 4.9 million in the third quarter.

    The rate rose from 21.5% in the third quarter to 22.8% – the highest rate in nearly 17 years.

    Spain already has the highest jobless rate in the 17-nation eurozone and is expected to slide back into recession.

  • Steve

    2012 – U.S. employers “insource” jobs and cvry “Hurrah! the Great Recession is over!”

    2020 – U.S. employers automate all insourced jobs thropwing 20 million Americans out of work.

    2025 – Unemployment rate reaches 35% as employers continue to automate jobs.

    2030 – One hundred million Americans using food stamps.

    2035 – Desperate unemployed workers form Democratic Workplaces (DWP’s) with no CEO, no board of directors, no stockholders and no investors and with all income shared equally among the workers. The media mocks their efforts.

    2038 – Desperate unemployed workers establish schools to train unemployed workers ffor the DWP’s. The media mocks their efforts.

    2045 – Desperate unemployed workers create Democratic Banks that print interest free money based on gold, silver, platinum and jewels.

    2046 – Banks and corporations order the U.S. and state governments to send police, the National Guard and Military to shut down these D-Banks and arrest anyone with D-money as counterfeiters.

    2050 – D-Money begins to appear in a “Black Market” D-Banks, now known as “Speak Easy Banks” appear in sequestered areas in each U.S. city. Unemployed people use interest free money based on gold, sliver, platinum and jewels in a vast “Black Market” to buy shelter, food, electricity, gas and clothing.

  • AJ

    LOL for a sec, I didn’t see the “if” and just saw “the economy is improving.” Ah, one can dream. Ugh… at this point, we might as well just withdraw our troops from the Middle East and let them blow us to smithereens. At least that end will be quick and painless…. or at least more so than what’s coming. XP

  • Cinderella Man

    “If the economy is improving…” My friends and some family members wouldnt be telling me that their hours are getting cut and they qualify for partial unemployment benefits! Yaaay what a great freaking country we live in! Put us all on food stamps!!!

    • mondobeyondo

      Are you hungry? Don’t worry!
      I’m from the government, and I’m here to help!

      Ha ha ha ha….!!

  • BenjiK

    “The economy is getting better!”
    “22 months of job growth!”
    “Housing is looking up!”(despite 2011 being the worst year on record)

    Despite the barrage of “good” economic news the MSM is pumping out on a daily basis, a more realistic gauge of the economy is personal experience.

    Look around your neighborhood, are there more stores opening or closing?

    How many empty storefronts are in your local shopping mall?

    Read your local newspaper, is crime up or down in your community?

    Ask your family, friends and neighbors what their economic sentiment is. If you have family and friends in other parts of the country, call and ask them the same question.

    Calculate your monthly utilities, gasoline and food budget. How does it compare with 4 years ago?

    Economic recovery? Hardly. The world is in a severe economic crisis that is being glossed over by the MSM, global elites and governments that are in complete panic mode. We are on the precibus of dramatic change that will unfold shortly. If the change will be for better or worse, time will tell……sooner than later.

    • 007

      Remember, unemployment, GDP, Inflation, and almost every statistic you get comes from the government. Most of these statistics they distort for their own benefit. No government wants to tell people the true inflation rate, the true unemployment rate, the true growth rate. They have the motive, means and opportunity to distort these numbers for their benefit and they do.

      Don’t doubt your own senses. Judge the economy by what you see in your life. Do you know anyone that got a good paying new job lately? Are more stores opening or closing? How is your grocery bill, utility bill, healthcare costs, gas bills? How is the local suicide rates? How desperate are people getting in your cities? How is the crime rate? Is your standard of living going up or down? Finally, keep an eye on civil unrest? When you see riots because people can’t feed their families? You know we will be close to the end? When they can’t print any more money because of inflation. That is when the game will be over.

      • BenjiK

        There is much to be said about your observation of suicide rates. Just last month a bright, new full-size billboard went up on the U.S. highway that runs through our town that depicts a downtrodden young man and states: “DEPRESSION IS THE #1 CAUSE OF SUICIDE, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP”.

        Admittedly, my first thought was “of course it’s depression, not many happy people have suicidal thoughts…”, but after some refection I realized this ad was a huge wake-up call as it is representative of the rapid decline of our society.

  • shypuffadder

    The good news is – they won’t blow us to smithereens because there is still more they can squeeze out of us. After that, duck for cover before that disappears too.

  • If the truth be known, this country has not seen real growth in the GDP in over a decade, it’s been little more that the American version of the Chinese Miracle with the government pumping massive amounts of fiat money substitutes into the economy while siphoning off productive capital. Like the recovery, the entire economy has been little more than a nicely painted mural for the public’s consumption, soon however, like China, that mural will crumble and the real reality will be revealed.

    The stage play can only last just so long and then the principles of market economics will press against all the economic distortions and illusions that have been created by government intervention and its Patronge System of Mercantilism!

    The EU is headed toward an unavoidable break-up and collapse, while China is on the edge of imploding, those events will force a reality upon the world that no politician cares to witness, especially those within our own Congress! As the veil is ripped down and the chaotic response of hundreds of millions of Americans come to bear upon those who have corrupted this government, destroyed the principles of republican government in exchange for a consolidated monstrosity. The politicians in our govrnment may find themselves dangling from every tree in the Capitol beforevit’s over!

    • 007

      By underestimating inflation, they are overstating GDP. What they are calling GDP is nothing more than undeclared inflation. The BLS claims inflation is running at under 2%, but does that jive with any prices you are facing in your life? The real GDP is still negative.

      The only thing propping up the economy is 1.5 trillion dollars a year in deficit spending and Fed money printing. The Big question is how long can they get away with doing it?

  • I recently sent an e-mail to my extended family who live in urban centers in the Midwest, that if anything should happen to the economy and the nation and you need a place to go, come live in our small town with my immediate family — we open up our home in Oklahoma to you. Wow! The reaction was over the top in hysteria that I am crazy. That I lack faith in God to take care of us, that everything will be okay. There is no way something that crazy will happen. I tried to explain it is like an insurance policy; I don’t want the economy and nation to fail, but if it does I am covered. They said don’t bring up this stuff ever again. Okay, they got the message, that is all I can do. I will never talk about it again. Wow! Why such an over the top reaction?

    • Michael

      Dave of OK:

      I have been noticing this kind of reaction a lot more lately.

      I think part of it is that people want to keep their heads in the sand, and another part of it is that the love of most people is growing very cold.


      • TheBigOne

        Just like what the bible says right before the end times.

        We are at the letter T in end times I am afraid and ready to go to I.

    • DB200

      If you live an ordinary life happily the way you did the last 20 or 30 years, it is hard to imagine that severe incidents (black swans) can happen, it is been called “normalcy bias”. And anything that pushes such a person out of his or her comfort zone, is then regarded as a threat. Hence the otp reaction. I have stopped informing people personally, I refer the ones who are smart enough to Michael’s sites.

      • Michael


        Thank you for sending the smart people my way. 🙂


  • Afi K. James

    Ron Paul is your last hope, otherwise we are so screwed.

  • I Always wondered what it would be like to live in the wild west times maybe my wishes will come true.Hi, Ho Silver away!

  • an independent citizen

    I had to post a quick note to say thank you for presenting these stats.

    I know this blog does that from time to time so there there are some real number behind the conclusion it presents, I always email these stats to any of the drones or Obots, one in the same, who still believe the lies the mainstream media parrots from the DemonRats.

    Thanks, its very much appreciated, depressing yes, but its good to have actual stats to see just how bad the state of the economy really is.

    • Michael

      You are welcome.

      And I want to thank everyone that takes a few moments to vote for these articles or to post these articles on social media sites so that more people can see them. You are a huge, huge help.


  • woke up in 1986

    check out dave champions book (income tax shattering the myths) people stop feeding the beast.
    ron paul knows the truth about the IRS ,and will shut them down along with the federal reserve if we can get him in to the top office.

  • Thomas Whitby Sr

    I have been unemployed since August of 2010 and can’t find anything more than a 5 week temp job. I have never been unemployed this long in my life. have been in manufac/warehouse. I live in Peoria,Illinois. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mike Makishi

    If you guys are smart you will buy a few acres in the country and pay it off, and put up a small cabin and learn how to grow food and hunt. Sure it takes a little cash. Maybe you better watch this video.

    At least it is a start.

    The last few years have been a roller coaster ride and pretty soon it will be all down hill and then game over.

    Big big big depression. Only difference now and the last depression is at least the last time a lot of people had relatives in the country.

    Oh yeah some lead and brass wouldn’t hurt either. I continue to plan on the future and hope for the best, however I also plan for the worst. Prepare friends it is going to be a rough ride.

  • Buy Food Now

    Yes, even if you can’t consume it this week, start saving food while you still have access to it. It’s NOT a luxury. Eventually, you’re going to need it. Get it while it’s still available at the store. Some day, you’ll look back and say, ” remember when you could just walk into a store and buy food?

    Things could change quickly, and then you’ll be ska-rood. Plan ahead.

  • Jeff

    Michael, what are your thoughts on the drastic fall of the Baltic Dry Index during the last few weeks? Some say it is just due to a glut of ships…others argue that it points to a drastic global slowdown. thanks,

    • Michael


      I think it is just another troubling sign.

      When you consider it along with all of the other indicators, it paints a picture of a global economy that is starting to slow down.


  • Great article.
    I think we all have a hard crash ahead and I’m afraid in 6 to 9 months we will be eating our pets or rat meat on a stick around a campfire. Not a pretty picture but I am afraid it’s our future. Unless we prepare NOW!
    See how to survive an economic collapse at:

  • j


  • DB200


    After long consideration, I am a bit puzzled. You say that “Everywhere you turn these days, someone is proclaiming that the economy is improving.” However, the news that I in Europe read fluctuates between neutral (i.e. more or less tottering along) and very negative. And this is coming from ordinary newspapers/magazines, economic reports, radio interviews, politicians etc. The media are in fact so negative that people have started complaining about the negativity in the media. Well, the Russians say: an optimist is a bad informed pessimist.

    It would help if you dedicate a blog with all the “recovery is underway” news from the MSM. A nice overview would make them look very silly.

    • Michael

      Actually I guess I was mostly referring to the U.S. press.

      Things are different in Europe right now – the economy is falling apart so much that the media cannot help but notice.


      • TheBigOne

        But but Europe is suppose to be the golden savior of socialism! (according to the Liberals)

        If it can work there it can work here!

  • What is coming down the road will last for at least four generations BEFORE there is even any improvement but we will never be what we were fifty years ago……..why?

    “No Export = No Recovery”… Ponce

    Every year we have more people and less jobs and anything that make it can now be made overseas cheapper and better…..will be importing more and exporting less.

  • Winston Smith

    “Today, the price of an ounce of gold is over $1700.”

    Got 4/5 of ounce in coiins, plus some jewlery, glad to see at least that investment did well, my 401K is flat lined….

  • benignbullet

    If the economy is improving, then the (arguably) great Rush Limbaugh would be making even MORE money during a post “If the economy is improving” list-reading obscene profits timeout, and I would have a frickin’ job related to my degree by now (almost two years post-grad, and not even an INTERVIEW…and I’m talking about North Dakota!).

  • bruce

    thanks for preparing the numbers. great work

  • Frank Livingston

    This is thanks to our useless government, BOTH the Democratic Party and the RINO Republican Party back at least 100-years when they moved away for our Constitution Article 1, Section 8 Clauses 1-17. Our Founding Fathers knew the appetite politicians have for spending money so they said, if it isn’t listed in these seventeen (17) clauses, revert to the 10th amendment which states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

  • Roydizle

    well your stats are true…but your message is flawed. everything poverty related is at an all time high because that’s what happens when an economy crashes. but that doesn’t change the fact that the economy is getting out of the ditch. lets say you fell in a hole…broke an ankle or two and you decide to start climbing out…everyday you are getting closer to making it out of that hole. fact is, you are still in a hole (which is all your blog is pointing out)but in reality you are on your way out of that hole..which is what the economic news is about.

    • Amercan Eagle

      Is it true, though?

      Economic news is, maybe, ‘we’re coming out of the hole’. Economic reality is altogether another matter. How about 1.25 million jobs lost in last two months? That sound like coming out of the hole? Price of beef is up 44% in past two years. That sound like coming out of hole? The truth is that the left does not *want* things to get better, and is doing everything in its power to make sure they don’t. A recession historically takes 15 to 18 months to recover from. We are past 36 months and actual numbers (sans Obama/Media spin) are telling us that we are actually digging the hole deeper. `News’ is a four-letter word, and is for reTAWRDed people.

    • So, you think this is true of all recession recoveries?

      In previous recessions, the United States generally bounces back with 5-6% growth for many quarters. The exceptions: the Obama recovery and the FDR recovery. What did they have in common? Massive government involvement.

      • ChapBix

        That, and both presidents were big-spending Democrats. Any coincidence?

    • Baron von richtoffer

      Well we have 1.2 million folks just taken off the roles as unemployed because there are no jobs for them, we count jobs available instead of unemployed, we can’t just not count unemployed people, Obama is counting on that to bring down the rate, which is really about 11% even after this fiasco. Early retirements are up, VERA is up, age 62 applicants are way up, like over 900,000 for 2011, ever since politicians started on an age 70 eligibility, Duh, anyone expect a different result? I would hate to see all those union government thugs get layed off, that is what we pay through the nose for is to support an overstaffed,(cbo says at least 22 million overstaffed), overpaid, and under worked, under productive,group of protected idiots who can’t support themselves without taxpayers picking up the tab. NO! America can’t make it until we make some hard choices, pay debt, and become solvent through productivity by transferring these $$$ suckers out of cush gov’t positions unneeded by the private sector who doesn’t need them. But they must pay for these leeches. Politicians need these gov’t dregs to get re-elected, we are outnumbered and screwed……

    • vividsign


      Your logic is flawed. The poverty related stats should be getting better if you’re coming out of the hole.

      Let’s say there has been a drought, but then it rains a bit each day… plant life will grow to reflect the the water it is receiving.

      Let’s say your car is empty of fuel… and you receive a bit of fuel each day… you’ll be able to start the car and begin moving again.

      Etc… etc… etc….

      • TBoyette

        Yeah, except your dictator has salted the earth and priced fuel so high you must cancel trips and cut back on necessities and luxuries. His willing accomplices in the media lied to you about the rainfall and other so-called signs of recovery. Businesses make fewer profits or show losses, lay off employees, raise prices, etc. Your house isn’t worth what it was ten years ago. Inflation, inflation, inflation!! Open your eyes, jerk. Just because you like abortion to be legal and wish drugs were too is no reason to force Marxism on the rest of us. Did you ever wonder why communism, Marxism and Obamaism needs to be FORCED on people? Think about it.

  • KARL chill out…she’s kind of right…but its a long explanation. u r upset at what u think she is saying…ur right the homeless is a huge group we cannot generalize. However, how can u say she is wrong …have u been homeless for a few years and have first hand knowledge?

  • Rafe Miguez

    Some people just stick their heads in the sand and never see the truth…….

    • TheSameoldsonganddance

      That’s because it’s nice and cool down there! I am sick of bad news for one thing so it’s better just to stick my head in and remain in the cool shade while the hot sun blazes overhead!

      Being constantly negative is NOT healthy for either you or me. I constantly have to *cleanse* myself just to remain sane with all this bad news.

  • realist

    Roydizle-this economy is a 747 on a spiral crash course-It’s not climbing anywhere. The crash is just being delayed by more gov. spending. Survey the middle class(while it’s still there) and you’ll see-stop believing the media lies.

  • Tony

    Go shopping for food that tells the whole story.

  • Mike S

    Our current leaders do all they can to hide the truth or, at least, distort it.
    Ignorance is a personal responsibility and the average american has grown intellectually lazy. Our leaders know this and take advantage of it. We are unwitting victims of propaganda by our own government to the extent of Russian Stalinist or German Nazi era citizens. We turn a blind eye to the truth as they did. When it comes we will deserve what we get.
    God help us!

    • Chris

      Mike S. you have put it more succinctly than almost any I have read. This is propaganda at a Nazi level, and the sad thing is, our society is a whole lot more naive and ignorant than theirs was. Wrestling, Nascar, NFL, NBA… The world of Idiocracy is fast approaching and we will grip our remotes and cheese burgers passively until it is at our doorsteps. Poor dumb basterds. The politicians will be the most prepared and best protected and they are the soulless sacks that are bringing this plight to the average American moron. I say we string them up before we forget how to tie a knot in favor of knowing who won American Idol this season.

  • Robert Glancy

    Well, I guess we’re getting to see the Democrat Party strategy in an election year. Cook the books in order to paint a rosy picture to give all the credit to Obama. No more “doom and gloom,” it’s all of a sudden “happy days are here again” or at least around the corner if we stay the course with Obama. My question is, if the messiah manages to get back in office for another term and the so-called “mainstream” news media-after it has done its job in getting him re-elected- starts reporting bad numbers again, does everything revert back to “it’s Bushs fault”?

    • Sameoldsonganddance


  • What a GREAT SITE!! I am going to put you on my recommended sites… Great articles, I read several of them today. I love when arguments are sourced for their facts. Drives the Liberals and Lame Street Media Crazy. One of my favorite site is the White House Dossier. He breaks a lot of news and is usually factual (I’m saying usually only because I haven’t been misled yet… but anyone can make a misteak…hahahaha)

  • The utopian promisers and scammers must be stopped.

  • Jack

    If the the Libs were prohibited from attacking people they disagree with by trying to invalidate them personaly and also prohibited from trying to downgrade truth by asking for personal experience on a given subject, this would surely show their aversion to common sense. Outside of invalidation of the source Libs have little ammo, this is why their arguments end up in street mobs and fake chaos when their policies actually lead to a malaise of symmetry.

  • Flash Gordon

    This article is extremely flawed. The writer is evidently misinformed on economic cycles.pity people actually believe this crap.

    • flash is stupid

      I thought stupid people like you were not allowed on this site. How did you slip through?

      • TheBigOne


        (Alarm) A HOOOOOOOOOGA!

    • ChapBix

      Lack of specifics on how it is flawed. Tell us how it is flawed so folks can respond to the specifics of your opinion.

  • Dave B

    A 18 year old that was wise beyond his years gave me a gem that seems to apply here. “FIGURES DON’T LIE UNLESS THE LIER IS DOING THE FIGURING”. This is what I think of when I hear or read government numbers being released….

  • TheRandGuy

    America is suffering because of the decision made to go from a production-based economy to a consumer-based economy. Government rewrote the tax laws to favor investing (speculating, in actuality) and punished corporations through the second highest corporate tax rate in the world. So, the jobs left America, rampant consumerism took hold, along with massive personal debt, and it all limped along until 2008. Lehman Brothers was the financial coronary that exposed the fragility of the US economy.

  • ArnieTheMan

    Obama is not only a pathological liar, but also a corrupt socialist and an incompetent.
    He has to lie constantly to garner yet more money and votes. Smiling like the Chessie Cat, he does little more than campaign, instead of doing his job. He has surrounded himself with like-minded socialists and together, they reward their allies with billions of taxpayer dollars via loans and other help.
    He is destroying America, and lemmings continue to support this dictator. He should be impeached. He waged an illegal war against Libya.

  • catman

    Well, I’ve been living in NJ for 33 years now. And, as I drive around town, I’ve never seen so many businesses close down! Everywhere you go, stores are empty and closed down. If you need a business location, you can find cheap/available ones everywhere.

  • Keith

    Ever wonder why the more Washington DC does, the WORSE things get?

    • TheBigOne

      Nope! It’s all part of the One Global currency plan which they wanted in the 60s but the technology for a global money tracking program wasn’t ready for it back then.

  • Reinier

    So, we have Obama to blame for all this! Wow! And I thought the breaks went out of the downhill freight train while Bush was in office, doing nothing to fix it. Obama stood in front of the train and at at least slowed it down to crawl. It will take a long time to fix it and it wont be cheap.

    • TheBigOne

      Except during Bush there was record construction going on which shows how well the economy is doing.

      Our neighbor here in Silverton Oregon was a foreman and during the *Bush* era did lots of construction in our local area. He helped build the then new Keizer Station shopping *which should’ve just been a mall as it requires lots of driving between sites just to go anywhere* and he finished the new high school which was only half complete due to running out of funds.

      He had lots of work until the economy crash and has had to work out of state in 2010. Now he found some work in remodeling a bunch of Goodwill stores up in Poorland…….I mean Portland but still not a sign of construction here.

      The housing industry definitely stopped and the only *new* homes are build by individuals themselves.

      Many home lots that have been for sale in 2008 are STILL for sale!

      If the economy truly was improving the housing industry would know and construction would begin again and all those lots would have houses being built.

  • Bald dude

    Scary stuff, cynicism, the mind set of the new millennium. Sounds familiar like the Weimar Republic. How trustworthy are his statistics, take one look in the mirror,and you will know the answer!!!

  • greg

    I went through this in the early 80’s when gold
    and silver were rising nothing materialized from
    it thats when we had the s&l bailout. What I cant comprehend today is the amounts of currency
    floated through our nation and other foreign nations, excluding land there is not enough wealth or wealth creation to satisfy theses debts the only way I see the debt disappearing
    is through inflation we in the USA are dealing in fiat currency the only method of giving it
    any value is to make it appear that it has value to the people you are distributing it to. I dont know if we could tie our currency to a gold standard it would have to be a mixed basket of commodities one problem the weimar republic had were outside influencs trading their notes for gold I just dont know what is going to happen I guess thats the scary part to make the changes you need to make to survive in an economic collapse such as this takes every one in your immediate family to take this seriuosly that seems to be the hardest part the more I try to explain my fears the more inactive my family becomes my wife seems very worried but i think all her worrying seems to shut her down and not want to think about it I just dont see any way out of this economic mess with out alot of pain
    I try to find articles that describe to me a way out besides a few short term outlooks i cant find any I do this for other view points so maybe theres something im not thinking about
    but i see nothing no way out.

  • Harry

    I went through the recession in the 1970s. I was a fool and entered the university to earn a degree, but then the whole job market began to collapse. First Allied Chemical moved to Iran in 1976. Then Armco the steel plant began to close its operations. Now we have assembly jobs called fast food joints. Sure I have a job, but it requires a backgroud check every year and being fingerprinted every year. First thing I would do is dump all my stocks which I own none. Buy gold, silver and food because these things will become scarce in an economic crisis. We had a power outage that lasted for four days and ice became very scarce. Generators was scarce and even toilet paper became scarce.

    • TheSameoldsonganddance

      Wow! And to think that was only a natural disaster and not a terrorist attack on the grid!

      It seems Disqus monitors comments if they contain political names.

  • Iseethruyou

    The collapse of the economy has been pre planned since the 60’s. The reason our gov’t has been running us into debt by the trillions it because it’s all part of the same plan. When everything falls apart, the mega banks will step in and offer to take away our debt for land. As in all the land in the U.S. They will make this offer to all other countries which will collapse. Hence, the U.N. will have total control globally. This is their master plan. For more info read the book ” Iron Mountain, Blue Print for Tyranny”. Or just search it on youtube.

  • jerryo

    this is an excellent posting. The government continues to make it look like we are getting better. You would think people would wise up to the lies they keep hearing. Oh well, if you keep telling a lie long enough, people are eventually going to accept it as fact. Boy are they in a for a rude awakening.

    I am so glad that I found some really great advise from a millionaire.

    He has a free webinar that explains just how it is and how we can prepare for it.

    Most people are going to be left out in the cold when the collapse happens. Make sure you do something now to prepare yourself for it.

  • A. Veteran

    What most of the people fail to realize is that the first mistake was when Nixon took us off of the gold standard and buffalo’d the nation into thinking that trust in the government and the economy is more valuable than gold. Didn’t he make a deal with Red China before our withdrawl from Viet Nam declairing them the most favored trade nation? Didn’t he pardon Jimmy Hoffa? What happened to the gold that’s supposed to be in Fort Knox? Trust, Nixon? Ok so he escaped the firing squad and resigned rather than be impeached. What were the following prresidents supposed to do with the mess they inherited? Viet Nam, Watergate, Iran, Reganomics?
    We need for the gross national product to exceed the amount of money we spend on forign (Chinese) imports and reinvest on our infrastructure. If we don’t Socialism may be the only realistic solution. Money that is spent in America stays in America. Spending so much money in forign markets that we owe money to is like shopping at the company store.

  • TheBigOne

    One investment wh8ich we are doing is buy extra bars of soap! Yes when there are energy shortages which WILL happen with the Demo’s war on coal having soap could get you out of the country or save you’re life!

    When there are extreme shortages soap will be hard to come by and whatever soap exists there will be LONG lines to get it as people will be desperate.

    Heck a pilot who hasn’t had a wash in a month you could pay him to fly you out to where ever there is hope which is most definitely NOT here.

    Canada I think will persecute many Americans so I wouldn’t go there unless you to go the Western Canada part where they are more into hunting and have laid back attitudes.

    Their brand of Liberals are more centered right then here

  • TheBigOne

    Don’t know about you but where we live in western Oregon construction has grinded to a halt since the economic crash.

    We almost were going to move to Prineville in Central Oregon for dad to retire as he had dreams to build a simple dome house before we found out the hard way that dome companies no longer exists.

    We went to Central Oregon to talk to people there which Dad got a lot of information he otherwise wouldn’t have known and one good news we found out was the economy in Central Oregon was almost unphased.

    Homes in Central Oregon are still being made and there are plans for new grocery stores where here in the valley there hasn’t been any new homes since 08 unless they are done by individual people rather then contractors.

    there are HUGE lots that haven’t been touched since they were started during the end of the *Bush days*.

    During the end of the Clinton era there was a brief recession too where there was going to be a HUGE multi million dollar neighborhood in the hills which would be a gated community but only 1/4ths of it was done before the company went belly up.

    When it was built they put in a pond that was originally going to house tennis courts and a club house but the Clintion recession prevented that so during the Bush Day’s when the economy gained again it was decided to make that neighborhood more park like.

    They put in walking trails around the pond and didn’t do those tennis courts and other recreation things I don’t remember.

    The neighborhood is called Abiqua Heights in Silverton Oregon and was meant to be mullti million dollar mansions during the late 90s but there was a brief recession and the whole thing fell apart literally.

    Same thing with another neighborhood near by that one called Evens Valley so instead of rich mansions they crammed a bunch of houses together which the garage was the size of the living room!

    The economy really does effect hou houses are built and when.

  • TheBigOne


    I can’t point them out as it will get my comments moderated as Disqus seems to moderate the comments where I post political names and when I delete the political names my comments go thru.

    I refuse to support sites that support Disqus. Period!

    Sorry Disqus but you deserve to be shot!

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