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If You Are Unemployed, Should You Move Somewhere Else In Order To Find A Job?

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It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Unfortunately, millions of Americans find themselves slowly going insane as they apply for hundreds upon hundreds of jobs and yet never get hired.  It is incredibly difficult to get a good job in most areas of the United States today.  So if you are unemployed, and there are no jobs in your area, should you hire a long distance moving company and move somewhere else in an attempt to find work?  That is a very hard question.  Of course if what you are currently doing right now is not working it is only natural to want to change course, but sadly unemployment is absolutely rampant all over the United States.  Today, the “official” unemployment rate is hovering around 9 percent, but the true employment picture is much bleaker than that.  There are millions and millions of unemployed Americans that are so discouraged and have given up looking for a job for so long that the U.S. government does not even consider them “part of the labor force” any longer.  If they were included in the “official” figure, the true unemployment rate would be well into double figures.  In addition, there are millions upon millions of Americans that are working part-time jobs or very low paying jobs because that is all they can get.  Those millions of “underemployed” Americans would jump at the chance to get a “good job” if that opportunity was available. Low income jobs now make up 41% of all the jobs in the United States.  So there are a lot of people that have a job that really wish that they were making a lot more money.  Because of the lack of good jobs, millions of American families have been pushed to the edge of economic desperation and millions of American families are drowning in debt.  So what do you do if there are no good jobs in your area?  Do you sit tight or do move to a new location hoping for something better?

On the negative side, it can be extremely expensive to move.  Not only will you have moving expenses, but you will also have to find a new place to live, set up new utilities, change your insurance policies, register your vehicles in a new area, etc. etc.

Moving somewhere new almost always costs more money than you think that it will.

Then, once you get to a new location, often you don’t have the same “connections” that you did in the place where you used to live.

And in today’s economy, having “connections” is one of the only ways that you can get a good job.

On the flip side, there are actually a few areas of the United States where the unemployment rate is low right now and where there do seem to be some good jobs available.

When people ask me where to look for a job, I tell them to check out North and South Dakota.  It is cold as the dickens up there, but if you can handle the cold you just might be able to find work.

However, it is extremely risky to move somewhere new without having a job first.  Most people that have been through that “adventure” know what I am talking about.

But sometimes in life you have to take a risk.  Today there are over 47 million Americans that are living in poverty, and that number is increasing every single month.  Sitting on your couch and doing nothing is not going to get you where you need to be.

Rather than just sit there and sink even deeper into desperation, an increasing number of Americans are deciding to make a move.  There are some areas of the United States that have become absolute hellholes.  After years of experiencing intense economic frustration in those hellholes, many Americans are picking up stakes and are heading for greener pastures.

For example, the following video report from RT describes how large numbers of people are now abandoning Riverside, California….

Sadly, very few jobs are truly safe anymore.

Years ago, I would tell people to look into government jobs because they were relatively more secure.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Today, state and local government debt has reached at an all-time high of 22 percent of U.S. GDP.  State and local governments from coast to coast are implementing austerity programs and are laying off employees at a staggering pace.

The following is a chart from the Federal Reserve of local government hiring over the past five years.  Obviously, the trend is not heading in a positive direction….

Most Americans don’t realize just how nightmarish the financial problems of many of our state and local governments are right now.

For example, the state of California is basically a financial basket case at this point.  In a recent article I discussed the cold, hard reality that California is broke and I explained some of the reasons why millions of people have already left the state….

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there was a seemingly endless parade of pop songs about how great life was in California, and millions of young Americans dreamed of moving to the land of sandy beaches and golden sunshine.  But now all of that has changed.  Today, millions of Californians are dreaming about leaving the state for good.  The truth is that California is broke.  The economy of the state is in shambles.  The official unemployment rate has been sitting above 12 percent for an extended period of time, and poverty is everywhere.  For many Californians today, there are very few reasons to stay in the state but a whole lot of reasons to leave: falling housing prices, rising crime, budget cuts, rampant illegal immigration, horrific traffic, some of the most brutal tax rates in the nation, increasing gang violence and the ever present threat of wildfires, mudslides and natural disasters.  The truth is that it is easy to understand why there are now more Americans moving out of California each year than there are Americans moving into the state.  California has become a complete and total disaster zone in more ways than one, and an increasing number of Californians are deciding that enough is enough and they are getting out for good.

On the “Survive And Thrive TV” channel on YouTube, one Californian that was in the process of moving to a different state was recently interviewed as he was preparing to leave.  The following interview shows the mindset of many that are leaving California.  It also contains just a bit of strong language, so if you are sensitive to that you may want to not watch this video….

Other desperate Americans are taking a different approach.  Instead of moving to a new area, these Americans are coming up with “creative” ways of raising cash.

For example, a criminal gang of white middle-aged women in Detroit nicknamed the “Mad Hatters” has become so successful that they have made international news.  It is alleged that they have pulled off a stunning series of robberies.

According to the Telegraph, the “Mad Hatters” have stolen somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars so far….

The total value of merchandise and cash stolen could be as high as $500,000, police said. The women stole almost $200,000 from one bank.

In a previous article I detailed many of the ways that Americans have “gone wild” lately, but it was even shocking to me to hear of a gang of middle-aged women terrorizing the city of Detroit.

What in the world is happening to America?

Is there any hope for us?

  • edsl48

    The Dust Bowl Okies tried this back in the 30s and it did not work to well for them. I would think it would be better to hit the internet and flood the market with job hunting before blindly moving somewhere without a job waiting for me.

  • “What in the world is happening to America?”

    “Is there any hope for us?”

    Politicians gave our industrial base to Communist China and other emerging nations. These jobs will not be coming back. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Americans should pack up and move back to the family farm.

  • richard

    Hi to all of you overseas bros, my call is from Italy, I suggest you to get together and start to think how to address your future. Sustainable self production in small communities (never to fall in what the system aims: everyone to think for himself.No, this is complete wrong)and to build an overall thought where it can be done just in this way and not combating one to each other.
    Learn the ways to produce agriculture good without any technical support as mechanicals or chemicals (see Masanobu Fukuoka teachings). Provide yourself with heirloom seed, staff to water cleaning, and never to forget, never to run against your brother: your only enemy are Bankers and Fed (plus bigpharma, Monsanto, etc. and all big corporations).Find out all past remedies to struggle with pathogenic sicknesses as using and self producing AC and Lugol (hand made iodine solution) both extremely effective against a large amount of pathogenic sicknesses induction.
    Be together. This is the real power we all left. Don’t forget it.
    God bless all of us.
    Time is getting harder.

  • Michael

    There is no hope for Americans, because most don’t understand why our economy is collapsing. There is also little unity here, compared to countries in Europe.

    When the French covernment tried to raise the retirement age, the Unions practically shut the country down. The government backed down.

    In Iceland, virtually the entire adult population demonstrated when it was asked to bail out British banks. The gov’t backed down.

    When Dutch bankers wanted to give themselves bonuses, people threatened to withdraw all their money, and the bankers gave in.

    In these countries the governments are afraid of the people, but in America it is the opposite. European leaders must be thanking God that their people are not allowed to have guns.

    Americans are also extrememly gullible and believe most of what the gov’t tells them. The recent Bin Laden hoax is a great example.

    What happened to us? Is it the flouride and other poisons they put in the water, the education system, or addiction to pop culture that has made us so passive that we will tolerate any form of injustice? Americans will even tolerate filthy TSA perverts molesting their kids at airports.

    If most people stopped flying, airlines would start going bankrupt and they would pressure the gov’t to remove these unconstitutional measures. But we Americans just don’t want to inconvenience ourselves.

    I live in northern CA and it is definitely a craphole. I don’t see any point in moving to another state, as I see the US becoming a 3rd world police state in a few years. I’m considering leaving the country, but haven’t decided where yet.

  • stanislav mishin

    Then considering leaving the US. Russia’s economy is constrained by a lack of professionals to meet the exploding REAL growth rates of industry and Russia pumps out a lot more engineers then the Americas. Of course, from what I have seen, most Americans are to provincial to think of leaving far, let alone to another nation, so most will sit where they are and suffer into the grave.

  • I deeply sympathise for my American neighbour. I have a commentary I wrote title, “Rest in the Lord is simple”. It is for Christians and none Christians who seek answers to the present financial dilemma. We all need to go back to the source that made America a great and prosper nation. “Rest in the Lord is simple”

    Andre Delage
    Glovertown, Newfoundland,

  • Xander cross

    The bible is the most evil book ever written by man and yet many people claim to worship this deity from the bible but they don’t follow the old testament. Throughout history people have been killed in the name of god than any other reason. The prison system is filled with Christians and the divorce rate is over 50% among Christians. Just look at the most violent states in America and they all have one thing in common, they are bible christians states.

  • Jason

    I was in St. Louis and found the market really tough, de-industrializing with only a handful of tech jobs. However, in my sector, I found so many job postings for technical jobs in the Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) so I came here on a temporary basis. Although unemployment is around 12% with pockets of unemployment in construction, servives, and some other sectors, jobs in technology are booming. At one stage in 2010 one company was outbidding another for employees by as much as 75% increases. I have also found recruiters calling me weekly for new jobs. Therefore, I think we generalize a bit when we say how bad it is. A lot of it has to do with finding the right market and gaining the right skill sets to make yourself marketable.

  • Should be unemployment instead of employment in first paragraph.(much bleaker than that)
    The lower the pay than the less the gov brings in. You would think that the gov would put more effort into it. They don’t seem to.
    The graph of govt hiring has dropped. I don’t see much laying off of gov emp. Heard of teachers but everything else is silent. Millions of private emp layed off but little gov emp.

  • jane

    Although what you say is 100% correct on all levels, I have yet to really ‘see’ people concerned about it. While in grocery stores/gas stations I will casually remark about the high prices of food and gas and almost ALL of the responses go something like this: “the prices always go up in the spring then back down”, “it’s O.K. I got Obama”, “it’s because of Libya, “I hadn’t really noticed”, “I eat out so I don’t notice”, “have they really gone up that much?”, and the big one 2 days ago about gas prices “now that they killed Bin Laden gas prices will start to come down”. Yes, we are a nation of idiots. The mall parking lot is so full on the weekends one would think it’s Christmas. Best Buy is jammed with people buying [credit card] “stuff”. Hooters, Red Lobster [40-50 waiting outside], Applebees always have a long waiting list. These are not cheap places to eat. A family of 4 spending $21 on shakes at Wendy’s? Am I missing something here? And then I realize exactly what will happen when hyperinflation hits [thanks to sites like this] All I can think of is RUN FOR YOUR LIFE….

  • Golden Child

    It is another media lie that certain parts of the country have better job markets. I live in the Baltimore-Washington corridor, which supposedly has the best job market in the country. There are a lot of good jobs out here, but if you don’t know anybody or have any good connections, you aren’t going to get a good job. There are tons of lazy overpaid government workers in DC and the Maryland suburbs that live lives of excess, decadence and luxury. After all, public sector federal employees earn roughly DOUBLE the salary of their private sector counterparts. However, getting a government job is like winning the lottery. Once you get a good gov’t job, it is essentially the same as winning the lottery because many paper-pushing gov’t workers do NOT work. Many DC gov’t workers have been busted for looking at porn 8 hours a day everyday and still can’t get fired:

    Also, the crap hole, crime-ridden, homicide, Heroin, AIDS capital known as Baltimore City proves that things can’t be all that great here in Maryland. About 80% of Baltimore is a run-down slum. There are tens of thousands of generationally poor folks who are permanent members of the underclass in Baltimore City in the nation’s capital in DC. Nowhere is “recession proof”. There are few middle class jobs in America. All that is left is low wage service jobs, crappy low pay temp positions and a handful of high status jobs in finance for those with elite educations and connections as well as subsidized overpaid welfare government public sector jobs for a few lucky lazy people.

  • zimtran

    The state and local governments no longer run California. Myriads of tiny gang ruled fiefdoms are the only real political structures remaining in much of southern CA. The few police that the local governments can afford are totally out-gunned by the vast criminal mini-states. Those that want to survive go on the gangland payrolls of the cartels. Mexico’s gang ruled proviences are the wave of the future in CA too.

  • JLouise

    This is a wake up call and the trend is going to continue. There is no reversal coming anytime soon.

  • 005

    Another article that really hit home.
    The last job fair I went to, about half of the advertised companies showed up. The companies that where there, school, healthcare, military reserve, temp agencies, all of them weren’t hiring, just advertising for their businesses.

    The one that got me though, was a pawn shop. They weren’t hiring either, just advertising the great rates they had for gold, silver, etc.
    Half expected the “muzak” they were playing in the place to be “Brother can You spare a Dime.”

  • laura m.

    First of all, I see no future for America. As a retiree I can remember when we “made stuff” here, had an industrial base, as jobs were plentiful for all types of work and education levels. We moved from Fla. which has always had high unemployment, in the early 80’s to a nearby state. We have prospered. If you have a skill or trade, by all means move elsewhere. Husband lined up a job 90 miles away, then we moved ourselves. Fla has no future either along with several other states. America has no hope because people have no vision. The corporate fascists running the guv’ment are more worried about the type of light bulbs in houses than building back our rail roads and infrastructure. I feel I was born on another planet as I look back in time. Raising kids today is totally useless.

  • Gary2

    I would NEVER move anywhere for a job. I have seen several people I know uproot their family and move 1000’s of miles for a job only to be downsized with in a year and in one case in one month. Because corporations can not be trusted and have zero loyalty to employees, even those who move for the company, I would never put myself and my family at this risk.

  • Gary2

    Of course if we would simply tax the rich and spread the wealth this would be much less of an issue.

    Obama will win in 2012 on the making millionairess and billionaires pay more and I love it!

  • If you have to move due to the economy, don’t just move to another big city where you will face the same challenges when the financial crisis in the country gets worse.

    Relocate to a rural area, where you can get a labor job, develop your survival skill and be a part of a small community.

    If you can’t leave your city, then the SURVIVE IN PLACE Urban Survival Guide shows you how to survive during a crisis, and protect yourself and your family.

  • flubadub

    Xander cross,

    You wrote, “Just look at the most violent states in America and they all have one thing in common, they are bible christians states.”

    Even if statistics show any greater concentration of crime in what you call “bible christians states” the problem is not because of a higher concentration of Christians. Crime is almost always a result of going AGAINST the teachings of Jesus and Christianity as revealed in the New testament. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t have any worries about walking past a church service that was just letting out. But granted, like the old bumper stickers say, Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.

  • Travesty

    Our family has lost work here in southern New Jersey, My wife lost her job at a local bank and i lost my job in construction. my 2 children are too young for school. We cannot afford to rent or to buy. We are practically living out of our car washing up in rest stops and eating fast food. Sleeping at run down hotels in the south of Jersey.
    I am writing this from a public library that my wife and i use the computers to look for work.
    We get two unemployment checks delivered to our post office box. We do not know how or where to move to find work. I guess as a family we might have to join the Appalachian people if they welcome us.
    This is our American Dream, thank you all.

  • James

    With the government stating that the jobs we used to have aren’t coming back. The unemployed need a reality check and think in terms of returning to a farm life. Try to buy a few acres of land and grow their food and fiber on them. All of those boarded up buildings in the movie should be torn down and made into fields for growing food locally. Nobody is going to be able buy them except the elite rich, and they don’t really want them.

  • mondobeyondo

    It used to be in days gone by, that you COULD pack up the family and possessions, and head to greener pastures. The Okies of the 1930’s Dust Bowl are probably the most famous example. California offered opportunities, jobs, and the hope for a better life.

    In the postwar South, hundreds of thousands of blacks migrated north to Detroit and other industrial cities. There was opportunity at Detroit’s auto plants, the steel mills, etc. In fact, the jobs paid so well that it took only one breadwinner to not just support an entire family, but buy a house and car, and take vacations in the summer as well!

    It’s a totally different story in 2011, because there is little opportunity to earn a good job anywhere. California – ha! Detroit? We all know about Detroit. The steel and lumber mills are closed. Most of what’s left are low wage service jobs which pay hardly enough for the rent or mortgage. There is very little production or manufacturing now. You can’t have a healthy, vibrant economy when your work force consists of cashiers, greeters, and burger flippers. It also kills incentive, innovation and aspiration… How does a fast food cook advance in his profession? Go to Le Cordon Bleu for training to cook McEscargot and McCroissants?!

    There may still be some modern day Okies, but they won’t find any promised land of milk and honey in this country right now, because it’s just as bad everywhere. “Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide” (Martha and the Vandellas, 1964)

  • Rod

    An amusing notion, but this is simply a case of “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”.
    Who seriously believes there’s “somewhere” that’s escaped the economic collapse ?
    If such a place did exist, everyone would have gone there by now and there wouldn’t be any jobs left…
    Rest assured, the collapse in the USA is being felt worlwide – nowhere is a safe haven.
    When the US goes down so does everyone else as this is a global economy inextricably linked at every level just like the global ecosystem.
    If you think another country is a good bet, it’s almost certain it isn’t, especially when you look at the REAL figures.
    You think Australia is strong ? It’s not.
    The AUD is 1c behind the USD which is around 4c, so it’s just fiat currency like the rest.
    The Aussie governemtn is devaluing the dollar to protect our export markets so the AUD is goin’ down like the USD.
    We have the same percentage of people totally dependant on government handouts as the USA.
    We have no real manufacturing base – we just export raw materials.
    There’s enormous government job cuts happening right now and the people don’t even have a clue what’s really happening in the world, and when they learn…oh boy…SHTF time in a B-I-G way.

    It’s the same deal in Europe, middle east, everywhere. There’s nowhere to go !!
    Your best bet is a country location where you can be self-sufficient and generate your own income – you just can’t work for someone else anymore. As has been said there’s no such thing as a safe job anymore.
    The good old days are OVER.

  • mondobeyondo

    I, too, have noticed those full parking lots in front of Best Buy, Applebees, Olive Garden, etc. Teenage girls in their “Abercrombie and Fitch” blouses, shopping at Victoria’s Secret. And lots of supposedly “broke” people at Sears and Best Buy, buying 3-D televisions, computers, cell phones, Call of Duty for PS3, etc.

    Supposedly, a great number of these people are unemployed, on food stamps, other government aid, or suffering from some other financial hardship. Go figure!

    The mainstream media has failed to explain this paradox. Nobody else seems to be able to either.

    (Um, okay, I can explain Tiffany and Nordstrom. Most of their customers are wealthy and high-end people who have money. The teen girls at Victoria’s Secret? Mommy and Daddy gave them their credit cards to use.

    But the rest of you? Come on now! You don’t need a GPS system. When I travel, I use a folding paper thing called a map.)

  • Otown Right Guy


    I too wonder about all of the packed Best Buys and waiting lists at Chilis and Applebees that I see here in Orlando. Its like the recession/depression never happened. When these fools finally max their credit cards and lose their jobs, they will probably become Gary2s and blame the “rich” for their own stupidity.

  • Colin

    I am very scared. I have experience as a retail worker and as a delivery driver, and I don’t see myself being able to get a job. My mother is in her 60’s, and is working as a contracted temp worker for 18 months. I don’t see how I will be able to support myself or her or our family when she isn’t able to work. Though I have considered moving from California, I am very reluctant to do so. Chiefly, I am mentally ill and I need a state that will continue to fund mental health programs. Many states that are governed by the Republicans are cutting aid for the mentally ill. Secondly, how can I justify moving when the only jobs I could possibly obtain pay minimal wage? I don’t see many options, and I feeling more and more trapped.

  • savethepopulation

    The Bible is the Word of God. Perhaps those so-called “Christians” in prisons and with divorces are in reality NOT Christians. Jesus himself says that the way is narrow…most do not follow Christ though they claim, so you’re argument there fails.

    I left the USSA six years ago sensing something was wrong. I’m having a blast living abroad…I see no reason at all to stay in one place. There are countless opportunities abroad for those with skills.

    Now that my own own government has gone terrorist, I have no reason to ever come back.

  • Owen

    The day is coming when the umemployed masses of America storm across the Mexican border in search of a better life and cheaper prices. I foresee this same golden horde assaulting the beaches of China and India in search of jobs that actually make something…

  • McKinley Morganfield

    Things are not so dire in ND, SD, NE, IA, & WY. In fact we’re doing okay. We are the stronghold. We have it all, agricultural, mineral, and energy resources. Plus, we are for the most part straight shooters with low populations. Bring your skills and assets to our region. We will survive and develop a regional economy once the credit/debt bubble bursts.

  • Freedom Lover

    Xander cross
    Where did this brain dead drone come in from? must of washed up on the beach and be too water logged to understand English or just lies all the time. I mean come on what kind of moron believe lies she is telling. The Bible has killed more people and Christian then anyone else. Is that kind of crap Gary2 union puke teachers are spreading to children today? Anyone with half a clue knows Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were athesist and killed 10’s of millions more then Christian where do these evil people like her come up with all these lies and myths got to be the liberal union teachers spreading this trash and calling it an education.

  • 007

    Bankruptcy law is booming. So is helping small businesses in tax trouble. Truth is competition, regulation and taxation is so horrible it is choking businesses to death. How can it be any wonder why anyone would dare try to open a business and hire people in this sick environment. When u drive down the road notice the boarded up businesses, know for each one, there are three more business’s handing on by their fingernails.

    Government needs to take the boot off the throat off of small business. Otherwise just accept living in decay, with gang violence, hopelessness with your food stamps. If you are not killed by the gang violence, you may notice your government handout is shrinking dramatically due to inflation.

    They are not buying your vote. It’s more like they are renting you cheap. In addition they are playing you for a fool, thinking you wo t even notice.

    Time to ask yourself do you want a shrinking government check which can not last much longer, or would you like a job and a dream for a decent living for your family. It is that simple.

    If you want jobs and hope help reform the republican party. get rid of those socialist communist democrats.

  • Bill Stewart

    Some people are not just trying to move from one part of the US to another, some are actively trying to flee the US economic collapse.

    These links are one example I came across…

    @ grouply

    @ Yahoo

    @ EP



  • J

    You should all move abroad to another country and teach English. There are many English teaching opportunities available. Get the CELTA. It’s $2495 and four weeks long. These web sites have many English teaching opportunities available:

    Most of your ancestors moved abroad to find work. Maybe you all should too.

  • Rod — sorry, but not all places are the same. Russia is bursting at the seams. Last month finance minister Kudron came out and flat out said that the main hold up on Russian growth now is a lack of more professionals, as demand has far far outstripped supply and Russia produces about twice as many engineers as the US.

    My own city is nothing but cranes, with office centers, high rise apartment buildings and factories going up left and right and as I travel a lot, I see the same in all major Russian cities.

    Sabanin, the new mayor of Moscow, has banned all new construction in the city centers, as the traffic can’t take it, all construction is on the edges and there too it is booming.

    Heck, at one point, they were even giving visas to Mexicans to come work construction, as there is not enough workers. Irish are all over here.

    So you are wrong, some places, by cutting taxes (corp tax is down from 25% to 20%), with low income tax (flat 13% and flat 6% for registered entrueprenuers), by cutting the police force and the other bureaucracies by 20% over 2 years, by making sure small business has easy credit and paying taxes is easy, have made the right decisions, rather then follow the US/EU lemmings off of the cliff.

    Oh and high import tariffs make sure a lot and growing amounts of stuff is made here.

  • Nowheretorun

    I am currently driving throughout the United States looking for a decent job.
    I graduated last year with a bachelors in communications.
    Since then,I have traveled to Pa. NJ. NYC. Con. Del. with the money i saved and have not been able to get a job that pays more then minimum.
    I do not mean to sound ungrateful. I am sure there are a lot of people who would gladly take min. wage and flip burgers.
    But i can not and will not with settle for less with a Bachelors in communications and a student loan of $40,000 that i have to pay back.
    I will keep looking in all the states and eventually find a decent paying job with benefits or I will and i repeat will turn to a life of crime.

  • Xander cross

    No, adolf hitler was a Christian and believe in the arryan race. His personal notes and blessings from the church is well documented. You are not informed about the history of hitler.

  • Xander cross

    The bible is a fictional book and none of you believe in the old testament so that proves my point about christianty. Once again most of the people who you all are against (politicians) are Christians and as usual you all pick and choose what you want to believe.

  • SwampRat

    “move back to the family farm…”

    Sorry, not possible. Your family either sold it outright or sub-divided it when your parents needed to retire because the kids weren’t interested in farming. “Family farms” are heading into extinction…. bought out by “mega farms” or turned into now vacant sub-divisions as people move closer to the cities, looking for work or a closer commute.

    Things in Rural USA aren’t very good either! Those of us that live “out here” would prefer that you “city people” just stay where you are…

  • Gary, I think you are a secret millionare. When the SHTF I’m robbing you first.

  • mondobeyondo

    Those who used to flip houses, are now flipping burgers. What a paradox!!

  • Jane

    J: I’ll let you in on a little known “secret” regarding your “freedom” of being an American. While your suggestion about teaching English abroad is right on, there is one draw back. WHEN YOU LEAVE THE U.S. YOUR TAX LIABILITY IS 10 FRIGGIN YEARS! I still as yet to file for dual citizenship in Italy because of this. And, if you denounce your U.S. status , you lose ANY Social Security benefits and Pension! So I had another thought. Maybe I could run a store using the barter system [local veggies, used clothes ect..] Guess what, BARTER IS ILLEGAL IN THE U.S. Yep, keeping you broke and depressed is what it’s all about…..

  • Gary2

    NickyG-I wish, oh don’t I wish that were true.

  • alex

    *********** this country and every white pice of **** white person in it your finally going to get a dose of your own medicine.

  • Bernie

    Most of these states where people are relocating are having a severe housing crunch. Good luck.

  • It’s completely obvious why U.S. unemployment is so high: labor is now internationally fungible, and thus will get hired where its cheapest (all costs considered, of course). So until developing world wages rise enough (or ours fall enough) to make it unprofitable to export labor, labor will continue to be exported. Of course, no politician is willing to say this, because he’d essentially be saying: “My fellow Americans, you may have many more years ahead of you of no real pay increases, and perhaps even pay cuts.”

    Outsource your job search to us. Premium job search assistance –

  • Gamesover

    Games over. everyone lost but the bankers of the world.
    It was all one big game of monopoly and everyone got wiped out. The bankers made off with the cash for their families and friends.
    The 21st century bankers are the Pharasees and money changers of the biblical world.
    Yes they and their families too will soon pay the price of greed.

  • Freedom Lover

    Xander cross Hitler used the church to control the people he wanted and beside you are the one picking and choosing Stalin the biggest mass murdered in the history of the world was an athesit. You are nothing but a liar posting your anti Christian trash. Spreading your type of hate is not helping anyone and only making you look like a the fool you truly are.

  • SmokeDogg

    So, you want hundreds of thousands of people to move to 2 states that have barely 30,000 jobs put together, and the housing shortage there is so critical that even people with $50K a year jobs sleep in hotels while they wait on their trailer order?

  • SmokeDogg

    The People are nice, but the Police in Fargo try to goad out of towners with out of state plates especially if they are Black into chases.

  • stanislav mishin

    Xander cross

    Wrong, Hitler was born into a Catholic family but he was no christian and as a matter of fact, wrote to the Mufti of Jerusalem, before that guy had to flee to Germany from the British, how he admired Islam for its blood thirsty militant nature and wanted to import it.

    Hitler was your prime modern liberal: he was an animal rightest, didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, used meth, hung around homosexuals (his best friend whom he had shot) and quite a bit of the nazi leadership, was asexual himself, believed in a form of Marxism: Lenin-Troskism. Hated the old art, philosephy and love of the human life, believing in eugenics and euthanasia.

    That is not a Christian, that is a modern liberal.

  • rickM

    What is happening to us?

  • Interlaced

    @Freedom Lover: Stalin has nothing on the massacre of the Native Americans. This literally was an event of near extinction of an entire race. Do I have to bring up which people of which religion were responsible for this? … Also, which people of which religion decimated the lives for generations on end of the African peoples? Any belief in organized religion is neurotic and is a false opportunity to place your fears and insecurities into a pretense when the volatility of life shows up. Weakness and religious people are one in the same …

  • Imshocked

    They’ve set themselves free by not paying their mortgages. Millions of them. Party on folks!

  • NL Boston MA

    Here in the Boston area (actually most of New England) it is as a recession never happened.

  • NL Boston MA

    And I live in the Boston area which is supposed to have the 2nd Best Job Market after Wash DC but as someone said about that area you need to know the right people and have gone to the right college to get a good job. I got laid off from a major bank at the end of 2009 and since then have only been able to find temp work that is supposed to be 6+ months or ‘temp to perm’. In reality the company is just hiring the temp either as a seatwarmer until the hired perm person starts or they have some ‘clean up’ project that no one wants to do.

  • XX

    Don’t blame the Chinese.

    Don’t blame the Irish either. Or the Indians, the Brazilians, the Cambodians, Bangladeshi, Chileans, Mexicans, Polish, Hungarians, etc. After all, outsourced jobs went EVERYWHERE, not just China. They’re just trying to compete in a global business environment.

    But even WITHIN AMERICA, low-end jobs became INSOURCED to lower-paid, unskilled illegal immigrants that businesses hire with impugnity, knowing they would not be cracked down upon.

    Or these businesses recruited under-paid “legal” work visa immigrants with technical skills that businesses wanted to hire cheap (so they attended sessions held by law firms on how to PRETEND to put out Help Wanted ads for qualified Americans, and PRETEND not to find any qualified applications). So they sponsor some programmer from India who works 60-hour weeks for $35,000/year, who are at the mercy of their employer, who can’t leave for another job or will be deported.

    Only in America do you see 9% unemployment and yet hundreds of thousands of legal work visas issued.

    Who should you blame? Blame the CEOs and executives (Microsoft, Tyson Foods, Chase) who directed and oversaw the outsourcing of manufacturing, farming, food processing, service, and technical jobs to other countries or insourced it to illegal aliens and work visa slaves. And blame the politicians (mostly Republicans, but also some Democrats) who bent over backwards to take campaign contributions in the rear in return for helping them.

    But unfortunately, few do blame them. It’s much easier to blame the Chinese than it is to blame one’s fellow (mostly White) Americans.

  • brigit

    Someone quoted Washington DC and Boston as 2 areas “that seem not to be touched by the recession”.
    In Boston, the jobs are mostly Biotech, because pretty soon Monsanto, Cargill, and all of the Frankenfood GMO’s will soon be the norm. These companies need the biotech industry (based mainly in MASS) to develop GM poisons.
    For DC- it is a similar game. Sure, there are jobs-in the military-industrial complex, useless think tanks, government agencies.

    I have tried to secure a teaching job in and around these cities, and to no avail. Universities only want adjunct faculty (read-part-time, no benefits). Despite having three languages under my belt, and two degrees, 2 endorsements in teaching, there is nothing out there in my field.
    I applied for a part-time teaching job in economics and Beginning Mandarin Chinese at an elite school near Boston. I was told there were 320 applicants. Absolutely incredible.

  • Bea

    We changed our residency to another state three times; it was due to our desire to advance ourselves economically. We were not unemployed. If we did it for economic reasons, why can’t the unemployed. We never would accept welfare or unemployment when we could get a job; moving was never an obstacle.

  • “Is there any hope for us?” Yes, but we need a plan. To solve the unemployment problem (and restore the American economy), I’ve written a proposal that describes a mechanism through which we can fund a massive number of new business ventures by tapping the financial power of Wall Street to create jobs on Main Street. The purpose of this mechanism is to take a private sector proactive approach to address the expected long-term high unemployment problem. You can read the proposal at A Modest Proposal to Save the American Economy: Entrepreneurial Blitzkrieg as Job Creation Vehicle

    Joseph Patrick Bulko, MBA

  • David

    @NL Boston MA
    You must be in a world of your own. I know several people in the New England Area… Mainly in RI and Mass who have been unsuccessful getting jobs for well over a year.
    I myself have kept my job but I have taken 5 paycuts in the last 2 yrs alone.
    It falls down to the comment about illegal immigrants. The company I work for was bought out by a company located in Texas who hires illegal immigrants. They are used to paying people pesos and thus when they bought our company out they said they simply would not pay people what they were being payed because nobody in texas makes anywhere near that. Mind you what we got payed was not alot to begin with but getting 5 cuts puts us almost at the working for Burger King state.

    Your comment may be sincere but theres a big diff. between moving because your moving within the same company, and coming from no job and no income and moving. Anyone can move with a company and knowing there was a job on the other end. I think you forgot to read the article before posting.

  • M

    Even if one has portable employment skills , while you are at work the locals will help themselves to your belongings. The police in general will not give a hoot either, cause ya’ll ain’t from round heah. When things really unravel carpetbaggers will be lucky to escape with their lives. Economic refugee’s are going to get a rude awakening in the not too distant future.

  • fiat money

    sorry to hear all those heartbreak stories. I was homeless, graduated to living out of a car, then to cheap motels, for nearly 3 years back in early ’80s. For me it was always an adventure, but I’d hate to see children have to live that way…
    Those caught in this “boom-bust” ECONOMIC CONTRACTION should know that it REALLY IS BY DESIGN: the Fed Reserve banking cabal PUMPED UP the stock market leading to the 1929 CRASH.. and the, when the economy REALLY NEEDED some CASH (money creation), they DID THE OPPOSITE, CONTRACTED the money supply!
    Today, we are going through the SAME process, the Fed banksters are PRINTING ‘money’ BY THE TRILLIONS, which LAND EXCLUSIVELY in THEIR bank vaults (electronic balance sheets) – and when inflation WIPES OUT pensions, they will be holding the deeds & titles to anything of value in America. MONEY TO BANKERS is NOT ‘STIMULUS’ – it’s BACK DOOR THEFT of savings, via inflation.
    (The flip side is GOOD NEWS: ALL you have to do to RESTART the economy, is RESTRAIN the portion of LOOT that Big Finance dishes to itself/the hyper wealthy.)

  • Run4yourlives

    May 18th, 2011 at 12:59 pm
    Even if one has portable employment skills , while you are at work the locals will help themselves to your belongings.

    Yes you are correct when Pa. builders advertised cheap homes built at half the cost of NJ homes, the locals would steal the lumber and building supplies when construction stopped during the winters!
    Them Hillbilly PA people would be real nice neighbors to have now wouldn’t they!





  • ZBK

    American women need to be sent back inside the home – where they belong. That is the only way to fix the economy and the unemployment crisis.
    To think, that the government or the Federal Reserve can fix these massive, complex problems in a short period of time is an absolute absurdity and nonsensical.
    God’s principals have been violated over a long period of time and adhering to the principals is the only way to get the country back on track. There is no other way out.

  • Carl Campbell

    To rickM
    Rick, great question. The answer is we lost our morals a long time ago. We became short sighted and narcistic in our own world. Millions upon millions of dilligent workers put in trillions of honest work hours over their lives. They had trust in industry, unions, business and government that had no integrity at all. The idea of “inexhaustible” public funds was too great a temptation for immoral government and others (this is universal) Rick, in any event, can we fix this catasrophy by scrambling around at the 9th hour?

  • Carl Campbell

    To Gutter Economist.

    You said “Politicians gave our industrial base to Communist China and other emerging nations. These jobs will not be coming back”. You know Gutter, I have been frightened about this disatrous trend for years now. Was it the Carter, Reagan or Clinton administrtions that started dismantiling us? Also, I think it had mostly to do with the advent of the macabre propaganda of “We are a one world people” and “We are now a global economy”. This subversion made it all to easy to take us down and to knock-out patriotism.

  • Carl Campbell

    To Richard from Italy,

    You know Rich your self-sustaining “survivalist” tips and home health program may sound extreme to many. However, you know you are complely correct in this. Your program is not at all new or revolutionary. A a kid, I lived in a community in the San Franciso Bay Area. It was in the early fifties at the dawn of the “American Dream” era (some dream-huh). In any event, there was a large contingent of Seventh Day Adventist in my town. They were very solid citizens and mosly well educated and lived with Christian priciples. Guess what, they were doing the very same things you recommend. It was for wholesome family living, family survival and good health! They knew what the hell they were doing, as that was nearly 60 years ago!

  • Michael

    Even to a person not educated in the university just a [high shool diploma] it is so easy to hear anamosity between individuals. Knowing personally I could out perform and achieved better results in my field that shine way above most others it is still evedent these conversation here as well in media and public in general have placed this false plateau of a better than society that has over spent, lived way above their means and cant seem to understand why the economy is failing.
    I agre it was at one time possible that hard work alone could raise ones level of living ability, but in this economic cycle that achievement is extrodinary.

  • Don’t move – unless it’s for a job!

    Keiser Report: Ghettofication of America (E168)

    A boom in corporate profits, a bust in jobs, wages

    What has caused this ‘Greater Depression’ in America?

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