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In The Future You May Not Be Able To Provide The Basics For Your Family Even If Everyone In Your Family Has A Job

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Today, millions of American families are extremely stressed out because they are working as hard as they can and yet they find at the end of the month they still haven’t been able to pay all of the bills.  Unfortunately, things are only going to get rougher in the years ahead.  The U.S. government has reached a terminal phase of the debt spiral that it is trapped in, and the only way to keep the system going is to print more money, borrow more money and spend more money.  But won’t this cause horrible inflation eventually?  Of course it will.  That is why so many people around the world have so loudly denounced “quantitative easing 2”.  The Federal Reserve is just creating hundreds of billions of dollars out of thin air and is chucking all of this money into the system in a desperate attempt to get it moving again.  This is also why the Tea Party movement is so angry about the record amounts of government debt that are being piled up.  When the U.S. government goes into more debt, it creates more dollars.  As the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government flood the system with new dollars, it means that there are now more dollars chasing roughly the same number of goods and services, and that is a recipe for inflation.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you want to look at it), most of this new money is trapped in the financial markets right now.  The first people that get their hands on all of this new money are banks, financial institutions and the folks down on Wall Street and right now they are hoarding much of it and much of it is going to pump up the stock market.

That is one reason why we saw such a tremendous bubble in commodities in 2010.  It is also a key reason why we have seen such a stock market “recovery”.

But eventually all of this new money is going to get into the hands of average U.S. consumers and it is going to start pushing the price of everything up.

Ronald Reagan once said that inflation is “as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hit man.”  Ron Paul has called inflation a “hidden tax” on all of us, and that is exactly what it is.  All of the paper money that we are storing in the banks is losing a little bit of value every single day.  Over long periods of time, this loss of value becomes absolutely massive.  For example, did you know that the U.S. dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913?

Unfortunately, as the Federal Reserve and the U.S. government continue to flood the system with new dollars in a desperate attempt to stimulate the economy, inflation is only going to get worse and worse and worse.

So enjoy the relatively tame inflation that we are enjoying for now.  The official U.S. government inflation rate has been hovering around 1 percent or so, but everyone knows that the official inflation rate is an absolute joke.  The government pulls different categories in and out of the inflation rate almost at will in an attempt to keep the numbers low.

One recent study that analyzed price movement of 86 products in Wal-Mart stores found that the “real” rate of inflation was approximately twice the “official” rate reported by the U.S. government.

Others are convinced that the official rate of inflation is even higher than that.  For example, John Williams of has closely studied inflation in the U.S. and he believes that it is currently hovering somewhere around 5 percent.

However, John Williams does not believe that inflation is going to stay at 5 percent for much longer.  He recently released a “Hyperinflation Special Report” for 2010 that everyone needs to read.  Personally, I do not agree with all of his conclusions and I do not believe that things are going to happen quite as quickly as he is projecting, but his overall analysis is sound.

The truth is that our financial system has now reached a terminal phase.  Just look at the chart below.  Really look at it.  How can any financial system survive debt that is rising this fast?  The printing and borrowing of money continues to spiral out of control with no end in sight.  It is hard to imagine any scenario in which we can even achieve a “soft landing”.  One way or another, this exploding debt is going to take us down…..

So are the politicians sorry that they have saddled us with all of this debt?

Well, just the other day Nancy Pelosi was directly asked this question and the following was her response….

“No, we have no regrets.”

In fact there are quite a few politicians running around in Washington D.C. that are still convinced “that deficits don’t matter” and that all this debt will never catch up with us.

Well, hold on to your hats, because this is going to be the decade when all of this debt really does start to catch up with us.

One of the ways that we are going to feel the pain is through inflation.

In the months and years ahead, wages will remain relatively stable and government entitlement payments will not increase much while prices for the basic things that American families need go through the roof.

Already we are starting to see some troubling signs of inflation.  In 2010, the price of almost every major agricultural commodity you can name shot up dramatically.  We are starting to see these price increases filter into the supermarket.  Some companies are trying to hide these price increases by shrinking package sizes.

Have you noticed this yet?  Have any of the packages that you buy regularly seemed to shrink in recent months?

Sadly, it looks like food prices are headed even higher.  According to a recent report by Reuters, world food prices hit an all-time record high in December….

World food prices rose to a record in December on higher sugar, grain and oilseed costs, the United Nations said, exceeding levels reached in 2008 that sparked deadly riots from Haiti to Egypt.

So what are you and your family going to do if a worldwide food shortage pushes food prices up significantly?

Another place where American families are really going to start feeling the pain is at the gas pump.

Do you remember back in October when I warned you that 100 dollar oil is coming?

Well, the price of Brent crude reached 95 dollars a barrel for the first time in almost two years on Monday.

Unfortunately, there are many who now believe that the price of oil is going to go a lot higher than that.

John Hofmeister, the former president of Shell Oil, believes that American consumers will likely be paying 5 dollars for a gallon of gas by the time 2012 rolls around.

So is your employer going to be paying you much more to keep up with rising gas prices?

Of course not.

And you know what?

When the price of oil rises, it affects the price of almost everything else in the stores, because nearly everything has to be transported in one way or another.

So why is the price of oil going up so much?  Well, of course there are speculators and of course the price of oil is highly manipulated, but one of the big reasons why oil is going up is because the U.S. dollar is losing value.

The cost of other basics is going up as well.  Have your health insurance premiums gone up lately?  All over the country, horrific health insurance premium increases are being reported.

Quite a few of the readers of this column have stated that they simply cannot afford health insurance anymore and so they are now doing without it.  There are millions of Americans that refuse to go to a hospital because there is no way they can pay for health insurance and there is no way they can pay the ridiculous fees charged by our hospitals today.

Sadly, in the months and years to come millions more working American families will be pushed into poverty-like conditions by rising inflation.

Already we are seeing huge numbers of American families that are working as hard as they can not being able to afford the basics.

A year-end survey conducted by Pew Research found the following….

*51% of Americans say that it is difficult to afford health care.

*48% of Americans say that it is difficult to pay their home heating and electric bills.

*29% of Americans say that it is difficult to afford food.

Those numbers should be quite sobering for us all – especially considering the fact that jobs are becoming very difficult to get.

According to the same Pew Research study, a staggering 46 percent of all Americans say that someone in their household has been without a job and looking for work at some point during the past year.

It can be really depressing to search for a decent job month after month after month when there doesn’t seem to be any out there.

The truth is that there are 7 million less middle class jobs in America today than there were just a decade ago.

So if even one person if your family has a decent job you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.

But sadly even families where everyone is working are going to continue to be stretched further and further financially as rapidly increasing inflation steals our purchasing power a little bit more every single day.

The “good times” are rapidly coming to an end.  The greatest debt-fueled party in the history of the world is wrapping up and you should enjoy it while you still can, because the years ahead are just going to be brutal.

  • Progressive Ed

    The present Progressive/Liberal administration led by President Obama sees the above as good news. As people become more and more desperate, they will turn to the government. Nothing could make a Progressive/Liberal happier!

  • Stray Cat

    Let’s see, I got my Mossberg 590 12 ga. loaded and leaning against the wall, the Colt .45 is in it’s holster, there’s a year’s worth of food and water in the basement, the doors are locked and barricaded to keep Gary2 and his liberal freak buddies out, the wife has made a HUGE batch of popcorn with extra butter and we’re all settling in to watch a double feature of “The Road” and “Mad Max; Beyond Thunderdome”. Bring on the collapse, let’s get it over with!

  • JLouise

    I wholeheartedly agree with the last paragraph in the above article…please prepare, everyone, please!

  • In the future, hell, that’s happening now. The problems we have can’t be fixed by Democrats, Republicans and the federal reserve, otherwise, why arn’t they fixed by now. I laugh my self to death when the Tea party claims to know whats wrong with this country, failing to realize the problems are global. You almost have to fix the whole planet.

    American has one chance:

    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    We don’t have to live fear. “Spread the News”

  • There’s only one solution left, now, and that
    is: WAR. Wipe out all our debt with the
    warring nation (China, most likely). Put all
    of our young men to work fighting for our
    ‘country’. Reset. Wash, Rinse…..well, you

  • “For example, did you know that the U.S. dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913?”

    Jeez, not that nonsense again. That statement means absolutely NOTHING, because we live in a radically different economy now. Otherwise you could take a time machine back to 1913, walk into a Best Buy and get a new iPad for $25.00 in 1913 dollars.

    Even if you compare commodities which haven’t changed much in a century, like, say, a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon or a loaf of bread, Americans had go work substantially more of the day to earn the money to buy those goods than we do now in our mysterious, far-future year 2013. Matt Ridley provides some figures about about that trend starting on p. 34 of his new book “The Rational Optimist.” The time it takes to earn our subsistence matters a lot more than the arbitrary means we use to keep score.

  • mondobeyondo

    QE2 is precisely why the stock market is soaring higher. Wall Street and the banks get the new money first. Maybe the Dow will even approach a record high!

    You’d run faster and jump higher if you were on steroids, too.

    It’ll wear off eventually, once the steroids (QE2 money) are out of the system. Then comes The Big Letdown. Ka-boom. And you thought nicotine withdrawal was bad.

    Don’t let those increasing Dow Jones averages fool you. It’s all a smoke screen.

  • Jasper

    I believe things will turn around for america.
    If we keep preaching doom and gloom then it will happen like the webbot predictions

  • Michael2

    Can the news get any worse I ask rhetorically? Because I know it can and probably will. If we get any more end times Mayan Prophecy and biblical signs it looks like it’s going to a Post Apocalyptic World or bust for us. We have a collapsing economy, a deteriorating society, and unprecedented corruption.

    Throw in birds falling from the skies, big fish kills, major earth quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and unusual tornadic activity, at least a couple dozen active volcanoes across the world, and wars and rumors of wars. And it feels a lot like we are living out the 1988 movie called, The Seventh Sign, starring Demi Moore.

  • Steven P. Cornett

    So why is the price of oil going up so much? Well, of course there are speculators and of course the price of oil is highly manipulated, but one of the big reasons why oil is going up is because the U.S. dollar is losing value.

    In other words, the companies that have asked for bailouts after 2008 are the same ones that, with the full purchasing power of the dollars created by the Federal Reserve, shot up the prices of major commodities through that speculation, thus robbing us of our purchasing power and our wealth.

    In other words, what looks like boom economic times is more likely inflation hidden in plain sight!

    Except that with QE2, that inflation is not so hidden anymore, as gas and food prices shot up almost the very instant the money started to be signed into existence to monetize the Government debt.

    Just remember: Bubblenomics = Inflation hidden in plain sight!

  • Kevin


    “I believe things will turn around for america.”

    Why? Please explain. I’ve been looking for some good news.

  • mondobeyondo

    Yeah, the world is a lot different now than it was in 1913. 98 years ago, you could buy a dozen eggs for a penny. And a day later, you would be sick in bed from salmonella poisoning.

    Whether the world in 1913 was better than it is now, is debatable. Many things obviously are better, such as the quality of health care (if you can afford it! But that’s a discussion for another day.) In some ways, it really was better back then – there was no Federal Reserve, until the very end of 1913. Many other things are worse, like crime and so forth. It’s all relative.

    I’m rather glad to be living here and now though. Those poor people in 1913 never played with a Playstation 3. Such technology would have knocked the tires off their Model T’s.

    And just so you know, “Inception” is a much better movie than “The Great Train Robbery”. Yes, I know, that movie was made in 1903, not 1913, but hey, it’s the best I could do. Just put a copy of Inception in your handcranked RCA Victor moving picture playback machine. You will be impressed!!

  • Kevin


    The absolute last thing to do is to dissolve the old government. You think there are a pile of Adams and Jeffersons around to create another better system? Hell the poor Weimar Republic dissolved and in hard economic times they got Hitler. Hardly a move for the better.

    The US public has just gotten ignorant and lazy rewarding poor representation with continious re-election. The system works. We have an orderly transition of power through the democratic process. The ballot box works. The body politic just focuses their attention primarly to “circus”. Given sufficient economic motivation (poverty/hard times) they will pay more attention to both Washington and their various State Legislatures.

    When 80% of incumbent are re-elected and the few replacements are most often cherry picked one way or another by “The Establishment” no effective change will result:”Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss”. The Achiles heel of the political order is in the political primaries or both parties. Stack the deck with uncorrupted political unknowns, watch them very closely and vote them out frequently.

    We The People are just getting the representation we deserve; no better, no worse.

  • CitizenKate

    It is wise to prepare for adversity, and it need not break the budget. In households with income if there is any possible way to fit it into the budget, it is well to purchase one or two extra units of canned and/or dry goods (foods) when buying groceries at the supermarket. Saving three months worth of grocery receipts is a good way to determine just what the family is using up and having to replace. Most goods are freshness dated so one can tell when it is time to begin to use things, before they can lose nutritional value or spoil. Buying a couple of extra cans of food and an extra bag of dried beans or rice will not cost a lot or attract a lot of attention; using and rotating one’s stock is not very different from maintaining the small one- to three-day pantry stocks that many households have. Diversifying one’s media of exchange is also prudent and should be attempted, however modest such arrangements may be. Having some non-digital currency in a safe place is very wise and might prove helpful should a “bank holiday” be declared. Pre-1964 US dimes, quarters and half-dollars are 90% silver, instantly recognizable as money, and less expensive than the newly-minted or collector bullion and coins. Old silver quarters and dimes have actually turned up in my change recently. Many people may say they cannot afford to make preparations and if one is visiting many of the various survivalist pages and reading the ads of the big preparedness supply houses it might be easy to become discouraged. There is no need to despair. Taking the first small steps to prepare is how everyone begins. If possible, please read about what happened in Argentina when the middle class was systematically wiped out. Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre has published a book about what it was like to live through the economic collapse in Argentina. English is his second language and the book is self-published but I recommend it. Also informative is the video on neithercorp press’s Youtube page. It’s a 12-part series about what happened in Argentina –no actors, only ordinary people. It’s spoken in Spanish, with subtitles.

  • Louise in MO

    Today I went to the grocery store. A dozen of eggs is now $1.99. Two weeks ago they were $1.49 and six weeks ago $1.29. Those numbers are just a sample…..almost everything is HIGHER. As others are doing, I started stockpiling food…to date about six months worth.

    The statistics on this sight and a few others are speaking the truth and it is foolish not to pay attention.

  • Gary2

    So while all this is happening what does the right want to do to solve this? Give the rich more tax cuts. It has worked so wonderfully so far, NOT!

    Michael-you are correct about the price of food-I wanted to buy a small block of feta cheese and the price is usually $2.89 and it was $3.75- This is only one example! WOW! We need good paying family supporting jobs-not the crap low wage service wal-mart mcdonalds jobs.

    It is almost surreal that the right is fighting for low estate taxes for 36,000 rich families but do nothing to help the poor. Un- fing believable!

  • John O’Neill

    Jasper, I don’t think any American doesn’t want the economy to turn around. We all do, but we need to explain to people that the light at the end of the tunnel is not the sun, but a train heading straight for us. It’s not preaching doom and gloom, Jasper, it’s warning people to prepare for the inevitable. You believe things will turn around for America? State your case, Jasper.

    You might want to read Jacques Attali’s book titled “Millenium: Winners and Losers in the Coming World Order” published in 1991. This puke bag was the first president of European Union’s Central Bank, but he did utter a truthful statement on page 90 of his book. He said, “Excess debt always leads to inflation, bankruptcy, and financial collapse.” Who would know better other than a puke bag? It’s the second sentence in the first paragraph on page 90 of his book. Go read it for yourself.

    You see Jasper, we have a dominant minority of puke bags who want to rule over the entire world and then get rid lesser class. That’s you and me, brother. It’s called the New World Order and it’s as real as the nose on your face. Mine too.

    I agree that it’s not going to be bad – it’s going to be hell, Jasper, because you see my friend, they have to attack us economically to destabilize us. That’s why we need to wake up and wake up pretty damn fast, because if enough of us were to stand up and say to the New World Puke Bags – “Take a hike.” They would have to take a hike.

    If this doesn’t happen Jasper, we’re toast. So, now what do you see Jasper? The sun or the train?


  • greaseman

    The fact that there will be a bottom to all of this misery is a true fact. We haven’t hit it yet. The guessing of the time frame for all of this to happen really doesn’t mean anything. Any delay is more time to prep. I quit worrying about when this or that happens. i just keep with my plan, and keep adding stuff.
    a very important, key idea with me is this–If I’m wrong in what I’m doing, and everything will be ok, then I just have some stuff around that i bought at a lower price than it will be tommorrow. In other words, it’s a smart use of today’s dollars. No harm, no foul. But, if things go bad, as i think they will, then I have a good chance to make it through all this chaos in decent shape. Again, all this prepping is a no brainer. By prepping, you win either way.
    I keep this idea at the forefront of my planning. it seems like every headline that comes out every day, is just a reminder of what we know already. As a nation, we’ve been screwed, and the events of the day just remind us of what we’ve known and prepared for, for a long time.
    I get a laugh out of mainstream news, when it reports some news event about the economy that they act like is fresh news that just happened. It’s old news to preppers, who are well advanced in the stages of preparation to deal with this fresh, hot “news”. What a joke they are.
    Just keep with your plan, and don’t worry about a time frame foor a crash. it will come,whether it’s 3, 6, 9, months, or a year or so away. it really doesn’t matter. Concentrate on the job at hand, and good luck.

  • Cheese Grits

    You’re posts are mostly dead on, but sometimes you beat around the bush. You need to tell us WHO is running the Fed and WHO is running these banks! Name names!

  • Otown Right Guy

    Stray Cat, great post! What a shame that there have been no Gary2 posts yet on this thread. I am really broken up over that.

    Seriously, I once worked with a loser like that. A complete, imbecile and incompetent. He somehow faked his way thru college or bought a diploma but couldn’t handle the simplest of tasks. Still, he thought he was worth $100/hr+. He got fired a lot, but had an impressive-looking resume, and bounced around from employer to employer until they figured him out as an idiot. He always spouted pro-union, Democrat, socialist BS. He knew his true value was minimum wage, but wanted others to subsidize his life.

  • Otown Right Guy

    Morpheus, here’s a tip. If you want to be taken seriously don’t quote Paul Krugman on your website. I don’t have time for anyone who believes in Keynesianism, so I immediately clicked off that crap. That economic theory makes global warming seem almost legitimate. Krugman is dumb as a brick which goes to show you what a Nobel Prize is worth these days. Look at other Nobel-laureates of late like Gore and Obama. Collectived summed IQs would be at moron level at best.

  • Nathaniel

    “Even if you compare commodities which haven’t changed much in a century, like, say, a dozen eggs, a pound of bacon or a loaf of bread, Americans had go work substantially more of the day to earn the money to buy those goods than we do now in our mysterious, far-future year 2013.”

    Right, so the prices on these products haven’t changed as much, correct? How much have farm subsidizes changed since then also, dumbass? And what do those do? Well, they give farms taxpayer money to offset costs that would otherwise be incurred upon consumers like what should be done. So basically the federal gov’t has hidden the rise in prices of food by paying farmers tax dollars instead of forcing consumers to pay for it at the store.

    Now if we take commodities that aren’t gov’t subsidized, we see a far far different and more accurate picture. HELL, look at gas, literally the fuel that um, fuels our economy. In the late 90’s it was under $2.00 a gallon. How many people remember $1.14 gas? Unless we stop cutting off our hands with regulations and taxes, we’re ****ed.

  • jack schieldge

    An informative read vis-a-vis hyperinflation is Adam Ferguson’s “When Money Dies”. First published in 1975, it’s been reissued in paperback. Try It’s not really germane (pun) to our situation because it is about post WWI hyperinflation in Weimar, Germany. It is still a bone chilling read and qualifies as lessons learned nonetheless.

  • The NIA just released their second warning today. NIA predicts that food inflation will become America’s top crisis of 2011.

  • Gary2

    The rich who live the American dream — rather than merely dream it — have been spared every inconvenience. Now they are told that they will soon receive a large tax cut for all their troubles. Imagine being safely seated in lifeboat, while countless others drown, only to learn that another lifeboat has been secured to take your luggage to shore…

    And yet over one million American children are now homeless. People on Medicare are being denied life-saving organ transplants that were routinely covered before the recession. Over one quarter of our nation’s bridges are structurally deficient. When might be a convenient time to ask the richest Americans to help solve problems of this kind? How about now?

    This is my argument. I have simplified it so the rabid right wingers can even understand it.

  • I agree with Morpheus and Max, above.

    Otherwise, I think that, rather than being obsessed with numbers, which have become meaningless, one should better trust his brains these days.

    When one looks at, say, stock markets and retail sales, on one hand, cities and states finances, on the other hand, one can feel there is something out of place.

    A growing economy, as is supposedly the case, generates growing fiscal revenues (sales tax for example). Thus, the situation of cities and states should improve rather than deteriorate…

    There are many other things that make me wonder, such as:

    How does an out of money Social Security system manage to go on without the 2 trillions + “borrowed” by the government? BTW, many pundits consider that these 2 trillions + should not even be included in the national debt!

    How does a bankrupt retirement pension system deal with the 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day, since January 1st, 2011?

    Click on my name to visit my blog.

  • alice

    All of these comments make sense in one way or another, except war, revolution. Increasing the debt/deficits will only make things worst at warp speed! We have to adjust our economy to fit this new world we’ve entered into. Get rid of the income tax, replaced with an import tax, Consolidation, eliminating, and just the elimination of some governmental services throughout the country must take place ASAP, unlike Europe who postponed Austerity to the last second creating panic in the streets. Most of all remember that United We Stand, Divided We Fall. We are all in the same boat, and we all have to share the pain of reforms.

  • Laughing!

    @Stray Cat

    allow me to correct you: the process we are facing is not called ‘collapse’ — it is called ‘transformation’.

    the so called United States of America (USA) will be transformed to the Fashist Corporate Sweatshops of America (FCSA).

    and the next people knocking on your ‘locked and barricaded’ doors will most likely not be liberals — they will be army or national guard, and they will inform you that your precious guns have been outlawed by emergency laws and that you will have to hand them over.

    maybe you will get one or two of them before they burn your home to the ground. good luck.

  • Remember, the intentional take down of this economy was the main focus at the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting. This has nothing to do with the false left/right paradigm in our country, but more to do with setting the trap for a one world government (AKA new world order).

  • Matt

    All of this can be solved by taxing the rich at 80%. Sorry Gary2, beat you to it. Let’s just tax EVERYONE AND EVERY EVIL GREEDY CORPORATION AT 100% GARY2 – C’MON MAN! IF 80% IS GOOD, 100% IS BETTER, RIGHT GARY2? So, Gary2, are you ready to work for free?

  • Hey Jasper, I’m really interested in hearing just how you think this could possibly happen? That things could turn around?

  • This is the way it is going to be. The US invented solar technology but we make more panels in China because their wages are one-tenth ours and our politicians share in the profits (via increased campaign contributions) from the elite CEOs, all for adjusting the export/import laws to make it all happen. We have a corrupt political system and nothing is going to change until we have public funding of campaigns.

    Jack Lohman

  • bloodworm

    Inflation is like that story of the water that slowly boils the frog. It IS HERE and it comes in little increments.

    Food, energy, healthcare…all have gone, and continue to go up.

    The standard of living for the average person continues to fall while the whores of wall street tell us to buy stocks.

  • TripSeven

    Huh! Gary2, conspicuous by his absence I’ll post for him: tax the rich spread the wealth.

    Whew! I can’t stand a day without reading that tired uselesss answer for every problem…

    Flooding in Ohio? tax the rich spread the wealth!
    Squirrel in a tree tryin’ to get a nut? tax the rich spread the wealth!

    I won 20 million in the lottery? Uh… You slobs go get jobs!!!

  • Gary2

    I know what we should do! Let’s tax rich people more.

    Than again:

    If you tax a rich person who makes 10 million a year at ten percent, you get 1 million.

    If you tax a middle class person who makes 50 thousand a year at ten percent, you get 5,000.

    The rich pay a lot more in taxes, but I guess that because they make so much money, they should be required to pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes.

  • Josey Wales

    Stray Cat, you have almost everything you need, except I didn’t hear that you had your gold and silver? I’m sure you do, it must have just been a over sight.
    The observation I am making is that as long as the sheople are working they laugh at you when you try to raise their awareness, they say everyone I know is working and the stock market is going up. Food shortage? Are you on drugs, we’ve never had a food shortage in this country, get away from me you fool! You’re a freak talking this shit…I also heard the other day, “Don’t you listen to the news, payrolls are starting to turn around, we have put a bottom in and our government is doing everything it can to help this country get moving again. Thank God we have Obama”

    I am at a point where I don’t say anything, I just listen and think how can so many be so blind?
    The years ahead will be interesting to say the least. I believe you will need a lot of bullets and unfortunately you may be using them on neighbors, friends and even relatives who didn’t listen, who didn’t search out the facts, who didn’t prepare. Now they have listened to us talk or “Shit” so long, they know we are prepared, so they come a knocking and when I tell them that they had time to prepare just as I did, and I don’t have enough for all you sheople so go away. That’s when you will need your guns and ammo! You can tell them and tell them, but you can’t make them listen!
    Keep fighting the good fight. God Bless.

  • I wish I’d come accross this site prior to starting my business. I could have avoided a lot of mistakes.

  • Sonar

    The signs are there with all the thousands of birds & fish dying

  • sharonsj

    If anyone remembers, I’ve been posting complaints about inflation for the last two years. Two years ago is when cat food doubled and dog food went up 30%. That was followed by a 25-33% reduction in packaging for everything from cereal to candy–but the price remained the same. This year sugar went up about 30%, followed by a price rise in anything that used sugar. And don’t even get me started on heating costs.

    If you add in rising property and school taxes, rising state fees, higher gasoline, and higher prices for just about everything (especially health care), you do not end up with the official government claim of 1.5% inflation. Real inflation is more than double!

    My father supported three people on one salary. You now need both husband and wife working full time to even pay for the basics. Since income has stayed the same, no wonder we can’t afford to live. If you thought the foreclosure and bankruptcy crises were bad before, just wait for the Republicans to undo the social safety net.

  • Karen

    Wall Street & the Fed keep protecting themselves.
    The Gloom & Doom and Bible Babies & Tea Party need to shut up!!
    DEMS have compassion & REPS have wealthy compassion and are puppets for their corporate masters.
    Listen to the PEOPLE!
    71% want Public Option or SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!
    61% want Gov to tax the top 2%
    35% want to cut Defense Spending
    4% want to cut Social Security
    3% want to cut Medicare
    Fix Free Trade with Fair Trade
    Tax Companies that Outsourch
    Use Unemployment Insurance to retrain workers
    Build & fix roads & bridges with hires only from unemployed ranks & send money directly to the companies building bypassing Governors & Mayors to keep Ssticky Hands out of the Candy!
    Reduction in all GOV employees in Washington & States benefits & pensions
    Health insurance for all!
    End Defense Waste , close bases around the world, STOP WARS!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael2

    If the objective was to dupe America into neutralizing or into destroying itself.

    I’d say it’s Mission Accomplished. . . .

  • JR

    When criminals with a thirst for greed and power run the governments, collapse eventually happens. Our hope is that the sheeple awaken to what these monsters have done to our planet and that we rid ourselves of them by voting for honest men and women who actually care about their fellow human beings and their planet!

  • Gary2

    Our economic problems stem from the biggest concentration of income and wealth at the top since 1928, combined with stagnant incomes for most of the rest of us. The result: Americans no longer have the purchasing power to keep the economy going at full capacity.

  • I’m feeling it on a personal level. We just had a baby and daycare is through the roof! My wife has decided not to work in order to stay home with the baby. Pretty hard for families to stay within their means. A lot of delayed gratification and self-denial is involved.

  • Responding to Jasper, I would have to state that self fulfilling prophecies do happen, however these times we are living in are far to dangerous to ignore. There is a train barreling down the tracks and it is the DUTY of true patriots to not only warn others about its approach, but to derail it before it crashes…….

    Yesterday I found that the new movie, Enemy of the State: Camp FEMA Part 2, had been uploaded to YouTube. I posted it on my blog so that people could watch it and make it viral by letting others know that it has been uploaded. Click my name to see….

  • usa will always remain the most prosperous nation …no matter what is said abt debt… qe2 etc etc

  • RunVampRun

    Do not worry the Republicans just read the Constitution on the house floor…all is good, they get it, we are saved! Wait, Homeland Security & the Federal Reserve trump the Constitution! Well it sounded good and in political terms that is all that matters!

    On a serious note, please start stocking up on food. Even if we do not have a major collapse, prices are going to be a lot higher, and that $1 can of tuna is going to taste so much better than the $4 one that might or might not be available!

  • Bruce

    Unemployment Insurance: State Trust Fund Loans
    The Federal Unemployment Account (FUA) provides for a loan fund for state unemployment programs to ensure a continued flow of benefits during times of economic downturn.
    Liberals are experts at spending other people money. Here is the top 5 states and the loans from the Federal Government to keep paying unemployment insurance.

    California $9,112,847,509.67

    Michigan $3,810,391,759.10

    New York $3,176,873,427.71

    Pennsylvania $3,008,614,960.83

    North Carolina $2,430,963,662.58

    How’s that Hope and Change working out for you all 5 States voted for Obama. I posted this for Gary.

  • Curtis

    Do you people still not really get it? “Federal Reserve and the U.S. government continue to flood the system with new dollars in a desperate attempt to stimulate the economy” This statement is completely wrong . The only thing they are attempting to do is put the U.S. in an impossible situation ( that was agreed on years ago) that there is no way for the U.S. to repay its debt obligations and default & to put the U.S. under receivership to the United Nations through the International Monetary Fund . To finish the destruction of Sovereignty of the U.S so we can be fully integrated into the Beast. Does nobody seek the Lord Jesus for wisdom and knowledge in these things. I get so weary with watered down articles, nobody really says it like it is. 100% surety the U.S. economy will fail completely, but that will not be the end of the U.S., yet. The system that is to come I can not as a Christian be part of. Revolution by peaceful or violent means will mean nothing. What is going to happen WILL happen and there is nothing that can stop it. All we can do is keep ourselves pure and blameless before God. Because EVERY knee shall bow before the true King, and everyone shall give account for his or her life.Please seek the LORD while he may be found, life and liberty as we know it will soon vanish away. This nation is no longer a Golden Cup in the hand of the Lord.

  • Tim

    Republicans are giving millionares tax cuts now. Another trillion of national debt for the next generation to pay back with interest. The GOP does not just hate hispanics and gays, Republicans hate the middle class.

  • Just a personal story. Today I went into Wal-Mart to buy laundry detergent Woolite. It’s the only one that doesn’t make me itch. I looked at the price and it was $16 when you include tax. For a medium size bottle?? Give me a break. How the heck can you afford that money for stupid laundry soap, and I have to use that one because all the others are poison. This is just one example of the bullshit going on in this country. By the way that same bottle was 9 bucks last year.

  • LG

    Unbelieveable! I heard a recent story of another country’s gov’t charging 3x more for garbage PU, and then the gov’t never provided the service! We have to fight back! No service? No payment! It’s that simple. It’s a simple business transaction. We need to be dropping all of our garbage off on their curbs so they get the message!!

  • Kevin


    Can you explain why the traditional friend of labor party the democrats would do the following.

    1. Deregulate the banking / finance industry with the abandonment of Glass Stegall thereby legalizing massive conflicts of interest in the financial sector. This paved the way for the collapse.

    2. Support NAFTA and have a democrat President sign it into law.

    3. Have 80% of US Senate Democrats including the all the major players in the Democrat party vote yea for China Free Trade guaranteeing the loss of millions of traditionally well paid US jobs. Once again with a democrat President signing it into law.

    Hell the above would be a dream for Republicans but they can’t pull it off. Democrats can administer the above because of blind support of their followers that just can’t believe their “Party of the little guy” would do such a thing despite solid evidence to the contrary.

  • sesails

    The dumbing down of America succeeded. The stupid, lame and those milking society elected the negro from Africa. The imposter. It’s all just a matter of time before they wake up – but too late, far too late….

  • Gary2

    It gladdens my heart that people are finally getting it that the rich need to be taxed to the max. I do not even need to say it-you say it for me. Good to see you coming around. Too bad for whoever posts with my name-no picture then its not me.

  • mondobeyondo

    Inflation is not coming. It is already here.

    You are just beginning to see it in the supermarkets and in your daily life. It takes a while for excess money to trickle down through the system.

    Like any good weatherman, you have to pay attention to the barometer. And oil is an excellent barometer. There is hardly anything we eat, do, use, or enjoy, that doesn’t have something to do with petroleum.

    The price of oil is going up. Lots and lots of other things will go up too. Heating oil and gasoline (that’s obvious), but also eggs, milk, butter, plastics, crops (fertilizer is made from oil), pork, beef, and chicken (they eat by-products of crops that were grown using fertilizer), electricity, natural gas, and so on and so forth, yada, yada.

    The more new dollars the Fed injects into the system, the more inflation will result. You won’t see it immediately, unless you have stocks or invest in commodities (in which case you’ll be singing “We’re in the money!…” But we’ll all be seeing it in some form or another eventually. For most of us, it will not be good.

    Are we screwed? Uh-huh. We’re pretty much toast.

  • Steven P. Cornett

    I would have to respond to the bit about real estate taxes by asking if maybe they are too high for the services being received, but since I don’t like where Gary is I can’t say.

    OTOH, the inflation of goods, starting with commodity goods due to the use of the Federal Reserve as the private printer of “currency”, is a tax on us all, and the most unfair and insidious. Unfair (and unjust) in that it is inherently regressive. It is also insidious in that it steals not just income, but savings as well; it steals the wealth of everybody for the few who get the full value of the money at the moment the Fed gins it up.

  • mercman

    They just luv it when a plan comes together.

  • Grumpy

    Gary2 continues to display his gross ignorance in public. Let me put it into context for ya, Gary:

    There are marginally over 1,000 billionaires in the entire world. Let’s assume for a moment that a) they are all U.S. citizens that are subject to U.S. taxes/jurisdiction, and b) they are worth an average of $4 billion each (pretty close to the actual number).

    If the USG confiscated ALL the wealth of ALL of these individuals, that comes to $4 trillion. That’s enough to keep the federal government running without borrowing more money than it already has for A SINGLE YEAR – and no more.

    So, tell us, Gary – who pays for the next year?

    Are you now going to tell us all that the principles of BASIC MATHEMATICS are wrong as well?

  • John

    Under normal conditions like say in the 1960’s I would be very much against Gary2 and his opinions. But this is 2011 and rich people are not honorable any more all they want is more, greed has overrun our country. We need to tax the rich, A tax break to the rich does not insure there will be more jobs created! If they want a big tax break they should have to agree to expand their business and hire more people, create jobs, not just pocket the money which is what the vast majority would do. With a tax break things will still be the same tomorrow, the rich will have gotten richer and the economy will still be racing down the crapper. Honorable men that care about his fellow man would want to contribute to the recovery of the economy of the country that made them rich in the first place. Give this some thought!!!!

  • ???

    How come when I ask someone what they think of food/gas prices, or hyperinflation they: A. Fall Silent, B. Stare Blankly, C. Laugh, D. Threaten to call security.? I am not making this up.

  • oldjd325

    Don’t get into the Republican vs Democrat debate. That is a ruse to keep you looking at one hand while they stab you with the other. They are all criminals and they will all have to be removed.

    If you are not stocking up on food and lead, you will probably starve. If you live in the city, get out while you still can. It’s going to get tougher than you think whether you believe it or not.

  • Kevin


    You honestly believe the problem is in the Presidency? Hell this downfall was 35 years in the making with both parties for all practical purposes aiding all the moves that put us here.

    “We’re living here in Allentown” Billy Joel 1983.

  • Mike

    OK, I don’t know who this Gary2 guy is and whether or not he is serious but if he is, why is he posting here? He seems to supporting all of the liberal anti-constitutional programs that Obama has instituted. Taxing the rich more? How is that fair or logical?

  • Bob

    The economic problems of this country cannot be solved by taxing the rich – as good as that may sound – if they are rich billionaires they will move their monies out of the country. New York and other states that tried taxing the rich – ended up with less tax dollars becuase they moved out of state.
    IMHO the country needs to think big about a number of issues that could get the country going again – 1) infrastructure upgrades 2) a Dept of Transportation that is focused on upgrading all systems together – such as roads, railroads, air, etc. – put into place high speed rail lines between major cities (New York, Phila, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. – the Dept of Energy needs to change its primary focus to get us off oil / coal, etc. and become an energy independent country – the Dept. should be focused just like when NASA eas first established to get us to the moon – 3) companies that have factories overseas should be induced to bring their plants back to the U.S. or be penalized thru taxes or tariffs – I’m sure there are a number of creative ways to get them to come back – I believe a number of jobs could be created with these ideas, along with using the creative energies of our talented people to become independent – just my thoughts

  • Concerned

    Andre @ 4:58 PM
    “I’m feeling it on a personal level. We just had a baby and daycare is through the roof! My wife has decided not to work in order to stay home with the baby. Pretty hard for families to stay within their means. A lot of delayed gratification and self-denial is involved.”


    What you just said is how we are supposed to live. If everyboby lived like this, the bulk of our problems would be non-issues right now.

    It is credit and the enjoy now and pay later mentality that destroyed this country.

    And you are right, it is hard to live within your means. It is hard because materialism is an addiction. We have been fed this materialistic propaganda to live beyond our means on credit becasue debt makes us slaves.

    The global elite who are orchastrating this financial collapse need slaves or their plan doesn’t work!

    Whether its a forced lifestayle change like yourself, or a conscious choice to change, lets hope more people begin to see the light and start to get out of debt and live within their means.

  • TimC

    Your all crazy, this is the greatest country in the world our president wouldn’t sell us down the river would he? This country is controlled by the president and our elected officials isn’t it? Big banks dont run this country doe’s it? If your ask 100 sheeple is the FED a part of the US gov’t you get 97 out of 100 saying yes. We are all screwed and I welcome the new Boston tea party when it happens. Bring Manufacturing back to this country and tax the hell out of all imports.No pensions for elected officials that serve less then 20 years, why do the rest of have to work a life time for a pension and they get one after just one term? I could go on an on but won’t. I just hope this nation becomes great once again oh and by the way I hope mexico lets us come work in their country when our economy collapses completely.

  • Dunkirk

    Those of you on the democrats vs. republicans, liberal vs. conservative, white vs. black, rich vs. poor shtick just don’t get it. That doesn’t play anymore. The matrix has you… Take the red pill.

    What is happening to our country is mostly our fault. We all have succumbed to greed. How many of us borrowed beyond our means during the heady days of the housing boom? How many of us want what’s coming to us from the government, hence from someone else? If spending your way out of debt does not make sense as an individual or family, why should it for a country?

    The only way to solve the problem is to take entitlements head-on and cut. And for goodness’ sake to not create any more. Yes, stop the wars and bring the troops home too. But, until we all look in the mirror and decide that the future of children we will never know is more important to us than our promised government benefits, we will not get out of the hole we are in.

  • Aaron

    I love the stupidity of the “tax the rich” crowd. According to Obama $250K is rich! The truly rich (not the super-rich) are the ones that employ people and make things. Taxes they pay are in the column “cost of doing business”. Every penny the feds steal from them they pass on to us, the consumer. WE pay their taxes. But it’s moot anyway. At 150 TRILLION in debt, if they taxed ALL OF US, rich and poor alike at 100% it wouldn’t even make a dent. The purpose of the “tax the rich” rhetoric is to bring about class warfare. They’re succeeding in destroying our economy, next is the social fabric. Who are “They”? The super-rich, the ones our governments listen to and get their cues from (and maybe orders). Our founding fathers were terrified of a central government and that’s why the constitution was written like it is. Then as now the federal govenment is a hinge, a point at which the people become too powerful and corrupt. As you go higher the super-powerful, super-rich care nothing about money. It’s control they crave. All of this, our entire world, is just a big game board to them. We the people are just commodities. No more, no less than cattle, corn, cotton and…slaves. Once you realize this truth all these agruements an ideas that are thrown around become white noise, and mere survival is all that matters.

  • Gary’sGirl

    The only time I feel like crap is when I read all this stuff. Walk outside, take a deep breath and you will see nothing. Everything is the same as it always was. All this “stuff” is only happening to the underclass so if your not poor it doesn’t affect you. It has always been like this in America. We are the cheapest country in the world for basic living. Stop the fear mongers for God’s sake and LIVE….

  • Cramer

    Damn, these articles really get on my nerves. QE1, QE2, QE to infinity. Do you even know what you are talking about when you imply that QE is printing money out of thin air? THE ENTIRE BANKING SYSTEM HAS BEEN A FIAT PONZI SCHEME SINCE IT”S INCEPTION IN 1913. They have been printing money since day one (that is FREE money) and charging the American people interest on something they created out of thin air. Guess what? They are still doing it today.Loans created out of thin air…Mortgages created out of thin air. The government is all about plunder. Not doing any work or providing any service and collecting interest money for it. No need to wake up at this point. The house of cards is coming down soon. You might want to read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” if you really want to get educated about our fiat ponzi scheme money system. Prepare to be pissed off though.

  • Cramer
  • 2011Endgame


  • Webefree

    If your tax the rich ot 100% the amount to come in would be less than what is needed by our goverment. Why not just tax everyone at 100% and give everyone the same houseing, same food and transportation. Oh this is called communizm. Obama would sell us all down the river in a New York second.

    Wake up people we need to take our counry back from the ruling class.

  • Tim

    The rich dont want to pay taxes at all. Rights offs and 15% capital gains.

    We need to tax the billionaires to pay for the system that benefits them.

  • Gary2

    I think it’s time to stop using the word “earned” when talking about the rich and their wealth flow. “Acquired” is much, much more apt.

  • Victorian

    It is sad to say but I see nothing pointing to America turning this around. Too many think of this as a Democrat or Republican issue. They fail to see it has gotten worst under BOTH republican and democratic leadership. You can argue it started in 1913 or 1965 {Immigration Act}. You could argue it started with the US Supreme Court giving corp. the legal status of a “person”.
    It would take strong measures to save America. Measures that most are too short sighted to agree with. The first would be to take away the legal right of a corp. as a person. Corporations are the opposite of the free market or capitalism. They have paid and controlled politicians of both parties for decades. They, in an ever greater lust for profits, have spearheaded most anti-American policies.
    The founding fathers were right in their fear of “big gov’t”. Because of their era they did not forsee “big corp.”, which are bad for the same reasons. Rewrite the monopoly laws so that no more than one location can be owned by any entity. Instead of McDonalds there could be thousands of family diners, each earning a family a decent living. Instead of Wal-Mart sucking every extra dollar out of a locality, there would once more be several family businesses to give a living, and not min. wage, to families. The corp. would no longer be strong enough to set policy. They would not be able to take our inventions and pass them to China for a “better” profit.
    Reform contributions to politicians. Outlaw any money from anywhere, except from indiviual constituents. That means any single American citizen could donate to someone running for President. If one were running for US Senate, they could ONLY get money from the people in their state. If someone is running for House of Representatives they could only receive money from voters in their district. A union member in Nev. could donate to Harry Reid, BUT, no “union” could give a dollar. A cashier at Wal-Mart, or a programmer for Google could donate to Eric Cantor, but the corp. could not buy, I mean donate, a dollar.
    End all immigration today, both legal and illegal. Last year while millions of Americans were out of work, over ONE MILLION new legal visas were passed out. That meant one million fewer Americans held those jobs. There is no proof immigrants increase jobs for Americans, but much proof to the contrary. End ALL state and federal money going to any immigrant. That alone would save billions in federal and state costs. If immigrants from China or India are so advanced they should stay home and improve their own nations. Then when we rebuild a manufacturing base, maybe we can sell to their markets. Illegals take jobs and drive down wages for the rest. If there are jobs “no one else wants to do”, it is because illegals have driven down the wage to the point Americans can not afford to take them.
    Set a flat rate sales tax. This will insure the “under-the-table” money being paid to many illegals is taxed. It will insure the drug dealers pay a tax. It will prevent Google from getting away with paying 2% while spending to influence the White House. Millions will be save in the form of IRS reform.
    There are many other things which could be done. Withdraw US troops for the well over one hundred nations they are in today. That would save billions a year. Close down federal depts, such as Energy and Commerce. They have done nothing while our trade balance, manufacturing and foreign energy dependence has worsened. Streamline federal law enforcement to save money. Get rid of BATFE and DEA for instance. End the TSA and require the airlines to set up their own security system. Put a new Amendment in place that forces the fed. gov’t to spend only 80% of its revenue each year. The other 20% is to go to pay debts. If, or once, debts are paid, cut the taxes by that 20%.
    I am sure I have gone on too long but I hope someone will at least think about what I have said.

  • What can we expect from the government! Let’s face it; people are already tired of hoping for the better. The American government does not have the political will to be honest with the American people about our financial condition. The politicians will most likely take the easy way out by printing us into hyper-inflation rather than admit their folly and take the responsible action of implementing Greek-style austerity. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

    We help Americans find jobs and prosperity in Asia. For details, visit

  • William

    Gary2 and his buddies do not get it. For one thing, who is “rich”? There are a lot of people in Africa that would probably define the average middle class American as rich.

    Once the govt succeeds in establishing the legitimacy of its theft via taxes, it just becomes a matter of where to draw the line on the thieving.

    “When they came for the Jews, I did not resist, because I was not a Jew.”

  • Seed

    Well, I have enough money to buy one ounce of gold, approximately $1400. And that would be emptying out my entire saving account that I worked hard to accumulate over my life. Pathetic, I know, but having that one ounce might protect what little savings I did have. Perhaps 2012 will be the end.

  • Thos73

    Every blog here is bickering over who should and who shouldn’t be taxed. Everyone is missing the big picture. The problem with taxes and debt is that our government has mutated and grown into a monstrous leviathan, a tyrant, that is expanding every minute of everyday and is consuming every once of money (or success if you would like) produced in this country. Thomas Jefferson once said, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” However, in our case, government won’t stop until everyone of us is standing next to burn barrel for warm and digging through the garbage for a meal.

    If anyone of you think that taxing the rich or cutting taxes or voting democrat or voting republican is going to fix this problem…well…you need to wake up Neo, pull the pin from out of your neck and swallow the red pill. This government can’t be fixed. It is in a state of perpetual war and consumption and uses fear of terrorism and guilt of socialism to fuel it’s insatiable engine…and we are told it is for our safety and well-being. James Madison once said, “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” Well, tyranny and oppression is here in this land…and the guise is terrorism.

    The only fix is to overthrow this evil dictator known as our government and start over. From the Declaration of Independence, “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…” We need to get back to a small (extremely small) government and sovereign states…just like the founding fathers intended…and let capitalism (true capitalism, not government manipulated socialism) begin to work again.

    Give me liberty or give me death – Patrick Henry 1775

  • Chester

    Please stop this “tax the rich” and “no, you can’t tax the rich” trolling that is going on for months now on this blog. I think we got it now !

  • sharonsj

    Taxing the rich may not solve the problem, but it’s a start. They–and the big corporations –do not pay their fair share. Do you know that Exxon-Mobil paid no taxes? They get tax credits instead. The richest men in America pay less taxes than their secretaries. If that’s not crazy, what is?

    And when will you realize that we’re borrowing from the Chinese to finance two unnecessary wars (Iraq & Afghanistan), as well as keep about a thousand military bases around the world? We’re spending money to build roads and bridges in these countries while our own roads and bridges fall apart.

    Unfortunately, the new reps in Congress will probably do nothing, and the Republicans will–as usual–favor the rich over the rest of us. Stocking up is the way to go (and don’t spend $1400 to buy an ounce of gold, buy second-hand jewelry instead).

  • Teknikid

    This blaming the Republicans or the other unwashed heathens needs to stop. This is not a partisan issue. This is all caused by the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank. Paper money ALWAYS fails. Get the nation back on Constitutional money – gold and silver coin. Congress never had authority to print money, let alone delegate that power to a private bank.

  • bobbob

    usa = a failed state CHINA RULES

  • amarettocookie

    Just this past week an acquaintance shared with me that the gun business she and her husband own is being audited. The ATF is checking every gun against every serial number, something they have never had happen in this long-owned family business. Just food for thought.

  • I read a comment about just taking everyones money and giving everyone the same help. Housing, food health care and so on. that is comminism. but people where are we headed when the powers that be are doing everthing they can to get to that point! Unemployment for at least 99 weeks More and more people are depending on the Government to take care of them. I am glad I don’t have a lot longer in this world. But I sure am worried about the world my children and grandson is going to grow up in!

  • Steve

    RE: Tim
    January 7th, 2011 at 12:14 am
    “Republicans are giving millionares tax cuts now. Another trillion of national debt for the next generation to pay back with interest. The GOP does not just hate hispanics and gays, Republicans hate the middle class.”

    Let’s see, where do I start? Tim, Republicans are not giving millionaires tax cuts, they are keeping the tax rates low to encourage business – the rates ought to go lower, because we’re still among the highest in the world, i.e. business will still flow out of the country, costing our people jobs! (read: Arthur Laffer) Tim, when was the last time a poor guy offered you a job? And of course the fiscal irresponsibility of Dems and the RINO’s who support them are the fault of the so-called millionaires? Just socio-economic class warfare-bating from the talking points of leftists! And politico-bating! Let’s see, Republicans freed the slaves, got the civil-rights legislation over the top and encourage anyone with conservative values to join the party. “Liberals seem to assume that, if you don’t believe in their particular political solutions, then you don’t really care about the people that they claim to want to help.” – Thomas Sowell A new Senator from Florida who is hispanic, a new “hispanic” governor in New Mexico and so on – Tim, I think it’s time for you to grow up, take your thumb out of your mouth and your head out of your ass, go to school and learn the truth. MSNBC-style vitriol which simply is NOT true, will not help you through life. As Reagan said, “Liberals know so much that isn’t so.” …and he was a reformed liberal!

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