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Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?

Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?Should we all quit working and jump on board the Obama gravy train?  Of course I am being facetious, but when you are barely surviving does there come a point when it just becomes easier to give up and totally rely on the government?  Today, the federal government runs nearly 80 different means-tested welfare programs, and many state and local governments have their own welfare programs on top of that.  If you become an expert on those programs and you learn how to game the system, can you live more comfortably than someone that lives honestly and works as hard as they can and yet still makes less than 10 dollars an hour?  Now, right from the outset of this article, let me make it abundantly clear that I do not believe that most people are abusing the system.  As I have written about over and over, the number of Americans living in poverty is rapidly increasing because there are not enough jobs.  There are not enough jobs because we are shipping millions of them out of the country to the other side of the globe, and we are also losing millions of jobs to technology.  There have always been those that need our help, and because of the foolish decisions that we have made as a nation, the ranks of the poor will continue to expand.  But it is also true that there are some people out there that are very brazenly abusing the system.  For example, is it really fair for people on food stamps to buy prime rib and lobster while many working families barely survive?  People like that are taking advantage of their fellow Americans, and they are making it harder for the people that really need the help to be able to get it.

Unfortunately, we are rapidly becoming an "entitlement society".  Close to half the country lives in a home that receives some sort of monetary benefits from the federal government each month at this point.

In particular, the food stamp program has experienced explosive growth in recent years.  Since Obama has been president, the number of Americans on food stamps has grown by more than 49 percent, and more than 11,000 people a day have enrolled in the food stamp program since Obama entered the White House.

And if you can believe it, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain.

Will we all eventually be on food stamps?

Actually, the truth is that there are millions upon millions of hard working American families that are desperately trying to make it on their own and that don't want to become financial dependents of the federal government.  Unfortunately, it can be a little disheartening when you are barely making it from month to month and yet you see others using government benefit cards to buy luxury items.

The other day my wife came across a discussion on Facebook that really caught her attention.  I thought that I would share with you all the post that got that discussion going.  As far as I can determine, this woman shared what she believed she actually saw at her local grocery store, but I have no way of determining if this story is true or not.  But I have seen quite a few similar stories of food stamp abuse in the past.  Either way, I think the following story will be good to help spark a conversation about whether our current system is broken or not.  All of the names have been removed so as to protect the identity of the woman that originally posted this on Facebook..., I'm going to go on a rant for a minute...just to get it off my chest...

**** & I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things because we were getting low...sooo, we pick up our 40% off chicken and buy one get two free items and proceed to checkout.

There is a woman ahead of us with a child about 4 years old. The woman, I couldn't help but notice....had beautiful fingernails, clearly professionally done...and I also noticed her brand new IPHONE...which she was talking on, and I think that is rude while you are being checked out. Her little girl was commenting on the TWO live lobsters in a bag on the checkout, asked if it was going to hurt when they get cooked, her mom brushed her that time I took a look at what else she had on the counter...A HUGE roast, sirloin tips, shrimp, beef ribs and pork ribs...only the prime cuts... I thought to myself....mmmmmm someone is having a yummy dinner and must have a great job as I could not afford these things (not that I'd get my nails done anyway)....

So...the cashier gives her a total and what does she pull out of her wallet but a BENEFIT card!!!!!!! I had all I could do to contain myself...

Sometimes people need help, and I'm okay with that, and those who need it should get it....BUT...if you can afford the latest IPHONE and fancy nails then why in the world are the taxpayers paying for your LOBSTER?!!!! If she really needed help and food, she should have been buying the "sale" items...40% off chicken, buy one get one free cheese know, like the rest of us working class have to buy!

It especially makes me mad because there ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP and can't get it...My son and his girlfriend and brand new baby aren't eligible for an ounce of help...they tried, she works days and he works nights so that they don't have to pay for day-care, they use inexpensive diapers and try to save money anyway they can, they struggle to make ends meet and to pay for their straight talk phones and to boot are paying off college loans...but they supposedly make too much...c'mon, really, he works at McDonalds and she works in a nursing home...lets be real here...those are the type that SHOULD get help...UGHHHH Our system is broken and something needs to be done about it!!!

There, that's my rant...kudo's to you if you managed to read the whole thing as I know it was an awful long rant....Gotta go work now, ;) Thanks for listening.

In response to her story, dozens of people posted comments.  Quite a few people said that they had seen similar things where they lived.

And the truth is that food stamps are accepted just about wherever you look these days.  Just check out this shocking article: "Obama’s food-stamp nation: ‘We accept EBT’ signs are everywhere".

So is this kind of thing fair?

If not, what can be done about it?

What everybody can agree upon is that the number of food stamp recipients is absolutely exploding.  The following is from a recent CNS news article...

When Obama entered office in January 2009 there were 31,939,110 Americans receiving food stamps.  As of November 2012—the most recent data available—there were 47,692,896 Americans enrolled, an increase of 49.3 percent.

But this didn't just start under Obama.  Back in the year 2000, there were just 17 million Americans on food stamps.

30 million more have been added to the program since then.

And of course food stamps is not the only federal welfare program that is being abused.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been a tremendous amount of abuse in the free cell phone program as well.

The U.S. government spent about $2.2 billion last year to provide phones to low-income Americans, but a Wall Street Journal review of the program shows that a large number of those who received the phones haven't proved they are eligible to receive them.

The Lifeline program—begun in 1984 to ensure that poor people aren't cut off from jobs, families and emergency services—is funded by charges that appear on the monthly bills of every landline and wireless-phone customer. Payouts under the program have shot up from $819 million in 2008, as more wireless carriers have persuaded regulators to let them offer the service.

A lot of people refer to those free cell phones as "Obamaphones", but the truth is that the program has been going on for a long time.  It just has accelerated greatly under Obama.

So what is the solution to all of this?

Well, what we really need are a lot more jobs, but in the State of the Union address last night Obama simply rehashed a lot of the same tired proposals that he and our former presidents have been promoting for years.

If we continue to do the same things that we have been doing, we are going to continue to get the same results.

There is a reason why the percentage of the civilian labor force in the United States that is employed has been steadily declining every single year since 2006.  We keep pursuing foolish policies, and those policies are steadily destroying our economy.

Sadly, many of our politicians appear to be engaged in some form of "doublethink".  The things that they tell us will solve our problems are actually the things that are making our problems even worse.

For example, Barack Obama says that we need even more "free trade agreements" and that we need to integrate our economy into the emerging one world economic system even more deeply.

But as I have shown in article after article, the "free trade" agenda of the global elite has resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of U.S. businesses and millions of good paying U.S. jobs.

For much more on this, please see the following article: "55 Reasons Why You Should Buy Products That Are Made In America".

And of course Obama once promised that he would never "rest" until he had fixed our employment problems, but that hasn't exactly been the truth either.  The following is from a recent article by Dan Gainor...

Back in 2009, the president promised never to "rest" until the job situation was fixed. Nearly four years later, he's done a lot of resting.

According to The Weekly Standard, Pres. Obama has had 83 vacation days overall and says he took 26 of those in 2009. That means the president has taken at least 57 vacation days since his vow not to "rest."

But hey, he needs his rest.  Life is rough.  U.S. taxpayers only spend about a billion dollars a year on the Obamas.  How is he supposed to scrape by on such limited resources?

Meanwhile, Americans are still incredibly pessimistic about the economy.  The following is what one recent survey found...

  • Eight in 10 Americans are skeptical that career and employment opportunities will be better for the next generation.
  • More than half of Americans say the economy will not fully recover from the 2007-2009 recession for another six years; 29% believe the economy will never fully recover.
  • 73% of Americans were directly impacted by the recession: individuals surveyed had either lost a job themselves or a family member/close relative had been out work because of the economic downturn.
  • The majority of survey participants said college would become unaffordable for most young Americans.
  • 56% reported having fewer savings than before the recession.
  • More than half of those who were laid off or lost a job said they cut back on medical treatment or doctor visits.
  • 40% of Americans have borrowed money from family or friends.
  • Nearly 25% of participants said they have sought professional help for stress or depression.

And as you can see from the charts in this article, U.S. businesses remain very pessimistic about the future of the economy as well.

Unfortunately, those that are pessimistic about the economy have very good reasons to be so.

And as bad as things are right now, they are going to be getting much, much worse.

That means that millions more Americans are going to be wanting to sign up for food stamps and other welfare programs.

But what will happen someday when the safety net breaks and all of those welfare programs start getting cut back dramatically?

What kind of riots will we see in major U.S. cities when the international community insists that the U.S. implement its own version of "austerity" in response to a massive debt crisis?

Will we eventually end up just like Greece and Spain or even worse?

Please share this article with as many people as you can, and please feel free to leave your thoughts on this article above by posting a comment below...

Did Your Tax Dollars Buy This Lobster?

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  • foxylil

    The middle class uses food pantries from the churches and the poor use welfare. The poor only use food pantries when our benefits aren’t enough to buy enough food and pay all our bills.
    I don’t shop at walmart and am trying to convert just to market street a smaller grocery store that isn’t on wallstreet. But yes if they want to cut welfare corporate welfare should be the first and foriegn aide the second then the decrease welfare benefits to the people 50% at a time so people can wean themselves off.

  • Mondobeyondo

    Gimme some of that ribeye steak! I’m barely making it eating this ground beef!

    • Josh Apple

      You might want to check your beef it might be horse.

  • Mary Kotomski

    For anyone interested, the purpose of welfare, the projects, is to keep blacks on the plantation forever beholding to the “master.” if you don’t believe me, check out a video free on in the internet by Alex Jones, “Endgame, the Blueprint for Global Domination.” A real eye-opener. The purpose of abortion, is to eliminate blacks, hispanics, etc. Why do you think there are Planned Parenthood clinics in impoverished neighborhoods? The whites who created those problems were racists who never wanted the blacks to think for themselves and to support themselves. I guess the KKK have succeeded. However, I try to educate as many Obama-supporting blacks this. I want to break them of their invisible chains. Please don’t hate these people, they need our prayers and support to become truly free.

  • cpgone

    please add an easy email share button.
    how do I share via yahoo ?

    lobster is nasty

  • 2Gary2

    So the question is: what kind of society do we want? People scream
    that people should get off public services and get a job to support
    their families, and then turn around and scream that those people don’t
    deserve a living wage or health care when they actually do get a job.

    When we allow companies to hire workers for less than what it takes to
    live a life, we are also allowing these companies to get a subsidy from
    the taxpayers, in a sense, because we as taxpayers have to subsidize a
    non-living wage so people can survive. Meanwhile, more of the profits
    seem to go to top management and we as taxpayers end up picking up the

  • 2Gary2

    works as hard as they can and yet still makes less than 10 dollars an hour?

    This is the problem–minimum wage should be 21 per hour. These scum bag businesses are way underpaying their employees.

    • Calligirl

      I sold health insurance to self employed ppl for a decade and you are lying or you are stupid. Nine out of ten of them could not afford health care for their own families and obamacare forces them to buy it for all their employees and will put most of them out of business.

      Since the 90′s a third of all small businesses in america have gone out of business. Millions are still failing every month and the banks will not loan any of that stimulus money for houses or businesses.

      And obamacare was created to kill all the rest of the small and medium sized businesses and lots of them have cut hours and laid off thousands of employees already before all of obamacare kicks in. These are facts and not opinions like yours. Twenty one dollars an hour is hilarious and America has not birthed anyone in thirty years who are worthy of $10 an hour much less $21. The entitlement generation like you is worthless in the workplace or anywhere else.

      . So come into the real world and stop trolling with your uninformed self.

      • 2Gary2

        Obamacares was designed to fail. we will then have to go the single payer route like all other developed countries and put the parasite insurance companies out of business.

        I was complaining at a OFA meeting about not having single payer and was told the above. If not for the scum republicans we would already have single payer.

        Due to their not being any cost controls on Obamacares healthcare will continue to rise and single payer will be the only choice.

        I thought this was common knowledge–Obama is WAY smarter than conservatives which I admit is a low bar to clear.

  • PissOff

    Have you heard this one? An African-American woman well dressed was at the check-out counter with a large buggy of groceries. She had put her dog food on the counter also. When she tried to pay with a government card she was informed that dog food could not be purchased with the card. She got very upset and loud with the cashier. “My dog has to eat too!” Hold on a minute she said. She came back with a large package of ribeye steaks and said check this out then. He will eat ribeyes if he can’t eat dog food. THERE IS NO JUSTICE in THIS SOCIALISTIC SOCIETY!!!

  • char05

    I have been saying the same thing for years. I totally can relate especially for those that are working low paying jobs. I know that our government is not helping the situation but actually making it worst. I wish we had a list of where we the people can pick where a percentage of our taxes go. Best believe more people would be taking what they can get jobs then taking money from those that are actually working

  • malisa rose

    Ijwts,Ikfpe,motptyslltwita,anutofs! MotpwyslltauOpfs! OarbIaabpats,ooots,aaiIwtbtfs.Lmty,maA. Utaotpis,wwctbpfdooOtd. Mpwbtstgrihammftaos.

    • Josh Apple

      Are you having a stroke?

  • lsio

    Sin doesn’t have racial divides, it exists among all who choose wrongly, and through a lack of spirituality with God have bad character. Work ethic is something that is learned and mostly by example. True not all have had examples.

    But I will say the bible is very clear,
    those who do not work will not eat bread. I might add that is for those who can but won’t. We all agree that there are those in society who are truly needful and can’t do for themselves. On those I don’t begrudge any help.

    If my history is incorrect please forgive me. But slavery started with greed. It is my understanding that black chiefs sold their villagers as the first slaves to white men. Then white men exploited them. But we also see that freedom was granted and a wrong was righted. It didn’t happen all at once. It took another 100 years to truly be on a path of equality.

    I do believe that there are equal rights now days, even that the decks are stacked against the white person in the equal opportunity laws with employment and education.

    I am also part Black Feet. I have not taken advantage of the freebies that are available in Alaska. Here, the Native person gets free healthcare, free housing, free education, free food, choicest of land parcels for development of their corporations which pay tribe members high dividends. Some as much as 60,000 a year and as low as 600.00 a quarter. And yet for all that we have
    unforgiveness and hatred and the mentality that it is not enough we want more from the white man.

    With unforgiveness and hatred it will never be enough. We can’t go back and right all the wrongs through history. We have to just make sure it doesn’t happen again and to make sure that all are treated fairly with respect.

    Under this president who is half white I might add, I get sick of hearing about this “black” president. But under him we have had more racial hatred and division stirred up than in a long time. He is a divider and hater not a uniter. Look at these posts. Through theft and immorality, he is trying to punish this nation for his hate filled ideology against what he perceives to be rich white people versus minorities.

    I come from a working class white family, we busted our butts for what we had. We worked hard seven days a week. No one, not one minority out there is entitled to my sweat or labor. God says that we are suppose to reap what we have labored and sowed for ourselves, giving to Him first and to those in need within our own families next and so forth as we see fit. Not some angry black/white man in the White House.

  • Bruce Richer

    the carbon tax and cap n trade charges you more money for energy and then that money goes to some african village where the birthrate is 7 times your own families……………..Hillary and Obama take your money and give it to others…………only as long as you allow them to do so

  • kare

    This has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with the lack of respect people have for themselves. The lack of any moral character, and the lack of self control. We live in a world now where the lazy are rewarded and the hard workers are criminalized and threatened that they will have to pay more and more every year, while the lazy low lives laugh all the way to the grocery store in the middle of the day while we are at work. This is the idea of a perfect world that Obama has made. People dependent on the government for food, clothes, housing, health care, and I phones. This will make for more democrat votes, and people who will follow the liberal agenda with no question, because they are not smart enough to ask any. I see this here in MN, we are a state of welfare, greedy lazy people, all colors. I for one, as an educated tax payer, am tired of it, but feel we are loosing the battle. Once someone decides the government is their “daddy”, they start an entire generation of takers and losers. Jesus had better come back soon, this could elevate to another civil war in a free country. I won’t give up my guns.

  • brian

    she must of been white not to many blacks or latins are known to eat lobster and beef
    that is ok the system is going to crash enjoy while supplies last

  • Mark Richardson

    At least these days food stamp shoppers are using EBT cards rather than actual paper food coupons, since 20 or more years ago it was quite common for there to be an inner-city black market in food stamps as an alternative currency. Back then one could buy alcohol and even illegal drugs using food stamps.

    You can buy whatever kind of basic grocery store food that you want to buy today with your EBT card and the notion that food stamp buyers can somehow afford to buy expensive cuts of meat is pretty outlandish really, as whatever value in food stamps that such Americans receive has to last an entire month rather than just a few meals.

    As ECB has written above, the main reason that working families are struggling so badly is because the Republicans have voted in lockstep for more than a decade now to hold increases in our minimum wage well down below our gross non-doctored inflation rate.

    The minimum wage in Australia is over $15.00 per hour, and their economy is doing pretty well these days, but then again, Australia does not allow the mass offshoring of middle-class jobs either. It is only the law of supply and demand that limits wage growth when the unemployment rate is high.

    The main reason that the sheer numbers of those receiving food stamps in the US is so high is because of our recession, because of the continuing practice of offshoring our jobs to the lowest bidder worldwide, and also because under President Obama there has been a substantial rise in the food stamp eligibility income ceiling after rather heavy cuts to that ceiling during GW’s Presidency too.

    The absolute fact of the matter is that the Democrats have always favored social spending and a much more inclusive society, while most conservatives favor large cuts in social spending, a much more exclusionary White-power society, and they heavily favor increased defense spending at great economic cost to our civilian economy as well as the very policies which have spearheaded the huge growth in income disparity ever since Ronald Regan became President too.

    And now instead of aggressively going after the real reasons that so many American families are struggling to make ends meet these days, the Economic Collapse Blog now wants to attack poor people because a very few might not be the thriftiest shoppers instead?

    Are you sure that you people aren’t a front for the Republican Party?

  • Heather B in Indiana

    I am currently receiving food stamps. My husband was just laid-off for the second time in 2 years and I have cancer. We have two awesome honor roll students to support. WE CANNOT AFFORD LOBSTER OR PRIME RIB!! I have an Obamaphone it is the most basic phone on the market (no camera or Internet) and I receive 250 free minutes a month. I believe stories like the lady above tells are out right lies aimed at discrediting the poor. Our family of four receives 469 dollars a month for food. Hardly enough for the gourmet grocery extravaganza she describes.

  • Heather B in Indiana

    I would like to add that I am white. Hard times are color blind.

  • kathryn

    I’m surprised no else commented on the second part of this lobster story.They thought it was terrible for this woman to get FS, but they also thought their son’s family deserved some too.

    The son was not married, not using his education he went to college for,and isn’t financially stable…but he is starting a family? Children are rarely accidents. They are a result of poor planning.
    However, this young family is managing to survive, obviously without the use of FS.Because of their poor choices, they need to work opposite shifts and cut back.

    Do they deserve FS? No.They deserve nothing.
    People working for minimum wage should not be crying about not being able to buy everything.It’s meant for that. It is supposed to be the minimum to live on.You shouldn’t be buying new clothes, vehicles,furniture etc. It should be enough to give you basic shelter and food.
    If you want more than this, share accommodation, take another higher paying job, or take an addition p/t job.

    Welfare, which includes all the other perks, should never be worth more than someone working on minimum wage. There is no incentive.
    Welfare should never be for single parents.That is what family/friends are for.If they aren’t willing to help them, why should the public?
    There are very few ‘poor’ people in this country.Plenty of lazy and people with entitlement issues.

    Welfare people are obese, because they are lazy. It has nothing to do with bad food choices. They simply consume more calories, than they use.
    How many fat people have you seenin pictures from the Great Depression years? None. They survived on food, most of us wouldn’t even consider edible.

    A small part of me is waiting for the total collapse of this economy, so they will know what real poverty is.
    Running out of junk food, or not having enough money for McDonald’s just doesn’t qualify.
    The only downsize, it will be these people who will steal and terrorize the honest people…just like they are doing now.
    How do welfare recipients get such large tax refunds…when they haven’t earned any income, and paid that much. It is just another form of welfare.

  • 2Gary2

    Let me give the conservatives some facts (those are things that are true):

    In fact, the history says that raising the minimum wage has little if
    any impact on job creation. A study published in November 2010 in the
    Review of Economics and Statistics, for instance, found “ no detectable employment losses from the kind of minimum wage increases we have seen in the United States.” Another published in 2011 “ found no impact on hours worked or employment levels.”

    Suck on that conservatives. You are going down and your pathetic party is toast.

    • Josh Apple

      You might want to recheck your numbers. Nearly every time the minimum wage goes up the young of this country lose more and more opportunities for entry level jobs.

  • CommonSense

    .With all these posts all I am seeing is “if this person has something I want it too” or “I am feeling damn sorry for my self” What is wrong with you people? You want to blame the poor for your miserable lives? It is not the poor that has done you wrong; it is corporate America; they have outsourced your jobs; taken your tax dollars; and put you all out of work in the process. This is what corporate America wants a country attacking its weakest link; attacking each other; that way no one is looking at them. It isn’t that hard to figure out. I am laughing at all your self proclaimed witnessing; researching and so on about how you know what government programs are allowing…poor people are not buying lobsters; most often they run out of food well before the month is over; and life on welfare is all gumdrops and picksy dust; having a great time. Most people would rather have a decent paying job to support their families; same as you. It is Corporate America that has sent your job overseas; who is hoarding their wealth and laying off you the worker; all the while collecting your tax dollars and you attacking the poor and each other only gives them more power to keep on doing what they are doing. If any of you were smart; you would start siding with one another and become one voice so that government and Corporate America have to start listening to the people.

    • ian

      Amen. This hatred of the poor needs to stop.

  • Keith Phelps

    The Welfare System is nothing more and nothing less than a form of Slavery. There are people who abuse the system but most people using welfare are not abusing it. Personally, I don’t see the government giving people enough on welfare to abuse. Single Parents receive $250 a month if they are not working plus $25 a week in food stamps per individual in their house. Food prices are rising but the benefits are not. Yesterday I saw an elderly lady use one of those EBT cards to buy packets of Kool-Aid, a far cry from soda pop or Red Bull. I see nothing wrong with her doing that. My point is with food prices rising and people only receiving $25 a week in food stamps, I don’t see any recipients breaking out their EBT card to buy lobster or NY Strip anytime soon … at least not here in Indiana.

  • Docktor Riktor Von Zhades

    I see this daily as I work in a grocery store. ( retired in 2009 from USPS, and found out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be). It can be remedied by programming the EBT card to only basic food items. No junk foods period! To often I see folks coming through that also scam the system, a “family” with 2 or 3 different cards, spending almost a total of 500 bucks. I’m lucky to spend 100/month on food, and that means eating a lot of sloppy Joes, Hamburger Helper, or pasta 2-3 times a week. I’m not sure how we could prevent the purchasing of prime ribs or lobster. But, I think if regs were handed down so that a cashier can say, this item is not allowed. It would be a step in the right direction.

  • Mark Richardson

    In 2001 when Bill Clinton left office our economy was stronger than it had ever been since 1970. It is little wonder that the number of Americans receiving food stamps is so high, as there are more than 50% more Americans today than there were in 1970 too.

    Moreover, whenever the Democrats are in power, they always try to expand social spending, and when the Republicans hold the White House and Congress, they always try to cut social spending too. Remember that since 1968 the Republicans have held the Presidency for 28 years, as opposed to the Democrats, which have only held the office for 16 years.

    Like Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton, President Obama loosened eligibility rules to receive food stamps, while President Reagan, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr tightened those eligibility limits too. The Democrats have always favored a policy of inclusion and economic fairness for all, while the Republicans lean toward White power and a very exclusionary view of economics, where someone has to win and hence everyone else has to lose.

    The main reason that America’s minorities are doing so poorly is because Republicans have historically opposed civil rights law and they have done just about everything that they could do to hold our minority communities down on the farm so that White people have a much better chance of becoming king of the hill, something that Republicans covet ever so much. Republicans could care less who they have to stomp all over in order to get what they so crave.

    Which group of Americans do you think would be the one hardest-hit by offshoring 10 million middle-class jobs? Yes, those who have lost their jobs to Republican greed then have to find another often lesser job, and then those Americans who were marginally employed when our economy was strong were then let go.

    In just 8 years under GW average while 10 million middle-class jobs were offshored African American net worth fell by almost 90%, which is why you see so many African Americans receiving food stamps today, as they are the historic group that Republicans hate and so badly want to be able to discriminate against too.

    It isn’t rocket science. Another thing, how many Democrats do you hear attacking poor people and minorities because there aren’t enough jobs available to keep them employed at income levels high enough to wean them off of social welfare??

    So the Economic Collapse Blog is really just a front for the Republicans and Libertarians, as attacking the poor is in really bad taste when American spends trillions every year on corporate welfare which is often poorly spent too, and I don’t hear you going after them either.

    • juandos

      You can thank the Reagan administration for that success…

      Then again do libtards really want a grip on reality?

  • Evelyn Isis Osiris Baha Allah

    All I might say is that those that really need are given so little … and those whom could do better for themselves are given to much …

    There need to be a new balancing process …

    And for those who are given so little … such a meal would take up their whole allotment for the month …

    And if is truly those who can use benefits in such a way as this article proclaim …. it’s a possibility that they are given to much …

    But as these days and times goes … I would be mindful of all those who are yet not dependant on some system … to be heed thoughts within their hearts, the law of the profits … which warns; do unto others as you would have them do unto you …

    Because before it’s all said and done … these thoughts of what a person should and should not do … will one day serve your platter … no matter what color your face may be …

  • BK

    I would like to know the names of these “people” abusing welfare, or at least know that they were turned over to the proper authorities to be punished for this “abuse.”

    • juandos


      You do realize that Obysmal is in charge and Eric “let me give Mexican drug cartels automatic weapons‘ Holder has the Justice Dept., right?

  • juandos

    It would be easy enough to stop all this crapola…

    Just get rid of ALL welfare AND entitlement programs…

    Voila! Problem solved…

  • your mom

    welfare is part of black culture

  • wesida

    I agree that many people abuse the system, but some people need it at least temporarily (students, old/disabled folks etc…) However, my personal opinion is that we should bark more about our tax dollars blowing up people around the world than get angry about feeding people in our own country. The military takes a nice portion of that which you are making every month. We need to look at the big picture, the bigger problem….the politicians who are deciding where our money goes, not the EBT users (even though we do have abusers and leechers like in every system). And in addition to the government, think of the thousands of fast food stores,restaurants,hospitals that dump tons and tons of food every day, even though people are starving here in America. How come we are not mad about that, yet we get angry about people using EBT cards? Why don’t we have a government agency for example, that can organize something so that this food can be redistributed at a cheaper price to the poor? How come we don’t feel pity about children’s’ necks being literally blown off and we are only upset about someone buying a lobster with our tax money (not saying that the ebt users don’t always make me mad)? That being said, I do think that the government need to implement better rules of who is most entitled to benefits (i.e. if you are 25 and have four limbs then bring prove that you were rejected from X jobs and will starve if you don’t get your benefits “temporarily”).

  • condaggitt

    This is just so RETARDED

    with everything bar coded you can easily limit anyone form buying meat or fish over $5 lb and putting it on food stamps..

  • Justin Case

    c’mon, really, he works at McDonalds and
    she works in a nursing home…lets be real here…those are the type
    that SHOULD get help…

    Speak about entitlement, why should your son and his wife receive public assistance? Sounds like they are making it just fine. So they don’t have much money left over to spend, that’s life and when they get a little bit older they will be a lot wiser with their money and appreciate what they do have.

    I know that this is going to sound harsh so let me start by saying, I do NOT apologize. Kids cost money, if your son could not afford one then he should have wrapped it up but sense he did not now he must deal with it. I have been so poor that I could not afford a candy bar and never once did I feel that someone else owed it to me.

    No one deserves help from the taxpayer but because we are a kind people, we as a society have decided to help. As far as the system being broken, no it is not. The system is functioning just as it was designed to. Obama is using that to his advantage.

  • kathryn

    On paper, I am a millionaire.I’m the ‘ typical millionaire next door’.You’d never know it to look at me. I wear mostly secondhand clothes,drive a used modest vehicle, live in a small apt. We shop sales/reduced at the grocery store.Most other food are generic brands.
    We live a simple life. To get here, we worked 60-70 hrs a week for years and years.
    We also didn’t start having kids (4 now) until we had our house almost paid off…working a lot of overtime, and buying within our budget.
    I can look back at the times when we had $5 for groceries for the week.When all we had for lunch as bread and margarine.Working 16 hr shifts day after day.
    We still don’t have all the gadgets..iphones,ipads etc.We have a basic mobile phone that doesn’t even take pics.
    Our bills were always paid first, to protect our credit.Food was always last.We never even considered using a food bank or other form of welfare. Never borrowed money from family..we just made do !
    Too bad we couldn’t see more people with this type of attitude, maybe the country wouldn’t be in the state we are in.
    People now seem to be smoking, drinking, eating fast food/junk food, new cars,drugs, partying, game systems and all the other toys…and then cry “I can’t seem to get ahead” !

  • kaiserin

    Please give me ONE example where any black has outperformed any white in ANYTHING other than sports…ie, anything that matters in life. Oh wait, you do excel at fathering children then abandoning them, dealing drugs, killing each other and stealing! Yes we whites certainly are jealous of those proud accomplishments! We’re also jealous of the fine civilizations your ancestors built in Africa (ancient Egyptians were white so they don’t count) and your current flourishing societies there. I sure wish we were raping and killing children to cure AIDS and cutting off people’s body parts for muti and witchcraft. Boy we whites sure are jealous haters and it’s ALL OUR FAULT that blacks are so useless, violent, savage and lazy! Actually, you might want to take it up with God, he’s the one that cursed you (curse of Ham) so it’s really not your fault at all….but it’s not ours either. If it’s so bad under “white supremacism” please feel free to go live in one of the African utopias. I hear Somalia is particularly nice and completely free of whites….

    • toytee

      go back to england bitch! whites stole this land from my ancestors, the indians!

  • Pam Maltzman

    I have worked in medical transcription for over 20 years now, about 16 of those years with the same company. My significant other also does this work, but with fewer years of experience, and he works for a different company. Some years back they changed the way production was counted, for an approximately 30% pay cut. We have been affected by overseas outsourcing. Also, hospital administrators push for lower rates. The boss didn’t do a pay cut to be a meanie; he had pressures on him too. And in fact, he still pays better than most of the big national companies out there (I know… I checked). However, that pay cut hit me really hard… it was a gut shot. We are barely keeping our heads above water. We only eat red meat when it’s on sale. I’m not buying lobsters, believe me. I shop pretty carefully, and we eat mostly chicken, and when it’s on sale. I also cook chicken for my cats (mix it with cheap tuna), because It saves money and is good for them. I do spend teh money for good cat food, dry and canned. I don’t go to doctors. The cats rarely go to a vet (well, one cat just got spayed). We’re moving to northern Arizona soon… we can save significantly on rent and utiltiies. To me it’s a no-brainer to go where you can live more cheaply. I’m never living in California again. I read that 40 or 50 years ago, the L.A. area wasn’t much more expensive than other big cities; well, that’s no longer the case. We are already getting really large electricity bills in the summer. Politics here are lefty and getting worse. I’m gonna be working literally until I keel over at the computer work station. To make it worse, Ii’m no longer at my peak of speed and stamina. I’m still good but not as fast as I used to be, which affects how much I can earn.

  • bill

    just so you know where this is from its columbus ohio and low income actually brags about the working class supporting them.they laugh at us working class,just listen to them talk and then they desreve this crap and are not or never goin to work as long as we give them free stuff…the time to stand is now and put a stop to this now

  • bill

    oh by the way this isnt a race thing its a workers verse non-workers and drug addicts it does not take a year to find a job just one you want might take years,i dont owe nobody crap not black not white not queers nobody(sorry if you dont like there queer thing you choose your perverted lifestyle put up with it)if you decide not to work starve ,i didnt raise you and i never had any slaves,i never taken anybody to raise and goverment paid abortions your just as bad as the welfare people..BUY A STINKIN RUBBER IF YOU DONT LIKE IT

  • RealChange

    This article is inaccurate on so many levels. Do you really think that poor people collecting food stamps are the problem? Instead of judging people who are also suffering you should all be coming together and working toward changing this faulty system. I’m poor and I’ve been able to do things like get my hair done because I have friends who’ll do it for me for free. I also know people who go to the dollar store and buy their nail polish there and do it themselves, so that it looks like it was done in a salon. I’ve also gotten items at garage sales or 2nd hand stores that are worth a lot more money and it might look to some people that I have things I shouldn’t be able to afford.

    Passing judgment on other people is easy. But when you have the courage to shut off your ego and stop passing judgment on other people you can learn a lot.

    The real problem in our country is a wealthy minority who are being very wasteful and irresponsible with their wealth. Many are just hoarding their wealth. They have bank accounts, bonds, stocks, homes, apartment buildings, luxury vehicles, etc., that they never see. Their accountants manage it all. They outsource labor to 3rd world countries and cry no tears for their employees who lose their jobs and end up destitute. They are the lazy, irresponsible ones, not the poor slob struggling on food stamps who has the audacity to continue to take care of herself by making sure that her hair and nails still look nice and that she handles herself with dignity. She’s just trying to maintain her humanity while stuck in an inhumane situation.

    Empathy and compassion can be learned. It is not too late for you to be a decent person. Why not give love and understanding for your fellow human being a chance? Both you and everyone around you will be much happier–rich or poor.

  • Tiger

    They can do what they want. I grow my own veggies and buy my pork and beef from the farmer down the road, usually in barter. When (not if) things get really, really bad My family will be eating and they and their children can be thinking I wish I had that prime rib or lobster while laying in their death bed starving. I am prepared RU?

  • kathryn

    Yes, people collecting FS are the problem. Not all of the problem, but still, a problem. Instead of cutting back on wants (which they think are needs) they opt to get welfare (akaFS). They see other people getting them, and they think they deserve them too.
    What happens if they are declined? Well, they still seem to manage somehow.
    Too many people think that taking a minimum wage job is beneath them. Maybe what should happen, is that people on welfare (not the ones working elsewhere and collecting FS) should be required to take the next opening that opens up. If they decide they dont like to work…well we may decide we don’t like to provide welfare.
    Trouble is, too many people on welfare have never held a real job.If they can afford nail polish, they have too much disposable income.

  • CinnamonGirl

    there are exceptions. there was a time when we were both out of work when my kids were little and got FS for 2 months until employment picked up (and I called to cancel the FS benefits! How many people do that now?) Well I bought as much flour, sugar, salt, and baking/cooking supplies i could with the monies. While i watched someone else check out with popscicles and steaks paying with FS. Yes I am afraid that is typical…but not everyone is like that. Good grief I managed to buy up 9 months worth of basic provisions with those 2 months of food stamps.

  • Lori in Illinois

    I too have worked in a grocery store for a while now and see the same scenario. It is very upsetting when you are ringing someone up and they have a “coach bag” and just had their nails done and bring out the “link” card. To top it off…then pay cash for several bottles of wine and a case of beer. Not sure if my expression reveals my feelings but at times I really want to call people out on it.

  • Tom Chen

    Haha, I made the same mathematical point as you did. I agree completely. The black community tends to view itself as victims, but at the same time, they have built a dialect called ebonics that holds themselves back from education and progression.

    Also, ironically, the government labels blacks as “less fortunate” individuals as if their social class is completely dependent on luck, but at the same time, the government doesn’t trust them financially enough to give them pure cash instead of food stamps and subsidies so that just shows that the government knows that most blacks are just irresponsible.

  • Dan

    The african american community needs Obama to actually inspire them to change themselves culturally in a more progressive way. End the free loading, end the violence, end the father-less trend, end the stealing, end the laziness, and end the ebonics. The rest of the country is sick of it. Blacks are not the victims anymore. No one feels sorry for you guys. Instead, Obama has labeled the black community as “the less fortunate” as if they are low income just by pure chance and not by social and financially irresponsibility.

  • New Java

    One might recommend to young girls to get a college degree but not a job. Get a church marriage but not a government one. Have kids and get on the free life. Who would recommend that? Its commonplace in the welfare society.

  • HaileyAR

    Must comment some people do use these programs as a sense of entitlement and some people are just doing what they have to do to care for their families. I am one my husband and I were both working good jobs expecting a baby thinking everything would be great and I would breast feed… 2 days after we came home from hospital he lost his job and I couldn’t work for 6 weeks… I wasn’t producing anything so we had to pay $16 a can for formula… I did not want to apply for food stamps but I got desperate I was so humiliated walking in there cause how people treat you when your on it I started crying… We are on our last month my husband started a good job and we are looking forward to the day when we can not depend on anyone but us what I’m trying to say is sometimes you just don’t know the situation

  • Jdw

    I’m gettins so sick of listening to ppl B*tch and moan about tax dollars and who spends what on where. It’s none of your business if I buy lobster and nice food sometimes for my children. As for ppl selling food stamps and finding way to get money out if it’s illegal. You see it? Report it.. Simple. First off no matter who is buying what with there food stamps you ppl complain like that’s the real problem with the government.
    They will just find other things to blow your tax money on like reproductive organs of a fly. I do think is horrible when ppl are barley moving from pay check to pay check and still are considered to make to much for food stamps or health care. But there has to be a cap limit somewhere. I myself am white I have 5 kids I have been on and off food stamps for a long time. I’ve never sold them or done anything illegal, every once in a while I do treat my children to nice foods such as lobster and shrimp or whatever.
    I’m an only child my mother worked all her life and always paid into taxes, so how about this. I’m using her money that she has paid in :) Your percentage you pay in certainly isn’t covering that many people.
    When I have a job I pay taxes so perhaps in reality I am paying for my own food stamps when I am out of work.
    Being a mother of 5 children, I can’t afford to take them on vacation do nice things for them get them heaps of gifts for b-days or xmas. So shoot me if I want to get them a nice meal once in a while.
    I also buy them fresh veggies and fruit on a weekly basis that also gets expensive but health for my children is number one priority. I don’t care what kind of money your earning if you shop smart and don’t eat fast food every chance you get. Maybe try making lunches for work etc. You as a hard worker wouldn’t be living on ramen noodles!!!!
    I agree there are many outrageous things going on people selling their food stamps buying drugs liquor and what not. But I’m am really sick of listening ppl b*tch and moan about what people buy to eat.

  • miguel mayor

    in 2000 there were 17 million on food stamps. that is correct. but what you fail to mention is that. by 2008 before obama became president those numbers had risen to 33 million a 95 percent increase under guess how much it has increased. under obama. try 48 percent to a. total of 47 million

  • JDinMariettaGA

    Yes indeed, he is the Food Stamp President. He’s been more successful in getting folks on food stamps than he has in anything else he’s touched…and broken. What this article should say is that its easier for folks to collect food stamps than to complete their education, not have children they cant afford, and to not be picky when it comes to taking a job when you have no valuable skills to an employer

  • Gabriel

    What states can you get the sort of food mentioned in this on food stamps? I want to move there. $200 a month I get doesn’t work for 2 adults unless you want to get the cheap only stuff.

  • wuzblynd

    These comments are some of the funniest things I have read in a very long time. Both sides of this discussion are showing equal stupidity, for the most part. Unless and until Wall St., and every corporation that receives federal money including all banking, is completely cut off, no people have the right to say that the poor do not deserve assistance. The rich are getting MORE! Some of you have decided that race is so important that you even say people of race. Guess what genius, every person on this earth is ‘of race’. You all, for the most part, simply knee jerk your reaction to something like this without so much a taking a moment to really think the issue through. It seems that most of you are not capable of giving an important issue more than a moment of actual thought. You are ALL part of the problem in America. If we are not ALL willing and eager to support our neighbors of all colors then we should be hanging our heads in absolute shame. Oh, and to the idiot who stated that blacks are cursed, wow. If you have not yet come to the understanding that the bible has been carefully constructed to control the world you are a worse fool than even that statement makes you out to be.

  • tax payer

    If they want to eat red meat and die let it happen, so we can be rid of them once, and for all. I am only glad we never had to use food stamps because it’s a shame a man can make babies, but won’t work to feed them.

  • tax payer

    People compare of who gets Food Stamps. I can tell you every Race in this country gets them, so it must be even and none get more than the other Race, so stop saying ( yours get more than mine ) because it’s all a lie. They all get them except people like me that pay cash for our food.

  • Theresa

    Most people on food stamps have jobs and pay taxes! Maybe in the old days they could sit on welfare and not work but not anymore.Maybe people should check the guide lines before making judgments. My family receives assistance and I’ve always worked full time. YES im sure their are people that are taking advantage but not by buying lobster, prime rib, etc. So what people that are on food stamps have to buy crappy food? Sea food & meat are healthy and its their choice if they want to spend their allowed amount more expansive foods they will run out sooner, thats on them. I myself budget and don’t because I wouldn’t have enough to last all month. Its really sad anyone would judge someone by having their nails done or having an iphone, you don’t know if they were gifts! Not to mention some jobs require you to have a certain appearance. Don’t past judgment when you don’t have all the facts! Oh and by the way i’m WHITE!

  • R. Hinds

    Reality check: I’m 70 years old, living on $812 Social Security per month and $83 in food stamps. When I lived in California, the state deducted $100 per month for medical care, which I never even received ever, and the local state office told me I was not eligible for food stamps, that my income was too high. So I don’t believe all these stories lately about people living large on food stamps.

  • jazzy

    Why does it always have to be blacks on welfare it’s more mexicans and whites on welfare then blacks and then be on section 8 and mexican women sit at home collecting welfare while they husbands be out working making money.

  • jazzy

    When black people was trying to go to school to get an education white people was beating em’ up spiting and kickin em’ tryna stop them now they talking about black lazy they don’t want to get a job and work.

  • jazzy

    I seen white people use to ebt card at the grocery store I don’t know what the ####TeeHeeHee talkin about.

  • BrendaKidd

    They are everywhere…This is happening in Mobile, Alabama, but at the FOOD stamp OFFICE. Now, I am black and the Food Stamp employees (workers, supervisors and security guards) that I have seen are black and very, very rude at the food stamp office on Broad Street. I cannot go into details because I am going to write the Director in Montgomery Alabama about the issues that they are putting my daughter through. Got a complaint, look on your food stamp letter, get the director name and address off of it and address the matter to her or him. If all else fails contact the Governor. You can reach them both online through email after you look them up. She or he may be a just person. There are people you can talk to concerning your problems, but when ask, the Food Stamps employees will not tell you. However the Food Stamps Employees will give you a phone number knowing that no one will pick up the phone. I had a house fire. I lost my food, clothes and furniture in the house fire. The Food Stamps worker and her supervisor denied me food stamps. They said I waited to late after 10 days I was no longer eligible for food stamps. Get this, the tenth day fell on the weekend, which was the day I was told by a friend to go to the Food Stamp Office and applied on Monday. Now, Monday was the eleventh day and I really needed food. Thank God I am not on Food Stamps. Just think, how many more people are out there that are being bullied, by Food Stamp Employees.

  • Adam Martin

    This is why Libertarians will never be a relevant party.

  • MRJ73

    Oh please spare me the half hearted details in comments as yours. Facts dictate truth, fact is the first to roam any land were the Jews. Obviously you need a class on how melanogenesis occurs.

    True and fact that people with dark skin were once Kings and Queens, its also true that the Jews and Gentiles were enslaved to these individuals. Not for 100′s of years but 1000′s!

    Jesus is NOT black, but Jewish. After God detroyed the Earth and Noah took his family, sons and their wives upon the Arc, humanity and its tribes can be traced from that family. Do you know yours? Which son did you come from? That family WAS Jewish! So as you can see the Jews made you and I, your debate on skin tone is simple terrain, melanogenesis is a process that occurs when the skin is exposed to UV.

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