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Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?

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Is the U.S. government stockpiling huge amounts of food and supplies in anticipation that something bad is about to happen?  Is something about to cause a major economic crisis that will require large quantities of emergency food?  For a while, I have been hearing things about the government storing food through the grapevine and I have not been sure what to think about those rumors.  Well, today I received a phone call that blew me away.  I debated for quite a while before I decided whether or not to share this information with you all.  Normally I do not like to talk about anything unless I am able to prove it by pointing to an article in the mainstream media.  But the source of the information that I am about to share with you is rock solid.  I cannot reveal his name, so you will just have to trust me on that.  Hopefully the following information will be one more “dot” as we all try to connect the dots about what is really going on out there.

This morning I received a call from a very prominent person in the storable food industry.  He has asked me not to reveal his name.  I have been dealing with him for an extended period of time and I consider him to be a rock-solid source.  When I talked to him today, he had just received a huge order for storable food from a U.S. government source.  He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the “five figures”.

When he asked about why so much food was being ordered, the government source told him essentially that “you know what is coming”.  When pushed further, the government official did not elaborate.

It was unclear whether this was part of a larger food stockpiling program by the government.  Perhaps this order was just part of the normal preparations that government agencies make for potential emergencies.

Nobody could blame the government for storing up some emergency food.  That is something that we all should be doing.

The truth is that the government is taking emergency preparedness very seriously these days.  For example, you can see video of a high-level NASA official urging NASA employees to develop preparedness plans for their own families right here.

But what if this is a sign of something bigger?

Remember, this is not some rumor I just pulled off the Internet.  This is not something that someone got from “an aunt” somewhere.

I got this information over the telephone from the person who took the order.

I promised that I would not reveal any more specific details, so I won’t.

But this does seem to fit with a pattern that we are beginning to see emerge.

Earlier this year, FEMA issued an RFI (Request For Information) that inquired about the availability of 140 million meals of emergency food.  Apparently the food was meant to be stored up in case there was a “catastrophic disaster event” along the New Madrid Fault.

You can view this FEMA RFI right here.  The following is an excerpt….

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely.  The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations.   FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day):

– Serving Size – 12 ounce (entree not to exceed 480 calorie count);
– Maximum calories – 1200 and/or 1165 per meal;
– Protein parameters – 29g-37g kit;
– Trans Fat – 0;
– Saturated Fat – 13 grams (9 calories per gram);
– Total Fat – 47 grams (less than 10% calories);
– Maximum sodium – 800-930 mg;

Requested Menus to include snacks (i.e. fruit mix, candy, chocolate/peanut butter squeezers, drink mix, condiments, and utensils).  All meals/kits must have 36 months of remaining shelf life upon delivery.   Packaging should be environmentally friendly.

Mysteriously, seven days later this RFI was cancelled.

At that same time, FEMA also issued an RFI that sought to identify a supplier for 140 million blankets.  You can view that RFI right here.  The following is an excerpt….

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores blankets to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely.  The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for blankets in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations.   FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M blankets per day):

– 100% cotton;
– White;
– 66″ x 90″

Also, there have been some much publicized shortages of storable feed recently.  There has been much speculation about whether or not the government is part of the reason for these shortages.

There are some products that simply were not available for an extended period of time.  For example, the following was posted on the Mountain House home page….

As you know we have removed #10 cans from our website temporarily. The reason for this is sales of #10 cans have continued to increase. OFD is allocating as much production capacity as possible to this market segment, but we must maintain capacity for our other market segments as well.

The shortages around the country got so bad at one point earlier this year that a special alert was posted on Raiders News….

Look around you. Read the headlines. See the largest factories of food, potassium iodide, and other emergency product manufacturers literally closing their online stores and putting up signs like those on Mountain House’s Official Website and Thyrosafe’s Factory Webpage that explain, due to overwhelming demand, they are shutting down sales for the time being and hope to reopen someday.

Unfortunately, shortages have not been limited to storable food.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but there is a significant shortage of certain pharmaceutical drugs in many areas of the country right now.  Just check out the video news report posted below….

In addition, it is not just in the United States where food is being aggressively stored up.  For example, a recent article in The Telegraph noted that governments all over the globe are now stockpiling food….

Authoritarian governments across the world are aggressively stockpiling food as a buffer against soaring food costs which they fear may stoke popular discontent.

Also, some governments are now gobbling up as much farmland as they can.

According to the New York Times, China has been buying up “vast tracts of Latin America’s agricultural heartland” and is seeking to acquire quality farmland all over the globe.

So what does all of this mean?

It could mean something.

It could mean nothing.

But as I have written about so much recently, we really do seem to be on the verge of a major economic crisis.

The signs that the financial world is melting down are all around us.  I won’t take the time to repeat what I have covered in the last few days here.  If you missed any of it, just go back and read these articles over….

*Is Financial Instability The New Normal?

*Depressed As A Nation? 80 Percent Of Americans Believe That We Are In A Recession Right Now

*Nervous Breakdown? 21 Signs That Something Big Is About To Happen In The Financial World

One thing that I haven’t covered yet is a very curious move by Lloyd’s of London.  It turns out the Lloyd’s of London has started pulling money out of banks in Europe’s peripheral economies according to Bloomberg….

Lloyd’s of London, concerned European governments may be unable to support lenders in a worsening debt crisis, has pulled deposits in some peripheral economies as the European Central Bank provided dollars to one euro-area institution.

At this point, world financial markets have officially entered “bear” territory.  In fact, global stocks are down approximately 20 percent since May.

Many believe that what we have seen is just the beginning of another major financial crisis.

For example, in a recent editorial for The Ticker, Karl Denninger (who saw the 2008 crash coming) warned that the house of cards is starting to fall once again….

Well, America (and the world), you’ve been scammed by the financial institutions and governments for the last 30 years.  2008 was the first spasm of recognition but was short-circuited by…. you guessed it…. even more scams.  Rather than demand truth and an end to the games the American consumer lapped up the frauds and schemes of the politicians on both sides of the aisle who conspired with the financiers to rip you off once again.

Later on in the editorial, Denninger stated that he hopes that all of us have “taken the last couple of years to become prepared”….

Now recognition of that fact is dawning on people in a convulsive fashion, and markets of all sorts are reacting as one would expect when their entire worldview is exposed as having been a gigantic and intentional pyramid scheme constructed of debt layered upon debt thatcannot be paid down.  The wrong thing was done in 2008 and there is zero evidence that our government has changed one iota in their singular focus on misdirection and lies in this regard.

Welcome to awareness; I hope you’ve taken the last couple of years to become prepared.

Well, if the anecdotal evidence presented above is an indication of a larger trend, it appears that the government is getting prepared.

And if the government is stockpiling food, who can blame them?

It should be obvious to anyone that the world has become an incredibly unstable place.

Hopefully we are not about to enter another major economic crisis, but it never hurts to be prepared.

If anyone out there has any additional information that is relevant to this report, please let me know.

If the government really has started to aggressively stockpile food, that would be an important thing to know.

If it is happening, the mainstream media surely will not tell us about it.  So we will have to rely on one another for information.

So what do you think about all of this?  Please feel free to post a comment with your opinion below….

  • It’s too late it’s already here

    We about to see a repeat of 1932 in 2011. With every passing day it feels like we are in the middle of a financial and economic global conflict. This troubling development points not only to an even more painful recession than anticipated, but also to the urgent need for international co-ordination to avoid something worse: all-out financial and economic confrontation between leading powers. We are now likely to see substantially more defaults and credit panics in the Eurozone and not just in smaller countries and emerging markets. Added to this are worrying signs that the credibility of Eurozone and American authorities is on the decline. The banking situation looks increasingly fraught and the system appears to be overwhelmed and unable to cope because of inadequate circuit breakers. Most of the time, financial conflict of this kind is painful and costly. It may lead to decades of lower international capital flows and could also have other far-reaching effects on politics and global peace. Unless the leading powers of the world take concerted action, there is a very real danger that we may all suffer from this rising uncertainty and extreme loss of confidence.

    • Hank Reardon

      The website you linked to is propagating a lie. Under no circumstances did the New Deal end the Great Depression – as noted by FDR’s Treasury Secrety, one of it’s architects and supporters Andrew Mellon.

      • Hanks new deal

        under no circumstances did the New Deal end the Great Depression
        where did you read that Hank? I am curious to how you got that out of the web site you call propaganda

  • Michael

    One reader has already shared the following with me….


    Back in January, I called Emergancy Essential to place an order. I asked them, at one point, if they had a certain item, and they said it was back ordered, I responded with “oh fema bought those all right up”, and it got very silent. I had to ask a few times if they ware still there. Quite funny.

    • Jean

      So, maybe that’s the real reason they (FEMA that is) is running out of money!

      • Steve

        Sorry Jean, had to reply though. The proper grammer would be “they ARE running out…”. Were it “he” or “she” (both singular) then “IS” would be correct. But since it is “They” (plural), then “ARE” must be used.

        • DownWithLibs

          No need for the grammer police when Martial Law takes hold!

        • just me…


          Next time, before you critique someone’s grammar, you may want to learn how to spell “grammar” (not grammer). True enough, “down with libs”…

          Thanks for this site! : )

  • buy PMs

    Last sentence of the second paragraph: “He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the “five figures”. HMmmmmmmmm fikve figures, as in $99,999.99 maximum? Bigdeal, that’s not a lot of food.

    • ScoutMotto

      It’s not?? Assuming that 99,999 is the maximum of the five figures, and $200.00 is the maximum for a case of six #10 cans (it could be lower but I’m just estimating the upper limit for now), that’s 500 cases of food. That’s 3,000 #10 cans, and at an estimated 9 servings each, that’s 27,000 servings of food.

      Depending on what one purchases, a case of food could be as low as $150/case. Price will vary with entree or sides. So the lower the price, the more food would be bought for the above amount of money.

  • emptyhandkiller

    If you still trust this government, then God help you. If you haven’t been reading great sites like this, and STILL haven’t been prepping, then there is no hope for you. This government knows something drastic is on the horizon, and yet, tells us nothing. You must take precautions to protect yourself and your family. Good luck to all.

    • Mario

      There is always hope,
      It’s a good idea and I think everyone should prepare for when the system collapses but our hope is our Faith in God that he will carry us thru the difficult times ahead. All the preparation being done, if it’s not from God then it will also be of no use..
      We all have to accept that we have moved away from God and have now come under his judgement. This is the generation that will wittness Jesus return to rule the earth.

      • vermont

        Oh please…spare me the god sits in judgement mumbo jumbo

  • Dill Weed

    This is total baloney.

    Someone calls you and said the government made a purchase in the 5 figures. That’s only in the tens of thousands. Hell, not too long ago the government purchased 40 million worth of chicken and the previous year they purchased 30 million and gave them to food banks. Why? Because of over supply which led to falling prices – so low that the farmers would lose money. OVERSUPPLY is the problem.

    So FEMA is looking at preparedness for the New Madrid fault. That’s forward looking, not hiding something. The fault is not active. IF it becomes active, there will be tremors and time to prepare. Something that big is not just going to happen out of thin air.

    The government could not buy up large supplies of food without the public knowing about it. One thing thing is FOI and people talking about something unusual happening. Consider, we are still shipping food to foreign countries. I just bought a cantalope from the EU yesterday.

    If you find that the government is not secretly stoking food, are you going to do a follow up post?

    • 007

      If there is a financial collapse like the one that almost happened in 2008, the trucks will stop running and inventories will not be resupplied. Your grocery store would be empty within 48 hours thereafter. Hank Paulson, a free market conservative, was so freaked by this possibility, he forced the bank bailouts.

      All he did was buy some time. Enjoy your cantaloupe. There is absolutely no guarantee you will get another one. We live in an incredibly fragile economic environment.

    • pb7777

      Hey Dill Weed, Just keep believing your government and how they really care for you. You hit the nail on the head why they bought only five figures worth — they don’t want the public to know. Who knows how many “five figure” orders they placed. As far as the Madrid Fault and also the cancellation of the other order of food mentioned in the article. Did you ever hear of HAARP? If you haven’t, look it up — do some research. It’s real technology that can create earthquakes. Just maybe they were panning a major catastrophe with the Madrid fault on the line of the self-inflicted 9/11. People, I don’t know if all these conspiracies are true or not, but I am also not going to trust my government. There are too many facts to prove that they have done unscrupulous things in the past, even to their own people. Check out this book, it tells the truth about the world’s elites and how the are conspiring a one world government…

    • Bill S

      Dill Weed, your cynicism is warranted, so let met address your post from a big picture perspective.

      As the author indicated, this purchase may not be relative. For all we know, it is a food manufacturer trying to put fear in people because sales have been slow this month—–we simply do not know. What we do know is that trust, which is at the very foundation of our society and required for progress, is at all-time lows. We have been lied to, scammed, looted, and otherwise screwed over so many times by our financial institutions, government, and their propaganda ministers in the media that frankly, the enlightened among us do not know what to believe anymore.

      We do know that times are rough and not likely to get better any time soon. We also know that the looting, fraud, and corruption perpetrated against us by our own institutions is at an all-time high. Furthermore, we know that our system is on the verge of collapse and is not sustainable. Nation’s like China and India are not going to continue sitting back allowing us to export our corruption, wars, and inflation on them simply because we no longer know how to live within our means and have completely lost any sense of responsibility. We have become a nation of selfish, yet ignorant fools who think the world revolves around us and that what we say goes. This largely has been the result of our ability to print money as the world’s currency and human nature which always leads to greed and corruption.

      The bottom line is I could go on and on, but all that would do is repeat what you can find all across the media spectrum—even the corrupt propaganda mainstream media. Trust and confidence in a society takes many years to build and contrary to what you would think, many years to destroy. While there are still many people in our society that do not have a clue why there is a problem, most people recognize that the problems we are having are not normal and that something is seriously wrong. Trust is just like a marriage contract—-you trust that your spouse has your best interests in mind. If your spouse cheats on you, in most cases that trust can never be won back. In the case of our country, it will take a serious overhauling of our financial, governmental, and judicial systems to restore the rule of law, decency, honor, and trust.

      For those of us who have studied the financial markets and the government for a period of time, nothing surprises us. We have the most corrupt financial system and government in the history of mankind, so naturally we are always going to assume the worst. If you want to blame anyone for that, blame your corrupt government and the corrupt media —- don’t blame us. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the government set off a nuke on a major fault line to create mass destruction in an effort to gain greater control and boost the economy. Left wing economist Krugman (dishonest, immoral thug) recently said it was disappointing that the earthquake in the southeast didn’t do more damage, and hoped the recent hurricane would cause mass damage because he said it would be good for the economy. The thugs that run our government only care about money and power—they could not care less about human lives and the destruction they cause. In summary, government will never let an opportunity to gain control and power go to waste, and you can be sure that if they are not behind a black swan, they will certainly capitalize on it.

      The bottom line is do not be so quick to discount “signs” around you. Yes, this report about the food probably means nothing, but when you look at the fraud and corruption that have been carried out against the citizens of the U.S. by the banking oligarch, the government, and a corrupt media, it should be no surprise to anyone that more and more people will believe “conspiracies” —- everywhere we turn, more and more conspiracies are turning out to not be conspiracies but rather, coordinated looting and fraud against the citizens of the U.S. by the very institutions for whom we entrust to serve us.


  • Connecting the dots…. 😉

    I’m linking your article to my site!


    • Highspeed

      I bookmarked your site. Thanks for posting it.

  • JD

    Something strange is going on Michael. We live in an area where there is alot of underground nuclear missiles being stored. In the past few weeks, I have noticed alot of activity of the government moving the missles. You see army jeeps and trucks and choppers all the time. I dont know if its because of Obamas policy of disarming us or if they are doing something else with them. It bothers me when the goverment choppers circle over the ranch. It makes me feel like were an enemy in our own country. As for the government storing food how nice of them not to just let us starve to death when society collapses. But I highly doubt that they are using it for us. If you want to check something really juicy out Ive been reading about the government building an underground city located beneath the Denver International Airport. Its awful strange that they built a brand new airport 20 or 30 miles outside Denver and spent billions on it when the old airport was just fine. On Conspiricy Theory with Jesse Ventura they did an investagation on it and anyonomus building contractors such as drywall guys and painters swore that they helped build the underground city. I have a feeling that the govt. is storing this food to save their own people not us. They also have a really creepy painting in the airport as well. It looks like their New World Order dream. If you Google Denver Airport mysteries it should all be there if the govt. hasnt taken it down yet.

    • Michael

      Thanks for sharing that intel JD.

      We all need to keep our eyes and ears open these days.


    • Also from Jesse Ventura…

      The U.S. government is still engaged in the building of massive underground bunker systems.

      In fact, the U.S. government is reportedly building so fast and so widespread, that private contractors in the bunker business are having a difficult time obtaining necessary equipment and supplies to continue their developments.

    • Gary

      There was information on the Denver International Airport just the other day on

      It is downright freaky that they put those murals on the walls of an airport for all to see.

    • Paul

      JD — Bingo on the storing of food not being for Joe and Jane Main Street. When the riots start and martial law begins… form of payment to the enforcers will be food. You gotta feed the troops to keep them happy/working.

    • Blueskies

      See the under “sinister sites”. He covers the Denver airport, Georgia Guide Stones, Bank of America murals and other places of interest.

  • steven Mccallan

    In your article on a possible coming food shortage, you mentioned that a government source of yours said that he had just pruchased food for a dollar amount ,”in the five figures”. At most that would mean $99,999 of food. Sounds like a pittance to me. How can your article be taken seriously when you back it up with a fact like that?
    Steven McCallan

    • josh

      do you expect the government to buy so much food that it will be noticed?

  • V Motts

    I will bet the food storage is for military, law enforcement and civil serpents so THEY can maintain THEIR position and control.. at the expense of the general population..

    I can GUARANTEE this is NOT to help the ordinary citizen..

    • Ben Dover

      Good way to keep the cops on their side!

  • What to do about this?

  • Very interesting article… I’ve been very worried since first hearing of the #10 can shortages. With the current state of the economy and unrest around the world, I feel we are at a tipping point and it’s not going to take a big push to go over the edge. Still the people won’t listen until it’s too late.. just open your eyes and and connect the dots.

    • Dill Weed

      You can always take a #2.

  • DaShui

    It could be that FEMA wants to spend all the money it has so its budget won’t get cut.

    • 007

      FEMA is already broke. They are begging congress for more money.

    • Charlie

      That’s what I thought also.

  • callmecordelia1

    Very interesting! Yes, I’m quite glad I’ve taken the last couple (8!) years to get prepared. I still feel stressed that I haven’t done enough, but I’ve sure done a lot more than the average Joe. At some point I guess I just have to concede that I’ve done all I can and then put my trust in God for the rest. Thank you for this article. Do keep us updated if you come across any more information.

  • Jam J

    Government is only thinking of what will get them more money and get them re elected.

  • JD

    Wow, I just got done watching a youtube video about a short-seller (not my most favorite people) named Jim Chanos. He predicted the Enron collapse and made money when the market crashed in ’08. He is saying that China is in a major real estate bubble like the US was and its only a matter of time before China comes crashing down. The other day I heard that China is slowing down economically and orders for copper took a hit. Also Im sure our lower factory orders are hurting them as well. This is not good. China is our banker. What happens when the lender goes down? We are in serious trouble ladies and gentlemen. Things are unraveling fast. Michael if you can find anymore info about what Soros and Chanos are doing that would be great. But Ill bet you wont find much. They probably want to keep it under wraps so no one else can profit from a major collapse.

    • Syrin

      They’ve been predicting this for a while now. Meanwhile, the mass sale of gold, silver and stocks these past two days comes from European banks to to get any sort of liquidity before Greece collapses within the next 20 days. The banks really are one intertwined international cabal meaning when one collapses, they all collapse. Germany has spent the last two weeks preparing for its banks to lose 50% of its assets.

      All of this is well documented at Warning, ADVANCED financial jargon and discussion, but well worth the effort.

    • Paul

      Sorry JD — but in China you have to put 20% to purchase a property unlike what created the U.S. Real Estate bubble where you could buy something with nothing down. (I have a good College Fraternity friend that is a real estate developer in Beijing.)

      Will it slow down? Sure… However China’s net worth (Assets – Liabilities) is far higher then the United States. The U.S. owes China more then China’s public debt… throw in the fact that China is sitting on about $3 Trillion of U.S. Dollars and worrying about China going down the tubes is the least of your worries.

      China wants Taiwan… Taiwan just put in an order to upgrade their F-16’s. China could roll over Taiwan tomorrow and there is absolutely nothing the U.S. could do…

      Current projections have China taking over the U.S. as the super power of the world by 2017…. could be faster with the complete ineptness of the U.S. Federal Government pandering for the check is in the mail folks.

      Regardless… keep in mind that China uses real money to finance the U.S. … Unlike the U.S. banking system that prints money and issues IOU’s.

      I’ve been doing a lot of research on China and learning Mandarin since my buddy loves it over there and wants me to come over. Turns out that they love Americans that speak Mandarin and the opportunities are endless…

      Even for the poor Chinese that make $12 an hour… they save half of it. Debt in China is considered evil unlike the U.S. where so many Americans live on debt.

      Ironically… many of the values of 1950 America are currently practiced in China while the U.S. now has values following the path of a banana republic. Get on some of the Chinese Business websites and see what they think..

      Regardless… don’t worry about them running out of money. Worry about them dumping their dollars and cutting our stupid arses off.

      • Paul

        Correction — $12 a day. The Chinese have different values and cell phones, big screen TV’s and an Xbox for everybody in the family is not considered an entitlement.

        Very family orientated where dinner together is a priority..

      • Hank Reardon

        Pual, go google China’s Ghost cities. Theirs is a bubble for a completely different reason.

    • SF

      I recently saw clips on ‘Extinction Protocol’ of vast cities in China they have built that are almost completely empty! These places can be seen from Google Earth and they have virtually no one living or working there. Unbelievable.
      Hundreds of thousands of apartments that the Chinese can’t afford to live in – now if that’s not a bubble about to burst then I dont know what is.

  • HerrLT

    As long as Noodles & Company is open nearby I’m ok, right? They’ll certainly take my crisp $10 bills in a heartbeat…right?

    Thank you for preparing people with these tools as you do, Michael. God uses each of us for a reason and the tools you’ve presented to your readers are up to them if they get used.

    • Hank Reardon

      “As long as Noodles & Company is open nearby I’m ok, right?” Ewww, no.

  • DeathSpiral

    Thousands of people have been descending on Wall Street to protest every day this week yet it doesn’t even make the news. Instead the current headlines on the major news sites are about Nirvana (1990’s rock band) and Nov 2012 elections. There is not even mention about this week long protest in the heart of the worlds financial district.

  • Dan

    Guys, really? “5-figures” So the government could be buying $10K worth of food and your making this into “news”? My family probably spends $300+ on food every month so this could feed 30 families? Even if its an order for $99K then were talking about 300 families for a month??

    And this order is from a “government source” so your telling me this could be military?? How many millions of dollars do you think military spends every year on food rations?

    When they start getting orders for 7 or 8 figures then please update me, otherwise, get real folks. Stop making nothing into something.

  • JD

    NIGHTMARE FORECAST: CHINA DEMANDS FOOD FOR PAYMENT ON US DEBT!!!! Dont laugh. China is a huge country that has alot of mouths to feed. If Uncle Ben fires up the printing press for QE3 China is going to be livid. I heard that China is also buying up land in Idaho as well. What makes you think that they wont dump our treasury bills and demand that we export food to them as payment? I see that day coming closer especially if China’s economy tanks. The only way out for us is to default on our debt to them and go to war. This sucks.

  • Toomanyfakeconservatives

    To all the brainiacs that decry the 5-figure order cited in the article: that’s a large order for some small to medium sized companies and certainly could be a recurring weekly or monthly order. It also could have represented the company’s entire current inventory of a particular item. The monster food companies aren’t the only producers of certain critical food commodities.

    • Hank Reardon

      Thank you for getting it.

  • Ben Dover

    Does anyone actually believe those 140MM meals were intended for US?

  • J.S.


  • Steve

    If Obama loses in 2012, the Left will trigger mass public disruptions, along with shoving Mexico over the cliff so tens of millions more illegals surge north to undermine whatever was left of civil order.

  • When Proactive Governments From Around The World
    (Especially The United States} Start To Show A Reactive Approach Watch Out. But Then From The Other Side This Stockpiling Of Food Could Be Part Of An Effort To Feed The Millons Of People
    Starving In south America. There Seems To Be A Lot Of Speculation Going On Now, Which Leads To
    Self Preperation Being The Safe And Smartest Way To Go. A Sure Bet is The Smart Bet. Speaking Of Reactive Governments, I Will Again
    Bring Up The Subject Of The World Seed Bank In Norway, Which Holds Millons Of Seeds, For Whatever Reasons. Again The Question Is Why Was The “Doomsday Seed Vault” Built When It Was. This Could Have Been Built At Any Other Given Time, Why Within The Last Four Yrs? Good Luck And God Bless.

  • old soldier

    I find it really interesting that people “blow off” five figure purchases as not very important. Tells a person what people these days consider alot of money and a little. Forty or fifty years ago a figure amount like that would have carried alot of weight. Now it doesn’t. If the purchase had been seven to nine figures there might have been more of a reaction to the article. Very interesting what is considered a little and alot. Because of that, the real message of the article was missed: FEMA is stockpiling food and that has possibly caused a shortage of freeze dried and dehydrated foods. If you think FEMA is stockpiling supplies to give out in a disaster ….wish.

  • Tim

    With all that is happening all over the globe we all should be getting ready for anything that we can even imagine could occur.

    What hasn’t happened yet is! what everybody is! afraid of. It is the unknown mixed with the evidence of that which is known.

    I’ll let you elaborate on all of this yourself by saying all it takes is some honest research on the internet and away from main stream media as well. Do some homework to see if you would consider getting food and other supplies handy. You know. Just in case . . .

    Anyway, evidence abounds! Look around your neighborhood. Check out other neighborhoods and cities, the farmlands. Oh! Did I mention the weather? Finally then, check out the government reports and this website often and others like it.

    Every single thing in this world is messed up so bad something serious and nasty is really going to go down and it’s going to go down very hard. Most likely a combination of several things at around the same time frame!

    You really just never know enough, so please be prepared yourself as much as you can, and God bless you.

    And if by chance some would think that I am fear mongering I have news: I hope and pray that I am wrong and nothing bad happens now or ever. It just makes sense to have than to not have during times questionable.

  • callmecordelia1

    Have you seen the product on the Sam’s Club web site that is food storage for a year for 40 people? I’m not so good at posting links, but you can find it here:

    I found that by chance a few months ago and thought it was quite interesting. You too can buy food storage for your community. 🙂 When it’s at Sam’s Club and Walmart you know there must be demand for it on some level or another.

    • KB

      Unfortunately, with Wally World in Big Sis’s pocket, you can pretty much bet that your Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club purchases, especially for prep items, is being reported to the Big Eye in the Sky.

  • 007

    Seems to be an interesting piece of evidence. By itself, it is not enough to draw a conclusion. However, one thing is certain, if it is the government buying up food, you will see more and more evidence of it. They can’t keep a secret and they are generally incompetent.

    I would challenge your theory of civil unrest though. I suspect the meals will only be for the governments chosen few. 140 million meals would only feed the country about 1/2 of a meal for one day. Everyone else will be on their own.

    By the way, buying in small quantities, 5 figures, would be totally consistent with trying to buy in an inconspicuous manner to try to keep it a secret.

    We shall see shortly.

  • Mark

    More people it seems are starting to take notice of all of these crazy problems in the world. A lot of the books being sold at Costco pertain to economic collaspe. Still if I go there and buy a couple of bags of rice, beans and sugar they look at you like you are kind of strange. Whatever, we need to prepare for hard times as the government will not be able to cope with the problems that arise. I am not sure that they would really want to anyway. We that understand the disaster that could be upon us will have to help others that have not prepared. Go out and stock up for your family, friends and neighbors if you can.

  • Nickelthrower


    My family tends to have practical experience in this. Name some horrific experience from the 20th Century (Omaha Beach, famine in Ethopia, Trench Warfare, plague, etc)and someone I’m related to was there.

    One thing that all the survivors repeated again and again was the importance of food. Take away food and an army disintegrates. Take away food and the people immediately revolt. Take away food and sickness and plague come a knocking.

    No nation on Earth is more than 3 meals away from a revolution.

  • 007

    There was apparently some crisis control curfews tested in small cities. These curfews appear to be federally sponsored. It seems to follow the same theme of trying to test public unrest controls due to economic crisis.

  • Syrin

    I hate to rain on the parade of this story, BUT I bought a year’s supply of storable food for 5 people a year ago and it cost $7500. A “five figure” food order really is very little when put into perspective. Had they had an 9 figure order, then I’d be more concerned.

    I DO KNOW, however, the gov’t is preparing for something. The underground base in COlorado, the FEMA camps along the rail lines, plastic coffins ordered, etc etc etc. Documented fairly well at and on youtube.

    • JimP

      Syrin can you tell me if you purchased the food as a package from some company or offer any details on the accumulation of the food? Perhaps links that would offer some guidance?

      Thanks much,


      • Syrin

        Wise foods. Storable food for up to 25 years. 5 adults for one year

  • Syrin

    One last point (I promise). I absolutely can tell you where the shortages are coming from. People have been preparing for years now. There are/have been warnings on the web for quite some time now about the coming economic collapse including MANY from here saying “get prepared”. When we bought our food the seller told us they couldn’t keep the stuff in stock a day because the demand was so high. I am an MD, and I know of at least 15 other MD’s at my hospital alone preparing. Everyone in my cul-de-sac is preparing. In fact, I know more “preppers” than those who aren’t. This was done INDPENDENTLY by people reaching the same conclusion from the info at hand.

    GO reaf and try to come away feeling secure and prepared.

  • ScoutMotto

    Last December I placed an order with Survival Warehouse and it arrived in perhaps a week. I placed another order in March, and it did not arrive until June. Fortunately there is a store in Denver which sells Mountain House in bulk so I go there a lot. That store is doing all kinds of business.

  • Paul

    No idea but it certainly does not surprise me considering my background and what I used to do when I was in the military.

    All I know is that bulk packages of White Rice were half off when I was at the grocery store today…. Just added another 20 LBS to my emergency supply. With a shelf life of 7 years… 100 lbs of rice should be good for awhile.

    Oh yeah… also added about another $100 of canned foods (Veggies and items high in fat/protein) that were on sale to the supply. My extra bedroom is starting to get filled up. LOL! When the $&*! hits the fan… I think I can stay inside with my guns and ammo for a good six months without having to go outside.

    Screw it… probably going to hit the store again on Monday and load up even more. With all of the indicators that took place in the financial markets this past week… all things are pointing to “about to get nasty”.

    Damn… I could not believe how expensive some items at the Grocery store have become… seems like prices on some items doubled in a week. Anything on sale that’s good for long term storage… I loaded up on and I’m going to load up even more.

    Damn good thing I learned survival medical skills in the military years ago…. and have a background in nutrition through my formal education.

    When the $&*! hits the fan… I’ll hang inside for about a month to wait for the zombies to thin out and then hightail it to the ranch loaded with guns and ammo with yummies to pay off the Govt. enforcers.

    This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

  • sidvici

    “He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the “five figures”. our clan has easy five figures in stores, this is nothing, are you curtain the number isn’t off by say a couple of billion?

  • Hello
    It’s a nice article we can gather a lot of experience from here.


  • Mike

    ….I stopped reading your article after you wrote – “He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the “five figures”. – Are you kidding me?

    • Michael


      If you read the entire article you might just get the point.


      • josh

        this article is proof that you have a lot of stupid people reading your blog.

  • InArizona


    You can find all govt contracts awarded & solicited (they have a searchable format i.e. “freeze dried food) at FedBizOps.

    fbo dot gov

    this might help you see what they have been buying

    • InArizona

      oh… and a word of warning some of it will make you angry!

  • runvamprun

    even if the FEMA purchase is a rumor, the #10 can shortage is real…my view is even if no great collapse occurs you can not deny the increase price of certain items, either by smaller packages or actual price change…so buy in bulk to combat inflation if for no other reason!

  • Pat

    As a certified search and rescue pilot and having to handle myself in survival conditions I thought I would put my two cents into the discussion.

    Tea and Crumpets? There is no doubt that we are in for a rough ride. But like any storm if you know what to do and keep your cool you will survive. I was particularly troubled when I read from someone that they were all supplied up and now all they had to do is get a good book and wait for the storm to be over. I will be damned if someone thinks I will be kicking back snacking on crackers and reading a book during times of crisis.

    There is an actual psychological term for this kind of thinking. It is called “Normalcy Bias” . There is nothing normal about millions of people starving to death. Even more absurd is that someone would want to sit in their rocking chair eating crackers and sipping tea reading a novel while waiting for rescue. It is sort of like listening to an orchestra while the Titanic is sinking.

    There will be survivors. Not everyone is going down with the ship. Those that protect themselves financially will survive and live to tell the story. But you have to wake up and face reality. The promises you were given, all that you worked for and saved for is gone. But there is still a way to survive. Buy gold and silver.

    You still have time to save yourselves. Will you be getting the crackers ready or will you really protect your self and family. My suggestion is that you buy affordable gold and if you like store it in our vault in Switzerland. Thousands of people already have and before too long there will be no gold to buy. It will be too late then.

    KB Gold has revolutionized the gold acquisition process into a simple no risk solution that anyone can afford. After 17 years in business it is safe to say they know what they are doing. If you are like me you will not be sitting in a rocking chair waiting for rescue. Join me here: if you want to survive. Its free.

    And if you need a job and money become a distributor of gold and make money helping others financialy. The demand for gold has never been greater:

  • Ken Nohe

    It certainly makes sense to worry about food shortages in a country like Egypt. In the US, less so. The only thing which could create “limited” food shortages is a disruption of transportation probably linked to the availability (or lack) of oil. The government is well aware of this risk and therefore preparation have been made to make sure that this does not happen. There are many things we should worry about in the current economic environment. Lack of food in developed economies is not yet one of them.

  • neo


    You do some good work. However, I have to agree with many here. This article is a bit lame. Five figures? Really? With the way the governments have been spending trillions of dollars I am suppose to be alarmed by an order for under $100,000? That wouldn’t even feed a dozen families for a year.

    • Michael


      If I could tell you everything that I was told you would be much more impressed.

      I decided to share what I was able to share with you all.

      Take it as another just another “dot” out there as we all try to “connect the dots”.


      • Steve

        Sorry, but it’s not even a “dit”. And the old line “IF I could only tell you everything I was told THEN you would be impressed”, well we’ve heard it all too many times. If you were unable to share most or all of the info, I see no need for even a mention. There is NOTHING to the info from this person that was posted here, SORRY!

  • MountainHome

    The economy is bad and only a world war will pull America and EU out of the depression we are in right now. It’s called the “October Surprise”, but it could happen any time.

    I read a few years ago, on this site, a comment by someone who said to store food for emergencies and thought it was a good idea.

    Right now, I am drinking coffee that I bought at $3.78 3 yrs. ago instead of paying the $9 for a 33 oz. can of coffee today. That, and about a yrs. supply of canned food. So, right now, I’m living off of the economy prices of 2008.

    Forget buying gold or silver. Invest in food that has an expiration date of 3 yrs.

  • Max Power

    I used to work for the military as a purchasing agent and I have to say that “5 figures” isn’t enough to set off alarm bells. I have personally purchased millions in MREs and emergency supplies for the military. Keep in mind they burn through alot of this stuff. We purchased almost $50k worth of MREs just for a 3 day exercise (and we had one of those every month). That doesn’t include thousands if not millions on other survival gear. This sounds more like a single unit’s stash…or possibly even just an individual.

  • Sure they are stock plying food, what better way to get hungry slaves on their knees then with a line waiting for government cheese.

    Get food, now!!

    Good article on storage foods,

  • MarkD

    I must agree with callmecordelia1
    I have invested for years into this. Including living in a very secluded home 5 miles up a dirt road. I never feel like I have done enough. Ordering another years supply this week. Friends wonder what I am scared of. I tell them all the same thing I do not fear the future because I am prepared. I fear having to shoot them when they try to raid my home because they have done nothing. Orchards planted check, gardens prepped check, food store check, fuel stored check, guns and ammo stored check. Prayers prayed that I will never need any of it check. May God save us!

  • bernie Miller

    People wake up… There is a war coming that is beyond your imaginations.

  • doomster

    Interesting… The many recent floods and droughts have certainly impacted food supplies. Recently I saw a “Hershey’s Air Delight” candy bar in a drug store for 99 cents with a wrapper that boasted about how much air is in the chocolate. I knew they were putting more air in the chocolate to save money on cocoa and corn syrup but I didn’t expect them to advertise it!

  • Jase

    Ok, this is the first article here that has me scratching my head. Just like many other users here I read the 5 figure comment and felt this isn’t even a drop in the bucket.

    Let’s just say it is $100,000 and they are buying those $100 buckets of 275 servings featured on the front page.

    1000 buckets at 275 meals is 275,000 meals which feeds 91,666 (Ooooo look, the sign of the devil) for ONE DAY.

    This isn’t even enough food for one mid sized city for one day. Trying to keep millions of people alive for sustained periods of time not only requires stored food, which means BPA leaking cans or dried food with water and heat source for preparation. You have to be pretty well off to be able to stockpile MRE or other military type supplies for camping, natural disaster, or worse.

    The far larger fear is if you are in an urban area and things go to hell what happens then? Even if you have a place to bug out to with a bug out bag you it will be nearly impossible to move out of city.

    If you hunker down you have to face roaming crowds of people who didn’t prepare at all dying of thirst and starving, probably in a mob with weapons of all types. Not exactly zombies, but just as bad.

    • Michael


      I think that people are missing the point.

      This wasn’t one huge order coming directly out of Washington D.C.

      This was a regional guy wanting to make sure that his guys were taken care of.

      Much more importantly, the guy ordering the food was freaked out that something big was coming.

      Hey, I thought I would share what I could about a very interesting piece of intel I got from a rock-solid source.

      If people are not interested in this kind of stuff I will be glad to keep it to myself.


      • pranah

        Hi, Michael,
        Speaking for myself, I’d be glad to hear anything you have to say from any trusted source. I think what people are missing is the context of the five-figure order. Apparently you have more that you feel unable to share, which is okay, but realize that without the context you’re going to get some questioning. I don’t doubt for a moment that something wicked our way comes, but it’s hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff without details. That’s all.

        Thanks for everything you do with your sites to keep us informed! Keep it coming–I will keep reading.

      • Kibs

        The article is good. I thank you for writing and sharing it.

      • Armel

        I got what you meant…it’s a shame you need to further explain to some what was a well written article that contained as much info as you could spare. Thank you for sharing, and please don’t be discouraged to continue to do so!

      • Brandy

        I’m interested its because of your information that my family is much more aware and can prepare… So I say thank you so much for sharing all that you know. It takes a lot of guts and courage to write the things you write especially with everything going on, I love every word you write. Thanks for everything Michael.

        • Michael

          Thank you for the kind words Brandy. I do try my best to include the highest quality information that I can in these articles.


      • Watcher43

        Michael please keep writing these articles and providing the dots. I will take your word that there is a bit more to this story than you are telling us and that’s okay. You need to keep your sources, and their confidence. The information you provide is valuable, ignore the trolls on your site.

    • josh

      you have too much faith in our government… that food ISNT for us silly.

  • Google: Washington DC Bunkers and note their current re-modeling and stocking said food stuffs to protect the DC Crowd of political refuges from the mobs-well maybe nuckes if you want to beleive that crap. I have been following the storage of non pershible MT. House and other products from several distributors for years and have written articles to this effect to start PREPPING before prepping was a known word.

    You also want to follow the tracks on the Chaney built barbed wire containment centers hither and yon for disidents when the riots start. The Gov is way ahead of us in knowning what is coming down and they are getting prepared-are you?

    Prison Planet recently had a good article on what is coming and what is going on now. God Help us.

    Thank you for keeping us up to date Michael.


  • Andrew Bulles

    Food prices are rising, in fact, I finally got real confirmation last night when my mother (age 64) told me my father came home last with tears in his eyes. He went to the local market to buy some groceries and came out with one bag having spent $50.00! Milk is now $6.00 a gallon where he lives in Delaware. I live in Simi Valley, California and with luck Milk is subsidized by the State of California for now. Still at $3.19 a gallon.

    I’ve been telling all my family to stock up on beans, rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, spices, yeast, corn bread mix, grits, Oats, and detergents & Soaps – FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS! DO THEY EVER LISTEN! My father NOW ADMITS that I WAS and Remain Right about the coming food crisis.

    • josh

      dont tell too many people about all the food you are stocking up on they will come for your food after the ********** hits the fan. are you ready to share everything or kill?

  • JackieR

    Sounds like a big false flag will bring this on.

    • Marlene

      I was thinking the exact same thing. The Republicans have brainwashed many people into believing that only the Republicans can keep us safe, and that under President Obama, the worse attacks have happened. Purely a political thing. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we have another “attack on American soil.”

  • Elysatio

    Several items: Frontline aired a program a week ago about their investigation on Defense spending called “Top Secret America” found here They did a 2 year study on the secrecy of the Defense Department. Tons of info. There is a secret underground city in Denver, somewhere in Pennsylvania, in Virginia near DC and MANY MORE. A million civilian employees in an underground city in Virginia. Over 10 stories deep, has a mall, grocery, barbershops, everything for a city of 1 million to survive.

    The amount of 5 figures would be a small amount taken by itself. Why would FEMA or the Defense department attract attention by dropping a 6 or 7 figure amount? If you factor in the 5 figures times the number of companies and orders placed, you have a true figure.

    The defense department is having trouble accounting for millions if not billions of dollars spent. Frontline traced a lot of the spending but even they can only uncover so much.

    I spoke to my Colonel the other day about it. She is from Pennsylvania. She mentioned one of the underground cities is near the War College there. Hmmm. She expressed dismay saying “I just wonder what they are up to…”.

    I work close to the largest Medical training center in the world. The actual school house buildings are set up as back-ups for the main HUGE hospital. I was told specifically that “If anything happens (WTSHTF) we are ready, we can take patients, we have x-rays, CT scan, operating rooms everything.”.

    Keep up the great work keeping us ALL informed.

    • Michael

      Thank you Elysatio. It looks like this last article has stirred up a hornet’s nest.

      I wonder could some of the mockers really be trolls that are trying to throw us off of something big?


      • DownWithLibs

        I would still be interested in seeing the looks on their faces when it all goes down! Of course, they could just be scared and want to ignore the facts. There are days that I would love to just believe that all is rosy, however, I am not willing to bet mine and my families well being on it!

        • Marlene

          Be on the lookout for Obama reading “My Pet Goat.”

    • Brandy

      READ THE DENVER AIRPORT CONSPIRACY.. If there one in Denver it is under the airport and they are tunneling to the army base in Colorado Springs.

      • Michael

        And why are all those bigwigs running out to Denver this week?

        It makes me a bit nervous.


        • callmecordelia1

          What big wigs are heading to Denver this week? Did I miss something? I’m traveling this week– something I HATE to do anyway– but especially in crazy times like we’ve been experiencing lately. I think I have a stop-over in Denver. Think if I found the secret entrance and figured out their secret knock that they’d let me in? 😀 Not that I really want to hang out with creepy big wigs anyway.

  • blam

    The ‘five figures’ comment ruined the whole article for me. Five figures is nothing.

  • Kevin2

    Five figures? Hell a single large family could store food in five figures.

    • Thats what I was thinking.
      A troll doing a little CYA.

  • LE

    THE US ARMED FORCES WILL BE RUNNING A DEFCON 1- COCKED PISTOL – MAXIMUM READINESS ALERT DRILL ON SEPTEMBER 27TH, which will be overseen by President Obama at one of the United States most secure secret bunkers located beneath the Denver International Airport. Not surprisingly, the media is covering none of it. This is also around the date that “comet” Elenin lines up with the Earth, Sun and Moon with many believing these conjunctions are responsible for the catastrophic earthquakes & tsunamis during previous alignments – Japan, Chile, Christ Church. This time it will line up much closer to earth than before. Nearly all of NASA’s top officials and scientists along with 81 other agencies will be in Denver on that date too. How convenient for them all to jump into a bunker when the SHTF!

    This doesn’t necessarily mean anything will happen, but it leaves one to justifiably wonder the meaning of all these events…another false flag??? I don’t think it’s a matter of IF but WHEN.

    It’s definitely best to make those final preparations NOW and NOT put them off any longer. Things seem to really be spiraling out of control at a much faster pace. Absolutely everything in me feels something horrible is on the horizon, possibly within days or weeks. Have Faith not fear and get your hearts right with GOD because time is running out!!!

    • Jean

      No disrespect intended, I realize it’s possible… but I’m having a hard time buying what you’re saying here about that drill. Well, we’ll see… that date isn’t far off. But what is your source of information?

      I work for DOD, they always give us warnings about various exercises and drills, so we don’t get alarmed and plan extra time to get onto the base. I’ve not heard a peep about anything remotely like that!

      Also, I’ve seen information on NASA’s website disclaiming any threat from Elenin (not that I’ve been impressed with what NASA’s doing lately).

      • Brandy

        It is true they are holding the drill.. I live and work in Colorado, I wont say where I work but it is happening!

    • Jean

      Sorry, I did some poking around and I found it on “mainstream news” (not my favorite news source, but even so). That means it’s just a normal drill. Guess I didn’t hear about it because it’s not happening where I live (VA not CO). Sounds to me like they posted it for the same reason I mentioned, so the local population will not be alarmed.

      Wikipedia also mentions this type of excercise for possible nuclear attack – personally, I’d just as soon they did prepare for such a possibility rather than waiting for something to actually happen and not know what to do.

  • Dill Weed

    I went to my grocery store today and all the isles were well stocked, everything you could want. There are at least 6 grocery stores in my area. Each with their own supply chain. Farmer and ranchers are bringing along the supply of chicken, beef, pig, and turkey. Though I live in TN I can by fish from all over the place. No food shortages here. In fact, there’s an over supply all the stores are having sales.

    • Leave your recession behind

      No big deal Dill weed, same thing here in New Jersey, The supermarkets are only hundreds of feet away from each other, they are lowering prices everywhere trying to get people to buy more. All the restaurant chains are packed noon to night from Red Lobster, apple bees to TGIFridays. Walmarts with lines out the door.
      We Do not see any economic collapse here, come to New Jersey leave your forsaken cities and states. We welcome all.

      • josh

        hahahaha New Jersey is like the most broke state there is besides Illinois, cali, michigan

        “Walmarts with lines out the door.” yup thats because people are BROKE! poor people shop at wally world not the rich.

        what your statement says to me is STAY AWAY FROM NJ its a state full of sheeple. good job. thanks for the confirmation.

  • DEFCONStudios


    This is being done in preparation for a Massive Global GeoPolitical conflict which you might be aware of as World War III. Libya and Syria are merely the stepping stones to World War III.

    “The BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India and China, have been listed among those posing a threat to the US national security along with terrorism, cyber attacks, and the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta urged Washington to protect the planet against these countries’ attempts to ruin global stability.”

  • SAV

    FEMA has done research on the Madrid fault.
    Read this article, especially toward the end.

  • JasonD

    5 figure order for storable foods? Don’t worry, they’re probably just stocking up the latest FEMA camp they just finished. All’s well.

  • Dan

    $100,000 food / $2.00 per meal= 50,000 meals
    50,000 meals / 3 meals per day per person= 16,666 days per person
    16,666 days per person / 1190 persons = 14 days

    So your enormous buy will just about cover one small catastrophe. The need for storable food is obvious- if it is going to a catastrophe power cannot be relied on and it is imperative that it not spoil before it is consumed.

    I spend a little over $120K on food a year for the small correctional facility I work at; an average of $0.85 per meal. If I find out someone has a really good deal on food I can put in the warehouse or otherwise store without it spoiling; you better believe a five figure order is coming. I will buy it all.

    • Jimminy

      Dan, you should check out They have freeze dried stuff that has a 25 year shelf life without refrigeration. We have bought a lot of their food and it really is very good.

  • There over 600 prison camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive prisoners. They are all staffed and even surrounded by full-time guards, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law need to be implemented in the United States.

    The Rex 84 Program was established on the reasoning that if a mass exodus of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.

    Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.

    The camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the detention facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. The majority of the camps can house a population of 20,000 prisoners. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.

    A person named Terry Kings wrote an article on his discoveries of camps
    located in southern California. His findings are as follows:
    Over the last couple months several of us have investigated three soon-to-be prison camps in the Southern California area. We had heard about these sites and wanted to see them for ourselves.

    The first one we observed was in Palmdale, California. It is not operating as a prison at the moment but is masquerading as part of a water facility. Now why would there be a facility of this nature out in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no prisoners? The fences that run for miles around this large facility all point inward, and there are large mounds of dirt and dry moat surrounding the central area so the inside area is not visible from the road. There are 3 large loading docks facing the entrance that can be observed from the road. What are these massive docks going to be loading?

    We observed white vans patrolling the area and one came out and greeted us with a friendly wave and followed us until we had driven safely beyond the area. What would have happened had we decided to enter the open gate or ask questions?

    This facility is across the street from the Palmdale Water Department. The area around the Water Department has fences pointing outward, to keep people out of this dangerous area so as not to drown. Yet, across the street, the fences all point inward. Why? To keep people in? What people? Who are going to be it’s occupants?

    There are also signs posted every 50 feet stating: State of California Trespassing Loitering Forbidden By Law Section 555 California Penal Code.

    The sign at the entrance says: Pearblossom Operations and Maintenance Subcenter Receiving Department, 34534 116th Street East. There is also a guard shack located at the entrance.

    We didn’t venture into this facility, but did circle around it to see if there was anything else visible from the road. We saw miles of fences with the top points all directed inward. There is a railroad track that runs next to the perimeter of this fenced area. The loading docks are large enough to hold railroad cars. [lrec]

    I wonder what they are planning for this facility? They could easily fit 100,000 people in this area. And who would the occupants be?

    Another site is located in Brand Park in Glendale. There are newly constructed fences (all outfitted with new wiring that point inward). The fences surround a dry reservoir. There are also new buildings situated in the area. We questioned the idea that there were four armed military personnel walking the park. Since when does a public park need armed guards?

    A third site visited was in the San Fernando Valley, adjacent to the Water District. Again, the area around the actual Water District had fences logically pointing out (to keep people out of the dangerous area). And the rest of the adjacent area which went on for several miles was ringed with fences and barbed wire facing inward (to keep what or who in?) Also, interesting was the fact that the addition to the tops of the fences were fairly new as to not even contain any sign of rust on them. Within the grounds was a huge building that the guard said was a training range for policemen. There were newly constructed roads, new gray military looking buildings, and a landing strip. For what? Police cars were constantly patrolling the several mile perimeter of the area.

    From the parking lot of the Odyssey Restaurant a better view could be taken of the area that was hidden from site from the highway. There was an area that contained about 100 black boxes that looked like railroad cars. We had heard that loads of railroad cars have been manufactured in Oregon outfitted with shackles. Would these be of that nature? From our position it was hard to determine.

    In searching the Internet, I have discovered that there are about 600 of these prison sites around the country (and more literally popping up overnight do they work all night). They are manned, but yet do not contain prisoners. Why do they need all these non-operating prisons? What are they waiting for? We continuously hear that our current prisons are overcrowded and they are releasing prisoners because of this situation. But what about all these facilities? What are they really for? Why are there armed guards yet no one to protect themselves against? And what is going to be the kick-off point to put these facilities into operation?

    What would bring about a situation that would call into effect the need for these new prison facilities? A man-made or natural catastrophe? An earthquake, panic due to Y2K, a massive poisoning, a panic of such dimensions to cause nationwide panic?

    Once a major disaster occurs (whether it is a real event or manufactured event does not matter) Martial Law is hurriedly put in place and we are all in the hands of the government agencies (FEMA) who thus portray themselves as our protectors. Yet what happens when we question those in authority and how they are taking away all of our freedoms? Will we be the ones detained in these camp sites? And who are they going to round up? Those with guns? Those who ask questions? Those that want to know what’s really going on? Does that include any of us? The seekers of truth?

    When first coming across this information I was in a state of total denial. How could this be? I believed our country was free, and always felt a sense of comfort in knowing that as long as we didn’t hurt others in observing our freedom we were left to ourselves. Ideally we treated everyone with respect and honored their uniqueness and hoped that others did likewise.

    It took an intensive year of searching into the hidden politics to discover that we are as free as we believe we are. If we are in denial, we don’t see the signs that are staring at us, but keep our minds turned off and busy with all the mundane affairs of daily life.

    We just don’t care enough to find out the real truth, and settle for the hand-fed stories that come our way over the major media sources television, radio, newspaper, and magazines. But it’s too late to turn back to the days of blindfolds and hiding our heads in the sand because the reality is becoming very clear. The time is fast approaching when we will be the ones asking “What happened to our freedom? To our free speech? To our right to protect ourselves and our family? To think as an individual? To express ourselves in whatever way we wish?”

    Once we challenge that freedom we find out how free we really are. How many are willing to take up that challenge? Very few indeed, otherwise we wouldn’t find ourselves in the situation that we are in at the present time. We wouldn’t have let things progress and get out of the hands of the public and into the hands of those that seek to keep us under their control no matter what it takes, and that includes the use of force and detainment for those that ask the wrong questions.

    Will asking questions be outlawed next? Several instances have recently been reported where those that were asking questions that came too near the untold truth (the cover up) were removed from the press conferences and from the public’s ear. Also, those that wanted to speak to the press were detained and either imprisoned, locked in a psychiatric hospital, slaughtered (through make-believe suicides) or discredited.

    Why are we all in denial over these possibilities? Didn’t we hear about prison camps in Germany, and even in the United States during World War II? Japanese individuals were rounded up and placed in determent camps during the duration of the War. Where was their freedom?

    You don’t think it could happen to you? Obviously those rounded up and killed didn’t think it could happen to them either. How could decent people have witnessed such atrocities and still said nothing? Are we going to do the same here as they cart off one by one those individuals who are taking a stand for the rights of the citizens as they expose the truth happening behind the scenes? Are we all going to sit there and wonder what happened to this country of ours? Where did we go wrong? How could we let it happen?

  • Grasshopper

    Wasn’t this Joseph’s job in Egypt 6000 years ago.  But, I don’t see seven prosperous years to get ready for just seven lean years.   

    • There is a private prison in Arizona. I heard that the very rich provided the funds for this prison and these prisons soon to be all over the USA are for the middle class who have become homeless and poor. The prisoners will be let out to work (for free) in the morning and then must return to the prison at night. They will be fed, clothed and housed. I heard that the GOP masterminded these prisons. Also, the prison will be for latinos who come over the border. They too will become prisoners, food and clothing will be provided for them, and they will be sent out to work for free every morning. The GOP’s Boehner and the other senate leader will love this. The T-Party carry guns, and they brag they are carrying guns. It is part of the big GOP political takeover of America. Middle Class americans have already been stripped of their rights, Unions busted. This is going to become a huge civil war. Because the GOP wants to overthrow our government and it is already happening. Boehner and McConnel could be shot down by the T-Party if they do not obey the T-Party.

      • DownWithLibs

        I think your tin foil hat is too tight!

      • Marlene

        Excellent post. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • manufactured2012

    I think the “5 figure” might just be a red herring

    this guy wouldn’t be bothered by a five figure number

  • Vern

    5 figures??
    If the author doesn’t quickly change that claiming typo, if he lets it stand … then this article is only scare mongering.
    5 figures is NOTHING when it comes to the government spending.

    • DownWithLibs

      Unless they plan to nickel-and-dime their way to a much larger store of goods. Can’t let it look to suspicious, might scare the sheep!

  • Victor

    But the oppressive city government of San Antonio, Texas will fine you $500 for having a chicken in your house…There is also a city code that you can’t have more than a few chickens in your yard, regardless of the fact that they have plenty of space and food. City governments are despotic and encourage dependence..

  • Ena2222


    • Elysatio


    • Brandy

      good comment!!

    • josh


  • David


    First: A quick update. Things here are still tight and employment is unfortunately not on the horizon.

    Second: Let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. I have been reading your blog here for sometime, and the case that you are making hinges on one of two suppositions. Either our government has been subverted by a cabal of corporatist fascists, whose greed is so above and beyond, that they have willingly destabilized our global economy to the point where it will collapse. The second supposition is that our government is filled with such mediocre malcontents, idiots and morons that they have mismanaged the system through such neglect, malicious stupidity, undeserved arrogance, and malignant ignorance.

    Either way what we have had up till now are a lot of data points, educated guesses, hypothetical conclusions, and now a deep throat comes out of the darkness, with a piece of intel that may only serve to increase our confirmation bias. Piecing the data together in a certain way may only allow us to see certain patterns, but when pieced another way may provide a level of clarity that hitherto, has remained unseen.

    In actuality I think that we are falling victim to a system of such underlying macroeconomic complexity, that we have lost our ability to understand it’s cycles, it’s subtleties, and we have fallen victim to our own inability to control the monster that we have made. Our government may in fact realize that they will shortly be on the wrong side of history, and find themselves out of airspeed, altitude and ideas at the same time. In any case, the system itself is at a certain level outside of human control. We are riding the tiger, thinking it is a pony, trying to convince it to do our will, only to find that it has turned on us. It is quite possible that there are people in high places who have access to information that we don’t have; it is also possible that they have realized that they have gone from active control to passenger, and they may also realize that at some point even the quiescent populace will balk at too much imposition.

    So, how do we wargame it from here? Either our government has descended into such criminality that the word treason is not enough to actually cover what they have done, or it is being run by people of such limited intellectual and moral capacity that they should be removed for psychological observation and medicated for the greater good of the nation. Either way, do we actively resist, or should we quietly bunker-in-place, wait out the coming chaos, and try to fix what is left?

    I for one will do my best to take care of me and mine, I would hope that you all do the same for you and yours as well.

    • 99er

      Your reply provides one of the most accurate assessments of our situation that I’ve ever seen. It’s probably not an either or when it comes to our (lack of) leadership but a combination of :

      1)”our government has been subverted by a cabal of corporatist fascists, whose greed is so above and beyond, that they have willingly destabilized our global economy to the point where it will collapse.”

      2)” our government is filled with such mediocre malcontents, idiots and morons that they have mismanaged the system through such neglect, malicious stupidity, undeserved arrogance, and malignant ignorance.”

      and you really nailed it with number three,

      3)”we are falling victim to a system of such underlying macroeconomic complexity, that we have lost our ability to understand it’s cycles, it’s subtleties, and we have fallen victim to our own inability to control the monster that we have made. Our government may in fact realize that they will shortly be on the wrong side of history, and find themselves out of airspeed, altitude and ideas at the same time. In any case, the system itself is at a certain level outside of human control.”

      Not often do you see such coherent thinking so eloquently expressed.

      • MerlinV12

        Not too much in agreement with the idea that the macro world is too complex to understand. Like quantum mechanics, it’s not possible to predict small details very far in advance, but the aggregate does follow rules that are pretty well understood, unless you’re a doctrinaire Keynesian. What we face now is that powerful people with personal agendas have taken control of policy away from those who would manage for the benefit of the whole population, and twisted the rules so badly to make themselves rich that the thing is likely to explode. I’m talking of a 20+ year trend here. Clinton-era policies forcing bad loans, changes to bank capitalization requirements, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, failure to regulate deriviatives, insane government borrowing, foolish Fed policies, und so weiter. Our Congressmonkeys ARE to dim to understand the macro picture, so they’ve failed to prevent the rule-changes that have led to the pending collapse. What do we citizens do now? Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. And for as long as we are still allowed to vote, vote for people who do understand macroeconomics, and are not wearing a choke-collar connected to big business and big banking.

    • sharonsj

      David, both suppositions are correct. Politicians are both corrupt and inept. We have corporations writing our laws now, and the voices of the average American are being ignored.

      The other problem (#3) is that Americans are pretty damn stupid. No one understands the connection between state and federal governments. No one bothers to find out the facts–and they just parrot whatever they’ve heard on conservative radio or Fox News.

      As for economics, it’s not the complexity, it’s the corruption. The stock market is a gambling casino. The Fed operates for the benefit of the banks.

      Here in northeastern PA, every single town and mid-sized city has been devastated by flooding. Late crops have been destroyed. The flooding in the mid-West, and the droughts and fires in the South and West, are limiting the amount of food that will be available. My local grocery, which holds a meat sale every October, told me five months ago that the coming meat prices would shock me!

      All the people who blog here that food is plentiful and prices are affordable are either deluded or in denial. I went to buy a box of stuffing and the price was $1.88. Last year it was $1.25. That’s a price increase of 50%! So preppers–keep on prepping’.

  • James

    Well it’s hard to say what’s all going on with the Govt ? …What’s clear is folks better be prepping.

    • The GOP Boehner and MC’Connell are committing treason and sadly everyone has their eyes closed and their ears closed. If I were President Obama I would gather all the info about the GOP record over the past 3 years which would easily prove the Republicans Treason against the people of the USA and against our President and his cabinet. I would have tossed them all in prison a long time ago, like the end of July and there was no ruling by the GOP about the Debt Ceiling. NOw the Republican party does not want to pay for FEMA Aid to repair the damages caused by Irene. Bush had no brains when he spent the money Bill Clinton put into our economy and left Bush a clean slate. Which Bush promptly spent on Iraq war to proove he was a “Real Man”.

      • Hank Reardon

        Yay, someone figured it all out. The political party thats been in control more in the past 100 years is completely innocent. The ideogology thats been responsible for some 90-95% of the extremist violence in this country since (and including) the civil war is innocent. The ideology that created the FED in the first place is innocent. It’s all the fault of those EVIL republicans. *uugh*. Go back to Daily KOS moron.

        • sharonsj

          We all agree that companies that outsource jobs should not get tax credits. Sen. Dorgan has tried numerous times to get a bill out of committee that would take away that tax credit–but he’s been blocked every time. Dorgan is a Democrat–everyone blocking it is a Republican.

          The Bush tax cuts have been in place for 11 years now. Do you see any job creation yet? In fact the highest number of jobs lost actually happened while Bush was in charge.

          We have two wars that cost us billions if not trillions of dollars, both started under Republicans. You know I could give you a giant list of things that Republicans did, including shredding the Constitution that they claim to love so much, but I bet you wouldn’t accept any of it. Somehow facts don’t mean a thing to conservatives–that’s why the country is so ******************** up.

      • lorenzo

        bill clinton gave us the rex 84 prison camps along with boxer and fienstein.great guy huh dumb ass both parties are owned by the PRIVATE imf and non federal reserve bank

      • DownWithLibs

        We need to make you King of CNN! You parrot so eloquently!!!

  • Little signs there every where, little signs for us aware. Most see nothing so so sad. The time will come when they will wish they had.
    Plenty of non GMO healthy food storable food. Check it out, and you can try it for free.

  • Tel

    Hasn’t the US had a number of recent disasters? Maybe FEMA are just restocking to replace what they have already been using…

    • Jean

      The more I think about it, the more I tend to agree with what you said. Things that seem like reasonable reasons to stock up on “sheeting” and blankets (including cotton ones) would be using up all those supplies because the US responded with humanitarian aid to Haiti (hence cotton blankets depleted, rather than winter ones) or possibly something to do with pandemic flu planning.

      The flu planning seems like a good reason to stock up on some non-perishable food items, because: 1) VA hospitals would need food and might not be able to get it 2) military hospitals would need food and might not be able to get it and 3) there are Federal employees required to report to work (not going home) indefinitely if there was a flu pandemic.

      I am one of the people who would be required to report to work and would not be allowed to return home until end of the pandemic, if one happened… and I would HOPE they’d think about feeding those of us who’d be required to do that, since we’d be LOCKED up in the hospitals! See CDC’s website re: pandemic flu planning for more details on that.

      ALSO, it is the end of the Federal “fiscal year” Sept 30; typically agencies who have not spent all of the previous years “budget” (I use the term loosely, since no budget’s been approved for almost 3 yrs)… have to send it back and it affects your next years budget. So federal agencies tend to go on a feeding frenzy/last-minute-spending-spree every year if they have any leftovers. The fact that they are now saying FEMA is going to possibly run out of money by tomorrow, to me means just somebody misjudged the # or extend of disasters this year… and I can imagine predicting that accurately is very difficult if not impossible. So no surprises to me.

  • d j kogut

    I have been working for Walmart for a couple of years,my observation is that, our back storage areas used to be so packed with pallets of food there was no room to move,on the floor or in the overhead. One year later, all the floor area is clear and some of the overhead storage is empty, there may be a number of reasons for this, but I know that when things get bad our store will be empty of all the essentials in one day. Just my two cents worth. May God bless… don

  • This plan has been in action before we all were born….the world will look doomed, the are going to tax the churches, then you will see things change. But its not going to be like you think, like a movie, people will still be working, getting married, ect. BTW this isn’t mans plan, this is Gods. Man wanted to rule themselves, God let them for awhile. We proved we can not rule with out him. He is taking us back. People if you want answers, read the bible. Its all in Revelation. Take a deep breath. Its all going to be ok. Have faith. Noah did. They all called him crazy. But he and his family survived, not a global melt down, but a world flood.

  • Highspeed

    “five figures”.

    It really doesn’t seem like all that much to me either. What makes that dollar amount stand out to you Michael?

  • The US is in a real economic corner. There is no one that can deny this. However, is the government stocking food is an interesting question. I personally think no, but it is a good question to make people alert that the economy is not normal.

  • A.S.

    Regarding the shortage of prescription drugs:

    1. Why not use natural methods to cure things like high blood pressure (which the video said there is shortage for such drugs)? Go to: or other places and all read for yourself. All you have to do is change your diet! The food you eat is killing you! Gee wiz, people want a fast and easy cure all. Just pop a pill for everything whenever there is a problem. No wonder Americans are overweight, lazy, violent, depressed, addicted, etc.!

    2. Assume natural methods will not work in the rare 1/10% of the cases: Who do you think is causing the shortage? That’s right–the government or maybe the evil FDA themselves! And on the subject of the FDA, why so many recalls and lawsuits recently? Because the FDA approves through bribery all sorts of drugs that were developed pharmaceuticals that only care about profits!

    3. Never believe the government, doctors, or pharmaceuticals. They are the ones that are killing you. Live a life of simplicity in what you eat. I started telling people: If the food did not exist in the late 1700’s (say 1780-1790), then most likely it is not healthy for you. That pretty much means 99.99% of all packaged food. It is not brain science. If you want to be healthy and live a long life, throw out 99.99% of your food to the dogs. If you want to see doctors practically once a week, have to wait for inferior drugs, and have things like high blood pressure at 40, continue doing what you do. You have been warned.

    • MerlinV12

      The drug shortages are due to more restrictive regulations on foreign suppliers, put in place by FDA after the scare about the flu virus. Not directly a conspiracy to deny American access to pharmaceuticals, but it is a good example of unintended consequences. The bureaucrats who rule us are incapable of the grand conspiracies so many posters are enamored of, because their field of view extends no farther than their own personal welfare as they perceive it. Expanding mandates justifies bigger budgets.

  • A.S.

    Just thought of something: suppose you are one of those people that make only $500 per week? How in the world can you afford to buy enough food that has a 10+ year shelf life for you whole family to last 5-10 years? Unless you go simple (see below).

    When the economy collapses, there will be no food most likely indefinitely. There will be no running water–so how can you store enough water too? There will be no sewage? So where will you–you know? There will be no electricity, so how can you cook the food? There will be no gas, heat, phones, etc. Essentially, you need to store enough basic food and water and propane powered hot plates.

    I suggest things like brown rice. It is more expensive than cheap white rice, but it will be more nutritious and possibly prevent many illnesses associated with bleached food. Lentils will provide protein, as well as other beans (which are cheap). And some dried fruits and veggies will provide other vital vitamins and minerals. You can actually live a vegan lifestyle for 2-3 years and be healthy. It will be cheap, have 10+ shelf life, and keep you alive.

    So, start looking for sales or double coupons on those items. But even the regular price is manageable…I think $1000 per 4-person family per year should be enough (around $2.75 per day–$1.00 per bag brown rice + $0.75 per bag lentils + $1.00 per bag dried fruits/veggies). Plus, you will need another $500 per year for bottled water for cooking and drinking. And another $500 worth of propane for cooking, heat, etc.

    That’s a total of $2000 per year. It sounds like a lot, and maybe out of reach for even those making $500 per week (that is the whole monthly salary per month to live on for one year). But maybe, since the economy is going to crash anyways, try putting it all on credit cards (if you still have them that are not maxed out).

    Lastly, G-d Bless you all. May He protect you and your family in these turbulent times that are coming!

  • Just me

    If the government stored any food at all, it would be to feed the U.S. Military and Government workers at the Pentagon and other government instalitations.With 310 million people, they would need the whole state of Iowa to store any food to amount to anything.

  • You should all stock up on food NOW, before it´s too late. If you don´t, you will be sorry. But don´t collect stupid expensive coins of gold and silver! In hunger-mode we will be no different than animals and animals don´t care about metals!

  • Carl Buschmann

    Talk is cheap. Doing something is expensive but a citizen’s responsibility. And one person can do a lot to right the wrongs of the corrupt, lustful, greed driven, psychopaths that have infiltrated our government. And enough people wake up and the country will be ours again. If we don’t you will find you have no personal security of freedom.

  • patriot alice

    Paranoia will destroy ya! Run, the sky is falling..Theatrics, drama, anything to make you read and keep coming back for more…

  • KB

    Michael: Please keep sharing this kind of information. These people seem stuck on the math instead of the message, which is that someone who knows what is going on is very afraid, and that message is good enough for me. I have spread your info to the people I love and care about…any info you send us can continue to help save lives, so please don’t get discouraged. You do good work.

    • Michael


      Thank you for the encouragement. And I am very thankful that you have helped out by spreading the articles around. Those that share these articles via email or social media are a huge, huge help to this effort.


  • Jase


    No please keep us informed on whatever you feel is relevant. This site and your constant stream of information with the views from all corners of life is very refreshing.

    I did miss the point, but it is because almost all your articles are mostly world wide based with countries tied together. I was in this viewpoint and mind set reading the article.

    If the point is some local person in the government is so freaked out and is mass ordering supplies for his own 50-100 person team and this is common place for multiple agencies all over, then it makes sense to me why it would be a concern.

    • Michael


      And I am sorry about my comment. I wrote it when I was quite tired and exhausted. I think I have been overworking myself lately. 🙁


      • Jake


        Thanks for the explanation. I missed the point also about the guy freaking out over whats coming. I focused on the 5 figure purchase and then kept thinking “what am I missing here?” Your info is always solid and helpful.

      • josh

        dont worry im sure 5% of the people that visited your website understood what you were saying in this article and im sure 5% is better than nothing!

  • JD


    LOL. My Dad pointed out the very same thing about the Air Delights candy bars. The candy companies think that were so stupid if they put on a cute label and call it something catchy, we wont notice were getting ripped off. Im glad someone else noticed. Were not all dumb sheep!

  • JD

    Wow, Gary thanks for putting that link up. I forgot how graphic and scary those murals in the Denver Airport are. I hope people will get a clue that the government is planning and prepping hard for an economic collapse. I strongly urge people to check out that link and see for yourself the mural of the soldier stabbing the dove of peace and the women holding their dead babies. Why the hell would you put paintings like that in an airport? There are some sick people out there.

  • Sam Sullivan

    I call BS on this info. because of the five figures amount, which is non-factual, which means the rest of the article is not believable.

  • No need for a false flag becuase this is very real, ask anyone who shops it has been coming since 2008, but now is in a fast track.
    Coca cola is an example, they give you a smaller bottle for the same price. The same in many products, they home you will not notice teh few chips out of the bag or the couple of ounces of sauce gone, but it is there and folks by next spring it will be really bad, stock up today on stapels you can rotate in veryday usage….

    • Michael

      Pastor Dan!

      It is great to see you post a comment on the site. I have never met you in person, but I absolutely love the work you do with the homeless. I very much hope to be able to meet you in person one of these days.

      If any of you want to learn more about Pastor Dan and his great work with the homeless in Kansas, check out his website….


  • GaboonViper67

    Anybody can write an article claiming someone from the inside, with inside information, called them and gave them some horrifying insights into something the government is doing.

    Five figures is not much when it comes to government spending. They probably spent five figures on kleenex last year.

    • josh

      after reading most comments on this article i am getting pissed that so many people cant understand this article. SHEEEEEPLE!!!

  • Danyel

    I’m on the outside looking inside
    What do I see
    Much confusion
    All around me.

  • Steve Mawson

    “…huge order for storable food from a U.S. government source. He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the “five figures”.”

    HAHAHA you lost me right there ! Five figures ? How many $16 muffins does that buy ? Not a lot.

    Get a better “source” me thinks if a five figure order gets you all uppety and excited.

    • josh

      hows it going sheeple?

  • Crazy Tree

    An economic collapse is more easily survivable than an earthquake. If you needed to cripple those who are prepping, what better way then to destroy their supplies under their collapsed homes and flooded basements. They couldn’t hold out as they would not have their supplies. Of course, that’s assuming one can initiate an earthquake- and there’s those who believe our government can. I wouldn’t know. God I hope not since I live near St. Louis on the American Bottoms.

    As for the white cotton blankets- are those for the dead? The injured? The sick? We are heading into winter and wool would have been a better choice…for the living.

    The more I think about it- the higher I seem to climb into the crazy tree.

  • Curt

    5 figures does seem a bit small but at the wholesale level and buying in bulk, they could probably pick up cans of vegtables for 10-15 cents each.

    I purchase food for two old folks homes, and spend 5 figures in a year. About $36,000 to feed 24 people, but that is at retail and includes fresh food and meat.

    • Curt

      Just last month, I saw a story that the US government was going to buy $40 Million of chicken to prop up falling prices, and hand it out at food banks. The five figure number would barely buy a can of corn to go with each chicken.

  • hording foods, are they planning to make war

  • karen

    They have been doing this for some time,the sun has been throwing off huge solar flares, massive one Chile just had a black-out. I have been trying to tell folks over and over again, get ready for huge solar flares NO POWER NO WATER NO NOTHING, go to NASA web site type in solar storms GET READY, FOR TOTAL BLACK OUT!!!!

  • Kathy Smith

    My husband & I were just talking about how main stream media reports are never about the info this web site gives us. I am so grateful for your honest & consistent info on all of these important matters. People need to be aware of what is really going on.

    • Michael

      Thank you Kathy. When I started this site, I never even imagined that so many people would find it so helpful.


  • Faux Gary

    Can’t we just use Gary2’s solution and tax the rich and spread the wealth around? Won’t that solve everything? Like I always say: “Simple minds- simple solutions”!

  • jerry O

    If this is true it
    is just one more sign
    we are headed for a
    major collapse.

    The good news is when
    this happens,
    massive wealth is
    transferred and you
    can be prepared.

    See what one millionaire
    has said about the
    economy and how you
    can profit like the
    ulta rich in times of
    economic chaos.

    For his free video go to:

  • The U.S. has been messing with the farmers and the truckers who bring the food for YEARS. “they” love us under their thumbs. maybe they ARE planning something.

  • Paul

    Its good that the government prepares for natural disasters.

    And as we just see in Pakistan, it is really necessary. There are also lots of disasters happening in the US. And Winter is coming soon. Lots of unemployed people will need blankets and food.

    And yes, preparation for disaster is almost as bad as disaster itself as it drives the prices up. Prepare for a economic cisis and buy gold and you can be sure that the price for gold goes up telling you: “There is an economic crisis.”

  • Paul

    Well, how recent is recent to you?

    The “recent Article in the Telegraph” was published in January 2011.
    Check out the food price index:

    The food price is actually going down since January.

    • Jeremy

      The reason food prices are not significantly higher than they are now, is because people down south are taking cattle to the slaughter house, way before they should, because people cannot afford to raise cattle in this drought. As soon as all the cattle are gone, expect to see food prices (especially meat) sky rocket again…

  • Lisa

    Anyone who reads this site on a regular basis knows that Michael documents everything he posts. He’s not one to post wild stories that cannot be verified. If he says that he is revealing a small piece of what he was told in order that others may be informed and act accordingly, then I’m all ears. Doesn’t matter to me if the purchase was 5 figures or 7 figures. The point is that we all know that life as we know it cannot continue indefinitely. Something is going to give, and when it does, it could be very unpleasant.

    I lived in the southern part of Miami-Dade County in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew blew through and changed our lives forever. I can tell you firsthand what it is like to live for weeks with no electricity, no water, and very little access to food. Not to mention dealing with the destruction of your personal property, the roadblocks and police telling you where you could and could not go. It was rough. It brought out the good in some people and the bad in many others. That experience marked me for a lifetime, as living through the Depression marked my grandparents. I cannot imagine not having extra food, water, supplies and medicine on hand at all times, regardless of political and economic conditions. Your life can change overnight and everyone needs to be prepared to go it alone for awhile, without the comforts of modern life.

  • Denise

    Hitler tried to warn every-one. Marybeth – you are a *********************************.

  • I live in South Florida. I am a veteran. I am well versed in survival tactics and would be willing to help individuals or families prepare for the inevitable chaos that IS coming. Leave contact here.

    • Irish

      Wish you lived in New Jersey.

    • TheScoop

      Charles, you are ocean locked in with 8 million lunatics around you (16mil all of florida, 8mil s.fla.) … your best bet is in the swamps of the everglades, but you best know who your friends are.

    • Charles, I also live in South Florida.

      Can you please email me at my website?

      HotBedInfo dot com.

      Thanks, i could use some help with preparing.

    • Larry

      Hi Charles,

      I too am in South Florida.
      I am ex AF.
      Have been thinking allot about banding together with like minded people when and if the sh__ hits the fan.

      Please email me


      Lets get together and put together a survival plan.
      We will need a Dr, nurse, construction man, handy man, cook, dentist, plant grower.

      I can do security, and any and all other tasks.


  • gAnton

    Obviously Ben Bernanke thinks that spending the taxpayer’s money in this manner will do wonders for the US unemployment situation. Good luck, Ben!

    And Ben has a high regard for privacy issues. Every time Ron Paul tries to get some info from the Fed, tears start running down Ben’s beard!

  • Better get some food for yourself, before it is too late !!!!

  • richard

    Reminds me of the 1950 movie classic “When Worlds Collide”

  • Suz minneSNOWta

    Google H.A.R.P.
    Government weaponry up in Alaska
    capable of generating quakes at pinpointed locations
    namely New Madrid fault
    Wouldn’t put it past them
    take a look

  • mondobeyondo

    It’s fairly common knowledge that many pharmaceutical drugs and drugs used for chemotherapy are in short supply. Hospitals are beginning to run out of these drugs, and some patients have even died as a result.

    Why? The common excuse given seems to be “it’s not profitable for pharmaceutical companies to make these drugs any longer”. Hmmm. Corporate profits trumps lives of innocent people.

    Is someone “behind the scenes” planning the same thing with our food supply?

    • Jackro

      That, OR could it be that they are trying to “kill” off granny, because it will cost too much for the government to pay for her health care?

      • Ria

        I think that’s it. Just think how much money also will be saved in Social Security payments. Health care plus SS. Obamas cup of tea.

  • Irish

    First I would like to Thank you for this site. I visit it everyday almost and find it very informative. As for our world I beleive that Our Holy Lord has been telling those of us that will listen to get ready for the last 2years. It is just amazing how many people are not listening. This includes my family. I have done what I can and the rest I will leave up to the Lord to multiply. God Bless all here, Irish

    • Michael


      Thank you for the kind words. I totally agree with what you are saying. Hopefully this site is helping people to get ready for what is coming.


    • Rachael

      Hello Irish…good idea, but not long enough. Not the “last 2 years”…make sure you have seeds, plant a garden every year and save seeds…not hybrids either. Because the time you may have could be upwards of 5 years. If you understand your bible, the Antichrist alone will rule 3.5 years and he is not even in the picture. Many bad times will be occurring even before he arrives on the scene. Collect water….i.e. off roof collection in perhaps a 500 gal or more container, rotating it as you can and know that boiling it and straining it is a must. There is so much to preparation. Hope you are doing it. But water and food are a must! God bless!

  • TheLastCimmerian

    Something terrible is already underway on a global scale. We are in the midst of collapse. Did the Romans know they were living in the midst of collapse in the year 400? (Maybe)
    Rome was finished in 410 A.D., but they still limped on for a few years after.

    I believe this crisis was created by the priesthood of debt-based money (it’s thier M.O.), but can you really blame the bankers & HAARP for Fukishima, the Haiti quake, New Zealands quake, Pakistans quake, Katrina, Irene, terrible U.S. & China droughts? Are the bankers all knowing, all seeing, and able to control the cosmic heavens.

    It seems that maybe the ancient Mayan’s really did know something we lost long ago. There’s something going down on a cosmic level. The dark rift alignment? I dont know.

    The financial collapse is engineered, but the massive body blows that the earth has been dishing out . . . (also engineered? ? ?) I’m no student of Mayan Prophecy, but they appear to be right about collapse. Colossal global events are happening almost once a week now. Lets hope the Mayans are right about the golden age of enlightenment that follows the destruction of the vile worshipers of material gain.

  • John Berbatis

    The eruption of Mt Fuji will indicate that an east/west fault line has fractured, allowing Northern Honshu to slide into a 6500 metre ocean trench. Earthquakes of the past 90 days in the eastern side of Japan has weakened it’s foundation, a porous sub-structure; a land of a volcanic substance. The resulting tsunamis’ will wipe-out millions of humans in the Pacific region as well as severely destabilizing the Earth’s crust, resulting in the dislodging of the Western & Eastern Antarctic ice sheets. This massive loss of weight from the continent of Antarctica will result in an asymmetric rotation of the Earth and so cause the isostasy (Balance of the Earth’s crust.) to become unbalanced. Crust displacement at Magnitude 12+ will then occur until the Earth’s crust reaches equilibrium, while at the same time hundreds of volcanoes will erupt, lands will disappear and have an extreme destabilizing effect on the climate patterns.

    • Maria

      Mr. Berbatis,

      I have read a few of your articles on the internet. What made you decide to post this information here?

  • Marilyn

    It is probably wise for everyone to be prepared, just in case terrormism on a big scale happens. The government in general, each family, each community. It doesn’t mean they know something in particular that they are hiding, just that it is smart, given the facts of the US being the target of terrorist wannabes. I’d much rather we were all prepared and have nothing happen than the alternative.

  • Jasonn

    In a former life I was a police supervisor at a fairly large agency here in Southern California. Our agency used to promote similar emergency preparedness planning by our agency members, same as that guy from NASA was doing. The idea is that the employees’ families will be safe and cared for so then the employees will be free to do their jobs in assisting the public in the event of a large disaster. Here in Southern California, we usually think of “The BIG One” (earthquake), but folks in other areas of the country are more likely to prepare for a Katrina, paralyzing winter weather, or perhaps another significant terrorist attack. It’s just common sense and good public policy. I don’t see it as being sinister at all.

  • Stefanie

    I hate to inform you that the Government has been stockpiling food for over 50 years as part of the Commodity Credit Corporation. This food is distributed in times of disaster, military, prisons, public schools and as food for overseas, and as Commodity goods that have been distributed for low income & Senior citizens since the 60’s & 70’s. The USDA has thousands of square feet of underground storage facilities in several states and they have been used for decades, I have been in them. Old news with a bad twist on it. You are just trying to scare people. Shame on you, you are trying to create panic, at least the Mormons teach it as a religious dogma. It is just common sense that we should all be prepared for a disaster. The problem is too many expect the government to bale us out when we don’t prepare and you are feeding their distrust.

    • josh

      you must not read his articles much…

      “You are just trying to scare people.”

      what you meant is hes just trying to prepare people.. silly.

  • We can trust the Scriptures.
    These days were written about thousands of years ago.
    Remember what the Messiah said in Luke 24:25 we are fools if we don’t believe all that the prophets have spoken.
    There is a place of safty from all that is coming on this evil beastly system it must fall and never rise again.

    Here is the place written about in Ps.91 for those with eyes to see.

    Time is running out.

    B.D. 613

  • alex

    5 figures? big deal 99,000 dollars?

    • Jackro

      While I agree that 99K is a minor sum, what if they make this order on a weekly or daily basis? Perhaps they are making this purchases under the 6 figure amount, so that the “nit pickers” of the budget wont catch on to them. Just playing devil’s advocate.

      • AconcernedMother

        well if you think about it, if you transfer more that $99,999 then that sends red flags. Maybe they are only stock piling for only a few people and don’t want everyone else in the government to know about it, so they don’t have to answer questions later.

  • john

    History repeats itself..who knows..Joseph was given the gift to interpret dreams in order to tell pharoah to store 7 years worth of food for a coming famine.Why worry about things you cannot control,if you believe in God..believe and trust He will provide for you one way or another.Rather than wait or anticipate some horrible disaster…why not turn and pray that it will be averted?Pray is the most powerful weapon in the world..and the least used.

  • wolfguard

    just look at Canary Islands and what is going on there..if that blows, we are in deep trouble. there is a lot of talk and reports coming through. not by the msm though, typical. be prepared for whatever and everything.

  • Robur

    5 Figures eh?

    I ran a prison for a while with 600 inmates. My yearly budget was 400,000 to feed them. 99K would maybe cover one quarter (90 days).

    The best I ever did was 3 meals a day for $1.85 total per person (at todays prices). And I can tell you right now that NOBODY ever beat my costs in that system.

    Assuming $2 per person per day, 7 million people would cost 14MM/day or 84MM/week. Keep in mind that assumes no shipping costs….

    MRE and disaster rations cost a lot more than that – $5 even in bulk.

    Logistics tells the whole story folks; follow the supply chain and the paperwork if you want to know the reality.

    • Cole

      Sounds like there not saving for everyone hope your real rich or important if not you better be a survivalist!

  • Gordan Finch

    Fuel prices are the IMF led EU imposed catalyst of inflation that has lead to the approach of economic collapse.

    Transport is the fundamental building block of any economy. 99.9% of all goods sold owned or used in homes, factories, shops etc (came on the back of a lorry). And this cost has escalated beyond the point of no returns for the treasury.

    If your argument is it came by Train, Boat, Canal, Horse, Plane or whatever. Then you are wrong, it was delivered to the boat plane train etc, including the food or grass seed that fed the horse. (It came by lorry.

    The damage done by VAT and Fuel Duty, is a TAX that has killed Incentive and as a result of fuel cost. The increased tax on fuel has become counterproductive for raising further tax revenue. It is clear that a 0% tax rate raises no revenue, also a 100% tax rate will also generate no revenue because there is no longer any incentive for a sensible taxpayer to earn any income, thus the revenue raised will be 100% of nothing.

    This is the prime reason Europe and other economies are stagnating, and the reason why this double dip will become a depression without intervention of authorities,

    1) Steps need to be taken urgently, (remove Fuel Duty and lower Vat).

    2) Incentives small business start-ups with free premises capital allowances and interest free loans guaranteed by Government share ownership, with buyback option.

    3) Give transport of goods priority over everything and provide low cost. Quality safe stops for food, parking, and stopover, (sleeping.

    4) Create priority for SME manufacturing with tax free zones close to major road networks

    5) Ensure a low cost or free high speed fibre optic Internet access is given a priority to all businesses especially SMEs.

    6) Remove the Gold plated Civil Servant rules, ensure Government red tape rules are removed starting with the Planning department of all Authorities.

    7) Begin one of the largest road-building infrastructure projects ever undertaken and do this by Laws to stop protests.

    8) Build bus in the sky travel lifts over existing roads and motorways. This will free up the motorways etc for cars van trucks etc. Trams and trucks don’t mix. The cost to build a monorail or moving wire is less than a road.

    9) Allow the Euro to devalue or revalue as per Country fiscal conditions.

    10) Stop the Government and Corporate fraud, backhanding and corruption.

  • Eric

    Well it is a mixture of things all happening at once. Yes the collaspe of our economy and the changing environment all due to that unknown object over the horizen that nasa says dose not exist. Listen the drama of the economy is the tip of the iceberg. Remember the seed valut in norway that was going to be shut by this year and in 2008 the military classified all near earth objects so that even those scientist would not be able to study meteorites that break up into our atomosphere. Forget this food stocking based on the economy it is from outerspace that this big picture is comming from. Look at Russia ans over 5,000 underground bases being made the us has over 130 of them why? If anyone truely researches this you connect the dots and it will make you throw up and quiver. That is why so many people are survialists now and stocking up they know something is up and the government will not help or tell you.

  • I am not certain where you are getting your information, however great topic. I must spend a while learning much more or figuring out more. Thank you for wonderful info I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

  • ************, the Government placed an order for emergency food supplies valued in the five-figure range? Well that’s from $10,001 to $99,999.

    I wonder how many year’s supply they got? Maybe 3 of the one-year deluxe supplies from Ready Store? (at $3600 each for a total of $10,800)

  • big daddy

    all i can say is opress my opinions or rights all that you want to. but at the end of the day these officials are all a bunch of wimps that hide behind their so called power, but they are wimps and sissies scared for their own lives. let these little government rats horde all they want. I as a true man will die but one death, but the cowardly government sissies will die a million deaths every nite when they lay their head down to sleep and die inside knowing what sissies they really are!

  • Robin GILES

    Germany is telling their people to at least have enough food for ten days…something is getting ready to happen almost like the calm before the storm

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