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Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones

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Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War ZonesLarge U.S. cities that the rest of the world used to look at in envy are now being transformed into gang-infested hellholes with skyrocketing crime rates.  Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans and Oakland were once bustling with economic activity, but as industry has fled those communities poverty has exploded and so has criminal activity.  Meanwhile, financial problems have caused all of those cities to significantly reduce their police forces.  Sadly, this same pattern is being repeated in hundreds of communities all over the nation.  The mainstream media loves to focus on mass shooters such as Adam Lanza, but the reality is that gang violence is a far greater problem in the United States than mass shooters ever will be.  There are approximately 1.4 million gang members living in America today according to the FBI.  That number has shot up by a whopping 40 percent just since 2009.  There are several factors fueling this trend.  Unemployment among our young people is at an epidemic level, about one out of every three U.S. children lives in a home without a father, and there are millions of young men who have come into this country illegally and have no way to legally support themselves once they arrive in our cities.  Gangs provide a support system, a feeling of “community”, and a sense of purpose for many young people.  Unfortunately, most of these gangs use violence and crime to achieve their goals, and they are taking over communities all over America.  If your community is not a gang-infested war zone yet, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate.  If nothing is done about this, the violence and the crime that is fueled by these gangs will continue to spread, and eventually nearly every single community in the United States will be affected by it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the large cities all over America that are degenerating into gang-infested war zones…

East St. Louis

East St. Louis has a national reputation for being a city that you want to avoid.  The following is from a recent Bloomberg article about the growing crime in that community…

Dodging open manholes where thieves had swiped cast-iron covers, Stephen Wigginton drives the crumbling streets of his hometown, East St. Louis, Illinois, pointing out new landmarks in America’s most violent city.

There’s the shopping mall where a police officer was shot in the face, a youth center that saw a triple homicide in September, and scattered about the city of 27,000 are brightly lit gas stations that serve as magnets for carjackers, hit-and-run robbers and killers.

“It’s the Wild West,” said Wigginton, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Illinois.

Today, the murder rate in East St. Louis is 17 times higher than the national average, but financial problems have forced huge cuts to the police budget.  The number of police patrolling the streets of East St. Louis was reduced by 33 percent between 2008 and 2011.  Police in the city admit that they are outgunned and outmanned, but there is not much that can be done about it.


Camden, New Jersey is another city that has experienced huge cuts to the police budget.  Their police force shrank by about a third between 2008 and 2011.  Today, Camden is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in America and it has a murder rate that is about ten times higher than New York City.

The gangs have a very strong hold over Camden, and kids kill kids on a regular basis in the city.  The following is a brief excerpt from a recent article about the horrible violence that is plaguing Camden

At the vigil last week, residents prayed that Camden would simply find peace and that the masked gunman who killed Jewel Manire and Khalil Gibson would be caught.

As it grew darker, Michael Benjamin stood toward the back of the crowd, his son huddled even closer now, and shook his head.

“I’ve known at least 45 kids who’ve been killed in my lifetime,” he said, the boy holding his finger. “I stopped counting in 2004, though.”


In recent years there have been massive cuts to the police budget in Chicago due to financial difficulties.  At the same time, gang activity has dramatically increased in the city.

As a result, Chicago has become known for murders and violence.  The murder rate in Chicago was about 17 percent higher in 2012 than it was in 2011, and Chicago is now considered to be “the deadliest global city“.

If you can believe it, the number of murders in Chicago during 2012 was roughly equivalent to the number of murders in the entire country of Japan during 2012.

And the primary reason for all of this violence in Chicago is the gangs.  As I have written about previously, there are only about 200 police officers assigned to Chicago’s Gang Enforcement Unit.  It is their job to handle the estimated 100,000 gang members living in the city.

Approximately 80 percent of all murders and shootings in the city of Chicago are gang-related, and as the gangs continue to grow in size the violence in the city is going to get even worse.  If Barack Obama wants to do something about violence in America, perhaps he should start with his home city.


I write a lot about Detroit, but that is because they are a perfect example of where the rest of America is headed if something dramatic is not done.

Detroit used to be one of the greatest manufacturing cities the world has ever seen, but over the past several decades the economic infrastructure of Detroit has been gutted and now there is very little industry left in the city.

Over half the children in the city live in poverty and a sense of hopelessness hangs in the air.  At the same time, financial problems have forced the city to lay off huge numbers of cops.  Back in 2005, there were about 4,000 police officers in Detroit.  Today there are only about 2,500 and another 100 are scheduled to be eliminated from the force soon.

Meanwhile, crime in Detroit just continues to get even worse.  There were 377 homicides in Detroit in 2011.  In 2012, that number rose to 411.

Things have gotten so bad that even even the Detroit police are telling people to “enter Detroit at your own risk“.

New Orleans

New Orleans was a crime-infested city even before Hurricane Katrina hit it in 2005, but life has never quite been the same since that time.

The gangs have a very strong presence in the city, and there simply are not enough financial resources to keep crime in check.

If New Orleans was considered to be a separate nation, it would have the 2nd highest murder rate on the entire planet.  There are some areas of New Orleans that you simply do not ever want to venture into at night.

Meanwhile, the police force has been such a mess in recent years that the federal government finally decided to step in.  It is hoped that the “reforms” will mean less crime in New Orleans in future years, but I wouldn’t count on it.


Today, there are 626 police officers in Oakland, California.  That is about a 25 percent decline from the 837 police officers that were patrolling the streets of Oakland back in December 2008.

Predictably, criminals have stepped in and have taken advantage of the situation.  At one point in 2012, burglaries in the city of Oakland were up 43 percent over the previous year.

If you can believe it, more than 11,000 homes, cars and businesses were burglarized in Oakland during 2012.  That breaks down to approximately 33 burglaries a day.


Police cuts in the city of Stockton, California have been so severe that the Stockton Police Officers’ Association ran a billboard advertisement with the following message at one point: “Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California: Stop laying off cops!”

At the same time, crime in Stockton continues to get even worse.  there have been more than 250 gold chain robberies in Stockton since the month of April, and there is no indication that crime in the city is going to slow down any time soon.

So what is the solution?

Should we have everyone turn in their guns?

No, that would just make the problem even worse.  The gangs aren’t going to turn in their guns.  The only people who would turn in their guns would be law-abiding citizens.  That would just make them even more vulnerable to the violence and crime that are starting to spread like wildfire all over the nation.

We don’t have a gun problem in America.  What we have is a gang problem.

In 2006, the Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center reported that Mexican drug cartels were actively operating in 50 different U.S. cities.  By 2010, that number had risen to 1,286.

Many of these gang members run up long criminal records, but our overcrowded prison systems just keep releasing them back into the streets.  The results of this philosophy have been predictable.  The following is from a recent article by Daniel Greenfield

A breakdown of the Chicago killing fields shows that 83% of those murdered in Chicago last year had criminal records. In Philly, it’s 75%. In Milwaukee it’s 77% percent. In New Orleans, it’s 64%. In Baltimore, it’s 91%. Many were felons who had served time. And as many as 80% of the homicides were gang related.

Chicago’s problem isn’t guns; it’s gangs. Gun control efforts in Chicago or any other major city are doomed because gangs represent organized crime networks which stretch down to Mexico, and trying to cut off their gun supply will be as effective as trying to cut off their drug supply.

This is not a time to take away the ability of law-abiding American families to defend themselves.  Instead, people need to put even more emphasis on self-defense as police forces all over the country are cut back.

Just recently, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California told citizens living there to “lock their doors and load their guns” because the police force in that city is being cut back again.

And that is good advice.  As the economy continues to decline and as millions more Americans fall into poverty, the violence is going to get even worse.

What would you do if a desperate criminal broke into your house and started searching through your home room by room?  That is the horrifying situation that one young mother down in Georgia was recently faced with

She quickly retreated to an attic crawlspace with the children, but not before she also picked up her handgun.

The burglar, whom police identified as Paul Ali Slater, did a room-by-room search of the home, and when he reached the attic, she was ready.

Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman told WSBTV: ‘The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver.’

She reportedly fired all six rounds, missing only once. The other shots hit Slater about the face and neck.

Sheriff Chapman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: ‘The guy’s face down, crying. The woman told him to stay down or she’d shoot again.’

What would have happened if she had not had any way to defend herself and her children?

That is something that we all need to think about.

For the last couple of decades, we have been fortunate to live in an era of falling crime rates.  Unfortunately, that era is now over.  Large cities all over the country are degenerating into gang-infested war zones, and what we are seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

After the economy collapses, millions of people are going to become incredibly desperate and things are going to get much, much worse than this.

So what are you seeing in your area of the country?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below…


  • MichaelfromTheEconomicCollapse

    Here is another new article of mine that you might want to check out…

    The Middle Class In America Is Being Wiped Out – Here Are 60 Facts That Prove It


    • Jack Lohman

      And Michael, it will continue that way until we eliminate this nation’s #1 problem… political corruption. Campaign finance crooks (politicians) take bribes and give away taxpayer assets in return. Live with it, or force public funding of campaigns.

      • Mark

        We blame the politicians for all of our troubles. The blame needs to be placed on the shoulders of the public. The public has allowed these crooked politicians to thrive. They promise the public more and more, the public then returns them to office. This is called collective corruption. This has been brought too you by the progressives bit by bit. The progressives have destroyed the culture a little every year until we have ended up with an entitlement sociaty that demands more objects each year to be happy. Through collective corruption, the public has attempted too collect more objects to promote their false joy without earning the objects. .

        • Matt R in MN

          Great comment Mark

        • Progressives? Now don’t get me wrong, progressives can sometimes borderline being regressives, but with all due respect, if I give MY tax dollars to the government, then damn right I am entitled!

          • Mark

            You are entitled to Life, Liberty and Property. If you earn it , then it is yours . If you demand objects from the government,then you my friend are part of the collective corruption.

          • Ralfine

            what if life and liberty are threatened by guns and guns and paranoid people who’d shoot me when i’d ask for time or way?

          • Mark

            You will never understand Ralfine that we are not paranoid and that our 2nd admendment is one way that protects us from a corrupt government that at some point in time might attempt to take away our Life, Liberty and Property.

          • Ralfine

            I’d call that paranoid.

            I understand the 2nd amendment and the part about resistance against a corrupt government.

            But your governments are corrupt, and nobody is using the 2nd amendment to fight against the government.

            Instead kids are killed in schools and on the streets by other kids with easy access to “legal” weapons.

            Why is there no law that requires Americans to lock their guns in a vault until that time when the 2nd amendment is invoked?

            And make another amendment to the 2nd: when it is necessary to take up arms against the government, everybody is authorized for open carry. Until then, all guns must remain in the vault.

            Sounds reasonable?


            So, for that imaginary threat of a bad government, which would be so bad that you’d need to get your guns out, but would be so nice not to use the army and the missiles and drones against you, you end up with thousands and tens of thousands of murders, and the highest prison population of this planet.

            China has 5 times the population of the US, but the US still has more prisoners.

            And this you call freedom?

            Today’s news: the suizides in the US military exceed combat deaths.

            That is something else, but still worth thinking about.

          • Mark

            Under your system of socialism those dollars belong to the collective. My goodness, things sure change when you feel you earned those tax dollars. What’s wrong Sorcha, you don’t want to donate to a freeloader today?

      • PatriotBehindEnemyLines

        Who wants to use the uber-corrupt Mexican system as an example?

      • It will continue until we eliminate Capitalism which puts profit before people. That is exactly why we have seen American manufacturing nearly wiped out.

        • Mark

          Sorcha, if we live under the system you desire, your utopia will turn into a totalitarian police state. You, yourself stated that if someone did not do their fair share of the work that you could withhold food from them under your system. I would rather starve from my own decision in a capitalist system and not from the overlords like you.

          • And capitalism can’t bring us under such as state?

            Also, you have overlords in a Capitalist system. There called oil barons and bankers.

        • Ralfine

          No need.
          Capitalism will remove itself.

          See Open Source vs.proprietary software.
          The only way Open Source can be stopped is by making it illegal. That is, when corporations bribe the government to stop free competition and make the government fixing the price.

          Which also makes it clear that nobody needs the state as much as corporations do.

  • energizedmortal

    I was born in 1986 in Washington heights, Manhattan. The order of the day was cocaine and murder up until mayor Giuliani took office (even though it still occurs). Many of the criminals are dead, in jail or deported and now only a certain social class can afford to live there. Evictions are forcing many people to migrate to cities they can afford like Oakland, St. Louis and Camden.

  • Thanks for another great article. Obamanomics at work!

    • You know, as much as I disliked Romney, a part of me wonders how the course of American history might have changed had he won.

      • you should be asking what would be happening if Ron Paul had won, he was the only candidate that could have and would have restored American liberties and the constitutional law, now all we have is dictatorship law under the Patriot act and no liberties any longer…

        • Ajean72


          • Mondobeyondo

            Yep, Ron Paul is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

      • Mark

        Romney could not have stopped the coming collaspe.You would have had an honest man in the white house. He might have prepared this country for what is coming.if any would listen, which I doubt many would. Obama is bringing this collaspe on with open arms thinking that his changes will improve society. He is wrong as are all progressives. Anyway, Romney was progressive light compared to Obama.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Obama vs Romney = Six of one, vs a half dozen of the other. Although I do think we would have had a slightly easier time, economically and politically speaking, if Romney had been elected.

      • tickyul

        NOT much, the USAtard is on a path that will not change……Mad Max America!

      • cojo

        You cannot change history.
        You cannot change the “course of history”.
        There is no such thing as the “course of history”.

  • Traffix

    Take it from a retired cop. The police are NOT required to protect you by law. Protecting citizens is a by-product of other duties. Don’t get me wrong, officers do care and want to serve the citizens, but government does nothing well. If you allow the socialist to take away your second amendment rights, it’s over, and we will all be sorry, except the ones that took your rights away that have taxpayer funded security.

    • K

      Traffix, need your opinion. If ordered to pick up guns by force? Most cops will stand down? Or with this job market. Most will do as ordered? I will understand if you choose not to answer. Thanks.

      • Traffix

        I feel the real problem with our loss of liberties comes directly from public schools where our OVERPAID union teachers fail to teach our children about the founding of this country and what made it great. I also think our founding principles and morals are vanishing with our aging generations. Most officers now are younger and educated through public schools. The academy teaches aggression, very little time is spent of constitutional rights.

        • K

          Traffix, thanks. That is what I thought. Sorry to say, it is the same way in the federal agencies. Oh well, who wanted to die in bed anyway.

        • Patriot

          Very well said again. I have noticed that “older cops” those over 55 years oold can be real fine peace officers, its those young, egotystical, arrogant, rogue mentailty, tough guy attitude cops that are the problem. You said it perfectly in my opinion by mentioning that the influence of liberal public schools and the lask of training on Constitutional rights. I know many cops that just freeze and don’t know what to say when you start mentioning 4th ammendmment, probable cause, letting them know that they cannot search your trunk without probable cause, or you will see them in court, locking the door of your car if you are ever asked to get out, etc.

        • TCQ User

          what makes you think that laws can dictate morals? GOD SAID THOU SHALT NOT! but who cares what God said these days?

        • tayronachan

          I think that’s it. The older generations that had to go through really hard times, the depression, WWII, they were savers, and more willing to make the really hard decisions in government so things worked for The People. They are passing now, and with them a lot of wisdom. It’s past time to get back to the law of the land, the Constitution.

      • TCQ User

        LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY OUR GOV’T WILL HAVE AFTER WE TAX EVERYONE THAT DOES NOT OWN A GUN TO PROTECT HIMSELF so as to need a police force for protection. at least we can make all telepones in the shape of a pistol and maybe that will stop the criminals if they can’t tell the difference. . baseball bats are a joke to man with a gun.

      • Room101

        Excellent question!

        Every other institution of society has failed us, why not Law Enforcement?
        They’re part of the system.
        There are government warehouses full of dusty copies of the US Code in the trillions of pages with so many laws that if you wake up in the morning, you probably broke a law.

        Cops are first and foremost highly-paid government-union-employees, always threatening to withhold their protection in exchange for more taxpayer money.

        Their high pay is guaranteed from taxpayers whether they play cribbage or go arrest “racists”.

        The police have US Supreme Court decisions saying they can finish their game of cribbage or whatever while crime-victims wait for help, then die.

        Again, look at the relevant US Supreme Court decisions surrounding the concept of sovereign immunity.

      • kazikian

        Relax, no one would ever take guns by force. Even if legislation banned some new gun sales, existing guns would be grandfathered in. That’s the way it’s done.

    • Well, it’s not as if Neocons have never tried to take other’s first amendment rights away. This is evidenced by their treatment of atheists, Muslims etc.

      • Mark

        I sure do not see any atheists 1st amendment rights being taken away. It looks to me that belivers in Christ are having their 1st amendment rights removed.

      • Ort

        Go pound sand. You are a myopic, rectal cranium insertious liberal with zero grasp on either truth or logic.

        • Please give supporting evidence of this. An insult proves nothing.

        • Paul

          Hard isn’t it when an uncomfortable truth interferes with a complacent political opinion. You people who bind yourselves to the “Left vs Right” paradigm are a huge part of the problem because you have culpably chosen tribalism over independent thinking. By doing so you grant them ownership of your mind.

      • you are a lying sack of liberal garbage, peddle your lies elsewhere

        • Paul

          Nice, objective piece of critical thinking there Shmeggle. A fine product of modern educational philosophy you are. No wonder America was so easily stolen from under your noses.

    • liberranter

      Thank you, Traffix, for weighing in on this with a fresh breath of honesty. I wish more cops like you were on active duty today; there might be a lot more respect for the profession than there now is.

      You’re spot on about the police not being required to protect individual citizens. I wish more Amoricons would get that simple fact through their thick, empty heads. I, for one, will NEVER, EVER call the police for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. What my wits (and, in worst case scenario, my guns) and I can’t handle by ourselves or with the aid of a group of similarly armed friends and neighbors, probably can’t be handled at all.

      On a related note, for those of you who live in one of the “gun-grabbing” states, methinks one of three things are going to happen in your state in the very near future:

      1. The explosion in crime rates will see people start buying guns on the black market, gun-grabbing statutes be damned.

      2. More and more law-abiding, productive residents will become fed up with their criminal-coddling state and local godvermints and will pack up and leave.

      3. Common sense will FINALLY prevail and state gun control laws will be repealed.

      Hopefully numbers 1 and 2 are already happening. I wouldn’t count on number 3.

      • Ralfine

        I called the police many times. And they always responded within the hour. And they were always friendly and helpful.

        Mostly for neighborhood noise (barking dogs). You see, Hong Kong is business. Tired people can’t make money.

        No need to call 999 for that. I had the number of the local station saved on my mobile.

        I called them every night the neighbor’s dogs kept me from sleeping – until they moved away.

        And I had to call them for some domestic violence next door. The other neighbors were just watching and commenting the scene.

        That’s why I pay tax. The police is paid from that tax.

        No need for guns.

        I lived 50 years without guns (except in the army). It worked fine so far.

        • they always responded within the hour, LMAO x 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

          • cojo

            “…And they always responded within the hour. ..”

            LOL as well…and he said that without the slightest bit of sarcasm.

            The statement oozes with irony.

          • Hammerstrike

            Ralfine lives in Hong Kong, part of PR China since 1997.

        • Mark

          Your statement that they always responded in the hour supports the need to protect yourself from criminals. If the criminal had a knife or a bat you would be dead in an hour by the time the police showed up. I don’t think the police are going to show up in the USA to stop a dog from barking. Where I live about this time of year, frogs, lots and lots of frogs make a lot of noise, the sherriff is not coming to shut them up. LOL

          • Ralfine

            Well, I have doors and walls. Try to use your knife or bat against reinforced concrete walls and steel doors. (They are also quite useful against typhoons.)

            And in the villages of Hong Kong we had feral dogs. They don’t make noise, but they know who lives there and who doesn’t belong at night. They usually sleep near the house which feeds them most often.

            I don’t mind frogs either, we had them too in Hong Kong, and at certain times of the year they could be quite noisy.
            But that noise is different from the pet dog kept in a cage that is barely larger than the dog. And frogs eat mosquitos.

            And at night, be careful where you step, because snakes are attracted by those frogs, too. A cobra bite is no fun, regardless of the response time of the ambulance or the price of the hospital.

            For the noise issue and the domestic violence a police van arrived usually within 10 minutes of the call. Or was it 9 minutes or 12 minutes? Can’t remember.

            In any case more often than NEVER, EVER.

            Police presence is one important factor in crime prevention.

        • liberranter

          I called the police many times. And they always responded within the hour.

          “Within the hour?” In the event of a genuine emergency, you’d be LONG DEAD BY THEN. Moron.

          • Ralfine

            In case of a real emergency I’d call 999.

            Anyway, the first responsibility lies with me.

            Prevention of emergencies is far superior to reacting to them.

            That’s why calling police to solve disputes before they become emergencies is a viable option.

            So is removing guns from emotionally unstable people, like children and young adults.

            If parents do not lock away their guns, they act very irresponsibly, don’t you think?

            The less emergencies there are, the faster the response time.

            And, by not hogging 999 with cats in the tree issues, I’d also reduce response time.

            Risk management has several levels.

        • wiggins

          Ralfine is a real Democrat Party member moron

          • Ralfine

            Not really, the Democrats are too far right for my taste.
            I don’t see much difference between Dems and Reps.

            Choosing between Dems and Reps is like choosing between influenza and a broken thigh bone.

      • Mondobeyondo

        Gun sales are already shooting through the roof nationwide (pun not intended). Blame it on what happpened at Sandy Hook, or Obama, or paranoia, or whatever.

    • Patriot

      Well said. I never felt the cops were there to protect me, they will ALWAYS be too late, and besides cops work for the state, so if the state says go knock on doors and take peoples guns, (like the traitor cops and national guard did after katrina), most will obey because they don;t want to lose their jobs. Plus there seesm to be an increasing “rogue cop” attitude amongst every cop I have ever met. Don’t mean to offedn you, but the boys in blue do not have a very good image amongst Constitutional Americans.

      • Traffix

        I’m not offended in the least. I used to work in ghetto of Atlanta my whole career was spent on the street. I used to go to domestics where they would try to get each other locked up. I always told people that once you invite the government into your life, you can’t get them out. Of course I also told everyone they would have to Make me write them a ticket, in case you wondered, tickets are for revenue, if it stops unwanted violations all the better. Look self-accountability is almost gone. We have past the tipping point. The government controls health care, finances, travel, and are even buying mortgage debt. Disarm the citizens and that’s it. But that’s what enough people wanted, hold on because there is no coming back at this point and it makes me sick.

        • 2Gary2

          A quick question if I may–My step father is a retired LA county cop and he told me once that roughly 50% of police are lazy and only want to sit in their squad car on the side of the road and issue speeding tickets. He said the other 50% were actual police who solved crimes and actually worked. Anecdotaley I find this to be true. What do you think?

          • Traffix

            I worked with a lot of motivated officers but it wasn’t easy where I worked. We did not have partners, we were understaffed the whole time I was there, had to work part times to make ends meet so you were always tired. The court system would tie you up all day and then you had to go back to work all night. It was the perfect recipe to make you want to do nothing, but when the chips were down, we all came together and got the job done the best we could. Hope that answers your question.

      • Room101

        The Government is Less Than Worthless and Costs Too Much!!!

    • TCQ User

      lets use the constitution to tax the hell out of everyone that doe NOT have a gun for protection so as to constantly be calling 9=11 for your assistance. tax all the non gun owners $300 per year for not complying with the constitution and having a means of self protection. WE ALL KNOW THE COPS CAN’T BE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. remember ……….IN THE ABSENCE OF A WELL REGULATED MALITIA the rights of the people shall not be infringed……the right to bear arms for their security.

      • Traffix


        I think we should let the ones who want the government to take care of them live in the FEMA camps, it could be the new section 8 housing program. They can have their free healthcare, food, and strip clubs all in the camp so we don’t have to provide them transportation. Then they can focus all their attention on their ozombies and leave the rest of us the hell alone.

    • Room101

      Decisions by the US Supreme Court back your post 100%.
      The concept is called ‘sovereign immunity’.

      The government cannot be held to account by the taxpayers for negligence, waste, fraud, abuse in accordance with the normal performance of their aforementioned duties.

      The government is less than worthless.

    • blight14

      Traffix, we salute the thin blue line! We thank you for your service!!!

    • JustanOguy

      Spot on Traffix!

      Just look at Mexico… started taking away guns from their law abiding citizens in the 1960’s and now the cartels and corrupt government they own rule the streets.

      3x the deaths of gun related homicides then the U.S. with a much smaller population.

      Some of the most dangerous cities in the U.S. with the highest homicide rates due to gun violence have the strictest gun laws.

      Idiots need to wake up and realize that criminals just don’t have the same morals you do.

    • paul

      Police Officer actually means Policy Officer. The title refers to their primary role which is to enforce the policies of the State. If they are becoming more violent it is because the State has permitted them to do so. If they choose not to protect citizens it is also because that is the will of the State.

  • Mondobeyondo

    It’s more like the side-effects of a collapsing society and social order, more than anything else.

    Gangs – rampant.
    Crime – rampant.
    Drug abuse – rampant.
    Cities and municipalities – broke.
    Government on all levels – broke.
    Good paying jobs – hard/impossible to find.

    Cops getting laid off because cities can’t pay for law enforcement, and an economy that is breeding more criminals by the day. What do you expect is gonna happen?!

  • Ox Tall

    “Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating Into Gang-Infested War Zones”

    Title should be: “Large Cities All Over America Are Reaping the End Result of Diversity; Death and Destruction”

  • Mark

    I stay out of cities most of the time. My wife took me to a super Walmart the other day and it was way too crowded for me. I had not been to one in over a year. I prefer to hang out at home in the country. People that live in cities claim that they love all action and people. I find it just to be noise that I can do without.

    • I will only go to the rural Wal Mart here, which would shock most Americans because it is so small.

      • Walmart is still Walmart wherever it is, it will still be a bloodsucking corporation.

        • Mark

          They do not suck blood and they do offer a fair price for many of their items. I just don’t like all the crowds of cars and people.

          • Ralfine

            Fair price? Would you work for the price / wage walmart pays its chinese suppliers? could you survive on that money?

          • Mark

            The chinese suppliers seem to be making lots of money. They do not treat their workers well, but you like china as you have said in the past. In our state the mimimum wage is about $9.00 an hour. Rents are about $400 a month. If you don’t own a car you can do alright.Use your bike or walk to work and the stores.

          • Ralfine

            Well, in China the minimum wage is about $150 per month.

            When I went to China about 20 years ago that was about the money a chinese farmer earned per year.

            With that minimum wage the manufacturers are able to make hair dryers that leave the factory for $1 a piece.

            Everything between that $1 the factory gets and the $10 walmart charges you goes to Walmart and its trading partners.

            If Walmart would produce in the US and pay minimum wage, that hairdryer would increase in price by at least $5.

          • Mark

            Ralfine, I do not dispute that it would be better if Walmart would have more products made in the USA. I would rather pay more for items made here. But the reality is unless we were to set tarriffs on many of the products made overseas , that is the price that most consumers alround the world would rather pay. They shop for the lowest price. I would pay a higher price for a hair dryer that would last 30 years. They are not built that way today.We have become a throw away society ,so the low price is it.The customer can demand for products to be produced here by closing up their wallet if they are not to be found. But they will not make a stand.

          • Ralfine

            Yes, that’s the way it is. But still no reason to call walmart fair.

            The good thing of my receding hair: no need for a hairdryer.:-)

          • Mark

            Well then, why do you call them unfair. Walmart does not have the power to force you to take a job with them. If they are so bad, why do so many people work for them. If you can get a job that pays medical benefits great, at the same time if a company does not offer the benefits offers you a job, turn them down and go somewhere else to find them.Walmart is not the only store in the country.

          • Ralfine

            I call it unfair when people have to work for money that is not enough to survive on.

            You might find it OK to pay the outstanding money to these people via your taxes, but I think, if these people work for Walmart, then walmart shall pay them, and not the taxpayer.

            You might find it OK when someone defrauds you and you don’t realise it. You might probably blame yourself, if someone commits a crime towards you? After all, it was you who decided to be on that location at that time?

          • Mark

            If the government does not provide benefits as we are not supposed to as per the constitution, then a business can’t as you say defraud the taxpayer. When you give entitlements to people, then the government needs to place controls to protect itself from fraud. There is always a way around the new regulations and large companies like Walmart hire lawyers to find the path around them.. This gives them an advantage over smaller companies. Their overhead is less and the shareholders on wallstreet demand the highest profits. So like I said, the government would not have to update the regulations all the time to try to stop fraud if the government did not offer benefits to the public. Keep it simple and as small as possiable. This would help to stop collective corruption in our country.

          • VegasBob

            I’m no fan of Walmart, but the local Walmart sells a 12″ Lodge cast iron frying pan for $19.99. The kitchen place at the local outlet mall sells the IDENTICAL frying pan for the “discount” price of $26.99.

            Only in Amerika!

          • Ralfine

            Yes, Walmart can sell things cheaper, because the taxpayer pays part of walmart’s salaries.

          • Mark

            Did you know the Lodge cast iron products are made in the USA.

          • tickyul

            I see the same thing.
            I price shop and many times Walmart has the best price…. so that is where I will buy it….simple as that!

          • cojo

            “Would you work for the price / wage walmart pays its chinese suppliers? ”

            Perhaps not here in the US, but in China they are apparently quite willing to work for it.

            Did you ever stop to think that perhaps that wage may quite possibly improve their lot in life? That perhaps it is better than the alternative, i.e, not having the work?
            (I do not expect a reasoned response to this.)

          • Ralfine

            This is a very complex issue.
            The discussion was about fairness of Walmart’s prices. Which is an oxymoron, since Walmart is a trading company and trading companies are not fair in the same sense as in sport.
            Trading companies are by nature cheating their customers by selling their products for a higher price than they have spent aquiring and transporting them. That’s precisely the reason why trading companies and their owners are among the richest of the world.

            Now you try to argue that Walmart is fair, because it creates jobs in China.
            Now I would recommend you takea big placard, write this on it: ‘This company (fill in the respective name) is fair because it creates jobs in Bangladesh, China, Nigeria’ and join a protest march against job cuts of that company in America. Or: “Your jobs need to be exported to China, because the people there live in worse conditions as we are.”

            That’s not an answer, but maybe it starts a thinking process?

          • The only reason we are given a ‘fair price’ is thanks to cheap oversea labour, which hurts OUR economy.

        • tickyul

          Just like all of the other companies that get their stuff from China or some 3rd-9th world country!

    • tickyul

      It’s really sad because I find cities really interesting.
      But the dreck you have to put up with living in many of them….especially cities with a high Urban American population… thanks.

    • Heather Bender

      And everything costs at least twice as much. We plan our vacations in small towns now.

  • Ralfine

    For comparison: Hong Kong has 7 million people and triads, but no private guns. The number of homicides in 2011: 17.

    • And an authoritarian communist dictatorship. That’s why they don’t have guns. And why we need them. F that collectivist/communist/socialist BS.

      • Ralfine

        Hong Kong is still the best place to make business. Visitors from the US usually describe it as “New York on speed”.

      • Authoritarian, yes. Communist, no. They ceased to be Communist
        when they so horribly violated the most basic tenet of
        Communism, which is NOT to exploit your workers for profit.Though
        the Chinese government still has subsidies, that is not uncommon
        in a lot of NON-Communist countries.

        Many Chinese miss the days of Communism because the vast
        majority were farmers who enjoyed relative prosperity and decent
        healthcare. You are arrogant in that you assume that in order to be free, countries must
        adhere to YOUR ideas of freedom. I am quite sure the Commie Chinese felt quite free
        knowing that if they got sick they could afford to go to the doctor, and also felt
        quite free NOT being exploited. Maybe that is not your cup of tea, so what.

        Lastly, I suspect that you were just regurgitating Capitalist propaganda without REALLY
        knowing what Communism and Socialism really is. I suspect this because you accused a
        country of being Communism when it in actuality is NOT.

        • Mark

          Mao killed off millions of farmers. That was great health care.

  • Ralfine

    here the obvious solution: cut welfare, cut subsidies for youth centers, libraries and sports centers, reduce government spending for infrastructure maintenance; and get everyone a M16.

    • dani


  • Roger Stamper

    call national guard if need

  • JustanOguy

    You are absolutely right Michael… All of the cities you mention have some of the tightest gun control laws in the U.S.

    Chicago / Detroit / Oakland / Stockton…. only the criminals have guns and the gang bangers rule the streets. (Lived in Chicago at one time.)

    I prefer to live in my city with gun laws where law abiding citizens can have weapons and carry concealed weapons with the proper license that can actually protect themselves….. and our city has one of the lowest gun related deaths to innocents in the nation.

    In fact… more criminals got shot down by law abiding citizens then innocents last year. (Las Vegas)

    Gang Bangers and Criminals will get shot down and they know it.

    If you are a criminal…. don’t move to Las Vegas. Half of the people I know have a concealed weapons permit and so do I where I carry a nice “Judge” in my car and a Sig Sauer P250 .45 cal underneath my jacket.

    Try to rob me and I can’t wait to blow your face off to blow off some steam and contribute to society.

    And I’m certainly not the only one that feels that way in Las Vegas. Just give us an excuse to end the bad gene pool.

    — Cheers!

  • markthetruth

    Newburgh, Murder Capital of New York

    the end

  • Joe Mama

    Sweep up all the negroes and mexicans off the streets and the problem will be solved..

    • Mark

      This has nothing to do with race, it comes from learned cultures of corruption.

  • trigon400

    NEWSFLASH!!……. Blacks are savages.

  • Jodi

    Michael, I went to the gun show this weekend in my city & it was very busy. It’s so sad to see what is happening to the average law abiding citizen in our country. I met some of the nicest, God fearing people at the show. There was a moment of silence for the recent shootings & the man singing the star spangled banner could barley get through it without loosing it. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building after he sang. People are good. We must stand up. Also contact your US Congressmen to stop the semi-auto gun ban.
    Tell them to:
    Vote against the ban so called “assault weapons”
    Vote against any renewal of the so-called “high capacity magazine” ban.
    Vote against any new federal gun control.

  • I’m from a third world country and lived in the worst possible home than what America calls it worst now. However, that did not gave me the license to join a gang, murder innocent people, shoot and kill, do drugs and die.

    Economic conditions are an excuse for these thugs, criminals and low lifes, even if America was prosperous, they would have done the same thing.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with gun control, jobs and economy. If that was the case, it would mean that, people must be born into a life of luxury or else they will commit crimes. where is the logic in that?..this means indirectly that all poor people are criminals.

    These thugs are looking for easy money. If they had any soul, in these hard times, the real character of humanity would have come out from them. They would have come together and started doing farming, grow their own food and have cows and chicken to sustain themselves and whom they love. If 100,000 gang members came together and built a community, that would be something and admirable not killing to make few bucks.

    Please do not relate to these losers to economic hardships and the state of America now, that is entirely different.

  • David Williams

    We do NOT need the police. In fact, the police contribute to the crime rates. Every citizen (with any brains) should be packing CCW regardless of the BS laws that have been passed. It may be cliche, but it is true: I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    I have NO respect for “law abiding citizens” because that translates to sheeple. Bernhard Hugo Goetz demonstrated to us all back in the 1980’s that CCW is the only way to ensure that you remain safe. Just remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    • liberranter

      Well said! The only thing I would argue with is the CCW point. I believe that OPEN CARRY is the best deterrent there is. It lets potential criminals see that you’re ready, willing, and able to defend yourself.

      • Ralfine

        you mean like that policeman shot in the face?

        • liberranter

          I’m not familiar with the incident, but, given the fact that my dogs are more competent handlers of weapons than the average cop today, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You’d have to agree though, we do need some kind of law enforcement presence in society, to keep order and enforce the rule of law. Yes, it’s good to be armed (“when seconds count, the police are just minutes away”) – but without law enforcement, we’d have anarchy.

      Here in Arizona, we have open carry. Quite a deterrent to see a citizen with a pistol in his/her holster, especially if you’re a criminal.

  • Our problem is not guns, it’s a lack of a personal relationship with Yahusha (Jesus), and adhering to the commandments of Yahuwah…..when people turn their backs on, and reject God and His commandments, you have disorder, violence, sorrow, mourning, anguish, sexual immorality, murder…etc., etc. You can’t live a life without Yahuwah, and expect this nation to be blessed, it ain’t going to happen…..this nation is under divine judgement because of it’s refusal to acknowledge and follow Gods commands, feasts, festivals, ordinances, statutes,laws & sabbaths….the longer everyone denies God, and rebels against Him, the more severe the punishments will become…

    • Alan Vallis

      What nonsense, your country has the highest rate of religious observance in the western world as well as the highest rate of violence.

      • Hambone

        That speaks poorly of the remainder of the western world. This country is becoming a moral cesspool.

        We seek God when it is convenient and exclude him the rest of the time. Our lack of faith has everything to do with our problems.

        I’m quite sure plenty of people attend some form of worship service. Their true devotion to God is another matter.

        • liberranter

          I’m quite sure plenty of people attend some form of worship service. Their true devotion to God is another matter.

          Hambone, you’ve just added another item (for which you’ll be given full credit) to my “Quotable Quotes” collection. Thank you!

      • Star Man

        Alan Vallis said: “What nonsense, your country has the highest rate of religious observance in the western world as well as the highest rate of violence.”

        Your ill-logic and straw man argument does not and can not change observable reality, aka facts aka the truth.

        Now, observe as I correct your “thinking”

        Fact 1: The people committing 80 to 90% of all violent crimes (which is, I’m sure, what you meant, not “rate of violence”) are dangerous minorities, not moral people of all races/ethnicities who have a deeply held belief in a creator i.e. God.
        Check the DOJ stats, you’ll see who is committing most of the violent crimes in the US. Keep in mind, “Mexicans” or “Hispanics” which are not a race, are lumped into the “White” crime rates, so the White crime stats appear much higher than they actually are.

        Fact 2: Regarding these dangerous minorities, it is the content of their character, not their race or DNA, that is resulting in the violent crime rate.

        Fact 3: If you were to deduct all the violent crimes committed by this tiny minority of the population, the US would have a relatively low violent crime rate in line with other “Western countries” aka White countries. The same goes for education, test scores and other comparative measurements that show the US scoring lower than other advanced Western nations. Nobody wants to address this issue because of political correctness. If they did, they could sort out the problems and everyone would be happier, instead of avoiding them and letting the problems fester.

        Africa, the Middle East, South America et al have far more violent crime rates per capita than America IF you deducted the violent crimes committed by dangerous minorities aka non Europeans/non Asians and IF all the violent crimes in those places were actually recorded in as much detail as they are in the US…which they are not.

        People talk about race when what they really mean is character. People are actually judging by the content of character and that character has been found lacking. People need to stop saying it’s race or a racial issue, it’s not, it’s a character issue. How that character comes about is another story, but it’s not about race, not really.

    • Patriot

      Amen. An AR-15 in the hands of a God fearing man, will do no harm to anyone…except perhaps an evil man intent on killing.

      • Room101

        There is no inherent evil in killing another living organism.
        Everything alive must kill and eat the products of death or itself die.
        What makes a death evil is the concept of murder.
        Remember how Leftists think and write.
        Josef Stalin once said (paraphrasing): ‘that the death of an individual is a somewhat politically unfortunate “tragedy”, but the deaths of millions are a mere statistic.’

        They want to keep the M-16s etc for themselves and use them to threaten the formerly-free American-pussies who allowed themselves to be dis-armed of their AR-15s and M-4s and M-1s.

        This is the best site I found this week.

    • Mondobeyondo

      You are correct. We keep singing “God Bless America”, and we have “In God We Trust” on our money. But God will NOT bless a people or a nation which constantly mocks Him, and is essentially spitting in His face. He is beginning to replace our blessings with curses, and it’s only going to get worse. Read Leviticus chapter 26, verses 14-46.

      • Room101

        Great nickname and I agree 110%.
        By no means am I a religious person, but I agree with your observations regarding the now-obsolescent symbolism surrounding our once-free Republic.
        All governments world-wide and the myriad institutions of their societies are actively fighting anyone who speaks out on behalf of the survival of Western Civilization as a mere ‘racist’.

        In the next war, I’m not going to know who or what to root for, or why.

        This is the singular achievement of the Left that the Soviet Union could never win on the battlefields of Vietnam or the Northern Plains of Germany.
        All the institutions of a formerly-free United States of America regret and despise its very existence and so do most of the voters.

    • tickyul


  • What do you expect? Thanks to the law, the policeman is not your friend! A policeman is as likely to arrest the innocent citizen as it will an armed criminal. It is difficult to trust someone like that.

    People resort to gangs because there are no alternatives available to them.
    Gangs often offer protection. Where is the protection at laid off police force that is overworked and I think underpayed for what is asked of them?
    Would you risk your life for what they make? I wouldn’t.
    Or how about well funded drug lords versus a system of corrupt officials and judges that has the prime concern of making money at the law?
    Our corporations have no respect for law. Only when there is a money advantage to it. That is why these immoral, unethical organizations get no respect from individual workers. How many have illegally fired older workers because they were old through legal technicalities? Like making them requalify for their jobs after 30 years?
    What do you expect? Justice? not in this life. That is why gangs are able to get a foothold in your cities. People have no where to go, they are layed off, their entire financial lives in ruin, and these same people wonder why the criminal life appeals to them. The honest life didn’t work.

    Until the law makes friends with the average citizen. Until they provide justice that is more than a sad joke, people will seek elsewhere for protection. Until the police have public support, they have no control over what happens and are risking their lives if they provide it. That means stopping police from making money with traffic tickets that are actual traps out there. Your city is responsible for stealing money.

    Until we take away the economics of illegal drugs, it will prevail over our weak understaffed police departments. I wouldn’t have their job for any amount of money in this world. And I truly respect honest policemen. Not what I see out there though. I see a system corrupted. That is why people belong to gangs.
    To change that, we have to change the way our legal system works. We have to make it fair to the average person. It has to have the “appearance” of being honest. Until that happens, the poor policeman out there doesn’t really have a chance.
    That police person is caught in the middle.
    In the last few years, our “justice system” has put over 300 people in jail that were innocent. Only DNA testing has brought out the facts. The state has fought them tooth and nail because they are libel for this unjustice at work.

    Until our “legal system” changes to make it fair and honest to all, you will have things arise to take its place in our cities.
    By the way, if you do have a gun, remember they might arrest you for “murdering” the criminal you shoot. I suggest you aim for the head. The criminal is likely to be armored.
    Put your druggies out of business and 90% of your home breakins will disappear. The only way to do that is to make the drug trade uneconomical. No one has figured out how to do that yet.

  • ian

    I live in Denver. I feel very safe here. Safer than in the suburbs where people are going on shooting rampages. Living in gentrified and hip cultural areas seem to be the only ‘safezones’ in America any longer. Good thing Denver is becoming a giant gentrified yuppyville.

  • Chris Ritchie

    Everyone bearing arms takes you only part of the way back to civilization. Who wants to live in a society where everyone is constantly looking over their shoulders, wondering if they need to pull a gun on someone? That’s not freedom. Tyranny by government or gangs is still tyranny.

    The answer is found in people following a moral code, a shared set of values where people are self-governing and don’t commit crime. The founding fathers had a few ideas about this as well.

    Face it. Diversity is a lie. Multiculturalism drags all people down to the lowest common denominator. The only thing that I’ve found that crosses racial lines is a shared spirituality. Christian values are the same whether they are practiced in Sudan, Russia, Thailand, Mexico, or the U.S. TRUE Christians have a shared culture that can be built upon. Otherwise, their is no real sharing of culture.

    The U.S. has forgotten God. Freedom of religion was meant to be freedom from Christian Sectarianism. Catholics vs. Protestants, Methodists or Baptists, all were meant to be free to worship and serve under the same CHRISTIAN banner. But I don’t believe the founding fathers had Islam in mind when they thought of freedom of religion. And they certainly didn’t have Atheism or Eastern Mysticism (Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism) in mind.

    No. This was founded as a predominantly Christian nation. Be it Deism, Catholicism (though that could be argued), or some flavor of Protestantism, our shared culture was one of Christianity. Without some form of unity, where does it come from? Certainly not from leftist ideology.

    Just my 2 cents, but guns aren’t the answer. They address a symptom, the root of the problem lies in a lack of shared culture. And the only successful cultures are homogenous either by race – ethnic (Chinese, Japanese, Slavic, Latin, Spanish) or religion (Islam, Jewish, Christian, Hindu).

    Mix either one for too long and you have a recipe for disaster. Welcome to the U.S.

    • liberranter

      Who wants to live in a society where everyone is constantly looking over
      their shoulders, wondering if they need to pull a gun on someone?

      If everyone (or nearly everyone) was armed, you probably wouldn’t need to waste time “constantly looking over your shoulder.” After all, it is the rare individual who would be stupid enough to draw on someone with firepower equivalent to himself (and not knowing whether or not the other person was a better marksman than he is). No sane person would risk it.

      I live in an area where lots of people (myself included) carry openly in public. Far from feeling afraid or nervous when see someone else carrying, I feel relieved. One more person to ally with if trouble arises.

      As Thomas Jefferson is alleged to have said, “an armed society is a polite society.”

      • Guest

        why would someone shoot an armed policeman into the face?

        • liberranter

          Given the way today’s “law enforcement” thugs behave, a much better question to ask would be why would someone NOT want to shoot an armed policeman in the face?

          As I mentioned earlier, cops, despite their reputations and the prevailing stereotypes, are some of the most inept handlers of weapons in today’s society. Just Google “cop”+”firearm”+”accident” and see how many hits come up with.

      • Ralfine

        yes the slave is polite to the master.
        or maybe just fearful?

  • This is common in any city with a huge black population.

  • jakartaman

    You want protection – look in the mirror.
    Cops primarily “investigate ” crime they rarely prevent them. So you still want to take away your guns?

  • levotb

    800,000 to 900,000 of the 1.4 million gang members in America are illegal aliens. The problem with gangs are the illegal aliens working with the Cartel. Remove them and the crime problem in the U.S. will ease considerably.

  • John Jones

    I just did a quick search of East St. Louis 97.7% black, Okland CA, 52% black and hispanic, Detroit 82% black. Need I go on, blacks and illegal’s are the cause of not all but probably 95% of the problems in this country.

  • The WAY…

    Jesus is my rock, no matter how bad the economy, or corruption, or crime. I WILL look to my redeemer who is The Light of the World and The Way and The truth. When I walk as a disciple I know that the correct response begins with prayer. So I pray and intercede for those who won’t, can’t or don’t pray. Did you sense the prayer I have said for You? God Bless and may you find from where your help comes!

  • raptor45

    I think it’s funny that most of these hellholes are in the North. You Northerners misguided ancestors fought to free ’em and by God now YOU’VE got ’em and rest assured my foolish friends, they are never going away and they d*mn sure arent’ gonna change except for the worse. Figure it out yourselves…..

    The problems with New Orleans are the fault of U.S. Federal Government and Ray Nagin. Ray pandered to his black constituents in every negative conceivable way, declaring N.O. to be, of all things, a chocolate city; presumably where he as a kind of modern day “King Louie” might reign, loved by all.

    Well, Ray’s N.O. is chocolate and it is undisturbed by any kind of rules or force that will keep Ray’s people, these wild, hard, undisciplined and largely psychopathic great great grand children of slaves, in their proper places.

    These cities have all lost their blooms and all that remains is for the rest of our lovely country to fall into the despair that is the product, calling card and hallmark of the black race.

    • Mark

      Why are so many posting the blame the race here today? This has nothing to do with race. There are good people of all types living in the US. The problems that we have are rooted in a break down of moral values and a learned culture of corruption. Where I live the people here are 99% white and we have crime and drug abuse. Sure, there are fewer people out in the country, but we still have crime. They kill each other over a drug deal gone bad now and then and I don’t blame them because they are white. The fact is that these dopers are just stupid and lazy So get off of this race baiting and write something of value.

      • raptor45

        Mark, I’m not race baiting and if i were my posts would be virulent. Matter of fact, I’ve got black blood a flowin’ in me and that doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m proud of my ancestry and I don’t need to defend it.

        But, son, you have to look at the problem, see who is involved and link it back to culture and a complete disrespect of self and society, complete reliance on the government, which at best is a terrible Master or Mistress as the case may be and a lack of desire or motivation to crawl out of the crap heap and improve ones self.

        I know that white people commit crimes, use drugs and all that crap but in this article the writer is talking about neighborhoods that are populated by 99% blacks and a few hispanics and if the problems are in their neighborhoods then they’re the culprits. Peeps have to be responsible for themselves and to call a spade a spade is a good thing. Obviously though you have been denied the opportunity to learn that and instead you appear to prefer to blame all of society for the misery that exists in these areas. That’s B.S…..

        So, please tell me….where are the white neighborhoods that have the time types of degeneration that this writer is discussing? I’m sure we’d all love to know so what we can avoid those places.

        • Mark

          ” you have to look at the problem, see who is involved and link it back to culture and a complete disrespect of self and society, complete reliance on the government, which at best is a terrible Master or Mistress as the case may be and a lack of desire or motivation to crawl out of the crap heap and improve ones self.”

          That is a good description of our problems today and well written.
          I have seen it all as a landlord of rental apartments in Vallejo, Ca for 20 years. Yes, many blacks had their problems and so did whites, and mexicans. As you say in part of your post that it linked back to culture which is not linked to race.
          I would suggest that the gangsta rap culture would describe many of these problems. When I was an intercity landlord, I saw each of the dirrerent races involved in gangsta rap culture. Maybe it has changed in the last 12 years we have lived in the country, I found most low income neighborhoods to have the same sort of problems and most of them had people of every color living in them. I will admit that in the black population that a higher % of the population of males are mixed up in the criminal justice system, but it seems like they have had more years of the culture falling apart. Furthermore there is no way that I would live in any city, period.

    • liberranter

      I think it’s funny that most of these hellholes are in the North. You
      Northerners misguided ancestors fought to free ’em and by God now YOU’VE
      got ’em and rest assured my foolish friends, they are never going away
      and they d*mn sure arent’ gonna change except for the worse.

      You’re assuming, most incorrectly, that “freeing the slaves” was the point of that stupid, pointless, unconstitutional war waged by Amerika’ first executive dictator. You seem also to assume, equally most incorrectly, that “equality” for said freed slaves was a goal of the invading Yankees. Read, just to name two, The Real Lincoln by Tom DiLorenzo and Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel. Both tear to shreds the Establishment-created lies about Lincoln and that war (AND that god-awful movie about Lincoln currently so popular with the brainless, ignorant sheeple, a movie utterly devoid of any facts other than the names of the principal characters).

  • Mark

    Austerity only works with cutting taxes at the same time . We did that in the early 1920’s and it worked. We did get a recession in 1929 and it turned into a depression with the wrong moves from the government. FDR continued to try to spend our way out and the spending and regulations put in place kept the economy depressed. Here we are again trying to do the same thing that will not work, spend our way out of debt. This is insane and will not work. Are you prepared?

  • Pinky

    I am living in Disney World compared to the rest of the country. We have low unemployment and low crime. We do have high poverty depending on what side of town you live on. This place is doing great and my sales are up. In the back of my mind, I know what is really happening. It could all end in an instant. That is why I am selling as quickly as I buy. Right now, we are in a calm spell. Soon, we will hit another birth pang to remind us that this is all so fragile. War, economic collapse, and other calamities are coming.

  • Kinda funny that the author touched only on gold chain thefts in
    Stockton. I live in a rural area not far from that pest hole. Random
    shootings occur daily. Beatings, muggings, vehicle thefts….multiples
    daily. Simple property crimes and vandalism…I don’t think anyone even
    pays attention anymore they’re so common. Murders in 2012 jumped
    tremendously. Most seem to be going unsolved. The city has such a
    rampant gang problem that the US Marshall service was brought in to shut
    the angered citizenry up. They rounded up dozens and turned most of
    them loose because the DA wouldn’t file.

    The downtown area is a
    virtual ghost town. Empty buildings everywhere. You could use the area
    as a back drop for a zombie flick with the weird, shambling piles of
    rags roaming the area.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven through there only to pass areas roped off with crime scene tape.

    The place is a joke.

  • Sexy Dude

    lol @ all the stupid americans arguing with themselves.. just accept your judgement america… for years you’ve been exporting your filth and corrupting the global masses… judgement had to come one day – like your billy graham said, if judgement didn’t come, God would have to apologize to sodom… your time is over now.. let it go, and pleeease loose your arrogance and pride.

  • ….and,…. the southern border of Arizona!

  • Ajean72

    You fools wanted Obama the job killer and Eric Holder the man who refuses to prosecute blacks, you got them.

  • brasstaxx

    The data provided by Daniel Greenfield is, in my mind, good news. The gangbangers are primarily killing themselves. Good for them! Keep it up!

  • onzisashtia

    One out of three US children living in a home without a father! Alas, faminism has finally taken its tall…Its inspirers are gleefully rubbing their hands watching from the sidelines as their scenario is bearing fruit!

    • Ralfine

      Don’t worry, these dads are just out to buy a pack of cigarettes. they are back in a minute.

  • leo

    at less it ant Seattle were the cops are the gangs

    • liberranter

      Cops are just another gang anywhere, no matter what the city. The only difference between the cops and any other gang is the uniform and the badge.

  • Evelyn Isis Osiris Baha Allah

    I often consider that wherever there is lingering darkness … crime will migrate …

    There just maybe not enough Positive Light holders in these cities .. too many fading righteous praying souls .. not enough sacrificing souls living a good and modest life capable of getting a prayer through …. too many pretender of Faiths living by the monetary order and not the order of Positive Love and caring for one anther ..

    What do cities expect when they turn all the Lights out …

  • TCQ User

    if i take my baseball bat and put a 30 round clip from an ak-47 on it for a handle to beat you to a pulp, will this be considered an ASSAULT WEAPON?

  • Ralfine

    The cameras don’t kill me. Haven’t heard yet about any deaths from Googles drive-by shooting for their streetview, either.

    When I was in the army, I probably had more pictures taken by the American army than any other force.

    Uniforms help against discovery. Fatigue, jeans or suit – the difference is just the color.

    And if I wanted to go out really incognito, I’d dress in a tracksuit, like millions of English people.

    You realise that UAVs are already authorized to operate over America?
    And you know NSA and Echelon that monitor all electronic traffic all over the world?

    Do you pay cash or credit card?
    And where do you need your social security number? Not just for social security, right?

    Who do you think provides China with Internet monitoring hardware and software? Yes, that would be American companies. Nothing wrong with making money, right?

    And those computers don’t care whom they are monitoring, and for what keywords.

    And if you’d prohibit the sale, you’d influence the trade balance negatively.

    I stay by what I said earlier: all those guns are only there to enslave yourself against each other.
    They keep you occupied and harmless towards those in power.

    And of course, nothing wrong with making a bit of money from selling you and your government some guns and ammmo, right?

  • condaggitt

    Ummmm maybe we should let out the non violent drug user/simple possession cases,…… so we can have thousands maybe tens of thousands of spaces for the violent ones ya think?

  • Yah Speaks Now

    “”Thus says The Lord: Who are all these before Me?! What people is this who have despised Me, these who walk proudly, hating Me and My Word?!…

    Ignorant and sinful people!…

    You have become as false gods in My eyes!… Detestable idols!

    Each one of you, from the least to the greatest, have turned from Me,

    To worship your idols and corrupted images!…


    Yes, you uphold every false image and detestable doctrine, with which you spit in My face! You flee all accountability, and rest comfortably in your sin, bearing a multitude of bitter fruit in unrighteousness… LAWLESS PEOPLE!… You have despised Me and My Law! Therefore, around your necks shall it be strewn, and you shall bear its weight!… Every jot and every tittle!… Says The Mighty One, The God of Jacob!

    HERE I AM!… The God of ALL!…

    The God of recompense and judgment!

    My peoples, hear the Word of The Living God!… All peoples of the earth, hear the voice of your maker: You have all entered in!… The Day is here, and you have entered in!… THE DAY OF THE LORD!

    Therefore, bow down heavily…

    Fall on your faces, and wail loudly!… CRY OUT!…

    Die to yourselves, and grab hold of The Holy One of Israel,

    And pray that you are counted worthy to escape!

    I lie not!… YOU HAVE ENTERED IN!

    Lo, did I not say to you that your knowledge was useless, and all your thoughts and imaginings were in vain?… For I am The Lord, and I do according to the counsel of My own will.

    For the scholars cry, “FALSE!”, and the Christians plot in vain against My messengers… And the people of Israel walk proudly, exalting themselves by their own knowledge, though they remain ignorant, for the Truth is still hidden from their eyes.

    My own sheep stumble! The whole world falls down and is broken!… When, O peoples, will you cast yourselves down? When will you be humbled? When will you forsake your knowledge and be free?!… I AM THE LORD! EVEN I AM HE! There is no knowledge apart from Me, and there can be no understanding, save it was given you by Mashiach… HE is your Master!

    Have you not felt these pangs, O earth?!

    Have you not recoiled in pain, O heavens?!

    Has not fear grabbed hold of you, O mighty nations?!…



    Hear the WORD of the LORD spoken to THIS modern generation!

    free at:

    TrumpetCallofGodonline . com

  • condaggitt

    I notice an interesting fact none of those cities are predominantly white…could there be a correlation?

  • tickyul

    Demorats and their Urban American Stormtroopers have destroyed city after city in this once fine country.

  • Citizenright

    You mentioned the National Drug Intelligence Center. Obama has shut it down as each successive year they highlighted how many cities in America had Mexican DTO running the drug business.

  • Da truff be rassis!

    If you look into the demographics of these places you will find your answer.

  • WarriorClass3

    What do all these cities have in common? Lots of black people.

    • Washington76

      Get a life racist!

      • WarriorClass3

        It is not racist to point out the facts. It is racist to try and cover up those facts to hide the truth because you don’t like what it reveals about black people.

  • Urban America’s problem is not financially related. Urban America is declining because the people who inhabit Urban America are not proper to the system they exist in.

    There are many parallels to Chicago gang violence and tribal warfare in places like Africa. I have lived in urban America since the 70s and have seen firsthand what the undertow did to it over that time span. Daylight robberies, muggings at night, assault in public places, rape and civil disruption drove out all the small business. Larger businesses which depended on those dollars turned to welfare money.

    That was also short lived as the risk assessment for the larger companies went through the roof. If one gang member shoots another person on store property, the company becomes liable for their security or lack thereof. If two grown men decide to shoot one another over the last pack of strawberries the company becomes liable. It becomes financially unrewarding to do business in the once prominent Urban plaza. Worse yet, your best paying customers will look elsewhere for their goods because they fear being robbed or assaulted because of their skin color or financial success.

    Basically, it becomes financially unrewarding to do business in the once prominent Urban plaza. You’ll find 7-11s armed to the teeth and little else. There may be exceptions to the rule, an upstanding citizen here or there but the trend has shifted for the worse. Risk is too high.

    Societies have what I call an intellectual watermark. That being the intellect of the builders. You design a system with your intelligence in mind. The cues, whether obvious or subtle, become the building blocks for your design. This design is yours. It cannot be transfered to another group of people. They have their own. These things are not interchangeable. It is time we act in accordance to that knowledge, not in spite of it.

  • nra1

    blacks and hispanics are ruining theses cities its not racisim its reality!

  • 2Gary2

    Need to tax the rich hard and spread the wealth. This really will solve the economic issues.

  • bilejones

    This line made me laugh:

    “Today, the murder rate in East St. Louis is 17 times higher than the national average, but financial problems have forced huge cuts to the police budget.”

    It seems to imply that that the number of police has an impact on the amount of crime.

    What a tool.

  • hotstiks

    Where is Paul Kersey when we need him? I know someone who was attacked by an Hispanic gang near his house. Someone slapped him in the back of the head as he passed. Then they took turns running up and slapping and punching him. He was rescued by a passing patrol car. An hour later, the punks were still where they attacked him. He unloaded an AK into the group. The same cops visited him later. They told my friend that whoever shot the punks did a public service, since one was wanted for rape and second degree murder, and another had just gotten out of Corcorran, serving time for a drive by that wounded two children. They gave him a thumbs up as they drove off.

  • hotstiks

    These scum are often second and third generation criminals. In the late ’80’s, I saw a father, three tears under his left eye representing times in the joint, proudly giving his 12 year old his first gun, a .25 auto. The kid waved it around, and his father broke into Spanish, obviously adulation of the child’s handling of the gun. I always wondered how old that child was when he committed his first murder.

  • California Native

    I live in the Bay Area and have lived in both Richmond and Oakland. They are inundated with crime and poverty, my current city of Concord has been on a slow but steady decline. I recently moved from the lower end of town and went from hearing gunshots every night with the symphony of sirens to follow, to a nicer neighborhood of older people. I doubt I will be hearing gunshots but if I do, it is most likely some old man getting rid of some scum.

  • 0UTS1DER

    I would have liked to have met you when I was in the US, I’ve been reading your comments for a long time and you seem intelligent and observant.

    You’d be a good person to have a beer with at the bar and hypothesize out of this mess.

  • whats going to happen in la when this goes down

  • if they were militias, they’d have been arrested a long time ago on the accusation of planning to commit a crime. The fact that these murderous gangs are allowed to continue, speaks volumes to the corruption of our government. Disarm the people, and allow the gangs to run rampant…

  • bilejones

    Quite a feat to write an article on the collapse of American inner cities with no mention of the shift in racial and ethnic makeup.

    • And which political party controls these cities?

  • Nick2013

    The Chicago murder rate was 500 last year.

  • Jordan Ebel

    Compton should be in there

  • Zakkari

    A kinda creepy side story related to this article, I used to live in Northern Michigan in a tourist town right on the coast of Lake Michigan. Our county includes 5 small towns and big stretches of farms and woods in between. The number of police they have hired has skyrocketed in the last 2 years. We have 7 sheriffs, 12 state troopers, and 4 to 10 local officers per town even though most of them are smaller than a mile square. Now they have brought in a federal drug taskforce, setting up a DEA outpost, that includes 4 federal officers. This is a very wealthy community we are talking about here. It seems that the places that the wealthy congregate and live are having a huge rise in police forces. The sad bi-product of this is because there is so many officers in such small patrol areas, with their jobs threatened if they do not show results, they are pushed towards making arrests and tickets that are pushing the bounds of the law. I’ve been pulled over for no reason whatsoever and have had officers attempt to convince me to let them search my car or breathalyze me while giving no reason for pulling me over in the first place. Things are bad on all sides.

  • clh8712

    And for how long have many (most?) of these cities been run by left wing liberals who adopted the old “tax and waste” philosophy?

  • The USA has been in a state of class warfare since its inception. The increasing unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government has led to a huge increase in the intensity of that war.

    The masses of common folks are being spit upon and the awareness of the class war and the anger regarding that war is growing. The much-needed Revolutionary War Two may be the only way to make any meaningful changes in the many systems used by greedy and power-hungry parasites who are sucking the life blood from We, the People.

    What will be the spark lighting the flames of Revolutionary War Two?

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