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Layoffs, Layoffs Everywhere You Look There Are Layoffs

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The competition for jobs in the United States is absolutely brutal right now, and it is about to get worse.  A new wave of layoffs is sweeping across America.  During tough economic times, Wall Street favors companies that are able to cut costs, and the fastest way to “cut costs” is to eliminate employees.  After a period of relative stability, the employment picture in the U.S. is starting to get bleaker again.  New applications for unemployment benefits have now been above 400,000 for 15 straight weeks.  Finding a good job is kind of like winning the lottery in this economy. Our federal government and the state governments have made it incredibly complicated and extremely expensive to have employees on the payroll.  It is getting harder and harder to get a large enough return to justify the time and expense that hiring employees requires.  So many firms now find themselves trying to do more with the employees that they already have.  Other companies are turning to temp agencies as a way to reduce costs and increase workplace flexibility.  A lot of the big corporations are sending as much work as they can overseas where the wages are far lower and where the regulatory environment is much simpler.  All of this is really bad news for American workers that just want good jobs that will enable them to provide for their families.

When we first started seeing huge numbers of layoffs a few years ago, I encouraged people to look into government jobs because I thought that they would be a lot more stable in this economic environment.

But today that is no longer true.  In fact, state and local governments all over the United States are responding to massive budget problems by slashing payrolls in an unprecedented fashion.

Sadly, the reality is that the number of “secure jobs” is rapidly declining in America.  If you have a “job” (“just over broke”) right now, you might not have it for long.  That is one reason why everyone should be trying to become more independent of the system.

Once upon a time the U.S. economy produced a seemingly endless supply of good jobs.  This helped us develop the largest and most vibrant middle class in modern world history.

But now employees are regarded as “costly liabilities”, and businesses and governments alike are trying to reduce those “liabilities” as much as they can.

This summer the pace of layoffs seems to be accelerating all over the nation.  Just check out what has been happening over the past few weeks….

-Lockheed Martin has made “voluntary layoff offers” to 6,500 employees.

-Detroit is losing even more jobs. American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings has told the remaining 300 workers at its manufacturing facility in Detroit that their jobs will be ending in early 2012.

-Layoff notices have been sent to 519 employees of Milwaukee Public Schools, and more than 400 open positions are going to go unfilled.

-The Gap has announced that up to 200 stores will be closed over the next two years.

-Cisco has announced plans to lay off 9 percent of their total workforce.

-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel says that 625 city employees will be losing their jobs as a result of cutbacks.

-Pharmaceutical giant Merck recently dumped 51 workers from an office in Raleigh, North Carolina.

-Perkins has revealed that they will be closing 58 restaurants.

-This week, Goldman Sachs announced that they will be eliminating 1,000 jobs.

-Cracker Barrel is rapidly reducing staff at its headquarters.

-Telecommunications and web marketing firm Crexendo has announced that it will be laying off about 30 percent of its workforce.

-Borders has announced that they will be shutting down their remaining 399 stores and that 10,700 employees will lose their jobs.

-Now that the space shuttle program has ended, thousands of NASA employees will be losing their jobs.

Sadly, there are hundreds of more examples of recent layoffs and job losses.  One website that tracks these layoffs daily is Daily Job Cuts.  It is pretty sad when there are entire websites that are devoted to chronicling how fast our economy is bleeding jobs.

What is worse is that it looks like the pace of layoffs is going to keep increasing.

One report that was recently released found that the number of job cuts being planned by U.S. employers increased by 11.6% in June.

That is not good news.

Things don’t look good for employees of state and local governments either.

State and local governments have eliminated approximately 142,000 jobs so far this year.

That is bad, but this is just the beginning.

UBS Investment Research is projecting that state and local governments in the U.S. will combine to slash a whopping 450,000 jobs by the end of next year.


Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke keep trying to tell us that the economy is improving, but that simply is not the case.  Yes, some of the largest corporations have announced big earnings, but that is not translating into lots of jobs for American workers.

Today, most large corporations only want to have as many U.S. workers as absolutely necessary.  In a world where labor has been globalized, it just doesn’t make sense for corporations to shell out massive amounts of money to American workers when they can legally get away with paying slave labor wages to workers on the other side of the globe.

So if it seems like it is far harder to get a good job in America today than it used to be, the truth is that you are not imagining things.

Our entire system discourages job creation inside the United States.  Every single year, even more ridiculous job-killing regulations are being passed on the federal and state levels.  It has become extremely expensive and ridiculously complicated to hire people.

So how are American families surviving?  Those that still do have jobs are finding that wages are not going up but the cost of living rapidly is.  Many American families are making up the difference by using their credit cards more.

In June, credit card purchases in the U.S. increased by 10.7 percent compared to the same month a year ago.

It looks like a whole lot of people have not learned their lessons about how bad credit card debt is.

Millions of other American families have fallen out of the middle class completely.  Today, one out of every six Americans is enrolled in at least one government anti-poverty program.  The level of economic suffering in this country continues to soar.

In fact, the number of Americans that are now sleeping in their cars or living in tent cities remains at staggering levels.

What we are witnessing in this country is not just a “recession” or an “economic downturn”.  What we are witnessing are fundamental economic changes.

Until there are fundamental policy changes in the United States, there will continue to be huge waves of layoffs and millions of jobs will continue to be shipped out of the country.

In the old days, one could go to college, get a good job with one company for 30 years and retire with a big, fat pension.

Now, that way of doing things is completely and totally dead.

Today, there is virtually no loyalty out there.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been working at a particular job.  When it becomes financially expedient to get rid of you, that is exactly what is going to happen.

It is a cold, cruel world out there right now.  Don’t assume that you will always have a good job.  The world is rapidly changing.

Don’t get caught in the trap of believing that the way that things were is the way that things are always going to be in the future.

  • liberranter

    One area of the “economy,” such as it is, that is experiencing unprecedented growth: the tax-consuming, fascist bureaucracies of violence such as state and local police, federal “law enforcement” agencies, and the military. As I’ve said before, it will be VERY interesting to see whether or not these come unstuck once total economic collapse sets in.

    • Benji K

      In our local community we have seen unprecedented fines and jail time being doled out upon people presumably to cover the shortfall in our budget. The newest and most disturbing trend our in local law enforcement is the issuance of “disorderly conduct” fines every time they respond to a call. When asked about the appalling situation, our small-town chief of police had this to say: “We issue a ticket to one or more parties involved because if we have to respond to a situation, someone is obviously being disorderly”. The worst part? Having a disorderly conduct on your criminal record automatically makes you ineligible for most jobs. Not what we need right now.

    • Jen

      As urban “brawls” and “flash mobs” become common, and islam is spreading its tentacles and working on a calliphate, I am glad that we have the warrior class — the politce and military.

      My worry is over the face that the police are actually joining with, in some cities, the marxist left because of their unions.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem, both located with 12 miles or so to the South of Downtown Atlanta, GA. are closing in 50 some days. At both facilities there’ll be hundreds – if not a couple thousand – of civil servant personel ” shown the gate ” for the final time! Not to mention the impact of their closings to business off-post that supported these installations. I spoke with one this afternoon at Fort McPherson. She told me that she’s age 51. She said she’d already sent out 50+ resumes – with negative results. She told me she’s moving to North Carolina.

    Georgia’s ” official ” unemployment rate is 10+%.

    I acquainted her with both this web site and the site. I advised her that these two sites will supply her with the accurate status ( with graphs, charts and links to validate the peril ) of the People’s Republic of Amerika – not the fluff or empty rhetoric common throughout the lamestream media.

  • dunderchief

    Not to worry all the layoffs are part of recovery summer version 2.0, don’t worry no bankers will be laid off, corporate ceo payrates will increase, made in china will continue unchecked.

    • Save the Republic

      Well said

  • JP

    The legal market is absolutely terrible right now. I just graduated this May, and was offered a position to consult on foreign investment at a firm in China. Due to a downturn in the US economy, the Chinese economy is very inconsistent, and the firm I was to work rescinded my offer. It is one of the largest firms in China, but recently downsized its staff.

    I am a final candidate for an attorney position at a non-profit, but the management may have to use the grant to offset cuts in other sections of the non-proft.

    It is a terrible market right now, and many of us (graduates of professional schools) cannot start our lives. Of my graduating class of 260, about 40 have full time work. Most of them are in panic right now, and have no plan to maneuver in this economy. In the meantime, I continue to look for work (will never give up), and will take the MPRE in August, and then the Bar next February.

    Thanks Michael for these articles. And for those of you who are hurting right now, God bless you. Many of us are in a world of hurt right now; faith, family, girlfriend, and friends help carry me through.

    • Michael

      It is good to hear from another law school graduate. 🙂

      I really feel for those coming out of law school right now.


    • 007

      Try to get into bankruptcy law, it is booming.

    • Save the Republic

      Sorry to hear about your situation. At least you have family and friends to help.

      Many of us who have jobs are hurting too. Although I’m working, I’m bringing home a lot less than 3 years ago, and as you know, expenses have been going through the roof. I believe the majority of people who are working are hurting too. Yeah, we may be surviving, but I don’t think any of us sees any hope for the near future of anything to look forward to. What I see for the near future for me and my family is not the hope of things improving, but preparing to continue our mere survival. Enjoy the overcast skies of today and don’t look out towards the horizon, because there are huge squalls coming from every direction…

    • God’s absolute best to you JP

    • Vikki

      What is also a bit scary for graduates is that on graduation day the clock begins ticking for the time the student loans payments come due. With no job, how is a graduate supposed to begin paying off their loans?

      • Jen

        You can claim a hardship deferment or forebearance. Research it on the Direct Loans homepage. (Just be sure to go to the real .gov page and not a scam site.)

  • I am glad that I am self-employed. Even if the day comes when I have no clients or work I can at least have the dignity of saying that I am not laid off.

    • I’m self employed too Kalen, a few years ago we were between moves, and despite all the taxes that I paid, did you know that sole proprietors cannot file unemployment? It was a hard time, but we struggled through and made it.

      • Benji K

        We live in Northern Wisconsin in an area once known for a thriving tourist area. Like you guys, I am also self employed, being in the construction and maintenance business. Ours is a dieing breed here now and it’s startling to realize that there are hundreds of people in this small community that are completely out of work, and being self-employed, are NOT counted in the governments unemployment rate. It’s scary to think about what the REAL rate is!

        • Gary2

          I thought walker was creating all those jobs?? I hope you were not dumb enough to vote for him.

    • DownWithLibs

      Good for you making it on your own. I believe more of us will have to in the VERY near future.

    • Self-employed folks who lose customers and/or their business are not counted by the feds as among the unemployed.

      The REAL unemployment figures are FAR higher then the elite-class lackeys proclaim.

      The USA is in a depression!!!

      “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

      • DownWithLibs

        Sad but true. My friends and I estimated (several months ago, mind you) that the u.e. numbers had to be far higher than the sugar-coated version that the “media” has been feeding us. We guess more around the 20% range. Might be an over-shot, but it sure feels THAT bad.

  • JasonD

    “It looks like a whole lot of people have not learned their lessons about how bad credit card debt is.”

    No Michael, it looks like for a whole lot of prople, if they don’t use them, they’ll just simply starve

    • Michael

      Good point


      • Highspeed

        Michael, If the economy is going to collapse anyway, what difference does it make if these folks spend a couple of thousand on a card thet they can’t pay back. Who will it hurt besides the banks who are at least part to blame for this awful mess we are in. And since you are an attorney please let me ask a qusetion. Legally, can a person be sent to jail for debt in the US? I always thought that they couldn’t, but I may be wrong. I’m not asking about the moral issue of borrowing, just the legal consequences.

        • Michael


          Some states have started sending people to prison for debt. In fact, that reminds me that I should do an article about that some time.


          • JasonD

            I knew that you could go to prison for unpaid taxes junk fees and other govt garbage but that would be unprecedented. Essentially they would be bringing back debtors prisons.

    • Mark

      JasonD, food stamps are being used by about 50 million today. They do not need to use credit cards to buy food. Michael is right that many have not learned their lesson. The new debt will make their lives harder in the future. Alot of the credit card debt is rung up at the coffee shops for fancy desires.

    • Ben Dover

      Turn it around on the banksters. Max it out, struggle a little while, and file bankruptcy.

      • Otown Right Guy

        There’s at least one problem with that: its not the banksters who will pay.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Here’s a link to a chilling short video by Lt. Gen.( Ret.) Boykin; who was Green Beret: ( which can also be seen on youtube, apparently )

    So, who should Americans believe, a retired Army Green Beret hero or Premier Obummer and the Socialist ( aka Democrat ) Party, or the lamestream media??

    Sorry – I know this comment is off the topic of this article! But every viewer of this web site SHOULD hear the General’s assessment of Amerika!

    • Highspeed

      Imaplaneiac, The link didn’t work for me. Wish I could have read the story though.

    • TR

      I’m a POLITICAL ATHEIST.I’m sick of the LEFT & RIGHT.
      If any REPUBLICAN has/is using any of the programs in the link below they are SOCIALIST.These programs are funded by that nasty SOCIALIST tax dollar.

      • Jen

        No matter if we are left or right, the most important thing is to get obama out of office as soon as possible. Whatever you believe about him, he clearly does not have America’s best interest at heart.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Sorry about my ” typos ” above – I’ve had a long day! But you should still understand both of my posts.

    • sharonsj

      Could you stop with the Dems are socialists crap? If the socialists were in charge, then Wall St. would be in jail and our social programs would be fine. Instead the super rich get everything and the poor are told they aren’t sacrificing enough. And, by the way, it’s the Republicans who are screwing us over.

      • Nexus789

        Someone with sanity and understanding – that is an understanding of what socialism is. People have been brainwashed in the US and use the term in a highly derogatory way without understanding the true meaning.

        The US economy is being gutted by a narrow group of elites whose only driver seems to be profit (at any cost). The merging of corporate and political (State) interests is only a short step to full blown fascism. I worked in the US last year and it was sad to see how many people slept rough, etc.

        I fear the US will end up with a massive underclass of permanently poor people coerced by a police state.

      • Gary2

        Sharonsj-you are correct. I am reading a book by the late Joe Bagnet called “Deer Hunting with Jesus” and his most recent one “Rainbow Pie”

        In it he tries to explain somewhat tongue and cheek why so many poor folks, mainly from the South keep voting against their own self interest and keep electing republicans.

        He porteays them as simple minded easily manipulated people who think they are better than others when in reality they are unsophicated dolts who are very delusional besides. Their reality is not THE reality.

        Sounds like he is describing the tea baggers exactly.

      • Jen

        It is important to realize that both parties are heavily invested in Wall St. and banking and that those industries are invested in congress. Read the recent Dodd-Frank bill if you believe only the R’s are to blame.

        Fortunatly, we have a growing movement of ordinary Americans who are getting politcally involved. That DOES reach DC’s ears, and it DOES influence their actions.

        I’m currently reading “Too Big to Fail,” and I recommend it to anyone who believes there is a “party of the rich” or a “party of the working class.”

      • John B.

        Democrats are THE party of “give me a government check”. There’s absolutely no question about that. They might as well change their name to the Socialist Party, because that’s what they are now. As to Wall Street still being in business, just give the Democrats more time in power and they WILL eliminate Wall Street, and all private enterprise, and private property ownership.

        The Socialist Obama admin is now looking at renting out all their GSE owned housing properties. If the Democrats have their way, the government will own ALL private property.

    • BushWacked

      The link is not working.

  • El Pollo de Oro

    There are no “green shoots” in The Banana Republic of America, certainly not on Main Street. But there are going to be “red shoots”—or rather, more like rivers of red. Deep rivers, in fact. Rivers of blood.

    “When the money stops flowing down to Main Street, the blood begins to flow in the streets.” —Gerald Celente

    And flow it will. Widespread civil unrest will be bloody (much worse than the L.A. riots of 1992), and another bloodbath will come in the form of violent crime. Americans who cannot get legal jobs will turn to drug trafficking, kidnapping, carjacking, violent home invasions and other things that are considered business as usual in Third World hellholes, which is what the BRA has become. If you think American cities are rough now, just stick around—they’re going to get much worse. American cities are going to be looking a lot like Ciudad Juarez, where you’re taking your life in your hands every time you leave the house.

    “If the names on Wall Street were Celente, Caruso, Mondavi, Puccini, Rossini, they’d call it the mafia.”—Gerald Celente

    “This isn’t capitalism, by the way. I hear people railing on Obama, calling him a socialist and a Marxist. The merger of state and corporate powers, by definition, is called fascism. And fascism has come to America.” —Gerald Celente

    It certainly has. There are no bailouts for Main Street, only for Wall Street and the bankster thugs. And as Main Street becomes increasingly desperate, things will become increasingly violent. If you have a gun, be sure to keep it in a safe, secure place—you’re going to need it when all hell breaks loose.

    These are perilous times for The Banana Republic of America, where the streets will be soaked in blood. God help us. Whether you’re a Lutheran, a Sufi, a Hassidic Jew, a Rastamon, or a Hare Krishna, please say a prayer for the BRA because we’re going to need all the help we can get. To quote the late Philly talk show host Irv Homer, we’re in a pickle.

    • Golden Child

      But America has always been a Third World country in certain pockets. It is just that ignorant Americans have always been told, without any real solid proof, that we have it better than everybody else in the world. Do you know that millions of poor people in America don’t have access to clean drinking water or sanitation like people in the Third World? Did you know that DC is statistically safer than Iraq and has a higher AIDS rate than West Africa? About two-thirds of our nation’s capital is historically a ghetto war-zone that used to be the murder capital of North America only a two decades ago. All of this sounds pretty Third World to me:,2933,509316,00.html

      They have been drug-trafficking, murdering and kidnapping in American ghettos for decades. What makes the bad things that go down in America less real than the Third World? The fact that people in sheltered suburbia generally don’t experience these ugly things firsthand like they do in the ghetto? I think that is your answer. We have just been falsely led to believe that we in America are the best. We are FAR from the best. As far as comparing American cities to the Third World, Detroit and New Orleans ranked in the top ten most dangerous cities in THE WORLD list. These are just facts based on numbers. If all the major cities in the world were ranked, Detroit would be the third most dangerous city in the world:

      Most Americans who believed that we were somehow better than the rest of the world lived on the nice side of the tracks. However, the nice side of the tracks in America will eventually devolve into socially disorganized violent places just like the inner cities in this country. This is what happens when people loose everything as you so eloquently said before. The impoverished wrong side of the tracks in America is set to get exponentially larger.

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Golden Child: This has always been a country of haves and have-nots. You’re absolutely right about that. Even during the most prosperous periods in US history, there was always a poor underclass. But I think that the big difference between the U.S. of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and the BRA of 2011 is that in the past, there was a much stronger middle class. The 1950s were no damn fun if you were poor, African-American and living in the Deep South (or, for that matter, were poor, white and living in Appalachia), but there were a lot more Americans who had a shot at upward mobility whether they were white-collar workers or blue-collar workers. In Third World countries, however, there is little or no middle class—only a filthy-rich minority and a dirt-poor majority. And that’s where the BRA has been heading. You wrote: “The impoverished wrong side of the tracks in America is set to get exponentially larger,” and that’s it in a nutshell. That summarizes it perfectly. And as the bonecrushing poverty and desperation become a lot more widespread, so too will the violent crime.

        I live in Philadelphia, which has always had a lot of poor, dangerous ghetto areas (as well as nice areas like Rittenhouse Square). There is a lot of violent crime here, but it isn’t quite the level of anarchy you have in Ciudad Juarez or Caracas……..not YET. The worst is yet to come.

      • Jen

        It is worse than since the 1930’s, but still nowhere near the level of say, Somalia, thank God.

        • El Pollo de Oro

          Jen: I’ve been saying that The Banana Republic of America is turning into a Third World country along the lines of what one finds in the Philippines or Latin America, but that we won’t sink to the level of Sub-Saharan Africa. Things are really bad, but not THAT bad. Occasionally, however, I’ll meet someone who thinks I’m overly optimistic and that the BRA is headed for a crash so cataclysmic that we will end up like Zimbabwe. Ha ha! It’s always amusing when someone accuses me, of all people, of being a Polyanna.

    • Gary2

      Its funny you said selling drugs. I actually tongue in cheek told my wife I should sell crack as I am not getting ahead working these low wage service jobs. I figured a white guy in the burbs with 4 kids would be least likely to be caught. When your power gets turned off these thoughts enter your mind.

      I am obviously never going to do this as I have way too much to loose and I do not want to destroy other peoples lives, however, that this thought actually entered my mind speaks volumes.

      Before anyone judges me you try having your power shut off on a scorching hot day as your food goes bad in the fridge and all you need is 600 to pay the power company and have no way to get it until the next week payday.

      El Pollo is exactly correct that desperate people do desperate things, or in my case at least think about doing desperate things.

      • richard Allen

        Did you know the electric company cannot come into your house and take the meter without a court order? You can slam the door on them..

        Now if its on the outside they can….Or if your landlord stupidly agrees to let them in.

        need is 600 to pay the power company and have no way to get it until the next week payday.

        • Gary2

          its outside

      • El Pollo de Oro

        Gary2 in Wisconsin: What you just said is exactly what a lot of poor people in Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica and the Philippines have often said—that they sure could use the profits that would come from selling drugs, but they would never do it because (1) drugs destroy people’s lives, and (2) they have families and have way too much to lose. Most poor people in Third World countries will refrain from drug dealing for those reasons—even if the alternative is working in a sweatshop. Others, however, will get sick of struggling and say, “Screw it. If working for El Chapo Guzmán means I can give my family a better life, where do I sign up?” I don’t recommend that line of work; many of El Chapo’s employees will wind up dead or in prison. But desperate people do desperate things, including drug dealing and collecting The Desperate People Doing Desperate Things Tax (kidnapping, carjacking, mugging, violent home invasions, extortion).

      • DownWithLibs

        So you do have some sort of employment, no? Why don’t you try something new. I realize that you may be going through a difficult time…a lot of people are. No one is safe. But why don’t you try being thankful for what you do have and not focus on what you don’t have (like my hard-earned money!), and maybe your situation will start to improve. God can only help those who help themselves. Start there. It just may work for you.

        • Gary2

          thanks for the feedback-yes I am underemployed but employed.

      • Unicorn

        Gary2 your missing the 800lb Gorillia its the (FD.R)

        Divorce your wife,hide any savings you have,your wife and kids can go on food stamps,section 8 housing and welfare.Keep your job and get a mail forwarding address.Be a back door Daddy just stash your stuff out of sight.End of problem! You need to think outside the box.

        • Gary2

          LOL–Thanks-I never thought about this. I guess I am too honest to do this. Maybe my honesty is whats holding me back? Its obvious that nice guys finish last.

          Seems like it would be easier to simply get a family supporting job if any where available.

  • We Truckers Need Our Own Lanes!!!

    Yes, Layoffs are all around in many industries. The wise are now increasing their job skills at technical colleges and in Universities.

    Marketable Degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy and Engineering as well as Chinese, Arabic and Farsi Majors are all in demand.

    The Marines are still looking for “A Few Good Men” and Law Enforcement Careers are Booming!!!

    The C.I.A. is hiring like gangbusters!!!

    All is not as dire as the site likes to let on.

    I think we all enjoy pressing on a sore spot or bruise. We all enjoy a “Pleasant kind of sore” in our muscles from time to time.

    Darkness, Gloom, Sorrow, Lamentation, Despair, Disheartening Realities are all there but should be engage in only in moderation.

    Get out ther and apply for the famous Pell Grant or join the National Guard to earn college money.

    I think most people enjoy some Gloom and Doom from time to time but remember that a Steady Diet of this type of Gloom and Doom Day in and Day out is not to be engaged in by those prone to depression or dark thoughts.

    Go out and pray the Psalms!!!! Go volunteer at a homeless shelter or food bank!!!

    Don’t be brought down by the constant negative reports about dark economic times.

    There are help wanted ads in all the papers!!!

    The Marines still need a Few Good Men!!!

    Praise Be to Jesus Christ!!!! Both Now and Forever!!!

    We got us a Convoy!!!!

    • Curtis

      I’m too old for the National Guard, ******. How the ******* am I going to afford a different Bachelor’s degree?

      • Jen

        Many go back to school in mid-life. I did it with grants, loans, and part-time jobs. Not saying it’s great, but it’s doable. (Before I looked into it, I thought, too, that there was no way I could pay for it.)

    • (((Smile))) I operate a true blue mom and pop truck stop, and I would agree that truckers deserve more respect! I really liked your post…very optimistic. Keep your chin up and keep the faith!

    • josh

      We Truckers Need Our Own Lanes!!! – you are delusional. “All is not as dire as the site likes to let on.” what world are you living in?!? GET OUT OF YOUR TRUCK!! YOUVE BEEN IN IT TOO LONG!!!

    • Erik

      Couldn’t disagree more, truckers. I really hope you’re being sarcastic with the join the CIA and Marines.

      These are the very people carrying out the criminal wars and immoral foreign policy of the US. al cia dah is actively involved in past, present, and future false flag terror.

      If you haven’t figured this out by know, may the living God deliver you from your deception.

  • HerrLT

    Self-destruction is the only way to bring the empire down. Militarily, a country can only enforce its will when it has the ability to pay the soldiers and support the weapons a standing army needs. Hegemony was nice while it lasted, but unfortunately even the Army sees the writing on the wall. “Unified Quest 2011” should be all the average lemming needs to be panicked into prepping for disaster hard and fast.

    Keep the faith that we are all children of the same Father and do what you can to help yourself and your family. Other than that: man up, drop the man purses and be ready for the worst because this will be ugly. 🙁

  • El Pollo de Oro

    “I went looking for a job every day last week
    But it turned into a crazy game of hide and seek
    Because every place I seemed to look, the job wasn’t there
    Might as well apply for food stamps or welfare.”—Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel “The Message II: Survival” (1982)

    “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”—Gerald Celente

    “It’s winter in America.”—Gil Scott-Heron

    • TR

      I am a POLITICAL ATHEIST like Celente. I like the way he states things so simply.There is a saying I use: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PISS OFF. This might not end well for the PTB,ELITES & RICH.

  • Gary2

    Michael-You have to know and understand that taxes have little to no impact on business decisions. More demand=more need for employees.

    This is why I keep saying we need to tax the rich and spread the wealth. Same for the corp that are sitting on all that cash. I would love Obama to tax it away and fund a much more robust social safety net programs like the Scandinavian countries. If they can do it so can we.

    That would generate demand. That would in turn create jobs.

    Michael-can you please to go to the link below. It is the Van Jones movement to rebuild the American Dream. I heard him on one of the talk shows and he is correct. He also advocates that if you have done good in America than you need to do good by America.

    I would challenge everyone to go there and see a sane alternative to the tea party.

    • Mark

      Gary2, socialism has never worked and never will in this world. It ends up in a police state and alot of people die at the hands of the government. I know, you will say it will be different this time. Through out history your system has elites picking winners and losers. The winners are the friends of the regime and the rest of us are the losers. I do not wish to live in a cage were the government feeds me. I want to live or die on my own accord. I love freedom! You big government types have ruined this country with your rules and regulations. We can’t compete with other countries with all of the government red tape and more taxes will just bring more of it. I do not wish to be rude,but all you write about are raising taxes on the rich. Big government has turned our system into a sinkhole of debt. All the uber rich that you want to tax can choose to live where the taxes are lower and that leaves the rest of us that pay taxes to make up the difference.

      • bobbobbobbob

        see u in med school as a cad

      • Gary2

        Here is where you and others must misunderstand. (i am being nice) I am not advocating pure socialism but a country like Norway/Sweden/Germany where they have much more robust social safety nets like single payer health-care mandatory paid vacations year long maternity leaves (now that’s family values) etc. Look at how good they are doing-beating us on almost every measure. These are facts that you can check yourself you do not have to believe me.

        We need less income and wealth inequality. This is not to say everyone makes the same.

        If anything Obama is too conservative. If he were socialist he would tell the repubes to go f themselves and we could have single payer and heavily tax the rich.

        It is morally unacceptable for the repubes to go to the mat to prevent the rich from paying more taxes yet expect the poor to have austerity.

        Damn the right wingers.

        • John B.

          What you are advocating is taking money away from the productive, and giving it to the unproductive. When governments have done this in the past, they have always ended up with a lot of unproductive people. E.g. Greece.

          And you seem to be forgeting that the Dems had the House, Senate, and White house from 2008, and things went to Hell very quickly.

          Socialism never has worked, and socialism never will work.

          What the US needs to do is get rid of the anti-productive policies of unions, OSHA/EPA etc. regulations, and lawsuits. Something your beloved Dems would NEVER do!

          You suggest taxing the wealthy. Anyone with a brain knows there aren’t enough wealthy people to pay all the taxes. What you will be doing is taxing the middle class more, until there are no middle class. It will be much easier to be a deadbeat, and collect free government services.

          • foxxy

            Well I love how you think its ok to screw the blue collar worker-you want to get rid of unions?? think the corporations will play by the rules and not send people into unsafe envirnments and pay them fair wages??? you are WRONG!! if anything we need unions MORE now than ever!! Look how we are getting screwed by the ultra wealthy-they dont give a fig if you risk your life doing their “dirty” work-dont forget its us bees that get the work done so they can sit back in their offices and make money hand over fist and not pay a living wage. Something wrong with you poor people who eat up the repubs garbage-they dont give jobs when taxes are low-they hoard their money!!! So if you want to go back to the early 1900’s of unsafe work envirnments and crazy hours and all the other crap-then keep believing the republican crap=they dont CARE IF YOU SLEEP IN A TENT!!

          • Gary2

            How do you explain Scandinavian countries??Germany??

          • John B.


            Unions are the ones screwing the blue collar worker. Union bosses pay themselves huge salaries by sucking off the workers, and produce nothing of value. They couldn’t care less if they bankrupt a company, because they can suck off employees from other companies.

            You liberals want to make corportaions out to be the bad guy – great. Where are you without corporations? NO JOBS! You think the government can manage the economy better than the private sector? Hahaha – go live in N. Korea or Cuba to see that works out.

            Public worker unions are even bankrupting cities, counties, and states. And even entire countries like Greece. Wake up people!

    • Highspeed

      Robert Reich??? Seriously??? The site and video are a joke.

    • liberranter

      You really, truly need to get educated in Economics 001.

    • DownWithLibs

      You do know that those “cradle to grave” entitlements are coming unraveled, don’t you? Are you even paying attention?

    • Vikki

      Gary, the rich do not have enough money to go around. All you seem to want are government programs for everyone. The government is the most inefficient thing there is. If the government would get out of the people’s way and lift unnecessary regulations on business, jobs would be flowing and everyone would have money. Forget Van Jones, the self-proclaimed communist. His beliefs are the same as this corrupt president we have. If you really want to understand our economy, go take a basic economics course.

      • Gary2

        So what is your alternative-voting for the one trick pony repubes who always answer cut taxes on the rich!

        That has not worked too well has it???

        Turn off faux nues and think.

        You are regurgitating the faux news bs talking points like all repubes do.

        • John B.

          It’s not taxes that need to be cut, it’s regulations. E.g. Obama is NOT allowing oil companies to produce in the US. Offshore rigs that were in the Gulf have moved to Africa, along with the jobs and revenue from oil production that went with it.

          Why is it you liberals want to shut down every industry because of some ground squirrel, or tortoise, or fish. Or because you expect them to pay $70/hour to put a nut on a bolt. And then you wonder why there are no jobs in the US?

    • knightowl77

      Tax more and redistribute the wealth, with the gov’t taking 20% off the top to pay the regulators. Where has that worked exactly?
      The EU is not doing all that well these days…

    • HerrLT

      I can’t tell if you’re serious about what you write or a troll. Either way you know nothing about economics and should feel embarassed for making such ignorant posts on such a well received website. Are you actually as blind as you are or comic relief for an articulate audience looking at a monkey throwing its crap around?

    • bobbobbobbob

      i went to that link & i signed up thank u

    • Jen

      It is interesting to see that some people still trust the government with their money. Please research the amounts spent the past decade and what the money was spent on. The money is taken from us and given to the those in the inner circle. It’s called crony capitalism. Thi.nk it’s bad now? Check how much the elites in the UN want to transfer from the First World to the Third over the next decade.

      No one should support the government taking our money. I’m sorry, but they are corrupt — obama, van jones, and all of them. They talk pretty sometimes, but watch your wallet. (The marxist-connections of jones and obama is something a lot of us are not comfortable with, as well.)

      P.S. Europe is not in an enviable position. They are being outbred and outspent by the Third World, crowding in to share the loot of the countries native Europeans built. It is happening here, too.

  • This unemployment is absurd. And it is only getting more disgusting. I work in the business of income protection, as an agent with Aflac in Atlanta, Georgia. I also interview experts on united states debt and what the American individual can do right now to protect their income, grow their money, and actually change this sordid system. Recently I interview our District Sales Leader, Doug Misch. If you want to know how millions of Americans are insuring their income so they have money coming in even when they have no income, then you have got to watch this powerful interview. The stories will blow your mind. Watch the video here –

  • Mel

    If you went to a store today, and there were two somewhat similar products sitting on the shelf and one cost ten times more than the other one, which one would you buy?

    Well, that is the situation facing American workers today. They have been pushed into one giant globalized labor pool, but big corporations are allowed to pay workers on the other side of the globe slave labor wages. It costs ten times more (at least) to hire a blue collar American worker than it does to hire a blue collar worker in most areas of Asia.

    As a result of the globalization of labor, we have seen a mass exodus of jobs out of the United States, and wages for many of the jobs that remain have been significantly depressed.

    There simply are not nearly enough jobs for all Americans at this point. There are more than 2 billions workers from India and China competing with American for jobs. This is a sad reality for American who have elected politicians in the past who have voted for free trade agreements !

    I guess talk about “protectionism” in pursuit of bringing back manufacturing jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans is still TABOO topic #1.

    BOTH parties are wholly owned by big business and the campaign cash they are bribed with.

    I suspect most voters VOTED AGAINST what they saw as wrong-headed “solutions” that the Dems promoted, not so much that they saw salvation in Republicans. The Dems were given an opportunity to stand up for the average American citizen, and they FAILED, big time. We want an end to off-shoring of all of our manufacturing jobs; there’s already a trade war going on, Americans’ jobs have taken the full brunt of our losing strategies in “Free Trade” where corporations flee US wages for cheaper slave-wage labor overseas. Obama spoke of reopening our trade agreements when he was still just a candidate for President, with an eye towards bringing back the viability of US manufacturing and the jobs Americans once had there. Now, he is silent on the idea that trade agreements have been flawed, and worse, he is pushing NEW ONES.

    The Dems have frittered away precious time , given lip service to the millions of unemployed or under-employed American citizens desperate for work that will pay enough to support themselves (let alone a family), and still carry a torch for granting amnesty to the 12-20 million INVADERS (that many people sneaking into a neighboring country are NOT immigrants) while we don’t have enough jobs here now for true citizens.

    The only REAL solution to the massive unemployment we are seeing now has to include what never seems to be mentioned in talk about jobs creations in the USA: Tearing up our so-called Free Trade Agreements and Favored Nation Status with China, Mexico, etc, and then implementing new tariffs and trade policies that would make it unprofitable to import stuff not manufactured in the USA. MILLIONS of jobs have disappeared overseas because of cheaper labor and lax environmental regulation in places like China & Mexico. The standard line from the mainstream press seems always to be, “Those jobs are never coming back. Get over it and find some other way to create jobs in the USA.”

    Sorry, but NO! This evisceration of the USA’s manufacturing base was an incredibly short-sighted experiment that has gone on too long. Protectionism IS a national good when it keeps jobs and the ability to produce our own basic needs here within our own borders. National security depends upon it, and there really is NO other solution that will bring back jobs to the USA without instituting some harsher new trade laws that insist upon production being done HERE in the USA whenever possible. Cheaper labor costs overseas do NOT outweigh the need to keep jobs and manufacturing ability in the USA. Plenty of jobs ARE being created everyday, just not here in America.

    • Mark

      Mel, you sound like you want more government rules to make imported items priced so high that a person could not afford an import. More government will just make everything cost more. The American consumer allready has the power to make your dream come true. Just buy American made products by choice. Remember freedom is important, try not to loose it.

    • Thank you Mel, you make a lot of sense. I agree with you: we could go a protectionist route and make it work! We have the population, and the resources and technology to do it. (Imagine: VERY difficult to buy anything but an American car.) We DO need to institute population controls starting NOW: 2 kids max, I’m sorry; if you want more, fine, but you have to pay BIG extra fees per/kid if you go there. These immigrants having 6 kids has got to stop.

      That being said, what about the rest of the world? When we were flying high, workers in “whatever country you want to mention” were making a dollar a day. Now, they’re making $10 a day–not a big deal to us, but a big deal to them! We have given them this. We have made their lives better.

      So, do we institute Fortress America to keep ourselves propped up?–which we could. Or integrate ourselves into the rest of the world, much of which has been living in absolute poverty for generations–do they deserve that?! We could still experience a lot more downside on our part, and still be a lot better off than THEY are!

      Tough question.

      • Jen

        If we take away the very basic freedom of having children, we will die out. The Third World is easily outpopulating us now. More American children = more innovation, more technology, and the continuation of America in the future.

        Much of the problem Europe faces now (and America, to a lesser extent) is due to their not replacing themselves. They are dying out, while new immgrants, unedcated and unskilled (usually with cultures that don’t respect freedom or women) are replacing them.

    • Nickelthrower


      I don’t think that tariffs are the answer as that horse is already out of the barn.

      There were over a billion cell phones manufactured last year but not a one was made in the USA. That holds true for most electronics and clothing.

      We no longer even possess the equipment nor a workforce capable of manufacturing the products that we use. Those factories do not appear overnight nor can a workforce be put in place overnight. What happens when your tariffs appear? What do we do if those corporations choose to leave us without any means to manufacture?

      The answer, as much as I hate to say it, is to organize labor on an international level. We need labor unions that span international borders so that the fascists can not play one group of people against another.

      If all workers at a company were equally compensated regardless of the location then the workers could honestly compete for work based on skill and education. That seems fair to me. Your method gives a man a job by default as we will have built trade walls to keep the competition out. I saw that we compete honestly and fairly.

      Finally, the Great Depression, too, saw protectionism and tariffs and it did nothing but anger nations towards one another to the point that it became much more profitable to make war than to continue with business as usual.

    • Save the Republic

      Exactly 100% right. If you run for President, I’m voting for you Mel.

    • John B.

      I agree with what you are saying Mel, but you probably don’t understand what companies trying to produce in the US are facing.

      Let’s take oil production for example. Shell was just denied a permit to drill in the Arctic by the EPA, even though there could be 20 billion barrels of oil there. Not only is ANWR off limits to oil drilling, but so are ALL federal preserves. There are estimated to be 1 trillion barrels of oil in the US Green River formation, that are ALL off limits to commercial production. Obama is not even allowing pilot plants there. 80% of the US coastline is off limits to drilling. No new permits are being issued in the Gulf.

      We are now spending $500 billion/yr on imported oil. That’s $5 trillion over 10 years. This money could stay in the US with the stroke of a pen.

      Taxing imported oil even at 100% won’t increase US production 1 barrel. IT’S THE REGULATIONS THAT NEED TO BE REMOVED!

      Obama is making matters much worse for the oil industry, and many other industries. Don’t expect to hear about it in the liberal controlled media.

      • Jen

        Unfortunately true. As I’m sure you all know, regulations from this administration are killing all the following idustries: fishing, oil drilling, coal mining, agriculture, tourism (TSA), small businesses, and manufacturing.

    • Ben Dover

      These agreements are always slanted in favor of the other country. They are in no way “free trade” agreements.

    • Jeff

      Mel, you are DEAD ON.

      It is a matter of national security that we have enough jobs to keep people from turning to crime to support their families.

      The politicians who voted for free trade agreements are guilty of treason for selling our country to China.

      Thank you for a very well written comment.

    • bobbobbobbob

      but the blue dogs and every rebuplican has always recently voted to let u stupid amerikans pay with a tax credit from the irs. only in amerika. CHINA RULES!!!!! google “tax credit for exporting us jobs” also google “walmart pesant insurance” what the corpterrorists considewr u.= pesants

      • Jen

        If you don’t think Democrats are involved in this, you need to do more research. Voting recordds are online. Demagoguery is not the answer — in fact, it’s keeping us, the people, apart while the elites make merry.

    • Steve

      Globalization, plus tens of millions of illegals stealing jobs from desparate Americans

  • iamawake

    what a conundrum we face. Fewer jobs and increasing population. Not only that, the ones who are working are tethered to several who are unemployed or underemployed, consuming tax dollars and resources. How long can this go on? Anybody have an answer!

    • Save the Republic

      It can only go on for as long as they can print money that others consider valuable enough to trade goods for. As soon as the countries that are trading us goods for the value-less paper we are giving them figure out that it is worthless, they will stop giving us goods. That is why people sometimes say the paper money will only be good for toilet paper, because nobody will be willing to give you anything in exchange for it. Make sure you stock up now, before everyone figures it out and you’re stuck with your toilet paper greenbacks.

  • Lisa

    Thank you for channeling my thoughts. I worry that I am just being paranoid. I don’t spend very much time watching news networks and I don’t pay attention much to the unemployment stats. I feel things on more of a sensory level, and I see friends and people I meet struggling or voicing their own concerns. Greed is the only thing that will destry this country. One persons greed affects everyone. I’m not a religious person, but Jesus was right.

  • 007

    Speaking as a small employer, I would rather have a root canal than another employee. Let’s see. You first have to hire someone you trust without some labor lawyer suing you for some type of discrimination. Then you have OSHA to make sure your work place is safe. Then you have workmans compensation insurance, unemployment taxes, health insurance, liability insurance, now Obamacare. Oh be careful not to be deemed to have a “hostile work environment”. Then you have to negotiate the labor laws. The Department of Labor is constantly cranking out regulation.

    Then you get the pleasure of paying payroll taxes both state and federal along with the required filing of a multitude of payroll forms. Miss filing or paying these taxes and you will be crushed with interest and penalties.

    Of course, you are competing with businesses that can hire at a fraction of the cost of American Labor and with very little regulations. In this economy, no one in their right mind is hiring into this unstable and declining economy.

    If business turns down all you have to worry about is laying off workers. Of course your unemployment insurance tax will go up 200% for years. Then you only have to then worry about a wrongful termination law suit.

    If you happen to navigate all of these hurdles and make a profit, watch out for greedy unions waiting to suck the life out of your business. Then you face Obama and the socialist democrats at the end of the day wanting to redistribute your wealth demanding crushing taxes that strip away your working capital. He wants to redistribute it to people who don’t work or pay tax at all.

    My view, let someone else be the crazy hero to put their life savings at risk to hire employees in this hostile employer environment. I think I will just get a computer to answer my phones, computerize every function of the office, I even have robot floor cleaners to avoid cleaning crews.

    Truth is this country has made having employees a tremendous, beuracratic, expensive, legal risk. I am trying to keep the employees I have. However, this golden goose is on strike and will not be hiring further until it makes economic sense to do so.

    • Michael


      You made that point a lot more eloquently that I did. I tried to explain why people don’t want to hire workers in the article, but I think the fact that you have a lot of firsthand experience with these things really helped you to nail it.

      I totally agree with you – I don’t know why any business would actually want to hire workers in this environment.


      • Gary2

        Businesses hire when there is demand for their products or services, irregardless of the things listed above. If you don’t hire when there is more demand someone else will and you will go out of businesses.

        Please quit the disingenuous Michael, I expect much more from you and I am sure you know better.

        007 must be a pretty shitty employer if he is complaining about having to have a safe work place. He probably wants to be able to hire kids at $1 so he can really make a profit.

        WE do not need these bottom feeder jobs.

        The amount of total BS some people like 007 think and believe is astounding.

        • Ted

          Gary2 – I agree with you on this one.

        • John B.

          The problem with this country is that there are so many crybabies like you. You expect the government or someone else to provide everything for you. Let’s see you go out and start you own business, and work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, like MOST business owners do. Of course you have never done that, or you wouldn’t be spouting off the socialist nonsense you believe in.

          You probably thought Obama was going to save the world and pay your mortgage like everyone else that voted for him. He sure fooled you didn’t he!

        • a cruel accountant


          If taxes has no impact why don’t tax all business 100% of all income?

          • Gary2

            you are taking it to extremes. Taxes have some impoact but very little. This is from several of my friends who have businesses. I have NEVER even heard them talk about taxes. They are concerned with consumers having money to buy their products. Most of them plow their profits back into the business and pay almost no taxes.

            You have bought into the taxes are bad myth.

    • 21st Century Plutocracy

      Heaven forbids the government actually make sure workers (which make up half the US population) has an equal opportunity to earn a stable living working in a safe environment.

      Oh the agony!!!

      • Gary2

        Some on the right think it is ok to get your hand cut off at work because their anti government stance is more important that getting a shield on the saw. They really need the extra 12 the saw shield would cost to buy their 5 houses. to hell with your hand, after all you still have one left.

        Its ok for corp to kill miners, after all it is much more profitable to “get the coal out” and falsify safety records, and not pay for safety equipment. So a few people got killed, massey energy needs to make more profits.

        Too much of that gov regulation to make sure the restaurants kitchens and food handling are safe, Whats a little e. coli anyway. Consumers should have said to hold the e. coli when they placed their order.

        This is the wet dream of republicans.

        • foxxy

          YEP! so true! Do you people really want to go down that road?? do you want to forfeit your child’s safety in his/her job for the sake of saving”$$” by having less regulations?? Again the corporations could care less if they crush the worker-they already got their pie-******* anyone else!

    • Jen

      Beautifully put from someone who know. Now if we cduld only makes the ideologues believe you instead of their talking point websites or the mainstream media. (If only people would quit “watching the news” and spend that half hour on the net, finding out what’s really going on.)

  • Golden Child

    You know my favorite TV show of all-time is The Simpsons. Homer Simpson very much epitomized the American dream that we all took for granted for decades. Even though Homer was somewhat of a clumsy drunk and a mediocre worker, he had a great life. He worked at the local nuclear power plant and didn’t even have a college education. He made enough money for his wife to be a homemaker and his family of 2.5 kids lived in a rather large house with a two car garage and a long driveway the quiet, safe suburb of Springfield. The Simpsons were known for their very realistic portrayal of every aspect of American life even though the show was an animated cartoon series. Many college professors around the world have used The Simpsons as a serious study of contemporary American life. My how things have changed in 20 years.

    Decades from now, the effortless generic American dream that was portrayed on that show will be just a paragraph in a history book that no one can relate to, much like a chapter from the American revolution from the 1700’s. I fear for the much lower-standard of living that we are heading. Faceless corporations and the corrupt government are raping regular everyday Americans of their wealth. It has already gotten to the point where either you work for minimum wage, not adjusted for inflation of course, for Wal-Mart, McDonald’s or you are an overpaid paper-pushing federal government worker who doesn’t work at all and surfs porn all day and can’t be fired. For shame.

  • 007

    It so amazes me the “top national economists” are convinced we are in just a “transitory soft patch”. Even worse, people believe them and the stock market goes up 200 points. Are they ignorant and blind or just paid off.

    Seems like a good time to short the market and buy gold.

  • dmitry

    thanks for this update. it really help. I can’t see it clearly why is this happening.

  • SmokyMtnLady

    @Gary2….Van Jones…seriously??? Mr. Racist himself?? NO THANK YOU!!

  • TR

    I’m thinking unemployment is just one of how many problems? Wonder if there may be a little truth to the following?

    “Using trumped up crisis to raid the public purse and attack the basic rights and benefits is a very old trick – but rarely is the shock doctrine tactic wielded as brazenly as in the pseudo debate about the debt ceiling. This is naked class war, waged by the ultra rich against everyone else, and it’s well past time for Americans to draw the line.” – Naomi Klein, author of Shock Doctrine

    • Gary2

      her book is excellent! A must read.

  • mondobeyondo

    Nowhere to run to, baby… nowhere to hide…

    Government jobs? Nope. Used to be, having a government job would guarantee job security. Not anymore.

    Manufacturing? Ha ha. Used to be, having a manufacturing job would guarantee job security. Not anymore. Forget “Have you driven a Ford lately?”. These days, it’s more like “Have you talked to a former Ford employee lately?” And have you seen those booming steel mills and lumber yards lately?

    Private sector? Uh-uh. They’re laying off people left and right. Up, down, and sideways too.

    Ah yes. Wall Street banker! Guaranteed ticket to success. Yeah. Goldman Sachs is laying off workers.

    Fast food? Maybe. When you apply at McDonald’s, be sure to show the interviewer your certificate from Le Cordon Bleu, to get your foot in the door. Just to prove you can make a Big Mac like nobody else. Yes indeed, you’ll be a Big Mac Daddy! *chuckle*

    So what’s left?

    Construction? As in houses? Nope. There’s a glut of houses on the market. Why build new ones? Now, building prisons – that’s another story! We’re going to need more prisons. Lots more prisons, and prison guards too! Hey, I think I found the answer! Yes, that’s it!! Police and corrections officers. Guaranteed to be boom jobs in the twenty-teens! Gonna need more people to lock up all those mob rioters, burglars, shoplifters and hooligans…Yup, you can never have too many prisons. Let’s get those bricks and concrete ready! Hire those unemployed construction workers! We’ve got prisons to build!

    (Oh, never mind that the US already has one of the largest incarceration rates in the entire world…)

    • Michael

      Well said.


    • Stephen Byerly

      Time to go back to subsistence farming and bartering??

      • a cruel accountant

        You got it!

        No taxes. No regulations.

    • JF

      Here in California they’re beginning to layoff prison guards. They’re gonna close prisons and let thousands of inmates out.

  • The thing to do, even while still employed, is to try and do a little side business. But NOT MLM PLEASE.

    Yard work, scrapping, odd jobs, sewing repair, babysitting, etc. Or raise a food garden, because so far they’re not taxing that. You can hide the food between rows of flowers if you have to. Tomato plants are obvious, but unusual things like amaranth, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc. might go unnoticed. Especially sweet potatoes, it’s a vine that can go up a trellis, but the food part’s underground. If you have no land, find some vacant plot that nobody’s watching and plant some potatoes or whatever at random intervals next spring, you can always plant swiss chard, and you could raise rabbits in an apartment with not much room. (just keep the cages super clean). Rabbit poop is a great fertilizer and you don’t need to age it.

    Another thing you can do is rent out any spare rooms you have (unless you rent yourself). You’ll need a rent-a-room or roommate agreement – those can be found online aplenty.

    Basically, the more food you can produce yourself, and the less you pay for the space you occupy, the less you have to make at your job to survive – and if you have extra money from your job, spend it on prepping.

    An extreme way to save on heat this winter is to get an electric heating pad and sit on it. Turn the heat down to about 50 or 55 and just sit on that pad, and wear your coat in the house. You can also build a fort around your bed to hold in heat better.

    • josh

      The thing to do, even while still employed, is to try and do a little side business. But NOT MLM PLEASE.

      great idea!

      i did this 5 years ago and it turned into a full time business for me.

  • Cyk

    Read this article:

    Last sentence:
    “The good news for American employees is nothing at all.”


  • stan

    It is a good thing that our Leader, Barack Hussein, saved and or created 5 million shovel jobs when he first took over. Just think how bad it would be withour our Leader!!

  • Paul

    The fastest way to cut costs is to fire the management without golden handshake.

    They don’t have customer contact, they don’t to anything to finish that car or that service or assemble that machine the customer is waiting for.

  • Paul

    and now that the dollar is next to worthless, all shareholders who do absolutely nothing for the good of a company can be disregarded. Let them hop up and down. They don’t get any customers or sales orders. They only cost money and good specialists.

  • “Until there are fundamental policy changes in the United States, there will continue to be huge waves of layoffs and millions of jobs will continue to be shipped out of the country.”

    Yes indeed, policy changes!

  • ken w


    Saying taxes has no impact on business decisions is ignorance. Taxes affect business and individuals behavior. Taxes on busines will be passed on to consumers. Tax revenues have been steady at 18-19%. Even when individual tax rates topped out at 79% it didn’t bring in any more revenue. Why? because the rich will take their money somewhere else or park it in tax shelters or other vehicles.
    What do you think will happen if California imposes an internet tax? Busineses will leave and go to a more tax friendly state (ie Amazon) We have a dynamic economy not static and your “tax the rich” slogan in every post shows you’re an idealogue and not serious thinker. We need to revise the tax code and have a flat tax or sales tax in lieu of a progressive tax. We need to close all the loopholes to the ultra wealthy but $250K income is not ultra wealthy. I’m sure if you made more that $250K you would be writing a check to uncle sam giving it all, right. Liberals are hypocrites because you love to steal and spend other peoples money but will do everything in your power to avoid paying the government. What happens when you run out of other people’s money to steal?

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin

    and Harry doesn’t mind
    if he doesn’t make the scene
    he’s got a daytime job
    he’s doin’ alright


  • Brandy

    well boys and girls buckle up and hold on because things are gonna get much worse!!! stock up on what you can now!!. We are about to go on a very bumpy ride and everybody is coming along.

  • GT

    The unemployment problem is not going away anytime soon. The only way out of this situation is for the USA to actually default. We need to reset the system and start over. State are bankrupt and the federal government is so far in debt it will never be paid off.

    Prices in this country on everything needs to be reset. Everything including housing needs to be lowered so we can compete. I do not mind making alot less money if taxes and my wages actaully allowed mt to buy goods and etch out a living. To do this we would have to start over and actually make so a person making lower wages could live. Screw credit and screw these high prices. I know some of you will think I am in la la land but to actually compete in a global economy we need to accept less in wages but to do that we need to lower everything, including legal obligations.

    I just woke up and slapped myself into the real world.

    • foxxy

      oh yeah thats what I was thinking too. Let it crash-oh but the rich will go bzerk-you dont think they will just sit back and let that money go out the window now do you??? I think its an excellent idea but the rich rule.

  • JOB = Just Over Broke.  There is a reason why they call employees “human resources”!  It’s a tango of nervousness and fear where the employer pays their employees just barely enough, if at all, so that the latter won’t quit; and the employees work just hard enough so as not to get fired.  This pyramid model of the 20th century corporation whereby the top 1% enjoy the fruits of labor of the rest 99% is in total breakdown mode, as it should be. Check out Ricardo Semler’s seminal book on how the new corporations of the 21st century treat their employees: “The Seven Day Weekend.”. If you don’t have the time or want to read this amazing book, the secret lies in two things: greed is constrained and treating people as though they are adults. The fault with the collapse of the corporate model lies not with the greed-driven psychopaths running these corporations (that is to be expected) but with the American people who collectively fell asleep behind the wheel of everyday living.  Now their sin/karma of neglect and omission is upon them.  But there are solutions while the window of relative calm is still here:

  • Winston Smith

    We are still giving foods tamps, Mediciad, medicare,etc to illegal aliens too.My proposal, send the bill to their nations or just freeze and seize their accounts, give them an itemizzed bill,etc…..

  • Cheryl

    This site generates income for the ulcer treatment industry! People will have to become creative and get themselves to think outside the box. They’re free people now, unbound by corporate politics and oppression. They know longer contribute to taxes that go to pay fraudulent wars.

    When things like this happen, new doors open for opportunity. People are living in fear so they can’t see this door yet. I used to live in such fear and eventually took back control of my life with my own business. The technology and framework is there for anyone to start their own business. There are mobile offices using Regus worldwide, iPhones to get emails and docs, and all kinds of means to start a business.

    It’s an exciting time for people to take back their lives from the slave mill. I disagree with the negative tone of this article.

  • Imaplaneiac

    Now that the three Space Shuttles have been ” retired “, degraded to museum status, thousands of NASA personnel around the country are now shown the door! So have all the employees in private companies around the country who supported the Space Shuttle Program for more than 30 years! There couldn’t be a worse time for them to have lost their jobs! But since they were aware, for years, of the program drawing down, I hope these folks prepared WELL for this day!? If not, perhaps new ” Tent Cities ” will be raised at Cape Kennedy and Johnson Space Center!? Oh yes, these tents will likely be ” Made in China “!

    I just saw on C-Span that the Senate voted to ” table ” the Cut, Cap and Balance Bill. Are we surprised???



  • Prophet

    Here is how you fix the economy 101

    1. High taxes on corporation who outsource labor
    2. Slim to none taxes on corporations that hire American workers.
    3. Abolish the FED and IRS
    4. Announce mission to Mars within the next decade.
    5. Massive rebuilding of infrastructure nationwide.
    6. Give the US Treasury the power to print money interest free.
    7. Allow the government to issue low interest or no interest loans to entrepreneurs.
    8. Open Alaska to oil drilling and make permit process simple.
    9. Pull troops from these foreign entanglements and stick them on the US Mexico border.

    Do these and the economy would BOOM.

    • richard Allen

      I would love to ask Steve Jobs why can’t an Ipad be made in Kansas.

      Apple has 36 BILLION in cash overseas…bring it home steve tax free if you spend it on Americans In America.

    • Brian

      The Treasury already has the power noted in #6. See:—-000-.html

      They just don’t want to use it cause their in bed with the fed

  • DownWithLibs

    I’ve been hearing about a lot of these upcoming layoffs. It makes your stomach churn.

  • D.K.C.

    “What we are witnessing in this country is not just a “recession” or an “economic downturn”. What we are witnessing are fundamental economic changes.”

    We are actually witnessing total economic betrayal by our own government, resulting a greater Depression in our time!

  • William

    Americans should realize that this economic nightmare did not have to happen. Remember that the Smirking Chimp and war criminal Bush inherited a $5.7 trillion debt. There will be no substantive changes for the better until the idiots in the US Congress are voted OUT. Returning these fools to the Congress will only guarantee nothing good happens. The Obummer is a total failure. Sadly, we will only have the choice of the Obummer, or an evil Republican who wants to gut Social Security and Medicare while spending trillions on military misadventures around the world.

  • MDK

    Things in the United States may seem hopeless right now, but things don’t have to be. If every person takes just a few precautions, I guarantee God will see you through the upcoming storm that can now be seen on the horizon.

    Jesus Christ is going to return, so above everything else be prepared for that first. Make sure your heart is right with God. He loves everyone and will accept anyone who calls upon Him out of a sincere heart. You can’t fake it with Him. He knows what you’re thinking.

    Then, pick a good church. Preferably pick a “black regiment” church where the pastor isn’t afraid to preach about government due to the fear of losing the church’s 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. You can find one near you here: If you can’t find a black regiment church near you, find a bible believing church that believes Jesus Christ came in the flesh as fully God and fully man. Also make sure the church believes in the trinity: the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Next, you can prepare for the economic storm by living below your means. If most of you haven’t started doing this already, then begin right away. Sell all unnecessary “stuff” that you may have accumulated over the years. Use ebay, craigslist, and garage sales. The point here is to downsize.

    Once you do this begin preparing the four “G’s.” God, Guns, Grub, and Gold. Hopefully if you’re still reading this, you already have God checked off the list, but if not make sure you address that “G” above all the others. It is paramount. For the last three “G’s” I suggest reading as much as you can about the subjects of survival preparation. I HIGHLY recommend These people aren’t “wacko” survivalists and use a very balanced approach to all things related to preparation for what is to come.

    I cannot stress enough about the need to prepare. Do your own research, do more research, and then do some more research.

    As you trust in God He will guide you in your preparations. You are not alone though these trying times. True hope and change will only come through Jesus Christ. God bless you all.

    And may America once again bless God!

  • Osama

    San Francisco courts are laying-off 200 of its 480 employees! The collapse CONTINUES! !

  • June

    Why is anyone surprised at the high rate of unemployment in the country? When businesses move overseas, Americans jobs are lost. When businesses and government import both skilled and unskilled labor from outside our country, Americans jobs are lost. When we are invaded by low skilled illegal aliens (which is okay with Washington) and who cut wages, then low skilled American jobs are lost. It really isn’t difficult to see that traitorous businesses and our own government have caused unemployment.

  • Colin

    The economist Krugman is now referring to the Great Recesssion as the Lesser Depression. I fear that this may bloom into the Greatest Depression. I blame the voters and the parties involved. I don’t care if Socialism works or doesn’t, or if President Obama is a closet Marxist or isn’t. I care about this country, and I fear that ignorance and want will destroy our country. I don’t believe that the Devil has a hand in this disaster – we are our own devils.

    My ancestors came to this country in 1639, to settle a new land, and to forge a new future. They fought in her wars and farmed her fields. I am the last of my family, and I see this country suffering under the malice of both the corporate overlords and their lackeys in Washington, and watch her people constantly voting in individuals who neither care for not acknowledge their existence save in times of election.

    I am growing tired of the endless tirade that this philosophy, be it Socialism or Free Enterprise or whatever, is bad or good depending on where you located on the political spectrum. Our country needs solutions, not more endless bickering and ugliness.

    And, finally, I don’t buy the argument that because we have regulations or taxes that corporations won’t hire Americans. They won’t hire Americans because they aren’t American. Corporations exist as nebulous entities spread over many countries with no allegiance to any one country. How could one persuade a cloud to move so that you could benefit from its shade when the cloud cares not for you?

  • Gay Veteran

    Great site!!! First time I’ve posted here.

    Another great site is Charles Hugh Smith’s blog:

    The two parties are two sides of the same coin. Democrats are actually nostalgiacrats (they believe in their father’s party), same way with the Republicans being nostalgiacans. Both parties are now totally owned by the banksters and the mega-rich.

    We cannot compete with slave labor wages and countries that lack environmental regulations.

  • .

    You idiot, misinformed, fear mongers will only ever have but a small circle of ragtag idiots who believe and follow you.

  • marzoqi

    I don’t live in the west but it really makes me sad to see so much people suffer because of layoffs, what I understand is that it’s impossible to get life as it was in three years ago so people should be prepared and change their way of living, even though americans are known to be reliable in many professions it’s pointless if they can’t convert it to money and feed themselves and their families, this should be changed and people must find other ways to survive, modern life seems impossible for many, life will not be so easy and priorities would be changed but people should be prepared and change if they want to live, the basic needs of life are food, drinking water, shelter,…,etc. it seems that modern life was just a dream and it should be woken up from, everyone should stop depending on the old ways and should start to live their lives as basic as possible, there’s no need for old entertainment ways that used our money; instead people should deepen their relationships with their families and depend in each other in conversations and meetings, this way people will keep their money and feel joy<– this is an example of changing in lifestyles, everyone has his way and I believe people can depend on each other for a lot of things, sorry for the bad english and I hope people will stand against this economic collapse

  • Only going to get worse

    Reading these headlines in the recent news releases is enough to convince every American that unemployment has been rising since the initial 2008 crash.
    And it’s only going to get worse.
    Here is a just a very small sample of recent headlines released only hours ago on how bad things still are and are becoming worse.

    Unemployment back on the rise
    Ocala – Fred Hiers – ‎1 hour ago‎
    Democrats urge Republicans to act on unemployment
    BusinessWeek – Scott Bauer, Dinesh Ramde – ‎10 hours ago‎
    Ohio unemployment rises – Lisa Bernard-Kuhn – ‎1 hour ago‎
    Nevada June jobless rate climbs to 12.4 percent
    Forbes – Sandra Chereb – ‎3 hours ago‎
    Ill. unemployment rises for second straight month
    BusinessWeek – David Mercer – ‎11 hours ago‎
    Madison County’s June unemployment rate highest in 27 years
    The Huntsville Times – (blog) – Keith Clines – ‎4 hours ago‎
    Arizona unemployment rises to 9.3 percent in June
    BusinessWeek – ‎11 hours ago‎
    New York gains private sector jobs; increases in overall unemployment
    Irondequoit Post – Jessica Spies – ‎6 hours ago‎

    Prepare people of America soon to be the land of the worlds POOREST people on earth.
    It’s going to be so ugly in this country.

  • Delaware Bob

    The illegal aliens have jobs. The ones who do not have our jobs are using this country as a welfare country. Who pays for all the anchor babies? Who pays for all the schooling of the illegal aliens? Who pays for all the health care for the illegal aliens? Yes, these anchor babies get the parents (parent), food stamps and public housing. This is another thing we pay for. Tell me when it is going to end. Wait, I’ll tell you. It will end when we get rid of all the illegal aliens in this country! THAT IS A FACT!



      • Because American business profits from it. You want to work for $5 an hour?

        So when the aliens leave, your salad’s, toilet cleaning, and other slave labor is going to get more expensive as these companies pass the losses on to you.

        • i guess the millions of american that have exshauted their unemployment (thanks to obumer) can do those jobs. if you have no income,any job looks good.400,000 every week! wake up dude! we are in crisis mode! now. quit sitting back and looking.

    • nepenthean

      You are correct. I work in healthcare in Phoenix, Az. I would say about 85% of the folks I see are mexican/central american. Do you know they get free PCP visits? They also get free ER visits, OR time if needed, specialist visits, and even a monthly stipend. And of course we all pay for their clothes and food while they are here.

      For you folks who do not live in a border state, let me tell you the border is WIDE FREAKING OPEN. I see 14 year old girls 5 months pregnant who waddle across the border to lay their anchor. They are tacitly encouraged to traverse the border by our federal government.

      They truly believe the southwest is really theirs and WE are the aliens.

      • Aiden

        So what would you be doing for work if you weren’t treating those people? If you think we shouldn’t be paying for your services, you should quit.

    • Jen


    • mak

      Hey Bob, who have you been listening to? How many rich, wealthy illegals do you know? Would any American in his right mind pick apples in the sun for $3/hr? Would you do that? You are blaming everyone but the system that is raping you! The wealthy class are controlling this whole mess, and to them you are just another number. It’s not the illegals you should fight, it’s their master– whoever is paying their wages, the fat asshole that owns walmart.

      Wake up man!!!!!!

    • moses737

      Sorry Bob but that will never happen. Why? Because the globalist new world order antichrist beast system have made the Mexicans very miserable and poor in Mexico so they have no choice but to flee to America inorder to survive. And the NWO antichrist knew that this would happen and bankrupt America. Now after 20 years; our economy is collasping and they are almost seeing their vision for a One World Luciferic Government; where Satan will be exalted as the god of this Earth.

      • Aiden

        Unless you are an athiest…then that nonsense doesn’t apply.

    • Pauly

      Right, they are here to drive wages down.

    • LOL. Use a little logic.

      1. They don’t need illegal aliens in America, because there are no jobs for them here.

      2. The US wants them out because the US globalist corps are creating jobs for them back in Mexico, and sending more US jobs TO THEM, rather than leave them idle here in America, the government emigrates the corporation to them, in their own country, and the naive such as yourself are aiding your own demise thinking you are solving the problem when you are sending one illegal and ten jobs to Mexico, Indonesia, China, India, Phillipines, etc, etc

      3. So you have Y number of illegal aliens in America, “stealing” your jobs under the table, for wages spoiled Americans will not accept, when then you Y x 1000 jobs plus being sent to them, by 500,000 former US companies who relocated in other countries TAKING American jobs to the “illegal” aliens who need not leave their own country, America will ship off American jobs TO THEM.

      So, you are a victim of a common illusion, try using your own logic on this one, not what the puppet masters herd you to believe.

  • onecansay

    1995. Talked about what would be coming about 2010 or so.

    Most thought I was some idiot.

    Most NOW ask questions of what to do.

    I look at them and then ask: “Are you retarded”?

    ‘They’ say NO!

    I then say: “WHY” (the cause) “are you asking me?”

    “Well” they say, ” you talked about this some time ago.”

    I say “So”.

    ‘They’ get upset.

    ‘I’ no longer care for ‘I’ have done all ‘I’ can.

    For those that still come to “get it”, get it and prepare.

    There will be no mercy. Prepare to help but help YOUrself first. Nothing less will do.


    • mondobeyondo

      The common denominator among most of the American people seems to be “Me, me, me, let me get what I want while the getting’s good.”

      I, Me, Mine. (Yes, it’s a Beatles song. It’s on the Let It Be album.)

  • “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

    • DownWithLibs

      For now….;-)


    Never in the history of this country has there existed such widespread corruption, incompetence and weakness as now confront the American people. Unlike other periods of history, where certain segments of the ruling class, or elected officials, or power-brokers, seemed to dominate and characterize what the country had become, the extent of the breakdown is now universal throughout the country.Our political leaders are caricatures of what statesmen and women should be: they are spineless; petty; self-serving; and corrupted puppets of the moneyed interests that own them. The divisive bickering that passes for political dialogue is pathetically shallow.Wall street, the bankers, mortgage companies, vultures and their lobbyists that “advise” the politicians regarding how to salvage our economy, and who are responsible for the economic catastrophe facing the entire nation, are nothing short of robber barons. They knowingly and brazenly steal the wealth of the American people without so much as a “thank you.” Their profits make the usurious thieves of the past look like honest businessmen.
    The insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and health industry bring shame on every person connected with them. Foreigners shake their heads in disbelief at the farce and charade our health industry has become. More and more Americans are literally outsiders in what has become an exclusive resource for the rich: health care.

    Our educational institutions have priced themselves out of the public realm. They now serve as research arms of the corporations that fund them. Students can’t possibly graduate with a meaningful education without incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts and loans. The arms industry, Pentagon and multi-national corporations control virtually all of the research of our “educational” institutions.

    The public service sectors of our economy have not only failed to keep up with the needs of the people, they barely even recognize the crumbling infrastructure that surrounds them. Public highways look like minefields; streets are rarely cleaned; public buildings fall into disrepair, with no money to keep them up; electricity is becoming too expensive for middle class households to support; and, more garbage fills the streets of our cities than the landfills created to hold it. Even water will soon become a scarce resource, to be bought and sold by those who “own” it.

    Police and their cohorts, the prison guards have become invading armies joined at the hip in our cities and counties. The widespread murder and torture perpetrated by these “armed servants” of the ruling class is of epidemic proportions, and the laws protect these murderers in the name of law and order. Police who murder are seldom prosecuted, their names are hidden from the press, and those who challenge their authority face life-threatening opposition.

    The courts have been bought and paid for by the corporations that finance judicial elections, and the politicians who appoint their lapdogs to the bench, do so upon orders from above. Prosecutors run our judicial system, and justice is nowhere to be found.

    The media has become an arm of the entertainment industry, and good looks are more important to a reporter’s success than having a brain, or developing anything like investigative skills. The news is what corporate America and the Pentagon say it is – nothing more and nothing less.

    Corporations, in the name of profit, are destroying the environment and our natural resources at an unparalleled pace. Even if the human race is able to outlast the catastrophes created by the ruling class, it is questionable whether the earth itself can survive.

    The military-industrial complex defines our foreign policies pure and simple. Manufacturers of weapons systems and the Pentagon, which use those weapons, assure the world that our country will continue to invade and kill anyone who can’t fight back.

    In short, there is such widespread graft and immorality amongst those who run and control our society as to prevent any meaningful change in the self-destructive course the nation is taking. We are as doomed as imperial Rome, Napoleonic France, or the Third Reich. We have sown the seeds of our own destruction, and there is no way back.It is for this reason that so many Americans have abandoned national politics and turned to their local communities for support, to organic gardening, and to spiritual sanctuaries for relief and protection. There is simply no room for salvation within the current U.S. hierarchy.



    • TC

      “Students can’t possibly graduate with a meaningful education without incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in debts and loans.”

      Are not many of our elected representatives graduates of the most expensive schools? So, per your neglect to associate this rising cost with the price of becoming an acceptable, spineless jellyfish I thought I should add my two cents.

  • Gary2

    FBI Begins Investigation Of News Corp

    Time to remove this trash from our airways.

    Fox is going down ha ha ha tea baggers where will you get your marching orders from now???

    • John B.

      Talk radio…

  • imaplaniac

    To fellow bloggers who noted that my link to General Boykin’s video failed. DID I NOT REFER YOU TO YOUTUBE.COM, as a back-up source?! Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps you can understand this: go to; then do a search for ” General Boykin”. The video title I refer to is: Marxism in America”

  • Aftershock

    You do not have to attend this summit but still a must see for everyone who is REALLY concerned.

  • Dr. Nancy

    No one really knows when they could
    get laid off. That’s why I’m encouraging
    everyone I know to store at least a few
    months of food.

    Also, I’m telling people to go to
    a site I found put together
    by a millionaire that gives

    other ways to prepare for our
    uncertain future–

    “How to Profit like the Ultra-Rich in Times of Economic Chaos”

    Free video at-

    • Pauly

      Also, people should stop spending $ on anything unnecessary. Vacations(particulary)air-travel, sporting events, concerts, alcohol, cigs., joy rides. ect.

  • A.S.

    If Obama thinks the economy is improving, let him dress up so that no one knows who he is, and attempt to get a job at McDonalds all on his own. I bet he will be jobless for 2 years minimum.

  • Tatiana Covington

    The reality is that anything which people living here can do, people living anywhere else can do. The laws of physics are invariant!

    Further, robots are improving very rapidly, and quite likely by 2100, human labor will be out of date.

    Shortly thereafter, so will we.

  • metro

    what happened to mcdonalds..

  • Gary2

    We can not be a First World Nation unless the government forces a redistribution of the nation’s wealth through aggressive Progressive Taxes. Either we start taxing the rich at the rate required to run this nation, or we accept that we will devolve into a Third World country.

    This is a fact regardless of whether or not you want to acknowledge it. We HAVE to tax the rich and redistribute the wealth to all. For the fools who think they may be rich one day…and do not want to tax the rich…It ain’t gonna happen. Keep holding up the line at the supermarket while you buy your pathetic lottery/scratch off tickets and go back to the trailer park and listen to Rush.

    What a bunch of f*ing idiots. Conservatives are too stupid to be allowed to vote.

    • John B.

      Hey Gary, you Dems had 2 full years of full Dem control to tax the rich. what happened? Could it be that Dems are really for the rich too? Gotta keep those campaign donations rolling in!

      Now they say tax the rich when they know the Republican House won’t allow it. It’s called the blame game.

    • FrankO

      Whats wrong are you and your butt buddy fighting again? You are one backwards mofo. People, this assclown is what is wrong with America today. I never thought I would see the day when so many commie homos have been turned out by the PTB in America. Crime pays and brainwashing does work beautifully. This homo actually believes the opposite of what is true and calls evil good and good evil. Harsh reality folks.

    • Pauly

      Obahma promised to tax those over 250k, he promised to pull troops out of Afgan. but increased them by 30,000. Liberals and conservatives are too stupid to vote. In fact anyone who votes its stupid. Your stupid.

      • Granite Prepper

        stupid????? You are is contracted to you’re…..not your(in case you’re wondering it’s possessive!!) Those who can’t spell should watch pointing the stupid finger at anyone but themselves…….

    • Prepping for the Future

      Gary your IQ would make a mouse seem smart. The stupid thing you say at time makes me wonder if anyone in the world can be that dumb and have a family. Progessive tax the rich where I have heard that one before.

      10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto

      1.Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
      2.A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
      3.Abolition of all right of inheritance.
      4.Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
      5.Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
      6.Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
      7.Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
      8.Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
      9.Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of the population over the country.
      10.Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

      Not to smart Gary you are nothing but a traitor to America your stinking progressive liberals are what is running this country into the ground. Pack up and leave move to China traitor.

      • Nickelthrower


        The Revolution will be won by the youth – always has been that way, always will be that way. The youth 100% reject corporatism and tea party conservatism. Last time I checked, anyone with views such as yours was spouting it off from their motorized chair.

        The obese and aged teabaggers are not going to do crap. The hard hitting (and willing to sacrifice) youth are going to set things right and I would hate to have any conservative leaning when that day comes.

        Get ready chair man.

        • Gary2

          Nickelthrower-=you are 100% correct. I see so many young people at the OFA and DEM meetings that is makes me happy. I do not know any youth who want anything to do with republican/conservative anything. Their energy for canvassing for more progressive candidates is amazing, simply amazing.

          Anyone I ever saw on the repube side canvassing was a senior or a group the repubes pay to do the canvassing for them, they have little to no volunteers.

          The guy in the motorized chair yelling socialism is in a chair paid for by the government.

          The level of disconnect in these buffoons is astounding.

          • Highspeed

            You boys must live in the big cities. Bring that crap out here in the country and we will teach you a few things about revolution. Be sure and bring some big guns. You’re gonna need em.

        • DownWithLibs


          Simply by calling conservatives “teabaggers” renders your whole idiotic rant invalid. Not withstanding the fact that you believe that our overweight, illiterate, uneducated, mad texting soldiers of Socialism youth will win the future!!! This has to be the funniest post I have read in a long time.

      • John B.

        “10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto

        1.Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.”

        This is exactly what the Obama admin is planning now with the GSE foreclosures. They don’t want to sell them, they want to rent them out. And rent them out at very low prices.

        So now the Garys of the country will say “Hey, I want a government owned property too! The government should own ALL property! What a great idea Obama has come up with!”

      • Gary2

        No one is saying to be communist. Saying to tax the rich is communist? and you call me stupid???

        WTF???turn off Rush and try to have an original thought.

        I almost did not want to dignify your stupidity with a response.

        • John B.

          Well, you obviously don’t even know that what you are advocating are communist/marxist/socialist principles.

          These ideas have been tried over and over again, and have always failed.

          Let’s say someday (I know this will never happen but just for the sake of argument) you get to run a business. You tell your workers that everyone will be paid the same amount of money (regardless of how much work they do) just to be fair. Guess what, your workers will do as little as possible. Human nature and socialism do not go well together.

    • Tatiana Covington

      And if the property owners who also have **RIGHTS** and are born free, flatly refuse? Will you take others’ belongings by force?

      Then they will be within their self-sovereign rights to take your life in self-defense against an armed robber.

      I would fight at their sides, and shoot you down to keep you from taking something which is not yours.

      If you will not respect others’ rights to be safe in their persons, homes, and possessions, then neither they nor I will respect your right to life.

      And death will be what you will deserve, and will have brought upon yourself.

      Don’t like it? Lump it!

    • sopwith

      All the Liberals here are little more than usefull idiots. The “rich” have the means to move their resources to avoid taxation. They can buy senators and other government employees to change the laws. In the end they can just leave and go elsewhere. They have mountains of lawyers to get their money out. When the planned collapse of the west occurs they will all be on their private islands waiting until the fighting is over. Your messiah Obama is their puppet, and we are the future serfs of the new world order. The Chinese system has been identified as the prefered future of the one world government. They intend to eliminate the bulk of the “useless eaters” like you and keep the most productive, as the wealthy will always need their planes, cars, boats mansions and the skilled serf labor to maintain it all. The Georgia guildstones tells it all. Look it up and see how many of you will be allowed to survive to serve your new masters.

    • hey mr. brown shirt, we tax the rich after your leader has put the country in 4.5 trillion $ in debt in just 2.5 years! how about get rid of the disease first!!!!!!!

  • Mad Max

    It’s called “Death by Technology”. We can’t escape it. A computer scientist said the only way to fix it is to liberate the work force because humans cannot compete against technology.

    I guess that means we’re FREE!

  • Same thing up here in Canada.

  • are you next?

    Perhaps w do not give main stream news the credit they are due.
    One area they are good at is the announcing of layoffs
    Here are just a few in the past 24 hours.
    just After a trillion dollar stimulus Folks this is getting just a little to freaky

    Great new; Mass layoffs making a comeback

    Hawaii had four mass layoffs in June

    More mass layoffs a-comin

    With no contract renewal yet, Maximus announces mass layoffs

    BMW’s Mass Layoffs

  • Gary2

    A right-wing fanatic accused of killing at least 92 people deemed his acts “atrocious” yet “necessary” as Norway mourned victims of the nation’s worst attacks since World War Two.

    This is the result of the vile trash the right wing and tea baggers say. Their retarded name calling of socialist/communist is appalling.

    It is 99% some RIGHT wing person committing these heinous crimes. Probably because all the right cares about is giving money to the rich and hurting everyone else.

    This country needs to wake up and repudiate republican/conservative once and for all.

    • DownWithLibs

      Again I say…MOVE TO CUBA!!!!!!!!!!! You will fit in great with the Castro types of the World!!!

  • Gary2

    I forget where I read this but its good and not an original from me.

    The politicians do not know they are corrupt for the same reason fish do not know they are wet.

    • DownWithLibs

      Like how you don’t know that you are RED to the core?

  • Colin

    This is a speech given in 1912 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It is called “Confessions of Faith”.

    There is one quote I heard recently from this speech which is I think very relevant. TR says,

    “We stand for a living wage. Wages are subnormal if they fail to provide a living for those who devote their time and energy to industrial occupations. The monetary equivalent of a living wage varies according to local conditions, but must include enough to secure the elements of a normal standard of living–a standard high enough to make morality possible, to provide for education and recreation, to care for immature members of the family, to maintain the family during periods of sickness, and to permit of reasonable saving for old age.”

    For those who oppose minimum wage, or even a living wage, what do you offer in its place?

  • Dav136

    Gold has appreciated 500% over the last 10 years. Silver more than 800%. Any wonder why?


  • Take a look at the video link below.

    Look at the nice looking Elaborate Welfare Housing Project that the Washington state government gives to illegals and other
    immigrants. Take a look at the nice cars and
    SUV’s that they all have.

    They are living so much better than Americans are!

    Every Tax Paying American Should Be Raising Hell About This

  • mondobeyondo

    Yes, there are jobs to be had. If you’re absolutely desperate, you can get a job sweeping and mopping floors or cleaning toilets, or making fried rice at the local Panda Express. But these are not careers, and most people can’t support a family on that kind of income.

    People make the sacrifice of time and money to go to college, because they want a career in the particular field they pursue. They are willing to invest the skills needed to earn a career as an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, pharmacist, etc. Unfortunately, no one told these students that not only have the rules changed, they’re playing a completely new game now.

    Your “career” these days may last about 3,4 or 5 years, before it’s outsourced overseas because it’s simply too expensive to keep American workers employed. And then what?

    Back to college to pursue another career? Ugh. More debt… I don’t know what the answer is. Perhaps it’s best to take a crash course in Mandarin Chinese, move to Beijing and set up an “American food” restaurant there. Hey, it worked for them, right? Even here, in the heart of the desert Southwest, there’s a Chinese restaurant on every other corner it seems.

    It would have to be true “authentic” American food though. No McDonald’s, Wendy’s or KFC. How about clam chowder from New England? Collard and turnip greens from the South. Deep dish pizza from Chicago. Indian fry bread from Arizona…

    • NO Jobs For YOU

      mondobeyondo said:
      “”””Yes, there are jobs to be had……..
      making fried rice at the local Panda Express”””

      I applied for a rice cooker job at Panda Express, honestly!!!
      I was told I was over qualified with a Bachelors degree. I was denied the job:(

  • Gary2

    One of America’s few billionaires willing to pay more in taxes, investor Warren Buffett, noted at a plush resort in Idaho’s Sun Valley that “my friends here” are “paying lower tax rates than the people who are serving us the food.” Lunatic asylum? We have more on the lunacy in this week’s Too Much.


  • Gary2

    The almost perfect politician: Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

    I am very disappointed by obama being way too conservative.

    • DownWithLibs

      What, Berry not destroying the country fast enough for you?

  • nobodyatall

    Every time I see a van pull up to gas station and 50 illegals pile out to buy taco’s I get red faced pissed!! The government flat out refuses to do a thing about it. Most of Californ-nacation is owned by illegals as do many of OUR other states. They need to go home and make taco’s there!!!!

  • Paul

    Percentage of content law would help quite a bit. If you sell if here, you MUST make some percentage of it here. Employers would have to hire under these conditions because they would not want to lose market share here.

    Thousands, maybe tens of thousands would HAVE to get hired here. This would be a step in the right direction.

  • Prepare For The Worse And Hope For The Best

    None of it matters anymore. It’s all circle in the drain at this point. No stoppin what’s coming. All that is happening now is just entertainment until the tv no longer has power. Get ready to start farming again.

    • Two problems with farming:

      (1) Wall Street is buying up all the farm land they can.

      (2) The US Government is trying to make family farms and even backyard gardens illegal.

      Get ready for civil war.

  • Gary2

    If we throw grandma & grandpa under the bus, how many jobs will the “job creators” make? Just asking since the Republican­s ran & won on job creation we haven’t seen ANY job growth.

    Lots of proposals to further cut taxes on the rich even though we have example after example that is does not work (2001-2003 bush tax cuts)

    The repubes are toast. I love to see them fail because they are disgusting immoral scum.

    • John B.

      We haven’t seen any job growth because the white house and senate are still controlled by the socialists. You’ll have to wait till 2012 when ALL the socialists (i.e. democrats) get thrown out of office.

  • The US industrial base is too small to support the US population. Congress has been making up the difference with debt and deficit spending.

    Reducing the size of government to reduce deficit spending will not provide the missing and required support for the US population unless additional jobs are created.

    If congress can not come up with a better job creation plan, the US economy will be fixed by a reduction of the US population. READ ANY HISTORY BOOK. This is a life or death situation for millions of Americans and not the time for political games or solutions to yesterday’s problems.

    • Highspeed

      Post of the day award.

      I agree with you 100%.

  • ShantytownUSA

    well talk about closures has anyone read local news lately?
    I think any job now will be almost impossible to find, Except maybe health care and criminal justice. people getting sick from a bad economy, and crime going up due to poverty.

    recent local news:
    US Postal Service considers closing over 3600 outlets Nashua Telegraph
    Councilman holding public forum over closure of YMCA branches FOX19
    Fort Worth restaurant closings may signal trend (blog) – ‎8 hours ago‎
    US to Close 800 Computer Data Centers
    New York Times – Steve Lohr – ‎Jul 19, 2011‎
    BMO to cut about 475 employees following M&I purchase
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Paul Gores – ‎Jul 20, 2011‎
    Lawmakers try to keep Madison County prison Camp Georgetown from closing, save …
    Oneida Dispatch – Caitlin Traynor – ‎Jul 8, 2011‎
    Gina’s Italian restaurant added to growing list of small-business closings
    Hamilton Journal News (subscription) – ‎Jul 20, 2011‎
    Residents, officials rail against Safeway closings in south county Montgomery County Sports – Erich Wagner – ‎Jul 13, 2011‎

    Should i go on people? are we getting the picture yet?
    No work, no jobs, everyone dependent on the government.
    A new world order for your children in the next 5-10 years.

  • Friends, Americans, Countrymen, Sheeple. The EU/US Central Banks are destroying the global economy – BY DESIGN. Please understand this: They want a global currency, which THEY control – which would mean, that they would now control the resources of the entire planet, including you – human ‘resources’. Then, once in control of the new ‘global’ currency – they could REALLY RIP US ALL OFF! Just as they are doing right now, but not on such a grand scale, as a global currency would allow them to do… A single, global currency would necessitate a ‘global’ governing body – which the EU/US Central Bankers would provide – THEMSELVES! Then, THEY would dictate global policy. They financed Hitler (6 Million dead ‘Jews’), Stalin (20-60 Million dead Russian peasants), and Mao (40 Million dead Chinese peasants). How what happened in Russian and China is not considered a ‘holocaust’ is beyond me. Maybe it’s just semantics. There is no doubt, that they are hoping to make things SO BAD, in the U.S., economically, that people will want another incarnation of Hitler, or Lenin, to lead them out of the economic abyss, and deliver them RIGHT INTO THE HANDS OF THE EU/US CENTRAL BANKERS, and their (communist) Minions, for extermination. Don’t think it can’t happen here. It’s already happened everywhere else – and we Americans supported it (largely unwittingly). Problem is: The EU/US Central Banking ‘elite’ and their CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) lackeys, are ABOVE National Loyalty. They are also ‘above-the-law’, or so they believe. We’ll see about that. But, they will do doubt try to make things so bad, either by a nuclear attack on a major city, or economically, through crashing the USD (US Dollar), or by creating conditions that contribute to a mass famine, or drought – however they can accomplish it – to raise such a hue and cry for “Do SOMETHING!” from the people – that, they will then be able to implement a total police state, and begin their de-population agenda, while the rest of the world ignores, or is secretly glad, that those ‘evil’ Americans finally got what they deserved – while it’ll just mean more dead peasants/serfs/slaves, while the current generation of Rothschilds and Rockefellers laugh all the way to the bank !!!! Or, just phone the bank from one of their many mansions, globally.

  • What can Americans do to fight the EU/US Central Banker ‘New World Order’?

    1. Turn off or throw away your T.V.
    2. Think for yourself.
    3. Question all so-called ‘Authority’
    4. Get out, and/or stay out, of debt!
    5. Use cash, trade or barter as much as possible, rather than debit cards and credit cards
    6. Get rid of grocery store ‘discount’ cards –grocery stores provide this information to insurance companies.
    7. Bank at a Credit Union, or any alternative to the ‘TBTF’ Banks, that participated in the 2008 Banker Bailout.
    8. Invest as much as you reasonably can in precious metals – especially silver.
    9. You have the right to own a firearm, to protect yourself,and your family. Read the 2nd Amendment.
    10. Buy products “Made in America”
    11. Start your own garden, if possible.
    13. Meditate or pray – reduce your stress!
    14. Get exercise!
    15. Read a book (here is an excellent book recommendation: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order:The Secret War Against the American People )
    16. Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient, or other alternative music
    17. Watch ‘Freedom to Fascism’–a film by Aaron Russo (can be found here:
    18. Watch ‘Why We Fight’–a film by Eugene Jarecki (can be found here:…r_embedded)
    19. Watch ‘Endgame’–a film by Alex Jones (can be found here:
    20. Below is advice from John Perkins’ book, entitled THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (The Truth About Economic Hit Men,Jackals,And How To Change The World), pp. 322-329.

    “AVOID SHOPPING AS ‘RETAIL THERAPY’ (Instead, jog, meditate, read, or find some other solution).
    SHOP CONSCIOUSLY – if there is something you must have, purchase items whose packaging, ingredients, and methods of production are sustainable and support life.
    PURCHASE AT CONSIGNMENT AND THRIFT STORES –where everything is recycled.
    Write letters telling Monsanto, De Beers, ExxonMobil, Adidas, Ford, GE, Coca-Cola, WALMART, and other labor exploiters and environment destroyers why you REFUSE TO PURCHASE FROM THEM.
    DOWNSIZE (your car, home, wardrobe) – everything in your life (and don’t buy what you don’t need)
    SUPPORT/SEND MONEY only to non-profits, radio stations, and other organizations that promote JUST causes.
    VOLUNTEER your time and energy to such organizations.
    ENCOURAGE stores to buy from local growers, producers, and suppliers.
    Shop at your LOCAL FARMERS’ MARKET
    AVOID DRINKING WATER THAT IS FLUORIDATED (only your toothpaste should have non-industrial fluoride)
    INSIST that those who use your money – banks, pensions, mutual funds, companies – make socially and environmentally responsible investments.”
    21. Invest in precious metals (especially silver).
    22. Research every company whose products or services you buy
    23. Research every organization to which you donate your hard-earned money
    24. Vote with your dollars!
    25. Watch ‘The Secret of Oz’– a film by William T. Still (can be found here:
    26. Get prepared for when the U.S. dollar TOTALLY COLLAPSES – You’ll need 1) Water, 2) Food, 3) Vital Medicine 4) First Aid Kit, etc.
    27. Global, non-violent, NON-COMPLIANCE is the answer, of ‘We the Plebs’, to the ‘elite’ New World Order!
    28. Find alternatives to EVERYTHING that they’ve set up, to entrap you in THEIR system.
    29. What would happen if 200 MILLION AMERICANS refused to pay their taxes, in 2012? (Just a hypothetical question)
    30. Familiarize yourself with the concept of BOYCOTT
    31. Corporate Membership in the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations):
    32. Don’t ever join a ‘secret’ society
    33. Watch ‘Global Warming or Global Governance’ ( )
    34. Educate yourself. Thomas Jefferson: “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be.”

    Expand the above list,and share it with everyone you know!

  • Pancho

    Are you guys living in a dream world? How many “American jobs” have been lost to China, India as opposed to Mexico. How many maquiladora jobs in Mexico were lost to China? Do you guys realize that illegals cannot just qualify for benefits in this country if they don’t have a valid Social Security Number which BTW, you cannot just acquire if you don’t have a valid immigration status. Subsidized education maybe but it’s not totally free.

  • Keiser Report: Ghettofication of America (E168)

    A boom in corporate profits, a bust in jobs, wages

    What has caused this ‘Greater Depression’ in America?

  • Naming Names: Your Real Government (When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction).
    by Tony Cartalucci

    The Real Revolution
    “Boycott the globalists, cut off their support, undermine their system, and they lose their ability to commit these atrocities. That will be a real revolution and it can start today. Not burning cities and masked rebels waving flags, but communities no longer dependent and fueling a corrupt system we all know must come to an end.”

  • Russ

    America got dumb, fat, and happy; the day of reckoning has come, and it’s now time to pay the piper.

    When this country was on top of the world, we set up these massive entitlement programs (ie; Social Security, Medicare, Medicare part D, etc) without worrying about how to pay for them 40 or 50 years later.

    They are Ponzi schemes, pure and simple; they work so long as we have lots of young workers paying in, and not too many retirees drawing benefits.

    One of the reasons (but certainly not the only one) that America is now going down the drainpipe of history, is that we have too few workers, and too many entitlement recipients drawing benefits. It’s simple math, and it doesn’t add up, period.

    Another reason we’re going down the drain:
    we want little Johnny to play football in school (or basketball or whatever), and we want him to know why Heather has two mommies, and we want him to know Ethnic Group history. But…..we don’t stress math and science. In the meantime, parents in China and India are drilling their kids six days a week in the educational fundamentals (math, science, etc), and they couldn’t give a rats ass about ‘self esteem’ or ‘gay pride’ or any of that other liberal crap that won’t get you one thin dime in the real world.

    The people in India and China end up being much better educated, and they work for lower wages, and they are hard workers, and they are grateful to have a job, and the local government doesn’t burden the company with ridiculous regulations. Is it any wonder that multi-national companies want to send jobs overseas ???

    American workers (for the most part) have become dumb and lazy, with an exaggerated sense of entitlement and self-worth. They think they are owed something, they think they need to ‘stick it to the man’, they think the union (or Obama, or whoever) is going to save them and protect them, they think everything would be fine ‘if only the rich payed their fair share’, etc, etc, etc.
    (just for the record, the top 1% of income earners pay about 1/3 of all income taxes; the top 5% pay about half of all income taxes)

    You know what I say ? Shut the heck up, turn off PMSNBC, quit listening to the union/liberal/democrat leaders, quit buying into the victim mentality, turn off the boob tube, pick up a textbook, get a good education, work your ass off, and make a success of yourself.

    The ‘union’ isn’t going to save you.
    The ‘government’ isn’t going to save you.
    Obama isn’t going to save you.

    Only YOU can save yourself, period.

    I realize times are tough and people are hurting; I understand this. Unfortunately, we did this to ourselves, and it’s up to us to fix this mess and make things right again.

    How to fix this mess ?

    – Stop punishing companies and the wealthy (when was the last time a poor person gave you a job ?).

    – Reverse the tide of burdensome regulations on companies (ie; start by repealing Obamacare).

    – Reduce the power of government, and let the free market work.

    If we make America a good place to invest and do business, and the jobs will come.

    If we continue making America into a hostile business climate, the jobs will continue to flee, pure and simple.

  • Super Tea Par T

    Hey Gary 2, you liberal/socialist/communist….

    If America is so disgustingly conservative that you can’t stand it, I have a suggestion: MOVE !

    I’m sure that Cuba or North Korea would love to have you join the ‘workers of the world’ in the ‘Workers Paradise’ (either one; take your pick).

    You would have to give up sitting at Starbucks and posting your angry blogs though, since you would be too busy just trying to find enough food to eat, since these countries can’t feed themselves.
    But that’s what you get with Socialism…….
    (ooops; don’t let that scare you from leaving though)

  • Gary2

    let me simplify..

    I fear I may have been too harsh. When dealing with low information conservatives and republicans (all of them) I need to dumb this down. I realize that these republican conservative dolts do not realize how wrong they are for the same reason fish do not know they are wet.

    1. Bush cut taxes in 2001 and 2003 on the wealthy. This produced NO job growth. Instead it was a big reason for the republican great recession we are in now.

    2. Republican Eisenhower taxed the rich at 91% and there was a booming middle class.

    3. Clinton taxed the rich at 39% and we had a surplus.

    4. Low taxes on the rich and corporations=no job growth and high income inequality.

    5. High taxes on the rich and corporations=a booming middle class.

    6. Unions=good, No unions=bad as business owners exploit their workers and keep their productivity increases. Income stagnates.

    7. More and much stronger unions=better wages and less money for the rich and more money for the workers. This is good.

    8. Lots of money in too few hands=bad, less money in a lot of hands=good. This increases demand which will get us out of the right wing recession.

    9. Fox News and Rush pill head Limbo=bad. Nothing but propaganda to get poor low info people to vote against their self interest=bad also. This is the reason we have a “Tea Party” who dress in 18th century clothing and say dumb things. They need to go back to reenacting the civil war on the weekends and repair the leaky roof in their double wide.

    10. We need to tax the greedy to help the needy. This is a simple one line message for you to repeat as you like simple sound bites.

    Hopefully I have presented this in a more understandable manner. It would not matter that the right is made up of mostly low information people except that these low information people are allowed to vote. This is what brought us the tea party.

    • 007

      Very interesting. Only problem is that every serious economist, including liberal democrats, Summers, Rubin, Reich, Romer and Kaynes agree that tax hikes destroy jobs and economic growth. Raise taxes in the middle of a depression. What a brilliant idea.

  • Steve

    The job destruction we are witnessinbg today did not start in 2008. It started in the 1960’s with the arrival of the 3rd Industrial Revolution. The owners of the means of production are on a juggernaut to automate all jobs. First, good U.S. jobs were destroyed. Now jobs are outsourced to foreign countries where employees work for 90 cents an hour, and H1B visa workers come over here to work at minimum-wage. The next step will be the automation, computerization and robotization of ALL jobs- which will throw ALL employees out of work. This job destruction is a TERRIFYING world-wide phenomenon WHICH CANNOT BE STOPPED!
    The U.S. federal government could institute a second Roosevelt-style National Recovery Act (like in the 1930’s) but it is not happening (there are no “green jobs”), or the federal government could provide a stipend, i.e. “dole” of money to individuals or families- but, again, there had been no talk of such a plan.
    The people in the Middle East and Europe are protesting UNEMPLOYMENT and POVERTY. They don’t care about politics. What they care about is the destruction of all jobs with all profits going to the owners of the means of prdouction who will not share one dime of their newfound billions and billions of profits with the displaced workers. This cannot go on! This cannot go on!

  • Vicious circle:

    As it gets worse and worse in America, more and more and more companies will begin fleeing to places with lower costs, or selling out to places which already have left.

    Since 911, this whole arrangement is well engineered to hollow the American egg ofr martial disaster and the official American Dream turned American Never-Ending Nightmare.

    Put it this way, today, is as good as it is EVER going to be in America for decades, if the collapse itself does not turn into nuclear catastrophe and mass depopulation, which many show is a possibility.

    America is done, now enter Cannibal Mode, when National devours state, state devours local, and local devours you in a war to be unleashed of all vs. all.

    These are the good old days, it’s just beginning.

  • Charles

    I agree with you Steve. This has been going on my whole life, not just recently. The last several bubbles have been created by sheep being led to slaughter and gov meddling and not much more. We’ve seen several false economic upturns over the last few decades.

    I haven’t been able to figure out why the stock market has been going up in the last several months until recently. The only thing I can come up with is the zero rates imposed by the fed. There is no where else for people to go for returns. Hopefully, they’ll learn not to ‘return’ to the stock market. After the bloodbath of 2008, you’d think they would have.

  • The Secret Behind Secret Societies

    Total Onslaught – Hidden Agendas

    Here’s what Americans need to know. IN ADDITION, to the contents of the above videos:

    Prior to the Dutch East India Company, which morphed into the British East India Company,
    Venice was the seat of Empire, in the West, after the Fall of Rome. Importantly, Venetian
    Oligarchical Families infiltrated, literally (via banking, espionage and intrigue) the British Empire, and had taken hold of the British Empire, by at least the time of Shakespeare (late1500’s). They never taught us about the Venetian Bankers, and the Rothschilds, in school, did they? The Rothschilds took over the entire London Stock Exchange in 1815, as Napoleon was about to lose the Battle of Waterloo. This may have been the single most important event in the history of the Rothschild Family Banking Dynasty. Prior to this, crypto-“Jew” or Marrano “Jew”, Ignatius Loyola created the “Society of Jesus”, or the Jesuits, between 1534 and late 1540, when it went into operation. Loyola was just one of MANY such “Marrano” “Jews”, who joined the order, at its founding. Most people are totally unaware of this Jewish involvement, in the Jesuit Order – which is important, because, it appears that the Jesuits’ stated goal, has always been “World Dominion”. Also, the Jesuits supply the Confessor to the Pope. That’s right – the Pope’s Confessor MUST be a Jesuit Priest! That essentially makes the Jesuits a more powerful order, than the Pope, himself. It’s not the Pope who is the Confessor to the top Jesuit, or the “Jesuit General” as he is called. No, a Jesuit Priest is Confessor to the Pope, and that same Jesuit Priest, no doubt, has as HIS ultimate Confessor, the top Jesuit, or Jesuit General. The Jesuits were the ones who created modern Freemasonry, circa 1717, and the Rothschilds were the ones who funded Jesuit-scholar, Adam Weishaupt, to create the “Order of the Illuminati” (in 1776), a secret society, whose main purpose, was to recruit top-level Freemasons into the “Order”, and essentially to hi-jack the entire organization of Freemasonry, from the top. Also, importantly, in addition to the Rothschilds (Ashkenazi-Khazar “Jews”) fund-
    ing Weishaupt, and taking over Freemasonry, they are known as the “Bankers to the Vatican”
    (and therefore, funders of Jesuits). Also, importantly, it is known that the Jesuits, and other high-level Freemasons, or “Illuminati” were behind the instigation of the French Revolution (in 1789), as well as behind the Russian Revolution of 1917, in which MILLIONS (between 20 and 40 million) of Russian peasants, mainly Christian peasants were literally slaughtered. Importantly, these Jewsuits (Jesuits) and their “Illuminati” (top-level Freemasons) are apparently backed/funded/supported by the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds created the modern State of
    Israel in 1948. ANY PROTESTANT or even Catholic Nation, that does not show complete fealty or loyalty, to the Vatican (ie, the Pope, and Jesuits) is deemed by the Jesuits, as fit for destruction. (Also, it is known that high-level Freemason, Guisseppi Mazzini, created ‘La Cosa Nostra’ – a Freemasonic organization for the Italian Mafia)! (Now, WHY is ALL of the above important?)
    Rothschilds and other central banking families OWN the so-called ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ – which
    Ron Paul wishes to sever ties with, and allow the US Treasury to print its own money – debt-free !!!
    IF there is one thing these Central Bankers cannot stand, it’s countries that don’t go massively into, and stay in, DEBT TO THE CENTRAL BANKERS! These Central Bankers have two stated, primary goals: 1) Global Neo-fuedalism, via debt, for ALL Nations and Individuals, with the Central Bankers at the helm, and 2) Global De-population. THERE IT IS: THAT IS THE ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’, that GHW Bush, Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Obummer, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and others
    have spoken of – over the decades. It is a re-constituted ‘Holy Roman Empire’, at it’s nucelus, centering on the ECB (European Central Bank), and the EU (European Union), with it’s first (Jesuit) President. From there, they hope for an ‘Amero’ (like the ‘Euro’), or to just end-run all of the
    regional currencies they’d originally planned for – and just go straight to a one-world currency, for everybody…that they (the central bankers) control, and that they could then manipulate, to engineer even greater economic catastrophes, globally, to gain even more control over every aspect of life for every human being on the planet!

  • Gregge Johnson

    22% unemployment not 9.4 %

    (click on my profile name to go to my blog to see full video)

    watch the 7 lifecycles of a country to see why we are going bankrupt and what we all need to do right now… see how the top richest people are protecting themselves and their families and how you can do the same

    I’m posting my blog video here because I need to reach out to the real people who are effected by the Global Economic Crisis. Please pass this video on.

  • Pretty good read. Don’t even remember how I found this exactly but I like it. Might have to come back for more


    The Forbidden Secret

    The Secret Behind Secret Societies

    Total Onslaught – Hidden Agendas

    The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry

    All Roads Lead To Rome – How The Roman Empire Rules Today

    Build Yourself An Ark (Parts 1-8, by an Irish Priest, Fr Andrew O’Brien)

    The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler (free .pdf download)

    The Synagogue of Satan, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

  • Chu M.

    The creation of a new government agency that will be dedicated to job creation, will only create more government jobs.

  • AmericanInLondon

    The reason Americans have no jobs is because American corporations favor hiring wage slaves over hiring Americans. I am an American working in London. In the USA right now for the type of work I do, there is a lot of instability in the job market and in London there is currently a shortage of employees doing the work I do so I decided to come here to work because they made the right offer at the right time. The problem is that there is no political will in the USA to stabilize American jobs and abandon this dumb idea that Americans should have to lower their standards to that of third world countries. Everything is about gutting the American economy in favor of profits for corporations and the wealthy. As you all know, many American jobs have been shipped to India, China and other countries where there is less regulation and lower wages and employees are treated like dirt and take it from their employers and their government no questions asked. Americans cannot compete against this… traditionally AMERICANS HAVE REFUSED THE NOTION OF BECOMING SLAVES TO THE BENEFIT OF THE ELITE AND WEALTHY. Historically it has been something Americans just don’t do. But over the years, the propaganda machine has somehow brainwashed Americans into thinking that government, rules and regulations to protect their own interests is somehow bad. No, government, rules and regulations are not bad. If they become bad or oppressive then FIX THEM. But it is government, rules and regulations that removed Americans from being under the heavy foot of Kings and Tyrants who were taking everything they own(just like it is today). Americans need to stop whining and moaning about Mexicans taking their jobs and go the root of the problem…THE CORPORATIONS AND THE WEALTHY who import cheap labor and export your jobs to cheap labor countries in order to pad their bottom line. I am not in London because I want to steal British jobs. I am in London because in London there happens to be a shortage of skilled workers for what I do and in the USA my industry is systematically being gutted in favor of cheap labor abroad. The same is happening to this industry here in London but it has not progressed as far yet as it has in the USA. I am looking at where this is all going in the future, and how far east I may be willing to follow the jobs but I haven’t figured out what to do yet. Hopefully by that point the majority of Americans will have finally woken up and started to rally behind fixing AMERICA so Americans can continue living there. At the moment, Americans have no will to do anything about their corrupt politicians, corporations, bankers and defense establishment that is wrecking the infrastructure of the USA and have created a situation in the USA where Americans are forced to compete with wage slaves in third world countries for jobs. And instead of getting to the root of the problem, the American mind is filled to the brim with distractions: sex scandals, tea party nonsense, birth certificates and other garbage. Michelle Bachmann recently said that the USA should be more like China and deregulate. NO MICHELLE. REGULATION IS NOT THE PROBLEM. We don’t want to be more like China. AMERICANS DON’T WANT TO BE A PLANTATION STATE FOR THE WEALTHY. What we want if for politicians to stop wasting our damn money on things like WARS, BAILOUTS FOR BANKS & THE WEALTHY, TAX BREAKS FOR CORPORATIONS WHO THEN TAKE U.S. DOLLARS OUT OF THE COUNTRY, FOREIGN AID TO TERRORIST COUNTRIES LIKE LIBYA WHICH WE THEN WASTE MORE MONEY ATTACKING. THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS GOING. The Republican Presidential FREAK SHOW is simply a stable of dummies hired to shill for corporations and the wealthy. That is why Michelle Bachmann made the idiotic statement that the USA should be more like China and further gut their rules and regulations rather than reform them. And why Perry wants to eliminate government agencies intended to work for Americans but doesn’t give a rip about doing something about corrupt corporations. It is sad to see how far the USA has sunk. There would be no problem with our regulations, with medicare and social security if the government would simply enforce laws and punish officials who are redirecting social security money, and punish Health Care companies that are gouging the government and Americans. But none of that can be done when CORRUPTION is endemic at the top in America and there is confusion and a lack of will in the middle of America. Why are we spending trillions on a defense industry that takes those trillions and blows it in these stupid adventures in the middle east and elsewhere? Americans have no one to blame but themselves for allowing our rich, corrupt and greedy to take everything we own.

    • JMorcan

      Thank you, your post is similar to something I wrote a few days ago:

      The US government supports trade with China because elected representatives receive large campaign contributions from Western companies doing business there. This conflict of interest has almost annihilated the relationship one would otherwise expect between democracy and economic survival. The many are being held captive by the few, and the latter (corporations) having simply abandoned their ethical and moral obligations. Legitimate capitalism requires that business be conducted only with honest and voluntary participants, and this means trade with authoritarian regimes isn’t free trade. For the sake of donations, our so-called “leaders” turn a blind eye to these fundamental concepts, and we are in now in a helluva lot of trouble as a result.

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