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Not So Fast On That Whole Economic Recovery Thing

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Not so fast.  Those that are publicly declaring that an economic recovery has arrived are ignoring a whole host of numbers that indicate that the U.S. economy is in absolutely horrendous shape.  The truth is that the health of an economy should not be measured by how well the stock market is doing.  Rather, the truth health of an economy should be evaluated by looking at numbers for things like jobs, housing, poverty and debt.  Some of the latest economic statistics indicate that unemployment is getting a little bit worse, that the housing market continues to deteriorate, that poverty in America continues to soar and that our debt problem is worse than ever.  If we were truly experiencing the kind of economic recovery that the United States has experienced after every other post-World War II recession we would see a sharp improvement across the board in most of our economic statistics.  But that simply is not happening.  Sadly, this is about as much of an “economic recovery” as we are going to get because soon the economy will be getting much worse.  So enjoy this period of relative stability while you can.

The Obama administration would have us believe that unemployment in the United States has declined, but the truth is that the percentage of working age Americans that are employed has stayed very, very flat for more than two years and now there are some measures of unemployment that are actually getting worse.

For example, according to Gallup the unemployment rate in the United States has risen from 8.5% in December to 8.6% in January to 9.1% in February.  The Obama administration would have us believe that it is actually going the other direction.

Initial unemployment claims are rising again.  For the week ending March 3rd, they increased by 8,000 over the previous week to 362,000.  This is not the kind of good news that people were hoping for.

What the U.S. economy could really use are millions of good jobs.  But those are being shipped out of the country at a staggering pace.

Right now there are millions of Americans in their prime working years that are sitting at home wondering what to do with their lives.  The average duration of unemployment in the United States continues to hover near a record high, and if we were truly experiencing an economic recovery it should have been falling by now.

But a lot of Americans have bought into the propaganda about an economic recovery and they are out running up huge amounts of debt once again.  In January, consumer credit increased by much more than expected.  The following is from a recent Reuters report….

Nonrevolving credit, which includes auto loans as well as student loans made by the government, rose $20.723 billion during the month. That was the biggest increase in dollar terms since November 2001, when credit was surging in the wake of the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington.

Don’t fall into the trap of debt slavery.  During the last recession millions of Americans lost their homes and most of what they owned because they got overextended.

Don’t do it.

The U.S. housing market continues to deeply struggle as well.  If we were really in an economic recovery housing would be bouncing back.  But that is not happening.  Just consider the following facts….

*The number of new homes sold in the United States continues to hover near a record low.

*U.S. home prices in the 4th quarter of 2011 were four percent lower than they were during the 4th quarter of 2010.

*According to CoreLogic, 22.8 percent of all homes with a mortgage in the United States were in negative equity as of the end of the 4th quarter of 2011.  That was an increase from 22.1 percent in the third quarter.

Why are things still getting worse for the U.S housing market?

That is a really good question.

We should have seen some improvement by now.

But it isn’t happening.

Also, poverty in America continues to explode.

For example, the number of Americans on food stamps has increased to 46.5 million – a brand new all-time record.

If we really were in an economic recovery, wouldn’t that number be going down?

We should be thankful that the U.S. economy is not declining as rapidly as it was during 2008 and 2009.  But what we are experiencing right now is not an economic recovery.  It is simply just a bubble of false hope.

The big problem is that our nation is covered in an ocean of constantly expanding debt.

U.S. consumers are drowning in debt, U.S. businesses have pushed debt levels to the red line, and the U.S. financial system is massively overleveraged.

Of course government debt is our biggest debt problem of all.

All over the nation, state and local governments are on the verge of financial ruin.

If we were in the middle of an economic recovery, so many states would not be in crisis mode.  A recent article in the Los Angeles Times declared that “California could run out of cash in March“.  As the economy continues to crumble we are going to hear a lot more of this kind of thing.

A lot of local governments around the nation are on the verge of total financial collapse.  Stockton, California has announced that they will be defaulting on some debt payments, and Suffolk County in New York recently declared a fiscal emergency after discovering that it would rack up more than 500 million dollars of debt between 2011 and 2013.

Keep your eyes open for more news items like this in the months ahead.

Of course the biggest problem of all is the U.S. national debt and it continues to rapidly get worse.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. government had a budget deficit of 229 billion dollars in the month of February.  That is the worst one month budget deficit in the history of the United States.

The Congressional Budget Office also says that the U.S. government is now borrowing 42 cents of every single dollar that it spends.


The U.S. national debt has gotten more than 59 times larger since 1950.

The U.S. national debt is now more than 22 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

Are there any words in the English language that are strong enough to describe how foolish we have been?

Of course we won’t be able to accumulate so much debt indefinitely.  At some point the trillion dollar deficits will stop and our false prosperity will disappear.

If you want to get an idea of what happens then, just take a look at Greece.

But Barack Obama and most members of the U.S. Congress don’t really care about what they are doing to our future.

What they care about is winning the next election so that they can continue living their fabulous lives.

Barack Obama is supposed to be taking care of the American people, but instead he has been very busy taking care of the people who helped him get elected.  Politics in America is all about money.  Just check out the following very short excerpt from a recent article in the Washington Post….

More than half of Obama’s 47 biggest fundraisers, those who collected at least $500,000 for his campaign, have been given administration jobs. Nine more have been appointed to presidential boards and committees.

At least 24 Obama bundlers were given posts as foreign ambassadors, including in Finland, Australia, Portugal and Luxembourg. Among them is Don Beyer, a former Virginia lieutenant governor who serves as ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Washington D.C. is deeply corrupt and if you are waiting for our politicians to fix our problems you are going to be deeply disappointed.

The federal government is not going to save you.

Our politicians are not going to save you.

You better figure out how you are going to take care of yourself and your family in the years ahead because this is about as good as things are going to get.

This “economic recovery” is about to end and more pain is about to begin.

  • Taking care of your own household economy is the only option left.

    Get yourself out of debt. Start stacking canned goods.

    The bag of tricks is getting empty and something is gonna have to give.

    • mark

      I agree, we are always adding to the food storage supply as we have plenty for ourselves, our family, our neighbors and now we are stocking up for many members of our church. We just put the fabric on our 30×36 foot green house today. I am looking forward to starting my garden early this year. We that are prepared will have to help out many that just won’t do it.

      • Iguana One

        good job Mark! I am hoping to get a green house built next July for the winter growth period here in the desert of AZ
        Storables are plentiful but we all need to work on and become more self-sufficient.

      • thescourge

        Church? Oh you mean that place where they talk about the invisible man in the sky? Religion is the hogwash invented by the elites to keep the poor man poor, so the poor wouldn’t ask for a share of the wealth in the real life, but would be satisfied with vague promises about a non-existant after life.


        • Timothy

          “1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

          Pretty mush has you pegged. There is still hope for you to change, though!

        • Laurus

          Oh, boobus americanus…you have God mixed up with Welfare.

        • Highspeedloafer

          OK, You can ask mommy for your cup of warm milk now and then off to bed child.

        • LAI

          yes, you’ve got a point.
          remember what karl marx said,” religion is the opium of the mind”?

      • Mike


        I hope you’re also SERIOUSLY stocking up on firearms and ammunition as well. I sincerely hope you live in a very rural area where you can bribe / buy all the local officials who will try to seize your place under imminent domain once the SHTF. At this point you need to be sure you can bribe the sheriff of your county and all local officials who will use “official” force to come take all that you’ve built. If you need an example of what could happen, look at what happened to all of the productive farmers in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe once the “liberation” took place (hint: this is becoming Zimbabwe).

    • Gary2

      I paid off my last credit card debt and now only have a mortgage payment.

      Thanks for informing me on the debt slave issue. I listened.

      • Laurus

        Awesome job!! As Dave Ramsey says…”I’m debt freeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    • ky survivor

      Also learn as much about homesteading as you can. Buy only heirloim seeds. They come to “seed” so you can store them for the next year. I have only needed to buy seeds ONCE in 15 years. That was the first year I started using them.

    • ScoutMotto

      Also agreed. I got several cases of Mountain House food, which is actually rather tasty for long-term storeable food.

      Make each day count while we still have time to prep.

  • Yesterday I was looking at a photo gallery of
    poverty in New Delhi, India. (I forget which
    website). People by the thousands living in
    absolute squalor….sleeping on rented cots in a
    parking lot, peeing three at time in an outdoor
    ‘latrine’, trash piled up everywhere.
    This is what our country is destined to become.

    I used to live in Douglas County, Colorado
    (city of Parker), but now live in a somewhat
    more rural area, Kiowa. Parker (and Douglas
    county) was the ‘fastest growing city in the
    nation’ just a few years back. There was a
    big car dealer that bought a considerable
    amount of land in the area and built several
    huge lots with big buildings. All of them
    sit vacant now. A king soopers grocery store
    building has sat vacant now for, what, 8 years?
    I drove down Parker Road yesterday (Colo 86)
    which rolls through Parker. What do I see but
    curbs everywhere completely falling apart.
    Potholes 3 feet around and 8 inches deep.
    Empty commercial buildings. (Goodwill and
    Salvation army moved in to the area a couple
    of years back. Some retail buildings now
    house ‘conglomerates’ of small businesses,
    like ‘flower shops’ and other ‘flea-market’
    style businesses. To put it simply, it’s going
    to hell in a handbasket. There’s no money
    available to fix anything. Oh, the police are
    busy stopping people all the time, trying to
    squeeze all the poor saps out of ticket revenue.
    It’s only going to get worse. Get used to
    living in 3rd world conditions, ’cause there
    ain’t gonna be anything changing anytime soon!

    • Juan

      Parker Colorado is number 29 on americas 100 best communities list. Liar.

    • Ian

      I just visited India 2 months ago. I spent 2 months in India and while i saw alot of poverty, the people as a whole were generally friendly and cordial I could hardly say the same for Americans acting that way if all goes to hell.
      I too live in Colorado. I live in Denver and i absolutely do not see us being anywhere near that kind of squalor. Maybe i dont venture outside of the city limts much, but i see wealth and opulence and new businesses springing up. I just quit my job and within 1 month landed a new one, and in fact i have multiple interviews. I even had to turn down 2 job offers.
      So i just dont see hardship in this country after having visited India. We have a very long way to fall before we end up like they are. The ray of hope is that even in squalid conditions, humans still treat one another with dignity and respect.
      Of course, they are also a much more spiritual culture and have learned that materialism and having the newest electronic gadgets and a huge home that you pay an outrageous mortgage on are the most important things in life

    • Gary2

      There was a special on current TV last year about how all the poor in India are crapping everywhere and all the issue these turds cause.

    • ScoutMotto

      I live in one of the northwestern burbs of Denver. The house next to me has been vacant for two years, which is a pity. There’s never been a for sale sign put out front. It’s like the bank just gave up and ignored it. My former neighbors could have stayed there all this time.

      Other houses around the subdivision are empty as well.

      • blueridgeviews

        The bank is no doubt holding that house on it’s balance sheet at the original mortgage price. In 2009 the NASB said that bank’s could mark their assets to whatever price they wanted so they wouldn’t be insolvent. Here in Virginia there are 1000’s of homes that are vacant and no sales sign in front of the house.

        Down the road there were two homes foreclosed. 1 with Deutche Bank and one with Fannie Mae.

        The Deutche bank owned home sold at auction for $150K last year. The Fannie Mae one is still sitting there with the same asking price of $270K for over a year.

        FYI the two homes are next door to each other.

        Something is very warped with the housing market / banking sector.

  • mondobeyondo

    There is no economic recovery.

    The mainstream media loves to toot their horns about the stock market rebounding. Well, you know what? Most poor to lower middle class Americans don’t own stocks. They don’t own savings bonds. They can’t afford it. The lucky few who do, do so because they are enrolled at at 401(k) program at their jobs.

    Don’t be fooled. The stock market is an indicator of how the rich and upper middle class in the country are doing, not how the country is doing as a whole.

    • McKinley Morganfield

      “Don’t be fooled. The stock market is an indicator of how the rich and upper middle class in the country are doing, not how the country is doing as a whole.”

      Actually, the stock market is an indicator of a bubble being blow by Mr. Bernanke, that is where much of QE has gone. It has no basis in terms of a healthy price to earnings ratio. Its just another bubble created by the FED, phantom 0’s and 1’s streaming across the big board.

      Pssst – Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Instead pay attention to (Pass it on. 😉

      • mondobeyondo

        That’s true as well. A great deal of the stock market’s rise is due to more Fed-created money being pumped into the economy. Except it’s not going into the economy, it’s going into the stock market.

        Trickle-down economics isn’t working…

  • an independent citizen

    Great article. Sent it everyone I know, how many will actually read and heed it, who knows?

    I feel like this is the calm before the massive tsunamai like storm.

  • chiller

    Can’t argue with the facts…

  • Patriot One

    So true Michael, but you and me and some others are the only ones who care. Everyone else is drinking the Coolaid and smoking the Hopium.

    Now Panetta’s testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee has shaken conservatives to the core, but its not in the MSM.

    People are spending, but the vast majority of the increase came from student loans. We both know that only lines the pockets of progressives and liberals.

    Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we will die!!

    On another note did you catch the refference to your site on the Mark Levin Show?

    • Michael

      Patriot One:

      Someone mentioned that he talked about one of my articles the other day.

      It is amazing how many people are taking note of this little website. 🙂


      • Rodster

        I think Levin picked up on it when Rush Limbaugh mentioned it. Levin and Hannity are Limbaugh proteges.

        • Gary2

          Which is why they all suck. Rush is crashing and burning. We dems are calling his advertisers and urging them to drop him. They are listening. The last companies I called said they have been overwhelmed by the calls to drop advertising on Rush.

          I Love that we can get hate radio off the air!

          Rush is but the first. Someone else will FU and we will take them down.

          All the old homophobic racists that listen to hate radio do not big spenders.

          • Rodster

            To call you a moron would be a compliment so I won’t 🙂

            Unfortunately you can’t see past your bitterness, angry and hateful views.

            Rush, Levin and Hannity are not worried about their sponsors and ratings neither should you. But i’m glad it pisses you off they’re still around. We need guys like that to point out there are people like you supporting the left.

            You sir are the Homer Simpson of this Blog.

          • Me

            You’re saying she wasn’t a slut?

            Oh it is to laugh.

            So I get to pay for a 30 year old Law Student to go out and have sex, eh?

        • Lennie Pike

          None of them are for the U.S. Constitution and free market capitalism as they claim they are.

          I would bet you that all are for a one world totalitarian fascist government. That fact is proven by the topics they avoid completely – hugely relevant topics and events that must be addressed to avoid being labeled a globalist fascist.

          The only way they are not for world fascism, is if they are willing to betray their country (the U.S. Constitution) for a dollar.

          One can get a good idea of their level of character and courage (very low) just by listening to the way they speak and their demeanor – so money could be their main motivation.

          If that is the case, they are lower on the scumbag scale than the fascists themselves.

          • Lennie Pike

            I just want to make it clear that I am critical of these three for completely different reasons than Beavis.

    • William

      Yes, Panetta indicated under questioning by Sen Sessions, that the US military could conduct military operations for WAR on the approval of some entity outside the US, like the UN or NATO or some other fuzzy group, with only consultation with the US Congress.
      This lunacy started with the Congress voting for a “resolution” giving the Chimp the authority to start the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. If Americans do not STAND UP and DEMAND that wars start ONLY with a declaration of WAR by the US Congress, America will sink faster than the price of gold and silver after an attack by the FED’s precious metals price suppression scam. Of course, Panetta’s comments are NOT in the MSM, as you noted. That is understandable, as the very same group of UNAMERICAN monsters who rule America also control the media.

      • Mal R.

        “This lunacy started with the Congress voting for a “resolution” giving the Chimp the authority”

        Uhh not so much. Look a little further back. The left (aka your peeps) designed that system way back around the time they put their chips in with the United Nations. The last DECLARED war was WWII.

        And now your messiah has decided he only needs international permission for war. Talk about a chimp. You dont like it, but you’ll still vote for it woncha?

        • Lennie Pike


      • 1stVArifleman


        I agree with you 100% the American people have to stand up to these traitors who want to use our boys for their political and strategic ambitions. I don’t use the term traitor lightly either, but that is what they are and they need to be treated and addressed as such, accordingly.

        I mentioned the other day that I was a VMI graduate, but I did not mention my time in service as a Marine, and I mention this not to bring notoriety to myself or anything like that but to bring legitimacy to what I’m about to say. My time in service I saw so much propaganda, so many lies, so many distortions, and so much manipulation of the truth I can’t even begin to talk about them all here. When I entered service, as a young naive 19 yr old (2007), I intended to commission and become an officer upon graduation from VMI (I did graduate with distinction but denied my Commission) to serve what I thought was the Contitutional Republic. However, as time went on I began to notice more and more anit-American and especially anti-Constitution statements coming from the brass and admin, and I came to a realization that the people at the top in the military are not loyal to the Constitution but to their careers which means they are serving the Banksters, the MIC (Military Industrial Complex), and esoteric groups like the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Club, Bilderberg, and dare I say it but Illuminazied Masons. I debated many of the current polices with fellow Cadets, Marines, my superiors, and professors but no matter how much merit I put in my case that we only go to war to truly protect our nation and our Bill of Rights it didn’t seam to sink in that we are actually losing what we are fighting for (remember we are at “war,” because they hate our freedom, thus to stop the terrorist we the government will take your freedom instead to keep you safe). Our American military as a whole does not understand this, and these men are mission-oriented people who will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission, but first they have to get a mission to accomplish one. Once that order comes down from the corrupt brass, the merit of that mission no longer matters, the legal issues of it not longer matter, once it gets to the tactical level its already too late for Marines, Soldiers, and SOCOM will stop at basically nothing to accomplish a mission. I say all this not to discredit the men and women in uniform but to bring light to the reality of serving in uniform. You are not some chivalrous warrior but a pawn in a huge chess game. The definitive proof came for me when taking classes from Brigadier General Charles Brower (Ronald Regan’s Army Military Advisor 1980-84) and I was writing a paper on Woodrow Wilson’s involvement in Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and the General recommended I read anything I could get my hands on about Major General Smedley Butler. WOW! was he ever right, I saw definitively that most American Wars are rackets fought not for freedom, liberty, or liberation, but for the Banks and esoteric groups. General Butler even went as far as to stop and expose a banking coup in the Great Depression. People I hate to say this, though I really cannot say it enough, the military is no longer loyal to the Constitutional Republic, due to the plain and simple fact that all the top brass like Dempsey are heavily involved in the Rothschild secret cabal.

        Please people wake up to the reality that we live in! Read and objectively question anything and everything that has to do with war! And at the bare minimum please read Smedley Butler’s book “War’s a Racket.” (Its only 80 some pages)

        Sic Semper Tyrannis!
        Long Live the Constitutional Republic!

        • 1stVArifleman

          Just to make something more clear, in 2007 I went to Paris Island, I enlisted in the Reserves while I was a Cadet at VMI. I don’t want someone to think, “he was just some Midshipman on scholarship, what does he know.”

          • Xander cross

            You graduated from VMI? I heard it’s roughy there.

        • William

          You are about the ONLY person, other than myself, who actually KNOWS about these organizations you mention. They are REAL and DANGEROUS. I am 100% convinced that the events of 911 were orchestrated by the Illuminati. The acts were carried out by very high levels of the US government and Israel, but the power and money behind the attacks on America on 911 reside in the City of London. I fear the ignorance of 99% of Americans means the Illuminati have already won. Just look at how the US Constitution has been so trashed.

        • LouisianaPatriot

          Long Live the Constitutional Republic!

        • ajc

          You honour the uniform and those that will inevitably follow you into the service.

          I recall meeting infantry personal transiting Singapore on their way to the start of the 2nd invasion of Iraq. Looking forward to the opportunity to become men, not knowing the reality of what was to come. Good men, too young, with so much love for their country. They were badly betrayed.

      • Lennie Pike

        I would like to know if Panetta’s comments were discussed on Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, and Grandpa Munster’s talk shows. Due to their past support of illegal (unconstitutional) and unprovoked wars, I don’t see how any of them could be critical of what Panetta said, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try anyway just to confuse their listeners into believing there is a difference between the war policy of the two parties – TO ENSURE THAT A THIRD POLITICAL PARTY THAT ENFORCES THE U.S. CONSTITUTION IS NEVER MADE POSSIBLE!!!

        The strategy of the ONE! political party is to invade and conquer the remaining “rogue” natons of the world while buying time by continuing to turn up the heat on us frogs until we will agree to anything and beg – “just please turn down the heat – we will give up our remaining freedom (they want your guns) if you will just turn it down.”

        And of course there is only one reason that there is only one political party – “give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws” – or something like that. That quote sounds like a lie because obviously “they” do care about who makes the laws. At the time that statement was made, “they” did not have complete control over who made the laws as they do today, but still, we see that the U.S. Constitution is ignored today, so “they” knew what they were talking about – laws can be easily ignored when you control the money.

        “They” know that gold and silver is money and nothing else is – “you can believe that”.

  • r.bitting

    ” Washington DC is deeply corrupt and if you are waiting for our politicians to fix our problems you are going to be deeply disappointed ” … Yes you are indeed. However, there is hope to be found in Jesus Christ. ” For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and Godly in the present age, looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify for Himself His own special people, zealous for good works ” Titus 2:11-14…. God loves you people and He desires that you be saved, repent of your sin and turn to Christ, trusting in His sacrificial death on the cross to cleanse you of your guilt. ” There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus ” Romans 8:1 & ” Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old things have passed away, all things have become new “. Please turn back to your Father in heaven, for He loves you and longs to have you at His table..

    • Gary2

      Dude-you are watching to many Magog movies.

      • flash is stupid

        since you have heard of magog i guess we can also say that de nile is more than a river in egypt.

  • JAH666

    Was wondering recently about the stories that Michael was relating in his articles about businesses closing all over America. AK47 above notes this also. To test this and counter people that say, “not true, it’s just places like Detroit. You are only citing anecdotal reports.” I have been contacting many of the people I e-mail constantly as a part of my business and have asked them point-blank: Are businesses closing in significant numbers and staying vacant for long periods in your area?

    The responses are ALL in the firmly affirmative. Small towns, large towns, small cities, urban, suburban, it doesn’t make any difference; all my contacts that reply to the question cite retailers of all sizes going under for over two years and the buildings are NOT being re-leased. One of my contacts in the upper New York state area is so worried by this that he is exploring removing his liquid assets from his US bank and transferring them to a Canadian bank that has a branch in his area. He is waiting and watching the dollar so that when he makes the change he won’t take a great hit on the exchange rate.

    All of this leads me to confirm (if only for my own stubborness) that, NO, things aren’t good in this country and seem to be getting worse. So, I continue to prepare for worst case scenarios… Good luck to you all.

  • RRA

    Better watch your back Michael if your posts get too much attention! The sad part is that I’m only half kidding! I love my country but I barely recognize it anymore.

    • Gary2

      You got that right! The conservatives have ruined it. We on the left will be taking it back in Nov and fixing the mess the right has caused by 30 years of under-taxing the rich and corporations. Look at the % of revenue from corporate taxes it is at the lowest ever. Was a much higher % in the past,

      We will be taxing the greedy to help the needy. That’s the America I want.

      • tak

        the left has ruined this country worse than any one on the right,if obama gets back in nov this will be the end you see gog and magagg

        • Gary2

          Godzilla will save us from Gog and King Kong will take out magog!

    • 005

      RRA, sadly, I agree with you.
      Sometimes I feel I’d better do some kind
      of security sweep on the computer after
      reading an article here.
      That says a lot about the current climate
      in the country today.

  • Cinderella Man

    I can tell you things are getting harder for me! I dont know how Im going to make a student loan payment when gas keeps going up, and the other day another collection agency found me! Now I gotta negotiate with them I just dont know how Im gonna make it. We all know this is a false rally on Wall St. They are loaded with stimulius money the banks cant lend out of fear of a liquidty trap. This money is gonna stay right where it is. Nobody’s getting loans. I want to declare bankrupcy. Where’s my frickin bailout?

    • Deborah

      I have a friend who’s husband was going to lose his bank job on wall st. in 2008…now he is making 3x what he made then b/c his swedish bank was bailed out. it makes me angry that that sector has done so well and my husband with a cdl cannot find work. what is wrong with this picture? will there ever be justice?

      • Mal R.

        Deb, yes it’s a shame that banks get bailed out but really, a cdl is unskilled labor. Encourage him to get some skills and I’m sure he’ll find work.

      • bw

        If your husband has a cdl he can go to almost any con-way terminal and find work. Good pay and home everyday.

  • James

    I am amazed at all the road renewal projects that are going on in my state. I see a lot of equipment lining the interstate while road crews labor at getting the roads fixed. I am wondering where all the money is coming from to do this. Supposedly the U.S. is using less gasoline and diesel and should be driving the prices down. With less fuel usage there would be less taxes collected on the purchases of fuel. So, this means there shouldn’t be as much money to do highway work. I think we should be investing what money we have left, into building and renewing the rail system so we will have at least some kind of transportation system for people who will have to give up their cars because they can’t afford to run their cars. The recovery is a scam to get people to spend what money they have before the bottom falls out.

  • Ameen

    A “little website”, perhaps … But one with a HUGE and very relevant message!!!

    • Michael

      Thank you Ameen. When I started this site I never imagined that so many people would come to it.


      • Deborah

        was just wondering how I found this site…I cannot remember what I googled at the time, but I have been hooked ever since 2008. Thanks Michael.

        • Michael


          I am so glad for long time readers like you. Please let me know if this site ever goes off the path. 🙂


          • Gary2

            Way too right wing biased.

          • Zedge Hero

            There are so many of us that are avid readers and look forward to the next article. For me it’s like a political sci-fi in a way. Sort of like the John Carpetner movie “They live” . On this site I feel like I have the shades on per say. Here’s a clip-


            Anyway I can’t help but sometimes wonder in awe at others as they mindlessly obey and consume and have no idea about what is truly about to come. Sometimes I feel sorry for them, and sometimes I don’t. It was only a matter of time before this website became big. Always a fan or should I say fanatic. Your research is always spot on Michael. Thanks

          • Michael

            Thank you Zedge Hero.

            I am honored that so many people check this site every day. Sometimes I really feel the pressure to write something good. You all are not going to put up with mediocre stuff. 🙂


    • ScoutMotto

      I think I found it via link to another website sharing one of the articles.

      Michael, like many websites that start small and help a few, this one has grown to help many. Thanks for your work.

  • william m. head

    Hi Michael: I’ve been reading your articles for a long while now, and finally decided to tell you so. I truly appreciate all the great continuous efforts you make to put the what I regard as the Big Truth out for all critically thinking people to consider and then hopefully spread (as opposed to the Big Lies the whoring MSM daily and most despicably advances).

    This article is, as usual, dead-on- there has been NO real economic recovery here whatsoever and the only entities who accept the absurdly low and constantly “re-adjusted” unemployment figures are self-serving, hard-core partisan Democrats along with the limitless hordes of rabid mind-blind Obamabots who resemble more and more those brainless zombies on the show The Walking Dead.

    This country is now in the worst shape that it has ever been in, and a majority of people are simply far too cowardly morally and physically to even begin to admit what has happened, and is alas continuing to unfold to no good end I assure you. Everyone with any sense of cold stone clarity can discern what’s taking shape, right in front of our very eyes.

    You have an unseasoned, and frankly unworthy President who has only recently extolled the virtues of a militantly-oriented society and proclaimed how he “deserves” to be reelected and who according to one report out today is apparently concerned vis-a-vis a catastrophic war upon Iran that said war should only take place so as not to upset his own reelection(!)

    I guess the way Obama sees it once his career is effectively over and he has nothing to fear from we the people, he can start WWIII upon a whim and let us all fend for ourselves after. If this isn’t the attitude of a sociopath, I don’t know what is.

    Of course, this is assuming there isn’t some scheme in the works to stage some false-flag event here and/or abroad to ignite the war on Iran before November. This is not idle fringe talk – if one examines both people and events (particularly the laying of foundations for a hyper-police state since 9/11)with a complete and unsentimental clarity and tie this to the impending financial disaster in Europe and the evident ardent desire and outright intent for war on Iran which I will remind all can never be popularly embraced without some form of an absolutely hysterical provocation for the U.S. populace and it all amounts to one very stark conclusion – there can be no war on Iran or a means to prevent popular uprisings in face of an inevitably collapsing economic circumstance without first having dictatorship established firmly at home in the U.S.

    There are those who shall scoff as others have and will continue to do so when I declare this seriously, but such scoffing in willful denial can’t and won’t alter what I consider the cold harsh facts of matters.

    Put simply both the elites and their political figureheads, Obama and Bernanke in particular, know the jig will soon be up when the SHTF in Europe, and of course they seek dominion over the Middle East and I believe they decided in wake of the 2008 crash and more recently that the most efficient way to pursue their agenda is by effectively ending the Republic. Again, this is NOT mere wild conspiracy theory. If you look at where we are, and what’s going on, and then, ask yourself, who benefits, and why would Obama not simply take what he must most certainly understand would prove a most awful disaster for this country in form of war with Iran off the table unequivocally, I think you will find a very sad but sobering value in my contention. You can’t shrug and say, it can’t happen here anymore. That’s not blissful but rather mortal ignorance and self-delusion and I do mean mortal.

    Only time can tell if I’m correct but frankly I expect a false flag attack, before November, and if it doesn’t serve to establish Obama as some sort of would-be dictator it will be only because he will have been disposed of outright by an impatient Israel or deemed expendable by the elites here in favor of another figurehead like Biden, or Hilary Clinton (or even Timothy Geithner). Watch what happens around May 1 on the anniversary of bin Laden’s supposed death to determine Obama’s personal fortune, and by all means continue to think critically and to prepare for the dark days I fear lie ahead.

    I truly apologize for such a long post and for perhaps getting a bit off the topic but I felt this had to be said within its entirety as all these events I feel are connected.

    Thank you for your efforts Michael, and please continue them, as they constitute a very great public service.

    • Michael


      I love long comments that are well thought out. I hope that you will comment more in the future.

      And thank you for the kind words. It really does mean a lot that people value the hard work that I put into all of this.


  • Grasshopper

    There are a lot of facts on here. However, it does not “feel” like this “recovery” is going to end. The bag of tricks seems to be endless. It truly is amazing to see how long this road is that we are kicking the can down, it appears this road does not have a dead end.

    It also seems like this,the sky is falling, is becoming the next best fad. People now want to be on tv to show what they are doing to prepare for the sky to fall. There are forums, there are survival stores, and many other Internet sites supporting the sky is falling. I wonder how many people are cashing in on this? I think it is a great way to make money by cashing in on peoples fears. I know I am supporting many because of the fear I have.

    Bottom line is this, there are so many warnings of something is going to happen but nothing has. It is kind of like the solar flare warnings and nothing has happened. At times I question why I am doing all the things I am doing. I have seen where people have been prepping for years and nothing has happened; this makes one question will it ever happen. I will continue to prepare for my family and just keep waiting. I have learned a lot and have been positioning my family not to be slaves to debt, this part I enjoy and I enjoy my daughter will learn this at a very young age. I do thank you for taking your time to show us the warnings. God bless.

    • CatNap

      It’s easy to become weary of preparing.

      Don’t give up. But don’t allow it to dictate your entire life or that of your children. They need some semblance of normalcy…soccer practice, Girl Scouts, family vacations.

      The Bible says that the Lord will come “as a thief in the night”. That means that people won’t be expecting Him even though they have been warned He is coming for hundreds of years.

      The same could be said of a collapse/national emergency. Things are too far gone to expect it to hold together much longer.

      • Hendrik Mills

        Dear Catnap, If you desire to prepare your family for when the Lord comes “as a thief in the night,” then take all your girls far away from anything that resembles today’s Girl Scouts. Unlike Boy Scouts, today’s very changed Girl Scouts subtly encourage lesbianism and militant feminism, and undermine godly parents. Having said that, I appreciate the rest of your comments. God bless.

  • Craig

    What I think will happen in the next 365 days:

    1. Romney will eventually get the republican nomination, but it will be very late in the game.

    2. Somtime around late August or early September Israel will attack Iran. This will cause economic hardship in the U.S. among other things.

    3. There will be an outcry for a new president to turn things around. Romney will defeat Obama.

    4. Things will continue to deteriorate with Romney as he really doesn’t care about restoring middle class jobs to America. Romney is the candidate of the 6-figure (and higher) income folks. But Obamacare will be repealed. One reason is that millions of Americans simply wont be able to afford it as time goes on.

    The only home for this country is to turn back to our Christian heritage and let go of our selfishness.


    Hoyer predicts Democrats win back House if economic upswing continues
    ‎CNN (blog) – 5 hours ago
    2 House Democrat predicted Thursday that, if the economy continues to improve, Democrats will win
    As household wealth rises, so do hopes for economy
    ‎Fox News – 3 hours ago
    “Things are looking brighter and sunnier,” said Pahwa,
    Stronger US economy may strain to top expectations
    Fox News – ‎4 hours ago‎
    WASHINGTON – The US economy has been outrunning everyone’s expectations.

    Everywhere you look the MSN is beating the drums for the economic recovery.
    Why you ask?
    couple of reasons, one is to improve sales for the advertisers who spend billions of dollars advertising with the media.
    Who wants to sell new suits and jackets on a medium that proposes economic doom and gloom.

    Another reason is to put people like Michael and his economic collapse blog out of business.
    Who really is going to read Michaels’ economic collapse if everyone around you is supposedly doing just fine.
    Who really wants to be left behind living in the past of a recession.

    With people like Michael, Gerald Celente and others out of the way, they can continue to convince people that everything is great and its time to start getting ourselves deeply into debt again.


    Now is the time for all of us on this website to start flooding the comments of CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC all of them with the truth about how bad our economy really is.

    I say to everyone on this blog site to make an effort each day to blog a comment on any recovery news articles that touts the economy is recovering….
    Lets put an end to this deception and madness once and for all.

  • Eva

    Trust the liberal media to battle for liberal presidents! They honestly think if they say everything is good enough times that people will believe them.

    • Mark

      This is to both comments above:

      You have to read and make educated decisions about what is truly going on in our country based on your own research. Both conservative and liberal TV stations are spouting the same ridiculous propaganda about our economy recovering. The only true way to find out anything that is actually going on in our country is to DIG for the information and formulate your own opinion. It’s up to US as U.S. citizens to put the available information to form our own hypothesis, then go to your public library, check out a book on economics from a researched neutral source, and make informed decisions.

      Stop worrying about what the TV tells you, and start reading and researching.

      • Agenda 21 is real

        I think most of us do read and research info on the economy mr. mark. Most of us not only read this blog but follow other spurces such as peter shiff, Rubini global econmics, shtf blog, the comingdepression blog, the main stream news media, bbc news, RT news, not to mention most of us are collage educated, with some economic backrounds,
        Doesnt take a brillionaire to figure out that 8.2 % unemployment is ok, nor trillion dollar bailouts or 15 somthing trillion national debt, nor the lower standard of living, inflation, gas prices, food prices on and othat the mainstreamnews,media is lying, there is no recovery, a cover up yes, recovery…..NO!

    • Prut

      Eva, it’s not a liberal-conservative thing. The mass media is not liberal or conservative. It serves the one percent, the power structure. That is all. They provided the same cover for Bush and his wars and crumbling economy as they are now doing for Obama, and they will do it for the next 1 percent-approved representative who occupies the Oval Office.

  • md

    We have been prepping since the 70’s when Howard Ruff was bringing out the Ruff Times newsletter. His timing was off in predicting a collapse, but he understood the fundamentals. The money masters have been able to forestall the inevitable by manipulating the money supply, but time is clearly running out. Thanks for helping us see the truth Michael

    • Michael


      Thank you for reading the articles.

      And I want to also say a big thank you to everyone that takes a few moments to “+1” these articles on Google and “Like” them on Facebook. 🙂


    • Terrwyn

      md, I have also been preparing since Howard Ruff
      came out with his book. I never get burnt out because just the fact that I have been prepared for so many different things has saved my butt more than once.
      To all those who think nothing will ever happen?
      Think again. Life happens and it is great to be prepared.
      I also want to thank you Michael for bringing the facts to so many.

  • Michael

    A 229 billion deficit in February comes to a 2.7 trillion deficit in a year, not the 1.3 trillion we are told. I read the gov’t is borrowing 50 billion a week. That comes to 2.5 trilion.

    Another good article! I wonder where you get the time to write all these…

    • Michael

      I spend many, many, many hours in front of the computer.

      Our cats are badly neglected. 🙁


  • Game Over


    More than half of Obama’s 47 biggest fundraisers, those who collected at least $500,000 for his campaign, have been given administration jobs. Nine more have been appointed to presidential boards and committees.

    At least 24 Obama bundlers were given posts as foreign ambassadors, including in Finland, Australia, Portugal and Luxembourg. Among them is Don Beyer, a former Virginia lieutenant governor who serves as ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  • joel

    Great website, great info. One of the best.

    What do you think of North Idaho as a “move to” place when SHTF?

    • Michael


      I think that north Idaho is an absolutely wonderful place. I hear that a lot of Christians are moving to north Idaho and western Montana.


  • steve

    A 15,000 dow? So what, that can easily happen during a hyperinflation.

    You really should put a counter on this web site.
    A lot more people like readding, not commenting on everything.

  • mike

    Thank you for publishing this article, I hope you are wrong
    about the bad economic future. However I think you truly believe in your articles. I will continue to read them.

    • Michael


      I am glad that you read the articles even though you hope that I am wrong. 🙂


  • Michael

    Out of curioisity, does anyone know what the budget deficit was for the previous months? I don’t believe the 1.3 trillion figure. Something tells me it’s much worse. Thanks.

    • Tim

      The federal budget deficit varies from month to month. Revenue is typically higher in March and April when the federal government collects individual income taxes.

  • dmitry


    for sure you need a break for a while, or your pet cat starting to scratch your back :=)

    anyway, thank you so much for your endless time in sharing us your articles.


  • Patriot Alice

    This article is dead on the real situation. I see store closings in my area, I see more vacant homes for sale that are not on the real estate websites, I see motivated people I’ve known for years who have been unemployeed for years, increasing real estate taxes are just making the situation worse. The borrow and spend policies are just buying time, not fixing the real problem…

  • Tappedops

    Dont panic, there printing as fast as they can… and the new mac-n cheese box will look like a cigarette pack…and cost about the same… injoy peeps…we could have stopped this 7 years ago but yall just couldnt wake up…injoy the ride sheeple…

  • Piet

    Who is foolish enough to want a recovery anyway? What are we going to achieve from this?
    A return to the squandering of resources which end up as landfill and greenhouse gas.
    Let the bankers burn, let the multinationals fail, let the greedy starve, kidnap their children and hold them to ransom, cut off their ears and send them home in the mail.
    Western civilization is in terminal decline. Let’s give it a decent burial after turning the administrators, banker-wankers, entrepreneurs, go-getters, aspirants, billionaires and developers to compost, where they can at least provide some sort of nutrient to the planet.

  • Mike

    Great article Mike; you nailed it. Things are terrible out there and there looks to be little sign of it turning around any time soon.

    I think the SHTF is right around the corner.

  • JustanOguy

    “Why are things still getting worse for the U.S housing market?”

    Because of Government interference of trying to keep artificial home values…. artificially high.

    All of the housing “programs” only kicked the can down the road and delayed the inevitable in order to save the big banks and all of the pension funds tied into mortgage backed securities. When you really take a look past the clever headlines of the “programs”, you’ll see that the programs are really designed to pay off the Wall St. Investors.

    If you really want to expose this nonsense and complete waste of taxpayer dollars… you can e-mail me.

  • Ken

    As a small family business home builder that built and sold exactly ONE house in the last twelve months (and made ZERO profit), I can assure all that it is not good out here.

    We have crossed the Rubicon in America. The federal government is officially LYING to its citizens. And the media, who are supposed to be the watchdogs, are the propaganda arm of this lying government.

  • I’m tired of hearing it. Yes, Obama is a toothless-tiger and I didn’t vote for him. But for the R’s to block his every move and THEN throw rocks because he has been ineffective is — what would you say — opportunistic bull**************!

    We clearly need a 100% turnover in November.

  • Professor Gary

    I am a financial advisor with a good private practice. The economic conditions and prospects are very important to me and my clients. Many of them are retired and their savings are the only thing they can count on to pay the bills and provide for their needs. Web sites like this one are critical to getting the truth out and encouraging people to take action because there is certainly something that you can do while there is time.

    The economists at mutual funds and banks and other financial services firms are virtually unanimous right now telling clients that stocks are cheap and this is a buying opportunity. This is a massive conflict of interest. The truth is that most people have taken too much risk in their portfolios. The “experts” are lying to you. I have been in this business a long time. I can tell you from experience that the paid economists from investment companies gave no warnings at the top of the internet bubble in spring 2000 or the housing bubble in summer 2008.

    You are on your own to find independent and reliable sources of information to get the whole picture. Then take whatever precautions are prudent and appropriate. Nobody knows the future except God. However, the probability of a significant and painful disruption of of our social systems and economic structure is much higher than a “recovery”. 50%-60%-80% ?? I don’t know but you would be wiser to move more to safety.

    If you think this is alarmist, consider that insider selling of company stock is at a three year high right now. The wealthy people who have a lot to protect are shifting their portfolio and other assets. Watch what I do, not what I say.

  • Syrin

    Beware of March 20th. Why? Because of Greece doesn’t agree to demands by then, they defaul on Monday March 23rd, and the entire house of cards comes crashing down, and the armies of unprepapred, lazi, greedy GARYS come looking to take YOUR stuff to solve THEIR laziness. Stock up on all essentials, and that includes stuff for home defense.

    • Highspeedloafer

      Syrin, Greec is already in default. Portugal is next.

    • Gary2

      when you can reply to my prior posts where I and many others showed your ignorance I will think about responding to your drivel.

  • David Gurney

    Here’s something no one else has noticed:For the first time in their new ballparks,the Phillies and the Yankees are selling 9 game plans.Previously,the ballparks were sold out before the seson started.If ballclubs in rich cities such as Philadelphia and New York are having difficulty,then the recovery is probably coming to people who aren’t baseball fans:African-Americans,feminists,etc.

  • MountainHome

    I agree with Michael….more and more people are coming to this site because it continues to show the real facts that affect the 99% in America. Thanks for the well written article.

  • Michael Daniel Joseph

    Appreciate the website. Continue preparing storing food and having the ability to protect yourself. It will not matter who is President. We are on the verge of witnessing the Battle of Gog & Magog. Israel will be attacked by Iran with Russia support.

    Israel will resort to tactical nukes to defend themselves and win this war. There will then be a 7 year peace treaty signed. Israel will start the daily sacrifice again, and begin construction on the THIRD Temple. Half way thru the 7 year peace treaty the Antichrist in God’s Temple will proclaim he is God.

    Then after you see the Abomination of Desolation all born again Christians look up for Christ will collect you from all corners of the Earth and take you to Heaven.

    GOD Bless, be prepared for 3 1/2 years

    • thescourge

      Born again christians are like the 1%. They feel entitled. Except that the 1% have something real (money) and the born again crowd is hooked on something that isn’t real (religion and the promise of heaven).

      • Lennie Pike

        Since you’re not a Christian, how would you know whether it is real or not?

        • Lennie Pike

          Or maybe you do know it is.

    • priceless

      You are not one of the ‘meek that will inherit the EARTH’ then. Written in Psalms 37 and Matthew 5:5.

    • M. Hapney

      Dangerous delusion.

      Iran hasn’t attacked, or been at war for an eternity except for when WE armed up Saddam and started the Iran/Iraq war ourselves.

      You’ve been drinking the propaganda Kool-aid my friend. Iran is not going to attack anyone.

      We, however, will attack Iran simply because like Iran and Libya they have the nerve to try and sell their oil outside the dollar. THAT is the only reason the propaganda machine is on full right now.

      Iran is as peaceful as a pink butterfly in comparison to our empire that is lashing out in every direction. We killed over a million civilians in the last decade over BS.

      This is why propaganda mixed with religious delusion is so dangerous.

  • mondobeyondo

    Latest unemployment stats:

    227,000 new jobs in February.
    National unemployment rate stays at 8.3%.
    The Dow Jones and Nasdaq are happy.

    Ha ha hee hee ha hee ho ho! Do you really believe it? I’d trust Jim Carrey in “Liar, Liar” before I’d trust these stats.

    I’d like to see a breakdown of those 227,000 “new” jobs. How many of those were newly hired burger flippers? Janitors? Part time baristas at Starbucks? IT professionals? Health care workers? Construction workers? Coal or copper miners?

    More jobs are not indicative of a “recovery”. So, you got hired last month working part time sweeping floors and cleaning restrooms at KFC for minimum wage. Woo hoo! Good for you! You are employed. You may not be able to pay the rent this month, but you have a job…

    There. Is. No. Economic. Recovery.

    • mondobeyondo

      The Great Recession wiped out more than 8 MILLION jobs. There is a looong way to go before we get back to where we were in 2006.


    Barack Obomber is manipulating economic data to fool the masses into thinking that the economy is picking up. No surprise here on that front.

    As for getting out of debt, easier said than done. Housing debt is going nowhere unless one can succeed in selling their homes for at least what they owe on them, much less getting a profit out of it. Car debt, not so easy either. Keep repairing an old car that you own or buy a new one? Not much of a choice there unless you take the subway, which most can’t or won’t. Not to mention rising gas prices.

    College debt? If you have massive student loans, forget the propsition of offloading said debt. Uncle Sammy will, like Satan himself, always come to collect.

    Rising food prices? I guess the alternative would be a protein shake slim fast diet if one can not afford the rising price of food. Not likely for most people.

    Utilities? Gulf Power in the south is getting ready for its second rate hike in less than six months. Live off the grid? May have to.

    All and all, there are no easy answers, aside from departing the asylum states of amerika. And how many have the resources and the wherewithal to do that?

    • mark

      Timing is everything when investing. That means buy low and sell high. I would think that just about anybody would have figured out that a crash in housing was coming. I knew what was going to happen and sold some of the property I did not want to keep and used the gains to pay off debt. That is part of being prepared for hard times and not being left holding the bag. You know the saying, know when to hold then and know when to fold them. Debt loads were way out of the range that could be paid back. Wages never went up when prices of real estate took off. It was just out of control with the use of almost free money by the Fed.

  • Donald Wilson

    Conitinue preppin they can’t keep up this ruse forever. It will all come crahin down aroun thei heads. Good luck.

  • Proftel


    We live in a time of “John Calvin Coolidge” and no one ahead of “Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”
    Bush (son) has lost an excellent chance to tell the banks:
    – Broke? Then they break, who had to risk it!
    Bush (son) did so only with the Lehman Brothers Holdings, saved others.
    Obama continued the crap and gave in which he gave.
    There is no money to afford a decent recovery.
    There is no cash to revive the economy as at that time.
    Everything was for the bankers.
    You are right to warn.
    Next fall, it will be every man for himself protecting their families.
    Unfortunately that’s it.

  • Proftel

    Tell the bankers:


    Who told you to risk it!

    Damn it!


  • You are absolutely correct. Our leaders have been manipulating statistics for years–inflation statistics no longer include some of the basic costs of living and unemployment statistics only count unemployed people who are still receiving benefits. I guess when your benefits run out you’re no longer unemployed.

    Keep up the good work with your blog. Just a heads up, though–when I tried to get here through Google search for “economic collapse blog” the other day I got one of those “server not responding” messages. Wondered why…ok today, though.

    • Michael


      Thank you for letting me know about that. There have been problems in some areas with people not getting directed to the new server.

      I contacted my hosting company about that and they didn’t seem to think there was anything that they could do about it.

      Eventually everything should return to normal, but if anyone else out there has been having problems please let me know.


  • Nancy

    Whoever believes that we are in an Economic Recovery should have their HEAD EXAMINED!!! I’m all for being as self-sufficient as possible. A couple of years ago I learned to can. For the last few years, my husband and I have been working on our vegetable garden, and add to it every year. Small things can make ALL the difference. Good Luck and Many Prayers to ALL!

    • Paul


      I just spent the weekend in the shed, working on that fruit cage, and the evenings waxing and oiling my leathers.

      By the end of the month I should have successfully shut out the cats and the birds from the veggie beds. I hate those cats. Nothing so far worked to keep them away. So, making a “fruit cage” should do it.

  • denny

    One must begin to adjust their psychology. The most difficult reality to confront will be learning to live with less, much less. If one continues to believe in the ‘American Dream’ and at this stage of development, it is merely a dream, then one will be very unhappy when the looming days of anguish awaiting us finally strike. Learn to be content with what you are dealt because if you’re not, you will be unable to address the problems as effectively as possible when they ultimately become part of our everyday life and trust your instincts, they will. The elites want it all, care nothing, NOTHING about what happens to us and they will do anything, ANYTHING to steal what wealth remains. We’ve been exposed to enough hard truths at this point to understand that it has become a war, a war of the rich against the rest of us and they will not stop until we are all at their mercy. The death and destruction that is happening to the Afghanis, Pakistanis and Iraqis will most certainly be happening here. Let go of the ‘shopping is happiness’ mentality, the accumulation of stuff and let yourself see and feel the truth: Our very existence is on the line – right now! and only by letting go of the old American practices and beliefs of ‘democracy’ and accumulation will we be able to effectively counter these soul squashing cretins. Good luck. It’s an entirely new vista presenting itself to us, uncharted territory and only by some sacrifice and selflessness will we be able to provide for ourselves through the disastrous days ahead. Children, think of your children.


    Smartest people in the world? GERMANS! Strong unions,good wages,excellent educational and health care system, plus companies are severely punished for ‘exporting’ jobs.

    Dumbest people in the world? AMERICANS! Somehow subverted by Southern White Christians to vote against their better interest by being hostile to unions that protect jobs, be servile to corporate authority (dont worry, HUMAN RESOURCES will take care of you),and mindless religious stupidity. Read Kevin Phillips’ AMERICAN THEOCRACY.

  • Gary2

    Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk radio.

    Premiere Networks, which distributes Limbaugh as well as a host of other right-wing talkers, sent an email out to its affiliates early Friday listing 98 large corporations that have requested their ads appear only on “programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity).”

    I LOVE watching the right implode! Keep up the good work your doing it to yourselves. Wait till we start in on you and your guy mittens.

    Ha Ha Ha I so enjoy watching the right crash 🙂

  • Paul

    The difference of America and China?

    China puts its money into concrete. Heavy, ugly grey concrete. 60% of the GDP is coming from infrastructure investments.

    America is doing 70% of its GDP by consumption. Like guns and ammunition.

    You can make a lot of money by selling consumables but those who buy that stuff can’t accumulate any wealth.

    And consumer credits do not help a lot.

    You want to survive?
    – always pay your credit card bills in full in time.
    – never use overdraft
    – use a loan only for investment (house insulation, triple-paned windows, safe doors, window locks, window shutters, solid foundations, solid walls)

    Which should give you some cash in the pocket. Cash that otherwise would go to interest, fuel, utilities.

    Now put that money into tooth repair, good walking shoes, warm underwear, tools and needleworks.

    Think about travelling. If that suitcase gets lost, you still have the handcarry. And that is basically all you need, plus some fresh underwear.

  • The reason they are promoting a recovery so hard is because when the war they start breaks out and the economy tumbles, they can say we were on the road to recovery, things were really getting better and then we had to go to war………reelect obama, his policy was working, and it will work. He will make peace in the middle east (probably a seven year plan, hint hint) Again, people are ignorant and believe things are getting better. People think we need to stop Iran from having a bomb..and we should go to war against syria as well…….it’s all a setup folks….God guns n grub. Come Lord Jesus. Go grocery shopping tomorrow…….every last dime you have available would be well invested in food stocks.

  • Israel can take care of Iran, if that was the issue that mattered. Vote Paul

  • Kenuck

    Hey,why worry?I for one is running up my credit cards..then default..”lillies of the field…don’t sow or weep”..sumthin like that..nail that stiks out gets driven in.

  • I really feel like there never was a recovery. Yep, you see all these rich guys on CNBC saying that things look great for them, but I think for the regular person it just never happened.

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