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Number One? 20 Not So Good Categories That The United States Leads The World In

Is the United States “number one”?  Many Americans take deep pride in their nation and the truth is that the U.S. has a lot going for it.  The United States has the largest economy in the world.  The United States also has the most powerful military on the entire planet.  The United States has produced most of the greatest movies that the world has ever seen.  But the United States is also number one in a lot of categories that are not go great.  If we ever want to turn this country around, we need to be very honest with ourselves.  We need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and realize that it is not a good thing that we are number one in divorce, drug addiction, debt, obesity, car thefts, murders and total crimes.  We have become a slothful, greedy, decadent nation that is exhibiting signs of advanced decay.  Until we understand just how bad our problems really are, we won’t be able to come up with the solutions that we need.

A lot of people that write articles like this have a deep hatred for America.  But that is not the case with me.  I love the United States.  I love the American people.  America is like an aging, bloated rock star that has become addicted to a dozen different drugs.  America is a shadow of its former self and it desperately needs to wake up before it plunges into oblivion.

If you do not believe that America is in bad shape, just read the list below.  The following are 20 not so good categories that the United States leads the world in….

#1 The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world and the largest total prison population on the entire globe.

#2 According to, the United States has the highest percentage of obese people in the world.

#3 The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.

#4 The United States is tied with the U.K. for the most hours of television watched per person each week.

#5 The United States has the highest rate of illegal drug use on the entire planet.

#6 There are more car thefts in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world by far.

#7 There are more reported rapes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.

#8 There are more reported murders in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.

#9 There are more total crimes in the United States each year than anywhere else in the world.

#10 The United States also has more police officers than anywhere else in the world.

#11 The United States spends much more on health care as a percentage of GDP than any other nation on the face of the earth.

#12 The United States has more people on pharmaceutical drugs than any other country on the planet.

#13 The percentage of women taking antidepressants in America is higher than in any other country in the world.

#14 Americans have more student loan debt than anyone else in the world.

#15 More pornography is created in the United States than anywhere else on the entire globe.  89 percent is made in the U.S.A. and only 11 percent is made in the rest of the world.

#16 The United States has the largest trade deficit in the world every single year.  Between December 2000 and December 2010, the United States ran a total trade deficit of 6.1 trillion dollars with the rest of the world, and the U.S. has had a negative trade balance every single year since 1976.

#17 The United States spends 7 times more on the military than any other nation on the planet does.  In fact, U.S. military spending is greater than the military spending of China, Russia, Japan, India, and the rest of NATO combined.

#18 The United States has far more foreign military bases than any other country does.

#19 The United States has the most complicated tax system in the entire world.

#20 The U.S. has accumulated the biggest national debt that the world has ever seen and it is rapidly getting worse.  Right now, U.S. government debt is expanding at a rate of $40,000 per second.

So are you convinced that we are in trouble yet?

The truth is that America has changed.  Most of us don’t even say hello to our neighbors anymore.

In fact, we have become so self-involved that many of us don’t even notice when someone around us dies.

Just consider the following two examples.

*USA Today recently reported on the body of a dead woman that was not found for approximately a year even though a whole bunch of people walked right past the car where she died….

Bank contractors, inspectors and even the new owner of a foreclosed home walked past the silver Chevy Nova in the garage numerous times before discovering the former homeowner — dead on the front seat.

*In an even more shocking case, the CBS affiliate in Boston recently reported that a dead woman was lying on the bottom of a public pool for two days while large numbers of people swam right over her.  How in the world could something like this possibly happen?….

It’s a mystery as murky as the water at Veteran’s Memorial swimming pool in Fall River public pool: how did swimmers, lifeguards, or inspectors not notice a woman’s body at the bottom of the pool for a few days?

Marie Joseph, 36, was last seen at the pool on Sunday. The pool was open to the public Monday and Tuesday with six lifeguards on duty, and no one noticed the body under 12 feet of water.

Most Americans have become so self-involved that they barely even notice anyone other than their family and close friends.

The love of most Americans is growing cold and when the collapse of the U.S. economy happens it is just going to make things worse.  Instead of working as a community, most Americans will only be concerned with making sure that their own needs are taken care of.

The United States was once the most blessed nation on the face of the earth, but now we are literally falling to pieces.

Does anyone have any ideas about why this could be happening?


  • Chris Finstad

    Yep, because we have turned away from God. Jesus is coming back soon. Get ready!

    • Paul

      Jesus already came back. He was arrested for truancy and is in some American jail.

    • Nexus

      Another religious nut with beliefs based a collection of fairy tables and fables. No wonder people in the US are shelf absorbed. Religion is a human construct – big asteroid hits the planet, vaporizes mankind – end of religion.

    • Eric


      I am Christian, and in the Roman Empire, they thought Jesus was coming to take a great judgment. During WW2, people thought Jesus was coming at their time to take a great judgment. Nothing had happened, therefore I am assume that I don’t think Jesus will come in our live time. Just spread the gospel and give people the hope, not the fear of doomsday.

      • DownWithLibs

        I believe that every generation is led to believe this so that they will live like they are suppose to – in the light of the truth! But, make no mistake, the stage is being set!!!

    • Richard

      very true indeed. I believe the most horrible calamity against our heavenly father is that we no longer give him credit for his creation despite all the evidence of a loving wonderful creator.

    • Jessica

      I agree with you Chris. I’m young but lately I’ve noticed a lot of Revelation book scripture coming true. I’ve also been saying for years that all of this fighting against prayer in schools and anywhere else public couldn’t possibly end well. Open acknowledgment of God is not as harmful as forgetting him all together and nobody now a days seems to care at all about anybody else but themselves.

    • mondobeyondo

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Highspeed

    Honestly, if I were Jesus, I would wait a little while before I came back. It seems to me that we americans are about to get some of our just rewards. I am a christian and I look forward to his return, but unlike most americans I don’t believe we are any more deserving of grace than any other people. Millions of christians aroung the globe have suffered for years and years, whats so special about american christians that because of a little suffering he should part the eastern skies?

  • bluesapphire

    Irony is all of your points supports UN Agenda 21 and its Global Central Plannng….:-(

    • Michael

      Hmmm I thought that just the opposite was the case.


  • Dr. Martha Castro, MD

    Excellent post, like always. I blogged about it. Posted on Facebook, Twittered…the works. Please, do no stop spreading the word. You are doing an excellent job. Thanks so much!

  • Sam

    I agree with Chris Finstad.

    The more God is booted from our lives, the more undesirable stuff like abortions, corruption, homosexuality, and so on; move into our lives. People try to protect themselves from all that by insulating themselves, but all they do is destroy communities and society as a whole.

  • Doubtful


    Religion and “God” has always been here on earth with man in one form or another. These things never changed our human condition then. Are they supposed to now?

  • Mikem

    I think the corporatization of our politics has a lot to do with our decline. Nothing is done for the public good anymore. Everything done is for the benefit and profit of corporations, and people are conned by the media into voting against their own interests.
    Freedom and democracy cannot exist for the sole purpose of turning a profit. The politics of the last 30 years or so has set the stage of our current situation. We as a country gave up on principles and embraced profit at all costs. It will be the end of democracy in America if this continues.

  • R,Baringer

    Yes! When God was removed from the public school system back in the 70’s. You reap what you sow !

    • dawn

      not god out of the school…moms out of the home.

      the people raising the children are paid to give them back safe and a bit more educated, social graces, caring for others are moral issues to be dealt with at home…

      sadly for kids, daycare/school is their home for half their waking life. and the parent/s is exhausted and has no time…

      we only value that which earns money. moms earn nothing. so they obviously have no value.

  • Prophet

    One doesn’t need to hear these stories to realize the love of many Americans is “waxing cold.” Just work in a customer service related job and you will see how nasty, mean spirited, selfish, and hateful people have become. They lack basic human civilization and decency. They lack manners, politeness, and basic human respect.

  • bert

    please proof read for spelling!! too not to.

  • Mark McBee

    We turned away our principles that once make us great. Our leaders don’t even obey the Constitution anymore.

  • VyseLegendaire

    Complete failure on the personal level for the majority of people. Courage starts with the individual.

  • Steven P. Cornett

    I, for one, can only quote Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who put as the cause of the calamitous rise of Communism is Soviet Russia;

    Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

    As for what is happening in our country, I would have to give the very same answer.

    “Men have forgotten God; that is why all this is happening.”

  • http://food stingray

    horn blow anytime

    • DownWithLibs


  • The Jig’s Up

    How could this be happening the author asks. Legalized Hormonal and Surgical Abortion along with the Contraceptive Based Orgasm Obsession.

    A loss of Faith of and Fear of God. A loss of belief in Personal Sin.

  • John Sutherland

    America has been conquered from within by the progressives and socialists. While we enjoyed the good life and did not do our own due diligence, they have successfully penetrated our society and our government with the sworn obligation to destroy our American Judeo/Christian culture and our laws.

    To suggest that we have become a police state where we are no longer able to travel freely and unmolested from one place to another, or to keep our money that we earn through our own efforts, or to deal with an uncorrupted and serving government, is an understatement.

    We are no longer a free people, and until we re-assert the reins of control over our own public servants, nothing is going to change.

    We have allowed the fox into the hen house.

  • Marsha

    Chris is right!

  • preparenow

    The real problem in the United States is that nothing has been done to fix the very problems that caused the great recession in the first place.

    For every news report we hear that things are picking up a bit, we hear another that says these things might be an illusion.

    So where does the truth lie?

    The facts are that things are still a little bit shaky and we could be heading into the greatest depression the world has ever known.

    Many experts are predicting that by late 2012, we are going to see a global depression on a scale that no one has ever seen before. No history books will have a comparison. The picture is quite grim indeed.

    Billions will be unemployed, left homeless and starving, trade packs will be broken, Tariffs raised, boarders closed, anti immigration will be huge. Things are going to be very dark indeed.
    Start preparing everyone.

  • Bloom

    The decline of the USA has everything to do with the marrying of government and corporate entities, federal reserve, unchecked government growth and secrecy, political corruption and total disregard for the constitution. This country needs a complete government overhaul. The government should be accountable to the people. Our politicians are not accountable to anyone. They are above the laws they enact for ‘everyone else’. Remove the private pension system and healthcare coverage for elected officials; make them use social security and medicare, medicaid system everyone else has to use. Maybe then, they won’t be so keen to gut it.

  • WC Nitram

    Yea Chris, Same old same old. According to people like you, America is a Christian nation and the majority are religious and believe in God.

    Are you saying that the 15% who are not religious have caused all the problems? Wake up Dolt!

    America is dying because the new world order nuts want it that way. No constitution, no middle class, no more rights and liberties. Look around Fascism is just about here.

  • BigM

    So to sum it all up, we are not only financially bankrupt, but we are certainly “severely” Morally Bankrupt. Pretty sad when you consider that this nation was proudly founded on Biblical Principles.

  • gropingnome

    International cabal has infiltrated every major organization in order to control and exploit this population with methods that most people cannot even comprehend. Every area of society is being sucked down the same sewer.

    This nation is past the point of no return to better times, if for no other reason than that too many puppets are profiting from downfall and are even encouraging such with an overabundance of counselling, policing, guarding, lawyering, drugging, selling, supporting, bombing,replacing, repairing, preaching, screwing, tattooing and related industries.

  • Conkuur

    Technology! I mean we are less dependent on real people. I can even go to the grocery store and check myself out with little to no interaction with a clerk. Shoot! I don’t even have to leave the house. I could get groceries delivered,work from home,talk with friends on the many many social media outlets. All without basically even any real movement (insert reason for Obesity here).

    Society has also dictated to mind your own business. Media has told us our neighbors are killers,molesters,users…..etc.. I mean do we really need anymore examples.

    You see in movies how a friendly guy helps out a person broken down on the highway only to be shot and his car jacked.

    You see the concerned neighbor who calls the police after witnessing a domestic fist a cuffs only to wind up being targeted for harassment by these very same people.

    People also look at their time as precious. If I include to many people into my life I will have little time for myself. So if I put the effort to talk to the neighbors and get to know them I have to expend more time to cultivate the relationship and maybe I wont even like them and they wont like me.

    Social media groups allow you to pick and choose the kind of people that share your values and/or hobbies. I don’t have to take the unnecessary risk that I might be rejected. Like if I was to just walk up to a random neighbor walking.

    We are a media and technology run society. This is a side effect of that kind of society.We become less dependent on the community where we live because now the world is so immediately accessible.

    The things that bind a society together are troubles or travesties. 9/11 A perfect example of travesty bringing people together. The problem is if there are no problems we don’t as a society have anything to work towards.

    It’s like a relationship. The best and strongest relationships are the ones that struggled together through hard times and persevered.Most of Americans lives are easy even at the poor end compared to other countries.With easy comes sloth.You want a strong nation set goals,set standards,challenge yourselves,stand for something,be moral,strive to be more God-like,get back to basics. Love one another as thyself would be a good start.

  • Mike M

    I’ve heard it put another way.

    We’ve asked God to mind his own business and leave us alone and being a gentlemen has done so.

  • Mr. M

    Wow… ^ that’s the only response? Ha.

    Yes, I agree we’ve become lazy, ungrateful, impatient, and incorrigible. Who is at fault? All of us. We have allowed eachother this mindset, even promoted it, that every American can have it all.

    That is simply not true.

    The solution will come in the form of a crisis, where Americans’ delusional shield of protection is ripped away, and reality bitch-slaps them in the face. Then, the true priorities of life will reveal themselves.

    As far as Mr. Finstad’s statement goes….eh, do I
    really need to refute it at this point?

  • http://microsoftoutlook R.J.

    Chris I could not agree More. Thanks

  • toto

    American and all the rest of nations must learn and practice daily about wisdom of hinduisme and buddhisme on how to be concious in mind,speak and action not aramaic fairly tales

    • Neil Patel

      Check your spelling. Hinduism and Buddhism are based on peace and ahimsa ( non violence). So i agree

  • MP

    America does not love the Lord or his word which is the Bible. Sin is a killer–For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 6:23). WHAT WE ARE SEEING IS DEATH! What we are seeing is the results of not receiving the love of the truth. In addressing his Father, our Lord Jesus Christ said, “SANCTIFY THEM THROUGH THY TRUTH: THY WORD IS TRUTH.” (ref. John 17:17)

    WE ARE SEEING THE RESULTS OF LISTENING TO THE UNSANCTIFIED–THOSE THAT DO NOT LOVE GOD’S WORD. THOSE THAT DO NOT LOVE THE TRUTH. PERIOD. Look at the tv that people watch unashamedly–including so-called Christians–murder, adultery, children disrespecting parents, cursing, lying, envy, foolish talk and jesting, whoredom, sodomy, witchcraft, etc. Then look at society–full of the same types of wicked activities plus all the attendant maladies like ADD, anti-depressants, suicide, “therapy” as people try to cope in the unsanctified lifestyle.


    • TK

      AMEN MP!!

      Great post!! People would be wise to consider the truth they are reading about Jesus!

  • william thornton

    Are these total numbers or comparable percentage
    of populaton numbers

    Bill T

    • Michael

      It is a mixture, but I think all of the statistics are helpful.


  • KB

    The only other thing Americans definitely notice is their beer and whether they have enough on hand…just talk to a checkout person at any popular water-based (i.e., multiple lakes) tourist-destination town and ask what the tourists buy and when. It will be an interesting chat. You can also tell the city-dweller tourists by their sunburns and the fact that they expect you to move when they barrel through, while barking at their children.
    The rudeness of American city dwellers nowadays is overwhelming. They reek of it. The men are the worst, and the women not far behind.
    And yes, Jesus will be returning, and before it is over, we will be pleading that he comes as fast as he can.

  • innertrader

    Not only have we turned away from the Bible, we have allowed our country to be invaded by foreigners with different values which are now becoming main stream. But as much as anything else, we are allowing the NEW WORLD ORDER, one step at a time, to destroy the values the United States of America once had. Along with the destruction of those values we see the results in the 20 categories listed above. The NEW WORLD ORDER has to destroy those values to merge us with Mexico and other nations. I must say, they are doing a great job!

  • J. Dyer

    Chris is right. It is because this nation has turned away from God. But Jesus is not coming back as a savior again–he’s coming back as a reigning King.

    I don’t know when He is coming back, but we’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do before He does. We helped make this mess, and we have the knowledge and power to clean it up. Praying and waiting won’t cut it. Application of God’s law/word will.

    • TK

      AMEN! J. DYER

      We as a country do need to apply God’s law!!

  • ezequiel

    the united states has become the roman empire of 21 century

  • ezequiel

    and your country still acting as the moral juge of world

  • BThumper

    Yup, if your like to read scripture, heres yours for the day, 2tim 3.1-5, all of Dan 2 but notice verse 44 and Matt 24, verse 14 is key, who is that speaking about. Its on, bring it!

  • Rick Johnson

    Of course we have the most car thefts, we have the most cars. Just like most of this list, we are number 1 because we have the most of whatever available, drugs, cars, etc.

  • vicktor

    Awh, pretty much BS that America is tops in 20 bad categories. Compare all those 20 to per population, and you will come up that Italy is one of the very top worse, there is more come in Italy per population than anywhere else in Europe. Italy has literally over 300 MILLION TONS of garbage spread just over the Naples area and it getting worse, and it has been going on for 18 years. Yep, genuine pigs!! The Mafia and Camorra run the whole country, everything, cities are in CCCP, Chaos, Confusion, Corruption, Pirating, Rudeness and ignorance wherever you go. Tourists, come at your own risk!!

  • Janet

    Amen, Chris.

  • Craig

    Political corruption, a sold out mainstream media, an uneducated apathetic public, no respect for the Word of GOD or the 10 commandments, massive baby killings and the justification for it, major debt and entitlements, open borders, multiple foreign wars and occupations, and a narsasistic President with dictitoral powers propagating lie after lie after lie, is there any wonder, DUH!!!!

  • joesixpack

    I believe a lot of it is caused by the need for both parents to work to get ahead thereby resulting in lack of good parenting which causes by various mechanisms, lack of effort by students & teachers, lack of demand for better school curriculums(thus the dumbing down effect), lack of TRUE social interaction-not Facebook, texting, etc. And it all just leads to lower expectations and lack of family cohesiveness.

  • Gary2

    And yet many people will bemoan the social/democracy policies of Scandinavia as bad yet they beat us in almost everything.

    How can anyone think their social democracy is bad when the evidence says just the opposite.

    Capitalism has to be moderated by socialism period. There needs to be a middle ground.

    Capitalism is good at generating wealth but very poor in distributing it.

    Some socialism is needed to moderate capitalism.

    And no I do not mean communism.

  • Jack

    “Progressive” or liberal political dominance (Democrat and RINO) has created a society where manufacturing and innovation are excessively dogged by overbearing unions, regulation and taxation; where welfare creates a dependent class; where education is handicapped by unions and trial lawyers; politically favored groups and government employees have made themselves the new entitled nobility; the government dumped gold backing of the currency and for icing on the cake the political class has abandoned rule of law by the Constitution to seize unlimited power. Only if reform elements like “conservatives” and TEA party activists are able to take charge and follow through.

    • Gary2

      conservative is what has ruined the country and got us in the mess we are in. Take from the poor and give to the rich.

      I would like to crush conservative thought and relegate it to the dust bin of histories mistakes.

      Conservative=greed over people (GOP)

  • Klaus

    ‘The United States was once the most blessed nation on the face of the earth, but now we are literally falling to pieces.

    Does anyone have any ideas about why this could be happening?’

    Yes, Liberals!@!!

    • DownWithLibs

      And their anti-Christian ideals. You do notice the war on God, do you not?

    • Gary2

      because of conservatives and republicans take from the poor/middle and funnel the wealth to the top.

    • Honey

      Babylon Was Also the most blessed but the blessing were not from God.The Bible state God give wealth (blessing) and no trouble come with it.The USA has always been a troubled nation even in its illusion of blessings.

  • http://none F.E. Bikle

    America spends more money to elect corrupt politicians at every level than all the rest of the countries in the world combined.

    • DownWithLibs

      This is done with money that is stolen from us in various forms.

  • Rich K

    The key word is “reported”. For many of these, we don’t get the full picture from other countries. Nevertheless, I’m sure most of these are true, sadly.


    look at who’s in jail and what for.go back and see when it started. get back to the happy shot and stop putting them back on the streets and stop feeding them.don’t work you don’t eat.

  • David

    Could any of us picture someone like an Amos, a Jeremiah, or a John the Baptist being given a major media platform in order to help diagnose this country, get at the wound, and allow God to heal it? The truth is, we’re not interested in the truth.

    We much prefer to live in a halcyon haze than face the facts. Our television commercials are sheer materialistic fantasy, and we prefer to think that all neighborhoods look like they do in Desperate Housewives, even while the people in them are desperately degenerate.

    Let’s be honest, we don’t want the truth, and we’ve built our culture (in part, at least) in the outright denial of it. As long as this is the case, truth will cry out in the streets with no one to listen, and our prophetic truth-tellers will be absolutely marginalized.

    It’s rotten, and it’s sick, but apparently the media power-brokers and generally apathetic culture prefer it this way.

    So God waits… until we come to the end of ourselves.

  • don

    We are all victims. It is some else’s responsiblity. I deserve more. Our government and many spiritual leaders till us so. By telling us so they retain power over us. Let us become a moral nation again and be responsible for our own actions. Then let us demand more from our leaders and public figures and ourselves .

  • http://none F.E. Bikle

    All the mess of HEALTH CARE would clear up if honest , caring, people were elected to our various political positions. We are governed by gangs of crooked lawyers arguing with crooked lawyers.

  • Marc

    Yes, these are signs of a population that has become over indulgent in many ways. Often times there is no question as to whether “we should” only whether “we can”. This is a problem because ethics and morals become twisted as to what is right and wrong. Over indulging in free money created by the Fed is what initially bread this behavior and it has been long in the making. Thirty years or so of increasing entitlement at the cost of the rest of the world. It is simply about sharing folks. That is it. Sharing wealth and opportunity with children from all over the world.

  • J Coon

    There are far too many people like Chris who are relying on their make believe friends and those incompetent nin ka poops in Washington to make everything better.

    Everybody needs to get their heads out of the sand, get to work and get rid of the crooks and shysters in NY & DC. Then as a nation, stop trying to control, democratize, finance, and police the entire planet. Take care of our problems first.

    Our schools should be teaching our kids how to make a living in the real world of today. Instead they teach calculus and every frigin detail about the civil war you can imagine. No wonder drugs are so popular and prisons are overflowing.

    0.0001, the percentage of people who have used their extensive knowledge of the cilil war and how to figure the volume of a sphere to get a job or work a trade. I know high school grads who can’t open a bank account or read a tape measure. Talk about a wasted 12 years, public schools are a breading ground for nonsense, not practical knowledge.

    Dishonesty in all levels of society is accepted as if it were okay to lye, cheat, and steal.

    Monkey See, Monkey Do, rules the day, in the USA.

    • signalfire

      ‘lye’? ‘breading ground’?
      Looks like you didn’t pay attention in school either.

  • Jack Holt

    When one leaves God, he doesn’t remain a vaccumn something must fill his heart. The true God has been replaced by a god named “Self.” The new religion is, Worship and Serve the god Self. The belief is, You owe it to Self, or “They owe it to you.” Politicians lead the nation in this worship. They worship Self, so to protect Self they’ll sell out the nation to keep Self in political office. In the worship of Self, politicians will sell the nation to get the votes of minority groups. The worship of god Self has made Congress America’s chief criminal class.
    To satisfy Self, husbands and wives betray each other. To satisfy Self, men father children and abandon them for others to support. After all, they say, I must please god Self. To satisfy god Self, lazy people think others owe them so they will lie, cheat and steal to get what others labored to have. And their fellow liars cheaters and thieves, called Congress will rob others and give it to them to get their votes. These all, have no other god but “Me.”
    The worship of and service to the god Self is the cause of our nations troubles. The first rule of those who worship God self is, Please yourself no matter what happens to others. The second rule, Take what you want by any means possible no matter how much it hurts others. The third rule, Your rights are superior to the rights of all others. The fourth rule, In all your pleasing, please yourself first. The fifth rule, You have no responsibility to help anyone even yourself. If you take up habits that hurt you, others are responsible to help you, and you have no responsibility to change. That is like the story about a Sunday School teacher, who taught her class, “The Parable of the Good Samaritan.” When she finished, she asked the class, “What do we learn from that parable”? One little boy said, “I learned that when I’m in trouble, someone should help me.”
    What has brought on the tragic condition of our nation today? The worship and service of god Self. It’s not about the good of the nation, or others, it’s all about me.

    • anonymous

      remove yourself from the gene pool, retard

      • John

        Anonymous, was that article a little over your head? I think it was….

      • U must be a democrat

        You are the prime example of his point.

    • Russ

      Jack…You hit the nail on the head. As I read this article I couldn’t help but think of Noah’s day and how people were so self-absorbed and mocked both Noah and Methuselah (Noah’s grandfather) for warning the people of the impending doom. When it came, the people flocked to the Arc and begged Noah to let them in, but it was too late. We are real close to that point now. Forget about the false prophets like Harold Camping. God has shut his blasphemous mouth, as he now has had a stroke and can no longer talk. Hmmm! I wonder why? Yet, Jesus is coming soon to take those who believe in Him out of this world to a place of protection. For those of you like anonymous, who is afraid to give his name, you’ve been warned!! God bless Jack, I look forward to meeting you the day we rise to meet Christ!! Praise Jesus!!

    • TK

      AMEN Jack Holt, most Americans are worshiping self, it is Idolatry at the core of most of our problems.

      Thanks for posting, it is good to see that there are Americans who still love God!

  • karen

    You are so right, people should listen to the video on youtube by pastor Lindsey Williams he says America will default on it’s debit ceiling he is a pastor for the most rich people in the US, it is even against the law in many states to feed the homeless. I work on a military base and you cannot send out an e-mail on base to help Sharing and Caring it’s against goverment law, it’s your goverment and those greedy lawmakers that want you dumb and greedy and most fall in this trap with a smile, I put out containers so folks will give to help and they walk on by, in there own world this country is very close to a total collapse.

    • Vietnam Vet with a Conscience

      The U.S. has no choice but to default. Technically, the U.S. is already (ALREADY!) in default on it’s debt obligations. In three months when this situation worsens significantly, even O’spirochete won’t be able to con enough idiots into thinking his sphincter stimulation package was enough to recreate the millions of jobs that got shipped overseas by politicians who were only too eager to take the bribes to allow overseas tax shelters for these companies that took ALL OF THE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS!

      I have a friend who’s also a vet like me, stuck out in Nebraska somewhere because another vet wouldn’t help him, when he initially said he’d take him in. I live so modestly that most people would cry if they knew how little I spend per year to subsist, as a semi retired Vietnam vet with no pension and no big nestegg that would have been stolen anyway.

      the morons who are quoting this bible crap here are delusional, by the way. we don’t need a bunch of bible thumpers to lead us out of this depression we’re in, we need lucid people who don’t believe in hogwash and bullshit to get us out of this.

      talking snakes and allegorical crap that makes no sense is not lucid thought. it’s BULLSHIT.

      we are all our brother’s keepers. start acting like it

  • Albert Zabel

    I agree with Chris. We do not seek God nor His direction or will. We will pay in the long run.I have seen our decline/decay since in the 1960’s. It seems our government is even more decadent than the general populace.

  • handog

    It’s falling to pieces because of Sin. In addition to the shameful list above we allow the slaughter of a vast number unfettered abortions each year.Try cracking open an egg from a Bald Eagle and see what happens.

    I didn’t spend a dime on any patriotic crap this 4th of July. I looked at a flag colored T-shirt at a local store just for kicks. It was made in Indonesia. Why wave a sparkler around? The elites who own and run this country don’t give a rats ass about me.

    • likeatitn

      Great observation/post!

    • likeatitn

      This is a great blog BTW, it’s depressing, but it’s always kept real…keep searching for the truth, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Leo Olson

    The more you cite relative to population rather than absolute amounts, the more weight your article will carry. After all, there are only three, maybe four countries with larger number of people. Fine, think absolutes in ethical or moral terms if you like, but cite cases or amounts per person to compare to other countries.

  • CincyChris

    Americans are mind slaves….

    • Renbe

      Americans are mindless slaves….

  • J.L Hollwell

    The invasion of entertainment interests over any rational understanding: Americans’ love- affair with BS. If you have any doubt about the American character, just look at what we have for TV advertising! It is done this way because it works. People buy it.
    Too many people equate schooling with education. Even Govts are not really interested in true education: It’s rather jobs, union interests—-and the bottom line? Make sure there is a stupid, diverted complacent voting population.
    And then there’s the ‘Jesus’ bit. Few really know nor care about this mythical history. Bible thumpers, yes but cherry-pickers, great example: the ‘same-sex marriage problem. None cite Ecclesiastes Ch4 8-12. Written about 500BC, it deals with the importance of two people together. IT SAYS NOTHING ABOUT GENDER NOR MARRIAGE FORMALITIES.
    Where are our ‘thumpers’ on this one? Hypocrites all.

  • DownWithLibs

    I believe continually spitting in Gods face may have a lot to do with it. No morals, lack of individual integrity, backward ideals, and on and on. Yep, stick a fork in us!!!!!

    • TK

      AMEN! We are spitting in God’s face, and his mercy will be cut off one day in wrath and judgement.

    • Rowell

      You don’t have to believe in God or have a religion to have a good moral base. I’ve always been taught “Do unto others as you would have done to you”. Every time I’ve had an inkling about doing something mean/bad to another person, I stopped and thought “how would I like it if this were done to me?” And that would stop me in my tracks.

      Using God as a crutch to justify good, moral behavior is the same thing as anyone that is too lazy to work and depends on welfare. A person shouldn’t need the promise of some afterlife in some idyllic setting to be a good person. Treating others how you would like to be treated should be enough.

      Sorry if this comes across as strong/inflammatory, but seeing the constant posts about “we need to get back to God” is wearing a little thin. We all really need to act like responsible human beings and treat eachother like we would like to be treated.

      • DownWithLibs

        If there is no ultimate consequence for deciding one way or another, what would it matter to choose the right way? What would be the incentive? Why not have all the “fun” you can while you can? You really do have to be “with God” to understand this difference. We Christians know that every move and every decision that we make through out the day are being cataloged by God. Thankfully we are saved by the Blood of Christ, the Grace of God, but we still need to be good advocates of Christ. Going on a murder spree while saying we are Christians would not be a good thing and could end up costing us a lot.

        You are free to chose what you want to believe is true, but the Truth is the Truth and belief in it or not wont change that fact. Trusting in God is a wonderful thing. It’s not scary or mystical. I truly hope you can find a relationship with Christ some day. You will not regret it. I promise!!!

      • TK


        Your comment is typical of what is going wrong with America. Allow me to detail:

        You believe that morality comes from self instead of God. People that believe like you do are destroying America.

        Example: If you decided that stealing is wrong, and I decided that stealing is OK, neither of us are wrong because we decide our own morality.

        What is the solution? Allow the creator of heaven and earth to lay the base line for morality (which by the way is the Bible).

        Speaking of the Bible, you wrote “Treating others how you would like to be treated should be enough.” I agree, but you have forgotten the rest of the commandment,

        Matthew 22:37-40 Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like to it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

        • Rowell

          I have to object, TK. “People that believe like you do are destroying America.” What kind of comment is that? I have a very good sense of moral values, that I would put up against any Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. I don’t need to fear some omni-present figure, or be bribed by some promise of an afterlife to live a good life. I know that, when I die, that’s it…there’s nothing left after that. And to be honest, I’m perfectly fine with that. But while I’m alive, I want to live a good life, and to do so means “playing well with others”. If I treat my neighbors terribly, I know that I’ll be treated terribly in return. I know that if I steal, rape, murder, pillage, etc…society will punish me. I don’t want bad things to happen to me, so I will not enact them against other people.

          I’m sorry, I just don’t feel the need to have something over me to be a moral compass. I know right from wrong. I’ve been faced with situations where I’ve been presented the easy, “sinful” way but elected to do the right thing…while christian friends opted to take the less moral route.

          We are each unique. Judging someone based on their religious (or lack thereof) beliefs is simply closeminded. You’re welcome to your religious beliefs, as is anyone else. But when you start saying “we’re in this mess because of you godless heathens”, that’s when I take offense.

  • John

    We chose to take this route by cultivating the weak and the wicked at the expense of the strong and the good. Our own compassion is our undoing. We feel so sympathetic for the less fortunate and want to help, but we don’t take the time to see if the less fortunate deserve help. Some of the less fortunate chose to be less fortunate by being lazy or self destructive.

    Look at healthcare as an example. Some claim that anyones healthcare is everyones responsibility. Yet 50% of all health care costs are directly or indirectly related to obesity. What percentage do you think is related to smoking, drinking and drug abuse? What percentage is not self inflicted?

    • Gary2

      OK Ayn Rand, now back in the real world…

      • Green Mountain

        Great reply Gary! So well thought out. But how about providing a little bit more of an argument in refutation of John’s comments. I would like to hear it. Thanks.

        • Gary2

          We need single payer like all the other advanced countries. This is so obvious I need not explain it.

          Because we are a somewhat compassionate people, even obese folks will get care by going to the ER, which believe me they do as I used to be in healthcare. This is by far the most expensive care.

          It was my assumption that john wanted to let the less deserving die in the streets. His position was so beyond the mainstream and radical that I thought an equally radical reply was warranted.

          I get so sick of the selfish ayn rand craziness that is seen in the repubes who seem to idolize this selfish hypocritical atheist that I can not believe any church going person could ever vote repube as they support her.

    • A.S.

      I am a 37-yr old male, NEVER smoked, NEVER took illegal drugs, AVOID prescription DRUGS, ALMOST NEVER drink, and am 125 lbs. MOST of my recent blood work is excellent. So why shouldn’t I pay around $20 per month for health insurance? Ah–because some idiot that is a fat, smoking, drug addicted idiot, needs 24/7 ambulance and emergency care.

      If the NWO is real, let them take away these idiots first!

      • Gary2

        I am happy you are in good health, I really am. Odds are that if you do not die in an accident you will at some point in your life get sick and need medical care.

        Does it make you feel superior to put down the fat, smoking, drug addicted idiot, needs 24/7 ambulance and emergency care.

        OK Ayn Rand, time to get back to reality.

        • Green Mountain


          We are in this gigantic mess that we now find ourselves in, in large part because of the sickening welfare mentality wrought upon civilized nations by the Utopian left-wingers such as yourself and dawn. Individuals like yourself obviously have no clue what real compassion is.

          Let me explain it to you: Real compassion is rejecting laziness, tolerating mediocrity, and rewarding risk, hard work, and greatness. Enabling people to provide for themselves and their families, by getting them off the gov’t teat is real compassion.

          Left-wing compassion is keeping people dependent on the government; keeping people lazy; encouraging them to reproduce and keep their prodigy on the next gov’t handout.

          People who do not work are miserable. They are not happy. How is that compassionate?

          People who work and have removed themselves from the gov’t umbilical cord are productive, happy, and have a fulfilling sense of worth.

          People who milk the welfare system their entire lives are not happy, not productive, and constantly vote Democratic to keep themselves dependent on the State, thus perpetuating their cycle of hopelessness and misery.

          You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Don’t forget what Jesus said regarding feed a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. Ayn Rand glorified the possibility of man’s innate greediness because it led to great things. It led to the Industrial Revolution and the advancements in mass communication, transportation and medicine.

          But most importantly, on a more personal and individual level, it leads to WANTING to work and to provide a decent living– and sometimes wealth– for your family. And a decent living adds up to your own health care plan and providing that single most important element– after food and shelter– to your family ON ONE’S OWN ACCORD.

          And not the accord of the government. The gov’t has no business forcing you to buy their plan. That is preposterous. What do you think is going to happen when the nationalized health care system that O has wrought upon us is heading towards bankruptcy? What is going to happen when cost-containment is needed?

          Answer: there will be rationing and/or government mandates dictating what people can do to their own bodies through force or through customized higher premiums.

          “Other advanced countries” you say Gary2? Last time I checked, other advanced countries were going bankrupt just like us? Other Socialist, nanny-state E#uro governments were also feeling the considerable pinch of the global economy. It’s overspending, Unions, nationalized health care, etc. that has all led them down this path– AND NOT FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY.

      • dawn

        karma is a bitch goddess dude…

        you can learn compassion the easy way or the hard way…and you have rejected the easy way.

      • Rhinehart Fox

        I’m with you A.S. I’m 56. I’ve watched my diet, taken supplements and worked out for my entire life. I walk down the street and rarely see someone who looks healthy. They drag their bloated asses into McDonalds and use food stamps to pay for their next coronary. It was bad enough when my private health insurance reflected the cost of carrying the walking dead. Now we have to carry an entire nation where 30% of the population is obese and dialysis is the fastest growing “industry”. As I keep saying, forget fixing the system. It will collapse under its own weight (pun intended). These are all symptoms of much deeper problems. Prepare yourself and your loved ones to survive its fall. Make peace with your maker ’cause we all die sometime.

        For Gary2 and the rest of the utopians, don’t worry about a thing. The gov’t will help you and you can move into the rich nobleman’s villa as soon as you ********************. Viva la revolucion.

      • Rowell

        Some things are beyond a person’s control. You can never taken drugs, never drunk alcohol, be in perfect physical health and still suffer from a stroke or heart attack due to your genetic make up. I’ve seen it first hand where someone in perfect health falls over dead due to gentics (enlarged heart). You can never know for 100% certainty that this sort of thing will never happen to you.
        And guess what, you’re aging. Your body is constantly changing. You may be healthy now, and have lymphoma next year.

        That is the price we all pay for insurance…protection against the unexpected.

  • Sarah Stockhausen

    Of course they are #1 in all these categories as you are speaking in total numbers and not relative percentages. USA has one of the highest populations in the world. Insulting article to my intelligence. Signed, A Canadian

    • bp storm

      We may have almost 400 million people, but, China has 1.2 billion. China has 1/4 the prison population that we do. If you do the math, it comes down to the U.S. locking up 12 times as many people. China is an oppresive society as well! At least that’s what we are told in America, how about Canada?

  • Mary Reale

    Yes, becaues we through God out of school, and are doing our best to through Him out of all our public life. As a result we have also pushed Him out of our private lives. I don’t think He will return soon. I think He is waiting for us to see our folly and repent and turn to Him once again.

    • A.S.

      You should read what the Lubavitcher Rebbe said about school prayer–he was actually for it, but since there is a “separation of church and state,” which is a misconception to begin with, all he could publicly request is a “moment of silence” to begin each school day.

  • Gary

    There are many impacts to the US and our No.1 standing in these categories.
    With the amount of readily available information , the instant gratification demanded by many of our children (mine included), and the overwhelming sense of self imporatnace, it is no wonder we are in this situation.
    I also believe advertising has been the progenitor of substituting inanimate objects, for attention and concversation in our families.
    Our Puritanical roots have a direct link to pronography, alcohol and drug abuse, and an increase in the crime rate.
    We just returmed from Europe (Italy and France), and i was amazed and refreshed by people who actually enjoyed life!
    Americas drive to be “Number one” has provided the good, bad and the ugky we know seem to be surrounded with, and the way out is going to be painful.
    Thomas Jefferson, where haveyou gone?

  • Dr. Schadenfreude

    The writer adds an early comment: “If we ever want to turn this country around, we need to be very honest with ourselves.” Practice what you preach: Greatest movies (By inflated dollar value? Most CGI with a poor script of bad remake?) Largest economy? Quote sources please…
    As a retired sociologist/anthropologist it is an EASY equation to solve as to why the U.S. has become what it is. Observe how many people on this site (et. al.) want to speak their minds but are not LISTENING to what goes on in the minds of others in their society. (Read multiple comments to understand the human condition.) Take note of the redundancy. People here should begin to study what happens to ANY society when social cohesion collapses- and WHY it breaks apart. Welcome to the police state. This IS terrorism. It’s not an import from the Middle East.
    As an aside, IMHO eschatology will create enormous amounts of wasted time and effort with no return other than “hope.” Any who delve into this “witchcraft” probably had a certain expectation of “hope” to begin with. Much ventured, nothing gained.
    Matt. 24:36 All else borders on blasphemy. Learn when you cannot know something and find peace that it’s God’s knowledge and not ours. Know your place with God.
    Define when the U.S. actually turned “to God” and I’ll show you the quintessential definition of a dubious grasp of history and statistics. If you want to be challenged go read Nostradamus. It won’t fix anything for you, but it will keep you occupied and out of the way.
    Dr. S.
    PS: “Does anyone have any ideas about why this could be happening?” Don’t ask questions that you don’t want answers too…

    • lexy


      As I read through the comments I was more and more dismayed…until I got to yours. Thank you so much for giving me a sliver of hope that there are still some intelligent people left in America. What a shame, what a shame!

      • Dr. Schadenfreude

        Thanks for the encouragement lexy. :) Perhaps if more of us could get past the self-righteous, moralizing and judgmental ignorance we might find that we really aren’t all that different. There’s hardly any actual difference between all of us once we remove the religious and political leaders from our lives. The vast majority simply want to be free to live without threat from others.

        I agree with your dismay. Perhaps we place too many expectations on each other in the midst of inescapable dramatic social/technological change. “It’s better to be a dog in a time of peace, than a man in a time of chaos.”

        Too many preachers with no followers means everyone is desperate to be heard and afraid of what they see (desperation, anger and fear- usually a very powerful combination.)

        In my opinion, the sober-minded (not drunk on religion or power or capital) might do well to listen closely and speak little. As sad and selfish as that may seem- no one may be listening and/or properly evaluating in any case. The old adage: “Wait for a drowning victim to exhaust himself or he will pull you down with him” may apply here.

        Innumerable societies have fallen under this totalitarian oppression before and there is NO OTHER WAY out but to forcefully take it back from this (granted excessively militarized) extremely small minority of obviously inept bankers/elitists/classists who don’t have the ability to lead properly at a global level (> 50,000 globally).

        Listening to all this chaotic dogmatic claptrap I imagine we’re somewhere between denial and anger. Fascism is here, right now, and we haven’t resigned ourselves to it. We have to comprehend what that means.

        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

        Thanks again and best of luck!

      • Jennah

        Evyernoe would benefit from reading this post

  • Jerry Hewes

    Mankind has been using the material perspective for thousands of years. It is of course a wrong perspective for which religion tries to compensate. However religion itself is unaware of its bondage to materialism because it sees this existence also as material which leaves religion with only material solutions here upon earth.

    Material solution to our non-material problems don’t work, never have, never will. Our problem is our focus and presently it is material, exclusively. Our problem is mental because we focus materially and being a wrong focus creates all sorts of mental aberrations including the failure to determine just what is important. There is no morality emanating from a material perspective and consequently we are forced to believe in moral propositions like those of religions.

    There is no moral proposition that is verifiable materially speaking. None! This fact alone forces us to form democracies and fight wrongness throughout the world and even as this article verifies within the very fortress we want to think is paramount to human existence.

    Nope. Individuals are the only thing paramount to human existence, not governments, not religions and certainly not any ism. The thing of utmost importance is perspective. A wrong perspective will accumulate the most negative consequences in the most advanced nation, the USA, sooner than anywhere else.

    It’s a very natural event happening again and again throughout history. It is here that all the wrong conclusions become the consequences at mega scales we haven’t a clue how to resolve. In a blind attempt we built what we think are the finest “correctional” institutions, the finest education system and the finest government only to fall behind the rest of the world. Sure we have the largest economy but to what end?

    The right perspective answers the question “What is important?” It is that we and all things are made of value. It changes how we perceive existence and yields a whole new set of consequences because we can now make full use of our rationality simply because we are using a correct perspective. It would change human existence totally if we would just make this change. But I hear the response now. This guy is nuts. It is your choice. You reap what you sow. What we have is testament to what we have planted.

    Teacher of the First Order

    • TK

      You miss the greatest truth in all of the World, and I will spell it out for you:

      This world has come about because God has created it, and because God has created it, He as creator has every right to judge it according to His perfect will.

      All judgement and power has been given to His Son Jesus Christ, repent of your sins and believe in the only name known among men that can save.

  • craigsilver

    Why ask for ideas if you won’t post them

  • http://none Richard O Ranheim, MD

    Regarding the following :
    1) The incarceration rate is high due to the stupidity of the courts and judges. There is absolutely no excuse for drug dealers being in jail.
    10) This is politicians sucking up to the electorate. The voting public gets what they ask for.
    10; 12; 13; and 15 : People put their money where they choose.
    14) Greedy college and university administrators know the public believes in a college education. So, they charge what the traffic will bear. You don’t need a college diploma! The man that has done most of my plumbing since 1975 told prior to his death : “doc, I’d make a fortune today. The young won’t go under homes on piers or go in attics. I will”.
    17; 18; 219; 20 : We elect stupid people because intelligent, ordinary citizens won’t fun for office due to the gauntlet one has to put up with.
    I was born in 1935. The country was one Hell of a lot better off then despite FDR.

  • Ken Macdonald

    Looking at the problem from Canada, we can’t help but see the hypocrisy in America’s claim to be a christian nation.

  • http://none Richard O Ranheim, MD

    You mean to tell me that you don’t believe the courts and judges are stupid? Judges should throw a lot of cases out of court and quit wasting their time and our money.
    College and university administrators are not greedy?
    You don’t believe that only second rate people run for elective office due to the gauntlet one has to run during the election campaign?
    You can’t use the word Hell any more?

  • http://none Richard O Ranheim, MD

    If you have ridiculous standards like you seem to imply, don’t bother.

  • jay

    I just finished reading a book , that pretty much tells how the world really works if you read between the lines , Man Greed and the Economy is it’s name , it’s a very strange read
    more strange than whats here

  • PhilG

    1. Take the Bible out of the schools.
    2. Take prayer out of the schools.
    3. Legalize abortion.
    4. Legalize other sin.
    5. Bail out the ones who caused the downfall of our economy, but let the people suffer.
    6. Well, do I really have to go on?

    Hmmm, maybe we are on a roll…

    • DownWithLibs

      It’s called a downward spiral and we are about to hid bottom…HARD!!!

  • John Bortz

    In God we Trust is out the door…we do not believe in anything greater than ourselves anymore.

    • TK

      AMEN! John Bortz

  • Imaplaneiac

    I was born in 1950. Back then, America was mainly a Christian nation! People knew the difference between right and wrong – and practiced what they believed in. However,I concur … that this country has degenerated to such a degree that wrong is now right and right is now wrong! And so Almighty God now permits this country to suffer the inreasingly more frequent and violent so-called ” natural ” disasters.In fact, these are ” wake-up calls ” from Almighty God! These are a ” preview ” of greater chastisements that will befall this country if it continues on its course of degeneration and evils of all sorts!

    Having served a career in our Armed Forces, I’ve lived overseas for extended timeframes. Returning back home …I readily realized the culture of evil and sin that America has devolved to. Yet apparently, the majority of Americans think this depravity is ” normal “!? It cannot be denied that America is a cesspool of evil and immorality.

    One need only watch the television programming that pollutes the airwaves of our country 24/7; to confirm this degeneration and depravity! I’ve often wondered what impression this rubbish gives to foreigners visiting this once Godly nation!?

    Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bp storm


  • Leaving America Behind

    The love of money is the root of all evil. Americans will do anything for money. Anything.

    • jay

      true, greed greed greed

    • mondobeyondo


      The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.
      Money in and of itself is not evil. You need money to buy food, gas, electricity, water, etc. People in poorer parts of the world know this. They thank GOD (not money) for the ability to purchase a bowl of rice or whatever.

      When you get to the point of desiring money more than God – more money for your Caribbean vacation, or for a brand new Porsche (“gotta have it!!”) – then money becomes your god. You begin to worship money, because it provides the means of purchasing your Porsche, or XBox, or home theater system. Right then and there, people misplace their priorities. The very first commandment says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”!

      • TK

        AMEN! mondobeyondo

    • likeatitn

      Sure seems that way doesn’t it?

  • Tracy Anspach

    Let’s please look a bit deeper than a growing disbelief in bronze age fairy tales. This is a circular reference but here it is:

    This country is being run into the ground by “banksters” and We-The-People are doing nothing about it.

  • Chris Y Point

    Why? Why?
    1) the US killed over 16 million Natives to steal their land
    2) the US allows other people to steal other people’s lands: Israel stole Palestine – the British stole Diego Garcia for the American Base.
    3) the US supported S African Apartheid (until Black Americans woke up), now Israel Apartheid.
    4) the US always finds somebody to be at war with and is always bombing or sanctioning some country.
    Why? ‘Whatsoever a man soeth’ comes to mind. The us has killed, destroyed and stolen and somehow our country is being systematically killed, destroyed and our livelihood stolen.

    That’s why.

    • mondobeyondo

      Oh, but you forgot… we are so free! We support liberty! The U.S. wages wars because we want the oppressed populations to be democratic and free!

      Granted, I’ve never lived overseas. But I get a strong perception, that other people don’t see the U.S. as we who live within its borders, see it.

      • DownWithLibs

        And we have yet to conquer and keep the places that we have liberated. That is what sets us apart from the other Empires before us. As far as the whole “stole land from the Indians” thing, we were to spread Christianity (as allowed by God). It wasn’t pretty or perfect, but it got done. And this is coming from a 1/8th Cherokee Christian ;-)!

        • Polyphemus

          Err… When did we give back California, Nevada, Texas,Arizona, Puerto Rico, Hawaii..etc.? We conquered/liberated those and we have kept them ever since.

          So killing people, taking their land, and enslaving another group to help you is the Christian way? “Not pretty or perfect?” Talk about an understatement.

          • DownWithLibs

            Give them back to WHO? Mexico? Yeah, they would like that.

    • FB

      Israeli apartheid? People like you make me sick. YOU are a major part of the problem in this country.

    • DownWithLibs

      Just another one who needs to return to history class!!!

  • j

    It’s because we are greedy, we have been taught as a society that the best way to get ahead is to stick it to the next guy, look at the financial crisis of 2008′ everyone was trying to f… Everyone else and when the cards fell no one was sure who got f….. It turned out they all did, and needed the gov to bail them out. When this country falls it won’t be a financial crisis or economic crisis it will be because we f….. Ourselves.

  • James

    We are the whore of babylon – this country is being judged right-now! It all started with the Madelyn Murray -Ohair winning over the ultra liberal Supreme Court led by Judge Earl Warren, Blackmun, Douglas, Brennan and Harlan.
    We are at the precipice of disaster – much like Rome in AD 410 when Alaric sacked the city.

  • Nostradamus

    The USA is more than a country. It is a huge continent blessed with immense natural resources. But in the span of a short century, its people has sucked the place dry. Replaced by million miles of highway, 250 million vehicles, a million fast food restaurants, housing and lodging cover half the landscape.

    The root causes of America decline are all well-known in history. After winning WW2, the country acts with the mind and force of empire, policemen of the world, exporter of ideology with the zeal of religion mission. By the mid-80’s, this culture, which has grown unchecked, has gone out of control.

    The US political system has not served people for about 25 years now. It serves its own power interests. As such, it performs where the money is. It does not address national problems, leaving that noble business to ‘market forces’.

    By the mid-1990, America can be summed up simply:

    a) Politics for global imperial power.
    b) Everything else is ‘market force’, for a price, for a profit.
    c) Supply of US dollar is endless; debt and deficits don’t matter
    d) Everybody for him/herself.
    e) Suck the place dry; this quarter over next generation.

    And so, as in all history, USA will follow the path irreversibly to the dustbin.

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