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Outrageous! The Government Is Giving Out Free Cell Phones And Free Cell Phone Minutes To Welfare Recipients

Did you know that the federal government is giving out free cell phones and free cell phone minutes to welfare recipients?  It may be hard to believe, but it is true.  Right now, there are companies that are running advertisements specifically targeted at low income Americans informing them of the fact that all they have to do is sign up and they can get a free cell phone and hundreds of free cell phone minutes every single month and it will all be paid for by the federal government.  Some have referred to this as "The Obama Phone", but that is not exactly accurate.  The outrageous federal programs that are paying for this were initiated before Barack Obama entered the White House.  But the fact that welfare recipients have been receiving free cell phones and free cell phone minutes under both the Bush and Obama administrations has been confirmed as being true by Snopes.  All of this is paid for by "the federal Universal Service Fund".  That is one of those annoying little taxes that you may have noticed on your phone bill.  So what is essentially happening is the federal government is taking money from all of us so that they can provide free cell phone service for welfare recipients every single month.

When some of my readers informed me of this free cell phone scheme, I decided that I better go to the source.  So I went over to the FCC website, and it turns out that there are two federal programs involved.  "Link Up" provides a one-time connection discount on phone service, and it can be applied to the cost of a cell phone.  So this is where the free cell phone comes from.  "Lifeline" provides a monthly discount on telephone service.  So this is where the free cell phone minutes each month come from.  The following is a description of these programs from the FCC website....

What Benefits are Available Under the Lifeline and Link Up Programs?

  • Lifeline provides discounts on one basic monthly telephone service (wireline or wireless) for qualified subscribers. These discounts can be up to $10.00 per month, depending on your state. Federal rules prohibit qualifying low-income consumers from receiving more than ONE Lifeline service at the same time. That is, qualifying low-income consumers may receive a Lifeline discount on either a home telephone or wireless telephone service, but may not receive a Lifeline discount on both services at the same time. Lifeline also includes Toll Limitation Service, which enables a telephone subscriber to limit the amount of long distance calls that can be made from a telephone.
  • Link Up Up provides qualified subscribers with a one-time discount (up to a maximum of $30) off of the initial installation fee for one traditional, wireline telephone service at the primary residence or the activation fee for one wireless telephone. It also allows subscribers to pay the remaining amount they owe on a deferred schedule, interest-free. Federal rules prohibit qualifying low-income consumers from receiving more than ONE Link Up discount at a primary residence. That is, qualifying low-income consumers may receive a Link Up discount on installation or activation charges associated with either a home telephone or wireless telephone service.

Apparently these programs are becoming quite popular.

You can find a company called Safelink Wireless offering welfare recipients a free cell phone and 250 free cell phone minutes a month right here.

You can find a company called Assurance Wireless offering welfare recipients a program that is virtually identical right here.

This is absolutely outrageous, and it is yet another sign that dependence on the government is totally out of control.

Not that assisting the poor is bad.  Of course we always want to help those that cannot help themselves.  We never want to see anyone go without daily food or sleep in the streets.

But providing the poor with the basics of life is much different from providing them with luxuries such as cell phones.

In some areas of the country, the poor can also receive nearly free Internet service every single month.

Just check out the following example from the Houston Chronicle....

When Comcast acquired NBC Universal earlier this year, an FCC-mandated requirement was that the cable giant offer cheap Internet access to low-income households. Comcast is making good on the mandate through a new program called Internet Essentials.

Families who qualify will be able to sign up for 1.5-Mbps Internet access – the same download speed as AT&T’s basic DSL service – for just $9.95 a month. Customers may also be eligible for a computer that costs just $150 and free Internet training.

Also, a new bill has been introduced in Congress that would give "eligible" households money to help pay for gasoline....

Low-Income Gasoline Assistance Program Act - Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make grants to states to establish emergency assistance programs to pay eligible households for the purchase of gasoline.

These days, as long as you are "eligible", just about everything you need will either be purchased for you or subsidized by the federal government.

Yes, we will always need programs to help take care of the poor, but some of the things that go on today are absolutely outrageous.

There are millions of people out there that have become extremely comfortable receiving government benefits and it will be extremely difficult to ever get them to give them up.

After all, why bust your behind for 40 or 50 hours a week at some meaningless, low paying job when you can live a similar lifestyle by just depending on government benefits?

The following is a rap video that shows the kind of mindset that is developing all across America.  Please be advised that it contains some very strong language.  It was done by a rapper known as "Mr. EBT", and it is a perfect example of the kind of attitude that many welfare recipients have today....

Yes, everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.  But if you do have to rely on government benefits for a time, you should be fighting like crazy to improve your situation so that you can get off of them as soon as possible.

Of course the biggest welfare recipients of all are the big corporations.  The federal government showers billions upon billions of dollars on them every year, and this has got to stop.

The following example comes from an article in the Weekly Standard....

General Electric, one of the largest corporations in America, filed a whopping 57,000-page federal tax return earlier this year but didn't pay taxes on $14 billion in profits. The return, which was filed electronically, would have been 19 feet high if printed out and stacked.

Can you imagine a 57,000 page federal tax return?

That is absolutely disgusting and it is a perfect example of how corrupt our system has become.

All year long, GE has people pouring over the tax code just looking for any little tax loophole that it can exploit.

GE made $14,000,000,000 in profits, but they paid less taxes to the government than you or I did.

There is something very, very wrong with that picture.

All of this unnecessary welfare has got to stop.

No more free cell phones for people on welfare.

No more giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to big corporations.

We simply cannot afford it.

The U.S. debt problem is way, way out of control.  We have piled up the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and it gets about 150 million dollars worse every single hour.

Sadly, none of this is likely to change any time soon.

The big corporations provide the money that our politicians need to win campaigns, and most of our politicians are very careful not to bite the hands that feed them.

On the other end of the spectrum, our economy continues to crumble and the number of poor Americans continues to increase.  So even if we don't provide them with free cell phones, the truth is that the number of Americans that need basic food and housing is not going to go down any time soon.  In fact, it is going to go a lot higher in the years ahead.

We are rapidly becoming a European-style socialist welfare state.

In America today, the poor are absolutely showered with outrageous government benefits and so are the big corporations.

So who pays for all of this?

You and I do.

I am afraid that the joke is on us, and nothing is going to change as long as we keep sending the same kind of politicians back to Washington D.C. over and over.

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  • narob

    It has nothing to do with race, but everything to do about attitude!

  • John Parker

    It’s not just welfare. Any person who qualifies for any program, even heating assistance, can qualify for this handout which is paid for by everyone who doesn’t use these handouts.

  • C

    They don’t call it the land of the free for nothing.

  • Michelle

    I am a Christian, I vote conservative, and I recieve gov’t benefits. I am on disability and food stamps (EBT)and Medicare and Medicaid. I have Crohn’s disease, am in the hospital 6-10 times a yr, have had 5 surgeries and do not respond to treatment. Am currently hooked up to an I.V. 12 hrs a day everyday. I used to work in the medical field and have assisted in many surgeries. I am smart, I am a prepper, I know how to grow food, sanitize water, treat medical emergencies and am learning to shoot a gun. If I could afford it, I would not live in the city. I know what’s coming. I AM NOT LAZY !!! And you CANNOT generalize when talking about ANY group, rich, poor, disabled, on welfare, color, race, or political stance. And by the way, I am getting a gov’t subsidized cell phone b/c I only get $720 a month to live on. Stop the arguments and learn the real reasons this country is failing. Brush up on your history and some basic economics and what’s happening to our civil liberties and the
    Constitution (what’s left of it). I also know people who take advantage of the system, there will always be people like that, but I am not one of them. There are people that honestly need help. Please count yourself blessed if you are not one of them. don’t look down on us. Believe me, I feel bad enough. I am not “showered” with things. I would love to have my health back and work again. I lost my job, my house, car, my pets, even some friends through my illness. It sucks…BIGTIME :(

  • Rynn

    To the haters….
    How do you expect them to get jobs if they can’t even get called for an interview?

    A phone is the most important tool there is in job searching you dummies.

  • dog

    now there going to give these bumbs gas money to get gas people quit your jobs to hell with the gov

  • yo

    … well, thanks for letting me know where I can get a free cell phone.

    Humor aside, I’m currently, and I assure you temporarily, on food stamps and medical, only due to an out of state move for family reasons. I pay my taxes every year. I see absolutely nothing wrong with any social benefit programs available in the U.S. themselves, but rather the “guidelines” they use. Why on earth can someone get disability for having tattoos on their face, but someone with one arm will get denied because they had a job when they were a teen? I’m sure tattoo face guy had a job at one time that paid for the tattoos in the first place. I think they should just pay for the tattoo removal, not give them disability. That is just ridiculous.

    Though I do think they should get rid of the landline assistance for welfare recipients, but keep the cell and internet.

  • UhaveNoclue

    Wow. Okay. I’m doing a paper on whether welfare makes people lazy, and I came across this discussion. First of all, who cares if these people are getting a cell phone- it comes with 250 minutes- who can do anything with 250 minutes? In today’s society, we need cell phones. If you’re trying to get a job and the employers can’t get a hold of you, you get passed over. And, in case you haven’t noticed, pay phones are pretty much non-existent. So you have a dollar or two tacked on to your phone bill- consider it a good deed you get to do without even thinking about it. I completely understand that there are way to many welfare recipients who are taking advantage of the system- government has got to do a better job at protecting themselves. Here comes the part that’s going to make most of you say, “well that’s why she’s for this”- I, myself, am currently on public assistance. But, I do not take advantage of the free cell phone. I work part-time and go to school part-time, and still find time to raise four children on my own. I wouldn’t call that lazy, would you? I was married for ten years, but sometimes things just can’t be worked out, and now I’m doing what I can to make sure my children are taken care of. I don’t get cash assistance- even though I qualify. I use the food stamp program and take advantage of the medical insurance. For anything other than that I do what I need to do to take care of my bills. I only sleep five hours a night and only have “me” time when I lay my head down at night. I’d dare anyone to call me lazy.

  • Mark

    Thanks for letting me know that every time I pay my phone bill I’m paying for someone else to have their phone for free. It’s government benefits like this that drive me crazy. I’ve started seeing ads on tv for these programs and they make it sound like everyone qualifies (except me of course because I have a job.) I found another one that you didn’t mention… . 250 free minutes, you gotta be kidding me.

    • freedom

      Well I hope you don’t get sick and need any of these services. It sounds like you do not like them , so in all hope you stay perfectly well.

    • Maukwa

      Mark, you are a me me me me person, aren’t you. Watch out who you judge and begrudge…you could be next.

  • dell


  • Cheryl

    Let me ask you a question..HOW is someone to FIND a job, if there is no way to contact them? You know, some people don’t have any options available to them concerning methods of contact. Most of those free phones only give you 60 minutes of airtime.BIG DEAL. Those phones are to be used for job search, emergencies ( some people do have children, and can’t afford phone service)Doctor appts..etc. I pay my cellphone and home phone bill every month, but I’m not so oblivious to the fact that there are people who are not as fortunate as I, who NEED a phone and don’t have one because they can’t afford it..I would much rather give a little so that maybe one of those people that get help can FIND a job, or not have to run to a neighbor etc to call an ambulance..

    • Darnit

      nine one one is always free you can buy a phone for 5 bucks

  • Rich

    Do you even have a clue how public assistance works, since the Clinton era? You should seriously look into it. In order to get public assistance, individuals have to look for work 40 hours a week. You don’t remain on it forever. Only way you get any is if you can’t work for medical reasons.

    You very likely don’t understand how any of this works, which explains the rant here.

  • Jean

    I know of people who not only have a free cell phone, they have a contract cell service as well. In addition, some have internet and cable as well. If they have contract cell service, why do they need free service. Most middle class class people are perfectly content with one cell phone, so why if you are poor do you need two? If you can give me a satisfactory answer to this question, I’ll shut up. In case you are wondering, I do live in subsidized housing, I turned down the free cell phone because I didn’t need it. It hasn’t made me real popular around here, to say the least. I do get it. I don’t like it.

    The abuse of the welfare system by social workers is rampant. People get a social worker so they can get all the “free stuff”. I have no objection to people having services that are absolutely necessary, but taking taking advantage of them just because you can is abuse.

    No, they are not required to look for a job. Don’t kid yourself they do get 250 minutes a month.

    If we stop this abuse of the system we could definitely slow down the the growing national debt.

    • Rich

      Do you have a clue how welfare works? In NY state at least, individuals who are on welfare, if they can look for work, MUST look for work. They MUST spend 40 hours a week, at least, looking for work. You saying they aren’t required to shows the utmost in sheer unrefined ignorance of things. Maybe if you bothered to learn how things worked, you wouldn’t be posting the nonsense you do on the Internetg like this.

    • freedom

      Try taking advantage of them, when you need the help it is illegal and nearly impossible. Stay out of the business of others if you do not have the facts of lives.


        I think that the program is a help it comes down to when you cant afford communications devices and you are looking for work or trying to keep contact with household family member to support their efforts for work. like when I pick up grandson for my daughter or for emergencies OR getting details on anything going on at home, Here in California the payphone has gone extinct and in order to be considered for any improvement in life,job or training you have to be wired up in the loop of being available for contact. All they are giving away are used phones and free technology flowing through wires anyway. So what is the problem/ PLEASE NOTE I JUST JOINED THE CONVO HERE AND MY COMMENTS ARE AIMED AT THE NAY’ SAYERS IN THIS THREAD,

    • freedom

      Maybe you should go sit in your local welfare office and ask the director some questions. Then go to the waiting room and see how terribly happy all of these welfare recipients are. Then you should take a political science class, to help you have a better understanding of the national debt.

    • Maukwa

      You can’t possibly believe that people on welfare get cable TV, expensive cell phones, Internet services etc. with their measly welfare checks….There are people who are so called, scamming the system, who sell their bodies, or deal in illicit drugs etc. They do this because we live in a society that says that if you have those things, you will “be somebody”….how sad is this? And FYI all welfare recipients are required to look for work, or go into job training programs, unless they are deemed disabled, and this can be mentally or physically…we forget that some disabilities are invisible. Another sad part of all of this, is that these people are being trained to work at places like Mc Donalds, where they get paid minimum wages, and even if they do get a job at Mc Donalds…it will never be full time with benefits….so Mc Donalds is the one scamming the system as it allows the state and government to continue providing medical care and food stamps to these employees….also, the cost of day care far outweighs the wages that these people get, so the government then has to provide child care for them…it is actually cheaper for the state if the recipient does “not find work”….this is just plain wrong, as I have already stated above….I will just ignore the posts that are so ridiculous that I cannot believe that the people who write them are real….

  • Rich

    You wrote this:
    Yes, we will always need programs to help take care of the poor, but some of the things that go on today are absolutely outrageous.

    You know what you consider really outrageous? ANY attempt to do anything to help the poor, because why should good hard working folks, and the virtuous do anything to support parasites, and we all know the poor are just a bunch of parasites who only take. If there is any remote concern for the poor, it comes out of you not wanting to think, because of your focused on yourself, and “virtue” (hey might as well be a Objectionist while at it), you just can’t bear to think your beliefs can cause people to actually die if followed. And well, if not this, at least you don’t want others to THINK this is how you feel, because people will think you are a sociopath that doesn’t care about humanity.

    • djd103

      What is really absurd is that there are allot of people out there that have taken government assistance in one form or another, or handout services (food pantries and the likes) or church sponsored aid services for the needy. Many of those have gone on to solve their financial problems and increased their income over the years, advancing to comfortable if even though hard working lifestyles. Yet they still forget what it was like to have to receive assistance and now voice complaints for any act of helping the needy when it exceeds their personal (and now overly proud and haughty) opinions on what the poor and needy should receive. The elderly and disabled are easily forgotten and shoved to the side and it has taken decades for support groups to get the government to force those HARDWORKING but not yet needy or forgetful to accept they have to pay their part too, in providing for the poor in order to claim residence in a country that does not forget the needy.

      The problems are diverse in our nation, with a certain amount of abuse yes, in our welfare and social services programs. Yet there is just as much abuse in the form of those overly proud and haughty as they like to pretend they never had to suffer the indignity of being poor, as they themselves now complain of having to support others, as if they hold no indebtedness to the same system that helped them and educated them and made possible the varied and widely available opportunities through the very same system’s laws and programs.
      How many paid their tuition with grants or loans? How many got medical assistance either as a child or adult? How many got help in one way or another through returns, rebates or any of the other varied programs taken advantage of in their lives. AND NOW THEY WISH TO COMPLAIN WHEN OTHERS NEED THEIR OWN ASSISTANCE?

  • donald j marchese sr

    safelink called me and told me if Idon;t use my safelink phone more I will cut off and I am a senoir and a veteran of the united states.

  • Betty

    Check your facts Mr or Ms Outraged. Start with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Only communications companies are required to pay into the Universal Service Fund. It is up to them if they wish to pass cost onto their comsumers. Universal Service Fund also benefits Schools, Libraries and Rural Health care along with low income which includes senior citizens and disabled( including military which have fought for your rights to be outraged.) The Fcc if you have time to check your facts are in the process of eliminating duplicate benefits. And yes I do have a Universal Service Fee on my home and regular cell bill. I do not disagree with the fact that people who should not receive the money are receiving it. Unfortunatly in order to reach the people that do, I have no choice.

  • Chris

    For the record, one can fake looking for a job. Some welfare recipients have been doing it for years. They simply falsify their job search logs. Since caseworkers are so overworked and underpaid, this practice usually goes unnoticed. I do not have a problem with the poor receiving cell phones, because some of them may use them to look for jobs. However, I have a problem paying for it and then turning around and having to pay for my own service because –as a worker– I can’t qualify for any assistance. Even though I am a single mom who hasn’t received child support since the day my son was born nine years ago. I say, if they want the free phones, they should have to go volunteer somewhere like a hospital, school, or nursing home.

    • Maukwa

      News flash for you Chris….have you ever heard of “welfare reform”….that’s right, it came into play during the Clinton years….there is a limit on the number of children who will be figured into a budget, and there is a five year limit on getting welfare benefits….cumulative. Be grateful that you cannot qualify for any assistance, as this means that you live above the poverty line. And also, I wouldn’t have any more children if you cannot afford them. Women certainly cannot depend of the sperm donors to help out, this is not new news.

  • JaynieBeth

    OK, so I am a 48 year old woman who has worked or gone to school almost all my life. In 2005, I had a spinal injury and had to quit work due to resulting disability. My husband left me while I was wheelchair-bound. I had no choice but to move in with my elderly parents, as I could not take care of myself. Spine surgeries in 2005 and 2007, along with total replacement of both knees and a diagnosis of rheumatoid autoimmune disease requiring long-term chemotherapy have caused me to become permanently disabled. I waited until 2010 to apply for SSDI, due to the fact that I was ashamed to accept any handouts from the government (I am a libertarian by attitude). Welfare was (and still is) out of the question. I remarried in 2010, and my husband was out of work. We lived with my parents and collected food stamps for a year until he had work again. Then, we were no longer qualified, and I didn’t have to pull out that embarrassing EBT card any more. Meanwhile, I am turned down for SSDI twice, and waited over TWO YEARS for a hearing. My disability was approved (though I’ve received no benefits to date), and instead of living below poverty level, I can now pay rent (no Section 8 benefits, though I would qualify).

    I will not take any more government assistance than I have to. My husband works hard – he’s a machinist in a factory. We cannot live without a second income. At one time, I made over $50,000 a year as a systems analyst and programmer. I can no longer do that. So should I just lay down and die? These past 7 years, I have been tempted to time and time again.

    I cannot afford even a cell phone. I use my parents’ internet. The car my husband drives is a 20 year old Chrysler that my uncle gave us and my husband had to rebuild. It’s hard to afford gas and insurance, though. If he weren’t an excellent mechanic, we’d be walking barefoot. He works 40+ hours a week making very little, even with overtime, and drives an hour each way to get to his employer – that’s the only job he could find.

    • freedom

      I am truly sorry about your situation. We live in a country which allows us these freedoms. Getting assistance is not anything to be ashamed of. You should not even have to explain yourself to people who do not get it. They need to sit and get some psychiatric help.

    • Maukwa

      You need to quit trying so hard to be a libertarian, and just get a job. If you are on SSDI now, they will pay for you to go to school or retrain…if you can sit in a wheel chair, you can work at a computer. You are making this much harder than it has to be. The system is set up to help people like you, so go to school, get retrained, and quit your complaining.



  • djd103

    Folks, we can be mislead by editors and reporters or simple column writers just as easy as we can be mislead by politicians. All they have to do is play off of our fear, or our anger. A writer need only spout out the words “commie”, or “socialist”, or “facists” and we cringe in fear. All they need to do is spew out “government waste” or “freeloaders” and they have our attentions for the moment. Then we can rest assured that any other diatribe and misleading information they vomit forth is taken as accurate and a truth by most, merely because they would rather listen to such crap being that they themselves are miserable in their life as it is, or miserably discontent with life as they are forced to live it.

    What this article totally avoids is that with cell phone technological advances swarming the country, and being that cell phones are the norm (67% of all teenagers possess one), 90% of America no longer has pay-phones in public areas. These have been removed as time went on, under the guise that they weren’t profitable to upkeep and prone to vandalism.

    Thus phones were pressed upon us all, whether we had them in our homes or not.

    Now take the point and fact that land-line phones in a residence cost an average of $60-$70 per month (avg. @ $720 per year), especially considering the fact that most phone calls nowadays are made to other people’s cell phones. The point being, these calls are most often long distance, a double profit for phone companies.

    The government has to allow for that cost in one form or another, for just considering disability and elderly Social Security recipients alone (on either Medicaid or Medicare) make nearly 1,080,000,000 medically related phone calls per year (based on a national average of 24 calls per year per person).

    To purchase a minimal usage, minimal function cell phone only takes $35, and a phone client can purchase either 250 minutes per month for just $10, or 500 minutes per month for $20 (ReadyMobile rates used for an example). These phones include long distance minutes at no extra charge, unlike the more expensive to have land line residential phone services in the U.S. .

    Include those families that have children, disregarding single resident households or couples on benefits or entitlements programs that have no children, and those figures double or triple since only 5% of benefit recipients are receiving SSI instead of SSD or just welfare for poverty households.

    In other words, phone service per year per household is a mere $120 per year on the $10 per mo. plan compared to the cost out of pocket for recipients for a residential phone line at $720 per year.

    So when a government program offers minimal usage cell phones to recipients, don’t let pig tongued writers mislead you. Any program offered by the government is taken out of others pockets in the form of charges or taxes. But pay mind, if a program saves money to solve a problem, then don’t go poking it with a stick just to see if it leaks!

  • Gloria P

    In the beginning these were useful programs. 1. The free cellphones, and talk minutes were intended to go to elderly people, and low income people who were on poor health and needed to keep in touch with their doctor. These were NOT fancy, 4G smart phones, they were, plain, basic phones, that did NOT have cameras, FM radio, or internet functionality.

    2. The internet access, and inexpensive computers were a means for people to find employment. If you’ve been job hunting recently, you’ll discover early on, that it is IMPOSSIBLE

    • Trent

      +1 … i am currently looking for a job on the daily. and yes, its nearly impossible to find a job in this economy, even with Obama’s “safety net” and “increased job funding” … dont forget, he never included counts on those who have given up on job searching all-together due to the fact that the illegals are taking them all.

      • Angeline

        The illegals are only taking jobs that some Americans deem beneath them. Now that probably is not you or anybody on here but I have come across a lot of people with that attitude but those people don’t stop and think that an income is an income whether it’s minimum wage or high paying. I say a job is a job and people shouldn’t be picky.

      • freedom

        Nice excuse sucker.

  • Itstrue

    As a poor person without a cellphone, i find it impossible to live without one. I had a situation when i needed help, but since all the payphones are gone, I had to rely on asking shop owners if i could use their phone. They said no.

    Sigh…please bring the payphones back.

    • Vicki C.

      I hope you take advantage of the programs mentioned in the article. I went with Assurance Wireless, and I had one in almost no time.

      • freedom

        Did you literally take advantage, meaning it was not to your advantage to have one.

  • Trent

    You all sound like arrogant idiots… the whole reason there are 2 (or more) sides of the government is to drive us to argue and fight with eachother. instead of attacking the true evil, we attack eachother.

    good job everyone… remain slaves

    • One America

      Best comment on this thread! We all should read “How to kill 11 million people” before we make any more accusations at one another. We need each other – read this book and you’ll see why…

    • Maukwa

      “Divide and conquer”……Exactly!!!!!!

  • Tina

    SafeLink phones are not paid for by taxpayers or the federal government. TracFone Wireless pays for the phones and also the cost of promoting its SafeLink program to make sure that eligible consumers know about the program.

    • Sunday

      Thank you for the clarification. I didnt know that it was another cellphone company paying for the program.

    • C.J.

      The program is paid for by the Universal Service Fund with fees added to every phone bill in America. That means people with phones pay for it in their phone bills via a tax. FactCheck didn’t check the facts either, so they are also wrong.

      • freedom

        Not true, prove it!

      • jackbenny

        Um, politicians stealing billions in tax dollars? Billions in weapons to other countries? Not even slapping terrorists on the wrists?

        How come you don’t get upset over that?

  • The Only Choice-Obama

    God forbid we help the poor. Shame on you for begrudging those who are less fortunate.

    • jackbenny

      That’s because they rather suck up to terrorists.

      Makes sense to me!

  • Jamie

    When I met my now husband in 2003, he was a manager for a well known restaurant chain in Milwaukee, WI, and I was a bi-lingual Nationally Certified Senior Pharmacy Technician (specially trained in insurance billing) for a well known Pharmacy chain. My husband’s company offered health insurance that included dental, eyecare and prescription coverage for a very decent price. Ironically, my company offered very little health insurance to the tune of $200/mo individual and $450/mo family. After we married, I was able to go onto his insurance and the premium went from $75 to $150/mo-still reasonable, considering. After we found I was pregnant, we found out that his company just changed insurance companies and the new company only covered 20% at the most for pregnancy and/or birthing costs, so I turned to my employer’s health coverage for help and found out that was pretty much the same. Shortly after my first OB appt, I found out I was high risk because of a clotting disorder I did not know I had and the injections I had to give myself everyday were not covered by the insurance and were over $5,000 a month. We had no choice, but to apply for medical assistance for myself. Neither of us wanted to do this, but we were caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Now, that assistance I qualified for paid what the insurance did not pay for and allowed for us to repay the expense over a payment plan. My husband has a daughter from a previous marriage and at the time we were traveling 9 hours every other friday to pick her up in Minnesota and drive 3 hours to my in-law’s house in Chippewa Falls, WI, then turn around that Sunday-drive her the 3 hours to her home in Minnesota and the 9 hours home to Milwaukee. My husband worked 60-80 hours a week and I worked about the same-usually to make up for the every other weekend. Because of my high risk, the doctor told me that I had to cut down on work, so instead I changed my shift from the more hectic 2-10pm to the 9pm-7am seven on seven off shift. Moving on…We were in charge of all the traveling as well as the traveling expenses-sometimes we would rent a hotel room in her home town to cut down on the travel time and allow us to spend more time with her.

    • freedom


  • Margie

    Some old and sick people desrve all the help they can get.Still yes it is out of control we are know that, but there is nobody out there capable of stopping it.

    • freedom

      Your out of control, you don’t even make sense. Educating yourself helps. Does not sound like you have much knowledge.

  • Susan

    Isn’t it great the government is giving out FREE cellphones to welfare recipients. They give us so much don’t they…those free stamps, no work and all that good stuff…such ignorance on this board…FREE cell phone, it ain’t never come…awesome free service huh. How about those loving husbands that leave the wife and kids to fend for themselves thus putting the family on the welfare system. I’m not on welfare, my husband is as he pays no child support…so this is just that good ole child support so please have just a bit of intellect to do with the whole welfare system if you will before you comment. Sure there are those people having mega babies simply wanting to live off the system, but then there are other situations in which we did not choose the poverty lifestyle, so please before you leave a crude comment get some knowledge on the subject matter your undertaking…have a great day everyone!

    • freedom

      You better get some anger counseling. You are clueless to my situation. I would not give you the time of day. Thanks for the phone President Obama!

      • Maukwa

        Freedom, I think that Susan was being sarcastic….


      you are so right learning others story’s are essential before judgement last i check popping out babies is no longer supported as far as cash returns are concerns. And all participants have to be in an activity to get support. school or actively seeking employment. A single woman can only be in one place at time. When dad doesn’t bust nuts looking for work and help his offspring makes things hard. people get a clue.

  • haruki

    If you read the full article, he directed this toward the mega corporations and people who cheat welfare so they can just make even more money, not the disabled who need welfare…

    • MAW

      I did read the whole article. When they mentioned the mega corporations they said the mega corporations gave money to help them get elected & then took money from the government.!~! That part of the article had nothing to do with the free cell phones.!~!  I stand by what I had said.!~! If you look at the heading of the article it clearly says it is outrageous that the government is giving free cell phones & free minutes to welfare recipients.!~!~! I appreciate you writing & trying to explain something that I might have missed.!~! I had read the full article.

      • jackbenny

        Well, that just proves MAW, that people listen but don’t comprehend.

        They’ve placed poor people into one category without ever finding out the facts or paying attention to the information given. They like to throw their opinions around when they don’t know anything from Adam.

        • Matt

          Any of you who assume poor people need this stuff, are doing the exact same thing as the people assuming poor people do need this stuff. Both assumptions. That is why blanket federal legislature NEVER works, because individuals should be taken on a case by case basis. Individual rights, and responsibilities are what this country was based on, and what would fix these problems. Look at the individual, and leave your assumptions about “poor” people and “rich” people at the door where they belong.

          • Matt

            Should read “Any of you who assume poor people need this stuff, are doing the exact same thing as the people assuming poor people do NOT need this stuff….”

  • Angeline

    Okay so I have been reading some of these comments and I think some of them are totally outrageous. There are some very honest people who are on welfare because they have hit a rough patch in their lives. They can’t afford a $200-$500 phone or a $100 plan. If something happened to a child or pregnant women, etc. If they don’t have a phone how do they call for help. I pay taxes but I don’t begrudge people help if they need it. One day we could all be in their shoes. I have a good job and benefits but it could all be taken away in a heartbeat. There is no such thing as job security in these times. I have seen people who do take advantage of the system but we also forget about those who don’t. Now if every one could work in a good job with benefits I am sure they would. But McDonald’s and these little fast food restaurants really don’t offer very much. Lets stop putting down the people who are on welfare because they NEED it and start trying to find a solution to help them.

    • You know

      Who said they need to get on a 100 dollar plan?!…and a phone is a luxury, not a necessity. Plus….there is a record breaking amount of people now on welfare that shouldn’t be because they refuse to work. So tell me, why should I help the people that do nothing but suck off other people?…I don’t believe a grand of my check a month so go to anyone but me, the person working for it.

      • Patience Celt

        Phone service IS a necessity. Poor or not, you need a home phone, if your homeless you need a cell phone. First, there are life threatening situations that could require a phone but more importantly there are poor people that are not just sitting on their butts but * shock gasp* trying to get a job, and how do you suppose employers get in touch if they have no phone? What if a poor person has a job ( yes, shocking I know), and daycare née to reach mom? Or child is sick at school? Not every job allows people a phone or a desk so a cell is pretty much mandatory in this world. Also, not every poor person has neighbors they can trust or family that could field the calls for them. In this day and age a phone is a requirement whether it be A home phone or A cell phone. Finally, these phones are NOT paid with tax dollars they are actually paid for by cell phone companies.

        • Yvette Conley

          “homeless” has been around since the beginning of time. Not cell phones. People made it thru emergencies then. They can still do it today.

          • freedom

            Seriously, what planet do you live on!

          • jackbenny

            She resides on the planet “Denial”. When you grow up in a family that has never had hard times, you tend to live in fairy land. Let’s take away HER cell phone and see if SHE can survive without it.

          • freedom


          • jackbenny

            *Sigh* I wasn’t talking about you.

          • freedom


          • jackbenny


          • freedom

            Do you need tri-focals. Your clearly not seeing the picture here. Maybe you should watch cruella. Cinderella is just to good for you.

          • Maukwa

            “homeless” has been around since the beginning of time”
            Are you for real????? and “People made it thru emergencies then. They can still do it today”????? I repeat; ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!!

          • jackbenny

            YOU give up on YOUR cell phone and let’s see YOU survive.

            (But yours is probably surgically attached like almost everyone else).

            By the way, are you any way related to Marie Antoinette?

          • Jonathan Naylor

            I find it interesting how strongly you feel about cellphones. I haven’t owned a car in 7 years, much less a cell phone. As it turns out, phones are everywhere, and even today, with no personal cell phone, I can find a way to make a phone call easier than anyone could a short 20 years ago. Necessity? I’m living proof that owning a cell phone is not actually necessary, and is in fact a luxury.

          • erin

            but, how are they supposed to get a job to help themselves if they have no phone number for employers to contact them?You’re just wrong

          • sophie1150

            and how many times will a potential employer call. A basic phone with 60 pre-paid minutes a month.

      • Yvette Conley

        TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

        • freedom

          You are a ignorant calice person who knows nothing about nothing. I doubt you have much of anything.

      • joem789

        WRONG. A cell is now a necessity unlike 5 years ago.

        • freedom

          A cell phone is necessary for communication. Much in the area of people with disabilities. All the people who are critics or haters because we need a lifeline why do you need a phone. It is not necessary. If so what makes you more deserving than me. Do you believe in equility. We all have the same rights if you are an American citizen. Who are you to impose on my freedoms.

          • jackbenny

            You’re right. This hate and blame toward the poor is much the same as when Germany hated the Jews. They placed them into one category and held the Jews responsible for Germany’s economic woes.

            The smug “hard-working” tax-payers here are no different; the only things missing are the gas chambers.

      • freedom

        Try living in another country. You would not be whining about anything about this country.When your needs are not met according to your standards. Don’t apply for any help you would be the biggest hippacrit I know.

      • Maukwa

        You Know….I suppose that “you know” that most people who get state aid, or “welfare” as it was called in the 1950′s, WORK!!!! And the remainder are senior citizens and the disabled….and a phone is a luxury? Now come on and get serious.

      • freedom

        Refusing to work encompasses a lot of area. Be careful not to exaggerate this is not a forum for unrealistic comments.

      • freedom

        Hey big boy, you think your tax dollars are going where? Seriously, your tax dollars are going places you don’t even know. Why are you freaking out on this little 5$ phone made in another country. Do you even know where? Do you even know who owns these phones that are given out ? If you do you would not be making such idiotic comments. Prove to the world your pennies are paying our phone bill. Now you have to educate yourself to figure it out. Then maybe you will shut up.

    • Yvette Conley

      Well I hit a “rough patch” a few years ago. My husband and I both lost our jobs within a week of eachother and needed some help but when I went to the social services office I was turned down because my unemplyment benifits was too much ($182 a week). I live in So. California. Anyone who lives here KNOWS $182 a week is NOTHING! I was told by the social worker if we wanted to get any kind of assistance we needed to wait for unemployment benifits to end, do not get or look for a job and then reapply. What kind of crap is that? What kind of message are we sending when the gov agencies themselves are telling people not to work or look for work. I’ve been putting into the system for over 20 years and have never given any kind of help when needed. And yet now a days these kids are having kids and concidering “welfare” as the souce of income. SO NOT FAIR TO THE WORKING CLASS AMERICANS. I’m tired of supporting these kids that are only being raised by kids themselves and teaching the next generation “why work if you can get it for free from the gov”. And now cell phones? Where does it end? When is it enough?

      • Vicki C.

        So, Yvette, welcome to the real world.

        You applied to the government for help and you didn’t get it. Waaaaaah.

        What this should teach you is how hard it is to get governent benefits.

        First, you have to be REALLY POOR -income at or below the federal poverty level – do you even know what that is? You have to have have very little in the way of assets – in my state, Minnesota, less than $3,000 total, including all savings and checking accounts, any investments, property – and you have to provide proof of this. And keep providing it.

        Whenever you get any money, earned or unearned, you have to report it to a case manager. You have to put up with a level of government intrusion you probably wouldn’t like.

        You should be grateful that you have the capacity to work and earn money. I am disabled, and have been for over 20 years. I live on $878.00 for month, and I get $16 on my EBT card every month – welfare. That’s it. And I am doing better than many others.

        I am so tired of hearing working class Americans scapegoating black single mothers – because that’s who you mean, right? – for the problems in their own lives. Better you should lookl at your own behavior – are you sure there isn’t something you could have done to save your job? Were you the perfect employee? – or put your energy into finding another job.

        Oh, and about those free cell phones? I have one. It’s a bottom of the line phone – the kind you could buy at Walmart for $15 or $20. Yes, I get 250 free minutes on that phone, but if I want more time I have to pay for it. You’re mad at me for that?

        • freedom

          Why feed into these idiot’s!

        • Maukwa

          I believe that you can only have $2000. in assets in Minnesota.

          • jackbenny

            Whoa, Vicki C. stands corrected.

            Who gives a s***?

        • Lakecia

          Thank you Vicki. I wish I had saw your post before I wasted my minutes responding to the same mess. Have a good year:)

      • freedom

        I hope none of your kids or grandkids get sick and need a bare necessity! You need to step into reality!

      • Lakecia

        You are exactly right in that the government wants us totally destitute before they will help. You would think the smarter thing is to really give help to those that are still holding on by a thread and willing to help themselves. That would be to much like right. Now the kids you refer to being raised by kids were someone at sometime in the same situation you are in now and they were forced to wait until they had absolutely no choice, but to rely on the government. If people are being forced to do this then it can be almost impossible to get out of that ditch once you are in it. This breeds anger, despair, frustration and ultimately low-self esteem so when they have children the legacy is passed on and the cycle continues. Now there are some of them who can and has had opportunities to get out of the ditch, but a lot haven’t and don’t have the energy to fight that difficult uphill battle. Have you ever really been in that situation? I am thinking not! So stop judging others! You posted your sob story and I have sympathy for you, but how do you think others feel?? oh yeah, you didn’t think.



    • John Silvano

      First off people, please don’t feed the trolls. Call it wishful thinking, but I believe Freedom is acting like an idiot to inspire angry and thoughtless responses.
      I have to say Angeline, a $200 phone is a bit over the top anyway, poor people don’t have time to play Brick Breaker. I’d give them a $20 phone and it would do the trick.

      I live in Scotland, but the principle is the same. We have people (my own mother, for example) who do nothing but sit on their arses and demand everything for free, and usually these people pretend to have mental illnesses to get this. These are vile, antisocial and thoughtless people, and they should be left alone to curl up and die.

      It’s a shame because there are people who just hit a rough patch, I’ve been there too, and there are people who are genuinely suffering from mental illness. But both these people, and the rest of society need to take the hit because a bunch of spoiled brats can’t be bothered earning what they have. All we can do though is work hard ourselves, and help our community to be productive. Eventually the parasites will die out (whilst calling us “capitalists” or something and waving signs).

    • sophie1150

      I am willing to help a person who has a good work history and now lost their job.

  • Candace

    A phone is not a necessity. And millions of Americans are on food stamps because they refuse to work. This is a joke an our government is more waked out now than ever. I don’t believe I should work hard for what I have and pay for other people….the only exception is if they are handicapped (obesity not included), elderly or actively looking for work or working hard at a job that doesn’t pay well…….otherwise, free cell phones? Give me a break!!

    • freedom

      Then get rid of your phone if it is not necessary.

      • jackbenny


    • Maukwa

      Just for your information….”obesity” is not considered a disability, unless it is attached to a disease that causes it….and there are many. And just who do you think is getting the phones?

      • jackbenny

        Not at ANY time is obesity a disease, unless you consider constantly stuffing yourself one. Don’t rely on the “gene” thing because that just simply means there’s a limit to how much an individual can eat before they gain too much weight. Stop excusing the fat group.

        And they ARE trying to push obesity as a disability. There are plenty of fat people in wheelchairs, and not because they are paralyzed, but because they eat too much. They made that choice, but they want the tax payers to pay for it.

        Get pissed off at THAT.

        • freedom

          Jackbenny, you are not a doctor. Obesity is a disease. You are just short of calling someone fatso. How do we not know your a whale on the beach. How does it feel. When you have to make fun of others to get your rocks off, you need to look at your sick self in the mirror. Did you hear it shatter.

    • asyliah

      For hundred of years, here in America..these franchised groups worked for nothing..incredibly working..where no one works like that today!..Let’s get real here!!. While they were forced into labor..other groups were invited to work, and did..while the influence of this racial stratified system exploited it’s society to hate, through legal, religious and social dogma, modern minorities, in the 20th century just began to glimpse a new era of thinking, feeling and acting. The significance of our history, depending on what side one is on, is quite significant. As a minority, there was a time in my life when looking at my own people receiving foodstamps or other govt. help without working for it would literally piss me off!! In my early 20′s holding it down with a job, attending college without support from immediate family members, i went to DSS, and they said I was $1 over their budget formula…In order for the government to help you with a cell phone (a necessity…hello 911…you’re alone, a battered woman, a disabled person..etc.) you must be dirt broke!!. Personally, life will yield you experiences that you NEVER thought you would encounter dear,. ..and oh, by the way, for the 10 million (recorded) African Americans who were enslaved, beat, hung, raped and exploited (Wall street started with human commodity- the first black slaves!!!) over the course of 4hundred years…a cell phone, you’re disgruntled about? ..let’s find solutions coupled with empathy to the increasing crisis within particular groups in our society. Even a strong oak tree can get cut down!…peace

    • jackbenny

      Believe it or not, Candace, there are a lot of welfare recipients actively seeking employment. Only the crazy don’t want jobs. And you act as a racist placing everyone into one category.

      I don’t know why everyone is still living in the 1980s when welfare had no WEP (Work Experience Program to you uniformed, which is most of you) or Back to Work Program, and everyone stayed at home? That is not how it is anymore.

      Clinton signed that bill so all except those with real disabilities have to attend everyday to these programs. You can’t get out of them unless you have a really good reason.

      They also stop cash assistance after two years for single people. You can’t get money for an unlimited amount of time anymore.

      It’s an age-old game: blame the poor instead of focusing on the nation’s REAL issues. You can’t control, or feel you can’t control, the rich and/or government, so you think being angry with poor people will solve everything. It’s a form of brain-washing, really. Hitler and the Nazis did it with the Jews. Germany wanted a scapegoat for their poor economics, so they picked one of the most persecuted groups in the world. Do you think the Jews deserved what they got?

      Your attitudes are the same as the Nazis. You may not use torture and gas chambers, but you blame and hate just as much.

      This is supposed to be a nation of understanding and advancement. But nothing has really changed beneath the surface. People are just as ugly on the inside as they always have been.


      you are clueless you aint really paying for ish the wires are up and running whether the service is free or not. you too may find life changing that prevents you from working and you end up on unemployment with little funds bet you will look for his option then won;t you heartless dog.

  • Deerduke

    Wow, sounds like what Big Oil and WallSteet and Corporate Farms have been getting for YEARS, subsidies and handouts. What’s good for the goose…

    • freedom

      Don’t you have a better answer than that. Did the goose lay a golden egg for you. Arrogant and stupidity is why we do not align with people like yourself.

  • Deerduke

    Why not spend the moey putting the poor back to work? We have roads, bridges, dams, schools, levees, shorelines, libraries, etc. that need repair or rebuilding.
    Plenty of work there.
    I moved to L.A., and being non-Latino, I get al ot of frowns when I fill out a job application. From who? The Latino handing me the application. I watch as they quietly toss it in the trash as I’m leaving. It’s not that the illegals are taking all the jobs here, it’s that they won’t hire anyone who isn’t Latino, or related to them somehow. 157 applications in 4 months, not one call back. I’m a foreigner in my own country.

    • freedom

      Sounds like America the beautiful.

    • Maukwa

      Yes, reverse racism bites….move to Idaho, or some other area of the country…If I owned hell and California, I would rent out California and live in hell! :)

  • Karma

    Some people really need those phones. What if someone can’t afford a phone in these tough on the poor times we are in? It is people like you that live in the “American bubble” that is the real problem with the country, not the poor people. It’s people like you that look down their noses on things you simply do not understand. I have a novel idea, start helping the poor and bringing them up instead of greedily keeping all to yourself while keeping the poor down.

    Complain about the poor all you want, but it’s people like you that are the problem with this country. If the government ever gives out compassion, I suggest you be one of the first to stand in line. Because from what I read, your just a judgmental fool, and the days of you fools messing things up while you judge, is coming to an end very soon.

  • Nathan

    Except that, you know, people on that program are nearly required o go out and find a job- which is why they give them the cell phone. Businesses these days want an immediate way to contact their employees or potential employees, and that’s why they’re paying for the phone: So that those people can get the bar necessities through their hard work.

    • freedom

      You are absolutely right on! Without a cell phone in corporate America you will not get hired. That includes McDonald’s. It is not our demand it is there’s.

  • enjoying my life

    I have a free government cell phone and I love it, thanks suckers! I have it and there is nothing you can do about it, just keep paying my bill! I also had steak, crab legs and shrimp for dinner last night thanks to the government. What did you eat? hahahaha!

    • freedom

      You have some serious issues. Quite obvious!

    • Maukwa

      What illegal activity are you doing to be able to afford the steak etc.? A single person on food stamps does not get more than $200. each month, and most get far less. I would keep quiet about being able to afford expensive foods…but then maybe you only eat twice a month. ;)

      • jackbenny

        Hey, Maukwa, and Freedom, I think Enjoying My Life was being sarcastic.

        Did you really take the comment seriously?

    • freedom

      Hey, you forgot to buy some sushi and escargo and a bottle of Don perrion. With a smart mouth like yours you should be eating soap.

      • jackbenny

        To repeat, Enjoying My Life was being sarcastic!

        • freedom


          • jackbenny

            Why don’t you make some sense? I bring it up because symbolically people are against the poor in the same manner. I’m on YOUR side. But you’re not listening at all. You think everyone is insulting you left and right, even when they’re agreeing with you.

            You’re reading here but not comprehending. And from now on this forum is being blocked from my mail. Also, grow up and learn how to spell.


          • freedom

            Feeling a little guilty, ashamed. Who are you to critique people with disabilities. My comprehension level is obviously to much for you to handle. Have you ever spelt critical. Hmmmm

  • Dave

    Ok so…Fact:
    The phones are for the DISABLED…not welfare.
    wingnut punks like you inflaming the low iq morons are whats WRONG with this country

  • Stacey

    “You” and “Your Taxes” aren’t paying for jack. Have you ever heard the term ‘apportioned’?
    Look it up.
    The taxes we all pay to the IRS are un apportioned, therefore the IRS can very well tell you whatever the heck they want about what your taxes are being used for. You have the News Media to thank for that, making it seem like assistance programs are on the backs of the taxpayers,
    Show me, prove to me that your taxes (taken directly from your personal labor, which is illegal inandof itself) go right to the human services department’s funds.
    That’s what most fools believe to be true, and ony because the news tells them its true.

    Look into it further and see the deeper problems and lies, then you will see how articles like this are perfect tools to distract from the real problem.

  • jack

    white trash lives in trailers

    • freedom

      Where do you live, a sess pool of crap.

    • Maukwa

      Excuse me, but I didn’t see citations as to where you acquired this “knowledge”.

  • sickofbeingtaxedtodeath

    ” I don’t need to work, I’m a diva on the obamaplan” “got me a free phone, card for food and a little left over for my weed why would I work” “yes I came here in the amblance for my arm that hurts after I got a shot…can you call me a Medicaid cab to get home?”
    TRUE WORDS from a nurse whos seen too much to believe in welfare anymore

    • freedom

      Wait until you get sick. You have horrible ethics. If you are a nurse you should maybe think about changing jobs. Like a garbage collector.

    • freedom

      You sound like a patient in one flew over a cuckoo’s nest. Is your name nurse ratchet?

  • Mercedes

    Right now in 2013 every where you go there is someone standing in a corner with a cardboard sign asking for money , and the way I see it is it’ s a new way to make money and not pay the IRS any ,I’m so sick of it I’m a type 2 diabetes and they won’t give me SSI , my husband is the only one working , I need special diets and they still don, t help , so am I to hold a cardboard sign and ask for money NO . It just means my husband works harder and he is not saposto be working , but he had to do what a husband has to do , I not only have diabetes , I also get TIA , I have hypertension,and high cholesterol , among other issues . So I feel the system should start rechecking everyone they think is poor.

    • freedom

      If you think these poor people enjoy holding up signs and being hopeful they have a few dollars to eat lunch, go stand with one. You will see the truth. Talk to one maybe he would share what little money he mad that day with you.

  • joem789

    We’re not sending the politicians to Washington. Voter fraud is a full time job. The only way to stop the madness is to eliminate politics altogether.

    • freedom

      OH REALLY! Move to Iraq and get a taste of no politics. You would be back faster than the speed of light travels.

  • Lazy

    1 ? Do they go house to house to pass out free phones? That’s wat my gurl said & I think that’s bs

    • freedom

      Seriously, you really have issues. Tell your girl she must be on some pretty wild drugs to see phones passed out house to house.

  • Ron Page

    all you lazy good for nothing’s need to go get a real job and pay your own fookin bills, and im not talking about someone on assistance for 1-6 months anyone over 6 months is bshitin the system i had to go on assistance once in my entire life because a buisness closed and fired everyone..FOR 1 WEEk…apply for jobs and guess what you will get one if you try..nuff said

    • freedom

      What’s that a Suzuki bike I think you should ride a trike you sound like a imature little boy. You will never be a man.

      • Ron Page

        “freedom” if your disabled obviously I am not referring to you..and as far as being a man…I’ve done 19 years in the military 2 combat tours and so on and so on…so I’d say I’ve done my man duties just fine…enjoy your “freedom”. And your your free phone and …your welcome.

        • freedom

          You could write a book to try and convince me your a man. It is not working. Do not prey on people who are justifiable in need of the bare necceties. Maybe you should go back to basic training. Yes mam is what I like to hear.

        • freedom

          You obviously use the word freedom so lightly, almost in a narsassitic way. Where are your true colors. It sure isn’t red, white and blue.

      • freedom

        You could not right a book convincing me your a honorable man. You should go back to basic training.

    • freedom

      You could not right a book to convince me you are any quality of a man. Maybe you should go back to basic training. I like to here yes mam.

  • Ron Page


    • freedom

      Lazy! Your barely able to open your mouth and produce a educated sentence, back to school. It must not be easy being so ignorant.

  • Maukwa

    Unless we raise the “minimum wage, pretty soon everyone will be eligible for these phones….people on so called welfare are the bottom poor in this country, and most of them work! That’s right…why don’t you get angry with Century Link, Walmart, etc….as their employees receive “food stamps”, and medical, etc. from the so called “all of us”…these companies are ripping off America, and not the employees who don’t make enough to live….these companies take advantage of these government programs to subsidize their payrolls….the rest who are eligible are the disabled…would you begrudge the disabled a phone? Make business more responsible, and tell the so called “job creators” to start creating jobs in “this country”….not China, and the Philippines! Tell business to make work worth while, and to pay their own damned medical for their employees…and for god’s sake, give their employees a living wage. Don’t be angry with the so called “welfare recipients”…because you are next.

    • freedom

      Amen, I so agree with you. Beautifully said. It is nice to know there is real people who have some intellect. THANKS!

    • freedom

      They will have a time of need. And it will all come back to haunt them .

  • freedom

    I am severely disabled. How dare you critical people who are so selfish, angry ,bitter and hateful. If I did not get this free phone my life would be at risk. Stop with condemning people with special needs. Your the problem, get help. I need my phone, stay out of my business. Get a life!

  • freedom

    No one is free when others are oppressed.

  • Maukwa

    You have a very noble idea….who are you helping?

  • freedom

    All you haters out there that have nothing better to do but belittle people who are less fortunate. You have issues ! Is this how you thrive. WOW! Would not want to be in your stinky shoes.

  • Maukwa

    OK folks, you’ve had your fun, now here is the truth: Capitalism is on it’s way out, and those with all the money are desperately trying to hold on to their power and wealth….this is why they do pit us against each other, in order to hide the truth of what is really happening….don’t fall for it. Take care of one another, and get ready for the revolution, because it will come.

    Definition of socialism (n)

    Bing Dictionary


    [ sṓshə lìzəm ]

    political system of communal ownership: a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles

    movement based on socialism: a political movement based on principles of socialism, typically advocating an end to private property and to the exploitation of workers

    stage between capitalism and communism: in Marxist theory, the stage after the proletarian revolution when a society is changing from capitalism to communism, marked by pay distributed according to work done rather than need

    Synonyms: collectivism, social democracy, public ownership, communism, communalism, classless society

  • freedom

    Karl Marx is not alive and well. WOW! This is the United States of America. I do not need a dictionary to understand freedom.

  • Billy Banjo

    The father of the Obama phone is none other then Ronald Reagen

  • freedom

    Hey Billy Banjo you left out Abraham Lincoln. You really should be thourough when involving random presidents.

  • low income familys

    Everyone has there times in need, it not like we want to be on welfare. It jus not only ur tax money paying for Obama phones. We once pay for taxs too not just you. Living every day waiting for 1 pay check, isnt enough. If ur so small minded, just wait when rock bottom comings knocking. Ur probably one those people, who wouldnt give a homeless person 1 penny if they ask you. If a homeless person comes by you ur probably get scare. People like I are selfish

  • freedom

    Barely living is not justifiable. So if there is a asset that can offset that. That is a blessing from above. Everyone is equally deserving of life’s beauty.

  • Lowenherz

    Pretty ballsy to say “Snopes says it’s true” and then link to a Snopes page that describes all the ways your accusation is B.S.

  • concerned citizen

    I understand needing emergency help in certain situations and feel bad for people who really do need assistance. However it really pisses me off when the people on state assistance are picking up food at the soup kitchen in their BMW’s ,Cadillac’s and acuras; wearing fubu,Gucci,ecko , and other high end articles of clothing that I can’t eben afford working 80 hrs a week. Not to mention they have pit bulls and other animals as well.did you know with state assistance and govt healthcare you can receive help at fertility clinics to get pregnant! How does that make sense!!!The problem is not that we assistance for the right reasons the problem is the people taking advantage of the assistance and the govt not having enough people to investigate the theives!!!!!

  • freedom

    People with shoes, dogs, cars and phones are not thieves. People who are poor or are in extremely tough situations have alot nicer hearts then crabby, unhappy critical people. Ignorance is why this country is falling apart. If you have not been to a soup kitchen, check it out it you might learn something. Since you seem to know so much be an investigator, then maybe you can buy all the things we supposively have and you will shut up. Who hires people like you anyway.

  • freedom

    Is freedom anything else than the right to live as we wish? Nothing else.

  • freedom

    I have no misunderstanding. I think you have the problem. Putting people that you believe are on assistance into this category. What are you some sorta wanna be watchdog. So what are you saying that people on welfare do not spend there money according to your standards. Who do you think you are some dictator. Welfare does not even pay the bare minimum of the cost of living. So again are you insuating that these people are ripping off the system. Unless you have the facts to base these pathetic allegations you really should mind your own business. It is ignorance that you are encased in. FUBU is not something you should focus on. Obviously, maybe some education to say the least.

  • freedom

    You are totally ridiculous, I bet your race is Caucasian. You sound like a racist. What kinda shirts do you wear ? Does it have a label KKK.

  • freedom

    Don’t insult people because they are poor.

  • freedom

    You are far from perfect! Stop your obsession with the impoverished. You obviously have no clue to economics. It is quite clear. You have the right to continue with your ignorant smack. But it will get you no where. Truly, find a chat line that you would be cool with. Is that called,” REDNECK CITY.”

  • freedom

    Hey, ” REDKNECK CITY”, Can you move your house with a truck?, Do you think the stock market is where you buy pigs?, You think that fast food is hitting a deer at 65 miles an hour?, Dude I bet you think that primary colors are John Deere green, Ford blue, and primer grey.

  • freedom

    I bet McDonalds supplies you with all your kitchen condiments. It’s such a happy place it puts smiles on your face. McDonald s

  • freedom


  • freedom

    “Tax day is the day that ordinary Americans send their money to Washington,D.C., and wealthy Americans to the Cayman Islands.”

  • freedom

    What is the matter with the poor is poverty, what is the matter with the rich is uselessness.

  • freedom

    The point of civilization is to be civilized.

  • freedom

    Hey Benny, the Jews will not be a part of this discussion. You are cruel and sadistic. Leave my ancestors out of this and let them rest in peace.

  • freedom

    Hey Jack, a,b,c,1,2,3. Now your being critical about my brain damage. You are the block head not me. There is no excuses for your problems. Or remedy. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. We’re all equal so what does that say about your own self.

  • Larry mcduffie

    winter festival must have gotten her brain frozen at the festival.The taxes to pay for these phones are on your phone bill.

    • freedom

      Dough boy,what’s your point. Are you just learning new things about taxation.

    • freedom

      Did we ask you to pay for our phones? I didn’t either.

    • freedom

      The government confiscated your money I didn’t.

    • freedom

      Did you just figure that out. Sooooo proud you learned something new today. My brain is unthawing now. I better get back to my festivities. Yee Haw!

  • freedom

    The poorest Americans pay a higher state and local tax than those in the top one percent. The poorest pay an average 10.9 percent, the rich 5.2 percent.

  • freedom


  • polished

    hey “freedom” you are one sick twisted angry little idiot. Why not get a free handgun and shoot yourself.

    You expect to looked after. You do not appreciate being looked after.

    • freedom

      Try threatening me again. You think your invisible, think again. You won’t have any freedom if you continue with your stupidity. Be careful punky polish!

    • freedom


    • freedom


  • freedom

    ” My phone is a gift. Thats why I call it a present.”

  • freedom


  • freedom

    ” One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless surrendered.”

  • freedom


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